Roderick on the Line

Ep. 226: "A Cocaine Aperture"


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  hi John hi Merlin how's it going [TS]

  oh I remember I was in the olive oil [TS]

  business with his father [TS]

  man it warms the heart that's your [TS]

  avatar [TS]

  ouu recognize 45 angels nah what nah I [TS]

  wasn't in no mafia yeah you know he [TS]

  always liked history he liked studying [TS]

  the Romans he did you know what a Roman [TS]

  would do you know yeah I smoking a cigar [TS]

  timelines what everyone would do [TS]

  anything [TS]

  wow you're good on Twitter rollingwood [TS]

  do was the last time you watched a [TS]

  godfather to her recently [TS]

  I feel like I'm my dream in my at all [TS]

  the time but I has been a long time [TS]

  because as you know i don't have a TV [TS]

  well uh huh but I've been make me earn [TS]

  it you didn't earn it every week I've [TS]

  been confused about this is a question I [TS]

  can put to you and maybe some of your [TS]

  friends in the tech industry can help me [TS]

  also the people in the app community [TS]

  some people in the app community some of [TS]

  the people that are let's say the [TS]

  disruptors sure let's reach out [TS]

  okay i want to watch movies [TS]

  ok where I wanna watch I wanna watch my [TS]

  choice of movies [TS]

  ok John Johnson wants to watch movies he [TS]

  wants to be his choice of movies okay so [TS]

  I was a good I want to look at a spec [TS]

  right now doing a little outline [TS]

  okay i want to watch a movie of my [TS]

  choice I don't want to log onto aside [TS]

  and have them recommend the walking dead [TS]

  to me right [TS]

  I don't want to have that because one [TS]

  time i watched to clint eastwood movie I [TS]

  don't want to have the thing recommend [TS]

  the same for Clint Eastwood movies to me [TS]

  every time I go on the internet okay so [TS]

  john wants to watch movies of his choice [TS]

  he does not want to be helped [TS]

  that's right i don't want any help i [TS]

  just i know the movies I want to see the [TS]

  straight to the movie you want to launch [TS]

  here's what here's what what I want [TS]

  well i have a friend i want to show this [TS]

  friend some movies of my you know my [TS]

  movies the movies of my life [TS]

  this is a thing I always expected one [TS]

  day with [TS]

  with my daughter sister friend [TS]

  millennium should be with you well let's [TS]

  talk about my daughter for a second [TS]

  portion 14 and I'll sit on a chair and [TS]

  I'll say this is the breakfast club [TS]

  ok or the breakfast club attention and [TS]

  she won't be interested but it'll be [TS]

  like it'll be like whatever they tried [TS]

  to sit me down and make me watch It's a [TS]

  Wonderful Life right right but yes I so [TS]

  my my millennium friend my millennium [TS]

  girlfriend who has never seen blade [TS]

  runner [TS]

  well she's never here anymore that's God [TS]

  father's she's never seen in the law [TS]

  school but she hasn't seen the Godfather [TS]

  movies I can't be that's not a form i [TS]

  don't understand I don't understand a [TS]

  lot of things she's not writing time [TS]

  conciliatory here's here's the thing i [TS]

  did occur to me the other day there's an [TS]

  in that one day the last person who ever [TS]

  sat in a movie theater and yelled focus [TS]

  will be gone who it there are barely any [TS]

  of us left now you can you imagine [TS]

  they're there are dozens and dozens of [TS]

  people maybe hundreds of dozens [TS]

  listening to this show right now have no [TS]

  idea what I'm talking about [TS]

  yeah focus yeah haha how did you ever [TS]

  get up out of a movie and walk up the [TS]

  aisle to find the projection projections [TS]

  to students by this to cream butter your [TS]

  collar and a focus [TS]

  yeah I have mom I didn't feel like that [TS]

  at least one occasion probably two [TS]

  occasions I have gone and sort out some [TS]

  technical help with what was happening [TS]

  in the theater especially at we had a [TS]

  phenomenon in eighties and nineties was [TS]

  the dollar theater where if you have [TS]

  this where you were but least in [TS]

  sarasota was called it was called Tatro [TS]

  there was a place that show movies for a [TS]

  dollar and it would be like late in the [TS]

  run of the movie or second run movies [TS]

  but it's still a pretty good movie you [TS]

  go see like a regular movie for a dollar [TS]

  I think they got pretty slack about the [TS]

  project this is back in the day you know [TS]

  we have to watch for the little blip in [TS]

  the corner know when to change the next [TS]

  Real all that kind of stuff and I you [TS]

  know when I'll be honest I've got not [TS]

  only seen outside help [TS]

  yeah yeah time [TS]

  hundred up and down in the ne in the [TS]

  halls of a movie theater ya goin fuckin [TS]

  trying to get somebody to come back in [TS]

  and focus the camera but none of that [TS]

  that doesn't really have a meeting of [TS]

  the day anyway [TS]

  yeah right focus focus please [TS]

  um you know I've been I've been showing [TS]

  her movies do the general plan for this [TS]

  is a haphazard thing is that this [TS]

  occurred to me thing or have you worked [TS]

  out a syllabus for her [TS]

  well so here's the problem the first [TS]

  thing the first attempt i made was Oh [TS]

  close encounters of the third time [TS]

  you've got to see Close Encounters of [TS]

  the Third Kind she was like never heard [TS]

  of it [TS]

  alright so I i am able to find it on the [TS]

  internet my cue it up and we're watching [TS]

  it and she doesn't fall asleep but you [TS]

  can tell she would fall asleep if [TS]

  someone were watching her if someone [TS]

  were going huh [TS]

  right right yesterday and has and as I'm [TS]

  watching it I'm realizing oh this was a [TS]

  movie made in the nineteen seventies the [TS]

  pacing pacing is very different yeah [TS]

  very different and also mean the first [TS]

  20 minutes of the movie just establishes [TS]

  that there was his but Travis Dreyfus [TS]

  just establishes that drivers has a [TS]

  really a like unhappy home life right [TS]

  everybody shouting at each other [TS]

  the kids are out of control the wife [TS]

  doesn't understand him but but what it [TS]

  effectively is is 20 minutes of yelling [TS]

  like how yelling in the house everybody [TS]

  yelling and i remember i think it was [TS]

  innovative at the time because there [TS]

  weren't a lot of movies that showed what [TS]

  what I guess past for like wow this is [TS]

  real it feels real it's like we're [TS]

  really in these people's homes still [TS]

  work i think is was very good and maybe [TS]

  some pioneering in [TS]

  sighs and blockbuster miss of his movies [TS]

  he was good at doing a lot of the [TS]

  setting pictures think about how good [TS]

  jobs does something very similar where [TS]

  you're just going to get a feel for [TS]

  what's going on in this little vacation [TS]

  community before anything happens but [TS]

  sort of like what if you watch you'll [TS]

  remember watching lonesome dove at the [TS]

  time I've never seen lots of death so [TS]

  lonesome dove was a major television [TS]

  event [TS]

  uh-huh and it was you know there was a [TS]

  lot of like gory violence it was it was [TS]

  supposed to be really really like like [TS]

  cities in Munich yeah cinematic but also [TS]

  like no one had never before seen levels [TS]

  of truth it's not gonna be like an after [TS]

  school special a lifetime movie this is [TS]

  the real stuff right but when you watch [TS]

  it now uh it just seems corny right the [TS]

  costume seem very much like costumes [TS]

  there's a lot of slapstick humor to try [TS]

  and level 11 the occasional violence [TS]

  like relative to even Unforgiven it just [TS]

  seems like a like a TV like a TV [TS]

  westerns by the way if you like Clint [TS]

  Eastwood movies i can recommend some for [TS]

  you [TS]

  oh thank you thank you but so watching [TS]

  Close Encounters I realized oh the [TS]

  pacing is really slow [TS]

  there's a lot of just sort of bickering [TS]

  that now like we get plenty of bickering [TS]

  on TV right there is I mean eighty [TS]

  percent of all TV now is just people [TS]

  yelling at each other you about about I [TS]

  mean I see it on when I'm when I'm in [TS]

  here for your reading the trades [TS]

  yeah it's up there on this it's up there [TS]

  on the screen [TS]

  yeah apparently only a short especially [TS]

  the news things that they put on a [TS]

  screen and airports a lot of yelling [TS]

  everybody's yelling there's a lot of [TS]

  yelling and I also know that people are [TS]

  yelling about house renovations and they [TS]

  have to make fashion items very quickly [TS]

  yes other stuff a lot of yelling so so [TS]

  yeah she's not into close encounters and [TS]

  I'm seeing it through her eyes and I'm [TS]

  like oh [TS]

  how right okay okay okay well close [TS]

  encounters is sort of an anomalous here [TS]

  because also the amazing special special [TS]

  effects and the notion that aliens were [TS]

  visiting us which were also bury new [TS]

  like new to consider now our mundane and [TS]

  commonplace yeah so I go okay gay [TS]

  let's watch the sting and I pull up the [TS]

  sting sting Cal you know that's a really [TS]

  good film but it kinda looks a lot like [TS]

  a TV movie [TS]

  well looks like a TV movie and also from [TS]

  the opening credits i realized that [TS]

  seventies movie right so yeah what it in [TS]

  in a contemporary movie the car would [TS]

  pull up and then the person driving the [TS]

  car would bust in the door and say the [TS]

  line it's you know it's springtime for [TS]

  Hitler or whatever [TS]

  yeah I don't remember the dialogue yeah [TS]

  but in this in the stain the car pulls [TS]

  up outside we see the guy get out of the [TS]

  car run across the street in the door [TS]

  and up four flights of stairs and we [TS]

  watched him go up four flights of stairs [TS]

  from like seven different camera angles [TS]

  then down a hall we see his hand hit the [TS]

  doorknob he opens the door walks through [TS]

  the office to the second door opens the [TS]

  door and says his line and we never see [TS]

  that actor again it's pretty impressed [TS]

  and you go well that was a but I was a [TS]

  real adventure and it did not move the [TS]

  plot forward at all and the whole time [TS]

  you're thinking to yourself is this guy [TS]

  important is he gonna get shot on these [TS]

  stairs is he going to get shot in this [TS]

  hallway like we're gonna really really [TS]

  following this guy so she falls asleep [TS]

  yeah and I'm like oh my god is this this [TS]

  is going to happen a blade runner to [TS]

  like she's not gonna fall asleep during [TS]

  blade runner i can I wouldn't I wouldn't [TS]

  know what to do in that case you don't [TS]

  I'm decisions my friend [TS]

  well and so I mean what I'm doing right [TS]

  now is like [TS]

  lay let's lay the Godfather way back [TS]

  we're going to put it way but way back [TS]

  because I well that's the type of thing [TS]

  we're probably going to have to watch at [TS]

  one o'clock in the afternoon and that's [TS]

  not gonna make any sense but there's no [TS]

  way I'm going to like lay in bed and [TS]

  watch the godfather in the context of [TS]

  like oh you're gonna love this fall [TS]

  asleep right but the problem is before i [TS]

  even get to that point I can't find the [TS]

  blade runner i can't find find how to [TS]

  watch it really Blade Runner is out [TS]

  there i know i could tour it or [TS]

  something i could hunt in a good onion [TS]

  torrid yeah if I wanted to watch it [TS]

  without any bluetooths or somehow get on [TS]

  there without my location services [TS]

  concern is it later might only be on the [TS]

  dark web [TS]

  yeah the one where else can you find it [TS]

  yet the stream it which means you have [TS]

  to you know you log on and give your IP [TS]

  address [TS]

  you know what you're right yeah the idea [TS]

  yet put it right in at the IP I don't [TS]

  want to put my IP addresses i watch the [TS]

  movie just show me the movie that's [TS]

  right it's on the internet somewhere i [TS]

  know it is the internet should be like a [TS]

  big TV where you go him and you say [TS]

  internet serie I want to watch [TS]

  apocalypse now and not the red you [TS]

  version because that version is garbage [TS]

  trash but actually there are a couple of [TS]

  scenes in the rydia version that are [TS]

  kind of cool [TS]

  I think you should watch ready for the [TS]

  fifth dealing not god i do not think [TS]

  that ninety percent of that the pole [TS]

  french chateau [TS]

  it's very interesting as that it's like [TS]

  reading it's like it's like reserve [TS]

  reading for the movie like it adds [TS]

  things to it but like it was a good [TS]

  decision to cut it out of the original [TS]

  release [TS]

  yeah the whole scene where they go to a [TS]

  third location with the playboy bunnies [TS]

  yeah I don't need to see that I could [TS]

  imagine it mhm but if i could say Siri i [TS]

  would like to see the original [TS]

  Apocalypse Now [TS]

  with the following two additional 30 [TS]

  seconds snippets from read yet i see [TS]

  that i would like I would like to have [TS]

  because they are the ones that I'll that [TS]

  I liked [TS]

  so you want you to have the internet [TS]

  that movies with nixon's you want your [TS]

  ability it's like an ice cream place and [TS]

  you're like you know give me give me a [TS]

  little bit of heat heath bar but I don't [TS]

  want sprinkles ego and you get your own [TS]

  bespoke version of a movie that you [TS]

  enjoy even though you don't on TV [TS]

  yeah yeah exactly right if you give [TS]

  George Lucas can go put a like smoke [TS]

  rings around death stars huh and claim [TS]

  that that's his artistic we had a vision [TS]

  yeah like in today's world were all [TS]

  artists were all remixers hall [TS]

  university no well makers John we're on [TS]

  bakers right if I take your work and [TS]

  consume it and poop it out [TS]

  it belongs to me so why can't I put [TS]

  smoke rings around a Butch Cassidy and [TS]

  the Sundance Kid [TS]

  well that's a really good point without [TS]

  actually online without letting your IP [TS]

  address [TS]

  I don't wanna put my IP in there yeah i [TS]

  don't know if i can find sure sure but [TS]

  uh but if of when Butch Cassidy and [TS]

  Sundance Kid jump off the equipment to [TS]

  the river why not have an explosion here [TS]

  the kind of in several insufferable [TS]

  person that I am there's times when you [TS]

  want somebody to really really listen to [TS]

  what they said so you might want to see [TS]

  a very short snippet of a scene to play [TS]

  three times and you the program that any [TS]

  tears in rain tears and rain see it's [TS]

  not tears in the rain tears and rain so [TS]

  she learns it right the first time [TS]

  through your your mashup remix what [TS]

  people say tears in the rain people see [TS]

  tears in the rain all the time my god [TS]

  and it's all I can do years of the rain [TS]

  I get a lot of quotes wrong but that's [TS]

  what you really you need to get that one [TS]

  right [TS]

  tears in rain tears and rain i was [TS]

  thinking the other day it's not just Roy [TS]

  batty who saw you know who saw the sea [TS]

  beans glitter [TS]

  Oh in the town 10 how's our gate yeah [TS]

  right Ryan yeah watch the watch the [TS]

  attack ships burning off the shoulder of [TS]

  Orion it's not just those men [TS]

  trees which are lost like tears in rain [TS]

  yeah berlin it's all of our memories I [TS]

  my memories also my memories of uh of [TS]

  eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on [TS]

  thanksgiving and watching a wrestling [TS]

  match in minneapolis California are [TS]

  those are going to be lost like tears in [TS]

  rain to a good thanksgiving in [TS]

  minneapolis California KFC I don't mind [TS]

  I think you're your hard drive my [TS]

  business for a minute my first [TS]

  Thanksgiving away from home [TS]

  there may be able to alternate remember [TS]

  it like yesterday at the bucket [TS]

  yeah I was like what do you do on [TS]

  thanksgiving i don't know where to get a [TS]

  turkey dinner I never had a thanksgiving [TS]

  without a turkey dinner [TS]

  yeah and I was like can take bread [TS]

  chicken finger looking gay people still [TS]

  your gravy [TS]

  sure yeah I got giving out of the rain [TS]

  yeah sure yeah and I wouldn't think it'd [TS]

  be real rainy in minneapolis california [TS]

  in november again and I was hawking [TS]

  tickets that was my job at the time [TS]

  Walker i had a friend that worked at the [TS]

  work does a company whoever and he [TS]

  worked in the ticket office and he could [TS]

  always get me like four extra tickets to [TS]

  you know to haircut 100 or the English [TS]

  Peter whatever and he would give me for [TS]

  tickets and I could hock them right [TS]

  scalp them [TS]

  oh I see it's kind of like it's like a [TS]

  like Amway or something [TS]

  yeah well but I mean it's on the [TS]

  download right he's thinking these [TS]

  unsold tickets i'm standing in front of [TS]

  the theater seven out in front of the [TS]

  first avenue theatre in minneapolis [TS]

  California made famous by Prince know [TS]

  that's right yeah yeah right all course [TS]

  that's where he did is famous [TS]

  introduction of purple rain that bomb on [TS]

  the bow [TS]

  don't don't don't know [TS]

  just found without feeling too much [TS]

  about your technology stack John mom [TS]

  when you're watching television [TS]

  entertainment and given that you clearly [TS]

  do not own a television set or have [TS]

  access to a television set [TS]

  you watching on unlike a laptop that's [TS]

  what I have to do now and the millennium [TS]

  is used to that [TS]

  Yeah Yeah right you know she's watching [TS]

  mindy kaling on there all the time sure [TS]

  many can identify cut that you know they [TS]

  started doing that a few years ago with [TS]

  their cutting stuff differently knowing [TS]

  that people are going to watch it on [TS]

  different sized screens really you get [TS]

  more get more close-up shots you don't [TS]

  get as much so and it varies who knows [TS]

  how that's changed because not [TS]

  everyone's a TV anymore [TS]

  what kind of my dear you a little bit [TS]

  about your Millennium girlfriend [TS]

  distaste for you're going now does she [TS]

  feel anything similar with regard to you [TS]

  does she feel like you need to see saved [TS]

  by the bell the postgraduate years or I [TS]

  don't even know what Millennials watch [TS]

  this you want you to watch out David [TS]

  Blaine videos on youtube [TS]

  how does does she feel the need to [TS]

  inculcate you into her values as well [TS]

  well yes but she is much more interested [TS]

  in in contemporary think she wants me to [TS]

  watch black mirror election winner [TS]

  that's good [TS]

  well i have and i do enjoy black mirror [TS]

  okay but it's but when I'm what I'm [TS]

  thinking oh I want to watch it like a [TS]

  diversion or do the diversion ille [TS]

  program who black mirror seems like [TS]

  something that I need to really focus my [TS]

  attention yeah I'm on that way with a [TS]

  lot of stuff like that one is world i [TS]

  have got to just sit down and like just [TS]

  watch westerns a TV show by the way [TS]

  don't know I've been watching west shut [TS]

  up i have what are you up to what [TS]

  episode you [TS]

  MSC well I would spoiler now we're not [TS]

  gonna know we're going to talk about the [TS]

  plot [TS]

  ok but the now I don't last night in WoW [TS]

  was that everything I don't count [TS]

  episodes [TS]

  ok I'm up to the one where it's past [TS]

  little like whoa [TS]

  say what you like around six probably [TS]

  six or seven something like that words [TS]

  like whoa [TS]

  ok this is divided what we thought you [TS]

  know yeah but i also a long time ago [TS]

  stopped really closely examining the [TS]

  plot because haha pretty close to like [TS]

  three episodes and I said hmm ok alright [TS]

  there's a lot of there's a lot of time [TS]

  compression happening here that isn't [TS]

  being explicitly you think described ok [TS]

  that's enough that's enough [TS]

  alright alright alright around ride I [TS]

  would encourage you to stick with it i [TS]

  think you I'm a fan so I can't sit okay [TS]

  okay guy down [TS]

  ok interesting so she watches that now [TS]

  here's what i have to say what I find a [TS]

  little bit perplexing about this and [TS]

  then I find perplexing about millenniums [TS]

  in general is like for awhile you hear [TS]

  millennium say well a like of course i [TS]

  know i love lucy you're gonna smoke that [TS]

  was right and reruns on cable all the [TS]

  time you see months back and I'm barely [TS]

  seen Gunsmoke I mean horse like Gunsmoke [TS]

  modern animals on for like a hundred [TS]

  nineteen years back sure but but like [TS]

  that's the thing is a lot of my name's [TS]

  maybe a little bit older than her have [TS]

  seen lots of stuff because one cable now [TS]

  my question is I don't I don't want to [TS]

  sound normative but she Amish or [TS]

  something that she just not watch a [TS]

  bunch of like USA when she was a in high [TS]

  school [TS]

  hmm well here's the problem oh no she [TS]

  homeschooled [TS]

  no she grew up in the Netherlands all [TS]

  for the love Wow and women's wait [TS]

  there's more because in the Netherlands [TS]

  they watched american TV okay but have [TS]

  hard-coded dutch subs no no no that's [TS]

  how the that's how the nether Landers [TS]

  the nederlandse need to know how to see [TS]

  English so well because they're its [TS]

  small country and it wasn't it wasn't a [TS]

  big enough country where it made [TS]

  financial sense to like overdub TV shows [TS]

  triggers you spend all this money having [TS]

  a Dutch guide you know like blue [TS]

  vishnuvardhan the over the thing you [TS]

  know they just broadcast that shows in [TS]

  their original American language and so [TS]

  the Dutch were like that's close enough [TS]

  to touch we'll figure it out and then [TS]

  they all speak English better than we do [TS]

  yeah whereas in France [TS]

  where French is a big enough country [TS]

  that they can spend the money to have [TS]

  dubbed into French yeah that none of [TS]

  them can speak a word of English know [TS]

  that should they choose not to they [TS]

  prefer not to [TS]

  yeah if you if you go to if you go to [TS]

  most countries in Europe you'll find [TS]

  that the the people that that have even [TS]

  a monochrome of Education speak English [TS]

  pretty well to him but in front like [TS]

  even the even professors of English in [TS]

  front can't speak English at all you [TS]

  don't learn too much [TS]

  well right because it would you know it [TS]

  would make you start to not like Jerry [TS]

  Lewis oh IC see you don't want to know [TS]

  what's going on [TS]

  it's kind of cultural / 50 yeah okay [TS]

  anyway so not only does she grew up in [TS]

  touch in the major lamb ok but went to [TS]

  British schools in front [TS]

  how my god so blue and rails which [TS]

  seemed you know what I mean like I keep [TS]

  trying to figure it out like did you [TS]

  still know what this is but she's like [TS]

  you know she's by all appearances [TS]

  American speaks in unaccented English [TS]

  nose gets a lot of references to things [TS]

  that are obscure if you try Jason Bourne [TS]

  movies [TS]

  well see that's over the line of like a [TS]

  really quick cutting lots of punching [TS]

  everything's happening SuperDuper fast [TS]

  with no attention [TS]

  you don't even have to have an attention [TS]

  span because it's just like somebody put [TS]

  something you're riding a bullet [TS]

  you know what I mean like well you and I [TS]

  want to like show all these movies that [TS]

  are you know i'm i'm not trying to show [TS]

  deer hunter which has a 45-minute long [TS]

  scene where we're just add a shitty [TS]

  wedding somewhere [TS]

  Oh like haha well that's true it's [TS]

  important it's important but you're at a [TS]

  wedding [TS]

  it's 45 minutes at a wedding you don't [TS]

  know my godfather and Godfather Part one [TS]

  that wedding is a huge amount of [TS]

  world-building like huge amount of [TS]

  introducing you to this giant cast of [TS]

  characters and it's got a lot of story [TS]

  in it and it's got a lot of portent you [TS]

  get super dark office in the super over [TS]

  on outside wedding and now that's a [TS]

  wedding scene that really carries its [TS]

  water well Johnny Fontane shows up and [TS]

  makes a big splash [TS]

  yeah because you know if you got that [TS]

  that would save his career making a big [TS]

  shot if you got that movies right that's [TS]

  right just to show you I'm not [TS]

  hard-hearted man there's no way gasps [TS]

  gasps I ever had [TS]

  there's no way I'm casting Johnny [TS]

  Fontane in this picture big senior [TS]

  pictures [TS]

  the problem is listen nobody comes to [TS]

  Las Vegas and speaks that way you don't [TS]

  keep that way to go green [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  who gave the order can I did I complain [TS]

  when no green was shot [TS]

  did I ask who gave the order to make [TS]

  that noise to that that was the first [TS]

  movie i'm sure about this before and [TS]

  that was Lee Strasburg first movie [TS]

  yeah right after all those years of [TS]

  teaching to play ball and he is not for [TS]

  everybody was like what you like what [TS]

  you doing I think it's very good and you [TS]

  got a nice emotional attachment but you [TS]

  considered having some kind of a dick [TS]

  like maybe you have a heart problem [TS]

  seagull what's he uh he did a good job [TS]

  in that film you know we don't want [TS]

  favorite scenes of him just just a shot [TS]

  where they go to his house and he's [TS]

  watching the ballgame he's got his foot [TS]

  up on the on the chair and Mike comes in [TS]

  and they talk about what they're going [TS]

  to do and whether he can make a move on [TS]

  the on the brothers [TS]

  mmm is that it knows you know it's about [TS]

  what he can make a move on to cleanse up [TS]

  i forget anyway at that point it's just [TS]

  a shot just as pretty tight shot where [TS]

  the rock grabs a potato chip [TS]

  he says a small potatoes haha so good [TS]

  now i want that means is that what we're [TS]

  pushing Klingon out for the you know [TS]

  that always get you great euphemism for [TS]

  pooping money [TS]

  yeah that's you mr. Simon out anyway [TS]

  yeah okay so what I want what I want [TS]

  guarantee that is to be able to watch [TS]

  films right [TS]

  ok so we're pivoting back to the [TS]

  original kind of mentioned just I'm [TS]

  sorry I don't want to take you off your [TS]

  topic we haven't talked in awhile and [TS]

  missed you i want to just tell you i [TS]

  miss just one movie and just get through [TS]

  this out i know this is random [TS]

  I don't ride back to the future well no [TS]

  because now this is going to get me in a [TS]

  little bit of trouble boy [TS]

  Oh No obviously obviously back to the [TS]

  future is very important to me at the [TS]

  time [TS]

  okc have seen it oh come on dog let's [TS]

  get 30 times that watched it twice in a [TS]

  hotel room with the next its don't [TS]

  fucking good [TS]

  hey kid why the life preserver give you [TS]

  a tab but you gotta pay for it [TS]

  uh-huh matter what [TS]

  come on Barry but that scene is so [TS]

  painful when he holds on the phone I [TS]

  want her to hurts [TS]

  ok so what's your what's your bold brave [TS]

  realization about back to the future [TS]

  well think about back to the future is [TS]

  to you too [TS]

  mmm a little bit on the peggy sue got [TS]

  married tip I mean you know I know [TS]

  that's like no that's not to apply [TS]

  certainly its clock my friend Swiss [TS]

  clock [TS]

  well yeah I mean there's no dead weight [TS]

  in there but I really feel like Eric [TS]

  Stoltz it was my guy [TS]

  oh you're still you're still miffed that [TS]

  he wasn't Marty I'm a little bit miffed [TS]

  like imagine what the American imagine [TS]

  the job [TS]

  imagine the like super unfunny delivery [TS]

  of Eric Stoltz instead of the the [TS]

  constant spit taking of michael j fox [TS]

  i'll be falls down all the time it's [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  it would have been a way worse movie [TS]

  let's be honest you know what I'm just [TS]

  think about the scenes like that with a [TS]

  wonderful scene when he's in the diner [TS]

  and he's kinda got his head turned with [TS]

  his hand on his cheek and then you see [TS]

  his father sitting next to him in [TS]

  exactly the same posture [TS]

  it's the perak it's very good well and [TS]

  also my favorite line from any film [TS]

  anywhere which I still quote [TS]

  not weekly I think you know the year [TS]

  that a lot like I still quote that [TS]

  weekly i don't--what weekly let's be [TS]

  totally I maybe quarterly no no more [TS]

  often the mantle okay i would say every [TS]

  ten weeks em every yeah every six to ten [TS]

  weeks [TS]

  ok i say like not a proposed nothing I [TS]

  always slip it into conversation where [TS]

  it is meaningful [TS]

  I say you are my density coming my [TS]

  destiny [TS]

  yeah i'll say that when it it when it [TS]

  applies and I have never had a single [TS]

  person even turn and raise an eyebrow [TS]

  recognition [TS]

  I feel like I'm just living I feel like [TS]

  I'm living in a space station where my [TS]

  voices inaudible tears and rain right [TS]

  sec okay now you sell 15 [TS]

  yeah I think that's how much you really [TS]

  want help with this I mean there's all [TS]

  kinds of ways you could do this that you [TS]

  don't even have to put in your IP tour [TS]

  well you know I mean I mean that the sea [TS]

  is going to see the simple solution is [TS]

  to like have the login so you don't want [TS]

  to login and you just want the TV that [TS]

  you don't have to be able to show you [TS]

  the movie that doesn't exist when you [TS]

  feel like watching bleep blop bloop [TS]

  yeah they're saying service i signed up [TS]

  for a while back that I can't even [TS]

  believe exists because you didn't sign [TS]

  up though [TS]

  oh no I'm just getting back because it's [TS]

  quite a larf you got a vid angel the ID [TS]

  angel calm and so I don't remember [TS]

  hearing about this maybe 15 years ago [TS]

  you hear about these services that were [TS]

  like hey listen if you're like a person [TS]

  of faith or you don't like cursing you [TS]

  don't like so you want to watch this [TS]

  movie but take out the sex you know [TS]

  there's a big problem a lot of PG movies [TS]

  and eighties is their boobs in it when [TS]

  they don't really need to be boobs if [TS]

  you want to watch this movie without [TS]

  unnecessary boobs like what why and I [TS]

  think I think boobs are are spelled bewb [TS]

  s so they stay in touch but lacks let's [TS]

  see here here's a good example like what [TS]

  if you wanted to watch back to the [TS]

  future without the ghost blowjob or like [TS]

  what if you wanted to wash the x-men [TS]

  movies with everything but the word fuck [TS]

  in it so why aren't people offended by [TS]

  the ghost blowjob [TS]

  the way I mean compared to like so many [TS]

  other girls it really really really it [TS]

  sticks out for so many reasons it sticks [TS]

  because it's really unnecessarily [TS]

  graphic plus it's not funny plus 0 for [TS]

  the story the story I heard was that [TS]

  it's a basically there are several [TS]

  drafts of that script and Aykroyd kept [TS]

  tidy and even though it didn't admit it [TS]

  meant something more significant in a [TS]

  previous draft and they kept it because [TS]

  they thought it was a larf what this is [TS]

  and this is the thing about it this is [TS]

  why I feel like it it's meaningful is [TS]

  that it has Aykroyd stamped all over it [TS]

  because Aykroyd is the dragon that film [TS]

  because Ackroyd was the DAC roid went [TS]

  through a Chevy Chase right Chevy Chase [TS]

  went through a cocaine aperture and [TS]

  there was barely came out the other side [TS]

  well that's right there was there was [TS]

  funny handsome chevy chase on one side [TS]

  of the cocaine aperture and there was um [TS]

  unbearable tedious chevy chase that came [TS]

  out the other side [TS]

  yeah the cocaine aperture and that's the [TS]

  chase that we live with to this day 10 [TS]

  was their post like post Fletch Fletch [TS]

  Fletch as I don't know the exact [TS]

  chronology but Fletcher I think flesh [TS]

  still stands up as one of the great [TS]

  weird eighties movies but strange [TS]

  strangely right writing Fletch is I [TS]

  think he was on the other side of the [TS]

  aperture and he was just connecting with [TS]

  something inside I think he'd already [TS]

  gone through the aperture at that point [TS]

  but there was a residual chevy chase [TS]

  that we enjoyed the smugness that we [TS]

  liked that black hadn't had taken over [TS]

  in a way that would later [TS]

  yeah the cancer was in his body but it [TS]

  hadn't completely turned him into [TS]

  whatever you know sort of like like a [TS]

  mask of comedy has metastasized right [TS]

  there now dan Aykroyd was mm this is [TS]

  gonna be hard to say he got so he worked [TS]

  very hard but he don't have gotten some [TS]

  incredibly look not only lucky breaks [TS]

  but stuff turned out really well for him [TS]

  in rapid succession the enemy was the [TS]

  Blues never became a thing is kind of [TS]

  incredible it's amazing and he's amazing [TS]

  in the blues brothers because he has to [TS]

  do it because he's nothing he's just [TS]

  I so good in that she's amazing in that [TS]

  it's the it's the peak of his career but [TS]

  dan Aykroyd even on Saturday Night Live [TS]

  woozy when he came on-screen you're like [TS]

  I hope this one doesn't feature Aykroyd [TS]

  and because you're waiting for the [TS]

  Great's right you mean you've got on [TS]

  this cast you've got you've got the the [TS]

  great Gilda Radner [TS]

  yeah you're waiting around for dan [TS]

  Aykroyd yeah yeah i mean even when [TS]

  Elliott Gould guested who he was you [TS]

  what you wanted him on the program but [TS]

  so Aykroyd is working on this movie and [TS]

  and he realizes like he's the dud here [TS]

  and so he gives himself a ghost blowjob [TS]

  scene so he can mug he can mug for the [TS]

  camera some little zizou not it did they [TS]

  do not pull it off it is not funny it's [TS]

  not anything it's just gross [TS]

  yeah but ok so let me just say about [TS]

  that angel because this is pretty [TS]

  amazing let me find a good example here [TS]

  so you go and you log I still have an [TS]

  account here [TS]

  yeah let them take the second thing [TS]

  about this that's crazy [TS]

  the second thing about this it that is [TS]

  crazy is that you go in and you rent an [TS]

  online release of a movie i'm not saying [TS]

  you should do this is what you notice [TS]

  exist because I can't believe this is [TS]

  legal [TS]

  you go in and rent an online release and [TS]

  i've only done this a couple times but [TS]

  it's basically you rent you basically [TS]

  you by the movie and then when you're [TS]

  done watching it you quote unquote [TS]

  return it and not two dollars [TS]

  ok that's the second part that I cannot [TS]

  believe they're getting away with the [TS]

  first part let me go find a classic hear [TS]

  the first part that's that's bananas is [TS]

  that you can go in and using their [TS]

  criteria you can choose what kind of [TS]

  stuff you don't want to see in the movie [TS]

  so i'll click on the revenant [TS]

  I don't know if you've heard but the [TS]

  revenant was very very hard to make they [TS]

  were in the snow a lot and leonardo [TS]

  dicaprio had to get it killed it killed [TS]

  by a sword you're doing and you could [TS]

  take out things that are objectionable [TS]

  and disturbing there are seven [TS]

  incentives that 81 profanity is 35 [TS]

  blasphemies so let's go and look here [TS]

  from profanity got 22 shit six pitches [TS]

  21 dams for asses five hells 22 fox and [TS]

  one bastard [TS]

  but where's the blasphemies doesn't [TS]

  doesn't say directly on the blasphemies [TS]

  last night let me look here let's run [TS]

  through the black boxes you got 28 gods [TS]

  and seven Jesus's can use them as like [TS]

  expletive or explanation right let's see [TS]

  an incidence of crudity he's got piss [TS]

  once this is all just under the language [TS]

  section and let me ask you this yeah i [TS]

  mean you're Christian yeah well laughs [TS]

  it if if you're watching a movie with [TS]

  your family and you don't want to hear [TS]

  the word God or Jesus taken in vain but [TS]

  you don't mind watching a bear attack [TS]

  yeah or like any other number of I [TS]

  didn't I don't but I didn't see the film [TS]

  because i don't have a TV but if ideas [TS]

  ok there would probably be other are [TS]

  there other bad things so yeah the one [TS]

  guy kills the other guy's kid I don't [TS]

  remember this all from the trailer over [TS]

  the guy rides a horse off a cliff [TS]

  I read the story about the actual events [TS]

  which the movie kind of doesn't bother [TS]

  to you too but it takes a boat down the [TS]

  river at some point but you want you you [TS]

  want to watch the whole thing you just [TS]

  don't want any buddy to say God [TS]

  well I mean if I'm thinking of like [TS]

  stuff with my kid where I would just [TS]

  assume they're not be a huge amount of [TS]

  cursing that's especially not necessary [TS]

  or funny and i would prefer that they're [TS]

  not be a lot of sexy stuff right [TS]

  ok so I mean like for example i'm just [TS]

  saying like if you're mostly a God [TS]

  person still would like to see some [TS]

  Native Americans get killed [TS]

  that's okay not a problem you get into [TS]

  the violence / blood / core section [TS]

  there are general areas for non graphic [TS]

  graphic and disturbing images now you [TS]

  get granular may read you some of these [TS]

  oh it's here spoiler alerts for the [TS]

  revenant there are 73 incidents of [TS]

  violence blood and gore that are [TS]

  considered graphic and you get to pick [TS]

  what whether you want these in the movie [TS]

  so you could keep just places where [TS]

  native americans were killed gratuitous [TS]

  Lee but nowhere where somebody cuts [TS]

  themselves well you gotta get real [TS]

  granular if you you might want to keep a [TS]

  man shoots an animal you might want to [TS]

  keep a man shot in the chest with a [TS]

  narrow you might want to keep a man [TS]

  covered in blood is visible maybe you [TS]

  don't want to see a man shot in the back [TS]

  with an arrow and a man shoots another [TS]

  man [TS]

  the back to people are cutting a dead [TS]

  animal carcass haha 273 incidents of [TS]

  that in there and in this does this on [TS]

  the fly [TS]

  it's all electronic and then when you [TS]

  watch the movie it just skips over all [TS]

  of those things and have you ever done [TS]

  this in such a way that you felt like I [TS]

  didn't miss the scenes or do you always [TS]

  go that was a weird cut really [TS]

  experimented with it a little bit [TS]

  because there was a time that my starter [TS]

  since cooled on this franchise in movie [TS]

  but there was a time when my daughter [TS]

  was very young kids interested in the [TS]

  phenomena of a franchise like mom she [TS]

  was very interested in The Hunger Games [TS]

  and we'd read a little bit of books and [TS]

  movies the movies as listeners previous [TS]

  times have heard me say it's got too [TS]

  much personal violence i think a [TS]

  teenager stabbing another teenager [TS]

  close-up is not right for the seven or [TS]

  eight year old kid [TS]

  no that's pretty bad yeah yeah so I mean [TS]

  I've experimented with this on my own [TS]

  just to see what would happen [TS]

  let me see if you can do I think you can [TS]

  do with the big lebowski you know my [TS]

  daughter her the things she's really [TS]

  into right now be a the franchise you [TS]

  say is it was my my early eighties [TS]

  Garfield books [TS]

  oh I tried to get my kid into those I'm [TS]

  so glad she's enjoying that Garfield [TS]

  bigger-than-life is third book club come [TS]

  on the front it says I'm fat and I'm [TS]

  lazy and I'm proud of it [TS]

  yeah she just loves this stuff like my [TS]

  daughter is very into the culture of [TS]

  lazy hope you know when she's done she's [TS]

  ready sent her up to her sensei looking [TS]

  at i forgot to look at this before i did [TS]

  read this and watch it the big lebowski [TS]

  you've got 336 profanity 'he's 20 [TS]

  blasphemies 26 so here's what's funny [TS]

  donating a screenshot of this you see a [TS]

  graphical representation like the [TS]

  editing in like if you're in like you [TS]

  know logic or whatever you use you see [TS]

  cuts and here's everything you'll hear [TS]

  and everything you'll see [TS]

  so for example it's just if it's just an [TS]

  audio curse it just cuts out the audio [TS]

  for that part and other things that will [TS]

  cut out a whole section and you get this [TS]

  like crazy looking sliced up graph of [TS]

  like what you'll actually see in the [TS]

  movie in which here so can you watch [TS]

  just a supercut of all the stuff they've [TS]

  taken out haha that's a really good i [TS]

  just just like a man's finger getting [TS]

  cut off and somebody pissing on a carpet [TS]

  right is that oh yeah yeah yeah no [TS]

  absolutely or like you [TS]

  you want to watch something about like [TS]

  at you want to Cinemax movie we have to [TS]

  have a softball game to save the [TS]

  orphanage you just want to see the [TS]

  boobies just the boobs [TS]

  this is like just the movements or like [TS]

  any one of those eighties emmanuelle [TS]

  movies here on yes there's like like a [TS]

  half an hour of them uh like wandering [TS]

  through a forest or in a in like a [TS]

  French Provincial home and then uh then [TS]

  there's like mm 45 seconds of soft core [TS]

  sex yeah you get this such as a [TS]

  relatively small amount of sylvia [TS]

  kristel boots like really [TS]

  pound-for-pound given what you have to [TS]

  watch all the all the filler around it [TS]

  yeah a minute literally cuts to a scene [TS]

  of a locomotive going into you go [TS]

  why did I wait 45 minutes for that he [TS]

  can't even enough times not even enough [TS]

  time to get my belt off this episode of [TS]

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  [Music] [TS]

  John I don't know buddy I don't know I [TS]

  don't know what to tell you because you [TS]

  know you're gonna need an IP or login [TS]

  for a lot of things but you don't want a [TS]

  blu-ray player and TV to plan on can I [TS]

  can i login with facebook that's bad [TS]

  yeah that's not a bad idea i think i [TS]

  think your easiest solution is to do [TS]

  what I do and then buy or rent these [TS]

  things from the itunes store [TS]

  well but they have them they have on [TS]

  things when i go to have all the things [TS]

  when i go to jonathan coulton house and [TS]

  I and I and I and I and I often do they [TS]

  used to have a very great guest room [TS]

  with a nice nice beautiful mattress that [TS]

  they would let me stay in for long [TS]

  periods of time and then one day the [TS]

  move the mattress was gone the bed was [TS]

  gone because they read colonized that [TS]

  space for one of them to have an office [TS]

  or something did and they replaced the [TS]

  mattress the good place with some ikea [TS]

  of foam sectional couch make a nuclear [TS]

  nicer than that that's sickening [TS]

  yes you couldn't sleep on this thing if [TS]

  you'd been living on the streets for a [TS]

  year and a half he would have made your [TS]

  point shot [TS]

  well ok so that's what i was thinking [TS]

  maybe this was some kind of subtle thing [TS]

  can't just live here buddy [TS]

  but in any case they have or they they [TS]

  used to have big TVs all around i think [TS]

  they actually home some TVs to where [TS]

  they move them to other rooms other [TS]

  parts of the house that on the private [TS]

  premises but they live a technological [TS]

  life you know Jonathan Coulton was the [TS]

  one that said my kids won't even one day [TS]

  there won't even be books right right [TS]

  let's take and in if memory serves this [TS]

  was the Hodgman vs I don't have never [TS]

  revealed the names here the Hodgman vs [TS]

  Colton dilemma was at a time [TS]

  the Hoffman family was much more like uh [TS]

  huh and Colton's like play with anything [TS]

  anytime [TS]

  that's right and I don't know what [TS]

  you're doing if you want to Minecraft [TS]

  something go nuts when they were little [TS]

  kids there Jonathan was like here's an [TS]

  ipad figure it out because that's the [TS]

  future and your future kid and the [TS]

  Hoffmans were like here's a dusty old [TS]

  tome with a lock on lock and key on it [TS]

  if you can pick the lock you can read [TS]

  the book on sorcery is a hidden room [TS]

  with a dictionary and [TS]

  yeah and i was at the time I was a [TS]

  person that had a very small child and I [TS]

  was you know seeing these two friends [TS]

  trying to figure out how they were there [TS]

  different styles of raising a kid and I [TS]

  was like which one am I gonna do I don't [TS]

  even have a TV button right there they [TS]

  have all the accounts so if you want to [TS]

  go in and watch a movie just go in you [TS]

  use the weird clicker that go you scroll [TS]

  down and over to click the letter R and [TS]

  then you scroll back and click the [TS]

  letter e you go Bob Bob Bob all the way [TS]

  down and over to get to the v brutal and [TS]

  you're like and then it comes up like [TS]

  revolution number 9 revolutionaries and [TS]

  you're like I'm trying to rob the [TS]

  revenue here [TS]

  yeah but eventually they do and they [TS]

  don't sweat it right like however much [TS]

  this thing costs whatever it's just part [TS]

  of the best part of the budget it's part [TS]

  of the House Budget you just go bloop [TS]

  like I want to watch the revenant right [TS]

  now it costs 799 or 1499 or 4499 and you [TS]

  just go bloop [TS]

  it's just part of the budget yeah and so [TS]

  they eliminate that whole business of [TS]

  like oh god do I ran it or buy it is HD [TS]

  r or hv or hvac yeah um if you want to [TS]

  get the hvac version homes and it's like [TS]

  always a can't get the temperature right [TS]

  gotta drain it [TS]

  my point is that they have that's a [TS]

  thought technology where they're just [TS]

  like whatever we you know this is this [TS]

  device is here to provide us with this [TS]

  style of entertainment if we want to [TS]

  watch the longest day at ten o'clock in [TS]

  the morning which I have done at their [TS]

  house that was the other thought [TS]

  technology at the cold mouse they are [TS]

  not above watching a breakfast movie [TS]

  haha man right [TS]

  oh so you send the kids off to school [TS]

  the adults are sitting around having a [TS]

  copy [TS]

  nobody works in that house that is [TS]

  certainly in the entertainment industry [TS]

  which is how to work so we're sitting [TS]

  around having coffee what you guys want [TS]

  to do somebody says have you her seem [TS]

  have you ever really seen the longest [TS]

  day and i am like you have really seen [TS]

  it is really seen it [TS]

  x and they're like let's watch lost day [TS]

  alright let's watch the longest day and [TS]

  then all of a sudden it's like ten in [TS]

  the morning in here and you're free [TS]

  you're free from all of the problems [TS]

  it's like being a day drunk again like [TS]

  we can't have a drink it's ten o'clock [TS]

  in the morning [TS]

  who says you can't have a drink at ten [TS]

  o'clock in the morning or grown-ups we [TS]

  can we can start drinking drinking soon [TS]

  as we wake up this is like being on the [TS]

  Pinocchio island i'm just-just looks to [TS]

  go to play billiards all day [TS]

  yeah yeah and then you don't even have [TS]

  to wear pants because you have a wooden [TS]

  bottom boom but on the budget that's [TS]

  baked into the price we just bleep buy [TS]

  movies and we watch them [TS]

  that's right and the problem around here [TS]

  is I'm starting to feel that the fact [TS]

  that i don't have a television [TS]

  not only that I don't have any [TS]

  television but that I don't have a [TS]

  television the size of a Fender Rhodes [TS]

  piano that i am starting to live a life [TS]

  of unnecessary deprivation because i [TS]

  want to add a moment's notice show my [TS]

  daughter the Lady and the Tramp or a [TS]

  watch [TS]

  I don't know the Olympics or something [TS]

  lilo and stitch lilo and stitch that's [TS]

  what movie that your daughter is old [TS]

  enough for it's an utter delight and [TS]

  it's fun for everybody [TS]

  she's been to Hawaii she knows all about [TS]

  it malo malo but i think i think that [TS]

  that's a good thing you're getting the [TS]

  TV to watch that on TV [TS]

  ok but so that's the thing now you know [TS]

  the heels start [TS]

  boy you got a TV but now I gotta get the [TS]

  I gotta get the hookup don't you get to [TS]

  be my cable make sure it's the right [TS]

  hdmi cable gotta get one of those apple [TS]

  tvs and figure out how come it doesn't [TS]

  work as well as it ought to [TS]

  I've got to get why don't know what [TS]

  cable or double cable or quadruple [TS]

  cables are like a some kind of did [TS]

  Johnny dish network [TS]

  I gotta get a use bot get us by our you [TS]

  get a seedbox I gotta get a netflix or a [TS]

  or one of these a net other nets and [TS]

  don't want them i don't want all those [TS]

  yields because then the that's not just [TS]

  the bills start coming i could put that [TS]

  into the house budget [TS]

  ok but it's the heels upon niels bohr [TS]

  niels and now am I you know just the key [TS]

  it's like the cables just start coming [TS]

  up out of the floor [TS]

  yeah the cables wrap around my ankles [TS]

  and they're like oh you have USB 3 [TS]

  because life has beat you [TS]

  it's a frustrating Japanese body horror [TS]

  movie at that point you just have a [TS]

  different things they want to get into [TS]

  your I get in your ports late late at [TS]

  night one time in about 1974 much much [TS]

  much too early i watched you remember [TS]

  when they used to show horror movies on [TS]

  late-night TV sure do and there was so I [TS]

  got to stay up late with some babysitter [TS]

  that didn't care [TS]

  some babysitter was smoking pot and then [TS]

  invited her boyfriend in through the [TS]

  window as soon as my mom was gone and [TS]

  she do and they were like let's watch a [TS]

  movie and them and it's on black and [TS]

  white TV and i'm watching this movie [TS]

  from the nineteen fifties where some [TS]

  kind of creeping plant like a like a [TS]

  houseplant a creeping plant just keeps [TS]

  growing and growing and that and like [TS]

  sort of pre little shop of horrors it it [TS]

  doesn't it's that doesn't have a big [TS]

  mouth and it doesn't sing but like the [TS]

  vines just sort of grab you and pull you [TS]

  into the house plant and oh god it was [TS]

  like God but it's too late because the [TS]

  vines are all over them [TS]

  I thought that way about the blob well [TS]

  he doesn't look it was a little bit of a [TS]

  bit was a little bit of a blob ripoff [TS]

  yeah but it was but it was like the way [TS]

  the blog material looked was very very [TS]

  disturbing to me [TS]

  well yeah yeah that was disturbing to me [TS]

  to their remember the horror movie where [TS]

  you can see the beating heart of the [TS]

  monster through the translucent skin [TS]

  even in the dark I saw that as a kid [TS]

  with some negligent babysitter to and [TS]

  these things traumatize me until today [TS]

  those late-night movies in the nineteen [TS]

  fifties those people were sickos yeah [TS]

  yeah i mean they were late night movies [TS]

  in the seventies they were theatrical [TS]

  releases in the fifties you know I don't [TS]

  want to show my kids I want to show low [TS]

  and stitch and Lady and the Tramp but [TS]

  she'll snails [TS]

  well if I surrender 21 he'll do I not [TS]

  surrender to all fields [TS]

  no come on no LOL on the the the easy [TS]

  solution for you right now this is not [TS]

  funny but John Serkis is gonna fucking [TS]

  yell at me if I don't actually help you [TS]

  a little bit the easy solution for you [TS]

  to try for fun is tuan go by the [TS]

  Godfather movie from itunes on on the [TS]

  story than watching on your computer now [TS]

  what you bought it you can watch it on [TS]

  any of your other devices you can watch [TS]

  on an iPad you can watch it on a TV once [TS]

  you get an apple an apple tv's not that [TS]

  hard to set up it's actually not that [TS]

  bad it's not too costly kids are our [TS]

  primary device in our house is an [TS]

  appletv do i own that movie forever [TS]

  well you license it forever right that's [TS]

  your thing have tricks but here's the [TS]

  thing [TS]

  astrix from stitch that was my favorite [TS]

  Belgian company that's terrific that [TS]

  moment to get the point here with that [TS]

  dog snowy someone thinking I'm know [TS]

  you're thinking of the trolls remember [TS]

  the little may control the pick up here [TS]

  and i always found them strangely sexual [TS]

  in a way that made me uncomfortable when [TS]

  i was in people's houses where they had [TS]

  troll it's a cultural problem because i [TS]

  don't think we realize you somewhere [TS]

  like an Icelander finland natural means [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah right it means like somebody that [TS]

  comes in the in your house at night and [TS]

  have sex with you sexy things a sexy [TS]

  chick yeah that's that's no good [TS]

  you don't want that yes interacting with [TS]

  the woofers and tweeters making the [TS]

  toilet he called you you you found out [TS]

  you found trolling your dad's house [TS]

  that's right I did find a troll and I [TS]

  and I you know when nobody was around i [TS]

  rubbed its little bottom [TS]

  yeah with my thumb and I was like I [TS]

  don't know you're not i mean i don't [TS]

  you're not pretty but you do have a [TS]

  naked bottom [TS]

  tidy and not Robert rolls bottom think I [TS]

  mean I've said to my daughter in a [TS]

  graphical way that I was very attracted [TS]

  to things like not attracted well [TS]

  attracted to make you got head [TS]

  characters or like anything shiny and [TS]

  plastic I thought that was a very [TS]

  attractive thing and a troll you're [TS]

  gonna explore the troll your I mean come [TS]

  on your kid [TS]

  well yeah I'm thing was like even ten [TS]

  comics had they seemed adult enough that [TS]

  they could be they could be sexy except [TS]

  there were never any women [TS]

  in ten comics or bear see ya but like [TS]

  this is how you figure stuff out this is [TS]

  you get your site you get your sexual [TS]

  cosmology ruined interesting ways in [TS]

  America that's the UK could be a [TS]

  Gilligan's Island it could be a Batman [TS]

  but there's gonna be ways that you [TS]

  become messed up in ways that will not [TS]

  become totally clear for 20 years and [TS]

  that could be a troll but as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned that role but yeah I mean that [TS]

  there were certainly beings [TS]

  I mean that I can't say I can't say for [TS]

  sure that if I were given the chance I [TS]

  wouldn't still prefer reading trots and [TS]

  Bonnie cartoons to actually seeing real [TS]

  life [TS]

  porno mhm trots and Bonnie had enough of [TS]

  a effect on you know like they were just [TS]

  sort of sexy enough that that was just [TS]

  enough for me it was enough for me and I [TS]

  would probably still be enough for me [TS]

  because I don't like to see too much you [TS]

  know what I mean like Elliott and the [TS]

  industry is really evolved over the [TS]

  years [TS]

  mmm mmm if you're one of you if you're [TS]

  wearing a little thing yeah that's fine [TS]

  but I with me that's as far as I need to [TS]

  get a little thing like your favorite [TS]

  part [TS]

  you're just wearing a little thing yeah [TS]

  you may be going to you don't need to go [TS]

  any further than that you let your [TS]

  imagination wander you don't know it's [TS]

  not going this into a doctor visit let's [TS]

  make it about the little thing exactly a [TS]

  fucking doctor visit that's not that's [TS]

  not where that's not where i'm at right [TS]

  I'm trying to get this isn't the [TS]

  beginning of the land of the lost of all [TS]

  the criticisms of porn in there are many [TS]

  many very fair criticism point the one [TS]

  that resonates with me the most is the [TS]

  that the feeling of be honest we [TS]

  discussed over gynecological porn [TS]

  because to me that that is evidence of [TS]

  you have watch too much porn when you [TS]

  want gynecological level of porn because [TS]

  to me that's mostly a taste issue it's [TS]

  like you you have developed really bad [TS]

  taste because you become a nerd to the [TS]

  vajayjay and now you need super intense [TS]

  pom-pom in order to really make that [TS]

  thing happen [TS]

  shame on at eight at a standpoint is now [TS]

  you know you know just like CNN they're [TS]

  just putting out stuff to people once [TS]

  you know [TS]

  I feel like super like medical level [TS]

  porn is for people that have never had [TS]

  sex so whenever it's it's a sort of like [TS]

  a preference for you are you going to go [TS]

  through sort of the aesthetic direction [TS]

  of of a plot of a of a playboy are you [TS]

  gonna go to the slightly more graphical [TS]

  penthouse or going to go all the way [TS]

  down the lane something you found in the [TS]

  woods [TS]

  you gonna get a screw or a hustler year [TS]

  but even like further than that because [TS]

  in this contemporary world of [TS]

  non-narrative video-based porn winners [TS]

  with especially the hvac cameras the way [TS]

  you can really get in there yeah yeah [TS]

  there's no you got no plot at all except [TS]

  maybe the basis level of plot which is [TS]

  like which is fixed on a couple yeah [TS]

  we're like 'oh my step sister has a like [TS]

  a problem with your computer [TS]

  yeah and then all of a sudden a you like [TS]

  your you're here in love tunnel quite [TS]

  feeling that is not how if you ever had [TS]

  sex even a single time you you don't see [TS]

  any of that because you don't have the [TS]

  perspective you can't be over to the [TS]

  side and down on your knees now that's a [TS]

  really good point yeah right you cannot [TS]

  get that view and so why would you [TS]

  prefer that why why would that be where [TS]

  you want to find on like a sitcom live [TS]

  sex is not a three cameras set up right [TS]

  now is if anything it's a handheld kind [TS]

  of setup [TS]

  yeah you don't but even those like those [TS]

  POV porns that but so oh and this is the [TS]

  other thing [TS]

  tumblr is where people watch porn now [TS]

  and that down on that [TS]

  well I don't know still out there tumblr [TS]

  is where and all the porn there's 30 [TS]

  seconds long [TS]

  yeah this is like good to go and then [TS]

  loop took it to get but when i would get [TS]

  my hands on Playboy's back in this in [TS]

  the early seventies when you find them [TS]

  under a board in the forest or whatever [TS]

  the little any family cartoons were just [TS]

  as erotic to me as the girls and bobby [TS]

  socks like laying on a bearskin rug sure [TS]

  because the little Amy Fanny stories had [TS]

  some narrative little Annie Fanny was [TS]

  she was not a very sophisticated lady [TS]

  and she was it entering into a lot of [TS]

  sophisticated narratives where people in [TS]

  casinos and people you know like that [TS]

  were living a higher life than she was [TS]

  we're trying to entice her into various [TS]

  on conjugate allottees yeah third [TS]

  locations [TS]

  that's right and and she was just like [TS]

  whoops-a-daisy but she also had a little [TS]

  bit of work she was a little bit choose [TS]

  little bit wise because she always [TS]

  managed to get out of there more or less [TS]

  unscathed but anyway all all back to all [TS]

  back saying it's all it's the little [TS]

  thing it's the little shift its the [TS]

  chemise that's what you're looking for [TS]

  you're looking for chemise porn but but [TS]

  it makes you don't listen to a lot of [TS]

  last-minute bear killings you don't [TS]

  blast me you don't want bearkillers you [TS]

  don't want to see a man shot in the back [TS]

  with a narrow while another man at this [TS]

  rate an animal carcass remember is [TS]

  amazing you do you do want to [TS]

  fast-forward to the chemises you just [TS]

  want to get to the chemise but then stay [TS]

  within the chemise portion a lot longer [TS]

  right and then maybe right at the end [TS]

  the chemise comes off of this is one of [TS]

  the first great use of the internet [TS]

  which you could go out and find other [TS]

  people who are preferred in the same way [TS]

  that you are and if you want to find [TS]

  chemises you would eventually find a [TS]

  forum where there was about Josh means [TS]

  chat and and people identify like [TS]

  timestamps in movies and stuff like that [TS]

  the problem with that is that i have [TS]

  gone online many many many many times [TS]

  yeah and googled zaftig israeli girls [TS]

  who are in IDF uniforms who are taking [TS]

  off IDF uniforms and you cannot really i [TS]

  mean there's a little bit but not nearly [TS]

  as much [TS]

  as much [TS]

  as you would think alright i'll try [TS]

  really IDF erotica [TS]

  yeah okay Israeli idea averotica but you [TS]

  know but you know you don't want to be [TS]

  too skinny [TS]

  you finding anything oh yeah oh yeah huh [TS]

  it looks again in there in a barracks [TS]

  and one girl's got her got her head on [TS]

  the other girls lap she's looking her [TS]

  phone [TS]

  ok they're not right optic though I [TS]

  think that's the problem is if you've [TS]

  got a pivot another pivot yes we go to [TS]

  the dark web show the dark web [TS]

  I don't know I never been on the dark [TS]

  web I don't know much about it uh-huh i [TS]

  used to be on the dark web but then I [TS]

  saw too many videos of people in fatal [TS]

  car accident [TS]

  yeah and and I ok so presently let's say [TS]

  this I'm not turning up a whole lot for [TS]

  troll doll fetish I i figured that would [TS]

  be Richard territory in reality is [TS]

  bearing out because I could see somebody [TS]

  having a you know having that either [TS]

  special thing is Robin troll but female [TS]

  Israeli soldiers stripping and punished [TS]

  no dear that's despite Umi pivots for [TS]

  you that seems like something that would [TS]

  be big in the Palestinian territory soon [TS]

  ma let's see where am i I'm on etsy okay [TS]

  how'd you get two are you buying [TS]

  something [TS]

  no no no I don't buy things buying some [TS]

  vintage thing [TS]

  speaking of buying things have you ever [TS]

  owned a pair of flu Boggs yes so I was [TS]

  at a party the other day [TS]

  small part because those were real real [TS]

  real hot around the time i moved to San [TS]

  Francisco they stayed hot for 23 years [TS]

  and they seem to virtually go away [TS]

  except within i'm going to say the vegan [TS]

  shoe community [TS]

  well that's what we're pretty dedicated [TS]

  to what they have to make a lot of vegan [TS]

  shoes i think they make vegan cheese [TS]

  yeah but I was that Seattle shoe company [TS]

  and during the nineties right everybody [TS]

  had them especially girls are you [TS]

  worried sort of babydoll dresses [TS]

  it's like like seven barrettes in their [TS]

  hair [TS]

  we're also i know we're also wearing flu [TS]

  bugs all the time and and then I kind of [TS]

  felt and I didn't have any because they [TS]

  are expensive and also i was a little [TS]

  bit of an iconoclast sure i was wearing [TS]

  Boris Karloff shoes on the series I mean [TS]

  I didn't have time for this all this [TS]

  frippery it was that my bolts and and so [TS]

  anyway but then I felt like okay the [TS]

  pressures off now I don't have to own [TS]

  flu bugs [TS]

  I you know I don't have to own doc [TS]

  martens those were a uniform of special [TS]

  time and now i can just wear shoes i can [TS]

  pictures of my own accord and it's not [TS]

  necessary but i was at this art party [TS]

  and there were some other middle-aged [TS]

  party people there and a guy walked by [TS]

  and I was talking to somebody else but i [TS]

  noticed the guy go by and I point to his [TS]

  shoes and i go [TS]

  are those to do [TS]

  did you color those shoes yourself I [TS]

  mean did you make those shoes into those [TS]

  shoes where those a different kind of [TS]

  shoe and then you made them into the [TS]

  shoe or did that shoe come that way and [TS]

  he was not he's my age my town my whole [TS]

  season he's at my art party and I [TS]

  suspect the reason he reacted this way [TS]

  is that he knew who I was and he was [TS]

  going to give me a little bit of the [TS]

  he's gonna give me a little bit of that [TS]

  I don't know who you are now yeah [TS]

  because he knew i was but he was like I [TS]

  didn't make them [TS]

  John Fluevog made them prayer for like [TS]

  Jay flew it may be said they were made [TS]

  by a guy named John Fluevog and then he [TS]

  kept walking and I was like wow what a [TS]

  you know what a what a punky attitude [TS]

  got to get started so that one [TS]

  well so yeah that's right and so I [TS]

  turned to the guide that i'm talking to [TS]

  and I was like wow flu bugs [TS]

  that's interesting and the guy who is [TS]

  who as a person I admire said I'm One [TS]

  Flew box right now and I look down he [TS]

  had a good pair of shoes on and I was [TS]

  like those are blue box to and all of a [TS]

  sudden I felt like I was in some kind of [TS]

  weird alternate reality where everybody [TS]

  was wearing fluevog this whole time [TS]

  uh-huh and discuss what the men's shoes [TS]

  are are whimsical but they're not as [TS]

  like wonderfully delightfully cartoony [TS]

  as the girl shoes [TS]

  yeah right they're not there they're [TS]

  gorgeous delightful they're hilarious [TS]

  these are so fun [TS]

  yeah they are fun there were there [TS]

  they're fun they're wackadoodle there a [TS]

  little bit Witchiepoo [TS]

  yeah you don't know being like a little [TS]

  bit like if you're wearing a skimpy [TS]

  should come with that banks i think a [TS]

  lot of them do I think they have bangs [TS]

  or barrettes that come the breasts are [TS]

  just with the shoe bags and Brett's but [TS]

  then all of a sudden I'm feeling like [TS]

  what am I outside of some something that [TS]

  I need to be inside like a box a flu bug [TS]

  is a Seattle owned presumably like [TS]

  locally sourced blah blah blah shoe that [TS]

  I should the American American I guess [TS]

  unless they're all made in mexico but [TS]

  American ish then I felt like I should [TS]

  get on the flu bug train but then it's a [TS]

  little bit like getting a tattoo in your [TS]

  forties yeah I never had a tattoo before [TS]

  i'm going to go get a tattoo yeah we're [TS]

  going to do the attached to a lilo and [TS]

  stitch yeah just remembering an animal [TS]

  carcass [TS]

  yeah Tommy's family malo malo yeah no [TS]

  I'm with you I'm with you I idea to toe [TS]

  interesting shoes i had a pair of [TS]

  fluevog that were probably those boring [TS]

  and normal flu dogs a person could buy [TS]

  advair campers money but then I kind of [TS]

  moved back into the pseudo hiking boot [TS]

  look [TS]

  oh yeah sudo hiking's yeah I had a pair [TS]

  of campers that I found at a thrift [TS]

  store and i was very pleased with them [TS]

  because when camp when everybody's [TS]

  wearing campers I I couldn't afford them [TS]

  right didn't think i could afford them [TS]

  yeah because they were like a [TS]

  hundred-dollar expensive but I bought a [TS]

  pair of campers that were that were [TS]

  hardly worn at the store and I was [TS]

  pretty happy with that was wearing [TS]

  around all the time they were Brown not [TS]

  black feeling pretty good about it and [TS]

  then not very long ago I had Nick harmer [TS]

  in the house here and and i had about [TS]

  shoes lined up by the fireplace and I [TS]

  said nick is just by way of [TS]

  where we were on our way to a third [TS]

  location but I said Nick before we go [TS]

  take a look at the shoes here and if you [TS]

  had to get rid of three pairs of the [TS]

  issues which which three would you get [TS]

  word out so nice because I got all these [TS]

  shoes lined up by the fireplace and I [TS]

  got too many shoes huh [TS]

  which three would you get rid of time he [TS]

  said what get rid of those corny old [TS]

  campers it's not like you know it's not [TS]

  like you're still wearing campers it's [TS]

  like we're gonna wear this to the land [TS]

  shall be master sunshine and I felt like [TS]

  a dummy I felt like a cock word that [TS]

  word makes me laugh i thought my son use [TS]

  because here i am wearing campers you [TS]

  know it's like what I'm going to see [TS]

  Lambchop take along take a lot but I [TS]

  felt bad because I was I had been i was [TS]

  proud of those shoes five minutes before [TS]

  I hate that feeling [TS]

  yeah especially a middle-school ceiling [TS]

  like I love this thing that I made with [TS]

  stupid now I hate it [TS]

  well but I asked you know I was like [TS]

  material that's in general john know [TS]

  he's bass player ace player right ok ok [TS]

  but just don't houses bad he traffics in [TS]

  a world where people are wearing a [TS]

  contemporary clothes there was a little [TS]

  bit of a time there in the in the mid to [TS]

  mid 222 thousands where the really [TS]

  fashionable shoes were super long pointy [TS]

  like like just terrible looking shoe [TS]

  yeah right and and because i was because [TS]

  i was in a world of rock people who [TS]

  spent money on clothes who were like [TS]

  bleeding edge i was all the sudden [TS]

  around all these people wearing really [TS]

  dumb long pointy shoes and I said this [TS]

  is a this is a bridge too far the issues [TS]

  will never like when you find these at a [TS]

  thrift store five years from now even [TS]

  though they cost six hundred dollars [TS]

  when they were new [TS]

  please have no value issues will have no [TS]

  resale fout right it's like a trade-in [TS]

  where the trade in his results hmm [TS]

  whereas i thought a camper would [TS]

  continue to be a classic chic looks like [TS]

  a bowling shield huh [TS]

  but I guess nobody's wearing bowling [TS]

  shoes anymore either remember what you [TS]

  would go to the bowling alley and leave [TS]

  your shoes [TS]

  oh sure take the bowling shoes instead [TS]

  because they were better than your shoes [TS]

  yeah but i mean that's that's yeah i [TS]

  mean that that's cute but they're not [TS]

  very comfortable no precedent campers if [TS]

  memory serves campus did not have much [TS]

  of an arch now I've never understood [TS]

  what an arch does or is the notch helps [TS]

  your arch right but what's the matter i [TS]

  mean i know some people have fallen [TS]

  arches [TS]

  well I just I was raised to believe that [TS]

  that that you would never buy a pair of [TS]

  shoes unless it had what was referred to [TS]

  as a good arch-cable you wore converse [TS]

  very very like no arch you know flat as [TS]

  a flat as a a like a frisbee [TS]

  yeah I could have said pancake there [TS]

  yeah but I spent the extra two seconds [TS]

  to come up with frisbee because you want [TS]

  to pepper your language with interesting [TS]

  current analogies interesting similes [TS]

  and that is and so don't sit around [TS]

  pancake [TS]

  no we didn't hurt laughter that that's [TS]

  the outer that's the Roderick difference [TS]

  that's the thing plastic frisbee it's [TS]

  just as flat as a pancake accepted still [TS]

  got a little bit of a curve deadly [TS]

  forces are really flat but now I think [TS]

  you pull up right I guess you're right [TS]

  it's a bad it's it it's a bad way of [TS]

  just took a serving dish like a like a [TS]

  charger glad as a charger if I the [TS]

  charger i feel like the charger also has [TS]

  a rounded edge to keep the gravy and [TS]

  that's true i think that is a manhole [TS]

  cover but yes flats less thickness to [TS]

  how about flat as a what-do-you-call-it [TS]

  a trivet not trade it wasn't thing we [TS]

  put hot food on the table upon a trivet [TS]

  was like like a little free the original [TS]

  classic series [TS]

  yeah every overrated episode that was [TS]

  that was a lot of it was very corny i [TS]

  preferred the ones where it was serious [TS]

  plugged when they go to the depression [TS]

  that lets you know because the classic [TS]

  suits [TS]

  that classic suits i liked anyone where [TS]

  her was featured huh [TS]

  she just had that will shift you know [TS]

  just a little shimmy it's really about [TS]

  the little thing a little well for some [TS]

  of us [TS]

  yeah right other people like anything a [TS]

  lot of people don't know a lot of people [TS]

  don't admit there's a little thing in [TS]

  their life [TS]

  it's tough you know it's very difficult [TS]

  to talk about even though we're all like [TS]

  a surrounded by porn all the time now [TS]

  you're soaking in it but no it's still [TS]

  nobody wants to talk about it unless [TS]

  you're sex-positive person that's not [TS]

  good i don't want you around that you [TS]

  know I'm something remember that when [TS]

  you hear my office I think you might [TS]

  have found my Phoenix a little bit no [TS]

  that's right your Phoenix tall i think [TS]

  you give her a little troll ritual [TS]

  robbed on her I behind i give her a [TS]

  little troll rub she has very [TS]

  exaggerated secondary sex [TS]

  characteristics [TS]

  well I mean that's just how she's made [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah yeah that's you know I'm [TS]

  just as God made me sir I got bad news [TS]

  for you [TS]

  the the restaurant the made in china [TS]

  restaurant has changed it's a different [TS]

  restaurant now you can never come back [TS]

  and have the house Trotter now [TS]

  oh they were only there for like a week [TS]

  and a half [TS]

  yeah and were there for that long but I [TS]

  mean you know it kind of a kind of lends [TS]

  credence to the idea was originally [TS]

  that's like a mofo training ground right [TS]

  yeah right where they were just bringing [TS]

  people in that were like starting to [TS]

  infiltrate the normal America right and [TS]

  they said here's a here's a low-impact [TS]

  way to pick an interactive people hooked [TS]

  up w 3 3 or 4 people are going to come [TS]

  in to the restaurant per day and all you [TS]

  have to do is bring him i have to do is [TS]

  remember what T is T has been open and [TS]

  then bring them T yeah and they'll point [TS]

  to something on the menu that has a [TS]

  number by it is a good thing about [TS]

  training John you're going to get stuff [TS]

  wrong you have to do it environment of [TS]

  trust you know and so they're gonna get [TS]

  stuff from they're going to forget what [TS]

  to do it to a tee is sometimes some of [TS]

  the photos are gonna go to forget you're [TS]

  not supposed to literally stare at [TS]

  people at the next table for two minutes [TS]

  oh yeah right no that's that's not how [TS]

  you make American friends I do feel like [TS]

  they probably pulled up stakes because [TS]

  you know and relocated somewhere else [TS]

  sort of in the vicinity you got clocked [TS]

  he would they get there they're gonna be [TS]

  aware of the fact that people start [TS]

  walking by the store looking in the [TS]

  window slowing down and then speeding [TS]

  back up again [TS]

  yeah maybe they saw maybe somebody I [TS]

  wouldn't put this path somebody maybe [TS]

  somebody put a super train sticker on a [TS]

  alright pull out some smartass I think [TS]

  the movie probably like daly city or [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah right where you know they're still [TS]

  Americans down there they're going to be [TS]

  interacting with people I don't think we [TS]

  have any listeners in daly city probably [TS]

  you sure about that was harmless really [TS]

  really hard to know this is a call to [TS]

  all [TS]

  hmm best resignation or whatever the [TS]

  fuck he knows where there is a the no no [TS]

  I fingernails are pretty I think your [TS]

  nails are good seems that all I ever [TS]

  wanted was a martyr something my remark [TS]

  market that's like jeremiah was a [TS]

  bullfrog lyrics that something like [TS]

  placeholder lyrics he was never famous [TS]

  for his lyrics [TS]

  yeah but but you know he did that to [TS]

  Everlong song which was David [TS]

  Letterman's favorite song oh my god one [TS]

  of the great service to germinate [TS]

  weapons favorite you to the story uh who [TS]

  do was play when his father died close [TS]

  Letterman had his heart attack [TS]

  I remember I was in a hotel room in in [TS]

  florida i believe when this happened [TS]

  he had his heart attack and his way for [TS]

  a while there I guess he came back and [TS]

  the story goes the story goes that is [TS]

  one request was when he comes back and [TS]

  this is a story but the story was that [TS]

  he would love it if food fighters came [TS]

  on the show and played his favorite song [TS]

  ever long and they were I think they [TS]

  were in Brazil and they did it [TS]

  ah it's good it's good that number man [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah that's good he's good at [TS]

  something really case on Taylor Hawkins [TS]

  Taylor Hawkins a kind of like ringing a [TS]

  bell now was he and was he in Sunny Day [TS]

  Real Estate definitely not as well no [TS]

  that was the other guy and I heard [TS]

  very interesting story about him boom [TS]

  save it just recently the only one [TS]

  David if you get a TV do you have a [TS]

  place to put it [TS]

  you just like any wall [TS]

  well doesn't have to be a wall but humor [TS]

  me for a minute and just as a thought [TS]

  experiment if you've got a TV of some [TS]

  size is there a place that you could put [TS]

  it that it wouldn't like being the way [TS]

  for him to move might have to move [TS]

  campers and stuff around in order to fit [TS]

  a TV into somewhere in your house [TS]

  let me think about it here where I put [TS]

  it [TS]

  mm it's okay to say no no I'm just [TS]

  trying to think of like is their first [TS]

  of all comfortable place in my house [TS]

  that isn't currently full of something [TS]

  weird you know what I did last night I [TS]

  went on the internet then don't anybody [TS]

  else do this okay because this is my [TS]

  private world right now okay but I went [TS]

  on the internet and i bought a lot of [TS]

  old vintage bank deposit bags [TS]

  oh the the thick ones with the lock was [TS]

  sharp because some of them apparently [TS]

  this was a thing [TS]

  yeah they were embroidered with the [TS]

  names of the bank's like they were like [TS]

  a sports jacket embroidery like it like [TS]

  a letter the letter jacket that just [TS]

  says you know the bank of Allentown [TS]

  Pennsylvania Boston Mass 0312 for and I [TS]

  said those are gorgeous and then i [TS]

  looked at more of them and there are [TS]

  some of them you can find that still [TS]

  have the keys to the locks and I was [TS]

  like I gotta have all these so i got [TS]

  them all and now where the hell am I [TS]

  gonna put them you put your eyes in [TS]

  there I got you that's right and I gotta [TS]

  stack them up now somewhere and I'm [TS]

  stacking them up kinda where the TV [TS]

  would go I see ya sounds better hold off [TS]

  lo ok a party shot here just for what [TS]

  it's worth [TS]

  are you aware of the coppola restoration [TS]

  of the Godfather a parting shot is a [TS]

  well actually one of my favorite tumblr [TS]

  up [TS]

  one blogs very expressive bell ring my [TS]

  friend very expressive it was discovered [TS]

  and this is included on the documentary [TS]

  that you get released with the blu-ray [TS]

  of this it was discovered that there was [TS]

  essentially not a single good usable [TS]

  single- of the Godfather in existence [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  wait a minute yeah so basically there [TS]

  that paramount treated like a two-dollar [TS]

  or had just like beating the shit out of [TS]

  this thing cut out the long dissolves [TS]

  between scenes for TV and there's not a [TS]

  single good copy of anyone using [TS]

  documentary they had to go and when we [TS]

  were documentary it's a really good [TS]

  documentary that comes with the blu-ray [TS]

  of this it's one of like five blu-rays [TS]

  that I am but I'm documentary about [TS]

  about about the Godfather restoration [TS]

  which is amazingly they talk about that [TS]

  what's-his-name the the lighting guy [TS]

  Gordon Willis juror it's really really [TS]

  good you can pilots even find a free on [TS]

  YouTube right now anyway long story [TS]

  short they are they had to go in and [TS]

  cobble together the best possible copies [TS]

  of The Godfather they could find it was [TS]

  just you not gonna believe the [TS]

  before-and-afters they had to go and [TS]

  scan every single frame at 4k and hand [TS]

  fix every frame of the Godfather without [TS]

  removing the noise the beautiful film [TS]

  noise in that film and it and they put [TS]

  this thing out a few years ago called [TS]

  the coppola restoration and its really [TS]

  really good [TS]

  it's not one of those wackadoodle [TS]

  versions where everything's in [TS]

  chronological order or anything i'm just [TS]

  telling you as he says it right now you [TS]

  can go onto the itunes you buy yourself [TS]

  a copy of The Godfather colon the couple [TS]

  of restoration 1499 American out the [TS]

  door now you got that you could watch [TS]

  that on your computer box and you're [TS]

  talking about that is now that's the [TS]

  Godfather one [TS]

  yeah well if you buy the blu-ray you get [TS]

  all three and i seen two of those women [TS]

  you buy the blu-ray but that's a that's [TS]

  a disc that's like that's like a frisbee [TS]

  explain that on your place like a [TS]

  frisbee or ar trivet yeah you have to [TS]

  watch that on your Playstation or [TS]

  something [TS]

  now people do still have blu-ray discs i [TS]

  have blu-ray discs i have the Godfather [TS]

  three movies i have scott pilgrim vs the [TS]

  world i have the fantastic mr fox i have [TS]

  the x-men motion comic series i have i [TS]

  play let's be honest I it gets kid gets [TS]

  confused with the wii and playstation [TS]

  things but I've got I've got fewer than [TS]

  10 blu-ray properties that i own because [TS]

  blu-ray is a blight on society to use [TS]

  one less blu-ray so so sorry [TS]

  blu-ray produces an image that is really [TS]

  really stellar I mean it's yeah so you [TS]

  know when they say like 1080p the [TS]

  payments progressive which means that [TS]

  that is a 1080 pixels high image that [TS]

  won't pixel for pixel every single image [TS]

  that every frame of that is its own [TS]

  painted image it's not interlacing to [TS]

  save space and on a big TV it looks [TS]

  really really really good using blu-ray [TS]

  remember hate using DVD player [TS]

  it's like three times worse blu-ray it's [TS]

  a total show my DVD player the thing I [TS]

  hated most about it was that you had to [TS]

  use a screwdriver to get the door open [TS]

  was that feature who seems like it's [TS]

  like the first time it was a mistake and [TS]

  the third time it was a riff just with a [TS]

  call they call it the college that's how [TS]

  you make that movie jazz is another [TS]

  really good tumblr fancy well you know [TS]

  picture-in-picture was my favorite 80s [TS]

  detective show pics on Tesla huh here [TS]

  Watch reboot that's the thing i do all [TS]

  the time but when it because my new [TS]

  flash player tiny anything's little bit [TS]

  misleading little things after i just [TS]

  had to redo my flash because it wouldn't [TS]

  play any of the advertisements on bring [TS]

  a trailer [TS]

  I'm sorry how did you get the pop-up I [TS]

  got the pop-up so right for a long time [TS]

  I was like sorry can't play that I [TS]

  because you don't have the news flash [TS]

  and I was like fuck you you know i don't [TS]

  want the newsflash fuck you I don't want [TS]

  to see your thing and then John even a [TS]

  free eel ok even a free eel is still an [TS]

  eel it's tony why do they have to do why [TS]

  don't they just met but they make [TS]

  anybody used to just leave it [TS]

  yeah Steve Jobs didn't want to use flash [TS]

  know he had a letter about it [TS]

  yes Steve Jobs had a whole thing is he [TS]

  like soil the turtleneck over it and and [TS]

  and i agree like the I mean thank you [TS]

  very much for the free program [TS]

  I appreciate it it's wonderful why don't [TS]

  we just like integrated now just video [TS]

  streams like let go let go let go let go [TS]

  let go let go let go let god I can't [TS]

  hold it back anymore let it go let it go [TS]

  something something something melody [TS]

  ticket to mana that's a good movie m1 is [TS]

  good [TS]

  wanna go on sir no wanna means maze [TS]

  it means family and her family behind [TS]

  hello the maze haha oh no no I don't [TS]

  hear about the maze spoiler my people [TS]

  call it means what you could get that [TS]

  one right that's good [TS]

  [Music] [TS]