Hello Internet

H.I. #34: Line in the Sand


  You're already mad at me and we haven't even started. I think this is our least prepared episode ever. [TS]

  We've both been super busy today. [TS]

  We have said that before with unprepared episodes but this is really like well I guess we have a thing to do [TS]

  and this is literally the only time we can do it so we have to record it right now because you are going to be [TS]

  traveling and I am going to be traveling if you don't record today it's not going to happen. [TS]

  Potentially we could both be on planes [TS]

  when people listen to this one so yeah I actually think I very well may be on an airplane [TS]

  when people are listening to this or or quite shortly thereafter or thereabouts. [TS]

  I will be on a plane [TS]

  when this one airs the day we're recording this is a day that Grace put out his Scandinavia video four hours ago [TS]

  and I put it out and I think I put out four or five videos today and has been met so we have both. [TS]

  Well I didn't I didn't make all of them [TS]

  but I also uploaded some today released today can I just say by the way I've been meaning to bring this up for a while [TS]

  and this is completely unnecessary to bring up but I'm bringing it up. We got nothing to go we got nothing. [TS]

  I know people get very excited about all these Brady versus Gray widgets and websites and spreadsheets [TS]

  and that comparing how many videos I've made since you last made a video [TS]

  and how many These yours have had compared to mine and all that sort of thing. [TS]

  Not only do I think that's completely pointless and like comparing apples with K.B. [TS]

  Freights like in many ways right now to me is a pointless for those reasons [TS]

  but it's also completely broken because if one of us. Uploads. Well I'm speaking more about me here. [TS]

  If I upload a bunch of videos and don't make them public for various reasons because I'm staggering releases [TS]

  and things when I then make them public. [TS]

  All these widgets and that use the data that I uploaded them not the day they go public. [TS]

  So there's always some videos that aren't counted in the raw [TS]

  and the tally in those sort of things so not only are the numbers. [TS]

  Point yes but the numbers are wrong and as I said before I think it's great that people do and it's funny and cute [TS]

  but some people take it really seriously and they probably shouldn't. [TS]

  My understanding is that this again is like many things entirely You Tube's fault because they don't actually have any [TS]

  any place where you can access the publish date there is only the uploaded date so there's no information for any of [TS]

  these things to draw from About when was the video actually made public. [TS]

  So yes even I have run into some times where I have a videos are uploaded in a different order from the time they [TS]

  actually go public [TS]

  and it's very frustrating it's it's weird it's another weird little thing that you can't why can't you have a published [TS]

  date who cares about the upload date nobody is more you chewed half assed sorry it is more You Tube half assed sorry [TS]

  that's in time to which I can jump right into a little follow up by them because the list goes right right up write [TS]

  programs that didn't do it or do something else. It sounds like you know. [TS]

  No no it sounds like you found yourself a little so I could ask what you should say I'm not going to ruin it for you. [TS]

  OK Well we just we just have ruined the segue. [TS]

  But the very first the very first thing that I have in the follow up is I mentioned it last time. [TS]

  Even still more people have sent me all kinds of bizarre configurations about where the card little I con appears on [TS]

  various different devices and all kinds of crazy location [TS]

  and since the last time we recorded You Tube has moved the branding box that I was complaining about last time where [TS]

  the at least on the computer. [TS]

  The place for the card to button and the place for the branding box were in the same location [TS]

  and I thought Why on earth did you put the two of them there. [TS]

  You should have the branding box or the I in different places [TS]

  and they move the branding box to what seems to me one of the worst locations which is now the bottom right hand corner [TS]

  is where they put the little logo box on. On on top of all of your videos and it's like come on guys. [TS]

  That seems like a terrible place to put it I don't know why you decided that was the one to go for [TS]

  but that's you know that's where they put it [TS]

  and it is irritating to me because that is a place that is very useful in animate like the bottom part of it is very [TS]

  useful for animations and so now it's like yet another thing I have to be aware of [TS]

  when I'm putting together my slides are like oh right anything in the bottom right hand corner is going to be covered [TS]

  up by the branding box so I'm actually considering just totally turning off the branding box entirely. [TS]

  But some or more You Tube my theory I finished of it I'm sorry you know how [TS]

  when I talk about things like cricket plane crashes and things and you're just like I couldn't care less right. [TS]

  Yeah this is definitely one of these things where it matters to me more because I'm doing animations [TS]

  but for ninety nine percent of people on You Tube It doesn't doesn't make any difference like what corner is being used [TS]

  by the screen doesn't matter because it's almost always someone's face in the center of the screen so this is just my [TS]

  problem which is why I'm complaining about it. [TS]

  I do a lot of animation state I just don't think about I just like maybe I should think about it. [TS]

  Anyway you're doing fine without thinking about. [TS]

  Well you don't pretty OK though so maybe I should think about it I don't think this is a difference that makes a [TS]

  difference I will say. Anyway there you go if you really care about this email Gary. [TS]

  So you've said something here about Europe and skyscrapers. What's going on down here. That's not me. [TS]

  That may that's you that is me the you're always trying to tell me that I put these things in the documents [TS]

  and they're your things this is not me I didn't put it there I don't know just I swear you don't you don't know [TS]

  anything that you do you don't know when you touch the microphone you don't know when you add stuff to the document. [TS]

  It's like it's like you're not in your own mind. It often does feel that way. [TS]

  You're just you're just on autopilot just did you do to do whatever looking at Twitter [TS]

  or checking your email adding stuff to the documents and not remembering any of that the impression I get right now. [TS]

  It looks like there is plans for the tallest skyscraper in Europe to be built at a spa resort in the Swiss Alps. [TS]

  Oh really. [TS]

  It would tower over London's shot which measures a mere one thousand state yet Gray still wants to buy an apartment [TS]

  and I do. We'll put a link in the show notes in few one hour in this article I have no picture. [TS]

  Damn an article is so useless. [TS]

  Do you think that the artist's impression of something now they had some picture of a little town [TS]

  and then like a stock photo of a woman in the spa. Stupid article I want to I want to photograph. [TS]

  When I was the reporter for that the city council in Adelaide and new plans would go in for a building [TS]

  and I could go and get them from the from the council offices [TS]

  but I put in all their planning submissions man that was exciting. [TS]

  I knew I had a good story that day when you go in and I'd say we've got some plans. That's lots of pages. [TS]

  Let's page five page seven maybe depends depends I could it looks I think I got maybe a page one a couple times for [TS]

  them. Oh yeah yeah. His impressions of buildings that's that's that's money in the bank for a council reporter. [TS]

  But the exciting thing Monday morning [TS]

  when the council agenda came out for the meeting that wake with all the reports that was a bonanza that was a treasure [TS]

  chest of stories. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Sounds very exciting. Happy times. [TS]

  Three funding a newspaper journalist already missed it. Oh yeah I want to go back. [TS]

  I'm sure they'd take you know they don't really miss it enough to actually do it again. [TS]

  Me So I have just because I have fond memories of something you know I actually have a recurring nightmare that I'm [TS]

  back working at the newspaper at Cannes [TS]

  and it wasn't a nightmare to work they don't get me wrong I loved working there it was the you know some of the [TS]

  happiest. [TS]

  Days of my life for some reason it's an anxiety dream that I've gone back now I've left England enough to come back to [TS]

  Australia and I'm back in the NEWSROOM and I'm thinking oh my goodness what a terrible mistake why have I done this. [TS]

  Things were going really well once I was I come back it's like a real anxiety dream of mine. [TS]

  It's probably my most frequent anxiety dream [TS]

  and I can't emphasize enough how much I'd like the place it's not like it's not a place I don't want to go back to IN [TS]

  THE DREAM. It's terrible it's like crazy things are going well I was making my You Tube videos and things were good. [TS]

  Why did I just don't want to come back this is a mistake. [TS]

  Tell me more about your dreams just as I said that I remembered how much you hate us so I thought you might like this [TS]

  one because it's like an anxiety dream [TS]

  and it's like a recurring thing it's not like you know oh one day I was walking down the street [TS]

  and my brother was Robin Williams or whatever it was you said when you said it it wasn't that it was like you know. [TS]

  I'm sorry. [TS]

  A boy of Port dreams compensation for now it's very interesting you are unhelpful enough with my attempts to start [TS]

  conversations at the best of times you big especially unhelpful. [TS]

  I tried to be helpful I'm just not very good at it but this is but the dream stuff is the absolute worst. [TS]

  There's nothing to grab onto it's just it's a conversational fog is no there's no hope there's no way out just for you [TS]

  I'm really really interested in psychology and there must be a link between dreams and psychology. [TS]

  I'm not really interested in psychology now not not really you know now I think it's mostly nonsense. [TS]

  Well while we're speaking of. Sorry my uncle who's a psychologist you're not listening. [TS]

  While we're speaking of Adelaide [TS]

  and buildings kind of quickly follow up on our previous discussion about the black stump building please do the mighty [TS]

  black stump the mighty black stump the Grenfell center. [TS]

  Grenfell straight and the stones throw from the Adelaide Advertiser building. [TS]

  You know well we had three people who send in photos as requested [TS]

  and they were holding a copy of The Advertiser to prove that they were contemporaneous pictures that was a massive [TS]

  massive kudos to those people of a special blog page dedicated to them. [TS]

  I like the guy who had it on the laptop I thought that was the best that was a classy move. [TS]

  That's the way I would have done it. Yeah I actually prefer the paper ones but of course of course of course. [TS]

  But today we had a fourth contributor swooped down [TS]

  and so you'll have glory steal the glory from those three contributors [TS]

  and this was a guy called I will look up his name because he definitely gets a name check in fact they all deserve a [TS]

  name check the photographers were I guess T. Man this is Twitter names obviously at case T. [TS]

  Man at D G five six seven eight two eight catchy name and tablet laptop man was at Cal and care. [TS]

  But the prize in the trophy goes to absolute Avery three who made a video with some podcast playing over the top of a [TS]

  but will forgive the free version because it was done so well [TS]

  and I think it would qualify space he freed dated somebody did it brilliantly [TS]

  and made a video of himself walking into the lobby of the Grenfell center of the black stump while listening to a [TS]

  podcast and that's pretty special. My wife thought the video was very creepy that was the word she used. [TS]

  Looking back at it a second or third time it is a bit creepy but I still think it's brilliant. [TS]

  If it was it was impressive to see. Yeah Grayling. [TS]

  Maybe I will say in a not so recent podcast we discussed the pronunciation of St Bernard right. [TS]

  Bernard St Bernard or St then it is. As my wife would say. In correcting me. [TS]

  So we had a listener from Switzerland a native German speaker send us in an audio file of his pronunciation. [TS]

  I don't know why he sent it now he must have just listened to the podcast [TS]

  and felt compelled to have us hear how he thinks it should be pronounced. [TS]

  Sort of the native way and saying it's an audio file. I will now that great to time travel magic and play it T. [TS]

  Here it is. [TS]

  They're not doing that so there you go you just heard it and grey [TS]

  and I haven't just heard it so we probably have not much to say [TS]

  but I thought it was really cool to have an audio file and follow the wanted audio feedback follow up. [TS]

  Yeah I think that's something different. [TS]

  But don't don't send me your audio files to get them in the pod cast that will not happen [TS]

  and I will not listen to audio files that get sent in now because I know exactly what you're all going to day. [TS]

  I don't even bother. I will delete anything with an audio file without listening. That's going to happen. [TS]

  I'm not even going to be setting a real hard line in the sand there. [TS]

  What if it's a really valuable audio file the braiding that that line is. [TS]

  What if it's an amazing an amazing email in audio form then that's just ventilated think about what you could be [TS]

  missing out on. Don't care don't care not even if you know someone called the Riemann Hypothesis. [TS]

  I mean what do you know for I don't want to listen to that [TS]

  and is that what the a book audio proof knowing that they're going in the bin this seems unusually harsh for you [TS]

  usually have the fear of missing out on maybe maybe there's something great in one of those emails just going to leave [TS]

  the audio on either the fear of missing out you know the guy he doesn't want to go to Mount Everest [TS]

  but will consider doing it if his friends are going in case he misses. [TS]

  I say that the value proposition there is just very different. Can I do a follow up from another. [TS]

  This is not quite so sure you can do you can. You can default on whatever you want. [TS]

  This is only a couple podcast and I just wanted to mention it because I felt like I should have last time [TS]

  when I admitted that I had never consumed coffee and you were like Oh it's amazing. [TS]

  And I expected all the world to be treating me like a freak. [TS]

  I feel like I became a a lightning rod [TS]

  and a standard bearer for all these non coffee drinkers who've been in the closet for way too long [TS]

  and they all came out on Twitter [TS]

  and emails that saying THANK YOU THANK YOU Brady for saying what we've all been thinking that coffee is disgusting [TS]

  and it should not be consumed [TS]

  and all these people saying I've never drank I've never had a I actually think for stably I'm even contacted me [TS]

  and said that he was anti coffee compared to see him you don't have to correct me every time I say incorrectly I don't [TS]

  know I'm told always because sometimes you move by it so it's impossible for me to try to get a crack I think people [TS]

  know I think people know what's going on. OK You think so. OK Yeah so anyway. Can I just say. [TS]

  Fellow non coffee drinkers. I'm with you I feel or I felt the love. [TS]

  Thank you for the love [TS]

  and right back at your real hero Brady It was really brave of you to say what it was going to look like it was big of [TS]

  me. It was big of me and I feel like I've become a role model for a lot of young non coffee drinkers out there. [TS]

  Someone they can aspire to and think I too could be as old as Brady one day and had not drank coffee. [TS]

  So I stick with that table. With that we're going to have dreams dream big and in the foyer. [TS]

  Meanwhile I used to used to tell my students you need a cup of coffee [TS]

  and then I heard it I heard that for young kids get out find it's right around the corner that I would be other way [TS]

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  Affix to hava for supporting hello internet. [TS]

  Speaking of you know people being in touch with us I think it is time for me to draw another line in the sand. [TS]

  Oh and this is the emailing me to get to gray This is not going to happen this is not going to work [TS]

  and I'm now putting in a firm policy of no matter what it is or how important is it won't go to gray. [TS]

  Because if I let one through then I have to let them walk in after them or three so that's it. [TS]

  If you write something saying I think Grey would find this interesting [TS]

  or can you please show just grey not going to happen and don't and don't even try and be sneaky and say. [TS]

  Let's start your email off with Brady. I think you're really nice and I enjoy your videos. [TS]

  I was just thinking the other day C.D.P. Greg would really like to but that's not going to work either. [TS]

  I see straight through that. [TS]

  So it sounds like you've been getting a lot of my email I have you know I got no getting journalists email me asking [TS]

  for interview requests with you. That's that is not going to happen. [TS]

  We talked about this before like over the professional line but you go ahead [TS]

  and just delete all of those I have an email filter that I think it uses the phrase I am a reporter from [TS]

  and just automatically delete all those anyway. [TS]

  Never never feel guilty never feel guilty about that but you know I don't think that's over the professional [TS]

  and I think if a journalist wants to contact someone I thankfully think that's quiet industrious of them to think I [TS]

  haven't got this guy's phone number. I can't seem to email him. Who else would know Him How can I get to him. [TS]

  I respect them for trying. [TS]

  You know like I would do the same thing if I really wanted to contact someone I have done the same thing. [TS]

  You know I say Don't feel bad journalist you know you would do you. [TS]

  You weren't being unprofessional but you did say you did it wrong. [TS]

  You know you didn't you didn't flatten the enough is that what your problem is you probably needed to message me a [TS]

  little bit. [TS]

  You probably need to say you know I listened to your podcast with gray and I think you're both awesome [TS]

  and I've got specific things are great [TS]

  but there was none of that there was no mess adjuring it was just straight to the I Hate You know him. [TS]

  Can you help me out. [TS]

  No Pod caster problems [TS]

  but I think that's kind of I think that's kind of over the line I have been weirdly on on both sides of this because [TS]

  there have been people who have contacted me trying to get in touch with other people that they know I know [TS]

  and I always find that just I think it's just weird it's kind of it's over a sort of social line like wait you you know [TS]

  I don't know you but you want to use me as the in. There person. [TS]

  Like why would I ever do that for you person that I don't know this to seems wrong wrong. [TS]

  Well the only way the place where I fell down for the journalist is they journalists I think journalists a used to [TS]

  dealing with people how impressed by journalists and I was pretty impressed by the prospect of publicity. [TS]

  Yeah and you and I not not to humble brag but you and I for various reasons are past that point. [TS]

  So so dropping a mouse saying hey I'm a journalist [TS]

  and I want to speak to your friend you know isn't this an amazing opportunity that's fall in your lap like that doesn't [TS]

  work [TS]

  but I could imagine for other people that would work would be like oh well you know talk to my friend are you going to [TS]

  put them in the paper. That's really cool. [TS]

  Yeah sure I hope you of course because I want my friend to be in the paper because we all think as Rico. [TS]

  But it's always just really expected like I'm going to just jump at this opportunity no matter how inconvenient it is [TS]

  or how totally unhelpful it is to me I don't know I just I don't know that's because they don't realize it's happened [TS]

  to you a hundred times already. But surely they do this for a living. [TS]

  Right again but you have a ninety nine out of one hundred of the people they do it. [TS]

  This is their one moment they're going to be in the newspaper for some reason [TS]

  and like this is like this is huge for them and I love it. So usually good for you. [TS]

  Of course they of course journalists are also used to being ignored and slapped in the face [TS]

  and Europe your face leper ornate Torah and they just move on. [TS]

  They didn't know you were going to be one of those and they just played those rolled the dice. [TS]

  They're not sitting there agonizing about it I've got one hundred of those e-mails every day. [TS]

  Yeah I guess I guess I guess that's what it is about so I don't feel bad leaving their e-mails because it's Jack just [TS]

  doesn't that doesn't work I don't know. Anyway you by reporters. [TS]

  I don't need your e-mail I got a good email today from a famous newspaper website times. [TS]

  Known for its freebasing and but they are saving up a little bit [TS]

  and I got this email from this woman saying I've written a story about you or your video. [TS]

  That's a whole other story that made you come to the end of the day. [TS]

  I've written a story about a video but our newspaper has a policy of not embedding videos can we put on our player. [TS]

  Here's a story I've written so I click through to the story to have a look because I was curious [TS]

  and that embedded the You Tube video in it so they can embed You Tube videos [TS]

  and that they just try on to see if you know you know say OK you can put it in you play yourself. I was unimpressed. [TS]

  This is why I like I have yet to have I mean aside from you Brady I have yet to have in the course of my professional [TS]

  career anything resembling a positive interaction with a reporter in any way shape or form. [TS]

  It's always it's always just boundary pushing or like they clearly already know exactly what they want to write [TS]

  and they're just going to try to manipulate you into a quote or or we want to use your stuff to make money for us [TS]

  and then pretend like you're going to get any benefit from it but of course you won't. It's just you know thumbs down. [TS]

  But nothing came out at least it's a mouth as I remember [TS]

  when I was called reporting on the newspaper I am I wrote a story one day about a guy that done some pretty dodgy stuff [TS]

  and like so I wrote I've been sitting in court and I write a story [TS]

  and then I went back to the court building the next day for work [TS]

  and the wife is this guy obviously knew who I was so I've been sitting in court with a notepad [TS]

  and she waited there in the morning for me and then she came running up to me [TS]

  and giving me just tore the piece tried to spit in my face and then all the security guards in the court had to come [TS]

  and surround me and they're like I got in the lift to go up to my office and they all had to get in with me [TS]

  and she got in the lift as well and just abused me in the lift all the way up and to get out of the lift [TS]

  and to the security guards had to take away eventually why we should be using you. [TS]

  Because because I'd written the story in the newspaper that had you know said bad things about her husband OK [TS]

  but like I just reported what was said in court by the lawyers and the guy and the guy had paid up like a granny. [TS]

  Unlike the down the bat I did kind of provoke her a little bit as well. [TS]

  His issue she came up to me like I was I was a bit stunned I wasn't not being asked [TS]

  but I was a bit stunned that she came up to me [TS]

  and said I can't believe you wrote that stuff did you know that he's got you know a kid [TS]

  and did you know that he does this and do you know that he cleans up his neighbor's window every day [TS]

  and that sort of stuff like a good guy he was [TS]

  and he said Did you know that he beat up an eighty year old woman in that that that that didn't come her death the one [TS]

  thousand earth cool water. Didn't you know it would neither. [TS]

  I do know I wasn't I wasn't doing it to be defiant I promise you I was I wasn't feeling emboldened and confident. [TS]

  I was pretty I was a pretty young reporter and pretty intimidated [TS]

  but that was one of those times where the line just came into my head and I said yeah. So it just happened. [TS]

  The thing you could do about it. [TS]

  Now speaking of being recognized I humble brag a little bit last episode about some public recognition problems [TS]

  and following on from that. You said at the time that had never happened to you right. [TS]

  And lo and behold a couple of days later I got a very interesting text from what happened. [TS]

  It was not the twelve hours after we put out the last podcast that I was recognized. [TS]

  Not an official event for the first time ever and I was recognized by my voice [TS]

  and the very first thing the person said to me was your C G P Gray we can see. [TS]

  What do you think the guy had not heard the podcast. [TS]

  Yet he always apologize oh I haven't the least bought Cat Deeley just came out last night [TS]

  and you know it has to be very unlikely that you had listened to it [TS]

  but I just thought after our previous conversation that that was that was very funny that the very first time I was [TS]

  recognized in person it was with the words your C G B gray. [TS]

  What happened where were you what did this person hear you saying I'd like to talk me through it. [TS]

  I was recognised for the first time in the Covent Garden Apple store the whole place was in the world [TS]

  and I was I was actually I was actually buying some stuff for hello internet and I was I was in there [TS]

  and I was trying to use their little their little app where you can just buy stuff in store without having to talk to [TS]

  someone which is my favorite way of shopping. [TS]

  But where I was I couldn't get an internet connection to work and so I thought I have to talk to the person [TS]

  and so I just I just grabbed this guy and you know that how can you bring up these items [TS]

  and I asked him if if you had a bag for things [TS]

  and he did the thing that I mentioned last time I see people do sometimes [TS]

  and I talk to them which is they kind of look away [TS]

  when I'm talking like this particular I'm trying to please this voice look. [TS]

  And I thought in the guy and this was the first time he was able to play so he went boom your C.D.P. [TS]

  Gray and then so we just had a little chat for a little while we talked about podcasts so it was the guy selling it. [TS]

  Yeah he was he was checking out the stuff that I was buying. [TS]

  You could you know just to say your name on your credit card or something. [TS]

  He was reaching under the table for the bags that they have so I haven't actually had in my car to get my [TS]

  but anyway so those for something is recognized. Did you enjoy or find it really uncomfortable. [TS]

  OK So this this happened to work out very well for both of us but because the two humans in this situation [TS]

  and I'm sure many times like I am not very social when I'm just living my normal life. [TS]

  However this happened to be one of these days where I was busy going for me. [TS]

  Meeting to meeting to meeting [TS]

  and this was in between two other meetings so I had already spun up the part of my brain which is I guess I have to [TS]

  deal with people all day long and so I was kind of more prepared than I would normally be under these circumstances. [TS]

  And plus I was already oh I'm talking to a person because I have requested something from him [TS]

  and so I could not have been more receptive to this. [TS]

  So it went OK but mostly I was just so startled that I'm not entirely sure really what happened. [TS]

  We just you know we just chatted for a little while like I said [TS]

  but did he ask for that going to work for a great fear or anything like that. [TS]

  No no I would feel really weird if people asked for selfies. I think that's I'm kind of with the with the Louis C.K. [TS]

  Opinion on this one that it's just it's like a weird it's a weird not normal human interaction [TS]

  when people ask for selfies a link to this Louis C.K. [TS]

  Video I don't know if you've seen the new autograph isn't Sophie So it's like I just replaced autographs. [TS]

  Yeah but I think the I think autograph thing is weird too. I don't you think in a year. [TS]

  Fair enough if you think that way [TS]

  and then I mean you know again this is just I'm just I'm just the worst person to have any kind of Internet fame at all [TS]

  because I was like I really like my job but I do I do kind of look. Look at fame as a real downside of the job. [TS]

  It's it's it's just weird and it puts me in a lot of weird situations. [TS]

  So this happens to be totally fine but I think it was partly fine because he didn't say oh can I get your autograph. [TS]

  Or all the other people in the store or Ho Hey can I take a picture with you. [TS]

  It was as normal of a of an interaction as it could possibly be between two humans. [TS]

  So I think that's also partly why it went well. So it was it was a very good meeting to be my first meeting in public. [TS]

  He treated you gently for your first time. Yes he said he did treat it just sounds sounds like a good one. [TS]

  If I guess I'm a little sensitive sometimes because even [TS]

  when I was a teacher being a teacher is kind of like being a very very. [TS]

  Small scale celebrity and something that would happen to me when I was teaching as if I was just out with my wife. [TS]

  Sometimes students would see us and just like yell from across the street you know Mr Grey [TS]

  and they'd come running over and you'd have this is bizarre interaction [TS]

  and I think teachers in a way who live near where their students are have a tiny view into what real celebrity life is [TS]

  like for super people of like you're just walking along [TS]

  and you can't you can't have a normal day out people are just going to yell at you from across the street [TS]

  and come running up and then be really weird and awkward. [TS]

  That's partly why I'm more sensitive than to this the most the people I know feel like I've had a tiny taste of it in [TS]

  my previous job. Can I bring up a quick serious thing. [TS]

  Yeah just on the subject to take because I just it just happened today [TS]

  and I wanted to bring it up because it was on my mind I had a I had a teacher a long time ago he was my year seven [TS]

  Scotti and he pays the teacher I think in many ways. [TS]

  That was most memorable to me and it was about a month or two ago actually I decided to Google him [TS]

  and find out you know whatever happened to him what's he up to these days. [TS]

  This is not the teacher that I made video a video about on parody videos by the way this is a different picture as [TS]

  when you're seventy. Anyway today I went on Facebook and I found out that he just died. [TS]

  He just just very well in the last few days I guess someone posted I saw [TS]

  and they saw his picture in my Facebook page and I was the first time I've seen him since he was seven [TS]

  and someone had written Mr McCarthy His name has died and write little tribute to him [TS]

  and all the other students that have had him over a tribute to him [TS]

  and I want to I want to say rest in peace Mr McCarthy He was a really memorable take ship he was really memorable for [TS]

  different reasons. He was the strictest disciplinary and you could ever imagine. [TS]

  He was notorious for and in fact he was he was a little bit he was a little bit violent. [TS]

  And I don't think you'd get away with doing what he did in many circumstances because it has strict [TS]

  and has strict he was but he really instilled amazing discipline in the students and he just tore [TS]

  and ran a class like no other teacher in that post go to the point where [TS]

  when people found out about him there was politicking and lobbying to try [TS]

  and get your your kid into Mr McCarthy's year seven class other than the other seven glasses because it was it would [TS]

  really change your life [TS]

  and it really changed my life having him as a teacher not least of which I am a very accomplished juggler because of Mr [TS]

  McCarthy anyone who was taught by Mr McCarthy is a very skillful juggler and that was also in the comments on Facebook. [TS]

  I would always end with and he taught me to juggle he taught everyone to juggle he thought it was an important skill [TS]

  and they are Mr McAfee he just died. Teachers make a mark and some teachers make their mark. Yeah not all teachers. [TS]

  I mean how many teachers are out. I don't know it but you know I could probably name them all and I can't name them. [TS]

  There's a lot of people I've met my last name most of the teachers I think you can name the ones that you can remember. [TS]

  So you feel like you can name them all. Fair enough. [TS]

  We're not we're not actually going to do this [TS]

  but I would know you're way over estimating how many teachers you actually remember versus how many teachers you've had. [TS]

  Do you feel like you're one of those pictures are they going to be kids that they are in twenty years that are talking [TS]

  about Mr Grey I don't I don't know [TS]

  but that's I feel like that's not that's not for me to judge you know like yeah that was an awkward question. [TS]

  I'm sorry you can't answer that. What do you reckon. [TS]

  I mean I can do you want that do you want to be that like is that what teachers aspire today do you want like the [TS]

  teachers aspire to be spoken of in twenty years like. [TS]

  I'm talking about Mr McCarthy [TS]

  and I ask you I mean I think that's the kind of thing that keeps you going in a difficult job is people like to think [TS]

  that I was never aiming for that in my teaching career. [TS]

  My opinion on this is it is just good to expose kids to lots of different kinds of adults. [TS]

  Right so you see you mention your Mr McCarthy He was he was a very strict disciplinarian [TS]

  and law schools have someone who's a strict disciplinarian. [TS]

  Lots of schools have teachers who are really laid back teachers who are really into their subject teachers who aren't I [TS]

  think it's good for kids just to interact with a whole bunch of different adults because kids just will click with one [TS]

  kind or another and that's something I was kind of aware of as a teacher that you can see how [TS]

  and after a couple of years particularly in a school [TS]

  when you know a bunch of kids I was aware that they were kids who kind of. [TS]

  I reacted very well to my style of teaching who didn't react well to other teachers and vice versa. [TS]

  So I think it's almost like it's not is not dependent on the teacher it's dependent on the particular interaction [TS]

  between the kind of kid [TS]

  and the kind of teacher I mean this is we've talked about this before this is like I would not like to lie to my [TS]

  students so I would tell them things like oh you're never going to need any of this ever again which some kids would [TS]

  find horrifying and react very badly to. But certain kinds of kids would react exceedingly well to that. [TS]

  So it just keeps things that would have been your was that you [TS]

  or like us pavers that what Mr Gray Mr Gray is the guy that you know tells it like it is or tells the truth [TS]

  or traces like I don't like. [TS]

  But does it do to the teachers know what they are what you talked about just for the Ariens [TS]

  and oh yeah the teacher's tone of you know who they are. [TS]

  So which of you which is what we a my my feeling was very much like we're all. [TS]

  In this prison together and we heard like this things we all have to do and let's just get through this together. [TS]

  So I never hid from the kids like my delight in snow days. [TS]

  I never I never hid from them that I go when things go wrong at the school sometimes like with assemblies [TS]

  and things like oh it's kind of delightful. [TS]

  So that's that's kind of that's kind of the teacher that I was I was [TS]

  and I tried not to build stuff up that wasn't actually important [TS]

  and I know that that work with some kids because more than a few times there were as there were how to put this [TS]

  but there was a certain kind of kid who when they were thinking about universities [TS]

  and future jobs they would come talk to me because they wanted some advice about the working world from a teacher who [TS]

  wasn't just going to say I go do what you love because you know I made it pretty clear that I thought that was just [TS]

  terribly dumb advice keeping their buddy [TS]

  and I'm on your all I want I want to be really clear here I want to be really clear I was not a buddy [TS]

  and I kept it a very clear distance. But it doesn't hurt at all to be able to say I like it. [TS]

  I don't want to be here and you don't want to be here but we're all still here. [TS]

  But that doesn't mean that like we're friends. [TS]

  Nothing spells death for teachers and I hate to say it as well for parents than like wanting to be buddies [TS]

  and friends with a kid. It is just absolute death. [TS]

  Teachers that really want to be liked by the kids I was always pretty indifferent in many ways to the kids like I [TS]

  wanted them to do well I didn't wish them ill [TS]

  but I wasn't I wasn't friends with the kids I mean they could never believe me [TS]

  but I would always tell them to be like oh you remember us forever at the end of the year the kids are always pushing [TS]

  this like you remember us forever aren't we really special group [TS]

  and I would always say no I probably won't remember you very well in a couple years [TS]

  and they know it's not sure you'll remember us and say well actually now it's years later and I don't. [TS]

  But the vast majority of my students. I guess that's just the way it is. [TS]

  I remember when I went back and so missed it and I ski he was my year eleven twelve. [TS]

  Physics chemistry teacher and we made a video with him for periodic videos I went back with the professor [TS]

  and we went to my own classroom and spoke to him [TS]

  and one of the things that did strike me was how little he remembered of me like the professor I think I asked him some [TS]

  leading questions like Oh you talk radio now he makes these chemistry videos what was he like as a student [TS]

  and I thought he had sold you know he'd descend into the mists of time [TS]

  and play all these crazy anecdotes of things I used to do little mannerisms I had that he used to like or funny things. [TS]

  All he remembered was I was a kid that broken arm on a camp that he was on. [TS]

  Yeah that's pretty much what he remembered about me. [TS]

  Yeah that's I think [TS]

  and he was friends with my mom my mom was a teacher at the school that would at least give me a helping hand [TS]

  but he he he really did not seem to remember much about me [TS]

  and I thought like you know I thought we had this friendship forged in blood that couldn't be broken sort of like fame [TS]

  it's this weird asymmetric relationship where kids have far fewer teachers than teachers have students that they're [TS]

  that they're looking out for and I should I should tell you how many kids I actually taught over my career [TS]

  but you know with hundreds of kids and if I sat down now and tried to write the names of kids that I had taught. [TS]

  I'm not sure I could hit ten kids but I would remember by name you know and they actually put a face to them [TS]

  and remember something more than just their name [TS]

  but it was funny that kids always expected that they would be immortalized forever in my memory. [TS]

  And honest to god like after a summer I would forget some of the kids I teach the same class in like Year nine [TS]

  and they'd come back in year ten and I'd have to bring out my old flash cards with their face [TS]

  and their name you know to get ready for the year coming out like God who is this. [TS]

  Ok flip through flip through write this person this person this person you know. [TS]

  Well I don't know who these people are. [TS]

  What's a good thing I broke my arm on that camp because that's how I got burned in his memory you know if I see any end [TS]

  to see any broken bone I've ever had on that camp that I run and it was Brady [TS]

  but you know I was just like the head boy of the school I was at he was in charge of discipline so I like Ah so all [TS]

  these things and you know now doesn't matter. [TS]

  I used to tell parents at parents' evening which by the way I did I really I was really like parents' evening it was [TS]

  kind of fun talking to the parents [TS]

  but particularly whatever the first parents' evening was it would be like six weeks into the year it was absurdly soon [TS]

  and it was just impossible to actually know who the kids were [TS]

  but by my standard line to the parents was always like look if I don't know who your kid is at this meeting right now [TS]

  and I'm just referring to the book that's a good thing because the only kids I know who they are right away are the [TS]

  kids who are trouble. I think you can. [TS]

  If they are such a problem that I can remember them immediately after just three [TS]

  or four classes like if I know your kid's name today where not having a happy conversation. [TS]

  So the fact that I you know I don't know who little Susie is except for these numbers on a spreadsheet. [TS]

  That's nothing but good news and bad and I have to say parents are always really receptive to that. [TS]

  I found if you were just really up front with people like I don't know your kid is. [TS]

  I did have a bunch of boxes of the numbers and that you can understand that right. [TS]

  I never had a bad reaction to that people people get it. [TS]

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  That's Lynda dot com slash Hello Internet space. [TS]

  All of recognition which we were talking about before going to have to cut the tangents you would use they want to talk [TS]

  about recognition for a few episodes now there are a few things on your mind. [TS]

  What was that all that I think I have been living where I currently live [TS]

  and I have had a settled enough schedule now that within the past several weeks all of a sudden all of the people at my [TS]

  regular places pubs restaurants cafes I am recognized now as a regular. [TS]

  They don't they don't know me as C G P gray but it's the I can walk in and the girls like oh hi. [TS]

  You know let me get you what you normally get. And it just it has all happened everywhere all of a sudden. [TS]

  And that's not just I was and it's not a nice thing. I can't go to any of these places anymore. [TS]

  Now this is this crazy crisis. This is what a community is people speak of people who long for that. [TS]

  People now say whatever happened to the good old days where people knew each other by face and name [TS]

  and knew what each other like and you know you're lucky lucky you getting a taste of that in a big city like London. [TS]

  And you're turning your back on a I. [TS]

  I luckily there are many Starbucks by me [TS]

  but I have already burned through a couple of them where they recognize me as the person I figure as soon as I walk in [TS]

  there and they know what drink I want before I order it. [TS]

  I have to go somewhere else now I can't I can't go here anymore [TS]

  and I have to wait until it's long enough that they've forgotten who I am or there's a there's a change of staff. [TS]

  That's why surely Mr efficiency would see the efficiency you know. [TS]

  No room now because look look I'm from all I can think of for example is dailies in New York if you go to order a deli [TS]

  sandwich in New York even if you go to the same place every day the guy behind the counter. [TS]

  Or will barely acknowledge who you are. [TS]

  Even if he sees you all the time because they are great about actually moving the line like we've got to keep making [TS]

  these bagels all morning buddy you know we don't have time to chat about anything [TS]

  and they just keep moving you through so they're there can be a little bit of efficiency like Right yeah two eggs [TS]

  and bacon cheese on a roll sesame roll great boom done you know move down there pay for it pick it up find is like in [TS]

  several of the cafes or in the pubs as soon as they know you with a regular. [TS]

  They want to have like a little chat now and so there's they go oh how how is your day doing [TS]

  and that that is like oh God please let's not do this. [TS]

  So that's what you're running away from social interaction let's not have a pretend conversation about how my day is [TS]

  and then I ask you how your day is [TS]

  and we have to like can't we just stand here in silence while you know you run my credit card or I order the food [TS]

  or something isn't that much better when we both kind of like look away from each other [TS]

  and sort of pretend like we're not there. [TS]

  That's not a good attitude [TS]

  and so basically you're thinking oh this is good I'll just go through fifty thousand credit card transactions [TS]

  and then I would die. [TS]

  I know having spoken to anyone [TS]

  or shared the joy of my time on earth with other human beings if I'm getting a sandwich I just want to get the sandwich [TS]

  and I just want to sit down I don't want to have. [TS]

  Here's the thing it can't be a real it's never going to be a real social interaction between you [TS]

  and the other person so it has to be this like horribly painful pretend social interaction [TS]

  and that is just out of spite maybe over five [TS]

  or six years it would develop into the White House now you know it can't possibly You can't possibly know it's not [TS]

  going to happen so I have to change places like your working life. [TS]

  Well I walk the dogs at the park at the garden every morning [TS]

  and I think that's wonderful because you get to know people and they get to know your dogs [TS]

  and no new carpet so would you have actually doing all last winter we could go and she was playing with a black dog [TS]

  and and like you have little chats and you walk along next to each other. [TS]

  The majors and you comment on the weather or the car parking or the trays and I say all right I love it. [TS]

  That is also that is also an entirely different scenario because you're walking the dog it's kind of explicitly on a [TS]

  break to interact with people I could see I could see walking a dog through a park and talking to people [TS]

  and meeting with OK that's that's fine that's kind of different [TS]

  but it's the it's the pretend social interaction at a kind of commercial exchange. [TS]

  I want to get my drink and give you money for it [TS]

  and then get on with whatever I'm doing is just as fast as humanly possible. That's what I that's what I'm there for. [TS]

  I used to go to this bar in Nottingham and at the time my drink was gin and tonic and I used to go to clubs [TS]

  and they always put like a lime and tonic [TS]

  and for some reason I don't like that I like being put in the edge to give it a lie maybe [TS]

  but that would always make my chin and tonic and then I would just take out the line between my fingers my thumb [TS]

  and just leave on the bus and then just walk off and have my drink [TS]

  and I haven't so much they got to know that so they just stopped making my gin [TS]

  and tonic with alarm which I thought was good. [TS]

  I don't ever forget when I was there about I was packed and they were you know hundreds of people ordered drinks [TS]

  and I was a gin and tonic and there was a new woman was working behind the bar and she made my gin and tonic [TS]

  and she put a lime in and one of the other bartenders leaned across to her and said he doesn't have limes in it. [TS]

  Yes And I actually really like that. [TS]

  Like it was like it's like ultimate customer service like you know this is this is also you know they even know how I [TS]

  like my drink and if they don't and if one of the others doesn't roam it's like self correcting as well like. [TS]

  I quite liked it and yes it did mean I went there too often but I liked it. [TS]

  If I could just get the benefits without the downsides I would be I would be on board with this as well if I didn't [TS]

  have to actually order if I could just you know pay for it [TS]

  and they'd have the thing that be great because I am a creature of habit so I do stuff the same all the time. But yeah. [TS]

  Whenever I'm whenever I'm recognize it's like I can't come here. [TS]

  While any more and I'm I'm running out of places this is the problem I think that's really sad [TS]

  and I think you shouldn't feel that way. Let me tell you a story that you will feel the saddest about them OK. [TS]

  A while back at what used to be my closest Starbucks. [TS]

  I happen to be online I was going to get coffee as I normally do [TS]

  and the dude ahead of me on line was one of these people who does a very good critics saying in life which is if [TS]

  everybody around you is an asshole you're actually the asshole where if absolutely everybody else seems to be causing [TS]

  you problems you are the problem. [TS]

  And this guy just you could just tell right away he's one of these people who is just a jerk and [TS]

  but he thinks everybody else is a jerk [TS]

  and so he got into a disagreement with the guy behind the counter at the Starbucks. [TS]

  Over some nonsense like a credit card transaction or whatever it was I can't quite remember the details anymore [TS]

  but is one of these cases where the dude was clearly in the wrong [TS]

  and the Starbucks guy was doing everything he could to possibly placate that person [TS]

  but the guy ended up being like OK I know I happen to work at this big company and give me your name [TS]

  and I'm like I know the manager at Starbucks I'm going to contact them [TS]

  and tell them how terrible you are blah blah blah. [TS]

  So you take the big fuss and after he left I told the Starbucks guy oh hey why don't you give me your name as well. [TS]

  Give me an email address so I can write to them and say look I was online I saw this altercation [TS]

  and this guy was totally just a jerk and the manager handled it very well which was the case. [TS]

  I took the mail I took his name and e-mail address and I wrote it in [TS]

  and it actually was like a thing like Starbucks wrote back [TS]

  and said Oh thanks yes we had a report from this other person apparently like some something actually happened. [TS]

  And then from that point on this guy in Starbucks was the nicest guy in the world to me. Every time I went in. [TS]

  He would make sure that everybody else put my drink right to the front of the line like [TS]

  and all I got I just I don't want I don't want this special treatment I don't want this special treatment please don't [TS]

  do this and he was just super super friendly [TS]

  and I haven't actually figured out what days he works he works there on Fridays and on the weekends [TS]

  and as far as I know I haven't been back to that Starbucks in I think about two and a half years now on a Friday [TS]

  or weekend. I passed by it all the time. [TS]

  I still see him in there but I always feel like if it's Friday [TS]

  or the weekend I'm going to the for the one I just can't do it so the bottom line of this is that no good deed goes [TS]

  unpunished. I think the moral of the story. [TS]

  PROFESSOR MIKE MURPHY I would say you know I've met a few times yes he's in a bunch and some videos. [TS]

  He was telling me a story. [TS]

  He has he's like a garage he goes way way gets fuel gas for our American friends [TS]

  and he was in that one time paying freeze Petro [TS]

  and the place got held up the guy came in with a gun held up place you know Rob you know you know police came all that [TS]

  sort of stuff no one was hurt but the guy behind the counter got held up [TS]

  and Mike was in store at the time he was the innocent bystander witness. [TS]

  And Mike was saying hey he still goes back to that garage all the time and Busfield [TS]

  and every time that guy saves him [TS]

  and they say this kind of this this sort of weirdness between I'm the guy that was standing in the court at the time [TS]

  you go ahead and this is a dynamic between go away [TS]

  and they kind of it's always going to be there because they went through this thing together they don't know each other [TS]

  or anything they don't know each other they were just two guys in the room when the when the gunman came in. [TS]

  I could never go back. Yeah I think that's that's that's follow up Odom. Oh good good. In just just on the air. [TS]

  Perfect. [TS]

  They might cut out some of the stuff in the beginning [TS]

  but yeah I think maybe yeah I hope so I think it took us a little long to get actually started we were ladies [TS]

  and gentlemen if you're listening to this broadcast and it's been going for an hour. [TS]

  Gray has not done his job I don't think I think we have a good ten minutes at least to probably cut out a little you [TS]

  know about feeling Malone's talk about being in a really boring way. Well we'll see how it goes. Oh I'm sorry. [TS]

  That time I had the microphone. I hope you keep that in. I I'll keep them on. [TS]

  Let's move on now and I didn't want to mention this [TS]

  but if I don't mention it people will ask about a plane crash going to I know you don't like a plane crashed on [TS]

  or is it like I just saw on Twitter people are saying is like some horrible print plane crash you don't need to talk [TS]

  about it this is this is this is what I think people need to realize. [TS]

  Like I Don't you know what the point of plane crash corner is I don't really understand why it exists [TS]

  and how we want to do it. [TS]

  No loading coal into the engine and Geyser I don't know about [TS]

  but it's been that I love you I just want to bring up plane crash go on [TS]

  and to let people know we're not going to do a plane crash going to today we don't have to talk about every horrible [TS]

  plane crash that happens thank God. Yeah so we're not going to. [TS]

  OK great by the way I also will hold up my hands now [TS]

  and acknowledge what a tremendous mistake it was of me to ask everyone who wasn't on a plane to send us a tweet to say [TS]

  that I went on a plane. [TS]

  Yeah yeah you thought it was like a funny joke at the time I do [TS]

  but I didn't think people would take it so seriously I thought people would listen and have a chuckle [TS]

  and think Imagine if people did that wouldn't it be funny and like get on with their life. [TS]

  I didn't think they would then take out their device and write the tweet. [TS]

  Yes I mean like I don't want to be I don't want to be overly dramatic here [TS]

  but you basically made my Twitter unusable for a day and a half. I've just the gist of so many replies. [TS]

  If I was going to be on Twitter more I would have had to set up an actual filter you know to try like clear all of this [TS]

  all of this stuff but you can have a podcast with as many listeners as we have now [TS]

  and ask them all like every single one of them to tweet at you you know since when since [TS]

  when did I do everything I say. [TS]

  OK Can I just say to all the people out there listening can you also please subscribe to my number for our You Tube [TS]

  channel and periodic videos and sixty symbols and sign up to my patriarch and hello internet Patria on [TS]

  and donate vast sums of money to us. [TS]

  If they're not going to go do that now I see a big of sending a tweet is funny [TS]

  and it takes two seconds of course they're going to do it. [TS]

  Well it was a mistake I'm sorry [TS]

  but you know what you're going have to live with this mistake for forever because just like just like we got the St [TS]

  Bernard feedback from Episode four [TS]

  or whatever from people who listen chronologically for the rest of time are going to tweet at us [TS]

  when they get to that point to go I'm not on a plane right now and it's five years in the future [TS]

  or a hundred years in the future and we're dead [TS]

  and we're still getting tweets from people about how they're not on airplanes. That's what you've done. [TS]

  Oh maybe like airplanes [TS]

  when exist anymore people be like well of course I'm not an airplane that they haven't existed since the year twenty [TS]

  forty. Yes this is this will never end now. [TS]

  So actually how can you go back and you can go back [TS]

  and edit the podcast retrospectively the kind you can't you just cut that bit out [TS]

  and that you can't rewrite history that that particular pod cast for various reasons was an editing disaster that I [TS]

  don't even want to talk about. So it would actually be. [TS]

  We're relatively difficult for me to cut that out [TS]

  but I might have to at some point if it's any consolation it was worse for me because you did not [TS]

  and I don't carry is not any consolation the fact that it was worse for you doesn't make me feel any better that you [TS]

  got what you deserve is what that is. I wish it was a hundred times worse for you keeping anything main to me Greg. [TS]

  Because you know what you know I want you to be nice to me though in that I should be nicer to Brady. [TS]

  No she didn't she said that you were good because you were nice to me in the last part. [TS]

  Yes but since that was the feedback from my mom was that she liked it when I'm nice to you and she doesn't like it [TS]

  when I'm not nice to you. Well it's been nice to pray to and to say something nice Come on. [TS]

  I like doing the podcast with you Brady. That's what I wanted to hear even if you cause me trouble on Twitter. [TS]

  I do it cause you a lot of problems. You do it like that. [TS]

  If it's any consolation I was like that with everyone in my life. [TS]

  I somehow I didn't think this was unique to me just from a special. Take the rough with the snows. Yeah I guess so. [TS]

  Well saying we're not going to do a plane crash Kona how that we do. I Phone cord with C.D.P. [TS]

  Gray Oh I see now this now this is a corner I can get excited for go and then you know how everyone loves it [TS]

  when we talk about Apple products especially people especially all those Android users because especially useful for [TS]

  them because they know less about Apple products so it's like more informative for them. [TS]

  Yes they're the ones who like most I imagine it is extra it is extra happy for Android users. [TS]

  I've gotten so much just as a side note here I've gotten so much angry Android email from people because in my last [TS]

  video I mentioned two videos ago I'm. And those bring the video up on i Tunes and an R.S.S. [TS]

  but It was like i Tunes It was some kind of trigger word where they couldn't possibly hear the fact that R.S.S. [TS]

  Existed for them as well. [TS]

  Loaded with e-mails from angry people about how they can't believe that I'm supporting Apple [TS]

  and why I want to put it on the Google store and I'm like dude half the video was about how it's on R.S.S. [TS]

  As well I made a special point about art [TS]

  but I swear it's like people's brains just turned off as soon as they heard our i Tunes It was just me maybe basically [TS]

  said hey did you try talking really fast and did you know that my videos are going to be on i Tunes [TS]

  and they pressed pause wrote the now and then and paused and then you said. [TS]

  And our success and I was well I didn't get a one apology email if that was the case but. [TS]

  That'll teach me if I'm ever going to mention something that is on Apple and something else I'm going to reverse it [TS]

  and say it's on something else [TS]

  and I think that's the way I'm going to have to do it if I don't want to get just so many angry angry people [TS]

  but the way that that's a site where they want to go over all those people we're going talk about i Phones now. [TS]

  Go on then you know OK I'll be happy to have me talk about it because you know how I feel about my eyesight. [TS]

  Yes So we have we have revisited this topic many times because you [TS]

  and I have both been frustrated with our i Phone six is since they came out I think it's fair to say. [TS]

  Yeah I presume that you still feel resentful I think with the last word you used to describe your feelings toward your [TS]

  i Phone without the case yeah you know it's kind of I kind of feel about the i Phone the way you do about that on [TS]

  Starbucks I kind of I prefer to avoid it when I can now or for a drive back. [TS]

  So you hear the situation with me here is why I bring this up. [TS]

  I kept dealing with my wife's i Phone five [TS]

  and as I mentioned every time I picked it up I thought it was like a little a little. [TS]

  Happy sound from heaven descended upon me when I picked up her i Phone five. [TS]

  As you know this is just the right size I can use in my hand and I've tried everything. I like the D. [TS]

  Brand case that's the best. I tried using it without a case. [TS]

  I've tried absolutely everything [TS]

  but I kept finding myself like you just not liking the phone just just how it's the wrong size. [TS]

  I mean I'm picking up my wife's old i Phone and thinking this is really good [TS]

  and so I thought I have to make a change here. You did not I can't I can't live like this anymore.. [TS]

  Tell me tell me you didn't did you. What do you think I did. Has he gone down to a five S. [TS]

  I actually went up to a six plus idiot. Did you discover it yet. OK OK So listen listen hold up hold up. [TS]

  I kept picking up my wife's old phone and really liking it. Do you realize that's smaller than your phone. [TS]

  Let me finish this gallon. [TS]

  But so I also every single time I walk by an Apple store I would look at the six plus [TS]

  and every time I would look at the six plus I thought this phone is just ridiculous. It's like a boat. It's so huge. [TS]

  It doesn't make any sense. [TS]

  But but I kept being aware of the fact that I kept looking at the six plus [TS]

  and I've been doing this ever since it came out right for four months now since September [TS]

  and the you know so my frustrations just kept growing with the regular sex [TS]

  and I was coming to the point where I thought I'm going to have to do something about this because I just don't like [TS]

  this phone. But I was afraid about Apple just never making a smaller phone again. [TS]

  OK Well I don't know I don't want to do that like step backwards in technology and then. [TS]

  Well Apple's left anyway on their rockets be shipped to the future and they're not dealing with smaller phones. [TS]

  What are you going to do use a five until the end of time. No you're not. [TS]

  So why all of this is going on I was just trying to think about well what to do. [TS]

  A friend of mine Mike Hurley who runs the excellent relay podcast network here in London Mike has been pushing the six [TS]

  blasts from the very start [TS]

  and trying to get everybody on the six plus train so I've been listening to him talk about this on podcasts for a while [TS]

  and I've been listening to him talk about it in person when we've met up a couple of times [TS]

  and I thought you know what you know what I'm going to give it a try. There's a fourteen day return policy. [TS]

  I mean you take Mike's advice I'm going to buy the six plus and just try using it for a little while to see how it is. [TS]

  And I'm here to say that Mike was right and I love my six plus I am totally on board with this phone. [TS]

  In just the way that you should be with an Apple product I have no ambivalence about it whatsoever [TS]

  and I should have gotten the six plus right from the start. [TS]

  So what about I guess you don't talk on your phone a lot I one of them when you hold it up to your face [TS]

  and it's like pressing a dinner plate up against your ear. I almost never talk on the phone. [TS]

  Well if you know the talk as a phone I start to see the sense in that because then it's just becoming a small i Pad OK [TS]

  if you but if you want to use as a phone or if you're an action man who's hard as nails and you know gets out [TS]

  and about and does things you've got this huge massive rectangle in your pocket while you crawling around under CA's [TS]

  and climbing mountains and things. [TS]

  Right right I just I just I so I can if it's just you sitting in Starbucks he uses it like an i Pad anyway [TS]

  but I think for people who want to use a phone as a phone I'm not buying that [TS]

  but anyway keep talking Now it's interesting because I actually use my phone almost entirely in transit because I have [TS]

  an i Pad with me a lot of time. I'm going I'm working or if I'm going out for the day. [TS]

  So it's not like I'm sitting down like I'm going to work I'll take out the actual i Pad And if I'm at home I'll use my [TS]

  computer or an i Pad so I still use my phone very much the way I used to use my old one which is in between locations. [TS]

  But what I find is you have hit on the exact point which I think makes it very very palatable which is the i Phone six. [TS]

  My brain thought like this is just it's just the wrong size. [TS]

  It's just a little too big to type kind of comfortably I can't quite use things one handed. [TS]

  It's all frustrating but my brain treats the six plus as like oh this is a micro i Pad [TS]

  and i feel like my Since my brain has entirely different expectations. [TS]

  All of the frustrations of the phone are gone because some part of my brain is just keep thinking US isn't a phone this [TS]

  is a this is an i Pad micro It will be of course you wouldn't try to use it in the same one handed reach the screen [TS]

  everywhere way that you would with a phone because it's not a phone it's a tie and it sounds silly [TS]

  but that has completely changed my experience and I don't know why and I can imagine [TS]

  and I can imagine that because it's like the six hasn't quite decided what it wants to pay [TS]

  and that causes me problems because I think I said to me another time when I'm using it it's like I have. [TS]

  It's like I have cognitive problems using it like I used to be really quick at using my brains you know right [TS]

  and I press this and do that move this and when I use this one it's like I'm like What am I doing what am I pressing [TS]

  and it's like it's like I'm drunk every time I use it. [TS]

  Yes And I think it's just because I can't you know it's not because I have changed it's just that it makes me it makes [TS]

  me damn I had a similar experience which is the typing is frustrating [TS]

  or doing other things are frustrating as of the big change with the pot with the six plus that I use a two handed way [TS]

  more because it's just bigger but the experience is much better because when I'm holding the like I can. [TS]

  Take out that I actually can use the six plus one handed just [TS]

  but the vast majority of the time there's something on the screen and you're holding the phone [TS]

  and your brain says well you can't possibly hit that button in the top corner this is what your other hand is for. [TS]

  As a brain brings your other hand around and you press the button [TS]

  and it's a satisfactory experience whereas on the i Phone six Everything is just reachable but in a clumsy way [TS]

  or a you know you have to try to manipulate one handed to do it in a very awkward way so the experience is terrible [TS]

  every time but you can just do stuff I use the i Phone Plus two handed walking around all the time [TS]

  and I absolutely love it. [TS]

  So I have to say if anybody out there who was incredibly frustrated with their i Phone six the six plus that is that is [TS]

  the way of the future try it just this is my recommendation is put away your old phone [TS]

  and just use the i Phone six exclusively for a while and you will get used to it so quickly for six plus years. [TS]

  Yes Are the six plus is what I mean you will get you will get used to the six plus so quickly if you put away your i [TS]

  Phone six and don't use it for a little while [TS]

  and just last week I think I've had I think I've had the phone for about three weeks or a month now. [TS]

  And just a week ago I picked up my wife's phone that I hadn't happened to touch for a while [TS]

  and that was the moment I knew that I had made the right decision because I picked up my wife's phone [TS]

  and I thought I could never use something this small again [TS]

  and it was it was no more ambivalent I was like No I'm on I'm on the right path with my Apple decision [TS]

  and the other thing I like about this is that I'm now on the same page with the kind of decisions that Apple makes [TS]

  where Apple like stuff every year to make it thinner [TS]

  and lighter which I always found frustrating with the phones because I thought I want more battery. [TS]

  But the i Phone six Plus does have. More battery and now my primary concern is. [TS]

  Yes Apple let's make this phone a little smaller a little thinner and a little lighter [TS]

  and I'm happy to keep the battery life the same because it is noticeably longer with the battery. [TS]

  So I am I'm very very happy. [TS]

  I happen to have a really really intense day with a phone because I had a kind of overnight trip that I had to do [TS]

  and so I was just incredibly active on the phone one particular day I was amazed that I made it through the entire day [TS]

  without have having to charge it and my old i Phone would have never made it. [TS]

  I would have been stranded halfway through trying to find an Apple store to buy a charger. [TS]

  But the six plus had enough battery to last me through a whole bunch of Wilbur's and video and photos an e-mail [TS]

  and a bunch of stuff so I absolutely love it. [TS]

  How come you had an i Phone six plus for a month and haven't told my agent. [TS]

  Has it ever been relevance to any of our conversations that ever come up. [TS]

  No because you didn't tell me I was also partly just trying it out [TS]

  but I feel like you always want a lot of information from me Brady do you want to know all of my new purchase [TS]

  and not know all of them. Joy No one I bought at the Apple Store at the time. [TS]

  Yeah I bought it I bought a tripod and a little attachable lens for the phone. [TS]

  Is that exciting to you is that interesting. [TS]

  Yeah well you know damn well what I'm actually going to try to film is stuff for hello internet. [TS]

  I filmed a couple things. [TS]

  Since we're so far behind on the You Tube version I thought oh I can try this little tripod [TS]

  and a nice lens to see if I can get a couple of like timelapse city shots to use for the You Tube channel [TS]

  but also we were doing my office toys and things you're thinking of moving away from all those little desk toys [TS]

  and that on the You Tube channel all I know is that the videos come from you very slowly so I thought I'd take things [TS]

  into my own hands. Well you never asked me if I could ask. OK. [TS]

  There's going to be high on your priority list right now. [TS]

  I'm not even sure that it should be all that combat to go away. [TS]

  OK so where the purchase is my Would you like to know what have I bought recently that Brady should know about. [TS]

  I think [TS]

  and i Phone six plus cancer is what he should tell me about considering unlike a guy you talk about i Phones with all [TS]

  the time we're talking about it right now [TS]

  and I think you know keeping secrets just so we can talk about them on the podcast I'm not I'm not keeping secrets just [TS]

  so we can talk about them on the pod cast. [TS]

  You know who I also didn't tell my wife she didn't notice that I had a new phone for I think it was ten days before she [TS]

  finally spotted it. [TS]

  She came home and I actually had both phones in front of me because I was transferring stuff from one to the other [TS]

  and she happened to not notice and then I thought I wonder how long it will take her to not notice [TS]

  and the answer was about ten days. [TS]

  And what you shouldn't say Oh she was just really interested as she was also shocked she couldn't believe that I bought [TS]

  it but because you bought a new phone you didn't tell me that's all you did notice at first [TS]

  and now always it's interesting to see how long this is going to take I had a funny incident a couple of nights ago [TS]

  with my wife where I couldn't wait I had best tell you about it because I just know how disapproving you would have [TS]

  paid and have it was something it was finally something my wife and I do have in common when it comes to technology. [TS]

  She was sitting on the sofa trying to do something and she had an app open on her i Pad [TS]

  and I think she had another maybe a calculator or something on her phone [TS]

  and she was trying to hold them both at the same time [TS]

  and like transferring information between the two that a reading of one and typing into the other [TS]

  and nothing back it [TS]

  and I was like What are you just going to get you know your laptop she's got like a map OK well he's going to get that [TS]

  you know you realize you can have two applications open at the same time on that rather than this weird scenario where [TS]

  she was holding two screens in either hand and she was like oh I would except it's like full [TS]

  and every time I open a message comes up saying it's full of the hard drive thing. Yes. [TS]

  So instead of like dealing with that she's to stop using that altogether and there she is. [TS]

  Like her phone and i Pad is that you know as opposed to the windows that she moved between [TS]

  and I think that that's my gal. That's something I would never does that sound exactly like something you would do. [TS]

  Yeah. Yeah. Anyway are you going to get a six plus That's all I want to know what you think. [TS]

  Well no because I don't even thing to you. [TS]

  It does it does convincing the only thing I remain unconvinced by though is like wearing a nice pair of fashionable [TS]

  trousers an issue out of the bag [TS]

  and having this whopping great rectangle like a miniature football field sticking out of my trousers you know I if I [TS]

  just think it fits in my pocket just it's in my genes and it just fits in my genes [TS]

  and I am aware that if it moves to the front to the front of the leg that I've I've developed this habit of kind of [TS]

  pushing it to the side unconsciously before I sit down if it's right on the front of my leg because then it is a little [TS]

  too big but if you try it I really think you will see that it is not as big as you think it is. [TS]

  Once you use it for a little bit just and I. [TS]

  So I think I'll use my phone differently to you as well though that I want to be I was held in one hand he could just [TS]

  pick something I thought I thought I was this guy as well in a one handed usage was it was hugely important to me [TS]

  and it turns out that I can I can get by just fine. [TS]

  OK but your phones modifying your behavior so like Shouldn't of should the phone set the behaviour we would like. [TS]

  Should phone change us. [TS]

  Yeah yeah [TS]

  but I have I have made small sacrifices in one handed use which turns out to be not as important as I thought it was [TS]

  for huge advantages in all other in all other regions. [TS]

  So it seems like it's a great it's a great tradeoff to me this is a hard task before you want to. [TS]

  Pick something to amplify [TS]

  and if you want one handed use you have to buy a five to four inch phone like the i Phone five style. [TS]

  If if you want one handed use that is the phone that you should buy. And if you're willing to let that go. [TS]

  The six plus gives you huge advantages but I am more and more convinced that the six is the phone for nobody. [TS]

  It's the in-between phone that has all of the disadvantages of both [TS]

  and that's why we have both found it so frustrating. Over the past several months I also love the horizontal mode. [TS]

  I mean I've always wanted to use my phone and horizontal and so I use this one in a horizontal just all the time [TS]

  and the apps rotate it is just the greatest. [TS]

  It is just the greatest and you know I can do real work on this phone in a way that I wouldn't do my other phone. [TS]

  I love it I really recommend it. Mike was right. I just want the technology to go away a bit. [TS]

  He sounds so grumpy over there Brady You sound so grumpy [TS]

  and I'm having a bit of a technology for take time to be honest I think I think a nice bus would really fix that for [TS]

  you now you know it's going to fix it for me. Well a week on a beach in Australia. [TS]

  Ah yes the upcoming trip that's going to fix it can't come soon enough I guess. [TS]

  Well actually it's coming a bit too quickly now a kind of no work done but that's another story. [TS]

  Yes this is the this is the problem of being self employed is oh my vacation I have to pay for that in advance [TS]

  and I will pay for it still with interest even when I come back. [TS]

  Yes yeah that's what that's what my wife says she says going away for a week she's all well and good [TS]

  but it's not just going away for a week it's been two or three weeks of pain afterwards. [TS]

  Yes you and I have both been preparing for trips at the end of this month [TS]

  and I have had this trip coming up for me on my gotta get ready for list for six weeks now to have everything set up in [TS]

  advance and it is just being self employed has. [TS]

  Many many advantages but carefree vacations is definitely not one of them not one of them. [TS]

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  I feel that we should talk about the solar eclipse that just happened but I haven't got that much to say about it [TS]

  and I can't imagine you're going to be much help [TS]

  or you already know what I have to say about this one where we a for I happen to actually be online at the U.S. [TS]

  Embassy waiting to get into the world. Unfriendly is building to do some fun tax paperwork. [TS]

  When the eclipse happened [TS]

  and I wouldn't have even known if it if it wasn't for like Oh yeah they're in Eclipse going on now [TS]

  and then checking the time on my phone and say oh it's happening right now [TS]

  and looking up at the sky which in London was completely clouded over [TS]

  and trying to convince myself that oh I guess it was a bit dimmer so that was my experience with the eclipse it was [TS]

  never known to happen and it did feel cooler like those for those listening. [TS]

  Pretty much where Gray [TS]

  and I both were it wasn't a total eclipse that was in the sort of eighty's to ninety percent of the sun covered you had [TS]

  to go further north to get totality but I got a good look at it and I'm going to eclipse goggles and my camera [TS]

  and everything and I managed to. [TS]

  I enjoyed the best part of the eclipse for me was the adorable photograph of Audrey that you sent me with her wearing [TS]

  her eclipse glasses. [TS]

  That was near the whole eclipse the alignment of the sun [TS]

  and the moon it was worth it for that adorable doggy photo I have to say I love. I think Eclipse is a brilliant. [TS]

  I went I went and saw one in China a few years back [TS]

  and it remains one of my best work memories like oh yeah I'm like yeah it is there an extraordinary thing to say if you [TS]

  if you could look at one properly and it's nothing like on T.V. or Videos or pictures. [TS]

  Yet if you ever get a chance to experience one. [TS]

  And our American friends will get a chance to experience one in two years. A really good one. [TS]

  Don't miss out there that they're amazing [TS]

  and they're just special things are neither do you know going to be caught up by the romance of them I can definitely [TS]

  get behind an eclipse. [TS]

  I think it's the mathematics of it is is interesting I think we happen to have the lucky ratio in size is between our [TS]

  sun and our moon. Yeah just by coincidence. [TS]

  So I can appreciate that but the actual reality of standing in London on a cloudy day waiting in a bureaucratic line [TS]

  and looking up at the sky and wondering if it's a bit dark [TS]

  or that experience was was less than less than awe inspiring. Yeah that's not the fairy tale is no it's not anyway. [TS]

  America twenty seven time where is the best place. [TS]

  It would pretty much ripped through the whole country right through the guts. So you can tell me then why though. [TS]

  Well it's not that why not you got to get you going to get on the line that I'm not aware that where the line Well let [TS]

  me call it up isn't there also a place where at last longer than other places in America as you may have learned is [TS]

  very big. [TS]

  We even have different weather in different locations [TS]

  and I have I told you about that last broadcast don't pretend that you were the one who figured that out through I did [TS]

  not figure that out. [TS]

  I needed you to tell me I knew one thousand mile long country is different whether I was said to you [TS]

  and I message the path that there's twenty seven tane equips takes from you but it's kind of [TS]

  but it's kind of around I think it's kind of think I think we'll still be doing the PA Ghassan twenty seventeen Can we [TS]

  have a quick follow up in that time. Wonderful still be doing it. I don't patronize. [TS]

  Lettie thing was do you think it has to be going in twenty seven to anything going on and I don't know either. [TS]

  Let's see South Carolina. A Tennessee Missouri right across the bay this some pretty unpopulated areas. [TS]

  The brag of is that that section of Wyoming man that is an empty empty section Chris was going across because you kind [TS]

  of need to choose where to go based on sort of weather as well as I said I think it's more over to the to the west [TS]

  where the weather forecast is probably better to look at looks like the residents of Charleston South Carolina are [TS]

  probably the luckiest residence a big place. Oh and how many in between. [TS]

  Eugene in Portland but neither of those cities actually itself going to be worth it to be worth a look. [TS]

  I expect I'll be over there for that mighty Lincoln Nebraska. [TS]

  Oh yeah yeah I reckon I reckon you would be to I'm going to put their arm now that you will be in America for the [TS]

  twenty seventh in Eclipse. [TS]

  Why for the eclipse so I will just happen to be in America at the time all day I think I think he will have a trip to [TS]

  council out of the eclipse mine because I think between now [TS]

  and then something will probably be organized that you get on board with do you know something that I don't know it [TS]

  sounds like you have plans I don't. [TS]

  Actually I'm having a meeting this week to discuss possible plans but I don't have any specific plans [TS]

  but Justin has an arranged some kind of crazy moving follow the eclipse events destines for the on the moon for [TS]

  but now I know it and I know he has plans he has plans for the May is already we spoke about it the other day. [TS]

  He's he's he's got plans with a mate and of course he does. Course you land ahead for this year seven. [TS]

  Anyway the twenty seventh I can't right now maybe we'll have a follow up then. Yeah. Remind us Internet if we forget. [TS]

  Yeah yeah. So another thing. [TS]

  Has been going on that lots of people have been asking about is this new video a service code vessel. [TS]

  Yes Henry of Minute Physics minute and date of the tab. [TS]

  Derocher attesting have both announced that they are not going to be involved [TS]

  and you can get first look at their videos through this new subscription service [TS]

  and it's this kind of possible rival alternative to You Tube [TS]

  when there's lots of excitement you know more about it than they like with most things do [TS]

  and explain to people what's going on and whether they should be excited or interested. [TS]

  I guess you have to be pretty positive about it because two of our best mates are using it [TS]

  but I did ask today on Twitter if there were things that people wanted us to talk about [TS]

  and I partly wanted to gauge if there was actual interest in vessel [TS]

  and everybody everybody wanted to know about vessel so I feel I feel we have some kind of obligation to talk about it [TS]

  and. Full disclosure I guess it's not under N.D.A. [TS]

  or Anything but some people vessel did reach out to me a while ago [TS]

  and we had some talks about possibly being on the platform which obviously I'm not on there now so I decided not to do [TS]

  it. [TS]

  But so yes I have I have talked to some people that vessel just enough [TS]

  but never quite sure we need to disclose stuff but I'll just mention that at the start of this conversation. [TS]

  So I have to say when I first heard about vessel I thought boy this is an interesting idea [TS]

  and this has the possibility to be a real You Tube competitor in ways that lots of other things that I have seen do not [TS]

  have have that potential. So the basic business model is that creators on vessel. [TS]

  So like Minute Physics they will release their videos on there for some amount of time exclusively. [TS]

  So three days five days [TS]

  or seven days that was one Minute Physics releases a new video you will have to watch it on a vessel if you want to [TS]

  watch it within I think Henry doing three days if you want to watch it within that first period after that window of [TS]

  time is up. [TS]

  Then the video can get posted anywhere else [TS]

  and vessel is going to be a subscription service for its members who want to get access to new stuff immediately. [TS]

  That's the that's the business model that I explain that clearly. [TS]

  Yes that's like it's kind of like a huge evil tentative but you pay [TS]

  but I think you're paying for is to get to see it before anyone else. [TS]

  It doesn't pay for the comparison that I've seen most of you might not notice [TS]

  but it's it's like Hulu which in the States is a similar service for regular T.V. [TS]

  Shows where they have a paid service where you can get access to shows early [TS]

  and if you are willing to wait a little while then you can see shows for free with advertising elsewhere. [TS]

  Although I should say the vessel does have advertising even with its membership service just as Hulu has advertising [TS]

  with its membership service as well although I think it is less than one hundred percent sure about that. [TS]

  OK So that's that's the thing. [TS]

  What do you think the pros [TS]

  and cons I hear what is it do you think it's going to be a raging success do you think going to be a slow then. [TS]

  So it's really interesting it's really interesting and. [TS]

  This kind of gets into the the economics in the business of how this works [TS]

  but the vessel doesn't need to be as popular as youtube to be successful because it is a business where it is directly [TS]

  collecting money from customers [TS]

  and as we have mentioned people just underestimate that on You Tube how like the volume that You Tube deals with in [TS]

  terms of used to generate money if you get if you want to make a living just on the You Tube advertising. [TS]

  You need it in the normal number of used to have like a normal middle class life. [TS]

  But if you have a business where people are directly paying for something you need orders of magnitude fewer people in [TS]

  order for that to be a success. [TS]

  So a vessel could actually be way more profitable than You Tube with far far fewer viewers. [TS]

  Which is one of the reasons why I feel like boy it's an interesting business model [TS]

  and it has a lot of potential to succeed maybe not succeed in the sense of it destroys You Tube [TS]

  but be an entity that can exist separately from You Tube and also be very successful for the people who are using it [TS]

  and for the business itself so that's that's one of the reasons why I think it is just so interesting [TS]

  and so different from a lot of the other You Tube competitors stuff that I've seen most of which falls under the [TS]

  category of we'll just try to be better than You Tube [TS]

  and grow bigger than You Tube That's that's a tall order to you know to take on You Tube directly where the vessel is [TS]

  almost taking on You Tube obliquely with their with their business model. [TS]

  Yeah you could bring up that you spoke to them which you know are saying you brought it up I'll ask you the obvious [TS]

  question why are you not doing it. It's been very interesting just these couple days. [TS]

  Because I've got a bunch of feedback from people who who want to know why I'm not on vessel [TS]

  or if I'm going to be on vessel and I'm not I'm not saying at this point I'll never be on vessel [TS]

  or any kind of similar service but for the moment I'm choosing not to do that. [TS]

  And for me it's partly because over the past several months one of the things I have I've been constantly alluding to [TS]

  is I have all these other projects that are going on or that I've been. [TS]

  Or busy and for various reasons I have I have wanted to make sure that my own business is kind of secure [TS]

  and independent of other platforms. And so that's one of the reasons why I ultimately decided to go with the R.S.S. [TS]

  Syndication of my videos. So this is two of my videos ago. I told people that I'm going to make an R.S.S. [TS]

  Feed available that people can subscribe to [TS]

  and just like the podcasts they can get my videos downloaded to their phone or their computer directly [TS]

  and this is a system that is directly under my control. I am paying to have these files hosted. [TS]

  It's not I'm not signing up to a platform. [TS]

  It's not like I'm going to bank on Vimeo now or I'm going to bank on some additional service. So. [TS]

  Even if something like vessel was attractive to me my primary concern is making sure that I have a business that can [TS]

  still operate independently of other platforms [TS]

  and so that that's why at this stage I've kind of decided to double down on direct support from my fans through things [TS]

  like a picture on and also direct interaction with people [TS]

  and being able to directly push videos to them so that through R.S.S. [TS]

  and Through email so not having to rely on other platforms you know very cautious Kraven and very smart [TS]

  and I'm you know it's good that you're doing it [TS]

  but sometimes I feel a bit like you know the guy who builds a bunker in his backyard because he's scared it's going to [TS]

  be a nuclear attack. [TS]

  But no no you know you are you do seem like a barrier sometimes I guess you always use this word worry [TS]

  and that's not that is not how I feel it all. I just as as an. [TS]

  But let's let's put this where I think I am not cautious but people have who have been paying attention to you. [TS]

  Do you have noticed that a a decent number of creators in different fields have all recently been trying to diversify [TS]

  in various ways. [TS]

  And it's like there's a lot of people who aren't leaving You Tube [TS]

  but they're making sure that they have like a foot halfway out the door with a solid platform to stand on. [TS]

  I'm I'm not the only person in this in this category. [TS]

  And though there are things we can't talk about directly that does kind of let you know that there are whispers on the [TS]

  wind that have some people worried about the way You Tube is going to be running their business [TS]

  and we have talked about the stuff like this that we keeping things from several episodes ago that has that has people [TS]

  worried. [TS]

  And I do think that is that is the biggest threat to vessel is if You Tube wants to play real hardball [TS]

  and if they don't want to compete on a business level [TS]

  and instead want to compete like a bunch of jerks they'll try to lock everybody down into these simultaneous release [TS]

  contracts saying that if you release videos anywhere it has to be everywhere all at once which would. [TS]

  Make creators choose between vessel and U two. [TS]

  It would make vessels business model untenable because they're no longer offering a special thing. [TS]

  Well I still think just like Hulu they would still have videos that are behind a paywall for some limited amount of [TS]

  time and then viewable by anyone. So I think they would still have a viable business model. [TS]

  If You Tube was forcing creators to choose between the two of them that ultimately comes down to how fast can vessel [TS]

  make more money for the creators on its platform. [TS]

  Then You Tube can make money for the creators on their platform [TS]

  and given You Tube's a dismal ad rates I would be reasonably confident that vessel might be able to achieve that quite [TS]

  quickly if they're able to get enough people to see. [TS]

  Line up fast enough before You Tube brings down the hammer again if they want to if they want to play it from my [TS]

  perspective in a very unfair move of forcing people to choose a very anti competitive move if I were you thinking of it [TS]

  or not and I won a lot of things have to change over time. [TS]

  Life is change Brady and the things that things are never not changing there's nothing in status. [TS]

  Yeah I don't mind things changing but I wouldn't mind like a bit of a status like bedrock underneath. [TS]

  It has felt for the past couple months like there have been particularly shifty sands underneath my feet in the wise [TS]

  feeling better now having having moved to having a mailing list which I've encouraged you to do [TS]

  and also not trying out or if I have I have gotten a Maoist. [TS]

  Yes So let me ask you Brady does vessel seem attractive to you is that something that you would consider. [TS]

  I would need to know more about it. It doesn't it doesn't appeal to me. [TS]

  Increasing my work flow and having to like you know I manage you know double of all my accounts again you know [TS]

  and you know when you've got six or seven really active projects doubling them doesn't really appeal to me [TS]

  but you know it could potentially come to a point where every time I like a video I didn't have to spend three days [TS]

  putting on all these different platforms now going to put on my jeans and Ira says and I'm going to put on vest so [TS]

  and I'm going to put it on You Tube and I've got to do and now go to Twitter and then Facebook [TS]

  and then I'm going to go and put on my blog and then I'm going to go on put on patriot and then I'm going to [TS]

  and it just gets to a point where I feel like I'm spending more time on the back and then I am actually creating [TS]

  and making the films. [TS]

  I just want to I want to spend all my time creating and making [TS]

  and I want to slam thing on the internet just to be like an afterthought like there it is now you guys enjoy it. [TS]

  I'm in a runoff and make another one but it feels like more [TS]

  and more of my time is just being sucked up by putting on line and promoting it [TS]

  and making you know what I don't I don't want that. You have my sympathies here. [TS]

  People often have requests about why don't you just do this additional one step [TS]

  and people just don't realize like man all of these one additional steps add up [TS]

  and it becomes a huge list of things that you need to do. One tiny step at a time. [TS]

  And so yes for anybody who's doing this for a living considering an additional platform is a huge deal. [TS]

  Like it's a lot of extra steps. Oh what do you what do you caption you know two thousand videos very. [TS]

  Yeah yeah yeah that kind of thing you know why don't you go back and fix this [TS]

  or the one the one that I get is why people go why don't you have a nicely organized list of citations [TS]

  and sources at the bottom of your video. [TS]

  You know and it's yeah I could do this [TS]

  but man is that a lot of work for very very little benefits on every single video of trying to keep track of sort. [TS]

  Yes in theory that doesn't sound like it's a lot but it adds up and it adds up. With all of the other things. [TS]

  So today I did the R.S.S. [TS]

  Release for the first time [TS]

  and it was relatively simple is actually a lot simpler than putting something up on You Tube [TS]

  but I was aware of like oh God this is an additional ten things on my checklist that is already [TS]

  when it was sixty something items long and is now seventy something items long. [TS]

  And so I had a bunch of people say oh why don't you also be on vessel as well as a god if I if I have what it is. [TS]

  Videos is often of you it's you know it's a huge it's a huge hassle so there needs to be a lot of advantage to an [TS]

  additional platform that you're going to that you're going to have. [TS]

  I do think that'll does potentially bring that to the table if they can make the money work which is why I think [TS]

  there's such there's such an interest. Doing business. [TS]

  Yeah that's what is always caught my attention about them right from the start. [TS]

  Well people go and check out the Minute Physics minute Veritasium on there and tell us what you think. [TS]

  Well we'll find out whether we should be doing it to those those guys. [TS]

  Henry and Derek [TS]

  and IRA trailblazers I will still say that even if successful I still think it is it is unlikely that I would switch to [TS]

  or I would do vessel in addition to You Tube I can imagine some kind of future day where I have to choose between [TS]

  vessel and You Tube but I have a hard time imagining doing both. [TS]

  My problem with Vishal at first glance is I haven't signed on yet so I have a very sane behind that behind the curtain [TS]

  and then when you look at their like landing page they seem very focused on you know a celebrity [TS]

  and a big popular stuff and it seems like they want to be. It already feels like they want to be T.V. [TS]

  You know they don't want to be they don't want to be. [TS]

  What I like most of the cheap sometimes which is you know anyone having a go [TS]

  and some newly independent person striking it it sounds like they want things that are already big [TS]

  and they want everything to be big and they want to all be glossy [TS]

  and you know they want to be like they want to be more like Netflix than You Tube I think that I think that is [TS]

  explicitly part of their business that this is curated. [TS]

  I don't I can't you know it's also new this is just happened the past couple days the the publicness of it [TS]

  but I don't think just anybody can sign up and create a new channel I'm not sure that's the case. [TS]

  Yeah I think so but but they have I mean they got an impressive list of people to go over [TS]

  and I have to say if I was You Tube I would be a little worried about this. [TS]

  I would be I'd be more than a little wary you always just say that you choose the music platforms as well. [TS]

  Taylor Swift and all those people. [TS]

  Vessel has a lot of music deals right [TS]

  and that is particularly interesting because You Tube is bringing down the hammer about you have to choose with our [TS]

  simultaneous release contract. [TS]

  And so there are there are big music players that have said we are going to choose vessel. [TS]

  That's why I say yes I would be worried if I was You Tube and you know what I think right. [TS]

  What may you live in interesting times the loop the loop the loop. That'll be the intro sound. [TS]