Hello Internet

H.I. #28: Randomness in a Box


  I am rolling. Go for clips. [TS]

  He goes I'm going to give you three and a half to three and then the suffering to have concepts for collapse. [TS]

  No that last one was just me hitting flicking one finger on the palm of my hand [TS]

  and I always wondered why it's always always a round number I want to do something different. [TS]

  You're trying to be creative with these claps all the time [TS]

  but they're not supposed to be created they're just supposed to be so I can synchronize stuff. [TS]

  Everything everything can be creative. [TS]

  Yeah I just need to express your creativity in every possible venue that you can but in the meantime three cops [TS]

  or me there we go yeah require a nice [TS]

  and functional though a very functional should have clap is taking you're your own hand [TS]

  and just is just closing in on itself. [TS]

  If there's going to be a half clapped out the half class not arrive home with a finger [TS]

  and I technically went very just using one of them. [TS]

  Shall we start by wishing a happy New Year to all the hello internet listeners after this podcast of twenty fifth Dane. [TS]

  Our first podcast ever is not in the twenty four chain it is almost I guess a year anniversary for us because we [TS]

  started in January sometime last year I did we get me started you think it will now. [TS]

  Now you're going to make me look it up I think we started I'm going to say it was like January thirtieth was our first [TS]

  episode something like that. Accompli we've been doing this that long. Yeah this is this is almost like a year now. [TS]

  I was so good. January thirty first twenty fourteen. Well you should first excite me you are wrong. [TS]

  Let's not do best did well happy I'm not going to pretend to wish you a Happy New Year because we do not lie to our [TS]

  listeners and we soar in the New Year together. Yes we did we did. [TS]

  You invited the Mrs and I out for New Years Eve in London because you were here for a period. [TS]

  Reasons and yeah you wives and us all went out to dinner and rung in the New Year. [TS]

  You made me stay up late with a glass of beer the normally really want to do you spring some who do witchcraft on me as [TS]

  well because you were running a bit late for dinner and like I was like Where are you man where I am [TS]

  and then you sent me this weird text where I had to like accept something you know I hate accepting things I don't [TS]

  understand but then I got to watch a little C G P Grace symbol move around on a map [TS]

  and I could follow you like crossing bridges and walking around London was amazing. [TS]

  This is one of the new features of I O S eight is the ability to temporarily share your location with somebody else. [TS]

  So these are the reasons why [TS]

  when you get that red update badge on your i Phone you might want to click it because then I can do things like send [TS]

  you my location for the next hour so you can see how close we are to actually making it across the demilitarized zone [TS]

  of London where they shut down the inner part of the city is like police checks and dogs [TS]

  and all kinds of crazy stuff to get in and you can see us trying to traverse this area [TS]

  and getting closer to you if that's what you want to upgrade to the new stuff. [TS]

  It was good fun like and then you crossed you cross the bridge and I was like you know I love bridges [TS]

  and I was watching you get closer to it and then I could screen capture the moment that you actually on the bridge [TS]

  and it was brilliant. Yes you were you were very excited by it. [TS]

  So I for meeting up in the future I'll try to always remember to share my location as I come I come I just have it all [TS]

  the time. Just like is this little security blanket is to know where you are. [TS]

  I'm not willing to extend that level of intimacy in our relationship at this stage or more likely ever. [TS]

  Brady I don't but I don't want to follow my location twenty four hours a day. [TS]

  What places do you go that you wouldn't want me to know that that's not the point it's just if you're sharing it [TS]

  when you're lonely. [TS]

  If you're sharing your location with someone it feels a bit like God is looking down upon you from the sky all the time [TS]

  I don't I don't like it it feels it feels almost claustrophobic to have your location track twenty four hours a day [TS]

  seven days a week that's why I don't do it what was it like for that like you know fifteen minutes or so when you say. [TS]

  No I can going to share my location with Brady just so he knows how close I am to dinner so how does that change the [TS]

  way you warp core like a you conscious of that eye in the sky for those fifteen minutes [TS]

  when you're scurrying along the bridge trying to get to me before dinner starts now of course I view that as a courtesy. [TS]

  This is this is like the more modern equivalent of sending text messages every few minutes. [TS]

  I'm approaching the bridge I've crossed the bridge I'll be right there oh I'm right here right now you don't know I [TS]

  don't isn't the text messages you can just see where I am now didn't before they used to have a little bit more awkward [TS]

  way that you could do it when I go on when I go travelling you know on a business trip [TS]

  or like to the random acts of intelligence [TS]

  or show this summer event I'll share my location with my wife so she knows where I am [TS]

  and doesn't have to worry about you know what's what's going on. [TS]

  Like then that is different then I'll share my location but not not normally but what about [TS]

  when we went into those caves in Alabama. [TS]

  She probably couldn't fall either [TS]

  and then she would have been worried about you suddenly you went to a cave with gun toting destine [TS]

  and then he disappeared off the map. That would just make him more worried. [TS]

  Well you know these are the these are the trade offs. [TS]

  Sometimes you can disappear off the map and that's fine that's fine. Maybe they should get life in that cave. [TS]

  That's what they should do. [TS]

  Shared the did you enjoy dinner it was one of those kind of taster menu things where they bring you out lots of little [TS]

  delicacies and that [TS]

  and some of it was pretty pretty London so why don't you tell people what you mean by pretty London you know it was all [TS]

  like you know Posh names that we didn't understand like the Jews use even this like flavored frothy air [TS]

  and you know like a shot glass of foam followed by some piece of meat the size of a five pence coin so I was a little [TS]

  bit worried when you first I mean the details about this dinner because it was a multi-course dinner. [TS]

  I've never done this before [TS]

  and I assumed that they meant actual meals for the different courses like they were going seven for males. [TS]

  Yeah it wasn't what I was wondering is this is a Roman style. [TS]

  Just going to be stuffing ourselves until we can possibly eat and they keep bringing food in it's just more [TS]

  and more delicious every step of the way in [TS]

  and it is like God by midnight you're about ready to burst that was not the case [TS]

  when they actually do is bring you tiny portions of overly fancy food spread out over a long period of time [TS]

  but I was shocked at how small these portions were [TS]

  and you know if anybody is ever in a situation where they think over going to have a fourteen course meal for you Don't [TS]

  worry you're just going to get thimble sized bits of food for several hours. [TS]

  You're not going to be overstuffed famous fancy pants. [TS]

  So it was you know I have I have been to one of these before a quite famous restaurant in Nottingham [TS]

  and my friend had been to and I was even more it was something like fourteen courses [TS]

  and my friend who'd previously Bain told me that him [TS]

  and his wife had gone to McDonald's on the way home because they had not enough so I went to I went to that one [TS]

  thinking I K This is you know but I found the food really rich and failing [TS]

  and likewise had I was on New Year's Day thought I wasn't hungry at the end I felt like I had enough food because quite [TS]

  rich that so they bring in you know if you go this way did you get a McDonald's on the way. [TS]

  You can go get a McDonald's on the way how did you get anything on the way I think I think [TS]

  when we did eat something when we got home I don't remember exactly. [TS]

  I don't so I don't feel that it was a very small amount of food that I was I was surprised I was surprised [TS]

  and I had no idea what to expect. [TS]

  So that's why I made fancy pants lens [TS]

  but I assure you I assure you it didn't cost the same as a small tiny amounts of food. [TS]

  You're going to spend an enormous amount of money you know [TS]

  but you can buy an enormous amount of ramen noodles for very little money so that is like the volume of food is [TS]

  inversely proportional to its price that is a rule of the universe I think. [TS]

  Do you enjoy doing as a visitor is that if is it a fun. Not for you. [TS]

  Historically in terms of times I have stayed up until the midnight roll over this is very few and my whole life really. [TS]

  Oh yeah I'm not a I'm not a stay up until midnight kind of guy you sleep at midnight sometimes. [TS]

  I slept through the one nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand changeover. [TS]

  No it did I don't think I've ever slept through a change out of that one I was working through that one [TS]

  but I don't want to know what were you doing working through it I was a journalist it was like all hands to the pump my [TS]

  newspaper in case in case airplanes are falling out of the sky [TS]

  and the internet shuts down right in case the world ended [TS]

  and that we were completely overstuff So really I was just wondering around the centre of Adelaide [TS]

  and I don't think I actually had to do any work but I was I was technically at work [TS]

  but yeah well you slipped through that one. Wow I will never I don't think I've ever slept through what it's like. [TS]

  Just don't do that I don't know. I find I find New Year's is a strange holiday. [TS]

  I'm not I to be clear I'm not to pooling it I know I don't you know this holiday is an interesting if you need it you [TS]

  need holidays in the middle of winter because it's a depressing time otherwise [TS]

  but I find because I have never had a job that is a like it's until now. [TS]

  But a job that is just a year round kind of job like I went to school [TS]

  and then from school I went into teacher training and then from teacher training I went in to being a teacher. [TS]

  My notion of yours is still based on the academic year. [TS]

  So if I feel like I owe the new year starts in September [TS]

  and so that's why I feel like my mind has always been a bit off kilter from New Year's Eve I feel like I should be in [TS]

  the in the summer maybe the New Years Eve takes place I think that this changeover is a is a strange time for the [TS]

  calendar to change over I know why it happens for historical reasons. [TS]

  Please people don't write me emails but it just it doesn't. [TS]

  Think up with my notion of of when things happen or when I try to think backwards in time. [TS]

  I'm always thinking in terms of academic years I'm not thinking in terms of calendar years. [TS]

  That's what I'm going to go a bit of a limb here and a shame you're not a big fan of New Year's resolutions [TS]

  and well no I'm not a fan of New Year's resolutions [TS]

  but I feel like that is that is separate from that is separate from the New Year's holiday. [TS]

  I think New Year's resolutions are dumb and ineffective for the most part. But do you make news resolutions braiding. [TS]

  Have you made New Year's resolutions. [TS]

  I just I don't know I've only really seriously done it once with any kind of effectiveness [TS]

  but can you share with your one affected one was a more was what it was like a big fitness weight loss sort of regime [TS]

  saying why so I can going to be really disciplined about it [TS]

  and you know go into a like that you know hardcore calorie counting and stuff like that but I do totally [TS]

  and I do totally understand them and I think. I see a lot of merit to them like I understand the psychology of them. [TS]

  That kind of clean slate mentality really works for me in them because you know we pour that before with the swearing [TS]

  thing I'm quite a fan of like streaks and things like that [TS]

  and once you break a strike I sort of you know I I lose interest a bit [TS]

  and if you've got some something you want to do like say not eat cheeseburgers right. [TS]

  Like I'm never going to do that because I was and I think was eating cheeseburgers [TS]

  and I want to say three days ago so what's the point of not eating one now that near Is this really natural time to [TS]

  sort of be able to sort of reset back to zero and think almost like I've never eaten a cheeseburger [TS]

  and you can start a straight and of course [TS]

  when January three comes in you're a cheeseburger you've ruined as well eight hundred more. [TS]

  But I do I do think it gives you this kind of a natural time to reset the counter to zero [TS]

  and pretend you've never eaten one before [TS]

  and I think that's what it is with most things I think it's just it's just this natural it's this. [TS]

  Will reset switch on I was completely arbitrary. Of course not of course I understand that but I get it. [TS]

  I do totally get it. [TS]

  It was a it was a was a very magical moment that click over of the calendar even as like a little kid I remember we'd [TS]

  stay up if we were allowed to let my sister and I would stay up till midnight [TS]

  and then as soon as a new year started it was like it was this magical thing and we would run around [TS]

  and do everything like I'm the first person to touch this tree in nine hundred eighty four I'm the first person to [TS]

  flush the toilet in one nine hundred eighty four. [TS]

  I'm the first person to pet the dog in Nineteen Eighty-Four I'm the first person to do it [TS]

  and like it was like you know you would like these pioneers and everything was new and of a horse you grow out of that. [TS]

  Yeah I would hope so. [TS]

  I mean if you like either I didn't go running around at midnight the other night and start touching trays and stuff. [TS]

  But but but that does still linger in your head like a little. [TS]

  I get to the whole fresh thing [TS]

  and I can see why someone like of your disposition would say you know I think this is completely irrational. [TS]

  I get it it's not it's I would say it's not that it's a rational it's just that it it holds no. [TS]

  If it doesn't pull on my mind in any particular way I am I'm just new years. [TS]

  I am New Year's Eve neutral it doesn't it doesn't affect me where like Christmas I just like Christmas [TS]

  and there's no rational reason why I just do it. It just pulls on my mind in this particular way. [TS]

  Like Thanksgiving I go What a nice holiday Thanksgiving is it just is. [TS]

  But New Year's New Year's Eve just does not poll on my mind in this way [TS]

  and so yes that's why I don't often bother staying up for it because I'm also just terrible at staying up late anyway [TS]

  and as it has done. I know that when I do it it totally messes with my sleep schedule for a very long time. [TS]

  And so that's another reason why I don't I don't like to do it because I find it's staying up late at all. [TS]

  Then cascades into a staying up late waking up late spiral of productivity doom [TS]

  and so that's why I'm often not always super super into New Years is the receipt G.P. [TS]

  Grey equivalent of New Year's resolutions for so many people new year is the time that I will join the gym or get fit [TS]

  or stop smoking not that's their that's their victory point to say OK From this point on I'm going to get my act [TS]

  together. Do you have do you have an equivalent. [TS]

  Do you have some weird lines in the sand or lost points or moments that you can use as jump off to a new [TS]

  and improved upgraded you. [TS]

  You know I've talked about this a little bit before but I am I am a big believer in this but I guess. [TS]

  I guess I like systems more than I like goals would be the moon. [TS]

  Put it I'm not a I'm not a huge believer in goals but I am a huge believer in system. [TS]

  I have two levels of reviews that I do the ones that I think are probably closest to a New Year's Eve kind of thing is [TS]

  I do a relatively big review every three months where I'm kind of looking at OK what is the situation in my life. [TS]

  What are things that I want to be better. [TS]

  What are things that I want to improve and over the past few months what has worked in my life [TS]

  and what hasn't worked in my life [TS]

  and I consciously take some time out to think about that kind of stuff like you know it's not a huge deal this isn't [TS]

  you know an afternoon of I have a couple of documents some outlines that I used to keep track of this stuff is a bridge [TS]

  invented by date but I like it at the end of the calendar month cycle always do this on the last day of the month [TS]

  or do you just kind of say Oh it's been about three months let's let's open the document I have a little reminder that [TS]

  pops up every three months in Omni Focus. So there is why is that funny. Why is I just didn't I didn't you. [TS]

  Maybe that you have this reminder every three months going up saying sit down and review your life. [TS]

  Well the reminder is actually to then create an instance of a template of all the things that I like to do during that [TS]

  three month review so that with a reminder the reminder pops up when it says it says run quarterly. [TS]

  Life Review template which then I do and it be populated with I think ten [TS]

  or so little things that I like to run through on the review. So that's that's that is the mechanics of it. [TS]

  That's kind of what happens [TS]

  but I like three months because I think it is it's a conceivable amount of time a year is almost too long as a human to [TS]

  have to really think about. [TS]

  But I feel like you can get a decent sized project done in three months if you really want to [TS]

  or you can't you can make a reasonable amount of progress in something like personal fitness in three months. [TS]

  If you really want to but. [TS]

  A year it's like [TS]

  but if you're thinking about health goals like there are there's a lot of progress a person could make in a year with [TS]

  health goals [TS]

  but then it's also that that your your goal is so far away as like this cheeseburger today doesn't matter where I can [TS]

  eat this you know in a year I'll be looking great. But right now I can do this other thing. [TS]

  What do you think New Year's resolutions are necessarily all about. He is my goal and I will reassess how I did. [TS]

  Next New Year's Eve I just think it's I think New Year's resolutions of the time that people say OK From this day [TS]

  onwards the first of January I'm going to implement you know System X. As you would call it. [TS]

  Yeah I agree with you I don't think necessarily that people are thinking about it in the same way. [TS]

  I'm just talking about why don't I do a yearly review system because I almost think it's it's too big of a chunk of [TS]

  time. Yeah it's not a reasonable chunk of time to try to think about stuff. [TS]

  So when you sit down in the afternoon and look at these points in this template or whatever it is [TS]

  and then you spit out some result. What do you do. [TS]

  Does the same result result in like little tweaks and changes to your life [TS]

  or do you then say OK it's time to implement the plans they had and you know what what's what happens after the. [TS]

  This afternoon review one of the biggest levers for change is trying to tinker with my daily schedule [TS]

  and my daily habits and what do I do. [TS]

  And it's like this is actually been a very big project for me ever since I became self-employed. [TS]

  I guess two years ago now is is trying to figure out how to make this work in a reasonable way. [TS]

  How to make things happen in both my professional life [TS]

  and in my personal life in a way so that like my my work life doesn't totally consume everything else that just comes [TS]

  down to like OK or how much time I'm going to spend on various things when am I going to try to do those things [TS]

  and it sounds silly but it takes a long time to kind of learn about yourself and realize you know what what works [TS]

  and what doesn't work so I would say that those reviews the biggest actionable outcome from them. [TS]

  It is things like adjustments in my schedule of when am I going to attempt to do certain kinds of work and [TS]

  when am I going to not attend to do other kinds of work is a change to the famous E G P great daily schedule like a big [TS]

  event isn't like changing the Google home page it's such a big deal [TS]

  or is this something that's constantly being changed like a little out there yeah I know this is this is just constant [TS]

  Also I always want to be clear with people I blow past my schedule on a very regular basis. [TS]

  But one of the things I try to pay attention to is like why does this happen. [TS]

  Why is it that on some days I just seem totally incapable of getting into the groove of the schedule another day. [TS]

  Other days things work and I think we've talked about this once before [TS]

  but like I thing I eventually tuned into it is like my breakfast needs to be really consistent because not having [TS]

  things go really smoothly just during breakfast time is a very high predictor of the rest of the day. [TS]

  Going going haywire and I know I don't know why that is. [TS]

  It sounds like it's ridiculous but that's just something that I've noticed. [TS]

  So that's that's kind of these review review times are a good good time for me anyway to try to think about how it is [TS]

  that I work and what is effective [TS]

  and what is not effective so that I guess that's the closest thing that I have to something like a New Year's Eve But [TS]

  it is really every three months that I do this. The self the self if you say you get four New Years Eve a year. [TS]

  Yes [TS]

  but I don't have to stay up until midnight on any of them because that would be terrible with Harry what if it does you [TS]

  but don't you review your life Brady don't you what do you do. [TS]

  Like just once a year you think about are not going to eat cheeseburgers [TS]

  and you make it all the way until January third and then wait until next year. I mean is that your system. [TS]

  Probably is that's probably not as far removed as I would like it to me. [TS]

  I mean suffice to say it is nothing like your system but you must do some kind of long term planning. [TS]

  Or maybe not [TS]

  but I don't think I don't really think there are I just life just kind of just going down the stream of life [TS]

  and seeing where it takes you. [TS]

  Yeah and I think that's pretty much is like yeah and then things happen and you react to them [TS]

  and there are things I'd like you know and then and then something comes up [TS]

  and you think oh you know you start saying things further ahead along the stream you think you know what I could [TS]

  probably achieve this or do that and then you make it happen. [TS]

  But but you know you might see a nice tree up ahead [TS]

  and it's on the other side of the river so you make sure you stop paddling over to the left so you get to that tree. [TS]

  But I definitely don't treat life like you do like you know things just come along and I just react to them [TS]

  and make the most of them and you know I'm not it's not like I wake up in the morning [TS]

  and think I wonder what career I'm going to have today. Like I do and I do plan things right. [TS]

  But I'm definitely not like the internets. [TS]

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  That probably people outside the U.K. [TS]

  Right now that is a couple of days before New Year's Eve every year they announce something called the new year's [TS]

  honors list and this is a list of the top two [TS]

  or a brand of thousand people maybe over a thousand people that are going to are safe on us. [TS]

  Funnily enough [TS]

  and these can be things that I guess most people won't understand the all these weird titles like C B E's an M B E S N [TS]

  O U B A S and they just to be clear just to be clear here who is giving out these honors. [TS]

  Well there is confusion about it. Essentially ninety nine point nine percent of them. [TS]

  I've decided basically by the government a government committee and then [TS]

  when the owners are actually given out they kind of given in the name of the Queen and it's usually the queen [TS]

  or a member of the royal family who hands them over. [TS]

  That's kind of you getting an honor from the Queen but it's not the Queen [TS]

  or anyone in royalty who's deciding it's actually a government thing and the [TS]

  and it's just symbolic that it's handed over by the queen. [TS]

  Like so many things in right British life between is more of symbol. [TS]

  So a lot of people who are anti monarchy sort of get a bit of a tease about Ana's [TS]

  and think it's all a big royal thing when obviously the link is there and the historic link is there [TS]

  but it's not really a royal thing writes a political thing which is probably even worse. [TS]

  Yeah and obviously there's always controversy because there's always a lot of there's always back scratching [TS]

  and favors going on [TS]

  but for people if people have heard of anything they've heard of knighthoods in the you know that is the top Ana That's [TS]

  the big one. If there's a thousand say about nine hundred eighty of them will be there. [TS]

  These various Lao honors will do very nice things to have and then about twenty [TS]

  or thirty people will get a knighthood and that will become so if they're a man [TS]

  or a dame who would now become a dame if they're a woman they're kind of they're the big ones. [TS]

  So anyway this year was very exciting for someone I'm very close to [TS]

  and that is Professor Martin volleyer Koff who is the frizzy head chemist who appears in a large majority of my [TS]

  periodic videos. Yes and I've been working with for many years now. [TS]

  I was given a knighthood and he has now been upgraded from Professor Polyakov to Cimatron. [TS]

  Well it was very it was very exciting. [TS]

  I was lucky enough to find a little bit early because a few people are allowed to find out early for obvious reasons [TS]

  and we made a video that could be released the moment the announcement was made so I had to know a little bit early [TS]

  but on the I think it was the thirtieth or the light on the twenty ninth it was made public [TS]

  and I could start tweeting and release the video and. Really happy for Martin. [TS]

  I hasten to point out before I say any more about it. [TS]

  Martin has been a very successful and accomplished chemist for many years [TS]

  and is for his services to chemistry that was going to ask what it was he must know if it was mainly for his services [TS]

  to chemistry he's also for a few years now being a real ambassador for British science as the foreign secretary of the [TS]

  Royal Society right. He was the reason that you had to go to India a few years ago. [TS]

  Yes yes this is true but actually if I call this up I didn't have this ready but the thing that was very interesting [TS]

  and like in when when you get not what they give you a little write up about why you're getting up [TS]

  and so in Martin's rush up it did say [TS]

  and I don't know if this is the first principle a cough is an organic chemistry is work to be take. [TS]

  By industry centrist he's a global leader in this type of chemistry [TS]

  and his work in engaging the public with chemistry has been recognized internationally including through the periodic [TS]

  table of videos on You Tube The You Tube videos actually got a mention in his like official citation [TS]

  and he thought he was very excited by this [TS]

  and so I wonder if this is the first time that You Tube has been mentioned in an officially in a not hood I don't know [TS]

  but that's an interesting question there must be some way that the text of all of these is available. [TS]

  So yeah you could grep through that and find out if you too was ever mentioned before. Yeah. Someone should do that. [TS]

  But anyway so that was that was a nice it was really nice for the for his work on the You Tube videos [TS]

  and of course because because the You Tube video is a kind of the most gimmicky thing about mountain right. [TS]

  That's that has been latched onto by the media said they not posters all around Nottingham said you know You Tube prof [TS]

  gets not heard B.C. [TS]

  Website sort of had crazy had huge profits not good so he's sort of become this You Tube nights now. [TS]

  So although I think that's a bit naughty and slightly diminishes his accomplishments as a chemist. [TS]

  I've been a little bit cheekily have to say as well because obviously the You Tube component is the only component to [TS]

  which I have any. [TS]

  It's steak Rice is pretty and so well done well done to mountain written about it on a blog and there's a video [TS]

  and if people want to find any more about it I'm sure Grayling cut off in the notes and stuff [TS]

  but yeah I'll put everything in this [TS]

  and that's the other question of course is did you get any kind of lesser title for your role in his youtube fame I [TS]

  think you should Squier hood [TS]

  or something I don't know what people object to that does that make me like his squire if you are the wife of a [TS]

  and not you connect take the title lady [TS]

  and because because mutton is kind of my my You Tube husband some people have said maybe I should take the name Lady [TS]

  Brady. I like that I like. That's good that's very good. [TS]

  Yeah but I think in the in the comments under the You Tube video that loads [TS]

  and loads of people can sign you know well done Martin but well done. [TS]

  Well Tom Brady to Sacha [TS]

  and I cannot I cannot emphasize enough that that I don't I do not think the you cheap thing is that large a component [TS]

  of why he's got a knighthood but it's still been very disturbing very flattering and yes [TS]

  but still lady Brady I was going to say almost oh yeah there was one more thing I want to say about actually [TS]

  and that was I have been making You Tube videos long enough to know what kind of you people are like well enough to [TS]

  have expected a little bit of pushback because of the whole honor system [TS]

  and whatnot you know people saying on a rubbish day has been surprisingly little of that much less than I anticipated [TS]

  of people saying moon is a rubbish but there have been a few. [TS]

  And one thing I expect a lot of people to cite and a few people did is the very famous [TS]

  and amazing Richard Feinman who in a You Tube clip many people watch said that he does not like honors [TS]

  and he does not agree with on as he thinks they're you know I think they're rubbish. [TS]

  I'm familiar very familiar with even used in a video myself that clip of a fireman saying that that's funny I mean I [TS]

  can think of that upset my head I totally love everything about Simon and I've read everything about him that I can [TS]

  and I've watched every You Tube video I can possibly find. [TS]

  FINEMAN I can remember that one off the top it was it will be curious to clip in that famous B.B.C. [TS]

  Interview he did you know that and I was wondering Yeah I was in that show. [TS]

  Yeah and sometimes used too much in the show [TS]

  and some people of us later that he talks about how his father used to make you know military uniforms [TS]

  and you know it helped doing up his resentment on us. [TS]

  Anyway it did get me thinking because I love Richard Feynman and I could watch him for hours [TS]

  but he was a guy who could play it. [TS]

  Type you know he was a performer and I think he kind of did cultivate his kind of maverick image a little bit [TS]

  and saying you know I don't like on this is pretty cool. [TS]

  It did get me thinking and I therefore looked this up because obviously firemen did win the Nobel Prize [TS]

  and he did accept of the Nobel Prize. He didn't say I don't want you fancy honors in the middle. [TS]

  He went over and the stock I've been put on a tux and took the medal. [TS]

  So it made me think well how do you justify this what did he say when he accepted the medal and I went [TS]

  and looked at some speeches and in particular a speech he gave at the at a banquet the Nobel Prize banquet [TS]

  and I really recommend people read it because it puts a completely different twist on his attitude to Ana's heat it [TS]

  does come across that he was skeptical about on us but [TS]

  when he won this prize lots of people started talking about his work and it really inspired a lot of people [TS]

  and the last thing he said at the end of this space and you can go and write it on the Nobel Prize web site he said. [TS]

  And so you Swedish people with your honors and your trumpets and your king. Forgive me for I understand at last. [TS]

  Such things provide entrance to the heart used by a wise and peaceful people. [TS]

  They can generate a good feeling even love among men even in lands far beyond your own. [TS]

  And for that lesson I think you and I and that thing that fine men landed talks about that. [TS]

  I have also a ST It's not just British people who've been commenting [TS]

  and saying how excited they are for so Mountain lives being people all around the world people from the US You know I [TS]

  don't completely understand your honor system and how this works but I'm so happy that mountain has become so Matt [TS]

  and he deserves what she's videos for years and it makes me so happy [TS]

  and I think we mustn't forget that honors their abilities to sort of inspire and foster goodwill if given properly [TS]

  and used Well they didn't. [TS]

  No bad thing no matter what you might think about politicians or monarchies [TS]

  and things it's sometimes it's nice to see people we care about recognized publicly agree one other little bit of news [TS]

  news. Plane crash going on I'm sorry. [TS]

  OK amongst the good news we have had another significant plane crash in the year by the way a few people been sending [TS]

  me stats and graphs [TS]

  and things showing that this year just ended was actually the best year on record for a plane crash fatalities it was [TS]

  actually really good Safia. [TS]

  So despite having some very famous very high profile very unusual plane crashes it was quite a sight to be flying [TS]

  around. Presumably this is you know not including before planes existed I imagine they were very safe planes. [TS]

  Yes yes I imagine so as well [TS]

  but we did end with the Asia crash another one another one in that neck of the woods going missing in the sea I think. [TS]

  It's about one hundred sixty people on a did you know that this day was just one got past the great great food. [TS]

  I don't hear about any of these plane crashes this is not it was not a question of getting past the radar. [TS]

  I only hear about plane crashes when you tell me about plane crashes just the first you know of this [TS]

  and you don't know there was another plane crash. [TS]

  I know nothing of what you speak so you don't like once a day or something go on to something like the B.B.C. [TS]

  Website or and on their own just to say oh what's the top story of the day. [TS]

  Maybe this is where you talk about slightly later. [TS]

  I've kind of taken a mini vacation from from Christmas until just about now. [TS]

  During this period of time in particular I have barely been on the internet at all so I'm particularly unconnected to [TS]

  things [TS]

  but in my normal daily life now I would I would do everything with just I just want to go on to the just in the morning [TS]

  when I wake up what's you know has there been a terrorist attack overnight. [TS]

  or has there been someone really famous die don't you don't think to check that I never go on to sites like C.N.N. [TS]

  No the B.B.C. [TS]

  Just to check stuff that that is never part of my routine it wouldn't even occur to me to be part of my routine again. [TS]

  If anything in my life serves that function it would be going on to read it which is usually something I don't do until [TS]

  the afternoon [TS]

  and even then if you know what you're doing with settings I cure my Reddit experience so that I'm not subscribed to [TS]

  things like world news or politics or any of these things so I can miss I can miss quite a lot. [TS]

  Maybe it's because I'm a journalist and maybe and you know and love so many people in my life are journalists [TS]

  but you seem like such an aberration to me like that seems freakish to me that people exist. [TS]

  That at no point will look at a newspaper look at a news website they won't watch the news at dinner time just to see [TS]

  what happened during the day but I'm sure I'm sure there are many many people like you and I'm and I'm the freak. [TS]

  But to me that seems absolutely extraordinary and I know you did [TS]

  and it's well known on this point that you're not a big news follow [TS]

  but even hearing that now that you won't even look at a news website during the day. Amazes me. [TS]

  Well I think I am I am in the minority here given most people that I speak to. [TS]

  I do I do occasionally come across people like me and then we feel like kindred spirits [TS]

  and we can have conversations about nothing because you don't know anything. [TS]

  You don't watch the news I don't watch the news [TS]

  or other what should we talk about let's talk about how we don't watch the news. Yeah. [TS]

  It's a bit like in the early two thousand if you didn't have a television this was a thing that you could discuss with [TS]

  other people [TS]

  but it was like oh I don't own a television neither do you overall I talk about how our lives are different because we [TS]

  don't own a television. [TS]

  Whereas now it's much more common because the Internet and television have been merging together [TS]

  but that used to be more of a thing. [TS]

  But yet it's just funny that you mention it because it would never even occur to me to go to C.N.N. [TS]

  Dot com to see what you know what had happened during the day [TS]

  and I don't follow any of those kind of things on Twitter. [TS]

  But that's I think that's why I think you can mention the Aries crash and. [TS]

  I find it funny that you would even expect me to be aware that because that to me seems like the game is going to sound [TS]

  terrible because people have died [TS]

  but in the grand scheme of the year a relatively minor news event I can imagine if you had to go back [TS]

  and pick the ten biggest news stories from the year that would not that would not make the list. [TS]

  No it wouldn't even make the top two plane crashes there. [TS]

  Yeah right so that's that's why I'm saying it's like I find it surprising that you would think that I would be aware of [TS]

  it [TS]

  and it's like no I there is no channel through which this would come into my life as I've said before if you know C.N.N. [TS]

  Dot com or the B.B.C. [TS]

  You know they have to fill a whole page worth of stuff on the front on their website every day no matter what happens [TS]

  and when it when you go there there's always going to be something they want you to be concerned about [TS]

  and it turns out you don't have to be concerned about any of it I don't think reporting on a plane crash in which a [TS]

  hundred sixty people die is like feel like that's like another thing I'm not saying it's filler [TS]

  but I'm saying like there's always something there there's always something there. [TS]

  But anyway so tell me about the plane crash or speaking of speaking of filling headlines and this plane crash. [TS]

  I don't know if I've talked to I have talked about this before on the podcast actually so apologies if I have if I have [TS]

  but this did remind me of it just now. You missed this flight that crashed was cold. Q Zed eight five zero one. [TS]

  Now is a real mouthful not very catchy. Not very easy to remember when the you mean is that the number designation. [TS]

  Right because the site like that you know it was like you that I ate five I won from some place in Indonesia right [TS]

  which I can't pronounce two it was flying to Singapore which I can't pronounce [TS]

  and that is a real mouthful that designation and I think that counts against counts against [TS]

  and makes a quick one makes a hard hasn't it doesn't give you give it like an iconic name [TS]

  but it does remind me of a lesson a lesson something that. [TS]

  Was told to me by a subeditor a newspaper when I was when I was in Uganda some plane had crashed [TS]

  and we were preparing a report and the first thing he said to me was what was the plane flight number you know [TS]

  and he didn't ask you know how many people have died or where that where was flying to or from [TS]

  or what kind of plane was he just want to know the flight number [TS]

  and he said that's the first thing any kind of new subeditor asks because straight away that becomes like the iconic [TS]

  thing of any crash it was flight you know what were the Malaysian ones code M H M H three seventy [TS]

  or M H seven tane they become like the iconic things a plane crashes [TS]

  and there was the first thing the headline writers want to know is that I can stop creating their page [TS]

  and they look at it striking this Air Asia one he said eight five zero one it's just too many numbers [TS]

  and not a nice combination of letters and. People won't remember that one for that reason. [TS]

  In this the point at which news organizations as opposed to brand it with some some version of their own. [TS]

  Yeah calling it as a bit you know. [TS]

  Yeah Air Asia crashed half strophe and then they keep calling it the crash yesterday. [TS]

  Well you know everybody likes to give it their own name. [TS]

  Well you know as I go work in newspapers this is the snow pocalypse right and then we do NOW YOU'RE A Oh yeah. [TS]

  Orton aids like a tat like Lockerbie or something like that or a need to write and this is yet this one is lacking. [TS]

  We don't know much about it yet [TS]

  but is lacking that it's lacking a kind of sums I'm terribly sorry for newspaper writers the world over that this this [TS]

  crash is not more sexy from a marketing perspective for them. [TS]

  My my heart my heart breaks open for their more difficult job. [TS]

  UL right here is a sympathetic man so I think you as well as usual thank you to everyone who tweeted me insane as a [TS]

  crash happens I feel like this kind of merchant of death now that everyone wants to a soon as I think [TS]

  and that's certainly not a situation I hope it's going to create bedtimes two engine plane crashes [TS]

  and I do you know I certainly find out about these things even. [TS]

  Then I ever imagined possible thanks to a combination of Twitter [TS]

  and my reputation for the next plane crash there you go. [TS]

  I wonder how many people think like a plane crashes in there like a MUST tweet that that guy with the Aussie accent [TS]

  from how they went and then tell him because but you know you get all those tweets. [TS]

  Yeah you know is going to need to undergo I haven't the one first and I have no data. Go and do an analysis. [TS]

  Anyway enough and that's enough. And on that note that's the end of plane crash. [TS]

  We actually haven't done a follow up from the PO We have a Christmas special bump a Christmas special [TS]

  and on this podcast yet. Yes there was that was very long. [TS]

  That was a long that was a long editing job at the people who want to see a long editing job it was you actually posted [TS]

  a video on your second channel. Oh yes. Showing showing you doing the edit. [TS]

  Now a normal person would have sped that video up so people could what you do the edit quite quickly. [TS]

  I did speed it up really. Then how come. On the video is a bloomin Al alone. [TS]

  The video is an hour or five minutes long but it's playing at ten X. [TS]

  It's ten times faster than I was doing it you can even watch the video if you think I can edit that quickly. [TS]

  Boy I don't know what the video I was making I was and I think I was basically [TS]

  or actually no I didn't watch the whole video but I have watched parts of it [TS]

  but you know I wonder if anybody watched the whole point if you could have twenty times and made a half an hour long [TS]

  and not lost that much info. [TS]

  Well I was I was actually playing around with it and [TS]

  when you timelapse up like I've done this before with a couple video games I put up a time lapse stuff. [TS]

  It's a delicate balance between having it go quickly and having it go so quickly that you don't get any sense of what. [TS]

  Happening at all. [TS]

  Yeah and [TS]

  and I've I found that I think because of the way I have described as a because I'm using a lot of keyboard commands [TS]

  and from from watching the screen stuff just seems to me to cut out and move it jumps around very quickly [TS]

  when I'm editing stuff. I found that ten X. [TS]

  Was as fast as it could go before it just became in comprehensible they are all I have posted videos before of myself [TS]

  editing editing films and I've always made a much much quick out like in the end you know one or two minutes long [TS]

  and I guess what I was trying to achieve was just a sense of just a sense a feeling a sense of a sense of how big a job [TS]

  it is and what some of the things that happen are but it seems that you will. [TS]

  If you had a different agenda in a way you almost wanted people to be able to follow individual actions to do it to [TS]

  some extent and get a little bit more of a fine grained idea of what you were doing. [TS]

  Like you always not quite you Tauriel of course now [TS]

  but you want to you want to convey a lot more information than I certainly ever did. [TS]

  Yeah that's certainly the case because I do get people asking me what the editing is like [TS]

  and I thought oh it would be better to send something like this so somebody can see [TS]

  and do three cuts of the show I do a very rough first cut a the one that takes forever is the second cut which I think [TS]

  of as the precision cut and then a third final one we're making the show notes [TS]

  and listening for hours I think it's kind of good to be able to send people a link [TS]

  and particularly on You Tube because you can start the video at any time send them a link to the second cut so people [TS]

  can get a good sense in just like a minute or two of watching that second part of how much editing happens. [TS]

  So yeah so yes I didn't want to just all zoom by in a minute [TS]

  and all you get is a sense of like oh god so many things happen. [TS]

  I was I was trying to make it as fast as possible but you can still make out individual actions [TS]

  and see see what's going on so it is it is slightly more informative for people who might intend. [TS]

  Really care about that stuff in a lot of feedback from people saying I spend way too much time editing it [TS]

  but that's as long as that's as long as it takes for me to do as I said I didn't watch it all because it's an hour long. [TS]

  Yeah I don't want to sting myself as well so I'm sure people who are really into the podcast will will like getting [TS]

  into that [TS]

  and I know some people have watched it in its entirety because I said so in the comments I'm not sure I believe that [TS]

  I'm not sure you can actually watch an hour's worth worth of that. [TS]

  But anyway so that is that is there from the last show. [TS]

  There's a new sponsor for hello internet this month [TS]

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  Jew are you OK with your phones I can hear your phone going off in the background. [TS]

  Now it wasn't but silent isn't silent silent is vibrate [TS]

  and then you have it on the table so I can hear your phone I can hear it distracting you. You slow down. [TS]

  Hang on a second and let's let's stop follow up for a minute because you did tell me earlier today [TS]

  and we didn't put it on our list of things today that I was interested in. [TS]

  You did want to talk about instant messaging and text etiquette [TS]

  and that you know really I'm really I'm going to talk about that so let's talk about that right now. [TS]

  Let's do this let's using my phone going off as the Q. [TS]

  and I'm not going take my phone [TS]

  and throw away on to the bed of the hotel room that I mean if I'm doing this broadcast thing well before further I am [TS]

  terrified at this moment because I know that my my phone or my i Pad are somewhere in my office right now [TS]

  and I haven't been able to get them to turn on do not disturb mode [TS]

  and so of course now I'm worried that they're going to start messaging me that if I hadn't just thrown my phone so [TS]

  you're not at your it [TS]

  but my office is a total mess because I was just redoing everything so I don't I don't I don't know where they are [TS]

  easily and so now I am worried that this is going to be looming over me while we're having this conversation. [TS]

  Oh don't worry because I wouldn't be too bothered by I would have to give you. OK. What do you want to talk about. [TS]

  About texting and one of the things that I have found recently this is just been on my mind. [TS]

  I have people who I would instant message with who are in different time zones than me. [TS]

  Yes And mostly it's people in America. [TS]

  But sometimes it's people in Australia [TS]

  or it's people who I don't even know where they are in the world because they travel a lot and so I have [TS]

  when I look at my list of people I miss them as [TS]

  and where there is a non-zero amount of uncertainty about what the heck the time is where these people even are. [TS]

  And then of course there's also just the question of are they awake or are they not. [TS]

  And I I I feel like I need to come to a decision which is can you message people [TS]

  when you think that they may be asleep. In their time zone. OK What are your thoughts on this. [TS]

  Well let me start with my overall answer and then break it down a bit. [TS]

  My answer is No you should not text someone when you think they are asleep OK. I think that is bad manners. [TS]

  OK This of course we're only talking here about S.M.S. [TS]

  Messages [TS]

  and by extension I message none of this applies to e-mail direct messaging on social media things I talked about it was [TS]

  fine yet to two persons phone in for me in particular this is an I Message question because everybody I know uses an i [TS]

  Phone but I don't get it the conversation is broad enough. I presume that Android devices work in a similar way. [TS]

  In my head I would NEVER message someone before nine am and probably after. Ten pm depending on who's right. Nine P.M. [TS]

  Last night nine P.M. Ten P.M. Eight P.M. [TS]

  Even depending on my relationship with the person that I know one after ten pm Right I shamed after ten pm is a good [TS]

  shot someone wants to is in bed right and I know and I am a foreigner and I am I think of as personal time as well. [TS]

  I was told I was wrong about that the other day though I got a text message the other day at seven thirty in the [TS]

  morning from someone and I was like I was late because I'm to sleep at that time and I was outraged [TS]

  and I said to my wife can you believe it can you believe someone sent a text message at seven thirty A.M. [TS]

  and I was told that was stupid and I was living in fairy land because I live in the world. [TS]

  Get up at nine am and start editing in my pajamas. [TS]

  Well I don't you know I don't realize that most people are up at seven thirty A.M. [TS]

  So my wife admonished me for that and told me so maybe my nine A.M. Time is a little bit a little bit. [TS]

  It reflects my lost out too much [TS]

  or whatever the exact time is before a certain time of morning you should not take someone [TS]

  and after a certain time in the evening. You should not text someone. That's OK It is a little thing here. [TS]

  Your conversation with your wife reminded me of one of my top three favorite comedies ever is Curb Your Enthusiasm with [TS]

  Larry David. [TS]

  Have you heard the enthusiasm of know what a lot of it [TS]

  but I'm very familiar with it is it is worth watching all the way through. [TS]

  I absolutely adore that show [TS]

  but there is a running gag throughout the show about the acceptable cutoff time to call someone [TS]

  and this is the fundamental from that you just ran into is there is no universal agreement on this [TS]

  but everybody kind of feels like whatever their time is of that is the universal time. [TS]

  So your nine am is like Oh of course not before nine A.M. but Not everybody agrees with you. [TS]

  And but no name is very safe because noname is a traditional start time so yeah. [TS]

  Yes but but but for you when you say ten P.M. For me I feel like ten pm is way too late. [TS]

  Yeah that's what changes that's what that's what changes but I think that people with kids [TS]

  and stuff I would never I would never text that like that but yeah I mean that's the not time when it's hot. [TS]

  Yes Immediately we run is this is you where there is no there is no agreement there are there is some agreement like no [TS]

  one would think after ten P.M. Is acceptable. I believe unless it was a friend. [TS]

  Yeah it depends it depends on the person and I think no one would think before seven A.M. Was acceptable. [TS]

  Again it depends. Unless you know the person and you know they're awake. [TS]

  If it's if it's just a general person who I think seven A.M. and Ten P.M. [TS]

  At the absolute limits but for me it's more I personally would not go outside the nine I am and pm window. [TS]

  OK Well regardless of the specifics which can never be nailed down right up to that although we are trying by [TS]

  themselves it doesn't mean you can try as much as you want it doesn't matter because you just. [TS]

  You can't this is like you can you can say with with ninety five percent certainty that that a person will agree [TS]

  but there's always going to be five percent of people who don't agree [TS]

  and go of course until midnight it's totally fine. There's always going to be someone who disagrees. [TS]

  Here's why I want to talk about this because I feel really conflicted. [TS]

  I feel partly like you which is this is like the stance that I have had for a long time is the same thing about trying [TS]

  to be very conscious of where is the other person. [TS]

  What time is it for them and not message outside of ninety five percent certainty intervals. [TS]

  But here's the thing like as time has gone on I feel myself wanting to shift [TS]

  and the reason that I want to shift to you can just message anybody at any time is because the technology has changed. [TS]

  So I think I'm still very much thinking of instant message in the same way that I would think of as calling someone's [TS]

  landline phone where I am old enough [TS]

  and you are old enough that we lived in a world where people would call the landline telephone [TS]

  and it would ring in the house. [TS]

  And this is where this whole notion of oh don't call people after or before certain times starts to come from. [TS]

  But it's different when you transition to personal devices as opposed to a house phone. [TS]

  And then what I think is the really big deal [TS]

  and why I was mentioning Apple in particular is because the i Phone has all of these options for letting a person [TS]

  determine how they wish to receive their communications. [TS]

  And the biggest deal with this is the auto Do not disturb mode which we've touched upon in the past [TS]

  but where a person can tell the phone don't ring or buzz or do anything [TS]

  and they get to set whatever they think are their own acceptable hours from start to think about is can I assume that [TS]

  enough people know how to use their own phones that it is perfectly fine to message people when you would. [TS]

  Even that they would be asleep because you can also assume they have decided how they wish to receive communications [TS]

  and presumably they have do not disturb mode on their phone when they go to bed. [TS]

  And so then [TS]

  when they get up in the morning they just see it this is this is this is what I'm feeling conflicted about I'm all [TS]

  right I'm not having that. OK why are you not having that. [TS]

  Well actually I just came to mention one specific scenario before we before we go for you go ahead. [TS]

  So my specific scenario is people in America message me when I am asleep happens to me to write [TS]

  and so because we are in we are in the best time zone in the world in U.K. [TS]

  I absolutely love it as I have mentioned very many times. [TS]

  It is super convenient for everything but somebody living in the worst time zone in the world. [TS]

  California messages me from their perspective in the evening. But it's I don't know three in the morning in London. [TS]

  So then when I get up in the morning I see the message from them [TS]

  and maybe it's a question maybe they want to know something from me [TS]

  and this is where I feel particularly conflicted is OK I was asleep and they messaged me [TS]

  and it was obviously no problem because I know how to use my phone. [TS]

  But now it's eight in the morning and I'm looking at my phone and they have some question. [TS]

  Can I message them back even though I know because they're in a terrible time zone they're almost certainly asleep [TS]

  right now I feel like the answer to that question is yes I can message them back at that point even though I'm almost [TS]

  certain that they are asleep. What do you think about this. [TS]

  I think my phone just think my phone just went off on the bed as he said but I look I understand I understand. [TS]

  But here's the problem OK. We're all spread all over the world right. My family live in Australia right. [TS]

  Some members of my family are very sick at the moment. Some members of my family in the U.K. [TS]

  As you know very sick at home. Things can happen at weird times. [TS]

  Heaven knows when something terrible is going to happen something predicted [TS]

  or something unpredicted who knows if someone you love is going to be in the middle of the night in another country be [TS]

  in a car crash or something you want to know about straight away. [TS]

  People need to be able to contact me and wake me up [TS]

  and I want to be woken up you know this is a good thing about technology that if something happens in the strata that I [TS]

  want to know about and it's four in the morning mob will wake up and I will put on my trousers and get in a car [TS]

  and go to Heathrow [TS]

  and get to Australia if I have to as quick as I can I want I want that option if something happens in the U.K. [TS]

  In the middle of the night. [TS]

  I want people to be I would call me right now I know you can find your settings so this co can get through this person [TS]

  can get through in this person caught but who's going to be the person that calls me or text me [TS]

  when something unforeseen happens I don't. What if the person who I think should call me is the one. [TS]

  Something's happened to you [TS]

  and someone else is trying to call on their behalf I don't know whom I don't know what's going to happen. [TS]

  I would rather depend on people's good manners and them knowing what counts as important [TS]

  and not important rather than depending on a bunch of filters and technologies are set up to decide what's important [TS]

  and not important [TS]

  and if the price I pay is occasionally getting a text in the middle of the night from someone who was a bit [TS]

  inconsiderate. Well maybe maybe I'll pay that for a while longer but I think we're setting. [TS]

  I don't want to live in a world where I'm I'm contactable especially at this time especially at the moment especially [TS]

  as you know the people I love I love and care about getting a bit older and I never know when [TS]

  when that call is going to come and you know and my thing goes up in the middle of the night [TS]

  and I sometimes think it's going to be one of those calls you know and then I look down [TS]

  and it's just some jokey text might like oh I'll do it I don't like about it and you know [TS]

  but I don't know a way around and I don't feel comfortable. [TS]

  No setting up filters for things I can't predict I don't know how do you respond to that. [TS]

  Well I would respond to that in that you can set the settings differently for instant messages [TS]

  and phone calls I don't know if this is the case for everybody [TS]

  but there's like this there is this communication hierarchy [TS]

  and for me a phone call is at the top of the communication hierarchy. [TS]

  Yes whoever else is calling you demands your attention right now. And yeah almost everybody all saying S.M.S. [TS]

  To your saying S.M.S. Is have moved in the hierarchy into almost into a Mao territory. Well I would say yes. [TS]

  As the masses above e-mail and below phone call [TS]

  and precisely where it is always it's always been there that great it's always been between those two. [TS]

  Yes but you're saying it's moving closer to a now. [TS]

  I disagree with that I mean for me for me I would say I message is is one step below phone calls [TS]

  but phone calls are for. [TS]

  For me I was like almost nobody in my life calls me [TS]

  and I'm very aware that I treat a phone call like it's an emergency. We should put a three some five. [TS]

  You occasionally call me and I always feel like oh Christ there must be some problem. [TS]

  Oh no you're just on the road and you want to talk about something. [TS]

  But my response whenever anybody calls me is there must be there must be some problem right now. [TS]

  That's fair enough even I feel like life is moving that way. [TS]

  My wife knows she does not call me very often and but [TS]

  when she does she she has some phrase that she she she hates it [TS]

  when I answer because she can tell I am in I am in basically tree aaj mode and soon as I pick up the phone. [TS]

  OK how I how urgent is the problem that is about to be presented to me. Oh it's no problem at all. [TS]

  She was just at the grocery store [TS]

  and her hands are full so she you know she told Siri to call me so she can ask me about something. [TS]

  It's no problem at all. But she hates us. [TS]

  Or a few seconds where she can tell I'm like right do I need to drop everything immediately and run [TS]

  and that is impossible for me to not react to a phone call. [TS]

  In this in this way only because they are so they are so rare. [TS]

  Yeah but but this is but this is again this is the trouble of the modern world [TS]

  but there are there are so many different ways to contact people it's hard to know how other people arrange their own [TS]

  communication protocols. [TS]

  Yeah and that's one of the things that is is very very difficult [TS]

  and this is partly why I like I feel like as the as you get an increasingly large number of ways to communicate with [TS]

  someone [TS]

  and as the uncertainty around all of these different methods increases the only rational solution to this is to assume [TS]

  that the other person has arranged it in whatever way is optimal to them. [TS]

  And so that that the notion of trying to project yourself into the mind of the other person is more [TS]

  and more of an impossibility. You can't you can't know their preferences. [TS]

  So just just use whatever you're going to do [TS]

  and assume that the other person is receiving it in the way that they wish to receive it. [TS]

  That I have found him I thought the problem is though that there are some people in my life who treat S.M.S. [TS]

  Messages incredibly casually right like you know I don't use them just send you know great jokes or something right. [TS]

  And there are other people who I think would convey a very serious important information to me by S.M.S. [TS]

  Rather than phoning me or say something really serious has happened. [TS]

  Can you give me a call when you when you have the chance out of some weird politeness. Right. [TS]

  So and and I don't know who's going to do what and when in that way. So I haven't I I think S.M.S. [TS]

  As a still reasonably sacred and it was better. [TS]

  When they were only attached to your mobile phone number for that reason because fewer people have my mobile phone [TS]

  number you know. So a select a great many other people can send S.M.S. [TS]

  As to if they have your email address has gotten a bit sticky but I think it's pretty safe for you to ashame. [TS]

  I know there are ways around all these problems I'm raising [TS]

  and you could say well you could apply this rule to this person and that rule to that person and do all that [TS]

  and your saying should I shame people have that degree of skill. [TS]

  I think you can pretty safely assume that I don't I think you can pretty safely assume you are one of the few people [TS]

  who would be able to control your incoming and outgoing communications to that fine grain level of data. [TS]

  Oh yeah and I totally agree with you [TS]

  and this is why I think it's kind of a conflict because it's going to going back to one of our previous discussions we [TS]

  mention how. Almost nobody changes the default settings on anything. [TS]

  Get off where developers know this [TS]

  and so yes I am pretty certain because I am very very fidgety about my contactable settings I go in [TS]

  and flip all the switches about who is going to cause it to ring under what circumstances you know [TS]

  and if I don't know the person just mute and block them forever I don't even want to hear about it you know [TS]

  and dump all the voice mails into the garbage immediately or you know I I do fiddle with all of that stuff [TS]

  and I am also aware that yes I should probably assume that most people don't. [TS]

  Yeah but at the same time I feel like I can't be the only person who's wondering about times to send text messages [TS]

  and I feel like if if someone is going to change anything on their phone I feel like the Do Not Disturb settings would [TS]

  be one of those things or definitely not for me. [TS]

  Well I guess I guess I do not believe in the Do Not Disturb because because of that scenario I laid out I don't I don't [TS]

  use at this stage and yes [TS]

  and so that that yeah I agree with you is like the emergency phone call in the middle of the night scenario is. [TS]

  An interesting one [TS]

  and it is the one reason why a person may choose to leave on their phone at all the time now I have done my best with [TS]

  the settings so that the right people can theoretically contact me in an emergency [TS]

  but I do know that like one once you set up filters there are ways this can go wrong where a person wants to get in [TS]

  touch with you and they can't even though it's an emergency [TS]

  and I I take the the other approach to this which is well I know I'm going to accept the damage in these in these rare [TS]

  cases but everybody's scenario everybody's personal situation is different. [TS]

  And once again you don't know what the situation is of anybody you're trying to contact. [TS]

  Yeah so this is what I have been knocking this around in my brain [TS]

  and I'm going to I'm going to lay someone in line here in particular [TS]

  and his name is destine from Mordor every day who is a particular matter every day text every minute because I know he [TS]

  doesn't seem to sleep I feel like you know he's almost certainly awake at any point in time but it is tricky [TS]

  and I just let it definitely listen I was laying on the line now I'm going to start messaging you back whenever [TS]

  and you better have figured it out on your phone because you in particular if you message me I see it in the morning [TS]

  I'm just going to message back. [TS]

  And also he does he does text hours because but I imagine he also keeps on ours you know. [TS]

  It's you know I accept I accept that [TS]

  and I'm really grateful to have friends across the world who want to contact me so I'll pay the price. [TS]

  Oh yeah you know you have text at a time but I agree like you know I message for me is relatively sacred [TS]

  and the number of people I have on there is precisely because it is important so you know it's like I have family I [TS]

  have a few friends I have people from random acts of intelligence like all you guys like you can message me whatever [TS]

  like that's totally cool. But it does it does still because people are spread out. I find this. [TS]

  Certainty is large I don't know what will happen now that destines are they going to get really [TS]

  and hardly ever takes to get in. [TS]

  Or he's going to get really excited and start texting us afore I had like all the time [TS]

  and he can text at four am My phone will just sit there in absolute silence [TS]

  and dull as if I get my fingers up in the middle of the night. [TS]

  I now realize someone in a Strat years dead or destined to send me a picture of some food or something. [TS]

  Perfect that's the kind of random reinforcement that you can live. [TS]

  Maybe it's a huge deal [TS]

  but maybe it's not a Another big problem for messages like a phone call from a rival like I'm assuming it's an [TS]

  emergency I know it's not an emergency OK Well that was a tiny moment of panic for no benefit whatsoever. [TS]

  I agree with you but I find myself more and more sliding towards the default opinion that I [TS]

  or other people know how to use their phones and I'm just going to assume that that's the case. [TS]

  And even if i'm pretty sure the person's asleep I think it's OK to message them back if they ask me some question [TS]

  and an odd hour and I didn't see it until later [TS]

  but I don't know I don't know I would be genuinely curious to see people's thoughts on this in the Reddit because I [TS]

  feel like this is a social acceptance thing. [TS]

  You are raising in a different context which does I say create a greater dilemma and that is your replying to messages. [TS]

  Yeah you're not sitting there thinking I'd love to send Brady a text is now an appropriate time. [TS]

  You're switching your phone on suddenly a whole bunch of old texts are coming through yet from from your blog from the [TS]

  doc period and now you've got to reply to them all and your strategic thinking at what time can I reply to what one. [TS]

  Yeah and that does put you in a difficult position [TS]

  and I have some sympathy with that that's a good that's a good point [TS]

  and it's because as I've mentioned before my DO NOT DISTURB period ends. [TS]

  I think I currently have a set now at one pm Are you a joke so a text won't get to you until one pm first [TS]

  and in the morning most of the time not so I have my do not disturb kicks on at nine pm and I think does not end. [TS]

  I'm always fiddling with it whether it's going to be noon or one P.M. The next day but it's always one of those two. [TS]

  Well I wanted to come to you in the mansion say well then you can call me and I went to my blog from phoning me [TS]

  and I'm sure if you like special person list I have to look at that old look at it now as I told you I don't know where [TS]

  my phone is where you must know if I'm on it I don't I don't actually know what do you need what do you need to call me [TS]

  for anyway. [TS]

  More than I would if I need your advice on a piece of technology I want to buy [TS]

  but you've done this always happens to be in the afternoon to tie this back to our previous conversation [TS]

  but this will have it of mine is one of the things that I did instill after the quarterly reviews. [TS]

  If I noticed that it's like I've gotta protect my mornings from any kind of distraction whatsoever. [TS]

  And Brady can be a distraction sometimes [TS]

  and so I like messages are just a distraction so I don't want to see anything come through until the afternoon [TS]

  and I'm out in the afternoon and I rarely get any kind of useful work done between maybe one pm [TS]

  and four pm just a dead zone of nothing good gets done and so that's a perfect time for messages to come through to me. [TS]

  Or you know to look at the mail or something like that. [TS]

  So that's why the great window of opportunity for me [TS]

  but I really know how to make me feel very very unspecialized sometimes pretty you are one of the most special people [TS]

  in my life. [TS]

  Yeah well I was for twenty one pm and four PM Yeah but that doesn't mean that I need to hear from you immediately. [TS]

  Immediately in the morning I would never text you before and I'm not I am OK I don't I don't doubt that [TS]

  but here let's let's let's get back on track. Let's get back on track. [TS]

  I tell you what we're making we're making a royal mess of this for those handful of superfans that make those really [TS]

  cool mind maps of these episodes. Yeah I like this graph is going to be a complete. [TS]

  You just back reference to the earlier conversation this this is this is going to be a total mess but [TS]

  and we haven't finished follow up and we didn't even start it we started it and then we did one. [TS]

  We did well not everyone. Now you are a sorry flowchart makers who is not very helpful. [TS]

  Just to wrap this up you are right that precisely because I know how to handle the Do Not Disturb settings on my phone [TS]

  and some other contact settings I end up causing for myself much more of a problem because I'm always seeing messages [TS]

  being time shifted from other people. [TS]

  So this problem is a little bit self generating [TS]

  but I still think that it is equally applicable for something is popped into your head [TS]

  and you want to send it to somebody. [TS]

  Do you keep an eye on whether whether or not they are asleep [TS]

  or they aren't for the people who I instant message with [TS]

  and who I have open instant message invitations to that is higher up on my my priority queue than then something like [TS]

  email. [TS]

  So people email me it might be two weeks before I get back to you but I'm probably going to reply to you [TS]

  when I message you know within twelve hours maybe of receiving it. [TS]

  So that's why they're just different the different protocols is crazy short window that you've made in which people can [TS]

  possibly context works for me. Don't you miss like now what. Whatever you're about to say the answer is no. [TS]

  Now I obviously don't know what is it what it what do I miss. [TS]

  It's like spontaneity and unexpectedness like like but I have a window for my spontaneity. [TS]

  Sometimes it's not just a funny joke from someone when you win expecting it or a nice surprise [TS]

  or just a break from the drudgery of something it's like oh I wasn't expecting that call that time down my my [TS]

  communications are spontaneous and random between one pm and nine pm. [TS]

  Randomness is great but you need to put it in a box. Show a regime fall. [TS]

  Let's let's let's not let's knock off a couple things [TS]

  and then you know what was going on here about sushi around footie [TS]

  and I think it's few Tionne point someone on the Reddit who either lived in Hong Kong or lived in [TS]

  and then pointed out that this is almost certainly the bridge that I was talking about last episode [TS]

  when I mentioned crossing from Hong Kong into China. [TS]

  But I wasn't sure where it was and I wasn't sure where Brigitte was [TS]

  and looking at these pictures I feel like yes almost certainly this is where I crossed [TS]

  and I was going from Hong Kong into Shand then [TS]

  and as you can see from the photograph it is a weird bridge because it really does look like an airport terminal on the [TS]

  inside. [TS]

  And speaking of bridges lots of people have been submitting their own lists of five bridges some people playing written [TS]

  their own blogs and things of their five favorite pages. After we did likewise. [TS]

  Can I just say I really enjoyed it and got rid of people that have gone to that trouble. [TS]

  You know I would look at him over the bridge followed by memories of that in the show. [TS]

  Like most people I've become a bit cynical about like you know lists and list videos in quick bites [TS]

  and you know thirteen celebrities who look good naked in a lot of stuff and all this sort of thing [TS]

  but there is still something from your childhood about making lists that like Rico hire embraced [TS]

  when I was a little boy used to love buying a notebook [TS]

  and it would be like my top five notebooks would be my top five of everything like you know five favorite colors in my [TS]

  top five favorite cricketers in my top five favorite flavors of ice cream [TS]

  and I do I do like making top fives you know kind of a high fidelity style thing like making lists is good as long as [TS]

  it's not done in a click Baity way so thank you to those people that have got in the spirit of making your five pages. [TS]

  I'm glad you enjoy those. [TS]

  We spoke about The Hobbit the last episode and I talked about how I was making a few notes on my phone. Oh yes yes. [TS]

  And a lot of people were outraged that my phone was switched on in the cinema. Can I just say that's fair enough. [TS]

  I am also very opposed to people having their phones on in cinema. [TS]

  OTOH I don't know where that puts me on my people trying to contact me an emergency to learn I don't believe you should [TS]

  have you sign on the cinema I think this was a very special case because I was seeing this film for work. [TS]

  I deliberately sat away from people so I wouldn't distract them it was the only way I could really make notes because I [TS]

  didn't I wasn't organized enough to have paper and pen [TS]

  and I knew it was going to be a rubbish film so I didn't feel so bad about it [TS]

  but in general you are right having a phone on in the cinema is very very bad. [TS]

  I probably shouldn't have done it considering I ended up losing the notes [TS]

  and the notes were pointless anyway because that's the thing that really breaks my heart. [TS]

  Yeah especially should have done. [TS]

  I just want to kind of in some ways take a bit of a you know me a coper and fed session of Donna. [TS]

  But there were extenuating circumstances. [TS]

  And I've heard the people have spoken [TS]

  and I do agree with them to put it on the record I also use my phone to take notes when I was watching the Hobbit [TS]

  but I specifically in my first class movie watching experience which we discussed last time which I've been trying to [TS]

  sell to everyone I meet now on the topic of movies has come up [TS]

  when a lot of feedback from people I know in my life asking about the separate movie theater experience I like Oh you [TS]

  have to do this if you if you if you are ever going to go through the hell of watching a movie in public you need to do [TS]

  the upgraded movie experience I feel like you're so late to the party though it's like you're some guy who just said do [TS]

  you know want to stand outside the cinema where you can also buy like drinks in Philly before you go in I never even [TS]

  knew it was there I think there's a bit of an for ages they things. [TS]

  Evy I would just say yeah I am I am really something else. Well talk about being late to the party or something else. [TS]

  Time I finally just listen to cereal. [TS]

  Which everybody's been talking about for long runs into that [TS]

  and that these things these things that they are very slow to enter my media consumption. [TS]

  Q The way I have things algorithmically laid out but I know what I've been pushing the movies on everybody [TS]

  but one of the other things that was great about it is you can reserve a seat [TS]

  and so I specifically reserved the back corner seat so that [TS]

  when I had my phone on there was nobody behind me to be distracted and so you really do plan ahead. [TS]

  I you know of course I mean you don't just you don't just show up and leave and the phone is really rude [TS]

  and distracting to other people. Brady Sorry folks I'm here for work. [TS]

  You yell at everybody in the theater I don't you know I was describing I was just great. [TS]

  Is it still a fair criticism and I as I was away from people talking about it [TS]

  and then I suddenly put on the record there. I also used my phone to take notes so I think that is it for follow up. [TS]

  Yeah we have fun when you finish the follow up and nearly an hour and a half and with that and then a few tangents. [TS]

  There's a few things I was going to bring up [TS]

  but I'll skip some of them for another time because yes we did say we were going to have a shorter show [TS]

  but there were a couple things I want to quickly bring up it has to be a shorter show [TS]

  but do you want to mention objectivity I would like to mention that. OK. Yeah I'm starting a new channel. [TS]

  If there's one thing you need Brady It is more channel it is a new channel for the New Year. [TS]

  It's it's going to be a series of videos called objectivity which Gray will link to in the show you know it's not very [TS]

  easy to find at the moment. [TS]

  I'll put a link on my Web site which is Brady Haran dot com The Gray will put something in the show tonight which [TS]

  should be a better way to find it because you already hopefully somewhere near them that has been problem naming it [TS]

  because of the names and search engine stuff and it's early days [TS]

  but it's going to be a bunch of videos about objects and we do not discuss this for a lot actually. [TS]

  Learn a bit about this is as yeah I feel like I've been very interest in this project because you've been telling me [TS]

  about this for a while so I feel like I have known a little secret long before anybody else which is surprisingly fun [TS]

  and we talked about a little bit [TS]

  and I am very interested to see how this channel turns out because particularly I think the thing that may be [TS]

  interesting to people is that this is going to be much more you in the videos than other stuff like periodic videos [TS]

  or a number file. [TS]

  Yeah so I am very curious to see how this how this turns out and how you you do that [TS]

  but you're going to be talking about objects [TS]

  and historical objects which I could not imagine a more Brady channel then perhaps this one [TS]

  but it seems somebody that's kind to you as well because it's going to be like in you know vaults and cards [TS]

  and things like that and cool stuff and while you don't like. [TS]

  You know objects and tat [TS]

  and stuff in your house you are really interested in sort of history in the stories of things and that [TS]

  and that's going to be a bit of that. So I I think I think I think you'll like it. [TS]

  So I'm very curious to see the first few videos. [TS]

  Yeah there's like a little taser video already on the channel that went up in December [TS]

  and then within a day OTOH hopefully of the pod cast going up the first proper video about an object will also go up. [TS]

  I won't give away what it is yet but it's something really really cool. Will you tell me offline. [TS]

  I'm up I'm curious now. Yeah I'll tell you why. OK good. [TS]

  So that should be that should be up saying so you know go on have a look. [TS]

  Dave you favor and if you like that channel subscribe to and if you don't just kind of keep your mouth shut [TS]

  and things like that might leave a negative comment or tell everyone how bad it is just so I like your honesty there. [TS]

  I like that you don't like it you know what. Keep walking. [TS]

  That's pretty much what grade does when I make a video he doesn't say anything. [TS]

  So so anyway that's going to be something new. [TS]

  Different but it's being filmed and edited by a mate of mine called James Hennessy who is very talented [TS]

  and so the films will look a lot prettier than my films [TS]

  but the prettiness of his filming will be cancelled out by the occasional appearance of my face. So. [TS]

  But that's because you're just hideous. [TS]

  BRADY Yeah [TS]

  but it's going to be it's going to be interesting so you know to get doing it all this for years I've been going into [TS]

  all these votes and archives and things like that for various purposes [TS]

  and every time you go in there there's like a thousand things that you look at [TS]

  and you think oh my goodness this is so much stuff here I should be making a video about all of this stuff. [TS]

  So objectivity is a little taste or attempt at that at just taking this these disparate random amazing things [TS]

  and making films about them and I think they will be quite a science bent to it you know because it's me. [TS]

  So so mostly because objects from the history of science and discovery in the natural world and and what not [TS]

  and I hope to have visit various places and have different people in the videos and. [TS]

  We'll see how good it could be it could be a short experiment. [TS]

  It'll be six months at least and at the end of six months I think we'll see whether or not it's worked or whether [TS]

  or not it's been a spectacular disaster you know this is this is I know I'm a big fan of the stuff you try a little [TS]

  experiment you see how they go you know the ones that work to keep going in the ones that don't you kill is history. [TS]

  Sometimes the ones that were killed as well you know that's [TS]

  or that they don't work well enough times that's happened to me a few times after I started a couple of channels that [TS]

  have been started growing and people have wanted more but for reasons of time or resources [TS]

  and that I've had to kind of stop and I still get a mouse I know [TS]

  when you're going to do more you know psychology science psychology channel more of that philosophy channel and [TS]

  and I want to and I can say you know some stopping doesn't always mean they failed but. [TS]

  But failing doesn't mean they stop. Yeah that's true. [TS]

  So yeah so thank you for giving me a little added I'm going to charge you the normal rate for that way rather than [TS]

  rather than ending on a shameless promotion. [TS]

  All I'd like to end on something more pointless because that is the spirit of hello internet. [TS]

  And let's go back to mobile phones. [TS]

  OK where do you stand on kisses at the end of text messages [TS]

  or do you put kisses on the end of text messages like an X if you're texting. [TS]

  Mrs Gray a machine but will keep it to miss is great at the moment but why do you put kisses on the end of messages. [TS]

  No no I don't I don't do this do you put kisses at the. [TS]

  I've never gotten a kiss from you at the end of your technology was [TS]

  when I put a kiss on the end of a well you're asking me if I put kisses on the end of text messages [TS]

  and then the answer is No I know what about your wife. [TS]

  I used emoticons with my wife [TS]

  and I had more than other people is that what you're asking to shape she put to she sign off a text with a kiss. [TS]

  You mean with an X. That was an extreme yes no yes not with an ex now. [TS]

  Anyway the reason I bring it up I find it fun I think I think. [TS]

  This isn't going to mean a lot to you because you're not you're obviously I think you're outside the norm here [TS]

  but I think we're suffering from a kiss inflation on text messages because as I said I put a sign off my text message [TS]

  to my wife with an axe in his ear I say luck and I know you like a kiss and a hug. [TS]

  Not many people do use the hug Lima it's kind of bit of a thing if I'm a person of interest [TS]

  and I've never gotten a hug from you and the funny thing is I don't put I don't do it to memory [TS]

  and I was like I'm just feeling upset now I wouldn't want to bother you I get it till one pm anyway [TS]

  and you know the hug moment has gone by the time the tech against my maid may have changed but anyway you know with me. [TS]

  So case inflation thing I well I'm totally unfamiliar with this world [TS]

  and I don't think I would ever be counting the kisses that somebody like That's just craziness. [TS]

  We live in completely different. Look I'm not saying Kiss is on the on the text messages are important. [TS]

  Clearly they are not going to send you. [TS]

  I'm going to send you a set number of kisses at the end of all of our text messages. [TS]

  But that then useful because then when you detracted [TS]

  or added from them that's one of the things oh yeah if I only send you two kisses in the future you will know that I'm [TS]

  mad with you. [TS]

  Yes Yes OK is it would you like this no matter what you know [TS]

  or not because I am going to have to make some macro that just auto add the four kisses at the end of each because I'm [TS]

  not going to type that out [TS]

  but that's what I mean the reason why becoming meaningless that life I think at some point at some stage like you know [TS]

  two kisses became the norm and then all of a sudden one kiss wasn't enough [TS]

  and that is the only thing I can relate this to is the old e-bay feedback that had plus inflation so people would say a [TS]

  plus plus plus plus plus would buy again that's the only thing I can relate it to [TS]

  and it will go away only got an A plus. [TS]

  They feel terrible you bear it because ten pluses are the standard now for e-bay. [TS]

  Well this is exactly what's happened and that happens with the way schools are rated [TS]

  and stuff too doesn't like everyone you know and school Max you know getting suddenly you had to get [TS]

  and I started they good [TS]

  and then I get on I wasn't what you'd say I don't even know if it's if it if it happens people have to tell me but [TS]

  when I was leaving teaching there was talk that they were going to be introducing a double star Mark so it was [TS]

  basically the beginning of an infinite number of stars to represent how awesome you are. [TS]

  But they decided apparently a star was not high enough [TS]

  and one of the boards was going well we're going to introduce a double star with a really exceptional students [TS]

  and so you don't need to do this. That's I guess that's what's going on here. If inflation is what's in the. [TS]

  Like I think it's a really interesting like I can imagine someone writing quite interesting article about it [TS]

  and you know you made a brilliant parallel with the A plus plus inflation on a bet I like that's a really interesting [TS]

  and I'm sure the thing that is [TS]

  and I think that's a good go to metaphor the kids these days will really be right on top of e-bay in the name of these [TS]

  kids. [TS]

  Yeah that's exactly what what this is like if it happens I'd like I think I just find interesting I find it interesting [TS]

  that you know one one one or two cases is just like it nothing the case is a big a big event and dropping in value. [TS]

  OK well I gotta go Brady. [TS]