The Incomparable

213: You Need an Agent of Chaos


  live from New York it's Saturday night [TS]

  it's uncomfortable 10 to 13 with David [TS]

  floor monty Ashley Lex Friedman [TS]

  one of my goals Lisa Schmeisser [TS]

  sponsored by Squarespace robo and Harry [TS]

  and now you're most Jason no [TS]

  welcome back to the incomparable podcast [TS]

  I'm your host Jason snell isle of drafts [TS]

  I'm a draft a holic I think every single [TS]

  say hi Jason at this point I didn't soon [TS]

  I don't know what you're talking about i [TS]

  can quit anytime but we have a really [TS]

  good draft that we're going to do [TS]

  tonight and it is entertainment-related [TS]

  all the people on this are our people [TS]

  who have have watched many i would [TS]

  imagine terrible and good Saturday Night [TS]

  Live sketches over the years and you [TS]

  know one of the complaints i get about [TS]

  our drafts is that we don't do anything [TS]

  with the things we draft there like like [TS]

  I've got a whole bunch of Star Trek [TS]

  episodes that I will watch college again [TS]

  something that so-and-so by suggestion [TS]

  of of of Lisa Schmeisser who you heard [TS]

  laughing in the background there we are [TS]

  going to draft a our fantasy Saturday [TS]

  Night Live casts from the history of the [TS]

  show anybody who was a cast member or a [TS]

  featured player or I'm going to say our [TS]

  writer on the show is eligible for the [TS]

  draft and we're going up to him and [TS]

  we're going to draft i don't think i am [TS]

  actually going to have a writer but how [TS]

  does a good idea maybe we're gonna drive [TS]

  is Michael O'Donoghue who were going to [TS]

  drag that out seven each so the last [TS]

  couple rounds may go fast 7 cast members [TS]

  each inform our ultimate Fantasy [TS]

  Saturday Night Live sketch comedy i [TS]

  think i suggested seven people because I [TS]

  worried that if we did 1930s would be [TS]

  for our podcast you make you know you [TS]

  can hire someone need some you start to [TS]

  get some yeah you can get some derelict [TS]

  sin to be your featured players if you [TS]

  need to but this is difficult but you [TS]

  and just like in reacting like I just [TS]

  173 Michael Hall yeah that alone yeah [TS]

  you look at night like to thank you [TS]

  recall anyway let me let me let me [TS]

  introduce the figure here to work to do [TS]

  this silly draft with us and graph their [TS]

  fantasy saturday night live cast NBC is [TS]

  giving you budget for seven people [TS]

  I also specify before we before i [TS]

  introduce you [TS]

  I'm not telling you whether you're [TS]

  drafting them to assemble a team now [TS]

  whether using a time machine to draft [TS]

  them only during their appearance on the [TS]

  show I leave [TS]

  to you to decide how you want this [TS]

  imaginary thing to work [TS]

  joining us to talk about Saturday Night [TS]

  Live fantasy cast members are Lex [TS]

  Friedman thanks for staying up with us [TS]

  Lex [TS]

  hey always a pleasure to have you here [TS]

  thank you we're not going to talk about [TS]

  the apocalypse so that's good [TS]

  much more awesome content exchange this [TS]

  time David laura is also here hi [TS]

  Thank You Don Pardo high and Monty [TS]

  ashley is here hi Monty hi Jason good to [TS]

  have you here thank you and let's see [TS]

  who else i mentioned Lisa Schmeisser who [TS]

  came up with this idea and suggested it [TS]

  and i thought it was a fantastic idea hi [TS]

  Lisa high and phillip michael is also [TS]

  here [TS]

  hello Phillip Michaels oh no okay yes I [TS]

  never ruin everything [TS]

  quick before we begin any format [TS]

  questions before we get started [TS]

  yes yes and i have seven days I [TS]

  suspected you might sometimes people are [TS]

  on Saturday Night Live and go on to [TS]

  better things are we working under the [TS]

  assumption that we are drafting them [TS]

  based on their performance on Saturday [TS]

  Night Live or are we uh assuming that [TS]

  Loren Michaels horribly misuse them so i [TS]

  think i think this is in I it's [TS]

  completely in your power completely in [TS]

  your power if you would like to say [TS]

  draft didn't even hear their draft [TS]

  Robert Downey jr. I was going to need to [TS]

  advance but either way if you want to [TS]

  draft Robert Downey jr. and say well I [TS]

  think he's very talented i'm going to [TS]

  assemble one could assemble the finest [TS]

  cast of people who didn't do a good job [TS]

  on saturday night live but more actually [TS]

  incredibly talented if one wanted to go [TS]

  that way and i'm leaving that to you to [TS]

  assemble a team with whatever concept [TS]

  you like [TS]

  alright alright just for you chris rock [TS]

  with any other questions from the I have [TS]

  more distance yes how about a frequent [TS]

  guest hosts who have sort of been us [TS]

  most into the cast don't like how long I [TS]

  will not allow it now [TS]

  good what about what about buck Henry [TS]

  now don't notice they were a featured [TS]

  player a cast member ordering on staff [TS]

  they are not eligible [TS]

  there you go alright sorry buck Henry oh [TS]

  I have a question okay when Tom Davis [TS]

  get this drafting we're just gonna [TS]

  two questions you Jason that is my dream [TS]

  is a procedural and Davis and Al Franken [TS]

  were first hired the powers that they [TS]

  were so skeptical about that they [TS]

  insisted that they actually split both [TS]

  the job and celery good knowledge if you [TS]

  draft one to get them both [TS]

  I you can i'll say you can draft al [TS]

  franken or you can draft Franken and [TS]

  Davis what if L Franken is drafted you [TS]

  can't draft Davis that's great reward [TS]

  you can drag it you can draft Davis but [TS]

  without Franken and I would want to [TS]

  wind-up yeah Jason I have a question yes [TS]

  well you're going to snigger at me I not [TS]

  me i'm taking this dead seriously take [TS]

  pills your body is your competitors who [TS]

  were I money you go ahead because I I've [TS]

  actually lost my cream [TS]

  my question is strategy yes are we [TS]

  restricted to just core cast or are [TS]

  people who did interstitial bits during [TS]

  the show regularly valid choices you [TS]

  want to draft the muppets money is that [TS]

  what you're asking is it jack handey [TS]

  rafter I'm saying there's Albert Brooks [TS]

  and Jim Henson who both wrote things for [TS]

  saturday I've these are usually the [TS]

  things that come up during during the [TS]

  show and what I'd say is i'll probably [TS]

  let you have somebody like that in the [TS]

  idea of your imaginary show that you [TS]

  will have interstitial films by that but [TS]

  you're making a huge mistake you can [TS]

  choose one of them 11 interstitial film [TS]

  person if you want to fill that spot [TS]

  that's like a utility player slot in the [TS]

  fantasy fulfilled if you want anything i [TS]

  would like to report that I have no [TS]

  questions i would i would recommend and [TS]

  encourage that people also considered [TS]

  that this is a cast that they're [TS]

  fielding and so you you're gonna need [TS]

  somebody to do the news you're going to [TS]

  need people to be in the sketches who [TS]

  fill various roles in the sketches so [TS]

  just keep that in mind [TS]

  I'll judge you on that her and my [TS]

  judgments mean nothing [TS]

  any further questions about draft policy [TS]

  before we begin our we also drafting a [TS]

  band [TS]

  Jason no ok we'll be doing a snake draft [TS]

  no it will not be a snake travel it be a [TS]

  random draft will it will be aiive so I [TS]

  selected the order at random [TS]

  I guess my only question yes I've come [TS]

  up with one once if if time allows and [TS]

  only if time allows once we've assembled [TS]

  our cast [TS]

  can we also each pick our ideal host for [TS]

  the premiere season virus Evelyn gasps [TS]

  yes thank you [TS]

  uh and and there's one for the rule [TS]

  before we get started [TS]

  which is I'm going to spot everybody is [TS]

  phil hartman in the first round if you [TS]

  would like phil hartman you can take [TS]

  phil hartman in the first round if you [TS]

  would opt not to add a a phil hartman oh [TS]

  and you can pick whatever come sort of [TS]

  phil hartman you like pic pick your [TS]

  favorite part of my lord how do you like [TS]

  living is the is is the right channel if [TS]

  you opt to not pick up the Hartman you [TS]

  will be given a compensatory pick at the [TS]

  end of the draft at the end at the end [TS]

  of the drought that's bogus [TS]

  no alright so here we go like the idea [TS]

  of the universe with infinite phil [TS]

  hartman Hartman's Jason I have a [TS]

  question [TS]

  ok remember yes for cast members who [TS]

  leave the show and then come back at a [TS]

  later time can you draft uh either [TS]

  multiple versions of Al Franken that you [TS]

  can drive thing over and over Cleveland [TS]

  was only president he's uh president so [TS]

  you can only Draft grover cleveland once [TS]

  how many innocent and possibly need [TS]

  right now Frankenstein you guys are some [TS]

  of you have infinite phil hartman yes [TS]

  can't you have infinite el Rincon's all [TS]

  right here we go in the first round our [TS]

  first pick is going to be Monty Ashley [TS]

  what Phil Hartman i do you like or would [TS]

  you like to opt not to have a full heart [TS]

  I would certainly like a phil hartman [TS]

  mom I'll take the phil hartman that was [TS]

  on Saturday Night Live be okay is there [TS]

  a particular sort of character or sketch [TS]

  type that of phil hartman that you [TS]

  preferred well no because what i like [TS]

  about him is that he could do almost [TS]

  anything [TS]

  all right Monty pics phil hartman with [TS]

  his first pic fill which phil hartman [TS]

  would you choose phil hartman or phil [TS]

  hartman Jason I i will stand second to [TS]

  no man in my admiration for phil hartman [TS]

  as a performer whether it's on saturday [TS]

  night live news radio or many of the [TS]

  other projects he was involved in such [TS]

  as pee-wee's big adventure [TS]

  however your bull crap rule about how [TS]

  compensatory pick appears at the end as [TS]

  totally ruined my strategy i'm taking [TS]

  will ferrell with my first pee okay well [TS]

  you're not because this is the phil [TS]

  hartman round so wow this is the film [TS]

  you get to pick the Hartman first round [TS]

  is phil hartman around that I already [TS]

  hate this trend also somebody should [TS]

  also Monty in the second round you [TS]

  should pick will ferrell just to make [TS]

  snowman likes me already over this in [TS]

  the gradual still would you like phil [TS]

  hartman or would you not like a phil [TS]

  hartmani fine I'll take phil hartman ok [TS]

  relax and I bet you can ask me which [TS]

  phil hartman I want Jason yeah [TS]

  which-which phil hartman do you want the [TS]

  filter will general world yeah i would [TS]

  like fast-talking nineteen forties make [TS]

  Ortiz no forget it Jimmy or through [TS]

  fast-talking nineteen forties phil [TS]

  hartman worries the the actor was the [TS]

  booze the girls the pills your wife that [TS]

  Phil Hart alright let's do you want to [TS]

  phil hartman or do you want to take the [TS]

  bullcrap compensatory pick i will say [TS]

  from the get-go it's a bull crap [TS]

  compensatory pam i will also echo Phil [TS]

  not Hartman but Michaels in saying that [TS]

  I have tremendous respect for phil [TS]

  hartman I went through the ground school [TS]

  where he was so successful I think he's [TS]

  brilliant where I going to draft to phil [TS]

  hartman I would be debating between an [TS]

  unfrozen caveman lawyer phil hartman or [TS]

  the the announcer on-screen talent in [TS]

  Super Colon blow phil hartman but this [TS]

  compensatory rules ball and I will smile [TS]

  at your place you're going is not just [TS]

  the first not me [TS]

  yeah said bullcrap lacks some of us have [TS]

  a sense of decorum haha well I had to [TS]

  court until this phil hartman [TS]

  compensatory pick situation but i will [TS]

  pet alright flex passes like it's [TS]

  compensatory pick Lisa would you like a [TS]

  phil hartman I would like it Phil [TS]

  Hartman any any particular style of the [TS]

  Hartman you prefer anal retentive chef [TS]

  huh [TS]

  excellent excellent David would you like [TS]

  a phil hartman i would love to fill all [TS]

  right i will also go for the unfrozen [TS]

  caveman lawyer because your modern ways [TS]

  scared and confused frightened and [TS]

  confused [TS]

  alright and I too will pick phil hartman [TS]

  I fire back [TS]

  is everybody writing down their draft [TS]

  picks so we can be on later I i keep [TS]

  score system i keep score so gelateria [TS]

  all right not that is the draft order [TS]

  and now with on Phil Hartman taken by [TS]

  everybody except lex will get mr. [TS]

  relevance of saturday night live with [TS]

  the final pick of the draft we will [TS]

  start with Monty Monty you've already [TS]

  chosen Phil Hartman from Saturday Night [TS]

  Live [TS]

  what's your next pick well I believe [TS]

  that a good saturday night live cast has [TS]

  somebody who's kind of a force of nature [TS]

  who just draw everyone's high so i'm [TS]

  going to pick Eddie Murphy I mm maybe [TS]

  not the best cast around him at the time [TS]

  but i believe i can do better [TS]

  I'll serve his talents better by being [TS]

  on the Monte Saturday Night Live caso [TS]

  eddie murphy and that'll also give me [TS]

  some of the more successful post [TS]

  Saturday Night Live movies [TS]

  ok sure anymore be gigantic talent came [TS]

  obviously came to fame on Saturday Night [TS]

  Live actually right when i started [TS]

  watching Saturday Night Live so it left [TS]

  a quite an impression and I had him [TS]

  rated highly on my board famously does [TS]

  not like Saturday Night Live it has not [TS]

  gone back for any of the reunion shows [TS]

  now it's interesting I but anybody [TS]

  because a lot of strange one episode one [TS]

  year after he left [TS]

  oh ok like the next year about you but [TS]

  it was the next year and and I remember [TS]

  his opening monologue was he had he had [TS]

  he did Beverly Hills Cop II was still on [TS]

  the show I think and then he had a [TS]

  string of bad movies I know surprising [TS]

  for Eddie Murphy yeah and so he came [TS]

  back and that the joke was whether they [TS]

  can I have my job back and then then [TS]

  there it was Phil it's your pick [TS]

  you've got Phil Hartman fast-talking [TS]

  forties announcer phil hartman friends [TS]

  are not live [TS]

  what's your next pick well jason i think [TS]

  i'm going to pick someone who can play a [TS]

  lot of roles do some impressions dual [TS]

  just do some of the writing load creates [TS]

  some characters I'm taking dan Aykroyd [TS]

  alright you may live in that deck where [TS]

  your reasoning any any color to add to [TS]

  the completely it well we often think [TS]

  immediate Nixon you need a Nixon you [TS]

  need Jimmy [TS]

  Carter you need a fast-talking of fish [TS]

  in a blender sell you need you need a [TS]

  slightly you need her window glass we [TS]

  need someone who can balance the [TS]

  fast-talking forties and honestly [TS]

  because people continue to age after [TS]

  they leave the show we think of the dan [TS]

  Aykroyd of today who will do anything [TS]

  for a dollar [TS]

  we're in a vineyard sorry whereas the [TS]

  dan Aykroyd of from 1970 boxes love [TS]

  doesn't come cheap from nineteen seventy [TS]

  five to nineteen seventy-nine was was [TS]

  quite an inventive performer and quite a [TS]

  quite a great comedy writer and I think [TS]

  that's forgotten by today's no nothing [TS]

  kids did he also do the Carter sketch we [TS]

  talk the guy down from the passages get [TS]

  some great [TS]

  yeah that's a good 1i I had him really [TS]

  high on my board to a great pic Lex it's [TS]

  your choice you have nothing [TS]

  I don't know but what I sense you might [TS]

  have somebody ready to go for your first [TS]

  pick my first cast member i feel like i [TS]

  know SNL cast is complete without a very [TS]

  accomplished impressionist but there's [TS]

  you can make a mistake like Darrell [TS]

  Hammond was on the show very long time [TS]

  and was an excellent impressionist but [TS]

  wasn't good in other sketches i found [TS]

  Dana Carvey however who I'm taking is my [TS]

  first thing i did not have that problem [TS]

  and excellent sketch actor and also an [TS]

  incredible a perfect impressionist so I [TS]

  need a new car because I feel like he [TS]

  could handle anybody we need to to [TS]

  impersonate in this non-existent season [TS]

  of SNL Dana Carvey Dana Carvey lives not [TS]

  too far from me actually strange [TS]

  planning and I had him rated really [TS]

  highly to people people forget you know [TS]

  he went on to do lots of you know less [TS]

  interesting things of nothing can stand [TS]

  up comedy writing down what boy he he he [TS]

  was so versatile and did all the [TS]

  characters and is the definitive you [TS]

  know George Bush of that era you know ya [TS]

  didn't did the anybody who did George [TS]

  Bush impression was doing an impression [TS]

  of data cartridge absolutely voice [TS]

  didn't sound anything like the actual [TS]

  president out but he distilled his [TS]

  essence perfect yeah which is the best [TS]

  kind of himym impersonation quite [TS]

  frankly I can't believe that he's still [TS]

  doing shopping rock [TS]

  I feel like that mistake but i'm not i'm [TS]

  not drafting was a great schedule IV you [TS]

  only ever had about 20 minutes of [TS]

  stand-up material [TS]

  yeah i like that i like the Christmas [TS]

  carols I'm doing fine leave me and [TS]

  doesn't just go away [TS]

  all right Dana Carvey is on lexus cast [TS]

  Lisa and God so I have a theory about [TS]

  SNL cast in general which is that you've [TS]

  got three interoperable interoperating [TS]

  contingents and in order for a cast to [TS]

  jail and be good [TS]

  you've got to have a hefty contingent of [TS]

  utility players but you also have to [TS]

  have a few brainy weirdos who are who [TS]

  brings you bring a little edge and [TS]

  something something smart to the [TS]

  sketches and elevate a premise into [TS]

  something that's repeatable or into [TS]

  something that really captures a moment [TS]

  or an idea and then you've got to have [TS]

  your agents of chaos which are the those [TS]

  are the wild cards that you can throw [TS]

  into a sketch and they take things in [TS]

  completely different directions because [TS]

  of the energy they give off and their [TS]

  ability to throw themselves into their [TS]

  work [TS]

  I feel like I'm listening to a brief [TS]

  history of the universe here with [TS]

  Stephen Hawking it's not even kind of [TS]

  holiday drink more [TS]

  let me tell you about comedy [TS]

  well what I'm saying is i'm driving [TS]

  nation to pass and my first pick is Bill [TS]

  Murray [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah I had him rated first on [TS]

  the board [TS]

  I am I love him know you talked about [TS]

  how you love him the middle i do love [TS]

  him and I think I think he's [TS]

  extraordinarily generous and some of his [TS]

  sketches to like you watch him with [TS]

  Gilda Radner and it's beautiful [TS]

  especially the lisa loopner todd [TS]

  sketches sure and I also greatly enjoyed [TS]

  every bit seated on on weekend update' [TS]

  and I think he brings a really weird [TS]

  energy and you kind of have to have one [TS]

  person in the cast who unsettles a [TS]

  portion of the population refill so [TS]

  terrible things [TS]

  yes go ahead look at me what you say [TS]

  them haha I you know you you'll never [TS]

  profit in this town running down bill [TS]

  murray I think he's a a great comic [TS]

  actor I think he was in the the best [TS]

  comedy movie of the nineteen nineties [TS]

  Groundhog Day Ghostbusters is a very [TS]

  good quality screen [TS]

  he was also in like the second best [TS]

  comedy movie of the nineteen nineties [TS]

  Rushmore quick change [TS]

  on Android chain again quick change [TS]

  which is also quite good I look back on [TS]

  his sketches and yes he worked well with [TS]

  rap but the Saturday Night Live stuff is [TS]

  not his best work [TS]

  mmm i also like to kind of a kind of [TS]

  OneNote i also enjoyed it because he [TS]

  didn't like Chevy Chase and well I mean [TS]

  I well that doesn't narrow helping [TS]

  people who don't like Chevy Chase Lisa [TS]

  it's gonna be very weird that endeared [TS]

  him to me and when I want just like [TS]

  punched up Chevy Chase [TS]

  yes it's my show now he screams going [TS]

  for the larger bill murray talent pool [TS]

  and not necessarily just agent of candy [TS]

  to me and yes [TS]

  alright great great pic I had I had him [TS]

  rated number one with the elisa time for [TS]

  a brief break so i can tell you about [TS]

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  David it's your turn i'm going to start [TS]

  out by picking someone who would [TS]

  probably act as my head writer also and [TS]

  as my weekend update anchor and would [TS]

  then leave the show to create her own [TS]

  show [TS]

  I'm gonna go with Tina Finn around sure [TS]

  because she knows how to do this kind of [TS]

  show and [TS]

  pretty much whoever winds up in the cast [TS]

  she'll do something good with you know [TS]

  even even when it wasn't the best [TS]

  combination of of cast the sketches were [TS]

  pretty good under her head writing [TS]

  tenure so so I'm gonna go with her and [TS]

  and then then if not Weekend Update [TS]

  taking care of ya know that you do now [TS]

  that that's good that you have the [TS]

  weekend update the the show became a [TS]

  little too pop culture heavy [TS]

  yeah and referee heavy in in under her [TS]

  tenure [TS]

  well yes I I will go with you and and [TS]

  she's got a pretty strong streak of [TS]

  classes and I find a little [TS]

  uncomfortable [TS]

  no that's just me well she's not on your [TS]

  show [TS]

  no no he's on he's my cousin Lord show [TS]

  thank God they are you concerned at all [TS]

  that Tina can't really do much sketch [TS]

  work is going to have a lot of palin [TS]

  sketches [TS]

  there you go two segments of Weekend [TS]

  Update lot of mom jeans commercials how [TS]

  many stitches did you see Dennis Miller [TS]

  really do [TS]

  how many sketches 1 norm macdonald due [TS]

  to how many sketches did you see Seth [TS]

  Meyers do all right now I'm okay with [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah alright fair enough all right Tina [TS]

  Fey is off the board i am going to go as [TS]

  as somebody started watching saturday [TS]

  night live in like nineteen eighty-two [TS]

  although of the period where dick ever [TS]

  Saul ran the show instead of Lorne [TS]

  Michaels is not considered one of the [TS]

  high points of the series there were [TS]

  some very interesting cast members in [TS]

  there including Eddie Murphy who was [TS]

  already taken by Monty I'm gonna I'm [TS]

  gonna pick somebody from this era near [TS]

  and dear to my heart of a very talented [TS]

  person and although you think of him now [TS]

  quite differently than you did during [TS]

  that period he proved himself to be [TS]

  quite versatile in the short time that [TS]

  he was on the show I wish I could tell [TS]

  you i'm picking Gary kroger and not [TS]

  getting together it's gonna add hall for [TS]

  life but i'm going to pick Billy Crystal [TS]

  wow so Billy Crystal you look marvelous [TS]

  there will be lots of Fernando sketches [TS]

  and I don't care [TS]

  on on on my [TS]

  so I got nothing and Jason show can [TS]

  double as an Oscar telecast not they're [TS]

  going anywhere and occasionally it will [TS]

  just be a romantic comedy you know why [TS]

  yeah i was trying to sniff that statue [TS]

  of the that building in New York the [TS]

  what the Empire State Building yeah got [TS]

  too close [TS]

  yep David with our first reenactment of [TS]

  a sketch of the night there it is not [TS]

  counting all the phil hartman stuff that [TS]

  happened is actually we don't count that [TS]

  that's just we just put them on the bed [TS]

  was there wasn't even sketches Mary fire [TS]

  red good alright as we are now off to [TS]

  the third round except relax huh [TS]

  Monty what's your next pic i believe [TS]

  it's important to have somebody on your [TS]

  SNL cast the audience just likes and for [TS]

  me I don't think anyone was ever more [TS]

  just be love it by the audience than [TS]

  guild a rat snake my pic yeah all right [TS]

  also she's really funny really funny [TS]

  God is fantastic yeah if we watch that [TS]

  Gilda live movie that you know at the [TS]

  time everyone is like all we've seen as [TS]

  i know but if you watch it it's really [TS]

  sweet [TS]

  it's and and just you know the character [TS]

  work is a little richer than you got on [TS]

  the show [TS]

  she also did one of the in retrospect [TS]

  most disturbing bits ever on the show [TS]

  no the child under the dunkel nowhere [TS]

  don't want because that was pretty [TS]

  disturbing this is the first season [TS]

  where he house [TS]

  yeah she comes out and says she's [TS]

  worried about her weight but she's [TS]

  discovered this great technique where [TS]

  you just throw everything up men [TS]

  it's not being done for bully mate for [TS]

  shock it's a saying [TS]

  good news everybody I throw everything [TS]

  up now and it's it's very weird [TS]

  well that sounds great well which way [TS]

  it's like that show you get away with it [TS]

  for so much and then Eddie Murphy and [TS]

  phil hartman come out to take her away [TS]

  she's saying that she's saying that [TS]

  lovely song about saccharine the yea [TS]

  which was which was great now she was [TS]

  smiling as you can update and there was [TS]

  the actually the favorite sketch of mine [TS]

  that she's involved in [TS]

  i'm talking like this because this was [TS]

  going to be my pick [TS]

  she's never utters a word it's the way [TS]

  she dances with steve martin oh yes i [TS]

  love that i like the one where she talks [TS]

  into the camera within the the the [TS]

  vaguely European accent at the end and [TS]

  it makes the kissy faces to that's [TS]

  another beautiful one [TS]

  alright Gilda Radner board and Monty has [TS]

  has a gun what every great draft pick [TS]

  does which is make other people great [TS]

  Phil it's your pick you've got Phil [TS]

  Hartman and Dan Aykroyd [TS]

  well I have this theory about comedy you [TS]

  need an agent of chaos see when a man [TS]

  says that everyone less exactly like my [TS]

  old lady's man i'm not your human shield [TS]

  no I i actually agree with Lisa's there [TS]

  i think it's it's it's very solid I just [TS]

  speak to Bill Murray pic I'm going to go [TS]

  with an ass made of Bill Murray's John [TS]

  Belushi as the engine of chaos we've got [TS]

  that's why I would not pick yeah we have [TS]

  well you can you can I the podcast [TS]

  listeners haven't heard his stall over [TS]

  your pic so you can stare [TS]

  I i'm in that it's not just that I i [TS]

  pair them up [TS]

  uh with with Diana Aykroyd again and I [TS]

  thought they were great comedic [TS]

  partnership I he created a number of [TS]

  great characters he also has really the [TS]

  most expressive face I think of a lot of [TS]

  saturday night live cast members i [TS]

  remember reading a review of Blues [TS]

  Brothers where they decried the fact [TS]

  that you've got a movie where you've [TS]

  covered John Belushi's eyes with [TS]

  sunglasses for the for the entirety of [TS]

  the picture and how stupid that was [TS]

  alright that just amplifies the effect [TS]

  when i get taken off and then Carrie [TS]

  Fisher to gun [TS]

  oh sure but up until then [TS]

  yeah i just don't see that as a valid [TS]

  argument yeah I think he's a perfectly [TS]

  great comedic force and again someone [TS]

  you can drop into sketches and just get [TS]

  the hell out of the way as you have to [TS]

  if he has a sword exactly what i was [TS]

  going to say that the the various [TS]

  samurai sketches you describe them [TS]

  they're not funny and then you watch [TS]

  them in there they're quite quite funny [TS]

  so John Belushi is my pic right Lisa my [TS]

  brother but it's not so much a problem [TS]

  with John Belushi I just feel like he [TS]

  sucks all the air out of the out of the [TS]

  sketch the same way Eddie Murphy does [TS]

  where there are people who are just [TS]

  working on such a different plane that [TS]

  it's them plus the three or four people [TS]

  standing around them you hear what she [TS]

  said about your pic money [TS]

  yeah you don't put in every sketch but [TS]

  yea or three sketches tonight you say [TS]

  and now here's the John Belushi or Eddie [TS]

  Murphy sketch them and it's a good idea [TS]

  plugs because they recognize the [TS]

  catchphrase know you have a tiny that [TS]

  you're talking just a seven-person cast [TS]

  which is pretty small so there are a lot [TS]

  of rules [TS]

  yeah Lex I have this theory back comedy [TS]

  Jason that night here eating you can [TS]

  kind of any I'm gonna call the agent of [TS]

  chaos [TS]

  oh and I'll tell you that's really smart [TS]

  Lex I'm excited that fill eventually [TS]

  decided not to take will ferrell so that [TS]

  i can right now i will ferrell another [TS]

  groundling and you know he does i think [TS]

  have that same thing you have to worry [TS]

  about sometimes with Belushi or with a [TS]

  Murphy where he can be very dominating [TS]

  in a scene and what's so weird is just [TS]

  as an aside if you see Will Ferrell do [TS]

  improv sketch comedy live he tends to [TS]

  play extremely quiet mellow characters [TS]

  and when he was on SNL he very rarely [TS]

  did well but he's just so funny and so [TS]

  willing to do anything in particular you [TS]

  want to be loved by the audience and he [TS]

  totally was anything he was on the phone [TS]

  screen you were just like yes let's see [TS]

  what we will do now so I'm I'm delighted [TS]

  to be able to add him to to my one [TS]

  person cast prior so now i have to Dana [TS]

  and well where they're gonna work great [TS]

  together [TS]

  i love i love will ferrell and i love [TS]

  that he commits fully commit stand [TS]

  sketchies in there is nothing more that [TS]

  you can say about Will Ferrell and he is [TS]

  unlike unlike many other actors when he [TS]

  is into something he will go all the way [TS]

  into whatever it is and you can see it [TS]

  on the screen so that's a great pic and [TS]

  if there's a knock against them and [TS]

  again i'm picking up second here I like [TS]

  him I love him but sometimes these [TS]

  characters can blend too much together [TS]

  there's a little bit too much and you [TS]

  can see this morning movies i think that [TS]

  we could even as an algorithm little bit [TS]

  too much okay I'm gonna be a blow [TS]

  already yelling a lot time [TS]

  character but when he distinguishes just [TS]

  on he's i would say even incomparable [TS]

  interested there was an interview where [TS]

  he said that he was attracted to [TS]

  characters who had unearned hubris [TS]

  because II sort of Ron Burgundy ricky [TS]

  bobby and i forget the George W Bush [TS]

  good sort of his trilogy as sort of his [TS]

  trilogy of idiots series so again George [TS]

  W Bush two terms of a calm now I like [TS]

  what I love is in the more cowbell [TS]

  sketch when he begins banging on it [TS]

  spitefully and and just hit glares at [TS]

  christopher walken boys will you a [TS]

  cowbell and and the lucky directions [TS]

  just all god that's something laughing [TS]

  everytime i watch that there was a [TS]

  sketch right after the September left [TS]

  September 11th attacks where he plays [TS]

  the super Patriot guys great a red white [TS]

  and blue bikini bottom and it's like an [TS]

  American flag again the boardroom really [TS]

  it's not a great sketch in the sense [TS]

  that it but he just because he commits [TS]

  yeah it's just like the host of that [TS]

  episode seann william scott the host of [TS]

  that episode I don't remember it all [TS]

  leads to gonna go with yes and nobody [TS]

  keep it together in the end that's the [TS]

  same problem the and the reason I would [TS]

  never drafted me Fallon spoiler but [TS]

  nobody can keep it together in those [TS]

  sketches but we'll we'll get it [TS]

  mhm ligaments alright will ferrell great [TS]

  choice [TS]

  Lex Lisa what's your next pick you Bill [TS]

  Murray and of course phil hartman i have [TS]

  Anna gasps tires nextech mm Wow little [TS]

  early [TS]

  no it's not it's not really because just [TS]

  it's just ok she's a great female [TS]

  utility player for one and two she goes [TS]

  toe to cheek went toe-to-toe with will [TS]

  ferrell a lot of occasions [TS]

  her work is Robert Goulet's daughter on [TS]

  your show she doesn't know better work [TS]

  is Robert Goulet's dog in the the pirate [TS]

  musical he did read ships of spain read [TS]

  the ship's secret red skies a spoon or [TS]

  whatever it's called that her Martha [TS]

  Stewart was great i love I loved her NPR [TS]

  for NPR hostess [TS]

  oh she's dish but you know what really [TS]

  nailed it for me was when she plays [TS]

  Christopher Walken's girlfriend in a [TS]

  lover's sketch and her job [TS]

  this just amplify how weird it is and [TS]

  she and she does she does a great job of [TS]

  letting the three of them go completely [TS]

  off the hook without getting lost in the [TS]

  sketch repairing boring in the process [TS]

  and I think you and there's that there's [TS]

  an innate she plays really well with [TS]

  others because she also she's great with [TS]

  Chris Parnell when she does stuff with [TS]

  him too and she brings an innate dignity [TS]

  to everything to all of our characters [TS]

  and I think you kind of need someone [TS]

  like that too because when you have that [TS]

  is here as your straight man or your or [TS]

  your utility player it lets everybody [TS]

  else shine a little bit more [TS]

  David you're you're up what's your pick [TS]

  you you have you also have Phil Hartman [TS]

  and tina fey well I have this theory [TS]

  about agents of chaos [TS]

  I'm gonna pick Bernie kopell with no no [TS]

  haha well my next pic was gonna be Gilda [TS]

  and then soak a cross her off who's [TS]

  gonna pick in a guess i er [TS]

  ok so i had to go i'm gonna go with kate [TS]

  mckinnon wow who always travel will I [TS]

  mean she's fearless and she is quite [TS]

  literally nuts she's great [TS]

  yeah she's wonderful her Ellen is [TS]

  amazing even again even in the worst [TS]

  sketches of the worst episodes this year [TS]

  and I didn't think this was a very good [TS]

  year but you couldn't take your eyes off [TS]

  her when she was on stage just being [TS]

  weird whenever she does the little [TS]

  russian lady on the news [TS]

  I'm just dying and and I me and you can [TS]

  see that glint of insanity in her eyes [TS]

  almost all the time especially when [TS]

  she's doing Ellen or when she's in in [TS]

  the bar at the end of the episodes but [TS]

  that sketch where she had she's making [TS]

  out with louie ck oh my god thats yes so [TS]

  I want I want someone fearless and nuts [TS]

  and and and someone we haven't seen [TS]

  everything of yet i think i think [TS]

  there's she's ready to go to the next [TS]

  level her Billie Jean King impression [TS]

  this year [TS]

  oh my god yeah Kate McKinnon is my [TS]

  favorite thing about the current season [TS]

  water [TS]

  no she's gonna have a currencies right [TS]

  now the last season I also really [TS]

  enjoyed the Dyke and fat sketch [TS]

  oh god yeah yeah and i stopped watching [TS]

  certain that live years [TS]

  go and don't know what you're talking [TS]

  about anyway [TS]

  hey Whitney brown and the next 1i I've [TS]

  drafted everyone from the 1970s when I [TS]

  dream and I i started off with the with [TS]

  Billy Crystal there and since my next [TS]

  pic i think that Billy Crystal [TS]

  maybe he's our friend to play maybe he [TS]

  needs a friend to play with maybe a [TS]

  little bit to current what I'm finding [TS]

  is there some interesting character [TS]

  issues on the board now where there's [TS]

  some people who aren't widely liked even [TS]

  though they were quite funny and we [TS]

  haven't picked them yet and I'm gonna [TS]

  pick somebody who was not widely liked [TS]

  and anybody can get nothing somebody on [TS]

  Lisa's team because i'm going to chase [TS]

  Chevy you know I mean he's by all [TS]

  accounts very difficult to work with but [TS]

  you know what he did he would he's a [TS]

  very funny fellow and especially [TS]

  historically was a very funny fellow in [TS]

  many things and I I'm gonna have him [TS]

  fall down a lot and he made get horrible [TS]

  back pain and need to take drugs which [TS]

  will make his behavior even more radical [TS]

  but we'll just deal with it when we get [TS]

  there so you taking on a lot of baggage [TS]

  she's yeah yeah I would not want to be [TS]

  in your green room says the man who has [TS]

  John Belushi [TS]

  yeah yeah I know I'm gonna I'm gonna get [TS]

  those chubby chaser Billy Crystal [TS]

  sketches are going to be awesome [TS]

  that's all I'm saying I'm gonna tell [TS]

  Jason you know I struggled mightily with [TS]

  my list there are four names that I had [TS]

  to pull off an already tonight but I got [TS]

  a lot of backups but Chevy was the one [TS]

  who I did not put on the list but kept [TS]

  contemplating so I respect the choice [TS]

  but i couldn't make it i have to that [TS]

  that are are actually my two highest [TS]

  rated left on the board now my one [TS]

  highest-rated left on the board that [TS]

  it's sort of like I like this person i [TS]

  think they were very funny i know that [TS]

  they were incredibly difficult to work [TS]

  with and it's kind of hard because like [TS]

  I'm picking this really funny jerk by [TS]

  him you know he was a really funny jerk [TS]

  emphasize that were in [TS]

  how about is the theory know what it's [TS]

  like here you see Reno doesn't matter [TS]

  agents of chaos days i have no theories [TS]

  are you concerned that is going to leave [TS]

  your show everyone here well if Jason [TS]

  gets a pic like let's go get a [TS]

  compensatory pick a 20-metre sleeves [TS]

  after you can replace them with film [TS]

  hello [TS]

  yeah exactly LOL that's okay i'll [TS]

  replace them with Carrie Kruger it'll be [TS]

  funny contributing with Brian [TS]

  doyle-murray time for a break to tell [TS]

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  thank you so much to drobo for [TS]

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  all right Monty you have phil hartman [TS]

  eddie murphy and Gilda Gilda Radner wow [TS]

  ok what's in it well I need somebody for [TS]

  Weekend Update and i actually like [TS]

  almost everyone who's ever done Weekend [TS]

  Update except the Charles rocket years [TS]

  but so year right let's see well enough [TS]

  you did i'm taking Amy Poehler I'm [TS]

  intelligent I almost picture this [TS]

  picture and ask around I know what is my [TS]

  next pick she's proven to be a quite [TS]

  versatile funny person [TS]

  yeah she's one of the rare Weekend [TS]

  Update anchors who can also do a whole [TS]

  bunch of sketch stuff and like [TS]

  everything about Kate McKennon obviously [TS]

  tlie fearless then the note i have in my [TS]

  draft sheet is her brand-new Farrell [TS]

  geniuses like now was raised in the [TS]

  woods by methylbenzene members unpack [TS]

  that listeners yeah [TS]

  wow I know my favorite sketch of amy [TS]

  poehler's is the one where she's nine [TS]

  months pregnant and they start playing [TS]

  she's in the bar and they start playing [TS]

  great government i'm no angel and she [TS]

  seductively dances around the bar just [TS]

  knocking her belly this way in that it's [TS]

  hysterical because it's like two minutes [TS]

  of physical comedy and look it up just [TS]

  hot it's great it's great i still have [TS]

  flashbacks to her doing the the it was [TS]

  during weekend update and tina fey's [TS]

  they're doing Sarah Palin and she jumps [TS]

  out in front of the desk in a and you [TS]

  just doing this rap song about also [TS]

  incredibly pregnant when she does the [TS]

  rap song yeah she get like two days [TS]

  later or something like that because [TS]

  yeah she did a show like right before [TS]

  she went to the hospital i think that [TS]

  was the 1i I hate to be the guy who [TS]

  keeps going oh yeah there i guess [TS]

  they're okay but I'm told you love it [TS]

  admit all know that guy this is me this [TS]

  is who I am [TS]

  welcome to my brace yourself and your [TS]

  own ways when i asked the question about [TS]

  are we drafting them for their Saturday [TS]

  Night Live stuff for their total body of [TS]

  work now I would do this and I i had Amy [TS]

  Poehler in mind this but I really didn't [TS]

  like her everything live I i actually [TS]

  didn't watch Parks and Rec for like a [TS]

  season and the half because i thought oh [TS]

  there's that person I didn't care for [TS]

  when she was on Saturday Night Live [TS]

  I realize this makes me a terrible [TS]

  person i'm at odds with the country i [TS]

  can live without not just desk yeah [TS]

  actually skipping the first use of Parks [TS]

  and Rec was the right choice [TS]

  nice guy have not actually gone back and [TS]

  watched it as it turns yellow though [TS]

  don't go back on the friend i'm not [TS]

  gonna because i unhappy with the show [TS]

  where it is [TS]

  I much prefer her on Parks and [TS]

  Recreation well I love Amy Poehler [TS]

  everything she's done and really just [TS]

  for founding the UCB she is one of the [TS]

  godmothers of all the comedy i listen to [TS]

  these days so well there you go all [TS]

  right fill it is it's your pick you've [TS]

  got dan aykroyd and john belushi a [TS]

  classic do a plus Phil Hartman will be [TS]

  there in some form world and yes what's [TS]

  your pick [TS]

  I was hoping to have Gilda Radner in [TS]

  this guest yes I'm recreating the [TS]

  original cast only without Chevy Chase [TS]

  and Morris Iranian are you know and now [TS]

  we're not going in that direction either [TS]

  i need to to balance out the gender a [TS]

  little bit and I I since I'm tonight [TS]

  guild and i think i'll take the second [TS]

  funniest lady who's ever appeared on the [TS]

  choke mystery film i'm taking Christian [TS]

  why oh god damn it you can't even say [TS]

  your last name right you can take well I [TS]

  did we like Louie I'm gonna disagree [TS]

  with your choice on second funniest but [TS]

  well you you're free to I I like it's [TS]

  freaky [TS]

  it's a free country and I I like her [TS]

  versatility again she improves every [TS]

  sketch that she's in even if its thin [TS]

  material which would often was in her in [TS]

  Herrera and Californians yeah okay but I [TS]

  don't even count as material she i think [TS]

  is a is is a solid choice and one of the [TS]

  few modern-day performers that I would [TS]

  deign to put my cast [TS]

  wow I think I'm just suffering from [TS]

  fatigue with her [TS]

  well I'm sure she was in everything for [TS]

  a while because she was so talented and [TS]

  the stuff around a lever that she could [TS]

  deliver so everyone was putting during [TS]

  anything even if it was just a wheeler [TS]

  cross the camera for like 30 while she [TS]

  was changing into relatively [TS]

  inexperienced yeah same here [TS]

  yeah exactly right Kristen Wiig on over [TS]

  who is the second funniest lady then [TS]

  oh my gosh well I we've already thrown [TS]

  out Gilda Amy Poehler hi ana gasteyer [TS]

  and the guests are gonna start guess we [TS]

  haven't talked about Jane Curtin yet but [TS]

  we not only have I don't nobody talk [TS]

  about her until we know what we're [TS]

  talking about [TS]

  better yet yes going on yeah yeah I'm [TS]

  just saying I'm just saying I have a [TS]

  feeling that she'll be mentioned at some [TS]

  point [TS]

  Thank You Gilda i think is a cage match [TS]

  going on between a bunch of a bunch of [TS]

  people for number two [TS]

  yep and kristen wiig is that that person [TS]

  so thank you lad allocating my opinion [TS]

  lets you have Dana Carvey and will [TS]

  ferrell who's your next thing and no [TS]

  Phil Hartman well my next pic was [TS]

  planned to be Kristen Wiig Oh since I [TS]

  can't that was that you suggested [TS]

  infinite phil hartman as I seen that [TS]

  would be the people person everyone fun [TS]

  let me tell you about the three greatest [TS]

  moments in my life [TS]

  the three greatest moments of my life [TS]

  when my my wife agreed to marry me when [TS]

  I saw my baby daughter for the first [TS]

  time [TS]

  I was she was one year old and when I [TS]

  stole lexus pic right yeah thank you [TS]

  yeah so here's with and and the reason [TS]

  by the way that I would pictures i do [TS]

  think that she was incredibly versatile [TS]

  and like will ferrell commits to [TS]

  everything she's in full full bore [TS]

  younger the only the only player i could [TS]

  think of on SNL who Lauren Michaels [TS]

  danced with on their final episode but [TS]

  so I i still feel like I need a woman [TS]

  and i'm lori michaels has no soul so you [TS]

  guys sure like Gilly a lot i have my [TS]

  backups for for each person and i have [TS]

  three backup options i'm going to do my [TS]

  thinking out loud I think I know which [TS]

  way I'm going to land though when Phil [TS]

  races question before we started about [TS]

  are we doing them for their Saturday [TS]

  Night Live careers or their posts mill [TS]

  careers like Julia Louie Dreyfus much [TS]

  funnier not on SNL than honest men like [TS]

  veep exceptional performances but i'm [TS]

  not going to draft because i want your [TS]

  SNL performance to count so now I'm down [TS]

  to Cheri Oteri and my route off both of [TS]

  whom I can find annoying much faster [TS]

  than I can find Kristen Wiig annoying [TS]

  and I think that for pure versatility [TS]

  i'm going to lean a little bit towards [TS]

  Maya and I'm going to take her i do [TS]

  think that Terry is excellent especially [TS]

  when paired with will ferrell and I [TS]

  think that I don't know what hell [TS]

  happened to Sheri Oteri future lesson [TS]

  i'll have some mistakes have been made [TS]

  but i'm going to take my Rudolph because [TS]

  she's so versatile and so smart and so [TS]

  intellectually funny i think in the [TS]

  characters that she doesn't the way she [TS]

  does that because clearly she sounds and [TS]

  looks nothing like Oprah but she still [TS]

  channels oprah i agree with everything [TS]

  you said about my every day off [TS]

  yeah she's great associate Cheri Oteri [TS]

  is in three things this year alone just [TS]

  one of these one likes it banks and [TS]

  which restaurant she said she's up she's [TS]

  on foursquare a lot he did an episode of [TS]

  hot in cleveland well Mazel Tov oh yeah [TS]

  oh and in fact that two episodes of the [TS]

  new normal [TS]

  so keep on working cheerio time i did [TS]

  see here on the new normal [TS]

  I like to think she killed a man it's [TS]

  the romantic in me [TS]

  alright mile Rudolph is the pic from Lex [TS]

  Lisa it's your turn what would you like [TS]

  to do next [TS]

  I had been planning on picking my room [TS]

  you two other knives around now you [TS]

  couldn't tell from the shriek know where [TS]

  the rocking back and forth in my seat [TS]

  my little stopping and distress huh well [TS]

  i'm going to pick my last utility player [TS]

  of the night and that's Bill Hader yeah [TS]

  you could make a board that one off the [TS]

  board because I one of the reasons i was [TS]

  going to pick my Rudolph is in addition [TS]

  to the fact that she's musically [TS]

  talented which you do need on a cast and [TS]

  the fact that she's great at nailing [TS]

  impressions because i like to i'll [TS]

  select Donatella Versace is she has this [TS]

  big warm streak of kindness running [TS]

  through in that that comes out a lot of [TS]

  her work and in a strange way bill hater [TS]

  has that going on to like even when he [TS]

  does Keith what's his face from Dateline [TS]

  that is my favorite thing that anyone [TS]

  has ever done in the world more [TS]

  affectionate Morrison Morrison it's more [TS]

  affectionate than mocking right you know [TS]

  yeah and and I may be the only person [TS]

  America who really loves us his pistol [TS]

  on sketches but I think those are [TS]

  hilarious for the state and just again [TS]

  how kind he is when he's busy just you [TS]

  notice discussing human fire hydrant or [TS]

  on DJ baby bok choy who has hands like [TS]

  little dumplings or anyway he's got a [TS]

  nice unhinged energy he does a bunch of [TS]

  really great impressions and he's got I [TS]

  think that strong sense of that strong [TS]

  streak of of court kindness going [TS]

  through him and that makes him endlessly [TS]

  appealing to watch for me the reason i [TS]

  love the keith morrison sketches and Oh [TS]

  big fish because who doesn't [TS]

  impersonation of key the most random [TS]

  thing I explained what happened it like [TS]

  on Sundays he would get up and he would [TS]

  watch the show with his wife on the tivo [TS]

  like that was basically how they would [TS]

  spend their time in the more like when [TS]

  like after he got home from work and [TS]

  they get the the next day and he'd be [TS]

  kind of stumbling around [TS]

  and he would need something kind of [TS]

  brainless to watch and watch that he [TS]

  just kept like this kinda takes [TS]

  inordinate amount of pleasure and in [TS]

  really so tell me this horrible story so [TS]

  and so that's what he did did he kill [TS]

  you with kindness [TS]

  are you gonna get on with kindness know [TS]

  with a shovel and and and that's when I [TS]

  found him [TS]

  wow alright just bill hader he was on my [TS]

  list too good yeah very good pic let's [TS]

  look I heard I heard something out there [TS]

  I David it's your turn what do you what [TS]

  do you have for us [TS]

  well I was really torn between Kate [TS]

  McCann and Bill Hader for the last pic [TS]

  so that he was gonna be my next pick 20 [TS]

  so I'm gonna go instead with Chris [TS]

  Parnell wow you can well he can be weird [TS]

  but he can be straight man when he needs [TS]

  to be and you know he just sort of he [TS]

  can be a utility player but he can also [TS]

  bring the bring the silly when he has [TS]

  two dominant spaceman I yeah I got that [TS]

  he is a guy who's benefited greatly from [TS]

  his post SNL career yes it will feel [TS]

  more warmly about him because he's dr. [TS]

  spaceman or he's on that he's on [TS]

  Suburgatory Suburgatory I was right for [TS]

  my gosh they're brilliant together yet [TS]

  to really look grandma Nell though is [TS]

  that he's on archer ii/iii contend with [TS]

  the right furniture but he's like he's [TS]

  the SNL cast members cast member and [TS]

  that yeah when he got fired [TS]

  you know they brought him back they [TS]

  begged and pleaded for him to get back [TS]

  on the throne he was for a time brought [TS]

  back on so like he's beloved by his [TS]

  compatriots yeah alright Chris Parnell [TS]

  interesting pic he was not on my list [TS]

  but uh but he is dr. spaceman I do like [TS]

  that so I'm gonna pick Jane Curtin who [TS]

  we just about yeah I need I need a woman [TS]

  on my cast and I've got 23 dude so far I [TS]

  think she's I think she's great [TS]

  if you look back and that in that period [TS]

  the very early SNL it is kind of amazing [TS]

  to see that the talent that was on [TS]

  display there [TS]

  I think she's really likable can hold [TS]

  her own with lots of people [TS]

  she'll be sharing space with Chevy Chase [TS]

  so what could go wrong there [TS]

  she had well she has some of the best [TS]

  reactions in the business yeah just just [TS]

  the way the way that she handled herself [TS]

  on Weekend Update was just a model that [TS]

  for anybody who i'm actually person I I [TS]

  was upset when Gilda Radner was sneaked [TS]

  away from me by money but this is also [TS]

  upsetting because she had a great [TS]

  chemistry with dan Aykroyd we have you [TS]

  haven't slept on my favorite and the [TS]

  though she hated John Belushi [TS]

  I mean there there was the legitimate [TS]

  hatred between the two of them i believe [TS]

  ya there why did she play well awesome [TS]

  because I think she could channel that [TS]

  hatred in comedy [TS]

  I also liked her because she was kind of [TS]

  a she was kind of an iconoclast within [TS]

  the cast in that she was married and [TS]

  went home to Connecticut every night and [TS]

  she's like this is a job I show up I do [TS]

  my job i do it well I go home and I like [TS]

  anything that puts the lie to the myth [TS]

  that in order to be creative and funny [TS]

  you also have to be a hot mess hurtling [TS]

  towards an early death [TS]

  mmm yeah yeah so that she's my pic uh [TS]

  unsung hero i think it's a i think [TS]

  actually and and i'm not going to say [TS]

  bad things about Gilda Radner other than [TS]

  to say that I think James other than [TS]

  other that she's awful no no that that I [TS]

  think it's a changelog words [TS]

  hey I think that it's a shame that Jane [TS]

  Curtin gets a little overlooked because [TS]

  of the presence of Gilda Radner whinging [TS]

  cream with a fantastic talent on that [TS]

  show she does because because her best [TS]

  she was a very a good straight Street [TS]

  yeah yeah and and the and you say that [TS]

  and it sounds like you're diminishing [TS]

  but being a straight man is very [TS]

  different [TS]

  yeah well Phil Hartman uses that was his [TS]

  problem was he was the straight man and [TS]

  he said nobody thinks i actually do [TS]

  anything because he didn't have breakout [TS]

  characters or anybody you can write a [TS]

  movie around her knees any persona he [TS]

  just showed up into this job well yeah [TS]

  half of Hartman sketches he was just [TS]

  like we need a guy in the sketch to be [TS]

  like all right Kenseth or whatever you [TS]

  know us safe [TS]

  the be a straight man to the wacky [TS]

  things going on and that that it's hard [TS]

  to do I think Jane Curtin doesn't get a [TS]

  lot of like love but she also has one of [TS]

  the better post SNL television careers [TS]

  in the whole history he had two very [TS]

  successful series [TS]

  yeah one of which is actually enjoyable [TS]

  I've always felt a little sorry for Jan [TS]

  hooks because I feel like Jan hooks was [TS]

  hired to be the next Jane Curtin and [TS]

  there's just a little bit of a gap you [TS]

  know no love for Caitlyn Ali Phil now I [TS]

  can alley is actually enjoyable and [TS]

  that's your right knee rocket that are [TS]

  locked their responsibilities rocking [TS]

  the Sun now that would be either you've [TS]

  cracked my color and so it was general [TS]

  curtain to me that the knock against her [TS]

  or the reason that she might have had a [TS]

  harder time getting the the actually she [TS]

  deserved is because I feel like she did [TS]

  not blend into her character's was [TS]

  shooting clearly delineate them enough i [TS]

  think in large part because she was so [TS]

  often the straight woman it she did [TS]

  often felt like you were just seeing [TS]

  Jane Curtin in a different sketch when [TS]

  she was mentioned I think that's a [TS]

  failure of the writing staff at the time [TS]

  i'll have better writers yeah they could [TS]

  only write her as the mob right now or [TS]

  as the IC interviewer night right boys [TS]

  really good and I got her [TS]

  Monty it's your turn she's mine either [TS]

  collected money is returned what do you [TS]

  have for us [TS]

  well i know i already have Eddie Murphy [TS]

  but i'm concerned i don't have enough [TS]

  camera hogs so I'm throwing mike myers [TS]

  into the oh so you don't have a business [TS]

  where this is the other person that I [TS]

  was debating picking and I was actually [TS]

  gonna pick him next even though again [TS]

  not not liked because I think he's an [TS]

  extremely funny person he's so funny and [TS]

  even his lesser characters like dieter [TS]

  still make me laugh so hard you know and [TS]

  you can pair him with phil hartman to [TS]

  say yeah I'm held boot [TS]

  nobody remembers that are coming out it [TS]

  sprockets classic sprocket sketches [TS]

  anyway the only class extracted she has [TS]

  kyle maclachlan know that's true [TS]

  mmm yeah like my popular halloween [TS]

  costume in college for a lot of people [TS]

  Mike Myers you know ya again it's hard [TS]

  to sometimes look past like your love [TS]

  gurus your loves his mic wires was I was [TS]

  a good SNL guy is best seen on SNL ever [TS]

  though was when he appeared on the [TS]

  episode that Kanye West was the musical [TS]

  guest on this was this was after Kanye [TS]

  had done his George Bush doesn't care [TS]

  about black people think next to mike [TS]

  myers during the Katrina telethon [TS]

  so Lauren was having trouble cokes and [TS]

  Kanye West to come out and they're sort [TS]

  of one of those backstage sketches and [TS]

  he's trying to get us to come out and [TS]

  then he happens upon Mike Myers was no [TS]

  longer in the cast and like I haven't [TS]

  seen you in a while and so is very fine [TS]

  Best Performance by Mike Myers on SNL [TS]

  don't know Wayne's World get you know [TS]

  they they ran into the ground in sketch [TS]

  form and then they ran into the ground [TS]

  in movie form although i really like the [TS]

  first wayne's world movie and I and I [TS]

  like the first Austin Powers movie I [TS]

  don't like it there's a history of mike [TS]

  myers running things into the ground and [TS]

  making them worse and worse and worse [TS]

  over time but that's the SNL way yeah [TS]

  but it is yes anyway and you know what [TS]

  that night right obviously that first [TS]

  Wayne's World sketch was the last sketch [TS]

  of the night at and I kind of feel like [TS]

  sometimes they put the sketches that [TS]

  they don't put the worst sketch last [TS]

  they put the weirdest sketch last first [TS]

  Wayne's World sketch was a revelation it [TS]

  was such it was the best sketch of the [TS]

  night and then of course you know the [TS]

  next week it was the first guy and they [TS]

  ran it into the ground but while Mike [TS]

  Myers was still a featured player not a [TS]

  cast member he would be the star three [TS]

  or four stitches at night [TS]

  yes I think if we're going to give Jimmy [TS]

  Fallon gun fur for breaking and watching [TS]

  him do you have to give in [TS]

  Mike Myers was with / perfected the art [TS]

  of doing the take to the camera where [TS]

  compare meet somebody you're so funny [TS]

  yep one and they designed characters [TS]

  where he could get away with that [TS]

  yeah so now their degree yeah i'm a [TS]

  cheeky monkey [TS]

  I can't oh god that carry yeah but also [TS]

  apparently the shrek movies are the [TS]

  biggest money makers in the world or [TS]

  something that right that makes me not [TS]

  going to any money for drafting that [TS]

  makes me sad for the world and so I [TS]

  married an axe murderer bill phillips [TS]

  your choice [TS]

  how many pics do we have left because [TS]

  this will very much three left there you [TS]

  have three left so if you wanted Leslie [TS]

  if you want to draft you have 40 left if [TS]

  you would like to try and draft all [TS]

  three members of spinal tap you don't [TS]

  have to do it [TS]

  haha not good [TS]

  no that's not what happened no I'm [TS]

  looking at my my novel this election [TS]

  I thought about it I thought about you [TS]

  need to learn spinal tap but i'm looking [TS]

  at my copious notes and trying to [TS]

  determine what you bastards will take [TS]

  next so the draft this is the draft [TS]

  format working it's magic right now so [TS]

  worried about [TS]

  worried about [TS]

  still taking my guys hmm this is what we [TS]

  did wraps because the road worries it's [TS]

  fine i need and i need a weekend anchor [TS]

  update a weekend anchor Update Weekend [TS]

  Update anchor pads better is what i need [TS]

  yes words are very difficult to put in [TS]

  the right order they are I he's been [TS]

  spoken in love and he's a divisive [TS]

  figure making them i almost died almost [TS]

  picked him I I think he is one of the [TS]

  funniest people I he just makes me laugh [TS]

  constantly and hit his working sketches [TS]

  was derided his bob dole is the [TS]

  defendant so I'm taking your mcdonald [TS]

  yes taken or mcdonald he's gonna he's [TS]

  gonna post favorite part of that the [TS]

  traffic people start screaming no Donald [TS]

  people seriously [TS]

  normal Donald is one of the funniest [TS]

  humans alive was going on weekend [TS]

  update' that don olmeyer had him fired [TS]

  because he kept making fun of the oj of [TS]

  his murderous best friend of his [TS]

  murderous friend and and and get him off [TS]

  the air that's you know when you're so [TS]

  good at comedy that that the suits are [TS]

  demanding that you must leave the air [TS]

  you're doing something right yep and so [TS]

  many wonderful catchphrases so the [TS]

  Germans would have us believe you [TS]

  guessed it Frank Stallone [TS]

  normal is awesome real-world parody were [TS]

  Bob Dole those peanut butter [TS]

  do you remember when when Norma call [TS]

  came back to host long after he'd been [TS]

  fired of course is like you know before [TS]

  they fire me but now they're there every [TS]

  back toes which means I'm the funniest [TS]

  one here tonight as he's so great he's [TS]

  still fighting and also this is not very [TS]

  germane to saturday night live but ESPN [TS]

  does the horrible espy awards because if [TS]

  there's one people one group of people [TS]

  that don't get enough recognition [TS]

  professional athlete professional [TS]

  athletes they really need their own [TS]

  award show and he hosted one year and he [TS]

  did a [TS]

  the the opening monologue was so funny [TS]

  and cutting and incisive and no one [TS]

  laughed because they keep cutting to the [TS]

  athletes staring uncomfortably at this [TS]

  man was my sweet ripping them apart find [TS]

  it on youtube is it is required viewing [TS]

  so normal Donald's right my standby that [TS]

  choice [TS]

  Lex it's your choice bill you ignorant [TS]

  slut [TS]

  yeah not the first time I've heard that [TS]

  with norm gone i'm gonna i'm gonna move [TS]

  down the list a little bit and I'm [TS]

  drafting chris farley now not because [TS]

  he's good at being fat although he is [TS]

  really really fatally like that one of [TS]

  the best but his care i mean certainly I [TS]

  mean it's hard not to love Matt Foley [TS]

  the motivational speaker but the [TS]

  contract the characters that I love from [TS]

  chris farley word for his his character [TS]

  of himself when he hosted the chris [TS]

  farley show and then you talk to these [TS]

  actually do you remember when you know [TS]

  you're in that scene he's asking Paul [TS]

  McCartney remember when they were doing [TS]

  Paul is dead thing and the beatles like [TS]

  was that real [TS]

  of course was like well I'm not really [TS]

  dead and I don't know it when he was [TS]

  quiet he was so so good which i think [TS]

  only makes me happier that he could be [TS]

  no so boisterous and loud and good too [TS]

  but he really he could do both he wasn't [TS]

  just a one-trick pony and he's so so [TS]

  funny that I think my cast would be [TS]

  sorely lacking without him i don't know [TS]

  i think the best part of any chris [TS]

  farley sketches when it's on because you [TS]

  can get up and get a snack [TS]

  Wow Chris finally would agree with you [TS]

  except for the getting up part yeah so I [TS]

  read Rob Lowe's first autobiography he [TS]

  has 2 i've only had one hit the first [TS]

  one he actually does a story about that [TS]

  he did a movie with him I think tommy [TS]

  boy is the newest and Rob Lowe and chris [TS]

  farley go out to eat and apparently [TS]

  every time Chris Farley wood cut his [TS]

  stake you put a pad of butter on top of [TS]

  the bite of steak and then shove the [TS]

  whole thing this mouth and Rob Lowe's [TS]

  like you just eat a pound of butter with [TS]

  your steak and chris farley's like I [TS]

  know and that basically set the tone of [TS]

  tender for the two of them for the whole [TS]

  movie I'd like to back up for a moment [TS]

  mhm Robert Robert Caro and I apologize [TS]

  if I'm butchering the name wrote the [TS]

  three-volume biography of Lyndon Baines [TS]

  Johnson less because Rob Lowe is [TS]

  two-thirds of the way and it's an [TS]

  autobiography not a biography I know [TS]

  that's the best part like you just know [TS]

  any sub comes grandpa he's gonna have [TS]

  like a third volume out this is a man [TS]

  who believes in living a literary life [TS]

  and just to tie it into Saturday Night [TS]

  Live i do encourage you to find Rob [TS]

  Lowe's opening monologue from when he [TS]

  hosted Saturday Night Live which was [TS]

  shortly after his how you should always [TS]

  scandal with the the Democratic National [TS]

  after the investigation also watch his [TS]

  church lady sketch because that is [TS]

  hysterical especially because Dirty [TS]

  Dancing with the church but all I [TS]

  remember from that opening monologue was [TS]

  him doing this uncomfortable monologue [TS]

  that no one's laughing at him from the [TS]

  background you hear an audience member [TS]

  scream have a daughter time for a break [TS]

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  squarespace for supporting us and [TS]

  remember Squarespace a better web starts [TS]

  with your website [TS]

  I Lisa it's your choice okay Abby [TS]

  Elliott oh haha it knows what's your [TS]

  pick for predators from college like [TS]

  five bucks dimension is Elliot's [TS]

  daughter is not happy i know she had but [TS]

  i think three years on the show its [TS]

  granddaughter [TS]

  yeah but that's only about ya generation [TS]

  to Ray at home she had a couple years in [TS]

  the show and she was a pretty gifted [TS]

  impersonator and she's reliably funny [TS]

  and she has again she's got the the two [TS]

  things I like in my own several players [TS]

  which she's got a spark of weird energy [TS]

  and she's pretty generous with [TS]

  collaborating with other people and i [TS]

  like that and i think i could use [TS]

  another another solid player and i only [TS]

  have one good impression with Bill Hader [TS]

  and now i have to you know Phil [TS]

  I feel that's you know now easier user [TS]

  strike is your glue [TS]

  Wow besides believing that we live in a [TS]

  world with Kardashians i can ask phil [TS]

  hartman to play Kardashian he can't even [TS]

  play Bruce is that the first thing of [TS]

  parent and child both cast members on [TS]

  Saturday Night Live condition [TS]

  yes yes it is alright she was great i [TS]

  have no idea why they let her go but she [TS]

  was very good and she was on it and I [TS]

  suspect she would have done more if she [TS]

  hadn't been in the same cast as Kristen [TS]

  what weight because Kristen Wiig again [TS]

  she did everything she did everything [TS]

  she gobbled up a lot of female roles in [TS]

  the end but the fact is even on SNL it's [TS]

  still a pretty dude heavy show in terms [TS]

  of comedy no I mean people love to talk [TS]

  about how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and [TS]

  Rachel Dratch in my Rudolph for this [TS]

  this powerful quartet and blah blah blah [TS]

  but the fact of the matter is it's still [TS]

  a show where there's a lot of did comedy [TS]

  going on and so I think if you're a [TS]

  woman on SNL it can be a little bit [TS]

  difficult to to get the same persistent [TS]

  opportunities as it is if your utility [TS]

  player who's a guy I think Lisa that [TS]

  they let her go because she was at one [TS]

  point so high on cocaine that she [TS]

  crawled into a cardboard box in her [TS]

  office and wouldn't come out because she [TS]

  thought robots were going to kill her [TS]

  now that's Garrett Morris sorry I'm yeah [TS]

  everything you're saying that can be [TS]

  high on cocaine to be on SNL and now [TS]

  apparently not and they didn't fire [TS]

  cared for instance he just was convinced [TS]

  they just convincing the robots weren't [TS]

  going to kill him they were going to [TS]

  give him things that's actually the [TS]

  strategy i use of my daughter and her [TS]

  fears of Monsters is I just tell her [TS]

  that you know the monsters are not [TS]

  really here to scare you [TS]

  yeah maybe thought of picking or less [TS]

  cocaine plus you know my daughter you [TS]

  know because i think i can get her to do [TS]

  anything is a powerful motivator for [TS]

  David it's your turn you already have [TS]

  phil hartman Tina Fey Kate McKinnon [TS]

  Chris Parnell what's your next choice [TS]

  well it was gonna be happy Elliot but [TS]

  you're kidding I'm I serious now is [TS]

  Victoria Jackson but we have to put them [TS]

  on Twitter bring it we were doing that [TS]

  but i'm i'm also going to go for that [TS]

  spark of weird and someone who balances [TS]

  really nicely or plays really nicely [TS]

  with phil hartman I'm gonna go with jon [TS]

  lovitz ah love man the love man [TS]

  yes because again utility player [TS]

  can be the lead can be in the background [TS]

  count God he was so funny Satan on the [TS]

  people several of the day [TS]

  best night of my favorite love is the [TS]

  devil [TS]

  oh my favorite loves him with Tom Hanks [TS]

  this airline can't be helped in either [TS]

  but it helped me out here at feel that [TS]

  the dude who sold the the tails [TS]

  Oh tales of tales of rebel 30 miles of [TS]

  travel routes and and implement Lou was [TS]

  a john lithgow having the master [TS]

  thespian asteroid SPN was a great [TS]

  character [TS]

  thank you all very character though yeah [TS]

  i would have had loved it on the list [TS]

  but he had a character that um that [TS]

  annoying man [TS]

  yes mmhmm yeah i would I want us to be [TS]

  stricken that one can go away [TS]

  yeah but I mean I we have the complete [TS]

  critic on DVD and we have watched it [TS]

  over and over and over again and they're [TS]

  just they're just phrases that I here in [TS]

  Jon Lovitz his voice now in my head [TS]

  which is maybe a little disturbing and [TS]

  but they still crack me up by my boss [TS]

  Charles Napier is the MVP of that series [TS]

  by the way [TS]

  yes I i have no one to envy I envy you [TS]

  having me to envy but it's not fun fact [TS]

  when i was in college i want to see Jon [TS]

  Lovitz in anton chekhov or a check [TS]

  officer Pavel Chester's now the third [TS]

  sister just because everything yeah now [TS]

  well when you let Jon Lovitz having the [TS]

  first act has to go off in the third [TS]

  yep that's what i was a college I almost [TS]

  saw the odd couple starring ted lange [TS]

  and Ernie Johnson been driving all the [TS]

  way up with a long interest in fairness [TS]

  to the really interesting become alright [TS]

  it's my choice i haven't I i have picked [TS]

  lots of people from the distant past i'm [TS]

  gonna i'm gonna get somebody who's a [TS]

  little more recent who I think from the [TS]

  distant future a good fit in the future [TS]

  from the year twenty 2058 IDK lower [TS]

  behind its going to see live now in [TS]

  Italy is the first [TS]

  probably daughter granddaughter yeah I [TS]

  again not not i don't have the [TS]

  encyclopedic knowledge of more recent [TS]

  seasons but this is somebody whose work [TS]

  I really appreciate and I like having [TS]

  somebody like this in the cast is [TS]

  versatile and strange and it's Fred [TS]

  Armisen [TS]

  i I just I don't know what it is about [TS]

  mega time I really like that guy [TS]

  I think he's really funny and strange [TS]

  and oh my god yeah he's great at the 145 [TS]

  sketch just given the last few minutes [TS]

  of the show and let we're timezone you [TS]

  live is range than 45 sketch [TS]

  well whatever it is 1245 time-shifting I [TS]

  see you yet accessible later it was [TS]

  another boat in the Alaskan timezone [TS]

  second it this is a true statement until [TS]

  very recently seattle was still showing [TS]

  reruns of almost live at eleven-thirty [TS]

  Wow through that now they show them [TS]

  after saturday night live but they're [TS]

  still happening is it is very good and I [TS]

  I don't begrudge you to pick their Jason [TS]

  I just find him something about him is [TS]

  grading even when he's at his best I [TS]

  find engraving so I think that's why [TS]

  club that's how I feel about my Rudolph [TS]

  so you know thats Sarah totally fair i [TS]

  agree with Lex [TS]

  yeah well better words to say but I do [TS]

  you can still be happy [TS]

  yeah I you know this is also me trying [TS]

  to pick somebody who wasn't on the show [TS]

  when I was in high school so let's move [TS]

  on [TS]

  where we have two rounds left to go [TS]

  Monty um I was so sure i could say Fred [TS]

  Armisen here no one off my game [TS]

  it wasn't even on my list i'm going to [TS]

  say Jenny slate good dick love her [TS]

  good pick a really good pic I like with [TS]

  Jason I wanted somebody more recent than [TS]

  some of my other killer read your style [TS]

  choices but she's super funny and should [TS]

  have had more than two years I've [TS]

  saturday i live i encourage you to watch [TS]

  her drunk history episode [TS]

  oh god she's so funny drunk history and [TS]

  also marcel the shell with shoes on [TS]

  i also really like her as Monalisa [TS]

  Saperstein on parks and rec ok you know [TS]

  her biggest doesn't family [TS]

  yeah it's dropping the f-bomb on her [TS]

  first episode her this is the first [TS]

  stash their fairy tales rocket all right [TS]

  Phil it's your pick now I'm like money I [TS]

  i was looking at Jenny slate for this [TS]

  pic I'm gonna go with isn't yeah i'm [TS]

  gonna go with another person whose time [TS]

  on SNL was too short again since I i I'm [TS]

  an old man i can't stay up to 7 30 [TS]

  centre de nights anymore either [TS]

  technology friends no to you about your [TS]

  friends including no point watching the [TS]

  next day it's all rotten by then there [TS]

  are it's not like they're their sports [TS]

  to watch an old movie night moves office [TS]

  so i'm not familiar with her with with [TS]

  her saturday night live work but [TS]

  everything else I've seen her in [TS]

  suggests to me that Lauren Michaels laid [TS]

  an egg with the decision to run her out [TS]

  of town i'm taking casey wilson always [TS]

  she's great she baffled as to why they [TS]

  get rid of after one season she was good [TS]

  yeah she is she just a really talented [TS]

  performer uh everything I've seen her in [TS]

  from happy endings to again drunk [TS]

  history [TS]

  it makes me laugh and laugh and laugh I [TS]

  think she's great [TS]

  alright seems like there's no argument [TS]

  not like with some pics like the ones i [TS]

  make you know that's good well done well [TS]

  done both although i did i'd have to [TS]

  point out you chose her for her present [TS]

  it's on Saturday Night Live and not from [TS]

  actually having seen her on Saturday [TS]

  know for all I for all I know she was [TS]

  terrible on this show was terrible and [TS]

  this is a time when I will side with [TS]

  Lorne Michaels in the sense that she did [TS]

  not do well there but she clearly is [TS]

  very talented i don't agree with [TS]

  anything said about her talent post SNL [TS]

  likes it's your it's your turn [TS]

  I need a Weekend Update host you do yes [TS]

  he did have to choose between bread hi [TS]

  available i have to choose another [TS]

  person a person whom I loathe the [TS]

  politics and which I thought was very [TS]

  very good and we can do it for a person [TS]

  who I think is also a really good sketch [TS]

  versatility player which Dennis Miller [TS]

  wasn't at and whos Weekend Update I [TS]

  loved but who didn't do Weekend Update [TS]

  right anyway I loved it but it wasn't [TS]

  right I'm gonna go with a ladder because [TS]

  I don't hire people hate so I'm hiring [TS]

  kevin nealon Colin Quinn thinks this is [TS]

  bull is the worst thing that ever [TS]

  happened Weekend Update hi agree on I [TS]

  realize you the seth meyers thinks this [TS]

  is bull myers to vanilla for me to a [TS]

  little too i mean i love III actually [TS]

  despise Seth Meyers so Evan like a meal [TS]

  with jokes and we cannot be really shy [TS]

  buyers will be back with people filled [TS]

  the spices after this to court shot [TS]

  scabbard like spies it's a series if we [TS]

  can if we can draft most hated and milk [TS]

  a step that would be awesome [TS]

  victoria jackson can be everyone's it [TS]

  wasn't we're gonna get everybody gets [TS]

  victoria jackson the first round started [TS]

  a funhouse mirror fill ya know she's [TS]

  planar ukulele and sing about how obama [TS]

  should be murdered good at voices let's [TS]

  let's tell us about kevin i just want to [TS]

  say his one kind of update joke which I [TS]

  think shows a lot of how he approaches [TS]

  anything he did it twice which makes it [TS]

  even funnier anybody said like let's [TS]

  look at the story from a different angle [TS]

  and then the camera two different angle [TS]

  he said the same thing he had said [TS]

  higher [TS]

  and like that's a very silly and [TS]

  different take on update that most [TS]

  people do but he was he was really good [TS]

  in many sketches and of course since i [TS]

  also have Dana Carvey now I can rekindle [TS]

  home Franz and so I'm very happy to have [TS]

  Kevin join the team [TS]

  alright Lisa your pick Tracy Morgan good [TS]

  pic i was i was about to go there so [TS]

  well [TS]

  well done thank you know but yes yes i [TS]

  love to mr. Jones every time you bust [TS]

  out with I'm and if it's just correct [TS]

  and this is another example where the [TS]

  most SNL career and his work on 30 rock [TS]

  you know reinforces just what a out [TS]

  funny is kind of force of nature guy he [TS]

  wasn't also i think says something about [TS]

  his his character that Tina Fey came off [TS]

  of Saturday Night Live and said I'm [TS]

  going to do a show and Tracy Morgan's [TS]

  going to be in it with me which you know [TS]

  said something because she knew about [TS]

  Tracy Morgan could have been like I'm [TS]

  not work with that guy and she's like no [TS]

  I want that guy and she's like that [TS]

  she's like no one actually believe that [TS]

  this is what he's like in real life and [TS]

  she just turned it up to 11 and returned [TS]

  you also get tracy Jordan and tracy [TS]

  jordan's movie career if i can get Angie [TS]

  Jordan as an add-on to i do you have [TS]

  died had all man now it's just again to [TS]

  this [TS]

  well I have my reasons for picking Tracy [TS]

  Morgan they're all good i'm not sharing [TS]

  them with you because I don't care to [TS]

  make another running joke no no please [TS]

  no you know seriousness your theories [TS]

  about about no building ensemble cast [TS]

  are quite spot on [TS]

  I think ya know I need to find another [TS]

  agent of chaos because I just said Bill [TS]

  Murray I think I was a kid I know I i [TS]

  agree and balances out [TS]

  ya know my last big has to be a brainy [TS]

  weirdo and you guys have screwed me [TS]

  so there's still some weirdos out there [TS]

  yeah David it's your pick what do you [TS]

  have for us [TS]

  oh well since all all the women I was [TS]

  originally going to pick on me as you [TS]

  were my wife I'd a well-liked disappear [TS]

  all the way but I haha it's the dystopia [TS]

  coming this fall all the women I picked [TS]

  our god it's the worst julio iglesias [TS]

  Willie Nelson song ever [TS]

  Bobby women i've picked before not even [TS]

  better with curry s80 Bryant yes she's [TS]

  so money's interested in you know I [TS]

  think there's undiscovered depths the [TS]

  chichi is yet because we have can make [TS]

  it into don't you and yes exactly so [TS]

  Dyke and fat 32 obviously daikin fats [TS]

  latches but in and just the two of them [TS]

  in sketches balance each other nicely so [TS]

  they I think they make a really nice [TS]

  team so I like your digital short we can [TS]

  do it might win bad we can both of them [TS]

  just went for crazy with that was great [TS]

  alright again i have seen no sentient [TS]

  life for the last four years so I [TS]

  ecology center bouncing yeah and i are [TS]

  watching sports [TS]

  yeah personal use these out sports [TS]

  yeah and the other true and star trek [TS]

  i'm with my pic I i also want another [TS]

  woman cast member [TS]

  I've got a couple that I've been holding [TS]

  a hole in my house somewhere here is [TS]

  about my bedroom for 3 with a couple of [TS]

  time thinking about that are not neither [TS]

  of whom were fantastic on the show one [TS]

  of whom was ok on the show and one of [TS]

  whom was on the show during a time when [TS]

  the show was completely off the rails [TS]

  John have gone on to be very talented [TS]

  actresses and comedians and we mentioned [TS]

  earlier [TS]

  Julia Louie Dreyfus I think she's a very [TS]

  talented person who was not put to best [TS]

  use on saturday night live in the [TS]

  different solera absolutely not i'm [TS]

  gonna go instead for an actress from the [TS]

  weird first return season of Loren [TS]

  Michaels the one with randy quaid that [TS]

  season the one weird with Robert Downey [TS]

  jr. but not selectable actress that I'm [TS]

  gonna pick her despite her marginal work [TS]

  on the show it was a marginal year [TS]

  actually think she did ok work in a [TS]

  really bad weird year [TS]

  and that's Joan Cusack yep so I'm gonna [TS]

  pick joan cusack I think especially like [TS]

  her so much microphone for me 10 per [TS]

  year was problematic to Korea she's [TS]

  really great and actually like the the [TS]

  my favorite sketch from that year by the [TS]

  way because i actually did watch every [TS]

  episode that year there was a great [TS]

  twilight zone riff called the limits of [TS]

  the imagination that involved a floating [TS]

  head of randy quaid making bizarre [TS]

  declarations let Rod Serling style and I [TS]

  was a great together [TS]

  so basically 129 happened back in 1985's [TS]

  what you're saying there was a really [TS]

  good sketch for about two minutes and [TS]

  then there was the rest of the year and [TS]

  that when there was seven more minutes [TS]

  of it because yes well sketches of [TS]

  course was SNL of course but it's a john [TS]

  cusack is going to join my cast and I [TS]

  think she's gonna be great maybe her [TS]

  brother can come on hold up a boombox at [TS]

  some point anyway [TS]

  Monty I were at the last round [TS]

  it's your pick what do you have at this [TS]

  point I need somebody who's going to be [TS]

  in charge of interstitial bits [TS]

  no I was like the one you're telling [TS]

  Albert Brooks because you might be the [TS]

  funniest person ever but Albert Brooks [TS]

  is SNL specific work was never actually [TS]

  my favorite so I'm going to go with [TS]

  longtime SNL writer Jack Handey yeah [TS]

  sure it's excellent that's a great [TS]

  choice [TS]

  yeah IDK cons stuck deep thoughts on my [TS]

  edition of SNL and will do fine [TS]

  interesting not Roberts Michael went [TS]

  with jack handey his book these [TS]

  adventures Honolulu is kind of an [TS]

  interesting read [TS]

  it's it's it's not I was it was a great [TS]

  profile of him on the well Yorker to is [TS]

  that what does have great [TS]

  yeah he didn't want it yeah really in [TS]

  comedies was unnerving people who is [TS]

  like really well adjusted in a super [TS]

  hard worker and just naturally weird [TS]

  those guys [TS]

  yeah that's good man for the worst our [TS]

  jack handey is on Monty's team Phil it's [TS]

  your final pic I'm going around them i [TS]

  cast member with another person who I [TS]

  think was ill served by the show i think [TS]

  he still did very good work on the show [TS]

  I think he fills out a lot of sketches [TS]

  well i'm gonna go with Tim Meadows oh no [TS]

  I can be an awkward car ride home is [TS]

  what I'm telling you [TS]

  as good as two medals was an SNL was as [TS]

  bad as he's been on most things since I [TS]

  i enjoy his work on the colbert report [TS]

  that's no okay i'll give you that I'm [TS]

  really thinking that short-lived Michael [TS]

  Richards show on which everyone was [TS]

  terrible and yeah really yeah you're [TS]

  basing people an actual Richard show I [TS]

  well [TS]

  really yes that's that's that's here [TS]

  that's your basis for the value of a [TS]

  human being and very good on that show [TS]

  with that guy was good in that one thing [TS]

  that awful and everything else [TS]

  what about you a tragical Richards was [TS]

  good into things off all how dare you I [TS]

  dare sir but the mellows you know [TS]

  Tomatoes good one of my favorite bits [TS]

  that he ever did was a weekend update [TS]

  segment um very it was very straight [TS]

  face very straightforward about the NHL [TS]

  lockout where he was talking about how [TS]

  he was so happy the hartford whalers [TS]

  would get to play cannon and it I can't [TS]

  do it justice because it he just [TS]

  deadpans it under under place and all [TS]

  the way did deadpan he and under play [TS]

  under place things so well it's just I [TS]

  don't know if he goes home and goes into [TS]

  like a primal screaming room to get it [TS]

  all out or what it was like you after [TS]

  being comfortable i just made love to [TS]

  his matter of fact and gosh darn it I [TS]

  even like the ladies man to it to some [TS]

  extent except for the movie i like the [TS]

  first 17 or so time to sketch not the [TS]

  movie for God's sake [TS]

  yeah oh yeah you putting that in mind [TS]

  intentionally have been out that that's [TS]

  not talking telling us about the movie [TS]

  let's not undermine my pick my nose is [TS]

  great [TS]

  you're never made a movie called the [TS]

  ladies man i have my utility players [TS]

  list yep so yeah use and that's why is [TS]

  on my team [TS]

  well pick flex it is you're not last [TS]

  selection it's my penultimate pic yeah [TS]

  why you hate phil hartman Lex could you [TS]

  just talk about is your seventh gonna be [TS]

  somebody better than phil hartman yeah [TS]

  maybe his compensatory pickle just be [TS]

  Phil Hartman congratulate you on that on [TS]

  Phil Hartman is great for the morning to [TS]

  pick a Jewish cast member whose [TS]

  initiative [TS]

  and I'm betting on to that Rihanna its [TS]

  mysteries that sandler and Sandberg okay [TS]

  but I'm not everyone has a good head [TS]

  around why they both are excellent SNL [TS]

  players who are also very flawed how do [TS]

  you feel about the Opera I was just [TS]

  pissed I'm I have post-traumatic [TS]

  flashbacks from Lisa made a very obscene [TS]

  gesture by the way if that influences [TS]

  your pic anyway it it is by far the most [TS]

  vulgar thing i have ever seen her do so [TS]

  this thing here's here's my debate [TS]

  sampler is a very helpful cast member as [TS]

  folks talk about in that sales book [TS]

  where you know if they were a few [TS]

  minutes short Lorne Michaels could say [TS]

  hey Adam I need a song about [TS]

  thanksgiving in five minutes later [TS]

  saying they had a song about [TS]

  thanksgiving we're here I'm like turkey [TS]

  with working or whatever he had to do [TS]

  that's helpful Samberg on the other hand [TS]

  was a little bit better on tape that he [TS]

  was live in digital shorts were at first [TS]

  good and then eventually derivative and [TS]

  then sometimes go again so it's it's [TS]

  really very much a coin flip for me and [TS]

  I want to pick the one that's going to [TS]

  cause the most pain to others in the [TS]

  draft and so I'm gonna go with Sandler [TS]

  you messed it up [TS]

  you're so jealous huh Adam Sandler you [TS]

  can get i hope you will like offer man [TS]

  because you're going to get them now a [TS]

  lot of overhand all right you could have [TS]

  had Brooklyn nine-nine study meet you [TS]

  got the wino Brooklyn nine-nine is some [TS]

  Sabres best work so the other day i was [TS]

  buying groceries and they've got the [TS]

  dvds lined up [TS]

  um and they had whatever movie adam [TS]

  sandler and drew barrymore did recently [TS]

  when they do lots there exactly where [TS]

  they're like they're like the Hepburn [TS]

  and yeah I see for our time one up and [TS]

  one where they went to everyone i wanted [TS]

  to color i think it's called that's [TS]

  black march and stop when it was just [TS]

  their narrow it down yeah that would be [TS]

  funnier or to steal a steal and or [TS]

  mcdonalds joke on my team i think it was [TS]

  called box-office poison [TS]

  that was the greatest achievement is [TS]

  poor Courtney Courtney what's your [TS]

  thorne-smith had no idea how to react to [TS]

  any of that but uh it was just there as [TS]

  well [TS]

  look there's an ass amateur movie that I [TS]

  could buy as a as an impulse purchase [TS]

  because apparently money has no meaning [TS]

  to you because I don't care about money [TS]

  your joy your entertainment so good pic [TS]

  looks good thank you [TS]

  because what I'm trying to say maybe [TS]

  you're causing people pain because [TS]

  they're questioning everything they know [TS]

  about you [TS]

  yeah I'm fine with that Lisa it's your [TS]

  choice so I needed somebody super weird [TS]

  for my last because I didn't have enough [TS]

  super weird and I don't know why not [TS]

  and now I don't and I my initial impulse [TS]

  was to go with Paul Brittain who was a [TS]

  cast member from twenty ten to twenty [TS]

  twelve Phyllis looking like a monkey [TS]

  who's just discovered fire like that ? [TS]

  is floating over his head and a bourbon [TS]

  sended cloud now I feel that you're just [TS]

  naming ex-boyfriends know Tim gather in [TS]

  ski still be your official right that's [TS]

  the Lord Cecil Wyndemere and he also did [TS]

  the legendary sketches which i find [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  are you picking the sky or is this just [TS]

  tell you I'm like throwing him as a [TS]

  booty like sauce going to pick left so [TS]

  I'm just I'm just offering all right I'm [TS]

  grateful to lex because you picked the [TS]

  wrong s i'm picking adams i'm picking [TS]

  andy samberg you get and I'm picking [TS]

  andy samberg re treats because i think [TS]

  the digital shorts actually did a great [TS]

  job of dragging SNL kicking and [TS]

  screaming into the next century and [TS]

  because to this day I can you buy very [TS]

  often and to this day I can't get on the [TS]

  stinkin fairy without thinking I'm on a [TS]

  lot of both [TS]

  yeah take a good hard look at the I [TS]

  think it's safe to say that it is a sort [TS]

  of dragged Saturday Night Live back into [TS]

  a format that they already had in the [TS]

  eighties because that was Dick of [TS]

  ourselves brit big innovation was doing [TS]

  a lot of pre-taped yeah shorts i wanna [TS]

  kinda brought it back around 1 i've also [TS]

  i would pick it i would begin December [TS]

  just because oh my god that the one [TS]

  where he is Michael Bolton to sing and [TS]

  dress up like erin brockovich is just [TS]

  delightful i wanna pose a question to [TS]

  you I'll pose this to the panel at large [TS]

  go on doesn't doing pre-taped things run [TS]

  counter to the entire idea behind [TS]

  Saturday Night Live isn't that a total [TS]

  betrayal of the actual they all need [TS]

  time to change portion of that I know [TS]

  you guys are you cheatng that's why you [TS]

  have GE Smith grimacing while he plays [TS]

  his heart would help my team of most [TS]

  hated Saturday Night Live elements he [TS]

  totally would your smithing suit there's [TS]

  always been pre-taped and albert brooks [TS]

  always Erbil and puppets stuff [TS]

  yeah yeah I but but it's doing it's [TS]

  different when it's like mr. bill and [TS]

  then the in the Muppets and uh Albert [TS]

  Brooks it's not someone who's special [TS]

  for dinner my day says ground even even [TS]

  the Muppets were done live [TS]

  no because the you know in the episode [TS]

  lera they would often be like half hour [TS]

  of the show would be different pre-taped [TS]

  bits it would buy the regular cast [TS]

  members and and that was that was [TS]

  controversial at the time and Lorne [TS]

  Michaels when you put a stop to it when [TS]

  he came back and in fact it wasn't until [TS]

  really the andy samberg kinda era that [TS]

  you saw saw that come back again [TS]

  yeah and I kind of resent it come on the [TS]

  west coast i never see it live anyway [TS]

  we're at like yeah that's what movie or [TS]

  sports mom [TS]

  David it's your turn well you know I was [TS]

  thinking about Julia Louie Dreyfus but [TS]

  you know i kinda like everyone is [TS]

  thinking about Julia Louie Dreyfus I'm [TS]

  thinking about it right now it's been [TS]

  rolling stone cover but I i think i [TS]

  prefer her as an actress [TS]

  mm compared to sketch comedy you know [TS]

  and you know i thought well i could do [TS]

  interstitials with ben stiller because [TS]

  he did that for a little while more [TS]

  episodes and they didn't know what to do [TS]

  with him you were so so you know I could [TS]

  go with him but you know and then it's [TS]

  like Harry Shearer and it's like well [TS]

  you're just listening things now but [TS]

  then I then I thought about it was like [TS]

  I kinda like the thought of picking [TS]

  another woman and having the women [TS]

  outnumber the men for once nice who i'll [TS]

  go with Vanessa Bayer yeah that's a [TS]

  great rec current cast member again [TS]

  another one of those utility players who [TS]

  can just be [TS]

  weird or be straight straight man you [TS]

  know but but yeah let's have the women [TS]

  outnumber the man for once Kevin I'm not [TS]

  gonna belittle your choices here but [TS]

  you've picked a lot of current cast [TS]

  members which would seem to suggest that [TS]

  the current casts great heat [TS]

  well the current cast is not bad the [TS]

  writing is awful [TS]

  mm but David's gonna do all the writing [TS]

  on mancinelli be some good so that's [TS]

  true well radio dramas it so it's all [TS]

  it's all studio 60 I'm gonna have mad at [TS]

  all haha Lord uh-huh [TS]

  cancel cancel so that's the first [TS]

  commercial break [TS]

  yeah well David halfway to the export [TS]

  stars and he can probably get Cecily [TS]

  strong off the waiver wire eternal they [TS]

  go but to be fair a lot of my first pics [TS]

  were already taken [TS]

  yeah that's no defense [TS]

  we're taking her out but ok i would i [TS]

  would have taken Gilda Radner in my [TS]

  route all German you don't get them so i [TS]

  don't get the draft format is cruel [TS]

  that's right all right David take [TS]

  somebody from a show that I've never [TS]

  seen I don't like my cast so all right [TS]

  she was a great bar mitzvah boy and a [TS]

  great Miley Cyrus okay I'm gonna go back [TS]

  to the eighties for a guy who again i [TS]

  think is not thought of as well now as [TS]

  he was during his era on the show when [TS]

  he was he was for up to three years the [TS]

  go to sketch comedian and of course then [TS]

  you've also got his time on other great [TS]

  sketch comedy shows i am going to make [TS]

  my last cast member martin short since [TS]

  we're going to say Joe Piscopo Martin no [TS]

  Martin Short you get your end grimly [TS]

  yeah you got you get your arm you get [TS]

  here in the third Jackie Jackie Rogers [TS]

  you're around jr. he got a Bradley jr. [TS]

  is an outfielder for the Red Sox jacket [TS]

  when you get to check out your men [TS]

  million-dollar jackpot WOD which is one [TS]

  of the greatest sketches of all time if [TS]

  you haven't seen Jackie Rogers juniors [TS]

  million at the million-dollar jackpot [TS]

  wad you are missing something watching [TS]

  on YouTube and barton short you know [TS]

  some great he'd the nervous executive [TS]

  being interviewed for 60 minutes [TS]

  speaking a pre-taped sketches that's a [TS]

  classic [TS]

  and again we now think Oh Martin shorty [TS]

  you what did you do after 7i live a [TS]

  bunch of stuff that wasn't that [TS]

  interesting but the fact is on SNL he [TS]

  was the go-to guy for several years and [TS]

  very very funny so I'm happy to have [TS]

  Martin Martin Short on my and after [TS]

  ripping apart of pre-taped stuff he did [TS]

  that great thing with Harry Shearer [TS]

  within synchronization having a [TS]

  synchronized swimmers fast that is that [TS]

  is simply the best [TS]

  I know you I know you dig a hole that is [TS]

  not a tape thing that has ever been on [TS]

  Saturday Night Live Strong word Ariana [TS]

  it's charles to only on that one year [TS]

  yeah wasn't and they were the show was [TS]

  only one year I thought he was only one [TS]

  out one year one year the last the last [TS]

  week that was over here they killed that [TS]

  year that was a great yet it was it was [TS]

  beautiful they called me pre-recorded [TS]

  say when they called Martin Short know [TS]

  who I'd like martin short's terrible [TS]

  Germany click show huh i had his posture [TS]

  and everybody did it was terrible [TS]

  mighty love favorable anyway Martin [TS]

  Short I'm gonna put them in a lot of [TS]

  sketches and it's gonna be good and i [TS]

  realized i was actually going to pick [TS]

  dennis miller with my last pic because [TS]

  although he is a problematic figure [TS]

  today and a lot of people don't like him [TS]

  he was I could argue maybe the best mhm [TS]

  Weekend Update guy he was great his [TS]

  reference humor i love i love it [TS]

  ah but uh i realized that i already have [TS]

  a Chevy Chase [TS]

  yeah you can do it your design has got [TS]

  Dana Carvey and his Chevy Chase and [TS]

  you're not [TS]

  well then you can you should drafting a [TS]

  dad Dennis Miller so that they can do [TS]

  they do the side-by-side yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  yeah well i think the argument is that [TS]

  he had an economy he doesn't need the X [TS]

  exists [TS]

  ok looks like I got Kevin Nealon all [TS]

  right Lex you decided not to get we [TS]

  don't phil hartman at the top so now you [TS]

  get out an extra pick at the bottom here [TS]

  it is that means ok I'm yeah I debated [TS]

  do i need a weirdo and if i needed weird [TS]

  i was going to go towards Will Forte if [TS]

  I need an item on my list will be [TS]

  writing another true utility player i [TS]

  was going to go Jason Sudeikis who [TS]

  really out here is my list but he didn't [TS]

  go higher [TS]

  I'm choosing either because I [TS]

  not going about your hand still out [TS]

  there who is the most versatile random [TS]

  guy who's on forever 2 i'm going to pick [TS]

  the only SNL cast member who ever became [TS]

  United States Senator [TS]

  here's why boo [TS]

  although I Frank is editor Dennis Miller [TS]

  yeah second senator Hitler is who have [TS]

  bigger needed although Al Franken from [TS]

  the gym romanian erica Hill is far from [TS]

  a great performer Jason indicated in the [TS]

  rules that we could also pick folks who [TS]

  were writer yes and Stuart Smalley I [TS]

  mean people love that for a little while [TS]

  is very popular and Stuart Smalley fine [TS]

  character whatever but Al Franken and [TS]

  excellent writer for saturday night live [TS]

  I don't have any but i have Dana Carvey [TS]

  to do political stuff but I don't have [TS]

  anybody to actually write the political [TS]

  content Alfred perfect thats no very [TS]

  good when it's good politically so I i [TS]

  needed out Frank there to help round out [TS]

  i think his best political work was done [TS]

  with Tom Davis yeah they they did the [TS]

  final day sketch is starting my topic [TS]

  dan Aykroyd where it did that actually [TS]

  Trump's the real pasta is richard nixon [TS]

  i doubt you [TS]

  Kennedy having sex with woman in the [TS]

  white house that never happened when [TS]

  Richard Nixon was president [TS]

  get down on your knees and pray with me [TS]

  Henry so it's a decent pic Lex I guess I [TS]

  had five people on last that I couldn't [TS]

  draft you know I i would like to yeah i [TS]

  still have a list of the spreadsheet now [TS]

  and i'm just going to name the people [TS]

  who i was considering ok let's let's go [TS]

  let's go through we're gonna with this [TS]

  is the who you didn't pick round and [TS]

  then we'll be done [TS]

  Monty who do you have left um in the [TS]

  face of undoubted mockery the people i [TS]

  had left listed were Bobby Moynihan [TS]

  Horatio Sanz David Spade and Nora Dunn [TS]

  david spade's a fine option i agree with [TS]

  all of those except you're done yeah all [TS]

  right Phil I have Jim Breuer pittsford [TS]

  Christopher Abu you mr. Christopher [TS]

  gasps suggestion [TS]

  I had Darrell Hammond he came in for a [TS]

  lot of mockery tonight but tim kaiser it [TS]

  scary thought he was a he was a hell of [TS]

  a writer actually Don Novello gaya mm I [TS]

  didn't pick him because it would have [TS]

  meant I would have had to talk to him [TS]

  but Joe Piscopo was a fine impressionist [TS]

  I had Julia Sweeney I had Jason Sudeikis [TS]

  on my list and I had damon wayans for [TS]

  his family that you could do a whole [TS]

  team of people exactly know if we were [TS]

  doing the draft of people who went on to [TS]

  better things after Saturday Night Live [TS]

  kept kick them to the curb [TS]

  damon wayans and Chris Rock would [TS]

  probably be the anchors yeah i'm robert [TS]

  downey jr i think yeah I would think [TS]

  michael hollister Michael mother [TS]

  apparently sarah silverman with on [TS]

  Saturday [TS]

  yeah apparently she was mark McKinney [TS]

  michael mckean mark McKinney is best [TS]

  work was before Saturday Night Live [TS]

  thank you i think is best ensemble with [TS]

  kiddin kids in the hall yeah but that [TS]

  was before seven internally [TS]

  yeah so let's do you have any extras why [TS]

  I mentioned Sudeikis and forte the other [TS]

  one who I have on my list is Phil's be [TS]

  loved' Seth Meyers because i think his [TS]

  writings really strong and he was a [TS]

  great head writer on that show [TS]

  nope now bill with the rebound Lisa who [TS]

  do you have left [TS]

  I'm i am I on my list so I didn't get a [TS]

  chance to draft you no no no all right [TS]

  now I hang out with him confident with [TS]

  her destroyed David you have anybody [TS]

  left over [TS]

  oh yeah I had Rachel Dratch and Jan [TS]

  hooks return shot I'm shot this is the [TS]

  first time that someone has mentioned [TS]

  Rachel drachez name in the context of [TS]

  picking yeah yeah I don't want to be [TS]

  downer [TS]

  well no she wasn't until the player like [TS]

  but if you want to if you want a female [TS]

  utility player i would i would still [TS]

  pick Julia Sweeney over Rachel Dratch [TS]

  because I think sweetie I think sweetie [TS]

  disappeared your characters more [TS]

  effectively yes she was also on my list [TS]

  yesterday cuz and you know i was just [TS]

  serve as we're going along looking going [TS]

  who are the combinations I wanted to see [TS]

  and so it's yeah [TS]

  kinda picking all these alright and my [TS]

  list I I the names i still had on it [TS]

  I thought about Paul Shaffer mom I [TS]

  thought about I thought about Jon Arryn [TS]

  show was one of the few people to [TS]

  actually drop the f-bomb yeah Loggins [TS]

  Loggins Loggins Loggins was wearing a [TS]

  flogging yeah Harry Shearer uh Gary [TS]

  kroger of course as I mentioned earlier [TS]

  randy quaid David damon wayans Chris [TS]

  Rock I thought about speaking of the [TS]

  people who who went on to better things [TS]

  didn't go off alone would be in that [TS]

  camp too I suppose [TS]

  see I kept everybody off my list who I [TS]

  thought was woefully underused yeah yeah [TS]

  because that's an entirely different you [TS]

  know you could draft it's true is that [TS]

  way i also had a Will Forte bill hater [TS]

  who got taken i guess Jason Sudeikis [TS]

  Kenan Thompson I do like is that [TS]

  yeah I didn't like that alright that [TS]

  brings us to the end let me recap for [TS]

  you before we go [TS]

  who your your new cast members are Monty [TS]

  you get phil hartman Eddie Murphy Gilda [TS]

  Radner Amy Poehler mike myers Jenny [TS]

  slate jack handey parents watch that [TS]

  show [TS]

  alright thanks for being a true Thank [TS]

  You Phil Michaels you get phil hartman [TS]

  Dean Aykroyd John Belushi how Kristen [TS]

  Wiig your mcdonalds casey wilson and Tim [TS]

  Meadows i am pleased with that roster [TS]

  alright i would I wouldn't change things [TS]

  Lisa you get phil hartman Bill Murray [TS]

  ana gasteyer Bill Hader Abby Elliott [TS]

  tracy morgan and andy samberg and the [TS]

  bills reversal it's not imaginary bills [TS]

  and imaginary network in I David lower [TS]

  you get phil hartman Tina Fey Kate [TS]

  McKinnon Chris Parnell Jon Lovitz 80 [TS]

  Bryant Vanessa Bayer people i have never [TS]

  heard of this [TS]

  it's just enjoy it would be pretty good [TS]

  friend and friends yeah me and Joe steel [TS]

  fake name that totally fake [TS]

  i Lex Friedman thank you for being here [TS]

  you get Dana Carvey will ferrell Maya [TS]

  Rudolph chris farley kevin nealon adam [TS]

  sandler and me Al Franken well he hates [TS]

  phil hartman I'm very very pleased with [TS]

  that I I don't have phil hartman for [TS]

  some reason but I'm very handsome i cast [TS]

  because if you're seething hatred tell [TS]

  you get Dana Carvey instead of phil [TS]

  hartman so you know that'll just it'll [TS]

  it'll have to work Dana Carvey i think [TS]

  is the linchpin well when you don't have [TS]

  phil hartman you have to grasp for [TS]

  anything [TS]

  oh my choices were of course phil [TS]

  hartman Billy Crystal Chevy Chase Jane [TS]

  Curtin i'm going to use a time machine [TS]

  Fred Armisen Joan Cusack and Martin [TS]

  Short and difficult cast don't want to [TS]

  watch nice and like i said i think the [TS]

  most interesting would be the bat [TS]

  behind-the-scenes sports junkies i'm [TS]

  doing a reality show on some help you [TS]

  cast me in another movie please i want [TS]

  to read the tom shales book about i'll [TS]

  just take yeah i'll just take the billy [TS]

  crystal year cast how about that i'll [TS]

  just take them to do that again and I'll [TS]

  take the second boys or I'll take the [TS]

  cast a spinal tap [TS]

  anyway that wraps it up I hope you've [TS]

  enjoyed us talking about people who are [TS]

  on a sketch-comedy show over the course [TS]

  of 40 years working for ya if you have [TS]

  if you're listening and you know any of [TS]

  these people please feel free to pass on [TS]

  how we've used them like dolls fantasy [TS]

  and it's popping around for [TS]

  entertainment now they know how athletes [TS]

  feel with ya fantasy sports [TS]

  thank you to everybody out there for [TS]

  listening being comfortable thanks to my [TS]

  panel once again thanks to everybody who [TS]

  picked we'll see you next time on the [TS]

  uncomfortable by [TS]