The Incomparable

217: Weird Reverse Hidden Charisma


  the in time through a number 317 October [TS]

  welcome everybody to the incomparable [TS]

  podcast we welcome past listeners we [TS]

  welcome new listeners just discovering [TS]

  us with this very episode this is a [TS]

  podcast we talked about many things [TS]

  including old movies that we watch and [TS]

  then talk about and in this case we're [TS]

  watching a classic sci-fi horror thing [TS]

  something stirring the governor of [TS]

  california i am referring to 1984 is the [TS]

  Terminator directed by james cameron and [TS]

  starring arnold schwarzenegger in a role [TS]

  that he says like less than a hundred [TS]

  words [TS]

  joining me to talk about the first of [TS]

  the Terminator movies it's an all-star [TS]

  panel of of or even know where I'm going [TS]

  up people who watch this movie [TS]

  david lawrence here hello David hello [TS]

  when you said the governor of california [TS]

  i did have a split-second worried that [TS]

  Jerry Brown and I really want to see [TS]

  that i was going to say it's great Davis [TS]

  as the Terminator who want to see that [TS]

  uncertainty that's it bores you to death [TS]

  that's how that one works [TS]

  Eric and sign is also here and saw this [TS]

  movie yes I I guess I've seen it a few [TS]

  times of one of those times was recently [TS]

  good excellent that's what we're looking [TS]

  for [TS]

  that's pretty much it and Steve Lutz who [TS]

  i believe watched it twice recently [TS]

  first I'm gonna rip the buttons off your [TS]

  blouse yeah I'm one of you [TS]

  ah it was either that or don't make me [TS]

  bust you up man [TS]

  yeah yeah I like that guy that character [TS]

  Matt you're bunking with whatever it [TS]

  covers me if you want to live [TS]

  yes i did watch this movie twice [TS]

  recently all right over the past week [TS]

  actually two-and-a-half times because [TS]

  the netflix DVD skipped midway through [TS]

  during key scene and so I had to go out [TS]

  and buy the blu-ray [TS]

  oh I'm happy I did because this movie is [TS]

  is a longtime favorite of mine although [TS]

  having not watched it in probably a [TS]

  couple of decades and watched again [TS]

  twice this week it its it's not quite as [TS]

  much of a favorite message [TS]

  be well you know I'm glad I'm not the [TS]

  only one that felt that way it has it [TS]

  has a lot of issues i actually I [TS]

  watching it back I like it but it's not [TS]

  it has a lot of issues yeah well I [TS]

  suppose we'll get to get to all of this [TS]

  it's it started a it started the [TS]

  franchise it's hard to watch it without [TS]

  I saw the second one first [TS]

  I never said I i was only after [TS]

  terminator two became a huge hit in the [TS]

  nineties that I went back and watch the [TS]

  original terminator [TS]

  I think has a kind of a charm a [TS]

  low-budget kind of an eighties very this [TS]

  is the most eighties movie I've seen in [TS]

  a long time but it's pretty eighties [TS]

  yeah like blend Hamilton's hair is in [TS]

  her clothes this area the play at be the [TS]

  street she walks down to me being lug [TS]

  and the techno war club in particular [TS]

  yeah our first introduction to sarah [TS]

  connor is is her writing her honda [TS]

  scooter [TS]

  oh yes very enormous hair feathered [TS]

  within an inch of its life she's got on [TS]

  a pink backpack some sort of teal [TS]

  scoopneck members-only like jacket [TS]

  acid-washed guess Gino yes yes she is [TS]

  the nineteen eighties in this scene and [TS]

  it's all brought home you in that one [TS]

  moment its wondrous and I mean the music [TS]

  is so eighties I its 18th I felt like I [TS]

  was watching a live-action video game [TS]

  and because it's so low-budget none of [TS]

  it is is licensed music so it's all like [TS]

  anonymous move music by some friend of [TS]

  James Cameron yeah it's all the same guy [TS]

  i believe it i didn't mind investing so [TS]

  here's my opinion about the music is I [TS]

  didn't mind the yamaha piano synthesizer [TS]

  mood music where it was like this is [TS]

  what sort of sounds like a piano I did [TS]

  mind and there's actually it's very [TS]

  jarring when they have they're not to [TS]

  just jump to the end the movie business [TS]

  for talk about the music that you know [TS]

  they Sarah and Kyle have their moment [TS]

  and it's sort of in this in this calm [TS]

  and peaceful piano music and then the [TS]

  Terminator appears and we immediately [TS]

  get it [TS]

  just this this just simply ball that [TS]

  happens it's is very casio the phrase i [TS]

  wrote down in my notes is action info [TS]

  pulse [TS]

  is shitty that I wrote [TS]

  wow you know I i do have notes on that [TS]

  scene between between the two of them [TS]

  because that's that is my favorite scene [TS]

  in the whole movie because i'm being [TS]

  sloppy know girls that we can still play [TS]

  well for you [TS]

  these many years later it really does [TS]

  iced I got tears this time just like I [TS]

  do every single time and I I really did [TS]

  like the music in that part I think [TS]

  because it was so different from the [TS]

  reference to the movie I was yeah it was [TS]

  it wasn't this big spiky these days when [TS]

  you get a scene like that movies quite [TS]

  often you get this big swelling bit of [TS]

  music that telling you what you're [TS]

  supposed to feel doctor who I'm looking [TS]

  at you are you get hella luya yeah in [TS]

  this case it was super minimal and like [TS]

  it just it leaves the viewer to feel [TS]

  however they want to feel about that [TS]

  scene without the note that I hate being [TS]

  directed by music sometimes and and i [TS]

  like that but then I think I blocked out [TS]

  the fact that this has popped into it [TS]

  can't so soon afterwards even something [TS]

  like Miami Vice i remember from this era [TS]

  they had their the you know Michael man [TS]

  like to do the occasional moody moody [TS]

  part so that would be the movie part it [TS]

  would be that quiet kind of tingly synth [TS]

  piano and that was like I think they did [TS]

  that that is aged better because it was [TS]

  it was meant to be low-key although i [TS]

  think the bumble bumble the drum thing [TS]

  pom-poms grandma still works pretty well [TS]

  yeah that's the part that they kept [TS]

  using right [TS]

  yes we have jumped ahead i did want to [TS]

  say after saying that this is no longer [TS]

  a huge favorite of mine that I i still [TS]

  like it a lot and largely because i can [TS]

  remember how great it seemed in 1984 [TS]

  when it came out and and how different [TS]

  it was then a lot of the other yeah i'm [TS]

  not sure what to do as you mentioned [TS]

  earlier it's it's a little hard to [TS]

  categorize this into a genre and then [TS]

  there's a lot of there's a lot of horror [TS]

  elements like a horror movie minutes [TS]

  with a cyber but there's there's not [TS]

  enough of like the kind of the tents [TS]

  quiet the somebody's going to jump out [TS]

  of your moments [TS]

  to really be a horror movie so there's a [TS]

  lot of action more technically I guess i [TS]

  would say it's a monster movie [TS]

  ok sure like I could see that but then [TS]

  it's wrapped in sort of that that that [TS]

  time time-travel creek it's like she's [TS]

  like 40 around this it's burrito film [TS]

  didn't make me hungry [TS]

  yeah i think i need to eat something the [TS]

  huh [TS]

  it is i'm glad you mentioned the the her [TS]

  riding up in her scooter at the [TS]

  beginning when we first see sarah and [TS]

  this isn't where the movie starts but [TS]

  since you mentioned i'm going to win it [TS]

  back just to mention that i watch this [TS]

  with my wife and i and i was commenting [TS]

  on the scooter which is like that so [TS]

  eighties the boxee kind of scooter shape [TS]

  it's a honda elite 120 and she's got her [TS]

  hair and all that and then and then she [TS]

  gets off and my hand and lauren just [TS]

  says it's it's not the scooter it's the [TS]

  acid washed guess jeans really put it [TS]

  over the top it is but but one of the [TS]

  things I love about that is even when [TS]

  even now it helps you read is like this [TS]

  is not somebody whose fate it determines [TS]

  the fate of the human race right that's [TS]

  the whole point is she's friendly [TS]

  unassuming person she's the kind of gal [TS]

  that gets ice cream scoop into her [TS]

  pocket and Syngenta and you got the [TS]

  blu-ray I rented the HD version from [TS]

  itunes and that's the other thing I [TS]

  remember is when I did watch this movie [TS]

  for the first time which was after [TS]

  Terminator came out it was a really [TS]

  terrible SD you know TV probably TV [TS]

  network transfer and it was awful and it [TS]

  looks a lot better clean up they cleaned [TS]

  it up pretty well and it's still it is [TS]

  what it is but it was nice to see an hd2 [TS]

  I did originally see this movie by long [TS]

  before Terminator 2 I think mainly [TS]

  because I heard it had horror elements [TS]

  and I was always kind of into or as a [TS]

  kid but it in my recollection this movie [TS]

  seems like it just came and went from [TS]

  the theater is almost instantly and and [TS]

  we're really got huge was on video just [TS]

  through word-of-mouth of people who had [TS]

  seen it I've sense read that that it [TS]

  actually is considered kind of a modest [TS]

  hit of of the time period that was [TS]

  released in which i think was like late [TS]

  October [TS]

  which is not a particularly high season [TS]

  for 44 movies so do not hit that point [TS]

  doesn't mean a whole lot but it really [TS]

  doesn't surprise me that it wasn't like [TS]

  a gigantic blockbuster because if if you [TS]

  look at the marketing from the trailer [TS]

  to the the poster which is just like [TS]

  Arnold face it looks absolutely awful [TS]

  tasting all the all the PR I mean the [TS]

  trailer is so bad it looks like an ultra [TS]

  low budget just piece of crap and none [TS]

  of the one of the interesting effects or [TS]

  you know I guess it would kind of be a [TS]

  bit of a spoiler to show Arnold in all [TS]

  torn up with the robot parts coming [TS]

  through and so I guess it's good from [TS]

  that perspective but it certainly [TS]

  doesn't make you want to run out and [TS]

  watch the movie so this movie starts by [TS]

  the way with the year 2029 los angeles [TS]

  in the most eighties computer font ever [TS]

  you know I always forget that it starts [TS]

  in the future I mean as many times as i [TS]

  watch this i always forget about how [TS]

  much happens in the future with the [TS]

  crazy models and a little skulls [TS]

  disintegrating and stuff makes me happy [TS]

  every time holla motion which is [TS]

  surprisingly well done I've got their [TS]

  parts of this that don't hold up well [TS]

  but i think a lot of that particularly [TS]

  the big treaded gigantic robot that that [TS]

  drives around crushing massive piles of [TS]

  skulls and shooting at people lot of [TS]

  skulls and that's a that's a very [TS]

  well-done piece of work right there it [TS]

  looks fairly authentic even today [TS]

  yeah they've got the and and then it [TS]

  comes back not only is there the [TS]

  beginning but then there's this sort of [TS]

  future flashforward that happens later [TS]

  in the movie so we spend more time than [TS]

  I ever remember in this movie seeing [TS]

  this this future wasteland with the [TS]

  rusty like rusty cars from the eighties [TS]

  that that are driving around but it's [TS]

  pretty cool and and then one of the [TS]

  things I really like is that this is [TS]

  obviously the theme that camera is [TS]

  trying to have in this movie is about [TS]

  the machines because we see these giant [TS]

  machines in the future and then the next [TS]

  thing we see is like that big trash [TS]

  truck dump truck tow truck whatever it [TS]

  is another huge machine in the present [TS]

  and this throughout this movie we keep [TS]

  seeing robots and machines and stuff [TS]

  like that to say you know basically [TS]

  they're here [TS]

  they are they're all around us kind of [TS]

  thing but i like it i it wasn't it [TS]

  didn't seem totally hammered home it was [TS]

  it was more it was I thought really [TS]

  nicely done when we get to the president [TS]

  there's that big truck [TS]

  well that's cool too because for a [TS]

  second you're not aware that you're in [TS]

  the present so right you're looking at [TS]

  the lift arms on this trash truck and [TS]

  you're thinking oh well we're still in [TS]

  the post-apocalyptic future and then [TS]

  tell the driver says what the hell and [TS]

  opens the film with that line in just a [TS]

  few seconds later you get the little toy [TS]

  truck being completely crushed under the [TS]

  tread of a bigger of the mega-resort [TS]

  something that's not a skull but it you [TS]

  know I get it I get it [TS]

  yeah yeah I like that that was what [TS]

  that's how mean the Terminator is that [TS]

  he drives over somebody's toy truck [TS]

  Oh bad guy so so the Terminator appears [TS]

  in a flash of lightning and stuff and [TS]

  he's totally naked [TS]

  yes we see an awful lot of Arnold model [TS]

  are yes indeed I he's got uh he visits [TS]

  with a a quartet of Punk's a trio trio [TS]

  Punk's you're right 30 Punk's one of [TS]

  them is Bill Paxton yes I had never [TS]

  noticed that before I have another thing [TS]

  i always forget I knew that but i always [TS]

  forget that he's in this and the end and [TS]

  one of whom is the guy who played the [TS]

  alien bounty hunter in the x-files [TS]

  yes I told that was this was the first [TS]

  time i picked that out and he was also [TS]

  one of the master's apprentices and [TS]

  buffy the vampire slayer that first [TS]

  season of that he's been Brian [TS]

  something-or-other he's been in a [TS]

  million things but I was like is that [TS]

  guy so he was so the Terminator give me [TS]

  a close there's some words David those [TS]

  give them to me now [TS]

  No nice night for a walk but the in one [TS]

  respect it's nice that this film doesn't [TS]

  have very many Arnold lines because we [TS]

  can recite them all of course this box [TS]

  and stripping there's no reason to hold [TS]

  back and then Michael Biehn shows up as [TS]

  well yeah [TS]

  sorry and he gets his eighties clothes [TS]

  and this is this is the parallel so [TS]

  we've got try it's hard to put yourself [TS]

  in the mind of the filmgoers the AV mode [TS]

  Steve you you SAT through this movie [TS]

  upfront we're not it's not really clear [TS]

  whoo-hoo shorts- really is that he's a [TS]

  robot in fact it seems like the movie is [TS]

  trying to play with like this question [TS]

  of is is Michael being good or bad even [TS]

  at this point although i think it's [TS]

  pretty clear that he's gonna be good i [TS]

  think just by virtue of the fact that [TS]

  you've got one guy that's clearly evil [TS]

  you know he picks up and killing people [TS]

  although that's not necessarily a bad [TS]

  thing it could be in hiring so you [TS]

  assume that the guy that comes after is [TS]

  the cop right [TS]

  yeah yeah the one thing that bothers me [TS]

  a little bit is is Reese's running from [TS]

  the cops he he does a little bargain [TS]

  clothes shopping which is which is sort [TS]

  of amusing he's so little concerned [TS]

  about the police that are chasing him [TS]

  that he takes the time to measure the [TS]

  shoes up to his feet make sure they're [TS]

  gonna fit well you know these are these [TS]

  are softies these are these are folks [TS]

  that are alive before the big war so you [TS]

  think you can probably take well he's [TS]

  covered with scars which we've already [TS]

  seen I mean that first shot of him [TS]

  getting up from good the ground he's [TS]

  he's got all sorts of very old very [TS]

  nasty-looking scars on his back so we [TS]

  already know he's pretty tough but that [TS]

  just kind of drives the point home you [TS]

  see he's picking out a nice shirt and [TS]

  and some and some cool kik said some [TS]

  nikes which may be an early instance of [TS]

  some product placement although this is [TS]

  so low budget i doubt that actually [TS]

  happened but but the thing that bothers [TS]

  me is he still is wearing the pants that [TS]

  he pulled off the bomb in the alley [TS]

  yes and he never changes it several [TS]

  times during the movie I just looked at [TS]

  him and five [TS]

  you know those pants probably smell like [TS]

  pee that's what I'm thinking and the [TS]

  whole love scene that's all performed [TS]

  with the pee soaked pants oh why did [TS]

  y'all go and ruin it for music happen [TS]

  these are the times [TS]

  no no that's not how strong their love [TS]

  is they were truly meant to be because [TS]

  she can get past right now [TS]

  alright well I mean he has thats that [TS]

  sweet line that he lays on her i came [TS]

  across time for you yes that for you [TS]

  know that's a quality line because it it [TS]

  it had to be to overcome the fact that [TS]

  he's still wearing the bum [TS]

  but yeah you know he's gotta be rancid [TS]

  that whole thing i'm just wondering you [TS]

  know why don't you pick out some new [TS]

  pants and I'm thinking that you maybe [TS]

  school that maybe like sit well in the [TS]

  future in the Machine Holocaust those [TS]

  bums pants are considered clean that's [TS]

  can't pinpoint that's true you know [TS]

  mhm you know it's tough in the future he [TS]

  it's a it's a smell of home in fact I [TS]

  bet that I betcha [TS]

  the other thing here is we're introduced [TS]

  to Reese that's a little strange that he [TS]

  also has some pretty serious hair [TS]

  feathering going on every style comes [TS]

  back around eventually we have all the [TS]

  things to survive the apocalypse I would [TS]

  never have expected the bryan adams [TS]

  haircut to make it but he's got it and [TS]

  it's it's pretty well groomed for a [TS]

  future dude he wears it well that and [TS]

  that's an effect of the of the time [TS]

  travel [TS]

  thanks to the fact that you're here [TS]

  tricity in there you didn't like strips [TS]

  off your clothes feathers your hair [TS]

  kinda mooses you a little bit yeah if [TS]

  you go to the eighties it maybe some [TS]

  other decade the hairstyle is different [TS]

  but in the eighties and that's what [TS]

  happens [TS]

  so when we perfect time travel basically [TS]

  you get up in the morning time travel [TS]

  forward one minute and then you're done [TS]

  for you know your preparations for the [TS]

  day I gotta do is put on some deodorant [TS]

  wow I want that yeah forget this going [TS]

  back in time and kill Hitler business i [TS]

  just want the haircut it's just don't [TS]

  want to do my hair and so there's [TS]

  another lady nice lady named Sarah [TS]

  Connor who is has the unfortunate is [TS]

  this movie but by the way brought to you [TS]

  by the phone book [TS]

  pour one out for the cellphone payphones [TS]

  in the phone book [TS]

  let your fingers do the walking isn't a [TS]

  little strange that the last remaining [TS]

  humans were still able to give Rhys the [TS]

  special training needed to look in the [TS]

  phone book and use it was probably an [TS]

  elder a tribal elder in 2020 that said I [TS]

  gotta go to pages there was four books [TS]

  well they probably have a bunch of bunk [TS]

  phone book somewhere and they're just [TS]

  using them as like toilet papers [TS]

  warehouse i assume the nuclear holocaust [TS]

  they all burnt up right now but he knows [TS]

  and and Arnold nose and I can sort of i [TS]

  can sort of understand why the [TS]

  Terminator would know because that [TS]

  probably is in the database somewhere in [TS]

  the program whether they're gonna say [TS]

  look you there's no searchable anything [TS]

  on the internet right now so it you know [TS]

  so what you're going to have to do on [TS]

  the skynet so what you're gonna have to [TS]

  do is there these printed directories [TS]

  and you look at them and so so there are [TS]

  three Sarah Connors in la fortunately [TS]

  our sarah connor is the third one and so [TS]

  we visit we visit the the nice lady [TS]

  sarah connor who is horribly murdered by [TS]

  the the Terminator which is our first [TS]

  firsthand Arnold Schwarzenegger or I [TS]

  guess that's not even the first in a bad [TS]

  guy and he's coming for Sarah Connor [TS]

  very bad guy [TS]

  help meanwhile Michael beam has seen a [TS]

  large machine at a construction site and [TS]

  I think if those pants didn't already [TS]

  smell like pee [TS]

  yeah and then he has a little flash [TS]

  forward of big machines that killed [TS]

  everybody in that the beach of skulls [TS]

  what where the other body parts i asked [TS]

  you to collect the skulls and make like [TS]

  piles of skulls and another place [TS]

  there's like ribs the skulls tend to [TS]

  tend to be on top there well organized [TS]

  as the people get shot all the the other [TS]

  bones drop and the skulls land on top [TS]

  they have used for the other body parts [TS]

  they are machines they might like to put [TS]

  them in like organize them and sort them [TS]

  into a good point well they may have a [TS]

  whole khadra humans that just sort the [TS]

  bones and sort of sales and one spot [TS]

  like the guys that have to run the [TS]

  disposal units all day and not there's [TS]

  also bone sorters that's good that makes [TS]

  me that makes you feel better having fun [TS]

  with it doesn't really make any man can [TS]

  we talk a little bit about his next [TS]

  flash forward there [TS]

  oh yeah and he sees the the construction [TS]

  machine I i really liked it because I [TS]

  mean when I think about this movie [TS]

  overall it's it's your stereotypical a [TS]

  dude goes back in time and he's saving a [TS]

  lady in blah blah blah but when he gets [TS]

  forward his his fellow soldier who's [TS]

  running around with him in and trying to [TS]

  take out the giant machines is a woman [TS]

  yeah so I just I thought that was really [TS]

  cool right right at the beginning there [TS]

  that you see it yeah the future maybe [TS]

  the gender lines aren't going to be [TS]

  quite so strictly drawn because you know [TS]

  we just need to survive and ignore all [TS]

  that BS that sort of comes along with it [TS]

  now so that that seemed really perked me [TS]

  up this time watching it and there's a [TS]

  whole line later where [TS]

  says that the women of his time are good [TS]

  fighters that's the first thing that [TS]

  comes to his mind [TS]

  yes exactly like it of course she gets [TS]

  killed but just about everybody in the [TS]

  future gets killed so that's I think she [TS]

  largely disintegrates and maybe the [TS]

  skull is all that's left [TS]

  ah maybe that's how it works [TS]

  could be yeah I like that I like that [TS]

  line later where he's like I you know [TS]

  they're there they're warriors they're [TS]

  very strong warriors women are the [TS]

  future what do you mean I don't know [TS]

  what you're talking about so glad [TS]

  Henrickson and paul winfield eighties [TS]

  cops they're the original lethal weapons [TS]

  so excited to see the guy from wrath of [TS]

  khan and you recognize him for what's [TS]

  and mr. millennium yeah [TS]

  oh I have such a huge Lance Henriksen [TS]

  crisis i'll always be a bishop to me [TS]

  yes well he gave up that's why I think [TS]

  that's the source of my land Henry [TS]

  single conviction [TS]

  this is true you're right you know [TS]

  rightly so absolutely [TS]

  so there there in the eighties police [TS]

  precinct before that we have the great [TS]

  scene in the gun shop with Arnold [TS]

  picking out is always up for that ok [TS]

  he's picking out his new his armory is [TS]

  portable armory [TS]

  so if you own a gun shop wouldn't you be [TS]

  hesitant to give people the materials to [TS]

  arm themselves and then kill you and [TS]

  take the guns [TS]

  it does seem a little odd although this [TS]

  gun shop owner does make a point of [TS]

  saying any one of these is ideal for [TS]

  home defense as Arnold as are looking at [TS]

  his e 9 millimeters he might not be [TS]

  entirely balanced to begin with [TS]

  hey this guy looks like the governor [TS]

  I'll trust him they got the time wrong [TS]

  they're talking a little early [TS]

  here's where we get roughly two-thirds [TS]

  of Arnold's lines he reads on religious [TS]

  guns that he looked about the phase [TS]

  plasma cannon do you have one of those [TS]

  in the 40-watt range [TS]

  yeah it's just what you see here but [TS]

  alright that I would kill you now that's [TS]

  the whole scene wrong well that's that [TS]

  might be his very first that wrong right [TS]

  there might be his very first quip huh [TS]

  I'm not sure he got any approach it at [TS]

  Arnold clips in Conan I like the when [TS]

  the cops i think it is call Sarah Connor [TS]

  they get the the annoying answering [TS]

  answering machine that i think is her [TS]

  roommate [TS]

  yes and that that's great because again [TS]

  we're talking about these all these [TS]

  machine things that happened in this [TS]

  movie and that's the hi there [TS]

  fooled you you're talking to a machine [TS]

  yeah oh and it follows up with oh but [TS]

  machines need love too [TS]

  yes no ginger it doesn't go well for her [TS]

  yes it seems a little odd that the they [TS]

  would send the car that's watching [TS]

  Sarah's house out on a call in order for [TS]

  Arnold to walk up to the house you know [TS]

  the bad luck it's not well it's not good [TS]

  policing I'll tell you that no now one [TS]

  Lance Henriksen would be very angry [TS]

  about it later if he weren't dead then [TS]

  nipple [TS]

  timing is everything so so i'm sarah [TS]

  connor is being stalked by michael biehn [TS]

  which is funny she knows he's following [TS]

  her and she's uh she's kind of creeped [TS]

  out by that so she ducks into a swinging [TS]

  nightclub called tech Noir [TS]

  I know it's on pico it is on pico I know [TS]

  yeah I find it hard to believe that that [TS]

  that middle-aged police detective paul [TS]

  winfield knows exactly where tech nor in [TS]

  this this crappy like restaurant [TS]

  converted into a really awful my club is [TS]

  like they've tried to break up some [TS]

  break dancing competitions that got out [TS]

  of control or something yeah I just like [TS]

  I felt like the idea that that that was [TS]

  just giving us a little bit of a [TS]

  backstory for him in a very subtle way I [TS]

  think his character fleshed out a little [TS]

  bit for me when he gave that line he [TS]

  knows he also used to work the beat on [TS]

  pico and so he knows where all the [TS]

  businesses are on that's much less [TS]

  interesting yeah you're right it sure is [TS]

  also take more probably has only been [TS]

  there for about like five days are done [TS]

  believing it's a long-serving member of [TS]

  the los angeles club scene i think both [TS]

  Winfield and Hendricks and make them [TS]

  make the best of their few moments on [TS]

  screen in this movie [TS]

  given that given how little time they [TS]

  have I think we get a pretty good [TS]

  fleshing out of their characters you [TS]

  know Winfield of course the [TS]

  long-suffering lieutenant and and [TS]

  hendrickson you know he's he's got a lot [TS]

  of stories he'd like to tell but chief [TS]

  never lets him get to the end of the get [TS]

  to the good part [TS]

  is endlessly amused by thinks he's [TS]

  seeing but the chief keeps him in line [TS]

  its they're both pretty entertaining in [TS]

  this they don't seem they seemed [TS]

  competent to right i mean they're [TS]

  they're they're dealing with something [TS]

  that's completely outside of their of [TS]

  their sphere of understanding and they [TS]

  got they talk about its the phonebook [TS]

  killer catchy name but they're actually [TS]

  pretty fast buy it buy it buy standards [TS]

  of these kinds of movies that they pick [TS]

  up on after only two kills any other [TS]

  horror movie it would take at least [TS]

  three or four different different kills [TS]

  and then it would still be the cops kind [TS]

  of figuring out that there's a phonebook [TS]

  killer that would be watching instead of [TS]

  and refusing to believe it for no good [TS]

  Yeah right [TS]

  no there's not enough time in the in [TS]

  this movie for them to be like that [TS]

  right because and then not enough budget [TS]

  to keep them around that many days yeah [TS]

  so we've only got this police precinct [TS]

  for these two scenes [TS]

  that's her Megan County up there [TS]

  actually is a little bit of a deleted [TS]

  scene content with with lieutenant [TS]

  Traxler paul winfield where he gradually [TS]

  comes to believe Michael Biehn story uh [TS]

  it was a it would end in the end is [TS]

  they're leaving the building and he's [TS]

  bleeding out he tells me he tells Kyle [TS]

  you know you got to keep her safe but it [TS]

  it really was pretty extraneous no he [TS]

  didn't really need a character arc it's [TS]

  actually a little better when he's just [TS]

  kind of the anonymous police chief dies [TS]

  technical or maybe my favorite thing in [TS]

  this entire movie I've decided because [TS]

  it is like the distilled eighties in oh [TS]

  yeah that's a tease freebase right it is [TS]

  so amazing but we cut away from tech [TS]

  Noir to visit with ginger and her [TS]

  boyfriend rick rossovich from top gun so [TS]

  maybe bust you up man and Roxanne right [TS]

  he's the dumb see that is inserted yes [TS]

  yes yes yes I recognize him from okay so [TS]

  here's the years we have two more [TS]

  message that james cameron's laying down [TS]

  here because ginger after having sex [TS]

  with her boyfriend decides she really [TS]

  wants a giant sandwich so I can argue so [TS]

  she puts on her what I mean a giant said [TS]

  not a little set a giant sandwich so [TS]

  like a Dagwood kind of school [TS]

  this is a writer who understands women [TS]

  so she puts on her she puts on her [TS]

  Walkman and I feel like this is a [TS]

  commentary on you know we're shutting [TS]

  out our world she's gonna be in it's the [TS]

  middle of the night or whatever you put [TS]

  on her Walkman she's gonna make herself [TS]

  a giant sandwich and as a result she [TS]

  doesn't even realize that there's a [TS]

  killer cyborg in her apartment until [TS]

  it's far too late [TS]

  that's the scene that really it just [TS]

  plays out like a slasher yeah sure flick [TS]

  their that was one name that was when I [TS]

  was watching it realizing this time how [TS]

  much more the horror stands out the [TS]

  science fiction than can I think about [TS]

  it in hindsight I always remember the [TS]

  syfy bit because I think it's the story [TS]

  that really appeals to me but then [TS]

  watching it play out it was it was a lot [TS]

  more horror II you know definitely agree [TS]

  that the you know that the headphones [TS]

  was another nod to machine you know [TS]

  yeah they're they're troublesome that's [TS]

  actually very similar to a scene in [TS]

  halloween where I think it's pj soles is [TS]

  raiding the fridge well I was creeping [TS]

  up on her so I may even be in the [TS]

  category of homage but yet it plays out [TS]

  very horror ESCA specialist she's [TS]

  continuing to make your sandwich is her [TS]

  boyfriend is being kicked all around the [TS]

  room now [TS]

  seriously look at look at that sandwich [TS]

  it is it is the biggest in which you [TS]

  will ever see it is awesome even if she [TS]

  was making for herself and him and they [TS]

  would be room for for the Terminator to [TS]

  have some it is a huge sandwich that's [TS]

  what I was no recollection of this film [TS]

  I remember they're actually having been [TS]

  more blood and guts and and having me [TS]

  watched it I thought wow there's there's [TS]

  very little i did i mention that because [TS]

  this is the one scene is as the [TS]

  boyfriend pops out of the door and says [TS]

  no and in arnold then bursts out after [TS]

  he's a little bloody and a little beaten [TS]

  up and in bad shape but it's it's really [TS]

  not bad and I i remember it being a lot [TS]

  more i remember this the r-rating having [TS]

  been earned a lot to a lot of cutting [TS]

  away of you know you you the gun goes up [TS]

  to 2.2 the person's head and then I were [TS]

  first shot and you hear the the bang of [TS]

  the gun but you don't see like there had [TS]

  exploded the brains why it's like it's [TS]

  the horror of you know what happened to [TS]

  them and yeah and and I was I like the [TS]

  restraint but also it's cheaper so [TS]

  yeah there's that he did learn from [TS]

  roger corman after all the man had to be [TS]

  cheap sure she poor I mean that as a [TS]

  compliment ya but ya know why they and [TS]

  you could argue that you don't you don't [TS]

  need that that's it you don't that's a [TS]

  different kind of movie right you can [TS]

  you can go with the blood and guts or [TS]

  you can go with the the more [TS]

  psychological of you know and that's the [TS]

  point here is this is a relentless [TS]

  killing machine [TS]

  well that's the thing is I there isn't a [TS]

  lot of blood and guts and yet i still [TS]

  remember it as having been pretty [TS]

  violent pretty pretty bloody and in fact [TS]

  that's it was just me it's what you [TS]

  don't see it you know what what's in [TS]

  your head is going to be more horrific [TS]

  than anything they can show you [TS]

  so if they don't show you anything just [TS]

  like oh I know what that was I don't [TS]

  know about that hurts [TS]

  well it's kinda like in psycho you never [TS]

  actually see the knife plunging body but [TS]

  everyone knows how i sought over she [TS]

  fits over and over [TS]

  no never happened uh let's see uh come [TS]

  with me if you want to live [TS]

  now i do want to say before we get to [TS]

  that particular line that of the things [TS]

  that I think still work pretty well in [TS]

  this movie the scene in tech more tech [TS]

  nor where the slow mo kind of kicks in [TS]

  yeah the crappy eighties music slowly [TS]

  gets more and more muffled by the bumble [TS]

  that that scene is still wonderfully [TS]

  tense and I think as effective as it was [TS]

  in nineteen eighty-four which is good to [TS]

  see this is the one seemed to where you [TS]

  really get the payoff of or you know the [TS]

  Terminator goes down right there [TS]

  gunshots he goes down and and and you [TS]

  earn that like he's not dead because [TS]

  he's you know this magical creature is [TS]

  it like a unicorn it just like but yeah [TS]

  I guess I like all the technical stuff [TS]

  but this is the moment and again i have [TS]

  this line in my head because it's [TS]

  repeated in the second terminator movie [TS]

  from arnold schwarzenegger but here it's [TS]

  not it's it's it's a car race who says [TS]

  Michael being who says come with me if [TS]

  you want to live and this is the moment [TS]

  where we know now it's been revealed [TS]

  he's a killer robot that's going to be [TS]

  trying to kill sarah Conner we get a POV [TS]

  shot for the first time we can talk [TS]

  about the govt shot yes [TS]

  so back in the day you know in the VHS [TS]

  days you could try to pause during the [TS]

  Terminator POV but you would get a bunch [TS]

  of jittery tracking lines and that would [TS]

  be about it you have no chance of ever [TS]

  reading what's actually on the screen [TS]

  during this POV shots [TS]

  nowadays with blu-ray you can read it [TS]

  and you can discover that you're looking [TS]

  at somebody's assembly code with [TS]

  comments no less i'm not entirely sure [TS]

  why the t101 was programmed with [TS]

  comments including comments that read [TS]

  poke 16k Ram bank so he's got a 16k bank [TS]

  of memory somewhere in inside that metal [TS]

  skull you know which just a hair is like [TS]

  a timex sinclair yeah so there's there's [TS]

  some pretty old code you know in some in [TS]

  some of these movies where you got a [TS]

  cyborg or a robot POV what you end up [TS]

  with him I think Terminator 2 is like [TS]

  this it actually is showing you like [TS]

  what the on-board computer system is is [TS]

  is doing so would be like Target and you [TS]

  know tracking sarah connor and all that [TS]

  kind of stuff on the screen this movie [TS]

  makes no attempt to do that at all it's [TS]

  literally just like we put a red thing [TS]

  so everything will look a little [TS]

  different we got some computer crap that [TS]

  will just appear and disappear i have [TS]

  whatever some credit that they actually [TS]

  did use something that came from a [TS]

  computer its computer reference for a [TS]

  little bit later you see an output of a [TS]

  run from key perfect four-point-oh which [TS]

  was a checksum generator when you use to [TS]

  type in programs for magazines and and [TS]

  you run this checksum generator to make [TS]

  sure you didn't miss type one of the [TS]

  various hex codes deep cuts to and so it [TS]

  again in this case the file in question [TS]

  is overlaid on object vly dot obj wow so [TS]

  i did i did a little searching around [TS]

  for overall I'd object the internet it [TS]

  turns out that code was originally [TS]

  written by harlan ellison back in [TS]

  nineteen deep winter acknowledgement to [TS]

  the computer programs a Harlan Ellison I [TS]

  have no computer and I must code oh I i [TS]

  saw ki perfect for dough and I just [TS]

  started crying because wow you guys [TS]

  tried but not not so hard [TS]

  so much it did come from a computer but [TS]

  it was nice of Skynet to leave the [TS]

  comments it in this anybody wants to [TS]

  dissect Arnold later and figure out what [TS]

  makes his 16k Ram bank work [TS]

  yeah you know I actually put in my notes [TS]

  that that bit like I said watching this [TS]

  was not as a quite as enjoyable as I [TS]

  sort of remembered and i just put in my [TS]

  notes this movie must have been before I [TS]

  get bored with car chases [TS]

  there's an awful lot of car chases going [TS]

  on and I find extended car chases and [TS]

  action scenes highly boring something [TS]

  like in the the techno our action [TS]

  sequence that that is fun to me that [TS]

  that by going nuts are choreographed for [TS]

  ya when it goes on and on i just i get i [TS]

  get a little bored so I appreciate the [TS]

  exposition part of it but I felt like it [TS]

  was the chasing didn't need to go on [TS]

  quite as long as well it's not just car [TS]

  chases either roughly two-thirds of this [TS]

  movie is somebody being chased you know [TS]

  where it's either on foot or in cars [TS]

  will get the cops chasing read through [TS]

  the department store we get the giant [TS]

  future robot chasing reach through the [TS]

  hellish future scape Terminator chases [TS]

  recent Sarah on foot from tech Noir [TS]

  there's a car chase that he chases him [TS]

  later on a motorcycle and he chases him [TS]

  a fuel truck then the skeleton chases [TS]

  recent Sarah the Machine job and then [TS]

  the skeleton torso slow-speed chase and [TS]

  Sara through the hydraulic press [TS]

  yep and then thankfully the chases are [TS]

  over but it's really very chase heavy [TS]

  Phil yeah I felt like they could they [TS]

  could shorten it could shorten it down [TS]

  to like a half-hour episode of of some [TS]

  TV show and I would have probably been [TS]

  just like sitting with the outer limits [TS]

  you don't typically see the last Chase [TS]

  is that the top of the press catches up [TS]

  with the bottom of the press [TS]

  oh that's a good point the last last [TS]

  well then maybe the kid like chases [TS]

  sarah connor to take her photo could be [TS]

  there you go yeah and she's chasing a [TS]

  storm at the very and she is i just [TS]

  realized there's probably like a [TS]

  45-minute cassette tape somewhere in [TS]

  your Jeep about how to use the yellow [TS]

  pages [TS]

  oh yeah that's good [TS]

  the UH this is the image of the [TS]

  exposition here is that Kyrie stels her [TS]

  he's not a robot is a sideboard this can [TS]

  happen 40 years ago i wrote down I i do [TS]

  like this line a lot it's the it can't [TS]

  be bargained with [TS]

  a reason with it doesn't feel pity or [TS]

  fear it won't stop until you're dead [TS]

  yeah that's really nice and and that's [TS]

  what I like about about this monster [TS]

  movies horror movie that's also a sci-fi [TS]

  movie is so often you get these you get [TS]

  these creatures that keep coming and you [TS]

  kill them and they they're still alive [TS]

  and they keep coming and here that's the [TS]

  premise of the Terminator is it will [TS]

  just keep coming all it does kill it [TS]

  can't be reasoned with you can so we get [TS]

  a we get a car chase with some [TS]

  exposition it [TS]

  I like that she thats Sarah buys into [TS]

  what reeses telling her fairy fairly [TS]

  quickly here which is somewhat realistic [TS]

  given that she's just seen him you know [TS]

  shot with a shotgun multiple times and [TS]

  then get up right but she initially [TS]

  tries to get away [TS]

  she's in a panic and then she eventually [TS]

  settles in that you know about probably [TS]

  that guy shouldn't have been getting up [TS]

  and walking towards me so we don't need [TS]

  to go through 20 minutes of her [TS]

  continuing to try to get away from [TS]

  research into any any silliness like [TS]

  that the line that i liked happened [TS]

  during that scene where you know she's [TS]

  trying to bite him or stabbed or [TS]

  whatever it is and and he says to her [TS]

  cyborgs don't feel pain i do don't do [TS]

  that again so it's a good line it also [TS]

  really just sort of delineate that [TS]

  difference between you know i am the [TS]

  human here who has come to help you he [TS]

  is on the other side you know I'm the [TS]

  good guy and she does get it pretty [TS]

  quick [TS]

  also after he while he's driving and he [TS]

  tells about about the Terminator and all [TS]

  that he then recounts the entire plot of [TS]

  Terminator to essentially conveniently [TS]

  forward promoting the next movie in the [TS]

  series I thought that was really nice [TS]

  one thing that bothers me in this scene [TS]

  i realized that Reese has to be scarred [TS]

  up noticeably but did they have to stick [TS]

  one right under the corner of his mouth [TS]

  maybe this whole scene it looks like as [TS]

  a chunk of spaghetti stuck to this gym [TS]

  it in the parking garage they have this [TS]

  they have this rapid exchange of gunfire [TS]

  followed by more cars driving around the [TS]

  chase but but the the thing that really [TS]

  struck me about this is that after [TS]

  immediately following this massive [TS]

  exchange of gunfire they're rolling in [TS]

  separate aisles and the Terminator [TS]

  shooting out their windows and they're [TS]

  shooting back and all of that as soon as [TS]

  that's over [TS]

  sara is sitting there like she's [TS]

  go into the 7-eleven or something and [TS]

  that was the moment that really broke it [TS]

  for me where I thought you know she [TS]

  should be really freaked out and she [TS]

  totally I think it's just something [TS]

  about the way it was directed at the way [TS]

  that they were thinking about it seemed [TS]

  like a mistake to me she's just [TS]

  completely like she's just taking a ride [TS]

  somewhere [TS]

  one thing that's always kind of bothered [TS]

  me about his whole long exposition on [TS]

  the future and and what went down [TS]

  he points out that the old Terminator [TS]

  models had rubber skin but these new [TS]

  ones are much harder to spot ya [TS]

  it strikes me when we later see the [TS]

  Hubble that he lives in and all the [TS]

  emaciated people who eat nothing but [TS]

  gruel and rats you know just look for [TS]

  the gigantic Austrian yeah that's [TS]

  probably your terminated the one that's [TS]

  not all you know it looks like he just [TS]

  got out of a death camp that's the one [TS]

  he's the Terminator shoot him would be [TS]

  this this movie The Matrix have a lot in [TS]

  common right sun post-apocalypse [TS]

  machines take control [TS]

  there's a are they real humans are the [TS]

  machines you know there are a lot of lot [TS]

  of those things that these things have [TS]

  in common and that means it's sensible [TS]

  that did it would have to be a fairly [TS]

  muscle-bound looking human because they [TS]

  have that huge skeleton they've got a [TS]

  cover-up sure but he doesn't blend in [TS]

  with the crowd very well no I it's [TS]

  unclear to me if there are humans being [TS]

  kept as pets somewhere else in there [TS]

  what why do you build I mean I you think [TS]

  that if you're building the Terminator [TS]

  soy blend in and fight the humans that [TS]

  they would like you said match the [TS]

  humans and not look like big well-fed [TS]

  muscley Austrians yes I don't know that [TS]

  they necessarily need to blend in for [TS]

  that long I think they're just trying to [TS]

  infiltrate because really as soon as [TS]

  they got through the door [TS]

  it's you know the dogs sniffed amount of [TS]

  dollars you know you just started firing [TS]

  he just needed to get through the door [TS]

  he's under like a cowl or something but [TS]

  even underneath the cal you would expect [TS]

  you know the bulging biceps to make [TS]

  themselves pretty obvious right was that [TS]

  huge guy with us when we went out pretty [TS]

  serious was it oh well I want some gruel [TS]

  and I got some rats to wait for me said [TS]

  the Terminator gets wounded by the way [TS]

  we have what I think is maybe the [TS]

  grossest thing in this movie which is [TS]

  the exacto knife to the I self-surgery [TS]

  that's getting [TS]

  yeah yeah I have to say for Arnold say [TS]

  what you will about his acting [TS]

  capabilities but his vaguely robotic [TS]

  acting is I think pretty darn good in [TS]

  this movie [TS]

  yeah particularly in the in the cop car [TS]

  is he's scanning and and kind of like [TS]

  trying to locate where they're hidden [TS]

  out in the other car he does a pretty [TS]

  fine job of looking robotic here and [TS]

  there's some nice subtle makeup work [TS]

  that helps here too i think but he's [TS]

  decent in this movie it [TS]

  he's also very much better than the fake [TS]

  Arnold head that we see in a couple of [TS]

  scenes but see that's what i'm saying is [TS]

  they set up that the fake Arnold head it [TS]

  works a lot better than it should [TS]

  because of the work the way you really [TS]

  are in the film and and also that makeup [TS]

  work that they have on him in that car [TS]

  seen it right he already looks a little [TS]

  fake at that point that's true the to [TS]

  pull the police psychologist who talks [TS]

  to 2a oh god I left elbow and is the [TS]

  criminal psychologist he's definitely [TS]

  one of those he's that guy he is a high [TS]

  quality grade a eighties movie douchebag [TS]

  well that's always going to say is he [TS]

  this this is the same role as William [TS]

  Atherton and go to 70 i generally Oh No [TS]

  decade and films ever produced more [TS]

  wonderfully smarmy bastard that he is so [TS]

  good at this and he shows up in the [TS]

  other films to is every called isn't he [TS]

  oh yeah he's in the second why he's in [TS]

  the second and the third is that he [TS]

  Sarah's keep her at the institution and [TS]

  I think you're right attitude you know [TS]

  you're right so he made it he made an [TS]

  impact during his short scene [TS]

  yeah oh no it's a good it's a good you [TS]

  know hehe is the just like just like [TS]

  women and ghostbusters he is this [TS]

  authority figure that thinks he knows [TS]

  everything and in a normal world he [TS]

  would be right but this is the sci-fi [TS]

  world and he's completely wrong he [TS]

  pauses the tape to talk about i could [TS]

  make so much money just you know taking [TS]

  this guy out on the carnival circuit [TS]

  illusions are brilliant but he never [TS]

  really finds out that he's wrong because [TS]

  when i first saw him I was like isn't [TS]

  that the guy from the second unit seems [TS]

  that seems weird i just assumed he would [TS]

  get killed but then he walks out of the [TS]

  police station just as Arnold's coming [TS]

  in so he gets to go home and he you know [TS]

  he gets to eat up whatever excuse the [TS]

  police end up trying to come up with 44 [TS]

  what happened just no terrorist [TS]

  whatever random generic thing is so he [TS]

  can go on believing that he was right [TS]

  the whole time and he finally gets to [TS]

  lock her up later on [TS]

  he's the expert somehow he gets a page [TS]

  so he has to look down to clear his [TS]

  pager [TS]

  well we're at the we're at that moment [TS]

  now we're a visitor pays pays a visit [TS]

  today LOL what is that Jason well it's [TS]

  it's a it's a classic moment where [TS]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger decides he's going [TS]

  to go in the front door of the police [TS]

  station and just sort of state of the [TS]

  back see if he could he can check in and [TS]

  provide some ID and that doesn't happen [TS]

  and so he wants to reassure the clerk at [TS]

  the front desk that uh that that he'll [TS]

  be back [TS]

  I think your plight of him to do that [TS]

  iconic scene for a reason because it's [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  it really it's got that Indiana Jones [TS]

  shooting the swordsman gotta feel do it [TS]

  well and that the funny thing i mean [TS]

  people quote the line but the funny [TS]

  thing is not just that he says he'll be [TS]

  back it's that he's back immediately [TS]

  with a car driving through the front of [TS]

  the police station [TS]

  well he also holds back a little and he [TS]

  looks any kind of sizes up the the [TS]

  tensile strength of the partition that [TS]

  get a desk clerk is hi I'm behind which [TS]

  is a nice bit and then yes he's right [TS]

  back [TS]

  he didn't say how long it would be [TS]

  before you don't know that there's also [TS]

  that really nice [TS]

  it seems extraneous at the time but it [TS]

  suddenly becomes incredibly important [TS]

  which is he [TS]

  he can't hurt you here we got like 30 [TS]

  guys here which we are you can see to [TS]

  see him killed my goal and connects [TS]

  thanks for giving us the body count up [TS]

  front [TS]

  yeah we got 30 guys kill 30 guys and [TS]

  then the Terminator comes and he just [TS]

  just starts killing all the cops which [TS]

  wich after after the comp massacre is [TS]

  done there's this scene where they're [TS]

  looking at the TV and there's this a.m [TS]

  and I was thinking there's no way that [TS]

  30 cops would be shot dead in downtown [TS]

  Los Angeles and there'd be like story [TS]

  number three on the local news is though [TS]

  there was an incident at the police [TS]

  station right there's no way that would [TS]

  be bad for the eighties this was bad for [TS]

  3 24 hour news so you know know if that [TS]

  if if if the 30-30 guys police station [TS]

  were were shot to death they would [TS]

  listen to it then [TS]

  you see you were there there there [TS]

  listening to the radio and they talk [TS]

  about the largest manhunt has been [TS]

  spotted in California history of [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah doesn't get on it fairly fast ya [TS]

  sure it's just it surprised me that it [TS]

  wasn't quite as bad as a freak out as [TS]

  well this is late at night this is this [TS]

  is a this is post John shoe back time at [TS]

  this point so they the kid he kills [TS]

  everybody basically uh and and then [TS]

  sarah & and reefs have to escape we get [TS]

  another nice little horror scene in [TS]

  there too as you know is it the [TS]

  Terminator inside the door outside the [TS]

  door the shadow outside the door but [TS]

  hiding under the desk [TS]

  it's it's it's kyle reese instead and [TS]

  they escape along with their accomplice [TS]

  a very rapidly played synthesizer for [TS]

  that don't have a little by little the [TS]

  horrible now that's it you got it you [TS]

  build it you can be the score for [TS]

  terminator four five six [TS]

  whatever genocide I they had a bit [TS]

  underpass or something like an underpass [TS]

  I don't know it's an underpass alright [TS]

  ya hear cars driving overhead and this [TS]

  is where this is where we get the [TS]

  another flash forward right his future [TS]

  time [TS]

  yep this one's long another enormous man [TS]

  verse percent shoot everybody now this [TS]

  happens all the time [TS]

  filthy people eat gruel there are rats [TS]

  that are eating as well and Sarah's [TS]

  picture turns up [TS]

  yeah we use television sets as make sure [TS]

  fireplaces the future is not so bad [TS]

  friend [TS]

  that's a good honestly i would i would [TS]

  enjoy that more than some TV shows I'm [TS]

  scenically yeah it's been that kind of [TS]

  season there's that there's a little pre [TS]

  discussion in the in the underpass about [TS]

  about what John Connor is like and the [TS]

  rice line here where she asks him to [TS]

  describe her son and and recess he's [TS]

  about my height which is a nice little [TS]

  bit of foreshadowing you know I really [TS]

  like that she she keeps throughout the [TS]

  whole film she keeps asking him you know [TS]

  talk to me tell me more things that is [TS]

  absolutely [TS]

  kind of thing that would help me through [TS]

  such a awful situation like that just [TS]

  you know keep talking keep my mind [TS]

  occupied and that seems like a really [TS]

  simple and realistic thing to do and I'm [TS]

  I've been trying to think of other films [TS]

  that that that sort of thing happens and [TS]

  it doesn't happen as often as I feel [TS]

  like it should you get the impression [TS]

  that she has pretty good instincts for [TS]

  survival and she she whips up a pretty [TS]

  good field dressing on his arm on her [TS]

  first try [TS]

  you and I i assume that part of why she [TS]

  keeps asking for description is because [TS]

  she needs to store it up for use later [TS]

  right [TS]

  she's already kind of sensing that she's [TS]

  she's got the weight of the world on her [TS]

  shoulders and so she's preparing well [TS]

  she says do I look like the mother of [TS]

  the future but this is this story is in [TS]

  that way this is this is sara realizing [TS]

  who she's going to be and it's not like [TS]

  who she needs to be and she has to [TS]

  change who she is it's like she's [TS]

  capable of doing these things and so she [TS]

  does them in the future and it's a it's [TS]

  quite a transformation I mean it's not [TS]

  quite as much a transformation is the [TS]

  first time we see her in Terminator 2 [TS]

  but but it's quite a transformation from [TS]

  when she's on that scooter at the [TS]

  beginning when she's driving into the [TS]

  mountains at the end I think right yeah [TS]

  steven says you know you're talking [TS]

  about things I haven't done yet in the [TS]

  past tense it's driving me crazy [TS]

  I bet that it's kind of a mind trip [TS]

  actually takes it really well she does a [TS]

  pretty good job of a kind of having the [TS]

  duality of her character come out in [TS]

  this because you even towards the end [TS]

  where she tells Reese you know you stand [TS]

  up soldier [TS]

  she still sounds like kind of the cutesy [TS]

  trendy sarah connor of earlier [TS]

  she's not she's not made the full [TS]

  transition even at that point so she [TS]

  does have a pretty pretty good job with [TS]

  this character she does i think one of [TS]

  the other things that i noticed we got [TS]

  all our car chases watching her toughen [TS]

  up throughout she even suddenly plays it [TS]

  differently when they're in the car [TS]

  doing the chases from from one to the [TS]

  next to the next the chasing at the end [TS]

  when she's driving that truck [TS]

  she's driving with way more [TS]

  determination than she was driving the [TS]

  car earlier so she just but it's not [TS]

  over-the-top it's not like she's totally [TS]

  perfect at it yet it's if it's a [TS]

  believable amount of transformation and [TS]

  she plays it well I they end up at the [TS]

  motel where she asks like we talked [TS]

  about earlier [TS]

  tell me about the women in your time was [TS]

  there one was there someone [TS]

  no no there there good warriors and then [TS]

  he talks about her picture and how you [TS]

  were locked in a great line you were [TS]

  young like you are now I love the tenses [TS]

  in the grammar of this film could see [TS]

  you seem so sad and of course we will [TS]

  see that scene where that picture is [TS]

  taken later in the movie [TS]

  this is the point to where Sarah gives [TS]

  her quote and quote mom the hotel phone [TS]

  number so apparently your instincts [TS]

  aren't so good after all [TS]

  oh yeah but it gives us that that [TS]

  wonderful pan across the darkened cabin [TS]

  up in Big Bear as we kind of take in [TS]

  that huge shotgun hole in the door and [TS]

  we realized that's probably not mom [TS]

  talking and then yet suddenly it's [TS]

  revealed yet its determinant another [TS]

  power of the turbine which we got a [TS]

  little bit of earlier when he speaks as [TS]

  the cop on the on the radio so little [TS]

  setup their pays off nicely those of you [TS]

  who like michael biehn i'm going to say [TS]

  something that maybe you will dislike [TS]

  but I'm not gonna throw it out there [TS]

  that this moment having watched the this [TS]

  is the this scene between the living [TS]

  Hamilton michael biehn in the motel room [TS]

  i thought to myself i think this guy's [TS]

  not very charismatic with this move with [TS]

  this movie have been more effective if [TS]

  there was somebody who is a bigger star [TS]

  or a bigger personality in this part [TS]

  because he seems kinda like a cipher to [TS]

  me [TS]

  yeah how do i love him i find him just [TS]

  he's he's not over-the-top he's not [TS]

  super charismatic he just he's a real [TS]

  person he's a soldier he's he's a virgin [TS]

  I mean this is gonna be the kind of guy [TS]

  who's super smooth and comes and sweeps [TS]

  her off her feet [TS]

  he's just trying to get the job done and [TS]

  make her safe and I think that in itself [TS]

  just the fact that he just cares so much [TS]

  is is much more endearing than it would [TS]

  have been if he was you know giving her [TS]

  a wink and equip or something like that [TS]

  i just i would like the way he played [TS]

  the character it was underplayed and for [TS]

  me that completely work and it's not [TS]

  just because he's dreamy [TS]

  I change back there during other parts [TS]

  of the movie i have some problems with [TS]

  him I I think he could have been a bit [TS]

  stronger as an actor but in this I think [TS]

  in this lead up to the love scene I [TS]

  think he's actually pretty good he looks [TS]

  yeah delightfully uncomfortable with [TS]

  what's going on like he's not really [TS]

  sure what you almost like a little kid [TS]

  who's about to have his first experience [TS]

  you know [TS]

  I think he does that very well there are [TS]

  there other sequences where I feel like [TS]

  you know maybe a little more emphasis on [TS]

  certain lines would have to work i'll [TS]

  give you that yeah and-and-and as Jason [TS]

  noted earlier they come with me if you [TS]

  want to live which turned out to be an [TS]

  iconic line is is it's kind of a clunker [TS]

  it's deliver he yeah it it's an iconic [TS]

  line in the second second movie right [TS]

  well I mean but it's in the second movie [TS]

  because it was iconic from the first we [TS]

  well yeah he's fine i just i i gotta [TS]

  tell you when i think about this movie I [TS]

  think about Arnold Schwarzenegger and I [TS]

  think about linda hamilton and then I [TS]

  know Michael Biehn is the other person [TS]

  in this movie and I try to picture him I [TS]

  try to think about his character [TS]

  I can't he just doesn't register for me [TS]

  he is just a blank and maybe that's good [TS]

  in that you know John Connor is the [TS]

  leader in the future and if his his dad [TS]

  was this super charismatic guy who's [TS]

  just you know who you know the the [TS]

  mother made this intelligent indelible [TS]

  impression on her and now he's the super [TS]

  charismatic charismatic guy who's [TS]

  working for John Connor and it's gonna [TS]

  get set back in time maybe it doesn't [TS]

  work maybe he does need to just be a [TS]

  foot soldier and kind of anonymous but [TS]

  as a movie it always struck me how the [TS]

  other two main characters in this our [TS]

  are immediately come to mind and even [TS]

  like Lance Henriksen and paul winfield [TS]

  are more I don't notable for me than him [TS]

  he just doesn't I don't know there's [TS]

  something about him he just doesn't [TS]

  register for me and I think it it works [TS]

  for me [TS]

  exactly because of that because the [TS]

  footsoldier thing that he's yeah yes [TS]

  someone who should be forgotten [TS]

  I mean not that he should be forgotten [TS]

  but it doesn't make sense if he is this [TS]

  you know it's like oh well he made this [TS]

  huge sacrifice no he's just a guy and it [TS]

  would overshadow Sarah and would [TS]

  overshadow John buddy i'm with you guys [TS]

  we're kind of in the rest of the movie I [TS]

  wanted maybe a little bit more and I [TS]

  think his most painful line read is [TS]

  probably the message he brings back from [TS]

  John Connor the whole the whole [TS]

  soliloquy where it goes into you must [TS]

  live so that I can be [TS]

  just it doesn't play at all and and part [TS]

  of that's not at all i think that light [TS]

  actually frankly that whole sequence [TS]

  should probably have been scrapped [TS]

  because it makes John seemed like a [TS]

  dweeb to em but it's also yeah maybe [TS]

  there's no proper way to perform that [TS]

  line is clunky as it is [TS]

  uh-oh he's a michael biehn is also the [TS]

  really the antagonist in James Cameron's [TS]

  movie the abyss which I love a whole lot [TS]

  and I I find him not particularly [TS]

  interesting in that movie either so and [TS]

  he's actually not tremendously [TS]

  interesting in aliens either should [TS]

  point to pick and yet I like him in all [TS]

  three of those movies there's something [TS]

  here is Matt yeah even as he even as [TS]

  he's not a terrific actor I think [TS]

  there's something just in his life [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  it's like it's like some sort of weird [TS]

  reverse hidden charisma [TS]

  I don't understand just like an old that [TS]

  only that only some of us can see maybe [TS]

  it's pity I don't know [TS]

  ok anyway I that's my that was that was [TS]

  something that struck me again in an [TS]

  hour watching that weekend we then get [TS]

  things we talked about which is there's [TS]

  more more Terminator POV with random [TS]

  code we did skip over what is probably [TS]

  my favorite line in the movie [TS]

  oh yeah okay as Arnold is looking [TS]

  through Sarah's little phone book and [TS]

  finding mom's cabin phone number and [TS]

  beginning to rot as we see his face is [TS]

  starting to come apart and analyzer are [TS]

  clinging to him and that the custodian [TS]

  wanders by and catches a whiff of him [TS]

  and says hey buddy you got a dead cat in [TS]

  there or what [TS]

  and that's where we see the POV shot of [TS]

  it trying to select an appropriate [TS]

  response to open it finally comes upon [TS]

  fuck you asshole yeah yeah just it which [TS]

  is wonderful it's nice to have some [TS]

  lightness in the middle of everything [TS]

  many options there are various degrees [TS]

  which is funny and he chose just the [TS]

  right one he picked a winner the [TS]

  delivery is not so great [TS]

  yeah but the line is good well he's a [TS]

  he's a cyborg from the future he doesn't [TS]

  know what it means he's just you know [TS]

  picking something out right well yet [TS]

  comes back to he doesn't have to carry [TS]

  on the the masquerade for very long [TS]

  usually so the voice module wasn't [TS]

  something they have to spend a whole lot [TS]

  of time on in fact one one wonders why [TS]

  they even bothered [TS]

  yeah and he's not used to the colorful [TS]

  metaphors of the past ah yes double the [TS]

  mass on you and so forth [TS]

  that is already a colorful an hour of [TS]

  the past this is this is where I have [TS]

  the m-my at action simple streets quick [TS]

  method note it's time it's time for the [TS]

  crank up the synth music and have a a [TS]

  tot car chase just hit the demo button [TS]

  on the chasm [TS]

  so so let me tell you I find it a high [TS]

  degree of difficulty to try and detonate [TS]

  a bomb by looking at the fuse checking [TS]

  it out the back of a moving vehicle and [TS]

  hoping minute hits a guy on a motorcycle [TS]

  dead-on [TS]

  well this is why he never comes and he [TS]

  never gets close i wrote those are some [TS]

  pretty useless pipe bombs at this point [TS]

  yeah and and i'm not even sure why he [TS]

  bothers because it there doesn't appear [TS]

  to be any shrapnel there's just a big [TS]

  puff of smoke yeah you have emerged from [TS]

  the pipeline he's over to just knock him [TS]

  off the bike maybe they'll just get back [TS]

  up and get back on my bike I don't know [TS]

  it just provides an opportunity for him [TS]

  to ride his motorcycle dramatically out [TS]

  of the cloud yes that's true which is [TS]

  nice so nice [TS]

  sure but it's just really an effective [TS]

  weapon against the Terminator all those [TS]

  later proves to be useful useful twice [TS]

  yeah but not not when chuck from the [TS]

  backdrop of a truck [TS]

  yeah he should have saved them to use a [TS]

  new better circumstances later perhaps [TS]

  yeah thats i agree a better actor would [TS]

  have no so he does something so he does [TS]

  end up the Terminator ends up on in the [TS]

  gas truck that flipped the the car flips [TS]

  over and and he'll he he flies off his [TS]

  motorcycle and then he gets in the gas [TS]

  truck and this is I really like that [TS]

  moment where the exterminator is is a [TS]

  hit by the truck that's a funny that's a [TS]

  really funny moment that right and then [TS]

  he's dragged quite a ways yes no yes [TS]

  well and the great part of that is it [TS]

  tears off another good chunk of his face [TS]

  so we have got great scene where he gets [TS]

  into the cab and the guy says let's get [TS]

  out of here and it's actually Arnold and [TS]

  now we get a good full shot of of more [TS]

  of the skeleton being revealed under [TS]

  racial that's that's good stuff that's [TS]

  the that's really nice [TS]

  so I'm sorry sticks a bomb in the gas [TS]

  truck and I think this is as they're [TS]

  being chased i should point [TS]

  yeah and i think this is a funny uh cool [TS]

  moment where you see Linda Hamilton [TS]

  running and the and the bomb goes off in [TS]

  the gas truck does rain fire down [TS]

  everywhere it's in the dumpster where [TS]

  michael biehn is hiding and he has to [TS]

  roll out of the dumpster and stop stop [TS]

  drop and roll to extinguish the flames [TS]

  I think I thought that was really it's [TS]

  it's very clearly [TS]

  rear projection but I thought that was a [TS]

  really cool cool little bit where the [TS]

  with a gas truck [TS]

  I mean if you're gonna put a pipe bomb [TS]

  in a giant truck full of gasoline it [TS]

  better blow up good and it does it does [TS]

  that's a nice explosion and you're right [TS]

  you don't usually get that sort of [TS]

  attention to detail where the dumpster [TS]

  is also in flames [TS]

  yeah it's like raining down fire [TS]

  everywhere and and I like that he could [TS]

  he kinda like it the implication there [TS]

  is that you know you're in there to hide [TS]

  from the explosion and then suddenly [TS]

  you're dumpsters on fire and he like I [TS]

  gotta get out of here and you'll roll [TS]

  out ya gotta get out of here you see the [TS]

  Terminator emerged from the cab take a [TS]

  couple of steps and collapsed Dead sure [TS]

  done [TS]

  he's he's done this time for sure [TS]

  unfortunately he is not done he rises as [TS]

  a ray harryhausen style stop motion [TS]

  robots and this is that this is the [TS]

  worst part of the film for me now I just [TS]

  say I it actually made me sad because [TS]

  you know it's bad when it when it's a [TS]

  not his whole body it's all that's what [TS]

  I'm saying is because they they actually [TS]

  have a model that looks like they built [TS]

  the Terminator and they have been like [TS]

  banging into things for the up close [TS]

  shots but when it's when it's him sort [TS]

  of limping along with the fire behind [TS]

  where we're totally in Sinbad territory [TS]

  at that point which is it it's the [TS]

  reason it's unfortunate is because i [TS]

  think that's really the only part of the [TS]

  effects that doesn't hold up at all [TS]

  I great they picked me and they try so [TS]

  hard to make about like cinematic like [TS]

  that the stop-motion robot goes down the [TS]

  hallway and a pan down the hallway and [TS]

  you can depend you can see that the [TS]

  frames are not in sync [TS]

  yeah because it's not motion and and [TS]

  it's not even that scene where they're [TS]

  looking through the doorway as he's [TS]

  coming towards them and you can almost i [TS]

  think in a couple of scenes it almost [TS]

  seems like the perspective goes wrong [TS]

  yeah like it it looks like those [TS]

  terrible scenes where like they open a [TS]

  door in like a kid's show and there's [TS]

  like a Western going on outside the tour [TS]

  I don't know what the alternative would [TS]

  be whether it would have been like [TS]

  almost like a puppet kind of thing where [TS]

  they have it moving or just added a [TS]

  little more artfully but they seemed [TS]

  really really proud of their Ray [TS]

  Harryhausen style stop-motion robot [TS]

  well when i watch this in 1984 that [TS]

  didn't stick out that [TS]

  I don't remember there being anything [TS]

  that that was ridiculous looking it [TS]

  except maybe the the self-surgery scene [TS]

  where it was pretty obvious that it was [TS]

  a prosthetic face that they are working [TS]

  on be sure [TS]

  on be sure [TS]

  but but i don't remember anything in [TS]

  this whole sequence of the skeleton [TS]

  chasing after them where where there was [TS]

  anything that I thought looked [TS]

  ridiculous and sadly now it does and in [TS]

  fact I can hardly believe I'm saying [TS]

  this but I could almost get behind them [TS]

  going back and special edition izing [TS]

  this film just to fix those sequences [TS]

  because the rest of it is still so good [TS]

  you know in a way it adds to the charm [TS]

  because obviously this is still a [TS]

  product of the eighties evidence of that [TS]

  is everywhere [TS]

  it does it does pull you out of it [TS]

  though it does a little bit and I feel [TS]

  like if I showed this to the kids we [TS]

  watched a clash of the titans not too [TS]

  long ago and my daughter really enjoyed [TS]

  it but she was laughing at the [TS]

  stop-motion pretty much throughout the [TS]

  what's great about this is that you know [TS]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger is the star of [TS]

  this movie but at this point he's gone [TS]

  it's just a metal robot that's gonna [TS]

  tell Anna I don't love that again it's [TS]

  like the robot has been taking damage [TS]

  and and that's one of the great things [TS]

  about this the the Terminator as a [TS]

  villain is that it's taking damage it's [TS]

  just not affected by it like we would be [TS]

  and so it just keeps on coming and now [TS]

  with what when you finally like okay [TS]

  it's on fire [TS]

  I whole gas truck blew up it's gone it's [TS]

  like no now it's just a shiny metal [TS]

  robot that's gonna kill you [TS]

  it's great to really finally get that [TS]

  that confirmation that yeah it's been a [TS]

  robot along there there are no traces of [TS]

  humanity left it all at that point I [TS]

  think that really drives the point home [TS]

  in that moment the red-eyes is the [TS]

  connection to where you you see hit [TS]

  Schwarzenegger with the one red eye so [TS]

  that when you see the red eyes and the [TS]

  Terminator love letter later you know [TS]

  you know it's the same and you've just [TS]

  been peeling off the layers as we go [TS]

  plus the design for that skeleton is [TS]

  incredibly good it is so intimidating [TS]

  working and it's so shiny and and [TS]

  marvelous looking and the fact that it's [TS]

  it still has a limp from from the crash [TS]

  is nice too because it maintains almost [TS]

  at human feature but it's it's clearly [TS]

  not this point down its damage but it's [TS]

  still coming for them so they run into a [TS]

  factory that's that's full of autumn [TS]

  machinery odds other robots that are [TS]

  then ironically turn it on and and at [TS]

  this moment Lauren Lauren I said it's [TS]

  robots and lauren said hey buddies [TS]

  it's Terminator your buddies it's your [TS]

  guys 10 it's your robots our ancestors [TS]

  yeah that was pretty funny almost [TS]

  expected to go down on his knees [TS]

  that's right i paid tribute to the [TS]

  ancestors does something like that great [TS]

  bottling machine giving you always do [TS]

  that's right hydraulic press how do you [TS]

  do it how do you stay looking so young I [TS]

  do a lot of push-ups and crunches so now [TS]

  we have a chase Erica here we go again [TS]

  now we have a chasing in a in a factory [TS]

  and is conveniently located factory I [TS]

  with honestly at this point yes it was [TS]

  yet another chase but I I was more [TS]

  interested by this because it wasn't [TS]

  another car chase those people this is a [TS]

  horror movie and yeah it's very much a [TS]

  horror movie chase and it's in a much it [TS]

  more interesting terrain it's [TS]

  two-dimensional they have they're going [TS]

  up and down stairs and there's stuff [TS]

  happening all around them you know [TS]

  machinery and stuff so i was i was much [TS]

  more engaged by this then I was any of [TS]

  the car chases in the film [TS]

  yeah i was personally agree with this [TS]

  yeah and this is that that horror movie [TS]

  thing and that the bombs come in handy [TS]

  here [TS]

  yeah this is the point where you realize [TS]

  they've actually been through a lot [TS]

  because we get a shot of Sarah running [TS]

  and her jeans have come on tuck from her [TS]

  socks at this point so you know it's [TS]

  gotten that that's seriously it's pretty [TS]

  serious her giant legwarmer ask socks [TS]

  and reeses pants have some stains on [TS]

  them [TS]

  oh no that's probably where they were [TS]

  there for you know that's a feature [TS]

  estate these two future future style as [TS]

  he calls it features style that's right [TS]

  this reminds me of home i'm going to [TS]

  continue to wear these so he sticks a [TS]

  bomb and the Terminator he's gonna blow [TS]

  the Terminator up and the Terminator is [TS]

  exploded and it is dead [TS]

  goodnight everybody yeah baby and sadly [TS]

  sarah has taken a big piece of [TS]

  Terminator in the leg and and is kyle is [TS]

  no more her leg seems to be sort of [TS]

  broken so she can't stand and kyle is a [TS]

  goner [TS]

  his eyes are open dead r.i.p old [TS]

  what's-his-name but wait it's not over [TS]

  but the Terminator the top [TS]

  half of the Terminator survives yes and [TS]

  and we get the low-speed chase it so [TS]

  it's this i really do I i love this that [TS]

  she's crawling and it's crawling yes [TS]

  known as as false endings go [TS]

  even now the bit where the torso comes [TS]

  back to life i think still works quite [TS]

  well [TS]

  oh yeah because we've already done the [TS]

  one false ending and you're not really [TS]

  expecting another and yet it's earned [TS]

  because this thing won't stop right so [TS]

  it doesn't you don't roll your eyes like [TS]

  oh yeah right it's like now of course [TS]

  it's actually I should say both back in [TS]

  the day both false endings worked pretty [TS]

  well because they did it they do a good [TS]

  job with the first one they have the [TS]

  nice woodwind theme that kicks in is [TS]

  Sarah reunites with recent a hug and you [TS]

  know it's this is clearly the end of the [TS]

  movie and then it rises from the rubble [TS]

  so that works pretty well and then again [TS]

  you know the torso comes back to life [TS]

  and at this point Reese is dead so it's [TS]

  entirely up to Sarah to polish the thing [TS]

  off and it's I it to eat that part still [TS]

  maybe not the first one but the second [TS]

  one still works pretty well on me even [TS]

  as I was kind of picking out all the [TS]

  things that don't work anymore in this [TS]

  film this is a this is a really fun [TS]

  chase it's very slow it's very painful [TS]

  that with its kind of what makes it good [TS]

  she's trying to get away yeah there's [TS]

  the you know the little Terminator hand [TS]

  keeps catching her foot she keeps [TS]

  pulling a foot away so it's like I [TS]

  almost got you always got you again [TS]

  there's a bit too that's almost [TS]

  unintentionally funny where she ends up [TS]

  on a conveyor belt [TS]

  oh yeah and and she's sort of rolling [TS]

  along dragging herself and behind her [TS]

  the Terminator torso is just ridin yeah [TS]

  he's not pulling himself along or [TS]

  anything and he almost has it he has [TS]

  that sort of scholars grin on his face [TS]

  it's almost like he's enjoying it i [TS]

  might get too i love how it's so slow [TS]

  except for the conveyor about which is I [TS]

  i like to be very about it because I [TS]

  just I felt like she deserved that to [TS]

  have like to be able to get a little bit [TS]

  farther without having to do quite so [TS]

  much work even though of course she's [TS]

  still trying to pull yourself along but [TS]

  it's just it's torturously slow and [TS]

  it-it-it ratchet up the tension for me [TS]

  because I I just feel like in in that [TS]

  circumstance I mean I've had a lot of [TS]

  Dreams where like you know i'm i'm [TS]

  trying to run but I can't move very fast [TS]

  like you just being stuck in in [TS]

  slow-motion and and I feel like that's [TS]

  exactly what she is but she's stabbed in [TS]

  the leg so that that [TS]

  added terror of you know you're trying [TS]

  to get away but you you can't even [TS]

  function as well as you normally could [TS]

  it's just that that's much more fun than [TS]

  cartoons and I just that wonderfully [TS]

  disturbing moment where she crawls for [TS]

  the drill press and it's about two feet [TS]

  of space that she's got two were [TS]

  awestruck logically overall through and [TS]

  plus it's depressed so it was good yeah [TS]

  its sheer and it's flat and she has [TS]

  nothing to grab it grab onto with her [TS]

  hands and she tries to press a button [TS]

  and it will squish you [TS]

  that's it too yep we've already seen it [TS]

  has a hair trigger so she gets through [TS]

  it and turn radius following her and she [TS]

  presses the button and push the button [TS]

  and squish now first first she says [TS]

  you're communicating artery which is a [TS]

  great and then present invention presses [TS]

  the button after a lot I mean that [TS]

  that's a quick bit of crazy like [TS]

  crescendo quick cuts right where it's [TS]

  like it's coming she's sitting there [TS]

  it's coming she's looking at it you know [TS]

  if she's settled back and she's got her [TS]

  arm you know reaching over for the [TS]

  button and it all happened so fast and [TS]

  then she's got her line and press the [TS]

  button and then it it gets quashed and [TS]

  it's on its hands on her at that point [TS]

  it's going on our shoulder and it stays [TS]

  there as she passed yes i think that [TS]

  that is the moment for me where it all [TS]

  comes together my favorite part about [TS]

  this film is watching her go from you [TS]

  know that the girl who doesn't need to [TS]

  wear a helmet the beginning because her [TS]

  hair is just that good with you [TS]

  her hair is managed to be fish yes [TS]

  exactly so she's a bit and then at the [TS]

  end she's she's gotten through all of [TS]

  this she's progressed and she's to the [TS]

  point where she's she's quitting the [TS]

  first before she's taking out the bad [TS]

  guy like that that is a full arc i am [TS]

  pleased with it if that's that's why i [TS]

  like this movie she's crossed over she's [TS]

  quitting [TS]

  mm yep it's an it's an important you [TS]

  know moment in in every action hero's [TS]

  life to reach that quick days it's like [TS]

  puberty your first clip [TS]

  yep yep so at that point uh we are in [TS]

  Mexico [TS]

  yes and I find myself wondering was [TS]

  anybody at all concerned about the bits [TS]

  of homicidal futuristic robot that they [TS]

  found in that bottling plant along with [TS]

  the dead guy in the unconscious girl [TS]

  well so you know in Terminator to one of [TS]

  the really nice reveals of Terminator 2 [TS]

  is that beautiful man [TS]

  little hand that we we don't even think [TS]

  of that much after she crushes the body [TS]

  but it turns out to be in true time [TS]

  paradox fashion the technology that is [TS]

  taken and leads to the creation of [TS]

  Skynet through the analysis of the [TS]

  advanced Terminator technology while [TS]

  watching this time I i did think you [TS]

  know [TS]

  also they have the whole crushed killer [TS]

  robot you know it's right and but but [TS]

  the second movie tries to explain this [TS]

  and say that you know somehow the [TS]

  scientists were called in by the [TS]

  government or whatever it when they [TS]

  found this thing to investigate it so [TS]

  but if this movie is just like and she [TS]

  crushed the robot goodbye the end in the [TS]

  deleted scenes there's actually a [TS]

  sequence that I assume was the alternate [TS]

  ending where its people that work at the [TS]

  factory or the manager of the factory [TS]

  and they find a microchip and they say [TS]

  is this anything you've seen before any [TS]

  more advanced than we have and then [TS]

  there's this really cheesy sort of back [TS]

  out of the building and we see that it's [TS]

  cyberdyne systems they were chasing each [TS]

  other around in all along [TS]

  instead we get that pay off in the [TS]

  second movie which is fun yeah I think [TS]

  that's a time paradox too far and glad [TS]

  they can add because that [TS]

  yeah the John Connor father thing that [TS]

  that you can make logical sense of that [TS]

  if you work hard enough but the the [TS]

  technology that nobody built that just [TS]

  appeared from the future and nobody got [TS]

  around actually creating it is strapped [TS]

  down [TS]

  that's good that's good stuff so Sarah [TS]

  get some gas in Mexico and the the nice [TS]

  nice old man who runs the gas station [TS]

  lets her look up words in Spanish when [TS]

  he clearly speaks English just fine and [TS]

  little boy comes and takes her picture [TS]

  which is the picture which is totally [TS]

  not a Polaroid after she takes yes [TS]

  totally wrong margin around the image of [TS]

  the Hollywood but that's the you note [TS]

  that this is the picture and she's she [TS]

  sad because of what's just happened in [TS]

  rhesus died but she escaped and then [TS]

  honestly the line that makes my eyes [TS]

  roll is there's a storm coming [TS]

  agreed I know I don't get it [TS]

  double-clicking on it [TS]

  it it's not even good symbolism so just [TS]

  the apocalypse [TS]

  that's the storm yeah I guess yeah I i [TS]

  would have been fine with ya 11 layer [TS]

  back would have been fine right like be [TS]

  careful miss there's you know it's a bet [TS]

  there's a bad storm coming and she and [TS]

  she said something like I'll be ready or [TS]

  I'm not worried or something like that [TS]

  would be okay but instead to have her be [TS]

  like there's a storm coming [TS]

  yeah okay it's not raining i'm afraid of [TS]

  its robots robots and robot rain that's [TS]

  right it's Iranian robots hallelujah [TS]

  acknowledgments the works parlan else [TS]

  oh I have that is my last note 2 and [TS]

  pursue I was gonna use that as my exit [TS]

  quote this would be a good time to [TS]

  acknowledge the works of Harlan Ellison [TS]

  in the creation of this podcast by the [TS]

  way well yeah yeah David you want to do [TS]

  you need you know the story or so [TS]

  there's two episodes of two episodes of [TS]

  the outer limits that Mike I don't know [TS]

  if we know the facts here I always [TS]

  assumed that James Cameron saw them when [TS]

  he was young and integrated them into [TS]

  his sort of like worldview of wow that [TS]

  was a cool story and then came up with [TS]

  this story and thought this is a cool [TS]

  story and just didn't even connect the [TS]

  dots the fact that he had seen it but [TS]

  it's very clearly this movie I so so I'd [TS]

  like to believe they didn't like just [TS]

  take those episodes rip them off but it [TS]

  was more like they forgot that that's [TS]

  where they got the idea that right when [TS]

  they were a kid and they watch those [TS]

  episodes right and and it's very clearly [TS]

  i mean the eye as i recall the lawsuit [TS]

  was about the episode soldier but it [TS]

  really i mean this really is a blend of [TS]

  that and demon with a glass and yes [TS]

  which which are the two episodes and [TS]

  they're really good episodes by the way [TS]

  demon with a glass and is just fantastic [TS]

  and they're apparently making it into a [TS]

  big-budget movie now officially haha and [TS]

  yeah but yeah I mean apparently he had [TS]

  said at the time yeah i used to watch [TS]

  the outer limits and you know it was a [TS]

  big influence on me and and that's [TS]

  apparently what they seized on and when [TS]

  hot now you have to put a disclaimer at [TS]

  the end [TS]

  yeah and give him an acknowledgement and [TS]

  give him money and there's a gag order [TS]

  which he completely ignored it seems [TS]

  cameron came out and said Harlan Ellison [TS]

  is a parasite who can kiss my ass [TS]

  he's the strange sort of parasite that [TS]

  gives you something to do a toast [TS]

  apparently which it simply is not a [TS]

  parasite as it turns out and and a [TS]

  better writer [TS]

  yeah well yeah but anyway yeah you know [TS]

  I don't really like a lot of james [TS]

  cameron's work but you know you cannot [TS]

  go more than about 10 minutes and James [TS]

  Cameron movie without having some [TS]

  dialogue that makes you cry on the [TS]

  getaway date like this i love the abyss [TS]

  they're stuck there are some dialogue in [TS]

  the abyss that is so terrible but you [TS]

  know I still love that movie so it's a [TS]

  camera think so [TS]

  so anyway Harlan Ellison you know gets [TS]

  acknowledged now on all copies of [TS]

  Terminator for the rest of time [TS]

  yeah because really I think through [TS]

  osmosis basically they were inspired by [TS]

  you know they probably thought like hey [TS]

  there's a cool story my friends and I [TS]

  talked about when we were kids and it [TS]

  turns out well it was this episode of [TS]

  that outer limits you didn't invent it [TS]

  so oh well oh well oh well but we got [TS]

  the Terminator out of it so thanks [TS]

  Harlan Ellison yeah yeah good job York [TS]

  imagine the old bastard yeah i just [TS]

  think about it like you know songwriting [TS]

  there's there are you know if you [TS]

  listened to enough music that there's no [TS]

  such thing as a completely new song [TS]

  they're going to be chord progressions [TS]

  that are going to be similar and you're [TS]

  gonna be able to point to several of [TS]

  them so it's this just kind of plays out [TS]

  in that way for me anything else about [TS]

  the Terminator before we wrap it up [TS]

  I still like it i still like it too yeah [TS]

  you too very eighties me three [TS]

  yeah i love this movie I have to have [TS]

  like i said i wish it was a little but I [TS]

  yeah exactly a little less car chasey [TS]

  but but that's really my only big [TS]

  complaint i honestly don't mind that the [TS]

  special effects don't hold up completely [TS]

  all the way through and it's it's very [TS]

  dated an eighties I like that sort of [TS]

  thing I me being a doctor who fan I like [TS]

  looking at things as sort of you know [TS]

  just archaeological sort of it's like a [TS]

  dig back into the past [TS]

  this is this is what it looked like in [TS]

  the nineteen eighties and it always will [TS]

  and I appreciate that the reason that [TS]

  that stop-motion hurts just because the [TS]

  rest of it looks so good [TS]

  yeah much better than it doesn't invite [TS]

  you to that model budget film from 1984 [TS]

  that robot the robot cyborgs skeleton [TS]

  thing when it's the practical effect in [TS]

  that in those scenes is so good that is [TS]

  contrasts with the stop motion which is [TS]

  all janky too bad because it's really [TS]

  that first a low-budget movie that is a [TS]

  great piece of industrial design at [TS]

  which they have used again and again now [TS]

  ok wanted and it's kind of amazing now [TS]

  watching it after having seen you know [TS]

  how many years of mystery science [TS]

  theater and all these modern eighties [TS]

  movies that obviously it influenced them [TS]

  and they were working with even less of [TS]

  a budget maybe and you know it's it's [TS]

  sort of like this this is so close to [TS]

  the edge of not being good but somehow [TS]

  it is good compared to all of those [TS]

  other you know I'm a warrior of the lost [TS]

  world and haley in LA and you know [TS]

  that's what the trailer makes it out to [TS]

  be is is yes something that should roll [TS]

  on mst3k years later [TS]

  yeah so it's amazing the movie is as [TS]

  good as it was if I had ever seen the [TS]

  trailer i probably would have not seen [TS]

  many years later seeing it now I just [TS]

  shake my head and laughs I can't have [TS]

  anybody actually bought a ticket there [TS]

  are times when being in a slow movie [TS]

  period is actually a baboon and I think [TS]

  this probably was one of them i think so [TS]

  alright well we have come to the end we [TS]

  are we are terminated and 0 therefore I [TS]

  would like to say goodbye to my guest [TS]

  David lord thank you for being here [TS]

  thank you and and I will be back [TS]

  good as they say well well pronounced [TS]

  Erica and sign thank you for being here [TS]

  you know the few hours that we had [TS]

  together we podcasting a lifetime's oh [TS]

  boy [TS]

  beautiful its to end Steve lots of come [TS]

  with me if you want to live [TS]

  first I'm gonna rip the buttons off your [TS]

  blouse one-by-one feel like we've been [TS]

  here before I said it twice in the movie [TS]

  too [TS]

  he did you took my other line [TS]

  and i'm jason still and this has been [TS]

  the uncomfortable thank you for [TS]

  listening we will see you another time [TS]

  astalavista removing wheelers i'll be [TS]

  back that was foreshadowing [TS]