The Talk Show

15: The Moltzphone EXTREMO III DX, with John Moltz


  I'm nervous let me tell you why I'm

  nervous John Smoltz lay down thinkin

  thinkin here's what I'm thinking I'm

  thinking maybe we talked a little


  oh wow here's what I'm thinking is what

  I'm thinking

  did you watch did you watch Bill Clinton

  last night at the convention I i watched

  a lot of it it was long and here's why

  we can talk about it and nobody can


  Steve Jobs his wife laureen Powell Jobs

  was there in the audience and the

  shoulder on TV did you catch that I did

  not see that part she was sitting next

  to right next to chelsea clinton ok so

  that makes it on topic I suppose so if

  you want to go there

  I you know what i would like to do it in

  a way can you do it in a way can we can

  I praise bill clinton in a way that is a

  political out that even if you were

  you're at happy talk show listener who

  loves the tech talk and and and really

  loves it when I talk sports

  ah can we talk politics in a way that

  wouldn't turn anybody off regardless of

  how you intend to vote or your interest

  in union i know i believe we cannot do

  it but but but I'm willing to try and

  prevent all i want to say is that I it i

  just think Bill Clinton is is is the

  greatest speaker I've ever seen in my


  it was really it seems to me that have

  been the best speech of any of the

  anything so far we've seen the last two

  weeks right if I were including

  including motorola nokia like I have a

  dual interest in politics where on the

  one side i'm interested in politics it

  on a policy level you know like like

  what actually happens in which way it

  goes in there tend to be sort of liberal

  in that way but i'm also very interested

  in politics as sport you know that the

  the election politics and the strategy

  and how you frame stuff and and how you

  make the commercials and and do that and

  in that way i can abstract my personal

  preferences i think to some degree and

  appreciate when Republicans do things

  clever cleverly or smartly and

  and you know like i said i would I

  remember from the last decade is

  thinking that Karl Rove I just remember

  thinking man I man i wish that guy were

  a Democrat yeah because that guy that

  guy with this was crafting yeah i can i

  can respect it i can't say that i enjoy


  yeah enjoying it is a little bit yeah I

  can appreciate it maybe that's the right

  term pain I and I would be depressed I i

  would be very depressed i think if i

  were a Republican this time around

  because it doesn't seem to me like

  they've got anybody like that like that

  they don't have a strategy or a cohesive

  pneus right they sort of remind me that

  I thought they could their convention

  reminded me of the the the first

  democratic conventions that i can

  remember paying attention to like the

  Dukakis one in 88 where the reputation

  of the Democrats is that they're all

  sort of all over the map and they don't

  really have a playbook for the whole

  party that everybody sticks to it

  everybody just gets up there and says

  whatever they want right and the

  Democrats seem to turn to turn around

  we're at I think with the carry

  convention they were the ones that look

  sort of hapless and yeah well now it

  seems that to be really firing on all

  cylinders and just they have like a very

  simple message that everybody repeat

  right right there's only one to say okay

  is that I don't think I would know

  accidentally to see that's fine right i

  dunno i am very curious to see if if if

  I get it

  any angry and I'm sure you will I'm

  writing one right now

  what a week it's been crazy man

  everybody's releasing these phones but

  there ya like I don't you think i don't

  know if you saw Twitter this morning but

  my i'm also releasing a phone which

  because you gotta you know if you want

  to think yeah if you want to control

  your own future your own destiny

  you really have to have your own phone

  right and i think it just makes sense

  for someone who is a freelance writer to

  have their own phone right because i

  have i have a lot of content so anyway

  the name given name for yeah it's the

  it's the most phone extremo

  3dx seen I don't think that's a good

  night and it's all it's all in capital

  letters so that's what makes a good name

  do you do you spelled when you when

  you're right on your site and you have

  control over you know an editor do you

  spell the morn words like razor all caps

  like if they ask me to like Motorola's

  style and try not to slow them at all

  but i would probably spell the rate

  razor part i don't know what I don't

  know why I mean I try to avoid it

  it's just seems really douchey but uh it

  does seem like the razor brand you know

  back when I had a razor flip phone

  yeah that seemed like it was that was

  all capitalized or something I don't

  capitalize I don't capital don't

  capitalize and the app there might be an

  exception somewhere but if somebody asks

  for their word to be spelled all caps I

  don't I don't do that that's probably

  that's probably better I mean unless

  it's an acronym your exact just if it is

  reducing planning an attack from

  dominating and you're just playing a

  dumb game they're playing right

  I like I think it but it sometimes it's

  hard to figure out how to spell it

  otherwise and i'll give you a good

  example here's a good example and I

  often i think if you looked at the

  daring fireball archives if you went

  through i think it was probably one of

  the room hopefully rare places where

  i've been inconsistent is next

  yeah and and even worse they're

  operating system next step

  yeah which they used to spell all caps

  except the e was lower case and that's

  how they spot the company name next and

  you know uppercase and lowercase ee

  uppercase X uppercase T which was sort

  of like a very eighties way of looking

  tacky right but it's against my style

  guide you know and i think that you know

  one of the reasons they do it is like a

  shameless attempt at getting some extra

  you know like if somebody scanning a

  webpage or you know even going back

  further print remember print Bigley

  it's a way of gaining attention you know

  that it makes this word pop out you know

  when you see razor it's gonna pop out

  because the letters are all or all


  likewise I don't I don't I don't use the

  ! in yahoo's name

  yeah i should write that I had a

  long-standing draft i have a meeting

  like I'm getting your hair style guide

  sort of i wanted to write I just about

  all these things you know yeah sort of

  about my policies on punctuation and you


  yeah my own personal style guide but

  it's that the draft the title of the


  I don't even know if I said I'll say it

  because i just spent at least eight

  years now that's folder so I'm probably

  never gonna do but if the title is why i

  want bang yahoo it also occurs to me i

  had a ride but anyway I won't go I won't

  give them the ! because it's not you

  know you can't do that right but then

  people people people hollering many

  people get mad talking a little bit like

  my dad because I had spent some time at

  the shore with my folks and I did my dad

  what will we use the verb aller to say

  that somebody's angry at you but people

  hollered at me about spelling Apple's

  products not the way Apple spells feel

  like when I spell mac mini I capitalize

  the m instead of all lower so long as

  it's a name it's somebody's name if

  somebody like the writer

  her name is Dana Boyd she you know

  stylistically icon your own site and

  stuff prefers to spell her entire name

  with lowercase letters but if i write

  about her i capitalized her name like I

  would anybody else's just to be

  consistent like to me your name is a

  series of letters your name you don't

  get to choose which ones are capitalized

  we capitalized them that according to a

  set of rules but then the the iphone is

  also my life well it right and that's

  what people do people say i'm being a

  hypocrite because I always lower case

  the eye

  in an eye product no matter where it

  falls like the beginning of a sentence

  on a headline or something like that

  ah and one reason for that is that it

  just looks stupid when it's it really

  looks awful when you capitalize it and

  have you ever seen yeah I'm sometimes in

  the new york times you see it and it's

  capitalized at the beginning of a

  sentence or something yes to some extent

  does and the other reason is that and I

  guess just to explain my reluctance to

  do something so ugly I have justified it

  by saying by telling myself that it's a

  prefix sort of like like a Scottish or

  Irish surname with the MCE rmac where

  there's this it now there are they

  started with the end but or like the

  somebody's name you put an apostrophe in

  there alright put my appliance in your

  phone somebody or somebodies name has a

  de in it you know John the molt and the

  DEA is low race well then that's ok it's

  like it's like a prefix I'm gonna

  consider the eye and those names to be

  like that and also the lower case I it's

  not obnoxious it doesn't like that the !

  in yahoo to me is obnoxious when I see

  it in the middle of a sentence it is the

  all uppercase razor is just obnoxious

  and Emma into the the funds that they

  announced yesterday

  it's just it's ridiculous they're all

  through all uppercase three phones then

  I i can't remember the names of thought

  my head right now but i can't you're all

  yeah which is another sign that it's not

  exactly working for him

  motorola razr droid maxx yeah one of

  them is the max one of them's the am and

  then the other ones like the maxx HD or


  no no no it's the droid HD ones ones

  just the HD and one of the HD Magnus and

  max has a at least 3 x's yeah but not on

  your case

  no they are uppercase OE even the max

  yeah if you look at their website anyway

  if you look at the product website they

  are actually uppercase O now I gotta go

  gotta go

  I think you're palla Paris lemon and ing

  and I suppose he had a post on tumblr

  yesterday but I have anything after look

  at that yeah very hard to see

  well here's a site this site that I link

  to yesterday I at laptop mag now there's

  their spelling it their spelling razor

  uppercase but not max uppercase but HD

  is uppercase of course because it's an

  accurate but i don't know maybe you're

  right the motorola spells it differently

  yeah I know because I he had mentioned

  that i went to their product page and it

  looks like they are spelling it's all

  uppercase yeah that's really going to

  help it it's like their eyes like

  they're yelling at you i wrote about

  this that I I don't understand why they

  have the two versions of the HD the one

  max in the non max because they're both

  big phones they both have big batteries

  it's not like hey this one has a free if

  you know for those of you who really

  burned through batteries in a day

  here's the one we're going to just make

  it heavier and put a big battery and for

  you and here's the regular one

  it seems it's not like here's a regular

  battery is a big battery it's here's a

  big thick battery and here's one with

  the bigger literally thicker battery now

  it doesn't see it just seems to me like

  they couldn't decide and so they just

  shipped them both

  I don't understand why both of those

  phones exist whereas the M seems like

  it's obviously different it's smaller

  and it's cheaper

  yeah so i can see why it exists there's

  a lot going on there and understand is

  an idea and I mean the whole thing I

  don't understand why motor or by google

  I kind of understand what the bottom

  I mean given where they are now but I

  still don't understand I just don't

  understand android you know i don't i

  don't either i don't understand it and

  and the announcement trying to follow

  along with the announcement yesterday I

  mean I wasn't watching the video I mean

  I was just watching like live blog

  covers and stuff I did I got confused at

  several points

  and I do i was surprised i guess i

  shouldn't be maybe I should have taken

  google at their word when they said that

  they were kind of going to leave

  motorola alone that they weren't gonna

  lie I just couldn't believe it because

  why would you spend billions of dollars

  to buy motorola if you weren't gonna run

  on the way you wanna to be run and yet

  that doesn't seem like what they're

  doing like they're still putting like

  custom motorola skins on the phones i

  mean they're saying I saw a lot of the

  coverage of it says that its toned down

  that the skin is not as much on top of

  pure Android 4.2 hours as you know

  previous motorola phones but it's still

  there and I don't understand because I

  get google I I thought google has been

  pretty explicit that they kind of want

  to discourage that they would like more

  phone makers to ship android like with a

  consistent you know everybody gets it

  yeah and also seems like they're

  shipping a slightly older very are they

  are still I think this is think they did

  say that it would get the most

  up-to-date version but it if you know

  which was of course they have to say

  that which is kind of fraud but yeah if

  they're not shipping on the absolute

  latest version and here's the thing that

  drove me nuts yesterday and I seriously

  I I i wasted at least an hour and it

  with this combined with the Lumia ones

  trying to find the prices of these

  things and on me like a dummy thought

  well there must be somewhere and I just

  thought well maybe the do you know the

  coverages it's just so much news going

  on that none of these sites you know

  maybe they just haven't noticed that

  they haven't reported and so I just

  loading and gadget and then the verge

  and i think i even went to gizmodo at

  one point I don't know I black down and

  I'm like I want to get here and went to

  the motorola site and nobody has prices

  right am I right or am I wrong that

  there's I believe how many phones were

  announced yesterday five because be

  motorola announced three and right and

  there were two yeah there were two

  Lumias and price there was only one

  price announced and that was as far as i

  know and that was for the m which is any

  which 199 that

  and I but the that none of the other

  phones are shipping it right so which is

  more than iphones announced yesterday

  aren't know we have no ship dates yet

  and we have no prices right right the

  other end the other two phones now we've

  got the Lumia 9200 and the Lumia 80 no

  no not 920 and the Lumia 820 and the a20

  looks to me like a nicer sighs I got

  really i'm not a fan of those bigger

  phones I've tried carrying some of those

  around and and I just don't care for

  them and the Lumia that I got to try

  last year the that was the impetus the

  800 is like exactly iphone shaped more

  or less you know

  yeah really really close and I found it

  to be delightful to put my pocket and to

  carry that filter those are fairly

  good-looking phones i'm not a big fan of

  the bright colors but I had taken their

  lack yeah but you can't block right

  right but it just seems like spec-wise

  that the Lumia the new 820 is really

  like low-end like it's it's old tech

  it's really like a low res screen

  I like the 800 x 480 a few pixels and

  whatever it is to make it 16 x nine but

  it's like an 800 x 480 pixel screen

  whereas the 920 as like what I can 1200

  or 1280 by 768 screen like it's it's

  actually got more pixels per inch than

  the iphone 4s I quite like two or three

  like 326 pixels per inch for the apples

  Retina display and it's like 330 or 333

  or something like that on this new Lumia

  which sounds that sounds great I can't

  wait to see it

  are you a rocking horse I am her son

  some idea are you a boom mic i do yeah

  i'm only getting started so yes I think

  I hear it's alright it's ok i'm just

  very nervous i know i know yeah I

  understand it's okay still is in lots of

  coffee i'm sure

  mmm i just took a sip yeah but anyway so

  they announced the phone

  where the software is not available yet

  and it doesn't even have a firm ship

  date other than quote-unquote fall you

  know so i guess sometime before december

  and no prices

  I don't even think they said what

  carriers in the US are going to carry it

  and I know it's a worldwide announcement

  that they're going to sell this thing

  all over the world and that I shouldn't

  be totally us-centric and that Nokia

  doesn't a lot better in Europe than they

  do in North America block but it's you

  know telling you I mean it just seems

  frustrating to me it's like I here's

  guide to me every product announcements

  here's what it is here's why you should

  care about it

  here's where to get it and here's what

  it costs and and now they're making

  these product announcements without the

  where to get it and what it costs and we

  now have two in a row from Microsoft

  right right and I guess this one will be

  nearer term than the surface tablets

  where I mean and write a matter of weeks

  rather than you know half a year but it

  does seem weird and it seems to me like

  a way this is Demi and when i'm leaving

  with this whole thing is that it just

  seems very clear to me that these these

  these companies have jumped the gun

  this week because they want to announce

  these things before apple announces yeah

  the next iphone next week and I don't

  understand why

  yeah I don't I don't I mean I guess the

  theory is that year you put that

  placeholder in people's minds so they

  don't run out and buy the iphone but is

  that what is really going to stop and

  how many people is that gonna stop for

  buying an iphone you know what that's a

  very interesting way to put it and it

  didn't occur to me that might be it and

  I think it's it might be fueled a little

  bit by hubris where where you think

  you'll make think that people are going

  to stop but lining up to buy an iPhone

  because you announce this thing doesn't

  that doesn't have any price or shipping

  right that they're so convinced in the

  appeal of what they're announcing that

  they think that there might be a

  sizeable number of people who will think

  that way see well I where I think it's

  crazy is to me the whole point of the

  ease of doing the product announcement

  that gets as much press attention as you

  can garner is to drive people to action

  and say look we want you to be excited

  about this and we want you to go order

  it right now go buy one right go get in


  ah whereas I I just feel like it's a

  very complicated message and I don't

  think it it's the way consumers act is

  to say here's this thing we're going to

  have in a couple of weeks remember it

  stay excited about it and go get in line

  six weeks from that by contrast today as

  we speak

  amazon has announced a bunch of Kindle

  Fire Kindle rears what have this still

  is it literally as we're talking as

  literally as we're talking yes it's

  going alright so do the news John they

  have announced a what's a tin kindle

  paper that people were joking that's the

  kindle paperweight but that's not the

  name of it it's a it's basically it's a

  backlit you know regular kindle just

  like the basically just the e-reader

  e-ink the ink with backlit paper light i

  guess probably paper light and like a

  hundred and started 2 $20 something like

  that and then also to new kindle fires

  and what is it was a 9-inch em HD so far

  that is what I see so far uh and the big

  rub in the air yeah big rumor is that

  they'll be announcing a phone right well

  we'll stay tuned and we was interested

  yeah yeah yeah what is there a position

  which but they're you know they're

  announcing they're announcing prices and


  alright well and that's because you know

  and that's why amazon is in my opinion

  apples strongest competitor

  yeah it's almost it's like it there in a

  position of strength like Apple whereas

  microsoft and motorola or not

  right with it sounds like a good tablet

  8.9 inches 9 20 x 1200 display that's

  250 4 pixels per inch so ah that's like

  right there in line with the retina iPad

  yeah right you know it's I think it's a

  great idea is I don't get sick that I

  even know this but I think the right now

  ipad is 263 pixels per inch and I would

  completely concede that nine pixels per

  inches is you could add surrounding our

  so that sounds good

  the base kindle fire hundred fifty nine

  dollars for the 7-inch tablets and what

  does the 8.9 inch cost time doesn't like

  that rolling scrolling scrolling don't

  see it yet but i don't see it

  well that's how you do it that's right

  here we are here we are live news amazon

  helping out the talk showed during the


  yeah by just doing exactly what i said

  here's what it is

  here's why you'd be interested in it

  here's where to get it and consequently

  I get more excited by their

  announcements exactly i mean even when

  they're just coming up I let the last

  year when that the kindle was was

  announced that is probably the most

  excited I've been for another product

  announcement outside of Apple never and

  i'm also intrigued by the the the

  vectors of competition in other words

  whose more in competition with each

  other I mean ultimately they're all in

  competition like let's just say for the

  tablet market and you have a

  ten-year-old kid who really want a

  tablet for Christmas when you're only

  going to buy one so in a sense they're

  all competing with each other to have an

  array of devices that you're going to

  choose from but and spend 200 or 300 or

  400 dollars and that gift for your you

  know eight-year-old daughter

  ah but they're not really competing with

  each other equally I think Amazon is far

  more focused against Google with this


  tablets yeah okay and you know what

  here's a email I just got from the

  reader here's a line from jeff bezos at

  the event for high-def device 8

  gigabytes is dead on arrival

  that's clearly about the the google

  nexus 7

  yeah which only has a gigabytes of

  storage which doesn't seem very well

  except they think he's there he's

  talking about the 9-inch so I think he's

  talking about the larger because the HD

  one is the larger form factor

  yeah well I don't know and no but i

  don't think anybody cells in google

  doesn't sell it a tenant 910 and shrimp

  tablet we have it the tablet they do

  sell it anyways

  yes yeah but i'm not sure i think that

  maybe the base Kendall still has a keg

  words what it would do do you fill up

  your ipad not anymore cuz i got 32

  I mean I used to have a 16 and I feel

  that upright exactly the 16 of was a

  real struggle because i am I i think i

  got the first one was only sixteen

  because I really you know I just thought

  you don't I I really bought into the

  idea that I would only just sink you

  know if I needed a movie I'd put the

  movie on and then when I was done I

  would take it off and then it's it

  yeah you have to give you have to get

  pretty adept at managing that right and

  the thing that i have found two is if

  you're gonna go on a trip and you want

  some movies on your iPad you gotta put

  them all on before you leave the house

  because you don't want to do it at no

  you're not going to get it on the

  airport Wi-Fi you're definitely not you

  didn't allow you to do it over 3g if you

  have the 3g model and even if you did it

  would you know what movie would use at

  the whole data alignment and you don't

  want to try to get a hotel you know what

  their Wi-Fi exactly right

  it's just going to your iphones or ipads

  just going to shut down and tell you

  that you know stop stop and your kids

  your kids sitting there screaming for

  clone wars exactly you gotta load up my

  and if you want to load up a couple

  movies really you know all of a sudden

  32 is what you need

  yeah so that's what I went to last time

  and I don't do that with the iphone i

  still go 16 with the iphone because I

  just don't I'm gonna cut because i have

  the ipad i don't watch anything on the

  iphone anymore really

  see I go I max out my iphone because i'm

  an idiot 64 yeah i do I just my god the

  biggest huh

  because i'm a total idiot i really am

  what was my tweet from a couple years

  ago is my all-time most favorited tweet

  i think it was something along the lines

  of I don't drink I don't gamble my only


  my only advice is buying a new iphone

  every year that in lying about drinking

  and gambling I now I do and and you know

  what you know why it is is that i have i

  want all my put all my music on it the

  whole library i think the library and I

  need the 64 for that because otherwise I

  like twice like two times I've been on

  an airplane and the only thing I have to

  listen to music is my iphone and I've

  been in the mood for something

  particular and it wasn't in the subset

  of my library that i synced and then I

  thought well the next time i buy a phone

  i'm getting the big one so I net that

  will never happen to me again hundred

  twenty-eight yeah did you ever have

  degenerate like a huge to generate huge

  ipod the like the what I forget how got

  big they got they got they got

  absolutely i did not i I got off the

  hard drive ones early pretty early it

  was before they went metallic it was

  still like white plastic but I i forget

  how big my biggest i pod was but they

  quickly their hard drives quickly got to

  a size where it was ridiculous

  oh yeah i was even though they really

  did ya buying a hard drive based ipod

  got you want that to me as a person who

  has enjoy some music but is not like a

  huge music guy like I've my library

  honor it fits on a 64 gigabyte iphone

  because i get in at 260 260 gigs that's

  what that's all that's crazy i think

  they had one parent is that though did

  they have got that I thought they did

  too i thought that they think they're

  going to build this is very feature-rich

  model right and now they just have the

  huge model but that's you know I I still

  die i do understand that that's useful


  Egypt DJ's right DJs and and people who

  are just serious about music and I'm not

  that's the night I don't I never have

  that problem

  it used to be I remember one time like a

  close friend was getting married and and

  because it was their clothes it's like

  somehow i forget what maybe i was in the

  wedding party or somebody had to go to

  the reception real early and I got to

  see the DJ setting up and it's just like

  20 minutes are going back and forth to

  his van to get milk crates full of cds

  and albums out of the van and that's all

  you know that's all over now right

  I remember like in high school like in

  high school dances like that the DJ

  would have you know just piles and

  popular all like a library of cds behind


  yeah I don't need that you just have an

  ipod looking looking back

  actually I think I'm 60 might be the

  largest-ever god no I could be wrong i

  can tell you exactly how many pixels

  sharing on an iPad all right you keep

  looking for Q amazon news and i am going

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  that sounds great do you like to go

  clothes shopping I know I desperately

  need someone to make me look good do you

  do you like to go clothes shopping


  it depends it depends but if i have time

  I'm i I've been known to like clothes


  oh I like to do it i like the online

  clothes shopping I like that too i

  really do I don't think yeah trying to

  think of the last time I bought a pair

  of shoes in person it's been a long time

  really like the online shopping

  yeah shoes you buy shoes online yeah

  because I know my sons and my size in

  the brands that I i think the last time

  i did buy a pair of a different they

  differ by brand

  yeah well that's what it's like a nine

  and not the nine up for everyone right I

  know exactly what I take those and let's

  face it most issues i buy your sneakers

  so right i know what I taking the

  devious and I know what I taken nike

  yeah and now i have it since I quit

  working for the man i don't have got

  very different clothing needs yeah which

  is great it's really great working for

  the man thanks I'm stuffed don't get me

  started i'm working for the man i'll

  tell you what though if you work for the

  man if you still work for the man you

  would want to go to Franco com you would

  i'm telling you look great people say

  man you're sharply can do I might have

  done well better working for

  man that's overkill for our lifestyle

  yeah that's ok I usually look homeless

  every once in a while you need that you

  go to Vegas a lot you need to look good

  in Vegas that's true that is true Cena

  and I don't want to look like a big you

  want to look like a player when you're

  in vegas exactly i guarantee you next

  time I go to Vegas I will be packing

  clothes from Franco com you bet

  check the tag you see me in Vegas any of

  you out there you see me in Vegas next

  time check the tag on my shirt and see

  what's from let's take your word for it

  yeah or you could take my word for it

  like imagine somebody to call me check

  yeah check your dad

  imagine somebody calls me on that but

  it's better like that it's not and I'm

  like well it's not a friend of shirt but

  i am wearing nice slacks oh let me check

  my advance check my tickets

  that's how vegas trip really starts

  going bad or good

  hey you know Sarah starts starts getting

  rolling casino security comes over and

  gives me the spiel about not being

  allowed to take your pants off your sr

  you're like you're like Bruce Wayne and

  the in the pool with a with her

  yeah without value with some with some

  some models the kindle fire HD this is

  the 9 inch one will be available for 299

  dollars 299 dollars

  Wow aggressive yeah rest of setting the

  bar right that's a hundred dollars less

  than off have to yeah visit that i'm

  correct right 398 399 for the ipad 2

  which is not yeah I red string right i

  think i could be wrong i have this hunch

  that when apple unveils the ipad mini

  that they're going to get rid of the

  ipad 2

  no really I don't know though i might be

  wrong now because maybe that's how they

  still fill in that maybe it would still

  leave like a big price gap

  yeah i think it would yeah and we talked

  about this before we were in what 250

  but next one of the best friend taken

  out 24 maybe they have to guy I they

  might have to

  199 because what's the price on that the

  7-inch kindle and now it's now it's less

  so it's 160 I think wow yeah yeah 16 159

  yeah 159 aggressive

  amazon is kind of crazy amazon's the guy

  also ok so now they got okay we've got

  three models they have the old kindle

  fire which is not which is actually an

  upgraded old kindle fire 459 dollars 7

  inch HD 499 and then 8.9 inch HD for 299

  hm ships November 20th at the top of the

  line there that's pretty late

  it shows you that they're pushing it i

  mean least they have a day have a date

  right and a price and a price

  Amazon's pricing their their willingness

  to to sell stuff of what seemingly at

  cost or near cost

  yeah that makes them like the crazy guy

  at the poker table like the guy like

  Jake you're playing poker and there's

  Jeff Bezos and he he just doesn't even

  look at his cards you deal the amount

  and he just leave them on the table and

  he just says I'm i bet a hundred dollars

  and you now you don't even know your

  guys the guys nuts you have no idea is

  good i mean it's really aggressive i

  guess it works for them

  I mean I they have a lot of content

  right so anything they sell it costs the

  anything they get up above that is gravy

  right and they you know i just i know

  you know i think just announced this

  stuff so we can't say I you know nobody

  nobody has reviewed these these products

  yet but I expect them to be pretty good

  simply it because of the history where

  the original kindle each tablet re-ink

  reader the first one was terrible it was

  a complete turn and one year later they

  had a pretty good one

  like that's just how they roll is that

  they are going to ship one like a year

  too early just to hit the market

  I and test the waters and they're going

  to fix all the agree just

  problems you know within that first year

  yeah that's what I expect

  yeah but they will never ever announced

  sales you didn't buy a fire did you know

  I didn't I I completely resisted yeah I

  wanted to and then by the time they

  shipped I i cooled off

  yeah the it didn't seem as good as what

  I wanted it to be like I said I was

  excited excited for the announcement and

  then somewhat letdown after reading the

  reviews right and hopefully these will

  be better

  yeah I i really do expect them to and I

  kind i really do think that there it's

  more competitive more directly

  competitive with the google nexus than

  with the ipad it will see but i feel

  like these bigger ones now that I'm

  their their 4g yep

  what more expensive one is coming with

  4g 32 gigs of space for 99 I like i have

  the e-ink ones are still selling i

  suspect i used to see it when I used to

  commute I saw a ton of those things I

  trying i really think though I think

  with those e-ink ones and I could be

  wrong but I do think because i have 1i

  and I didn't even buy it for myself

  Marco our good friend Marco Arment

  bought it for me as a gift and it's the

  22 year old one it's a the kindle i

  forget what model year is but it's got

  like it's dark grey and it has a

  physical keyboard

  uh-huh and I i do enjoy it and I used it

  more than I thought for a while until I

  really kind of got used to reading books

  on the ipad yeah but i do think though

  that once you have one you don't really

  need a new 12 years later just because

  it's a little better

  it's I don't think it's as much like

  phones and tablets because you don't do

  as many other things I think back I

  think a backlit one might change that

  yeah about certain great that might be

  it but if it's yeah but if it's just the

  regular one


  him you know because I do see when I see

  people on airplanes reading even with me

  and tablet it you know there are a lot

  of them i see a lot of older candles I

  don't you know I just don't know that

  people replace them as free clothing

  now what they drop the price to now the

  prices down to sixty nine dollars right

  Ernie and tablet

  yeah i know there's an explanation that

  they're gonna do we're gonna make it


  that's the one with ads though right

  yeah i think so i think that the lowest

  price one comes with that right that I

  would not die so does the 7-inch tablet

  is the 7-inch kindle have any 3g

  connectivity or just know just the guy I

  think just the 9-inch 1i think that's

  where Apple really depending on the

  pricing I think that's where they're

  really going to steal the show on that

  the ipad mini because i'm convinced that

  they were going to sell it with the same

  either get it cheap you know wifi-only

  is cheaper and for a hundred extra box

  you can get one with 4g known it you

  know the nexus doesn't have it and the

  amazon one doesn't have it

  yeah so you're going you of you flying

  out i am flying out i was just got to

  segue to that you're so astute john i am

  going I really am for the big apple


  yeah you will not be there i guess i

  have stice still have not gotten my


  that's that you know what that's going

  to happen now should happen you should

  get invited to stuff like that

  well that would be fun a lot of

  speculation surprisingly usually people

  don't speculate in advance of of apple


  did you see documented did you see

  have you seen the and it's died I next

  week's thing is it seems pretty clear

  the invitation kind of hints with the

  shadow that looks like a five the

  invitation seems to make it pretty clear

  that it's going to be about the iphone 5

  and I have

  heard from my famous little birdies that

  I've heard that the event will only be

  about the iphone and and I think

  corresponding with that iOS 6 which i'm

  guessing we'll have some sort of feature

  that they had announced previously and

  i'm guessing some apps you know that

  they always have new apps from Apple to

  show off you know the phone maybe some

  new series features and stuff like that

  but it's you know

  yeah that's what I've heard is that the

  event will be about one device the

  iphone 5 and the software that runs on

  it but just in terms of that sort of

  speculation and and and hype that people

  generate in advance of these things you

  see macrumors paid a guide to do like a

  3d render of what the ipad mini could

  look like oh I i just saw I didn't sell

  quickly it's it's really well done and

  it's like done in 10 in WebGL which I i

  don't recall ever having used before you

  have to go in to develop menu and safari

  and turn it on but then it's you know

  it's like the old quicktime GL where you

  can click and drag to rotate it in 3d or

  wherever you want but it's a 3d render I

  really well done

  I mean it looks totally credible you

  know it looks like it could be in an

  apple device but I just can't and I

  can't fathom commissioning a guide to

  build a 3d render of what a product

  could look like and i also saw that

  there are people like case makers at

  that and there's a big conference in

  Berlin last week the IFA something

  conference and that there were case

  makers who based on like leaked images

  and rumors of the iphone 5 had built

  mock iphone 5 yeah so that they can show

  their cases for it

  laters there's even a there's like a

  full android knockoff iphone 5 this is

  so great i got the layout of all it's

  because they're gonna sue apple that's

  what this yeah and they're sooo and

  prior art right it's it at all right i

  got a google list

  see this little gathered for me i

  googled her Chinese android iphone 5

  suing apple here we go

  actually just that chinese

  company used leaked iphone suspects to

  build knockoff hopes to sue apple for

  patent infringement

  well you gotta get in on that right

  and well they have a good argument their

  argument is that they are shipping first

  and so regardless that they based the

  admittedly based the entire thing on

  leaked yeah hearts from the iphone 5

  that they're shipping the product first

  and so they're going to sue apple it's

  called the goophone i5s 10 and it runs a

  custom version of the Android operating

  system that mimics the look of apple's

  ios the goophone i5s yeah

  semi soon get sued by Intel no I'm not

  so sure that there's exercise that

  intellectual circle of life and yeah

  apparently not

  do you think I mean are they just that

  out of touch or or do they know that by

  claiming to sue apple that it's like a

  problem they know that that's just going

  to get even more publicity

  I have to think that they that's a

  ladder right yeah they kind of that

  there are general getting publicity but

  hats off to them softer them for having

  a possible

  I wonder how that works out of the end

  though I mean that just doesn't seem

  like that pays off but alright if you

  would just do we just get completely

  screwed at the end of the day having

  done that right and it is it's a

  slightly but not even slightly it's

  actually a very different thing that

  won't then what Samsung did and arguably

  still does yeah we're there what they've

  done is it's it's truly a knockoff

  I mean it is it really looks identical

  to it's the only thing that short as is

  the they don't actually put an apple

  logo on the back yeah that's what you

  might as well write you might as well

  because that's what like the handbag

  fakes do and bring like when you buy a

  fake Rolex you know for twenty bucks on

  the street corner it says Rolex it you

  know it doesn't say like relax or

  something like that it says Rolex I mean

  it's you know it's like a complete fake

  i'm not quite sure why they don't why

  they don't do the go the whole way I

  guess because they're an actual company

  with a brand that could be sued whereas

  like knockoff handbags and watches are

  all sort of underground you know that

  there's no there's no nobody knows

  actually who made that because they're

  being right by now it's completely on

  the black market or the gray market or

  whatever you want to call it

  yeah yeah this is great

  it's this is probably my favorite story

  that we really can you block me can you

  buy we should buy 1i I wonder you got me

  when you get in

  yeah probably not hong kong-based online

  design their cheapo and refund after the

  alleged apple iphone 5 parts leaked yeah

  i just i think it's only oh boy

  hongkong but maybe do we have listeners

  in Hong Kong certify if anybody out

  there's listen to the show and you live

  in Hong Kong and you can buy one of

  these get in touch with email me go to

  daring fireball and hit the contact form

  and and let's figure out what the prices

  and if it you know if it's reasonable

  maybe i'll try to get one of these

  I'd love to see your review i should i

  should get it and review the hell out of


  I'm worried that I'd get lost that after

  the home screen that the whole thing

  will be in Chinese oh yeah I take this

  here's one thing I've gotten a lot of

  questions about this and I I thought

  maybe the talk shows would be a good

  place to write about it is that they're

  I've already seen on Twitter people

  wondering whether i have already gotten

  an iphone 5 for reviewing and others you

  know that you know did I can't speak for

  for anybody else I don't know it's all

  you know little secret and you know who

  knows whether but my understanding at

  least in my personal experience in the

  two years since since that Apple has

  started giving me products to review

  ahead of their release in my experience

  they never ever even tell you that the

  thing exists until the event they the

  event is when they that's the first time

  I and completely sure that the thing

  even exists and then after the event a

  you know they they schedule a time where

  you come in and then yeah you get a


  yeah but not only so not only have i

  never gotten a product before it was

  announced at an event I i I've never

  even heard about it beforehand didn't

  you didn't get clued into Mountain line

  yeah mountain lions were because it

  wasn't a hardware product yeah so they

  did they said would you like to have

  this briefing you know we're going to be

  in New York for a couple of days talking

  to the press if you'd like you know you

  can schedule a time and and come up and

  when they did they you know they it gave

  me the mountain lion release on a loner

  macbook air and that was before they

  announced it that the idea you know but

  that's because they didn't have an event

  right that that briefing was the

  substitution of holding enough having an

  event and I if they had had an event I'm

  sure they would not have given it to me

  before the event

  but added that so that's the thing is

  that done this week's show today

  September 6i can say no i do not have an

  iphone 5 i do not even know i do not

  know with any certainty that there is

  such a thing as an iphone 5 I don't know

  47 and someone could overnight you want

  from hong kong email right

  definitely then you down before whereas

  by next week's show which I intend to

  record after the event you'll have there

  is a chance i would be nice i would i

  would be flattered it would be great if

  there is a chance that i will have one

  but if i do i'll have signed an NDA you

  can't tell where they handed it to me

  where I won't be able to say but i could

  say right now that I don't but and once

  you have the NDA you can't even lie i'm

  not gonna lie i can't say i don't have

  it but I also can't say that I do have

  it you can't just can't talk about it


  that's how it works yeah and I don't

  believe that they seen anybody I don't

  think that even Musburger poker anybody

  gets them in advance i think yeah you

  know everybody gets the same in nine

  days so no phone from amazon no no phone

  i'm not surprised by the event is over

  right and no fun

  yeah I'm not surprised I'm convinced I'm

  you know I don't have any it you know

  had inside knowledge but well I've heard

  things i have heard some things that

  they're working on the phone but you

  know my sources at amazon are nowhere

  near as good as like an Apple but just

  strategically I'm you know it just seems

  like a no-brainer that with the route

  they're going there's seems like a

  no-brainer to tell you eventually do

  that but I just think that it's probably

  one of those things where they're not

  far enough along yet

  yeah which is this is when this is where

  Microsoft would completely announced the

  phone jacks exactly and it would they

  would even say that what we're hoping to

  ship in mid-2014 time next year

  big fan

  anything did you so you didn't want you

  to watch the motorola event yesterday i

  did not know was it painful

  I wasn't thinking about it it was a

  little well that the first and i guess

  some of this was just not even with the

  band was but there was some band that

  they had and the video that they had

  online them in the first at least 15

  minutes if not 20 minutes was this band

  playing there was an hour long video and

  the first 20 minutes of it was this band

  playing I just thought it was weird I

  mean I know Apple is headbands come in

  play but mostly it's like itunes events

  or ipod events where it's actually a

  music-related event and and in certainly

  certainly and mac words of consumer

  event words we're entertaining the

  people is more makes more sense that

  just seems odd to anyone it's a press

  event too because this thing was not


  you couldn't just show up to go to this


  so anyway so they play the timing is

  wrong on that right strategically like

  just the way Apple does it is the right

  way you do it is you come out to say

  hello you start satiating the curiosity

  of the people who are there you starts

  you know start giving them what they

  want to know here's what we have to say

  here's you know a little preamble here's

  a new product

  here's what it does here's what it looks

  like and then at the end you like hey

  thanks for coming and guess what we have

  a band we have you know johnny is here

  yeah your song right you know what the

  music comes at the end

  yeah and then Eric Schmidt gets up and

  talks about 10 facts about whatever

  instrument talks about any introduces

  the guy who is the new head of motorola


  what's that guy's name is rid of that

  with cigarettes anyway

  Dennis Woodside who I noted yesterday

  came from McKinsey which is this big

  consulting management consulting company

  over the wells with a long is on with a

  long history

  yeah and and also

  oversaw the acquisition of motorola

  sunlight to me L that made more sense

  why they spent 2.5 billion to acquire

  more motorola mobility and then they

  showed and add that toward the end and

  the ad i thought was just terrible

  because it it didn't show the product

  all until like the last second was one

  of those ads that shows things flying by

  and it's you know they would say thin

  and it would show a bunch of thin things

  and then it would show that I can

  remember what the other at sort of

  characteristics of the phone that they

  were talking about but they should show

  things that related to the

  characteristics of the phone but not

  actually show the phone until the end

  and maybe it's partly because those

  phones aren't all that great looking

  whereas the Amazon did an ad last night

  during the NFL game that show their

  products all over the woods showing that

  game by the way I I couldn't really say

  and I i could say because i know but i'm

  not going to say and I the ad shows is

  you chose boxes arriving in mailboxes

  and shows the all the candles and showed

  the new devices that would you cover

  that said that was interesting right and

  and not something that apple would do

  but but pretty good and much more

  inspiring to go out and actually buy the

  product them than the one the motorola

  showed i just looked it up on ESPN ends

  up that the dallas cowboys won that

  football game and now have the best

  record in the entire NFL


  they're going all the way I think it's

  without question also top-rated

  quarterback in the NFL Tony Romo

  Wow huh I'm standing

  yeah New York Giants last place out of

  28 teams in NFL no team has a worse

  record in the New York Giants and

  Yankees been doing over the last 10


  no she won't she won't go back to

  politics John people get very upset when

  we talk about where she go back to

  politics because they get various people

  there tues and they tune in for the

  polyp political talk not the sports talk

  they get very upset when we talk about

  sports or we could talk about our



  I you know what these events they do

  they make me uncomfortable to watch

  because i am spoiled i'm totally spoiled

  by Apple which puts on these events that

  are as polished and thoughtful as their

  products right and it's just event after

  event i can't recall and you said I

  can't recall apple ever putting together

  an event that seemed anything less than

  then polished yeah and exactly no

  presents the product and a great light

  and and I think isn't it true that these

  events where the first stage yourself

  events are relatively new phenomenon for

  most of these companies because the way

  things used to be done was they would go

  to contacts or something

  yeah announced identities product be

  tied to these you know call them i don't

  know conventions or yeah and mostly an

  apple was the one who started maybe

  somebody else did it before but Apple

  started hosting their own events and

  then everybody said oh we need a holster

  on events right then there was a thing

  yesterday's yeah the other thing about

  yesterday's dual announcements from

  Motorola and nokia was that they were in

  the same city they were both in New York

  City and that i think the Nokia one

  forget which one first but I think with

  motor yet

  motorola coffers

  I don't care but they were offering

  shuttle buses they offered to sell that

  people from one to another and have the

  nokia nokia paid for a bus that said i

  love nokia in huge letters to shuttle

  the show up at the motorola right and I

  don't know just all seems like I can't

  even imagine Apple doing that now

  like if Apple held an event and somebody

  else happened to be holding I had the

  stones to hold one in the same city on

  the same day

  applewood just wouldn't give two craps

  about anybody who wanted to attend both

  that if the you know the timing made it

  difficult or whatever it's you know it's

  too you know that you're dumb luck for

  want to cover both because you they know

  which one you're going to cover right

  I can't imagine anybody being dumb

  enough to do that right to say no apples

  holding an event it ten o'clock on

  tuesday will will hold one at noon right

  you know what i should do I should do

  the second sponsor

  okay great app for the iphone and I pen

  drafts now there's a whole bunch of

  note-taking apps text editing apps for

  iOS but drafts really stands out for a

  couple of reasons first is they have a

  great idea which is that as soon as you

  launch the app the most likely thing you

  want to do is start writing an idea

  start writing a note so every time you

  launch the app the first thing you get

  is a new blank note so you're walking

  around you have an idea you think I want

  to write that down

  take out your phone launch drafts and

  boom you've got a new note start typing

  second thing they have is terrific sink

  you sign up for their own syncing

  service and everything instantly as soon

  as just type something on your iPhone

  it's in the ipad version make a change

  in the ipad on the iphone and it just

  works great i have I its instantaneous

  works great i have I its instantaneous

  and just perfect sync which i think is

  essential for any note taking up

  absolutely they have a great little

  custom keyboard little bar above the

  keyboard with a bunch of commonly-used

  characters including markdown fans

  including an asterisk so you don't have

  to work to get asterisk for italian

  retalix not Italian

  although you can write Italian drafts

  works in English and a time I and a dash

  and I think I'm dash they also have left

  and right arrow keys for moving the

  insertion point and left Wow wordwise

  insertion point I all very very

  conveniently located so you can go

  it's like using option arrow on a mac so

  you can go

  word word word left from right nice on

  really really convenient and you know as

  much as I love and think it's genius the

  the text placement built into iOS where

  you rub your finger there if you just

  want to go back a couple characters and

  you're already using the keyboard having

  those arrow keys is great and said to me

  it's a feature that Apple should rely

  think Apple should really think about

  adding to iOS really really convenient

  especially on the ipad i think where the

  room is there and is a hos looks like

  there's a host of output eyeballs that

  is that's the that's the next best part

  and yeah you can post to twitter you can

  post to Facebook saved at Caesars

  dropbox exactly so you can use it if you

  know as the sort of place where you

  stashed weeks if you if you had draft

  tweets you can use it for that

  oh yeah I'm it hooks to dropbox you can

  sync everything to dropbox it hopes to

  Evernote has support for printing and it

  for you can forward the text of any

  draft in the app to a bunch of apps that

  that have like a dead they hook up with

  the URL protocol so they can cross

  communicate you can send them to apps

  here's the list apps that they work with

  right now but it's growing all the time

  omnifocus things agenda and tweet

  bot big-name apps very popular app so it

  will send stuff back and forth with

  those apps it's just great so draft for

  iphone is 199 and drafts for ipad is 299

  on the App Store go check them out so go

  to the App Store search for draft it's a

  great app and i highly recommend it for

  the iphone and the ipad pulling I'm

  pulling a leo laporte i'm downloading it

  right now I would really recommend it

  I all I wanted ad say i wanted to say

  this this week because it's one of those

  things that I won't be able to say next

  week in the room you know obviously did

  such a rumor that it seems like it's got

  to be true the rumors that the screen on

  the new iphone is going to be the same

  with but it's going to be taller and

  it's gonna be taller by the you know

  what are they going to do with the home

  screen is going to add an extra row of

  icons on the home screen and I've been

  thinking about that and it's actually

  made me a little nervous because I've

  gotten my my homescreen my first two

  home screens which are really the only

  2i keep organized I know where all the

  icons are and I've kind of settled in

  I've kind of gotten into old-man mode

  where I it's very rare that i changed

  appt in there and I don't know what I'm

  gonna do with that extra row of icons if

  you were Henry Blodget you can't base an

  entire piece on this fact that would

  obviously be enabled really angry

  yeah tirade about how Apple's ruining

  here do you do you do meticulously

  organized your icons and I would not say

  meticulously home screen and maybe like

  the first beyond that yeah the first

  page yes but anything beyond that is is

  kind of a little bit more of a mouse was

  it you

  somebody had a line the other day about

  Henry Blodgett he was it was a good

  crack about Henry blockage of you

  written about it easy

  no no it's easy to make it is he wished

  he had a thing tonight coming argued

  iphone iphone 5 is is doomed or


  I think he said that the iphone 5

  is already annoying him i write down

  something the other guys going like that

  but maybe Blodgett too i think yeah this

  is that it seems like there are at least

  a couple of its equipment that is a

  common refrain in the run-up to an apple

  product announcement that before it's

  even announce that you're tired of the

  hype that they're tired of it and ate

  yeah and they always direct these

  complaints about the hype at Apple that

  it's great that does is right but what

  what what could Apple do differently to

  do not have this type they don't say

  anything I've said nothing i can't I

  really truly believe that they haven't

  purposefully leaked anything all of

  these parts if it turns out that these

  parts that have leaked are legit and

  that this you know that we kind of

  already have an idea what this new

  iphone looks like ah I can't help but

  think that Apple is upset about that

  would be funny if that if that company

  that's selling the android is actually

  an apple shell company my god never got

  a group photo now it's all just yeah

  hold up to build up hype for the iphone

  five we're gonna have this company cela

  complete knockoff of it right like you

  know it's like a couple of times a month

  at like five o'clock they blowing off

  steam and there's the Schiller and jony

  ive and was our that was jaws just hit

  the ribbons it's not suggesting around

  out of having beers on the connection

  setup i'm going show somebody sell the

  google what's the silliest name they can

  come up with

  I don't know Frank was the worst

  possible maybe you can think of right

  and goophone it's sort of a knocking

  google i get you know could be if it

  were a ended up it was a shell company

  got yeah woody sionary yeah

  I so I don't talk about the FBI thing

  oh let's do that yeah and then we're

  adding i would think we call it show

  yeah yeah the FBI thing is really weird

  and you said your idea i didn't look

  mine up but I did and I did not find any

  of mine

  you know it it's it I'm but I'm not a

  hundred percent sure here's what i died

  i downloaded the file

  it's like 90 gigabytes and they give you

  these instructions where you can verify

  it and you know the md5 hash that you

  know it's legit then you run decrypt it

  and then you have a big txt file it's

  like 830 megabytes or something like

  that so I opened up in bbedit with

  handles big file like that no problem

  and I start searching for my uu IDs from

  my the devices i have an active use a

  couple of my iphones and a couple of my

  iPads that I have the uuid are you DIDS

  I keep calling right into eyes udid

  device ids and none of mine were a hit

  IUDs right but I am I even ask you a

  couple of a couple of people on Twitter

  pointed out that there were two devices

  in their name John Gruber's you have had

  an idea i looked and there is there were

  two devices with that name and but I

  looked in the uuid you DIDS did not

  match any of the ones that i have stored

  now it's possible because I i have had

  an absurd number of ipads come through

  here we're like review units from apple

  because I've had new ones like when a

  new one comes out and i had like a new

  ipad 2 in a new ipad 3 that I didn't

  keep you know that I get them i use them

  for a couple of weeks and then I box

  them back up and just and ship them to

  apple and I you know I buy my own that

  if I'm going by 12 actually own but

  they've also given me ones like like at

  the at books event last year and you

  know the the textbook event New York

  City it's like you they just give them

  out like candy

  you know yeah when they review stuff or

  with mountain lion they gave me one

  because i wanted to give me one that had

  like Ike tunes documents in the cloud

  that sinking that worked or whatever

  they just set them up to to be able to

  review these features they want you to

  be able to do and they just they just

  set everything up so that they're all

  ready to go and they just give them to

  you know and you don't keep them they

  you know you sign a thing that says I

  you know have taken this from you and

  it's possible it is possible that maybe

  I had one of those that i plugged in and

  i just got lazy because I knew it wasn't

  going to keep it and just took that

  default name because I don't name them

  like that I don't name them John

  Gruber's ipad

  I you know I have other and then my

  devices different ways but i don't use

  that name but maybe I did maybe i got

  lazy so maybe there were two of mine in

  there i don't know i like the idea that

  other people were naming him that

  yeah but anyway that the still no answer

  of how these how this file came to exist

  you know and I guess that right intrigue

  is the initial reaction i think a lot of

  people had was this suspicion that that

  Apple had been sharing this information

  with the FBI for some reason Apple has

  since denied that the FBI is designed it

  right oh and the other thing to point

  out to keep in mind is that the this

  anti sec antisocial what the hell's

  their name and I seconds their name i

  think that the hacker group that

  releases claims that the original file

  they took from the guys laptop had 12

  million entries and that they've only

  the public release was only a random

  1,000,000 slice of it so the only ten

  percent of the numbers they claim or

  were there were actually in this public

  one so just because you know your udid

  isn't in there doesn't it wasn't it the

  full file that hasn't been released

  publicly yeah and what the FBI issued a

  statement but the state you know and

  it's pretty rare for them to even

  address something like this but it does

  have some wiggle room in there

  well this statement does but then

  apparently they denied it

  they denied it much more forcefully on

  twitter which i think is also funny that

  the FBI has a twitter

  account like imagine like over the

  character was available like 40 years

  ago when Jennifer there Jay let's look

  was alive you know what that you say

  that but did you must not have seen

  clint eastwood's Hoover movie because

  there's like a full pot in there one of

  those things like you know like

  sometimes like a Miami font nerd so

  sometimes they'll be like a movie that

  takes place in 1953 and there's

  something in helvetica neue Helvetica

  didn't come out till nineteen

  fifty-seven so it's you know that's a

  faux pas

  there was a scene in eastwood Hoover

  movie where Hoover was at sexting really

  yeah he was sexting on it on a little

  i'm like an iphone and then somebody

  pointed out to eastwood after it came

  out that the iphone you have cell phones

  weren't didn't exist for another 60

  years and he told them you're making

  that up i have not seen the movie but

  you must be making that up at any rate

  the FBI the FBI their their their

  twitter post was was unequivocal and

  Marco has a have linked to something

  this morning about the sky

  I'm sure when mispronounces a boge

  engagement of flux ads I thinks that

  maybe it came from a nap or a series of

  apps from the Swiss company called spank

  apps is for real yeah yeah I'm there's a

  was an app called glitter draw free that

  he had this guy had installed that's

  sending the associated push

  notifications token to third-party

  service anyway understandable but

  possibly i mean so people are coming up

  with you are trying to come up with

  other ways that this might have happened

  and thats what it series is that it's a

  third-party app yeah i would not be

  surprised if that's the source is a

  third-party app or ad network maybe that

  had a bunch of apps use something like


  you know and it does seem like the more

  I looked into it that it's whatever the

  source it's not that egregious a leak

  I guess it's likely that a bunch of AD

  networks all have your device ids and

  your device names just because it was

  you know that's how it was easy

  up until iOS 6 apples actually making

  that something that the apps can't do in

  ios6 just get these device itz they're

  gonna have another way of getting a

  unique identifier is that won't be the

  same across different apps so you'll

  have more privacy

  this is it's not a terrible privacy

  variolation but it's definitely

  something and then more i'm marco also

  is the source that link to the the right

  up i linked to yesterday about the the

  way that you could use a simple URL API

  from openfeint who is like it's tied to

  a bunch of games and you can put you

  diii d in there and it'll tell you

  everything they know about that udid

  yeah for some people was coming up with

  things like the facebook profile and

  pictures you know like there-there

  avatar and when the guy first reported

  it there was you know it was actually

  even worse it even had like GPS data and

  after he reported it this is like two

  years ago or a year and a half ago they

  stay took out the location data from

  that API code but you know there could

  be some other service out there that has

  you know the same type of thing and

  maybe has you know this same sort of

  privacy problems or you could because

  once you know somebody's name and their

  location i mean that's that's a that's a

  lot of the answer good way to get

  started on you know having some fun

  yeah he said that a little too really

  just not that I would ever you know

  right it's a good thing I don't know how

  to do any of this stuff

  did youdid you so you didn't even like

  you didn't even look at I didn't like

  now I don't know what I'm going to do it

  in there

  mm not much but it's really there really

  is nothing to me there's no you can't

  change your udid right still is a weird

  story that

  yeah did you also see and just to to

  circle back this might be going in the

  show circle back on politics if you've

  seen this story about the hacker that

  claims to have stolen that romney's tax


  yeah and I did this is actually a really

  intriguing story so this story is that

  an anonymous hacker has posted these

  things on Mike pastebin and and claims

  and it's been verified that he walked

  into a pricewaterhousecoopers office in

  my Tennessee and a guy on that said that

  a guy in the third floor let him in and

  that he put he walked out with on a USB


  I don't think he says how many but

  several years of Mitt Romney's personal

  income tax returns before 2010 which he

  hasn't released in which has been very

  controversial in this election because

  presidential candidates typically

  release many years are several years of

  their taxes and there's a lot of

  speculation that that there's the reason

  he hasn't is you know that there's some

  stuff in there that's politically

  unsavory in other words that he's

  probably paid of evidence certainly low

  tax rate

  yeah and he also has a whole collection

  of people's you DIDS a jacket but anyway

  this hacker then encrypted the data and

  put the encrypted version on a USB stick

  and mailed it to both the Democrats and

  the Republicans in an envelope and with

  a letter that exactly no saying what he

  done and saying that he wants romney or

  the Romney campaign to give him a

  million dollars in bitcoins which

  presumably would be untraceable I think

  that's the way Bitcoin works i'm pretty

  sure i mean it's you know it would be

  pretty stupid if it weren't that you

  know the Bitcoin works like cash for

  once you transfer it it's you know it's

  there is no it's not like credit

  transactions there's no banking history

  yeah he wants a million dollars in

  bitcoins before September 28-30 else is

  going to release it publicly and if

  anybody else wants it like in the

  pressure whatever the first one to be

  given them billion dollars in bitcoins

  either gets the key or they'll destroy

  the key and you know it seems like there

  it seems so outlandish I mean why in the

  world would his tax returns being in

  Tennessee but it doesn't seem like you

  know the Secret Service is looking into

  it and it seems like there might be some

  smoke to the fire

  yeah it's interesting you don't mean at

  this point it's hard to tell but well I

  guess here's what I the one who either

  are really outrageous scam right or wear

  a green espionage story right and

  pricewaterhousecoopers is issued not

  you're not really a denial but just as

  far as we know this hasn't happened but

  they haven't said anything at it here's

  what I here's what I wonder

  alright it are his tax returns in that

  office in tennessee right if they're not

  well then they could you know they could

  say it's not even possible does it

  we have no tax returns for Mitt Romney

  in that office and then the whole story

  goes away

  yeah right they haven't said that but

  would they say that you know i mean like

  it's one of those things like you know

  you not negotiating with terrorists were

  maybe you know even if it's not there

  you don't say that because then if it

  were there

  you're not saying that would be a

  giveaway that it was there that make

  sense yes sort of sort of sort of at

  this time there is no se at this is

  there and it actually is

  sounds exactly like what the FBI had

  said about the bi DS is in their

  official statement at this time there is

  no evidence that our systems have been

  compromised which is not

  really Adonai huh no I mean and maybe

  they don't know right and i also would

  not be surprised if it's their policy to

  not really can truly confirm or deny

  that it was even possible

  you know that they're not they don't

  want to have people playing bingo trying

  to guess which is where his tax returns

  really are but I don't know it just

  seems like the way that the statement

  and a way that the secret services is

  looking into this that you know there

  might be something to it if pwc has a

  system you know if they do people's tax

  returns and I have a system where they

  store all this stuff right get access it

  you could theoretically access it from

  any office could be in the cloud you're

  saying yeah i mean it would be it would

  be in there on their will at least on

  their well probably not on a cloud but

  in their land right yeah I guess that

  does make sense i guess it would you

  know I guess that if he had anybody any

  pricewaterhousecoopers do it that maybe

  they do have a system like that it

  wouldn't just be local

  i guess.i guess that does make a lot of

  sense that it doesn't really matter that

  if you know if you're if you're in the

  Tennessee office working on some rich

  guys tax taxes you have access to the

  same system not necessarily the same you

  wouldn't necessarily have access to the

  same right

  I'm thinking too much about how i turn

  my taxes is which with my accountant

  where we're just you know I just come in

  with shoebox superplex full of receipts

  exactly and you know that it's like two

  slips of paper and like walk with 1 1099

  from macworld for a column I road that

  just throw it at him and say here and

  you know and then have you talked to

  talk sports for 15 minutes and then and

  he does it all right and then it's all

  going you know what I'm pretty sure Mitt

  Romney doesn't go to to i would guess

  that it's different for him would be

  great of his tax return the guy if it's

  totally the jet and they don't pay up

  and the guy releases it publicly and his

  tax returns are are just absolutely like

  there's nothing to it there's absolutely

  nothing interesting in them

  whatsoever just mean nothing to him you

  know just exactly like it's 2010 11

  because it doesn't at this point

  everybody is assumes that there's

  something preposterous in their right to

  exist you know that this you know that

  just shows that you know yeah took all

  this money and send it to the cayman

  cayman islands and right now I paid

  thirty seven dollars and income tax on

  20 million dollars in capital gains

  so what's your last thing

  are you a nervous flyer yes

  did you know you know that i didn't know

  that yeah and that's why I thought to

  call this out this is a this is an

  incident earlier today this is gonna is

  gonna freak me out

  i I'm not fly I'm not flying everything

  your future so here's here's the story a

  US airways flight headed for Dallas

  Philadelphia was diverted back to

  Philadelphia this morning because of a

  false threat that identified a

  particular passenger is carrying


  now here's the statement from Chief

  Inspector Joe Sullivan commander of the

  Philadelphia Police Department's

  anti-terrorism unit all indications are

  this was a hoax and a pretty next eprice

  played on a passenger

  well so the plane goes up and they the

  guy called in and said that the guy had

  liquid explosives and plan and they had

  the flight and apparently that they that

  they named the flight and said where it

  was going that he was on flight 1267

  going to dallas is a 7 730 flight and

  they named the particular individual

  said he was smuggling smuggling and

  explosive on a flight to texas and so

  they immediately told the plane to come

  back and they they gave it the full

  treatment with the you know I guess

  parked on the runway as far away from

  everything else is they could surround

  it had in a long forcement board the

  plane and take the guy take the guy out

  and outside the plane had him get down

  on his knees and and had like the

  bomb-sniffing dogs you know give him the

  once-over apparently the fellow was very

  surprised and and and upset you think so

  i was like a friend of his or side maybe

  not anymore

  yeah well does this not seem like the

  stupidest prank you've ever heard of it


  yes because i believe it's pretty close

  like did the guy who made this prank did

  you really think that he was going to

  get away with it

  it'sit's I cannot wait to hear the rest

  of this story this is the story that I

  am I am so intrigued to find the bottom

  here's the other thing the plane did

  eventually depart for Dallas around like

  11 o'clock or 1130 or something like

  that now would you if you were on that

  flight and this happened here again you

  it wasn't you who was the victim of the

  prank you're just you know 20 rows back

  and all you know is that i'm goin back

  to Philly and and then megs points would

  you would you then take the flight to

  dallas i probably apparently many custom

  many of the passengers refused to get

  back on and refused to get back on the


  yeah well i guess like I mean I guess

  you eat if you think that maybe there's

  somebody who had his bag still on the

  plane right you're getting on exactly

  the same plane that would be that would

  be questionable right

  like what you know or maybe he had a

  Confederate or something like that like

  yeah yeah that whatever the odds are

  that the that any given flight you're

  going to be on is going to have that and

  a terrorist explosion let's call it

  one-in-a-million which is probably way

  too hot yeah it looks like this is all

  right let's say you're a nervous flyer

  than you think the odds are one in a

  million the odds of your flight having

  something like this happen after this on

  the same plane that the guy had somehow

  left the bag or you know hidden hidden

  something in the bathroom or something

  like that you gotta figure it's whatever

  the odds are it's greater than the one

  in a million of a average other flight

  right yeah I have a phobia is that you

  don't use it's not rational

  it's not your ass

  you're obsessed with let me tell you

  about it rationally about it

  yeah i'm less afraid I i might just to

  show you how irrational my phobias I'm

  time afraid of turbulence that's mostly

  what I'm afraid I'm less afraid of being

  bombed right data and cache I'm also

  afraid of cats my wife's character

  terrified in turbulence really why if I

  i can see some day my wife if there's

  turbulence that I could just see her

  getting up go ahead and just pop it open

  the door and just jumping out just

  taking chances

  yeah you know you can't do that no but I

  was not that does not work yet

  yeah turbulence is a bit of biz is not

  good for for my life now i am which is

  in really statistically speaking again

  yeah you know I'm like statistically way

  that happened it's always am almost

  always on if there's like it just like a

  regular accident

  it's almost always on takeoff and

  landing yeah we had a fight once we did

  have a flight was probably easily the

  worst flight that we ever took together

  as we had a flight I forget where we

  were going to San Francisco but it was

  pretty long

  it was a long flight and it was it was

  so much turbulence that throughout that

  the seatbelt light never went off on the

  floor card that is my nightmare

  yeah so it was and you know it was going

  on I was like I remember being lucky

  that because i usually have to pee

  because I drink some coffee so like not

  being able to pee like I remember that I

  even had the thought like you know what

  I don't care of the seat belt lights off

  if I have to pee

  I'm going yeah I'm you know I'll take

  I'll take them scolding me rather than

  being in my pants

  I'm not being my pads but i did you know

  it was it ended up i ended up maybe it's

  like because i got like you know maybe

  because I was thinking about it I never

  really got to be that that desperate and

  in terms of the pink but it was a very


  that's a lot of turbulence yeah and it

  was it was pretty much it was pretty bad

  for her because it never really wears

  off either that's the other thing and I

  feel terrible for because it's not like

  well an hour in of the turbulent flight

  now she's settled it was pretty much

  like white-knuckled the whole time

  yeah all in fact I believe I believe she

  had the thought

  we got off that we were going to drive

  home I would yeah I just can't wait I'm

  so hoping that this guy was just like

  his buddy and in that it's just some


  yeah who thought that young be calling

  the threat like that and everybody would

  just have a good laugh you're gonna do

  some jail time

  oh I think it was a serious is a serious

  jail time there is Gary like after all

  real fast

  there is so that i don't know that

  there's anywhere in Western civilization

  where there is less of a sense of humor

  then airline security and you know there

  are knuckleheads who you just think

  that's funny and that they can do that


  you should have seen the look on your

  face yeah TSA does they they specialize

  that's like the first thing they really

  that's really the only thing they look

  for when they hire is a sense of humor

  you get that you get that feeling