Cortex 2: Redundant Office


  I have some follow-up the weirdest jumping into this ok well do you want it [TS]

  so I don't know how to do this [TS]

  never to lie I figure we just do it see what happens [TS]

  go for it follow up after last week's traumatizing experience I've taken some [TS]

  steps in my life to try and change my habits it was not dramatizing it was [TS]

  chosen for me I was thinking about what I'd done okay so in our show nerds you [TS]

  will find two images and if you click those images you will see how my iphone [TS]

  currently looks still rockin that background wallpaper yeah that's the [TS]

  next step is baby steps baby steps I was hoping for a bit more congratulations [TS]

  over what I've done to my home screen saying that the first thing that catches [TS]

  my eye wallpaper for for the listeners mike has gone from three iPhone screens [TS]

  down to two if you show me everything looks like you just have to and your [TS]

  home screen now is a nice row of four by four instead of four by seven or [TS]

  whatever the heck it was last time and you have any folders or any other [TS]

  nonsense no periscope on your homepage I would say this this looks much improved [TS]

  this till there's still room for improvement [TS]

  the wallpaper obviously the four icons in the dock the very fact that Twitter [TS]

  is on your phone but much much improved [TS]

  I will congratulate you on your baby step said my my main problem right now [TS]

  is I want to have one more row of icons I don't want to have to gaps like a [TS]

  double space that's not really what I want but I can't think of for apps to go [TS]

  there you know I have a solution for this problem of yours if you put for [TS]

  folders as the very top row on your phone then you won't have the double gap [TS]

  so that's something I want to do but I cannot bring myself [TS]

  everything else on my second screen 24 photos I tried and this was at the [TS]

  moment as far as I could go and I'm tryin I'm tryin select the EC on the [TS]

  second green have those for apps I a right [TS]

  scratch in Boston spark day like testing out some trying those which is why [TS]

  they're there but putting all those folders in like a try to put clock and [TS]

  settings into folders and couldn't do that because they're too like muscle [TS]

  memory to then I only really have space for 20 sits in horrible basically after [TS]

  we recorded last week I was going to meet a friend and I had like a 90 minute [TS]

  train journey for 90 minutes i SAT and did this to any like disgusted at myself [TS]

  i'd satin moved out surrounding my screen iPhone felt like it was on fire [TS]

  if there's if there's one thing we know it's that rearranging icons on iOS is a [TS]

  pleasurable experience not frustrating in the slightest to try and move icons [TS]

  around on iOS they make that they make that really great lovely lovely the way [TS]

  Apple handles that and I'm starting to get used to it a little bit more but I'm [TS]

  still sometimes like I don't even know where anything is anymore and then I [TS]

  kind of have a tiny tiny break down and I get over it you search I'm glad this [TS]

  podcast is improving your life seems well it's better now than it was a week [TS]

  ago I think so [TS]

  so great last week we spoke about the devices that use this week I want to [TS]

  talk about where you use them working environments as well because I know that [TS]

  you have a selection of places that you like to do your work in so I want to [TS]

  kind of talk about them and understand why you have so many in kind of what the [TS]

  different uses are free to them I also want to talk about this [TS]

  redundant bag thing that you have ok where you want to start so I think I [TS]

  assume you probably have [TS]

  have a no matter where you are a set of things that you like to have around you [TS]

  at all times right there is i imagine that there is a even though the location [TS]

  changes in some of the component change that there is a kind of a template of [TS]

  things you like to have I have a minimal functional working environment I guess [TS]

  is sounds like what you're kind of asking about which is what what is the [TS]

  smallest number of things that I required to effectively get work done [TS]

  and there would be an iPad and external keyboard for that iPad and iPad stand [TS]

  and a pair of headphones [TS]

  that's without those things I'm probably not going to get very much done and that [TS]

  is the minimum number of things that I would require to have effective little [TS]

  office environment from traveling for example so that tends to always be a [TS]

  computer devices subscription Werribee your iPad or MacBook Air right now all [TS]

  your Mac yes yes there's a computing device of some kind and there is a [TS]

  keyboard to type is that what you're asking about I am put things into [TS]

  computers that is how I is how I work I work with computers [TS]

  yeah I wondered if maybe cause I know the huge you write scripts on paper [TS]

  sometimes the things that you do when you do that you like to shoot computers [TS]

  do you go somewhere and just with enough or you know you still in that kind of [TS]

  scenario does a computer and still I am capable of getting work done with out [TS]

  any computers under certain circumstances because the main thing [TS]

  that takes up most of my working time is raiding and largely rewriting and so [TS]

  sometimes that writing can take three different forms I either need to talk [TS]

  through a script that I'm working on out loud I need to write that script or edit [TS]

  that script on a computer [TS]

  or sometimes I do print out the scripts and then I edit them by hand it's that [TS]

  last mode which is an interesting one for me sometimes because the writing [TS]

  process is is weird I'm aware that sometimes my brain just feels a great [TS]

  resistance to writing ago don't wanna write today and sometimes rating with [TS]

  paper and pen is a way to kind of force my brain to get started on this project [TS]

  so on some mornings if I can just feel that there is some resistance to [TS]

  actually wanting to get work done today one of the tricks that I can do is [TS]

  basically just grabbed some printouts of the project that I am currently working [TS]

  on and a pen and then just go off and go to a cafe nearby and just only have [TS]

  those items with me and this is a way to kind of force myself to work out of just [TS]

  sheer lack of options there's nothing else to do you don't have your computer [TS]

  with you you just have some paper and you just have a pen and there's there's [TS]

  nothing else there's only this so I guess we're going to sit down bringing [TS]

  you and me and we're going to edit this group together so that really is the [TS]

  minimum minimum working environment but that's not that's not a very frequent [TS]

  thing that happens that's more like a little a little brain trick for myself [TS]

  to try to get things started that on a day when they might not otherwise get [TS]

  started when you're in that kind of isolation mode do you have your phone [TS]

  yeah that's that's the tricky thing is I try not to bring the phone with me and [TS]

  obviously it is way more effective if I don't bring the phone with me cause then [TS]

  you'd literally have nothing in 1995 have gone to a place I have I have [TS]

  nothing with me and that is there's one place where I have done a little bit of [TS]

  very limited experimentation now with the Apple watch because having [TS]

  headphones in music is really helpful that's kind of the the breaking point [TS]

  here as I always think well I do want to bring just my phone so I can listen to [TS]

  some music [TS]

  to block out all of the other people in the cafe but then you know your trixie [TS]

  trixie brain is like hey on the phone there's things that are not work maybe [TS]

  we could do those instead [TS]

  and so the watch has actually been helped by a couple times now with the [TS]

  watch just pairing Bluetooth headphones to the watch and going out with just [TS]

  some papers and a pen and then sitting down a writing because then there really [TS]

  aren't there really are no other options that's really interesting as an idea and [TS]

  i dont have looted have done so I'd never even considered it but I haven't [TS]

  put any music on my watch talk as I have no way of playing it but that's that's [TS]

  really smart that's one of those things we like this device does make a [TS]

  difference [TS]

  the other thing is just as a general working philosophy I feel like you have [TS]

  to be really open to tricking your own brain it's a mistake to think of your [TS]

  brain as a kind of adversary in some ways that I love that that's really I [TS]

  like that a lot but it's true that they give your brain is you know it's like [TS]

  80% monkey and 20% human is is how the brain is an and you just have to hope [TS]

  that the human is able to to be in control but you know there are plenty of [TS]

  times when the human brain is not going to be in control and you have to like a [TS]

  plan for those contingencies about what kind of structure can we set up so that [TS]

  the monkey doesn't have any options except to do to do what I want and that [TS]

  is very hardly get billions really easy to say is very very hard to do and so a [TS]

  lot of a lot of things in my working environment are about trying to minimize [TS]

  any kind of friction like trying to do have really clear guidelines for [TS]

  overlooking the work it's over here and it's easy to do and but the other the [TS]

  the writing with no other options is like a bit like a last resort of trying [TS]

  to trying to get this process started when you work what can con you listen to [TS]

  and does this change depending on the type of work that you doing I have a [TS]

  bunch of different playlists for different kinds of work that I'm doing [TS]

  and and they're trying to actually kind of set up different associations with [TS]

  diff [TS]

  kinds of music for different sorts of work let's say for example I'm doing [TS]

  work that I absolutely loathe which is generally administrative work of some [TS]

  sort or another [TS]

  emails paperwork stuff that requires my attention but doesn't necessarily like [TS]

  drive the business forward in a really valuable way but that still has to get [TS]

  done that I I have a kind of electronica sort of play list that I listen to have [TS]

  high energy music but that also has no lyrics in it because I feel like I need [TS]

  something to try to help keep me going on [TS]

  boring work but it can't have words in its because it has words in it then it [TS]

  crashes in my brain trying to write an email to someone who just won't work at [TS]

  all if I'm just trying to fill out boring tax paperwork I can't have a [TS]

  voice in my ear that is also talking so that's that's one kind of playlist that [TS]

  I listened to and then I have a variety of other different kind of melodic [TS]

  playlist so I listened to either if I'm writing or if I'm reading but one of the [TS]

  things that is interesting to me is that there is an album that I have listened [TS]

  to more than any other which is girl talks all day I don't know if you're [TS]

  familiar with us and it's one of the greatest albums the concentration on the [TS]

  entire planet I am familiar with it interesting that you say that because I [TS]

  can't remember how I first I first found this but it is for those who have never [TS]

  heard it it's a remix album is is the way to describe it but that doesn't give [TS]

  it credit for the genius that it is this guy basically took like the catchy parts [TS]

  of a whole bunch of songs and put them together in very interesting ways in me [TS]

  this whole new album and more importantly it's a single album is not [TS]

  really broken up into individual songs like one hour long track that changes [TS]

  tone as it goes on and as they would you say that is that a fair way to describe [TS]

  it always have a hard time trying to describe it [TS]

  yeah it's mashups basically yeah but it's done in such a way that it's just [TS]

  like a snapshot of music [TS]

  it all ties back into each other and Girl Talk is an artist albums I actually [TS]

  I prefer feed the animals [TS]

  she's just another one heard I really really love but they're all just [TS]

  soldiers fantastic effort for me I've tried a few of the other albums I've [TS]

  never quite gotten into any of the others but but I knew the reason for [TS]

  that and the reason is I have listened to girl talk all day on repeat I don't [TS]

  know how many times hundreds of times is very easy to say and that is the only [TS]

  exception to the no words that I can listen to that album when I am writing [TS]

  and I find it very helpful to listen to that album on repeat when I'm writing [TS]

  and its I try to build that this little association with my brain of a various [TS]

  things like ok we're you know we're sitting down in this environment and [TS]

  this album is playing now you know what you're supposed to do [TS]

  monkey brain you know you're supposed to right now and it is it is very helpful [TS]

  and it's because I have listened to that one so much it's like the words are in [TS]

  even registering in my brain as words anymore they don't so they don't have [TS]

  this kind of collisions with very strange but if not at the very beginning [TS]

  part of writing a script but when a script has gone through a couple of [TS]

  drafts are there some kind of structure to it then I can very easily put on girl [TS]

  talk all day and just right while listening to that that's that's [TS]

  something else is kind of in my working environment I guess the way to describe [TS]

  it I have another album the others into for the same kind of purpose and it's [TS]

  called retroactive part 1 and its by its by there's a there's a record label [TS]

  called brave wave and they tend to do [TS]

  composition for video games they've actually they did the music for [TS]

  inquisitive on real FM and they also do the theme song for virtual relay event [TS]

  we have a [TS]

  we use these guys to help us resolve our music because it's just fantastic stuff [TS]

  now and the guy the composer of this album its name is cagey ago she has done [TS]

  some incredible music in the past I just a bunch of different games this album is [TS]

  just incredible and it's like you know chiptune type staff and its video game [TS]

  sounding music but I put this on and it's like ok I'm in full concentration [TS]

  mode now and I use this alot when when when I ever do script writing and stuff [TS]

  like that I used this album because it really it's the same idea when I when I [TS]

  hear it's like oh ok its concentration time in its locks Mian and I kind of can [TS]

  just do what they need to do the music is helpful both because of its [TS]

  association factor [TS]

  many routines are just about trying to associate particular activities with [TS]

  particular actions but the music i think is helpful because it's like it it [TS]

  engages the part of your brain that wants to get distracted you know it's [TS]

  it's kind of like you've given the monkey a Rubik's Cube to play with and [TS]

  and it's really focused on that and so it can kind of let the human part of [TS]

  your brain get to work and be focused instead of constantly looking over your [TS]

  shoulder and going like hey what about the other thing hey why don't we go over [TS]

  there why don't we do this other thing over over this place I feel like that's [TS]

  what the music is doing is it's like occupying the distractible part of your [TS]

  mind it's not so much even that is helping you focus its just keeping [TS]

  something else in your brain [TS]

  busy and spinning away from you so that you can you can actually get something [TS]

  done do you have a bag that you can't carry around because you know you have [TS]

  these different setups it seems like you kind of have stuff where you needed to [TS]

  be do you carry stuff around with you in a rucksack or briefcase or even if we [TS]

  talk about my working life for the past few years [TS]

  a big part of that is actually working in London I live in central London I [TS]

  really love the city and one of the reasons that I love it is because I mean [TS]

  I've been here [TS]

  12 years now and and for the for that entire time I have always loved to just [TS]

  take a backpack and go out into the city and walk around and then find a place to [TS]

  sit down to work for maybe an hour and a half or two hours and then get up again [TS]

  and take another little walk and find some other place to sit down and do [TS]

  another burst of work and then get up like that little cycle I find is [TS]

  extremely conducive to working and to getting things done is location movement [TS]

  location movement I don't know why I just find it very helpful but of course [TS]

  that then requires a backpack and you need to have a little mobile working [TS]

  station in there and that's why most of the days when I go out I have in my [TS]

  backpack at the bare minimum have my iPad the iPad stand a keyboard and a [TS]

  pair of headphones and that's that's what I will take is my mobile working [TS]

  environments ninety percent of the time it's every once in a while I'll take a [TS]

  laptop but that's pretty rare and I i usually have some specific laptop [TS]

  required task that needs to get done but 90% of the time it's the iPad [TS]

  your bag to bag the you do take with you is that something that you pack or is it [TS]

  something that is always packed like it has stuff in it but stays in the bag and [TS]

  never leaves the back I have two backpacks that I tried to keep in a [TS]

  constant state of readiness go thanks exactly I have passports in the currency [TS]

  for different countries that's right there's $100,000 and fake IDs whole life [TS]

  just waiting for me [TS]

  Russia but yes I have two bags and I do my best to try to keep them packed all [TS]

  the time because this this goes back to the idea of eliminating resistance and I [TS]

  do a lot of things that people think are kind of weird but if you they're all [TS]

  unified under this idea of I wants to make it as easy for myself to get some [TS]

  work done as possible [TS]

  and even a little thing like oh I want to go out for the day and do some work [TS]

  my backpack isn't packed it it's remarkable how I can find that kind of [TS]

  stuff will actually interfere with how quickly will I get ready in the morning [TS]

  and then how long does it take me to get out the door and then there's like this [TS]

  knock-on effect for the whole rest of the day so at night time as part of my [TS]

  kind of shut down routine I have a little little note to myself to just [TS]

  double check that the two backpacks that I have are kind of set and ready for the [TS]

  next day with everything in them that needs to needs to go and this is where [TS]

  we talked about last and I have multiple iPads and so I have like one iPad is in [TS]

  each and I have a little station in my office where i can put the two backpacks [TS]

  and have both iPods charging one in each of them at the same time they always [TS]

  live over there and they're just set and ready to go at a moment's notice that [TS]

  it's just so beautiful like you know there is the place with the two iPads [TS]

  and above charging and they're ready to go that way of working give this is it [TS]

  records I suffer from the same thing that you do if I plan to do something [TS]

  and just the tiniest thing gets in the way of that will days over cut cargo [TS]

  work now because chuletas snapple something magical over so having that [TS]

  removing the resistance from allowing you to do something is so important and [TS]

  if you are personal works that way finding ways to get around that stuff is [TS]

  incredibly useful in remain in productive and I feel like we could we [TS]

  could do a whole show kind of talking about routines but there's when you work [TS]

  yourself into a situation where you are self-employed person and you you don't [TS]

  have anyone to report to and then this is extra to the somewhat true for you [TS]

  but it is extra 24 me that you don't necessarily have anywhere in particular [TS]

  to be at a particular time just like the whole day is free in front of you [TS]

  it turns out it is remarkably hard sometimes to to keep on track when you [TS]

  don't have external pressures [TS]

  external external deadlines and yes I have discovered the same to bring to [TS]

  that the the way my day goes in the morning [TS]

  determines how the whole rest of the day goes which kind of sounds crazy because [TS]

  I used to work as a teacher at like hey guess what you have a bad time getting [TS]

  ready in the morning like you still need to be at a particular class at that time [TS]

  and you need to be doing this thing and there's like this whole this whole train [TS]

  that you just step on that takes you through your whole day when you are [TS]

  employed and somebody else is telling you what to do or if you have meetings [TS]

  throughout the whole rest of the day when you don't have that external [TS]

  structure you it is much more important that certain things go smoothly to kind [TS]

  of help you along with here's how the day is going to go here's how how work [TS]

  is going to play out and yes oh my my bags are are one of the many things that [TS]

  I I have set up to try to make it as easy as possible for me to work you [TS]

  wanna hear and I know if you wanna hear the store near my bag checklist yes [TS]

  where is the check us live this lives in new focus just about every other weekend [TS]

  do this kind of big review and one of the things on that review is to [TS]

  completely empty the two backpacks and then go through all of the items and [TS]

  make sure everything is everything is there or to remove any extraneous items [TS]

  that have somehow gotten into the bag that's very easy just to they have [TS]

  receipts related stuff you just throw into the bag without thinking or do I [TS]

  need this thing over here and to take something out and then forget that you [TS]

  know it's like i just want to make sure that at least every two weeks I have [TS]

  re-established that these two bags are in there they're kind of perfect state [TS]

  so here is the list and I've arranged a list of that when I am going through it [TS]

  it's easier for me to have they both backpacks next to me and just check off [TS]

  these items ok so this template is an army focus and then I can invoke it and [TS]

  go through all of the items so I need to check each bag has its appropriate iPad [TS]

  now the one bag is for a regular day and the second bag the blue bag is for him [TS]

  going to the gym and this is why there are two of them because the gym bag [TS]

  needs to be a little bit different than the regular day bag but I want both of [TS]

  them just set at a moment's notice [TS]

  ok so i pad in each then the gym bag additionally gets gym clothes flip-flops [TS]

  don't have to walk with bare feet in the area in the back of the gym and then hit [TS]

  the gym membership card in the gym bag as well then each bag requires a twelve [TS]

  what charger each bag requires a two metre lightning cable each bag requires [TS]

  a micro USB cable each bag requires a Logitech keyboard and then again each [TS]

  other each bag at each of these things is also an iPad stand a small packable [TS]

  umbrella a pack of caffeine pills a pack of aspirin like come on a small screen [TS]

  cleaner dunno with stopping we got back like Pro Plus yep that'll come up on [TS]

  another show don't you worry about the case of the caffeine pills the aspirin a [TS]

  small screen cleaner like one of those little wipes clean off-screen a 50 pound [TS]

  note a protein bar the small pack a 50 pound note a small pack of our men's [TS]

  spare pack of triple A batteries the batteries for and then and then each bag [TS]

  gets a noise-canceling headphone plus the case for the noise cancelling [TS]

  headphones are those of the items that each bag is required to have an edge in [TS]

  bag also has just gym stuff in it so I run through that checklist once every [TS]

  two weeks to make sure all of these items I need to the banks and there are [TS]

  no follow-up questions which is very nice I think it's all pretty straight [TS]

  forward no fifty-pound [TS]

  why do you think there's a fifty-pound oh ok so this is this is like a pro tip [TS]

  for everybody this is like a life tip I have found it useful to have on hand [TS]

  just some backup cash for minor emergencies or problems now these things [TS]

  rarely happen but every once in awhile it really helps to just have some [TS]

  additional cash on hand for like I guess the thing that has happen most often in [TS]

  london is if for some reason I've forgotten my keys for example and then [TS]

  ok well now I'm kind of stuck out in the world and I just want to make sure that [TS]

  I have a little bit of additional cash because things like when one thing in [TS]

  life goes wrong [TS]

  suddenly a bunch of things in life can go wrong and it always happens that if [TS]

  you forget your keys this is also the time that the wallet is in your pocket [TS]

  because you were just going outside you know briefly for a moment you weren't [TS]

  intending to to like do a whole bunch of things so if one thing goes wrong a [TS]

  bunch of things go wrong and I want to have little like capacitors almost [TS]

  little little bits of backup system to make sure that life can get on back on [TS]

  track or kind of goes smoothly and so just having a little bit of cash [TS]

  available after some kind of problem is is helpful [TS]

  feel like I need a better example to try to try to convince you of this dunno I [TS]

  just interested by because I assume that you are probably not a cash person that [TS]

  thing with a 50 pound note is that this is something that has become less and [TS]

  less of a problem over time I'm aware that this is kind of an old habit now as [TS]

  opposed to an actual necessity because I mean even like with my iPhone I can pay [TS]

  for some limited stock for you can get help with an iPhone uses and this isn't [TS]

  like a big deal [TS]

  a long time ago when I was traveling in America I used to have a key ring [TS]

  that had a special little fob on the end that you could stick some money into and [TS]

  you could put like it you could cram in like just barely like $100 bill into [TS]

  this so you don't we just have on hand like an emergency hundred dollars that [TS]

  thing was very useful in the kind of pre iPhone worlds and there was one time [TS]

  when my wife and i got into into a car accident and I we needed we need to call [TS]

  a taxi cab company to drive us in our stuff to the nearest hotel but they [TS]

  wouldn't take credit cards and so like knowing that you just have some cash on [TS]

  hand to try to solve this little bit of a problem is is a security that you [TS]

  don't need it almost all the time but every once in awhile it turns out to be [TS]

  very useful that's why there it's just like if I find myself out of the house I [TS]

  have this little bit of backup money even if other things go wrong like all [TS]

  my credit cards were declined and I'm locked out of the house well I don't [TS]

  have to just be stuck in the city with no money I can I can just get a sandwich [TS]

  and some water or whatever that's why it's there I guess that was kind of rude [TS]

  I thought it was gonna go but it was just interesting to me that it's there [TS]

  you know I just can't imagine you being a cash persons but it totally makes [TS]

  sense I get that the caches and for me I have no cash it's to give other people [TS]

  in exchange for goods or services to alleviate problems that's like the [TS]

  gashes in for me [TS]

  other people feel like a life lesson in money that's that's how the money works [TS]

  right now it is not like looking at the list like the protein bar that I keep in [TS]

  my backpack that's for me that's not for other people other people can't have my [TS]

  protein bar that's the difference between these items I'm very happy to [TS]

  say that this episode of cortex is brought to you by the good people of [TS]

  OmniFocus OmniFocus is the task manager that I used to run my whole life is one [TS]

  of the most important apps that is available to me everywhere I needed it [TS]

  on my phone its on my Mac on my iPad's it all sink together so that I always [TS]

  know that I have a complete list of [TS]

  everything that I need to get done the great thing about OmniFocus is that it [TS]

  scales for what you needed to be if you just want to get started with all-new [TS]

  focus to just to keep a few simple lists it can do that but if you find that over [TS]

  time your needs are growing OmniFocus can do that as well one of the things I [TS]

  like about it is how OmniFocus allows me to slice and dice the various actions [TS]

  that I have in my system so any moment I can pull up all of the actions that are [TS]

  say do today or I can see all of the things that I need to do that are [TS]

  related to cortex that's what's on my screen right now as I'm recording this [TS]

  ad actually I can just press a button and see all of my cortex related tasks [TS]

  because that's what I'm sitting down to work on now and when I'm done with this [TS]

  ad I'm going to go out and run a few errands and there's just a button that I [TS]

  press on OmniFocus that shows me all of the areas that have to do that ability [TS]

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  in your system is the reason that I use OmniFocus because it is built into the [TS]

  program from the ground up we're going to put the link in the show notes at [TS]

  Army Group dot com where you can go check out on me focus and you should [TS]

  definitely give that a little click and take a look at it now if you have never [TS]

  tried OmniFocus one of the things that i think is quite amazing about the company [TS]

  that makes it is they offer a 30 day return policy on their apps which is [TS]

  almost unheard of on the App Store if you want to give OmniFocus a try and it [TS]

  turns out that it's just not a good match for your brain you can return it [TS]

  and they will give you your money back [TS]

  only focus really has become the dashboard for my entire life where I [TS]

  need to go to take a look at what other projects I'm committed to how far they [TS]

  along and what do I need to do now I have tried every other task manager that [TS]

  is out there [TS]

  and I'm all-in on OmniFocus it is an amazing program and you should [TS]

  definitely try it out today so go click the link in the show notes that way on [TS]

  me knows that you came from here and try out on the focus today just get back to [TS]

  talking about working environment so I assume you have a home office is that a [TS]

  dedicated room in your house [TS]

  yes I'm talking to you right now from my home office and do you have a standing [TS]

  desk Oct desk you have a big desk desk I had originally intended to set up my [TS]

  office and a whole bunch of ways we moved into this apartment which is still [TS]

  in my mind new apartment other we've been living here for like a year and a [TS]

  half now and I intended to get a standing desk but this is just one of [TS]

  those things that has fallen through the cracks so I just kind of have a normal [TS]

  black sitting desk that I'm in front of right now and this is the one that my [TS]

  iMac is on but yet the dedicated room in my house I have a door that I can close [TS]

  which is very exciting because I used to live in a technically it was a more than [TS]

  one room apartment with my wife but I always describe it to people as [TS]

  functionally estudio because the the place that we lived was so small that [TS]

  while yes there is a door between the living room and the bathroom it didn't [TS]

  make any practical difference in all the ways that you might want to imagine that [TS]

  a door would make a practical difference with a bathroom situation so in our [TS]

  current living environment it's still I still walk around some time and think [TS]

  how we have doors in rooms like this is amazing what's in here is another route [TS]

  it is it is a novelty that I mean again we've been here a year and a half but my [TS]

  wife and I will still remark on the fact that it is possible for one of us to not [TS]

  know exactly where the other person is because if I married life we lived in a [TS]

  space where you could either always see where the other person was or they'd be [TS]

  behind the door behind the door [TS]

  there was never any mystery about where the person he's behind the door so [TS]

  that's why they having having an apartment now that has doors and an [TS]

  apartment where I can have a dedicated office this feels like amazing amazing [TS]

  luxury to me it's it's it's quite the upgrade what you like about working on [TS]

  but is it more relaxed do you like the thing is you're starting from a false [TS]

  premise it is convenient to work at home but I'm not exactly sure that I really [TS]

  like working from home which is one of the reasons why I very often go out into [TS]

  the city to just work from random places boring or I go to the coworking space [TS]

  that I pay money to rent so I i very much liked the ability to work from home [TS]

  and there are certain things that are are just easier to do when you're [TS]

  working from home because I now have a dedicated place where I can have [TS]

  paperwork that I need to deal with her I have all the equipment that I'm familiar [TS]

  with around me but I think I like working from places that are not my home [TS]

  much much better even though working from home is is very convenient whether [TS]

  you're working from home right you call me from your bedroom or something aren't [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah I don't have an office like my office is one corner of my bedroom and [TS]

  that's you know I have to change that [TS]

  still living in the moment me and my girlfriend is saving to buy a place [TS]

  where are you looking for two bedroom places because I will turn into a proper [TS]

  office yet you need an office at this point I need like a real office I just [TS]

  don't have one in the current house then you know and I have a big city desk it's [TS]

  a big glass desk and I'm in the same kind of thing as you like and like every [TS]

  couple of days in like i really wanna just set the desk up the way I want it [TS]

  to be and it isn't [TS]

  I like the idea of it cleared some stuff off at the desk so it's more space on it [TS]

  but like I have in my mind this like amazing set up that will make me a [TS]

  thousand times more productive it won't it will grow and Bella talent got around [TS]

  to doing it and I pay for a co-working space but don't go there enough and that [TS]

  is something that is always in my mind I need to do that but I feel change to my [TS]

  home because it's where my equipment is to record so it's all about me trying to [TS]

  manage my time better Saturday's run not recording so I can actually go and do it [TS]

  because as well my coworking space is an hour from my home [TS]

  know you'll never go there I do sometimes I don't go there enough I'm [TS]

  trying to go the more like basic where I live there is nothing there is no no [TS]

  nothing like you know I live in a house probably more of a suburb I guess but [TS]

  its way out of London don't even know where you are I just know you're East [TS]

  you know hundreds of miles east is the thing that I imagine that technically [TS]

  London but not actually London because I think the eastern border of London goes [TS]

  all the way to the ocean as far as I can tell something like that yeah you can [TS]

  see it from the top of the chart right is everything that we can see from here [TS]

  gives is London that's that works but it's the way to think about it if you [TS]

  know London is I live two stops away from the end of the tube line so that's [TS]

  far enough lol so there's nothing here so I'm always traveling that kinda [TS]

  dismissed its yes just my house you get off that he just get healthy underground [TS]

  and there's tumble use around so you know i i dont do that enough and I want [TS]

  to do it more because if I have something to work on [TS]

  I do way more work [TS]

  coworking space tomorrow do a home so you have 1234 coworking space how many [TS]

  cookies basis do you actually goes I have I have one coworking space that I [TS]

  pay money to have a bunch of places around London that our little coffee [TS]

  shops are other corners that I've found that I like to go to work in but they're [TS]

  not official office places but there is there is an office block that is pretty [TS]

  near me that he has a floor basically that they rent out as coworking space to [TS]

  a whole bunch of people and so I pay them monthly membership for you to be [TS]

  able to have access to that space and I have to have to travel an entire 10 [TS]

  minutes from my house to get to that [TS]

  coworking space AC I know that if I was that close more cuz I could just go [TS]

  there for a couple of hours violent go to my coworking space on there for the [TS]

  whole day because it takes me you know I'm not traveling for two hours there [TS]

  and back an hour to a so I know if I'm gonna go to the color space that is my [TS]

  day is collecting space right that's what makes it a bit bigger hurdle for me [TS]

  to take me going there isn't even any coffee shops anything I could work in [TS]

  where I live by because we've established there's nothing where you [TS]

  live [TS]

  place down ways barren wasteland however I do have a bit of a joke sometimes [TS]

  which is kinda terrible but we talked about how when you get out to those [TS]

  those those stopped at the end of the underground lines that it reminds us of [TS]

  Firefly and the outer rim planets is always just the way that it feels like [TS]

  oh where have we got it somehow feels way and deer which of course is [TS]

  ludicrous because the whole country is so dense compared to many other places [TS]

  but when when you live in the center and then you go out to the edge can feel [TS]

  weirdly empty even though it isn't by any kind of objective standard but our [TS]

  our slang reference to basically anything beyond like zone to like it was [TS]

  all just the outer rim planets the whole rest of [TS]

  of suburban london is the outer rim and many anybody who lives in any kind of [TS]

  suburban environment just walking two places is very much not an option I'm [TS]

  just aware that as you get further out from the center of the city if you want [TS]

  to go anywhere you really need a car and I used to teach in a school that was [TS]

  pretty outer rim and I was always aware of how endlessly long those suburban [TS]

  streets are and and they just feel like oh there's nothing there's nothing here [TS]

  except endless endless rows of houses there's nowhere to go so you you have to [TS]

  have a car or you have to be near a transportation point to be able to get [TS]

  anywhere else and they the advantage of that is you get to live in a huge place [TS]

  you don't get to live in as I did for many years a place with a door right [TS]

  like that's that's the tradeoff the further out you go we have like eight or [TS]

  nine goals in this house is doors everywhere like I'd sometimes open doors [TS]

  is more to come true for those you know we don't have we don't have any nested [TS]

  doors there's no door that you can open in our place now which leads to other [TS]

  doors that system does not exist but that that's the tradeoff I have always [TS]

  really liked being able to walk around in the center of the city but there are [TS]

  like everything in life there are big tradeoffs and cost for that and and one [TS]

  of those is that I have to accept that I end up living in a much much smaller [TS]

  place then I could otherwise I could have had a home office for years if we [TS]

  were living further out but we've made the decision that no we want to live [TS]

  more centrally and so then you have to live in a smaller place but it didn't [TS]

  matter to me like I said because I like to go around and work in a bunch of [TS]

  different places I find that a very enjoyable experience is your coworking [TS]

  space very businesses still in mind my coworking space there are no hipsters [TS]

  there my coworking space is full of businesspeople and I kind of wonder what [TS]

  they're up to but it's it's a strange environment because you do well [TS]

  yes describe the so basically there's this floor which is sort of open plan [TS]

  that I have access to and above and below us our regular office floors in in [TS]

  the sense like some some company has bought a floor of the building right so [TS]

  they have all their employees on that floor but the coworking space is also [TS]

  like a shared area for all of the other office people in the building and so [TS]

  it's very often like I'm just sitting down in in the coworking space and like [TS]

  these herds of people with ties and briefcases come in and you know they're [TS]

  talking about all of their business stuff and it's it's strange because [TS]

  there's a very clear divide between the people who are the coworking people like [TS]

  me and the business people and the way that these tribes are usually [TS]

  distinguished from each other is whether or not people are wearing ties so [TS]

  everybody who's wearing a tie it's like ok you're not one of the free-range [TS]

  monkeys like me right you are like a caged creature your battery monkey yeah [TS]

  you are you are they were kids monkey you have to go back into a particular [TS]

  spot upstairs and the way we mark this is that you have a tie and I know it's [TS]

  just a strange overlap sometimes between these these different groups of people [TS]

  but I like the coworking space it's very convenient for me but I often feel like [TS]

  over here these these businesses conversations and often think I don't [TS]

  have any idea what the heck these people are talking about they're always talking [TS]

  about it like it is very abstract waves about quarterly reports and and just [TS]

  like except that anyone know what you're saying none of the sound like concrete [TS]

  you know where we're shipping a product to a certain number of people it's all [TS]

  just like spreadsheets and things so I don't actually hoping go to the [TS]

  coworking space when there are other people around I used to and it was less [TS]

  busy go during the day but for the most part now actually [TS]

  pretty much exclusively go to my coworking space on the weekends and at [TS]

  night because then there's nobody else around and I like that much better [TS]

  there's much preferred for me to not have other people around I went to my [TS]

  coworking space today two days before Christmas and it was the best however [TS]

  spent all of these other people they do nothing but kind of get in the way or [TS]

  they just make it harder to work if they're around it's much it's much nicer [TS]

  when you have an entire floor of a building all to yourself that's the way [TS]

  I prefer to work in your coworking space is where lives the redundant bag system [TS]

  as well I call it and I'm sure you have a better name for it would you this is [TS]

  where you have a bunch of staff that is they're constantly like one of your plea [TS]

  of iPads I think lives there a computer lives there what do you have a name for [TS]

  the stuff that you have like everything you like a recording equipment to hold [TS]

  back the redundant bags live in my home office because I was grabbed them in the [TS]

  morning but I do have like a little redundant office that is in the [TS]

  coworking space so luckily the coworking space has these little cubes that you [TS]

  can rent and I i just have accumulated mind that I have a key to be a little [TS]

  cubby and Cubase it sound luxurious like having a cubicle but that's not the case [TS]

  now it's a little company and in there yes I have everything that I would need [TS]

  to theoretically get just about everything done so that's where I keep [TS]

  my MacBook Pro I keep one of my older iPads I do have some older recording [TS]

  equipment in there so that if I need to record something I can do it from the [TS]

  coworking space I like to have that mirrored set up because this again goes [TS]

  back to the idea of eliminating friction and sometimes I will go out into the [TS]

  city just to run some errands or maybe I'm just taking a walk or something [TS]

  because kind of everything that I need in my daily life is in a very small [TS]

  radius from where I live [TS]

  like the supermarkets nearby I have a bunch of nice parks to walk to that are [TS]

  nearby and I have a few regular places I like to go that are nearby the gym is [TS]

  nearby and also the coworking spaces nearby so it is not unusual rare find [TS]

  out just taking a walk I can suddenly feel like you know what I'm in the mood [TS]

  to get a particular kind of thing done and then if the coworking spaces nearby [TS]

  I can just walk right to their and have everything ready to go I don't have to [TS]

  think oh let me go back home to get my bag to then go out to then work no I [TS]

  don't want to do that I want to be able to just walk into the coworking space [TS]

  and be able to sit down and just get started on something if I feel like I'm [TS]

  in the mood to do that that happens pretty regularly and so that that's why [TS]

  I like to keep all of the redundant equipment there is just to have that as [TS]

  as an additional space that I'm not having to bring equipment to I had to [TS]

  physically bring equipment there it would reduce the number of times that I [TS]

  would ever really want to go so I'm just trying to make things easier for myself [TS]

  because it allows you to just walk in [TS]

  that's exactly what I want to be able to walk in just off the street and get to [TS]

  work I forgot to bring my laptop charger right that that kind of thing I hate I [TS]

  hate missing some small piece of a vital equipment that then just throws off the [TS]

  rest of your day that I gotta go back home to get the laptop charger and then [TS]

  I have to come back to this place and by that time you feel like the thing that I [TS]

  wanted to do the moment has passed its gonna happen I feel like this highlights [TS]

  and in i think is going to be a central theme that we're gonna see running for a [TS]

  lot of these is that you value your time and convenient way more money and Anna [TS]

  mean that to be a joke cuz I do too I will spend more money than people think [TS]

  should be spent on something if I feel like it's going to give me more time or [TS]

  reduce aggravation in my life [TS]

  broadly how to phrase this would like to have to two bags they get all the things [TS]

  you mentioned you have to have another two sets [TS]

  funds right right where you could just have the one you just pick up and put [TS]

  the bag but if you forget as annoying so let's buy another 200 and 250 pound [TS]

  notes right now you could just keep it up and your wallet but instead you put [TS]

  it in the bags it's like it's not that you're like you have a ticker-tape [TS]

  parade wear your friend money out for a convertible car down the streets of [TS]

  London yes but it's that you make purchases that are purely for reduction [TS]

  of aggravation yeah I think that that's fair to say because I generally don't [TS]

  like things I don't spend a lot of money on things in my apartment I like I just [TS]

  don't have very much stuff but the things that I find useful I am I'm very [TS]

  willing to spend more money on a smaller number of things like I want a smaller [TS]

  number of things but those smaller number of things to be of higher quality [TS]

  and in some sense the redundancy is a kind of quality that from my perspective [TS]

  it's almost like iPad is a service and wherever I need iPad iPad just is and [TS]

  that kind of mental release of not having to think where is my iPad today [TS]

  did I leave it on my desk let me go find it and put it in my bag or oh did I [TS]

  leave my iPad at the office no I never want to think that I just when I'm ready [TS]

  to work I want something at hand immediately to be available this week's [TS]

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  support the show thank you so much the only group and on the focus for their [TS]

  help today so you workin coffee shops which we've mentioned in like little [TS]

  places of public spaces and stuff that you work and I think I heard you [TS]

  mentioned once that you work in the British Library sometimes [TS]

  I used to work in the British Library when it was a bit more convenient but [TS]

  there but there are a bunch of locations that are like that around London that [TS]

  I've that I frequently work so why did you choose to work in those places [TS]

  rather than you can say is i mean they have a lot of the same problems as [TS]

  people around being distracting and you're also paying for the coworking [TS]

  space so why do you go to places in thats what scenarios that sounds like [TS]

  your kind of wasting money [TS]

  well okay so the two scenarios are hard during the day if I am NOT staying at [TS]

  home to do work i will go out to a bunch of different locations 22 rights on to [TS]

  write scripts basically and the reason why the people that say a cafe don't [TS]

  bother me as much as david the people at a co at the coworking space is I find [TS]

  the people at a cafe are kind of easier to ignore there's no unity of purpose at [TS]

  a cafe and also you're not going to run into the same people over and over by [TS]

  going to the same cafes to work out for the for the same other locations around [TS]

  the city to work at it like a random crowd of essentially faceless anonymous [TS]

  people who are who are around you [TS]

  where's the problem that I have with the coworking space is like I'm here too [TS]

  frequently during the day I start to recognize some of you and this is just [TS]

  this is not something that I really want to deal with it that's part of the [TS]

  reason why I like working out and around in the city is the anonymity of it is [TS]

  almost a kind of privacy it's it's own nobody here cares about what I'm doing [TS]

  and I don't really care about what do these people are doing so we can all [TS]

  happily ignore each other while we're sitting at our our various tables that [TS]

  that's one thing that is very beneficial and then there's the second thing is [TS]

  what I mentioned before is I don't know why but I am very aware that there's [TS]

  like a little clock counts down in my head from about an hour and a half to [TS]

  two hours of a burst of work so if I'm sitting down and I get like a good hour [TS]

  and a [TS]

  half worth of work done even if I'm using like music to try to distract part [TS]

  of my brain at that point in time I start to get a little bit fidgety and it [TS]

  starts to become harder to kind of focus on whatever I'm doing and I've learned [TS]

  that the best way to get over that is usually to take like a 20 minute walk [TS]

  and so that's why I tend to kind of hop from place to place in the city is done [TS]

  somewhere I work for an hour and a half I can't feel my brain getting fidgety [TS]

  I'm having a little bit of a hard time focusing on whatever I'm doing some [TS]

  going to get up I'm going to go to a different location and then after that [TS]

  20 minute walk I find it much more easy to sit down and once again kind of [TS]

  concentrate on what it is that I that I want to do so that's another reason why [TS]

  I like going out to different places to work is is the motion and the change of [TS]

  environment i find facilitates certain kinds of of getting things done what's [TS]

  your favorite place to work [TS]

  you have one to get down to give me all occasions people camping there that it's [TS]

  about two-to-one Baker Street I've been a bit vague because they are definitely [TS]

  places that I would not want to say out loud because I feel like now I found [TS]

  these little places over years and years in the city I'm not I'm not giving up [TS]

  various good locations that I like to work with you tell me them like I [TS]

  pretend to ignore you know I won't tell you that I guess what would I could more [TS]

  say is that I have little roots that I quite like whether there are enough [TS]

  places that I'm going to stop along the way and one of the routes which is easy [TS]

  enough to talk about is the south bank of london is I found enough places along [TS]

  that stretch on the river where I can stop that are into crowded normally and [TS]

  I can kind of have a nice little walk down the river and know that there are [TS]

  locations that are evenly spaced that I can stop when I want to do that that's [TS]

  like that like a little roots that I use fairly frequently what a great Poland [TS]

  like just one of the very best as the best views has the best bridges like to [TS]

  some of the most fantastic buildings and culture and place to eat and drink it's [TS]

  the south bank is fantastic of course that's one of the reasons why I was [TS]

  originally was walking around there because I liked it and eventually kind [TS]

  of figured out a few places to stop that were convenient and so now it's you know [TS]

  it's hard to say how often I do it but that's that is a fairly regular go to [TS]

  place for all I want to get some work done and let me let me just go walking [TS]

  along here for the afternoon for example feel like this is kind of been employed [TS]

  today but I wanted to ask it do you think that the you personally being in [TS]

  different places [TS]

  effectual productivity in different ways yeah it does it does I think one of the [TS]

  two turn it around for a moment one of the reasons that I would say that I [TS]

  don't like working at home as I'm aware that this is probably one of the places [TS]

  where I am least effective and actually working because the home is an [TS]

  environment where you do all kinds of stuff and it's very easy to get a bit [TS]

  derailed if you're just staying in the same location all day and that location [TS]

  is also where you live and so it's the same it's the same place where you relax [TS]

  and I like oh the main room of the house that I walk through to get lunch or [TS]

  whatever this is where in the evening I will sit on the couch and watch [TS]

  television is a it's a wrong kind of mental environment sometimes for getting [TS]

  work done it it feels less serious to my brain somehow as opposed to like oh I'm [TS]

  out and about or i've gone to the coworking space in our brain we need to [TS]

  get serious about this [TS]

  whereas when I'm home all day it's like well I'll be home all day on a weekend [TS]

  not necessarily working so it doesn't I feel like it's very beneficial to have [TS]

  sharp dividing lines between things particularly when you're self-employed [TS]

  particularly when you don't naturally have those self dividing lines [TS]

  and that's why the working at home it is while it is extremely useful to me to [TS]

  have a home office I'm aware that that in terms of like productive output per [TS]

  hour it's probably one of the less effective places for me to work but it [TS]

  is always available so there's there's tradeoffs these tradeoffs all the time [TS]

  with these things I'll tell you later version yes I'll tell you something [TS]

  about how when I first started making the YouTube videos I was extremely lucky [TS]

  with place so in that first apartment which had a door it was not really [TS]

  practical for me to be working a lot in the main area of our house because it [TS]

  was everything it was the kitchen it was the bedroom it was the main area and I [TS]

  did have a little desk that was set up that I could work out but this is that [TS]

  when I was still working as a teacher and then my wife would be home in the [TS]

  evenings like it just it was not a great space to be trying to work and this is [TS]

  this is where a lot of my first habit of wandering around the city probably [TS]

  really really took hold [TS]

  was like I have to go out somewhere from trying to work but I eventually [TS]

  discovered that I had access in that building to this kind of terrifying [TS]

  basement space that was below the building but yet still kind of exposed [TS]

  to the elements through broken windows and had a boiler in there that was loud [TS]

  and the room was filled with dust and spiders and all kinds of disgusting [TS]

  stuff but it was an additional space that I can get access to that absolutely [TS]

  nobody else would want to go to not buy that description anyway all the spider [TS]

  room yes let me look in ya [TS]

  during the winter it would be freezing cold and turning the summer it would be [TS]

  terribly terribly terribly hot but in the in the year and a half when I was [TS]

  really trying when I was putting all in [TS]

  on trying to make YouTube work as a business having access to that little [TS]

  space made a huge difference to me because I would take at that point my [TS]

  very first iPad retina iPad down there with a little keyboard and I could do [TS]

  this thing which I i do all the time which is talk the scripts out loud and [TS]

  work on them that the one of the most effective things I can do when I'm [TS]

  actually working is to talk out loud what I'm going to say in the video and [TS]

  make changes in the keep going back and back and forth in keep saying the script [TS]

  out loud over and over again and making a little changes yeah it's obviously not [TS]

  something I could do in a cafe is not something I can do when people are [TS]

  around but having that little basement space was a spot that I could go to and [TS]

  very very regularly in the evenings after dinner which happens to be a very [TS]

  useful time for me work wise I would go down to the spider basement and work and [TS]

  that space ended up I I would say probably is one of the most productive [TS]

  spaces that I've ever worked in even though was horrible and who isn't hot [TS]

  set up to be a place to work [TS]

  that actually kind of work in its favor because I never want to be there any any [TS]

  longer than was absolutely necessary and so I think that this also really [TS]

  contributed to the association in my brain of you know where we're downstairs [TS]

  in the basement and now it is time to work because we're not going back [TS]

  upstairs to our company house until you get enough of you know you until you get [TS]

  through enough drafts of this video that you feel satisfied with it and so I [TS]

  think there are there are ways in which working environments can actually be too [TS]

  comfortable like having an office that is too nice can actually be a [TS]

  disincentive to work you don't want to have stuff that is is extremely 100% [TS]

  comfortable all the time I think the cafes in a way replicate this a little [TS]

  bit [TS]

  it because you can never quite get a cafe to be set up just the way you want [TS]

  right of the chair is always a little bit off the table isn't quite right or [TS]

  are you sitting in a spot that you don't necessarily like perfectly and when you [TS]

  go there like you don't even know if you're gonna be able to have a place to [TS]

  sit [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah they're all of these little little things that make the [TS]

  environment to slightly uncomfortable but I feel like that can actually be [TS]

  conducive in a way to working with them aware that that my house while I do love [TS]

  it it's almost too comfortable everything is is just the way I like and [TS]

  that's one of the reasons why I often work somewhere else now for things like [TS]

  the podcasting like doing the podcasting from home this is a kind of convenience [TS]

  that I wouldn't have been able to do without having a home office so there's [TS]

  some kinds of things that obviously it's way better to have a home office but I I [TS]

  still do a large part of my writing elsewhere not at home when the reasons [TS]

  why I go to the coworking space on weekends and during the evenings is [TS]

  precisely because there's nobody around and so this is a perfect time to be able [TS]

  to do that thing where I talk the scripts out loud where I can I can walk [TS]

  around in this kind of big open area and talk out loud like a crazy person and [TS]

  there's nobody there to bother me and again that is a very very productive [TS]

  time for me even even though to answer your question like it seems a bit [TS]

  redundant to both work around the city and to also have the coworking space I [TS]

  used the coworking space in a very different way than I do [TS]

  cafes or or my home office even so having access to that space to be able [TS]

  to kind of like it's much nicer than the basement but be able to replicate this [TS]

  ok it is in the evening and I want to go somewhere and just be able to talk out [TS]

  loud for awhile effect that's one of the reasons why I keep the coworking space [TS]

  around and that's that's one reason why use it [TS]

  do you work in an office oh you mean like a grownup office like an office [TS]

  with like desks of people I see these officers [TS]

  I see these big open-plan offices and some of my walks and some of the places [TS]

  that i go and they don't look very nice I have never worked in one of these [TS]

  offices and when we talked last time about why I want to be a teacher I [TS]

  always knew that an office environment was was not the environment for me I've [TS]

  never had any kind of job even my student jobs or anything that were [TS]

  stereotypical office jobs I have tried very hard to avoid that and I have I [TS]

  have done so successfully so far in my life you know I am I'm pretty sure I [TS]

  would it's funny I was thinking about you know the movie office space I first [TS]

  saw office space in college at some point and the movie is ostensibly a [TS]

  comedy and I remember thinking oh this is a very funny movie but it also had [TS]

  this little bit of it teens of like a warning from the adult world of you know [TS]

  you don't really want to probably work in an environment like this and every [TS]

  every few years i watched office space again and every time I watch it as I [TS]

  have gotten older that movie has become less of a of a comedy and more of a [TS]

  horse just I don't laugh I kind of like kind of watch it just just filled with [TS]

  horror and one of the things I'm really aware of is that if you look at the [TS]

  working environment and office space it's presented as this this terrible [TS]

  terrible working environment because they're all stuck in these horrible [TS]

  cubes but in all of the officers that I can see into in London those cubes would [TS]

  seem like a massive luxury most of the officers I see a range people in these [TS]

  endless open rooms with just computers on their desk sitting directly opposite [TS]

  someone else on a computer with someone on a computer on either side of them [TS]

  with half size little walls if they're lucky but very often they're just long [TS]

  tables that are you know sixteen people are sitting out that they that they [TS]

  would they would beg beg four cubes and that's why I like the office space thing [TS]

  that's the one thing I'm really aware of watching that movie was like ok this [TS]

  movie is is horrifying as an adult to watch but even since then it looks to me [TS]

  like things have really changed in the office world did you have a cuba but you [TS]

  didn't know and I wish I did one and one of the things that happened to us who [TS]

  dis is one of the worst things we like the marketing department right so we [TS]

  were kind of a bit more relaxed about the way that we worked [TS]

  music we have a laugh and joke around and stuff at that time there were banks [TS]

  of desks that kind of set 12 people six on each side we had a decent amount of [TS]

  room [TS]

  ok they were ok it wasn't great there was barely any meeting rooms and then [TS]

  one day we were told of their people moving down from another floor so we [TS]

  have to move everybody around and you know how to tackle your stuff this [TS]

  weekend cause when you come in on Monday and is going to be a completely new [TS]

  seating set up to came in on Monday and dad moved us around to another part of [TS]

  the floor and they had increased our tables to two banks are sixteen eight [TS]

  people each side but that but the table wasn't any bigger if the little bigger a [TS]

  little bit bigger ok they added like 10 percent more table in 50% more people [TS]

  the people that SAT behind us to come down came down from the floor above they [TS]

  were the same size tables and they said 10 aside and you know computers anymore [TS]

  hot desking so you wouldn't even be guaranteed you don't have enough each [TS]

  team didn't have enough desks to fit the team so sometimes you were five minutes [TS]

  late would come in and have been walking around the floor trying to find [TS]

  somewhere to see but you have all your stuff in a locker that was on the desk [TS]

  we usually see him back on full day picking it up and be the worst thing [TS]

  about it was like the people that came down they were very stuffy department [TS]

  and hear warlike really smart suits and they were much older and more official [TS]

  like three levels of bit like measure so they had they can make changes about the [TS]

  way that we had to work and we were allowed to have a music on anymore and [TS]

  we had to be more quiet we weren't allowed to swear as much as we did and [TS]

  it took all of our meeting rooms away and it's like i don't ever again wanna [TS]

  be in an environment where my my working environment can be changed by external [TS]

  factors like that right [TS]

  like someone to make a decision and all of a sudden we're all crammed up in an [TS]

  evidence came this is always liked the thing but with working for a company [TS]

  versus working for yourself and there are there are tradeoffs in both of these [TS]

  but that is one of the biggest trade offices that other people can can make [TS]

  decisions that radically change your daily experience when you're working for [TS]

  another company and and that kind of thing over we're going to change your [TS]

  physical environment in a way to make it much less pleasant is extremely [TS]

  extremely frustrating to to deal with and i just i just can't imagine how that [TS]

  has been for lots of of workers seeing as I do inside these offices the shape [TS]

  of them change in like more people getting crammed into space is just I [TS]

  don't know it's it's [TS]

  I tried very hard to avoid that and I have been I have been lucky enough to [TS]

  avoid that in my life so far [TS]

  surely you would think you're less productive under the new circumstances [TS]

  I'll definitely be you know then they try and back that up with your gonna [TS]

  meet your objectives you know you have to meet your objectives to meet your [TS]

  objectives you might be less productive but you have your objectives to me who [TS]

  says your objectives interests for great industries you set my objective we [TS]

  should have a quarterly review I can give you a good quarterly review we [TS]

  could establish performance rating what do you think about that I would resist [TS]

  I would resist that we can we can talk about we can talk about deadlines and [TS]

  and objectives at another point maybe but there's nobody else setting high [TS]

  deadlines are objectives do not have any more meetings where we can talk about [TS]

  how good of an employee I have been like I did when I was teaching those those [TS]

  are always fun having someone come in and evaluate you guide to mr Gray I [TS]

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