The Incomparable

199: Get This Man Some New Paint


  the incomparable number 199 jun 2014 [TS]

  welcome back to be uncomfortable i'm [TS]

  your host Jason smell this episode 199 [TS]

  surely not momentous in any possible way [TS]

  we're here at the end of the or less the [TS]

  end of what has traditionally been [TS]

  considered the TV season although [TS]

  there's a bunch of stuff that's on the [TS]

  summer too and I thought this would be a [TS]

  good time not only to do what we do [TS]

  every year which is talk about the game [TS]

  of thrones season that just passed but [TS]

  also talk about other TV series that [TS]

  we've seen over the past nine months and [TS]

  that we want to talk about it maybe even [TS]

  recommend to you [TS]

  so we're going to start by talking about [TS]

  things with the basically no spoilers or [TS]

  as little spoiler as possible and then [TS]

  we get to Game of Thrones the spoiler [TS]

  horn is warming up in the bullpen ready [TS]

  to come in and blow its horn so we can [TS]

  talk about Game of Thrones Season 4 so [TS]

  joining me to talk TV are a fine [TS]

  collection of couch potatoes John [TS]

  siracusa hello [TS]

  you're all going to have to remind me [TS]

  which TV shows actually happening to [TS]

  this quote-unquote CM because my eyes [TS]

  concept of time is very shaky but i have [TS]

  a long list of shows just just stop me [TS]

  if it's something that was online okay [TS]

  we're not rigorous fact-checkers here [TS]

  but we'll let will help you out if we [TS]

  can David laura is also here hello hello [TS]

  there you'll be leaving us when the [TS]

  spoiler and fires for Game of Thrones as [TS]

  you haven't seen it all hang out because [TS]

  i'm not going to see it so okay all [TS]

  right you can just you can just got [TS]

  going on grants and stare at the wall [TS]

  making using comment as needed [TS]

  good good good that's so like always [TS]

  Erica and sign also here hello hello [TS]

  I my list is fearfully short but but I'm [TS]

  excited about the things that are on it [TS]

  today have TV in Canada [TS]

  no actually we're going to talk about [TS]

  some TV that was produced in Canada so I [TS]

  shouldn't joke but it's can I can't [TS]

  resist because you just so nice up there [TS]

  yes we are very nice people and making [TS]

  lots of TV shows actually turns out [TS]

  mm and Scott McNulty is also out there [TS]

  he watches television i do and now [TS]

  you're going to talk about it [TS]

  well maybe we'll see [TS]

  we'll see like I should introduce you as [TS]

  a as host of the uncomfortable is very [TS]

  own spin-off podcast random Trek a show [TS]

  about TV shows Star Trek TV shows [TS]

  that's true i should mention Erica also [TS]

  in addition to being on Verity which is [TS]

  podcast about doctor who is also on the [TS]

  audiobook guide to Babylon 5 which is a [TS]

  show about that 15 so many TV experts [TS]

  yeah but the episodes of Babylon 5 this [TS]

  season did not so good enough didn't [TS]

  really air well and star trek likewise [TS]

  not airing currently it's true [TS]

  not even in canada the dark time for the [TS]

  Republic [TS]

  alright yes so so well we should start [TS]

  with uh with the things that aren't game [TS]

  of thrones so the the show that i wanted [TS]

  to bring up and have us talk about at [TS]

  least a little bit that I really loved [TS]

  last year and have been enjoying this [TS]

  year as well is orphan black on BBC [TS]

  america so I want to throw that one out [TS]

  there how you guys watching orphan black [TS]

  king of speaking of Canada [TS]

  yes and this is it this is the show shot [TS]

  in toronto i believe not [TS]

  vancouver as so many shows are but you [TS]

  have to perform that's one of the few [TS]

  shows that i actually have been watching [TS]

  and I got a little behind but marathon [TS]

  like five episodes in the last two days [TS]

  to catch up so I was ready to talk about [TS]

  it and i love it and you're right it is [TS]

  Canadian there was there's one scene [TS]

  where a character is trying to be all [TS]

  sneaky and he says I was just looking [TS]

  for the washroom and I was like it's a [TS]

  tell median it's giving away their I [TS]

  believe there's actually a scene where [TS]

  somebody's being shot at it and shouts [TS]

  sorry sorry sorry i was like come on [TS]

  Canada they say washroom and the [TS]

  northern United States to not annoy no [TS]

  they do not know it's can do know they [TS]

  really don't [TS]

  my mother-in-law says it she lives near [TS]

  the Wisconsin border John your [TS]

  mother-in-law's Canadian spy [TS]

  yeah should be that's how they take us [TS]

  down until they take America down [TS]

  I mean I've never seen that on a sign [TS]

  whereas in Canada all the signs that [TS]

  there's no rest room or bathroom [TS]

  science-y washroom [TS]

  so you watch five episodes in in quick [TS]

  succession so do you think you're a [TS]

  clone now I see that's a deputy anyway [TS]

  dear [TS]

  mhm [TS]

  well I'm actually convinced that my gosh [TS]

  how do you say your name [TS]

  tatiana much muscle on muscle on Lonnie [TS]

  anyway I am convinced that they have [TS]

  actually pulled the wool over our eyes [TS]

  backward and she's triplets she is [TS]

  actually probably at least include [TS]

  templates and yeah because every single [TS]

  time I watching that show i have to [TS]

  remind myself at the end of it but that [TS]

  was the same actor playing all of those [TS]

  different parts which are so completely [TS]

  different [TS]

  it blows my mind it's like Eddie Murphy [TS]

  and the barbershop and coming to America [TS]

  exactly what i find myself pausing and [TS]

  turn into my wife and saying that's one [TS]

  actress because i can't believe it I i [TS]

  will be so enthralled that I i will be [TS]

  watching it and then and then I I [TS]

  suddenly realize that you know [TS]

  no I'm actually what this is a special [TS]

  effect and it looks nothing like a [TS]

  special effect these characters seem [TS]

  fully realize they feel like they should [TS]

  have her name in the credits five times [TS]

  there are moments when one of the [TS]

  characters is kind of light in an [TS]

  episode and I think to myself oh they [TS]

  must have given her the week off [TS]

  no it's the same actress only sell some [TS]

  of the characters are better realized [TS]

  than others though I think she'd have [TS]

  some characters better than she does [TS]

  other ones not that I'm saying that it [TS]

  starts to look like the same person but [TS]

  I don't know who are your favorite to [TS]

  you who are the characters that you [TS]

  think she really inhabits versus the one [TS]

  that you just kind of gets through [TS]

  I think allison is the best of all the [TS]

  clones naturally yeah yeah I think she's [TS]

  up there i was gonna say hi Lena because [TS]

  when oh my god willing is the one that [TS]

  will be the farthest from the actress [TS]

  and the great thing about it is that we [TS]

  I bet we all are thinking the actress is [TS]

  Sarah but we don't know I've never seen [TS]

  an injury with the actors i have no idea [TS]

  which one of these is most like the [TS]

  actual actress which is also much Sarah [TS]

  because she's it's not it's not she's [TS]

  Canadian [TS]

  so she doesn't have an english accent [TS]

  she sounds more I suppose she sounds [TS]

  well who did she sound like Alison maybe [TS]

  she sounds maybe less perky maybe but [TS]

  yeah like Alison accept less perky but [TS]

  she definitely has a has a North [TS]

  American accent not a not a another [TS]

  British accent she did the British [TS]

  accent is because it's on BBC america i [TS]

  really believe that's been here but it's [TS]

  good the opposite of watching the wire [TS]

  where you you're sure [TS]

  to learn how many ppl british accents [TS]

  now I'm shocked to learn these people [TS]

  don't have British accent yeah it's the [TS]

  other way around [TS]

  one thing I actually noticed about about [TS]

  orphan black for the first time when we [TS]

  were recording the last episode of the [TS]

  incomparable about a geek girls with it [TS]

  just occurred to me how women centric [TS]

  this show is and as i watch this five [TS]

  episodes that i watched between and now [TS]

  I recognize that it's not just the fact [TS]

  that that the main character is seven [TS]

  main characters are played by the same [TS]

  woman but if you look at the other [TS]

  characters in the show who have the most [TS]

  sort of power and agency and competence [TS]

  almost all of them are either women or [TS]

  gay or black or had something you know [TS]

  it's it's a show that's pretty pretty [TS]

  low on white dudes and I just I hadn't [TS]

  even noticed that before because it's [TS]

  just such a great show just pulled me in [TS]

  and added a himbo this season though [TS]

  yeah yeah thats little amped that's to [TS]

  see him go into shows he's embo anh a [TS]

  game of thrones doing yeah the same same [TS]

  row but she's got we've got serious baby [TS]

  daddy and also Beth's old boyfriend [TS]

  those are both sort of like Captain [TS]

  handsome types that are in there but [TS]

  you're right there they're like adjuncts [TS]

  they're not that you know other like [TS]

  Matt Matt freeware i guess it was in [TS]

  some ways the you know the most you know [TS]

  powerful male figure on the show and [TS]

  there there's some others but it does [TS]

  seem like when they when they add one [TS]

  they be subtracted different one [TS]

  yeah I'm being too spoilery about it [TS]

  yeah yeah there's some there's some of [TS]

  my eye I see the budget that actually is [TS]

  a complaint I have is like when they had [TS]

  a character and subtracted character [TS]

  it's literally like okay you tagging you [TS]

  tagged out we can't pay you both i'm ok [TS]

  with that because i don't want them to [TS]

  dilute the amount of screen time yet one [TS]

  gets anymore so i'm i'm happy with a few [TS]

  more people buying up everything into [TS]

  the season I was really worried about uh [TS]

  i read an interview with the producers [TS]

  of orphan black before the season [TS]

  started where they said that they were [TS]

  trying to get try to give Tatiana [TS]

  maslany more of a break because she's [TS]

  literally when you think about she's [TS]

  literally in every scene and they were [TS]

  trying to do some scenes without one of [TS]

  the clones in them just so that they [TS]

  would have a break for her and I was [TS]

  worried that that was going to lead [TS]

  kind of interminable plots with [TS]

  characters that that are uninteresting [TS]

  and you don't really notice it they did [TS]

  a really good job [TS]

  it still feels like she is she is in [TS]

  most of the show and I think what it's [TS]

  really done is given us some more time [TS]

  with Felix her brother and which is [TS]

  jordan comparisons the actor Plato also [TS]

  Canadian doing an english accent I [TS]

  believe butthead that's such a great [TS]

  character and and in addition to his [TS]

  relationship with all the other clones [TS]

  it's not just his relationship with his [TS]

  sister but he has really become like a [TS]

  match for all these other clones in [TS]

  hilarious different ways he also has had [TS]

  some other stuff to do and I think [TS]

  that's you know so I'm happy for some [TS]

  more Felix even at the cost of some of [TS]

  the clothes [TS]

  me too although the funny thing is when [TS]

  you said that I started trying to think [TS]

  of some of the scenes that didn't have a [TS]

  clone in them and find myself going oh [TS]

  no wait that's a clone [TS]

  yeah oh yeah oh wait that's her again [TS]

  whoo yeah well there's the scenes with [TS]

  Cosima no look at all the cult scenes [TS]

  with like just the cult people writer [TS]

  they're called person daughter that all [TS]

  their sort of arguments and yet no I was [TS]

  just about to think of what about the [TS]

  ones that dyad now that's her to know [TS]

  yeah I know that's the thing I so I'm [TS]

  curious what you guys think of this [TS]

  season compared to last season I I this [TS]

  last season took me by surprise [TS]

  obviously this performance is fantastic [TS]

  this season i felt like i was really [TS]

  happy I I didn't think I'm going into it [TS]

  that they were going to be able to pull [TS]

  it off again I was really kind of [TS]

  skeptical about it and and wasn't given [TS]

  much I was like this is gonna be a [TS]

  disappointment this you know last year I [TS]

  don't think they can they can keep it up [TS]

  and I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact [TS]

  that scene by seem I found this season [TS]

  really enjoyable [TS]

  that said I think some of the stuff with [TS]

  the cold people left me kinda cold and [TS]

  some of the I felt cut sometimes but the [TS]

  plot was kind of doing a run around [TS]

  where they were they were coming out [TS]

  didn't have a story for ten after adding [TS]

  water so there's like go over here like [TS]

  Sara keeps on like go to go go to the RV [TS]

  with your baby daddy and then go back [TS]

  over here to the dyad and then go over [TS]

  here to mrs. ass and she's just like [TS]

  bouncing around and I felt like it was [TS]

  kind of like just they did that they [TS]

  didn't literally have enough story so [TS]

  they just kept having people run around [TS]

  and bounce off of each other but the [TS]

  individual scene [TS]

  and I have no complaints about that's [TS]

  the thing is it in the big picture I'd [TS]

  be like what really happened but in the [TS]

  little picture i would always find in [TS]

  every episode a half-dozen scenes of [TS]

  different like cast members or clones [TS]

  interacting with each other that i loved [TS]

  i just the plot kind of let me call this [TS]

  you know I completely agree and they're [TS]

  losing the thread just like in the first [TS]

  season they're so easy to do it four [TS]

  seasons you like what some of the deal [TS]

  with these clones like that's the thread [TS]

  that pulls you along right and then you [TS]

  have a crisis cliffhanger at the end of [TS]

  it and the second season I guess we're [TS]

  still trying to find out what the what [TS]

  the clone is so the clones is sort of [TS]

  like what is I mean eventually they [TS]

  found eventually the end like oh you [TS]

  know there's this thing and they want to [TS]

  hear involved like it eventually found [TS]

  something but there was a lot of just [TS]

  kinda like you said running around in [TS]

  circles in the middle part and you start [TS]

  once you start to ask yourself what's [TS]

  these people's motivations for the board [TS]

  is this group what is that you just have [TS]

  you have to know what that is otherwise [TS]

  the story doesn't work and you have the [TS]

  character seems for great and it on the [TS]

  small level you know what this person [TS]

  wants right now is to figure out what [TS]

  back to do about this other person that [TS]

  is causing a problem for them but that [TS]

  is that small stakes in the big stakes [TS]

  very often in episode it would be over [TS]

  now be like what are they all trying to [TS]

  do again and you're like I don't [TS]

  remember but in some ways like and care [TS]

  that much but it makes it less you know [TS]

  the first season definitely had a [TS]

  tractor pulling you along because you [TS]

  wanted to know what the deal was with [TS]

  the clones basically yeah also the the [TS]

  week we sort of find who we think is at [TS]

  least one of the key people in creating [TS]

  clones and he's sitting right there and [TS]

  I get the feeling like somebody should [TS]

  ask him tell us the whole story of why [TS]

  this happened and where does this DNA [TS]

  come from and all that [TS]

  instead it's like we need your five and [TS]

  a quarter inch floppy disks from your [TS]

  Apple to know computers running to kill [TS]

  you to like that ask him first before [TS]

  you come and and that there's probably [TS]

  he has all these answers that the [TS]

  producers just quite frankly don't know [TS]

  or don't want to deal with so they [TS]

  didn't label they've got someone who's [TS]

  incredibly knowledgeable about the [TS]

  history and the sort of don't want him [TS]

  you know don't want to break the spell [TS]

  because I'm and that was frustrating and [TS]

  it just a minor way it's like what [TS]

  what's the mystery here and I like the [TS]

  complexity of the fact that they're like [TS]

  three sort of subgroups fighting over [TS]

  information about these clones there's [TS]

  the another crazy doomsday cult and [TS]

  there's like different parts of the diet [TS]

  at institute but on another level it's [TS]

  sort of like you know I don't you just [TS]

  it's so easy to lose track and be like [TS]

  who are these people and then they're [TS]

  like double crossing each other and like [TS]

  I have no idea what I'm even watching [TS]

  here [TS]

  yeah they don't need to do that because [TS]

  they can always add another clone like [TS]

  they have the out on this show is that [TS]

  like you don't need to make this complex [TS] kind of you know Battle of the [TS]

  five armies situation going on you don't [TS]

  you can make it a simple [TS]

  good-versus-evil battle because anytime [TS]

  you need to mix it up just parachuted in [TS]

  another clone we all love it and it adds [TS]

  you know a new angle to think of Paris [TS]

  rather than in a group of clothes like [TS]

  you always have that out on the show so [TS]

  it seems unnecessary for them to take [TS]

  the existing characters and split them [TS]

  up into multiple teams I think the part [TS]

  that I felt was the most run around with [TS]

  the rehab part like that just didn't [TS]

  really do anything for me as far as a [TS]

  and yet the final payoff with with sarah [TS]

  having to pretend and they're dragging [TS]

  Vic's drug body through glitter was [TS]

  hilarious right but now that was that [TS]

  was to entry annoyed when it gets really [TS]

  kind of slapstick e that with those of [TS]

  the episodes that I sort of jump off for [TS]

  a little bit which usually do have to do [TS]

  with Allison and Allison pretending to [TS]

  be somebody else or somebody else [TS]

  pretending to be her did you not like [TS]

  the episode last year where they have a [TS]

  party at alison's house and she was [TS]

  torturing her husband that was my least [TS]

  like quite a bit [TS]

  well that's a shame I I thought that was [TS]

  my thing that I'm not really i'm not [TS]

  really a Donnie fan either he done he [TS]

  wasn't i wasn't i am I can't do any more [TS]

  and more [TS]

  he's he's turning into something at [TS]

  least a little bit more interesting i [TS]

  like the fact that he was a monitor but [TS]

  was being lied to like they kept walking [TS]

  that line and it's an interesting [TS]

  resolution to say was he a spy or was he [TS]

  a dummy he was both yeah that's fine [TS]

  that's what ya doin that now he's coming [TS]

  out the other side of the dimension of [TS]

  dye can buy Donnie as a you know a tough [TS]

  guy Adam I don't want to spoil the [TS]

  ending I don't think Donnie I don't [TS]

  think I think johnny is who he is and [TS]

  any pretensions he has to be something [TS]

  else will always be real back but you [TS]

  know that it is a fascinating [TS]

  it is a fascinating thing I i had what a [TS]

  strange show you know what i did i did i [TS]

  get a touch of the x-files from where [TS]

  it's like let's just throw in some [TS]

  conspiracies and double-crossing and [TS]

  moles and things like no no no [TS]

  no i don't i don't want that that's not [TS]

  why i'm watching the show I am [TS]

  fascinated by the idea where these uh [TS]

  you know how these women differ and [TS]

  where they come from and why Beth not [TS]

  bad why Sarah is able to have a child [TS]

  and I I keep waiting for a scene where [TS]

  they find an old picture and she's in it [TS]

  and it's the whoever the original that [TS]

  they use the model save every season [TS]

  four seasons yeah i know and you get [TS]

  ahead of me well that's what I think [TS]

  they have the guy not tell say anything [TS]

  interesting is because then he'd give [TS]

  away plot twist later which like not get [TS]

  ahead of us remain silent sir we don't [TS]

  want to know and you can't hope they're [TS]

  there listening now and go hey that's a [TS]

  good idea for seasonal yeah I imagine [TS]

  that i mean the the nice thing and [TS]

  something that there were recording this [TS]

  before the season finale so you know [TS]

  presumably will be some interesting [TS]

  things that happened in episode 10 but [TS]

  one of the things that I really like [TS]

  about this show is that you can kill off [TS]

  characters if they played by tatiana [TS]

  maslany you can kill off characters with [TS]

  no worry because you're not getting rid [TS]

  of the actress you can introduce [TS]

  characters but you can also kill them [TS]

  off and so there's some jeopardy like [TS]

  Sarah doesn't have to survive you know [TS]

  that that's interesting I mean I doubt [TS]

  they would kill her because she really [TS]

  is sort of the main character but they [TS]

  could because you know it wouldn't [TS]

  it's about all the clones and that's [TS]

  interesting that that gives them a level [TS]

  of of unexpected possibilities that uh [TS]

  that most shows don't have yeah I was [TS]

  kind of hoping Cosima I don't I don't [TS]

  you know we don't know how this ends but [TS]

  if Cosima were to die I that I think you [TS]

  they could do that in a way that adds [TS]

  emotional heft to the show rather than [TS]

  just like I mean they kind of killed [TS]

  Elena but not really and I'm kinda glad [TS]

  you came back because I like her I think [TS]

  she's interesting but if Cosima dies [TS]

  like if they really want to make a rift [TS]

  in the clones having Cosima dire having [TS]

  that go like it seems like it's headed [TS]

  towards a a reasonable resolution but [TS]

  that was one way the season could have [TS]

  gone and probably know we'll still go it [TS]

  that would add a harder edge to it but I [TS]

  considering people are being drugged and [TS]

  falling into glitter maybe that's what [TS]

  that season's gonna go [TS]

  no I think they like I think they like [TS]

  to to vacillate between all the extremes [TS]

  and explore all the different [TS]

  possibilities it [TS]

  that's one of a kind of crazy things [TS]

  about the show that i like but yeah I i [TS]

  agree i think i think killing one of [TS]

  these characters me what makes me [TS]

  reluctant to mention this is that we [TS]

  thought that they had killed off one of [TS]

  the clones at the end of last season and [TS]

  they didn't they brought her back [TS]

  you can't kill a man who walk away from [TS]

  that farm is one of my favorite scenes [TS]

  the holes here he's don't don't invite [TS]

  him into your farm just got to the scene [TS]

  with her in the bar is just fantastic i [TS]

  love that scene it's so bizarre and and [TS]

  then she beats up a biker gang and it's [TS]

  great my sister just great just great [TS]

  stuff anything more about orphan black [TS]

  it's a fun show people should watch a [TS]

  BBC america first season streaming [TS]

  second Street season will eventually [TS]

  stream somewhere who knows when because [TS]

  they were really slow about the first [TS]

  time and quite simply that you know [TS]

  maybe the best performance going on on [TS]

  TV right now if you add all of the [TS]

  performances together or certainly if [TS]

  not the best certainly the most [TS]

  interesting because just watching her [TS]

  watching her do what she does even if [TS]

  you can poke holes in my girl she [TS]

  doesn't do the accent that well or [TS]

  whatever just had taken as a sum total [TS]

  of like all that she's doing it you have [TS]

  to forgive any any accent for tables or [TS]

  manners and things or anything like that [TS]

  because it really as a whole it's [TS]

  fascinating and amazing and just keeps [TS]

  you riveted yea oh yea even even when [TS]

  the plot doesn't quite hold together you [TS]

  still you just like how does she do that [TS]

  then you [TS]

  yeah yeah because like the I've had the [TS]

  same feeling this season but it's just [TS]

  spectacular watch that tape rope of [TS]

  going back and forth [TS]

  yeah well that and that's that's the [TS]

  thing that gets me about the show is [TS]

  that you can either enjoy he when the [TS]

  plot is lagging you can enjoy the [TS]

  performances or you can enjoy some of [TS]

  the individual character interactions [TS]

  and there's always something worth [TS]

  watching on this show which is that's [TS]

  pretty good also thumbs up on not trying [TS]

  to do anymore sort of split-screen let's [TS]

  make two of the same actress [TS]

  interact with each other because they [TS]

  don't have the budget to do that well [TS]

  and they tried to do it in season one a [TS]

  couple times to show off and it's like [TS]

  just not we get it just don't bother [TS]

  just leave them don't have them talk to [TS]

  each other don't have to hand things to [TS]

  each other and when you have them hugs [TS]

  and we only see the back of someone's [TS]

  head we know it's like just just don't [TS]

  but they do when they do it they do it [TS]

  really well there was a the there's a [TS]

  scene in the last episode of season one [TS]

  where it's a tracking shot and and [TS]

  they're 22 of the same actress and her [TS]

  three of the same actress in it but it's [TS]

  a tracking shot it's like they don't [TS]

  know they're showing off but I like it [TS]

  yeah I never they do that I started to [TS]

  see the sun's a little bit like I it [TS]

  pulls me out of it is like I know what [TS]

  you're doing I know you're proud of so [TS]

  this season they only did like one scene [TS]

  right there someone handed something to [TS]

  someone will move on to another show in [TS]

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  alright should we move on and talk about [TS]

  some other stuff true [TS]

  okay what-what bring them bring them out [TS]

  what would you guys like to talk about [TS]

  well you know I criticized in the fall [TS]

  and I've made fun of it all year long [TS]

  until recently [TS]

  what does everyone think happened by the [TS]

  end of this of the season with HTC [TS]

  shield him that's still on it is pick up [TS]

  my headphones i stopped watching at the [TS]

  point when the captain america movie [TS]

  takes over and I've seen the captain [TS]

  america movie but I'm [TS]

  patiently waiting for life to see it to [TS]

  move on again we're gonna we're gonna [TS]

  try to be as light as possible with the [TS]

  splicer I this is what i would say [TS]

  because we did it we are fall TV episode [TS]

  we pretty much toward a new hole and i [TS]

  would say be interested for your new [TS]

  perspectives on this icy like about 10 [TS]

  episodes in they started to right the [TS]

  ship there was actually an episode where [TS]

  I felt like I knew who the characters [TS]

  were and that i actually was rooting for [TS]

  them and then from there I felt like [TS]

  they they continued to show improvement [TS]

  to the point where in the last two or [TS]

  three weeks I was you know really [TS]

  excited to watch it like the day it was [TS]

  on from from the point where I'd left [TS]

  like four or five episodes pile up and [TS]

  was watching them when you know my wife [TS]

  was out or something and I was just like [TS]

  well I want shield she doesn't want to [TS]

  see it and then that was when it started [TS]

  it it a midseason it started to turn [TS]

  around and I don't know quite what they [TS]

  did [TS]

  other than that the character started [TS]

  just feel more differentiated and and [TS]

  you know I you could say was part of a [TS]

  plan it didn't feel like a plan to me it [TS]

  felt like they know episodes to actually [TS]

  figure out what the heck the show was [TS]

  going to be and then maybe because they [TS]

  had something they were working toward [TS]

  which is the captain america plot twist [TS]

  thing but suddenly it was a totally [TS]

  totally different I mean it's not like [TS]

  the best show on TV by any stretch but [TS]

  actually an enjoyable show which it [TS]

  wasn't the first nine episodes or [TS]

  whatever you mentioned the x-files [TS]

  before like ended how they kept [TS]

  introducing a lot of months pull things [TS]

  along and in this case I think agents of [TS]

  shield benefited from a little bit of [TS]

  the sprinkling of the x-files dust in [TS]

  there but they introduced was I fewer [TS]

  standalone episodes where I guess they [TS]

  were trying to establish the characters [TS]

  and failing like early on and a couple [TS]

  of Arc things you know like the the [TS]

  mysterious origin of our favorite [TS]

  character and the ark things that led [TS]

  into captain American Ark things can be [TS]

  tiresome and they certainly were in X [TS]

  Files but I think the show needed a [TS]

  little bit of it to pull it forward [TS]

  otherwise like in the beginning I [TS]

  thought I was watching a bunch of these [TS]

  good-looking people who I don't care [TS]

  about run around and have silly [TS]

  adventures that are very silly there [TS]

  needs to be and like Doctor Who there [TS]

  needs to be something some kind of arc [TS]

  for the season some kind of underlying [TS]

  story to carry you through the [TS]

  their episodes and to be like the [TS]

  underlying tension and that thus far [TS]

  having that up right up to the captain [TS]

  america movie which I guess I've seen [TS]

  that is what's keeping me watching the [TS]

  show I not so much the characters i [TS]

  think i'm not interested in the [TS]

  characters if i don't think they have [TS]

  something to do or some goal to work [TS]

  towards see I feel like sky was the [TS]

  worst character on the show for the [TS]

  first ten episodes and in in like [TS]

  episode 10 or 11 somewhere in there [TS]

  suddenly I found myself actually liking [TS]

  her and it was actually the episode [TS]

  where they she gets shot and made I was [TS]

  like wait a second I finally like her [TS]

  and you kill it but that was like [TS]

  finally they did something with her to [TS]

  make her interesting and you don't worry [TS]

  if you want something a hyperbaric [TS]

  chamber that a Syrian shot wounds [TS]

  instantly well that you inject them with [TS]

  magical you know stuff to that I find [TS]

  more believable than quick get her to [TS]

  the chamber [TS]

  yeah yeah I mean it's almost as if [TS]

  there's that moment where they they had [TS]

  worked ahead of time and had you know [TS]

  several scripts ready to shoot and then [TS]

  they came in and said oh we you guys [TS]

  need to see Captain America and what [TS]

  we're going to do and it's almost as if [TS]

  that flip the switch not that they were [TS]

  even working towards that twist but just [TS]

  to say okay we're not just this weird [TS]

  little show we are part of a larger [TS]

  universe of things going on and we do [TS]

  actually have to have some connection to [TS]

  it we can't just be oh yeah I remember [TS]

  you just missed the Hulk he was just [TS]

  here and you know it did there has to be [TS]

  something that ties it into the larger [TS]

  universe and you know so going back and [TS]

  watching because I mean I gave up before [TS]

  10 episodes I i gave it more episodes [TS]

  that i usually give a new show that [TS]

  disappoints me and once it started [TS]

  getting interesting and and then Jason [TS]

  you're one of the ones who said you [TS]

  should watch this again i'm alright then [TS]

  I went back and sort of i was curious to [TS]

  see that progression and go all right [TS]

  how did they do that because yeah it's [TS]

  still not the greatest show on [TS]

  television by any stretch but the last [TS]

  five or six episodes if it was the same [TS]

  thing it's a show i actually wanted to [TS]

  watch the day it was on and I didn't [TS]

  want to get spoiled they didn't want to [TS]

  fight [TS]

  out what happened before I watched it [TS]

  and I really enjoyed the last two [TS]

  episodes and everyone can be no spoilers [TS]

  but just the resolution for the big band [TS]

  of the last story arc is the joss whedon [TS]

  assist thing Joss Whedon's productions [TS]

  have done in years it just put the [TS]

  biggest smile on my face [TS]

  yeah I feel like I feel like they [TS]

  suddenly went to the the joss whedon [TS]

  playbook for ya yi at the end of the [TS]

  season which makes you wonder why we and [TS]

  I've heard people who are fans of of [TS]

  Marvel stuff say oh well they know they [TS]

  wanted to set this up and then and then [TS]

  you know you would [TS]

  Coulson's really boring at the beginning [TS]

  because they want to resolve historic [TS]

  market like well no he's just really [TS]

  boring [TS]

  that's a terrible acts like malpractice [TS]

  to say let's start out and be really bad [TS]

  so that then we can surprise people by [TS]

  being better later no you don't do that [TS]

  you know you come out strong and they [TS]

  didn't it is ready the Looney Tunes [TS]

  thing where where bugs is watching Daffy [TS]

  do something and he says when will that [TS]

  silly duck ever remember he can fly and [TS]

  Daffy falls is not this time [TS]

  ok and it was it was almost as if you [TS]

  know when will they remember that every [TS]

  Whedon's producing this coming out and [TS]

  all of a sudden it's like oh look at [TS]

  that but i feel like i got better and [TS]

  I'm looking forward to it and they're [TS]

  also doing me that they're going to do [TS]

  the agent Carter show [TS]

  yeah which I'm looking forward to so I [TS]

  you know I I they got me back but it was [TS]

  it was a close thing because it really [TS]

  was the first half of the season was [TS]

  really really bad at it was really big [TS]

  yeah don't watch it just know start with [TS]

  episode 9 or 10 or so night Erica you [TS]

  have something I the only other show [TS]

  that I have kept up on since you know I [TS]

  moved from one country to the other [TS]

  which takes up a bit of time yeah the [TS]

  only thing I sort of manage to keep over [TS]

  that whole time was a season 5 of The [TS]

  Good Wife which i stumbledupon when i [TS]

  was here in Canada last summer like the [TS]

  beginning of the long season and it was [TS]

  on demand so I watched a few episodes in [TS]

  a row and I liked it and then went back [TS]

  to the states I kinda lost track of it [TS]

  because we didn't have cable or a PBR [TS]

  any [TS]

  think so i forgot about it until people [TS]

  on Twitter started going crazy with the [TS]

  people i follow a very nice they don't [TS]

  actually spoil things but they do that [TS]

  thing where were they freak out about [TS]

  stuff without spoiling it so you know [TS]

  something happened and I know a few [TS]

  people who watch The Good Wife pretty [TS]

  regularly and they were like oh my god I [TS]

  can't believe they did that and I was [TS]

  like oh I wonder what they did and a few [TS]

  weeks later I came back up to Canada [TS]

  turns out enough of the episodes were [TS]

  still on demand that could pick up from [TS]

  where i left off and catch up and find [TS]

  out what the holy crap moment was and it [TS]

  was it lived up to the the crazy Twitter [TS]

  hyper it was pretty intense not going to [TS]

  spoil it but I was very glad that I [TS]

  jumped back on because I've always been [TS]

  a sucker for legal courtroom dramas mean [TS]

  way back to like LA Law sucker for that [TS]

  so there's a little more I think [TS]

  external there's a lot of politics stuff [TS]

  in here which I'm not digging quite as [TS]

  much but I really really enjoyed this [TS]

  season and I had never watched any of [TS]

  this show before so this is the first [TS]

  time that I jumped on was the beginning [TS]

  of season five and I I don't feel any [TS]

  interest in particularly going back in [TS]

  and watching where it came from I'm [TS]

  happy with where I jumped in and i will [TS]

  just kind of continue forward from here [TS]

  until if they get a forecasted that [TS]

  perhaps next season might be a little [TS]

  bit more on the politics I'd than the [TS]

  courtroom side and if it goes too far in [TS]

  that direction i may end up dropping off [TS]

  but for now i am highly impressed at the [TS]

  quality of the writing and the quality [TS]

  of the performances they're getting for [TS]

  a show it has 20 some episodes per [TS]

  season as opposed to you know your [TS]

  orphan Black's your games of Thrones [TS]

  sighs well pluralized orphans orphans [TS]

  black game I was not I was going to [TS]

  bring up a The Good Wife as well which I [TS]

  bring I brought up last time we did the [TS]

  fall season yes cast and nobody watched [TS]

  already a very happy [TS]

  Erica get my wife and here she watches [TS]

  it I'm in the room when it's on [TS]

  sometimes yeah [TS]

  make sure you pay attention job it's a [TS]

  fantastic show said julianna margulies [TS]

  show right [TS]

  yeah advance it is and I don't even like [TS]

  her but she's really good [TS]

  it lives up to the I'm in the room hype [TS]

  that's how i started watching it because [TS]

  i was in the room when my wife was [TS]

  watching it and I couldn't that [TS]

  marketing plan [TS]

  apparently that's what i lure at least [TS]

  men I guess into it [TS]

  that's really good finally acted well [TS]

  written right and a shocking surprise at [TS]

  the end of the season that erica has not [TS]

  ruined so i will not either also [TS]

  excellent use of music at the beginning [TS]

  of every episode there's a montage of [TS]

  some sort of that kind of the sets you [TS]

  up for what's going to happen in the [TS]

  episode and this is another show that [TS]

  has you know an arc or multiple arcs [TS]

  that sort of span multiple episodes our [TS]

  whole season but then you also get the [TS]

  the the one-off plot that happens in [TS]

  that episode and and that gets set up at [TS]

  the beginning with a montage to music [TS]

  which is always just unbelievable it's a [TS]

  it's a cold open and by the time you get [TS]

  to the credits the opening credits [TS]

  you're just really really excited to [TS]

  watch the rest of the episode usually [TS]

  takes about 20 minutes to get to the [TS]

  opening credits but yeah that's my [TS]

  clinical open just at michael j fox is [TS]

  on it so what more do you need to his [TS]

  sitcom got cancelled so he shunted over [TS]

  the good wife [TS]

  yeah he traded up in ya way with no I [TS]

  was gonna get you [TS]

  what other one of the show's good wife [TS]

  is a good one Scott you have something [TS]

  that you will want to recommend I i [TS]

  watch veep on HBO quite entertaining oh [TS]

  yeah with the Julia Louie Dreyfus [TS]

  they're kinda could remember hitting the [TS]

  lady from seinfeld I like vice president [TS]

  lady from seinfeld yes that's right [TS]

  that's a great show and that that's a [TS]

  follow on from the thick of it which was [TS]

  the British to show the same writer [TS]

  basically the same creative team and [TS]

  that was the show starring peter capaldi [TS]

  who was the new doctor who and that that [TS]

  is on hulu and is hilarious we watching [TS]

  the vestibular that is a fantastic [TS]

  filthy language wise anyway political [TS]

  series and veep is essentially the [TS]

  continuation of that except said in [TS]

  America instead of him [TS]

  and Britain that's a good one is good [TS]

  and Tony Hale is very funny oh yeah yeah [TS]

  yeah the whole case and a clubski from [TS]

  my girl all grown up is on that show you [TS]

  remember micro the mhm yeah she's so she [TS]

  says bad words on be this is a lot of [TS]

  bad it's a little strange [TS]

  it's a little peculiar you know I i [TS]

  actually speaking of those HBO comedies [TS]

  I i find i want to mention Silicon [TS]

  Valley only because i find it funny and [TS]

  yet morally reprehensible at the same [TS]

  time I find a less money than you do but [TS]

  agree on the other part [TS]

  alright fair enough i gave it an episode [TS]

  and a half and that was all i could take [TS]

  its you don't do it for me [TS]

  the jokes I i like my judges sense of [TS]

  humor i think there are funny jokes and [TS]

  I think that it does a good job of [TS]

  satirizing some things about the [TS]

  technology industry that said there are [TS]

  vast swathes of untouched things to [TS]

  satirize and I think it says something [TS]

  about the show that it doesn't try and [TS]

  the oh no I don't think he knows those [TS]

  things like yeah it's like such a [TS]

  caricature of what you would imagine so [TS]

  like values like but clearly not written [TS]

  by anybody who actually knows what it's [TS]

  like it's like you said there are so [TS]

  many things ripe for parody and satire [TS]

  but he's not hitting those he's hitting [TS]

  like I mean maybe that will make the [TS]

  show successful it's like for people who [TS]

  don't know what the technology world is [TS]

  like this is what they imagine it might [TS]

  be like I'm going to satirize the thing [TS]

  that they imagined but that's not what [TS]

  I'm looking for and and and the the [TS]

  treatment of feet i would say the [TS]

  treatment of female characters in the [TS]

  show but honestly whatever and here's [TS]

  yeah there's there was an assistant and [TS]

  then later there was a stripper and then [TS]

  like eight like seven episodes later [TS]

  there was one of the characters [TS]

  girlfriend from from Canada actually [TS]

  believe and at yes so yeah we got a [TS]

  girlfriend a stripper and an assistant [TS]

  and you know honestly if there was ever [TS]

  anything right for satire the way women [TS]

  are treated and technology industry [TS]

  would be right there and there are women [TS]

  on the writing staff of silicon valley [TS]

  which we really baffles me and they have [TS]

  this throw one of the characters in the [TS]

  house that works for this company is [TS]

  that this throwaway character who has [TS]

  almost no line [TS]

  and uh why that couldn't have been a [TS]

  woman and they couldn't have actually [TS]

  spent the time satirizing how these [TS]

  because the characters are behaving as [TS]

  one might expect Silicon Valley type [TS]

  characters to behave and if you put a [TS]

  woman in the house with them they would [TS]

  do lots of terrible things that could be [TS]

  ripe for good satire but it's just not [TS]

  there [TS]

  hey there there are no women in the show [TS]

  and it's yeah it's just it's too bad [TS]

  because it's it's funny but I i have to [TS]

  roll my eyes and shake my head and well [TS]

  as I wanted because it is a Miss it's [TS]

  funny but it's a real real missed [TS]

  opportunity to be funnier and more [TS]

  relevant so yeah I think my problem with [TS]

  it was just the the fact that for me [TS]

  whatever show i'm watching there has to [TS]

  be at least one character that I can [TS]

  root for and get behind and I didn't [TS]

  like anybody so that just did fell flat [TS]

  for me [TS]

  yeah thinly drawn like even the male [TS]

  characters are not flush down like you [TS]

  and i think i think i like the [TS]

  characters on king of the hill had more [TS]

  depth than let me go to go back to Mike [TS]

  Judge well iight or even be position but [TS]

  i had no idea he was able to identify [TS]

  with more whereas these the male [TS]

  characters are just like joe klein [TS]

  delivery machines with tiny little [TS]

  drippings of enough plot to get you [TS]

  through the episode enough emotion to [TS]

  like or like one note i mean i watch me [TS]

  like four or five episodes or maybe it's [TS]

  it picks up after a while but it just [TS]

  now it's just not working it's of a kind [TS]

  it's always kind of like entourage two [TS]

  point O in nerd entourage now [TS]

  yeah anyway it yeah I I i have found [TS]

  humor in the episodes that I've seen and [TS]

  yet i think in the end it's a huge [TS]

  missed opportunity and yeah so i just [TS]

  want to mention that i don't recommend [TS]

  it it's not my recommended why do i do [TS]

  have one recommended yes please [TS]

  is not is not one that I made fun of [TS]

  before one thing that's just sort of [TS]

  blown my mind that that anybody got away [TS]

  with making it is fargo which finished [TS]

  up just as we started recording tonight [TS]

  ten episodes of just I don't know it's [TS]

  it's sort of this tightrope between [TS]

  paying homage to the coen brothers film [TS]

  and then answering little coen brothers [TS]

  references throughout to other films but [TS]

  somehow creating well-rounded [TS]

  interesting characters separate from [TS]

  that and you don't really think about [TS]

  the movie and you get to watch martin [TS]

  freeman being evil which is wonderful [TS]

  and and billy bob thornton being billy [TS]

  bob thornton and but they're just it's i [TS]

  mean it's beautifully written [TS]

  beautifully shot there's several [TS]

  shootouts that are just tremendously [TS]

  filmed just beautifully staged one of [TS]

  which one of them i I'm I'm sure part of [TS]

  it was just to save money but the camera [TS]

  stays outside this building the entire [TS]

  time and tracks along as billy bob [TS]

  thornton is inside shooting people right [TS]

  and left and then so you'll see like the [TS]

  flash of the above again going off in a [TS]

  window and you'll hear the voices and [TS]

  everything but you don't see anything [TS]

  until someone finally flies out the [TS]

  window near the end of the sequence [TS]

  it's amazing it's beautifully done and i [TS]

  have i'm convinced that was purely a [TS]

  budget thing you know they thought hey [TS]

  this would be a really cool way to shoot [TS]

  up a massacre in a building [TS]

  I'm really making it sound fun aren't I [TS]

  what else [TS]

  no but the the nice thing about it [TS]

  unlike a lot of the anti-hero shows you [TS]

  know breaking bad was there is a real [TS]

  counterbalance of good smart people [TS]

  fighting the smart bad people and and [TS]

  just sort of a baseline decency to the [TS]

  world and see you you really get to see [TS]

  the anti-heroes pervert that instead of [TS]

  you know going hey go Walter White [TS]

  a which i think is really interesting [TS]

  compared to a lot of the breaking bad on [TS]

  the shield and you all these things were [TS]

  you rooting for the bad guy in this one [TS]

  theory there are actually good smart [TS]

  people to root for [TS]

  so it's just it's it's well worth taking [TS]

  a look at but i will i will say it is a [TS]

  little bit more graphic than it needs to [TS]

  be sometimes they could do a lot more [TS]

  with off-screen what would you say for [TS]

  somebody who really did not like that [TS]

  movie still worth checking out [TS]

  it's perfect for you well if you like [TS]

  martin freeman i do what if you like [TS]

  Martin Freeman a lot but you're really [TS]

  don't like billy bob thornton don't do [TS]

  it don't do it okay [TS]

  that's where am I haven't seen it but [TS]

  mr. Philip Michaels who by all accounts [TS]

  would like a show like this i know he [TS]

  watched the pilot and his review of it [TS]

  on Twitter largely consisted of the word [TS]

  hated like as many times as you treated [TS]

  in a tweet across several tweets and [TS]

  that scared me off i think we've got [TS]

  them all sitting on the DVR and I'm just [TS]

  a little concerned because that's what [TS]

  that was some real anger that he brought [TS]

  to bear on the Fargo pilot it's really [TS]

  the fourth episode where it it's [TS]

  suddenly because you get to the point [TS]

  you go where are they going [TS]

  it is is this a thing is this something [TS]

  in an episode for it just sort of flip [TS]

  again flips the switch and elevates it [TS]

  into its own thing yeah so I mean I'm i [TS]

  see what he means and and yet it is a in [TS]

  response to much it's sort of like they [TS]

  could have done a lot more with offstage [TS]

  things you know we don't need to see [TS]

  graphic violence you know and and so [TS]

  that's why i like that but when shootout [TS]

  sequence is really amazing because you [TS]

  still get all the violence but you don't [TS]

  get to see it you you imagine it's going [TS]

  to be much worse than anything they [TS]

  could show you which is nice so yeah [TS]

  it's i would say give it a try if you [TS]

  don't like it by the end of the fourth [TS]

  one walk away and if you don't like [TS]

  billy bob thornton just run right it [TS]

  don't even walk up [TS]

  now because he's coming for you better [TS]

  run did we already talked about the [TS]

  walking dead on a previous show no not [TS]

  we have talked about that in a while but [TS]

  I'm us a full season ba and I'll give [TS]

  you the but they be tiny capsule summer [TS]

  without spoiling the most recent season [TS]

  I i liked it i thought it was a [TS]

  refreshing change of pace in terms of [TS]

  structuring the episodes i even though [TS]

  the arc for the season could also be [TS]

  argued that nothing really happens they [TS]

  don't go anywhere just such a nice [TS]

  change instead of you know if you've [TS]

  seen the prison season right Jason 30 so [TS]

  that that whole run was kind of like [TS]

  started to feel a little claustrophobic [TS]

  in terms of this structure and the [TS]

  storytelling and how did each episode it [TS]

  was just nice to break out of that so I [TS]

  think I think you really enjoy the [TS]

  season even though it ends on monday [TS]

  always been a cliffhanger whatever [TS]

  certain way that you know they things [TS]

  come to a head in the season ends [TS]

  because that's that's the formula which [TS]

  is fine i thought that was a little bit [TS]

  silly but I i enjoyed the trip of the [TS]

  season it felt like if I kind of a [TS]

  vacation for you know for a show about [TS]

  zombies constantly killing people and [TS]

  did we talk about trutech now I was [TS]

  going to say I i should mention true [TS]

  detective which probably could could [TS]

  withstand a series of podcasts on their [TS]

  own not just don't even just one episode [TS]

  of all on its own to just mention in it [TS]

  i'm interested in you know what you [TS]

  thought of it and anybody who watched it [TS]

  I watched it all like two months after [TS]

  it aired and so I didn't have any of the [TS]

  water cooler conversation I didn't have [TS]

  any of the build-up to the final episode [TS]

  we watched it sort of every night or [TS]

  every other night over the course of a [TS]

  couple weeks and I enjoyed the whole [TS]

  thing but I didn't you [TS]

  my understanding is that it the last [TS]

  episode everybody kind of built up that [TS]

  and had theories about what it was going [TS]

  to be and all that stuff and then a lot [TS]

  of people were disappointed i gotta say [TS]

  outside of the the bubble of everybody [TS]

  having putting all their expert [TS]

  expectations in a basket and just [TS]

  watching it is something that you know [TS]

  in in a vacuum it was just enjoyable and [TS]

  and riveting I couldn't take my eyes off [TS]

  of it for the entire run some good [TS]

  actors huh [TS]

  it's a pretty polly doing you to make [TS]

  them only to a one-season commitment you [TS]

  get some good actor [TS]

  no John I gotta say if you had told me [TS]

  like eight years ago that there's going [TS]

  to be a really serious HBO drama and [TS]

  it's gonna start woody harrelson and [TS]

  Matthew McConaughey I'd be like well [TS]

  that's a flop is it about like a retired [TS]

  baseball player who's gonna take it one [TS]

  more try something like that well that [TS]

  didn't ask Matthew McConaughey to do [TS]

  much other than B Matthew McConaughey [TS]

  but he's a really good Matthew [TS]

  McConaughey like when he does that thing [TS]

  and he's all you know something like [TS]

  that [TS]

  I thought the I mean that's the thing [TS]

  with the people to theories in the [TS]

  arcade like wait like everyone knew this [TS]

  was going to be a single-season thing [TS]

  you know it's not going to be like oh [TS]

  this essential mystery is like going to [TS]

  like what about this secret [TS]

  organizations likely you have time to do [TS]

  that you're not going to wrap that up in [TS]

  a season the whole show was always about [TS]

  the characters and they just focus on [TS]

  them relentlessly like it was just the [TS]

  cameras were in their faces every you [TS]

  know episode after episode there weren't [TS]

  even that many characters like our main [TS]

  characters and like associated [TS]

  girlfriends and bosses and coworkers and [TS]

  the handful of antagonists and then you [TS]

  know the silent humid Menace of the [TS]

  South I guess it worked for me [TS]

  yeah it's actually the actors that have [TS]

  kept me away from it it's so if it's [TS]

  really just focusing on those characters [TS]

  I i think i will steer clear because if [TS]

  there's one person I like less than [TS]

  billy-bob thornton is woody harrelson [TS]

  gonna see your black book of actors here [TS]

  that you can see that really thought [TS]

  about throwing a good actor [TS]

  oh he's really good don't get me wrong i [TS]

  think he's fantastic at what he does [TS]

  it's just almost always I don't like [TS]

  that type of character [TS]

  same thing with woody harrelson and [TS]

  Matthew McConaughey could kind of go [TS]

  either way for me i'm not a woody [TS]

  harrelson fan at all and I thought it [TS]

  was great i thought it was I thought it [TS]

  was perfect because i think it's a [TS]

  perfect match of material with the [TS]

  actors like they're they are perfectly [TS]

  cast the the material you know if it [TS]

  wasn't written for them than it was [TS]

  they were perfectly selected to perform [TS]

  it and that that's that goes a long way [TS]

  even an even if an actor is not somebody [TS]

  you like and you like to still like the [TS]

  stuff they do every now and then they [TS]

  you know if they're in the right thing [TS]

  they can be amazing and Woody [TS]

  Harrelson's a perfect example i do I [TS]

  don't like him as an actor and he's [TS]

  great [TS]

  true detective you think true detective [TS]

  was kind of at [TS]

  aimed at men more or less likely the [TS]

  tanks that these characters feel we have [TS]

  a responsibility they feel like they [TS]

  just it is it is a show the story of [TS]

  nurturing man for men like it totally [TS]

  spoke to me on that level and I could [TS]

  imagine the women not relating as much [TS]

  because I mean right that I don't again [TS]

  this like the women are just the wives [TS]

  in the show but this is all about like [TS]

  these people's lives and where they're [TS]

  on their lives and the framing device [TS]

  was was clever and let's see and like it [TS]

  you know I I'd something it was a show [TS]

  made for us I think that's why we got [TS]

  like you know I I didn't dislike it I [TS]

  haven't finished it because I ambivalent [TS]

  about it and I don't really care how to [TS]

  end so i can be attached three episodes [TS]

  maybe an electrode it's got well now I [TS]

  don't have to watch the rescue your [TS]

  ranks may be of a different stripe Scott [TS]

  so maybe that's not speaking the same [TS]

  level III think it's it's pretty clear [TS]

  that my eggs is quite different than [TS]

  those kids everything I like the decay [TS]

  and it that these are these are people [TS]

  who have a mean it's not like these are [TS]

  people who are unraveling the way it's [TS]

  structured these are people who have [TS]

  unraveled and you're going to talk and [TS]

  then and then we need multiple timeframe [TS]

  flashback things you're going to see [TS]

  them before they unravel door before one [TS]

  of them unraveled all the way and before [TS]

  the other one unraveled at all and that [TS]

  and then you see them fall apart further [TS]

  and then you see them after they have [TS]

  unraveled and what happens then which I [TS]

  i found that fascinating that it's not [TS]

  just that the oppressive heat and [TS]

  decaying atmosphere of of the bottom of [TS]

  the swamp but it's also the oppressive [TS]

  decaying lives of these people that and [TS]

  they fall apart for a reason like oh [TS]

  yeah I go there was you know or it's not [TS]

  just like a little give me like all that [TS]

  gonna be busy all what you like to get [TS]

  there you know it's just their they're [TS]

  kinda they start with the same an insane [TS]

  world and eventually end up is insane [TS]

  man and inseparable the corruption and [TS]

  like the evil that's down there and just [TS]

  and repressed things in their own lives [TS]

  that have just been sitting there like [TS]

  time bombs waiting to go off in like the [TS]

  combination of them together just causes [TS]

  more destruction not an uplifting show [TS]

  people I like that it is not i mean i [TS]

  like [TS]

  the acting I loved the look of it but [TS]

  the whole time I kept thinking wow [TS]

  you've read a lot of James Lee Burke [TS]

  novels awesome you know and and it just [TS]

  made me want to see a James Lee Burke [TS]

  adaptation done well without that they [TS]

  should just move the canada that will [TS]

  solve all their problems [TS]

  speak ya vermont i mean come on just get [TS]

  back out of the above the mason-dixon [TS]

  line out of the bayou [TS]

  everything will be better yeah no other [TS]

  shows before we shift gears to two [TS]

  people with swords getting their heads [TS]

  cut off [TS]

  I still enjoyed a whole season of the [TS]

  blacklist how I still haven't watched [TS]

  that that's one that's on my list [TS]

  because I pretty likely he'll watch [TS]

  anything with james spader and it just [TS]

  haven't gotten around to it yet he is at [TS]

  his james spader easiest yes James [TS]

  Spader actually hurts [TS]

  matthew mcconaughey and and billy bob [TS]

  thornton no i-i've noticing no no that's [TS]

  terrible friend [TS]

  yeah yeah i like to shake things up well [TS]

  if you like Spader being Spader there is [TS]

  no nothing more spidery then the [TS]

  blacklist it's literally feel Michael [TS]

  and I were talking about this because I [TS]

  think he recapped this for television [TS]

  without pity before it went out of [TS]

  business is literally the show is [TS]

  there's a lady who works for the I don't [TS]

  know CIA FBI ya f FBA OS CBI I don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  and then there are they're criminals and [TS]

  their crimes and they measure of solvent [TS]

  literally the point of the show is that [TS]

  at some point James Spader appears and [TS]

  he does his spider thing and then he [TS]

  goes away again and maybe comes back a [TS]

  couple of times but it's like literally [TS]

  he parachutes in and it's like full [TS]

  intense Spader and then he's gone again [TS]

  and it's actually man its baby does [TS]

  whatever james spader can which is a lot [TS]

  and and it's kind of I its kind of [TS]

  brilliant because it is it is like hey [TS]

  you want to show with james spader in it [TS]

  but you don't want to be overwhelmed by [TS]

  james spader we got the mixture right [TS]

  with the black list and they kind of do [TS]

  i have to admit that like certain plot [TS]

  points i think have been spoiled for me [TS]

  simply because I've seen the promos on [TS]

  Canadian television but I'm still [TS]

  interested enough that i had planned to [TS]

  go back and watch from the beginning [TS]

  eventually well it's a lot of fun with a [TS]

  lot of gruesome crimes that happen [TS]

  james spader being brilliant and it [TS]

  towards the end of last couple of [TS]

  episodes a lad add some layers and some [TS]

  things happen that make it interesting [TS]

  and if you use an evil Alan Alda so [TS]

  really I'm gonna come on i am sold [TS]

  speaking of actors I can't watch reviews [TS]

  didn't used to watch i still love [TS]

  Brooklyn nine-nine [TS]

  despite the fact that I've never been a [TS]

  fan of andy samberg yes that's my [TS]

  favorite sitcom on the air and I don't [TS]

  like Andy Samberg here but he's paying [TS]

  attention when it's got a great ensemble [TS]

  and I mean just putting him against [TS]

  Andre miss scrutiny Samberg [TS]

  yeah he's always know James Spader no no [TS]

  Franklin nine that would be so much [TS]

  better if James Spader were in it haha [TS]

  i'll but the office of the office [TS]

  mushrooms and andre and Andre Braugher [TS]

  is it and I can't believe I'm saying [TS]

  this is hilarious in brooklyn and it's [TS]

  such a great use of Andre Braugher and [TS]

  if you remember him from homicide [TS]

  it's just an extra layer because he's [TS]

  essentially essentially playing you know [TS]

  serious cop character like on homicide [TS]

  except he is the straight man for a [TS]

  series of ridiculous jokes and it's just [TS]

  it's a great i love that show that is my [TS]

  that is absolutely far away my favorite [TS]

  come on do it knowing how the creator's [TS]

  love homicide and the wire [TS]

  I mean they've got comedy McNulty vs [TS]

  common comedy Pembleton which is yeah [TS]

  brilliant you know it's comedy its [TS]

  comedy [TS]

  yeah definitely worth checking out I [TS]

  start watching Bob's Burgers because [TS]

  everybody said I should watch it on its [TS]

  funny [TS]

  yeah I got I got hooked on that last [TS]

  year when i was sick in bed for like two [TS]

  days mainlines the whole first and [TS]

  second seasons i was hooked right any [TS]

  last words of other other shows [TS]

  how's that masters of sex come in there [TS]

  scott i watch that a oh alright it's [TS]

  over [TS]

  well the first season's over there and [TS]

  it was fine i just have a memory of you [TS]

  recommending it and that's making jokes [TS]

  some guy I can't remember how it ends [TS]

  frankly but i think every everyone was [TS]

  satisfied [TS]

  take that I could ask for nothing more [TS]

  from that show that everybody getting [TS]

  some satisfaction at the end and the [TS]

  only other thing I've been watching has [TS]

  been pretty much reality cooking shows [TS]

  and john oliver's new HBO show all i got [TS]

  a lot of fun quite like I'm enjoying [TS]

  that that do i only see John Oliver show [TS]

  in the YouTube clips that make it to my [TS]

  Twitter feed but those I enjoy it's a [TS]

  good it's good actually was it when he [TS]

  took over the Daily Show last summer [TS]

  when Jon Stewart shooting his movie i [TS]

  started watching because i wasn't his [TS]

  podcast beautiful which is an excellent [TS]

  podcast and I really enjoyed it and [TS]

  what's happened since then as I now [TS]

  record the daily show and we'll watch [TS]

  those at least we'll watch the first [TS]

  segment or two of almost every episode [TS]

  of The Daily Show plus now the John [TS]

  Oliver HBO show so that's that's uh I'm [TS]

  kind of grateful that I've gotten back [TS]

  into into the daily show and now the [TS]

  John Oliver show is essentially like a [TS]

  very compressed extended expansive Daily [TS]

  Show which I'm wearing [TS]

  well yeah which with swearing and people [TS]

  are like why can't I be saying bad words [TS]

  like well if you listen to the buccal he [TS]

  says all the bad words but i like about [TS]

  it is he seems to be having these longer [TS]

  pieces that get excerpted on youtube [TS]

  that are you know they feel more [TS]

  carefully constructed and have more [TS]

  depth than your everyday because you [TS]

  can't do that if you're doing four shows [TS]

  a week on comedy central [TS]

  so I i can feel that they're spending [TS]

  more time writing and researching the [TS]

  pieces that they're doing then they [TS]

  would with your average daily show piece [TS]

  and it's also run by a former Daily Show [TS]

  head writer too so it's it's very much [TS]

  the same DNA is through the show ya sty [TS]

  what I would love them to experiment [TS]

  with that format and not just be the [TS]

  daily show on sunday night on a gel well [TS]

  they've got that the danger of SNL [TS]

  effect when you have all week to come up [TS]

  with it and you're so sure this route [TS]

  this segment is gonna be awesome and you [TS]

  make it long if it's not good and gabby [TS]

  from the first two minutes you just got [TS]

  to go through with it anyways whereas [TS]

  Daily Show has has bumps segments their [TS]

  30 seconds long you're in around four or [TS]

  it's like like weekend update on SNL now [TS]

  half the time the jokes the pop-up I've [TS]

  already seen like 50 times on Twitter [TS]

  during the week [TS]

  because you're all funny to you know or [TS]

  family you're late again or The Daily [TS]

  Show got to them for the exam is that we [TS]

  get updated just poor man's you know [TS]

  Daily Show type thing that was the [TS]

  myself John Oliver was on Seth Meyers uh [TS]

  Late Night with Seth Meyers and I [TS]

  recorded it and they pointed out that [TS]

  their jobs have reversed because now [TS]

  Seth Meyers has to make jokes every day [TS]

  and John Oliver has to sit back for a [TS]

  week and what John Oliver says yeah it's [TS]

  really weird if you screw something up [TS]

  you gotta sit there and still on it for [TS]

  an entire week whereas if it's you know [TS]

  you just come back the next day and get [TS]

  it right if you're on a daily show [TS]

  anyway John Oliver's funny guy and [TS]

  that's a good show and he does a bad [TS]

  where he doesn't count if you say them [TS]

  in a British accent although i will say [TS]

  this the bugle bleeps out too bad words [TS]

  and I'm they did that because they were [TS]

  originally on The Times of London I [TS]

  think website and even though they're [TS]

  independent they keep bleeping them and [TS]

  they say it's because it's funnier and i [TS]

  think it is I actually think it's [TS]

  funnier with the bleeps and that HBO [TS]

  probably wouldn't let them bleep the [TS]

  f-word out for John Oliver but you know [TS]

  what on the bugle it's really funny that [TS]

  they believe it because you can do lots [TS]

  of things with a series of bleeps and [TS]

  leaving it to your imagination about [TS]

  exactly what parts that you know so it's [TS]

  kind of funny did it to him on [TS]

  unbleached with those words because i'm [TS]

  not sure it's actually funnier than the [TS]

  the sound effects lose your funding [TS]

  throne spoiler horns [TS]

  hey wait a second [TS]

  that transition should we talk about gay [TS]

  my friends with a spoiler horn spoiler [TS]

  bleep all right uh David you can just [TS]

  stare at the wall now I i will i will [TS]

  zone out okay i'll meet you guys and [TS]

  we'll talk about the the games of [TS]

  Thrones I i will before we begin I will [TS]

  say i'm on the record for about like [TS]

  seven hours of her know one another [TS]

  half-hour episodes we did the TV podcast [TS]

  this year we brought it back and we did [TS]

  a monte actually and I and then brian [TS]

  hamilton for a few weeks when i was gone [TS]

  you did a great job brokered broke down [TS]

  every episode after area for about half [TS]

  an hour and we just did a season finale [TS]

  that included sort of some seasoned [TS]

  overview and it was like an hour-long so [TS]

  I feel like I talked a lot about Game of [TS]

  Thrones but it's out there if you want [TS]

  to listen to it i'm curious what you [TS]

  guys thought about this season as a [TS]

  whole [TS]

  yeah I kind of a even beginning I wasn't [TS]

  sure what the season was going as you [TS]

  have the problem of like where did we [TS]

  leave off last time was winter still [TS]

  coming [TS]

  yeah that's a masters of sex you know [TS]

  white walkers were walking somewhere you [TS]

  know is this the Fire fireworks factory [TS]

  effect again that I've complained about [TS]

  in past seasons like how long how slutty [TS]

  is White Walkers like you know 40 years [TS]

  in the desert like it's not that big [TS]

  like me anyway I don't know how slowly [TS]

  walk but they have that thing hanging [TS]

  over your head and since I don't know [TS]

  the books at all i have no idea when [TS]

  this stuff is going to come to head up [TS]

  but kind of like The Walking Dead I [TS]

  enjoyed in this season that they had you [TS]

  know that they played with the story [TS]

  structure a little bit and they had [TS]

  episodes where your favorite character [TS]

  didn't appear at all they had one [TS]

  episode where they spend the entire [TS]

  episode with the same group [TS]

  episode with the same group [TS]

  characters in a single location which is [TS]

  unheard of on this show other and [TS]

  invaded the Blackwater episode that was [TS]

  like all the characters writer that is [TS]

  everyone coming together but this was [TS]

  like there's a bunch of other characters [TS]

  often other places they're not involved [TS]

  in this episode at all this episode is [TS]

  all about the wall it's all about the [TS]

  people on either side of the wall and [TS]

  just don't worry about what earrings [TS]

  doing right [TS]

  I so that kind of was refreshing and I [TS]

  liked a lot of those episodes that and [TS]

  i'm kind of annoyed that things are not [TS]

  progressing even though it's like oh but [TS]

  they kill off characters all the time I [TS]

  don't know if that counts progress and [TS]

  I'm a little bit said like I mean as [TS]

  everybody is part of the show's thing [TS]

  when they call your favorite characters [TS]

  but I feel like oh they're killing off [TS]

  the most interesting characters so you [TS]

  know spoiler horn [TS]

  Stannis still around he's boring and my [TS]

  favorite guy is not around anymore and [TS]

  I'm said and so I think going forward [TS]

  unlike that you know I'm like orphan [TS]

  black they can't just drop a new clone [TS]

  and be like oh here's a new interesting [TS]

  character like the pieces are more or [TS]

  less on the board and they can I guess [TS]

  introduce some new characters like they [TS]

  did this season briefly but some of my [TS]

  favorites are leaving and I was like I [TS]

  wanted to see more of that person and so [TS]

  I assume they're not going to come back [TS]

  as a clone and it's not gonna be [TS]

  somebody else so in some ways I'm sad [TS]

  about how things are progressing because [TS]

  they started not picking my favorites [TS]

  like I was ok with sean bean getting [TS]

  lopped off because like there were so [TS]

  many other interesting characters but in [TS]

  some ways I'm a little bit in mourning [TS]

  for the show but i have to say i enjoyed [TS]

  watching every episode this season and I [TS]

  was definitely along for the ride and [TS]

  it's still it's one of the like you said [TS]

  that the show you want to watch like [TS]

  when it's on immediately [TS]

  yeah I pretty much always want to see [TS]

  Game of Thrones when it's areas [TS]

  real-time and has no commercial so i can [TS]

  do that so it's great [TS]

  yeah but who am curious who your [TS]

  favorite guys were that you're not [TS]

  getting to see anywhere i really like [TS]

  Tywin oh I know we didn't like it but I [TS]

  felt like he was the only guy was trying [TS]

  to hold this place together and everyone [TS]

  else was like getting in his way and [TS]

  he's like this i don't care about your [TS]

  feelings don't you see I'm trying to [TS]

  rule the world here and it's like all [TS]

  you're going to go up but what about [TS]

  this but daddy didn't love me it's like [TS]

  please you know how hard it is to keep [TS]

  this all together and you guys are just [TS]

  adorable and I thought he had a good [TS]

  character arc 2 is just a shame that he [TS]

  didn't get to travel the rest of his [TS]

  character arc like not that you want to [TS]

  see him say oh you know Terry and I [TS]

  finally realized that you are the son [TS]

  that I always wish i had you are the [TS]

  most likely of any of my children all [TS]

  the children truly worthless [TS]

  the only thing that's bad about you is [TS]

  your short I don't want it don't need [TS]

  him to go through that but I do want him [TS]

  to his hang-ups seemed like it seem [TS]

  beneath him he seemed more intelligent [TS]

  and with it and pragmatic to be hanging [TS]

  up on the psycho your monster where [TS]

  Cersei I can totally believe tastier and [TS]

  she's terrible [TS]

  so why does he let why does he let his [TS]

  crib his crazy daughter Trump up charges [TS]

  on his son who totally didn't kill the [TS]

  awful king that even if he did kill him [TS]

  he ought to have a metal [TS]

  I mean it could have had a master plan [TS]

  their you know well I think smart part [TS]

  of that might have been just because you [TS]

  know he's in the materials been known as [TS]

  the IMP far and wide he's bad PR and [TS]

  when you're when you're trying to stand [TS]

  behind the throne you really need good [TS]

  PR so you know getting rid of him [TS]

  well that's that's one way to do it help [TS]

  us entire he is the MPS kind of a [TS]

  physical method manifestation of the [TS]

  inner soul of Tywin right so it reminds [TS]

  him that he is Tywin on the outside is a [TS]

  handsome older gentleman on the inside [TS]

  he is a horrible horrible man and he [TS]

  sees that in his son because he wants [TS]

  everyone has to be pretty but by hand [TS]

  Tyrion isn't terrible bow to your heart [TS]

  earring is essentially good and has the [TS]

  brains that he inherited from his father [TS]

  and that the gift for strategy and for [TS]

  taking his emotions out of things to try [TS]

  to get things to happen he's just not as [TS]

  successful well in his in his father's I [TS]

  he is not that too good a because he has [TS]

  these physical limitations and be [TS]

  because he doesn't take his family name [TS]

  seriously he wastes his potential [TS]

  quickly and perhaps see because he [TS]

  killed Tywin's wife upon being boring [TS]

  show [TS]

  yeah i mean that's that that type of [TS]

  hang-up like oh I can't stand you [TS]

  because you're short and you killed your [TS]

  mother by being born is the kind of [TS]

  stupidity that i would say that Cersei [TS]

  is totally on board with because that's [TS]

  what she's like but but the time when I [TS]

  feel like would be about that anyway [TS]

  it's more it's more like I again I never [TS]

  read the book so maybe this is all in [TS]

  keeping with the character but that [TS]

  actor had such sort of gravitas and [TS]

  played that role and sort of like such [TS]

  an intelligent way like all his [TS]

  interactions and strategies and his [TS]

  dealings with others were always [TS]

  thoughtful and strategic and like [TS]

  towards the end is like they let their [TS]

  lettuce prejudices or whatever get the [TS]

  better of him but he's undone [TS]

  he's undone by his children he is undone [TS]

  by his and presumably especially since [TS]

  his wife died in childbirth with with [TS]

  Tyrion he is reaping what he sowed in [TS]

  being a terrible father who didn't I [TS]

  mean his his two older children are you [TS]

  know sleeping with each other and his [TS]

  younger one is this a brilliant and yet [TS]

  allowed to sort of be beaten down and [TS]

  twisted and he's a disappointment [TS]

  physically to him and you know you could [TS]

  tie one have I I feel like he's let down [TS]

  by the way that hehehe his children fail [TS]

  him and he failed them and that that's [TS]

  what gets him in the end is is because [TS]

  it's not only in that last episode we [TS]

  see him get killed by Tyrion after after [TS]

  all of this but he also gets confronted [TS]

  by seriously who basically says you know [TS]

  you know that Jamie and I really do [TS]

  really are sleeping together and those [TS]

  kids really are ours right and now that [TS]

  that's an amazing seem to so it's like [TS]

  you know he he's got his big strategy [TS]

  together but in the end his family and [TS]

  his personal life and raising his [TS]

  children [TS]

  that's the thing that gets him not the [TS]

  big strategy stuff it was terrible [TS]

  terrible father i agree that i have to [TS]

  agree that he is great i would have been [TS]

  happy to see 3 more scenes and every [TS]

  single episode of Just Charles dance [TS]

  talking to diana wreck [TS]

  ok and yes I wanted to just see them go [TS]

  back and forth interact it was those are [TS]

  the best parts so that involve anyone [TS]

  put them both in either Doctor Who or [TS]

  the next star wars is one of these guys [TS]

  is a time when the next star wars [TS]

  because he should be he would look [TS]

  perfect and imperial diana rigg was [TS]

  actually just in Doctor Who so who got [TS]

  that yeah yeah Charles dance should be [TS]

  in lots of things and you're right he [TS]

  would be a you'd make an excellent did [TS]

  you say on twitter like bacon [TS]

  excellencies lord but I don't know [TS]

  that's probably done more but because we [TS]

  didn't same purpose you guys I get you I [TS]

  get you guys mixed up with your voices [TS]

  it and i also like the hound I mean I [TS]

  thought oh that has character was [TS]

  interesting and they gave him a they [TS]

  flush them out a little bit but and then [TS]

  he goes away [TS]

  I was ok with the timing of him leaving [TS]

  I felt like if he were to progress any [TS]

  farther I think it would've been too [TS]

  much for me he was he was this tough guy [TS]

  who was bad but maybe not as bad as we [TS]

  thought I just didn't want but pretty [TS]

  bad i like the fact that he was bad but [TS]

  he's friendly but no actually he's [TS]

  pretty bad but nobody's kinda nice and [TS]

  his brothers mean to him but you know so [TS]

  that's and that's the thing I was [TS]

  worried about if they if he would have [TS]

  stayed alive much longer I would have [TS]

  been frightened of them softening him [TS]

  too much and I liked him being at that [TS]

  level and I feel like if he would have [TS]

  stayed at that level for too much longer [TS]

  it might have gotten boring so [TS]

  I'm i'm ok with his his are coming to a [TS]

  close right there in that way killers [TS]

  are people too and it's interesting as [TS]

  someone who's read all the books to [TS]

  watch how the show is diverging from the [TS]

  books in some small and some very large [TS]

  ways yes and I'm someone who doesn't [TS]

  really even remember what happens in the [TS]

  books because i'm watching I'm thinking [TS]

  this this does not happen [TS]

  yeah and then something new happens that [TS]

  I like what yeah I talked to my friend [TS]

  who is about about the Hound dying about [TS]

  what happened in the show and he had [TS]

  read the books and when the hand gets [TS]

  the scratch on his neck early in the [TS]

  season i was like i said as i often do [TS]

  maybe 30 comments and life inside [TS]

  realistically all these people should be [TS]

  dying due to lack of antibiotics because [TS]

  they're constantly getting scraped and [TS]

  cod yeah and i know they had cargo [TS]

  essentially die from that in in season 1 [TS]

  but everybody is all cut off and there's [TS]

  no antibiotics they would all die from [TS]

  infection and my understanding is that [TS]

  is how pound dies in the yeah well he [TS]

  gets he gets in a fight and then the [TS]

  infection gets him but they rerun wrote [TS]

  this to we end up with this i love that [TS]

  scene where where we have 3n & the hound [TS]

  fighting and she gets to see Aria and [TS]

  have that and and have a brief moment [TS]

  was like I'm supposed to save you and [TS]

  that's all invented for the the TV show [TS]

  and is not in the books but I i really [TS]

  like that they did it and i really [TS]

  enjoyed that seen it got them [TS]

  it got those characters where they [TS]

  needed to be but instead of having them [TS]

  run into some more people just wandering [TS]

  around somewhere in him getting wounded [TS]

  and dying it we got a scene with other [TS]

  characters that we like and and i like [TS]

  that i like Aria stubbornly resisting [TS]

  ever being saved like no matter who it [TS]

  is no matter whatever like you know I'm [TS]

  you know like that it's it's almost as [TS]

  if you saw her brothers and her mother [TS]

  and father should be like you know what [TS]

  no because she's like she's stumbling on [TS]

  her own and the resolution of this you [TS]

  think who she's gonna go with she can [TS]

  stay with the house she has a bond with [TS]

  him you're gonna believe brie and feel [TS]

  safer over there [TS]

  nope neither one she's on around he's [TS]

  got that coin like the hounds said there [TS]

  is no safe place for her just totally [TS]

  true [TS]

  whoever she goes with it's still a bad [TS]

  choice i want to thank you letter from [TS]

  Bri and I mean she's that's safer than [TS]

  going by yourself but of course you [TS]

  magically gets to the seashore where the [TS]

  men [TS]

  reloading salt without incident well [TS]

  that was there's a shortcut there you [TS]

  know one of the things I really liked [TS]

  about that last episode was was the brie [TS]

  and Aria sort of coming together even [TS]

  though they didn't stay together i liked [TS]

  seeing some of the disparate threads [TS]

  weaving their way together like so that [TS]

  was one you know the hounds and and bri [TS]

  and fighting with was very cool and then [TS]

  also Stannis suddenly showing up in the [TS]

  North yeah we knew it was gonna happen [TS]

  it was before shadowed but I completely [TS]

  agree that Stannis is pretty darn boring [TS]

  however it was cool to see that part of [TS]

  the story just swoop up-and-coming [TS]

  seemingly out of nowhere status is [TS]

  interesting what he's doing things the [TS]

  problem is that he sort of didn't do [TS]

  anything for a very long time and part [TS]

  of that was setting up this you know [TS]

  haha now i'm here at the wall something [TS]

  that uh Monty pointed out on the TV [TS]

  podcast is you know which I agree with [TS]

  and I think it's essentially what you [TS]

  said which is isn't it great when you [TS]

  see these characters have been totally [TS]

  different parts and suddenly they're [TS]

  together and your gate around the same [TS]

  show [TS]

  I do like San Suu got to go and be at [TS]

  the North now that's exciting you [TS]

  haven't been up there yet and I'm trip [TS]

  and and i liked the fact that we see his [TS]

  horses and stuff in formation and it [TS]

  does give give you that feeling like [TS]

  this is what happens when a real army [TS]

  with a real king shows up it's the [TS]

  wildlings who are just like a mob with [TS]

  real money borrowed from the iron bank [TS]

  right yeah exactly that's right they got [TS]

  their money to get the horse make of [TS]

  this fancy flags and they're all running [TS]

  in formation and I thought that was a I [TS]

  thought that was really cool and I just [TS]

  I do love that collision of characters [TS]

  that that brand has been on this quest [TS]

  to find the girls finally sees one of [TS]

  them and she falls you know through her [TS]

  fingers she doesn't get a chance just to [TS]

  save her and is immediately questioned [TS]

  by the Hound about how are you gonna [TS]

  save her [TS]

  where you going to take her they're all [TS]

  dead which is a nice way to revisit all [TS]

  these characters that we have lost over [TS]

  the last few years I mean having him say [TS]

  you know all of the Starks are dead [TS]

  there's nowhere for her to go anymore [TS]

  well that's the thing like the whole you [TS]

  know that is kind of thing that a lesser [TS]

  show we like oh they just can end up not [TS]

  meeting with each other by you know they [TS]

  keep passing each other and [TS]

  it is a goodness or whatever but like [TS]

  this and everyone run that the red [TS]

  wedding they did that right we're [TS]

  outside the gate so well but this one [TS]

  its realistic for all of them to think [TS]

  everybody's dead like for them to think [TS]

  that Santa is dead i mean like what it [TS]

  is totally it's not like all you're just [TS]

  being fatalistic they might still be [TS]

  alive it's totally the safe bet that [TS]

  everybody's dead when we know that [TS]

  there's a few of them still alive and [TS]

  I'm not finding each other feels like it [TS]

  is true to the way it would happen and [TS]

  not like the show is manipulating us [TS]

  into having them like both go to the [TS]

  same bakery five minutes apart whatever [TS]

  right [TS]

  I did love that bakery scene though yeah [TS]

  there was some good do some good big hot [TS]

  pie pie pie nobody that there's nothing [TS]

  more exciting than seeing hot pie come [TS]

  back that was that was very that was [TS]

  great it served a plot point plus we got [TS]

  to see hot pie and he's okay he didn't [TS]

  get stead [TS]

  he's baking pies he's improving at [TS]

  baking pies that was so much better than [TS]

  the first one [TS]

  speaking of characters that I didn't [TS]

  like I was glad to see what's your name [TS]

  go out the moon door I just I wish her [TS]

  son would go with her because I was she [TS]

  was not in the series that much but she [TS]

  was very unlikable and so I was I was I [TS]

  was watching that scene with glee [TS]

  because I knew what was gonna come to [TS]

  like draw out the door anytime voting [TS]

  for programming rooting for Littlefinger [TS]

  you know you're not as bad as that we [TS]

  did we did find out in this that the [TS]

  little finger is actually conspired with [TS]

  with the lady Olenna 22 poison Joffrey [TS]

  and and that Littlefinger manipulated [TS]

  Lisa into poisoning Jon Arryn so the [TS]

  whole thing that kicked off Ned having [TS]

  to go south and all of that was little [TS]

  finger which is interesting that was [TS]

  that was some nice revelation 7 Mike him [TS]

  getting involved with my nice sounds [TS]

  she's been so so maintaining her [TS]

  innocence in this very cruel horrible [TS]

  world and then this season it seems like [TS]

  well I've been stripping away is [TS]

  embracing the fact that if she's going [TS]

  to make it to ya she's she's lost all of [TS]

  her all of her innocence and all of her [TS]

  beliefs about what what her life is [TS]

  going to be and it's sort of embraced [TS]

  that she has to you know survive and be [TS]

  more like seriously then there are not [TS]

  more like seriously more like I [TS]

  what's-her-name the one who's going to [TS]

  marry Tomlin [TS]

  surname home Marjorie Marjorie that men [TS]

  should be her I'm sure her evil role [TS]

  model as a result I'm actually liking [TS]

  sense of better now [TS]

  yeah I just I just thought she was just [TS]

  so I just wanted knowing that she was so [TS]

  now you know I just want to eat my lemon [TS]

  cakes and have flowers and princess will [TS]

  fight over me and it would be great and [TS]

  all that she thought she was going to [TS]

  get in life she did not expect your [TS]

  health family to be slaughtered and she [TS]

  doesn't have the tools to extractors or [TS]

  previously did not feel like she had the [TS]

  tools to it extract yourself from the [TS]

  situation once they kind of your dad's [TS]

  head like are all that part of my [TS]

  childhood is over now and just Joffrey [TS]

  was terrible and she was nothing she [TS]

  could do she's not a fighter she doesn't [TS]

  have any friends he doesn't know how to [TS]

  do political intrigue and in this [TS]

  episode this season she's like well have [TS]

  one thing that i can use and so she [TS]

  finally found some tool and her tool [TS]

  just to actually to actually gain some [TS]

  amount of power over her life which is [TS]

  kind of sad but I i think it's [TS]

  reasonably realistic is what else is she [TS]

  gonna do she's not going to break out a [TS]

  sword and stop fighting people and she's [TS]

  not going to become like you know foster [TS]

  network of spies in King's Landing or [TS]

  something i did i did like the the area [TS]

  and Breanna exchange the names of their [TS]

  swords moment [TS]

  good good devastating for speaking of [TS]

  speaking of spies i think that the my [TS]

  jaw dropped to the lowest of the entire [TS]

  season probably was happy and when [TS]

  Ferris just turns around and walks to [TS]

  the ship and and sits down next to the [TS]

  box experience any easier you else hears [TS]

  the but I like that he's like oh it's [TS]

  gone [TS]

  yeah like that's the great thing about [TS]

  the show is that they don't have to have [TS]

  a messenger come run down to him and [TS]

  tell him with those bells mean he can [TS]

  more or less put together what those [TS]

  bells must mean he's like all right I'm [TS]

  out [TS]

  yeah yeah well you guys who didn't read [TS]

  the books are it did you feel like [TS]

  tyrion was really in jeopardy and he was [TS]

  going to go [TS]

  yeah I thought I'm fact I'm almost [TS]

  little not a lot of disappointed he [TS]

  didn't die because i like that character [TS]

  and everything but I it would have been [TS]

  totally like I thought he was you know [TS]

  it would in the Viper episode about [TS]

  maybe the Chancellor so how they ended [TS]

  that it's like oh they really stick it [TS]

  to you now and now he's gonna die and [TS]

  him living with seals out of care [TS]

  therefore the show yeah it's it's a I [TS]

  don't know I i love that moment that his [TS]

  brother his brother comes through for [TS]

  him and and and it is set up in the [TS]

  sense that various you you're led to [TS]

  believe the various is just on an [TS]

  untrustworthy bastard but when various [TS]

  says even in the Blackwater says we know [TS]

  we will remember i will remember that [TS]

  you're the only reason this city is [TS]

  still standing and then at the at his [TS]

  trial various kind of like backs off and [TS]

  you're like oh come on you said you were [TS]

  going to say something but this is the [TS]

  payoff is that that you know this is [TS]

  this is what has been setup is that he's [TS]

  not gonna let him he's not gonna let my [TS]

  anger get his head chopped off [TS]

  he's gonna get him he'll spirit him away [TS]

  because he knows that the disguise value [TS]

  no he wasn't intending that he would [TS]

  kill Tywin Lannister and that well that [TS]

  was going to make out though because you [TS]

  had seen you had seen previously the [TS]

  trial by combat and and the Viper comes [TS]

  through for him is going to fight for [TS]

  him [TS]

  looks like he has it one and then blows [TS]

  it in the end and here you have Tyrion [TS]

  you know things look down but then [TS]

  someone comes through for him Jamie let [TS]

  them out and then you think always [TS]

  blowing in the end just where you going [TS]

  to have the doors like no actually I [TS]

  have something to do first and then he [TS]

  sees che there's like see it's just [TS]

  replaying exactly the amount of you you [TS]

  had you could have just gone and you [TS]

  would have been fine [TS]

  instead you gotta do this stuff but you [TS]

  know and it turns out it works out in [TS]

  the end so is his side trip did not trip [TS]

  him up but there was a great parallels [TS]

  with the the previous encounter with the [TS]

  mountain and the vibrant that I i really [TS]

  expected to to replay and this one [TS]

  especially when he's going on a little [TS]

  journey when it's like just can't have [TS]

  the castle [TS]

  I know he didn't seem that you did this [TS]

  was a thing with Tyrion is it was [TS]

  unclear like he doesn't want to die but [TS]

  he kind of doesn't want to live and so [TS]

  he's in this like it weird in-between [TS]

  State we're like he's freed yay [TS]

  and yet he sort of like okay I'm going [TS]

  to really prioritize getting out of here [TS]

  before they find that i'm missing from [TS]

  my cell he's more like I'm going to [TS]

  settle some scores and if that causes me [TS]

  to die whatever i will have settled by [TS]

  scores and and and why do we have to [TS]

  kill Shaye like so you see her there and [TS]

  she did testify against you but this [TS]

  would be the opportunity to talk to her [TS]

  about oh you know what I told you to go [TS]

  away was for your own good and don't [TS]

  have hard feel like it's not like he [TS]

  killed out of angry bit syrupy snow fall [TS]

  she tried on [TS]

  what does she have to fear from the [TS]

  vinyl because it's the 844 Tyrion it's [TS]

  like her final betrayal of him as she [TS]

  she calls she called she sleeping with [TS]

  his father she calls him my lion it is [TS]

  the last time I understand it's a bummer [TS]

  for him but I think his reaction in [TS]

  character's reaction should have been to [TS]

  be even more depressed and down on [TS]

  himself not to immediately go to grab me [TS]

  and then she tried to kill him why she [TS]

  tried to kill him because she thinks [TS]

  that what you why does yeah it is a [TS]

  little unusual experience to isn't it [TS]

  right it's like all misunderstanding but [TS]

  saturday night ever i would i would like [TS]

  to have seen them talk and then I mean [TS]

  it could have ended in murder as well [TS]

  but i don't think that immediately go [TS]

  there you are [TS]

  knife murder yeah and then and then you [TS]

  know where where's my dad [TS]

  oh he's on he's on the toilet ok stay [TS]

  there on the toilet [TS]

  we're gonna talk which is right and [TS]

  that's in the books that's okay that was [TS]

  nice thing that kept that that's the [TS]

  longest toilet scene you'll ever seen [TS]

  I was hoping that they would keep it [TS]

  that way and I was quite pleased yeah I [TS]

  knowing knowing that was coming all but [TS]

  all this way it was a it was very [TS]

  interesting to see how they they played [TS]

  it and and they did diverge from the [TS]

  they're actually things in this season [TS]

  from the they're skipping all the fourth [TS]

  book from the fifth book and you have [TS]

  another round of the chapters a of the [TS]

  book that has not come out yet that [TS]

  they've just put the chapter on the web [TS]

  or something they've taken pieces from [TS]

  all over and a lot of that is because [TS]

  the eris really doesn't have a lot to do [TS]

  in the in those three books going on it [TS]

  and maybe there's a lot of characters [TS]

  who kind of like don't have anything [TS]

  going on so they've kind of moved their [TS]

  story ahead i don't know what that where [TS]

  they go from here but they're definitely [TS]

  taken a second draft of the story [TS]

  instead of just sort of sticking with [TS]

  the books which is fine I still like [TS]

  Canaris but I think her system of [TS]

  government is not scalable where she [TS]

  said we just another on the throne with [TS]

  their cards next to an individual people [TS]

  come and plead their cases and just let [TS]

  you know like as I wasn't for drugs [TS]

  painting my house and then it rained in [TS]

  the paint random shutters their sob [TS]

  stories like get this man some new paint [TS]

  our next person coming in a your dragons [TS]

  torch my daughter is all that's that's [TS]

  unfortunate like it's not it i don't [TS]

  understand how that's a system of [TS]

  I like you can have one or two scenes [TS]

  but it seems like every episode she had [TS]

  people coming and going [TS]

  I have a problem can you solve it for me [TS]

  that's the thing about that bugs me the [TS]

  most which is stupid was the fact that [TS]

  you know you get this long litany of [TS]

  these are all of her titles your now [TS]

  addressing the queen of the Dragons the [TS]

  unburnt blah blah and it goes on and on [TS]

  but they only do it for like every other [TS]

  person because we as the viewers only [TS]

  need to see it the one time so they just [TS]

  cut it out for the next person who walks [TS]

  in without actually cutting like wait a [TS]

  minute shouldn't every person have to [TS]

  hear that it just bothered me it's a [TS]

  Porsche got a guy who speaks it should [TS]

  sound super bored because this is the [TS]

  9000 yeah nice engine of a big don't [TS]

  she's always sounds uh well this is this [TS]

  is that argument about democracy right [TS]

  which is like well democracy was in [TS]

  Greece where was a true representative [TS]

  democracy and everybody would go down [TS]

  and there would be a vote and all that [TS]

  and then as soon as you start mediating [TS]

  between the rulers and the people is [TS]

  when there's trouble in this wooded [TS]

  areas is that this she doesn't have a [TS]

  lot to do this season at all but what [TS]

  she does have is the the lesson that you [TS]

  can't just sort of sweep in declare [TS]

  victory sweep out and have everything be [TS]

  fine [TS]

  that ruling is a problem it's hard and [TS]

  just just being a conqueror and and [TS]

  ruling by Fiat doesn't like you said it [TS]

  doesn't scale it doesn't she can do that [TS]

  if she doesn't have a conscience her [TS]

  problem is that he wants everyone to [TS]

  love her and be nice and it's like well [TS]

  then you actually have to solve people's [TS]

  problems and that is much harder than [TS]

  saying you're free now starved to death [TS]

  in the streets so and I feel like what [TS]

  they're saying about this is she she is [TS]

  now mature enough to realize that she [TS]

  has to learn if she wants to rule she's [TS]

  got to learn to rule and not just be a [TS]

  conqueror and and you know Khaleesi with [TS]

  her her army and plots are you know [TS]

  because otherwise she's gonna get back [TS]

  to West rosen and it's not going to work [TS]

  because she's not gonna know what what [TS]

  to do so she I like that she decides to [TS]

  stay and figure out what it's like to [TS]

  actually be a ruler because she doesn't [TS]

  know and that's that's interesting even [TS]

  though she didn't have much to do this [TS]

  season I don't have a solution with her [TS]

  dragons also seems like a bad idea [TS]

  because first of all she doesn't know [TS]

  where one of them is not spared dragon [TS]

  keeping second you can put the iron [TS]

  collars around the neck of the dragon [TS]

  while they're distracted but good luck [TS]

  getting to take that off later and they [TS]

  if they're growing in there and you're [TS]

  feeding them they're gonna grow out of [TS]

  that collar it's like animal cruelty [TS]

  doesn't seem like it's a good system i [TS]

  assume they will not spend [TS]

  a long it down there because we all like [TS]

  dragons but I want to really help with [TS]

  your case she's got three dragons one of [TS]

  them is torturing people this is your [TS]

  one get out of free in jail free card [TS]

  have the other to kill the one dragon to [TS]

  as a lesson are none of those other two [TS]

  go bad but apparently that was not now [TS]

  we see how you would rule a system of [TS]

  government job well I dragons week [TS]

  this show is established dragons may [TS]

  like her and choose their mother but [TS]

  there that they did that little scene [TS]

  where it's like they're always gonna be [TS]

  dragons and don't expect them to do what [TS]

  you say because dragons or drag that's [TS]

  and and that's the same thing with all [TS]

  the slaves and the people she fries they [TS]

  think of her as her mother as their [TS]

  mother but they are then the guy comes [TS]

  in positions and says you know I was a [TS]

  tutor and now i'm free but the kind of [TS]

  sucks so can I be a slave again today [TS]

  this job like there's something between [TS]

  slavery and not even like why don't you [TS]

  just get a job as employment is a [TS]

  concept that needs to be introduced into [TS]

  the city i think the argument there was [TS]

  that his employer was afraid of keeping [TS]

  him around because he'd be called the [TS]

  slave keeper and you know and so she's [TS]

  like just signed a one-year contract a [TS]

  one-year slavery contract you can just [TS]

  get a job he could just pay you he can [TS]

  be your boss that you can be employed [TS]

  and go home to your own house like this [TS]

  is there is a system an economy that [TS]

  works without slavery is just think they [TS]

  can grasp like I guess we have to bring [TS]

  back slavery the only choice sensible [TS]

  option [TS]

  yeah yeah and anybody who doesn't like [TS]

  it will go to go down in the dragon [TS]

  aspirations records [TS]

  yeah I felt really bad for those dragons [TS]

  i mean.they as far as we know didn't [TS]

  torch many people so everybody knows [TS]

  that the ok these ones might have 12 we [TS]

  don't we don't know for sure but I just [TS]

  felt bad because you know these are the [TS]

  good ones and I could picture them [TS]

  thinking what did we do wrong [TS]

  who were the ones that are doing things [TS]

  right and we don't get to stay flying [TS]

  around like old Blackie does your or [TS]

  they're just thinking no he did [TS]

  something didn't he [TS]

  and it once again we have to pay for [TS]

  throw guns problems we haven't [TS]

  established with the intelligence of the [TS]

  dragons are so so that's far they seem [TS]

  like cats where they're kind of don't [TS]

  like you but can tolerate you but [TS]

  they're also not very smart [TS]

  yeah fire breathing cats yeah giant [TS]

  fire-breathing cats and what you're not [TS]

  looking they knock your crap off shelves [TS]

  to it [TS]

  don't leave the glass of water by those [TS]

  dragons they always want to climb to the [TS]

  top of the drapes in the castle and just [TS]

  hang out up there stupid dragons they're [TS]

  held back by the budget though I still [TS]

  feel bad like you know you have a [TS]

  certain amount of Dragon per season [TS]

  yeah and yeah I was almost torn between [TS]

  like what i would rather have them to [TS]

  spend that budget on location with a [TS]

  rather have been spending on the ice [TS]

  wall presumably a seat in season 17 [TS]

  eventually they have to spend it on some [TS]

  you know ice Walker zombie whatever [TS]

  people that the skeletons popping out [TS]

  skeletons yeah that was that was kind of [TS]

  an awesome skeleton battle which was [TS]

  again a scene that was taken from like [TS]

  the most recent book and they moved it [TS]

  up because like generis brand it doesn't [TS]

  have anything to do [TS]

  he's just wandering around from Lindsay [TS]

  doesn't do the same thing in the book [TS]

  where it's like you know he's going to [TS]

  take over her to RP weights any weights [TS]

  anyway it's just get in that hole door [TS]

  what are you waiting for you waiting for [TS]

  just before I'm about to card a fine i [TS]

  guess i'll take over or I think Brandis [TS]

  a lot more jumping into other people and [TS]

  creatures in the books but but I don't [TS]

  know that simplified a lot and and I [TS]

  that I mentioned in the TV pockets I [TS]

  that scene with those skeletons coming [TS]

  out of the snow [TS]

  it was much more when i read the books [TS]

  it was much more evocative like this was [TS]

  these are like soldiers and who died and [TS]

  were buried in the snow where they died [TS]

  in a blizzard or something but because [TS]

  it's in the North they turn into white [TS]

  sand and so now they're they're coming [TS]

  out of the snow it's like we buried them [TS]

  but we didn't burn the bodies we buried [TS]

  them and now they're you know there's a [TS]

  snowdrift full of dead bodies that are [TS]

  able to come and kill you and and I like [TS]

  the scene with the skeletons but it did [TS]

  feel a little less epic and a little [TS]

  more like whoops stepped in a skeleton [TS]

  trap and have plenty of time region [TS]

  grabbed his leg and i spent like 10 [TS]

  minutes staring at his leg going on what [TS]

  should we do get off that ice thing go [TS]

  to the tree that was the that was the [TS]

  leg rabi skeleton as opposed to the [TS]

  other guy who got Jojen got stopped by [TS]

  the stabby skeleton [TS]

  oh yeah that's going to be by it's just [TS]

  an armed with a knife that go stab stab [TS]

  stab at that tree reminded me spoilers [TS]

  of the end of majora's mask and a queen [TS]

  the creepy little kid in the tree and [TS]

  everything I I don't know the spoilers [TS]

  so there you go [TS]

  I don't know what that means so game [TS]

  away [TS]

  spoilers for all I'm all alone out here [TS]

  you hit us sorry you can't you can't you [TS]

  can't slide your pop culture references [TS]

  bias but you can slide your gaming [TS]

  references bias games are pop culture [TS]

  those are not games of Thrones they're [TS]

  not throwing really awesome i will not [TS]

  spoil this particular game of throne [TS]

  spoiler but there was a part of that [TS]

  many people who read the book were [TS]

  expecting that did not happen [TS]

  yes so so yes because we don't want to [TS]

  we can spoil viewers but we want to [TS]

  spoil viewers who haven't read the books [TS]

  like John or Erica this is the thing is [TS]

  there's there are so many endings to the [TS]

  book a certain storm of swords there are [TS]

  so many endings and one of them is an [TS]

  epilogue so after all these many endings [TS]

  then there's this a blog which is yet [TS]

  another shocking kind of plot thread [TS]

  that will be picked up later and the the [TS]

  i think a lot of fans wanted to see that [TS]

  scene and it didn't happen and I can [TS]

  understand why because one they had a [TS]

  lot of endings as it was and they didn't [TS]

  need another one and two actually kinda [TS]

  like what happened in the first season [TS]

  there are sometimes you you the idea [TS]

  that you're making a season's worth of [TS]

  television and you need you need to get [TS]

  you know if you need to cast a [TS]

  particular actor to play a particular [TS]

  part you can't really do that for a [TS]

  scene you need to like get them under [TS]

  contract and you want to use the more [TS]

  than once and all that that epilogue was [TS]

  like they were gonna have to go a long [TS]

  way just to do this little teaser at the [TS]

  end of this season so I imagine we'll [TS]

  see that scene next season instead but I [TS]

  know it was one of those things that [TS]

  people are upset that they left out i [TS]

  don't think they cut it i think they [TS]

  literally deferred it like they have to [TS]

  do some major character is supposed to [TS]

  come at the end of season one and we [TS]

  just never so OH status because I didn't [TS]

  want to cast Stannis 41 you know for one [TS]

  scene and then hope the actor doesn't [TS]

  disappear by the time they do the next [TS]

  season [TS]

  so does that happens actors are [TS]

  disappearing all the time and they can't [TS]

  find them go to Canada about 2% of them [TS]

  disappeared yeah every inch here there's [TS]

  an HBO show about that anyway uh that [TS]

  that so but a good point Scott that [TS]

  there are definitely people who are who [TS]

  are a little bit bent out of shape about [TS]

  that but then there are also people who [TS]

  have been out [TS]

  shape when there's any divergence from [TS]

  my george RR martin road and I don't [TS]

  have a problem but they're telling their [TS]

  telling the a similar story but that in [TS]

  a very different medium and they've got [TS]

  to make decisions and I like each [TS]

  episode would have to be like four hours [TS]

  long [TS]

  yeah cover everything that george RR [TS]

  martin does in his expensive books this [TS]

  is a very different facet of Game of [TS]

  Thrones yeah so speaking of endings [TS]

  I was a little bit confused by by two [TS]

  parts of our is ending so she shows up [TS]

  the guys are loading salt [TS]

  she's like I i want you guys that taking [TS]

  out your boat i'll be a deckhand I don't [TS]

  need any place to sleep just take me [TS]

  with you and I want you to take me in [TS]

  north to the wall and they're like now [TS]

  forget it you know whatever inches like [TS]

  oh here's my get-out-of-jail-free card [TS]

  another 1i remember this client give it [TS]

  and he's like alright great and she goes [TS]

  off on the boat was not clear to me is [TS]

  what did she just buy with that coin [TS]

  because it seems like if she had just [TS]

  been a little bit persistent they would [TS]

  have brought her on the boat eventually [TS]

  I'll have a deckhand shall earn her keep [TS]

  it will be fine [TS]

  so the only thing i can think she bought [TS]

  with coin is that they're not actually [TS]

  going back to where they were going to [TS]

  go with all that salt they're actually [TS]

  taking our north to the wall but proved [TS]

  people I'm talking to you like now then [TS]

  I'm taking her to the wall she's going [TS]

  to Braavos and that's where she's gonna [TS]

  end up she seems like she could have [TS]

  gotten there without spending her coin [TS]

  so where is she going on that boat and [TS]

  are we supposed to know where she's [TS]

  going [TS]

  I also thought she was heading north is [TS]

  that not am I wrong [TS]

  no the way so so it happens really fast [TS]

  but you know the the give-and-take is [TS]

  I'm going to bravos this boat is not [TS]

  going north it's going to Braavos and [TS]

  she says hey I've got this coin and it's [TS]

  from the guy the guy who gave it to her [TS]

  the assassin is from Braavos and she's [TS]

  like ah I had this coin voller margolis [TS]

  and he's like all right you can have a [TS]

  cabin so I think the implication there [TS]

  is they're going they're still going [TS]

  back to Braavos but she's got the Bravo [TS]

  see coin that she she used to call in [TS]

  the debt and they're like you can have a [TS]

  cabin that's always the coins you just [TS]

  got to just got a first class upgrade [TS]

  with that coin when that coin could have [TS]

  been used like you know kill somebody or [TS]

  save her life is like now you just get a [TS]

  more legroom [TS]

  so again without spoiling anything else [TS]

  i'll just say that that it's more you [TS]

  know they're taking her someplace in [TS]

  particular and the coin is relevant and [TS]

  i'll just leave it at that [TS]

  it's not all right everybody anyway it [TS]

  was not clear on the television writer [TS]

  god I agree it is it is a it happened [TS]

  really fast and you have end [TS]

  and you have to be thinking of exactly [TS]

  what everybody said and where she got [TS]

  the coin and where that guy was from the [TS]

  kind of kid I know I actually did [TS]

  remember all of that and but then just [TS]

  the way that they should the way they [TS]

  shot that very last seen with her you [TS]

  know her smiling so much i really [TS]

  thought that they had changed their [TS]

  minds are excited to go north because [TS]

  she had this coin which gave her enough [TS]

  clout to be able to ask them to do [TS]

  whatever she wanted [TS]

  that was when I got complete the coin [TS]

  was like hanging over this whole season [TS]

  like once you know someone has their in [TS]

  their pocket like oh we're going to use [TS]

  it valid google is right so you knew [TS]

  like we knew it had to to be used and I [TS]

  would you know it was in the back of my [TS]

  mind I thought that's got to be used for [TS]

  something important because you don't [TS]

  spend a whole season establishing that [TS]

  coin and then just have it be like not a [TS]

  big deal but anyway i will patiently [TS]

  wait and see i just want to make sure [TS]

  there wasn't anything I missed about [TS]

  like everyone knows where they're going [TS]

  you just don't cause you didn't pay [TS]

  attention [TS]

  no youyou I i think it's there but [TS]

  you've gotta say it blows by so fast [TS]

  it's very easy to because i was sitting [TS]

  there watching it going well no then [TS]

  they're not actually taking her to the [TS]

  wall there that's they're not going [TS]

  there but it and they say it but it goes [TS]

  by so fast it's very easy to [TS]

  misunderstand it but they don't want to [TS]

  go to the wall those are Bravo skies [TS]

  they're not even like they said about [TS]

  Stannis it's like you're not even [TS]

  wearing the right clothes to be up here [TS]

  this is probably the closest to a happy [TS]

  ending because you know bad good guy [TS]

  that we all like lived unexpectedly bad [TS]

  guy that a lot of people didn't like [TS]

  that for me apparently advising the toy [TS]

  yeah I get out [TS]

  Aria Aria lives and gets to continue her [TS]

  journey interior get-get boat rides to [TS]

  the east [TS]

  yeah and she's an agent of her own death [TS]

  there is no longer anyone's prisoner [TS]

  Sansa is is is you know it coming into [TS]

  her own and and not being a victim all [TS]

  the time you know various is safe little [TS]

  fingers off doing his thing like there's [TS]

  no it's it's certainly not a red wedding [TS]

  ending right yeah yeah it's a it feels [TS]

  like a really happy ending which it's [TS]

  not but it is like that's happy because [TS]

  they don't all die [TS]

  well and we're leaving this dump I mean [TS]

  there's something about that too which [TS]

  is like well at least I'm not gonna have [TS]

  to pay around the stupid Westeros [TS]

  anymore i get something better [TS]

  for beyond beyond is still not doing too [TS]

  hot no for anyone near Theon is not [TS]

  trying to [TS]

  so that's all still a craft show i quite [TS]

  like this this last episode kind of as [TS]

  as compared to the other seasons where [TS]

  in previous seasons we had the [TS]

  second-to-last episode with was where [TS]

  the really big stuff happened and then [TS]

  the final episode was more like falling [TS]

  action so that sort of you set up for [TS]

  the next series and I feel like this one [TS]

  balance both really well we got some [TS]

  some resolutions for some characters but [TS]

  we also then got little bits of preview [TS]

  for what is a probably coming in the [TS]

  next season [TS]

  well that's the sort of the HBO pattern [TS]

  is to have ya all the action in the [TS]

  penultimate episode and i think this [TS]

  year with the ratings for it exploding I [TS]

  mean it's now officially the most the [TS]

  highest-rated series they've ever had [TS]

  they kind of got to say to them look we [TS]

  want to pray that our way now [TS]

  yeah I just do the wire strung out [TS]

  although they still did the big there's [TS]

  a big blowout penultimate episode but [TS]

  but I i agree was nice that they it [TS]

  wasn't just all sort of aftermath in the [TS]

  10th episode but it was still more you [TS]

  know more plot not the Giants you know [TS]

  well the skeleton thing was actually [TS]

  joined special-effects fight scene thing [TS]

  too so yeah it was a was a little [TS]

  different structure than the first three [TS]

  seasons with their families which was it [TS]

  was cool i love the show [TS]

  it's just a lot of fun to watch and it's [TS]

  not like it doesn't have flaws but i do [TS]

  i watched the day it's on and I'm [TS]

  excited to talk about it you know maybe [TS]

  sometimes even a podcast right afterward [TS]

  uh just because it's it's it's not like [TS]

  other shows that are on TV and it's the [TS]

  scope is so ridiculously large and the [TS]

  ambition level that you know it's just [TS]

  fun to see a show like that on TV and [TS]

  then the budget mostly supported I [TS]

  always left when that when the episode [TS]

  is over i'm always left wanting to watch [TS]

  more [TS]

  yeah not only do I want to watch it as [TS]

  soon as on when it's over I I wanted not [TS]

  to be over i wanted to kano you know I [TS]

  felt that way a little bit but actually [TS]

  i noticed this year that I was okay at [TS]

  the end of an episode of Game of Thrones [TS]

  waiting for a week I mean I still wish i [TS]

  could keep watching more but I was [TS]

  alright with it whereas when I was [TS]

  keeping up with orphan black [TS]

  when it ended I was just frantically one [TS]

  ding the next episode even more and then [TS]

  of course the circumstances made that [TS]

  not be possible so i ended up being able [TS]

  to just save them so i could marathon a [TS]

  bunch of them but i think the I think [TS]

  the pace and the fact that it's epic [TS]

  fantasy with Game of Thrones I i'm used [TS]

  to reading you know big long series of [TS]

  books that door being opened millions of [TS]

  words long so i think i was a little bit [TS]

  more okay with it it playing out [TS]

  week-to-week and then this teenage [TS]

  sometimes I'm not used to that because [TS]

  I'm used to just mainlining shows its I [TS]

  think that a season of Game of Thrones [TS]

  cost like 18 million dollars [TS]

  it is not a cheap shale that's better [TS]

  yeah but it is the number-one HBO show [TS]

  of all time so ratings wise so it's got [TS]

  that what a world we live in [TS]

  yeah an epic show based on an epic [TS]

  fantasy that was written 13 years ago [TS]

  that I thought no one in pop culture [TS]

  will ever read this path because it is [TS]

  so dense and there are fourteen thousand [TS]

  characters film a bottle not available [TS]

  and now is the highest-rated HBO show [TS]

  ever and i'm seeing like random [TS]

  grandmother's reading the books on buses [TS]

  yeah weird not really really really it's [TS]

  just kind of weird [TS]

  yeah it still hasn't it still hasn't [TS]

  done inspired me to go back and try to [TS]

  finish the book so I i I've enjoyed I've [TS]

  enjoyed all the books and when the next [TS]

  one comes out I'll probably go back and [TS]

  actually read them which i haven't done [TS]

  only read them straight for one time so [TS]

  i actually started started reading them [TS]

  because i heard that they were going to [TS]

  make an HBO series i don't like my [TS]

  sister was like oh my god i love these [TS]

  books you have to read them and I tried [TS]

  and it was just such a slug that I [TS]

  thought of giving up near the end of the [TS]

  second book and even if i finish to [TS]

  second but the funny thing about the way [TS]

  the way the we've talked about this on [TS]

  the TV podcast to is that the fourth and [TS]

  fifth books happen contemporaneously [TS]

  they're actually pulled some of the [TS]

  characters hehe had gone so long without [TS]

  writing a book that they pulled some [TS]

  stunt chapters of certain characters and [TS]

  made the fourth book out of that and [TS]

  then the fifth book starts and it's the [TS]

  other characters that weren't in the [TS]

  fourth book during the same time and [TS]

  it's a whole mess and it turns out I i [TS]

  mentioned this the sunday night when we [TS]

  were recording it turns out the true [TS]

  true to form a fan has [TS]

  gone together and put like a chapter [TS]

  order if you merge those things back [TS]

  together how to read them and one of [TS]

  these days they will probably ruin [TS]

  release that book in that form because [TS]

  it's much better that way I'm sure but i [TS]

  found a website where somebody actually [TS]

  had taken the chapters and made a new [TS]

  like a book [TS]

  I'll called something like a ball of [TS]

  beasts with me ridiculous like that but [TS]

  it's literally like book for in book [TS]

  five just jam together which is kind of [TS]

  kind of clever so if I reread the series [TS]

  i'm gonna do when i read it that way [TS]

  we're gonna be interesting that graph [TS]

  that you tweeted and retweeted where [TS]

  someone took the books and the [TS]

  television series individual episodes [TS]

  and grass out with scenes what chapter [TS]

  chapters from the book appear in which [TS]

  seems and you can see like season one [TS]

  was just pulled almost entirely from [TS]

  book 1 and then it's a nice thick line [TS]

  and then as you go in later seasons the [TS]

  dot start to spread out and that graph [TS]

  was almost unreadable but just looking [TS]

  at the shape of things showed that the [TS]

  season was all over the place [TS]

  yeah I did the chart sort of follows but [TS]

  yet this season they were pulling from [TS]

  all all sorts of places because like I [TS]

  said they were there were 22 character [TS]

  arc said just you know they had to do [TS]

  something with generis and they had to [TS]

  do something with brand and so they just [TS]

  pulled all their story forward which [TS]

  leads to the next question which is what [TS]

  do they do with those characters now and [TS]

  invent things is probably the answer [TS]

  brand is going to be like like every [TS]

  seen it once ya one scene every week [TS]

  will be a tree will the walk pups [TS]

  characters will walk past a tree and [TS]

  we'll see eyes in the tree and will be [TS]

  brand like I see you every year whisper [TS]

  and wasn't there seen from an unreleased [TS]

  book is there one dot on this graph it [TS]

  yeah yeah in the book that hasn't even [TS]

  been released yet so the television [TS]

  series is now ahead of the book yeah [TS]

  well I think that's a chapter that he [TS]

  posted somewhere that or has read [TS]

  somewhere so it's written chapter but [TS]

  because he cut like the last five [TS]

  chapters or something up the most recent [TS]

  book that he just cut them and they're [TS]

  in the next book instead because [TS]

  essentially he just continues writing at [TS]

  some point they put down a up a bar and [TS]

  say okay here print here and they cut [TS]

  the scroll and he continues to write in [TS]

  his dungeon and I just I I read [TS]

  someplace that so [TS]

  if this saga started off as a trilogy [TS]

  and then it grew into five books and [TS]

  then they said okay seriously just seven [TS]

  books now I've read that it maybe eight [TS]

  books so who knows if we'll ever end [TS]

  yeah lifetime here he comes anyway II [TS]

  know George but they have a plan [TS]

  sure they do like the Cylons they have a [TS]

  plan what was the Cylons plan i don't [TS]

  think they actually did have a plan i [TS]

  think that was a lie anyway but that's [TS]

  another podcast or anything more before [TS]

  we go about Game of Thrones TV rots your [TS]

  brain [TS]

  I know that it's true 28 brains but his [TS]

  brain [TS]

  yeah that's the walking dead though for [TS]

  Spock's brain at the final episode [TS]

  sterger alright well this was a lot of [TS]

  fun talking about TV we should do this [TS]

  more often we could do we could do like [TS]

  a whole episode about some of this stuff [TS]

  it's funny that we haven't so I'm going [TS]

  to at least got to touch on it a little [TS]

  bit yeah i'm waiting for the good wife [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah good wife here high fives right [TS]

  blue t the TV podcast is available for [TS]

  you to talk about whatever the heck [TS]

  everyone has it i can do i can show you [TS]

  how it works that's why that's why it [TS]

  today [TS]

  that's why we happen and I don't have to [TS]

  be on it that's the computer so all [TS]

  right well I we've come to the end i [TS]

  would like to thank my guests for [TS]

  watching television and then talking [TS]

  about our podcast Scott McNulty thank [TS]

  you for being here [TS]

  my pleasure thanks uh and and thanks to [TS]

  your wife [TS]

  the good wife was going to make a good [TS]

  wife Jo they resisted so I couldn't [TS]

  resist [TS]

  David lower thank you for being here and [TS]

  not watching Game of Thrones I guess [TS]

  hey then you know I just said you're [TS]

  playing game of three is well I listened [TS]

  all right good but they're dragons [TS]

  suffice to say the Dragons that's right [TS]

  Erica and sign thank you so much for [TS]

  being back on thank you very much for [TS]

  having me and watching television which [TS]

  they do get in Canada turns out yes [TS]

  yep we would make it here you you were [TS]

  yeah you lucked out you could have moved [TS]

  to a country without television but you [TS]

  moved to the country with help although [TS]

  to be fair they don't really make much [TS]

  of it here at [TS]

  content that's true although set1 was [TS]

  shot here for a while so that's [TS]

  something the the golden glory years [TS]

  yeah Wow and John siracusa thank you I [TS]

  it would not be the end of a season of [TS]

  Game of Thrones without talking to you [TS]

  about it [TS]

  all men must die but women specifically [TS]

  agent Scully do not now I see what you [TS]

  did there [TS]

  all our dohaeris something like that [TS]

  rocky and I want to believe in in a [TS]

  Dothraki wedding anyway I and for the [TS]

  uncomfortable podcast i have been your [TS]

  host Jason still this ends episode 199 [TS]

  of the uncomfortable what will happen [TS]

  next [TS]

  I don't know tuned and find out four [TS]

  episodes till then good night [TS]