Hello Internet

H.I. #21: Cave Troll in Your Pocket


  Yeah. You collapse. How many would you like I was like three claps. [TS]

  Three in the you're so predictable you say OK now I would like eleven collapse eleven classes how many I want. [TS]

  You're so compliant. I guess what by the way. Well listen I've got something here for you. Yeah. [TS]

  Have you finally decided to have some sort of liquid refreshment in front of you while we are recording not just one I [TS]

  have just opened a third of a day like a third of a bottle of water a very adult type with a very small amount left in [TS]

  it and a bottle of very weird to licorice [TS]

  and chili flavored Danish Like you I was kindly given on a recent trip to Copenhagen [TS]

  but won't possibly drink because I cannot stand the taste of licorice. But they were very kind to give it to me. [TS]

  So excluding the alcoholic drink you really have one and two thirds of the drink in front of you. [TS]

  That's about and I know you're trying to make it sound impressive to make up for your lack of sustenance last time [TS]

  but if I was to have a bag of puppy traits and a candle. [TS]

  But the trees are there for an emergency that would be quite an emergency. How is R.J. Is she all right. [TS]

  She is excellent. [TS]

  She's downstairs today I've graduated to leaving her [TS]

  and Lulu downstairs together they seem to be getting along well already sometimes snuggles up [TS]

  and goes to sleep under there which is exceptionally cute you have already answered the question that I was going to [TS]

  have for you when that I had feedback from several people who wanted to know how the two dogs were getting together [TS]

  but you have already answered this with sound like they're getting along quite well. So what you are getting messages. [TS]

  Asking how Brady herons two dogs are getting along. [TS]

  Basically that that was from my parents they could not believe that on the last episode that you did not specify how [TS]

  the dogs were getting along they were very concerned about how Lulu was handling the whole situation. [TS]

  So no when asking for them. Lulu is handling it very well. [TS]

  She your parents by the way can just email me if they want to know anything of the them that I will answer their emails [TS]

  send the pictures out to all that stuff you know I will tell you I know you well so they might take you up on that that [TS]

  they get along really well. [TS]

  Lulay obviously being a big Greyhound looks ridiculous next to tiny little ot the child [TS]

  but there is normally indifferent but they seem to be getting out. [TS]

  They seem to be getting closer over time you know if Lucy lies down. [TS]

  Well she would sometimes go up and go to sleep against her. [TS]

  It's too cute for words that I as always will expect pictures. [TS]

  If what you wish for been a follow up from Matt from the extravaganza finale to me recently. [TS]

  Yes Yes We talked about many things on that episode [TS]

  but the one thing I just wanted to bring up was some people on the Reddit came up with the term for what we were [TS]

  talking about which was last time we were discussing Otto as a potential word to describe self driving cars [TS]

  but that I kept saying it has a linguistic conflict with German and as I have also heard since then Dutch [TS]

  and a few other languages use auto as their word for car and the term for this or four words that sound the same [TS]

  but have different meanings in different languages is false friends. [TS]

  So that is the term for what we were describing [TS]

  and as always there is a Wikipedia page which lists a bunch of false friends. [TS]

  But the example that I particularly like is from a Dutch advertisement that they have on the page. [TS]

  Age which reads is a picture of this little girl who's standing in a field [TS]

  and next to her there are the words Mama die die die and in Dutch that translates as Mom I want I want I want [TS]

  and it is a yogurt commercial so the child is actually requesting yogurt not the death of her mother [TS]

  but DI is an example of false friends there for those two words before I bring up the pronunciation of your good versus [TS]

  bad can I just ask because it's not immediately jumping into my mind was a cold false friends. [TS]

  That's that that term doesn't immediately make sense to me as why does it is obvious to you I think that the friends is [TS]

  supposed to be friends as opposed to be like a hominem they're their friends because these words sound the same. [TS]

  So you would assume that they mean the same thing you know they had their false friends that's the way I interpret it. [TS]

  Maybe that was really obvious to everyone but it wasn't it wasn't to me I think it sounds better than false hominids. [TS]

  That's just not as fun as a false friend. [TS]

  I did it I think I just don't think that's a good term for I don't know I feel like we have a consistent theme on the [TS]

  show being displeased with the words for something and then trying to come up with our own words. [TS]

  Do you have if you have an alternative to just make sure you are not referring I don't think Shanae like that could be [TS]

  like a thing we do one day. Like Aaron dictionary because that's what we're working towards ultimately here isn't it. [TS]

  Basically a week if we keep this up long enough there will be a large enough vocabulary of hello internet specific [TS]

  words on the topic of autos of all the of all of your firmly held positions on this pod cast. [TS]

  That seems to be the one that so far has brought the most disagreement even from your fans. I can use that term. [TS]

  Has your position wavered at all on that on the debate. [TS]

  Your insistence that self driving cars should be called auto stuff must. [TS]

  Appropriate name for them if a name must be coined. [TS]

  Well again it is on my insistence that everybody uses this this word this is this is my pet or this [TS]

  and this is my push I should say for the word in English to describe self driving cars [TS]

  and yes I read through all the Reddit comments and I see this does drive people kind of crazy [TS]

  but just like on our podcast in the red it I was also asking can people give me specific reasons why they don't think [TS]

  this is a good idea. [TS]

  And every example that I saw just seemed incredibly contrived of where this could possibly cause any kind of conflict [TS]

  so you know I remember now because I like your position on this because your position is it's only a problem if it's [TS]

  going to cause some fundamental like mistake like going to the parking lot [TS]

  and driving away in the wrong order in the wrong path. [TS]

  Confusion can be more subtle than the sort of black and white mistakes of wrong [TS]

  and right to can just be a general well what are we talking about here kind of vagueness. [TS]

  Even that confusion should be avoided. [TS]

  I guess we need to change the Dutch word for I want to then because there's a lot of confusion there over whether [TS]

  or not people are requesting things or instructing death to their conversational Q. [TS]

  No I think if the term I want had never been thought of before in Dutch [TS]

  and they were coming up with a new word they probably would avoid the word die. [TS]

  Yes I bet they would because this is this is much more severe. [TS]

  This is going back to the river looping back into safe argument with my son. I've heard of it or remain unconvinced. [TS]

  I CAN YOU ARE YOU are a better person because you are more concerned that I most certainly am not. [TS]

  You said you'll get I know you said you know you get younger [TS]

  and I said I was brought up saying you know you get to be in a strata that I've gradually had slipped out of me by the [TS]

  Brits to the point where I think I now am more. [TS]

  Like they say you look at you you obviously have not had that slipped out of me I don't think this is just come up very [TS]

  much. You know they do eat a lot of younger. [TS]

  Yeah there probably is there probably is a bit of yogurt consumption in this house. [TS]

  My wife likes them so that this is not this is not come up but I would stick with yogurt yogurt. [TS]

  Sounds ridiculous to me. I think you have to be very posh to pull that off. Now speaking of things that are ridiculous. [TS]

  You did what can only be described as a ridiculous job in trying to market at the last podcast. [TS]

  Yes Yes Not only was it at the end of the podcast but for some crazy amount of blank space [TS]

  or we discussed it just to make sure no one heard. [TS]

  You probably edit this that knowing you said let's just forget about it and you know it is it is true. [TS]

  Here at the start of season three might be a good time to inform people that we have very excellent. [TS]

  Hello Internet teachers that you can now purchase to help support the show. [TS]

  But yes I save this for the end of the previous podcast [TS]

  and then I mean honestly just just through my own mistake I accidentally had this enormous amount of blank space at the [TS]

  end of the podcast before we actually talked about that section. [TS]

  And so I do not know how many people actually got there. I will say we still sold a bunch of T. [TS]

  Shirts but I'm betting that there are a lot of people who just who missed that part of it. [TS]

  So I do apologize for my terrible editing skills though I do have one tiny thing to say in my defense which is that I [TS]

  have been trying out overcast lately as my main pod cast client I have a kitten I did write a little article on my own [TS]

  blog recommending people use particular podcast clients because I see all the time people in the Reddit say. [TS]

  How they listen on the Web site or they download the M P three files. [TS]

  And this is this is just the worst possible experience you could ever have listening to a podcast. [TS]

  You should totally get a podcast client. If you aren't listening to the sound of my voice on one right now. [TS]

  They're just such a such a better experience. [TS]

  And there are three that I recommend depending on your needs in that article. [TS]

  But anyway I am temporarily trying out over cast of my main podcast client [TS]

  and I do the final listen of the show in overcast [TS]

  but overcast has a feature which cuts out the majority of all of the silent spaces to kind of make the podcast [TS]

  listening go faster. [TS]

  So I'm going to partly blame overcast because it would make it harder to notice that there was a big gap of silent [TS]

  space at the end because overcast would cut out a bunch of that [TS]

  but overcast doesn't cut out all of that so I do have to acknowledge that it was also a large part just my own stupid [TS]

  fault so I apologize for my terrible editing skills. We'd like to thank Harry's for their support of this podcast. [TS]

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  We have we have blown through the follow up at incredible pace. [TS]

  There's been there's been a lot of news happening in the last couple of weeks actually. [TS]

  Can I cannot drop in a place of yes. Yup sure it wasn't on our list but it is quite easy it even made national news. [TS]

  It made international news and it will have been asking me about it [TS]

  and asked if I would mention it on the podcast so I will. [TS]

  There was a huge fire at the University of nothing [TS]

  and oh yeah yeah people know I work with the University of Nottingham chemistry department on periodic videos they are [TS]

  building a new chemistry building a really expensive state of the posh building and. [TS]

  A few days ago now it caught fire and burned to the ground. It was it was seventy percent complete. [TS]

  It wasn't yet open there was no wind [TS]

  and if I happened not no one was hurt that this building that I've been really proud of I'm really looking forward to [TS]

  opening early next year. [TS]

  Burnt to the ground and it was such a spectacular fire that it was on the news and people around the world e-mailing [TS]

  and tweeting [TS]

  and messaging about it they all thought it was the actual proper chemistry building where we do all our filming [TS]

  and like Emma chemistry is done. But just I think when it was in that building. [TS]

  It's business as usual at the chemist's in Nottingham. [TS]

  But then you do it and they're going to rebuild it but it's going to give it away now and no one was hurt [TS]

  but the future of science has been set back through the hopefully not too much. [TS]

  Several years now how long was he how long did it take to get to where it was [TS]

  and how long it's going to take to rebuild. I think I've been doing for over a year now. [TS]

  I don't think it would take us long. [TS]

  Second time around I guess because certain foundations are in place and presumably they affected [TS]

  but they still don't know how the fire started what caused it with the design changes need to be made [TS]

  or it was just bad luck or bad people or what So it is too early to say [TS]

  but they're already coming out very strongly saying it's all going to it's going to happen again. [TS]

  That's going to that's going to start again. [TS]

  I just post a video today which Grahame linked with the professor talking all about it so if people want to find out [TS]

  more and see some pictures and footage of the fire they can they can have a look at that. [TS]

  But just for people in Boston people who might know about it and know that I have a a loose association there. [TS]

  That's what happened it wasn't the main chemistry building is the main message it was it was a new building. [TS]

  You went up with that in the show that's for people to see the fire the really big story is we're recording now [TS]

  and something we discussed in the last episode is the Scottish independence referendum. [TS]

  Yes So we are recording this on the morning of the nineteenth which is [TS]

  when the results are in for the Scottish independence referendum [TS]

  and on the off chance that you haven't already seen this on the news which seems probably unlikely. [TS]

  Vote has come in as a no [TS]

  and I think the last time I thought about it was about fifty five percent no to forty five percent yes on independence. [TS]

  So Scotland has chosen to remain a part of the United Kingdom. [TS]

  How do you feel about as we discussed last time this kind of. [TS]

  The issue is a funny issue to talk about if you yourself are not Scottish. [TS]

  It's sort of not my business which way Scotland goes I don't have a vote I don't think I should have a vote [TS]

  and it is a decision that the Scottish people are to make and should really have any input in that [TS]

  but it was funny because last night I happened to wake up at about three in the morning [TS]

  and just just couldn't get back to sleep [TS]

  and I was happen sometimes now that I'm an old man of integrity we should on the podcast [TS]

  and we should have that would have been great I'm sure my wife [TS]

  and neighbours would have loved me talking really loudly in the main room of our flat until morning. [TS]

  Maybe not maybe not so much but yeah so we were up at the same time. [TS]

  Well anyway so when I was awake I happened to then remember oh right the Scottish independence referendum. [TS]

  I wonder if the results are in. [TS]

  So I went online to check and basically at the point that I checked it was initially you know was in the lead [TS]

  but as the results were coming in it was swinging closer and closer to. [TS]

  Yes And at that moment I found myself thinking like boy I really realize right now how much I don't want this to happen [TS]

  you know it's always different when when things are real like it's easier to be neutral [TS]

  when you're further away from the event. [TS]

  But when it is three thirty in the morning [TS]

  and as we said last time even though we don't live in Scotland that would still affect us quite a lot. [TS]

  I was getting a little nervous that maybe this would actually tip over into a yes vote again if that's what Scotland [TS]

  wanted that would have been totally fine. [TS]

  But it it reminded me of I don't know if you know this this trick [TS]

  but there is a trick sometimes if you are deciding between two options where Tell me if you've heard this before [TS]

  but let's let's say Oh I'm trying to trying to figure out what you want four. [TS]

  Our dinner and we're going to go get a talian or are we going to go get Indian [TS]

  and you can't decide the trick is to flip a coin [TS]

  and as soon as the coin is in the air you kind of instantly know which of the two you actually wanted to be [TS]

  and if you've ever tried this. Sound familiar to you. [TS]

  I've not heard yet so sounds familiar of my head I can I can imagine that being the case that I have definitely done [TS]

  this and I'm always surprised that it works because you are on this watching sport. [TS]

  If there's two teams playing [TS]

  and I don't have a sort of preordained allegiance to one of them people who I say who are going to be going for in the [TS]

  big game and I never really know. And as soon as the game stops that you know within the first second of the game. [TS]

  No I just know who I want to win not because of anything that's happened it's just it just crystallizes in my head. [TS]

  Yeah I think that is the exact same thing. [TS]

  It seems like there's some funny architecture in the brain that refuses to consider things until they are actually real [TS]

  and then suddenly says we're going to make a decision on this and boom here's our decision. [TS]

  I definitely felt that way [TS]

  when the results were actually coming in it was crystallize that I was a very strong if you know if I can control the [TS]

  way the universe works I would want this vote to turn out to be No I have to say [TS]

  when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was check the news and see what the situation was [TS]

  and I was relieved that the vote came in as you know I'm glad that Scotland has chosen to stay. [TS]

  Just a funny thing [TS]

  when we spoke about it last time I felt that we probably both had that ever so slight bias even they were even though [TS]

  as we both say it's not really our business. I've almost went a little bit the other way. [TS]

  I mean we I really wanted to stay [TS]

  and some people who didn't follow particularly closely the polls for quite a long time we're making it look like it was [TS]

  going to be another Scott that was going to stay in the union and then. [TS]

  Week before the referendum happen the polls started to close and then started to look like maybe the U.S. [TS]

  Fight was going to was going to get there and they were going to break away [TS]

  and people started seriously considering hang on this might happen. [TS]

  So I started thinking about it seriously and I think thinking through the repercussions and how I felt about it [TS]

  and I think I can manage to convince myself that it wouldn't be as bad as I thought [TS]

  and I actually started to see you know I started looking for positives to some of them were very selfish positives. [TS]

  But other ones which is more general [TS]

  and by the time the vote was happening yesterday I was actually thinking actually will be a really good thing if they [TS]

  do it. [TS]

  It's not as bad as everyone says it's not as it's not as big a catastrophe [TS]

  and there are actually a lot of good things about it. [TS]

  And [TS]

  when the results did come through you know it was a it was a no Scott going to Stang part of me was relieved I guess like [TS]

  that coin toss part of me thought I can I am glad. [TS]

  But another part of me thought this is a missed opportunity because the saying May you live in interesting times. [TS]

  I think there's something to be said for being around I think would be a really exciting to be living in the United [TS]

  Kingdom at a time that part of it was being cleaved off. [TS]

  I remember a friend of mine many years ago happened to be in Berlin when the Berlin Wall came down [TS]

  and always talked about how exciting it was to be there and be part of history and [TS]

  and I'm not comparing this to the Berlin Wall coming down but you know there's something to be said for being around [TS]

  and experiencing interesting times. [TS]

  And instead you know they don't say May you experience status quo that that's what we're going to experience. [TS]

  Well maybe let's circle back to status quo [TS]

  but I'm curious before I before I move onto Parr what are your what were your selfish reasons for wanting a yes vote. [TS]

  Because I'm on the opposite side I have selfish reasons for wanting a no vote. [TS]

  But I'm curious what your selfish reasons are for wanting hours coming up with all sorts of all sorts of tenure. [TS]

  Things I mean give me a couple I'm curious. Well I mean I wouldn't mind the pound weakening just at the moment. [TS]

  Oh yeah that is because of a little income coming from the U.S. and I'm taking an absolute hammering on that. [TS]

  So that's a very short term kind of a you know there are many things other than the vision of vision the risk [TS]

  and effect currencies. I took his US cheque at the bank today on the day that the pound strengthened by four percent. [TS]

  I don't know I think a lot of the things that are out it's more a case that are lower you know I was clutching at [TS]

  straws [TS]

  and I think it's exciting Scotland today a separate country you know visiting it would be a slightly different experience [TS]

  and I go to Scotland a reasonable amount and I think it would add a degree of excitement to think of it. [TS]

  Clinician I was thinking Oh I like that I live in the same country is Edinburgh and yes and the Highlands but then [TS]

  and then I thought well that's stupid because I love Paris to it doesn't matter that Paris isn't part of the country I [TS]

  live in the mountains to go there and in fact it's more exciting to go there when it's a different country. So. [TS]

  So I think the main thing is I just think it would have been an interesting thing to live through. [TS]

  I like living through interesting times. [TS]

  I cannot tell a really tangental story here is that over time you know go ahead get out [TS]

  or this is a good life lesson that before I took the milk [TS]

  and I think probably I was going to drink to give you the sound effect [TS]

  and I dunno probably So I still have to do another crack. There we go. [TS]

  And let me have a sit here here's Brady story people love drinking fountain parka and spare my blushes. [TS]

  I thank you and I'll give you a really good one. [TS]

  Many many are used to there was barely time to silently drinking my coffee just to show I do drink silently like I had [TS]

  been drinking during this podcast already many years ago I was in Bangkok [TS]

  and I was there with I was traveling with an ex-girlfriend of well she was my cargo for at the time she is now an [TS]

  ex-girlfriend and we read something in the paper always saw somewhere that there was going to be some boats [TS]

  or something happening on the river and we thought you were going to have a look at that [TS]

  and we'd only been traveling around and going to the temples and doing all the tourist things that you do in Bangkok [TS]

  and we thought I don't think I can handle another day walking around in the crazy city. [TS]

  Let's just go to an air conditioned shopping center and buy some T. Shirts and that's what we did. [TS]

  The next day we looked at the paper [TS]

  and it turns out these boats on the water thing was this special thing that only happens like once every ten years [TS]

  or something where there's all these special barges and gold and boats and things like that that belong to the king [TS]

  and they get them all out in this huge flotilla and the king himself gets on his grand [TS]

  but that only comes out once in a blue moon and all of the paper to the city come and cheer [TS]

  and it's like this incredible once in a lifetime thing that people travel the world to go [TS]

  and say because it's so incredible and it happened to be on while we were in Bangkok and we didn't go on say it. [TS]

  And ever since then I have often thought like Don't miss out on interesting things because you're lazy [TS]

  or because you want to maintain the status quo or have the easy path and maybe it's that way with Scotland. [TS]

  Like it seems like all if Scotland is showing off it could be bad for us and bad things could happen. [TS]

  But maybe we also met a really interesting thing and something to tell your grandkids about. [TS]

  I remember when Scotland broke off I was there I was living in England at the time and all this happened [TS]

  and it citrus cetera. [TS]

  And I suddenly thought Scotland lazing must just be an exciting thing like the boats on the river [TS]

  and it would be a shame to miss it because of what happened and what happened in our lifetime now is that crazy. [TS]

  You've been very quiet. I just I am so angry about the drinking thing now. Sometimes I don't understand your stories. [TS]

  Thank goodness I think. [TS]

  Wait wait so you didn't see a thing in Bangkok which could have been interesting so Scotland should be independent [TS]

  but I also know that your vacations now you don't go see anything. [TS]

  But isn't that same logic and I don't go and don't bring in previous conversations that just come to mind [TS]

  and I didn't mean to tough it out because I was trying to follow the the metaphorical thread. [TS]

  Well I don't know I just made me think of it maybe it was a bad link but. [TS]

  I can sort of say in my head like really often you know a lot of people don't do things [TS]

  or don't want things to happen because they don't like change [TS]

  or they don't want to disrupt their plans they already have or they don't want to disrupt their life [TS]

  and I think nine times out of ten when you just when something does happen or you do something [TS]

  or change happens it's for the best. You know you and I could both be living in the cities we were born in. [TS]

  Right now if we didn't if we didn't at some point show a bit of gumption [TS]

  and say no that's changed let's let's change our surroundings and do something different [TS]

  and you can easily just stay where you are and think what life is OK here and I could move to England [TS]

  or move somewhere else and it could all go wrong. But we did and I think. Turned our on. [TS]

  Things turned out for the best. It has turned out for the best. [TS]

  I just it just suddenly occurred to me I think it could be just even just as a spectator it could be exciting if [TS]

  Scotland left and I shouldn't worry so much about about it. [TS]

  Anyway it's not happening now because I'm going to know if I have any now. [TS]

  But [TS]

  but talking about talking about change does bring us back to to one of the points which is that I don't necessarily think [TS]

  that this means that the status quo is going to be the case. [TS]

  And now of course well that's because the Westminster politicians got so scared that Scotland were going to leave they [TS]

  promised them a whole bunch of powers and extra DE Volution anyway. [TS]

  Yes Yes This is the sort of gets into the weeds of British politics which are. [TS]

  Very strange especially if you're an American. The way this whole system is set up. [TS]

  But yes Scotland was promised a bunch of [TS]

  but you used the word evolution which is a constant topic of conversation in U.K. [TS]

  Politics because unlike a country like America where the founders got together and they wrote out a document [TS]

  and they said OK well here are the rules and this is the way this is going to work [TS]

  and here is how much power the states have and here is how much power the federal government has [TS]

  and we've written it all down and at least when we change rules [TS]

  or we have amendments it happens everywhere all at once. A parliamentary government like the U.K. [TS]

  Nothing like that you have this this just stack of papers that goes back a thousand years [TS]

  and each piece of paper is some new rule or some exception to a previous rule [TS]

  or it's there because of a particular circumstance that happened at the time [TS]

  and then you can get a toehold out on a Thursday and things [TS]

  and you also end up with I mean some of the things like that I've been researching is like these ruled it happened [TS]

  because Scotland was independent for a while but then it came back and won. [TS]

  Or the circumstances under which it comes back and I like the thing that people get mad about [TS]

  and my videos are sometimes i don't show whales on the map but when I show the U.K. [TS]

  and That's because for a while Wales was just subsumed into England and then it reappeared years later [TS]

  but you have all of this crazy stuff that has happened over history [TS]

  and because of that you have this weird collection of what are the rules in these particular places [TS]

  and do evolution now is used to talk about what local powers do the various four countries England Scotland Wales [TS]

  and Northern Ireland of the U.K. [TS]

  Actually have and it sounds crazy to an American [TS]

  but they have different levels of power like say like Scotland controls its own education system whereas the way I was [TS]

  education system is controlled from England and right of married into the English one. [TS]

  Right which is where like when I got qualified to teach in England I was automatically qualified to teach in Wales [TS]

  but not Scotland. If I if I wanted to teach in Scotland I would have to go through another process to get approved. [TS]

  And also Scotland Scotland has their own like the N.H.S. [TS]

  Works in the National Health Service works differently in Scotland [TS]

  and the what is it the National Trust like the store. There's all of these things which you think are U.K. [TS]

  Wide but actually Scotland has their own version. [TS]

  So in this in the devolution actually Scotland has the most amount of power wells [TS]

  and Northern Ireland have some power but not as much of Scotland and the thing that seems almost crazy [TS]

  when you try to explain to people is that England has no power in devolution [TS]

  and say wait a most people living that is in England the most powerful one being gracious given it doesn't make any [TS]

  sense at all when you explain it but you have to remember these are all particular circumstances [TS]

  and so there's a lot of talk now about well if we're giving Scotland more. [TS]

  Power in terms of devolution in terms of what can they control that the U.K. National parliament can't override. [TS]

  Maybe it's time to to basically start over and write a new Act of Union [TS]

  and say look let's let's make this consistent between the four countries of the U.K. [TS]

  and How much power are they going to have and what is the national What should be handled at the national level [TS]

  and what should be handled at. [TS]

  Again I keep saying the country level because that's the right term [TS]

  but if you're an American the equivalent of the state level [TS]

  and I'm very interested in this I might my mind is a topic I have thought about very often of doing a video on because [TS]

  there are just there are lots of weird quirks about how the system works [TS]

  but it seems like it is definitely overdue for some kind of change with how how the power is distributed whether [TS]

  federalizing it. [TS]

  Yeah that's that's usually the term that it uses is making it into a formal federalized system which as a general [TS]

  principle I would I would be behind that. You know the notion is that the U.K. [TS]

  National parliament would be limited to things that concern all four countries so maintaining the military maintaining [TS]

  the currency but it would not be responsible for things like the education system. [TS]

  How the health system is handled in each of the countries in that that would be up to them as individual pieces. [TS]

  So I don't necessarily think that that we are headed into an interesting times. [TS]

  I think there is a lot that could be improved and may very well be improved if we are going going forward [TS]

  and as I said totally should happen. [TS]

  Give Scotland the additional devolution powers that they were promised during the referendum. [TS]

  Surely like Scotland like rebelling [TS]

  and leaving the union is more interesting then maybe that's going to be a whole bunch of laws [TS]

  and federalization things past that stands. Yeah sure it'll be an interesting I guess if you're. [TS]

  Not interested in that kind of stuff it sounds uninteresting I agree yes of course Scotland leaving is much more [TS]

  dramatic but I don't I don't think that this is necessarily the status quo. [TS]

  I was listening to the radio and the other thing that's been discussed obviously is if this happens [TS]

  and they start going down this kind of federalization route there are other things to be considered as well. [TS]

  For example the north of England which also feels quite sort of separate from the London Westminster bubble. [TS]

  There's talk about will power some powers be devolved to the regions of England as well so I guess there's a bit of [TS]

  bandwagon jumping going on at this point [TS]

  and all the sort of interest groups in parts of England are all sort of crying out now as well saying well if we're [TS]

  going to start doling out powers to people can we have a bit more control over destiny [TS]

  and not just be controlled by London. Nigel thing isn't it. You know oh I mean this is this is you know a lot of. [TS]

  They get one when I look at political stories. [TS]

  I often think that it's much it's often much less about a particular left right divide as it is often a major [TS]

  metropolitan areas vs non major metropolitan areas divide. [TS]

  Yeah I think that is often the the problem that people actually care about [TS]

  and maybe that gets tangled up in this other notion of left versus right. [TS]

  But there's no way to deny it that that the handling say transportation in the north of England is an entirely [TS]

  different question than how do you handle transportation in zone one of London the absolute center of the city. [TS]

  You cannot possibly have a as a same solution for both of those areas [TS]

  and that depending on how the federalization would work out I think it would totally make sense to say the North of [TS]

  England has devolved powers to handle certain things that make sense for that region to handle. [TS]

  Then it doesn't make sense for all of England to vote as a single block and what I think is that the U.K. [TS]

  Is actually quite lopsided with London because if you you know roughly sixty million people in the U.K. [TS]

  And again Ball Park ing it you can say there's about ten million people who live in the London Metropolitan area [TS]

  and so you have a country with like one sixth of the population broadly speaking lives in the capital city that that [TS]

  gets to a very strange system when you're trying to work out well what's what's going to happen [TS]

  when you're voting on particular issues so I could definitely I could see a very reasoned argument for those places [TS]

  having having more power but [TS]

  but this is always the problem you know in home patter that are where you are like oh you know I grew up in New York [TS]

  and. [TS]

  New York State politics was always the same problem right it was the downstate area which is Long Island [TS]

  and New York City versus everybody else which is upstate just as rural wasteland of cows [TS]

  and occasional farmers eking out a living among the rocks you know like [TS]

  but this is just this is just the problem that you have. He said that he will relieved that Scotland voted no. [TS]

  Why were you late. Why are you glad Scott on a stamp out of the Union. [TS]

  OK OK the most selfish reason is it feels like I got out of a homework assignment which was having to redo my U.K. [TS]

  Explained via you for having us any good. [TS]

  No no no but you see that currency reason might only that situation can change over the course of months [TS]

  but I will never be out from under the shadow of my U.K. [TS]

  Explain video that thing will always be my most popular most looming video [TS]

  and so the thought of having to redo that was not a pleasant thought I'd look at the one they think some of the [TS]

  mistakes and Norroway their mistakes do not go away at me but I also. [TS]

  The thought of trying to redo that again was very unpleasant it's a bit like it's a bit like remaking Star Wars like [TS]

  what am I going to do I'm going to go back and well you know I really wanted Northern Ireland to shoot first [TS]

  and you know that was the way it was always supposed to be [TS]

  and I'll never be the same kind of thing that the original was so I just I was not looking forward to doing that so if [TS]

  anyone would be the episode in which great companions you can explain to us [TS]

  but not that it is one of my selfish reasons I thought oh man who took it didn't care today. [TS]

  I'll give you that up this is like like a school snow day like man I just cut it out of a whole bunch of work out [TS]

  and I want to do it if they had voted yes. How soon would you started work on the new video. [TS]

  I would have had to wait until I knew what the situation was going to be again because of my production cycle. [TS]

  I cannot really make a timely video so I would probably wait until it was really sorted out what is the relationship [TS]

  between these places going to be. [TS]

  I could answer a bunch of the questions I would want to answer in the video I wouldn't want to do anything that was [TS]

  somewhat speculative. [TS]

  Had Westminster officials not given you sort of off the record break things in anticipation of you having to remake [TS]

  that video. [TS]

  No unfortunately unfortunately not now though I did have I did have a plan which I've had ever since I even heard about [TS]

  the Scottish independence referendum which was now of course it won't happen so I can talk about it on the show [TS]

  but I owned save the Union Jack dot com for I don't know two years [TS]

  or three years because I would if the independence referendum had gone yes I was going to go all in on a campaign to [TS]

  preserve the design of the Union Jack and to not remove the blue elements from it and I. [TS]

  As I was going to make a video promoting this I was going to have a website I was going to try to arrange write to your [TS]

  local minister campaign because I thought I would if if this does happen if there is independence I am very strongly [TS]

  behind the notion that the flag should remain the same [TS]

  but that that has that has not occurred so I don't have to do that's another bit of work that I got out of that was [TS]

  that like a business decision [TS]

  or was this just your passion for flags was that you know the touristic this is just my passion for flight you know I [TS]

  can imagine that would be a wildly popular video. [TS]

  Well I mean this is this is this is the weird scale of things right like I did mention before [TS]

  and I think sometimes by doing videos on English politics [TS]

  and compared to many of the other things on my on my list that is not going to be as popular as other stuff can [TS]

  possibly be but you know I like to make the videos that interest me [TS]

  and so the flat that one it would definitely be a passion project [TS]

  and I would really want to keep things the way they were with the flag I felt I felt really strong. [TS]

  Did you cut from the last episode because you cut my really boring stories. [TS]

  The staffer that they destroy you know friend them. [TS]

  You know honestly I don't remember if I cut that or not it sounds like something I would cut didn't go anywhere. [TS]

  Yeah well most of my stuff doesn't go anywhere but you keep some of it. Sometimes I do have. [TS]

  Yeah I did like the last amazing story about the one I looked up more about on a vacation once [TS]

  and then it was just like the time Australia should have voted for independence [TS]

  or love your thing a little bit Maine now I'm sorry. [TS]

  In one nine hundred ninety nine there was a strategy had the referendum about becoming a republic in ditching the [TS]

  quaint and I don't want to be controversial [TS]

  but I think it's pretty fair to say that the majority of Australians want to become a republic. But the referendum. [TS]

  I failed. Astray did not become a republic. [TS]

  Most people think that there could be an argument made here [TS]

  but a lot of people certainly think the reason it failed was because the pro republican movement had their vote split. [TS]

  Because [TS]

  when it was put to a vote the only option Australians were given was to have a president appointed by a two thirds [TS]

  majority of the parliament the elected representative so it wouldn't be a popularly elected president it would be an [TS]

  appointment by the politicians. [TS]

  Right so my dear Prime Minister we're not different to a prime minister actually brain is meant many many countries [TS]

  have again mindblowing three Americans. This kind of president role which is very separate from a prime minister. [TS]

  ROVE Yeah well one of the head of one is a head of state and one of them is the head of government. [TS]

  Yes [TS]

  and this was a little bit different to that I don't think this Astrarium president would've we still would've had a prime [TS]

  minister who was more powerful than the president anyway. [TS]

  How about a lot of the pro republican movement didn't want that they wanted a popularly elected president not the [TS]

  American model. [TS]

  Right [TS]

  and because of this split those people who didn't vote for the Republican cause it wasn't the Republic they wanted [TS]

  and I think the anti Republic people quite clever and engineered it to happen that way. [TS]

  Misplaced the vote they won the day and there hasn't been another vote since. [TS]

  I'm wondering whether [TS]

  or not there's any element of any element of sort of sabotage of the Scotland vote went on Hughie who sort of had some [TS]

  nice conspiracy theories in the last episode [TS]

  but it doesn't seem to doesn't seem quite that way to me it seems like that this is more of an accurate reflection of [TS]

  what the people of Scotland wanted. [TS]

  There was a fear mongering towards the end with a saying of Scotland if you leave you know your economy is going to [TS]

  collapse and all that. This is going to lave and you have to pay more for a loaf of bread and things. [TS]

  Yeah I mean there's always that that kind of scare mongering I mean [TS]

  when I thought about doing a Scottish independence video the one the one fact that I always thought was pertinent to [TS]

  this discussion which I actually forgot to bring up [TS]

  when we were talking about the last time before the vote the push for Scottish independence was always partly hinge ing [TS]

  on this notion of immediate acceptance into the European Union [TS]

  and this is this is what Scotland was sold as a basically we are going to leave the United Kingdom [TS]

  and then you know there's a special velvet ropes off section for Scotland to enter immediately into the European Union [TS]

  and the European Union parliament was really clear that this was not the case that Scotland would have to go through [TS]

  the regular process just like everybody else and that was that was one factor they always felt was a bit. [TS]

  Played down by the yes to independence movement is is oh you know oh don't worry Scotland is not going to be by herself [TS]

  on the world stage Scotland Scotland is going to be part of this massive European Union [TS]

  and the European Union was well well well well you know we have a lot of problems already with small countries that [TS]

  have joined [TS]

  and you know maybe we're going to want to test you just like all the others to see if this brand new zero year old [TS]

  country can handle itself before we actually want to lead it into the European Union. [TS]

  So I always thought that was that was not a scaremongering mongering fact [TS]

  but I think that that is a very relevant facts that would change people's votes because yes if it if the European Union [TS]

  was oh don't worry we have open arms Scotland can come around [TS]

  and that is totally changes the situation of how how do you actually want to vote. [TS]

  That makes a yes vote much more likely. [TS]

  But as many people pointed out in the Reddit discussion which I just want to highlight what I was saying last time [TS]

  about how there are no. [TS]

  Details and this making me wonder if if the people who are in favor of it were trying to scuttle it. [TS]

  Many people rightly pointed out that not having details for your plan is also just the correct debating tactic. [TS]

  If if you are kind of on the opposing side. [TS]

  For example you know if you are the minority party you say oh we want to improve the health care situation in our [TS]

  country [TS]

  but you don't give details about it because you want people to go along with well of course I'm for improving the [TS]

  health care system and I think the current system is rubbish. [TS]

  So let's vote for the guys who are in favor of improving it. [TS]

  And you don't say what the specifics are because you don't want your opponent to be able to shoot down why your reasons [TS]

  won't work. Keep yourself a small target. Yes that's exactly what you wanted. [TS]

  It's like decreasing the surface area of exposure by not mentioning specific So yeah I am with you from from everything [TS]

  that I can tell unlike what it sounds like happened with the Australian vote or unlike what happened with the the U. K. [TS]

  Vote on the voting system itself and this seems like it's a pretty genuine reflection of what the people wanted [TS]

  and so I feel very very comfortable in saying like Scotland has chosen to stay [TS]

  and that this seems an accurate representation of the will of the majority of Scottish people. [TS]

  Where is the line drawn for groups of people that can just decide to leave a country. [TS]

  I know you've got a very famous video about Texas seceding from the union [TS]

  and I'm not for a second suggesting that Scotland doesn't have the right to have this vote. [TS]

  They're pretty clearly delineated group part of the United Kingdom [TS]

  but like you know what's to stop you know me help having a vote [TS]

  and saying OK Brady in my house here is you know leaving the United Kingdom where where where is this line drawn this [TS]

  is this is just like it sort of like my oh my how many countries are there video it. [TS]

  It is very hard to know precisely where these lines are drawn and there is no way to to clearly define this. [TS]

  I have the independence movements are kind of the sort of a hobby of mine. [TS]

  I'm always very interested in groups trying to break off from from their main countries [TS]

  and one of the things I find endlessly fascinating is speculating on independence movements that failed in the United [TS]

  States. [TS]

  There are numerous times that various parts of the United States [TS]

  or various groups in the United States try to break away from that country as a whole and were unsuccessful. [TS]

  And if you look at the North American continent it has the lowest countries per Continental ratio of anybody of to less [TS]

  of course counting Australia which I think doesn't exactly count. [TS]

  I do just find that very interesting of what is what is this group [TS]

  but I think it really just comes down to a question of Is your group large enough that it is able to exert its will on [TS]

  the international stage either through military means [TS]

  or just through cultural means that like that is the bottom line is your group able to do this. [TS]

  And some groups are and some groups aren't. I don't think I'm there yet. I don't think we're there yet either. [TS]

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  There's been a lot of technology in years and I know you [TS]

  and I love technology podcasts although we don't consider this to be a technology podcast [TS]

  but it's going to have to be a little bit today because it's all been happening. [TS]

  Yeah so this is this is this episode is basically one hundred percent topical I think because a bunch of stuff has just [TS]

  happened either exactly today or in the past couple of days and we want to talk about all of it. [TS]

  So the Scottish referendum was the first on that list and we [TS]

  and then we have a few technology things that that we'd like to talk about the Kindle. [TS]

  Yes the Kindle I feel like and I feel like I should have a Kindle corner on. The show came about that all the time. [TS]

  Today's episode of Kindle call [TS]

  and so Amazon has announced a new Kindle which I was I was wondering if they were going to come out with a new one as a [TS]

  kind of slow with the releases on that which makes sense there are two very different product [TS]

  but the code is about code. OK So the official name is I have to look at it is a Kindle. [TS]

  Voyage is the name of the new one [TS]

  but I am just going to call it the Voyager because I know that is exactly what I'm going to call it every time. [TS]

  Anyway so let's just cut to the chase where I don't try to struggle with this every time it's the Kindle Voyager. [TS]

  Does Voyager straightaway conjure up Star Trek to you or the NASA probes. [TS]

  I honestly [TS]

  when I think into Voyager I think Janeway is what I think I don't think the probe that I hear Voyager I you know I [TS]

  think there's coffee in that nebula. That's what I think. [TS]

  Yes Amazon enough is I think just yesterday I think I have I know nothing about it I'm not saying I did not know it [TS]

  happened until you told me what does it look different. OK so I can't remember the last time I just feel it. [TS]

  I know why I should ask you because you don't know either [TS]

  but I think we decided that you have the Kindle Paperwhite that's OK so I had to say when you have yes. [TS]

  OK OK so the Kindle Voyager is basically the improved version of the paper white if you look at it it is the same size. [TS]

  It has roughly the same bezel around the edge but they have made it a little bit lighter [TS]

  and they have improved some of the complaints about the Kindle Paperwhite count on stopping a taste to get straight to [TS]

  what you want to talk about it. [TS]

  Let's get to justification of testosterone to talk about the rest of it but all right [TS]

  and then you can talk about the old that's all anyone wanted. [TS]

  OK so I hear oh there's a new there's a new Kindle how exciting this is what I originally you know in my heart of [TS]

  hearts thought their their their Phone announcement was everybody was looking at that video going OK [TS]

  or a new Kindle right because I knew I wanted to see. Now that I hear here is the real deal. [TS]

  Now if you watch some of their promo videos they have a very carefully selected big bold images that show left [TS]

  justified text and they show it because it looks good left justified text. [TS]

  Yeah Hughes is the catch [TS]

  and people have sent me screen shots all the time so I might look at the stuff stop sending me screenshots of left [TS]

  justified text on your Kindle because when when a publisher puts their book on Amazon service [TS]

  when they format the book they have the option to force left justify the text so it is not an option on the Kindle they [TS]

  can just specify this text needs to be left justified and all reasonable book publishers do that. [TS]

  Which unfortunately is not very many but some. [TS]

  Every once in a while I get a book and it is left justified [TS]

  and I just want to kiss the author for having that that be the case. And so I look at their promo video is like huh. [TS]

  Well isn't that interesting you seem to be showing off your your left justified text. [TS]

  But in every one of the hands on videos [TS]

  and if you look closely at a bunch of the screen shots you can totally see that it is the full justified text [TS]

  abomination on every Kindle that has come before with those same saying Oh those silly spaces so odd shapes [TS]

  and yes with with with if you if you if you read a book that has big words in it you're going to have big spaces on [TS]

  your lines and it just looks the thing that I always have in mind when when I'm reading a book on the Kindle is [TS]

  and you get to a line that has a whole bunch of spaces on it. [TS]

  Bases are just much bigger it's like the narrator in my head has to slow down to read that part. [TS]

  That's partly why it's so terribly distracting [TS]

  and on top of that Amazon doesn't recognize em dashes as proper punctuation so if you have a word dash you know clause [TS]

  dash go on to the next sentence. [TS]

  Amazon thinks that whole section is just one gigantic word [TS]

  and so you'll end up with some stupid stupid line that has half of it is blank space so pretty. [TS]

  Anyway the thing I'm not clear about are you saying that this is new to the Voyager that the publishers can do this [TS]

  let's justify this I haven't always been the case. OK even on my paper every once in a while I get a book that is left. [TS]

  Did you not know this before look at this new information to you because you did you never brought this up before. [TS]

  I never brought it up because it is it wasn't worth bringing up a trivial number of books like you it we did it why [TS]

  it's like Christmas morning when I get a book that is left justified. [TS]

  OK it just is so so rare that it's not worth mentioning. Thank you. It's also is there a change with the Voyager. [TS]

  OK So so I'm looking at this [TS]

  and then now I have to dig through every screenshot every video of this thing anywhere on the Internet [TS]

  and eventually I find through some of the hands on videos. [TS]

  The great disappointment that I'm expecting which is an image of the setting screen [TS]

  and sure enough there is no option for the justification at all it's the same crummy settings screen on the current one [TS]

  there isn't a way to turn on less justification and I am I am terribly sad about this. [TS]

  Now the thing that I have to say though is that I am also not terribly surprised by this because [TS]

  and now I'm going to have to get a little bit vague here. [TS]

  But let's just say I have been contacted since our first complaining about the Kindle show by people who are within the [TS]

  Amazon universe and. [TS]

  I've had a couple conversations with people in different areas of that universe [TS]

  and what they like in a car park like meeting in the middle of the night [TS]

  and stuff like that that that basically I guess what the hell I'm Dan so I can see them [TS]

  or some that like you need to know something awesome and the the the and I'm going to be a bit vague here [TS]

  but the information that was conveyed to me is that basically won it one of two states is the case. [TS]

  The Amazon the people in charge of the Amazon Kindle software are either unaware of left justification which is [TS]

  horrifying to me as as a possibility [TS]

  or the other thing that was conveyed to me is that they are indifferent to this as an issue in general which is even [TS]

  worse because if someone is unaware you have the hope of changing their mind if they are indifferent. [TS]

  There is absolutely nothing that you can do so I was since these people contacted me and [TS]

  and then since the Voyager came out I was hoping that maybe something had changed which is why I was looking for all [TS]

  the setting screens and trying to find everything that I could but I was not surprised [TS]

  when I discovered that no full justification is still the abomination that we all have to live with you have to let you [TS]

  have that confidential exclusive but that the people in charge of it don't. [TS]

  Well knowing about it or don't care about it. [TS]

  Well here's the thing what could have been yeah it could have been some technical reason [TS]

  but it could have been some technical reason which is which is totally understandable. [TS]

  But there you are saying is the new information the it's a big exclusive what you've been told in the car park here is [TS]

  there's not a technical or commercial reason that is that is correct [TS]

  but I think this is interesting to me because it is it is confirmation that like I said before you have to try this. [TS]

  I feel it about like what is what is going on inside another entity what are their reasons for yelling something [TS]

  and this is confirmation to me about a certain aspect of that. Yes there are forces at play here. [TS]

  There are forces at play here is just indifference. OK how is that is that is that is interesting information. [TS]

  And so what I'm going to say now what was also conveyed to me a little bit more than that it was the second meeting of [TS]

  the meeting. [TS]

  Yeah well I was I was planning on doing more with this at some point in the future [TS]

  but I will just mention it now is that Amazon. [TS]

  There can be faults of them as a company [TS]

  but one thing that they are quite good at is being relatively sensitive to their customer service I get is pretty good [TS]

  compared to most other companies and that is that is always kind of a Jeff Bezos. Make the customer happy rallying cry. [TS]

  Yeah I just read that his not his autobiography [TS]

  but the biography that was written about him the everything so it was interesting. [TS]

  But it was conveyed to me that basically the customer service people will report feature requests [TS]

  when people call in to complain about stuff on their various Kindles. [TS]

  So I am going to put some contact information in the show notes of this episode [TS]

  and if you are in America so that you can call the Amazon Kindle customer support please call them if you are on my [TS]

  side and let them know that you are dissatisfied with the horrific type hogger fee of the Amazon Kindle [TS]

  and that you would love it if they would consider adding left alignment as one of the options to the text. [TS]

  So I'm going to put that information in the show notes if you are on board with me on this one. [TS]

  I would absolutely love it if you called [TS]

  and made that request so that is something else that I would just like to put out there in the universe. [TS]

  I on the other hand would prefer you support Asia yet you know the varieties it can I can I ask you a question just to [TS]

  make sure I understand something probably yes. [TS]

  Coming back to this small number of publishers [TS]

  and left justify the text you know if the good citizens who you want to kiss. [TS]

  Yeah I think I said publishers [TS]

  but I should have said book authors I think is is really the case I think whoever is typesetting that particular book [TS]

  and I had to manually set it to be left justified is that is it is one or the other [TS]

  or is this something you can toggle between. That's what I'm not understanding you. [TS]

  You have no choice over how the text is displayed either way you can say OK this is left justified [TS]

  but if I press this button here the whole book will become. [TS]

  Yeah they're all there is there is no way to on left justify it you know not what you want for some reason you you are [TS]

  desirous of a vastly inferior reading experience [TS]

  and you have received as beautifully typeset book you can't press the button to turn it back into the horrible normal [TS]

  way which you know you know you maybe you want that and I think there should be an option to do that. [TS]

  So yes anyway that that is kind of what the main thing about the Kindle that I want to say is that I was hopeful [TS]

  and then expectantly disappointed about the main feature that I wanted [TS]

  but like a total idiot I pre-ordered it anyway because I do like my Kindle should I mean Amazon the people to be loving [TS]

  about this sounds to me like the typesetters and the publishers [TS]

  and the authors are the ones that we should be lobbying. [TS]

  Well I don't know if that would be I don't know if I would be more effective because that is just so distributed. [TS]

  And also the thing that I want is to be able to change the alignment in my books. [TS]

  But if if as you say the decisions being made by the publishers [TS]

  and some of them are saying I'm going to left justified because I think that looks bad. [TS]

  It sounds unfair to be blaming Amazon Amazon and giving these publishers both abilities [TS]

  and the publishers are choosing the ugly flock No no that's. [TS]

  That sounds true [TS]

  but here is the way the way that it technically works is that if you do not manually specify an alignment OK It [TS]

  defaults to fully justify case a block is default ugly block is default [TS]

  and specifying alignment is without a doubt more of a pain in the butt because you have to be mindful of the chapter [TS]

  headers or different sections of the book that you might want to be differently aligned. [TS]

  I was and it is a much easier job to just say define Oh right [TS]

  and here are the chapters Here's everything that's not a chapter just make it look good [TS]

  and it is it is an uphill battle if you want to make it look good. [TS]

  So that's why it is it is not quite not there's not quite the right way to look at it you can't think of a book that [TS]

  was left justified for shout out. [TS]

  Somebody showed me that some of them to screen shot the one I remember was a Malcolm Gladwell outliers was left [TS]

  justified taking I don't remember off the top of my head the book that I have seen because again it is it is just so [TS]

  rare. [TS]

  But before I get too far off the topic just [TS]

  but I do want to remember your listeners I normally don't ask for you to send me things [TS]

  but I would like for people to send me either via e-mail or by Twitter. Example. [TS]

  It's hideous hideous full justification on your Kindle devices. [TS]

  Sometimes you will come across a passage that is just comically awful and if you are this is on your paper [TS]

  or on your phone [TS]

  or on any of the Kindle devices that you use I would like you to send me screenshots of horrific examples of what [TS]

  happens when you fully justified the text [TS]

  and I have a little project for that at some point so they request from me to you. [TS]

  Dear Internet rest in peace grace in books. Now I almost don't want to. [TS]

  But there's no way that I could I could do this on my own so I would I would I would need help from the internet for [TS]

  what I have in mind. Do you want to talk about any other features of the new Kindle or is that really where it's at. [TS]

  That's really where it's at the only thing I will mention just very briefly [TS]

  and one of the reasons why I did pre-order it is that it has added not exactly buttons [TS]

  but pressure sensors on the side of the screen to make the page turning more easy [TS]

  and that was one of my big complaints with the paper white was that they took away the buttons on either side of the [TS]

  bezel to turn the page [TS]

  and instead you have to tap the page like it's an i Pad So that's one of the reasons why I thought who I'm going to get [TS]

  this I'm a little bit doubtful because of this weird pressure thing like Why don't you just make it a button. [TS]

  But I'm willing to give it a try and see how that works. That's talk Apple man. That's where it's at. [TS]

  It's been a bit of Apollonius there's been a lot of Apple stuff going on. [TS]

  What do you want to talk about so let's start with the new i Phones So we've got two new phones we got that we got the [TS]

  the i Phone six and six Plus. Yes those are the two new ones from Apple and both bigger than the five. [TS]

  They're both bigger than the five. [TS]

  Again we are not a tech as we were this is not us professionally talking about stuff is is that we are people who use [TS]

  Apple products and I guess are interested in what is coming out what the new things are probably more so than you [TS]

  but well we don't think you're pretty interested you know. I'm pretty surrounded by Apple stuff. [TS]

  So the interesting thing about these of course is that there's been speculation for a long time about Apple making [TS]

  bigger phones and they finally are here [TS]

  and there was expected that this would be quite popular the demand for these would be quite high. [TS]

  And you saw it but this morning I. They happen for various boring paperwork tax reasons. [TS]

  I happen to be around at The Regent Street Apple store here in London which is a huge Apple store [TS]

  and according at least to some of the employees I've spoken to there it is either the most [TS]

  or one of the most profitable Apple stores in the world which I can believe I mean it's it's right in the center of the [TS]

  main shopping district but anyway I happen to be in the area and the line was incredibly long so I actually went [TS]

  and filmed it from from start to finish [TS]

  and it took me about I think the video is three minutes long to walk from the beginning to the end of the line which [TS]

  doesn't sound too bad but there is this whole section where they thread the line through a park [TS]

  and you can't even get into the park unless you have one of these little tickets from the Apple people there. [TS]

  So the video makes the line look incredibly long [TS]

  but it is easily twice as long as it looks because of the people packed into the big spiral line in the center of the [TS]

  park so what did everyone think when you're walking past with a Go Pro in their face. [TS]

  So no I was not the only person like these are media circuses news people everywhere and professional camera people. [TS]

  You can't be on this line and not expect that you are part of a media event. Yeah. [TS]

  So the six is big and the six plus is bigger again. So they've gone up a size and then gone up artist. [TS]

  I can't remember the numbers four point seven and something I it's I can never remember the size of the screens [TS]

  and the only thing you need to know is sort of like each is you know I don't know roughly an inch bigger than the one [TS]

  before you have the old Apple phone which is the four and then you have the five [TS]

  and the six in the six plus in each is kind of like an inch bigger on the diagonal. [TS]

  But I can never remember the exact specifications. Has he gone and had a look at them or the Regent Street store. [TS]

  There is this huge. [TS]

  Line [TS]

  but they handle it very well because they filter all the people into one side for the people who are buying the phone [TS]

  but if you just want to go look the whole rest of the store is still available to you like normal. [TS]

  So I have pre-ordered an i Phone [TS]

  and because no one's seen the sizes before I had to guess about which side do I think is the size of them. [TS]

  I'm going to want to use and I thought well I'm here. [TS]

  The Apple stores open let me go inside and actually handle the physical phones [TS]

  and see if my guess about what I would want was right. You'd already pre-ordered you committed. [TS]

  Yeah you can cancel it hasn't shipped yet but I just want to see do I need to cancel my order [TS]

  and change my mind maybe I'll be wildly convinced convinced otherwise. So I went in I took a look around. [TS]

  It's interesting because I was a holding back a thought that I had until I saw the phones in person [TS]

  but unfortunately this guess was correct which is that putting the size aside for a second. These i Phones. [TS]

  Are the ugliest i Phones Apple has ever made. Really they are hideous looking in person. [TS]

  I was reserving judgment until I saw them in person. [TS]

  But all of the photos I saw online I thought these things look terrible. [TS]

  Let me hold back until I see it though I know I'm going to reserve judgment. [TS]

  But man [TS]

  when I saw them in the store I thought nope this is just as ugly as I thought it was what it is it is it just because [TS]

  of the dimensions I mean they haven't changed the look of them much [TS]

  but you know if you've seen pictures of them right yet I can't remember why I just thought they were the same as the [TS]

  other ones but just different dimensions. [TS]

  OK you're in front of a computer [TS]

  and if you go to Apple dot com a fuller picture of what they look like so you know we're talking about here [TS]

  and I want to paint a word picture for you I'll put the link in the notes to to some images a man on his hunting [TS]

  and taking him to get your Brady typing you know how do you pack. Yeah I think so I've got them. [TS]

  Yes they look a bit different there actually did a bit more sort of roundy like yeah that different Europe they're [TS]

  different. [TS]

  OK So the first i Phone I ever owned the i Phone four which in my mind is still the iconic most beautifully designed i [TS]

  Phone that they've ever made. I really like that one. [TS]

  It was it was smaller it had the glass front on the glass back which were shattered tast it but looked great. [TS]

  Yeah but it's like I kept mine in a case the whole time [TS]

  and I define member around London seeing lots of people who had this gorgeous spiderweb pattern across to the back of [TS]

  their phone because they dropped it so I know that needed to change [TS]

  but just from a purely aesthetic point I thought that was the best looking one. [TS]

  Yeah and then the i Phone five was a refinement of that not my favorite but I still felt look quite good. [TS]

  The my problems with with the six. I think the curved edge looks terrible. [TS]

  Yeah I bet we'll get used to that and so I spent you know they look they look like you know like a Samsung phone [TS]

  or something to me in that direction. Now my reaction seeing it in person was it just looks cheap. [TS]

  Something about that round edge I think just makes it look kind of junky I don't know a better way to describe it you [TS]

  know I'm not an A not familiar enough with them for some phones to say it looks like a Samsung phone. [TS]

  I just think the around it looks terrible I always like the really sharp edges of the four. [TS]

  Much better than the rounded edges of the three. And so I'm also making it more like a toilet making childproof. [TS]

  Yeah [TS]

  and they are holding it in your hand it does have that same kind of feeling like Oh you don't think I'm grown up enough [TS]

  for this sham furred adage you know you have to round out the edges so that I don't hurt myself with my brand new phone [TS]

  and something about it being rounded [TS]

  and bigger I don't know it's just makes the phone look dumber in this way that is hard. Too hard to specify. [TS]

  Yeah I agree with you [TS]

  and I think it looks even dumber on the bigger one like it looks it looks not great on gets like a child's toy it like [TS]

  I have not seen in person of course so I'm just I'm just going on pictures. [TS]

  Yeah thinking this is a topical show we're recording this on the afternoon of the first day that they have ever been [TS]

  available so it's and I wouldn't have seen it if I didn't happen to be in the area so the second thing was [TS]

  when I touched it the minute I know what it is [TS]

  but they do something about the back material also feels worse I mean it's supposed to still be aluminum just like the [TS]

  regular phones are but it feels more plasticky and I know they're always messing around with the materials [TS]

  and I get from yeah. [TS]

  That's again the word alloys you know like always mixing it with different material to get different properties. [TS]

  But something about the back of it just felt terrible [TS]

  when I touched it I could immediately feel oh the specific heat capacity of whatever alloy they have chosen is [TS]

  different which basically means that when I when I would pick up the i Phone four [TS]

  or the i Phone five it's cold to the touch. Yeah feels like metal. [TS]

  And if if you are you know if you're around if you're in a castle made of stone you touch the wall the walls are cold [TS]

  but if you are in a modern house where the walls are made of basically plastic [TS]

  or you know Styrofoam board you touch the walls and they are kind of room temperature and I was aware of that [TS]

  when I touch the phone is the same thing as oh it's not cold when I touch it. [TS]

  It's kind of not exactly warm but it's way closer to room temperature. OK. [TS]

  This combined with around corners makes it feel even cheaper [TS]

  but I think the thing that to me drags it from not great design into what I would say is fugly territory is the antenna [TS]

  bands around the top and the bottom line here and say them. [TS]

  I was looking at them on the picture and it was the same thing I thought. [TS]

  I'm going to wait until I see this in person and [TS]

  when I saw it in person it was worse than I would have ever imagined it is so hideous to look at [TS]

  and think I could not believe. [TS]

  Actually handling the phone is everyone was complaining that the camera lens is separate is a little bit elevated from [TS]

  the back it's not flush like it has been visited by something oh yeah. [TS]

  Cena Yeah the camera lens sticks out a couple millimeters. [TS]

  Honestly there's no big deal at all but that is the one thing on the phone where everybody was worried about that [TS]

  and I look at that thing. Doesn't matter at all this is I make a final picture saying I'm looking for more pictures. [TS]

  Yeah Apple tries to hide that bulge on their their promo page [TS]

  when they're out there which I think is not entirely an honest way to represent it [TS]

  but the camera bold if you are listening to this punk ass [TS]

  and you're worried about the camera bulbs don't worry about it all it is very slight in person [TS]

  and doesn't matter at all as I thought it was going to be ugly. [TS]

  Doesn't make a difference the thing that I could not believe is that those antenna spaces of the lines on the top [TS]

  and bottom. [TS]

  If you run your finger over it you can clearly feel the seam between the back and that antenna space [TS]

  and it is slightly elevated from the rest of the back and it is clearly plastic. [TS]

  So already the back feels cheaper with and and then you run your finger across the top of it [TS]

  and you can very clearly feel those antenna bands as distinct from the rest of the phone. [TS]

  And so I thought Man Apple thumbs down on the hardware design of this phone like I never never thought I'd have to say [TS]

  that I like. [TS]

  Now I just I think they are they are hideous hideous i Phones I mean their physical look so I was pretty disappointed [TS]

  in that. I mean I use Apple stuff all the time but this is I think this design look is not good not good at all. [TS]

  Did you. What should you do or did you change your order. [TS]

  Do you have a guess about which one I ordered I think I know I was just doing it for the fans. [TS]

  Or do you think can you order the six. Yes I did order the six over the salt the smaller one. [TS]

  And are you glad you did not how do you feel having seen them by now. [TS]

  My guess was that six plus would be way too big for me and that was just confirmed in the store. [TS]

  Handling the six is just comically large and you know I'm not a short person [TS]

  but my my thumb was inadequate for this phone [TS]

  and their little trick of double tapping the home button to make the icon slide down so you can reach them all. [TS]

  I don't need to add two extra taps to every step for everything that I want to do so that was my prediction I use my [TS]

  phone one handed a lot so there was just a complete deal breaker. [TS]

  Oh the bigger i Phone does have a lot of cool features like it it does rotate sideways in a way that the regular one [TS]

  doesn't like those things that are attractive about the big one [TS]

  but its size is just a total deal breaker for me so I went with the six as the one that I have ordered [TS]

  and I did at the time order a case for it. [TS]

  And I'm glad that I did because I feel like all of my previous i Phones I have reluctantly used a case [TS]

  and I've always thought out his i Phone is too beautiful to be in this case [TS]

  but I'm still going to use it for various reasons [TS]

  and the i Phone six I feel like this thing is too hideous to not cover up with a case I have an i Phone five [TS]

  and I'm feeling like I'm a veggie for any sign. We think less of me if I go for a five S. [TS]

  but Would that be stupid I know it's sick I know it's not a good performance but I just want to unlock has more fun [TS]

  and I like this this sort of the intrusiveness of a small phone in my pocket [TS]

  and so I would not think less of you at all and so I am I'm getting the six partly because my wife has a great design. [TS]

  Things on my five S she she gets she gets the old phone [TS]

  and so says she's she for a long time has looked with it with envy on the fingerprint scanner the Touch ID five S. Has. [TS]

  Yeah I really want that [TS]

  and so I am getting a new phone because she is getting a new phone so this is why I am getting the six you could get a [TS]

  five S. Of course and you could expect the five S's. [TS]

  OK Let me let me work towards the fact that I have [TS]

  but the thing is ever since I got the five I have actually never really liked the size of the five as it is always [TS]

  thought it was a little bit awkward because it Kato. [TS]

  That's exactly it is it is bigger but it was only bigger in one dimension it was just taller [TS]

  and for some things that's great but for lots of things I just found it awkward [TS]

  and it was a weird in-between device for me and so. [TS]

  I am hoping that I mean like why am I buying the six if I think it is so hideous why don't I just buy my wife a five S.. [TS]

  I am hoping that I find the slightly bigger size more convenience for a bunch of stuff that I do. T.J. [TS]

  You talk about work things here work things that I do so very often I find myself out [TS]

  and about in the city I always have my phone on me and sometimes I do want to do some work on the phone [TS]

  and there's lots of stuff that I can do I mean this is a whole other topic [TS]

  but I.O.'s is basically my primary computing life. [TS]

  I do most of my work on my i Pad [TS]

  but that also means a ton of that stuff I can do on my i Phones So there is much for me to do. [TS]

  But if Apple and I know they won't [TS]

  but if Apple has had in addition released a new phone that was the same size as the old i Phone four I would have [TS]

  bought that because I would prefer a smaller phone and so I feel like I'm in a I'm in a weird. [TS]

  Space where like the i Phone five is just big enough to be a little bit weird [TS]

  but not big enough to feel like I can be really productive on it so that's why I am interested in trying the slightly [TS]

  larger size [TS]

  but I would totally go back to the i Phone four size phone if that was an option I wouldn't even hesitate about that if [TS]

  they came out with a new one in that in that size. [TS]

  So I wouldn't think any less of Hugh if you went and bought the five S. [TS]

  You know if you felt like the phone need to be updated [TS]

  or you want to touch ID which I do have to say is a feature that really changes how you interact with the phone [TS]

  and then the much much more convenient to use and a lot of ways so I don't think that is crazy or unreasonable. [TS]

  OK Is that what you're going to do are you going to get a five S I think after I mean I'll go have a look in the shop. [TS]

  I just like a small and sleek you know I like you know I want to be like a lightsaber. [TS]

  I don't want to be like a huge big you know lightsabers weren't small [TS]

  and sleek really well just like not so that's not slick I mean I you know I think there are signs yes there are you [TS]

  comparing it to a sword I guess it's small and sleek compared to a non collapsible sword is that the comparison. [TS]

  Yeah I think if let's say there's a lack sleek things they're cool they're very cool [TS]

  but if you actually look at a lightsaber close up they're kind of control he does you start telling me to look a lot so [TS]

  I have a close up let me tell you. [TS]

  We'll take a look at the wander into the great story of you angry like last time with the monkeys. [TS]

  OK was I when I [TS]

  when I got my first job is like a newspaper cadet there was comic book stories to go to all the time they have of [TS]

  course Star Wars memorabilia and stuff like that [TS]

  and there was some guy in Adelaide he used to naive to make replicas a lot saber handles he will [TS]

  and he made a huge metal weighty replica of Luke's. [TS]

  Because Return Of The Jedi light saber that the remade went first and I used to look at it and discovered it. [TS]

  Something terribly and I went home and told my dad you know I love it I love it so much [TS]

  and he didn't want to get on it but because like a hundred bucks or two hundred bucks [TS]

  or something which is like you know I know an incredible amount of money now [TS]

  but also what an incredible amount of money then considering I now had like a full time proper job [TS]

  but I didn't I still hadn't psychologically realized that I had a full time proper job I hadn't realized I had money in [TS]

  it. [TS]

  Yeah yeah [TS]

  and so it was the first time I spent like a couple of hundred dollars on something just like to indulge myself [TS]

  and I went and I pour water and I feel guilty by not like I feel like everyone in the world was watching me [TS]

  and I was going to sling money and it was this terrible thing [TS]

  but then I came home with it getting a bus home from town with a lot saber in your pockets if anything to do with it. [TS]

  But anyway so I'm very aware of sort of the weight and size of a lot so because this was an exact exact replica [TS]

  but gosh I'd love to I still have it. I still have it somewhere and I didn't even need to ask if you still have it. [TS]

  How could the fight is have it here in England I think if I do I will send you a picture of me with it. [TS]

  Oh please do please do. [TS]

  If I can find that song so I'm well aware of the dimensions of our lives and I'm sorry for for that. [TS]

  Suggesting otherwise. But I don't like and I find out nothing like a lot. [TS]

  Somehow reminds me of it's a kind of cool sleek thing in my pocket where is these the six looks like a big black Fisher [TS]

  Price toy. [TS]

  OK It just seems the shape of it [TS]

  and the feel of it doesn't quite seem right to me I wish I could be more articulate about this [TS]

  but you know I just keep coming back to the word dumb like the phone the phone. [TS]

  Look I don't mean that the design is done but it looks like the phone is somehow stupider. It's that I've done. [TS]

  It's just I don't know what is this is the rounded corners is that hideous antenna is the material it's everything [TS]

  about it is is just awful. [TS]

  So I now I now will be on a quest to find the perfect case for this thing [TS]

  but in the meantime I'll be covering it up in the application some kind of ashamed of us. [TS]

  But I do feel like obviously I listen to some of these podcasts that E.J. [TS]

  Like accidental Tech podcast and John Greaves podcast [TS]

  and I often marvel at their ability to talk about like the button on the side of an i Phone for like two hours. [TS]

  Yeah and I sometimes laugh at the end of it I can't believe I was going to spend all that time talking about it. [TS]

  I now realize how that happens because we're doing the exact [TS]

  when we are barely we're barely scratching the surface of the artist. [TS]

  We are just total average dudes talking about what you think about the new i Phone whereas you go back in the in the [TS]

  archives of their work [TS]

  and you can listen to the great mute switch debate of twenty twelve which is spread across four [TS]

  or five episodes on many different shows about let's discuss the true nature of the mute switch that is pro level Apple [TS]

  analysis we will never reach that kind of look at today and compare it to a light saber. Probably not. [TS]

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  We did catch up here in the wake. I happen to be in London and we went to dinner which was lovely. [TS]

  Yes and I asked you what you thought of the we didn't talk i Phones or no [TS]

  but I did ask you what you thought of the new Apple Watch and you refused to talk about it with me. [TS]

  No that is that is not it is not a correct Rovers [TS]

  and you didn't you didn't like well like I said What do you think of Apple what you told me what happened I said we [TS]

  should probably talk about that on the show [TS]

  and then immediately what proceeded to happen was you talk to my wife about the phone for the whole time [TS]

  and never asked me another question about it again. So that's what happened. [TS]

  Well I thought you made your position pretty clear. I felt ignored at the dinner. [TS]

  That's what it was you know you never never came back and everything just now was. [TS]

  No push Well I told you all the time you're once more interesting. Fair enough. [TS]

  Now you have my undivided attention [TS]

  and honestly honestly I'm dying to know what are you really being sarcastic now because you know talking about Apple [TS]

  for like an hour and I don't know. [TS]

  I seriously this is the best for last because I'm really really curious about what you think about the Apple Watch [TS]

  and I have no idea about your position yet. Did you watch the announcement. [TS]

  Yes I did I did watch the announcement live which I try to do I don't always catch it alive but if I can I'm happy to. [TS]

  It's interesting to see what's going on Apple make some kind of fun events [TS]

  and since I've been following it for years I know the cast of characters who come up on stage. [TS]

  So if I can watch it live I always well so it was interesting. [TS]

  It was interesting to see we tweeting though I have a car. [TS]

  I didn't say you know usually I have a lot of choice when an Apple event happened. [TS]

  Well this is part of my as I mentioned last last episode part of my failed project to stay off of Twitter [TS]

  and the Internet. You learn that noticeably less definitely on less. [TS]

  But like I said the Twitter habit is hard to break [TS]

  and I would say I was determined to get through the Apple keynotes without tweeting and without looking at Twitter. [TS]

  I thought no no you know what I'm going to do this this is part of my resolution I'm going to stick to it. [TS]

  But then of course if anyone who watch slides already knows what happens which is that during the first thirty minutes [TS]

  of their presentation they were Apple with having horrific technical problems. The stream kept dropping out. [TS]

  Harry is Lee It was dubbed in Mandarin for a good long time and I don't know what was going on there [TS]

  but it was it was awful. [TS]

  But of course then I'm thinking well I'm having a hard time watching this live but I want to know it. [TS]

  Going on and I follow people on Twitter who are almost certainly in the room in California where this is happening [TS]

  or I can maybe I should. [TS]

  And then of course this is like a drug addict maybe I'll just take one hit of heroin only just open [TS]

  and then it was just over. [TS]

  But I was I was restraining myself I was trying not to comment on everything like I normally do [TS]

  but I was still I was still on there. [TS]

  OK so some point in the presentation they unveiled the wearable we'd all been waiting for. Yes that's right. [TS]

  But the apple watch not to the i Watch yet have you know watch which is going to be hard to say I will I will try what [TS]

  was what was your immediate impression before we get into the nuts and bolts of the day for analysis. [TS]

  OK so my very first thought was I was honestly disappointed it was a watch [TS]

  and this is partly because of the eight I don't know if I'll be able to find it for the show notes [TS]

  but there was a Tim Cook interview at All Things D. [TS]

  I think maybe a year ago or so where they were talking about wearable technology and. [TS]

  Jim Cook clearly refused to talk about watches in particular [TS]

  and instead was talking about sensor technology in general. [TS]

  He was and is that there's a lot of things that are going on in the world of sensors and this is entirely true. [TS]

  If you follow technology there's a bunch of stuff that's happening right now with making sense there is much more [TS]

  ubiquitous and much more cheap and this is why there's this big push about recording Health Statistics [TS]

  and recording all kinds of stuff because it's getting really cheap to put sensors everywhere [TS]

  and so I was kind of hoping that Apple would have a different something different then a watch kind of based on his [TS]

  reaction or his description of things in that particular interview. [TS]

  The [TS]

  when it was revealed of the watch my initial reaction was oh I was kind of hoping I don't know what they would have [TS]

  but some sort of in a band with a bunch of sensors built in or you know who knows what they're going to do. [TS]

  Yeah so that was my initial reaction was I was a bit like. An original. [TS]

  I wouldn't say that [TS]

  but if you're asking for my initial thought it was a little bit of disappointment because I was thinking maybe it's [TS]

  something I haven't thought of and then it's a watch. But that was that was very fleeting. [TS]

  I was that was just my initial reaction [TS]

  and then it's like OK well Apple now show me show me in your apple the way this thing that you have made. [TS]

  Did you watch it live or did I did not watch it live and in the video. [TS]

  I haven't I haven't even watched the video I have not watched the video. [TS]

  I'm not saying any moving imagery of this watch at all at the scene of these pictures of the what do you I don't know I [TS]

  had pictures of it. [TS]

  I have looked at pictures of and I looked on the Apple site and so are all the different colors and different bands [TS]

  and things like that. OK So that's my level of do you have any reaction to watch it. [TS]

  I'm completely underwhelmed and really underwhelmed and I've not seen it in real life and I've not seen on a hand. [TS]

  Yeah I don't think anybody seen it in real or the people who were there have seen a real man it's not [TS]

  and it's not in the stores I've also because I haven't watched the video I've not yet seen on a hand. [TS]

  I imagine it looks a bit boxy and that's not what I think watchers should look like [TS]

  and I although I don't wear a watch face to face I have a great interest and love of watches [TS]

  and this is not something I would imagine enjoying seeing on my hand. [TS]

  So you look at you look at the poppy design and you think that's not something that you would wear. [TS]

  Yes I am because I am intrigued by the digital crown. [TS]

  I think that was and from what I can tell that looks like a nice touch and there are still a bit of innovation [TS]

  but I am not a fan yet but I am also very very ill informed and open minded. [TS]

  Also as you know there is there is a particular watch that I do want that I've been coveting for ten fifteen years now. [TS]

  Whenever I think what. That's all I can think about and nothing else compares. [TS]

  Go on tell us what it is you know you want to. [TS]

  I I don't think I type I don't think I ever go to an airport without drooling over the Amiga Speedmaster professional. [TS]

  There are various kinds of [TS]

  and I'm a very particular kind I like because not only is it just a very nice looking watch it is also the watch that [TS]

  was worn by the Apollo astronauts when they walked on the moon [TS]

  and we've never really talked about it much on the podcast I don't think and I'm sure we will sometime in the future. [TS]

  At length if I could persuade you but I am very very passionate about the Apollo program [TS]

  and the moon landings I just my greatest interest in the hobby [TS]

  and I'm a great collector of things Apollo related so I've always really fancied having one of those watches [TS]

  but they're very expensive and we also touched on the fact I don't take very good care of things right [TS]

  and I have not been able to take that leap that that was a small step for man [TS]

  but giant leap for Brady to buy one of them yet. So if I'm going to spend a large quantity of money on a watch. [TS]

  It will be one of those eventually [TS]

  and I will do it in fact if anything the best thing about the release of the Apple Watch is really motivated me to [TS]

  perhaps buy one of those watches and I've been spending a lot of time online looking at them the last few days. [TS]

  Much more time than I have been looking at the Apple Watch but I still look at the price [TS]

  and think that's had to just because I was I really like what Casio calculator watches and things like that. [TS]

  Yeah that the thing is I mean there is typically are these watches there in the what the the two thousand to three [TS]

  thousand four thousand pound range that's kind we're talking this is a major media watch yes yes. [TS]

  Which is no doubt about it. Very expensive yes. Watch as we may come back to later. [TS]

  I only want to mention the price because [TS]

  when you say very expensive people can think Rolex is thirty thousand dollars forty thousand dollars for a large I mean [TS]

  I spend so much and I spend I spend more on hard drives than I do than I could on that watch [TS]

  and I could wear the watch every day and get great pleasure from it as opposed to my hard drives crash [TS]

  and there is nothing but misery. Yeah. Spend more money. Yeah another reason I should get it. [TS]

  I will I will eventually get it. [TS]

  But anyway that's not we're not here to talk about I make a spade must've been anyone from a nigger is listening [TS]

  and they want to get some. They want to do an ad on the show. Cash would not be required. [TS]

  I regret we were both I think money from this thing they do need to pay. [TS]

  You can't just have Brady's Omega Speedmaster corner. [TS]

  I mean what if they said to me well I already have a watch and I do have a very nice watch. [TS]

  I mean you can get in touch for a sponsorship [TS]

  and Brady will give you the best sponsorship you've ever heard of your life. [TS]

  I think that probably would have had about three I think you could you could talk about it forever. [TS]

  Let's talk about your opinion on the air. [TS]

  When we left it with your first impression being slightly underwhelmed by only fleetingly [TS]

  and then giving them a chance to make their case yeah OK you know I've been next so here as we've just touched upon the [TS]

  Apple Watch. I'm very interested in the Apple Watch but they have a very difficult case to sell this to me. [TS]

  And step one is as we just mentioned I already wear a watch so right out of the gate Apple is not competing for unused [TS]

  space on my wrist. Apple is competing to replace a thing that already exists on my wrist. [TS]

  So like we have a technical We have a higher activation energy to get over. [TS]

  For this process to start yet so I was watching the whole presentation kind of with that in mind. [TS]

  Is Apple going to be able to convince me to swap my current watch for the Apple Watch. [TS]

  So either as I'm watching it Apple has to be clear they have a very early announce this you know that they have said it [TS]

  is available for sale early twenty fifteen which knowing Apple they'll push back until summer twenty fifteen [TS]

  and say oh we meant the first half of the summer you know. [TS]

  So it can be quite a long time before the fact this thing actually comes out which resulted in some parts of the [TS]

  presentation being a bit vague. Yes And so one of the key ones which is I couldn't resist from mentioning on Twitter. [TS]

  Well Apple the longer you don't tell me about the battery life of the shorter I'm going to assume this battery life is [TS]

  and I may that is kind of a joke but then I was pretty surprised [TS]

  when they ended they finished talking about the watch and they never mention the battery life once. Yeah. [TS]

  Does this last forty five minutes how long does how long does this watch do I have to just have a plug in all the time [TS]

  this is not a good sign. [TS]

  Is it possible they don't know yet is it possible they're trying to invent some new battery in the next six months. [TS]

  Yeah I mean this is one of the things I foresee [TS]

  when we're recording this that we mentioned before that the usual Apple pod cast crew you know grouper and A.T.P. [TS]

  I don't I haven't listened to any of their shows that are out so this might be the section on the watch might be [TS]

  horrifically uninformed because I don't know [TS]

  but if they found out any of the details I have listened to eighty page first one on the watch. [TS]

  Nothing about actually came out and I'm going to have a listen to their latest. [TS]

  Yeah I think it just came out with one this morning. [TS]

  So there may be more details now but I know I don't know [TS]

  and my guess is it is very possible given how early they are announcing this that Apple doesn't actually have a [TS]

  realistic X. Doesn't have a realistic idea of what the battery life actually will. [TS]

  Yeah [TS]

  but they hinted very strongly in the presentation that it will need to be they will need to be charged every night [TS]

  and they have their very nicely designed charger for it. [TS]

  But this is this is strike one because I have already have so many devices that I need to charge every night [TS]

  and I have many checklists [TS]

  and on my checklist is a couple of things I want to make sure are plugged in at night so that when I [TS]

  when I start the next day everything is fresh and going you know I'm starting to even fall out of love with politics. [TS]

  Yes this is what we talked about as the frustration and that thing is maybe you know once a week or you know [TS]

  but I mean devices that I have to charge every night [TS]

  and what I need to make sure our charging is one obviously the phone here too. [TS]

  I use my i Pad as my primary computer [TS]

  and so I have to make sure that my i Pad is charged in because often I just grab it in the morning and then I go out [TS]

  and I'm working wherever in the day and maybe I have access to electric socket maybe I don't. [TS]

  So I need to make sure that that thing is charged [TS]

  and then secondly I have this pair of bluetooth headphones that I adore that I totally love the Jaybird X bluetooth [TS]

  headphones they are amazing they're the best bluetooth headphones I've ever used. Jaybird feel free to get in touch. [TS]

  If you can keep track and everyone but but but they have to be charged every night. Yeah. [TS]

  So there are three things that at minimum have to be charged every night [TS]

  and then in addition to that I have my Fitbit and my Kindle which need to be basically charged on a weekly basis [TS]

  and I have a reminder for that as well as like this is getting to be a bunch of things. And as dumb as it sounds. [TS]

  Adding one more. [TS]

  It's like the difficulty of this is exponential it doesn't seem like adding one more is a pain [TS]

  but it's much more trouble than you would expect because there's also the cable. [TS]

  Management So this is one more cable that I'd have to pack with it [TS]

  and I was traveling so I already have three hundred able to totally agree with the Fitbit cable I have a lightning [TS]

  cable and then I have a micro U.S.B. [TS]

  and I'll tell you I keep getting terrified that one of my devices is going to be out of sync with that micro U.S.B. [TS]

  Kindle Voyager I'm looking at you right I was trying to find on the web page. They said oh it charges by U.S.B. [TS]

  Yes white U.S.B. Kindle I don't want to end up having to have two U.S.B. [TS]

  Cable so this is this is immediately a kind of strike against the watchers like you are going to be a hassle with this [TS]

  with this Contin I counter so battery power electricity issue I'm right [TS]

  but the thing the thing with technology is the real question is what benefit does it provide. [TS]

  Because I'm willing to charge it charge up all the things that I currently have because the benefit they provide me [TS]

  outweighs the hassle of the charging I get says it like this is how the universe works [TS]

  and so now as a sale I don't know if that's one of the fundamental laws of the I believe you have the four fundamental [TS]

  forces. [TS]

  OK And then after that there is technology growth is exponential [TS]

  and then immediately after that it is the benefit a device provides you is greater than the hassle of charging it. [TS]

  It's governed by greater confidence that's fixed so that this another watch trying to sell me on its utility yet so I'm [TS]

  watching this presentation with this in mind. [TS]

  Now another strike against the watch for me in particular is I'm looking at I think OK what does it do. [TS]

  And at least as they present it right now it does some interesting fitness tracking stuff which is great [TS]

  but I already use my Fitbit for that [TS]

  and my Fitbit is going to outcompete the watch because my Fitbit also does silent alarms which I use in the morning to [TS]

  sometimes wake up without disturbing my wife so I can cook. That's my pajamas and wake up. [TS]

  And well the watch can't do that because the watch is going to have to be charging overnight. [TS]

  Hello you haven't won on fitness tracking here [TS]

  and then the rest of a large portion of the thing that the watch can do I would say are related to communication [TS]

  and notifications. [TS]

  Yeah so the watch has to be connected to your phone for most things [TS]

  and it will display notifications from your phone on the watch face [TS]

  when I give you the hassle of taking your embarrassing ugly I fancy. [TS]

  I would've thought that was a big deal until I saw how hideous the i Phone six was and maybe that's Apple's plan right. [TS]

  We're going to make this i Phone so ugly everybody wants an i Watch or an apple watch. [TS]

  Did you hide it doesn't have to see the light of day [TS]

  and it's some kind of cave troll in your pocket that is doing all this grunt work [TS]

  and the beautiful I watch can actually if you're going to have a face of your communication that we that we are. [TS]

  So as you have been frustrated with sometimes the number of notifications I receive on my phone to begin with is almost [TS]

  zero. I actually look through my phone the other day. [TS]

  That's kind of curious to see how many things have I actually allowed access to notification. [TS]

  And it is basically three or four apps at most. [TS]

  Yeah messages can make my phone beep Omni Focus can make my phone beep if the navigation is on that can make my phone [TS]

  beep which I almost never use. [TS]

  And that has to be easily easily be ninety five percent of the notifications I ever receive on my phone. [TS]

  To top it off to make it worse I use the Do Not Disturb feature to even disallow those notifications every day starting [TS]

  at nine pm at night and continuing to one P.M. [TS]

  The following day so there's only even an eight hour window in which my phone can theoretically beep to begin with. [TS]

  Why so. [TS]

  Notifications for me with this watch also is not like I am not sold on this because it is not something that I use to [TS]

  know if I have a phone or a vein to get stuck on a ledge. [TS]

  You're the last person I'm going to call for help I should you should know by now that I am not the person to call if [TS]

  you need help with things. I will help you but it has to be asynchronous and cannot be immediate. [TS]

  You're my thinkin if here OK. [TS]

  That's exactly right that's exactly what you let me know a month in advance about something I might possibly be there [TS]

  if you need something at seven thirty in the morning you better be calling somebody else [TS]

  or have access to your bit so the world is all about notifications [TS]

  and you feel like you don't need a whole lot of notifying Basically I have almost no use for notifications as it is so [TS]

  the watch doesn't sell me on that future either. [TS]

  Now I don't think it is fair to say that the watch is all about notifications because again Apple is a little bit [TS]

  and clear and exactly what the capabilities are again because maybe they don't know precisely themselves [TS]

  but there were definitely some cool things with regards to ways to communicate with other people who have Apple watches. [TS]

  There's a way to tap the screen of the Apple Watch to make somebody else's Apple Watch vibrate very slightly. [TS]

  And I thought oh this is an interesting and different form of communication. [TS]

  And one thing that I did think was very cool was doing walking navigations with a watch. [TS]

  So if you set a destination you know I want to walk from here to the royal Royal Albert Hall the watch will do that [TS]

  navigation. But by using a vibration feedback on your wrist so you don't need to look at it. [TS]

  I don't know exactly what the mechanism is but they said it's different vibrations for whether [TS]

  or not you're supposed to turn left or right or go straight at an intersection and I thought that is great [TS]

  and that is a feature that I can totally see using because sometimes when my wife and I are walking around play. [TS]

  If we were in New York. [TS]

  I do want to keep track and make sure that we're going towards a particular place [TS]

  but I don't want to have my headphones in for the Bluetooth navigation you know while we're just relaxing [TS]

  or something [TS]

  and so I thought hey I can easily see on a vacation doing something like setting the walking directions to the hotel [TS]

  and then I would just always have a sense of am I walking towards [TS]

  or away from the hotel kind of ambient awareness of where is the hotel in relation to me. [TS]

  I'm not totally sounds a bit weird to me [TS]

  but still if my watch vibrated to tell me to turn left I'd still want a visual map. [TS]

  But for reassurance I'm not sure I'm going to just find that out. Now they're well not too new for me. [TS]

  I'm just I'm just trying to like run through as an action is presentational what might I possibly do [TS]

  and that was one thing that jumped in mind immediately and then I could use walking directions to either my wife [TS]

  and I are going someplace and I want to make sure that we're headed in the right direction [TS]

  and we're just walking around we're not in the car [TS]

  or this kind of I want to pin a location to be ambient Lea aware of [TS]

  when I'm just exploring the kinds of things I was thinking of [TS]

  but that is that's not a feature that that that sells me on this. [TS]

  So I think it's coming pretty clear to the conclusion that the Apple Watch does not in that presentation have anything [TS]

  that would make me think oh I have to go out [TS]

  and buy this I can't think what it looks like he sort of hinted at a thing that presentable face of the i Phone [TS]

  but I think it suffers from that same rounded childlike goofiness that the i Phone six is suffering from. [TS]

  I don't I don't actually like her looks that much I think it is. [TS]

  It reaches the heights of OK I think it looks OK It doesn't look great it doesn't look awful. [TS]

  Looks like a sleek smart watch [TS]

  but it's sickness still gives it away as you are wearing a tiny computer on your wrist and you are a nerd. [TS]

  I own they have a lot of the different bands which do look like they put a lot of time in there and they're great [TS]

  and they do have different faces that you know that you have the gold watches which I want to get back to as often so I [TS]

  think I think they have done their best with the current level of technology. [TS]

  But it doesn't it doesn't strike me as looking really great. [TS]

  I can't remember which one it is I mean it hasn't gotten great reviews [TS]

  but maybe it's Motorola I think the Motorola three sixty Yeah that's a slightly better looking watch that Moto three [TS]

  sixty six fat I think it's still fat but I think circular makes it look much nicer. [TS]

  I mean I've never like square watches just to begin with. [TS]

  Yeah I've always preferred circular watches [TS]

  and people make fun of the Moto three sixty because there's a little bit of blackness at the bottom where the image [TS]

  can't go all the way around because the way the screen is designed seems relatively trivial [TS]

  but the face of the Moto three sixty I think looks nicer than the Apple Watch. [TS]

  But here here's what I want to come back to you about the kind of summing up thoughts on the watches this [TS]

  and watching this presentation. [TS]

  And it's becoming clear to me as it goes on that this is this is not a product for me and that's totally fine. [TS]

  I suspect Apple will be very successful with it anyway. [TS]

  You know that everything has to be custom made for me although it would be nice if it was. [TS]

  But watching this I had a similar feeling to when I watched the first i Phone keynote which was the same. [TS]

  I have no use for this product right now. [TS]

  This is undeniably something cool and I also don't doubt that lots of people will find it very useful. [TS]

  But the first time. [TS]

  Phone was the same thing it didn't tick the boxes that I needed to take in order to feel like I can justify that [TS]

  purchase. Yeah but the key thing about both the i Phone and the Apple Watch is that they are not regular devices. [TS]

  They are tiny computers and so what really defines these devices is the software that runs on them. [TS]

  And so when I got my first i Phone is really my first i Pod Touch but just list keep it simple [TS]

  and say my my first i Phone right. [TS]

  The reason that I bought it was entirely because of a single piece of software which was the to do list manager I used [TS]

  at the time it was called Remember the Milk and they came out with an app for IO S. [TS]

  That allowed you to have all of your to do's in your pocket and then you could update it [TS]

  and it would synchronize back and you know everything would just work on your computer and in your pocket. [TS]

  And the instant that came out this equation shifted from that was your killer. Yeah. [TS]

  Suddenly the calculus is I am going to get an enormous amount of value out of this device [TS]

  and everything else about it it's a phone it's an instant messenger and it can do none of that is relevant. [TS]

  I would have bought it if it was just a dedicated. [TS]

  Remember the Milk device in a does nothing else because that was a valuable thing. [TS]

  Yeah and so I look at the watch and I feel like well well watch you [TS]

  and I have a date at some point in the future you know I don't know when that's going to be. [TS]

  But sooner or later [TS]

  when Apple opens us up to third party developers someone is going to come up with a piece of software that working with [TS]

  the limitations of the watch is incredibly valuable in a way that I am not thinking of currently [TS]

  and then I will buy it and I don't know when. [TS]

  It's going to happen [TS]

  but I feel it is even though I absolutely love the watch that I wear on my wrist now it is inevitable because of the [TS]

  very nature and utility of software that at some point it will out compete. [TS]

  My current watch for this space on my wrist because software gets better and more useful over time [TS]

  and the utility function of my current watch is a horizontal line that never improves it's high it is really high [TS]

  compared to the Apple Watch but it does not grow you have to watch don't step or watch can tell you the times. [TS]

  Oh that hasn't got the battery problem but it has a battery problem. [TS]

  It also has the problem that I can't wear it in the shower and I can't take it to the gym. [TS]

  I mean I was I was thinking of sometimes my gym routine is go to the gym shower [TS]

  and then immediately from the shower go into a sauna right incredibly steamy hot environment [TS]

  and then from the sauna go into an icy shower [TS]

  or the pool I just imagine the Apple Watch exploding under those environmental constraints. [TS]

  I can't imagine what you think about me wanting to get a watch that requires winding up and then you watch. [TS]

  No I'm I'm OK with that you're OK well I know what watches are mailed jewelry in some ways and the. [TS]

  A jury falls into a category everything that is not its utility is not measured entirely based on what it does. [TS]

  Yeah futility is also partly this intangible function of how do you feel about it. [TS]

  How do you like it how do you like the way it looks and the routine of winding a mechanical watch. [TS]

  I think that can be part of the enjoyment of the watch a relational Yeah there's one thing he said. [TS]

  You compared to the the release of the Apple Watch to the release of the i Phone [TS]

  and I think there are there are differences and there are of the similar. [TS]

  Yes but just to talk about some of the differences. The watch is more out there. It's more of a fashion thing. [TS]

  Like what it looks like matters more [TS]

  and I think in terms of something that looks nice on your wrist as hard as I've tried in my opinion and my taste. [TS]

  This is a real retrograde step for watches it's like this is this would be a step backwards for anyone who has a watch [TS]

  right. [TS]

  They would be having something that looks less nice on their wrist in my opinion the i Phone didn't feel like that the [TS]

  i Phone didn't feel like an abomination against all the telephones around at the time. [TS]

  If anything it was maybe not I'm looking at some of them. [TS]

  Now I agree there and the other thing is yeah I mean that's the main thing [TS]

  and the other thing is you know they aren't going to like an improvement on phones the Apple Watch almost feels like an [TS]

  improvement. [TS]

  You know a bad step backwards even though it's a computer [TS]

  and does all these things I feel like they've got a tougher job they've got a tough job [TS]

  and I don't think it's very good looking. Your criticism is valid. [TS]

  I think if anybody has a watch that cost more than a hundred dollars on their wrist the Apple Watch almost certainly [TS]

  looks worse aesthetically than the watch they're wearing. [TS]

  Yeah and I like when I talk about software improves hardware improves as well. [TS]

  And I saw a few people on Twitter actually made a comment we want to skip to the i Phone four version of this one that [TS]

  we had needs to grow into its looks. [TS]

  You need to go into its looks [TS]

  and also at you know as time goes on they will be able to reduce the thickness they'll be able to change various [TS]

  features about it and so that that kind of stuff will start I think allowing the watch to chip away at. That X. [TS]

  That it is losing out on and you know who knows how long it will take [TS]

  but I think we can say pretty confidently given that computers keep miniaturizing [TS]

  and battery technology is getting better although very slowly at some point they'll be able to fit them. [TS]

  The electronics of an apple watch in the same casing in design size of any other watch on the market today. [TS]

  You know who knows how long that will take but it will get there at some point [TS]

  and then it's a much more on a static level even playing field [TS]

  and then it is really about the utility of the software [TS]

  and what value that's if that's if that's a thing you say because usually [TS]

  when Apple releases a new product I know this is just personal taste and some people hate Apple but usually [TS]

  when Apple relations are product it looks cool. [TS]

  It looks like it's fashionable right now or even looks like it's tomorrow's code thing. [TS]

  But look like an i Pad or MacBook or even most of the i Macs and things like that. You look at it and. [TS]

  I Phone six to buy side to be off and you look at it [TS]

  and you think Man that's just so cool it looks like it was designed by someone from five years in the future and [TS]

  when I have come back and given it to us but all of it all fell out of the two thousand and one spaceship [TS]

  and it landed on the watched the Apple Watch It was a bit like it was designed by someone in the one nine hundred [TS]

  eighty S. [TS]

  Imagining what they think the future would be like [TS]

  and it's a bit embarrassing it's a bit like no that's not that's not what the cool watch. [TS]

  Everyone's going to be wearing looks like that's what you imagine that might look like if you were back then [TS]

  but it lingers in the curtain of the comparison it is almost the history of the future of what people thought it was [TS]

  going to look like. [TS]

  Yeah so I'm on time disappointed in that respect you know I'm not disappointed to watch as I said I really like watches [TS]

  and I think they called. [TS]

  Things and I'm happy for them still and I like apple and I think magical things [TS]

  but they haven't they haven't made something that looks cool no matter what it does [TS]

  and maybe I'll buy one because it will do something I can't resist. [TS]

  But no matter what happens at the moment I look at that [TS]

  and I think I don't want that on my wrist I don't covet that you know I have a i Phone five I have a MacBook so I kept [TS]

  at the Amiga Speight master professional but I don't covet this work you know [TS]

  and that's probably good because you should cover things. [TS]

  Yeah but if you're a company it is your job to design the comfortable [TS]

  and yes I think that they have they have failed in some respect on this one. [TS]

  There's only one other thing that I just want to mention. [TS]

  The price which had some for some reason had never really crossed my mind Apple said something something like Apple [TS]

  want starts at three hundred and fifty dollars and it was four hundred dollars I don't remember exactly. [TS]

  And they do that with every product they say oh it starts at whatever and sometimes they tell you what it goes up to [TS]

  and sometimes they don't but it's seems like so [TS]

  when they said that in my mind I felt like all of the other products where they say oh i Pad starts at five ninety nine [TS]

  and maybe the most expensive one then mentally you think of it so I could double that price gets me to the most [TS]

  expensive Yeah yeah at most. [TS]

  Yes you all the better memory and everything you know [TS]

  or with the computers like the IMAX you feel like OK I could probably go three times. [TS]

  Whatever the base prices [TS]

  and with their crazy ones the mac pros which I do covet their beautiful little cylinder computers I don't have a [TS]

  definitely would love to have those ones it's like OK this can go up to maybe ten times the base price. [TS]

  That's kind of the mental range that I was thinking and I'm looking at those watches [TS]

  and I was thinking OK let's say it's three fifty and my mental My mental projection was. [TS]

  This is like a mac pro product. [TS]

  So maybe the most expensive version of this that a person can possibly get is three [TS]

  and a half thousand dollars for the high end watch what for the best. [TS]

  And yeah yeah like OK I'm going to go all out I want the gold one and I want the fanciest bands that they have [TS]

  and like how much is that going to run me [TS]

  and I was mentally projecting I probably like three I have four thousand dollars something like that [TS]

  and I hadn't I just never really thought about it at all. [TS]

  The group that wrote this piece where he's trying to speculate about what is the upper price that the Apple Watch can [TS]

  possibly be. And he found out that one those gold watches are not gold plated they are solid gold all the way through. [TS]

  Which puts the resource cost of them at something like ten thousand times what are the minimum [TS]

  and then he starts going through [TS]

  and comparing it to the price of a Rolex is another high end luxury watches sort of like we were talking about at the [TS]

  beginning. How much does it cost to get a really expensive watch. [TS]

  He had this line which I copy pasted because I had just loved it I think it's great he says. [TS]

  I think Apple Watch prices are going to be shockingly high. [TS]

  Gasp inducing Lee get me to the fainting couch high [TS]

  and he give the number he throw the number there saying he wouldn't be surprised if the top price was thirty five [TS]

  thousand dollars for the gold watch with the best band which when I read it I swear I gasped out loud [TS]

  and I felt like I need to sit down to write that never even crossed my mind that it would be possibly that expensive. [TS]

  Mrs Gray I'd go a long way to putting in fact Hammett [TS]

  and OK She actually she is much more interested in the Apple Watch than I am she she was a presentation about who I [TS]

  could I could definitely get one of those. [TS]

  Yeah I will probably be starting with that sports band one of the you know three fifths. [TS]

  One day not today to talk too long. We have wanted to discuss a little bit about the mac vs P.C. [TS]

  or Mattresses Android world which is an interesting thing that is just unavoidable online. [TS]

  Yeah and there are a lot of people who really dislike Apple very viscerally [TS]

  and I cannot imagine the freak out that is going to happen if Apple does announce the price [TS]

  and they say oh it's twenty thousand forty thousand dollars for a high end watch. [TS]

  Yeah I think people really will just lose their minds over that price. [TS]

  It'll be interesting to see what happens with this [TS]

  and I feel like that is now actually one of the things I want to know the most about the watch. [TS]

  It adds to the cache of it like part of part of the thing I love so much about that [TS]

  and they thought is that it's expensive. [TS]

  It's the thing that stops me owning it but it also is the thing that it's one of the. [TS]

  It's one of the things I like about it like OK like it makes it say it's more exclusive you know and it's. [TS]

  Well this is this is how pricing works. [TS]

  Yeah yeah it's there's I mention a lot on the pocket [TS]

  but I love economics it is always a subject that has been close to my heart [TS]

  and there are many things that you can describe with just straight up supply [TS]

  and demand it answers a lot of questions about the pricing of various things but supply [TS]

  and demand gets really weird when you start talking about luxury goods that are not necessarily supply constrained. [TS]

  And then the very price of the good is part of the attraction of it. [TS]

  Yeah and it seems like it is crazy but there are points on that that pricing curve if you're a company [TS]

  or you can say you know we're going to triple the price of this item like this luxury watch knowing full well. [TS]

  All that we have just cut our audience in half who can possibly buy it. [TS]

  Yeah [TS]

  but we're still coming out ahead because we have we've sold it to these very this very small group of people who can [TS]

  pay a lot of money. [TS]

  Apple doesn't need to sell a lot of thirty thousand dollar watches to the huge amount of money on those things I mean [TS]

  you think how many phones does Apple need to sell to make fifteen thousand dollars in profit. [TS]

  Or how many one dollar apps does Apple need to sell to make fifteen thousand dollars vs pure profit versus selling one [TS]

  gold phone. You know if they make the margin that high anyway. [TS]

  Can I just say because I know this is going to happen so a nip in the bud to those people who are going to ride on [TS]

  either the veranda or send me a message saying Hey Brady you're not going to believe this [TS]

  but my dad bought me a lamp Strongs Omega space from a second hand shop in Ohio and when he gave it to me [TS]

  and now it sits on a shelf in my bathroom I gotta say to those people I'd rather not know. [TS]

  I don't feel the need to tell me. There can only be one of those people right. [TS]

  You know I mean you know Armstrong's as in the Smithsonian anyway you know. Interesting fact interesting fact. [TS]

  Yes Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on Apollo eleven both had to make it. [TS]

  Speedmaster professionals Sorry about the little clock in the lunar module was malfunctioning for timing how long they [TS]

  were doing things you say because it wasn't working. [TS]

  Neil Armstrong left his watch in the module as almost like the official clock of the craft [TS]

  and didn't wear his on the surface of the moon. [TS]

  Buzz Aldrin did wear his on the surface of the moon so it was Buzz Aldrin swatch that was the first walked on the moon. [TS]

  Not know Armstrong was well I guess that's the one. [TS]