Hello Internet

The Shortlist (BONUS EPISODE)


  what are we doing here didn't we just put out a show this is crazy [TS]

  a podcast famous for its long and sometimes unpredictable gaps and we're [TS]

  back already what's going on do you've any idea where spontaneous guys like [TS]

  people cannot put us in a slot you don't know what we're going to do we could put [TS]

  the south and there could be another one ten seconds afterwards you don't know [TS]

  what we're going to do a crazy guys when the idea of this project first came up [TS]

  one of the things that attracted me to it was the very notion of releasing so [TS]

  shortly after I mean podcast has gone up like this is going to mess with all of [TS]

  those charged that people like to make about hello Internet upload frequency I [TS]

  can't remember being as excited about one of our podcasts as I am about this [TS]

  one I am quite giddy so should I tell the people what we're doing yet this is [TS]

  this is this is a one topic show this one isn't this is like this year we're [TS]

  here for one thing and one thing only here for one thing and that is a flag [TS]

  referendum yet our flag referendum for the hello Internet podcast the hello [TS]

  Internet flag referendum this is is it a referendum greg is in a referendum about [TS]

  changing our constitution is that a voter referendum were calling it a [TS]

  referendum because I think in no small part we're trying to show New Zealand [TS]

  how it's done after weeks and weeks if not months of commenting on the New [TS]

  Zealand flag referendum we're putting our money where our mouth is and saying [TS]

  this is how you do it my friends we decided to take matters into our own [TS]

  hand show New Zealand how it's done and hold the flag referendum for our podcast [TS]

  this is i mean this says a lot about the esteem in which we hold flags because [TS]

  people familiar with the podcast but obviously be aware after the rice rat [TS]

  and swamp in fiasco [TS]

  that pretty much the official appointing of anything with the podcast is me doing [TS]

  on a whim and you just not resisting enough right but when it comes to a flag [TS]

  is like there's no there's no brady going off on his own and just doing here [TS]

  this is serious business now we have been working on this together possibly [TS]

  too much because we are both men who do things her own way and our particular [TS]

  and control freak curry in our own ways and so we have come together to try to [TS]

  figure out how to make this referendum happen but there has been much [TS]

  discussion of details we even had an in-person meeting discussing today has [TS]

  been a lot of preparation for what is ultimately going to be a very short show [TS]

  wouldn't count on having a short show the thing I think I would love to have [TS]

  been in the booth next to us at that pub last night in London over overhearing [TS]

  the conversation we were just going into incredible detail about how the voting [TS]

  is gonna wear what flags we should and shouldn't choose and why [TS]

  crazy crazy so to catch people up on things [TS]

  several episodes back back in the early thirties about episodes we called for [TS]

  people to submit hello Internet flag designs and so what we have done finally [TS]

  as we approach our 50th episode is sort through all of the submitted flags and [TS]

  we have kicked out five designs for possible flags for the show this is like [TS]

  a short list basically we learned the lesson that what we're not going to do [TS]

  is create a long list to show everybody to have them talk about stuff and then [TS]

  arbitrarily pick a short list that's not the way to do it we're skipping straight [TS]

  to the shortlist of five flags for people to vote on to help select our [TS]

  podcast lag this still quite a bit of danger here we are putting an X on the [TS]

  block because when the New Zealand committee [TS]

  the committee as we call them right released their shortlist that we got [TS]

  stuck into them and said you had one job it was pretty easy put together a good [TS]

  short list and let us have a vote and we said they mustered up and now we're now [TS]

  we're putting out a short list and if people don't like a shortlist [TS]

  well we can look pretty silly I think we have done an excellent job and in our [TS]

  assessment of ourself it's quite high on what one on the short list that we put [TS]

  together I have to say has given me a little bit of extra sympathy for the New [TS]

  Zealand committee though because you suddenly start second-guessing and [TS]

  putting yourself in a lot of people's minds and a lot of people shoes and you [TS]

  start thinking quite tactically and if we give them this option is there a [TS]

  danger they might do this and you do sort of even though it's supposed to be [TS]

  sort of semi democratic you do start kind of manipulated with you shortly [TS]

  well that's exactly what the shortlist is because if we just ask people to vote [TS]

  up vote down on the flags in that thread we would have gotten one of those [TS]

  horrible comic sans blue flags with the hello Internet logo that looks like a [TS]

  state flag that's what people would do if you just let them if you just let [TS]

  them run crazy so when the shortlisting process one of our criteria was it has [TS]

  to be a flag that if it wins we would be fine with this as the hello Internet [TS]

  flag you can't run the risk of putting in a joke flag because guaranteed that's [TS]

  what everybody gets attracted to is the joke option so we were basically trying [TS]

  to stop the rebel rose as before they browse some rebel exactly there will be [TS]

  no rabble-rousing here this is serious business [TS]

  this is flags now before we get to the short list and that's obviously going to [TS]

  be quiet conversation and I can I can already sense the anticipation in the [TS]

  air waves but before we get to that the other thing we've done and I think to [TS]

  minimize rabble-rousing is the voting process itself this is this is quite [TS]

  something [TS]

  we have had many conversations about how do you try to hold an election on the [TS]

  internet just as two guys that we don't have voting machines or anything for [TS]

  people to use and we went back and forth about precisely what to do do we set up [TS]

  an online poll do we have a reddit thread they were very very many options [TS]

  but what we have settled on as think the best choice for this and also to be [TS]

  honest the most fun choice is we are going to have people physically send us [TS]

  postcards as the ballots for the flags us a post-election it is a post-election [TS]

  yes even though I mightily complain about votes that have to be done by post [TS]

  or in person and why can't they be done on my iPhone I have not going to have [TS]

  this election on an iPhone we're going to do it with postcards it's about [TS]

  election at the post and I can I just point out by the way that you with a [TS]

  main advocate of this wasn't this wasn't old school Brady sort of convincing [TS]

  growing technology you mister you know when will everyone get with the PA [TS]

  system and get with the program and have electronic voting you were Mr no I [TS]

  wanted to outscore I want postcards I want snail mail oh yeah yeah a couple [TS]

  times in in the setup process for this I felt like we were arguing what should [TS]

  have been the stereotypical other person's position but I totally admit I [TS]

  like the idea of the postal vote and I feel I feel charmed at the notion of [TS]

  people going out and selecting a postcard to use as their ballot I like [TS]

  this idea I feel that it's it's a romantic idea most I feel like I'm [TS]

  rubbing off on you a bit no [TS]

  I'm just in a really good mood because of the flags okay so we're gonna talk [TS]

  what was your main reason for choosing a post-election was at the charm of the [TS]

  post or was it [TS]

  preventing voter fraud see I don't know if we should even discussed the [TS]

  possibility of voter fraud but she has already this is already tipping over [TS]

  into rebel rousing territory but my feeling was it is very very hard to [TS]

  again just as to normal dudes who don't say have officially issued idea to all [TS]

  of our listeners are anything like this it's very hard to coordinate an online [TS]

  poll that has any kind of meaning and as someone who spends a lot of time on the [TS]

  internet there is a sizable contingent of people who delight in nothing more [TS]

  than screwing with anybody's online polls so it's just sounded really well I [TS]

  was revving up when you buy the S III thoughts we're not going to be able to [TS]

  hold a secure online election not even not even close so I won't even try and [TS]

  so I figure that the postcard is just enough friction that people who want to [TS]

  mess around with the vote you know what if you're going to try to send us a [TS]

  thousand postcards it's a lot more work than trying to just fake vote thousand [TS]

  times on a website so this is a vote fraud minimization technique in addition [TS]

  to a totally charming technique I know I really I'm really excited by where the [TS]

  postcards gonna come from and what pictures people are going to choose as [TS]

  the sort of the face of their postcard I mean that's irrelevant to the election [TS]

  but that's going to be really fun [TS]

  that is going to be fun and we have also decided that at some point you and I are [TS]

  going to get together in person to actually count up all of the balance now [TS]

  gray everyone knows how much you love elections and how interested you are in [TS]

  voting theory and things like that I do love a good election to finally holding [TS]

  one everyone's gonna wanna know what voting method did mister voting method [TS]

  choose well actually decided that we should probably just use first past the [TS]

  post for this election because it's the simplest everyone can understand first [TS]

  past the post [TS]

  people just pick your favorite and that's that's all you need to do is just [TS]

  one simple thing that's it no of course not [TS]

  of course not we're doing doing first past the post is not a chance to enforce [TS]

  it is the worst himself for so many reasons I will put a million links in [TS]

  the show notes as to why first past the post is awful but know they were there [TS]

  were two options there were two options that are the only reasonable options one [TS]

  of which is approval voting and the other one is an instant runoff voting [TS]

  and I debated its I was judging the merits of simplicity in voting vs [TS]

  simplicity and counting [TS]

  versus the ability to rank in to order preference as opposed to just expressing [TS]

  preference in the end I decided that we're going to do an instance runoff [TS]

  vote or as people in the UK will be familiar with it the Alternative Vote so [TS]

  what people are going to do when they vote is they will be able to rank their [TS]

  favorite flag to their least favorite flag on the ballot that they send in ok [TS]

  so there are gonna be five flags and a chance got a name [TS]

  and we'll be revealing though so so when people go to the back of their postcard [TS]

  and and rank these will talk more about that soon do they have to write five [TS]

  names or to the right to the right one name how many names to their out what [TS]

  are you asking them to do so this is the beauty of a well-run Alternative Vote [TS]

  unlike some countries that we could mention that require you to write down [TS]

  absolutely everything we're going to do it the right way if there's only one [TS]

  flag that you like you can just write down number one and that flag name and [TS]

  that's it you're done you don't have to do anything else if there are three [TS]

  flags that you like you can write down [TS]

  number one the flag name then on the next line number to the flag named next [TS]

  line 32 flag name and then you can stop when you don't care anymore you don't [TS]

  have to keep cranking them if you are some kind of completion is nerd you can [TS]

  indeed write down the names of all five flags in the order that you like them [TS]

  and then you can feel as though you have reached the completion achievement if [TS]

  you want to do that that's perfectly fine of course the real nerds will [TS]

  recognize that you only need to write down 42 expressed complete preferences [TS]

  but I'll leave that up to the listener about what they want to do [TS]

  bottom line you rank as many as you like you don't have to rank all of them but [TS]

  we do want on the postcard and we're going to reiterate it later and there's [TS]

  also going to be a link to instructions that you're going to need to take a look [TS]

  at it's going to be one flag name on a line so that it is easy for us to count [TS]

  the right number one and then the flag name and then think about it as though [TS]

  you were typing on a computer you going to press return and start another line [TS]

  and right number two and that flag name and so on that is what's going to count [TS]

  as a valid unspoiled vote but link in the show notes that you can go check out [TS]

  for the descriptions of how that's going to happen I do have to say great maybe [TS]

  this says a lot about a jobs in [TS]

  just the number of people we get exposed to we seem to be spending a lot of time [TS]

  thinking and talking about ways to make this idiot proof idiot proof is such a [TS]

  harsh way to phrase it that way I'm thinking of it is how can we maximize [TS]

  the number of understandable non spoiled ballots that we receive I have [TS]

  definitely learned that it is surprisingly hard to give instructions [TS]

  to a group especially as we are right now [TS]

  a very large group and have those instructions received in the way that [TS]

  you expect as always we have been we have been thinking about the way to make [TS]

  this as easy as possible and without a doubt going the postcard method as [TS]

  opposed to some of the other things we were thinking about definitely makes it [TS]

  a little bit harder we're sacrificing some some ease for the charm of of [TS]

  postcards which is one of the reasons why I'm trying to emphasize one name per [TS]

  line and look at the instructions to try to make it as as clear as possible but [TS]

  as we were discussing last night we definitely have a little bit more [TS]

  sympathy not just for the New Zealand flag commission but also for anyone [TS]

  anywhere who has ever tried to run an election because as soon as you start [TS]

  thinking about what could people do to possibly mess this up you realize people [TS]

  will always be able to think of things that did not occur to you that will mess [TS]

  it up it's amazing isn't it and I'm sure we'll talk about a short sorts of things [TS]

  like we've been thinking about that the names of the flags making making sure [TS]

  they're sort of fair and dummy proof and almost any topic we think of straight [TS]

  away like hang on people are gonna mess this up [TS]

  paper this is gonna not work for how many different versions of the names of [TS]

  the various flags do you think we have been through [TS]

  pretty pretty sad so the shortlisting process here this has happened has been [TS]

  rather ad hoc and mostly be done via text messaging it saves but how would [TS]

  you say we've come up with this shortlist of 5 I'm not sure that we had [TS]

  official criteria but I was I was looking for something going through the [TS]

  thread of a flag that I felt somehow expressed hello internet you can look at [TS]

  that flag and feel yeah yeah this is hello internet e in its own way that was [TS]

  my main thing when I was looking through the various designs of trying to pick [TS]

  out stuff that matched it would also have to be a flag that was acceptable to [TS]

  both you and me which was not always easy to do but this has been a [TS]

  surprisingly collaborative process because my list was remarkably short in [TS]

  the beginning [TS]

  well actually it was two and then I would say that you you brady you opened [TS]

  my eyes and our in-person meeting to other options that I had just dismissed [TS]

  but then I thought no you're right you're right these deserve to be in our [TS]

  referendum these are totally valid hello Internet flag options in about an hour [TS]

  ago the list was seven and then we just chopped down to five but we we let a [TS]

  couple go with some regret what was he thinking that you thought seven was too [TS]

  many you didn't like a couple of them seven was too many because we're [TS]

  slightly doing this just like the New Zealand flag referendum although we must [TS]

  say here in advance that we have chosen are five and we will not negotiate with [TS]

  flag designed terrorists who came up with additional flags to try to get on a [TS]

  referendum at the last minute what if someone comes up with a really good when [TS]

  we have chosen our flags these are going to stick with we went with five we did [TS]

  have seven and when I was looking at the list there were two that I did have [TS]

  slightly uncertain feelings toward I asked you if you had to get rid of two [TS]

  which would you pick [TS]

  and you pick the same to you that I had on my mind and so I thought ok perfect [TS]

  this reconfirms that is well off those to go now we have five matches New [TS]

  Zealand's perfect we can get on with our flag referendum that great before we [TS]

  reveal the five men and talk about them what's a policy going to be in terms of [TS]

  expressing a preferences my gut reaction is that we should not express the way [TS]

  that we intend to vote I think our personalities are too strong and two [TS]

  greats that we could influence the voters too much and the whole reason for [TS]

  having a referendum like this is that we also genuinely want to flag that the [TS]

  greater hello Internet community will also be happy with ya so this isn't just [TS]

  about you and me it's about all of us dear listeners and by the way we say [TS]

  influence the voters were not necessarily saying that you're gonna [TS]

  vote the one we were in fact the opposite yeah I was gonna say that out [TS]

  loud but I'm also aware that entirely out of spite people could decide to vote [TS]

  in a different way so we're going to discuss them we have some thoughts on [TS]

  each of the flags but we are not going to express what our ranked preferences [TS]

  are although I will be voting in our own reference yeah and we will be sending a [TS]

  postcard to send a postcard that's how you have to do it you have to send a [TS]

  postcard to you can't just add it to the pile in your house ok now and also don't [TS]

  think you know which one we liked by what we say there could be a double [TS]

  bluffing going on here we're both very clever people who now we are so cane for [TS]

  this to be done by us that we even going to reveal them and then reveal them on [TS]

  the website in a random order yes I believe you in front of you have a [TS]

  some very loud there we go I have post yes you have a series of marbles one for [TS]

  you to the five flags that you are going to drive around on the go [TS]

  yes we can all hear Brady and the order that you draw them in is going to [TS]

  obviously determine the order that we discuss them in now because we didn't [TS]

  want to buy anything and it's also going to determine the order that they appear [TS]

  on the website because I have no ability to make them appear in a random order [TS]

  what's the code when someone gets the ballot paper and just takes them in [TS]

  order to donkey voters and I don't know this phrase I believe that saddam maybe [TS]

  we should check out this check out to a bit of on the spot research I think if [TS]

  there's a ballot paper and someone just walked in the post and does the mall in [TS]

  order 12345 just so they can leave the boat and say they voted that's what [TS]

  advantage to be on top of the ballot and I think the voters a well-designed if [TS]

  like if you're doing it for a government bridges doing our flag referendum here [TS]

  but if say you are in charge of a government and you don't have a method [TS]

  to randomize the appearance of the candidate names being at the top of the [TS]

  list has a surprisingly big advantage to give you a viewer if your local [TS]

  municipal government is running an election and they're just putting the [TS]

  names on the end of the list in alphabetical order it is intrinsically a [TS]

  biased election obviously that's not gonna happen with us cause we haven't [TS]

  got printed out ballot papers they will be appearing on the web site in order [TS]

  but you still need to write stuff down so I'm hoping that our random selection [TS]

  already down a little bit like a great I have selected the first model was the [TS]

  first like they were going to the flag we're going to talk about is wait wait [TS]

  before we discuss the candidates in be hello Internet flag referendum I want to [TS]

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  Promo Code each the first flagg we're going to talk about his club and close [TS]

  club and claus is a design a bit of a collaborative design on the reddit a [TS]

  couple of these files were modifications of other people's versions but we have [TS]

  from the red it was Chris writes music and LA's worried her missed did this [TS]

  design together the club in cause I would describe as a light gray [TS]

  background there is a darker gray central image which is a circle behind [TS]

  it going in one direction like crossing each other there is a caveman club going [TS]

  in the other direction there are two little robot arms and in the very center [TS]

  of this gray circle there is a white podcast microphone of course there will [TS]

  be a picture in the show notes as well because it is almost impossible to [TS]

  describe something like this out loud but this is the club in cloth design [TS]

  what are your thoughts on everything I like all of them I really like it [TS]

  of course I would say it is the most is one of the most sort of logo like it's [TS]

  like it's not a traditional flag it's not something you would have seen flying [TS]

  in the seventeen hundreds that's for sure it has a modern look but that's [TS]

  nothing wrong with i mean we're a modern podcast we are so there's nothing wrong [TS]

  with expressing that modernity I mean I'm assuming the club the caveman club [TS]

  is supposed to represent me for some reason I think that's fair assessment [TS]

  and the robotic are supposed to represent year I mean I think of same [TS]

  story many many submitted designs was the the perceived difference in a [TS]

  personalities and received you say it as though it's not really receiving a [TS]

  difference in their personalities but really we're almost exactly the same yes [TS]

  so sorry it reflects that really nicely and the way they're crossed his got that [TS]

  nice old-fashioned feel and the modern market having the microphone i think is [TS]

  a nice touch it [TS]

  perhaps better than any other candidate represents that we are a podcast [TS]

  certainly the other flags to my mind don't do that as strongly as this [TS]

  microphone image great I think people are gonna pretty quickly [TS]

  expect great to be in a lot of these designs because what caused your name is [TS]

  great but also it's there it's the color of all our branding on our website and [TS]

  our logo and everything so it's official color of her into it is the official [TS]

  color really is the official color of lol yeah even I cannot secretly [TS]

  chartreuse or anything so so yeah it's it's it's it's really cold it's really [TS]

  cool like 05 I'd be really happy that one it's it's got a lot of really useful [TS]

  really useful design what are your thoughts on yeah it's an interesting [TS]

  it's an interesting flag to me something about it captures the feeling of hello [TS]

  internet there's something about the way that it is drawn that is friendly is the [TS]

  way I would describe it but you are also right in that it is almost logo like [TS]

  almost crashed like and of the options that I am looking at before me right now [TS]

  because I have all five on my screen at this moment it is probably one of the [TS]

  two least flag looking like flags at a glance might be the way that I would [TS]

  think about it so I think it is it is an interesting is interesting choice as it [TS]

  goes without saying all of these flags we like and all of these flags we would [TS]

  be happy to have as our hello Internet flag we're just discussing the things [TS]

  that make the flags unique or that capture our attention about these flags [TS]

  ready for another one another and randomly choosing the next one we're [TS]

  going to speak about is white cross white cross and this was when we had [TS]

  quite a bit of debate about what to name as well but we seem to have settled on [TS]

  white cross cuz I just said and that's how we actually had 100% settled on what [TS]

  the name should be but you just ran with it [TS]

  yeah and there's no fixing that an editing now and what cross was my choice [TS]

  so I have abused my position as a mile below their fair enough [TS]

  with great power comes great responsibility that you're happy to [TS]

  abuse and that's what is white cross well do you want to describe it because [TS]

  we even have a disagreement about how it should be described white cross is a [TS]

  black flag is very simple just plain black and then it has a white design in [TS]

  the middle and that what design could be best described as a cross obviously but [TS]

  both sticks of the cross for lack of a better term have sort of seraphs on the [TS]

  end they look like to capitalize crossed over each other but of course a capital [TS]

  I turned on its side does bear a striking similarity to the letter H so I [TS]

  think one could easily see an H if that was the way they would chose choosing to [TS]

  look at the flag but it's not obvious it's not an obvious hii it would only [TS]

  say hii to someone I think he was looking for [TS]

  otherwise you just think it was sort of an old fashioned I cross it's definitely [TS]

  the most old-fashioned of the designs we have oh yeah without a doubt it's easy [TS]

  to miss the age I it does look like a much more old-fashioned d symbol and the [TS]

  creator of this design muscled pancakes explicitly said that it is designed to [TS]

  be Herald directly informed periodically [TS]

  character from the field of heraldry from the field of heraldry [TS]

  I would go with my use [TS]

  it'll just be competent and don't apologize for my mouth was not even able [TS]

  to make sounds good approximate what this word would be stumbled upon it but [TS]

  from the from the field of help heraldry is exactly right that that's what it [TS]

  looks like I almost like you could see this design on a night shield who was [TS]

  about to do some jousting it would not look out of place [TS]

  definitely definitely yeah it's very it's the sort of Game of Thrones [TS]

  what's the risk of womanhood pancake said that they read some more that [TS]

  muscle tank acts like their big words don't know it a base the laws of [TS]

  tincture and maybe blaze and for any English learners out there [TS]

  sable across potent elongated fest wires argent well done they're pretty well [TS]

  done thank you I'm sure the players in the field of heraldry will know exactly [TS]

  what this means I won't even have to look at the show notes they will just [TS]

  immediately have the image appear in their mind so I mean this obviously is a [TS]

  little bit New Zealand 80 cuz its black with a white image so in keeping with [TS]

  the times it is in keeping with the times but as always you can't think of [TS]

  current events when selecting a flag that may last far far into the future [TS]

  far beyond either of us Brady but I think that this is a flag design that [TS]

  can definitely stand the test of time and it I think it's also an interesting [TS]

  choice because in some ways it is one of the least hello internet looking flags [TS]

  just at a glance [TS]

  because of the black color and because of the cross in the center but I like [TS]

  the subtleties of thi and I think in a flag referendum like this it is [TS]

  definitely good to have a choice that is more different from the other flags yeah [TS]

  it's interesting in that it doesn't use great as well I wonder will help or [TS]

  hinder yeah that's what makes it stand out is that is it does not have a gray [TS]

  background I mean I can imagine the New Zealand committee would have given [TS]

  people two options with this a black one and a great one definitely a black one [TS]

  definitely a great one without a doubt that would be in there by the way if you [TS]

  send in your vote and say I vote for white cross but I want to have a great [TS]

  background that is and now vote your vote yes you have spoiled your ballot [TS]

  yet say it's the black background or nothing that's what you're getting [TS]

  people like a right do you want to pick another flag for speeding I'm loving [TS]

  this I'm loving this pulling pulling these models as my favorite I think you [TS]

  just your reveling in the power [TS]

  next is this is one that great and I have decided to co leggy flag [TS]

  I'm not gonna lie flag flag as far as names go is my favorite [TS]

  just think it's funny because something you fly a flag as listener might be [TS]

  imagining flag flag is the flag that most looks like a flag no one would ever [TS]

  look at this and think Oh what is that thing everyone would know that it is a [TS]

  flag now it is a bit of a variant on a traditional tricolor flag but here here [TS]

  is what the designer has done trick allure of you on a sounder posh tickler [TS]

  is that some people say oh wait a min you just sayin tri-color in a fancy way [TS]

  now I don't accept that now I don't know I don't accept that I'm hard as nails [TS]

  and push you hard as nails and you're very posh [TS]

  Bipasha some pushes a nice cushion [TS]

  look at how does niacin pushes cushions and I hope that one follows you around [TS]

  anyone who knows me knows I'm not push all rights the tricolour flag designed [TS]

  by THP 44 [TS]

  if we're thinking of dividing the flag vertically in half the right half of [TS]

  that flag is the traditional hello internet great color now the left half [TS]

  has been vertically divided into again so that there is a black vertical stripe [TS]

  and a white vertical stripe that are taking up the other 50% of the flag so [TS]

  sad that right away I find most tricolor flags just deathly boring but I think [TS]

  the little bit of asymmetry here with the vertical tri-color this helps this [TS]

  design quite a lot [TS]

  whereas it was a regular tri-color I would just fall asleep simply looking at [TS]

  it so I think there's this little design element really helps and where this flag [TS]

  comes from is that the designer is basing this off of the line from hello [TS]

  Internet episode 38 where you finish the show by saying that i speaking is your [TS]

  brady and a black-and-white kind of guy and you my friend are gray so that is [TS]

  the design for this flag say the left hand side the black and white side is [TS]

  his may remember the right hand side which is all gray his grave another way [TS]

  to describe this would be just to say as we go from left to right the first 25 [TS]

  percent is black [TS]

  the second 25% is white and the final 50 percent is great that is not the way I [TS]

  would have described it and it's no I know it's not you chose a very [TS]

  convoluted way described you went from right to left and then you started [TS]

  splitting things into it you would do it also the rubbish I was just doing a [TS]

  series of two bisexual but I I like this I like this flag simply because it's [TS]

  sort it sort of the the two of us but also I think almost everything that we [TS]

  discuss in this show sometimes one of us is wishy washy and isn't going with [TS]

  something and sometimes the other person has a very harsh opinion that they will [TS]

  not be budged on so I think there is definitely something hello internet [TS]

  about this flag and this design even if it is the most flag of the flags also [TS]

  the the white vertical stripe which is sort of going down the middle but [TS]

  obviously is a bit off-center does look likely I internet so it also it's it's [TS]

  sort of looks a little bit like a logo and branding as well so has actually [TS]

  definitely does next time let's let's pick the fourth of the five sound [TS]

  effects and affects their guys next we are talking about this one is code hii [TS]

  logo in many ways this is the news the existing New Zealand flag of a [TS]

  referendum it's the one you would have expected established look it's kind of [TS]

  what we are already it's the incumbent if we did have a flag here's how you can [TS]

  best imagine this flak [TS]

  take a look at your podcast player right now and look at our logo and then [TS]

  imagine that logo just on a slightly larger field of gravy turns it into a [TS]

  rectangle yeah the established logo flag and you're right it is the Contender [TS]

  that everybody already knows it is our logo on a gray background yes I say the [TS]

  square of a logo is made a bit smaller so it nestles a bit more nicely inside [TS]

  the gray of the rectangular flag thought I mean obviously you like it cuz we used [TS]

  your the designer of this I you know I never I never once you and everyone to [TS]

  bias and election but yes I am the designer of the hello Internet logo and [TS]

  I spent a number of hours that I never want to describe trying to get all the [TS]

  little dots to match up in a way that I found a statically pleasing that also [TS]

  matches up with the H in the eye in a way that nobody ever notices are [TS]

  comments on it but I know is there and so I appreciate that but yes without a [TS]

  doubt I would say that this is this is the New Zealand flag of our referendum [TS]

  is interesting and an early draft of this when we were gonna flag guys put it [TS]

  into this referendum you initially had the HRI in the middle of a great leg and [TS]

  sort of the dots around the edge of the flag and also said you know it's going [TS]

  to be the square and put a centralized it oh yeah this is this is another case [TS]

  of where we we had even in the flag selections we had very many things that [TS]

  we were messing around with the other problem that I ran into with flag izing [TS]

  the hello Internet logo is of course there is an extraordinarily subtle [TS]

  gradient on our actual actual logo and gradients are just verboten on a flag [TS]

  you cannot have a gradient on a flag if we were say ever to print the flags you [TS]

  cannot possibly try to print something with a gradient so I had to spend a [TS]

  little while trying to pick the exact right color of grades you be the [TS]

  monotone a background for flag [TS]

  yeah there's a lot involved in this referendum people I know it I know it [TS]

  sounds because we're so professional and just so smooth like this is just this is [TS]

  Justin no easy fast work for the two of us everything's going along smooth but [TS]

  there was there was much discussion behind the scenes about this stuff so [TS]

  the final leg I will I would draw the bow for the sake of completeness and [TS]

  sound effects of course you well it can only be one the final one we're going to [TS]

  talk about has been given the name Nile and Kia mail and hear this one has this [TS]

  one has an interesting history because it first appeared on the radar with one [TS]

  color scheme and then evolved to another color scheme which is the color scheme [TS]

  it now has in a referendum it is a great flag surprise surprise it has a white [TS]

  design in the middle [TS]

  surprise surprise but the design in the middle of this is very reminiscent of [TS]

  kind of sort of communist hammer and sickle in some ways at first glance but [TS]

  what it is in fact is the the coke or beer made famous by CGP grey zone logo [TS]

  that he uses in his own videos and and branding with the flask test you were [TS]

  removed and in place of the test tube is a stylized no presumably representing my [TS]

  hardness yeah Brady washes cushions yes the couple of times I said how does now [TS]

  is for reasons that remain a mystery to me seem to have stuck with me and I come [TS]

  up all the time so the total mystery that you keep bringing up all the time [TS]

  to reference yourself whenever you possibly can I don't know why it's lived [TS]

  on the podcast for as long as it has been that way but what people have gone [TS]

  with it is beyond me that you know I'm not actually was but [TS]

  anyway and this this this gear and no stylization has sort of been rotated [TS]

  anti-clockwise by about 45 degrees it's cool look at this is the one that as you [TS]

  referenced by far went through the largest number of people modifying the [TS]

  design on the reddit I think the two people most responsible for this design [TS]

  are appearing for the second time in our contest here is laws barred chemists and [TS]

  then this final coloration was done by will bob 15 but there were definitely a [TS]

  bunch of variations on this particular one so this this flag is gone through a [TS]

  big evolution and when we were discussing options we think that this is [TS]

  the best and final evolution of this particular design I think it I think [TS]

  it's very interesting for the color selection [TS]

  they've they've they've done a kind of light gray on dark grey background in a [TS]

  way that still that still makes it distinct and I think that the overlay of [TS]

  the nail for you and the gear for me has worked out very well on this one [TS]

  in some ways I think of this flag as a bit like the opposite of the one that we [TS]

  started out with the club and claw flag if the club in and cloth flag is the [TS]

  friendliest of the flags this one on this on the spectrum might be angriest [TS]

  of the flags because it has these very sharp design elements it has the spike [TS]

  email in it [TS]

  but there's no denying that this is a cool looking flag yeah it does have [TS]

  another dubious honor and this is not to pass the vote because I'm sure over the [TS]

  course of the vote other things are going to happen to buy anyway but this [TS]

  has the dubious honor of being one of the few flags that has pained [TS]

  unofficially very unofficially printed out and flow and because a fan of as [TS]

  code Vasiliki actually printed this onto a piece of paper and took it to the [TS]

  Royal Society open day and posed for a bunch of pictures with it which I have [TS]

  previously posted on my blog I believe so we have seen pictures of this one out [TS]

  in the wild but it is by no means our official flag nothing is our official [TS]

  flag until the vote is done right there is no official flag until you dear [TS]

  listeners help us select one so there we go is 250 it's looking at the mall next [TS]

  to each other I have to say Brady I'm going to give us a pat on the back for [TS]

  selecting such excellent flags yeah I mean I'm looking at them all together on [TS]

  my computer and I think they look good as a bunch I think they are good as [TS]

  individual options for the flags and I am I'm going to be very curious to see [TS]

  how this referendum goes yeah I mean I completely agree with you i think it's a [TS]

  really cool cool list now I know a lot of people are gonna say once we should [TS]

  have chosen to submit more nothing is going to change this list this is the [TS]

  only one to vote on if you send anything else on your postcards you've wasted [TS]

  your ballot it will be shredded it will be shredded [TS]

  but that doesn't mean fixtures ready yet to actually read these things I haven't [TS]

  to get you in your place so you could do the shooting [TS]

  but you can bring your showed it to my place that's a funny the idea of you [TS]

  getting on the train coming all the way here the shredder and let us send you an [TS]

  industrial shredder so just to recap we have five you are voting on them by [TS]

  their names [TS]

  the details of how to vote including the old important address is on the website [TS]

  so you have to go to the website at read the instructions are clever and devious [TS]

  plan to make sure that we could show people instructions one more time by not [TS]

  reaching out the address on the podcast where does and your vote you have to [TS]

  click on the link or you have to go to hello internet died FM / flag vote to [TS]

  see the instructions one more time of exactly what we want and exactly what [TS]

  makes a valid ballots and also to find the address to actually send a postcard [TS]

  do so Brady those who have made it to the end of our little episode on the [TS]

  flag referendum they want to know what does being an official flag [TS]

  of hello Internet mean how does this affect the world's how does this affect [TS]

  their lives and perhaps you as a person to always trying to create official [TS]

  things for hello Internet you have an answer to have an answer for our [TS]

  listeners well I mean I know what it means to you you're just going to [TS]

  digitally archive it and and recorded as the winner right it might go on the [TS]

  Wikipedia page as the official flag think it that much more thoughts I mean [TS]

  you know I like a good physical object and I do believe it or not I do have [TS]

  contacts in the flag making world no really so I will I have already made a [TS]

  few inquiries I've put the wheels in motion and I think I will endeavour to [TS]

  fly the hello Internet flag at some point perhaps we could fly over the [TS]

  penguin enclosure Bristol Zoo when I do I do I don't know where we would fly I'm [TS]

  sure people will suggest places the internet flag could be flown I'm not [TS]

  ruling out the White House some point you don't want to rule out any option [TS]

  straightaway yeah so i mean i'm hopeful that I mean what possible reason could [TS]

  they be flying a flag over the white house the White House the podcast at [TS]

  that point will be so large it will have so many listeners as visiting will be [TS]

  the equivalent of the pope visiting we're basically a defacto nation at that [TS]

  point that's why the white house [TS]

  yeah so I believe these flat the winning flag will come into existence it will be [TS]

  officially endorsed I don't know what else I don't know what happens when a [TS]

  flag is officially appointed like it will be written into the hello Internet [TS]

  constitution that we gotta get their constitutions started somewhere I think [TS]

  they're gonna have to be like rules of use is a legend isn't allowed to touch [TS]

  the ground any point [TS]

  oh yeah rules for how to fold it into various circumstances before our [TS]

  military personnel how they handle it exactly if if the podcast evergreens big [TS]

  enough to have its own me for example they would need guidelines for its use [TS]

  so so that there is there is much to be done in fact there may even be another [TS]

  referendum requires we have weak weak weak and these things that will have a [TS]

  referendum for the flag and then we'll have another referendum for the the [TS]

  rules of use of the flags and if you think a referendum is convoluted and [TS]

  confusing wait to you see that one yeah that's going to be great so that website [TS]

  address again great for those who want to put in place to vote we not only do [TS]

  we want your vote we really want your votes because that's just for fun and we [TS]

  want you guys to have helped choose the flag but but we are also really excited [TS]

  about the other side of the post cut to the face side where we were really que [TS]

  no where you send your postcards from as well and we will be looking at that site [TS]

  you know could be hello from the black stump in Adelaide those votes my count [TS]

  double great-looking double double of the come from Adelaide you had a lady [TS]

  and don't count more no matter how much you think you do you know what we gonna [TS]

  do great we're gonna get some cracking stamps as well that's ever going to get [TS]

  some great steps we're going it's a great stamps but I definitely definitely [TS]

  12 second brady's enthusiasm here for receiving ballots and receiving [TS]

  postcards that is one of the reasons why we decided to pull this out as a mini [TS]

  episode of hello internet and to do it as a separate thing is because we really [TS]

  do want you to get involved and to help pick a flag for the show and to send in [TS]

  your votes so we're looking forward to getting as many of those as we can get [TS]

  from everyone who wants to participate in our flag referendum get out the vote [TS]

  hello internet died FM / flag vote [TS]