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212: A MacGyver in the Making


  is dispensing maybe 14-1 the fro the [TS]

  uncomfortable 312 September's 2040 [TS]

  welcome back to the uncomfortable [TS]

  podcast I'm your host Jason snail we are [TS]

  picking up our our continuing coverage [TS]

  of classic animated movies and at some [TS]

  point I decided we probably could just [TS]

  walk right through the pixar can and as [TS]

  we doing sort with the miyazaki cannon [TS]

  and i decided to start the beginning [TS]

  we've done some episodes since pixar [TS]

  movies have been released since we've [TS]

  been on the air but we haven't gone back [TS]

  to the classic yet we need a pixar [TS]

  episode but i wanted to take these films [TS]

  apart one by one so we're going to be [TS]

  talking about toy story and I'd like to [TS]

  introduce the original toy story just [TS]

  the first movie because this is not an [TS]

  eight hour long podcast it's only like a [TS]

  five hour long podcast let me introduce [TS]

  the people who are going to be talking [TS]

  about Pixar's first feature film with me [TS]

  tonight [TS]

  david lawrence here is almost always [TS]

  hello howdy partner [TS]

  it's good to have you here Steve Lutz is [TS]

  here [TS]

  hi Steve hello Jason how are you this [TS]

  evening i am doing just fine [TS]

  that's magnificent uh Andy not coach [TS]

  Owens us as well hi Andy I'm gonna need [TS]

  a minute here I've got a snake in my [TS]

  boot [TS]

  John siracusa is also here hi John wine [TS]

  the frogs before we go [TS]

  and of course you know him you love him [TS]

  you can't live without him it is mr. [TS]

  Merlyn man [TS]

  hi Marilyn hi Jason good to have you [TS]

  here thank you i don't know the part of [TS]

  the movie where they say hi Jason but [TS]

  references not know sorry [TS]

  how do you have you had all right there [TS]

  you go thanks what are we doing quotes [TS]

  now [TS]

  no no i didn't get one replied how about [TS]

  this one [TS]

  it's too short we need more monkeys we [TS]

  need more monkeys there's no more the [TS]

  barrel [TS]

  alright toy story uh did it [TS]

  where to begin with this it is the first [TS]

  real animated cgi you know 3d animated [TS]

  feature film and now all of the animated [TS]

  films are like this and going back and [TS]

  viewing this movie last night which I [TS]

  did because I like to be prepared sort [TS]

  of prepared for the podcast i was [TS]

  actually impressed at the state of [TS]

  animation in in 1995 it doesn't feel as [TS]

  dated as I thought it would [TS]

  it I I think you're absolutely right the [TS]

  only thing that's off-putting is you [TS]

  when you see cgi graphics of that kind [TS]

  you almost feel a game controller in [TS]

  your hands and yet of course this was [TS]

  absolutely cutting edge of the time [TS]

  that's the only thing that disconnect me [TS]

  from it i would say everything here is [TS]

  good but the people are still very much [TS]

  in the uncanny valley and and are [TS]

  somewhat horrifying yeah not too not [TS]

  baby intent I level horrifying but [TS]

  there's still a little disturbing which [TS]

  I mean there's there's a good reason why [TS]

  almost all the people are seen at leg [TS]

  level or from several miles away or we [TS]

  get lots of POV shots yeah Andy running [TS]

  through the house there's some zombie [TS]

  arms on them to they're all kind of [TS]

  stiff and we we get lots of close-ups to [TS]

  sit because he's supposed to look awful [TS]

  but everybody else [TS]

  humans don't look terrible they look [TS]

  cartoonish and they don't look realistic [TS]

  but a lot of the things look like that [TS]

  whether the things that they couldn't do [TS]

  though are very clear like cloth forget [TS]

  it [TS]

  they just like their clothing is like [TS]

  these and his bed is very well made [TS]

  under the heading is not like just a [TS]

  close on the people like their shirts [TS]

  and shorts are just like cylinders of [TS]

  hard plastic like it with weird seems [TS]

  and they just can't do that particle [TS]

  effects they didn't really like when the [TS]

  dump truck comes up in the sandbox that [TS]

  is the worst back to this entire movie I [TS]

  was shocked when I came on like oh that [TS]

  like move or personally i do that shot [TS]

  like they just didn't he didn't have [TS]

  time i didn't have technology or both to [TS]

  do that but I'm what I'm surprised that [TS]

  looking at this movie is how good like [TS]

  they knew they do certain things well [TS]

  and how good those things look like but [TS]

  he called what he's faced buzz [TS]

  lightyears helmet like all the things [TS]

  that you can I can do shiny completely [TS]

  hard completely rigid surfaces really [TS]

  well with render man and those those [TS]

  still look good and they look they look [TS]

  good in a way that's timeless the other [TS]

  parts don't look good in a way this time [TS]

  which is kind of a shame but hey this is [TS]

  the very very very first one [TS]

  yeah i like to imagine traditional sell [TS]

  animators seeing this movie for the very [TS]

  first first-time encountering certain [TS]

  scenes like that that early POV shot and [TS]

  the credits were Andy spinning around in [TS]

  his recliner or that the overhead shot [TS]

  in Syd's room where he bumps the light [TS]

  bulb in the shadows are swinging back [TS]

  and forth perfectly i can just see sell [TS]

  animators watching that and there [TS]

  just bursting into flames did the sight [TS]

  gag with the present like where it's [TS]

  foreshortened like the graphically for [TS]

  shorten it because like they can control [TS]

  everything like everything control the [TS]

  camera they control the persons hand [TS]

  like you try to do that in live-action [TS]

  it's more difficult to pull off but [TS]

  because the computer graphics give that [TS]

  illusion they might even cheated I could [TS]

  have made I don't think they cheated but [TS]

  they could have like that kind of [TS]

  control for that sight gag you don't [TS]

  have in live action and in the I mean [TS]

  you know I guess the classic story with [TS]

  toy story is that they partly chose it [TS]

  because this is the stuff as you say [TS]

  that they could make it look good [TS]

  there's a lot of stuff in this like [TS]

  having watched a lot of animation in the [TS]

  last three years and returning this to [TS]

  this for the first time in a while where [TS]

  I was actually i was really surprised [TS]

  how creepy some stuff looked and then I [TS]

  was really surprised how amazing like [TS]

  Rex looks as good as he doesn't I story [TS]

  three [TS]

  I mean that I think he looks I think Rex [TS]

  is probably the most successful [TS]

  character in terms of like looking like [TS]

  a thing and yeah but I mean a lot of [TS]

  stuff you know the story i can look past [TS]

  all of this i mean that weird things [TS]

  like there's a kind of uniform [TS]

  reflection to anything that's reflective [TS]

  with things that seem to be kind of [TS]

  floating above it in a weird way but I [TS]

  can look past all that because of the [TS]

  story meaning including Andy's face and [TS]

  if you if you know something with the [TS]

  backstory this movie one of the [TS]

  interesting things is that this was a [TS]

  this was very much a collaboration [TS]

  between pixar and disney in the sense [TS]

  the pics are really wanted to make a [TS]

  feature film and disney kind of went [TS]

  along and disney was riding high in [TS]

  terms of animation at this point so [TS]

  there were some creative collaboration [TS]

  early on where the pixar guys were not [TS]

  super knowledgeable about like feature [TS]

  film scripts and things like that it [TS]

  sounds like the way and John you've read [TS]

  everything that's ever been published [TS]

  about pics are so correct me if I'm [TS]

  wrong but it sounds to me like they [TS]

  ended up building through many [TS]

  iterations a pretty solid story [TS]

  structure but there was a moment when [TS]

  the when the film got kind of shut down [TS]

  and they were having lots of issues and [TS]

  I was shocked to see in the opening [TS]

  credits that joss whedon is actually [TS]

  listed first in the screenplay credit [TS]

  guess he's the only for is the most [TS]

  famous screenwriter and I group we know [TS]

  all the other names in the group now but [TS]

  then we didn't know it but he hadn't [TS]

  done almost anything at that point [TS]

  either he punched it up but right well [TS]

  he did was apparently according to what [TS]

  i read he took a very good structure [TS]

  and he tried to flesh out some of the [TS]

  dialogue and some of those situations [TS]

  and make it into a good sort of like [TS]

  screenplay we're like the story was [TS]

  actually really good but that he wanted [TS]

  a bunch more character moments and some [TS]

  funny or dialogue and wine the Frog [TS]

  famously is his and I think Rex is his [TS]

  creation the fact that there are the [TS]

  misfit toys at the end that saved the [TS]

  day with something he came up with and [TS]

  there are other examples like that but [TS]

  it's it's really interesting that this [TS]

  is pics are being so good now at a [TS]

  computer animation that they could make [TS]

  a feature film which had never been done [TS]

  before but still with the training [TS]

  wheels on and they had good story ideas [TS]

  but they were still not like able to go [TS]

  and do it all themselves and and so they [TS]

  had all this feedback from disney which [TS]

  was really skeptical and they brought in [TS]

  screenwriters to help them and it's just [TS]

  really interesting because then they [TS]

  went on to be so confident but here you [TS]

  know they did call in people like joss [TS]

  whedon was really well known in the [TS]

  business at that point of being a [TS]

  rewrite man and having him punch this [TS]

  this movie up because they were kind of [TS]

  at sea with the screenplay [TS]

  well they also pixar got bullied into [TS]

  the mean woody angle right right i was a [TS]

  note they got was like you know they [TS]

  just kept-kept tweaking and tweaking it [TS]

  to try to satisfy the notes and the mean [TS]

  woody I was like at this time i was [TS]

  looking for it and if you look for it [TS]

  you can see glimpses of the mean would [TS]

  be the beginning of this movie like that [TS]

  we had he was you're going to be a super [TS]

  big jerk the whole time but then it made [TS]

  in not sympathetic yeah there's one [TS]

  scene where where he's super scary right [TS]

  away and the thing i noticed this time [TS]

  around it was uh was a day when the [TS]

  they're trying the batteries came out of [TS]

  the intercom the trying to find out what [TS]

  the present is and he goes down there to [TS]

  say i'll let me do it because he's [TS]

  trying to land positive/negative [TS]

  whatever he pushes the other time out of [TS]

  the way like hits the other time makes a [TS]

  move out of the way to do the batteries [TS]

  that and like the one he the expression [TS]

  on his face when he's telling the oh go [TS]

  ahead buzz fly like they make a very [TS]

  very mean I don't know if that's my [TS]

  imagination saying that's left over or [TS]

  that they had already animated those [TS]

  scenes and it's like and due to time [TS]

  constraints we couldn't have that will [TS]

  fix it by essentially making him more [TS]

  sympathetic later in the movie and [TS]

  taking out stuff but the mean what he is [TS]

  is on display in [TS]

  the early parts of your story one I was [TS]

  actually surprised watching this back by [TS]

  how many of these toys are actually kind [TS]

  of a holes [TS]

  I mean they turn on way to her top of [TS]

  that my god i have a note later on [TS]

  that's like they they throw what he I [TS]

  mean what he is perceived to have [TS]

  basically Chuck buzz out a window to his [TS]

  death and but he's been there since [TS]

  kindergarten right so it's a few years [TS]

  he's been there he's contracted a leader [TS]

  obviously people don't like the [TS]

  leadership of woody because they they [TS]

  turn on him on a dime or everybody [TS]

  except like Bo Peep turns on him and [TS]

  slinky but it's like she doesn't have a [TS]

  fundable but yeah they did jump straight [TS]

  to the lynching to it's not just let's [TS]

  have it does have a trial that make [TS]

  explain himself the immediately [TS]

  etch-a-scketches drawing a gala yeah [TS]

  well he's a Western sheriff you gotta be [TS]

  you know that was a good gag like this [TS]

  that the balance that do with tone is [TS]

  like is inappropriate and kids movie the [TS]

  edges you had to draw a nuisance like [TS]

  but it's a funny joke and you'd like i [TS]

  don't think any less of like mr. Potato [TS]

  Head and the sketch because like the [TS]

  stakes are not you know I don't know [TS]

  somehow it works for me like that's the [TS]

  line that trying to walk in light of toy [TS]

  story 2 and 3 maybe it seems severe but [TS]

  every time I watch it I I'm willing to [TS]

  accept that that tone is a is [TS]

  appropriate for the movie both for kids [TS]

  movie and for this movie The mean woody [TS]

  is more how to do within the animations [TS]

  than in the dialogue or anything else [TS]

  well they they they need woody they need [TS]

  would be for his leadership but they in [TS]

  you know he gets so exasperated with [TS]

  everybody because he's in a position of [TS]

  some security but they they kind of need [TS]

  him to provide that guidance and [TS]

  leadership but at the same time they [TS]

  want what he has and then of course the [TS]

  turnaround is that then woody then loses [TS]

  that to somebody else and that's when it [TS]

  gets interesting one and if you know the [TS]

  whole the idea of the news and [TS]

  everything and and serious things like [TS]

  that works for me just because when when [TS]

  you're that young you go to extremes [TS]

  when you're playing right you know [TS]

  it'sit's bang bang you're dead done [TS]

  right and and you know over the course [TS]

  of all the toy story movies the toys [TS]

  kind of mature to which is interesting [TS]

  to me so so going back and seeing things [TS]

  like the news here it's like all right I [TS]

  can see that you know I've watched that [TS]

  with with mine they they're much more [TS]

  gentle now that they're older [TS]

  where is when they were young it was [TS]

  sort of like you know smash the trains [TS]

  together Oh Thomas the Tank Engine is [TS]

  dead [TS]

  ok but it's almost like they couldn't [TS]

  use the you know what we know now it's [TS]

  so easy for us to look back and it's [TS]

  incredible to think about the protein [TS]

  effort that they went through and the [TS]

  pushback they got in the budget cuts and [TS]

  the production stoppage all the stuff [TS]

  that they were able to put out something [TS]

  that's good but I mean this is [TS]

  completely new territory and it's funny [TS]

  that the one thing I I feel like I [TS]

  really noticed this time stuff that's [TS]

  just like a slight gag will be a slight [TS]

  gag and Chuck Jones cartoon something [TS]

  like during strange things when you know [TS]

  when and he's playing and Buzz shoots [TS]

  woody and he slaps him over and like [TS]

  knocks him over what what we what they [TS]

  couldn't know that we know today is this [TS]

  characters can feel incredibly real to [TS]

  us now we feel that violence because now [TS]

  we've seen now we've grown with those [TS]

  characters and stuff but at the same [TS]

  time I think at the time it was it was a [TS]

  cartoon right and it was an extremely [TS]

  well-done cartoon but i don't think they [TS]

  could have known how far that process [TS]

  would come with great storytelling great [TS]

  animation to make us get to the point [TS]

  where like you really feel like that [TS]

  guy's Pendragon in this movie you know [TS]

  what I mean where those relationships [TS]

  really do seem real and way beyond like [TS]

  wile e coyote i think that what they [TS]

  were getting at was that the violence of [TS]

  young boys play which i think is [TS]

  accurately represented by doing laser go [TS]

  laser gun and he smacks woody to the [TS]

  side because that's that's how kids [TS]

  playing like I accepted that without the [TS]

  context of toy story 2 and 3 just seeing [TS]

  toy story one you accept that because [TS]

  it's like all right when the toys are [TS]

  being played with [TS]

  they act like toys and they get the [TS]

  treatment of toys and you don't get the [TS]

  impression that would he is hurt by [TS]

  being smacked by the way you get the [TS]

  impression that he wants to participate [TS]

  in the imaginative play this boy that's [TS]

  just part of it like when in light of [TS]

  that in light of the subsequent movies [TS]

  they told they they told that down [TS]

  thanks things have come around so much [TS]

  that by the third movie that in fact [TS]

  they're living in fear of the [TS]

  preschoolers because the preschoolers [TS]

  are treating basically like Andy treated [TS]

  wood in the first movie like old rehired [TS]

  toys then they would say they've grown [TS]

  up and have not been had been beaten to [TS]

  death anymore like i said the same gag [TS]

  in this movie like ages 3 and up says [TS]

  right in my box he doesn't want to be [TS]

  played with by the younger people i like [TS]

  you know the actually that that's I've [TS]

  got my notes here in chronological order [TS]

  but that brings up something that is [TS]

  right at the beginning of the movie that [TS]

  notice is the first time we see the toys [TS]

  we see them in the context of being toys [TS]

  we see Andy playing with them he's got [TS]

  his whole fantasy adventure with woody [TS]

  is the sheriff and and mr. Potato Head [TS]

  as the as the 1i bart or whatever he is [TS]

  where he pops the eye off at and so I [TS]

  think that's really a great choice that [TS]

  the first time we see these characters [TS]

  they are in the context of being toys [TS]

  and and and he plays with them we see [TS]

  lots of shots i noticed lots of shots [TS]

  where it's just his arm coming in right [TS]

  let's not animate the kid as much as we [TS]

  can and then he says see you later woody [TS]

  he leaves and that's the moment when [TS]

  they when they come alive and I think [TS]

  that's a really interesting choice like [TS]

  look we need to establish these choices [TS]

  being toys that are played with their [TS]

  you know this is their job essentially [TS]

  they're not like magical creatures that [TS]

  live in this boy's room their toys who [TS]

  come alive when he's not around right [TS]

  when it feels like they do that to sort [TS]

  of you know to eat you get used to the [TS]

  toys that you recognize like Potato Head [TS]

  & and all that but but it sort of eases [TS]

  you into going oh this is woody and he's [TS]

  also a toy in this universe and they all [TS]

  know him too he's famous and you don't [TS]

  know what you're going to know that [TS]

  opening sequence reminds me of like [TS]

  watching that again i was impressed all [TS]

  over again because computer animation [TS]

  even have pictures on computer animation [TS]

  had a certain like sort of camera work [TS]

  style where it was a lot of static shots [TS]

  even things of you know like even a [TS]

  little little buddy called a little [TS]

  light what's called the Illuma looks [TS]

  alamo jr. look so luxe ok whatever the [TS]

  short that he was in chasing the ball [TS]

  around like it a lot of like the cameras [TS]

  pullbacks kind of a wide you see what's [TS]

  going on or whatever at the beginning of [TS]

  toy story is cinematic the camera moves [TS]

  there are close-ups there are lots of [TS]

  pee like it's it's active it is it is [TS]

  like it is like a real lot like instead [TS]

  of like oh here is I'm going to show you [TS]

  a rendered cube and the cameras gonna be [TS]

  entirely stationary the whole time maybe [TS]

  a light will move like it immediately [TS]

  dissuades you of any notion this is [TS]

  going to look like demos from siggraph [TS]

  right it's going this is going to be a [TS]

  movie [TS]

  and that opening sequence of the playing [TS]

  is really tight like it's come together [TS]

  quickly out it's fun it's interesting in [TS]

  the camera moves like it is a great way [TS]

  to pull people into this movie like if [TS]

  if there was any fear like oh well [TS]

  people go to watch visit like this is my [TS]

  big thing with toy stores like a [TS]

  computer animated movie i'm so excited [TS]

  exist like when people go to watch it [TS]

  you're ring your fingers you wring your [TS]

  hands like oh I don't know if like if [TS]

  they'll just think it's kind of too you [TS]

  know within 30 seconds the audience has [TS]

  forgotten the computers have anything to [TS]

  do with this movie because it is [TS]

  familiar to them and I think it's done [TS]

  in a way like a lot of the shots they [TS]

  did the reason they look so amazing it's [TS]

  because they have these sort of the the [TS]

  truth visual truthfulness of live action [TS]

  but with the sort of visual style of [TS]

  animation and that it you wouldn't do [TS]

  all these dramatic camera moves in in [TS]

  cell animation because it's very [TS]

  difficult to duels perspective changes [TS]

  correctly and deal with all the [TS]

  different planes of motion and not make [TS]

  it look like things sliding over here [TS]

  it's really difficult to do you could do [TS]

  a live-action fine [TS]

  this is a weird combination of both of [TS]

  them that is like comforting instead of [TS]

  been looking Ali into both I feel like [TS]

  it's comfort from two different levels [TS]

  come from the cartoon world where you [TS]

  accept like the colors and textures and [TS]

  everything and comfort from the [TS]

  live-action world and watching it again [TS]

  despite all like the not-so-great [TS]

  textures on things in the limitations of [TS]

  the rendering and everything just the [TS]

  the dynamics of the opening scene the [TS]

  content and continue to rest of the [TS]

  movie we are again it's timeless it [TS]

  really pulls you in and makes you accept [TS]

  this as a movie first and as a computer [TS]

  exercise second [TS]

  yeah it's I I think that's a great point [TS]

  about them being able to bring to bear a [TS]

  century almost of film language [TS]

  live-action film language that a lot of [TS]

  animated movies could basically not do [TS]

  or had to do very little of and cheat i [TS]

  mean i remember there's that seen Beauty [TS]

  and the Beast where they did the 3d [TS]

  animation spin in the dance you know it [TS]

  over in the ballroom right and at that [TS]

  moment ago what am I seeing here right [TS]

  because this is a move from another kind [TS]

  of movie and and yeah the the computer [TS]

  animation in that first scene they are [TS]

  saying look we're shooting this like a [TS]

  movie this is not going to be like the [TS]

  other kind of animate what you think the [TS]

  language of animation is this is going [TS]

  to be the language of [TS]

  a regular movie where they have cameras [TS]

  and they move them around and they have [TS]

  different lenses like they use different [TS]

  yak virtual different virtual lenses for [TS]

  it when you're looking through the [TS]

  binoculars is different shot they have [TS]

  had the zoom zoom out through the window [TS]

  and then back in they have the smash [TS]

  zoom in on the people when you know they [TS]

  so he's at it again he kicks the the car [TS]

  off the end like that the that aspect of [TS]

  it was novel there's a little bit of [TS]

  lens flare early on are actually late [TS]

  when the when when the magnifying [TS]

  reflecting yeah yeah [TS]

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  need edition dot-com and thank you so [TS]

  much to need for sponsoring the [TS]

  incomparable so I'm let's see what else [TS]

  i I've got a I've got a really bizarre [TS]

  point that I want to make because I'm [TS]

  the host and I get to make this is our [TS]

  point at the very first time we see them [TS]

  playing the the checkerboard write the [TS]

  check report comes out and what he's not [TS]

  he's too busy indicator the checkers [TS]

  move a little [TS]

  yeah but here's the bizarre thing that [TS]

  the checkerboard is set up with the the [TS]

  seam the fold of the checkerboard going [TS]

  like right down the middle between the [TS]

  players who does that who does it does [TS]

  is it is it just me who uses that is [TS]

  like the border from my side and your [TS]

  side every time later in the movie [TS]

  that's how the checkerboard is laid down [TS]

  but in that first scene it's going down [TS]

  the middle [TS]

  it's weird isn't it says it doesn't [TS]

  allow you to flip the checkerboard over [TS]

  when you get angry because that's the [TS]

  point is that slinky dog setup that [TS]

  bored i love the is arguable that make [TS]

  you imagine what it will be [TS]

  what it must be like to try and animate [TS]

  that that must have been so crazy thing [TS]

  that really grabbed me this time [TS]

  watching it watch it one and a half [TS]

  times today partly with my kid who had [TS]

  watched in awhile i'm amazed at like you [TS]

  know like i say i feel like i can [TS]

  overlook so much stuff about you know a [TS]

  lot of its super creepy but like how [TS]

  quickly they characterize all the toys [TS]

  like you get like all of those [TS]

  characters was just so elegantly like in [TS]

  the opening set up after you know the [TS]

  kind of move in on woody on the bed and [TS]

  he opened his eyes he starts looking [TS]

  around us all is clear and and like all [TS]

  of that the tentative movement of the RC [TS]

  car coming out of the closet like it's [TS]

  just amazing in that space if I don't [TS]

  know what probably 90 seconds [TS]

  how many how many toys from our [TS]

  childhood get a character that we can [TS]

  understand in about a minute [TS]

  you obviously you get that that's you [TS]

  know I don rickles in the hockey puck [TS]

  joke and everything but I thought it was [TS]

  it's just so well [TS]

  done it like you get this collection of [TS]

  probably i would guess probably at least [TS]

  a dozen characters you get them that [TS]

  fast and it sets the tone so quickly [TS]

  that like this is what we can expect [TS]

  they try to do that in live-action [TS]

  movies all the time like you can see you [TS]

  can see the wire as you can see the [TS]

  strings happening like where there's an [TS]

  ensemble movie and they have to have the [TS]

  opening scene here's the wisecracking [TS]

  friend right and like I think the main [TS]

  difference is not so much in the skill [TS]

  of introducing because autumn always [TS]

  know they need to do that we need to get [TS]

  you like this is the guy who's timid [TS]

  this is the aggressive jerk guy this is [TS]

  the wise ass like you gotta do all that [TS]

  stuff right [TS]

  the difference is that the characters in [TS]

  this movie are better than the normal [TS]

  like ensemble characters and like [TS]

  they're more interesting you know that [TS]

  maybe it's because they're dinosaurs [TS]

  like maybe that as an angle you can't do [TS]

  like you've got a mr. Potato Head with [TS]

  the particular you know it like there is [TS]

  a combination of which toy they are and [TS]

  which address they have and whether [TS]

  those two things measure don't mesh or [TS]

  you know or whatever but I think they're [TS]

  that they're just good characters night [TS]

  so they're good introducing them and [TS]

  when I do introduce them they're all [TS]

  like likable or relatable or funny or [TS]

  you know all three and that generally [TS]

  that you can understand their their [TS]

  motivation very quickly you understand [TS]

  what is that they want you understand [TS]

  that which you know i mean that's such [TS]

  an obvious thing people talk about you [TS]

  understand that Rex wants to be a scary [TS]

  dinosaur you know it's just a I think [TS]

  that's that that's a harder trick then [TS]

  it looks like given the resources and [TS]

  constraints that they had I think it's [TS]

  great that they pulled it off and [TS]

  address sweden television show the whole [TS]

  thing is like the humor if it shows is [TS]

  based on I know that character and when [TS]

  that character says something it's [TS]

  because I know what that character is [TS]

  like that the thing they said it's funny [TS]

  not just because someone said if you [TS]

  just insert an extra set line it's not [TS]

  funny it's funny because I know what [TS]

  this character is like so all the jokes [TS]

  and toy story rely on you establishing [TS]

  what these characters are liking and [TS]

  what they want out of you know their [TS]

  life and then when they say a particular [TS]

  line it's not just that you can't [TS]

  arbitrarily assign the jokes to the [TS]

  things and so very quickly they have to [TS]

  get you up to like season 3 of joss [TS]

  whedon television show where you're like [TS]

  you know the characters and the lines r [TS]

  RS are matched set and not just [TS]

  arbitrary you have to buy into the [TS]

  characters of the joke dork but there it [TS]

  is a Gilbert and Sullivan sort of [TS]

  construction though where you have the [TS]

  for the two pairs of leads but then you [TS]

  also have the chorus [TS]

  members were their members of these the [TS]

  of the this toy team are people who talk [TS]

  with one collective voice about hey [TS]

  we're really really fascinated by this [TS]

  really cool new toy [TS]

  hey now we're going to turn on the [TS]

  person that we that usually used to [TS]

  think of as our leader now we're going [TS]

  to collectively think of this character [TS]

  a different way again and they put are [TS]

  they dump all of the new wants into [TS]

  those two leads and that was the thing [TS]

  that really impressed me the most about [TS]

  the characterization hear that they were [TS]

  maybe this is part of the leftover of [TS]

  having spent the the screenwriters [TS]

  having spent so many years developing [TS]

  this mean-spirited woody and then [TS]

  realizing that was the wrong way to go [TS]

  but still knowing that wasn't it fun to [TS]

  have this cowboy character that really [TS]

  could be a jerk and I really do think [TS]

  they kind of made that part of the stew [TS]

  of what his character of saying that he [TS]

  could be this guy if things started to [TS]

  go really really bad form and that a lot [TS]

  of the reason why he's such a kind [TS]

  person he's got the sunny disposition is [TS]

  because he is on top of the world [TS]

  nothing has ever tried to disrupt this [TS]

  pleasant experience that he has as [TS]

  somebody who is completely in control of [TS]

  his own destiny and as soon as you throw [TS]

  in that random feature in there where no [TS]

  he might have to actually listen to [TS]

  other people for a change and realizing [TS]

  that the people who quote follow him on [TS]

  quote aren't necessarily following him [TS]

  because of his leadership either [TS]

  that's when you start to see [TS]

  mean-spirited woody kind of come through [TS]

  and for those moments you really wonder [TS]

  yes he did know he didn't read push push [TS]

  buzz but boy was he thinking about it [TS]

  was his mind thinking that all would be [TS]

  so easy to do it and there are people [TS]

  looking at me right now could i get away [TS]

  with it [TS]

  that's what really impressed me the [TS]

  first time I saw this movie what I like [TS]

  about that that decision is it's it's [TS]

  woody making a bad decision but not me [TS]

  not a super evil decision what he's [TS]

  trying to you can fix it right he wants [TS]

  to go to the pizza planet with with andy [TS]

  so he wants to knock buzz behind the bed [TS]

  so that he's temporarily lost just [TS]

  enough time that and he brings him to [TS]

  pizza planet but then it goes all wrong [TS]

  and he ends up being responsible for [TS]

  buzz being you know out the bushes and [TS]

  and so it's a language [TS]

  kind of Justice they would have meted [TS]

  out he succeeded it just doing that [TS]

  instead of knocking about the window it [TS]

  would have been something slightly less [TS]

  awful than lynching maybe like you know [TS]

  beating him with mr. potato head i think [TS]

  they would have thrown all over there [TS]

  are all of their support behind buzz is [TS]

  the new leader and exactly we want a lot [TS]

  of making it look like an accident [TS]

  though I didn't push from behind you [TS]

  just want to fall in that crevice if he [TS]

  had succeeded in yes then what he would [TS]

  have been on the path toward ultimate [TS]

  evil and he would have ended up being [TS]

  the dictator of the room and and and he [TS]

  would hear it wasn't dictated him like [TS]

  that was it well position the beginning [TS]

  was that he considered himself smarter [TS]

  than all the other toys but practically [TS]

  speaking he probably was he was he was [TS]

  sort of condescending to all the other [TS]

  toes he was like a magnanimous leader [TS]

  but as long as you want everyone [TS]

  acknowledges that I'm the best I'm the [TS]

  smartest everyone serves my needs does [TS]

  what i want what i wanted and slinky was [TS]

  kind of like his little toady who was [TS]

  like yes what do you do whatever you [TS]

  want right and the the way that we came [TS]

  to know later doesn't exist in this [TS]

  movie until the end were to presume like [TS]

  this is this is his ark for this movie [TS]

  and in a lot of ways you would feel like [TS]

  in toy story 2 is like where does he [TS]

  have the go-go's what he had his arc [TS]

  where he could have gone off one way but [TS]

  he ended up being like he learned from [TS]

  this experience and learns not to hold [TS]

  on so tightly to his thing is being the [TS]

  most important coy and share Andy with [TS]

  buzz and to realize the in all the stuff [TS]

  like but then where do you go from there [TS]

  and that's why tourists or two is which [TS]

  we'll talk about another podcast it's [TS]

  pretty incredible achievement to take [TS]

  that further and make what I think is [TS]

  possibly even a better movie than this [TS]

  one but in this movie has a very [TS]

  straightforward arc and for there to be [TS]

  a and an interesting RQ can't start off [TS]

  as a nice guy who just ends up like one [TS]

  of those you know inconvenient [TS]

  coincidences and like misunderstandings [TS]

  that he was always a nice guy the whole [TS]

  time was just a misunderstanding boy [TS]

  darn it when bad things happen to good [TS]

  people he has to start off as actually [TS]

  not that great for him to get somewhere [TS]

  right [TS]

  he wasn't exactly dictator though this [TS]

  really was a situation where everybody [TS]

  who's following him have pretty much [TS]

  abdicated their own responsibility for [TS]

  their own destinies they're not they [TS]

  don't seek leadership they're very very [TS]

  happy to have someone else do the share [TS]

  unformed exactly is the sheriff and so [TS]

  he's the sheriff of the room full of the [TS]

  toys when you have to assume that a [TS]

  certain percentage of them have [TS]

  a seething resentment for him as well [TS]

  because surely at least one of those [TS]

  toys potato has man was Andy's favorite [TS]

  at some point we can get something [TS]

  Stoppard play the potato head is [TS]

  definitely there there's a whole series [TS]

  of dramas that could be written about [TS]

  the incident the toilet is that brief [TS]

  preschool period when when potato head [TS]

  was Andy's favorite toy and then then [TS]

  woody and now he's just the the knockoff [TS]

  villain and in the the woody story right [TS]

  and you so you get that to that he's the [TS]

  one he's playing the bad guy and what [TS]

  he's always the good guy and what is so [TS]

  great and there's jealousy there i just [TS]

  wanted to say and I know this is an [TS]

  unpopular opinion but I do not like the [TS]

  randy newman songs [TS]

  okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna actually [TS]

  that's where I was that's where I was [TS]

  headed after one topic but let's talk [TS]

  about it now I think his score is very [TS]

  very good i should say that there are [TS]

  three songs in this movie and I wanted [TS]

  to talk about them because we've got [TS]

  strength we've got you've got a friend [TS]

  in me we've got strange things and then [TS]

  we've got I will go sailing no more [TS]

  right I'm like that and and I'm [TS]

  fascinated by this because to me this is [TS]

  the clearest example of the and maybe [TS]

  i'm wrong but but I read it as a clear [TS]

  example of the the creative tension [TS]

  between pixar and disney and between [TS]

  what an animated movie is supposed to do [TS]

  and what pixar wants to do because i [TS]

  feel like all of the jeffrey katzenberg [TS]

  successful disney animated film revivals [TS]

  were musicals that people singing songs [TS]

  and so you get the sense that disney was [TS]

  like you gotta have songs [TS]

  hey Randy Newman use him he's good you [TS]

  gotta have some stick some songs in [TS]

  there and they're like I don't know and [TS]

  so they they're in the movie but they're [TS]

  not sung by characters they're just sung [TS]

  by Randy Newman in the movie I might [TS]

  actually like them better if they were [TS]

  sung by somebody other than Randy new [TS]

  one and and two of them and two of them [TS]

  are over [TS]

  I mean that strange things song that is [TS]

  an eighties style Phil montage if I have [TS]

  ever seen one again it and it's just [TS]

  it's a little weird it's a little almost [TS]

  like uncanny valley for movie music [TS]

  where it's like they wanted it to be a [TS]

  cat Sandberg you know Disney [TS]

  musical and pixar was like well we'll [TS]

  put songs in it but that's it and and I [TS]

  find it's not I i think i think it's not [TS]

  one of the strongest parts of this movie [TS]

  I I it they'll bug me so much and I [TS]

  actually think that when we talked about [TS]

  Torri toy story 2 that the the one song [TS]

  in there is incredibly effective but [TS]

  here it's like well we gotta run song [TS]

  somewhere so we'll do a little comic [TS]

  montage and run run song with that [TS]

  didn't you love that my time so I got it [TS]

  yeah that's when the guys my bed and its [TS]

  benefits buzz lightyear sheets that is [TS]

  awesome it would be a better montage [TS]

  without randy newman and singing that he [TS]

  is i just ate a bunch of skittles and I [TS]

  have a sugar bubble in the back I don't [TS]

  think Randy Newman like it [TS]

  in this context like I think this is [TS]

  this is the movie where Randy Newman [TS]

  fits like I don't accept random songs in [TS]

  the movie they already where he fits the [TS]

  best but I don't think he fits [TS]

  I've always had the same complaint about [TS]

  this forever he wrote one song and use [TS]

  the exact same song in three different [TS]

  movies because you got you got a friend [TS]

  in me you've gotta i love to see you [TS]

  smile from Parenthood and then he gave [TS]

  if I didn't have you from monster [TS]

  monsters inc I they're the exact same [TS]

  song strange strange things you can play [TS]

  against I love LA yeah you got a GED [TS]

  mountaintop acosto randy newman you know [TS]

  3-pack you got a friend in me doesn't [TS]

  even have a real melody for the verses [TS]

  for crying out loud [TS]

  some of the guys might be a little bit [TS]

  smarter and cooler and taller than I do [TS]

  maybe I guess not sure i'll get back to [TS]

  you on that [TS]

  ready Newman has like a mr. Potato Head [TS]

  song where it's the same body just keeps [TS]

  like swapping out different eyes and [TS]

  hats on to it and that doesn't bother [TS]

  with pot that you can change paul and [TS]

  storm do a whole thing of you know Randy [TS]

  Newman's not only lord of the rings [TS]

  that's the same in the melody that is [TS]

  exactly the same in all of their randy [TS]

  newman songs but they do Randy Newman [TS]

  song for all these different movies and [TS]

  he's so brilliant 2i however i read a [TS]

  blog post about this like I think after [TS]

  the set the second time he used that [TS]

  song say that she's mean and also all [TS]

  the music that he's right for these [TS]

  movies is pressed the same he's just [TS]

  like that my most interesting guy and [TS]

  everybody who look who got into randy [TS]

  newman during the seventies when [TS]

  made all these brilliant albums at like [TS]

  how to cut it had a go at me and I've [TS]

  had realized oh ok i didn't realize that [TS]

  he done something before and around [TS]

  short people because all I knew is this [TS]

  again this mr. Potato Head solid keep [TS]

  running and of course it was exactly [TS]

  like all of this stuff [TS]

  no no it said you needed a couple songs [TS]

  when the muppet show he he's easy i [TS]

  can't remember the name of the album but [TS]

  he did he did a real recorded his two [TS]

  most famous albums from the seventies [TS]

  with like new orchestrations and it's [TS]

  like wow why didn't you just like light [TS]

  of Pixar and hope they hadn't heard this [TS]

  album you recorded in 1975 and put that [TS]

  in the movie if you if you're going to [TS]

  laze your way out of this laser with a [TS]

  great song I don't think I don't think I [TS]

  can blame randy newman here I think that [TS]

  Randy Newman has a bunch of different [TS]

  cells i like i like randy newman but I [TS]

  feel like what happened here was he got [TS]

  direction to do that little you know [TS]

  gentle ragtime anything you do that [TS]

  hockey ragtime Orleans that New Orleans [TS]

  yeah right he grew up in New Orleans and [TS]

  do that that's what we want we want that [TS]

  it's like right under the toys that take [TS]

  over your spot on the bed sometimes [TS]

  yeah i guess with dead lelu rigged oh I [TS]

  lived he in the whole of what was the [TS]

  third song so the first one is you've [TS]

  got a friend in me I will go sailing [TS]

  when I was a little more christ-like [TS]

  very good song but if he's really way he [TS]

  sings it makes my ears bleed [TS]

  hey I could drop the third song because [TS]

  i don't want to give up the first one [TS]

  because it makes sense in the context of [TS]

  the movie even though it's silly and [TS]

  slight right [TS]

  the second 1i love that montage and you [TS]

  need music to go behind a montage and [TS]

  i'm using is the third 1i could take [TS]

  your leave I love 11 eighties montage [TS]

  with that is that that is the Sarah [TS]

  McLachlan song from toy story 2 which [TS]

  they wisely had randy newman not saying [TS]

  right and that makes sense in the [TS]

  context that movie because it's supposed [TS]

  to be about Jesse right but you can [TS]

  understand why that got left behind yes [TS]

  but but i think actually head I will go [TS]

  sailing no more been sung by somebody [TS]

  with a little more [TS]

  emo residential facility i think it [TS]

  would have worked very well but in this [TS]

  case it's not so much that ran composers [TS]

  talking and shouting but there is there [TS]

  is scoring to the movie in the beginning [TS]

  like there's that the Toy Story music [TS]

  like the instrumental like but and then [TS]

  everybody would you leave us those songs [TS]

  work was instrumental music is its [TS]

  frequently the same motifs and themes [TS]

  from the pop songs pop up in the score [TS]

  and they work really nicely there so I [TS]

  like the work you did with the score [TS]

  I just the pop songs do not work at all [TS]

  for me would have been happier with that [TS]

  with something else or somebody else [TS]

  singing it for another brief break for [TS]

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  uncomfortable so what i wanted to [TS]

  mention also in the context of the [TS]

  especially the strange things montage [TS]

  which is a funny montage yeah I like [TS]

  these movies too so of course i love [TS]

  montage gotta have a montage there [TS]

  should be more montages some so it's [TS]

  it's there's this there's the sequence [TS]

  in in quick succession where where he [TS]

  gets buzzed and I'm fascinated by it [TS]

  because what we see during that montage [TS]

  is this tension between the sci-fi [TS]

  trappings of buzz and the Western stuff [TS]

  of woody and I when you look at that [TS]

  just like all of a sudden woody feels [TS]

  cold because Western as a genre feels [TS]

  cold and and outmoded and maybe a little [TS]

  kid and he suddenly this new sci-fi [TS]

  stuff is really exciting and fun and and [TS]

  and as this is all going on and i really [TS]

  i really liked how they did that it's [TS]

  not just that buzz is new it's like [TS]

  everything buzz represents in the [TS]

  universe and lasers and spaceships and [TS]

  stuff like that as opposed to the you [TS]

  know dem old cowboy sherrif and and and [TS]

  the music is playing while that's [TS]

  happening and i really i really liked [TS]

  how it's it's not just that it's this [TS]

  it's the whole it's like one sean were [TS]

  coming in and elbowing the other one out [TS]

  and saying your old forget like and like [TS]

  John said with the way the kids actually [TS]

  play with toys i not only was it a very [TS]

  efficient bit of storytelling you know [TS]

  to show his to show [TS]

  first of all how buzz is bonding with [TS]

  all the new people showing Rex how to [TS]

  roar and stuff like that right also [TS]

  obviously like the moment when he runs [TS]

  in the closet with his woody jammies and [TS]

  then runs out with his wonderful [TS]

  homemade was like your car [TS]

  that I I think that's extremely well [TS]

  done because it gets to the [TS]

  capriciousness of little kids like a [TS]

  little kid is going to change their [TS]

  preferences like like so fast you you [TS]

  would even you wouldn't believe that [TS]

  would he ever meant anything [TS]

  well although having having had kids [TS]

  when I first saw this movie I didn't [TS]

  have kids and having had kids now and [TS]

  watching and i'm fascinated by the fact [TS]

  that i turned my wife last night while [TS]

  we were watching this and I said but you [TS]

  know woody what he's been around with [TS]

  that kid for a long time [TS]

  buzz is a a cheap plastic space toy and [TS]

  he's gonna get played with for like two [TS]

  weeks and then he's gonna like his wings [TS]

  are going to snap off and he's never [TS]

  gonna get played with it until they had [TS]

  accidentally removed the battery that we [TS]

  exactly when I don't know why you're so [TS]

  easily the hotel and rental until the [TS]

  incident until the remote control the [TS]

  living room goes dead and the dad says [TS]

  where do we have double a batteries ok [TS]

  i'll ever knows I have to make one point [TS]

  here [TS]

  what's sad yeah oh oh there's a lot of [TS]

  thought on this [TS]

  the the unspoken absence of a dad the [TS]

  other thing i notice it in the same pain [TS]

  is what he has no gun [TS]

  we're so god Randy and he has no dad [TS]

  both not reference both not important [TS]

  other than that matchstick fitting for [TS]

  the parallels been a lot of scholarship [TS]

  on this I'm sure also the fact that he's [TS]

  wearing Jesse's hat so what he has no [TS]

  gun i think it's obvious because they [TS]

  don't want him to be a toy that pulls [TS]

  out a gun right there constantly all the [TS]

  kids would ever do is make the gun going [TS]

  too well and issue any toy it's got one [TS]

  of those little tiny things like that [TS]

  you totally lose that right that had [TS]

  been so lost by now right that would not [TS]

  unless it was so do his head or [TS]

  something and but the lack of the dad i [TS]

  think is a nice nod to you know to the [TS]

  reality of families in America [TS]

  essentially like that that other people [TS]

  don't have that before i read the [TS]

  scholarship I had always assumed his dad [TS]

  had died and in my in my to quote Erica [TS]

  my in my headcanon yeah I always I [TS]

  always assumed his dad died and it was [TS]

  his dad's toy like these are some meat [TS]

  yeah alright well that will if we assume [TS]

  that dad has has died i think they went [TS]

  out for cigarettes and never came out [TS]

  and we look at Molly who is maybe what [TS]

  like six months old dad is fairly [TS]

  recently gone so I i yes kids running [TS]

  around last I some he's with that maybe [TS]

  with it [TS]

  weekends with them with other toys dad [TS]

  doesn't even show up for Christmas [TS]

  the moving feels like a divorce but I [TS]

  think well I don't get a scholarship [TS]

  that's that's headcanon but a but but [TS]

  there's there's definitely there's [TS]

  there's there's always information and [TS]

  getting ahead of myself as I i I'm a [TS]

  bigger fan of 2 and 3 by sonu so what I [TS]

  what I will say that what we're watching [TS]

  it uh uh my wife said get-go single mom [TS]

  moving to a nice big house right because [TS]

  they move the end up moving to a much [TS]

  bigger house with which they've got a [TS]

  they got a new baby and currently seems [TS]

  pretty channel the Son and the daughter [TS]

  are sharing the room right i think maybe [TS]

  mom has polished off dad and the be [TS]

  exactly insurance money which exactly [TS]

  which is why she's riding in the front [TS]

  seat in a front-facing child's area in [TS]

  the backyard and they have to go to a [TS]

  new house that's a different time so we [TS]

  want to get the cat talking aspect of [TS]

  this guy's but what do you enjoy what [TS]

  are you talking about [TS]

  alright why was when Buzz arrives on the [TS]

  scene [TS]

  why does he follow the toy rules as in [TS]

  going limp when Andy is that ok i have [TS]

  that one in my notes too and I don't [TS]

  know that that why doesn't climb up with [TS]

  me and he's like it basically about that [TS]

  means like there is that there is a [TS]

  there is the world of the toys but then [TS]

  there is like in a larger force that [TS]

  like and they break it at the end of [TS]

  this movie when haha moving as a thing [TS]

  right like but that is like a large [TS]

  directly a law of the universe that even [TS]

  though buzz does not think he's a toy he [TS]

  cannot help but behave like a toy in the [TS]

  presence of humans all the way up to the [TS]

  point of like going back to previous [TS]

  position and flopping down but they [TS]

  don't show him flopping a lot but he [TS]

  does do that and it's weird that was so [TS]

  they're such a big mistake [TS]

  except for when he decides to climb into [TS]

  the passenger seat of the pizza truck [TS]

  and then even buckle himself and don't [TS]

  exposes himself to the driver or I can [TS]

  click there is little doesn't matter i'm [TS]

  going to add to that point you know that [TS]

  that was a consistent mistake in the [TS]

  first movie they didn't they didn't [TS]

  really know the universe they're [TS]

  creating they felt as though they had a [TS]

  spell some things out and they needed to [TS]

  put some rules into this universe to [TS]

  explain why no one has ever discovered [TS]

  that the toys are actually live without [TS]

  looking at them they admit they did as [TS]

  such so much of a better job in two and [TS]

  three because i think that they sort of [TS]

  adopted the calvin and hobbes rules or [TS]

  they are refer another analogy that the [TS]

  sixth sense rules [TS]

  we're so long as you just simply [TS]

  never have a situation occur in which [TS]

  someone would notice that these toys are [TS]

  alive long as you never see notice that [TS]

  Bruce Willis is actually a goes you can [TS]

  have these ridiculous you can have these [TS]

  people do whatever you need them to do [TS]

  without having to call attention to a [TS]

  wedding but you know that he has to be [TS]

  here at this point but he can't do this [TS]

  at this point which is things that that [TS]

  nobody's gonna be interested in this is [TS]

  not a documentary on how the rules of [TS]

  the toys works so maybe the toys don't [TS]

  talk at all and this is just a [TS]

  presentation [TS]

  the dad is having as he believes out on [TS]

  the floor and recover they have I think [TS]

  it's cleverly woven into this and the [TS]

  kids never know where the heck their [TS]

  toys are like they have no idea where [TS]

  they are they they would notice a baby [TS]

  monitor it so we don't see a baby [TS]

  monitor by the bed like the places toys [TS]

  are in our house and how a track that [TS]

  children have of these toys like the [TS]

  fact that she says I mom but they were [TS]

  in the car mom like mom totally believes [TS]

  it's always like if you're going to be [TS]

  like animated inanimate objects that [TS]

  move on their own children's toys are [TS]

  the ones to be because no one's gonna [TS]

  ever find it suspicious for those things [TS]

  no no absolutely true and I my personal [TS]

  interpretation of this or headcanon if [TS]

  you like is my interpretation is that [TS]

  the toys know the rules like baby [TS]

  innately know the rules and they can be [TS]

  overwritten and although i find that [TS]

  seemed kind of problematic because of [TS]

  that the reasons we've said but as you [TS]

  might think that he's not a not a toy [TS]

  but he still is following the rules of [TS]

  toys all that the obvious explanation to [TS]

  me that is doesn't fit here is that it's [TS]

  a Weeping Angels types of direction [TS]

  we're basically if if somebody if [TS]

  there's not a person there who can see [TS]

  you you have the ability to move and [TS]

  talk and and have meanings that's red [TS]

  light green light for those of you don't [TS]

  speak doctor whom i'm trying to think of [TS]

  analogy for people who are 5,000 good [TS]

  good job good job state red light green [TS]

  light don't think it's play that anymore [TS]

  good job you identified that this doctor [TS]

  who are not Star Trek well I know my [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  yeah good job well done that was at [TS]

  babylon 5's dr. Jo yeah should we um I [TS]

  want to talk about Sid let's see we we [TS]

  get roughly as this scott focus we get a [TS]

  scut Farkus we get our who has a dad we [TS]

  get our view of said I'd like to defense [TS]

  I was going to die I said sit is the is [TS]

  the monster in this movie but when you [TS]

  look at him and again this may be [TS]

  something about 20 years later and me [TS]

  being a parent I look at this I'm like [TS]

  you know sit is a monster to toys but [TS]

  cities just a kid he's just a perfectly [TS]

  and Mary industrious using MacGyver in [TS]

  the man yeah absolutely that's exciting [TS]

  that's exactly my point c because you [TS]

  know this other boy is simply a tool of [TS]

  the toy companies and market their [TS]

  marketing firms city saying you know [TS]

  what I'm not going to take these [TS]

  storylines I'm being handed to i'm going [TS]

  to create my own characters and my own [TS]

  stories and also i'm going to learn the [TS]

  maker skills that are required in order [TS]

  to build and repair my own toys is high [TS]

  if you have got if you had a little kid [TS]

  oh yeah he's a kid who has a toolbox you [TS]

  know and that's a cool stuff that you [TS]

  know I remember the first time that I [TS]

  have helped my directors and apparently [TS]

  because that is exactly all head is [TS]

  riding on to the whole director sent me [TS]

  right and also its it kind of iffy if [TS]

  you want to go into again the the [TS]

  graduate school thesis conversation [TS]

  level of toy story and we do that [TS]

  thank you got out i Ike's I accept your [TS]

  banner of vendor of legitimacy on the [TS]

  second person is it a little bit creepy [TS]

  and interesting that you talk about [TS]

  these two worlds which these toys want [TS]

  nothing more than the intention of the [TS]

  land the love of much larger beings that [TS]

  are utterly unknowledgeable an [TS]

  indifferent to the feelings that they [TS]

  inspire in these creations [TS]

  is that a little bit like the [TS]

  relationship that kids often have with [TS]

  their parents but here's the here's the [TS]

  thing about about said I just I want to [TS]

  say this against Sid is when we're [TS]

  viewing this movie from the toys [TS]

  perspective which we are he is he is the [TS]

  the monster of this movie about the back [TS]

  yeah but he's not i mean that's I really [TS]

  believe that and now having watched lots [TS]

  of you know having been apparent zealots [TS]

  he is he is hyper you know and he likes [TS]

  to blow stuff up and set things on fire [TS]

  a little bit but he also yeah he's got a [TS]

  toolbox he is experimenting he's mean to [TS]

  his little sister [TS]

  he's play-acting hurting the toys though [TS]

  like hearing of the toys feel pain and [TS]

  that he takes enjoyment in the pain so [TS]

  he's not a no that's not that's not [TS]

  psychotic if you're psychotic it would [TS]

  be him taking pleasure and [TS]

  seeing the paintings inflicting on [TS]

  something else if he can if he's were if [TS]

  he's creating a story which he's the bad [TS]

  guy [TS]

  yeah that's not necessarily fancy and [TS]

  wish fulfillment as planned he's [TS]

  play-acting he's he's repeating stories [TS]

  that he's seen in TV and movies and I [TS]

  can actually kids don't choose to always [TS]

  be the bad guy that's all I'm saying [TS]

  sometimes you should be the good guy [TS]

  darth vader they they sold they said [TS]

  they sold Darth Vader action figures and [TS]

  costumes in the seventies he was not the [TS]

  good guide till the third movie on huh [TS]

  but anyway I mean yes I i just said this [TS]

  problematic in some ways but I think [TS]

  it's really interesting that when you [TS]

  view him from a certain angle he's not [TS]

  necessarily mean yeah he's he's probably [TS]

  a pain in the butt to be if you're his [TS]

  parents and we simply means mr. not [TS]

  texting since it was that his family is [TS]

  not as together like you don't see since [TS]

  parents at all except for that one shot [TS]

  right whoever sitting in that chair like [TS]

  it seem less dad on the chair because [TS]

  your mom later downstairs his house at [TS]

  least he has a dad there's a very nice [TS]

  tea party going on in the sisters room I [TS]

  don't know what you're talking like they [TS]

  make his house look a little bit more [TS]

  like like you don't see the parents [TS]

  interacting with the kids as much as [TS]

  Andy's mom is kind of you know [TS]

  shushing him from one place to the other [TS]

  and returning a party for him and [TS]

  whatever what our sins parents doing for [TS]

  him or his sister they seem to be like [TS]

  neglected children and like you know [TS]

  their backyard is kind of a mess no [TS]

  grass is just around that since fault he [TS]

  doesn't just maintain the backyard right [TS]

  so it's kind of its it seems like that [TS]

  the home they come from may have helped [TS]

  produce sit the way he is and like the [TS]

  toys that puts it doesn't have a bunch [TS]

  of new toys he's got a bunch of pieces [TS]

  of old toys yeah just because he blew [TS]

  them up it's not like his parents are he [TS]

  didn't get out just like year for his [TS]

  birthday that's why he was excited to [TS]

  see the buzz lightyear in the claw [TS]

  machine [TS]

  well buzz lightyear his mom didn't get [TS]

  him one of those i thinks it is almost [TS]

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  thank you so much to Solero for [TS]

  sponsoring the uncomfortable while we're [TS]

  on Sid I i noticed something that I had [TS]

  not picked up previously which is that [TS]

  the scene where he blows up combat Carl [TS]

  and you've got like the various bits of [TS]

  combat slapping against the side of the [TS]

  house as a little gruesome energy rated [TS]

  movie when you think about it I mean [TS]

  these are supposed to be living entities [TS]

  here and then that Hannah's Tea Party [TS]

  which is attended by a table full of [TS]

  headless corpses yeah it's also pretty [TS]

  grim [TS]

  I was a little surprised but I don't [TS]

  know about corpses right because I we [TS]

  know they're moving attach the head so [TS]

  they're just headless creatures so we we [TS]

  already sort of talked about the scene [TS]

  where woody ends up knocking buzz out [TS]

  the window and of course this is that [TS]

  line that I whole love that I love that [TS]

  we need more monkeys that's the whole [TS]

  barrel that's great stuff online online [TS]

  stands out for me is that I was if I was [TS]

  doing a rewrite on that i would say do [TS]

  not say that was the whole barrel [TS]

  because that is that's too that's one [TS]

  step too far [TS]

  you know we need more monkeys is funded [TS]

  by itself if you know the whole barrel [TS]

  of monkeys you already got the joke [TS]

  allow you to show the barrel and say [TS]

  that's all yeah not that girl is that's [TS]

  not a contemporary toys I mean you get [TS]

  them but i don't think i know but like [TS]

  they're saying barrel is not going to [TS]

  bring anybody on new on board [TS]

  yeah that integrates the latter it's not [TS]

  entirely for the old people in the room [TS]

  the second but the older people got it [TS]

  from the 1st to 2nd oh now that's a [TS]

  whole barrel is but that's the that's [TS]

  the extra bunch of 900 John this one is [TS]

  too far I'll i would like to make a note [TS]

  that i think most of the gags work you [TS]

  know especially when the rapid-fire they [TS]

  go by fast when Potato Head takes off [TS]

  his mouth and mimics kissing his own but [TS]

  i think that also a little adult forgive [TS]

  me a little to you [TS]

  oh wait we passed the the knocking out [TS]

  the window without mentioning the [TS]

  wilhelm scream oh yes yes at my notes [TS]

  yes when Buzz goes out the window he [TS]

  goes out with a Wilhelm's they really [TS]

  missed an opportunity i think by not [TS]

  giving the tie-in buzz lightyear toy [TS]

  will help screen button because I would [TS]

  have snapped that sucker up so movies [TS]

  like Pixar was with Disney then [TS]

  they were like they're whatever [TS]

  publisher they were didn't own them yet [TS]

  but it was pixar and disney right yeah [TS]

  the star wars connection here is also [TS]

  very strong their Star Wars sound [TS]

  effects later you want the wheel home [TS]

  screen and then you've got like hakuna [TS]

  matata playing in the car and the whole [TS]

  disney connection it's a weird it's [TS]

  almost like the Star Wars connection to [TS]

  Pixar stuff is weird because they're not [TS]

  the same comfortable now they are ok but [TS]

  they weren't and they were but they were [TS]

  originally the the fresh became focus [TS]

  right now but it's like it's kind of [TS]

  like this friendly not incestuous but [TS]

  like this friendly like we're all on the [TS]

  same team here where the computer guys [TS]

  and disney and these are all things we [TS]

  love and I love the fact that they just [TS]

  they just put those things in the movie [TS]

  we're going to put in Star Wars laser [TS]

  blast effect we're going to put in [TS]

  lawsuits were not deployed that's the [TS]

  shocking part well Gary Rydstrom did the [TS]

  sound and he's a Lucas sky who did the [TS]

  Star Wars movies and so that's why but [TS]

  it sounds like that's why they're Star [TS]

  Wars sounds in it I got one note on [TS]

  sounds I did not notice this josh and i [TS]

  don't know how many times I've seen this [TS]

  movie but you know it's you know you [TS]

  talk about when they will be frightened [TS]

  to speaking of star wars the first time [TS]

  they should star wars to people without [TS]

  I guess without the sound John you can [TS]

  chime in here but without the sound [TS]

  effects and without the soundtrack it [TS]

  wasn't nearly the same movie obviously [TS]

  and in this case I think so much of what [TS]

  makes the the movie working again I [TS]

  don't know I'm thinking in particular in [TS]

  Andy's room with introducing the [TS]

  characters there's so much to the sound [TS]

  design in this that I think really [TS]

  really still works just dumb stuff like [TS]

  when he's talking on the microphone and [TS]

  he's talking close and it's more [TS]

  amplified is further ways not amplified [TS]

  they really give you a sense of space in [TS]

  the room with the sound everybody's got [TS]

  their own sounds [TS]

  i think that's that's one of those [TS]

  things where unless you're watching [TS]

  closely you might not notice how much of [TS]

  the visual images sold by the sounds but [TS]

  if if you close your eyes while you're [TS]

  watching it you can still pretty much [TS]

  follow where things are spatially which [TS]

  that mean that is just nice sound work [TS]

  yeah I at the gas station I love the [TS]

  design of the Dinoco station by the way [TS]

  it is beautiful this is a this is a [TS]

  beautiful set as a foreshadowing of [TS]

  Lassiter's cars right here sure is [TS]

  degree that classic-looking gas station [TS]

  i love the love the dyno co with the [TS]

  logo i love that it's a starry night and [TS]

  the sun's going down it's not it's not [TS]

  dark yet it's not quite there yet but [TS]

  the stars are coming out [TS]

  ya like like 730 or eight like it's [TS]

  getting dark [TS]

  and this is the first time we've really [TS]

  been like out in the wide-open is a very [TS]

  different environment from what we've [TS]

  seen up till now and it's kind of [TS]

  stunning and you're viewing it sort of [TS]

  from toy level right and that is really [TS]

  interesting to this just looks it looks [TS]

  beautiful and then what we see here is [TS]

  essentially this is one of those great [TS]

  moments where you see the buzz is his [TS]

  backstory is like a weird amalgam of [TS]

  Star Trek and Star Wars because although [TS]

  he comes from the Space Patrol and all [TS]

  those things he essentially is r2d2 he [TS]

  has the Death Star plans and is trying [TS]

  to get them back to the Federation and [TS]

  there's something that he's got the [TS]

  single way of destroying the the [TS]

  starship that can that will destroy a [TS]

  planet which after he unspools this [TS]

  entire plot summary of Star Wars what [TS]

  his response is simply you are a toy [TS]

  yeah but they do that joke for the whole [TS]

  constantly been telling that buzz a toy [TS]

  and it builds that scene and like you [TS]

  would I remember thinking that like it [TS]

  was a little bit of stunt casting with [TS]

  like Tom Hanks and what's-his-name from [TS]

  tim allen temper tantrum improvement but [TS]

  at this point like Tom Hanks is woody [TS]

  and and Tim Allen is Buzz and it's not [TS]

  like oh they got that guy from that [TS]

  popular TV show because it kind of [TS]

  sounds like his kind of heat like when [TS]

  he's there and does the voice is looking [TS]

  off the distance I i know it's only [TS]

  weakness and you know you are right or [TS]

  they're perfect for like that you could [TS]

  put those two voices on an odd couple [TS]

  type show and then the seventies it [TS]

  would be fine [TS]

  well i mean it's it's it's like it's [TS]

  pretty subtle that like it's not just [TS]

  that you know if you ended up in some [TS]

  kind of you know strange planet he [TS]

  didn't know what was going on you know [TS]

  what you got a question but with buzz [TS]

  that it's just a question he still buzz [TS]

  lightyear it's just hit questioning like [TS]

  the the way that a bed feels to walk on [TS]

  right it'sit's so encapsulated character [TS]

  and you know what is getting more and [TS]

  even even when they're having a very [TS]

  first one of the very first conversation [TS]

  we're standing on the bed and it sounds [TS]

  like they're having two different [TS]

  conversations where would you like a [TS]

  just want to tell you a little bit about [TS]

  how things work here and was adamantly [TS]

  refuses to move off the idea that that [TS]

  he's a space guy like down to that great [TS]

  POV shot like from inside of the helmet [TS]

  when you can hear him breathing you can [TS]

  see his reflection in it it's a result [TS]

  red dot on Woody's forehead [TS]

  number looks like this like that like [TS]

  with the completely in a sexually take [TS]

  away the way that crab walks in a circle [TS]

  around with that that was there two or [TS]

  three shots specifically that think of [TS]

  them was still hold up today one is that [TS]

  crab walk the other one is when [TS]

  crab walk the other one is when [TS]

  what he at the absolute end of his rope [TS]

  for frustration is like does almost like [TS]

  a half Kermit the Frog you [TS]

  hay wagon be totally Kermit's not even [TS]

  halfway [TS]

  yeah and then and it's all about to Mel [TS]

  and I I think you five years later he [TS]

  was a galaxy quest and i am watching [TS]

  galaxy quest now it's like I this very [TS]

  strange like it's buzz lightyear it [TS]

  happens but it's a live-action buzz [TS]

  lightyear he's doing the same thing but [TS]

  uh your toy is almost immediately [TS]

  responded to by the way with one of the [TS]

  great lines and Miffy because you are a [TS]

  sad strange little man and he says [TS]

  farewell and flashes the Vulcan salute [TS]

  star trek you have my pity but the [TS]

  amazing thing about buzz is that he [TS]

  liked so this movie he realizes a toy as [TS]

  the great summer is peeling off the [TS]

  sticker and everything like you know if [TS]

  this is that's his ark in subsequent [TS]

  movies he's still kind of that same yep [TS]

  you know sorry like what is your [TS]

  personality right exactly did they [TS]

  didn't take that away from him that that [TS]

  underneath it all he's still buzz [TS]

  lightyear even though he recognized that [TS]

  he's one of many toys it was like that's [TS]

  his character and it makes you wonder if [TS]

  maybe does he have some form of mental [TS]

  illness i'll be a temporary at the [TS]

  beginning of the year he is delusional [TS]

  isn't like the Iron Giant and he's [TS]

  actually a gun [TS]

  deep down but that that's also one of [TS]

  the most well they're there are a couple [TS]

  of kind of semi heartbreaking moments in [TS]

  there and then there is that were [TS]

  beautifully animated moment where he [TS]

  realizes that 02 seconds ago I was a [TS]

  space commander who had the entire [TS]

  galaxy at my feet in a lifetime an [TS]

  adventure behind me and now I realize [TS]

  I'm just a cheap punk of plastic of [TS]

  which there are thousands and thousands [TS]

  the entire world now flying toy bummer [TS]

  not my rules not flying toy that little [TS]

  existential crisis he has that's [TS]

  actually kinda hard to watch yeah yeah [TS]

  it is nice everybody's peeling that [TS]

  sticker off its like that's brutal [TS]

  he's looking at the sticker flapping [TS]

  around crumple crumple throws and that [TS]

  hurts me as somebody who's just a little [TS]

  obsessive-compulsive like no don't do [TS]

  that what did come on that's what your [TS]

  lawyer is they meant that you need a guy [TS]

  from Jerry's game to come and fix them [TS]

  if it was put on a little sideways i [TS]

  would understand it but that thing was [TS]

  perfectly centered ago what one more [TS]

  quick thing in passing to superfast [TS]

  about Dinoco [TS]

  this is one of the things like and john [TS]

  gruber and I have obsessed about this in [TS]

  the past we talked about how in toy [TS]

  story 3 when when Andy gets in the car [TS]

  and put on the seat belt [TS]

  it's like the seatbelt seatbelt you've [TS]

  ever seen in your life and this one okay [TS]

  they did not have to put so much detail [TS]

  into the undercarriage of a truck right [TS]

  that like when they're moving and you [TS]

  get that kind of parallax effect of how [TS]

  it's moving it's just you know every bit [TS]

  of this you know like they said in the [TS]

  documentaries about this in animation [TS]

  nothing accidentally appears an [TS]

  animation somebody had to sweat every [TS]

  second of that and and I really feel [TS]

  like you know it's it's it's 19 years [TS]

  old and you really still feel like these [TS]

  are toys talking under a truck and it [TS]

  completely works I crappy yeah beat-up [TS]

  pickup truck from the pizza planet to [TS]

  which we I wish I believe reappears in [TS]

  numerous in cars pixar movies and all [TS]

  the movies i think the real and it's [TS]

  engraved for crying out loud they put it [TS]

  everywhere the yo truck amazing [TS]

  ok off to the pizza planet which is the [TS]

  perfect place for buzz pizza planet is [TS]

  awesome by the way why has nobody opened [TS]

  a real pizza planet [TS]

  I don't know it's way better than chuck [TS]

  e cheese they have is not a necessity [TS]

  Studios in Florida I don't think those [TS]

  robots by the doors or within fire codes [TS]

  though maybe not the vomiting alien [TS]

  though is that it's just a good idea [TS]

  it's out your drinking together and [TS]

  whack and Liam's back an alien such a [TS]

  great joke again for the for the parent [TS]

  back in daily i know we notice that this [TS]

  time with a guy on a table with the [TS]

  aliens popping out popping out of his [TS]

  chest another not exactly body rated [TS]

  joke [TS]

  yeah mmm yeah but it goes by it's the [TS]

  kids aren't even going to get a joke [TS]

  like that i like this and and if this is [TS]

  a great moment between woody and buzz [TS]

  where Woody is manipulating buzz because [TS]

  he knows buzz loves this stuff and and [TS]

  so he's like a buzz go over here we have [TS]

  found a spaceship here's a spaceport [TS]

  right and and and Buzz just goes along [TS]

  with it and and which is kind of [TS]

  adorable hyperactive hyperdrive or body [TS]

  shows that he doesn't even know the [TS]

  terminology know the spacebook but then [TS]

  but it backfires when Buzz sees a he [TS]

  tells him to wait here and Buzz sees the [TS]

  the claw machine rocket and decides to [TS]

  dive into the decline machine which [TS]

  leads to one of my [TS]

  favorite things in this entire movie [TS]

  which is the little green squeaky aliens [TS]

  and working i look a little rough to [TS]

  your ass they do although they are I I [TS]

  imagine they're the cheapest possible [TS]

  tuyo right that they don't sing like the [TS]

  rendering like we have one shot you have [TS]

  with someone of their ears is really [TS]

  close to the camera in the seam between [TS]

  the internet is not good like is the and [TS]

  you think they would be good at that one [TS]

  like sometimes like shots like that one [TS]

  got away from them like they just didn't [TS]

  have enough time to rerender and it's [TS]

  just like it is what it is [TS]

  every appearance is a crowd scene though [TS]

  so that's that's gotta be a difficult [TS]

  down there but like I when I first saw [TS]

  this movie like that I i remember those [TS]

  guys making as big an impression on me [TS]

  as Woody and Buzz absolutely no they [TS]

  were just so funny and so adorable and [TS]

  had so many memorable lines and and like [TS]

  the thing is it pulled you into the [TS]

  world of like what is the experience for [TS]

  other toys not all toys are owned by [TS]

  getting their room and get played with [TS]

  these toys have lived in this little [TS]

  bubble and their entire world is defined [TS]

  by the thing that's above them and they [TS]

  have no idea what like they're like buzz [TS]

  in some respects or they just sort of [TS]

  rationalize their world and you know [TS]

  like well I guess someone pulls the Sun [TS]

  across the sky with a chariot every day [TS]

  and the chosen one their cargo called [TS]

  base is a very subversive thing in that [TS]

  way because they have created an entire [TS]

  worldview based on their placement in [TS]

  the claw machine and to the point where [TS]

  they worship the claw it moves i go on [TS]

  to a better place my friends and and [TS]

  that's followed up when they're going to [TS]

  sit house where he says nirvana is [TS]

  coming right i mean he is in he's headed [TS]

  for the afterlife they have created an [TS]

  entire religion almost wanna know yet [TS]

  another possibility for the grad student [TS]

  thesis that Jay there the aliens are the [TS]

  exact same position as buzz lightly and [TS]

  let your they are fresh from packaging [TS]

  they have not experienced life with an [TS]

  owner yet and is somehow it is the power [TS]

  of the love granted upon them by a child [TS]

  that gives them that self-awareness I [TS]

  realized oh I'm out I'm actually i'm not [TS]

  actually a Liam as I've been molded i'm [TS]

  actually a toy and there's my reality [TS]

  okay and that's the moment where the dog [TS]

  tears you into little pieces [TS]

  can I just say that for the the the [TS]

  strength of that claw is massively [TS]

  exaggerated you see how it held onto it [TS]

  like that clock cannot hold onto a [TS]

  cotton ball this is the most poorly [TS]

  tuned crane game i have ever seen claw [TS]

  has got to have epoxy on it or something [TS]

  I feel like I couldn't pull up buzz [TS]

  lightyear with my fingertips from that [TS]

  position and yet the cloth the same [TS]

  cloth will drop a cotton ball that's not [TS]

  enough grass and I guess the whole point [TS]

  of the claw machine there is no strength [TS]

  in the closet never picks up anything [TS]

  and grab some of the most impossible [TS]

  wipe off they are going to lose millions [TS]

  of dollars on that thing in fact that's [TS]

  probably why Pizza Planet never expanded [TS]

  on the tri-county it has like would be [TS]

  pulling down on his legs and it doesn't [TS]

  let go that it was it was it was paying [TS]

  off the class action suits from all the [TS]

  people put money into that machine [TS]

  that's why they weren't or didn't have [TS]

  it finally was like that scene in casino [TS]

  someone's gonna come out and say these [TS]

  mean slot machines the paint off you [TS]

  didn't show the floor down although [TS]

  maybe this is just another point in six [TS]

  favorite the kid might just be that good [TS]

  yeah he's a crane game wizard but that [TS]

  could make the poor man's version of [TS]

  Tommy who rock opera [TS]

  yeah that's gonna be my family [TS]

  Oh God so we go back to since house said [TS]

  said gets woody and buzz and and once we [TS]

  Kaylee who is fed to the dog since house [TS]

  the rug and sits outshining shining yep [TS]

  yep drug and shining wallpaper is a [TS]

  motif that carries around i say did the [TS]

  decorator can pick family to the shining [TS]

  everywhere they've got they've got to [TS]

  take a 237 through everyone knew it he's [TS]

  a member of the replica prop forum [TS]

  explains everything the tools the the [TS]

  rug that he made very complete [TS]

  disinterest in his children [TS]

  exactly i like the fact that buzz [TS]

  spacesuit the dayglo elements actually [TS]

  do glow yes license room that's and that [TS]

  and that weird sickly glow that you only [TS]

  see an absolute pitch darkness [TS]

  uh-huh right perfect the end and this is [TS]

  where this is where we get the buzzes [TS]

  moment of realization where he's not [TS]

  flying toy he sees a TV commercial which [TS]

  is a an amusingly cheesy TV commercial i [TS]

  figure if two pics are made this movie [TS]

  today that would be in live action but [TS]

  it's not [TS]

  although it's got its got Penn Jillette [TS]

  doing his best shouty TV commercial [TS]

  narrator voice and buzzes is taking it [TS]

  back to the point where once he's lost [TS]

  his arm and he seemed that he's a toy he [TS]

  decides to just go with it and be mrs. [TS]

  Nesbitt and enjoy the party in CID [TS]

  sister's room which is pretty funny and [TS]

  then Randy Newman sings [TS]

  song while passing a stone in ruins at [TS]

  all haha the tea party gives them an [TS]

  excuse to put in the actual opengl [TS]

  teapot there are many many many hidden [TS]

  things this movie I mean you figure this [TS]

  is the first one that yeah it seems like [TS]

  it's like packed with stuff like figured [TS]

  everything I gotta put in something if [TS]

  you pause like read the titles of the [TS]

  books that are behind with you look at [TS]

  all this stuff in the call the shot one [TS]

  is like that one's just for the 3d [TS]

  people write like it's the actual opengl [TS]

  teapot is like a demo resource or [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah it just google opengl teapot is [TS]

  always so so one of the things I really [TS]

  like here is that this is where would he [TS]

  make reestablish contact with with [TS]

  Andy's room and it's a funny scene [TS]

  because buzzes lost it and and lost his [TS]

  arm and he's completely just catatonic [TS]

  and and so would he is communicating [TS]

  accurately about what's going on and [TS]

  they don't believe him and there's that [TS]

  funny moment where he heat like he's got [TS]

  the arm and he strikes a low buzz right [TS]

  here and it all unravels and now [TS]

  everybody's sure that nobody is a [TS]

  monster that is very that is a very [TS]

  funny scene we also learned at this [TS]

  point that mr. Potato Head is a terrible [TS]

  battleship player that's a great [TS]

  business it's a little subtle that's [TS]

  another one for the parents he's got all [TS]

  of his ships clumped into foursquare and [TS]

  he's filled up every single spot on the [TS]

  board from the shots he's taken on Rex [TS]

  or he's playing ham that damn right it's [TS]

  amazing [TS]

  I this is also where and this is [TS]

  actually one of those plot twist that I [TS]

  really love which is like like me saying [TS]

  that maybe it's not so bad [TS]

  what that what they're really doing here [TS]

  with our expectations is this idea that [TS]

  these these misfit toys these which they [TS]

  call it like the cannibal toys but there [TS]

  are assumed to be scary and evil because [TS]

  they're ugly and mismatched and this is [TS]

  where we did we discover that even [TS]

  though they don't talk and they're all [TS]

  you know and they're all weird looking [TS]

  they're actually perfectly nice and they [TS]

  fix buzz and it's i really love that [TS]

  moment that these guys are not bad and [TS]

  we have just assumed because of the [TS]

  horror movie setting that their end that [TS]

  their that they're you know they're evil [TS]

  and they're cannibals and it's just not [TS]

  true [TS]

  burning man [TS]

  that the burning compound it's likely [TS]

  it's just like burning man and you got [TS]

  it but they're the body modification [TS]

  would that the other toys in Andy's room [TS]

  had exercised such understanding before [TS]

  wanting to string woody up this whole [TS]

  thing wouldn't have happened [TS]

  well isn't that interesting that here in [TS]

  here in the tyranny of SIDS a room with [TS]

  all the toys being dismantled and [TS]

  reattached this is a quote you know I a [TS]

  culture with sort of a quiet dignity [TS]

  amid the amid the rubble is that they're [TS]

  all kind of nice and helpful and silent [TS]

  whereas in n Andy supposedly happy room [TS]

  it's a you know full of recriminations [TS]

  and bitterness toward toward woody and [TS]

  things like that but it's just it's [TS]

  really sweet and it is that you know you [TS]

  judged us because of what we look like [TS]

  and you made a real mistake moment that [TS]

  i like because I judge them right i mean [TS]

  they're scary where the movie tells us [TS]

  to be scared of them and then send em [TS]

  wrong [TS]

  you blew it you're a bad person which I [TS]

  like yeah I'm with you there [TS]

  that's a nice it's just nice flip around [TS]

  that's nice reverse and they're silent [TS]

  which also keeps it really interesting [TS]

  that they they are you know there's like [TS]

  the little cliques and things have been [TS]

  moving but there is a horrible horrible [TS]

  screeching noise is the Babyhead rises [TS]

  up on its a regular legs which is nice [TS]

  yeah but they're perfectly perfectly [TS]

  nice toys you want to help Americans [TS]

  they're good at reattaching parts [TS]

  because you know it's a guy who's like [TS]

  basically a steamroller with a head [TS]

  attached and the hour [TS]

  yeah I sense of humor where he pokes it [TS]

  without getting dark and forbidding Ned [TS]

  no no this is this is just the i can [TS]

  head perched atop just a rolling rolling [TS]

  pin type thing and he rolls the last one [TS]

  to roll out from under the bed and he's [TS]

  got a little hand attached to him and he [TS]

  looks up at woody and he pokes him in [TS]

  the side [TS]

  yeah and and that's the last straw [TS]

  that's what makes what he shoot up onto [TS]

  the bed again but it's a great little [TS]

  gag XP life apparently originally and in [TS]

  the screenplay this they're saved by an [TS]

  intervention from Barbies from the [TS]

  sisters room but famously the mattel [TS]

  corporations that and will not use [TS]

  Barbie in your little computer movie The [TS]

  Changeling to mention mattel at one [TS]

  point in the script [TS]

  yeah yeah but they don't use any of the [TS]

  licensing right the licensed characters [TS]

  and released Barbie wasn't able to be [TS]

  licensed and of course yes they do not [TS]

  believe i met a little bit too by saying [TS]

  it's not actually mattel but its [TS]

  subsidiary that was purchased from Japan [TS]

  or something yeah but instead we you [TS]

  know we get these we get these misfit [TS]

  toys which i really like this is where [TS]

  they say in that they put together their [TS]

  their their heist and this is where we [TS]

  get wine for frog an excellent i can't [TS]

  believe that's a thing I i had never [TS]

  just noticed that my love that time I [TS]

  wrote it down it's in my notes every [TS]

  time you people been saying wine the [TS]

  Frog I can only think of like i did a [TS]

  good Jim Morrison doors line 1 the frog [TS]

  and the frogs cool i just like the idea [TS]

  that there is a clockwork uh a clockwork [TS]

  set up of a series of events that need [TS]

  to happen and the key moment that will [TS]

  start off this entire very serious plot [TS]

  to escape is why the Frog start with one [TS]

  in the front and we go from there [TS]

  I keep thinking of bela lugosi in [TS]

  Deadwood going through the ceiling and [TS]

  the frog the front i actually like I [TS]

  don't think the frog has no lines and I [TS]

  don't know if the frogs or even changes [TS]

  expression but it has like a little [TS]

  personality as like a little toy like [TS]

  you can see it's ready to go in and zips [TS]

  out there it makes this little loop turn [TS]

  to go downstairs and turning down the [TS]

  stairs like when the Frog is the [TS]

  greatest toy in the whole escape plan [TS]

  because he actually shoots out [TS]

  underneath the dog without any kind of [TS]

  concern for his own safety [TS]

  everybody else goes through the ductwork [TS]

  are out the windows writing and look how [TS]

  they freedom dog is good wine the Frog i [TS]

  have a name you know it's roger i'm [TS]

  wondering the Frog is up to my ankles [TS]

  because you need to be world there's a [TS]

  you know there are several scenes that [TS]

  fly by pretty quick that involve these [TS]

  you know some of my favorite things is [TS]

  like a nerd sitting in and watching it [TS]

  after multiple reviewing our are these [TS]

  kind of Rube Goldberg things like the [TS]

  obviously the whole thing of getting out [TS]

  of SIDS house but also you know just the [TS]

  whole thing of like having to the army [TS]

  guys with their legs you know i love [TS]

  that having to get that and that like [TS]

  you know and just even like the fact [TS]

  that the like the fisher-price you know [TS]

  baby monitor the core that's wound up [TS]

  really looks like a cord and it moves [TS]

  the way they go down but then into the [TS]

  other one that is really subtle but very [TS]

  important to the plot [TS]

  is the entire sequence that we talked [TS]

  about where it looks like what he was [TS]

  trying to get push buzz out the window [TS]

  he's really trying to push him kind of [TS]

  behind the desk but that whole sequence [TS]

  of the Indiana Jones thing of the globe [TS]

  rolling toward him and he slips on a [TS]

  crayon he rolls over and then the the [TS]

  way the lamp the canonical lamp and some [TS]

  swinging around i do that so brilliantly [TS]

  done it goes by the whole thing goes by [TS]

  in a few seconds but you have to imagine [TS]

  the incredible amount of work that went [TS]

  into making that look at I meant to [TS]

  mention earlier and I didn't get to the [TS]

  the army men scene where they're where [TS]

  they're reconnoitering to see what the [TS]

  president's going to be and it turns out [TS]

  to be by logans is shot is it is so well [TS]

  done it it is so well paced it is [TS]

  definitely one of those very early [TS]

  scenes in the movie where they're saying [TS]

  you know they're putting it on the table [TS]

  here like they're just showing off isn't [TS]

  we're gonna if we want to do an army [TS]

  movie thing with army men were we can do [TS]

  it [TS]

  we're going to get our leader me but [TS]

  also the fact that like the one that I i [TS]

  noticed every time and it always gets me [TS]

  is like the dented baseboards like how [TS]

  how the doors have been kicked obviously [TS]

  you know what I mean just those little [TS]

  things and then adjust that just totally [TS]

  works for me yep I so I do we need to [TS]

  talk a little more about that what [TS]

  happens outside with the widths it [TS]

  because this is this is that moment [TS]

  where I every time I watch it I think [TS]

  you're kind of breaking the rules here [TS]

  right and it's also super creepy it's [TS]

  like suddenly becomes a horror movie [TS]

  where it's like we have to honey we have [TS]

  to takes it to the psychologist because [TS]

  he's saying the toys are talking to him [TS]

  I mean move the reanimated when the [TS]

  reanimated like the army man with the [TS]

  split this nail through his head [TS]

  yeah something that's like that's super [TS]

  disturbing but then but then they fix it [TS]

  later by having him fall over repeatedly [TS]

  because he has no arms right kind of [TS]

  fixes a little buzz and woody leave that [TS]

  yard at the end and they leave like how [TS]

  everything is solved but it'sit's house [TS]

  I guess from now on the toys will have [TS]

  the upper hand on him because he will be [TS]

  fear he will fear of his life because he [TS]

  thinks they're all going to kill ya know [TS]

  he's just going to redouble his efforts [TS]

  now like those toys will become with him [TS]

  is like a toys you can come to move in [TS]

  with a 2 i'm sure he'd love a doll head [TS]

  director said spine [TS]

  well it's too it's too late at that [TS]

  point because they wouldn't there in the [TS]

  boxes but but uh yeah I I wonder about [TS]

  like the way it escalates to where we're [TS]

  first off it's woody talking through his [TS]

  voice box [TS]

  that's from the string and you're like [TS]

  whoa they're breaking the rules but at [TS]

  least you know he still limp and [TS]

  everything and then he just starts [TS]

  moving and I appreciate that that's [TS]

  horrifying to the kidneys my god but and [TS]

  then all the toys are moving but it also [TS]

  feels like a nice [TS]

  it also feels like they're they're [TS]

  cheating a little bit [TS]

  there's nothing there's something in the [TS]

  i think i saw this in the wikipedia [TS]

  article about how their I think like six [TS]

  teams so check me on this but the every [TS]

  scene had to go through something like [TS]

  16 where there's you know there's [TS]

  storyboarding you gotta write it and you [TS]

  know finally goes through obviously the [TS]

  animation and the shadows and the [TS]

  textures and all that stuff like for [TS]

  this one I have to say it [TS]

  the implementation was extremely well [TS]

  done like I thought it looked really [TS]

  good I just thought the story part of [TS]

  that was super weird and am really out [TS]

  of out of keeping with the rest of the [TS]

  movie and submit yeah maybe not out of [TS]

  the maybe add another this movie but [TS]

  they've already set the horror movie [TS]

  stage in in Syd's room yeah as follows [TS]

  on from that I mean it works okay for me [TS]

  anyway it was good i couldn't have just [TS]

  escaped was like they want you that once [TS]

  you've established these toys are here [TS]

  and they're really good toys that is in [TS]

  a bad situation you can't just rescue [TS]

  buzz and woody and have them run away [TS]

  and then you'd be thinking well I guess [TS]

  it just goes back to torturing his toys [TS]

  like so you have to get some kind of [TS]

  resolution and one was ever gonna stops [TS]

  it from torturing his toys short short [TS]

  of killing the kid [TS]

  yeah this is a pretty good trade-off I [TS]

  think or having all the toys escape so [TS]

  what I think what i think is interesting [TS]

  about about after the resolution with [TS]

  Sid being totally freaked out is I i was [TS]

  struck that this sort of feels like it [TS]

  should be the end of the movie and this [TS]

  is the point where the movie says uh-uh [TS]

  that truck already left you have it you [TS]

  we are now going to pile on a another [TS]

  like huge action chase scene which i [TS]

  think is gorgeous [TS]

  yeah i think i think the second ending [TS]

  is better than the first video ended [TS]

  after the rescue from Sid no good you [TS]

  need something more uplifting it's a [TS]

  funny it's a funny moment where you feel [TS]

  like they could in here but they instead [TS]

  go now are our heroes are heroes are out [TS]

  of danger [TS]

  you need notes that it's not just get is [TS]

  that just came out of danger you have to [TS]

  submit them together as a new unit [TS]

  right and you have to allow the other [TS]

  toys to redeem themselves for the way [TS]

  they turned on woody to say alright we [TS]

  in the end you're welcome back [TS]

  yeah it ended there you can might assume [TS]

  that they may rejoin the toys at some [TS]

  point and are immediately everybody is [TS]

  still ostracized and immediately kicked [TS]

  out of the back of the truck I'll buzz [TS]

  is the new leader and you you have to [TS]

  get the toys back to the kid who lost [TS]

  his toys in the end I basically like the [TS]

  kids are going to empathize with the kid [TS]

  who is like mama can't find them well [TS]

  I'm sure we'll find them we move that [TS]

  he's despondent as opposed to throwing a [TS]

  tantrum which might be slightly more [TS]

  realistic that then that he can't find [TS]

  the boys and they're moving the house [TS]

  and he gets them back in a way that is [TS]

  totally believable in the human world [TS]

  was like oh you found them where they [TS]

  could parents don't care of the kids [TS]

  toys are like the other things a little [TS]

  bit out if it's obviously the mom does [TS]

  not understand like the the provenance [TS]

  of woody toy which boosts is revealed in [TS]

  the subsequent movie like it's not like [TS]

  a family heirloom and she's not annoyed [TS]

  lost whatever they'll turn up blah i [TS]

  found them all really were they were in [TS]

  the car say told you find them whatever [TS]

  like that that all reads well and but [TS]

  we're happy for the kids to get a story [TS]

  is back and preparatory to be reunited [TS]

  with the kid I I hadn't seen the film in [TS]

  a few years and i had actually forgotten [TS]

  the gag where they triumphantly light [TS]

  the match to set off the rocket and then [TS]

  a car immediately drives by I know I've [TS]

  forgotten that too [TS]

  it was so wonderfully timed that I [TS]

  actually i did a literal spit-take and i [TS]

  had to write whilst i plotted the [TS]

  comforter with paper towels [TS]

  it is so well done it it just blew me [TS]

  away that I had had completely [TS]

  completely slipped my mind that was in [TS]

  the movie but I'd laughed and laughed [TS]

  and said you get the call back to the [TS]

  magnifying glass from from Sid which is [TS]

  which is pretty industrious on what he's [TS]

  part yeah I have forgotten if you would [TS]

  ask me to summarize this movie in detail [TS]

  i would have said well then what he [TS]

  takes the match out and lights the [TS]

  Firecracker having completely forgotten [TS]

  that that's not what happened and then [TS]

  only after its lit realizes that is [TS]

  experienced such a heaping helping of [TS]

  paint those at that moment because it's [TS]

  so triumphant music swelling and then [TS]

  she and the matches out and there's a [TS]

  distance there's a beat there while you [TS]

  just kind of go old and then we get away [TS]

  22 rocket rockets explode i want to die [TS]

  with you today buzz [TS]

  although I was troubled by the fact that [TS]

  the wood he seems to chuck rc's [TS]

  remote-control away like into the street [TS]

  when he doesn't add the party doesn't [TS]

  need the remote control [TS]

  alright because i got on RC 2020 and he [TS]

  does but that's that is not use toys you [TS]

  know how many remote control toys i have [TS]

  with no remote control in this house [TS]

  until viable Tony believe me now and we [TS]

  got the falling with style callback [TS]

  which which according to a story i read [TS]

  actually wasn't in the script and then [TS]

  they were watching playback of one of [TS]

  these scenes very late in the process [TS]

  and somebody said shouldn't he say i'm [TS]

  falling with style here and they're like [TS]

  okay get to melon on the phone we're [TS]

  gonna have to record that dialogue [TS]

  Wow and the end it was not apparently a [TS]

  plant callback that seemed like such a [TS]

  setup [TS]

  I know I know but the story I read said [TS]

  that that was unintentional and they're [TS]

  like yeah really pretty much need we [TS]

  need to do that here [TS]

  why would we not do that here one [TS]

  potential knock on sit here that could [TS]

  use some seriously week duct tape either [TS]

  that or buzzes wings are incredibly [TS]

  unsafe for children yeah because he just [TS]

  he just flipped him right flip them [TS]

  right open he slices right through the [TS]

  duct tape [TS]

  he's he's also remarkably aerodynamic [TS]

  with those little tiny wings we actually [TS]

  sorta like that but you know he's that [TS]

  good [TS]

  think of it more in terms of the Boba [TS]

  Fett action figure with the actual [TS]

  firing rocket pack big man imagine that [TS]

  he that buzzes the pre recall version of [TS]

  that toy these the springs are way too [TS]

  strong there the inflatable way way too [TS]

  sharp [TS]

  fair enough I i do love the the cutbacks [TS]

  to the back of a truck where there is [TS]

  the the unified front against woody is [TS]

  starting to fall apart and potato head [TS]

  gets blasted by them as they as they [TS]

  rocket onto the onto the truck that's [TS]

  that's it's funny to revisit those [TS]

  characters and be reintroduced to them [TS]

  and see them realize that Woody and Buzz [TS]

  are too [TS]

  they're in there working on this and and [TS]

  it's all it's all going to gonna be okay [TS]

  in the end and it's fun it's just a fun [TS]

  action sequence the whole thing because [TS]

  there's so many different twists and [TS]

  turns and it's not just we gotta catch [TS]

  up with those guys because the battery [TS]

  dies then they gotta you know the whole [TS]

  yeah it's a whole grade sequence [TS]

  although i'm left wondering if slinky [TS]

  dog is ever going to be the same again [TS]

  he may not be out a slinky before that [TS]

  it'sit's very they're working very hard [TS]

  to get him back together at the end [TS]

  because he's been stretched thank God it [TS]

  doesn't get knotted up [TS]

  I i have to admit that concerns me [TS]

  everytime i watch this movie too i think [TS]

  that because realistically slinkies do [TS]

  like that's the end of every metals [TS]

  metal 50-gallon yeah that's how every [TS]

  metal slinky dies in your life where [TS]

  it's not the end for slinky dog maybe [TS]

  that's okay because we again perhaps [TS]

  that it is a slinky dog of which there [TS]

  were like million so the thousands [TS]

  thousands made so maybe slinky dog gets [TS]

  all tangled up [TS]

  unbeknownst to the rest of the toys mom [TS]

  buys him a new one and people and [TS]

  because and because they don't really [TS]

  identify this slinky dog as an [TS]

  individual but simply as his product [TS]

  name this new one is just as good as the [TS]

  old one to get to these people [TS]

  you think she tells the kid a story on [TS]

  slinky dog ran away [TS]

  you know just like dad is now living on [TS]

  a farm upstate pretty good going and [TS]

  going and go upstairs alone and in pairs [TS]

  because that's where a lot of slinky [TS]

  dogs goes go to live so speaking of dogs [TS]

  at the end of the Berlin loves a slinky [TS]

  dog we have our final ah we're in the [TS]

  new house and it's Christmas and their [TS]

  opening presents and we've got the army [TS]

  will not their army man recon is still [TS]

  happening and they they all have a good [TS]

  laugh because they're now all firmly [TS]

  tied back together as as Andy's toys and [TS]

  what could win buzzes a little worried [TS]

  about a new toy because he hasn't been [TS]

  through this before and and don't worry [TS]

  buzz what could be worse than you and [TS]

  that's when we get the last line a puppy [TS]

  they have that line during a slow slow [TS]

  zoom out on the snowy house and then it [TS]

  snaps back it never goes back through [TS]

  the window shows the exterior house and [TS]

  then it goes all the way back into the [TS]

  house yet big warning the subtext of [TS]

  this by the way is that now all of the [TS]

  toys will be ignored and forgotten [TS]

  yes they found another threatened by the [TS]

  door [TS]

  chewing them essentially it's because we [TS]

  saw what happened to that one alien [TS]

  it'sit's house plus they threatened by [TS]

  obsolescence which will be revisited in [TS]

  in future films right i mean that that [TS]

  was going to say this earlier about the [TS]

  about the the aliens that you could [TS]

  argue that the the aliens are not just [TS]

  an analog for kids and trying to make [TS]

  sense of an insensible world with their [TS]

  parents telling them what to do but you [TS]

  could also say that it's uh it's it's [TS]

  people in general trying to make sense [TS]

  of the world and and I think that [TS]

  worldview is is borne out by future [TS]

  films and this franchise been get a [TS]

  little dark get a little dark [TS]

  I like that there's a really conspicuous [TS]

  Western pillow on a Space Ranger [TS]

  comforter so we're really clear that [TS]

  that's really integrated happy family [TS]

  that's right i like the practice space [TS]

  ranger comforter is still the dominant [TS]

  visual thing yes that's true and here is [TS]

  a kind of a stranger pillow underneath [TS]

  the western horizon and then everyone's [TS]

  okay with that it's not like he goes [TS]

  back to what he doesn't he's moved on to [TS]

  his next thing that he's well kids are [TS]

  kids are assassination of all of these [TS]

  things and writing things drop away but [TS]

  you also kind of have this buildup of [TS]

  things so like his toy box is still a [TS]

  Western it's a woody theme to basically [TS]

  toy box and that's that's still there [TS]

  but then you add in the stuff and you [TS]

  end up with this big melange of [TS]

  different things and that's yeah that's [TS]

  what kids are like 10 minutes [TS]

  it's sort of like a mash-up of [TS]

  everything that you own [TS]

  suddenly they're all part of the same [TS]

  story right right when your kid that's [TS]

  true yeah then you get into I'm not [TS]

  baseball cards or something and I want [TS]

  to mention that to actually because [TS]

  because uh other than at the arcade [TS]

  there are no video games in this world [TS]

  and i thought that and I know that I [TS]

  think changes in the future movies but [TS]

  that struck me because I had that [TS]

  question of like what are the video [TS]

  games are they just games are they alive [TS]

  are they like wreck-it Ralph what's [TS]

  going on with it whether that's when [TS]

  they say that I don't worry to board [TS]

  game or wired the board games live for [TS]

  ya little people in the board exam [TS]

  environment Napoli call this tiny little [TS]

  pigs running around the lips [TS]

  yeah did the cars and from the game of [TS]

  life drive around on a movable wheels so [TS]

  it seems unlikely the battleships were [TS]

  alive at checkers are a lot of the [TS]

  monopoly figures are like on solo in [TS]

  carbonite and the iron is still the most [TS]

  pathetic character the entire menagerie [TS]

  yes you think he's worse [TS]

  shouldn't the entire top hat is talking [TS]

  a little longer races off like your top [TS]

  at because you can just do a whole micro [TS]

  two-story with just the monopoly tokens [TS]

  but this is that this is my question is [TS]

  I mean and they just don't cover but i [TS]

  thought i did notice the absence of a [TS]

  videogame anything from this movie like [TS]

  we will we're not going to touch that [TS]

  stress crazy [TS]

  plus it's the people making this movie [TS]

  we're not necessarily people who were [TS]

  kids when video games were as big a [TS]

  thing as they wanted the TVs are drying [TS]

  bubble CRT's to the entire premise this [TS]

  movie is you as a kid you always imagine [TS]

  what did what to my toys do when I'm not [TS]

  playing with them i don't think anybody [TS]

  ever thought I wonder what my Zenith [TS]

  magazine of television 19 inch [TS]

  television set my smile my playstation [TS]

  are doing what I'm not thats I wanted [TS]

  that all the time [TS]

  wreck-it Ralph answer that for me so now [TS]

  i got it at the turning on in [TS]

  downloading system updates [TS]

  yes case of the PlayStation mobile [TS]

  intransitive if they were conscious [TS]

  thought to say you know we're not going [TS]

  to do that because we want to encourage [TS]

  people to play and to use their [TS]

  imaginations instead of sitting there [TS]

  going pupae and I mean it really what it [TS]

  comes down to is that no one goes to [TS]

  sleep at night with their atari 2600 [TS]

  snuggle up next to them but the the [TS]

  tickets because no contrary mine for a [TS]

  fall asleep spread-eagled on top of it [TS]

  because I've been playing too late [TS]

  honestly admit my son goes to sleep [TS]

  surrounded by minecraft memorabilia [TS]

  Charlie it was it was 1995 we're talking [TS]

  about the 16-bit area right so they're [TS]

  not quite as ubiquitous as the xbox kids [TS]

  of today you don't part you don't [TS]

  personify them this know there's no [TS]

  physical thing for you to snuggle you do [TS]

  not personify them and and and do like [TS]

  you may you may get minecraft toys and [TS]

  play with those toys but then the toilet [TS]

  wrestling with not the actual video game [TS]

  itself right all right well I guess [TS]

  we're at the point where i should ask [TS]

  everybody the big question was which is [TS]

  where we think looking back and re [TS]

  watching this where does this where is [TS]

  this movie fall in terms of quality of [TS]

  of pixar movies and movies in general [TS]

  any thoughts Steve sure uh this is not [TS]

  my favorite Pixar movie i think i [TS]

  mentioned that in the pixar podcast I [TS]

  think it's a really good film [TS]

  and I respect the heck out of it as a [TS]

  milestone but I don't really think pixar [TS]

  came into their own until they figure [TS]

  out how to make audiences cry enjoys to [TS]

  redo well it when they got randy newman [TS]

  out of the way and he wasn't just [TS]

  shouting during the big emotional [TS]

  development [TS]

  yeah I know it's they always say that [TS]

  it's harder to make audiences laugh and [TS]

  cry in films but I think with animation [TS]

  that's actually flipped a little bit and [TS]

  the animator has so many more tools that [TS]

  is disposable for making his disposal [TS]

  rather from picking comedy but the [TS]

  Unreal isn't at all i think makes drama [TS]

  harder to pull off and I think when they [TS]

  actually manage that within toy story 2 [TS]

  is what the third third film [TS]

  third thumbnail I think that's really [TS]

  when they they they hit their stride toy [TS]

  story 3 on the other hand might actually [TS]

  be a little too maudlin but we can talk [TS]

  about that when we get there so yeah [TS]

  great film [TS]

  I you know I think it's superb for the [TS]

  time it's amazing what they pulled off [TS]

  as sort of a what should really been [TS]

  more proof of concept but I as i read in [TS]

  the pixar can and I i think it's maybe [TS]

  in my top five but it'd be pretty low in [TS]

  that anybody else [TS]

  well we talked about in the creativity [TS]

  in episode of how i had cad models like [TS]

  lifelong dream was to make a [TS]

  feature-length computer animated movie [TS]

  and I I always wanted such a thing to [TS]

  exist from the moment I knew the [TS]

  computer graphics were think that was [TS]

  possible to see ms terrible demos on PBS [TS]

  throwing a bunch of wireframes on the [TS]

  fuzzy CRT said you know that the idea [TS]

  that if we just keep improving this we [TS]

  can make images that are you know it [TS]

  indistinguishable from reality [TS]

  believable and that you could make an [TS]

  entire movie like with no actual people [TS]

  and no cameras entirely in the computer [TS]

  and toy story for me will always be tied [TS]

  to that independent of the movie itself [TS]

  it really helps that it was a good movie [TS]

  and not a terrible stinker but just the [TS]

  audacity and the technical achievement [TS]

  it's kind of like you know the the [TS]

  original Macintosh or like one of those [TS]

  things where if you look back at it as a [TS]

  product you have problems and it was [TS]

  tentative and weird and awkward in ways [TS]

  that the future iterations would not be [TS]

  but it just stands alone as this thing [TS]

  like maybe if you're not into it you [TS]

  know that most the audience to start as [TS]

  a movie but if if you have been way [TS]

  being all your you know your short would [TS]

  however all there was this point you [TS]

  know life to say someone I think this [TS]

  can be done and someone could do it and [TS]

  like to have it be out there and other [TS]

  people accept it as the end don't laugh [TS]

  it off and going to ignore it's just [TS]

  like yes they did it they did you know I [TS]

  I can't you know that will always be the [TS]

  place toy story has in my mind when I [TS]

  rank it with the rest of the pixar [TS]

  movies it's not even my paper toy story [TS]

  movie little my favorite Pixar movie but [TS]

  every time I come back to it [TS]

  I'm surprised like at when I don't want [TS]

  you for a long time it fades in my [TS]

  estimation my god you know is the first [TS]

  one whatever probably but everytime i [TS]

  watch it again i can know what this [TS]

  movie is not bad they did some really [TS]

  good things it's much better than I [TS]

  thought it was I was awkward in ways [TS]

  that are totally excusable like the [TS]

  original Macintosh for it being the [TS]

  first 1i and I know everything that [TS]

  follows from its own sort of kind of it [TS]

  has a place in my heart there is like [TS]

  the original I I agree completely it's [TS]

  it's sort of like when I every now and [TS]

  then maybe once a year once every year [TS]

  and a half i'll end up watching us [TS]

  Martin Scorsese's mean streets again [TS]

  it's not a great movie but the reason [TS]

  why I still find it so enjoyable is that [TS]

  you can really see him finally and [TS]

  figure out okay [TS]

  this wasn't the movie that I've always [TS]

  wanted to make but now I totally [TS]

  understand what our purposes as a [TS]

  filmmaker and I think toy story is [TS]

  exactly the same thing it's a very it's [TS]

  a really wonderful movie in and of [TS]

  itself the characters worked really [TS]

  really well there's so many nice movie [TS]

  and nice moments in it but pretty much [TS]

  you're looking at the a a filmmaker [TS]

  making their first real movie and [TS]

  realizing that i have a unique voice I [TS]

  have a purpose for my storytelling that [TS]

  i'm going to prosecute much much better [TS]

  and my subsequent movies than this one [TS]

  but this was a very valuable movie for [TS]

  me to make I'm right with you guys in [TS]

  that it's it's not even my favorite toy [TS]

  story movie either but it's you know [TS]

  it's always had a soft spot for me [TS]

  because it was one of the earliest dates [TS]

  i went on with my wife my now wife and [TS]

  so you know I remember where I was at [TS]

  the time and i don't i don't often [TS]

  remember that with movies and I remember [TS]

  what my life was like in the month that [TS]

  i was that I first saw toy story and [TS]

  when she was except [TS]

  have your doll museum flashbacks that [TS]

  this was a match made in heaven when I [TS]

  said they're looking at the doll hitter [TS]

  Erector Set spider going oh yeah and I [TS]

  didn't run away you know huh [TS]

  I think Berlin just passed out now i'm [TS]

  here now that the golf thing is stuff [TS]

  that's sugar for me David [TS]

  yeah I grabbed that's rewarding passed [TS]

  out may contain dolls and and i will say [TS]

  i mean in the doll museum is part of why [TS]

  I do feel a strong connection to the toy [TS]

  story movies because I did that I did [TS]

  you know make stories with these dolls [TS]

  and action figures and all these things [TS]

  which you can read about the magazine [TS]

  and you know it its way to a story three [TS]

  really hits me by the end so yeah I I i [TS]

  love it and even though it is you know [TS]

  again it's it's the first one and it's [TS]

  just good it's fine if you know you can [TS]

  overlook whatever little flaws it might [TS]

  have because it if it weren't for that [TS]

  we wouldn't have all these other [TS]

  wonderful movies [TS]

  yeah I I i had very little to add that's [TS]

  that's how I feel too [TS]

  it's it's almost like there's certain [TS]

  kinds of things that are difficult to [TS]

  look at critically and I think this 162 [TS]

  of those boxes which on the one hand is [TS]

  really awfully good but it is also in [TS]

  retrospect like pretty primitive in some [TS]

  ways compared to what we have now so [TS]

  it's difficult to look at it it's [TS]

  difficult to look at it with a clear I [TS]

  and be able to you know try and like [TS]

  bring those two things together in a way [TS]

  that makes sense so I mean like when you [TS]

  see something like what like that trip [TS]

  to the moon movie and where you first [TS]

  see people trying to do these crazy [TS]

  stuff with what you can really do with [TS]

  cinema beyond like filling people on a [TS]

  stage and do these crazy cuts and crazy [TS]

  effects and watch it now and it seems [TS]

  real wackadoodle but I so it's hard for [TS]

  me to separate in some ways but like I [TS]

  don't you guys have seen the 2012 movie [TS]

  called food fight [TS]

  yeah well i was introduced to this buy a [TS]

  house [TS]

  no Marlon don't see the movies that are [TS]

  in the flop that's at all right here now [TS]

  in like that you kind of have to in my [TS]

  masses inhalation of of the flophouse [TS]

  the only movie that i was moved to go [TS]

  out and find and actually look at was [TS]

  why she loves something I was moved to [TS]

  see but i haven't you got to be Cloris [TS]

  Leachman completed so you're not [TS]

  according to become completely that's [TS]

  all there is to it but I mean you know [TS]

  that's that's a that's a big fish in a [TS]

  big barrel but it's but you know it's [TS]

  amazing to look at something like that [TS]

  with that technology and realize that [TS]

  like gosh there's just so much more to [TS]

  this and what we just see on the screen [TS]

  there's there's so much to like you know [TS]

  if you become a little bit of a pixar [TS]

  nerd and you start digging in and [TS]

  looking at stuff like the animatics and [TS]

  how these things evolve over time it's [TS]

  difficult to criticize and when I [TS]

  criticizing the true sense of the word [TS]

  it's difficult to have enough distance [TS]

  from that to say something sensible you [TS]

  know about my kind of what it means in [TS]

  the creative cannon because it is kind [TS]

  of primitive that is kind of creepy [TS]

  there's a bunch of stuff that I bet they [TS]

  look at in the same way that somebody [TS]

  would look at like their work on Star [TS]

  Wars and god I wish I could do that [TS]

  differently and and that the same thing [TS]

  I haven't had the compunction to go back [TS]

  and won't fix it right because it could [TS]

  totally do or quote unquote lose the [TS]

  original copy quote unquote but but in [TS]

  this instance like ADV amazing part is [TS]

  it really really does still stand up i [TS]

  mean there's a part of me that thinks [TS]

  that you know toys are gonna be around [TS]

  for a really long time and in kids and [TS]

  parents and they're funny relationships [TS]

  will be around for a long time and [TS]

  you'll be able to look at this movie for [TS]

  twenty fifteen hundred years and still [TS]

  look at it go like not only is that an [TS]

  amazing technical achievement for the [TS]

  time but that's still a funny bit you [TS]

  know that's still you know that still [TS]

  works and personally like I'm a huge fan [TS]

  of toy story 3i think toy story 2 in [TS]

  some ways was really the apotheosis of [TS]

  this of this series but like even just [TS]

  looking back at that like I find it if I [TS]

  sit there and now i have to talk on a [TS]

  podcast about it i'll sit there and look [TS]

  at things like what the wood texture on [TS]

  the banister looked like in perspective [TS]

  as he's flying down but like you don't [TS]

  really watch it that way you watch it as [TS]

  this wonderful thrill ride that [TS]

  completely works on a lot of levels so [TS]

  you know it's it's it's hard to have [TS]

  distance [TS]

  from it but like I I think it's just [TS]

  still absolutely terrific if you just [TS]

  looked at it as an as an exercise in [TS]

  just in computer graphics it would it's [TS]

  it's hair curling what they were able to [TS]

  pull off and now i think i think it [TS]

  still is still works today and and it's [TS]

  it's difficult to do anything appraise [TS]

  it for me [TS]

  you mentioned a trip to the moon the [TS]

  movie that I would compare this to [TS]

  infuse regular cinema is more like [TS]

  Citizen Kane because there had been [TS]

  trips to the moon before they had been [TS]

  Pixar's own shorts that's been the [TS]

  commercials have been lots of computer [TS]

  graphics but citizen Kane's are defining [TS]

  the modern vocabulary of moviemaking toy [TS]

  story in so many ways to find what a 3d [TS]

  animated kids movie like yeah but we're [TS]

  not just taking not just taking choppy [TS]

  story and like unusual depth of [TS]

  perception but being able to put that [TS]

  all together in a way where you go wow [TS]

  that actually really worked and not have [TS]

  every shot be like flying through [TS]

  Aladdin's cave or the ballroom scene not [TS]

  have every shot but all we can spin the [TS]

  camera anywhere like shoot it like a [TS]

  movie right hot but with the 3d stuff in [TS]

  the scene it is hard to separate the [TS]

  tooth the two aspects of this film [TS]

  because it is groundbreaking and and in [TS]

  fundamental ways technically but I and I [TS]

  was going to mention the same thing [TS]

  which is now looking back of a a history [TS]

  of of 19 years of computer animated [TS]

  films imagine if the first computer [TS]

  animated film had been you know Berlin [TS]

  said food fight or just take some of the [TS]

  lesser dreamworks azur something like [TS]

  shark tale it would have been a [TS]

  technical achievement but it would not [TS]

  have had the other the artistic scores [TS]

  like for the Olympic the Olympics judges [TS]

  would have not given a high artistic [TS]

  scores just the technical scores and and [TS]

  i would argue that if you took this [TS]

  screenplay today and made it you [TS]

  wouldn't need to change a word and it [TS]

  would still be a great movie with you [TS]

  modern animation and and i think that [TS]

  you know 19 years later it works it yeah [TS]

  the technical stuff was really early and [TS]

  now we look back on it and go well you [TS]

  know 19 years later we could do a better [TS]

  job at the time it was an incredible [TS]

  milestone but the creative aspects of it [TS]

  it's solid it's a it's and where I think [TS]

  this whole job [TS]

  I was so fortunate that a good movie [TS]

  came out of this first movie or who [TS]

  knows what would have happened but even [TS]

  if you're a giant if you have your giant [TS]

  nerd or a giant pics are especially if [TS]

  you're a giant pig Sarner there's a [TS]

  pretty simple thing you can do to [TS]

  realize what a leap this is there is I [TS]

  think two collections of pixar shorts [TS]

  that you can buy on itunes that we watch [TS]

  constantly and you know it's all the me [TS]

  know the second the most of the first [TS]

  part of the second volume are all the [TS]

  shorts that they made as kind of the you [TS]

  know short features that run before it's [TS]

  all the things like a hawk god that [TS]

  amazing you know the Toy Story 1 wherein [TS]

  the fast-food place like just the butt [TS]

  but the thing is if you want to really [TS]

  appreciate this leap if you want to see [TS]

  like on your own kind of personal graph [TS]

  what this movie met going by the pixar [TS]

  shorts volume 1 and see what they were [TS]

  able to do in the amount of time that [TS]

  like it took you to go to college will [TS]

  delete that they made in like really [TS]

  just a handful of years to go from [TS]

  something like The Incredible creepiness [TS]

  of the baby's diaper intent loi to be [TS]

  able to like make us notice the texture [TS]

  like on the stitching of what his hat [TS]

  they did that in like of just a handful [TS]

  of years so like I know what I'm saying [TS]

  is even if you are like a hyper nerd [TS]

  looking at this in terms of the [TS]

  technology you can appreciate that like [TS]

  they they did that I mean it's like the [TS]

  whole like you know Ginger Rogers says [TS]

  you know I did it all but backwards in [TS]

  and high heels like when you watch like [TS]

  an hour and a half long movie that [TS]

  pulled all that stuff off i think it's [TS]

  you appreciate it even more and I got [TS]

  the feeling watching this movie aside [TS]

  from the technical parts the same kind [TS]

  of feeling to get watching like the [TS]

  original Star Wars there's something or [TS]

  even like using Apple products or [TS]

  there's something pic sorry about this [TS]

  and what pic sorry about is not so much [TS]

  the 3d but it was kind of like that it [TS]

  seems that it seems sharp and fast and [TS]

  trusting of the audience to get these [TS]

  jokes and like that will never that will [TS]

  never fade like it just like in Star [TS]

  Wars of things that are charming about [TS]

  star wars are right there in the first [TS]

  movie on the effects aren't that great [TS]

  and there's some clunky things here and [TS]

  there right it feels like Star Wars to [TS]

  you this movie feel still feels like [TS]

  Pixar to make is what do you expect from [TS]

  Pixar movie i expect you know great [TS]

  characters i expect the movie to be [TS]

  smart i expected to trust the audience [TS]

  it is going to follow on expected to not [TS]

  mind if the audience doesn't get [TS]

  everything I you know I i expected not [TS]

  to be like long and boring or like a [TS]

  movie just for kids expect to be just as [TS]

  much for adults or if anything seems [TS]

  like it's moving mostly for adults like [TS]

  all those things we come to associate [TS]

  with Pixar are present in this movie and [TS]

  that that stands out to me like when I [TS]

  watch it again like it feels like you're [TS]

  like oh yeah it was pretty good but [TS]

  really in the grand scheme of things [TS]

  it's pretty good for Pixar movie and in [TS]

  the end all movies all all animal movies [TS]

  or any other writers like wow this has [TS]

  that extra special pics are something [TS]

  which automatically puts it way up above [TS]

  like things like Shrek and stuff i would [TS]

  i would rather watch Toy Story one over [TS]

  again at any of the shrek movies [TS]

  yeah yeah well and if you think about [TS]

  all the great dancers and all the great [TS]

  comedians and all the grape people who [TS]

  are making movies at the same time as [TS]

  Fred and Ginger but we remember Fred and [TS]

  Ginger because there was something about [TS]

  the alchemy of it wasn't it wasn't that [TS]

  it was shot any better it was you know [TS]

  what they did was special and it's the [TS]

  same thing with this that it's not the [TS]

  technology that read with that we really [TS]

  talked about a really think about [TS]

  anymore it's that it is a great story [TS]

  and it is you mean you mean you fell in [TS]

  love with these characters right off the [TS]

  bat especially when you know you are a [TS]

  toy and immediately you empathize with [TS]

  both sides of that conversation [TS]

  alright well I think we've reached the [TS]

  end of talking about pixar oh I you know [TS]

  I guess I like 22 is what I'm saying [TS]

  it's one of my favorites and it still [TS]

  holds up but it's yeah and i like it [TS]

  tool like it too and I so I'd like to [TS]

  thank my guests for joining me to talk [TS]

  about this excellent and first animated [TS]

  movie we didn't even talk about that [TS]

  it's responsible for all those terrible [TS]

  movies that were to come but you know [TS]

  they did their part it's not their fault [TS]

  so David lower thanks for being here [TS]

  thank you for having me Andy and [TS]

  cocktail pleasure as always it's been a [TS]

  slice [TS]

  John siracusa thank you for being here [TS]

  to infinity and beyond and beyond [TS]

  that's a great joke hey it's gotten [TS]

  overstated but it's it's it's a great [TS]

  joke see let's thank you Jason the word [TS]

  I'm searching for I can't say because [TS]

  there's preschool toys bread [TS]

  and merlin mann thank you thank you and [TS]

  everybody out there thanks for listening [TS]

  to be uncomfortable i'm your host Jason [TS]

  Steele will see you next time [TS]

  yeah well good riddance you loony you [TS]

  are a sad strange little man [TS]

  farewell [TS]