Roderick on the Line

Ep. 225: "James Jacket"


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  [Music] [TS]

  who had John I'm Merlin how's it going [TS]

  it's going pretty good i'm i'm i'm not [TS]

  in my customary podcast scenario should [TS]

  I are sure you are now doesn't sound the [TS]

  same [TS]

  he's some fantastic i have that Dad [TS]

  rock'n'roll years well it all sounds [TS]

  like to me write it just sounds like a [TS]

  compressed little uh one of those that [TS]

  the grilled cheese sandwiches that is [TS]

  made in a waffle iron [TS]

  it's what Robin Williams called a [TS]

  Buddhist gift oh I see what you mean [TS]

  something that you don't want that you [TS]

  have to learn to accept I heard in an [TS]

  interview in a documentary one time [TS]

  where I i think was Terry Gilliam was [TS]

  saying that mr. robin williams says that [TS]

  a mistake is a Buddhist gift you know we [TS]

  say in rock and roll is one time it's a [TS]

  one-time it's a clam m2 times it's a [TS]

  it's a team three times it's a it's a [TS]

  rift is that they make jazz Jon that's [TS]

  exactly I make sure how many clams take [TS]

  to make a jazz [TS]

  mm well it depends is that why it's also [TS]

  a red so what do you think mr. al 1233 [TS]

  we points3 leaks something about that up [TS]

  about hope about that up [TS]

  oh no mr. Berlin I've been trying to [TS]

  listen to more music have you have you [TS]

  been trying to watch old a sudden that [TS]

  live episodes for mr. bill [TS]

  Oh mr. bill mr. bill is really look [TS]

  forward mr. bill so did I don't think I [TS]

  really wanted the implications of mr. [TS]

  bill you know there was that that's the [TS]

  that's that national lampoon sense of [TS]

  humor which i think you needed to be [TS]

  very very preppy and very very stone [TS]

  preppy and stoned pre-installed i'm in [TS]

  new york city right now what are you [TS]

  doing in there are you are you in the [TS]

  actual titular city something back [TS]

  it sounds like you might be one of the [TS]

  borough's i'm in a burrow right now I'm [TS]

  on the i'm on the great island of of [TS]

  long and but I'm staying in New York [TS]

  City and New York is really really full [TS]

  of young recipe drunk people [TS]

  he also smoked a lot and so much [TS]

  cigarette isn't me don't you see more [TS]

  smoking in the city enormously more [TS]

  smoking I mean everywhere else people [TS]

  don't smoke anymore they don't smoke [TS]

  anymore but in New York they smoke you [TS]

  smoke like it's just a normal thing they [TS]

  do they smoke like it's a normal thing [TS]

  and also they don't have any like [TS]

  prohibition against talking on the phone [TS]

  she's gonna want the phone all the time [TS]

  in San Francisco University of soul on [TS]

  the phone [TS]

  well you see them do you see them [TS]

  staring at the phone and typing but [TS]

  people rarely you see you see a lot of [TS]

  people if you see people talking on the [TS]

  phone it's usually because they got one [TS]

  of those robot bluetooth things [TS]

  mhm and it's a that's that's a whole [TS]

  different kind of thing uh yeah that's [TS]

  that's right people in seattle the same [TS]

  way there staring at their phones [TS]

  they're engaged with their phone but [TS]

  they are not talking into it in any way [TS]

  and in New York they're talking into [TS]

  their phones and I think it's because [TS]

  you can't stare at your phone in New [TS]

  York or you'll be murdered [TS]

  yeah you know what i think that's that's [TS]

  part of the ethos i was in line at the [TS]

  snack bar at the cinema yesterday and I [TS]

  was thinking isn't this funny all five [TS]

  of the people in front of me are staring [TS]

  at their phones and I thought to myself [TS]

  you know why don't know with what i [TS]

  thought to myself self i said to myself [TS]

  I says well why don't people just talk [TS]

  to each other anymore [TS]

  oh and then and it was really nice one [TS]

  guy says to another guy in line when he [TS]

  got there and the guy says it's a [TS]

  yeast-like to put it on my popcorn haha [TS]

  it's on East and then they went into a [TS]

  long conversation about which theaters [TS]

  have ye stand down my just look at your [TS]

  fucking phone shut up I'm you know like [TS]

  if somebody if I said hey how's it going [TS]

  and somebody use the word yeast in the [TS]

  first sentence wow yeah that's a real [TS]

  like that's a real like pull back pull [TS]

  back get out get out [TS]

  yeast feels like the topic of a [TS]

  one-issue person what I call the file [TS]

  card person where there is one thing [TS]

  they want to be Bernie Sanders it could [TS]

  be bikes it could be east right how do [TS]

  you know that how do you know that you [TS]

  have a fireman at your party [TS]

  mmm i give up a dino will tell you huh [TS]

  that's one that's kind of non jokes and [TS]

  it's a great joke i mean i guess you [TS]

  have to know I guess you have to know it [TS]

  ultrafire man I justyou have to have [TS]

  ever had a fire it's like that that dark [TS]

  Russian sense of humor you have you have [TS]

  to be a nineties kids understand this [TS]

  fireman Jack yeah that'd be the joke [TS]

  being that a fireman is not going to [TS]

  miss an opportunity to tell you the [TS]

  firemen because they're here because [TS]

  they're here [TS]

  yeah yeah there's there's a lot of folks [TS]

  like that god bless them you know what [TS]

  thank you for your service [TS]

  god bless them and I it was did I ever [TS]

  tell you about the time mostly about [TS]

  this the other day I regret not having [TS]

  joined the military [TS]

  hmm we granted when did that regret for [TS]

  start to evidencing itself [TS]

  well I when I was young I I always [TS]

  assumed i would be in the military at [TS]

  some point and then right about the time [TS]

  that you are the age of someone who's [TS]

  going to join the military right I was a [TS]

  I was a piece Nick an anarchist yeah and [TS]

  so not joining the military felt like a [TS]

  real rebellion against my earlier self [TS]

  no one was pressuring me to go into the [TS]

  military my mom actually anytime a [TS]

  recruiter would call the house my mom [TS]

  would like to swear at them and and slam [TS]

  the phone down [TS]

  not my son that's right and she said if [TS]

  you join the military i'm going to move [TS]

  you to Canada or something she had some [TS]

  idea that she could prohibit me from [TS]

  joining the military [TS]

  she was gonna disown because she is a [TS]

  real peace activist but i thought i [TS]

  would join the military and then during [TS]

  the during the heyday years where was [TS]

  like go join the military and learn [TS]

  discipline and be a young person I it [TS]

  wasn't in my that was part of my scene [TS]

  but then later like when I was 30 I said [TS]

  what I wish when I was 18 instead of the [TS]

  scene that I did occupy I'd gone and [TS]

  John join the military minutes but it's [TS]

  one of those things where you're like [TS]

  how can you say that [TS]

  well how different would you be right [TS]

  it's like completely different life but [TS]

  then after 911 when I was in my [TS]

  mid-thirties and still young enough to [TS]

  join the military [TS]

  I went and looked and they had been [TS]

  they'd raise the top age and I could [TS]

  have just gone [TS]

  at 35 years old and said sign me up [TS]

  I'm going to the you know going to fight [TS]

  on behalf of Justice going to the big [TS]

  game [TS]

  whatever we thought then yeah right oh [TS]

  LOL mixed up about the country's but you [TS]

  know em um and I really thought about it [TS]

  but you know I had a lot going on sure [TS]

  and and now i'm too old to join the [TS]

  military and it's very easy for me to [TS]

  say boy I wish I joined the military but [TS]

  i do feel like having a kid like some [TS]

  other things in life you know some not [TS]

  not bucket list because that's vulgar [TS]

  but you know like the idea that that in [TS]

  the course of living a full life you do [TS]

  the you know you do the following things [TS]

  and we got to take your boxes grown-up [TS]

  yeah what was the you know starship [TS]

  troopers right they won't even give you [TS]

  a full citizenship and lose it and what [TS]

  if you know it's like Israel yeah that's [TS]

  right that's right like Israel everybody [TS]

  goes except in Israel it seems like [TS]

  everybody's super super sexy right [TS]

  that's a sexy army [TS]

  oh yeah and don't you learn like Jewish [TS]

  kungfu if they have their own special [TS]

  kungfu they teach you probably probably [TS]

  they you know that's like I think of [TS]

  them as like the tank top army em [TS]

  they're carrying their guns on the [TS]

  subway they're all wearing tank tops [TS]

  yeah it seems like it was a good way to [TS]

  be 19 carrying a gun and wearing a [TS]

  tanktop taiwan occurred to me i [TS]

  mentioned last week my primary high [TS]

  school girlfriend she joined the [TS]

  airforce when she was about once a 22 [TS]

  maybe 23 your secondary high school [TS]

  program by a secondary and tertiary high [TS]

  school girlfriend occurred to me about [TS]

  five years ago that she's probably [TS]

  retired now from the Air Force yeah I [TS]

  think about it as a as a lieutenant [TS]

  colonel and she's making like a normal [TS]

  weight for the rest of her life [TS]

  II don't a pretty good they do yeah see [TS]

  that's one of the really think about it [TS]

  i really be in my country and retired [TS]

  they pay you not very well through the [TS]

  whole time that you're working [TS]

  comparable to what you could probably [TS]

  making in the real world but then they [TS]

  continue to pay you not your full salary [TS]

  but but pretty darn good but you get [TS]

  glasses and stuff like [TS]

  yes those nice VA hospitals me they're [TS]

  so great the NBA and you get that [TS]

  haircut that one haircut I definitely a [TS]

  you were a cadet right and I was a cadet [TS]

  we were both military cadets I for a [TS]

  year I was as a consequence of going to [TS]

  military school I was automatically in [TS]

  njrotc em and give you additional Junior [TS]

  ROTC if you just stayed in the njrotc [TS]

  retirement 19 [TS]

  yeah well they would have commissioned [TS]

  you in the Navy you'd be an officer now [TS]

  easily and of course i would have been [TS]

  an officer just by virtue of having been [TS]

  recognized as standing in the door of [TS]

  the recruiter yeah they would have said [TS]

  oh my god John I think they would've [TS]

  fast-tracked you I think if everybody [TS]

  had had had had their head together that [TS]

  day [TS]

  you've probably been retired a couple [TS]

  years you know right into officer [TS]

  candidate school huh [TS]

  and it's sort of like if I had ever gone [TS]

  25 ever gone to Yale and stood in the [TS]

  doorway which I never did write it as a [TS]

  young person my gun stood in the doorway [TS]

  somebody would have seen the light kind [TS]

  of from behind right yeah there would [TS]

  have been like a angel choir [TS]

  well they could just see the cut of your [TS]

  jib just from the silhouette that's [TS]

  right from the silhouette and they would [TS]

  have said Jesus Christ what are you [TS]

  doing out there come in [TS]

  uh-huh and maybe I would have been [TS]

  pushing a broom but then i would have [TS]

  been solving math problems on the [TS]

  chalkboard in the you know in the night [TS]

  RC and that's the thing is once you're [TS]

  fast track you can really get super fast [TS]

  tracked and let's be honest with you and [TS]

  says uh what does he say showing up as [TS]

  eighty percent of life you show up at [TS]

  the Mossad or you show up to show up in [TS]

  the doorway of Yale they're going to [TS]

  walk you in and then once you've got a [TS]

  literal foot in the little door then the [TS]

  fast-tracking really starts and that's [TS]

  when they can you become like ender you [TS]

  know they're going to they're going to [TS]

  move you up a lot of a lot of places [TS]

  very very quickly they're gonna remember [TS]

  the game you don't in the game after you [TS]

  then they might try and Gaslight your [TS]

  little bit no spoilers but the point [TS]

  being I think at that point that they're [TS]

  going to see they're gonna be able to [TS]

  actually maybe even measure the cut of [TS]

  your jib let's be honest and this is [TS]

  what [TS]

  yeah we'll go ahead no no I just I [TS]

  disappoints me John you you should be [TS]

  there so many things you should be [TS]

  retired from at this point breaks my [TS]

  heart to know to know how little your [TS]

  jib cut was appreciated breaks my heart [TS]

  but I don't know [TS]

  right when you're when you're making a [TS]

  list of the things that you ought to do [TS]

  in the course of a life [TS]

  yeah i don't know how many of those I've [TS]

  done already but i do know the ones that [TS]

  I've aged out of I do feel if you're [TS]

  gonna live a full life you should have [TS]

  been in the Mossad at one point [TS]

  yeah he should have gone to Yale and and [TS]

  gone through as a member of that the [TS]

  njrotc and let's see should have fought [TS]

  and overseas war retired before the age [TS]

  of 40 [TS]

  yeah right all these things what apps [TS]

  should have designed to have made an [TS]

  appt you should have made a nap after [TS]

  winning winning an Emmy right if you got [TS]

  out of the got out of the Navy or the [TS]

  Air Force let's say huh [TS]

  and then went to write for a hit comedy [TS]

  show you become he gotta pee gotta pee [TS]

  just an a2 it for the brilliant Mel [TS]

  Brooks Mel Brooks puts out an app boom [TS]

  he's a neat ah ha whatever we get Rita [TS]

  Marie now [TS]

  yeah yeah Mel Brooks who else did you [TS]

  know that I i wrote a tweet to Rita [TS]

  Moreno and then I put it in my drafts [TS]

  folder and I haven't sent it i do this [TS]

  both remember what it was i mean i'm not [TS]

  sure if you listen to the show but [TS]

  DeeDee of a sense of what is what you're [TS]

  going to say to her I do so I don't know [TS]

  if I've ever described it on this [TS]

  program but when my dad was after he was [TS]

  every had already left the washington [TS]

  state legislature and I think maybe yes [TS]

  in fact after he after he worked for [TS]

  John F Kennedy he was bouncing around [TS]

  let's say in Washington State [TS]

  it seemed like he had hard to put the [TS]

  stories all together as you know but it [TS]

  seems like he has somewhat missed an [TS]

  opportunity that in the early fifties he [TS]

  was again fast-tracked to being am a [TS]

  prominent Democrat in Washington and [TS]

  then somehow he had not played his cards [TS]

  right and Carrie was 40 years old not [TS]

  sure which way to which way to turn [TS]

  I don't don't really understand that [TS]

  feeling yeah right and you [TS]

  he was doing some acting now it's at the [TS]

  Cirque theatre in seattle in the surc [TS]

  was a kind of you know a little bit [TS]

  avant-garde it was theater-in-the-round [TS]

  and it was the theater space was in a [TS]

  neighborhood that was in the early [TS]

  sixties considered transitional which [TS]

  remained transitional until very [TS]

  recently and now it's very expensive in [TS]

  the in the great in the great song the [TS]

  great operator of America [TS]

  yeah but at the time he was in this [TS]

  theater company and it was a theater [TS]

  company that did a very excellent job of [TS]

  bringing a national and international [TS]

  theatre people to perform in Seattle [TS]

  this is pre world's fair and so my dad [TS]

  was in a play with Rita marina in the [TS]

  late fifties early sixties so it would [TS]

  have been right around the [TS]

  I'm gonna I'm just gonna throw out of [TS]

  gas that it was maybe before he went to [TS]

  work for Kennedy ok [TS]

  59 let's call and he's in a place with [TS]

  Rita Moreno and he characterizes himself [TS]

  now this is the same man who I don't I [TS]

  want to make clear that he never said he [TS]

  shot down a Japanese zero with a 45 [TS]

  pistol he only claim to have shot at a [TS]

  japanese air he left the conclusion of [TS]

  that engagement to our imagination but [TS]

  he implied pretty strongly that he was [TS]

  going out on some dates with random rain [TS]

  some dates some number of dates romantic [TS]

  theater dates [TS]

  mm not get otherwise engaged at this [TS]

  point no or maybe unclear [TS]

  this was also a transitional period he [TS]

  was he at one point he got divorced and [TS]

  then another point he met my mom I got [TS]

  it [TS]

  ok right in the same area 15 on going [TS]

  through changes as simpana says right [TS]

  and this is a this is the Manuel going [TS]

  through changes right [TS]

  that's because the victim of changes as [TS]

  Judas Priest that's a good point but 59 [TS]

  right this is our mad men era [TS]

  yep everybody's really well-dressed my [TS]

  dad at what I think at one point was [TS]

  wearing a pencil mustache [TS]

  well anyway went on [TS]

  mmm unclear some dates with Rita Moreno [TS]

  and then one night he was waiting [TS]

  outside the theater or no no I'm sorry [TS]

  he was escorting rita moreno out of the [TS]

  front door of the theater on their way [TS]

  to a date and a man steps out of the [TS]

  shadows and I know where the Cirque [TS]

  theater is and I know where the shadows [TS]

  are I can picture the shadows there [TS]

  right there foo man steps out of the [TS]

  shadows it's marlon brando top jimmy and [TS]

  Marlon Brando says Rita whenever I not [TS]

  do a good Marlin ready Rita who recruit [TS]

  offer get removed [TS]

  that's pretty good thanks I just stuffed [TS]

  a bunch of cotton in there and then rita [TS]

  moreno leaves with Martin Brando dashing [TS]

  my father's hopes now this story [TS]

  uh-huh is not verifiable by searching [TS]

  the archives that are currently on the [TS]

  Internet [TS]

  yeah I look at the internet and look at [TS]

  the Cirque playhouse and I can't see [TS]

  anything here about it right so the cert [TS]

  playhouse we'll confirm that Rita Moreno [TS]

  was in a production there she is this [TS]

  here it says here that I see her name [TS]

  here the impressive list of Hollywood [TS]

  stars who trod the boards at the Cirque [TS]

  includes many many names [TS]

  you got it yet Bob Cummings get King [TS]

  Donovan Marsha hunt Tab Hunter Howard [TS]

  keel you got to ride in McDowell rita [TS]

  moreno so I actually met on his losses [TS]

  OOP it's I met at mcdonalds child shut [TS]

  up and my father and the cornelius Yeti [TS]

  already been the ape [TS]

  yes oh my god what if that was all i was [TS]

  a big fan I love that guy [TS]

  I did too i just he's like the English [TS]

  Tony Randall it's exactly who he is and [TS]

  he he was at the time my favorite actor [TS]

  and I'm not sure whether it [TS]

  that's because i met him i think it is [TS]

  largely because I met him just as Count [TS]

  Basie was my favorite big band [TS]

  orchestral leader he may count basie [TS]

  well I stood there I stood there as my [TS]

  dad met like that was wearing a hat [TS]

  count basie was not working at okay um [TS]

  my dad massive count basie then he acted [TS]

  as though he was meeting you know [TS]

  Richard he'll pack his genius [TS]

  I don't want a ranger what a touch that [TS]

  guy had I'd think I think done by just [TS]

  so much with four notes so hot small [TS]

  court small chords got those little Nat [TS]

  King Cole cord [TS]

  mm so but my dad didn't make a big point [TS]

  to introduce me to count basie at the [TS]

  time because he was pretty starstruck I [TS]

  was just standing as me I saw goddamn [TS]

  but i actually was introduced to writing [TS]

  down all so anyway I'm i wrote this [TS]

  tweet to read Miranda okay so wait a [TS]

  minute was nice running dowel yeah that [TS]

  was incredible man that's something we [TS]

  hear he turned to me gave me all this [TS]

  attention it was in a bit crowded room [TS]

  the lights were up user need my entire [TS]

  month that makes me so happy to hear it [TS]

  was wide by that point the circle [TS]

  theatre had moved was no longer in its [TS]

  prior location it was now down in the [TS]

  center of the city and and we would we [TS]

  would go there sometimes because you [TS]

  know even even in his late fifties my [TS]

  dad was still very bohemian one of them [TS]

  he was one of the theater people is one [TS]

  of the you know one of that [TS]

  well not really but he but he was a [TS]

  member of a lot of guilds anyway so i [TS]

  wrote this wheat to Rita Moreno who's [TS]

  still very active on Twitter you know [TS]

  kind of like toni tennille you don't [TS]

  know that she's out there of via one kit [TS]

  she's not you wouldn't think she's one [TS]

  kiss away from rock on the line but it [TS]

  turns out toni tennille is one kiss away [TS]

  one gets away from my nie you remind me [TS]

  of Tony tell sometimes and I I'd are you [TS]

  following her on twitter [TS]

  she's a lot of emoji know she's you know [TS]

  she has this autobiography and she's and [TS]

  you know it's a good autobiography she's [TS]

  out she's tried on the board of a low of [TS]

  a book author but I don't know that's [TS]

  right they tried charging the both of us [TS]

  okay [TS]

  hi difficult wider planks can but so i [TS]

  don't know how many kisses away from [TS]

  writer from the line Rita Moreno is and [TS]

  i wrote this sweet and a little bit you [TS]

  know it's a little bit like dear reader [TS]

  marina my dad says that he may be like [TS]

  you never said that he that you guys [TS]

  like next in a parked car [TS]

  uh-huh but the young ran out of [TS]

  characters yoohoo & in un entier hurry [TS]

  here's the lake there's a link to the [TS]

  residence sweet it did you say like [TS]

  create cre8 run together you're mr. and [TS]

  president within the space [TS]

  yeah I spelled it like two yards every [TS]

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  beautiful sleep solution in your very [TS]

  own bedroom without a cast for over two [TS]

  years and we just love it no matter [TS]

  where I travel I always want to get home [TS]

  please get me back to my cast for a [TS]

  night I got to tell you I think you're [TS]

  going to love it too [TS]

  here's the thing right now listeners of [TS]

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  mattress [TS]

  terms and conditions apply our thanks to [TS]

  Casper for all the great night sleep and [TS]

  for supporting Roderick online but I [TS]

  didn't send it because it a little bit [TS]

  throws my dad under the bus right [TS]

  because rita moreno there's you know [TS]

  there is chance that you'll read that [TS]

  and she'll go oh Dave Roderick I haven't [TS]

  thought of him in years and she'll write [TS]

  me back go of course I remember your [TS]

  father he played the role of of a Tony [TS]

  Tony Randall in in our hit show at the [TS]

  circle theatre in seattle in 1959 or [TS]

  reading marino may not reply or she may [TS]

  say sorry don't remember anybody by that [TS]

  name and I don't want to you know I [TS]

  don't want to throw my dad under the bus [TS]

  I don't want to eat you don't want every [TS]

  one of your stories fact-checked after [TS]

  you're dead you can't win here [TS]

  I mean certainly I hope that's not [TS]

  that's not fair i hope that my archivist [TS]

  goes about trying to fact-check all of [TS]

  my stories because they [TS]

  it will be that will be the subject of a [TS]

  documentary film when that fact checker [TS]

  when that dubious documentary film [TS]

  series that dubious person me after I'm [TS]

  dead [TS]

  who says haha this can't all be real [TS]

  Jonathan dubious and then find [TS]

  themselves little by little [TS]

  yep it also checks out it checks at the [TS]

  exxon THX out there more and more [TS]

  astonished until their John comment all [TS]

  kinds of stuff you left out because it [TS]

  didn't seem plausible [TS]

  yeah that's right and then when they [TS]

  when they find out that the story was [TS]

  under told yes [TS]

  oh how the journalist who like to check [TS]

  facts are going to be a lot of openings [TS]

  in the next few years I think I think [TS]

  somebody maybe getting started right now [TS]

  you know what I got to take your story [TS]

  but maybe somebody comes in and get the [TS]

  lay of the land [TS]

  this could be somebody who comes in and [TS]

  you get some you know get some briefings [TS]

  with you [TS]

  you can walk through the cigar boxes and [TS]

  cowboy boots I'm old at this point [TS]

  you're saying well I mean you're mean [TS]

  like younger than I am but I'm saying [TS]

  right now you bring somebody maybe start [TS]

  interviewing people for this you get to [TS]

  pick your own I've been watching the [TS]

  crown on netflix now Winston Churchill [TS]

  did not like the guy who painted his [TS]

  portrait he didn't like the way the [TS]

  portrait turned out no spoilers [TS]

  he did not want to modern it's doing [TS]

  that do you think you need to have [TS]

  somebody who's not on board you need a [TS]

  skeptic to come in should know where the [TS]

  cowboy boots are you should just read [TS]

  over it on your own after your death [TS]

  I'm afraid that anybody that I higher [TS]

  right now is going to be engaged in a [TS]

  project is going to want to be engaged [TS]

  in the project for reasons that will [TS]

  diminish their capacity to say wait a [TS]

  minute trying to do credulous right now [TS]

  a little yeah it has to happen Lee it [TS]

  has to happen when somebody like well I [TS]

  think that fact checking in journalism [TS]

  like digging down is going to be very [TS]

  fashionable in 25 or 30 years in the [TS]

  same way that vinyl is fashionable now [TS]

  huh [TS]

  right like it's going to be in and like [TS]

  a sort of an anachronism some young kid [TS]

  is going to say you know what [TS]

  back in the old days journalists like [TS]

  took a critical i was trying to figure [TS]

  it out to totally figure out of things [TS]

  are probably true right and then they're [TS]

  gonna then they this young hipsters [TS]

  going to be like that's what I'm gonna [TS]

  get into [TS]

  this is gonna make me really cool i'm [TS]

  going to get into this whole like [TS]

  journalism and maybe make I mean there's [TS]

  probably going to be a lot of things [TS]

  that they can investigate more [TS]

  interesting than me but let's say one of [TS]

  them like I want to just be so this is [TS]

  gonna be the i'm going to be the most [TS]

  obscure I me I'm some peasant bring this [TS]

  up [TS]

  trigger warning but mm ah Marlon Brando [TS]

  and rita moreno did have a torrid affair [TS]

  yeah according to the internet but he [TS]

  cheated on her so much she tried to take [TS]

  her own life [TS]

  oh my goodness i'm not saying anything [TS]

  one way or another I don't know did this [TS]

  government's become free to her I don't [TS]

  know if it's gonna be you know sand in [TS]

  her gears but maybe just keep that in [TS]

  mind wallet in your drafts folder so [TS]

  circa when I don't know I don't visit [TS]

  the daily mail or new york post but i'm [TS]

  looking at just in the search results [TS]

  also a very if you go in search on their [TS]

  two names to see a very cool picture of [TS]

  them in bed together [TS]

  oh well I mean I bet from from my dad's [TS]

  story it I always kind of put together a [TS]

  picture of the fact that Marlon Brando [TS]

  and she already had a long history [TS]

  yeah and that this was one of those [TS]

  things where he showed up thinking [TS]

  probably release from treading the [TS]

  boards [TS]

  uh yeah and also probably from sexy time [TS]

  yeah that's kind of bored reading I if [TS]

  you're doing it if you're treading it if [TS]

  you're treading on boards [TS]

  uh-huh that's a different that's very [TS]

  sexy he probably got that means that [TS]

  you're not you're not confined to soft [TS]

  places right you're gonna you're willing [TS]

  to just do it out anywhere you mix it up [TS]

  a little bit about the strange hmmm but [TS]

  what I'm guessing is that Marlon Brando [TS]

  steps out of the this is what I've [TS]

  always guessed he steps out of the dark [TS]

  Rita Moreno was not expecting in there [TS]

  and also probably you know would have [TS]

  said if you'd asked her what Marlon [TS]

  Brando steps out of the Dark Shadows [TS]

  what are you going to do list includes [TS]

  therefore young listeners this is marlon [TS]

  brando in the fifties that's right and [TS]

  Marlon Brando fifties is not the Marlon [TS]

  Brando you have in your head [TS]

  right now he's a very handsome man in [TS]

  the fifties Marlon Brando in the fifties [TS]

  not single-handedly but he helped upset [TS]

  an idea of sexy male masculinity in a [TS]

  very interesting way because he was he [TS]

  was he was really good looking he was [TS]

  really masculine but like maybe say what [TS]

  James has got the jacket jacket yeah [TS]

  like James jacket the guy Danny [TS]

  automobile accident oh yeah that's right [TS]

  James acting like a majestic forever [TS]

  young lord for he got the vulnerability [TS]

  you got maybe a little bit not [TS]

  sensitivity is a fraught work i think [TS]

  that's correct but like you wouldn't [TS]

  rule out these may be bisexual [TS]

  oh no I don't know what out at all i [TS]

  don't think people had a name for that I [TS]

  don't think people i mean they had some [TS]

  majority of names but i think people saw [TS]

  something that would be taken so many oh [TS]

  right and i think i think you see using [TS]

  that James jacket movie they can take [TS]

  him take him [TS]

  yeah I think he had drug problems later [TS]

  on which is a shame bisexuality was [TS]

  understood to be a thing and I think [TS]

  that it was you know it was something in [TS]

  New York City that was maybe even chic [TS]

  but sometimes people they throw a shape [TS]

  they got they got a certain kind of vibe [TS]

  and I'm saying is as great a man is that [TS]

  let's be honest David rock was a great [TS]

  man i would not want to be seeing Marlon [TS]

  Brando come out of the shadows while I'm [TS]

  trying to make x ray Marino also know I [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  so reading here just a little bit right [TS]

  Rita a twenty-two-year-old rita moreno [TS]

  met the thirty-year-old Marlon Brando in [TS]

  1954 so a long time before this and uh I [TS]

  cannot say this doesn't seem like [TS]

  reading Moreno's voice but the new york [TS]

  post a paragon of journalistic integrity [TS]

  is never wrong quotes are here to say [TS]

  that he was a great lover sensual [TS]

  generous delightfully inventive would be [TS]

  gravely understating what he did not [TS]

  only to my body but for my soul every [TS]

  aspect of being with Marlon was [TS]

  thrilling [TS]

  because he was more engaged in the world [TS]

  than anyone else i've ever known [TS]

  she writes I totally believe that mm I [TS]

  think he feels I think he felt things [TS]

  very very deeply well but she goes on [TS]

  Khun possibly as an outgrowth of this [TS]

  now this isn't quoting i'm not sure that [TS]

  we're still post now i'm not sure how [TS]

  the New York Post does its backchecking [TS]

  yeah but she says or someone says the [TS]

  New York Post writer says possibly as an [TS]

  outgrowth of this he had insatiable [TS]

  sexual needs which he unabashedly [TS]

  pursued with droves of other women the [TS]

  so here we are insatiable unabashedly [TS]

  and droves [TS]

  now that's broke my heart and came close [TS]

  to crushing my very spirit with his [TS]

  physical infidelity and worse with his [TS]

  emotional betrayal so this all happened [TS]

  before my dad before my dad met Rita [TS]

  Moreno and maybe mm date md went on went [TS]

  on date this is not getting simpler as a [TS]

  story now know and so when he steps out [TS]

  of the shadows right he's the guy that's [TS]

  almost that's broken heart he's the guy [TS]

  that's caused her to you know him crush [TS]

  almost crusher very spirit and yet she [TS]

  can't resist him and leaves my dad [TS]

  standing just adjacent to the shadows [TS]

  and adjacent to the shadows would be a [TS]

  great huh [TS]

  auto by our autobiography titled uh-huh [TS]

  if you're going to drop the author board [TS]

  and and then off they go into the night [TS]

  and then that's where the story ends my [TS]

  dad does not he does not follow up with [TS]

  like well then the next day we had to [TS]

  keep doing this play [TS]

  he didn't say that was the last I ever [TS]

  saw are you know there's always that [TS]

  there's always the rest of the story [TS]

  which a lot of times you don't get [TS]

  because the dramatic moment isn't and [TS]

  then we kept doing the play for two [TS]

  weeks the dramatic moment is like [TS]

  Marlon Brando she's good storytelling [TS]

  yeah that's right but i dunno i have no [TS]

  idea i'm and and the internet is silent [TS]

  for the internet is the internet is [TS]

  intentionally meet on the subject maybe [TS]

  in the fullness of time your own [TS]

  incredulous biographer will be able to [TS]

  work on this i'm thinking here of [TS]

  reading the the Alexander Hamilton [TS]

  biography like all biographies it begins [TS]

  way before that person was born if you [TS]

  can do a biography you know well you [TS]

  take for example the great album cover [TS]

  Goldman biography of Elvis one of the [TS]

  great biographies that begins with us [TS]

  being fitted into a course in getting [TS]

  his hand and getting his diarrhea [TS]

  medicine before he goes on stage along [TS]

  with the speed that sets the stage for [TS]

  the Elvis you're gonna you're gonna get [TS]

  here but most biography start a long [TS]

  time before we're going to learn about [TS]

  Alexander Hamilton's yet grandparents [TS]

  before we learn about Alexander you know [TS]

  I'm saying yeah yeah so with you I mean [TS]

  obviously there's going to be some solid [TS]

  David Roderick material but i don't know [TS]

  i don't know we've talked about this [TS]

  before like a little checks [TS]

  it's not gonna make well but yeah I [TS]

  don't think there's a check i don't [TS]

  think it goes back as far as a checked [TS]

  that would have liked on the bottom of [TS]

  it you know dinner with Rita but Rita [TS]

  Moreno in the same article references [TS]

  being looked up and down by a by a [TS]

  predatory animal who spotted his prey [TS]

  and paralyzes it with that look and [TS]

  later on she sees that same predatory [TS]

  animal in the in Life Magazine turns out [TS]

  john f kennedy hall dear and then after [TS]

  Marlon Brando she dated a berry as she [TS]

  describes him a very disappointing [TS]

  dennis hopper and the lamb boy Elvis [TS]

  i'll come on [TS]

  so in addition to read aria in addition [TS]

  to e got also relationships with with [TS]

  the Elvis Marlon Brando and potentially [TS]

  my dad although you know he never my dad [TS]

  was not lascivious right he was like the [TS]

  only also you know you have to you have [TS]

  to remove these cataracts of history and [TS]

  go well that's the dennis hopper the [TS]

  fifties that's Elvis Presley of the [TS]

  fifties and if you get your idea of [TS]

  Elvis from the fat Elvis stamp man go [TS]

  watch Elvis in like 56 it's a whole [TS]

  different scene man look but yeah man [TS]

  but even look at him in the 68 Comeback [TS]

  68 Comeback now that synthetic means [TS]

  again [TS]

  but he but it but it doesn't read as [TS]

  investment would he bring God brings he [TS]

  bring some motherfucking ruckus in that [TS]

  for shutdown he's got a lot of you know [TS]

  why it does sir can you imagine how much [TS]

  better your life would be if you get [TS]

  Scotty Moore get Scotty Moore in count [TS]

  basie I'm just saying you get some [TS]

  tasteful people in your band to mention [TS]

  the superb and you can have to if you [TS]

  have if you have Scotty more on guitar [TS]

  hero count basie on the keys who also [TS]

  gonna bring in that band to have the [TS]

  world's most tasteful backup band for [TS]

  John Rother now Blaine how Blaine right [TS]

  how blankie mentioned the patience of [TS]

  that man how patient he must have been I [TS]

  don't think of him as very patient [TS]

  well he's had a lot of problems in the [TS]

  cellars awards and stuff but you know [TS]

  just having to go through all all of [TS]

  like Phil Spector and Brian Wilson [TS]

  making a beat with their mouth and say [TS]

  and do that now change it uh-huh yeah [TS]

  just yeah right like sitting in the room [TS]

  while Brian Wilson goes 400 takes those [TS]

  stories are so great just you see that [TS]

  wrecking crew documentary but they would [TS]

  just show up and it would just be like [TS]

  dozens of people in the room perfect for [TS]

  uppers just over and over and sometimes [TS]

  nothing is Brian went to figure out how [TS]

  to make it seem like a fire engine or [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  yeah Brian Brian would eat one reason [TS]

  might look learn to play the theremin um [TS]

  so yeah if i had how blame and Carol k [TS]

  just sitting in chairs smoking [TS]

  cigarettes at my shadow and the cat eye [TS]

  sunglasses [TS]

  uh yes I didn't read my story [TS]

  yes and then Scotty Moore playing the [TS]

  guitar well and speed proper playing you [TS]

  don't mean you know if you have the [TS]

  wrecking crew at your disposal [TS]

  ok that's pretty good that's that's [TS]

  pretty advanced right yeah right and the [TS]

  and the and abandoned analyzed on [TS]

  playing second base you think why is [TS]

  that work tom petty that's not there [TS]

  why not have the whole thing of being [TS]

  recorded by george martin george more or [TS]

  Nigel goodrich magic which you've been [TS]

  watching sound breaking having you admit [TS]

  i just discovered it last night how [TS]

  fucking great sound breaking it's so [TS]

  great I with more than you expect you [TS]

  thinking this large another talking [TS]

  heads music documentary but holy shit [TS]

  it's so good helbling watched three [TS]

  episodes right in a row [TS]

  me too and I said this is really good [TS]

  why why is this not why are there not [TS]

  billboards in Times Square for this [TS]

  why do we have to keep watching like me [TS]

  Kevin James make more material and i'm [TS]

  not opposed to kevin james but he [TS]

  produces a lot of culture a lot pic i [TS]

  think disproportionate with his what is [TS]

  like is mm objective value right like [TS]

  here's Kevin James he's fine he's good i [TS]

  like impossible reason he's not sir [TS]

  Kevin James but you don't even have an [TS]

  OBE at all he's no he got but he's got [TS]

  he's got he's got a new TV show where he [TS]

  sits on the roof of his house in a in a [TS]

  lawn chair and place a blue-collar guy [TS]

  with it with a suspiciously life and now [TS]

  he's in the subways here I see he's got [TS]

  a movie where he's a like he's a [TS]

  implausibly overweight like assassin [TS]

  you've got a premise that's that strong [TS]

  and you bring in a Kevin James at the [TS]

  license to print money my friend [TS]

  listen I'm gonna sell this in the room [TS]

  CIA assassin ok get stuck in the door [TS]

  food who now is a mall cop [TS]

  yeah well some guys will have it a shot [TS]

  and shove the charge mystery took you [TS]

  have the universe documentary [TS]

  yes I'm taneous contemporaneous with the [TS]

  all this kevin james culture documentary [TS]

  where they interview literally all of [TS]

  the Giants of popular music and they're [TS]

  all and and the the script for it is [TS]

  just this sort of seamless beautiful [TS]

  well into that steel two quick things my [TS]

  friend is this a podcast with that with [TS]

  TV critic Tim Goodman call TV talking [TS]

  two things on a crib from him number one [TS]

  soon [TS]

  I guess when George Martin's involved [TS]

  you can find some pretty fucking amazing [TS]

  video footage that's right no better [TS]

  right exists reduction come with that [TS]

  come from but also the canny way that [TS]

  it's not the usual [TS]

  ok now let's talk about glam rock now [TS]

  let's talk about new wave now let's talk [TS]

  about blues just the stuff about Bessie [TS]

  Bessie Jones right just like getting [TS]

  like the q-tips got a thought on that [TS]

  like every everywhere every person has a [TS]

  not on this thing and you start to see [TS]

  it and I think pretty fairly how the [TS]

  pieces fit together right you listen I [TS]

  mean Roger Waters is a very difficult [TS]

  person he was so gracious in this i'm [TS]

  not sure that was him he's beautiful in [TS]

  this thing and he's like you so Roger [TS]

  water says and just it comes it's cut [TS]

  out of nowhere they're talking about [TS]

  something completely else and then all [TS]

  of a sudden Roger Waters it says when [TS]

  they first played Sergeant Pepper all [TS]

  the way through on the radio we people [TS]

  off the road were on tour in a man it's [TS]

  being floated on tour in a van [TS]

  we pulled off to the side of the road to [TS]

  listen to the entire album on the car [TS]

  stereo and were like blown away and said [TS]

  like how do we do next and you just go [TS]

  uh-huh right boom like that people here [TS]

  all the time sergeant pepper very [TS]

  influential album [TS]

  yeah but here's Roger Waters and you [TS]

  know like in 1968 pink floyd and when [TS]

  you think about think about what was [TS]

  going on then with those homies yeah [TS]

  here it is sergeant pepper in there like [TS]

  its theatrical music its theater and yet [TS]

  it's also pop music and go but also that [TS]

  theme that keeps coming up probably [TS]

  because it's very George Martin E that [TS]

  concept that certainly reached its apex [TS]

  with stealing damn the the concept of [TS]

  making music that you can't play live [TS]

  the idea is we're going to make [TS]

  something here sergeant pepper is not [TS]

  meant to be something where we go to [TS]

  Shea Stadium with no monitors and yell [TS]

  really loud [TS]

  this is meant to be there are things [TS]

  happening here that can actually happen [TS]

  even with a real band [TS]

  yeah that's touched it sits on your [TS]

  rights to it in sorry i had to get a dig [TS]

  it [TS]

  you hired the hit maker yes in the car [TS]

  what I what what I came away from the [TS]

  three episodes with though I mean aside [TS]

  from like 700 wonderful moments and [TS]

  wonderful feelings was like watching [TS]

  nigel godrich who was no older than the [TS]

  radiohead bro he's so young [TS]

  yeah and he's just in the studio with [TS]

  them and they're just doing their thing [TS]

  and [TS]

  the collaborate the collaborative [TS]

  feeling of making a record with a making [TS]

  a record with somebody where it where it [TS]

  also feels like they have all the time [TS]

  in the world right there Lefty keeps [TS]

  coming up of like making it like a safe [TS]

  and secure place you can be vulnerable [TS]

  you can try things [TS]

  yeah and they're just a their member of [TS]

  the band yeah and it's not a thing where [TS]

  you say you know oh well we've only got [TS]

  three more hours and then it all has to [TS]

  you know we have to wrap it up because [TS]

  there's another session in here and and [TS]

  do bros gotta you know gotta make a [TS]

  living [TS]

  it's like we're in here until this gets [TS]

  done [TS]

  did you see the voice episode of yeah [TS]

  we're adele is developing first time [TS]

  I've ever really thought well sea diver [TS]

  i watch that one twice and the first of [TS]

  the second time i watched it I don't [TS]

  know the christina aguilera think that's [TS]

  a little bit contrived but the first [TS]

  time I watched it I was really moved and [TS]

  it reminded me of you a little bit and [TS]

  your your philosophy of like we're not [TS]

  going to this is not hound dog [TS]

  we're not going to do this 42 times and [TS]

  I don't know that story about her was [TS]

  exactly true but it worked for me I [TS]

  thought that was such a great bit even [TS]

  if even if it was massage a little bit [TS]

  who knows and apparel maker but but that [TS]

  story of her wanting to redo her first [TS]

  take the entire time that they were [TS]

  recording and then settling on the last [TS]

  one thing okay you can do it one more [TS]

  time but don't stop after one minute [TS]

  stop not as good as the first one stop [TS]

  we're done [TS]

  is that what did you think when you saw [TS]

  that my so I wasn't able to see the [TS]

  voice all the way through [TS]

  oh gee sorry spoilers it's okay because [TS]

  because my uh my roommate in my hotel [TS]

  room here in New York City [TS]

  let's call it my roommate yeah said at [TS]

  four thirty in the morning and you turn [TS]

  that down haha [TS]

  after watching three straight episodes [TS]

  of it haha planet what are you watching [TS]

  it on we watching on ipad i know i was [TS]

  watching on the hotel television because [TS]

  it's a public television show on PBS [TS]

  that he had like on demand [TS]

  no it's on PBS it was just it i just [TS]

  looked into it was just I was looking [TS]

  through the channels watching procedure [TS]

  all crime dramas and like autopsy [TS]

  photographs cool i saw that their I've [TS]

  been watching him in the PBS app they're [TS]

  all up PS like a fucking just put them [TS]

  all up but that's so cool so you were [TS]

  watching him like wow that's exciting [TS]

  that's even so online i'm flipping [TS]

  through the channels right yeah and I [TS]

  come upon episode 1 in the first minute [TS]

  I look what's this I wonder match and [TS]

  then like so three episodes later I hear [TS]

  I hear this voice can you turn that down [TS]

  and I ended my first reaction is you [TS]

  have no idea what i'm watching here like [TS]

  no I can't turn it down i should turn it [TS]

  up yeah we should turn all the lights on [TS]

  well now that exploded for you it's [TS]

  basically a parrot Perry talking about [TS]

  awaiting the weight I get what you're [TS]

  saying [TS]

  I understand what it is because of this [TS]

  for many years within the music business [TS]

  it has been fairly common barely [TS]

  understood knowledge that christina [TS]

  aguilera is the hardest-working singer [TS]

  in the game her legs everybody agrees [TS]

  everybody talks about it and and because [TS]

  it sounds amazing at first you think [TS]

  like I just she's just super talented [TS]

  she shows up she has done little checks [TS]

  out [TS]

  yeah she's got some kind of cup of tea [TS]

  over here she works for an hour and then [TS]

  says you know fix it in the mix or [TS]

  whatever but everybody says she's a [TS]

  perfectionist and she just she works [TS]

  harder than anybody else in the room and [TS]

  as soon as Linda Perry showed up on the [TS]

  screen [TS]

  you know I have I she's very out she's [TS]

  very outspoken she's done a lot of [TS]

  amazing work in the music industry but [TS]

  she's also someone who's wearing a hat [TS]

  she's got a lot of neck tattoos and a [TS]

  story yeah she's got a lot of neck to [TS]

  she's got an unusual have anything like [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah unusual hat I mean that's what [TS]

  divorces me from for a little bit [TS]

  John used to have yeah ben harper in [TS]

  that episode also wearing a hat [TS]

  he's got started to like happiness [TS]

  towards he's got a story i'm saying you [TS]

  know what I mean this is like this is [TS]

  not the first time you've told this [TS]

  anecdote that's [TS]

  yeah do you remember the first Ben [TS]

  Harper record I know Ben Harper's name [TS]

  that's it [TS]

  so ben harper now is a member of the [TS]

  sort of horde to her culture right you [TS]

  think of him now and somebody within the [TS]

  john mayer school of like em a little [TS]

  bit what I when I think of is like [TS]

  greasy dentist office music you know [TS]

  like it's not just dentist office music [TS]

  it's a little bit greasy to like the [TS]

  band train but it's just like it's on [TS]

  but it's in the dentist office so it's [TS]

  not offending anybody doesn't have been [TS]

  middle-aged people that are getting the [TS]

  peat cleaned but it's also trying to rep [TS]

  that it's either rock or blues in some [TS]

  kind of real spit in like oh this is the [TS]

  blues and it's not about the Blues [TS]

  something else it's something that [TS]

  little greasy but the first Ben Harper [TS]

  record was because ben harper and erick [TS]

  is almost exactly the same age I think [TS]

  and it came out in the nineties not even [TS]

  the late nineties and it was really good [TS]

  it was a huge this young guy that was [TS]

  playing lap steel at a time when kind of [TS]

  nobody was playing lap steel and it had [TS]

  these good tunes on it and 1992 yeah and [TS]

  it was being played in all the cool [TS]

  Seattle cafes it was like it was it did [TS]

  feel like here's a here's a guy that is [TS]

  doing something nobody else is doing is [TS]

  very authentic and these are good teams [TS]

  right it felt like the 1st Lenny Kravitz [TS]

  record where you're like what is this [TS]

  guy huh [TS]

  he's even better than terence trent [TS]

  d'arby but then as time goes on [TS]

  somehow they pick their they picked [TS]

  their culture it's not what you think [TS]

  their culture is going to be or maybe [TS]

  their culture picks them [TS]

  I've told you have an eye about the time [TS]

  like modest mouse in seattle and in the [TS]

  nineties was very cool young funky weird [TS]

  band doing some weird weird in angular [TS]

  yeah kind of kind of that initially [TS]

  there a little bit like almost parallel [TS]

  hubli yet right Isaac Brock would buy [TS]

  the cheapest guitar he could find with a [TS]

  with a whammy bar he would take the [TS]

  whammy bar [TS]

  off and he would put his hand under the [TS]

  floating bridge at the back of the [TS]

  guitar and would manually whammy the [TS]

  bridge well we're wrong why don't we [TS]

  like he was he was doing that now with a [TS]

  whammy bar but just with the palm of his [TS]

  hand the butt of his hand it was like [TS]

  that kids doing something that nobody [TS]

  else is doing and then I was act i was [TS]

  at the show which I think was the [TS]

  turning point for modest mouse which was [TS]

  one day they were playing the crocodile [TS]

  cafe for their usual they expected their [TS]

  usual audience of 240 people and it was [TS]

  not their usual audience there was a [TS]

  sold-out show 350 people and the [TS]

  additional hundred people were all [TS]

  wearing white baseball caps backwards [TS]

  and modest mouse took the stage and were [TS]

  like whoa who are you and the hundred [TS]

  people went Wow modest mouse looked on [TS]

  stage horrified they looked as horrified [TS]

  as the as we were in the audience like [TS]

  who are these guys and it was the bros n [TS]

  roses he discovered them the bros [TS]

  discovered modest mouse and the bros [TS]

  came at where formerly there had been no [TS]

  bros there were now bros and the next [TS]

  time modest mouse played the 240 people [TS]

  who had followed their careers up until [TS]

  that point were gone and in their place [TS]

  were 900 bros and off they went I mean [TS]

  that was their career and you could you [TS]

  could tell they didn't want that you [TS]

  know you can see on their faces like no [TS]

  no no we want to we want the bar friends [TS]

  but you don't get to pick your audience [TS]

  and I wonder if that didn't happen to [TS]

  Ben Harper where been hyper was like wow [TS]

  what a while and one day they were all [TS]

  all these like joe michaels or dave [TS]

  michaels or what's in st. Michael's LOL [TS]

  yea jacket jacket right jack jack jack [TS]

  touch and then they were all there [TS]

  and uh and then it's like well you know [TS]

  but you don't get to pick your audience [TS]

  you gotta you gotta play for the people [TS]

  that are buying the ticket lots of [TS]

  crowded West came out in 1997 at least [TS]

  that's the first 1i owned i think one [TS]

  before that was a dub narcotic with a [TS]

  candle in 1k the they did everything [TS]

  right [TS]

  oh I mean in the in those early early [TS]

  days it's not that they did everything [TS]

  right it's that everybody liked them [TS]

  yeah they were quirky they were really [TS]

  good and you know I I they they made an [TS]

  album that never they made some [TS]

  recordings that never came out that are [TS]

  kind of owned by a friend of mines that [TS]

  still sit on his shelf on tape and he [TS]

  said that when they were 19 years old [TS]

  they were literally sniffing glue [TS]

  huh and that feels very authentic yeah [TS]

  like glue sniffing hmm [TS]

  right sure that's like wow you got it [TS]

  you got to kind of stop and put your [TS]

  finger on your chin and stare up at the [TS]

  ceiling after certain age that when [TS]

  you're doing and what you're doing it to [TS]

  be cool [TS]

  you're just sniffing glue because we [TS]

  think they'll never catch on in New York [TS]

  I mean as it is right now [TS]

  last time i was in new york i just felt [TS]

  like everybody was smoking and now I'm [TS]

  here in San Francisco for smoking might [TS]

  as well be masturbating into a back its [TS]

  it really looks like you said look I'm [TS]

  so sorry i just got 10 minutes i'm [TS]

  really stressed out you know anyone [TS]

  who's anyone could get hot you never [TS]

  know if you like New York really really [TS]

  doesn't just is just doesn't care [TS]

  and it's not ever going to care I [TS]

  remember one smoking was first outlawed [TS]

  in Los Angeles and there were all these [TS]

  bars where they so Los Angeles used to [TS]

  have a thing I don't think it does it [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  but it used to be very fashionable in LA [TS]

  to turn the lights down in the bar so [TS]

  low that you felt like you were in a [TS]

  catacomb could walk into a normal bar [TS]

  that normal couches and people sitting [TS]

  around and the lights were so freaking [TS]

  well they couldn't he was like you can't [TS]

  really navigate this social space [TS]

  because if everyone is just in shadow [TS]

  very safe it was not it didn't feel I [TS]

  was not and that you know I was rock and [TS]

  roll but I was not that comfortable [TS]

  being in a room with 300 people that I [TS]

  couldn't see because of dark not because [TS]

  if it was stranded people I couldn't see [TS]

  because of smoked a line chart and [TS]

  people I couldn't see before organic [TS]

  that's more like a grassroots kind of [TS]

  darkness [TS]

  yeah smoking up smoke it up but when [TS]

  smoking was first outlawed in Los [TS]

  Angeles there were all these bars where [TS]

  it was clear that that somebody said [TS]

  we're just not going to force that and [TS]

  so there was suddenly not just not just [TS]

  the normal amount of smoking is cool but [TS]

  now this additional like smoking is [TS]

  illegal [TS]

  I don't think that I don't think that [TS]

  goes on in la anymore i think that that [TS]

  was very that was very brief and then [TS]

  people realized women were la like wheat [TS]

  per capita 40 avocados a week remember [TS]

  capital that's a lot of condos you know [TS]

  yeah you know that's why of that's why [TS]

  global warming is that right yeah [TS]

  because of the avocados avocados you can [TS]

  get in California but people in 40 a day [TS]

  what you got yet probably have a 90 [TS]

  million people in LA so many million [TS]

  people something like the times x 40 [TS]

  avocados a day that's like 3600 avocados [TS]

  easy so that's why global warming haha [TS]

  yes [TS]

  not because there's not the kind of [TS]

  journalism that we used to have now and [TS]

  the smoke is probably not helping i see [TS]

  i think the smoking is out [TS]

  oh is it turns out John I'm looking out [TS]

  started smoking again i'm looking at [TS]

  sniffing glue here on the internet [TS]

  locker room you don't see locker room [TS]

  and rush like he is too with locker room [TS]

  oh yeah I've heard them called amyl [TS]

  nitrates I think the poppers but we just [TS]

  get a bottle of it and start it right [TS]

  out of the box [TS]

  all you're telling me that used to snort [TS]

  amyl nitrate I didn't know that's what [TS]

  it was called then I I see four years i [TS]

  heard angle nitrate as the drug that you [TS]

  would use in a gay bar today [TS]

  well see to me you would go to it i [TS]

  don't know i never knew why you went to [TS]

  a sex shop to get it but you would go to [TS]

  a sex shop and you play something on the [TS]

  order of five to eight dollars for a [TS]

  bottle of in Florida was called rush in [TS]

  most other places it was called locker [TS]

  room [TS]

  oh my god locker room locker room holy [TS]

  shit never occur to me till now so yeah [TS]

  right God's right it's right here on the [TS]

  label Bingbing you know you and you can [TS]

  you could snort that and I you know I [TS]

  used to do a fair amount that you clumsy [TS]

  ox my sense of smell nitrate was that it [TS]

  was a thing that you did right as you [TS]

  were orgasm [TS]

  yeah and and it turned your you know [TS]

  talk about jacking off in a bag [TS]

  yeah I control the whole thing into like [TS]

  a well-liked man on Coney Island it was [TS]

  a lot to recommend it yes certainly [TS]

  you're gonna have a brain-damaged [TS]

  situation but but the beauty of it was [TS]

  you could take it you could pretty [TS]

  easily get that into a concert and you [TS]

  can keep it in your car and it was the [TS]

  kind of thing where like if you smoked a [TS]

  doobie you're gonna have lots of smoke [TS]

  and stuff but like with with with locker [TS]

  room you get really super-high for like [TS]

  90 seconds and in Gila headache and it [TS]

  goes away you do it again [TS]

  soccer room locker room you know the [TS]

  inhalant of choice in Alaska at the time [TS]

  was nitrous oxide and we would go to the [TS]

  party sometimes that's made a comeback [TS]

  we find a lot of those on the street [TS]

  here [TS]

  nitrous yep it's a column yeah we but we [TS]

  would go we don't we need weapons but we [TS]

  also went to the party supply store and [TS]

  would buy like a canister besides pretty [TS]

  costly if you buy a man with it [TS]

  format even if you've got a cracker in a [TS]

  balloon that's that gets pretty costly [TS]

  yeah you so we that's why we would buy [TS]

  them in these like fire extinguisher [TS]

  sized you can't you saying you cut out [TS]

  the middleman cut out the middleman mhm [TS]

  and we'd say we're putting on up [TS]

  we're doing a party for our high school [TS]

  home and we'd like to buy a thing of [TS]

  this for our balloons and they would be [TS]

  like here you go son have a good time [TS]

  now with cream party and then there was [TS]

  an adapter [TS]

  mhm you would screw on it that would [TS]

  allow you to fill up balloons and of [TS]

  course how do you use nitrous oxide you [TS]

  fill up a balloon we switch balloons you [TS]

  think about going [TS]

  shopping buy this thing we call it a [TS]

  cracker what is this thing that there [TS]

  was a bespoke item laconic brass [TS]

  knuckles you open it up and stick the [TS]

  little whip it in there and then you had [TS]

  a our kids punch balloon attached to [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah points and classic ugly drug [TS]

  paraphernalia [TS]

  yeah but we never no one was hip to amyl [TS]

  nitrate in Alaska we were too busy doing [TS]

  nitrous let alone and I think nitrous so [TS]

  it's nice it's wit very superior it's a [TS]

  wonderful wonderful high if you've never [TS]

  tried it i highly recommend it and I'm [TS]

  not a doctor I'm not a medical doctor [TS]

  friend introduced me to nitrous oxide [TS]

  and dancing siouxsie and the banshees [TS]

  and I never looked back [TS]

  I was listening to Siouxsie and the [TS]

  Banshees the other day yeah said their [TS]

  lives and uh well matter and i'll tell [TS]

  you if we don't know imagine that [TS]

  imagine get the 12 inch of that the [TS]

  really long version [TS]

  yeah you doing some nitrous think about [TS]

  that for a minute buddy i am thinking [TS]

  about it i miss you at least want to [TS]

  masturbate in the bag [TS]

  I lived it lived it and I it's also you [TS]

  know nitrous oxide is very good with [TS]

  with classic classic era of British [TS]

  heavy metal [TS]

  oh yeah yeah yeah and it's I can also [TS]

  well i'm not suggesting this I don't [TS]

  think it's a good idea but it can also [TS]

  be nice when you're super high [TS]

  ok so this is this is the thing and this [TS]

  is what I've never fully legit dr pepper [TS]

  with that what you used to drink dr. [TS]

  pepper is that right yeah well mountain [TS]

  dew unnecessary monday and then dr. [TS]

  pepper as as time went on I said look [TS]

  mountains for kids [TS]

  yeah a dr pepper is a sophisticated [TS]

  drink sophisticated because because it's [TS]

  old and you feel like an old-world drink [TS]

  it's an old-world drink you think of you [TS]

  know like an old man is going to order a [TS]

  dr pepper and a soda fountain [TS]

  yeah it's got like a pretty taste [TS]

  nobody's gonna order a mountain dew this [TS]

  I mean mountain dew is like it if you're [TS]

  down in the different and strange [TS]

  fucking MOOCs in cheeps fuck that if [TS]

  you're if you're in the Appalachians and [TS]

  you say mountain dew you might get a [TS]

  moonshot oh are you might get my get a [TS]

  bottle of crystal meth [TS]

  I bet it's one of those things where [TS]

  somebody call namespace pollution I bet [TS]

  there's a lot of things called Mountain [TS]

  Dew and be real careful which order and [TS]

  on whom I bet if you're in the Panhandle [TS]

  in san francisco and you ask the iphone [TS]

  mountain dew you're going to get a sheet [TS]

  of blotter acid coordinate your hand [TS]

  here or you're in a bag of that hand you [TS]

  the bag gonna rush guys North this while [TS]

  urinating on we gotta get a mountain dew [TS]

  no ice [TS]

  I feel I feel like the thing about [TS]

  nitrous oxide when you're watching when [TS]

  you're watching a movie in the speed or [TS]

  rush sonra right where some [TS]

  rush sonra right where some [TS]

  young people are driving some fast cars [TS]

  ok some like gone and gone in 30 seconds [TS]

  yeah or whatever the feathers found in [TS]

  the angry yeah gone in 15 seconds 15 [TS]

  seconds and then that then the following [TS]

  movie was gone 11 seconds 15-5 so all of [TS]

  those all of those movies those racers [TS]

  movies yeah you'll notice that they [TS]

  often have a bottle of nitrous oxide as [TS]

  a performance enhancer yeah right but [TS]

  where they shoot nitrous into their car [TS]

  and it somehow i think the way it works [TS]

  is that it somehow it just uh Evel [TS]

  Knievel has given talks about this you [TS]

  can use to say you don't be doing drugs [TS]

  that's like doing pure nitrous now nux [TS]

  when nuts hit the pedal to get the extra [TS]

  speed in fury road is that nitrous [TS]

  probably yes [TS]

  knocks knocks nitrous oxide right and no [TS]

  ass and yeah I like densify the fuel or [TS]

  something and then at work ones and then [TS]

  you're all of a sudden you're slammed [TS]

  back into the back of your chair at my [TS]

  don't have power potential mangel bar [TS]

  yep yep and and i'm good i'm gonna go [TS]

  out on a limb here and say that the if [TS]

  even one of those movies when the [TS]

  nitrous button gets pushed you have the [TS]

  person that goes into the lead at that [TS]

  moment is not going to win the race [TS]

  oh my yeah yeah yeahs oil mm-hmm [TS]

  but so I have found that nitrous is acts [TS]

  similarly as a power enhancer for other [TS]

  drugs like marijuana if you do some [TS]

  marijuana and then you push the button [TS]

  on some nitrous yeah you're going to get [TS]

  more stone more hot and he would have an [TS]

  additive quality right around now I'm [TS]

  sure there are people listening to this [TS]

  program we were like why are these two [TS]

  advocating drugs i can well we're not [TS]

  but i can tell you why because our [TS]

  marijuana is not your marijuana [TS]

  mm that's right want to you by you by [TS]

  that's fucking crazy as marijuana you [TS]

  people he loved your marijuana get [TS]

  forget it i had stuff like that maybe [TS]

  once in my life maybe your top of the [TS]

  chronic i am talking about the chronic [TS]

  didn't that the medical grade as they [TS]

  said [TS]

  yeah i'm talking about the Matanuska [TS]

  thunderfuck operations I'm i wanted i [TS]

  went to a drug screening of the day [TS]

  first time I've been in 1i draw anymore [TS]

  i want to know the story of drug the [TS]

  story of the ok tienda de les drugs they [TS]

  lost wrongs and I said to the guy leaned [TS]

  on the counter you know kind of casual [TS]

  because I don't belong there [TS]

  right because i haven't done any drugs [TS]

  in 20 years now but I'm there were some [TS]

  friends they wanted to go to the [TS]

  drugstore [TS]

  hey we're in seattle can we go to the [TS]

  drugstore mhm I was like Charlotte the [TS]

  drugstore I know where one is i know [TS]

  gallon owns one we go and we're leaning [TS]

  there and they've got some they've got [TS]

  some pot people working behind the [TS]

  counter and my friends are looking at [TS]

  all the stuff that you can buy bubblegum [TS]

  and bubble yum and there's a their bath [TS]

  salts that are infused with pot [TS]

  Taiwanese face pollution you know what I [TS]

  mean like like face cream and condom [TS]

  utilize the store of drugs in order bath [TS]

  salts and give you marijuana things to [TS]

  put in the bath [TS]

  it looks like a bath salt its acts like [TS]

  a bag about salt it smells like Bath ok [TS]

  but its full park [TS]

  okay but it's not the face-eating kind i [TS]

  don't think that i think the jury's [TS]

  still out on that face eating stuff ya [TS]

  know that was in Tallahassee yeah the [TS]

  first one or the second I don't know [TS]

  did you hear about the second one was [TS]

  another one yeah the first one was the [TS]

  was the first one where the guy got shot [TS]

  and socks face-eating but there was [TS]

  another one recently a boy a young man [TS]

  who was a trump supporter freaked out in [TS]

  again in Florida yeah unclear whether [TS]

  you suck sorry about pans and he also [TS]

  ate someone's face the flock out what [TS]

  they call it was flaca flaca is that the [TS]

  name of Flaco Flaco or bath salts of [TS]

  Flaco Flaco Fla AKA fly really liked is [TS]

  like a tease dance records flock [TS]

  together play the pan-flute John mm the [TS]

  pin flute cry realism hear it leaked a [TS]

  Enrique swallowed a and wreak a simpler [TS]

  I'm really know your rights and pure he [TS]

  was the master [TS]

  zamfir jacket he's not the only one to [TS]

  play the pan-flute oh yeah he's a [TS]

  self-proclaimed master of the pan so I [TS]

  don't think it's like I don't think it's [TS]

  like a river dance lord of the dance [TS]

  we're clearly Michael finally is is is [TS]

  the lord of the dance we really have you [TS]

  ever seen him dance did the Queen only [TS]

  met either bae i feel like if your lord [TS]

  of the dance that you should use that [TS]

  property and maybe like a member of [TS]

  parliament [TS]

  that's right that's exactly right here [TS]

  you should be in the House of Lords if [TS]

  you're the Lord of the day and I haven't [TS]

  seen the end of the crown I still got [TS]

  one episode left so maybe Michael [TS]

  Michael priorities of boxers you wanna [TS]

  fuck with that guy that's what i heard [TS]

  doesn't stand in a clearing [TS]

  oh yeah um you know what you can watch [TS]

  on youtube and my daughter i watch this [TS]

  twice a month you can go and see the [TS]

  final performance of Riverdance from [TS]

  circa nineteen ninety-six and it's a [TS]

  it's breathtaking be like the final [TS]

  performance of the Riverdance is what we [TS]

  were all waiting for [TS]

  mm-hmm did you find a breathtaking be [TS]

  clapping club club club of of that dance [TS]

  haha ah it's not stop property running [TS]

  their lines could be a little bit [TS]

  straighter but given credit you know [TS]

  they've been at it for years things we [TS]

  got burned out on that because it's [TS]

  always in TV commercials for years but [TS]

  then i finally watched it on YouTube and [TS]

  I was like this is pretty good also the [TS]

  lady dancing with them i saw single [TS]

  check out the latest dance with him she [TS]

  looks like she smells good shape [TS]

  deceived you Waldo [TS]

  yep i wanted a Torino I that reader [TS]

  marina smells good [TS]

  I bet she doesn't clog dance though [TS]

  you've seen her dance [TS]

  oh yeah everything from anoka west side [TS]

  story i highly recommend you pick up we [TS]

  watched it the daughter has seen we have [TS]

  watched this movie we like this movie [TS]

  like the new from the first cigarettes [TS]

  your last time day I i was on youtube [TS]

  for whatever reason for whatever reason [TS]

  that anybody who spent a lot of time on [TS]

  youtube and i saw a thing where there [TS]

  were it was it was some kind of show and [TS]

  i'm going to say Broadway asked show [TS]

  more off-broadway show where a group of [TS]

  hip-hop dancers and a group of river [TS]

  dancers [TS]

  had a sort of dance off West Side Story [TS]

  style [TS]

  mhm where they were beefing some kind of [TS]

  beef and then one guy went oh yeah well [TS]

  company property pops and then the other [TS]

  guy went oh yeah well [TS]

  oh no was tap it wasn't it wasn't [TS]

  hip-hop dance it was tap but done in a [TS]

  contemporary style it's a different app [TS]

  versus urban tap like yeah like tap but [TS]

  but with a lot of with a lot of hip-hop [TS]

  shading mhm and then Riverdance but in a [TS]

  sort of like this is just how we do in [TS]

  Ireland this is just were sitting around [TS]

  this is our urban dance style when [TS]

  things get a little rough in belfast [TS]

  yeah Candice I think it's a regular iron [TS]

  isn't in Northern Ireland thing I [TS]

  thought it was a regular Ireland thing [TS]

  oh I'm going to say I'm gonna go with [TS]

  you and say regular Ireland you know [TS]

  there are regular Irish up in belfast to [TS]

  not all the Orangemen mm but so it was a [TS]

  it was very entertaining show where [TS]

  there was like you know some savvy on [TS]

  clover style as deputy deputy dap yeah I [TS]

  love that stuff left and then then then [TS]

  clapping clapping clapping over here and [TS]

  for a brief moment in the middle of the [TS]

  show you think all these are these are [TS]

  similar [TS]

  there's there's similar talent required [TS]

  to do these styles rightly property [TS]

  coppers are really moving fast and doing [TS]

  lots of stuff and then the tap a dances [TS]

  you know like also we all love tap turns [TS]

  but then as the show progresses the tap [TS]

  dancers cannot help themselves and they [TS]

  just school [TS]

  the Irish dancer you all just really [TS]

  just lay waste to them and it's not part [TS]

  of its not meant to happen it's not part [TS]

  of this that the show is meant to be [TS]

  like see these two traditions of club [TS]

  dancing there's the same but in fact the [TS]

  tap dancers were a thousand times better [TS]

  dancers and they just you know they just [TS]

  couldn't stop [TS]

  I drink that exactly doing poppet about [TS]

  up and then there's because they are [TS]

  capable of so much more polyrhythm [TS]

  there's so much more like off accent and [TS]

  like smooth like like style and you're [TS]

  allowed to use your arms in your arms [TS]

  you can do and you can slide there's [TS]

  almost sort of sliding and like you're [TS]

  dancing on the on the sand and then that [TS]

  caused me once I realized the tap [TS]

  dancing was just empirically superior to [TS]

  all other dance who then I went down and [TS]

  tap dancing YouTube rabbit hole where [TS]

  you're watching like some of the Great's [TS]

  the tap great you know its name and that [TS]

  was his name and jacket what's-his-name [TS]

  Nick Gregory object if not greater [TS]

  behind the grounds jacket yeah but the [TS]

  guys but the guys that Gregor that were [TS]

  like the Gregory Hines was paying [TS]

  respect to like the the that you know [TS]

  the originator or maybe not the [TS]

  originals but that generation which [TS]

  angles robinson type situation [TS]

  mmm they were they were all like 75 when [TS]

  Gregory Hines was right and he's like [TS]

  i'd like to introduce to you the man [TS]

  that taught me everything is so huge and [TS]

  tap dancing that's right he's he was he [TS]

  brought tap-dancing forward very hot but [TS]

  but had great reverence for the people [TS]

  that came before [TS]

  that's right the river i like them so [TS]

  they were there were there was there is [TS]

  a lot of footage on youtube of like the [TS]

  Masters the old school masters of tap [TS]

  and they all have different styles and [TS]

  there's there's some mold there's some [TS]

  show where a bunch of these guys at 80 [TS]

  years old [TS]

  we're all doing a little bit of tap [TS]

  battle against each other and AH talk [TS]

  about charming but that's classy as hell [TS]

  i watched it and I got pregnant [TS]

  m3m complicated times [TS]

  I feel like I feel like siouxsie and the [TS]

  banshees are becoming more important to [TS]

  me as time goes on [TS]

  oh and I don't know how that can be true [TS]

  because i didn't like I like them but I [TS]

  didn't feel like they were and you know [TS]

  they were like a sub cure [TS]

  well they were as an American I was a [TS]

  huge fan actually cities in dust was the [TS]

  first season and cheese thing I got into [TS]

  I I then went back and the other stuff [TS]

  but they're in a weird place it from an [TS]

  American standpoint because like you [TS]

  might know she's kind of famous for [TS]

  being like an original punk you might [TS]

  know they're kind of famous because [TS]

  Robert cures in the band Robert now old [TS]

  General Robert Robert jacket was in the [TS]

  band room for like a year right [TS]

  yep early no I think I think maybe kind [TS]

  of around that time like around the [TS]

  ethical he took some time off from from [TS]

  the curb and but but but they're in a [TS]

  weird place so they kinda that God are [TS]

  they one they dance it's kinda weird but [TS]

  they're such a perfect fit for England [TS]

  in some ways but in America they're kind [TS]

  of like you know neither fish nor fowl [TS]

  unless your super fan fiction fluence [TS]

  I'm like God got kids Hopkins yeah [TS]

  that's right now only 90s kids would [TS]

  hmm I feel like gary numan and Human [TS]

  League and your rhythm makes we're all [TS]

  on my side of the line that I drew [TS]

  somewhere without knowing someone in the [TS]

  sand [TS]

  I drew a line mhm and gary numan and [TS]

  Human League and the rhythms were on the [TS]

  side of the line that I dug em but like [TS]

  depeche mode and many of those like [TS]

  bands that most people might know from [TS]

  one hit song they have not just meaning [TS]

  more songs that you may not have heard [TS]

  but we're in other bands before you got [TS]

  to boy army got the tourists you got all [TS]

  this great music that like never [TS]

  surfaced over here [TS]

  yeah right but there was but there was [TS]

  also a line of seriousness and somehow [TS]

  even though flock of seagulls were [TS]

  really derided at the time for their [TS]

  silly hair [TS]

  I always include its flock of seagulls [TS]

  on the side human league with mixed [TS]

  green human flock of seagulls [TS]

  I i accepted those bands and enjoy them [TS]

  even if I was quiet about it [TS]

  yeah yeahs Depeche Mode Thompson Twins a [TS]

  that stuff over here I was not on its [TS]

  team i was i was against it for whatever [TS]

  reason it didn't like ABC like ABC well [TS]

  I know but I just was against it [TS]

  uh-huh and I a tense like Depeche Mode [TS]

  like Susan the Banshees I had it over [TS]

  there [TS]

  I had a kind of over in the depeche mode [TS]

  category where I couldn't quite couldn't [TS]

  quite bring it over into the like I [TS]

  really was into duran duran didn't like [TS]

  spend out badly [TS]

  yeah they let me ask you this [TS]

  look at the weekly paper something you [TS]

  ever seen a movie called Ferg a music [TS]

  war organ music wore seat not to me that [TS]

  movie was very very important to me [TS]

  really oh god yes and I saw it my friend [TS]

  taped it off probably night-fighter HBO [TS]

  probably 1983 and it was funny because [TS]

  on the one hand you can see what the [TS]

  go-go's look like before they were the [TS]

  go-go's but listen this lineup [TS]

  omd magazine go-go's was going to jump [TS]

  through some of these fleshtones joan [TS]

  jett x.x TC devo the cramps ongoing go [TS]

  dead kennedys gary numan giving you and [TS]

  I think doing it to where my song Klaus [TS]

  Nomi first exposure to class know me [TS]

  wall of Voodoo père Ubu steel pulse [TS]

  ub40 echo and the bunnymen in the police [TS]

  so you see the police devo go-go's wall [TS]

  of food bands that were like already [TS]

  kind of known for something in America [TS]

  was my first exposure to the cramps [TS]

  yeah sucks interior sticks the [TS]

  microphone news fucking pants like what [TS]

  is this first time I ever saw dead [TS]

  kennedys hmm you know what I mean like [TS]

  seeing as this mash and like none of [TS]

  these bands have that much to do with [TS]

  each other [TS]

  other than nobody else in my school [TS]

  knows expands [TS]

  uh-uh no I mean that sounds silly but [TS]

  like and but remember was the steel [TS]

  pulse comes out they do kk and they came [TS]

  out in the robes it was like it was such [TS]

  a stunning movie it's just a concert [TS]

  movie of like shows in London in and LA [TS]

  but like that such and remember Gary [TS]

  Numan coming out in a little car now and [TS]

  then the bag then the fucking weird that [TS]

  was like what is going to Klaus Nomi [TS]

  total eclipse like what is this what is [TS]

  happening i would like to recommend to [TS]

  people who are listening to this program [TS]

  that that right when we go right when [TS]

  Merlin hits the bell and then we start [TS]

  talking about siouxsie the banshees you [TS]

  push play on music war [TS]

  yeah and then this will perfectly lineup [TS]

  with it ok she doing now you ready ready [TS]

  means war through the wall [TS]

  total timely clips of [TS]