Hello Internet

H.I. #55: Element Zod


  go on do it one day on Dave you dare me [TS]

  don't do you can't turn down the double [TS]

  dog dare instead of our usual claps [TS]

  great i'm gonna give you a different [TS]

  noise so you're ready [TS]

  why do you say it will still give you [TS]

  nice Peaks on the way for the last time [TS]

  you did this you give me some horrible [TS]

  sound that did not give me nice nice plz [TS]

  with this engine is often about it [TS]

  listen to this and see if you can guess [TS]

  what it is okay okay first of all like [TS]

  that's not an i speak sound it's mushy [TS]

  already know but you can see can see [TS]

  three distinct lines on your waveform so [TS]

  you can clearly sync up with that i'm [TS]

  doing i am hitting the microphone with [TS]

  one of my christmas presence we have [TS]

  which is my meteorite who gave you a [TS]

  meteorite it was from my wife [TS]

  oh that's very nice and it sits on my [TS]

  desk in a little box on a little velvet [TS]

  pillow and whenever I want when I feel [TS]

  like I want inspiration I can just reach [TS]

  down and hold a piece of space in my [TS]

  hand [TS]

  yeah does that help you do get inspired [TS]

  by holding space in your hand I would [TS]

  say not so much [TS]

  oh but it does feel very nice and you [TS]

  know I like fiddling with things and [TS]

  it's and it's it's weighty and it's [TS]

  interesting texture that looks cool say [TS]

  it brings me pleasure i'm happy that it [TS]

  brings you pleasure and I would much [TS]

  rather have you filling meteorites then [TS]

  just before we started recording you [TS]

  have what looks to me like new [TS]

  soundproofing equipment in front of you [TS]

  too [TS]

  sounds nicer on the microphone and you [TS]

  are fiddling with the soundproofing to [TS]

  make the soundproofing make noise is [TS]

  just is like an astounding thing to [TS]

  watch you do so i would much prefer that [TS]

  you fiddle with the meteorite but i love [TS]

  that you make the thing that is there to [TS]

  make less sound you make it make more [TS]

  sound with your filling up we have to [TS]

  let people here at now this is what it [TS]

  sounds like when I rub my finger at [TS]

  along the soundproofing [TS]

  yeah yeah this is this so this people is [TS]

  what he was doing [TS]

  just while he was talking to me just [TS]

  rubbing his fingers against the lovely [TS]

  soundproofing so fucking with play with [TS]

  your meteorite Brady is such an older [TS]

  great if you are more interesting and [TS]

  engaging I wouldn't be looking elsewhere [TS]

  for distractions oh yes I'm sure that [TS]

  what it is that if you didn't who are [TS]

  just solid as a rock right motionless [TS]

  like a like a like a marble statue when [TS]

  you're talking to someone more engaging [TS]

  than I have and I have a high capacity [TS]

  to take in stuff and do stuff and you're [TS]

  not you're not satisfying me great like [TS]

  I'm just not stimulating enough you're [TS]

  like an artificial intelligence and ya [TS]

  talkin to me is just occupying a tiny [TS]

  part of your brain exactly like you're [TS]

  talking and light years and passing in [TS]

  my brain [TS]

  speaking of years passing happy 2016 and [TS]

  all that [TS]

  yeah happy 2016 Brady how did you see in [TS]

  the new year with you at all really [TS]

  ok ok because i know this is going to [TS]

  infuriate you and I i went to sleep [TS]

  no joke three minutes before the [TS]

  changeover community here before this [TS]

  thing is in our current apartment we [TS]

  have a nice view to the sky in London [TS]

  that we could theoretically see all the [TS]

  fireworks are I say theoretically [TS]

  because of course my wife did see all [TS]

  the fireworks but 757 i was sitting on [TS]

  the couch thinking I'm just too tired [TS]

  just have people back went to bed okay [TS]

  that is a bit sad they're not even just [TS]

  fell asleep [TS]

  fair enough but you actually consciously [TS]

  said I cannot sit here for three more [TS]

  minutes i am walking to my bed now [TS]

  yeah i got into bed and I close my eyes [TS]

  and I sort of heard the fireworks as i [TS]

  drifted off to sleep almost immediately [TS]

  I think that has to be a record for me [TS]

  of the closest I have ever come to the [TS]

  New Year's changeover without actually [TS]

  making it to the other side [TS]

  I mean that doesn't infuriate me that is [TS]

  a bit tragic isn't it like to be so [TS]

  close and you could have just had a look [TS]

  I think that's tragic to stay up when [TS]

  you're tired yeah okay I'm not gonna I'm [TS]

  not gonna argue with you i mean [TS]

  I think people i think it's becoming a [TS]

  bit of a a trendy thing now to say our I [TS]

  did nothing or I went to sleep and stuff [TS]

  so I mean this is not uncommon now I [TS]

  think people almost wear it as a badge [TS]

  of honor to say oh I did nothing for you [TS]

  you know New Year's so overrated so [TS]

  overhyped so I just stayed in and [TS]

  watched a TV and went to bed at ten [TS]

  thirty [TS]

  yeah i watch house of cards that's the [TS]

  thing is that the voice that they use [TS]

  when they say that [TS]

  yeah that'sthat's pretentious voice well [TS]

  I can't I can't be doing with new year [TS]

  oh gosh i prefer to celebrate the [TS]

  Nepalese new year in may I like this new [TS]

  voice of yours at least that it's a [TS]

  little bit of variety variety from nerd [TS]

  boys I'm the man of a thousand voices [TS]

  yeah well I know of to now so yeah ik [TS]

  I'm the man of two voices but that [TS]

  doesn't sound quite as cool [TS]

  no it doesn't sound quite at school what [TS]

  about You Brady how did you ring in the [TS]

  New Year I running in the new year in a [TS]

  ready maroon velvet jacket [TS]

  oh wow partying in the Moulin Rouge in [TS]

  Paris that is quite the contrast is [TS]

  correct show didn't start until midnight [TS]

  oh god really weird like a fancy dinner [TS]

  and like cabaret singing which was which [TS]

  is found and then it at new year they [TS]

  came up on stage the sort of the hosts [TS]

  they actually came on at like five past [TS]

  which everyone you because we all had [TS]

  iphone so we already knew that mr. new [TS]

  year but about five past twelve they did [TS]

  like they did this faux count down from [TS]

  ten nine eight seven which just started [TS]

  arbitrarily when they felt like it and [TS]

  then there was that you know [TS]

  pyrotechnics and that and then let the [TS]

  moonroof show started for two hours of [TS]

  you know glamorous people dancing around [TS]

  with far too little clothes on and [TS]

  people swimming with snakes and jugglers [TS]

  and mime artists and all the crazy [TS]

  campus there is a moon Landrieu show [TS]

  there was a bit of dancing with masks [TS]

  and crazy hats and horns and then back [TS]

  to the hotel [TS]

  that does sound like quite the New [TS]

  Year's it was much better than I [TS]

  expected [TS]

  that's quite the new year really that's [TS]

  quite the year while you slept [TS]

  I was spilling not one but two glasses [TS]

  of champagne all over my wife's lovely [TS]

  dress [TS]

  Oh Nazy nicely done it was it was a [TS]

  little bit cramped at the stables and a [TS]

  bit clumsy but she was cool she has to [TS]

  be living with [TS]

  aight man yeah you go someplace fancy [TS]

  Brady spilled champagne all over ya and [TS]

  Christmas was being a write-off because [TS]

  of work reasons but what up asset [TS]

  Christmas was celebrated on Boxing Day [TS]

  with the grace [TS]

  yes it's lovely it was lovely we got [TS]

  together for Christmas in London boxing [TS]

  in London but it's Christmas enough [TS]

  secret is the whole Christmas season [TS]

  Christmas dinner walk the dogs watch to [TS]

  be a rubbish TV they put the world to [TS]

  rights or whatever it is when you just [TS]

  talk about rubbish four hours it was one [TS]

  of those just enjoyable days of just [TS]

  hanging out together and just eating a [TS]

  lovely dinner it was it was very nice [TS]

  it was a very nice boxing day to spend [TS]

  with the Bradys Brady so if I like that [TS]

  if now do you have any big plans for [TS]

  2016 braiding there anything big [TS]

  happening in 2016 that you want to talk [TS]

  about 2016 is is going to be an official [TS]

  year of fun for me with lots of cool [TS]

  travels and adventures and I want to [TS]

  travel more and see more stuff and why [TS]

  is it going to be the year of fun for [TS]

  you Brady because it just is no yeah [TS]

  it's that whole yeah we're just going to [TS]

  leave it at that okay yeah yeah and [TS]

  we're not talking about birthdays or [TS]

  anything like that [TS]

  ok say it alright alright what is the [TS]

  year fun it's a year fun [TS]

  yeah for no particular reason and no [TS]

  particular reason out anything anything [TS]

  bigger anything [TS]

  no no not know nothing big ceaseless [TS]

  approach of death every easy class at [TS]

  there it is completely unrelated to this [TS]

  discussion about birthdays [TS]

  do you have an opinion about when [TS]

  middle-aged officially starts that is a [TS]

  thing that constantly shift as you get [TS]

  older [TS]

  mmm i made of our I'm at a point now [TS]

  where middle-aged starts in ten years [TS]

  all the time right [TS]

  it's like it's 10 years away and it's [TS]

  and it's moving at one year per year [TS]

  away from away [TS]

  it would never be caught and it's not [TS]

  getting closer either i feel that that [TS]

  is intellectually dishonest but also [TS]

  entirely understandable [TS]

  Wendy believe it stats mr. rational and [TS]

  narrative all 40 has to be middle-aged I [TS]

  think that that's probably the best time [TS]

  to put it and really 40 is being [TS]

  somewhat optimistic because most people [TS]

  don't actually live until 82 live [TS]

  slightly younger than that so maybe like [TS]

  39 maybe even 38 is middle-aged but i [TS]

  think by the time you're 40 you there's [TS]

  no there's no denying it anymore that's [TS]

  middle-aged so you're defining [TS]

  middle-aged to pick almost what it says [TS]

  on the tin middle [TS]

  yeah the midpoint of life I'm taking [TS]

  this totally crazy path of assuming that [TS]

  the word means what it means which is [TS]

  the middle of of your age sea I think it [TS]

  could mean different things and do you [TS]

  count those first 10 years in your [TS]

  equations and you know is that the [TS]

  middle of your ad out life is that the [TS]

  middle is it just the middle of the [TS]

  number of days your heart has been [TS]

  baiting tonight I think 40 works both [TS]

  ways that right because ok when people [TS]

  are in their forties this is usually at [TS]

  the period of time where if they have a [TS]

  family they're going to have a family [TS]

  like when I think when I was a kid all [TS]

  of the parents that I knew they were all [TS]

  in their forties and it seems like oh [TS]

  this is this middle phase of a human's [TS]

  life like you were a kid and then you [TS]

  grew up and you were a young adult for a [TS]

  while and now when you have a family and [TS]

  you're in your forties that's [TS]

  middle-aged and then immediately after [TS]

  middle-aged comes death that's how i [TS]

  made it we have rights no there's no [TS]

  there's not like a sort of a sunset [TS]

  period or anything it's just middle-aged [TS]

  and then bang against the world yeah [TS]

  it's all it's all over it's all over [TS]

  after that [TS]

  that's how that works so having [TS]

  clarified where Middle Ages what should [TS]

  one attitude beta reaching Middle Ages [TS]

  this a time of celebration is at a time [TS]

  of mourning is it just a met what should [TS]

  one think when one reaches the age of 40 [TS]

  I don't know I I i have no idea i'm not [TS]

  there yet [TS]

  well neither am I [TS]

  I didn't say that you were ready and say [TS]

  that you were the thing is you should [TS]

  probably you should probably find [TS]

  someone in middle age I'm just like the [TS]

  general you not you but like you know [TS]

  you dear listeners should find someone [TS]

  middle-aged and ask them what they think [TS]

  about that because you can't you can't [TS]

  expect you late in the future it's just [TS]

  like oh I could give advice to people [TS]

  who were younger than me but it's hard [TS]

  to give advice to people who are older [TS]

  than me so yeah I think maybe we should [TS]

  we should hear from our audience what [TS]

  should people in middle-aged think [TS]

  that's an interesting thing you just [TS]

  said that I does advice only flow down [TS]

  can young people not involved I mean of [TS]

  course they can advise our people but [TS]

  can young people legitimately advise [TS]

  other people or can advise only flow [TS]

  from the out to the young i'm thinking [TS]

  in terms of general life advice [TS]

  there's some term for it but it does [TS]

  seem to be that people go through [TS]

  different psychological experiences like [TS]

  in sections of decades as they grow [TS]

  older and I think for that kind of thing [TS]

  you can only talk to someone who is [TS]

  older than you want to who has gone [TS]

  through it i was reading this article [TS]

  which was talking about human happiness [TS]

  over the course of life and how it does [TS]

  seem to follow a u-shape that you're [TS]

  happier when you're younger happiness [TS]

  seems to minimize in the middle of your [TS]

  life in the term middle-aged sort of in [TS]

  your forties let's say and then after [TS]

  your forties it goes up but that it's [TS]

  very common for people in middle age to [TS]

  have this feeling of oh is this all [TS]

  there is to my life or like knowing that [TS]

  it's unlikely that they're going to have [TS]

  another big career changer or something [TS]

  like that so I think for this kind of [TS]

  general life advice [TS]

  it can only flow downhill mm I think [TS]

  like when I was in my twenties I went [TS]

  through a kind of I think the cool kids [TS]

  these days called a quarter life crisis [TS]

  where I remember in my early twenties [TS]

  having a real feeling of like oh god [TS]

  what is going to happen with my life I'm [TS]

  just unemployed and I have no idea what [TS]

  I'm going to do and I feel like oh if I [TS]

  was talking to someone in their 20 [TS]

  I might have useful things to say to [TS]

  that person but I have nothing useful to [TS]

  say to someone in their forties like I [TS]

  wouldn't be able to necessarily advise [TS]

  them I think they would need to talk to [TS]

  someone in their fifties who would who [TS]

  had gone through whatever they're going [TS]

  through [TS]

  do you think maybe it's not possible [TS]

  that when you get older you sort of [TS]

  forget things or you like you your your [TS]

  hard drive and your gets so cluttered [TS]

  with rubbish you you forget certain [TS]

  things that can no longer access certain [TS]

  things that the young people can and [TS]

  they could sort of say to you know what [TS]

  you should try this sickness and the old [TS]

  person might say oh I forgot what it was [TS]

  like to think like that and you're right [TS]

  that is good advice that will help me [TS]

  out of this situation we do know that [TS]

  brains decay as time goes on that you're [TS]

  just slowly falling apart as as time [TS]

  goes on but i don't know i think there [TS]

  is something about the experiences that [TS]

  someone has been through just as as [TS]

  general life advice that you have to [TS]

  talk to someone who was older I mean [TS]

  yeah many your experience can only go up [TS]

  as long as you don't forget it all [TS]

  what you do it's interesting to hear [TS]

  that you think i'm pretty much getting [TS]

  to the bottom of the you [TS]

  iiiii didn't say anything about your age [TS]

  of particular baby you are saying that [TS]

  you're going to the bottom of you I feel [TS]

  like I kept quite happy [TS]

  yeah maybe i'm just happy this week [TS]

  because I've tired of my desk and clear [TS]

  my desktop on my computer and gone to [TS]

  the gym a bit and you know you're asking [TS]

  maybe this is a bad time to ask me I'm [TS]

  just feeling unusually happy today [TS]

  yeah yeah but you feel happy in general [TS]

  reading yeah I'm feeling pretty happy [TS]

  today do you feel more happy than 10 [TS]

  years ago I would say that like what are [TS]

  you doing 10 years ago I was working at [TS]

  the BBC living in Nottingham when I was [TS]

  happy I was happy with her but I feel [TS]

  like I can do more now like I feel more [TS]

  free now I feel more in control of my [TS]

  own life now little [TS]

  mmm i have i have a lot more [TS]

  responsibilities and pressures now [TS]

  that's true but at the moment i'm on top [TS]

  of them so I'm with up i'm willing to [TS]

  I'm going to pay that price for all the [TS]

  other goodness so things like at the [TS]

  moment but ok but do you think you're [TS]

  happier now than 10 years ago [TS]

  it's very hard thing to say but i don't [TS]

  know i had to measure happiness but i [TS]

  would say Howard and I great unknown i'm [TS]

  making my brain explode [TS]

  look let's talk about it another episode [TS]

  this is interesting i need to think more [TS]

  about it IM notes you think you think [TS]

  about it will do will run the standard [TS]

  scientific tests on you here which is i [TS]

  will randomly text you or now i'll have [TS]

  some robots with I'll set up a program [TS]

  to randomly text you when all hours of [TS]

  the day and ask you how happy are you [TS]

  right now and you can rely on a one to [TS]

  ten scale that's that's how it looks [TS]

  like hey but you can't measure that [TS]

  against the 10 years ago Brady because [TS]

  you didn't do that then yeah that's true [TS]

  for the next ten years of your life [TS]

  I'll have a robot randomly text you [TS]

  constantly keep asking out for you are [TS]

  then we can compare to see if you 10 [TS]

  years from now is happier or sadder than [TS]

  you now except i'll always be unhappy [TS]

  because no matter what mood i mean i'll [TS]

  be pissed off that I've got another text [TS]

  that I'm gonna want to exactly get this [TS]

  is this is of course the observer effect [TS]

  the instant I ask you you get irritated [TS]

  and less happy [TS]

  alright so i guess you better start the [TS]

  show I was starting to show now [TS]

  yeah we establish that the shower now i [TS]

  tell you i will be a middle-aged by the [TS]

  time to show get started this episode of [TS]

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  Sighs I this is the point at which i [TS]

  have to ask who is Keyser Soze the usual [TS]

  suspects is the mysterious yeah [TS]

  now it looks ok yeah spoilers territory [TS]

  very fast here seems like oh yeah but I [TS]

  mean that's that that's on spoiler ball [TS]

  that feel now that's like that field [TS]

  that that film is all about that's like [TS]

  I see dead people territory for and [TS]

  spoiler born there [TS]

  oh yeah yeah you've made their judgment [TS]

  if there are a couple of films where the [TS]

  twist is so famous that that's all the [TS]

  film's its its usual suspects isn't it [TS]

  and I see dead people [TS]

  anyway but I saw that is 11 spoil [TS]

  anything okay really [TS]

  speaking of spoilers little i do want to [TS]

  talk about something about spoilers [TS]

  ya know you know i love talking about [TS]

  oil i will talk about the boilers all [TS]

  day [TS]

  we're not going to spoil anything but [TS]

  right now by the way for people so don't [TS]

  worry [TS]

  ya know that we gotta say I see dead [TS]

  people or anything [TS]

  yeah like I said that some spoil and [TS]

  really has declared it going to send [TS]

  your complaints [TS]

  surely surely there's like a statute of [TS]

  limitations to on sports oh there's not [TS]

  a statute of limitations on spoilers I [TS]

  fundamentally disagree with that very [TS]

  notion you know new people are born [TS]

  every day brand-new people manufactured [TS]

  who have not seen the sixth sense you [TS]

  know that rightly they exist of course [TS]

  that's so they can't they can't be a an [TS]

  expiration date yeah but ok and also [TS]

  let's not tell them how world war to end [TS]

  a diver that's not the kind of fucking [TS]

  spoil her [TS]

  really ok it was winding you up you [TS]

  should be immune two wind-ups like that [TS]

  but now that was just a throwaway wonder [TS]

  if I didn't even think that I get a bite [TS]

  I can't believe it if you're if you're [TS]

  that easy to ride up today I've got [TS]

  plenty worried the tech you're showing [TS]

  me your exhaust 40 deaths degrade and [TS]

  now I know where the fire the torpedoes [TS]

  anyway I want to talk to you about [TS]

  spoilers okay what do you want to talk [TS]

  about in the wake of a star wars episode [TS]

  you know I've I've now been listening to [TS]

  a few more reviews and podcasts and [TS]

  things about Star Wars I'd I didn't [TS]

  listen to anyone have anything to do [TS]

  anything any until we recorded hours [TS]

  yeah we intentionally both [TS]

  didn't read any reviews or listen to [TS]

  anything before recording our star wars [TS]

  show because that kind of stuff can [TS]

  influence your own thoughts and we we [TS]

  wanted to go in pure to our recording of [TS]

  the show but yes as soon as soon as we [TS]

  had finished recording I too was like oh [TS]

  boy now I can listen to all the other [TS]

  podcasts about Star Wars I tell you what [TS]

  great we needn't have bothered almost [TS]

  every single one of us into so far Myers [TS]

  will be an exact rerun of what we did I [TS]

  was almost annoyed by how similar or [TS]

  even all the phrasing was that's what [TS]

  makes things interesting is to see that [TS]

  this is a movie that has remarkable [TS]

  consensus is that good like even when [TS]

  the criticisms of the side like the [TS]

  praise and the criticisms of the sign is [TS]

  that the sign of a good film was a sign [TS]

  of a safe boring film is that the sign [TS]

  of a clever film I mean what-what do you [TS]

  read into the fact that everyone feels [TS]

  the same way about almost everything [TS]

  maybe maybe you could say that it is an [TS]

  indication of a bit of a safe film i'm [TS]

  not sure that consensus is an indication [TS]

  one way or the other [TS]

  it is just a thing that with movies [TS]

  sometimes across the spectrum people's [TS]

  opinions lineup about our it's a good [TS]

  movie or it's not a good movie or its [TS]

  good movie except for this part so i'm [TS]

  i'm not willing to say the consensus in [TS]

  and of itself is is a bad or positive [TS]

  indicator but it is it is remarkable [TS]

  with Star Wars and I was super aware of [TS]

  that as well like man every one of these [TS]

  podcasts hitting the exact same points [TS]

  yes I i'm not saying consent like if [TS]

  everyone thinks the film is good [TS]

  that's probably a sign it's a good film [TS]

  but what I'm what the consensus that [TS]

  kind of almost worries me a bit is that [TS]

  the detail of it how everyone agrees on [TS]

  everything [TS]

  mm like it's it's almost a bit strange [TS]

  and everyone is interpreting the same [TS]

  things the same way and the same the [TS]

  same little minor criticisms of the same [TS]

  maybe it's a sign that we listen to the [TS]

  podcast by people that are too similar [TS]

  to us tonight but or it's just an [TS]

  expression of the nerd mind in its [TS]

  various places different people with [TS]

  with different nerd minds like still [TS]

  come to the same conclusions so anyway [TS]

  the one thing that is starting to get on [TS]

  my nerves a little bit and i know that [TS]

  i'm a bit biased here because I did have [TS]

  the [TS]

  fine twist of Star Wars spoiled for me [TS]

  but I don't think this is why i'm about [TS]

  to say was I i'm getting a little bit [TS]

  annoyed by this coat of spoiler [TS]

  avoidance how people who manage to see [TS]

  it without being spoiled and who didn't [TS]

  watch any of the trailers and didn't go [TS]

  on Twitter for eight months before the [TS]

  film because they didn't want anything [TS]

  ruined a kind of like speaking as if [TS]

  they see the film through superior eyes [TS]

  because they were pure and untainted and [TS]

  i don't know i think they're coming [TS]

  across like a bit karkash I feel like [TS]

  you're talking about me because the [TS]

  height of these things like I i know i'm [TS]

  not what I'm going to keep talking in a [TS]

  way that you might think i'm talking [TS]

  about you but I'm not talking about you [TS]

  hear her go but you may project onto you [TS]

  and ok and the other thing is the people [TS]

  who were doing at like some of the [TS]

  extremes they went to avoid spoilers [TS]

  like they stopped communicating with [TS]

  their friends and and they completely [TS]

  shut down the areas of their life like [TS]

  you know social media parts of their [TS]

  life and they went to these extreme [TS]

  measures and if you are describing a [TS]

  cult two of the things you would say [TS]

  about people who have joined a cult [TS]

  would be there real zealots and the feel [TS]

  really superior about the thing they're [TS]

  doing and they start integrity strangely [TS]

  to their friends and cutting off their [TS]

  friends and that's what these sort of [TS]

  the code of spoiler people are doing i [TS]

  think that like them up in this thing to [TS]

  a few podcasts and like people that [TS]

  constantly talking about they're talking [TS]

  about how they avoid spoilers more than [TS]

  they're talking about the film and I [TS]

  don't think you have that superior and [TS]

  experience like like not knowing is nice [TS]

  and it's an and it's a nice surprise but [TS]

  still saying the same film I can't even [TS]

  remember if i do the twist of the Empire [TS]

  straw empire strikes back when I saw the [TS]

  film my can't remember if I already knew [TS]

  the thing i would say because people [TS]

  have been born I haven't seen Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back and gray might not let me [TS]

  know yeah but yeah but but when that [TS]

  amazing thing happens in Empire Strikes [TS]

  Back [TS]

  I can't remember if it was sport for me [TS]

  or not but i still remember thinking [TS]

  Empire Strikes Back was awesome [TS]

  so I don't think you have to have sex to [TS]

  see a film pure and virginal to enjoy [TS]

  the film and I think all these people [TS]

  who managed to avoid the spoilers [TS]

  you know I'm happy for you and I'm happy [TS]

  you enjoyed the film but get off your [TS]

  high horse [TS]

  I don't think cults normally have [TS]

  definitive end points where you engage [TS]

  in cultures behavior until exactly [TS]

  someday and then oh ok [TS]

  never again cult is a little bit it's a [TS]

  little bit overblown here [TS]

  well maybe it is a bit weird like yeah [TS]

  but you're lucky that this this is like [TS]

  a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon right [TS]

  like I don't think this is going to be [TS]

  even remotely as intense the second time [TS]

  for the second movie when it comes out i [TS]

  will and i'm sure other people will want [TS]

  to avoid spoilers for the second movie [TS]

  but i think it's just totally different [TS]

  when it's the first one and it's been [TS]

  you know a decade and a half since the [TS]

  last I think this is just unique in your [TS]

  life Brady so you never have to worry [TS]

  about it again [TS]

  m-most say don't let these cult members [TS]

  bother you will say although you are one [TS]

  of those people great can I just say you [TS]

  are one of the less annoying ones you've [TS]

  got your little peculiar things about [TS]

  you and one of them was your your [TS]

  spoiler avoidance with this film but you [TS]

  weren't annoying i'm glad to know that [TS]

  for you at least I was less annoying i [TS]

  will just say in in defense of avoiding [TS]

  spoilers for all kinds of movies that [TS]

  the experience of watching thing with [TS]

  knowing a little about it as you can is [TS]

  different from all of the subsequent [TS]

  watchings of a movie and i think that's [TS]

  that's the thing that people are trying [TS]

  to protect like of course you're [TS]

  watching movie again when you've seen [TS]

  the first time anything go like I really [TS]

  like this movie and you pick up on [TS]

  different things but there is something [TS]

  unique about the first time that you see [TS]

  a movie and if you can condense and [TS]

  remove as much information from that [TS]

  experience it's just a much better [TS]

  experience and I said to you before I [TS]

  like to do the same thing with books [TS]

  especially like with on the occasions [TS]

  that i read fiction i like to pick up a [TS]

  book knowing almost nothing about the [TS]

  plot and when you do that you discover [TS]

  like how is just a different experience [TS]

  that a lot of the setup [TS]

  feels different than if you know like Oh [TS]

  what the overall plot of the of the book [TS]

  or the movie is I i agree with the [TS]

  greater i agree with you and I would [TS]

  always recommend someone to avoid [TS]

  spoilers and I you know I avoided style [TS]

  or spoilers and certainly for that the [TS]

  day or two after the film had come out [TS]

  and I hadn't seen that I I was a lot [TS]

  more wary then I normally would be so [TS]

  I'm not saying don't avoid spoilers i [TS]

  guess the thing that I'm a little bit [TS]

  funny about other people who are like a [TS]

  bit snooty about it and I would be [TS]

  preachy about it and if it pretentious [TS]

  about it but also can you use your [TS]

  pretentious voice to describe how they [TS]

  talk about it [TS]

  yes I actually didn't switch on my [TS]

  computer for five years because I her JJ [TS]

  Abrams is directing I wouldn't sealed [TS]

  myself in a cocoon [TS]

  I like this voice seems to be amplifying [TS]

  very quickly and they're this is good [TS]

  and I and two films i mean i remember [TS]

  when i first saw the matrix I didn't [TS]

  even know what it was about I just got a [TS]

  ticket from my dad because it was a [TS]

  theater critic and said you can go and [TS]

  see this film and I had no idea what I [TS]

  was even walking into and like I got my [TS]

  head exploded and open also i remember i [TS]

  went with a friend and saw pulp fiction [TS]

  and I had no idea what I had no idea who [TS]

  even had made the film like never seen [TS]

  reservoir dogs time imagine a Quentin [TS]

  Tarantino I was and like an hour into [TS]

  the field my friend just turned around [TS]

  like grabbed my arm and said this is the [TS]

  best film I've ever seen and like so [TS]

  like saying films when you have no idea [TS]

  is that a wonderful is a wonderful thing [TS]

  this is that same friend also and [TS]

  erudition lyst turn to me and say this [TS]

  whole film going to be black and white [TS]

  people that's correct [TS]

  this is really depressing you know but [TS]

  there is something to be said as well [TS]

  for the year of hype before film comes [TS]

  out and it can be done in the right way [TS]

  and I think a really good example of [TS]

  that is Jurassic Park did like the very [TS]

  first Jurassic Park i was in a frenzy of [TS]

  excitement about saying that film lose [TS]

  of all the all the hype and excitement [TS]

  and B would happen and true they didn't [TS]

  spoiler and they held back a lot [TS]

  stuff and that and when you finally sort [TS]

  of the dinosaurs most amazing but like I [TS]

  wouldn't for the world want to have [TS]

  avoided all the high on trailers and [TS]

  stuff that preceded jurassic park [TS]

  because that that's what made that film [TS]

  such an amazing release when you finally [TS]

  so are and I think if you avoid the hype [TS]

  too much you sometimes miss out on some [TS]

  of the experience of what Hollywood and [TS]

  what made these is that how that whole [TS]

  machine of excitement that comes before [TS]

  a film like that machine can sometimes [TS]

  be destructive and can give too much [TS]

  away but other times it can really [TS]

  enhance the experience [TS]

  well without a doubt that human [TS]

  happiness is increased by anticipation [TS]

  and something like the Jurassic Park [TS]

  movies there they were selling our [TS]

  dinosaurs are amazing like they're going [TS]

  to blow your mind and I need the first [TS]

  drastic pot maybe I liked [TS]

  yeah where the other there's only one [TS]

  Jurassic Park movie yeah okay and I mean [TS]

  I actually is on grassy park is just a [TS]

  couple years ago again and i was [TS]

  astounded by how well the graphics held [TS]

  up on like yeah believe this works like [TS]

  I can see sometimes when they're using [TS]

  puppets and when they using CGI but it's [TS]

  just amazing how well some movies age [TS]

  but but but that movie like when they [TS]

  were advertising it they're going to [TS]

  show you less of the dinosaurs because [TS]

  the dinosaurs are what you're buying the [TS]

  ticket for ya and also with that I have [TS]

  the same feeling of I was really excited [TS]

  for the the first lord of the rings [TS]

  movies i remember back when I was in [TS]

  college that they put out some little [TS]

  tiny online postage stamp-sized video [TS]

  featurette of some of the initial stuff [TS]

  for lower the Rings like two years [TS]

  before the first movie came out and i [TS]

  remember watching that over and over [TS]

  again where it was a [TS]

  the director just saying how like it's [TS]

  amazing we have the technology now to to [TS]

  make this movie but both of those are [TS]

  our are places where I can't even say [TS]

  the spoilers because i've read the book [TS]

  like the story exists in some other [TS]

  place and so I think I like Jurassic [TS]

  Park or lord of the rings are bad [TS]

  examples for things that you can be [TS]

  excited about because they say [TS]

  pre-existed in some other place [TS]

  yeah but they accept the excitement [TS]

  there's how they're going to execute how [TS]

  they're going to make it real right but [TS]

  that's a totally different excitement [TS]

  from what is the thing [TS]

  yeah right whereas if if they had [TS]

  released a star wars novel of the movie [TS]

  a year ahead of time feel like I would [TS]

  be a very different experience waiting [TS]

  for the Star Wars movie [TS]

  I don't think those things are [TS]

  necessarily comparable grading can you [TS]

  remember a film being spoiled for you [TS]

  trying trying to think I'm i know i know [TS]

  that i have had stuff spoiled or they're [TS]

  just movies where I'm fully aware of [TS]

  like oh I'm going to have a different [TS]

  experience because I already know the [TS]

  thing about it so it doesn't actually [TS]

  came up on on boxing day we were [TS]

  discussing but we didn't actually we [TS]

  were thinking about watching gone girl [TS]

  as a movie and that's an example of like [TS]

  I already know the whole story of girl I [TS]

  don't even know how i know the whole [TS]

  story but somehow is entered into my [TS]

  mind and so I'm just aware that like [TS]

  okay I will watch this movie in a [TS]

  totally different way than if I wasn't [TS]

  already aware of the plot ahead of time [TS]

  yeah so the N and but that's the case [TS]

  where I don't really mind because i'm [TS]

  not super invested in that we're has [TS]

  actually when you talk about cult of [TS]

  spoilers the worst I ever was with that [TS]

  was avoiding spoilers for the wire [TS]

  because I knew that someday i was going [TS]

  to sit down and watch the wire but it [TS]

  was never this day and so I spent years [TS]

  and years like ripping out my headphones [TS]

  whenever any podcast would suddenly [TS]

  start talking about the wire happens [TS]

  just very worried about spoilers for [TS]

  this thing that I knew someday i was [TS]

  going to watch i had spent years [TS]

  avoiding spoilers for a thing that [TS]

  already existed back just didn't feel [TS]

  like watching it yet for so yeah so [TS]

  that's probably the weirdest Behavior [TS]

  I've had [TS]

  I mean have you have any have any [TS]

  massive spoilers [TS]

  I mean a side of course from Star Wars [TS]

  well yeah I've probably had some and [TS]

  I've had others where I've avoided [TS]

  things like yourself where I did that a [TS]

  little bit with breaking bad link i'm [TS]

  funny about with spoilers is quite often [TS]

  sport if I have like pre-recorded a game [TS]

  happens to me a bit with baseball and [TS]

  sometimes some other sports that [TS]

  football and Formula One is the classic [TS]

  because I always watch Formula One races [TS]

  a few hours after they actually happen [TS]

  because they used Formula One races [TS]

  usually happens on sundays and sundays a [TS]

  day when i'm usually at about doing [TS]

  things with my wife so I don't I can't [TS]

  watch the race until the evening usually [TS]

  so I i have to be really careful about [TS]

  social media then because if I know who [TS]

  wins the race [TS]

  it really it makes the race very hard to [TS]

  watch the funny thing with sport [TS]

  spoilers is like a yankees fan right and [TS]

  so if I go if I want to watch the [TS]

  yankees game if I find out the result [TS]

  and the Yankees win i'll still watch the [TS]

  whole game really happily that if I find [TS]

  out they lose i just watch but if I know [TS]

  they're gonna win i will get just as [TS]

  much enjoyment from watching the game as [TS]

  as I would from not knowing the result [TS]

  in fact sometimes I might enjoy it more [TS]

  because even when they're losing i will [TS]

  be miserable of you think about this is [TS]

  gonna be awesome but that's not gonna [TS]

  come back and win it like I can't wait [TS]

  look at this is brilliant like and I'm [TS]

  looking at the happy up opponents [TS]

  thinking you got no idea what's coming [TS]

  my sports boilers are a double-edged [TS]

  sword and and for example if I'm about [TS]

  to watch the yankees game and it spoiled [TS]

  and I find out actually the Red Sox are [TS]

  going to win this game [TS]

  I feel really relieved because that's [TS]

  three hours of my life that I can do [TS]

  something else with your other rather [TS]

  than sitting there being miserable [TS]

  watching the loose there's that history [TS]

  is just beginning because I'm you know [TS]

  I'm not a person who follow sports I [TS]

  have no problem with people following [TS]

  sports it's just always strikes me as [TS]

  funny you say something like oh boy I'm [TS]

  really relieved i don't have to watch [TS]

  that game is feel like yes that feels [TS]

  like something about the sports mind [TS]

  like is it really that interesting i [TS]

  don't think i'm not sure that it is [TS]

  think of it this way gray [TS]

  imagine if there was someone i know this [TS]

  person could never exist but imagine if [TS]

  there was someone who you trusted enough [TS]

  their taste in movies or any cultural [TS]

  things like books that that you could [TS]

  just look to them and say I'm thinking [TS]

  of going seeing this film this afternoon [TS]

  i'm thinking of reading this book and [TS]

  they just gave you a little nod or just [TS]

  a little shake of the head to say read [TS]

  the book and they knew maybe you [TS]

  wouldn't like the book but you can read [TS]

  it because there's some value to it or [TS]

  it would make you think things are you [TS]

  would like it they just knew if it was a [TS]

  valuable use of your time [TS]

  okay you've convinced me i have [TS]

  completely changed my mind your right [TS]

  eye I see this inner su this in a [TS]

  different way because for sport [TS]

  yeah and and the reason that works for [TS]

  sport is because this with sport the [TS]

  result and the team I want to win is the [TS]

  be all and end oh right so that little [TS]

  nod or shake of the head really does [TS]

  just come down to the result most of the [TS]

  time right sports feels like world war [TS]

  two can there be spoilers [TS]

  I don't think they're handing but well [TS]

  yeah it's funny but but if my team is [TS]

  going to win [TS]

  I'd rather not know but you know you [TS]

  can't do it doesn't work that way [TS]

  there's a blue it's very difficult [TS]

  I'm sorry about your your sports spoiler [TS]

  difficulties my sport feelings gone down [TS]

  here with the last year or so i need to [TS]

  really need to pick that up [TS]

  yeah yeah it has gone downhill we were [TS]

  watching darts that was a bad Boxing Day [TS]

  is I want you to see what I wanted to [TS]

  see what that's like horrific Lee poorly [TS]

  designed sport that you just kept trying [TS]

  to really sell me on and I was [TS]

  completely unsold at four people [TS]

  listening grace problem with doctors he [TS]

  think he thinks it just should be a [TS]

  competition to see who can hit the [TS]

  bullseye basically it's just like it [TS]

  just blows my mind the darts is not [TS]

  about hitting the bullseye [TS]

  I can hardly i can hardly eve i just had [TS]

  we want to spend i don't like an hour [TS]

  arguing over this and like oh no they [TS]

  don't try to hit the bullseye and an [TS]

  okay so okay so listen you might be [TS]

  thinking if you're unfamiliar with darts [TS]

  oh there must be more complexity to it [TS]

  that like there's a thing that's going [TS]

  on and maybe it's much more interesting [TS]

  game now [TS]

  instead they're just trying to hit a [TS]

  little little red rectangle that's just [TS]

  a few inches above the bullseye every [TS]

  time until the very end so they might as [TS]

  well they don't even tear company offer [TS]

  they might as well be hitting the [TS]

  bullseye [TS]

  it's just if you just if they're just [TS]

  gonna be aiming for that let the Red [TS]

  Square above the bullseye [TS]

  why don't they just aim for the goddamn [TS]

  bullseye because it's a dartboard it's [TS]

  just infuriating [TS]

  I couldn't believe this i felt like on [TS]

  the day when I finally explained the [TS]

  nuance of diets to you and and and why [TS]

  that's not true i felt like he got there [TS]

  in the end I feel like now ya address [TS]

  no no no this is a regression it'sit's [TS]

  not first of all we again we had to be [TS]

  more civil because the wives were around [TS]

  like it's like strangle you like I [TS]

  wanted to [TS]

  ok you sitting there all smug about like [TS]

  Oh dr. no is ok i was standing up at the [TS]

  TV pointing to parts of the dark or the [TS]

  TV so that you could understand it it's [TS]

  just I just I could not I could not [TS]

  believe the rule the rules of darts [TS]

  I mean it was it was kind of fun to see [TS]

  it on TV i'm not saying that like darts [TS]

  is dumb like I always and I always like [TS]

  that no matter what the activity is in [TS]

  the world there's a group of people who [TS]

  are super into the thing and to me like [TS]

  that this is just the great thing about [TS]

  the modern world is that no matter what [TS]

  it is no matter how obscure your [TS]

  interests are there's going to be a [TS]

  group of people who are into a thing and [TS]

  so aside from the actual rules of the [TS]

  game which I thought were ridiculous [TS]

  I didn't think it was fun to see that he [TS]

  was up at alexandra palace in North [TS]

  London but ally pally pally pally is [TS]

  that what they call it [TS]

  that's what you can put the dots people [TS]

  called le Vaillant a tally pally [TS]

  yeah but I did love that there was like [TS]

  this this arena for the darts players [TS]

  and they had cheerleaders like big [TS]

  lights and swooping cameras like I just [TS]

  like that whole thing I do love i love [TS]

  that this can exist in the modern world [TS]

  but the fact that they're not aiming at [TS]

  the bullseye they're aiming at something [TS]

  just slightly north of the bullseye [TS]

  every time that's in fury [TS]

  you need to change that rule darts [TS]

  please people don't go to Twitter or red [TS]

  or email to explain the rules of dots to [TS]

  grow and I i explained the rules of dots [TS]

  to gray yeah explain why there's a lot [TS]

  more to it than that [TS]

  no there's no ice is my slow it I swear [TS]

  at the time it felt like he understood [TS]

  no I understand right now I understand [TS]

  right now if that is the triple 20 where [TS]

  you're counting down from five hundred [TS]

  and at the very end you have to get it [TS]

  like 80 I understand like we we went [TS]

  through and you understand the targets [TS]

  move around depending on the state of [TS]

  the game and and yours yes no it only [TS]

  that it only matters at the very end you [TS]

  do you do for throws we're always trying [TS]

  to hit the same little rectangle and [TS]

  then at the end when you get in 20 then [TS]

  does it change that's no no I understand [TS]

  perfectly i understand exactly how they [TS]

  clearly didn't this is my failure to my [TS]

  family and that this is a failure [TS]

  experiences mile yeah hi darts works its [TS]

  I I take full responsibility for gracing [TS]

  fact great misunderstanding here and I [TS]

  will work on together whatsoever no we [TS]

  will not work on anybody come to write [TS]

  at we should play dats that's what we [TS]

  should do [TS]

  alright I exactly don't like a sport you [TS]

  play do that like I can't say you have a [TS]

  strapping on the Cricut pads and letting [TS]

  me send down a few you are now I was any [TS]

  cricket but but I think you play dance [TS]

  with me [TS]

  ya know I wonder i don't i don't think [TS]

  the public we meet up normally has the [TS]

  dartboard but will I play don't you [TS]

  sometime [TS]

  all right we'll find a pool find it [TS]

  that's venue yeah it's a date [TS]

  our fourth date let's talk flags flag [TS]

  vote follow-up yeah we had our big [TS]

  referendum we haven't had a chance to [TS]

  talk about it because star wars 2 [TS]

  precedence for a while you're eight [TS]

  million pounds might have taken [TS]

  precedence but it didn't know flag [TS]

  follow-up now you know what I mean the [TS]

  lottery tonight you you probably don't [TS]

  know this but there's a huge jackpot in [TS]

  the in the lottery in the UK tonight [TS]

  oh yeah and it has to be one so if no [TS]

  one wins it [TS]

  they Divya all the money to the second [TS]

  place getters so that apparently as of [TS]

  an error ago they were selling 400 [TS]

  tickets a second [TS]

  Wow p [TS]

  you really are mathematically illiterate [TS]

  out tonight but I was one of them [TS]

  because because my letter night mr. [TS]

  number vile mathematically illiterate in [TS]

  fact i think the drawers happened so you [TS]

  could right now be speaking to a [TS]

  millionaire [TS]

  well let's continue on with the shower [TS]

  it's let's continue with what could be [TS]

  our last show right with the the flag [TS]

  fate and so there's lots of little bitty [TS]

  bits of follow-up really the first thing [TS]

  i want to do is I just wanna tip my hat [TS]

  to those people who was so dedicated [TS]

  that they watched our epic video of us [TS]

  sorting the votes and they were [TS]

  obviously watching frame-by-frame [TS]

  because these people have screen [TS]

  captured the moment that we threw their [TS]

  postcard into whatever been we threw it [TS]

  into and they've been posting them on [TS]

  social media and zooming in and [TS]

  enhancing and putting red circles around [TS]

  postcard saying look look there's my [TS]

  vote is my vote going into the bin and i [TS]

  have been saying those tweets and i just [TS]

  want to say good on ya I admire you i [TS]

  think you have a you know I don't want [TS]

  you to feel like you did that for [TS]

  nothing because you probably do it for [TS]

  nothing but he did it for the [TS]

  satisfaction of finding their vote I'm [TS]

  really glad that people were able to [TS]

  find their votes [TS]

  I think it's extra funny though that [TS]

  some people got really lucky because [TS]

  what the way we threw the votes they [TS]

  would land and really prominent [TS]

  positions for your hands sections of the [TS]

  video is like those people had an easy [TS]

  road like oh great tell my my vote was [TS]

  visible at the front of the bin for the [TS]

  entire video like those people were [TS]

  we're very lucky in that case but yeah [TS]

  I'm glad people are able to go through [TS]

  and and find their votes and see you see [TS]

  them in action and we now have a [TS]

  time-lapse of the whole thing up on [TS]

  YouTube is that right or at least it [TS]

  will be up when the podcast goes up [TS]

  yeah sort of like it's condensed down to [TS]

  marry couple minutes maybe the whole [TS]

  thing with a bit of hello Internet [TS]

  inspired music composed by alan stewart [TS]

  who made a little hello Internet song [TS]

  here a little hello internet like you [TS]

  know tone at the start of the episodes [TS]

  he's you that hasn't yeah he's used that [TS]

  as the inspiration for this little piece [TS]

  of music [TS]

  that goes with it so you can have a look [TS]

  at that would be even harder to spot [TS]

  your vote on that because obviously it [TS]

  goes by the million miles a second [TS]

  well are we still putting up the [TS]

  real-time one what's the story with that [TS]

  because you're in charge of this I do [TS]

  intend to do that and obviously that [TS]

  will be spoiler tested for people who [TS]

  avoid grace face because I'm already [TS]

  getting my knuckles rapped for grace [TS]

  face gate on the other on the other [TS]

  video say I've had put up to try to [TS]

  minimize the number of people who are [TS]

  yelling at you I put up little [TS]

  annotations that people can click when [TS]

  the spoiler is coming up so it says like [TS]

  grace face boiler coming up click here [TS]

  to avoid then it jumps forward ten [TS]

  seconds because I did feel bad about how [TS]

  many comments you were getting when I [TS]

  was like you put together a video with [TS]

  thousands of cuts like it was it was [TS]

  inevitable that there i didn't even so I [TS]

  didn't even say let's say them i did [TS]

  like sometimes I did crop at your face [TS]

  of some shots but anyway yes I keep keep [TS]

  an eye on the hello internet YouTube [TS]

  channel for all that kind of stuff and [TS]

  we'll obviously talked about on social [TS]

  media and stuff but yeah that the [TS]

  hazards that YouTube channels the place [TS]

  to go for people who do want to see some [TS]

  postcards like if in full HD deluxe can [TS]

  I also do a little plug for what has [TS]

  become essentially my passion project [TS]

  who which is a podcast postcards dot-com [TS]

  blue and what's happening there is every [TS]

  day at 333 p.m. UK time and new postcard [TS]

  is going up on that blog and ice and ice [TS]

  can a high-resolution the front and the [TS]

  back so you can pour over in all this [TS]

  detail and sometimes I try to make the [TS]

  postcard relevant to the day so it's [TS]

  like the national day of their cameroon [TS]

  i'll try and make a postcard from [TS]

  Cameroon that day so sometimes their [TS]

  famed sometimes they just ones that have [TS]

  caught our eye and i'm really loving [TS]

  doing this and i'm scared i'm spending [TS]

  way too much time on her for something [TS]

  that is not getting like a whole lot of [TS]

  traffic but the proper has been the [TS]

  return on investment is negative but I [TS]

  it's a huge this is a huge loss make it [TS]

  but I'm just getting so much pleasure [TS]

  from a and like I'm I'm pre-programming [TS]

  these blogs to like go up on certain [TS]

  dates in the future and I'm already like [TS]

  towards the end of the year like around [TS]

  on a dove on anniversaries of famous [TS]

  things the end of the year I've already [TS]

  got that blog post already done with a [TS]

  relevant postcard diesel yeah i'm really [TS]

  loving it like it's just a it's just [TS]

  become a little it's always become like [TS]

  a therapeutic thing i do it just it's [TS]

  kind of mine less than lovely and it's [TS]

  nice to look through all these lovely [TS]

  pictures and it's nice to have a bit of [TS]

  a connection with some of the listeners [TS]

  and it's an easy job to do and it's a [TS]

  bit fun so don't have a look post-its [TS]

  podcast postcards dot-com yeah there is [TS]

  also a twitter twitter for and stuff but [TS]

  if people look at it will make me happy [TS]

  because i'm spending so much time doing [TS]

  that people should definitely look and i [TS]

  have to say i have been really enjoying [TS]

  it as well it's it's just very [TS]

  interesting to see the different [TS]

  postcards and of course my experience a [TS]

  little bit different because we just did [TS]

  not have time on the day to really look [TS]

  through everything and I'm enjoying [TS]

  these postcards in their digital form [TS]

  and i love that you're scaring them at [TS]

  high resolution and I go on the site and [TS]

  check it out and I just it's this is how [TS]

  i can appreciate the uniqueness of each [TS]

  of these things it's like oh I have I [TS]

  have time to look at them and check them [TS]

  out and see the little details that [TS]

  people put in their i like that you have [TS]

  your late ballot stamp that you put on [TS]

  top of some of the postcards it's it's [TS]

  really nice and yeah you can see what [TS]

  people wrote you can see what stamps [TS]

  they used and stuff it's really it's [TS]

  really fun already liked it and I always [TS]

  just love this is almost like this in [TS]

  the same way that the internet always [TS]

  feel like oh people are just so clever [TS]

  on the internet people have been really [TS]

  clever with some of the the postcards as [TS]

  well I'm looking at one right now which [TS]

  is that that famous picture of soldiers [TS]

  in World War two raising the flag but [TS]

  they have a photoshopped it so that it's [TS]

  the white cross flag which was the one [TS]

  person was voting for and I just love [TS]

  that people do these things do you know [TS]

  what I'm surprised hasn't happened yet [TS]

  by some-some you know super fan or node [TS]

  I'm surprised no one is keeping a [TS]

  running vote score just based on the [TS]

  postcards that have gone on to the blog [TS]

  like it like a running tally of who's [TS]

  who would be willing the vote if they [TS]

  were the only ones that were cast [TS]

  but i'm sure that would never happen [TS]

  yeah sure that will happen now but yeah [TS]

  there is a reddit dedicated to the [TS]

  postcards will probably appear there i [TS]

  imagine but and this is what the editor [TS]

  for everything there's a reason for [TS]

  everything [TS]

  anyway go and check out that website you [TS]

  cannot you can just dip in once a week [TS]

  or once a month and go and look at all [TS]

  the past ones or you can look everyday [TS]

  if you're a proper help us super [TS]

  enthusiastic you can be frantically [TS]

  refreshing at three-thirty to every day [TS]

  there are struggling votes coming in as [TS]

  well as I just a couple of days ago I [TS]

  went and picked up some more like votes [TS]

  there they're not having to give us a [TS]

  separate cardboard box anymore heir own [TS]

  post box is now enough to hold the five [TS]

  or six light votes that come in [TS]

  hey did you return all of the [TS]

  misdirected mail that we got yes call [TS]

  that has to Steve and everybody else [TS]

  yes I've taken those back to the the [TS]

  post place and said can you sort things [TS]

  out so they have been returned hopefully [TS]

  they will find their way to where [TS]

  they're supposed to be [TS]

  I was kind of hoping you would be like [TS]

  Santa Claus and hand-deliver them [TS]

  yourself around the neighborhood and [TS]

  explain to everybody what the situation [TS]

  like while I am prone to wasting vast [TS]

  amounts of my time when points projects [TS]

  that would be a step too far i think i [TS]

  like that idea though like it's your [TS]

  friendly neighborhood Brady delivering [TS]

  the misdirected mail I'm not opposed to [TS]

  people still sending us postcards with [TS]

  what they would have voted for they just [TS]

  have to know they're going to get a [TS]

  light ballot stamp on them and they are [TS]

  they won't be counted of course but they [TS]

  still might appear on the blog one day [TS]

  and now go into this huge collection i [TS]

  have in my office of postcards [TS]

  yeah your collection looks lovely and [TS]

  I'm glad that you are the keeper of the [TS]

  postcards [TS]

  yeah you can come and look at them [TS]

  anytime well just make an appointment [TS]

  but now i'm just going to show up you [TS]

  like that i'll just show up at route [TS]

  Brady don't be a nice surprise i [TS]

  wouldn't mind I think you would I think [TS]

  you would be really freaked out if I [TS]

  just showed up at your door one day I'd [TS]

  think something dramatically bad [TS]

  happened move but I wouldn't if but if [TS]

  you'd said no everything's fine i just [TS]

  thought it would be a nice surprise i [TS]

  think brilliant this guy for lunch [TS]

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  Squarespace build a beautiful [TS]

  here's the situation could ever want to [TS]

  know what's happening with the flag i [TS]

  have decided and discussed it with you [TS]

  that we are having some really [TS]

  professional versions of the winning [TS]

  flag nail gear made yeah and I've been [TS]

  talking to a proper flare company about [TS]

  different ways they can make it and they [TS]

  gonna do like so inversions with all the [TS]

  ropes and toggles and everything like [TS]

  that like a real flag [TS]

  well i'm calling it the pro flag because [TS]

  you know i like anything that's probably [TS]

  say yeah so so what I did the other day [TS]

  was I'm about to I'm about to order [TS]

  order seminar that or maybe there'll be [TS]

  some business who would like who would [TS]

  like one of these and i will order one [TS]

  for them too so there is a medical [TS]

  section on my blog where you can go if [TS]

  you want one you can you can get one but [TS]

  they are very expensive and also you [TS]

  know because it's part of supporting the [TS]

  podcast and the amount of time i'm going [TS]

  to have to spend mailing them and [TS]

  dealing with other people's request and [TS]

  stuff you know that they have to be [TS]

  expensive don't like they can't just you [TS]

  know I can't still free so so some [TS]

  people so all i really loved one of [TS]

  those but they really expensive making [TS]

  the pro of anything it's just more [TS]

  expensive because it's super high [TS]

  quality that's just that's just the way [TS]

  it is like it's not like that and we're [TS]

  deal and I have to do with it and I blah [TS]

  i do have like work i'm supposed to do [TS]

  so is this has to be worth the time do [TS]

  you though because you seem to spend [TS]

  your time just you know scanning [TS]

  postcards and ro and well I can't [TS]

  correct ok well maybe well maybe that's [TS]

  a bad example let's say let's say maybe [TS]

  we can let say maybe i'm hoping i can [TS]

  use the profits from selling flags to [TS]

  indulge my scanning habit but anyway [TS]

  that's by-the-by we we we know people [TS]

  want what this one a copy of the flag [TS]

  and they don't want to have to pay flag [TS]

  pro prizes which is completely [TS]

  reasonable so hopefully by the time this [TS]

  podcast goes out or very soon if not [TS]

  check check the links in all the usual [TS]

  places we are talking to [TS]

  dftba who do after tron 5,000 t-shirt [TS]

  and the hello Internet teacher about [TS]

  having an alien gear t-shirts and also a [TS]

  cheaper nail and gear flag made that you [TS]

  can buy through them because you and I [TS]

  don't have to do with it right and we [TS]

  can make them you know super cheap right [TS]

  is there's not like a one-off order [TS]

  yeah and you know if we don't have it is [TS]

  and we don't have to sign and stuff that [TS]

  you just getting it from the factory and [TS]

  you can get one and you and you're [TS]

  supporting the podcast as well so keep [TS]

  an eye out for that that is gonna that's [TS]

  gonna be there [TS]

  and finally the final issue is you [TS]

  could make your right i guess what do [TS]

  you think about that gray well yeah we [TS]

  were discussing before that and the [TS]

  thing about this is we did this big [TS]

  referendum we're choosing a flag for the [TS]

  growing nation of hello Internet [TS]

  yeah it's for the team's yeah it's for [TS]

  the dims yeah and for the teams to show [TS]

  their allegiance yeah to march around [TS]

  with it was voted on by the teams for [TS]

  the teams right and and so we were we [TS]

  were saying that we just we just want to [TS]

  make it the official policy that the [TS]

  flag design belongs to the community so [TS]

  if you want to make your own flag if you [TS]

  want to print your own flag go nuts with [TS]

  it and I i will open in the show notes [TS]

  i'll make available [TS]

  i like-a the high-quality vector so the [TS]

  people can download it and play around [TS]

  with it but I really feel like we [TS]

  happened to be putting together a flag [TS]

  for people to buy if they want out of [TS]

  convenience but the flag belongs to the [TS]

  people because it came from the people [TS]

  so you go nuts with it everybody like [TS]

  this is your flag and we want you to [TS]

  have fun with it but I have to say I'm [TS]

  quite looking forward to my flag / I [TS]

  can't wait to see the flag 40 inverse [TS]

  yeah it's gonna be great [TS]

  they're flying from our headquarters [TS]

  exactly it's that you are by the way is [TS]

  one person already has printed the flag [TS]

  and flowing it [TS]

  oh yeah yeah I can't remember who they [TS]

  were maybe i can find them angry at [TS]

  right brand free is it put first flag [TS]

  ever to see the wind ? and they are [TS]

  flying the flag from a flagpole moving [TS]

  in a sort of released only location and [TS]

  it's quite impressive actually greater [TS]

  than our together the flying the flight [TS]

  and it kind of looks like it so because [TS]

  of your entire video everyone is also [TS]

  now saying is this anti occurring are [TS]

  you claiming Antarctica and stuff like [TS]

  that means i think we have cleared [TS]

  together I think that video is [TS]

  officially claiming it's our to connect [TS]

  application developer internet like [TS]

  that's all you make sure you're happy [TS]

  you can look at twitter Kenya because if [TS]

  your band so no I'm back now it's been [TS]

  two months and back character i haven't [TS]

  I just have it really got on very much [TS]

  but I can look now I've just sent it to [TS]

  you and I message anyway the picture so [TS]

  you can see it the nailing gear proudly [TS]

  flying very cool it looks it looks [TS]

  magnificent it it does it looks [TS]

  absolutely magnificent and it's a beacon [TS]

  of the postcard democracy the beacon of [TS]

  postcard democracy so one more thing i [TS]

  just want to mention about the [TS]

  referendum which I quite enjoyed which [TS]

  is that nail and gear one we had our our [TS]

  preference distribution it was a [TS]

  comfortable victory if not a landslide [TS]

  yeah without a doubt it was a [TS]

  comfortable victory yep just like in any [TS]

  nation [TS]

  there's always opposition and I cannot [TS]

  help but notice that the opposition [TS]

  seems to have coalesced around flag flag [TS]

  in a way that I think is really [TS]

  interesting looking at all of the [TS]

  discussions I don't see anybody who is [TS]

  coalescing around the other versions [TS]

  it's just but there's like strong [TS]

  minority support for flag flag [TS]

  interesting flag flag has developed its [TS]

  own subreddit there's like a twitter [TS]

  account that's promoting it i've seen in [TS]

  a bunch of the conversations like flag [TS]

  flag has definitely attracted its its [TS]

  little subgroup and so my feeling on [TS]

  this is like flag flag has become the [TS]

  rebel flag of the hello Internet nation [TS]

  like this seems to be what it really is [TS]

  like the flag of the opposition is [TS]

  flagging leg or the could've been like [TS]

  that could you know though what could [TS]

  have been the alternate history [TS]

  have been the alternate history [TS]

  yeah i just think it's it's it is really [TS]

  interesting host election to see that [TS]

  there is no discussion of the other [TS]

  versions like that I don't see anybody [TS]

  really like Oh club and claw forever [TS]

  right now it's always flag flag forever [TS]

  so I feel like flag flag is the [TS]

  unofficial official rebel flag of the [TS]

  podcast just today the day we're [TS]

  recording one of the postcards i put [TS]

  onto the blog the new website was the [TS]

  late vote that came after the deadline [TS]

  from dirk a very established fame [TS]

  oh yeah and he voted for flag flag and [TS]

  even wrote on his postcard you know you [TS]

  know the one truth leg leg of truth I [TS]

  think he wrote so so we'll have to have [TS]

  to pick his brain next time we speak to [TS]

  him and find out why he thinks flag flag [TS]

  user has done this because he was an [TS]

  advocate that one as well yeah there we [TS]

  go [TS]

  why didn't i think it's i think it's [TS]

  interesting to see the discussion before [TS]

  and the discussion after the election [TS]

  and the flag flag people they're serious [TS]

  there are there no joke is it legitimate [TS]

  for me to ask you as the queen of [TS]

  diamonds of hello internet how you feel [TS]

  about flag flag or is that something you [TS]

  can't comment on for diplomatic reasons [TS]

  or what are your feelings towards flag [TS]

  flag as a flag [TS]

  I mean here's the thing i have done what [TS]

  I've said I've done which is that I am [TS]

  the embodiment of the will of the people [TS]

  i have no opinion on any of these flags [TS]

  except of course for nail and gear which [TS]

  is the one true flag of the hello [TS]

  Internet nation [TS]

  wow that's what we represent you have [TS]

  you are being a true wanna grab you are [TS]

  really toeing the line now I gotta [TS]

  respect that I gotta respect that [TS]

  what value Brady do you have any [TS]

  thoughts I grew a really strong [TS]

  attachment flag flag em and i would not [TS]

  have been said it one who but it did not [TS]

  win that did not weaken and nail and [TS]

  gear is a flag and it is a magnificent [TS]

  flag it is me [TS]

  is magnificent it is that it is a worthy [TS]

  winner because it's because it is what [TS]

  the team's wanted [TS]

  yeah it comes in a pro version and he [TS]

  can get anything yet nailing the crow [TS]

  you like that don't ya I knew you'd like [TS]

  that I think that's great i love you i [TS]

  just really wanted to quickly mention [TS]

  our hot stopper fundraiser I was just [TS]

  wondering about that the other day [TS]

  yep there is a there is obviously we are [TS]

  raising money for the Children's burns [TS]

  trust here in the UK in the hope that [TS]

  our campaigning to raise money for them [TS]

  will also stick in the mind of starbucks [TS]

  UK and get them to really get moving [TS]

  with doing a better job of stop stalking [TS]

  hot stoppers in all their branches [TS]

  well i can't believe i'm working so hard [TS]

  on this one it's your it's your thing [TS]

  but anyway with that cases you're right [TS]

  you are a media manipulators when you [TS]

  are ready we have now raised over a [TS]

  thousand pound a the children's burns [TS]

  trust will put a link in the show notes [TS]

  if you want to go and see the [TS]

  fundraising page and come on starbucks [TS]

  EK that's more than a thousand pounds [TS]

  that people have paid in the interests [TS]

  of hot stoppers and I think you should [TS]

  be paying attention to that and those [TS]

  hot stoppers they can't cost more than a [TS]

  thousandth of a penny to manufacture [TS]

  let's think of the like a hundred [TS]

  thousand heart-stopper is right there [TS]

  that's what that represents i would get [TS]

  told off for that level of [TS]

  simplification but anyway i'll let you [TS]

  do it represented by doing ok but always [TS]

  we need those hot stoppers just just two [TS]

  days ago my wife sent me a photograph of [TS]

  a heart-stopper disaster that could have [TS]

  been prevented with some hot chocolate [TS]

  that she got from starbucks and it [TS]

  spilled everywhere out of the letters [TS]

  like a simple heart stopper it would fix [TS]

  this [TS]

  it would be like this yeah don't you [TS]

  know I've been doing really something [TS]

  that one of the listeners suggested this [TS]

  and when they first suggested I thought [TS]

  oh well that's that's a sad thing that [TS]

  I'll just never do but now i do it of [TS]

  course which is had in starbucks to try [TS]

  to at least mitigate heart-stopper like [TS]

  problems [TS]

  you take one of the straws and folded in [TS]

  half and kind of shove it in the little [TS]

  opening that's such an ungraceful ation [TS]

  I hate it on so many levels it's it's [TS]

  inelegant it's ugly [TS]

  it doesn't even really work but here i [TS]

  find myself doing this latina and it's [TS]

  just it's just barbaric it is the only [TS]

  way to describe this is like you have a [TS]

  good perfect solution [TS]

  well I've got I've got an idea gray what [TS]

  why don't we take like that picture that [TS]

  your wife talk and other pictures of [TS]

  people with hot chocolate spill down [TS]

  there watch shirts or sculpt marks on [TS]

  their hands and for starbucks to print [TS]

  them on their cups like the warnings [TS]

  they have a cigarette packets like to [TS]

  say be careful or this could happen to [TS]

  you right and and for starbucks to [TS]

  unless they're willing to stop hot [TS]

  stoppers in other shops give them the [TS]

  choice if you've had a serious spill as [TS]

  a result of not having a heart-stopper [TS]

  send us your pictures and we'll pull [TS]

  together a photo archive of the worst [TS]

  disasters that could have been prevented [TS]

  yeah had only starbucks use [TS]

  heart-stopper I mean who know and maybe [TS]

  the whole exxon valdez things could have [TS]

  been avoided if there was a big enough [TS]

  heart stopper look at that said that [TS]

  they were is missing at the top of the [TS]

  ship and they're just sailing around in [TS]

  the open seas with a little hole at the [TS]

  top well I'm sure this will never matter [TS]

  everything goes fine if we did you just [TS]

  drive more carefully we never have to [TS]

  worry how can we stop this oil getting [TS]

  add to the same i know captain will use [TS]

  this giant heart-stopper good work Jim [TS]

  there's been a bit of news gray news big [TS]

  news for someone who makes videos about [TS]

  the periodic table such as you could [TS]

  friend Brady oh yeah yeah for new [TS]

  elements have been confirmed as official [TS]

  the final four elements on the [TS]

  conventional periodic table actually so [TS]

  now the people who have been responsible [TS]

  for synthesizing these elements have [TS]

  been told [TS]

  ok you can [TS]

  name them so we're going to have four [TS]

  new elements named probably within the [TS]

  next few months I suspect [TS]

  ok to questions 2 questions i can be so [TS]

  these are the elements that previously [TS]

  had those like onion kind of names [TS]

  that's correct in fact i'll tell you [TS]

  exactly where thats that if you let me [TS]

  call this up so the elements are a [TS]

  hundred and thirteen a hundred and [TS]

  fifteen hundred and seventeen and a [TS]

  hundred and eighteen just for people [TS]

  listening about to enter chemistry or [TS]

  just really quickly explain what happens [TS]

  is it's not like someone has been [TS]

  digging in the ground and has found new [TS]

  elements with these really big elements [TS]

  they like they can't hold together [TS]

  they're too big and they just fall apart [TS]

  in less than a second [TS]

  so what they do is they create these [TS]

  huge particle accelerator machines and [TS]

  smash atoms into each other [TS]

  billions and billions and billions of [TS]

  times and then just occasionally a [TS]

  couple will stick to each other they'll [TS]

  hit each other in just the perfect way [TS]

  and now stick for a second and [TS]

  scientists can do certain observations [TS]

  to say yet a hundred thirteen was their [TS]

  existing for a second or so and once all [TS]

  the I's are dotted and the t's across [TS]

  this organization called I you pack [TS]

  which is in charge of the periodic table [TS]

  and stuff says okay [TS]

  done deal he did the job now you can [TS]

  give it a name so these four elements [TS]

  which are the only for that don't have [TS]

  names on the existing periodic table [TS]

  until they make it bigger and put [TS]

  another row on yea what I was gonna say [TS]

  like looking at a picture of periodic [TS]

  table right now and yea though there [TS]

  were always these like gaps on the [TS]

  bottom of elements that we know should [TS]

  be there but RA yeah in theory you can [TS]

  keep smashing protons together and so [TS]

  you could imagine a periodic table with [TS]

  an additional row we just never made it [TS]

  that way because it wasn't sensible yeah [TS]

  because you just you just had a whole [TS]

  row of fantasy elements right right okay [TS]

  but now they made they may do that and [TS]

  of course there is also the the famed [TS]

  and possible island of stability where [TS]

  they think maybe at certain numbers [TS]

  atoms can actually hold together for [TS]

  some time so there may be some numbers [TS]

  up high [TS]

  maybe in the hundred thirties where they [TS]

  don't just fall apart in a nanosecond [TS]

  and but anyway that's not what we're [TS]

  here to talk about the thing the thing [TS]

  that I think is interesting as possible [TS]

  names for these four elements and I mean [TS]

  it is it is fantasy chemistry because [TS]

  these are obviously going to be named [TS]

  for are probably a lot more political [TS]

  and national no I'm sure not sure not [TS]

  known to have been a hundred and [TS]

  thirteen is definitely going to have a [TS]

  Japanese name because there's no [TS]

  Japanese name on the periodic table and [TS]

  this was discovered by a Japanese [TS]

  collaboration so they're obviously going [TS]

  to take their chance to name an element [TS]

  after japan or something like that [TS]

  japan IAM yeah well yeah it could be [TS]

  anything you know the pony amor Narnian [TS]

  or something [TS]

  tokyo am and I but I I imagine that's [TS]

  going to get a Japanese name but a [TS]

  hundred and fifteen hundred 1719 are all [TS]

  done by this sort of russian-american [TS]

  collaboration so they have been showing [TS]

  form recently if going down very [TS]

  nationalistic grounds and i have on good [TS]

  authority [TS]

  this is this is a wink wink you know [TS]

  possible Gaza that that Moscow vm is [TS]

  going to be one of them [TS]

  oh interesting but that's sort of just a [TS]

  rumor doing the rounds over doing the [TS]

  rounds in the chemistry community [TS]

  let's go p.m. sounds good it's a good [TS]

  name it does sound good to be fair but [TS]

  the Germans who synthesized a lot of [TS]

  elements they've recently named an [TS]

  element carbonates IAM after Copernicus [TS]

  and they could have named planky amor [TS]

  named after a German but they didn't [TS]

  they named after Copernicus so there is [TS]

  hit there is precedent for people saying [TS]

  you know what let's be big about this [TS]

  and named after someone that deserves a [TS]

  rather than just being nationalistic if [TS]

  it was up to you if if the queen of [TS]

  diamonds was given the authority to name [TS]

  an element how is it become the queen of [TS]

  diamonds is the title as opposed to the [TS]

  playing card that i am but when this [TS]

  which happen i don't even know that when [TS]

  did anything happen with already [TS]

  elements any people or places or things [TS]

  you'd like to see honored because I [TS]

  think being honored with the name of an [TS]

  element that I mean that's bigger than a [TS]

  Nobel Prize I think that's like that's [TS]

  massive [TS]

  would you rather have an element's named [TS]

  after you or would you rather have the [TS]

  million francs of the Nobel Prize and [TS]

  the Nobel Prize element named after me [TS]

  really yeah really interesting what [TS]

  about you [TS]

  uh yeah i think i just i take the money [TS]

  and the the career opportunities that [TS]

  Nobel Prize would afford what you don't [TS]

  think being the only living person with [TS]

  an element named after you because [TS]

  elements can only be named after dead [TS]

  people according to the Rose you don't [TS]

  think being a living person an element [TS]

  named after you wouldn't provide [TS]

  marketing opportunities not very many [TS]

  not very many no yeah yeah okay maybe [TS]

  around like that so that's the kind of [TS]

  thing that's like out this is an [TS]

  interesting piece of trivia at a party [TS]

  but if I have a career where I've I've [TS]

  won a Nobel Prize and i also have the [TS]

  million francs this is this is something [TS]

  is something that means something to me [TS]

  but the periodic table is immortality [TS]

  mmm there is someone who was asked that [TS]

  question who had both honors and that [TS]

  was Glenn Seaborg seaborgium was named [TS]

  after him it was named after him while [TS]

  he was alive which was an exception [TS]

  uh-huh and he won a Nobel Prize and he [TS]

  said having the element named after him [TS]

  meant more to him and was the greater [TS]

  honor [TS]

  well yeah but he's also he was also a [TS]

  chemist think it's a bit severe I'm not [TS]

  a chemist and yes sorry chemistry but [TS]

  you were always one of my least favorite [TS]

  sciences I was never very good at [TS]

  chemistry I i found it to be boring [TS]

  stamp collecting as all physicists do [TS]

  cancer that's why I like a periodic [TS]

  table [TS]

  ok I'll take the money is what i will do [TS]

  a before before i get a million tweets [TS]

  from everybody I have in my old age now [TS]

  load in my thoughts on chemistry and not [TS]

  much more fun with it now that I used to [TS]

  be [TS]

  please please don't send me do three [TS]

  like are you need to understand how [TS]

  important chemistry is it's like yeah I [TS]

  get it I get it [TS]

  he used to be a real jerk about it well [TS]

  that well that's said any thoughts about [TS]

  names developments anything [TS]

  well so here's the problem because [TS]

  chemistry is not my strong suit I've I [TS]

  would have a hard time coming up with a [TS]

  chemistry person [TS]

  who is not already honored on the [TS]

  periodic table or Copernicus wasn't a [TS]

  chemist this decision was just taken [TS]

  that he was a great man of science and [TS]

  deserve to be honored on this icon of [TS]

  science [TS]

  yeah I can see that copernic come and [TS]

  that's not a great name [TS]

  it's not a great i think people tend to [TS]

  say carbonate see him go copernicium mmm [TS]

  i think this is like the americium which [TS]

  I was thought was America like it's a [TS]

  terrible name for this American that's [TS]

  awful [TS]

  let me see me in that region you know [TS]

  yet [TS]

  yeah but i'm thinking of scientists of [TS]

  course my favorite scientist is fine men [TS]

  well this is one that comes up a lot [TS]

  fine medium is discussed a lot as a [TS]

  possible name was not a hundred percent [TS]

  sure actually if you had one of the [TS]

  crazy elements at the end but i think [TS]

  i'm confusing it with what it's a [TS]

  hundred as fermium formulas the yeah [TS]

  that's Enrico Fermi right that's because [TS]

  we have that who are actual science [TS]

  hasn't we've got curium alright we've [TS]

  got mine Stein IAM yeah fermium [TS]

  mendelevium what else is there i'm [TS]

  trying to sleep organ of course [TS]

  seaborgium I don't think I actually [TS]

  realized until your story was a person [TS]

  nobelium nobelium lawrencium how you're [TS]

  good at this lawrencium carbon after mr. [TS]

  carbon it going after every gold from [TS]

  entourage right now so I'm out apps [TS]

  silver after David silver from Beverly [TS]

  Hills now today we go in deep now so [TS]

  yeah i mean i don't know i think but but [TS]

  the problem is that I I just like [TS]

  Fineman and no small part because of his [TS]

  books and his stories and is just [TS]

  incredible captivating way of talking [TS]

  like I've seen all of the videos have of [TS]

  him talking and listen to his physics [TS]

  lectures and everything in a big firemen [TS]

  fan i don't know if i was a serious [TS]

  scientist and sitting down and thinking [TS]

  like wow I have the responsibility of [TS]

  coming up with the element named what am [TS]

  I going to pick i don't know if i would [TS]

  pick Fineman companies IAM is more [TS]

  possible because it's just like Oh a [TS]

  great man of science from a long time [TS]

  ago is [TS]

  seems very different to me than a modern [TS]

  physicist yeah I can't explain it very [TS]

  well but it just seems right in my mind [TS]

  that that's yeah I think Isaac Newton [TS]

  Isaac Newton it's not on the periodic [TS]

  table [TS]

  yeah yeah and it feels like he shouldn't [TS]

  be now you're on the Kenai dimension [TS]

  can I just mention one other scientists [TS]

  that we forgot to mention having an [TS]

  element named after them [TS]

  yeah and that is Lisa Meitner and mine [TS]

  area and the only reason i want to [TS]

  mention that is because she was [TS]

  absolutely snubbed for the Nobel Prize [TS]

  when she shouldn't have been and the one [TS]

  saving grace was they named an element [TS]

  after her to make it up for her and if [TS]

  we then forgot to mention a little bit [TS]

  named after her it would have been like [TS]

  deliciously ironic that she got [TS]

  forgotten again so i want to mention [TS]

  Lisa might now it's like that's a 1099 [TS]

  Miriam minor more I don't know [TS]

  yeah you're right is Boreum rather 40m [TS]

  of quarterbacks this whole bunch that [TS]

  we're missing our bad [TS]

  yeah but we're joking about silver at a [TS]

  stop stop screaming at the podcast [TS]

  people [TS]

  yeah i think all the gamers have checked [TS]

  out by now but what about You Brady what [TS]

  do you think what do you think for the [TS]

  names do you know what I asked you [TS]

  earlier to come up with some suggestions [TS]

  and yeah I have really going to get my [TS]

  hope my fuckin I kind of like it when [TS]

  they named them and I what I quite like [TS]

  them being named after places sometimes [TS]

  but there's not many American places [TS]

  left though the San Francisco am but [TS]

  I've gotta Kelly I'm named after [TS]

  berkeley that I was saying San Francisco [TS]

  Liam and I've got californium the one [TS]

  place that has been involved with this [TS]

  that hasn't been acknowledged is the [TS]

  facility at oakridge in Tennessee [TS]

  I mean could we get Tennessee neum I [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  tinium I don't know how to go i mean i [TS]

  like i like the sound of plane qiyam and [TS]

  I think max planck was a pretty spot-on [TS]

  scientist and his clothes close-ish to [TS]

  chemistry [TS]

  sort of yeah but then you know I have a [TS]

  Japanese Russians or Americans going to [TS]

  honor max planck to doubt it [TS]

  you know what we should go in a [TS]

  radically different way here hmm why [TS]

  don't we just left with somehow we're in [TS]

  charge now is in my mind okay [TS]

  visit this is flipped his staff and I [TS]

  think with an idea and suddenly decided [TS]

  on the garage [TS]

  hey we've got a postbox let's haven't [TS]

  decided to post guards yeah why don't we [TS]

  just come up with new names like why [TS]

  does it doesn't have to be named after [TS]

  something like something like there's so [TS]

  many of the elements that the name is [TS]

  just what it is like yeah just call it [TS]

  like a result [TS]

  well yeah but its general zod from [TS]

  Superman which might not be might not be [TS]

  the best choice but i hate probably he [TS]

  probably hasn't done enough to have an [TS]

  element named after him at the stage now [TS]

  he has yeah okay although his viral [TS]

  video of being an angry college sorority [TS]

  girl was very good but probably not not [TS]

  periodic table where they are exactly [TS]

  not yet yeah very good be Becky I'm [TS]

  would be his element there like the [TS]

  early names of the elements oxygen [TS]

  helium carbon nitrogen aluminum silver [TS]

  gold [TS]

  these are these are words that means [TS]

  something because they're just the [TS]

  sequence of sounds that are an element [TS]

  name [TS]

  why don't we just come up with another [TS]

  sequence of sounds are plenty of unused [TS]

  sequence of sounds I think this is a [TS]

  radical direction that we need to go but [TS]

  I think that's what I'm coming down know [TS]

  why I standardized at the way they have [TS]

  there must be a reason that these mDM's [TS]

  maybe it's just like just to make them [TS]

  obviously elements but but I i'm [TS]

  thinking we need we need something else [TS]

  that's like a gold right just a word [TS]

  there is unused sounds inventing words [TS]

  as as a now famous inventor of words [TS]

  right i can tell you your profession [TS]

  hear ya inventing words it's not easy [TS]

  that was it yeah but see you are playing [TS]

  the game on hard mode where you're [TS]

  trying to come up with word that you [TS]

  want to have spread throughout the [TS]

  general population whereas most people [TS]

  are never going to be casually referring [TS]

  to element 113 in their conversations so [TS]

  you don't have to play that game you [TS]

  just have to say listen with where the [TS]

  people deciding the names for the [TS]

  periodic tables and it is such that 1 13 [TS]

  is now this sequence of sounds you can [TS]

  just declare it so it's so much easier [TS]

  way to do it this way [TS]

  and I have to be catching that I think I [TS]

  think we need just arbitrary sequences [TS]

  of sounds for these developments that [TS]

  might as well enjoy discussing it but [TS]

  obviously that's ridiculous not gonna [TS]

  happen to me but it's not a ridiculous [TS]

  idea though it's not no it not a [TS]

  ridiculous ideas no it's not ridiculous [TS]

  it would be unfair to call the [TS]

  ridiculous [TS]

  yeah exactly it's a good idea it's not [TS]

  very workable do the scientists have the [TS]

  final say about what the name is going [TS]

  to be if so i hope they listen to this [TS]

  podcast with the Japanese people should [TS]

  just go freestyle on site has to be a [TS]

  Japanese character [TS]

  yeah that would be great yeah okay i [TS]

  would actually really like it if they do [TS]

  that [TS]

  japanese team you know what you have to [TS]

  do just hang out there at the bottom of [TS]

  the periodic table is really overly [TS]

  complicated Japanese character with [TS]

  Jennings man with two shoes synthesizes [TS]

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  alright say bi weekly weigh-in your [TS]

  favorite Brady well that's that's [TS]

  interesting i haven't I haven't got a [TS]

  white for you how and why don't you have [TS]

  to wait for me why don't you have a [TS]

  weight i haven't had white myself today [TS]

  but you have you weighed yourself [TS]

  recently i weighed myself about a week [TS]

  ago and I was pretty much the same as I [TS]

  was the previous time i weighed myself [TS]

  which kind of surprised me because of [TS]

  how much I over christmas but you make [TS]

  it through the holidays without gaining [TS]

  weight I think I must have put a bit on [TS]

  but [TS]

  I think I'd already put it on before [TS]

  that and I just haven't I haven't done [TS]

  it gray but i have but i have but i do [TS]

  want to talk about two feet from last [TS]

  our oh yeah yeah because i have i have [TS]

  been getting really energized about it [TS]

  even though even though I sound like I [TS]

  don't care because they can really you [TS]

  really cavalier about it [TS]

  well first of all let's do your what are [TS]

  your way in IE you know you have all the [TS]

  graphs heading in the right direction [TS]

  it all good in the world of grey well no [TS]

  because when the christmas season came [TS]

  around i briefly toyed with the idea of [TS]

  trying to stay on target stay on target [TS]

  for the holiday season because I was [TS]

  approaching a 200 pounds the roast [TS]

  potatoes getting too close to be happy [TS]

  and if you look at my if you look at my [TS]

  weight chart December 21st i was at 203 [TS]

  pounds which of course I'm trying really [TS]

  hard to get under 200 and i remember [TS]

  having this little mental conversation [TS]

  about like man I could just buckle down [TS]

  and I could make it to under 200 by [TS]

  january first I was like nope had people [TS]

  like that happen and so I immediately [TS]

  gained eight pounds over the holidays [TS]

  and then I am losing it very quickly but [TS]

  i'm back down to 206 but the bottom line [TS]

  is I'm still fatter than I was before [TS]

  the holidays so that's my that's the [TS]

  short version of my story but things [TS]

  best sounds like you know that's an [TS]

  acceptable bumpin you get back on the [TS]

  horse remarkably yeah [TS]

  remarkably the weight is coming off very [TS]

  fast again and as we have discussed [TS]

  before on the podcast one of the main [TS]

  skills of the theater on lifestyle is [TS]

  getting back on the wagon like that is [TS]

  the skill that you are cultivating tell [TS]

  you what i have found just recently [TS]

  yeah right i haven't gotten back [TS]

  together with food that I want and I [TS]

  know food is the most important thing to [TS]

  to you know really lose some weight and [TS]

  i do want to lose some weight but i also [TS]

  want to be healthier and the thing that [TS]

  I found really motivating and i'm not [TS]

  saying this you know i'm not saying bye [TS]

  teacher or anything but I got my feet on [TS]

  5,000 t-shirts the other day [TS]

  and since getting them i have found that [TS]

  really like inspiration of you have been [TS]

  and I've been where and I've been [TS]

  putting them on and going to the gym and [TS]

  running but because of this arbitrary [TS]

  5,000 number which you just pulled out [TS]

  of nowhere when we were when we were [TS]

  making it up on the spot [TS]

  I've just run with it and I'm running [TS]

  5,000 meters [TS]

  every time I go to the gym like I get on [TS]

  the treadmill and I run 5,000 meters and [TS]

  I'm saying if i can do it how quickly I [TS]

  can do and I'm trying to bring my x down [TS]

  and the other thing that really inspired [TS]

  me and also completely depressed me was [TS]

  Henry of minutephysics same blue he got [TS]

  a Fiat Ron 5,000 t-shirt and Henry for [TS]

  those who don't know is a very fit young [TS]

  man and quite the athlete who and he [TS]

  made a video of himself wearing the [TS]

  furniture on 5,000 t-shirt and he ran [TS]

  5,000 meters out in the snow and he [TS]

  actually ran over 5,000 meters because [TS]

  that's just what he did and he ran in [TS]

  this ridiculous time of less than [TS]

  eighteen and a half minutes [TS]

  I mean he should be in the Olympics yeah [TS]

  in fact I think I checked and there was [TS]

  a time when that would almost have been [TS]

  a world record I'm not surprised but and [TS]

  I'm never going to get anywhere near his [TS]

  time but i have found a really [TS]

  motivating and i'm really enjoying going [TS]

  to the gym and and having this set [TS]

  distance I have to run and at the end of [TS]

  each round I take a photo of the time [TS]

  and then I come home and put it in a [TS]

  spreadsheet and I've got I've got really [TS]

  into her and I know it's early days but [TS]

  the last few days in particular I've [TS]

  even mean I've commented to my wife that [TS]

  i'm working really well when i'm i'm [TS]

  having less fellow periods at work and [TS]

  I'm I'm getting more done each day and I [TS]

  said I said I can't explain what's going [TS]

  on she said it's probably because you're [TS]

  running and exercising and I was like it [TS]

  probably is [TS]

  whenever I didn't even think of that mm [TS]

  maybe this is maybe like this is you [TS]

  know so maybe I'm not losing those away [TS]

  but maybe just removing some blood [TS]

  around and I know I sound like an idiot [TS]

  like I've just discovered that exercise [TS]

  is good for me [TS]

  paperback [TS]

  but as I have but this is the subjective [TS]

  experience of it right yes is that it it [TS]

  like it sneaks it sneaks in in an [TS]

  unexpected way that you can sort of you [TS]

  cannot really notice until it's been [TS]

  happening for a while [TS]

  that's so yeah this is totally [TS]

  understandable 5,000 meters is a really [TS]

  I think it's a really almost perfect [TS]

  distance like like I don't know if [TS]

  you're like some kind of genius or was [TS]

  blind luck but it's almost like you [TS]

  almost couldn't have picked a more [TS]

  perfect distance because you know it [TS]

  takes you know half an hour to run 5,000 [TS]

  meters you know if you're just an [TS]

  average runner I guess [TS]

  normal person you know more than half an [TS]

  arrogance but it's taking me a little [TS]

  over half now but i'm getting it down so [TS]

  it's like it's a good amount of time [TS]

  it's not like you know some ridiculous [TS]

  marathon it doesn't kill your body to do [TS]

  it semi-regularly it's not so sure that [TS]

  it's not worth the effort [TS]

  it's a very it's a really good distance [TS]

  so yeah so it's it's funny that you say [TS]

  this Brady because there there's a thing [TS]

  that I had been keeping a secret from [TS]

  you which is just so strange to me that [TS]

  I can hardly even understand how or why [TS]

  I'm doing it but i actually started [TS]

  trying to run right and they get I know [TS]

  that the people you need to understand i [TS]

  think i have literally not run except [TS]

  for occasional sprints in dulles airport [TS]

  force close connections because it ends [TS]

  of those godforsaken terminals but aside [TS]

  from that I think I have literally not [TS]

  run for the entirety of my adult life [TS]

  and [TS]

  just about a month ago it just it came [TS]

  into my head of like why don't you try [TS]

  to run five thousand readers like this [TS]

  this idea came unbidden from nowhere [TS]

  popped into my head and my thought was [TS]

  but but I hate running and then I [TS]

  thought about it more and it was the [TS]

  answer was do I though like do I know [TS]

  that I hate running like I i don't think [TS]

  i actually no i think that i think i [TS]

  hate to run and so I happen to be [TS]

  traveling and I happen to be in Germany [TS]

  out of the blue out of nowhere [TS]

  I got a little training appt for running [TS]

  and I went outside to run in a park in [TS]

  Germany it was just completely out of [TS]

  character and completely surprising to [TS]

  me and since then i have been very very [TS]

  very slowly trying to build up the [TS]

  amount that i run and when I do it comes [TS]

  out there running and I'm still thinking [TS]

  I think I don't like this but I don't [TS]

  know but I'm trying to get to the point [TS]

  where i can actually run 5,000 meters [TS]

  and then i will feel like well then i [TS]

  can make an informed decision about [TS]

  whether or not I actually like running [TS]

  or I don't but I to think that somehow [TS]

  like the finished Ron 5,000 lifestyle in [TS]

  some bizarre way like that number 5000 [TS]

  got into my brain and I'm like oh I know [TS]

  there are races that are 5k and some [TS]

  part of my brain just decided let's go [TS]

  for this we like we don't run and let's [TS]

  try to get to the point where i can run [TS]

  5,000 meters and I am baffled by this [TS]

  behavior in myself but here Pierre I am [TS]

  Here I am [TS]

  well sort of distances are you want at [TS]

  the moment and what kind of space to run [TS]

  at when i run Brady my spirit animal is [TS]

  a turtle right that you have this little [TS]

  training program on my phone which tries [TS]

  to be super gentle where it's like walk [TS]

  four seven minutes and then after seven [TS]

  minutes it beeps and it goes ok just jog [TS]

  very slowly for a minute and then after [TS]

  the minute it's okay get back to walking [TS]

  out walk for another 5 minutes right now [TS]

  just trying to build you up and when it [TS]

  got to the point where I had to run for [TS]

  five minutes in a row i thought like I [TS]

  was going to die [TS]

  like I just my body is so not built for [TS]

  running at the moment I'd have to look [TS]

  at the exact times but it is taking me a [TS]

  hell of a long time to go 5,000 meters [TS]

  and i am walking the vast vast majority [TS]

  of it but i feel like i'm just going to [TS]

  follow this little program and build [TS]

  this up slowly and I think it's probably [TS]

  going to take like two months or [TS]

  something to get to the maybe the point [TS]

  where I'm actually running 5,000 meters [TS]

  but I'm fine going nice and slow and [TS]

  here so it's just it's a thing that is [TS]

  unexpected to me you're doing outside [TS]

  you're not doing it like a treadmill [TS]

  you're doing like you have the wild [TS]

  that's the other thing i'm outside and I [TS]

  i bought running pants Brady like the [TS]

  kind of pain that you see runners where [TS]

  we're at like tight lycra yeah like [TS]

  tight like a running pants [TS]

  I don't even know why I did this you [TS]

  know i was joking you're actually [TS]

  wearing tight like running pants yeah I [TS]

  really am I have no idea why it's like I [TS]

  am totally confused by this [TS]

  yes so why everybody's gonna fuse you [TS]

  don't have to wear tight lycra you don't [TS]

  really like shorts [TS]

  I just wanted to I went into a store and [TS]

  I did the whole thing with it where i'm [TS]

  like i told the sales guys like I've [TS]

  never run before ever and i just want to [TS]

  get some running shoes and some gear and [TS]

  it like just tell me what I need to get [TS]

  and then I walked out of the store with [TS]

  a bunch of stuff sexy flanders yeah [TS]

  sexy sexy slanders you know why people [TS]

  say this is being a cliche and i'm going [TS]

  to say now because it's actually true [TS]

  and i found true when I when I go into [TS]

  running a little while back when I did a [TS]

  half marathon and it's this is true on [TS]

  for me on their luck on the individual [TS]

  run bases but also on the the big [TS]

  picture over the months you do it at the [TS]

  start you don't enjoy it and then you [TS]

  start to really love her and that's true [TS]

  on an individual run the first five [TS]

  minutes you think uh what am i doing [TS]

  this is gonna take forever and then [TS]

  after about five to ten minutes of [TS]

  running this the rest of it is actually [TS]

  quite enjoyable thing but also on the [TS]

  big-scale the first month of us are [TS]

  running your thinking on this is such a [TS]

  grind and then it becomes something you [TS]

  start looking forward to if you can get [TS]

  through that first period so i'll be [TS]

  curious to see whether or not you have [TS]

  the same experience [TS]

  yeah I am determined to stick with this [TS]

  like [TS]

  I haven't exercised over the past week [TS]

  because of the holiday and because of [TS]

  some various things but i'm getting [TS]

  right back on tomorrow actually is the [TS]

  schedule next run [TS]

  I am determined to be able to again by [TS]

  run I mean jog like a turtle by him i am [TS]

  determined to be able to jog for 5,000 [TS]

  meters and then at that point i will [TS]

  decide if this is a thing that I want to [TS]

  keep doing more or not keep doing but [TS]

  yeah it's it's a it's an interesting [TS]

  experience and I just I I don't quite [TS]

  know how to describe it yet and actually [TS]

  just by total accident the the very [TS]

  first time that I went running I didn't [TS]

  have any headphones with me so I was [TS]

  just outside without any music or [TS]

  anything and I was talking to Henry [TS]

  actually because I was asking him for [TS]

  some beginner tips because I figured if [TS]

  anybody knew about running it was Henry [TS]

  and his suggestion was to keep doing it [TS]

  without listening to any music which [TS]

  would be my natural co2 like oh yeah i [TS]

  gotta have some workout songs [TS]

  mhm and I don't know if anybody else [TS]

  wants to try doing running I think [TS]

  Henry's right i think doing it without [TS]

  music somehow feels like the correct [TS]

  thing to do [TS]

  I can't quite explain it it's like it is [TS]

  sort of boring but it just feels right i [TS]

  think that's true for outdoor running [TS]

  I'm not sure it's true for Kim's i'm [TS]

  going to agree with you there i think if [TS]

  i was on a treadmill at the gym I would [TS]

  have to listen to something about it but [TS]

  for running outdoors it feels right to [TS]

  not have to not have the headphones on [TS]

  you've stuck with the headphone free [TS]

  have you haven't yet gone to headphone [TS]

  sense that have not gone to headphone [TS]

  sense that's interesting that's good [TS]

  that's very interesting to him [TS]

  yeah it was it just a coincidence but [TS]

  Henry suggested that I i keep trying it [TS]

  that way when I had accidentally done at [TS]

  the first time and I thought well this [TS]

  man knows running i'm going to talk to [TS]

  follow his advice and I think he's right [TS]

  i think is right [TS]

  d where you're finished 15 thousand [TS]

  t-shirt when you run i have gear that [TS]

  fits me perfectly has to be all yet [TS]

  6060 planned as likely as it also [TS]

  because i'm out like I'm out in the park [TS]

  running around [TS]

  and i'm in my sexy flanders outfit this [TS]

  is like the last time in the world I [TS]

  would ever want to be recognized by [TS]

  anyone i have actually done all my 5000 [TS]

  meters in I'm yet to do one without my [TS]

  feet on 5,000 t-shirt has become like [TS]

  it's become like I have to do it now [TS]

  have you been recognized at the gym [TS]

  no I haven't but I was actually out the [TS]

  other day [TS]

  do it i was doing two things I shouldn't [TS]

  have been doing [TS]

  I was stuffing my face with a five guys [TS]

  hot dog and then I went shopping for [TS]

  underwear and then just after I finished [TS]

  I thought well that would have been like [TS]

  a bad time to get recognized and then I [TS]

  went on Twitter and someone right I [TS]

  can't believe i just saw [TS]

  Brady Haran and that's why was I was 20 [TS]

  I Sallust I didn't have the courage to [TS]

  go up and say hello but it was nice to [TS]

  see him moving and I was like our know [TS]

  what was i doing [TS]

  hmm and so I so I replied and said are [TS]

  you should have come up and said hello [TS]

  it would have been nice to meet you and [TS]

  he said oh I didn't want to interrupt [TS]

  you but you're really enjoying that hot [TS]

  dog and I thought it could have been [TS]

  worse he could have been looking as i [TS]

  was perusing all the different [TS]

  Underpants deciding which color I like [TS]

  best [TS]

  no no man that description of it looked [TS]

  like you were really enjoy that sounds [TS]

  pretty that thank you we're just eating [TS]

  it like there's a man who's enjoying a [TS]

  hot dog [TS]

  I can't interrupt him now that's perfect [TS]

  that's absolutely perfect [TS]

  yeah it dry lifestyle hotdogs acceptable [TS]

  what do I feel about this guilty about [TS]

  hot dogs on days when I've done the [TS]

  5,000 made us [TS]