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  the incomparable number 200 fine just [TS]

  welcome back everybody to be [TS]

  uncomfortable podcast I'm your host [TS]

  Jason L and in this episode we're going [TS]

  to be talking about brad bird's 1999 [TS]

  animated motion picture the movie made [TS]

  before he made the incredibles it's the [TS]

  iron giant it was a box office bomb but [TS]

  it is universally loved by critics and [TS]

  by many people out there and has had [TS]

  quite a following after it left the [TS]

  theaters that nobody the empty theaters [TS]

  and went on and a home video where it is [TS]

  is beloved we're going to talk about it [TS]

  tonight [TS]

  let me introduce the the panel that is [TS]

  going to be discussing the iron giant [TS]

  with me David laura is out there [TS]

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  John syracuse oh we we we have to when [TS]

  we're talking about animated films we [TS]

  have to have you here thanks for being [TS]

  here [TS]

  I like bread before was cool you know [TS]

  yeah and I called in the big guns for [TS]

  this one also somebody i enjoy talking [TS]

  about animated movies with Merlin man is [TS]

  back hi Merlin no I remember the raccoon [TS]

  boy i love it when people come prepared [TS]

  with references because i don't so I'm [TS]

  glad you guys are picking up the slack [TS]

  for me that this great so we I so like I [TS]

  said 1999 brad bird made this movie [TS]

  traditional animation it was costs like [TS]

  70 million dollars and made made 30 [TS]

  million yeah ouch so so I don't know [TS]

  quite where to start because i never do [TS]

  with these things i guess i should ask [TS]

  if anybody has any opening remarks to [TS]

  give up this film because now would be a [TS]

  good time because it's the opening [TS]

  nothing all right you did [TS]

  you've dragged it out of me haha oh [TS]

  that's harder than usual i don't have a [TS]

  weii i do have a thing to start with and [TS]

  the thing I think I thought of room we [TS]

  watching this is that this movie we just [TS]

  discussed this movie has a lot of [TS]

  problems as a product because as a [TS]

  product as as conceived it's a it's a [TS]

  family movie you know for children and [TS]

  adults set in a time period no children [TS]

  will have any memory of or poor the poor [TS]

  the parents of those children quite [TS]

  frankly yeah or maybe that maybe it'll [TS]

  be like their parents memories or [TS]

  whatever and the the underlying themes [TS]

  of the movie are it's not just arbitrary [TS]

  the setting like that the themes of the [TS]

  movie are intertwined with this whole [TS]

  Cold War setting and everything and so [TS]

  and you know there's no cute animal [TS]

  sidekick [TS]

  there's no royalty there's no monsters [TS]

  it is yes it does not work well on paper [TS]

  if you were to if you're goddamn right [TS]

  it almost makes me that this movie got [TS]

  made because it doesn't look like it [TS]

  should work at all and truth be told [TS]

  watching it back again some parts of it [TS]

  work for fine for me as an adult I'm [TS]

  like our kids ever gonna lie I kind of [TS]

  understand why didn't make a lot of [TS]

  money which is a shame because it's a [TS]

  great movie but it it [TS]

  alchemist a little conceived but I just [TS]

  think like boy how did he ever manage to [TS]

  get this made while reading up on the [TS]

  production on the ever useful wikipedia [TS]

  it sounds like just as they were ramping [TS]

  up production on this thing quest for [TS]

  camelot came out and did absolutely [TS]

  horribly and kind of threw the whole the [TS]

  whole Warner Brothers animation studio [TS]

  into whack and somehow that translates [TS]

  to them not paying that much attention [TS]

  what Brad Bird was doing on this [TS]

  production and him being allowed to do [TS]

  basically whatever the heck you wanted [TS]

  not sure how that works exactly but it [TS]

  was also originally conceived as a [TS]

  musical if you can imagine what that [TS]

  would be like well it was a musical as [TS]

  sort of it p towns and put together the [TS]

  his his version of it which was supposed [TS]

  to be it's been awhile since tommy was [TS]

  out and I feel like producing another [TS]

  horrible rock opera so [TS]

  let me find this ancient this ancient [TS]

  book by the guy who married sylvia plath [TS]

  and and we'll set that to music that [TS]

  explains why des McAnuff is is credited [TS]

  here too because they were the [TS]

  collaborators at the la jolla playhouse [TS]

  in fact on on Tommy I and so that [TS]

  explains why there inexplicably credited [TS]

  as producers on this movie [TS]

  well they did produce this for the stage [TS]

  at one point at the what the old vic in [TS]

  London or something [TS]

  I think so yeah I i remember when the [TS]

  concert album came out because i was [TS]

  working at a record store at the time [TS]

  and and they had us put up a huge [TS]

  display and nobody ever bought a single [TS]

  thing come out there but you know we had [TS]

  to play it and listen to it in the [TS]

  stores like Iron Man Iron Man and you [TS]

  know it wasn't awful [TS]

  I could see why nobody ever did anything [TS]

  else with it but I guess brad bird had [TS]

  so much free rein that at one point he [TS]

  just decided to jettison all the songs [TS]

  and townsend said whatever I got my [TS]

  check it seems like it has a real [TS]

  affection for the setting mode because [TS]

  it's almost like a period piece where it [TS]

  is it's not it's not incidental like he [TS]

  almost makes you think like this is how [TS]

  he grew up but he's not that old [TS]

  right so it's not how here maybe that's [TS]

  how his parents grew up but there's a [TS]

  real you know it really speaks to me out [TS]

  on that level which is really weird when [TS]

  I think about the person who made it in [TS]

  the intended audience [TS]

  well this is also a love letter for the [TS]

  for the movies and the culture of this [TS]

  period even if you didn't live through [TS]

  it i mean the idea that there's the it's [TS]

  not just the Cold War setting but it's [TS]

  the you know the war of the worlds [TS]

  oh yeah when he's watching that [TS]

  black-and-white TV that black-and-white [TS]

  TV section I feel like it's the best [TS]

  part of the movie like what's on the [TS]

  television screen and my daughter asked [TS]

  if that was a real movie because she [TS]

  wants to watch it with the stilted [TS]

  dialogue in the brain that skills across [TS]

  the floor and the acting from the lead [TS]

  male character in that movie and the [TS]

  maple commercial is a real ad from the [TS]

  fifties one thing is so great in these [TS]

  and you know you see it again in the [TS]

  incredibles with Frank and Ollie [TS]

  appearing in that as well is the [TS]

  absolute affection they have for the [TS]

  animation of that period as well you [TS]

  know and how much this really could be a [TS]

  maple commercial in some ways some of [TS]

  the animation and all the care that [TS]

  is it just you know one thing I noticed [TS]

  this time is like everybody has glasses [TS]

  the glasses are just a little bit tinted [TS]

  they don't they're not just clear that [TS]

  there's a lot of care put into to every [TS]

  frame of this [TS]

  yeah it's it's it's beautiful it is [TS]

  funny that we've got the fifties his [TS]

  Hogarth is our main character his mom as [TS]

  a waitress in a diner Harry Connick is [TS]

  basically a beatnik artists there are [TS]

  lots of this is it main so you've got [TS]

  sort of like the the the guys who work [TS]

  on the boats and then you've got the [TS]

  guys with like the deerstalker caps and [TS]

  the and the shotguns and you know where [TS]

  all these types and it feels like you [TS]

  know I having lived through the fifties [TS]

  I i assume it feels like what depictions [TS]

  of the fifties retro actively felt like [TS]

  and not what the actual he's felt like [TS]

  but it definitely has that it is of a [TS]

  time [TS]

  this is what you know this is a post-war [TS]

  cold war story and and and it place it [TS]

  up and I i really enjoyed it but you [TS]

  know i'm not sure my kids really got I [TS]

  mean we can't explain this is the Cold [TS]

  War this is and they know what a beatnik [TS]

  is alright but just the cold borrow the [TS]

  culture war all these thing I mean they [TS]

  say the word beatnik in the movie to try [TS]

  to maybe give the kids something that [TS]

  they can like us they could google it [TS]

  back then the kids pick it up I mean [TS]

  he's just he's a cool guy who lives on [TS]

  his own in a you know a junkyard and [TS]

  wears bathrobes and yeah and in many [TS]

  respects like that the setting like we [TS]

  just an hour you know how much care to [TS]

  put into setting but you could this [TS]

  story is strong enough that you can set [TS]

  it almost anywhere just gets reinforced [TS]

  by this setting with the cold war stuff [TS]

  but every every other part of the movie [TS]

  like works like the story structure is [TS]

  very sturdy is just the theme like put [TS]

  it up on top of a mountain you can take [TS]

  that same story structure and put it on [TS]

  the ground in any setting it would still [TS]

  work [TS]

  well I think you have a much easier time [TS]

  selling the fact that the military is [TS]

  willing to send a bunch of trucks and [TS]

  tanks out you know in the midst of the [TS]

  Cold War when Sputnik is just launched [TS]

  and they don't know you know they're [TS]

  dealing with a big Russian invention or [TS]

  death ray or something at this point [TS]

  it's definitely got this [TS]

  this movie has got the at the start it's [TS]

  a classic boys no boys dream street [TS]

  fairytale kind of thing where it's who [TS]

  what what kid in the fifties wouldn't [TS]

  dream of giving as Home Guard says my [TS]

  own giant roll [TS]

  bot right so he finds this real body be [TS]

  friends then there's a little bit of [TS]

  that Mouse taking the thorn out of the [TS]

  paw of the lion kind of thing happens [TS]

  where he saves the iron giant from being [TS]

  electrocuted at the power station and [TS]

  convenient giant off switch that every [TS]

  perception has outside that is a super [TS]

  useful feature for your power plant you [TS]

  have to have what is the master control [TS]

  in case something happens and a giant [TS]

  robot is caught in the power lines you [TS]

  can just go Boop this as an insurance [TS]

  thing in the fifties he had to have an [TS]

  on-off switch [TS]

  yeah you just run up to it yeah well [TS]

  there was a fence the fence got knocked [TS]

  down but you know that's true good point [TS]

  that will then it makes perfect sense it [TS]

  was behind defense that's that's ok but [TS]

  then the robot is sort of you know he's [TS]

  somebody has shown him a kindness and [TS]

  the robot obviously has no has no memory [TS]

  we have no idea where the robot came [TS]

  from there's no it's never explained [TS]

  which I which I kind of love but that's [TS]

  how the story starts as we mean Hogarth [TS]

  we know that he's got a mom but not a [TS]

  daddy you know she works really hard so [TS]

  she leaves him to take care of himself [TS]

  sometimes he had it he watches that [TS]

  really hilarious Bob zombie movie [TS]

  basically definitely that feeling of the [TS]

  old black and white TV but his antenna [TS]

  gets eaten so he has to go out on a on a [TS]

  journey with and that's where he meets [TS]

  the robot and that all happens up to the [TS]

  point where where the robot starts [TS]

  following them around like a like a [TS]

  stray dog that he's collected it up to [TS]

  the point where there's a train wreck [TS]

  caused by the giant not being able to [TS]

  put a try to eat the tracks and try to [TS]

  put them back and then the train hits [TS]

  any breaks up into a million pieces and [TS]

  i like how chill the engineers are after [TS]

  that I mean the engineers literally hit [TS]

  a giant monster at dark in the middle of [TS]

  the woods in Maine and the train derails [TS]

  and the engineers like someone out there [TS]

  everything ok hows it Collin he has seen [TS]

  with bandages around his head afterwards [TS]

  so perhaps he's just you know concussed [TS]

  and that's the that's the the Cameo [TS]

  right there right from the classic [TS]

  animators of of Disney who we see again [TS]

  in the incredibles yeah they were they [TS]

  were what they call it the column circus [TS]

  this like the seven old man nine old men [TS]

  and they worked on Bambi and Dumbo and [TS]

  maybe snow white pretty much everything [TS]

  from the 32 the fifties amazing so they [TS]

  invented you know the the 12 principles [TS]

  of disney animation which are still talk [TS]

  to this day those two work together on [TS]

  the illusion of life is a really great [TS]

  book written by the two of them that's [TS]

  like that's a classic textbook in a lot [TS]

  of animation courses so this is the the [TS]

  the train wreck is what brings us are [TS]

  our plot when the the the Fox Mulder of [TS]

  ya can't Mansley appears on the scene [TS]

  hehe is from some office of of [TS]

  Investigation he's from the Bureau of [TS]

  unexplained phenomena yeah you only see [TS]

  his car door briefly because his car is [TS]

  then eaten and I have to say I mean [TS]

  christopher mcdonald those voices he [TS]

  does a great job with it but it is the [TS]

  william atherton role and he's doing [TS]

  william atherton voice it's amazing he [TS]

  sees like that he's totally like the [TS]

  nineties that guy i don't know i'm not [TS]

  sure Atherton would have tried so hard [TS]

  to ingratiate himself to the kid just [TS]

  doesn't seem his style but after African [TS]

  would have done a chloroform on the kids [TS]

  oh yeah that's for sure [TS]

  probably probably before even talking to [TS]

  him I don't know that the immigration is [TS]

  so smart me when he tries to be so you [TS]

  know so-called befriend Hogarth that you [TS]

  never believe it [TS]

  Hogarth doesn't believe it nobody [TS]

  believes it is I i would say I think of [TS]

  william atherton in something in [TS]

  something like like Ghostbusters a real [TS]

  genius especially where he he is he has [TS]

  that ingratiating like is what we can [TS]

  Ghostbusters what is the magic word [TS]

  right but he doesn't mean that he is [TS]

  just a jerk and Mansley is exactly like [TS]

  that debts that's a good call [TS]

  he's got that qualities at the quality [TS]

  that I used to have somebody who thinks [TS]

  that people like him any and yes you [TS]

  have thanks yeah I easy text he also he [TS]

  thinks he thinks he understands kids you [TS]

  know when you meet somebody who's like I [TS]

  understand he Spitz work you know me [TS]

  Ranger are you doing guru ji wrote I [TS]

  wrote a bunch of those down thats great [TS]

  tiger Slugger cowboy champion sure it [TS]

  just [TS]

  he's got a smile on his face and a lot [TS]

  of movies every single one of the smiles [TS]

  slightly different all incredibly [TS]

  aggressive like his eyes are angry but [TS]

  his mouth the smiling always good it's [TS]

  good animation man's journey is is funny [TS]

  too because he comes to investigate the [TS]

  same thing is a real thing and he he is [TS]

  doing investigative work and he finds [TS]

  that is a real thing and he calls the [TS]

  army in the army doesn't want to hear [TS]

  him and that's when i wrote down that [TS]

  he's he's the Fox Mulder of the of the [TS]

  fifties they don't want to believe him [TS]

  but he he believes that he he's not [TS]

  wrong but then his hit then he becomes [TS]

  like uncontrollably obsessed and declaw [TS]

  reforms the kid and and and later toward [TS]

  the end of the movie he calls on calls a [TS]

  nuclear strike against everybody else's [TS]

  orders on a town in the United States [TS]

  the town that he's in you have a bit [TS]

  extreme [TS]

  at that point he kind of loses it and [TS]

  the most important thing about about [TS]

  Mansley of course is that Steven I'm [TS]

  sure you appreciate this [TS]

  he is the source of a long long string [TS]

  of poop jokes because he has fed [TS]

  laxatives so many poop chicks [TS]

  yes poop jokes are measured by a [TS]

  buttload so that's appropriate [TS]

  oh I did my favorite is that he crumples [TS]

  up the laxative and demands milkshake [TS]

  and he asks what it's called they said [TS]

  it's called a landslide which of course [TS]

  yeah but he's describing is describing [TS]

  the is going poop poop [TS]

  what's going through the air its goal [TS]

  that one he's got that there's that [TS]

  there's that moment where he's got to [TS]

  find that he's gonna find the bathroom [TS]

  and then and then later he's like behind [TS]

  a bush and he's just like no I just [TS]

  can't and and it's and it's not even [TS]

  said it's just it happens and if you're [TS]

  not paying attention you don't know [TS]

  what's going on at its all sight gags [TS]

  and I know that's the so anyway I was [TS]

  amazed by that that's the that's a [TS]

  beautiful thing that happens in the [TS]

  middle is that the the kid gets back by [TS]

  make it making poop you know one thing [TS]

  we didn't grab no from even from the [TS]

  very beginning and all throughout the [TS]

  film is how much this is so classic [TS]

  Disney when it's done well it's like how [TS]

  much care because into every character [TS]

  like every minor character is is unique [TS]

  they've each got their own funny [TS]

  expression their own funny t throne [TS]

  funny little quirks and way of talking [TS]

  like my name is when you see those [TS]

  little like a little you know exercises [TS]

  where they're showing like how this [TS]

  character is going to walk it does they [TS]

  did [TS]

  and then walk like this other guy like [TS]

  everybody's got their own little thing [TS]

  and it's I you know from the from the [TS]

  from the end wash guy at the beginning [TS]

  through you know that the guys in the in [TS]

  the diner like everybody you know to the [TS]

  shore like everybody's got their own [TS]

  little like tick you know [TS]

  yeah i mean i actually had a hey it's [TS]

  that guy moment with one of these [TS]

  characters was like where we've seen [TS]

  that guy before a this is a cartoon I [TS]

  haven't seen him anywhere before but it [TS]

  felt like this is an invoice probably [TS]

  was but it's like this is a character [TS]

  actor [TS]

  this is a face that I've seen in a [TS]

  million things like the guy who's having [TS]

  his car hood he has like two lines and [TS]

  he's so memorable [TS]

  you know it has a large bite out that's [TS]

  why i'm selling it [TS]

  even the woman character like that the [TS]

  blonde waitress who has no lines i think [TS]

  it's just that comes out of the door one [TS]

  point and that brushes against her [TS]

  awesome like that yet they actually [TS]

  manage our women who look different [TS]

  which is apparently a difficult thing to [TS]

  do in modern animation when you've got [TS]

  the same character with different color [TS]

  hair and makeup [TS]

  the blonde waitress I remember because [TS]

  she is so like she's so incredibly [TS]

  different from horse mom and so that and [TS]

  she has no lines you know so just like [TS]

  that except ever every character unique [TS]

  and like each character is an [TS]

  opportunity to do something fun with [TS]

  animation basically i think the fact [TS]

  that Hogarth has uneven front teeth is [TS]

  the master stroke though that adds so [TS]

  much character without means that he [TS]

  doesn't have a lot of defining [TS]

  characteristics but the teeth are enough [TS]

  to just immediately get you on his side [TS]

  there's also they do a lot with sound in [TS]

  general i was noticing this time watch [TS]

  it by myself so little quieter in the [TS]

  room noticing like how much stuff in the [TS]

  background you can hear conversations [TS]

  like actual conversations that the [TS]

  waitresses are having and stuff like [TS]

  that [TS]

  a nice touch you can make out like those [TS]

  words on the newspapers words on the [TS]

  television in the background with [TS]

  people's conversations and they managed [TS]

  to make it they know you're only gonna [TS]

  pick up one or two words but they [TS]

  managed to make them relevant to the [TS]

  setting or the plot events in some way [TS]

  the diner has like three different [TS]

  conversations happening simultaneously [TS]

  that if you listen they are all relevant [TS]

  and they all lead into you know you can [TS]

  hear the guys at the booth behind them [TS]

  having that conversation the whole time [TS]

  before they interrupt and it becomes you [TS]

  know it's it is that's a great scene [TS]

  although how they managed to discuss [TS]

  anything with no ear holes is utterly [TS]

  behind [TS]

  yeah stylistic choice that's weird when [TS]

  they're years or so big i was happy that [TS]

  they all had they had ten fingers you [TS]

  know not all cartoons have 10 fingers [TS]

  did make their hands like a little [TS]

  bigger because horse and look a little [TS]

  bit comical but all the other features [TS]

  exaggerated a little [TS]

  some of the checkpoint on the breadboard [TS]

  was born in 1957 so maybe this is not so [TS]

  far off from his child obviously would [TS]

  be an infant during this time and not a [TS]

  child but the thing that sets up the [TS]

  eurosport yeah I know let that so the [TS]

  thing is the thing I was picking up on [TS]

  for the memories of just being a boy in [TS]

  anytime the kid thing details [TS]

  one of them was when he has to distract [TS]

  his mother by making a noise that we can [TS]

  drag the big robotic hand through his [TS]

  house [TS]

  I has a coin and instead of just [TS]

  throwing the coin into the other room he [TS]

  did he flips the coin does anyone know [TS]

  how to do that when you snap your [TS]

  fingers and point your elbow the target [TS]

  you want to hit snap your fingers [TS]

  yeah he does that with the coin rather [TS]

  than just throwing it and that's that's [TS]

  a kid thing to do a learning that [TS]

  whatever when he dismounts his bicycle [TS]

  riding to the junkyard at one point he [TS]

  gets off on one side and glides while [TS]

  standing on the pedal for a little while [TS]

  there's no reason to do either one of [TS]

  those things you could've just thrown up [TS]

  any you could've just arrived on his [TS]

  bicycle gotten off the normal way but [TS]

  that's not what little boys do little [TS]

  boys learn to do all these little boy [TS]

  things and so you know those little [TS]

  details really pull you into the setting [TS]

  it and makes me think that like that [TS]

  Brad Bird is if not drawing himself [TS]

  drawing like parts of his own childhood [TS]

  I think about the first scene where he [TS]

  appears in the diner and he runs up to [TS]

  the counter any jumps on the stool and [TS]

  he doesn't think where he's talking with [TS]

  mom and he's swiveling is like you know [TS]

  torso back and forth on the on the on [TS]

  the stool because you know he's a kid [TS]

  he's not going to sit still while he's [TS]

  talking to his mom he's going to be [TS]

  fidgeting with everything i love his a [TS]

  is child phone manners and the you know [TS]

  formal but completely dead inside [TS]

  hi this is Hogarth Hughes who's calling [TS]

  please also if you want your mother to [TS]

  leave you alone [TS]

  what you do is go into the bathroom [TS]

  again poop you go into the bathroom take [TS]

  lots of grunting noises and Franco you [TS]

  okay and there are five leave me alone [TS]

  that apparently works for Mansley to ya [TS]

  lot of poop jokes in this that's all I'm [TS]

  saying let's see what else what else [TS]

  should we talk about I mean we talked [TS]

  about the giant [TS]

  yeah he some pieces he's a piece of work [TS]

  and I I didn't realize in the first few [TS]

  times i watch this that he's cg while [TS]

  the rest of the film is hand-drawn so [TS]

  he's like the the spaceship in futurama [TS]

  where he's ECG designed to look like cel [TS]

  animation i didn't i didn't know that [TS]

  the first time I saw it but now now I [TS]

  see that but I saw a note today that [TS]

  basically to make his motions fluid [TS]

  would have been tough with ya his [TS]

  movement is so fluid that it's clearly [TS]

  computer-assisted I don't know the [TS]

  details of how how that works [TS]

  so he sticks a wet say when they just [TS]

  started doing this with the [TS]

  incorporating cg in traditional [TS]

  animation it was very difficult to get [TS]

  it to look like it fits the beauty and [TS]

  the beast just the example right that [TS]

  the big dance scene and beauty and the [TS]

  beast is a CJ scene but even beauty the [TS]

  beast that background is like oh now i'm [TS]

  looking at something different or [TS]

  Aladdin Aladdin at the cg carpet ride [TS]

  that is not incorporated well the Iron [TS]

  Giant is incorporated amazingly well for [TS]

  how early it came I think it's actually [TS]

  incorporated better than futurama to [TS]

  give another obviously TV budgets are [TS]

  different than 70 million dollars for [TS]

  movie but futurama you know is that the [TS]

  more modern examples everyone knows a [TS]

  lot of the times you know the spaceships [TS]

  and stuff [TS]

  poke out yet cg like it's almost like [TS]

  like you know your advice [TS]

  John on how to set your TV so you don't [TS]

  get that soap opera effect it's almost [TS]

  like when you c cg stuff in cell [TS]

  animation it looks too fluid there's [TS]

  someone in miyazaki sometimes there's [TS]

  one where was it howl's moving castle [TS]

  now it was one of the ones with this big [TS]

  Walking castle big walking structure and [TS]

  it looks really cg you know it's too [TS]

  smooth there's too many parts moving at [TS]

  once it doesn't have any kind of like [TS]

  jumpiness in the frame it looks out of [TS]

  place didn't get that at all that's why [TS]

  I couldn't tell it first [TS]

  well so i'm princess mononoke that not [TS]

  to return to miyazaki podcast on the the [TS]

  nightwalker with all done in CG and [TS]

  miyazaki didn't like it and read it all [TS]

  by hand or have them read it behind or [TS]

  whatever so and you know it's it has a [TS]

  high bar for that but the big thing if [TS]

  you're looking for it if you're not [TS]

  looking for like I wasn't looking if [TS]

  it's in like it's a bad Matt job or like [TS]

  it looks like a specular highlights but [TS]

  nothing else does or whatever the big [TS]

  thing to look for is that three things [TS]

  rose perspective correct right so when [TS]

  you rotate the camera around they look [TS]

  exactly like they would for nothin where [TS]

  is hand-drawn animation is not [TS]

  perspective correct many cartoon [TS]

  characters you know Charlie Brown [TS]

  you know it's great example do not look [TS]

  like any real physical 3-dimensional [TS]

  object could look like from from various [TS]

  angles and you have to transition from [TS]

  this pose where we know what Charlie [TS]

  Brown looks like to this pose and there [TS]

  is no in-between that makes any sense [TS]

  there was a 3d shape you model it and [TS]

  and you put the virtual camera on and it [TS]

  looks it looks correct from every [TS]

  possible angle so it's usually very easy [TS]

  to pick out the 3d things even if they [TS]

  do a perfect job of blending the [TS]

  textures but in this movie because the [TS]

  Iron Giant is an iron giant his [TS]

  perspective correctness and his [TS]

  proportions and everything works like [TS]

  he's a robot he's not a flesh-and-blood [TS]

  wiggly you know [TS]

  yeah squash and stretch disney animated [TS]

  character he's a robot so we should look [TS]

  like that and they just such a great job [TS]

  with the detailing that he never looks [TS]

  like he's popping out from the frame he [TS]

  always looks like he's there before I [TS]

  realized it was CGI on the robot I'd i [TS]

  wrote the note that i was impressed and [TS]

  how they managed to get the perspective [TS]

  on the robot just right from down at [TS]

  Hogarth's level because there are [TS]

  several scenes that are taken from where [TS]

  Hogarth sad and you're looking up at the [TS]

  giant towards his head and you really [TS]

  get this amazing sense of how huge it [TS]

  must be from the perspective of the kid [TS]

  and I found that pretty impressive and [TS]

  unless impressed now that I realized it [TS]

  was a computer behind you should be so [TS]

  impressed that they fooled you [TS]

  that's what I'm I'm getting there is it [TS]

  the fact that it didn't that it didn't [TS]

  stick out like a sore thumb to be is [TS]

  also impressive so I can't believe this [TS]

  thing was I mean the couple things I [TS]

  read suggested this was pretty [TS]

  constrained he had to pull in people [TS]

  from CalArts to help out with some of [TS]

  the animation if this does not feel like [TS]

  a rushed movie to me [TS]

  I mean you know maybe thank God for [TS]

  quest for camelot that you could get the [TS]

  poop jokes in but you know it's amazing [TS]

  that I you know I thought it felt like [TS]

  the everything he wanted probably got [TS]

  into this even the Dean unzipping his [TS]

  pants and unleashing the squirrel which [TS]

  I didn't get the studio has been paying [TS]

  attention might not have made it to the [TS]

  final cut and the opening scenes where [TS]

  they had the they have the giant waves [TS]

  in the opening scene the waves of water [TS]

  and that that's always expensive to do [TS]

  anything with water but the fact that [TS]

  they opened the movie with that I think [TS]

  they went back to her like that's and [TS]

  they did the waves are all so CG because [TS]

  you know that I maybe that was cheaper [TS]

  to do that but in 1999 saying you're [TS]

  going to open your animated movie with [TS]

  sequins in the water that was really [TS]

  good water for 1999 yeah i mean it was [TS]

  there with stylized fit in [TS]

  the rest of the movie but I it doesn't [TS]

  like you said does not look like a movie [TS]

  where he was like time or budget [TS]

  constraint because you would just like [TS]

  you know you would have just drawn that [TS]

  from the perspective inside the boat and [TS]

  had rain lashing is the window instead [TS]

  of spending all this money on a CG waves [TS]

  so Jon I am obviously saw this movie [TS]

  many times before i ever saw castle in [TS]

  the sky and when I saw castle in the sky [TS]

  I thought hey nice robot I wonder and I [TS]

  assume that this is a huge influence on [TS]

  Brad Bird for doing the orange and I [TS]

  know that the probably it's possible [TS]

  that the book that the ted hughes book [TS]

  influenced castle in the sky I don't [TS]

  know but the the certainly when I saw [TS]

  castle in the sky I thought oh I felt [TS]

  very iron giant e to me because it is a [TS]

  long tradition of big giant robots in [TS]

  japan so I don't think you can pinpoint [TS]

  anyone influences that [TS]

  design-wise the bucket head the [TS]

  trapezoid chest the sort of simplified [TS]

  design may be contractually I forget who [TS]

  among the pic sorry and people are the [TS]

  rabbit miyazaki fans and who merely just [TS]

  like him so i don't know i can offer you [TS]

  can draw a straight line but we can look [TS]

  it up after the show and it certainly [TS]

  reminded me of that but I don't know [TS]

  what the influence is that's the robots [TS]

  that like guard the garden [TS]

  yep yeah yeah it did I immediately saw [TS]

  that in gas on this guy [TS]

  yeah yeah I came to mind anyway now [TS]

  there's a statue my twelve-year-old took [TS]

  one look at it before we watched it and [TS]

  so this is like a giant alien Rock'em [TS]

  Sock'em robot right as well kind of [TS]

  he just overcomes programming but but he [TS]

  immediately was like picking out [TS]

  different robots that had been reminded [TS]

  him of the garment the night when I see [TS]

  the end part of this movie I think of [TS]

  Brad Brad Bird school notebooks because [TS]

  during that this is not the point of the [TS]

  end of the movie but just another detail [TS]

  at the end of the movie when he went all [TS]

  the guns come out research bristling [TS]

  with weapons the weapons the heat that [TS]

  the iron giant has inside him are [TS]

  interesting and imaginative at to the [TS]

  point of like the things that kid some [TS]

  kid with doodle in his notebook it's not [TS]

  just like a series of godlike the [TS]

  articulated arms or the little the [TS]

  little thing where he fires off shots in [TS]

  different directions by it [TS]

  I intersecting the spinning disk with a [TS]

  little needle type thing that sends them [TS]

  out [TS]

  it shoots it like a revolver like a [TS]

  Western revolver like ticket yeah I [TS]

  could totally see that on Brad bird's [TS]

  peachy folders back right baby could [TS]

  have spent ok a bunch of guns come out [TS]

  and now he's in battle mode or whatever [TS]

  it's like no there's like we gotta think [TS]

  of seven awesome imaginative weapons and [TS]

  they got one give me with the War of the [TS]

  Worlds type B me snake things on the [TS]

  head but everything else they did was [TS]

  fairly original and interesting and is [TS]

  on screen for a split second is not [TS]

  important to the plot of the movie but [TS]

  clearly a lot of thought went into what [TS]

  is the payoff of seeing that the Giant [TS]

  is a weapons platform and that he has [TS]

  made 44 destruction that is the payoff [TS]

  but you're right it's there for a second [TS]

  and then we don't see it again i think i [TS]

  think that's a big that's a big part of [TS]

  the movie on multiple watchings for me [TS]

  is minorities awareness but like what [TS]

  the robot knows you know I I like you [TS]

  Jason I like the fact that i don't [TS]

  really know where he came from or like [TS]

  why he doesn't know what he's for but i [TS]

  don't know i make no sense that dent in [TS]

  the head in space or the answers by the [TS]

  way [TS]

  well the only the only issue with that [TS]

  and it's not really addressed by the [TS]

  film and obviously 44 clear reasons we [TS]

  are totally screwed as soon as more of [TS]

  these robots show clap now they're all [TS]

  friendly just don't shoot them they'll [TS]

  be fine [TS]

  I I assume it's a planet i think it's a [TS]

  planet hulk situation I think he got it [TS]

  ended up falling off and ending ending [TS]

  up in the wrong place but I but you know [TS]

  I mean to me that becomes some more [TS]

  poignant because it's not so different [TS]

  from the Cold War mentality of like hey [TS]

  listen I don't want to be a monster I [TS]

  don't want to kill anybody but if [TS]

  somebody shoots at me I'm going to [TS]

  destroy their country [TS]

  yeah no I think it's pretty clear that a [TS]

  robot that's loaded down with that many [TS]

  different kinds of weapons is not a [TS]

  peace-loving robot well or but he's a [TS]

  defensive robot though he's he's his job [TS]

  is to go somewhere and and be a guard or [TS]

  defend I guess any or maybe till he's [TS]

  activated but i liked i think that work [TS]

  says I don't know for me that worked as [TS]

  an analogy for the cold war in some ways [TS]

  to which is nobody thought they were a [TS]

  monster at the time nobody thought that [TS]

  what they were doing with arms as [TS]

  escalation was something that was gonna [TS]

  you know in danger generations of people [TS]

  they thought they were doing what they [TS]

  had to do because they knew so little [TS]

  about what the other side was doing [TS]

  we've got it we've gotta get [TS]

  I'll get all these guns otherwise you [TS]

  know we're gonna be dead and that not [TS]

  knowing what's going on i think really [TS]

  feeds into that Cold War paranoia that's [TS]

  what made a paranoia is we didn't we [TS]

  didn't know what a shambles to see the [TS]

  inn was you know [TS]

  yeah I think that's why the the [TS]

  emotional bit at the end of this movie [TS]

  that will eventually get through the [TS]

  reason why i think that works or at [TS]

  least it works for nerds of our stripes [TS]

  i can include us all into this is that [TS]

  if you identify with the robot not [TS]

  Hogarth but the robot that is a lot of [TS]

  the emotional payoff at the end of the [TS]

  movie because you know it's kind of an [TS]

  edward scissorhands situation you know [TS]

  who you know what alienated child has [TS]

  not felt that they are large capable of [TS]

  mass destruction but ultimately [TS]

  misunderstood and being shot at by [TS]

  everybody and you know you don't like [TS]

  that's at by the end of the movie where [TS]

  identifying with the robot [TS]

  we're not thinking of ours anymore and [TS]

  that's yeah that's maybe why this is a [TS]

  cult classic and not a widespread movie [TS]

  because maybe you need a certain kind of [TS]

  disposition or childhood experience or [TS]

  both to identify with the robot in this [TS]

  movie I would also like just to clarify [TS]

  for my own purposes we differentiate the [TS]

  end of the movie and the ND Mick [TS]

  and-and-and of the movie because I got [TS]

  some thoughts on all right two things I [TS]

  don't like about this movie I'd like to [TS]

  return to but you know yeah i mean the [TS]

  the entire like what should have been [TS]

  the end of the movie absolutely [TS]

  staggering you know you think the cat [TS]

  should be talking at this point is what [TS]

  you say [TS]

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  much to drobo for putting a single box [TS]

  with all my stuff on it in my house and [TS]

  for sponsoring me uncomfortable i wanted [TS]

  to mention a couple a couple gags that I [TS]

  really liked early 11 game that I like a [TS]

  lot is the when hoegaarden Dean Hogarth [TS]

  eventually takes the robot to dean at [TS]

  the junkyard and there's that moment [TS]

  where we're first Hogarth drinks [TS]

  espresso and is bouncing off the walls [TS]

  which I really like and you get all of [TS]

  his backstory and that mean that 32nd [TS]

  minute everything you ever learned about [TS]

  Hogarth you get in 30 seconds well he's [TS]

  hopped up on espresso [TS]

  his name is Dean we like Dean is a very [TS]

  nice line and then there's the really [TS]

  funny things like nope nope no way see [TS]

  forget it see you later cut to 37 [TS]

  minutes later alright that's a really [TS]

  nice guy like he can stay scene is also [TS]

  really chill just like those engineers [TS]

  you [TS]

  he's there's there's some kids sneaking [TS]

  around is scrap yard in the middle of [TS]

  the night he's like come on in its main [TS]

  you know gonna come hang out with this [TS]

  crap art or scrap artist and have some [TS]

  expresso will hang around my kimono i'm [TS]

  totally i'm totally not creepy you know [TS]

  you can't trust the man from the [TS]

  government and that child grew up to be [TS]

  Stephen can [TS]

  yeah you know the yeah I like that [TS]

  though there is that feeling of like [TS]

  this is a town where people don't lock [TS]

  the doors and you know and it's and it's [TS]

  like sure kid whatever I mean and I [TS]

  really feel it's like I know who your [TS]

  mom is I know where you live you know I [TS]

  go to the diner it's fine whatever [TS]

  what's going on and he's cool he's cool [TS]

  about it he doesn't have any chloroform [TS]

  that he's staring first person he was [TS]

  paying enough attention that he offered [TS]

  him espresso and not something else at [TS]

  least this is interesting though in that [TS]

  it's a pg-rated animated movie where [TS]

  they they clearly reference alcohol in [TS]

  several occasions like they accused the [TS]

  old codger at the beginning of being [TS]

  drunk on whiskey or beer when he sees [TS]

  the giant robot and then later you see [TS]

  the general sitting in his room watching [TS]

  some Western rather on TV while Mansley [TS]

  talks to him and he's got some whiskey [TS]

  neat sitting on sun the side table next [TS]

  to him in general i like I always liked [TS]

  when is a rational military person so we [TS]

  have we have immensely being all the [TS]

  crazy a detergent i think but the [TS]

  general for the most part [TS]

  John Mahoney he's totally reasonable I [TS]

  mean he sees a little bit excitable but [TS]

  in the end is like he wants to not harm [TS]

  children he doesn't want to nuketown [TS]

  main like he's got you know that's what [TS]

  it takes to be reasonable [TS]

  yeah I know everything or even when or [TS]

  even when the guy calls him up assistant [TS]

  giant robot is like stop bothering me [TS]

  yeah i need to actually you need some [TS]

  evidence i'm not getting out of my chair [TS]

  until there's an actual robot not just [TS]

  tales of her about whereas if he was [TS]

  like a robot we got you know this if [TS]

  he's not as cartoonish as he could be [TS]

  yeah i like i like ammonia at the end he [TS]

  is very clearly acting rationally hehe [TS]

  he doesn't believe that the crazy robot [TS]

  talk at the front and then at the end [TS]

  it's very clear you know this movie [TS]

  would have been a much lesser movie i [TS]

  think if everybody in the town [TS]

  misunderstands once lighting robot [TS]

  doesn't becomes an angry mob and all of [TS]

  that we have to kill the robot [TS]

  united and no it's like he saves the kid [TS]

  who's fallen the kids were falling off [TS]

  the building and because they're looking [TS]

  at him but he saves those kids and what [TS]

  actually seems awfully miyazaki esque as [TS]

  well [TS]

  yes there's no ticker-tape after he [TS]

  catch them up so there's that but you [TS]

  know and everybody's like everything [TS]

  like yeah we know yeah the robot and and [TS]

  and the generals like this is not what [TS]

  you know this is not what we thought it [TS]

  was that we know we're not gonna we're [TS]

  not going to do this I enjoy that after [TS]

  Mansley orders the launch he uses his [TS]

  last couple minutes on earth to like to [TS]

  him out right [TS]

  he's like I don't think a little bit of [TS]

  time here i want to make sure that you [TS]

  know how dumb you are before we die or [TS]

  are making sure he can escape as if you [TS]

  could drive away in gbg fast enough to [TS]

  escape the do the oncoming nuclear blast [TS]

  but he's looking for something to duck [TS]

  and cover under I think there's nothing [TS]

  out of the town square that he can hide [TS]

  underneath this is the the cartoon [TS]

  version of the add-on for Red October [TS]

  you know you've murdered us it's not you [TS]

  fool [TS]

  but you know it's all okay in the end [TS]

  what else before we get we shouldn't you [TS]

  know get the end yet what else do people [TS]

  i already talked about poop jokes that [TS]

  was key that i bring up poop jokes i [TS]

  like i like the way their relationship [TS]

  evolves you know there's a lot of stuff [TS]

  i was you know willing to well I'm not [TS]

  like super critics but I was willing to [TS]

  overlook you know a lot of stuff about [TS]

  the skepticism like the town's not that [TS]

  skeptical that a robot just save these [TS]

  kids the mom seems to warm up to the [TS]

  robot pretty fast I was okay with all [TS]

  that because i love the way that Hogarth [TS]

  and I mean you know really the heart of [TS]

  the film the middle of the film so much [TS]

  of it is about their relationship and [TS]

  how quickly the robot is is getting this [TS]

  new culture and I think that's a lot [TS]

  really where the heart of the movie is [TS]

  the you know beating heart of the movie [TS]

  is you know getting the idea of Superman [TS]

  and understanding you know this new [TS]

  world that he's in I thought that was [TS]

  that was all really well done and doing [TS]

  it in this little steps and you know [TS]

  doing the Cannonball and all that stuff [TS]

  I thought that was really well done the [TS]

  superman vs at amo thing is brilliant to [TS]

  write because it's visit robots are [TS]

  supposed to be the bad guys and and not [TS]

  only is that a piece of pop culture from [TS]

  the from the fifties like here's a [TS]

  superman comic book [TS]

  let's let's read it [TS]

  trying to teach you about life on Earth [TS]

  by showing you about this Superman an [TS]

  evil robot which is not life on Earth [TS]

  but you know it and and that he's like [TS]

  no tomm Oh Superman beautiful [TS]

  yea even even after showing the lesson [TS]

  howarth wants to play act that game and [TS]

  fourth wants to be the good guy wants [TS]

  the robot to play the bad guy the robot [TS]

  feels bad about playing the bad guy [TS]

  because he doesn't want to be the bad [TS]

  guy when that was one of my favorite [TS]

  moments was not not just that you have [TS]

  where he showing the comic books and [TS]

  saying here Superman and here's Tom oh [TS]

  but he also shows them the spirit which [TS]

  is almost a throwaway moment [TS]

  its just oh and here's the spirit here's [TS]

  another good guy but you know the it's [TS]

  very thematic because he's a hero who is [TS]

  thought to be dead and he wakes up from [TS]

  suspended animation and just becomes a [TS]

  hero and it was just a really nice sort [TS]

  of subtext great there and it's like oh [TS]

  and then we'll go into Superman is that [TS]

  a DC comic it is now the most the most [TS]

  recent one the most recent book by [TS]

  Darwyn Cooke was a TC book right but [TS]

  that's a classic it's a classic [TS]

  oh yeah that's from the forties yeah [TS]

  okay that we should talk about the band [TS]

  be seen there is a beautiful deer that [TS]

  they spot and that that comes up to the [TS]

  iron giant he touches it snows and it's [TS]

  this really nice thing at least skittish [TS]

  dear of all time of all time know they [TS]

  are obviously feeding the deer in Maine [TS]

  they're feeding it by hitting them by [TS]

  hand well I mean we see that you know [TS]

  like that dear doesn't you know it's [TS]

  gonna have some light lifetime issues [TS]

  with how far it's gonna make it [TS]

  there's a big summer in florida subject [TS]

  metal nipple that delivers dear food and [TS]

  that's why he's not freaked out when the [TS]

  gigantic fingerprint approaches knows [TS]

  maybe dear aren't afraid of robots only [TS]

  living things and maybe he has hearing [TS]

  issues it's unclear yeah so then so then [TS]

  the deer dies and and Hogarth is put in [TS]

  the position of trying to explain like [TS]

  death and other issues of the you know [TS]

  death and what happens to us when we die [TS]

  to this giant robot from outer space [TS]

  which is fascinating to see a an [TS]

  eight-year-old kid trying to explain [TS]

  these these weighty matters to a robot [TS]

  who basically doesn't even understand or [TS]

  at least compared Lee speak any words [TS]

  well he's trying to figure out whether [TS]

  robots die is like well I guess you your [TS]

  cut your mission [TS]

  I mean but you have feelings and like a [TS]

  lot of robots he doesn't thinking out [TS]

  loud which you know maybe not realistic [TS]

  but it's good for the movies where he's [TS]

  talking about when he first finds the [TS]

  robot [TS]

  alright so what I can bring to my mom no [TS]

  no get the screaming problem again [TS]

  really just you know that we don't do [TS]

  that that's what makes people shoot you [TS]

  you know so like he's he's going to the [TS]

  same thing when he gets asked this but [TS]

  the robot are to explain death is like [TS]

  no are you alive [TS]

  guess you're alive yeah you're alive you [TS]

  say you're probably died too [TS]

  there's really a lot of exposition in [TS]

  this film with the characters sort of [TS]

  explaining what they're doing as they go [TS]

  which normally I find kind of irritating [TS]

  but in this case I was watching with my [TS]

  seven-year-old son and there was a lot [TS]

  of stuff I didn't have to explain to him [TS]

  and it wasn't just over-the-top [TS]

  irritating kind of a you know i am now [TS]

  going to go to the bathroom kind of [TS]

  stuff that was one like that he didn't [TS]

  like when her off its not going to snow [TS]

  that what's-his-name says he's [TS]

  unconscious but he's ok right grant got [TS]

  established in one line [TS]

  yeah he could he could have a traumatic [TS]

  brain injury who knows no no he's fine [TS]

  well you just need to move the plot [TS]

  along you need you need the road to [TS]

  think he's dead you need the audience to [TS]

  realize he's ok I mean I think that's [TS]

  kind of the best part of the movie is [TS]

  all the stuff we're Hogarth is you know [TS]

  he's talking to us-based talking to the [TS]

  robot and the robot the Giants not going [TS]

  to say anything excited you know it's [TS]

  not Lily's not verbally and look funny [TS]

  robot guttural things but it works [TS]

  really well and I think part of it is [TS]

  the animation is great if you watch [TS]

  those scenes again yogurt is Hogarth is [TS]

  so kind of exaggerated and expressive he [TS]

  talks with his hands in a way that I [TS]

  don't think any children actually do but [TS]

  it works really great i mean what one of [TS]

  the things you can kind of do in terms [TS]

  of like evaluating how effective that [TS]

  animation is you know watch it with the [TS]

  sound off in terms of seen you know what [TS]

  does he communicate with his body [TS]

  language that matches up with what he's [TS]

  saying there's also just kind of looking [TS]

  at him as like a silhouette he does so [TS]

  much with his hands and like away from [TS]

  his body on the totally conveys what's [TS]

  going on and you know makes those things [TS]

  interesting and not just exposition [TS]

  about what's going on [TS]

  it's also the look of somebody who's [TS]

  trying to teach somebody who doesn't [TS]

  understand your language is that [TS]

  involuntary like you start getting into [TS]

  the body language trying to like gesture [TS]

  your way to understanding and that's [TS]

  what Carter is doing with the with the [TS]

  giant of a lot of points I think I [TS]

  thought the scene where the robot was [TS]

  imitating him worked on a lot a lot a [TS]

  lot of levels because it was it was a [TS]

  great [TS]

  shortcut to helping us understand that [TS]

  the robot we know was a learning machine [TS]

  it could pick stuff up and it was trying [TS]

  to emulate him and but it also sort of [TS]

  showed that he wasn't threatening you [TS]

  know what i mean and also the great [TS]

  animation of like the weight of the [TS]

  robot like blink landing you know to to [TS]

  imitate Hogarth beautifully done [TS]

  I love that where he sits where he sits [TS]

  down the exact such an amazing little [TS]

  little bit for all that that helpful [TS]

  exposition sort of help my son get it as [TS]

  because he was going along i think the [TS]

  deer scene was maybe a little too [TS]

  weighty for the seven-year-old his [TS]

  response at that point as the deers [TS]

  lying there and that the two rifles are [TS]

  lying in the snow next to him he turns [TS]

  to me and says that would be cool if you [TS]

  picked up those guns and attach them to [TS]

  himself and then when something bad [TS]

  happened he'd go people watch tonight [TS]

  with a nine-year-old the twelve-year-old [TS]

  and they loved it but the nine-year-old [TS]

  was wrapped from the first the first [TS]

  scene is watching Hogarth getting [TS]

  knocked unconscious as a little rough to [TS]

  right i mean that's like I mean because [TS]

  it's a kid and it's the protagonist that [TS]

  feels a little you know this is why you [TS]

  need to have parental guidance they [TS]

  suggest parental guidance so guide he [TS]

  got it immediately you know it's like [TS]

  right right in that moment he's like but [TS]

  the robot saved him [TS]

  this well yes keep watching they also [TS]

  have to have the robot like I mean it is [TS]

  the so many it's not a lot of fat in [TS]

  this movie that's there for no reason [TS]

  like the train crashes to establish that [TS]

  the little parts come back together [TS]

  which will be important at the end of [TS]

  the movie The Moron doesn't like and the [TS]

  poking of the deer that one of the year [TS]

  is dead like he goes to touch it is like [TS]

  I don't touch it or he was about to like [TS]

  stand it back up which i thought would [TS]

  have been hilarious but me also another [TS]

  program for kids movie but he does the [TS]

  same gesture to her when her brothers in [TS]

  the snow he goes to touch him and he [TS]

  does the same little motion and hope [TS]

  that doesn't move and you know he [TS]

  doesn't understand the difference [TS]

  between unconscious and dead or whatever [TS]

  I you know that shorthand a lot of a lot [TS]

  of economy of motion there they they get [TS]

  things out that's why I think the plot [TS]

  is really well structured like this [TS]

  looks like we talked about Pixar's you [TS]

  know brain trust and everything this [TS]

  this looks like a movie that had gone [TS]

  through a lot of story beat [TS]

  polishing to say we got this this this [TS]

  and it all fits together into a nice [TS]

  beautiful puzzle and you know there's [TS]

  and and everything is there for a reason [TS]

  and it all works in it you know it's not [TS]

  overly Telegraph that were insulting the [TS]

  intelligence the audience but it is [TS]

  clear enough that even a kid will get it [TS]

  and you can have a gentle the robot is [TS]

  like the the he gets that this is [TS]

  something he needs to protect maybe like [TS]

  the dairy cups in his hands even when he [TS]

  like puts his hands down to have whole [TS]

  earth walk out of his hand like his [TS]

  fingers like turn into a little ramp [TS]

  that Hogarth can walk down you know it [TS]

  doesn't think I can just all drop them [TS]

  from 10 feet and he'll be fine [TS]

  it's it's got a general quality inn and [TS]

  that's part of what's amazing to me [TS]

  about the animation is how much the [TS]

  robot is in the movie it isn't just like [TS]

  this but there's a shot of a kind of [TS]

  rubber suit over here [TS]

  I mean he really is he's interacting [TS]

  with everybody and you know understands [TS]

  almost like a massive if you ever known [TS]

  like a really large dog a dog that's [TS]

  like really aware of how big it is in a [TS]

  room he seems a little bit like cowed by [TS]

  how big he is and how powerful he is [TS]

  compared to these little people really [TS]

  warming up to the idea that he is that [TS]

  his actual purpose is something that is [TS]

  like a guard and you know because I what [TS]

  I don't want to really believe is that [TS]

  he is a killing machine that is you know [TS]

  about just being sent places in the [TS]

  universe to slaughter people that well [TS]

  if he were it would have been a really i [TS]

  mean and i agree with you because i [TS]

  think it worry I mean that would have [TS]

  been a movie he would have he would have [TS]

  been war of the worlds and he would have [TS]

  looked for the weakest thing he could [TS]

  destroy it anytime [TS]

  that's the whole point of the the dent [TS]

  in his head he's he lands on his head [TS]

  and he ends up you know violating his [TS]

  programming because he's temporarily my [TS]

  name is the self-determination think [TS]

  it's like you choose what you are if you [TS]

  are just a thing than someone then it's [TS]

  just like an animated gonna have a bad [TS]

  guy has the gun has bad things with a [TS]

  good guy has a gun it is good that you [TS]

  know everybody if you are not just a gun [TS]

  if you're not an amateur object then you [TS]

  have a choice about what to do and what [TS]

  he's fighting against his you know he's [TS]

  a programmer or whatever is defensive [TS]

  and that even if you choose to be a good [TS]

  person or even if you are a good person [TS]

  in your heart if you if your eyes turn [TS]

  into little red tits right every time [TS]

  points good you're getting active the [TS]

  Cold War things like oh yeah now we're [TS]

  all good people but don't point a gun to [TS]

  me because then I turn into the giant [TS]

  crazy thing with the million [TS]

  you know laser-shooting snakes coming [TS]

  out of my shoulders and and and that's [TS]

  that's why it's important that every [TS]

  time he does that is because it is [TS]

  purely defensive reaction he's not going [TS]

  out there and hunting things and that's [TS]

  why I like to believe that the dentin [TS]

  his head is to have him lose his mission [TS]

  and not know where he's supposed to be [TS]

  here who he is but I i would like to [TS]

  believe that the United again we are [TS]

  arguing about the personality of a giant [TS]

  metal the creature but i like it on time [TS]

  ya sure ya later we'll talk about the [TS]

  real robots so I'd like to believe that [TS]

  the that the giant isn't fundamentally [TS]

  is a defender I think that's a really [TS]

  good way to think that he acts he [TS]

  responds with lethal force when attacked [TS]

  but he's not going out and seeking [TS]

  things to destroy and so I like that [TS]

  thought that this is a creature that's [TS]

  built with huge armaments but you know [TS]

  is not fundamentally we see he is not [TS]

  fundamentally a destroyer of things he [TS]

  he only acts when he's when he shot at [TS]

  now I think that's something that's [TS]

  plausible like you be he might be shot [TS]

  out like a decent part of some [TS]

  intelligent alien force you might be [TS]

  shot out to some planet where we don't [TS]

  know what's gonna happen [TS]

  hey listen don't shoot the place up [TS]

  unless somebody's shooting at you and [TS]

  then that's something we need to know [TS]

  about and you need to defend I think [TS]

  it's sensible alright well either way [TS]

  we're totally screwed because even if [TS]

  he's a defensive weapon [TS]

  what are the odds that for five more of [TS]

  these things land on Earth and they are [TS]

  shot and it stays worry it came here [TS]

  accidentally but I think he's an [TS]

  offensive weapon and i think that the [TS]

  reason that's like the defensive stuff [TS]

  like your reflexes if you touch [TS]

  something hot like you can't that's not [TS]

  gonna come out of you from getting a [TS]

  knock in the head but you forget your [TS]

  programming so he's essentially you know [TS]

  forgotten what his programming mission [TS]

  is and could be commanded to be an [TS]

  attack robot I think that's what he is [TS]

  an attacker but underneath it all is the [TS]

  well you don't defend yourself so the [TS]

  defensive stuff is still there and at [TS]

  the end when he gets really mad because [TS]

  they killed Hogarth the dent pops out of [TS]

  his head and after that he's ready to [TS]

  shoot Hogarth fourth is not a threat to [TS]

  him heart's not pointing got an empty [TS]

  was about the blast him until Hogarth [TS]

  you said you choose you have to choose [TS]

  who you are so on and so forth so I i [TS]

  totally think he's an offensive weapon [TS]

  on the planet that he came from or [TS]

  whatever it's just that programming and [TS]

  not [TS]

  Adam and all that was left was like the [TS]

  brainstem kind of if you are threatened [TS]

  by something looks like a gun and what [TS]

  and you know what a gun looks like 200 [TS]

  baht you react but at the end he goes [TS]

  full bore offensive he's destroying [TS]

  everything in its path including almost [TS]

  home birth because his anger you know [TS]

  pops a dent out of his head in typical [TS]

  animation exaggerated fashion always [TS]

  pretty good about targeting the the [TS]

  tanks and the military vehicles and [TS]

  things and not taking out buildings and [TS]

  whatnots GI joe people check just in [TS]

  time you know [TS]

  yeah well you know he's he's not [TS]

  Superman at least the man of steel [TS]

  superman because he actually takes care [TS]

  of buildings John you know I i we can I [TS]

  like i said i would like to buy I like [TS]

  this idea of trying to believe that he's [TS]

  not a killing machine although that [TS]

  definitely is a perfectly reasonable [TS]

  interpretation i only mention this to [TS]

  mention that in a chat room we have an [TS]

  opinion that the Iron Giant is actually [TS]

  a Love Machine and i think i just wanted [TS]

  to put that out there i think that's [TS]

  wise words wise words that's a different [TS]

  really know what I've seen that movie [TS]

  too [TS]

  I i want to mention a couple of things [TS]

  while we're talking about a giant so we [TS]

  got to talk about Vin Diesel I think you [TS]

  know is this vin diesel's greatest [TS]

  performance or only you know well now it [TS]

  is [TS]

  we'll find out next month Groot yeah [TS]

  pitch-black pitch-black is pretty good [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  pitch black is good I bet he's gonna be [TS]

  a great group I got a good feeling [TS]

  sure similar number of lines yes you [TS]

  know so he's good in moderation or in [TS]

  lots in quantity both really versatile [TS]

  but it's it's a great i mean you need a [TS]

  rumbly you need a rumbly robot voice and [TS]

  Vin Diesel provides a great rumbly robot [TS]

  voice for the iron job he says voice is [TS]

  so process though he has so few lines in [TS]

  it so process that the animation does [TS]

  most of the acting from a tiny did a bad [TS]

  job or anybody's he's buried in this [TS]

  movie and yet one of his best [TS]

  performances this is what I'm saying [TS]

  it's supposedly they wanted to have like [TS]

  a purely mechanical voice but then they [TS]

  decided I i feel like i can hear a voice [TS]

  in there one of the wacky things in this [TS]

  movie that I want to mention is Bogaerts [TS]

  sleep off with Mansley it haha one one [TS]

  step above a staring contest is the [TS]

  they're both across the hallway from [TS]

  each other [TS]

  bowing to stay awake and not let the [TS]

  other one have the upper hand by being [TS]

  awake but so brilliant know how it [TS]

  incorporates like the helm [TS]

  that we've been seeing him where his [TS]

  dad's helmet like how great is that [TS]

  yeah and then at the end Mansley it has [TS]

  has 1 and then he falls asleep he falls [TS]

  asleep and wakes up and sees the whole [TS]

  car still in his bed and goes haha our [TS]

  morning can then he walks by this [TS]

  morning got a loud laugh from myself [TS]

  what might my gag my favorite gagging [TS]

  the movie is when you open can't is on [TS]

  the phone with the with the Frasers dad [TS]

  and and freaking out and he staring at [TS]

  the oven mitt with the wacky face like [TS]

  making like the goofy face as if to say [TS]

  don't you tell me I'm crazy flips the [TS]

  oven mitt around such a perfect note [TS]

  when John was talking about how compact [TS]

  this movie is I just wanted to bring up [TS]

  the fact that it's it's refreshing after [TS]

  to a two-and-a-half-hour animated films [TS]

  to encounter one that gets it done in [TS]

  one and a half hours it's it's amazing [TS]

  i've been for a while watching this film [TS]

  the first time for the first time in I [TS]

  don't know 15 years or whatever it's [TS]

  been like man that there wasn't that [TS]

  much to that movie and it took me a [TS]

  while to realize yeah that's fine [TS]

  they didn't need anymore everything [TS]

  that's in this movie is in here for a [TS]

  reason and that's it there's not a bunch [TS]

  of fluff and there's not a bunch of [TS]

  extra gags turn in for no reason it's [TS]

  fairly light on the gags even though the [TS]

  ones that are there good and involve [TS]

  poop generally but the last film that i [TS]

  watch for this for this podcast with [TS]

  1776 haha how did how does that compare [TS]

  you to watch this movie back forward [TS]

  then backward and then forward again the [TS]

  poop jokes aren't quite as good [TS]

  that's true but the poop songs are [TS]

  amazing but but you can actually get [TS]

  through this movie without having to [TS]

  poop which is nice so we talk about the [TS]

  end let's talk about the end [TS]

  okay does this man have an opening [TS]

  statement about yeah you know I don't [TS]

  want to [TS]

  I you know I don't wanna be pegged with [TS]

  that I i like the end that I think maybe [TS]

  kind of should have been the end I think [TS]

  it's one of the UH god I mean like huh [TS]

  room getting hot and dusty at the end of [TS]

  this movie does not i get real dust we [TS]

  watched we watched it the other night in [TS]

  mind my daughters like you know why do [TS]

  you always get weird and smoothly and [TS]

  like that's it it's [TS]

  it's it's amazing how it gets its it's [TS]

  so perfect and you know I I just feel [TS]

  like it really is [TS]

  hmm so we're going through two things [TS]

  just very unrelated to what you guys [TS]

  just said we've been with huge Harry [TS]

  Potter movies at our house we watch [TS]

  harry potter movie like every night and [TS]

  the watch tonight is a hundred and [TS]

  fifty-seven minutes long [TS]

  it was really good but it's really [TS]

  really really long time trying to [TS]

  explain to my daughter the idea of [TS]

  compression in storytelling like the [TS]

  idea that like when you see Hedwig like [TS]

  flying and it's green and then flying [TS]

  and it's white and snowy out like that's [TS]

  a real attorney explained her that's a [TS]

  good piece of compression like letting [TS]

  you know now it's Christmastime right [TS]

  you know just those little things that [TS]

  like we don't have to tell you [TS]

  everything that happened every day but [TS]

  geez sometimes it just feels like it [TS]

  goes on and on every move you watch [TS]

  these days that's like fantastical or [TS]

  sci-fi is always two and a half hours [TS]

  long [TS]

  you know I don't mean that I don't have [TS]

  a don't have a note on how to make that [TS]

  better but it just feels like and [TS]

  certainly in those books are like making [TS]

  movies shorter how about that one that's [TS]

  a pretty good one but that's a 4-inch [TS]

  book so I understand like why that [TS]

  happens but but also just this idea of [TS]

  like and they're almost restrained with [TS]

  with harry potter by the fact that if [TS]

  they're not utterly slavish to the book [TS]

  that they get huge complaints from them [TS]

  the hordes of potter fans they got they [TS]

  got people that people thought they were [TS]

  too slavish with the first couple and [TS]

  then after that they weren't slaves [TS]

  enough anyway but but also you know just [TS]

  getting into that idea of like how much [TS]

  of this like keep the story moving [TS]

  forward and actually honestly most of [TS]

  the harry potter ones are pretty good at [TS]

  that but like you know the adventures is [TS]

  good but it's so long all these movies [TS]

  are so long [TS]

  this one I thought that by the time we [TS]

  get to the point where stuff is really [TS]

  going down in rockwell like I I felt [TS]

  like like a lot of the lot of the [TS]

  different threads in the movie came [TS]

  together like really elegantly write it [TS]

  right you know all the stuff that they [TS]

  want to say about guns also if they want [TS]

  to say about the Cold War about [TS]

  understanding i felt like that all came [TS]

  together really well at the point of [TS]

  three catches the kids and I just [TS]

  thought it was amazingly well done given [TS]

  you know how how tight the story was [TS]

  that was amazing [TS]

  this is the point where you you've [TS]

  gotten to the point where you believe [TS]

  that this robot is is a is a person with [TS]

  his own decisions that he can make and [TS]

  so when he makes his act of [TS]

  self-sacrifice there's the moment where [TS]

  he realizes that this killing machine or [TS]

  at least this machine armed with all [TS]

  these these weapons what he decides to [TS]

  do is not you know it is not anything on [TS]

  that level he decides to just fly upward [TS]

  to intercept the nuclear missile and [TS]

  save the town and sacrifice himself that [TS]

  is a decision you know [TS]

  hogar says that you got to choose what [TS]

  you want to be and he chooses super [TS]

  being Superman especially given that we [TS]

  just we just saw that like Hogarth like [TS]

  causes him to like shoot off kind of off [TS]

  to the right of blowing up the the boat [TS]

  out on the water and we get that he is [TS]

  kind of a bomb like he could be a very [TS]

  serious threat but his reaction is to is [TS]

  to be Superman [TS]

  yeah well it had already decided early [TS]

  in the movie he decided what he wants to [TS]

  be that's the whole that's the whole [TS]

  identifying with the robot aspect of the [TS]

  movie soon so the comic book is like you [TS]

  know Tom oh whatever he says now [TS]

  Superman yeah that's the address on the [TS]

  thing like he totally decided I'm going [TS]

  like so many of us is that I'm going to [TS]

  be a good person right but he failed he [TS]

  fails in well that's interesting too [TS]

  because he seems intrigued by at amo at [TS]

  least briefly what he wants to know what [TS]

  everyone else thinks of him but he but [TS]

  he wants to be Superman and he fails at [TS]

  being Superman repeatedly constantly [TS]

  whatever gun comes out he's almost [TS]

  camera skills whole got the couple times [TS]

  he almost nukes that the the battleships [TS]

  I and the end of the movie isnot now I [TS]

  finally decided to be what he was trying [TS]

  to be good the whole time the end of the [TS]

  movies him successfully being good for [TS]

  him from turning his desire to be a good [TS]

  person into actions that you know you [TS]

  don't mean it's like that so it's not [TS]

  that hard to want to be Superman it's [TS]

  hard to actually do it on the day right [TS]

  and especially hard for him because you [TS]

  know he's its programming or the do it [TS]

  is designed he's designed to be he's got [TS]

  all these weapons coming out we designed [TS]

  the building up that's what he's good at [TS]

  all these excuses of why he's failing to [TS]

  fulfill is everything at the end of the [TS]

  movie it's it's him realizing as he goes [TS]

  up to the missile that he is he has now [TS]

  become the thing that he wanted to [TS]

  become and also is dying at the same [TS]

  time which is why we land in like that [TS]

  watching the movie many many many times [TS]

  it every time I watch it I think it's [TS]

  not going to affect me this times I've [TS]

  seen it I've seen it so many times like [TS]

  it's so it's so corny you know i am now [TS]

  I'm not a gun it's like it's like is [TS]

  that little on-the-nose writing-wise [TS]

  it's like it's like three is three [TS]

  syllables three syllables and you're [TS]

  like all right and it's and it's also so [TS]

  on-the-nose you're like oh is that you [TS]

  can come up with something better than [TS]

  that it's like a kid's mind that it's [TS]

  still it's still works every time [TS]

  well it's perfectly orchestrated right i [TS]

  mean he's flying through space the the [TS]

  missile turns around there's a great [TS]

  swell the score you get Hogarth echoing [TS]

  in his head you are what you choose to [TS]

  be [TS]

  he says Superman kind of you know stoic [TS]

  Lee and then he closes his eyes and [TS]

  that's what kills me he closes his eyes [TS]

  and it's he's got like a little bit of a [TS]

  smile on his face even though he knows [TS]

  what's coming and it should be you [TS]

  couldn't possibly have [TS]

  couldn't possibly have [TS]

  orchestrated that better it works so [TS]

  perfectly [TS]

  yeah it's kind of like pie too bad it [TS]

  wasn't this episode with you Jason but [TS]

  kinda like The Karate Kid corny in every [TS]

  possible way that you could be corny but [TS]

  when the host party pieces come together [TS]

  in just the right way you realize why [TS]

  this is a formula that works so we [TS]

  should talk about the end and part which [TS]

  is the you know what I've been starting [TS]

  to call the ET ending which is you you [TS]

  know i have an opening statement for [TS]

  this sort of oh ok well i can't wait to [TS]

  the end and it's not really an opening [TS]

  statements not my opening statement so [TS]

  at this point in the movie [TS]

  my son had been watching the whole thing [TS]

  in raptured my daughter walked into the [TS]

  room to have some lunch she decided not [TS]

  to watch with and she was munching on [TS]

  something at the table and the whole [TS]

  real ending happens where he blows up [TS]

  and she says this movie is sad didn't [TS]

  see any of it up to this point but she's [TS]

  clearly this movie is sad and then my [TS]

  son the seven-year-old with a smile [TS]

  turns around and says no it's not going [TS]

  to be sad i know what's going to happen [TS]

  it happens in all movies who is not [TS]

  wrong it and yeah a little bit later he [TS]

  gets presented with the bolt and he [TS]

  looked back with the most knowing green [TS]

  i'm casey i have an opening statement [TS]

  here too [TS]

  I don't stipulate I like I I against my [TS]

  better judgment I i still find myself [TS]

  melting a little bit at the endemic and [TS]

  and I think partly because of the [TS]

  swelling music and it is very well done [TS]

  and that wonderful like sort of like a [TS]

  simulation like a tracking shot like you [TS]

  know yeah that was great but the pieces [TS]

  moving in the fog [TS]

  yeah it's very very well done and you [TS]

  get to that face and it's it's it really [TS]

  is great and I'm so happy for my kid [TS]

  that she gets to see the the robot being [TS]

  alive but I kind of the two things I [TS]

  don't like about this movie are the [TS]

  typefaces in the credits and and it's [TS]

  been attacked on ending and I there's [TS]

  still this part of us i was just [TS]

  shooting with a friend of mine who works [TS]

  at Pixar about this like you know I [TS]

  still have really mixed feelings about [TS]

  that ending I kind of feel like it it [TS]

  should have if it really was all the [TS]

  breadboard movie a kind [TS]

  give I don't know either my Karma's sake [TS]

  I kind of feel like it shouldn't have [TS]

  had that ending you guys prefer the like [TS]

  the alternate ending to ET where it's an [TS]

  alien autopsy video is I discover he [TS]

  said oh yeah he's still white and being [TS]

  dissected that's what you guys are [TS]

  looking for [TS]

  well supposedly brad bird's original [TS]

  script had had a very different ending [TS]

  with with the USA and USSR at war or [TS]

  something [TS]

  I tried to be good I i will say normally [TS]

  I hate that kind of you know the feeling [TS]

  of attacked on your always a happy [TS]

  ending but now this this is coming from [TS]

  sort of a theologian you know if he's [TS]

  also a Christ figure right you have to [TS]

  have a resurrection at the end you know [TS]

  it just it it connects that way so it [TS]

  made sense to me it was like it was ok [TS]

  watching it today I almost thought it [TS]

  would be better if if they had just [TS]

  ended it on the scene of the bolt sort [TS]

  of rolling through the grass towards god [TS]

  knows what I yeah that's the same it's [TS]

  the same ending mow it is effectively [TS]

  because you know that the head has to [TS]

  have its little antenna to be attracting [TS]

  the pieces to it but it's a little on [TS]

  the nose to end with with him being okay [TS]

  after another atomic well i'll let you [TS]

  gotta like tune in next week for the [TS]

  other net further adventures of the iron [TS]

  giant you want to go into the cereals [TS]

  that the science-fiction cereals that he [TS]

  was watching this movie pays homage to [TS]

  so much that I mean I i agree didn't [TS]

  need to be there for kids movie it's a [TS]

  type of thing i can imagine an executive [TS]

  side while the Giants gotta live right [TS]

  we have got to have that damning but on [TS]

  the other hand it's not like whether the [TS]

  bolts rolling away you see the smiling [TS]

  face [TS]

  I think the main problem is story-wise [TS]

  is that you don't you don't have [TS]

  anywhere to go from there [TS]

  that the move like you already had your [TS]

  ending and now you've introduced this [TS]

  new thing that that is intriguing over [TS]

  the Giants alive and then immediately [TS]

  you think kid or adult well then what [TS]

  happens now to Syria somebody go back to [TS]

  heart as you live in the town does he [TS]

  work this he carries lumber you carry [TS]

  lumber for main I mean like at some [TS]

  point we're gonna run out of scrap to [TS]

  feed this guy and then what's gonna [TS]

  happen quickly edit and like you say ski [TS]

  then his buddies his buddies are gonna [TS]

  come down it's not gonna be so fun [TS]

  you honestly the fact that he survived [TS]

  the bomb just makes me more worried [TS]

  about let's go well and also his I [TS]

  thought about that when I watched it [TS]

  that the surviving the bomb like oh how [TS]

  could how could you have survived that [TS]

  you know that they go bomb and I feel [TS]

  like the the design of this robot is [TS]

  such that is designed to come apart [TS]

  easily so the nuclear blast doesn't [TS]

  doesn't melt him but rather just [TS]

  disperses the parts and of course the [TS]

  sparks are autonomous and they can find [TS]

  those you want the thing to break apart [TS]

  and spread away from the blast rather [TS]

  than sort of absorbing it doesn't really [TS]

  make much sense but it makes a little [TS]

  bit of sense actually I'm not I'm not [TS]

  entirely convinced that the the nuclear [TS]

  bomb itself goes off i think that maybe [TS]

  he impacts the missile in at edits at [TS]

  its height and the missile explodes and [TS]

  you know if you hit a nuclear so what [TS]

  you're saying is that there's atomic [TS]

  space junk still floating around up [TS]

  there oh it's a dirty bomb well it's [TS]

  floated all over the AK could have been [TS]

  outside the atmosphere and it could have [TS]

  just you know got swept away and burned [TS]

  out because you know that I I an atomic [TS]

  bomb has to be very precisely detonated [TS]

  or it doesn't actually do the chain [TS]

  reaction so I think he smashed into it [TS]

  flung into a million pieces the the [TS]

  missile itself you know plunged into the [TS]

  Atlantic and it was the prettiest thing [TS]

  it's the percussion of the strike [TS]

  yeah yeah he backed into it and and [TS]

  prevented from doing the big big nuclear [TS]

  Club that's what i'm gonna choose to [TS]

  believe what do we know an atomic bomb [TS]

  does in space where it doesn't have air [TS]

  as a medium or at least not much if this [TS]

  if this were a whaling now in retrospect [TS]

  that reminds me of the end of wolverine [TS]

  wolverine origins movie for Deadpool put [TS]

  his head back on like this what is this [TS]

  what a Marvel movie that would have been [TS]

  after the credits i like wow that's [TS]

  that's true I i think i do think you [TS]

  have to end the movie this way and I [TS]

  don't mind because I i feel i feel that [TS]

  the Giants it when this with this kind [TS]

  of ending is bad is when in hindsight if [TS]

  you feel like the the it wasn't a [TS]

  sacrifice that they didn't truly make [TS]

  the sacrifice expecting that it would be [TS]

  a sacrifice but he knew it was he knew [TS]

  it was a sacrifice [TS]

  yeah he closes his eyes he's expecting [TS]

  that this is the end and and then you [TS]

  also get the what i think is really [TS]

  important you get the town has built [TS]

  this statue of him which is also one of [TS]

  those things that makes the room a [TS]

  little dusty for me is that they he was [TS]

  appreciated and not hated and here is [TS]

  he'll always be here in the children [TS]

  will look at this this statue of the of [TS]

  the iron giant and then at the end yeah [TS]

  it's more like it's just a nice it's not [TS]

  it puts a smile on your face at the end [TS]

  o [TS]

  oh but but wait and then that's it and [TS]

  you never get the door closes and and [TS]

  you feel like isn't that nice that he [TS]

  still has possibilities and the end [TS]

  right maybe he'll grow up to be the king [TS]

  of Iceland or something I don't know but [TS]

  robot King benevolent robot king of [TS]

  Iceland well he can fly back to where [TS]

  he's from and tell him not to blow the [TS]

  crap out of us because maybe what the [TS]

  second movies about I'm I'm just happy [TS]

  he didn't wink at the end haha but you [TS]

  know as as as it goes black and I'm [TS]

  sitting there looking at the font and [TS]

  cringing and twitching can we talk about [TS]

  the font is it just me yeah it's no it's [TS]

  not just you [TS]

  what is that like euro-style what is [TS]

  that oh god it looks like the opening [TS]

  credits from tech war it's it's like [TS]

  what is with this fun but you know we're [TS]

  sitting there and then my [TS]

  twelve-year-old immediately says so when [TS]

  do they make iron giant two giant harder [TS]

  as well [TS]

  nah I don't know yet that's when the [TS]

  love robot programming really comes out [TS]

  kind of horrible face who would pick [TS]

  that would pick that is look at the [TS]

  here's the thing here's the thing about [TS]

  Brad berg you look at like all of this [TS]

  stuff in his movies he cares so much [TS]

  about like how every newspaper looks you [TS]

  go and look at like in the incredibles [TS]

  look at how all of like all that stuff [TS]

  looks who picked those fonts it was not [TS]

  brad bird it's kind of like being an [TS]

  author where you don't get to pick the [TS]

  title of your book will in non Pixar [TS]

  studios and seems like people who make [TS]

  the movies don't get to pick the credits [TS]

  no I mean this was made on a very very [TS]

  low budget you know for an animated [TS]

  feature and on a very tight schedule so [TS]

  maybe this was just one of those things [TS]

  we're gonna do 70 million dollars that's [TS]

  not a low-budget did you guys see you [TS]

  guys see this [TS]

  I I had no idea like I've been off the [TS]

  cable for a long time did you guys see [TS]

  this when it was played on what they say [TS]

  on cartoon network they would play this [TS]

  for like 24 hours once a year to get [TS]

  guys know about that is that is our you [TS]

  guys for sought I saw their one-year [TS]

  this is their Christmas this is like [TS]

  their christmas story like they would [TS]

  they would play this for 24 hours on [TS]

  yeah that's what wikipedia says anyway I [TS]

  heard about this from roger ebert you [TS]

  know because he gave it a really [TS]

  positive review and while she's gotta [TS]

  wash now that was what what made me say [TS]

  it before we had kids was problem that [TS]

  was probably Roger [TS]

  childhood too so of course he's going to [TS]

  give it a big thumbs up I didn't want to [TS]

  go back to get it was very briefly [TS]

  mentioned but i really like that scene [TS]

  where he's presenting the comic books [TS]

  and he goes through you know the [TS]

  superman comic and he goes through tommo [TS]

  and it's it's clear at that point that [TS]

  the the Giant is intrigued by the atomic [TS]

  comics a very short little subtle thing [TS]

  but he sees a Tommy goes oh it's me and [TS]

  then Hogarth very quickly so he's a bad [TS]

  guy and covers it up with a Superman [TS]

  comic and in that in that mirror moment [TS]

  there you could almost see you know an [TS]

  alternate version of this story where he [TS]

  does go bad but you know in that in that [TS]

  brief moment that's also a kindness of [TS]

  Hogarth right he did he he doesn't want [TS]

  to think of this robot is a bad guy and [TS]

  so he's like he doesn't know the world [TS]

  is racist against the robot yeah check [TS]

  out Superman he's awesome and also it's [TS]

  at amo which is a little on the nose but [TS]

  still probably at the atomic Holocaust [TS]

  video in the classroom is great with the [TS]

  gun but it's almost like what's-his-name [TS]

  something k where the ren & stimpy guy [TS]

  where the kid is left on the desk and on [TS]

  the pedestal of Earth that has been [TS]

  unharmed but the blast the desk is there [TS]

  too [TS]

  what's that what's the right instead of [TS]

  you guys named John Kruk floosie yeah [TS]

  that that that animate that whole film [TS]

  strip looks like something he could have [TS]

  done [TS]

  yeah that's the one that's your that's [TS]

  your modern snarkiness inside the [TS]

  fifties thing is these media portrayals [TS]

  that we get when we get the duck and [TS]

  cover video we get the horror movie you [TS]

  want to stick that in notes [TS]

  Jason if I to atomic cafe remember that [TS]

  that is beyond USA at night it was all [TS]

  like is it is that my remembering that [TS]

  right David it's all like old like [TS]

  fifties like duck and cover was a thing [TS]

  they really were like it's ok just [TS]

  getting your dad's well atomic cafe was [TS]

  a documentary film I think you're [TS]

  thinking of night flight [TS]

  that is the u.s. I think that showed [TS]

  like all these weird fifties movies and [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  yeah but yeah there was one that had out [TS]

  that like had collected a whole bunch of [TS]

  those wackadoodle like like fifties you [TS]

  know municipal safety films yet that is [TS]

  atomic cafe [TS]

  that'sthat's that what else what else [TS]

  but i I've got a sort of everything [TS]

  covered here but I don't want to go [TS]

  before everybody gets their gets there [TS]

  say about [TS]

  after they want to talk about about the [TS]

  iron giant anything else you know what [TS]

  that that duck and cover video in the [TS]

  iron giant it looks like it's modern [TS]

  snarkiness and it clearly is but it's [TS]

  not that frankly is not that different [TS]

  now i'm looking at the thumbnail the [TS]

  thumbnail from duck and cover is a [TS]

  turtle wearing a helmet know like it's [TS]

  not gonna be good to get your shell [TS]

  maybe games right that's fine that's [TS]

  fine that's not why it's so funny when [TS]

  Mansley he's gotta go duck and cover [TS]

  somewhere I guess I hope we've covered [TS]

  Mansley enough because he's so [TS]

  tremendous in this I I what a fun [TS]

  character that Mansley I work for the [TS]

  government [TS]

  I chris chris mcdonald is superb that [TS]

  he's made a living on on doing a [TS]

  weaselly boutique law reforms Hogarth it [TS]

  doesn't end up for being being for any [TS]

  reason it's just to be a disturbing [TS]

  would later become armed guards and then [TS]

  Garth wakes up in his bed and no [TS]

  significant time has passed [TS]

  maybe just ended the interrogation said [TS]

  alright let's go to bed now that would [TS]

  have been had to come back there but it [TS]

  was but it's not like it's not like he [TS]

  went into the bunch of stuff while [TS]

  Hogarth was drugged it's just like now [TS]

  your bed and I'm gonna stand here and [TS]

  what I know I I think Marlon Marlon can [TS]

  probably relate but he really wanted to [TS]

  avoid is having to tell him for the 900 [TS]

  time together but jamas on brothers me [TS]

  which part of its bedtime don't you [TS]

  understand [TS]

  perhaps more disturbing in that scene is [TS]

  the fact that mom stays out all night [TS]

  she's working she's a single mom it was [TS]

  it was surprisingly little sexism and [TS]

  shunning of the single mom in this movie [TS]

  we said we've said almost nothing about [TS]

  about her grass mom she was off on a [TS]

  date with ross for the whole thing I i [TS]

  cannot separate jennifer aniston from [TS]

  her voice in this movie that's my [TS]

  problem with the mob [TS]

  I kinda like that actually I'm in mind [TS]

  this is around the time she did office [TS]

  space to ya les flare on the on this [TS]

  waitress them i have a similar problem [TS]

  with frazier's dad but that's only [TS]

  because after all those years of seeing [TS]

  him as Frazier's dad and he was on a [TS]

  what was it was it using say anything I [TS]

  was so great that I didn't have a whole [TS]

  lot of notes here I'll i really like the [TS]

  the image of just the head with the eyes [TS]

  lit up that you see in shadow from the [TS]

  distance oh yeah several times in the [TS]

  mood [TS]

  I think that that's really well done and [TS]

  nice and subtle I mean even just the [TS]

  first before the first moment races i [TS]

  see the lighthouse and and then it turns [TS]

  and there's two eyes you go i love a [TS]

  scene where where they turn back where [TS]

  the armies leaving town and they turn [TS]

  back in there and the Giant is towering [TS]

  over every building in the entire town [TS]

  that is a wonderful scene and he's just [TS]

  hovering he's not doing anything and [TS]

  that's and then Mansley of course says [TS]

  he's attacking the town is everybody all [TS]

  worked up and there's a moment right in [TS]

  the beginning where it's it's the waves [TS]

  its after you know it's like when you're [TS]

  just seeing the waves then where it's [TS]

  almost exactly the composition of the [TS]

  great wave of kanagawa by jaco sigh [TS]

  which we have hanging on our wall so [TS]

  both of the kids went hey yes i know [TS]

  that what about the pop songs are those [TS]

  real song to where they written for the [TS]

  movie because they feel like real pop [TS]

  songs which pop songs that like trade [TS]

  that trini lopez song during the trini [TS]

  lopez sounding song during the montage [TS]

  yeah that's not a real song [TS]

  yeah okay yeah those are those are [TS]

  genuine Zhan searched in every whichaway [TS]

  that's that's a classic [TS]

  oh I didn't know that mhm was a was wig [TS]

  out really a thing in 1950s yeah because [TS]

  we got at least three different workouts [TS]

  although well you know [TS]

  Dobie Gillis and beatniks and all that [TS]

  that would be about the right the right [TS]

  time I wonder if they were used week out [TS]

  on that we just assume 64 that because [TS]

  of the whole wig element of it [TS]

  yeah my daughter loves when a Dean is [TS]

  reading the paper after the after the [TS]

  the Cannonball all the water national [TS]

  yeah yeah that seems problematic for me [TS]

  too are you in the road he's just [TS]

  murdered like half of lakes worth of [TS]

  fish [TS]

  yeah and that raccoon is not long for [TS]

  this world either a suspect [TS]

  no yeah i mean i was a nice button on [TS]

  that to just you know fish fish fish [TS]

  raccoon also the animation of Dean [TS]

  floating through the wave is a little [TS]

  weird [TS]

  I like that he's holding on to his arm [TS]

  rest and that keeps him oriented [TS]

  properly throughout the many lands [TS]

  yeah they do eggs exaggerated cartoon [TS]

  physics sparingly like the other thing [TS]

  that I think of it [TS]

  the hand is crawling back to the robot [TS]

  it lifts up the corner of the barn and [TS]

  goes underneath it's like you have your [TS]

  allowed like one or two seconds of [TS]

  ridiculous cartoon physics and you go [TS]

  back to their movement of the hand is [TS]

  also a dog the hand behaves like a dog [TS]

  which is cute [TS]

  it's more of a cat really well i think [TS]

  it's a dog it's good it's a fast wag on [TS]

  the tail [TS]

  yeah have you ever had a dog take the [TS]

  toilet paper apart because that's a very [TS]

  cat thing [TS]

  yeah but that dogs eat it toxic more [TS]

  than that didn't know I decide later I [TS]

  think you got it in a legit in the case [TS]

  the camera and all right now [TS]

  alright I think it's time to wrap it up [TS]

  then do you remember the raccoon but [TS]

  alright well that brings us to the end [TS]

  of our discussion of the iron giant [TS]

  which was lovely and I'd like to thank [TS]

  my panelists were discussing with me [TS]

  Steve let's thanks for being here [TS]

  Oh glad I could be here Jason it was a [TS]

  fine time I wouldn't want to talk about [TS]

  those poop jokes with anybody i was [TS]

  gonna say yeah I almost you to join in [TS]

  but I knew you would be sad if they were [TS]

  poop jokes discussed and I was not here [TS]

  to it would feel wrong I would feel as [TS]

  if one part of my body had popped off [TS]

  and was slowly beeping its way back to [TS]

  me so I'm glad you could be here [TS]

  it's a very disturbing image yeah yeah [TS]

  dollars that would be if it was yeah [TS]

  David lower thanks for being here it's a [TS]

  queue anytime anytime well then i'll [TS]

  take that as about you know I appreciate [TS]

  it [TS]

  Tony sindelar thank you for being here [TS]

  John siracusa thank you for being here [TS]

  to talk about animation again we we [TS]

  veered into anime just for a moment [TS]

  there want to talk about some other [TS]

  animated films in the future i think yes [TS]

  i am also not a gun all right I've heard [TS]

  that about you good to know everyone man [TS]

  thank you for coming back [TS]

  I really appreciate you being here this [TS]

  was a lot of fun I rest my case [TS]

  alright that's good no final statements [TS]

  no finala [TS]

  finala I don't even know what I'm saying [TS]

  here that I think the cat was stalking [TS]

  the campus yet you think the cat is a [TS]

  cat magical or was his magic and Kiki [TS]

  all along [TS]

  thank you for having me on it was great [TS]

  to have you and for the incredible i am [TS]

  your host Jason snow once again thanks [TS]

  for listening we'll see you next time [TS]

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