Cortex 3: Good for Brain Health


  man that was the longest boringest way you could possibly have described Launch [TS]

  Center pro you've been very busy this week Avenue like this feels like a week [TS]

  of gray productivity and like I've ever seen before [TS]

  yes I have been have been unusually busy this week I was very surprised this [TS]

  morning to see another episode of Helmand [TS]

  like two episodes in a week it's magical yes within a week there have been two [TS]

  episodes of hello internet because we just put up our special Royal Society [TS]

  episode this morning then I put a video yesterday and I am recording cortex with [TS]

  you right now which will go up on Friday and at some point this week I'm also [TS]

  recording another episode of hello internet so yes it is it is unusually [TS]

  busy week for me this week I'm going to take credit for that [TS]

  like you know we started a show where you're looking at your productivity in [TS]

  your productivity has increased fourfold you can take credit for that if you want [TS]

  but their total I like when I go back to just a normal week next week and then [TS]

  it's fine I have no problem living a lie if you're taking credit you also have to [TS]

  take blame that's how this works I'm fine with that I would definitely like [TS]

  that ok there was something that you've been doing has obviously as part of your [TS]

  productivity blitz you were posting pictures of your only focus all day like [TS]

  it's fine if you go if you like looking in some apps show like the recent media [TS]

  and it's basically just a grid of the focus icons people who follow me on [TS]

  twitter [TS]

  know already that the usually pretty obvious when I am animating because I am [TS]

  on Twitter all day long [TS]

  when I'm doing the animations for a video because I find the animations just [TS]

  a very tedious process and Twitter while while it is normally just nothing but a [TS]

  distraction I i think i work better with Twitter open because it's a bit of light [TS]

  cast [TS]

  steam vent of just I can I can kind of poor a little bit of frustration out on [TS]

  on to Twitter and so yes whenever I'm very active on Twitter it's usually when [TS]

  I'm I'm animating and that day in particular because I'd originally [TS]

  planned to post two things I had this only focus badge that I was I thought it [TS]

  happens to start out at over 100 I'm going to post this and I i really just [TS]

  that I want something like I'm going to war with this number today as I was [TS]

  trying to launch 22 projects on the same day and then as time went on at all I [TS]

  just kept posting like milestones as the day when I was a little bit was a little [TS]

  silly and I often feel like I need to apologize to the people who follow me on [TS]

  Twitter like this is taking down as they was going on it was funny it was you [TS]

  know people I see what we can you in like you know I never expected today [TS]

  will be the day that would follow along with you because the bad guy cons yes [TS]

  very exciting I wouldn't expect you to be a badges man like to have the number [TS]

  on your Apple icon that doesn't feel like it fits with your thoughts of your [TS]

  homescreen balance now know it it does not and if you looked at the screen [TS]

  shots from from the phone that we did last time there was no badge on army [TS]

  focus this is one of these things where I do constantly try to think about my [TS]

  system and try to make little changes and it occurred to me I don't know about [TS]

  a week ago that I really do hate badges on the phone I have I have some severe [TS]

  thoughts about badges and and how people allow them on their phone and I dislike [TS]

  them I generally don't have badges for almost anything but I thought maybe I [TS]

  can use my intense dislike of the badges as a kind of productivity fuel and I i [TS]

  spent and I know it was it wasn't very long but I spent maybe half an hour or [TS]

  so [TS]

  region green my only focus a little bit to try and pull out a selection of items [TS]

  that need to be done by the end of the day [TS]

  day and to just have on the focus display a badge for for those items I [TS]

  was thinking back to when I used to be a teacher I used to have a a series of [TS]

  printed pieces of paper one for each day of the week and on them were written the [TS]

  things that had to get done before I was allowed to go home at the end of the [TS]

  work day of course there are always an infinite number of things that you can [TS]

  do on a work day but it was helpful to have just a list of the things that have [TS]

  to get done before I can go home and so in OmniFocus I was thinking maybe my [TS]

  current working life is quite different but maybe there's a little bit of this [TS]

  that I can I can recreate and so that's what I was attempting to do with the [TS]

  badges is to make more visually obvious items that really have to get done on [TS]

  this day before I can even remotely pretend like of the work day is over [TS]

  that's what I set up an army focus and that's what I was that that's what I [TS]

  have been playing around with for the past week and I would say that initial [TS]

  results are promising I think for me and for most people like you have to balance [TS]

  the idea of anxiety reward with the badges so i'm i'm very I have some App [TS]

  Store I allow badges to be on but it's very specific to do that like I allow [TS]

  messaging apps for example slack or I message and stuff like that if their [TS]

  direct messages to me I will be there so I know because they tend to be more [TS]

  things that need more attention and only focus I have it only show a badge for [TS]

  overdue items so on something passes did the time that I set for it pops up [TS]

  because seeing badges can make me anxious because it's like I know that [TS]

  this stuff in there that needs to get done and I'm not doing it hence why the [TS]

  badges but then you also have the reward party which you're going through which [TS]

  is why have these things here and I get to watch them go down and that's a good [TS]

  feeling but I think you kind of have to to to work out what side of the [TS]

  what kind of tired of the claimed you you land on you have to feel like this [TS]

  is the way that I wanna go about this I want to even feel like I've got [TS]

  something that is trying to grab my attention or I have something that is [TS]

  making me feel good in general my philosophy with notifications and badges [TS]

  is is sort of along those lines of I just I just see so many people who have [TS]

  iPhones that just just beep or or have badges on them for all all kinds of crap [TS]

  and I think you really need to to look at those notifications and say ok a [TS]

  notification in a perfect world it should be something about which I need [TS]

  to take action and the more interrupted the notification is the the more [TS]

  immediate the action should be and I see lots of people who just don't you don't [TS]

  do this and that the badges are our little bit low down on that notification [TS]

  hierarchy because most of the time with apps that will show a badge [TS]

  don't also have them interrupt me and alert to something but I can see the [TS]

  badges on the phone and I think ok something is in this app that needs to [TS]

  be cleared but I've seen people use badges on apps for things that I just [TS]

  think are crazy I've seen people do stuff like oh I want my read it later [TS]

  appt you just have a badge on it [TS]

  of how many articles I have in this read it later what are you crazy why do you [TS]

  need to see two hundred and forty-seven as a red badge on the top of your [TS]

  reading application [TS]

  didn't you put those articles in there don't don't you know that they're in [TS]

  there and what about this is remotely urgent you know you can't possibly have [TS]

  247 must read items so I really try to limit badges and notifications to the [TS]

  bare minimum it can possibly be and always run it through this spectrum of [TS]

  if the app is going to notify me about this thing one is there an action that I [TS]

  need to take and two is that action [TS]

  relatively immediate and and if the answer to both of those questions is yes [TS]

  then I'm going to have some kind of notification for the moment only focus [TS]

  is really the only thing on my phone that has always present red badge on it [TS]

  is really the only one that gets that so that's why I think it is effective at [TS]

  least in the moment for making me want to grind through the items that are [TS]

  there because I want to get rid of that badge and then returned to a nice clean [TS]

  iPhone or iPad screen it's interesting that you have allowed one to break [TS]

  through that but I think that on the focus is probably the kind of that would [TS]

  be allowed on the focus is really the dashboard for my whole life is about it [TS]

  and so if anything deserves to have a badge on it focuses it and I haven't put [TS]

  the badge on four years because of my dislike of badges and my desire for you [TS]

  clean iPhone screen but like I said before it occurred to me who I could I [TS]

  could use my desire for the clean iPhone screen as a kind of a little bit of an [TS]

  additional push and so too intensely a glyph I my iphone screen on my iPad [TS]

  screen a tiny bit to get a little bit more work out of myself this is our [TS]

  first show having follow-up yeah I achieved practically the entire show is [TS]

  gonna be follow up with some description we have now turned over the showed [TS]

  people and the people have many questions that we have we have received [TS]

  many tweets many comments many screenshots from listen to the first two [TS]

  episodes were gonna get to that but there was something that I wanted to [TS]

  give idea many other podcasts as some people may know what one could even say [TS]

  you have a whole network of podcasts that would be correct one of them at the [TS]

  moment I'm actually talk to people about their favorite albums and out of pure [TS]

  just serendipity this week's episode with serenity Caldwell by more she [TS]

  picked all day by goal talk which we've spoken about how many people familiar [TS]

  with that album that maybe one before but if you wanna hear [TS]

  her talk about that and listen to two people can do 290 people trying to wrap [TS]

  a little bit as that happens I would suggest listening to them it's fun to [TS]

  hear more about that album and it's really interesting to hear how so many [TS]

  people use it as a way to focus their attention is a very strange album for [TS]

  that like but it seems like so many people use it for that reason very [TS]

  interesting and one of the biggest questions one of the questions I saw the [TS]

  most on I think it's about episode 12 people were asking why you had a [TS]

  personal assistant so many people are really interesting this kind of stuff [TS]

  there are things you say during an episode and they're just like throwaway [TS]

  comments but they seem to lock in with people and it is interesting that you [TS]

  have a personal system like people don't understand why our house set up so we're [TS]

  actually going to address this in a later episode we're gonna turn into a [TS]

  bigger topic talk about that kind of stuff just teasing the people now is [TS]

  that what you're doing I just want people to know that I'm not ignoring the [TS]

  question very important that people understand our listeners understand I [TS]

  listened to them that's my that is my role here is like you know to to to take [TS]

  the suggestions from the audience here one of them and we will talk about that [TS]

  later but we should talk about some screens because this is the one I seen [TS]

  the most there are so many people that hate this show for this reason because [TS]

  they are completely like it's like a love hate relationship because they have [TS]

  completely like I did up ended their phone and it's all over the place [TS]

  ice when I wasn't able to be disturbances in San Francisco Apple's [TS]

  WWDC event and there were people that were actually going through the process [TS]

  at that point they'd listen to the absolute [TS]

  showing me what they were doing and how their life was ruined because I didn't [TS]

  know any of their Abdullah [TS]

  their life has been improved because I pointed out how horrible most people's [TS]

  iPhone screens are so they've improved their iPhone screen so their life is [TS]

  better to have a more aesthetically pleasing environment in which to iPhone [TS]

  there is there is a significant problem which I'm still going through which is [TS]

  the fact that now everything is not where [TS]

  that is a problem there are ways transition costs but these transition [TS]

  costs are worth it so I have the follow up for my own phone I have no change my [TS]

  wallpaper great no longer have prominent I'm actually I'm currently rocking the [TS]

  official cortex wallpaper but we haven't we have an official wallpaper I did he [TS]

  do [TS]

  designer put together for us which I am now using there is even a CGP grey [TS]

  version of the wallpaper which takes into account the way that you set up [TS]

  your phone [TS]

  paper I want to see it on your phone I need to talk to you about this very [TS]

  second because we're not doing this again are we the official cortex [TS]

  wallpaper for the listeners is it it's like very dark graph paper you know how [TS]

  graph paper has thicker lines and thinner lines it's a very good looking [TS]

  wallpaper I have to say but Mike is just sent me a picture of his iPhone screen [TS]

  much improved its a dark background so the icons standout you still have four [TS]

  icons on the dock which is unfortunate but it seems like you're just not going [TS]

  to fix this however I don't know if you noticed this but you have misaligned the [TS]

  grid from the icon yeah I'm trying to i've tried very hard to get this to work [TS]

  I mean this is immediately this is the only thing I can see when you send me [TS]

  the screenshot is that your wallpaper is is shifted slightly to the left of the [TS]

  icons are not centered which is I spent a very very long time trying to get this [TS]

  right you may have spent a long time on it but you have not spent enough time on [TS]

  it I think you need to turn off prospective zoom you're going to use [TS]

  this what he did and I'm still struggling I'm gonna fix it [TS]

  gonna fix it was on the air right now I'm gonna try anyway no you're not going [TS]

  to fix it while on the air right now because you're ready said you spent a [TS]

  lot of time trying to do this right and you obviously failed and so let's let's [TS]

  not sit here [TS]

  like you can fix this later but hit the way better like a guy I know I'm giving [TS]

  you a hard time it's a way better than then how you started the difference [TS]

  between the regular edition edition from from the words of a designer is your [TS]

  mission is a four icon grill top and a three icons at the bottom that's a nice [TS]

  tight slender very nice touch with the transparency for the doc think the [TS]

  designer for me so frank does great work and he wanted to make sure that you had [TS]

  an addition that you may be happy with to use some point I will once again go [TS]

  back to the drawing board and attempt to fix the grievous error I have made [TS]

  because that's seems to be what I do now many many people great when it's in a [TS]

  way you came from I think this is actually the most requested thing people [TS]

  want to know where you're from I don't remember where I found it originally [TS]

  people want to know great they gotta get to tell the people what my wallpaper [TS]

  actually is is there is a style of art which is called low poly which is a [TS]

  little short fellow polygons a kind of become the video game world basically [TS]

  but it's a particular way of of simplifying and image so I did a whole [TS]

  bunch of searches for a low poly artwork and eventually stumbled upon that one I [TS]

  have the full document on my computer but I don't know the original source of [TS]

  this because I think this was the topic of one of the hello Internet podcast but [TS]

  has been a very long time trying to search for and find just the right [TS]

  iPhone background so I will see if I can track down the original artist so we can [TS]

  put that Lincoln and give them credit I had a few people suggest including Derek [TS]

  on Twitter a segment of the show which I've really loved the idea of would like [TS]

  to convince you about this every week [TS]

  you grade listeners on screen now this is a terrible idea [TS]

  know this is a great idea this is a terrible idea because because iPhones [TS]

  don't have a lot of degrees in in which they can be good or awful there are very [TS]

  very very few things that you have to do right to make your iPhone screen [TS]

  acceptable it's just that most people never think about it most people just [TS]

  start casually adding apps and picking a random wallpaper and and they just they [TS]

  end up with something that looks horrible not on purpose but all of the [TS]

  horrible iPhones are are horrible in in similar ways and I don't think there is [TS]

  there is much room to expand on how a particular person's iPhone screen is [TS]

  particularly awful you know they're always going to have the same thing [TS]

  clown vomit backgrounds for like a baby photo as the background and a bunch of [TS]

  just apps with badges all over them that's how I phones are are bad and the [TS]

  way to make iPhones look good is to limit the number of apps that you have [TS]

  on your phone and to select a wallpaper that works a wallpaper has two jobs it [TS]

  should be aesthetically pleasing and it should ideally at a minimum not be [TS]

  distracting but at best it should show off the icons even better which is why [TS]

  you generally want a dark background you don't you don't want your baby's face in [TS]

  in a bright sunlit area as the background of your phone then just looks [TS]

  just looks awful that that's all there is to say about iPhone set-ups there are [TS]

  people in the world that want to receive the criticism I received I don't know [TS]

  why but they do I don't know that other people [TS]

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  what is your iPod home screen look like as we look to your iPhone right so what [TS]

  what how does this differ how do you set that up I don't have a screenshot to [TS]

  send you back right now I just bought a new iPad and I am in the process of [TS]

  trying to get it setup still you know I don't know where everything goes yet [TS]

  I have worked out the placement and I'm using the cortex wallpaper so we know [TS]

  that that's good but now I'm still in the process of trying to work out where [TS]

  everything goes looking for inspiration [TS]

  ok it's shockingly different from my iPhone as you will see when it when it [TS]

  comes through ok 23 gray why there are three icons in the dark because as I [TS]

  explained last time I want the doc to be the same on all of the devices that I [TS]

  use but this is very different [TS]

  the iPad access think is almost almost exactly the same as the iPhone I have a [TS]

  dark background it's actually the exact same background is a bigger section of [TS]

  it I have the same three icons of the doc notes launched an army focus and [TS]

  then I I have many of the same apps in the same locations on my iPad is it's a [TS]

  little bit different because my iPad is arranged much more as a work device so I [TS]

  have some things on there like me out liner and numbers and never know that I [TS]

  don't have immediately accessible on my phone but it's it's very similar to my i [TS]

  pad set up there seems to be a lot less apps are you have one folder here so it [TS]

  seems to be less than there is no fun unless there's like a thousand apps in [TS]

  the folder there are a ton of apps in that folder there probably less apps on [TS]

  my iPad that on my iPhone yeah there's there's a ton of stuff that shoved in [TS]

  there in that folder but the only reason that one folder is there is because [TS]

  there are more I convert I want on the iPad but I still they still do want to [TS]

  have a one page set up which I realized who I can do if I have a centered folder [TS]

  and just shove everything in there so this is this is the way my iPad looks [TS]

  now have to say I really like the centerfold I think I'm gonna be stealing [TS]

  that you can steal my sent folder that looks nice well I mean so you're missing [TS]

  your health and your London and other folder which are in your iPhone so I [TS]

  assume things like health in London probably are in their right cuz that's [TS]

  like stuff that is to be out and about with which I guess not used as much in [TS]

  that regard as like tracking things and finding your way around [TS]

  and the London folder from my iphone is a bit of a cheat because I'm actually [TS]

  using that as a good maps transit local staff folder + rarely used after they [TS]

  use for travel just in general who's really like up leases folder that is and [TS]

  then yes of course the health app is because while the health or the health [TS]

  of older is there because the health app is only on the iPhone and there's a [TS]

  bunch of things that are related to health it only on the iPhone [TS]

  the two different devices served two different purposes which is why their [TS]

  setups are slightly different but the iPhone is much more of a general-purpose [TS]

  device and the iPad is very clearly a work device and that's why the anything [TS]

  that is different it can boil down to that so i feel myself with my phone [TS]

  getting closer to the one-page method because I don't know where anything is [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  some searching and if I'm searching more it doesn't matter where things live [TS]

  that's exactly right that's why you can have one page is it simplifies in your [TS]

  mind what you do when you're looking for a nap I can either see the app or I'm [TS]

  going to search for the app end of story there are no other options that's all [TS]

  you do that's the philosophy so I'm getting closer because I want that I [TS]

  want it you know I look at that one page and I'm gonna keep my ipad2 one page cuz [TS]

  you know that that feels like a great thing to do keep it all on one page in a [TS]

  plan like you had less on my iPad I have my phone cuz I'm going to try and keep [TS]

  this as a work devices while I have some some people were were very perplexed [TS]

  with some of the decisions that you made about your iPhone home screen for [TS]

  example sage on trisha has asked how can you have no browser on your phone home [TS]

  screen how do you look at the internet I don't look at the internet telephone I [TS]

  have restrictions the browser on my phone hang on a minute ago what is that [TS]

  there is no Safari on my phone how do you follow links [TS]

  you know what this is again this is how do you tweet and the answer is that I i [TS]

  dont i dont so let's say you're in London you're out and about in the [TS]

  street and you see something you like I need to look this up to you never looked [TS]

  things up [TS]

  ok we do need to do we need to discuss do we need to discuss iPhone philosophy [TS]

  here for a moment I guess I think we're gonna have to yes I guess what I'm gonna [TS]

  try to do here is answer a bunch of questions and so we don't have to go [TS]

  through why don't you have access on your phone I have a lot of that we may [TS]

  as well just trying to give I'm going to try to give an overview here what's [TS]

  going on and my philosophy is that I am I am trying to reduce distractions on [TS]

  the iPhone and distractions I mean it in a very broad sense that there are the [TS]

  obvious distractions like the worst thing you could possibly do I have to [TS]

  put it on my phone and it notifies me every time someone favorite the thing [TS]

  that I tweet right that is just the worst possible scenario of I want this [TS]

  thing to vibrate every every time someone has sent me a tiny bit of [TS]

  Internet love you just begging for non actionable distraction all day long [TS]

  that that that's the absolute worst version of that can be but even if you [TS]

  have Twitter on your phone and you say oh I like in person I'm going to disable [TS]

  all notification from Twitter because i dont i dont need that there's nothing [TS]

  actionable here when someone retweets thing that I've said the problem is [TS]

  still the problem is still did you you can then self-generated distraction and [TS]

  that self-generated distraction is I want to go look at what's on Twitter I [TS]

  want to go check the phone hasn't distracted you you have distracted [TS]

  yourself with the option that is available so that's that's why I don't [TS]

  want Twitter on my phone is because [TS]

  I am aware that when I had to it on my phone [TS]

  Twitter became this this default go to activity when there was two minutes of [TS]

  spare time at any moment in my life so I'm standing on line there's two people [TS]

  ahead of me you know to get to the the self-checkout machines well I have 30 [TS]

  seconds I might as well open up Twitter in and see what's going on and I don't [TS]

  like that kind of activity I don't think that kind of behavior is is helpful and [TS]

  i also think you create some bad habits in your brain to create some bad [TS]

  reinforcements loops of never allowing your brain to be bored at any moment I [TS]

  actually think that being bored is good for Brain health and there are ways in [TS]

  which I I tried to encourage that little bit so not having Twitter as a kind of [TS]

  distraction on the phone not even having the option to look because it's just [TS]

  simply not installed is 11 version of this and that applies for lots of apps [TS]

  now the browser seems kind of crazy to not have on there whilst I don't feel [TS]

  the same as you do I understand the Twitter argument because that is just [TS]

  you're just not going to bring that in there but the browser is so it feels so [TS]

  important to the device like it was one of the three pillars when Steve Jobs [TS]

  introduced the breakthrough into communication device had the browser now [TS]

  so they were talking about having an iPhone browser is a very very [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  decision to make well my iPhone is still and Internet communicator it just [TS]

  doesn't use the browser to browser is simply 11 window through which to view [TS]

  internet but I can still look up restaurants and directions and other [TS]

  kinds of things that I might need while I'm wandering around the city and I [TS]

  don't need the browser to do that I can I can see when is the post office open [TS]

  without having to open up a browser how well you can see you can search for it [TS]

  for example on Google Maps or you can search for it on Yelp and then it will [TS]

  list the menu for this restaurant here here the opening hours turning off the [TS]

  browser was an interesting decision because I thought this might not work [TS]

  out this might not be a practical thing to do but having done it for a while [TS]

  it's it's again a case of oh I can get by without this and if there is any way [TS]

  that I can reduce options or potential distractions for myself I am very happy [TS]

  to do that and so it turns out that I almost never need the browser on my [TS]

  phone and so since the browser is also another potential portal of distraction [TS]

  let go let me go to some website to check what's going on I would rather not [TS]

  have that on my phone which again is just in my pocket all the time available [TS]

  for for distraction so I I disabled it and I'm totally fine without it the [TS]

  funny thing here is that I of course I do know the code to enable the browser [TS]

  and every once in a while there are scenarios under which like you know what [TS]

  I do need the browser on my phone right now and so if I ever absolutely need to [TS]

  get it I can re-enable it and I do that on occasion but 95% of the time that the [TS]

  browser just isn't even installed on my phone and I want to take away the option [TS]

  for me to mindlessly just search for Safari open a browser and you know to [TS]

  start looking around on the internet do you have a browser on your iPad I can't [TS]

  see it yes the browser is on my iPad but it is it is a way shuffled away many [TS]

  many pages away on network folder because I can see what you're saying [TS]

  huge but only get to that in a minute but like you said you didn't have on the [TS]

  iPad I would have just I wouldn't have been able to accept that I mean I hear [TS]

  the things that you say to me and the words that you speaking makes sense in [TS]

  what you're saying I can hear what you're saying is that ok that makes [TS]

  sense I couldn't do that cuz that would break so many things in a way that I do [TS]

  stuff because I do a lot of fun and what I hear when is that you are and I news [TS]

  about you [TS]

  one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you about this stuff you make very [TS]

  strict restrictions in your life to enable you to do the work that you do [TS]

  and clearly you know that if you have the ability to just surfed the internet [TS]

  on your phone all day that's all you'll do that's actually not true [TS]

  this is when I talk to people I have a very hard time conveying why make this [TS]

  decision and it's actually not that oh if I did have the browser on their I [TS]

  would serve all day because I had the browser on my iPhone for the vast [TS]

  majority of time that I've had an iPhone [TS]

  think they probably are probably only turned off the browser in the last year [TS]

  so so it wasn't as though I have some kind of problem with the browser that I [TS]

  am I am trying to remove but that's the way the conclusion that people draw its [TS]

  this much more comes out of a whole field of cognitive science which has [TS]

  demonstrated that if you have options even if you don't exercise those options [TS]

  it is a drag on your brain and I have found this to be very interesting that [TS]

  under circumstances where I can limit options even if they are not options [TS]

  that I would exercise it feels it feels cleaner and so the the functions of my [TS]

  phone are very clear in my mind [TS]

  what am I going to do on this device as opposed to something like the browser [TS]

  which turns it into a much more expansive device you know what [TS]

  anything I need to do on the internet I can take out my iPad and do it on the [TS]

  internet if I need to or I can do it from my desktop computer at home but I [TS]

  don't need to do whatever that is the instant that pops into my head anywhere [TS]

  I am whenever I have my phone it's not like oh I would just be browsing all day [TS]

  long if I had the browser on my phone because I have the browser on my [TS]

  computer I have the browser on my iPad if that was the problem I have a really [TS]

  big problem it's it's much more about limiting options to places where there [TS]

  there those options are just necessary so it's necessary to have the browser on [TS]

  my iPad because it's a necessary part of my workflow on my iPad I couldn't do [TS]

  half of the research I do without a web browser but on my iPhone I don't do that [TS]

  kind of research work on my iPhone and the other things that are browser would [TS]

  enable me to get access to I have other ways of getting on the phone so I don't [TS]

  really need it there so I might as well get rid of it if I don't really need it [TS]

  does that make sense do you believe me again I can understand and I can see how [TS]

  this makes sense for you wouldn't it just I just don't think it would make [TS]

  sense for me I'll I hear the words that he say and they make sense in my brain [TS]

  but I'd that is did meet touching myself from there I'm not applying my own ways [TS]

  of working but I think for me it would make it harder for me to do my work but [TS]

  I hear the weather you work and I can see how it makes it actually better for [TS]

  you can improve your life in that way so doing this changes the nature of my [TS]

  phone in some ways because it not having the browser which could be absolutely [TS]

  anything then it affects my conscious decisions about the apps that are on my [TS]

  phone and so when I removed the browser [TS]

  then a much more likely to do something like go read the read the articles that [TS]

  are in my Instapaper cue if I'm sitting down for a moment and i'm taking a [TS]

  little break so it is also directing myself towards activities and I would [TS]

  rather do I would rather read an article that I have purposefully saved in [TS]

  Instapaper then browse the internet if i'm taking a ten-minute break that's a [TS]

  that's a better behavior to do is not a big deal but I think places where you [TS]

  can push yourself a little bit one way or the other it it's helpful to do that [TS]

  so do you [TS]

  I'm going to assume you also do not look at read it on your phone I can't look at [TS]

  it because i dont have a browser and if i dont have to be installed on my phone [TS]

  I certainly don't have something like alien blue installed on my phone [TS]

  ok so there is there is no read it on my phone I will to be clear I want to make [TS]

  up a little bit of an exception to that which is usually the twenty-four hours [TS]

  after I have put up a video [TS]

  most of the time I will temporarily install Twitter and alien blew up my [TS]

  phone because I want to keep an eye on how is the video going [TS]

  room so this idea what that that is something which is not only the time [TS]

  leading up but I know that you go listen to stuff like an internet for a long [TS]

  time ago I know that you go into like a different mode once you post and I'm [TS]

  interested in with those we talked about that next time but but the thing that it [TS]

  does relate to today is this is the other reason why I very much like to [TS]

  have the extra rows on the bottom of my phone and on the bottom of my iPad [TS]

  because it allows the temporary edition of apps that are they don't get to live [TS]

  there permanently and and even then I find it helpful that if I put to it or [TS]

  an alien blew up my phone [TS]

  the twenty-four hours after a video for now the phone is all asymmetrical those [TS]

  two apps just hanging off of the bottom and I don't like that at all and it's a [TS]

  reminder that you don't really want these things on your phone they're just [TS]

  here temporarily while you want to keep on top of the situation but you're going [TS]

  to delete these as soon as [TS]

  that situation is over and then get back to the pleasing state of your phone this [TS]

  is a temporary edition and on occasion when I'm traveling or something also [TS]

  having that bottom row for travel related apps is handy so you don't have [TS]

  to rearrange your entire iPhone screen that's that is one of the main benefits [TS]

  of the space on the bottom blues one of the most confusing outside ever used [TS]

  along with the rest of credit which I'm trying to get to grips with now that we [TS]

  close this you know you post the show and i've been there and I've been trying [TS]

  to interact I find all of rennet confusing I find alien blue extremely [TS]

  confusing like the way the UI works in the application is it's like a mystery [TS]

  to me there last year I change was not for the better I like when you press [TS]

  buttons animals like this [TS]

  diagonally scrolling list of settings I don't even understand you are not a good [TS]

  decision [TS]

  alien blue there was not a good decision talking about reddit we have received [TS]

  questions and read it as well as on the ask grain tank for Twitter one of those [TS]

  came from Conrad and Conrad ask the question again the many people have [TS]

  asked which is great why don't you jailbreak your phone now before you say [TS]

  the reason that many people said it will they they believe would fix some of the [TS]

  complaints and issues that you have like for example it would allow you to [TS]

  install apps that all extensions that allow you to change the color of your [TS]

  phone there's one called efflux which you probably use on your Mac I reckon I [TS]

  used books on my Mac which allows you to change like the temperature of the [TS]

  screen basically like the color temperature allergy to make it nice and [TS]

  warmer nights is better in your eyes so harsh you can have systemwide dark mode [TS]

  you can put blank icon you can move your screen around you could hide the text [TS]

  beneath the icons all of the things planned about an episode 1 but Conrad [TS]

  says you must have a good reason why you not jailbreak what is it [TS]

  a I appreciate that he's giving me the benefit of the doubt therefore having a [TS]

  good reason people know how you think gray the usual case on the Internet is [TS]

  people just yell at you for being stupid for not doing things the way they do it [TS]

  as opposed to thinking oh maybe they have a reason though that I have a [TS]

  reason there there are a few reasons but I would say that the primary one is that [TS]

  the way jailbreaking works is that it's it's a security exploit Apple Apple [TS]

  doesn't want jailbroken phones and the very fact that you can jailbreak phones [TS]

  is not something happened that you do on purpose you you have to crack through [TS]

  the security of the phone in order to accomplish that and so you have put the [TS]

  phone in a in a weaker security state than it otherwise would be because now [TS]

  you're also installing jailbroken apps and I don't want to have an argument [TS]

  about how much less secure it is because people always only a tiny bit less [TS]

  secure I am not willing to make that trade off with something like my Apple [TS]

  devices for I know that I can fix a lot of the little nit picky things that [TS]

  bother me with jailbreaking I am very aware of that people tell me about it [TS]

  all the time on Twitter but I'm not going to make the trade off any decrease [TS]

  in security to fix what are basically nitpicking things that bother me that is [TS]

  really why primarily I don't jailbreak the phone that was the reason I is the [TS]

  reason I don't do it i dont wanna on open myself to any bomb abilities it's [TS]

  just not something I want to do these DS systems and the absence of that coming [TS]

  from people that I don't know I don't know if I can trust them but like with [TS]

  Apple stuff it doesn't matter if developers because they have to go [TS]

  through Apple system which I do trust well with with trust is why don't argue [TS]

  about how much more insecurity is because with the currents [TS]

  date I have to trust apple and Apple system but if I'm jailbreaking it ok I [TS]

  have already have to trust apple an apple system but now I have to trust the [TS]

  person whose written the jailbreaking code and I have to trust the individuals [TS]

  who are also writing the software that I'm installing on my phone and even if [TS]

  even if the probability of his security exploit of some sort is only raised by [TS]

  point 2005 percent over the course of a year I'm not willing to make that trade [TS]

  off to hide the words underneath my app icons and that's partly because my phone [TS]

  and the whole iOS ecosystem arse are so connected with lots of things are hugely [TS]

  important to me and and that's why it's like I i'm not i'm not going to do this [TS]

  it's not going to happen so you are man in the public eye but being that you [TS]

  raised the probability of somebody trying to talk to you don't want to open [TS]

  up the stuff like that let's just say that yes as a as a person who makes [TS]

  videos and things that are seen by millions of people are not going to do [TS]

  anything to decrease the security of my system Brendan on Twitter would like to [TS]

  know what case using your iPhone I i do not have a case case on my iPhone I use [TS]

  a skin on my phone so this was this originally recommended by MKB HDR [TS]

  YouTube which was the thing that I thought I would never liked but it turns [TS]

  out I really do like which is just it's almost like a piece of groupie plastic [TS]

  that's maybe a quarter of a millimeter thick that attaches to the back of your [TS]

  phone and it doesn't really serve to protect your phone except for very minor [TS]

  scratches the primary thing it does is it just makes the phone a little bit [TS]

  grip here so this is again this is from D brand and I have a black one on the [TS]

  back of my phone and I highly highly recommend it because I really don't like [TS]

  every single game I have ever seen or used on an iPhone they're all just [TS]

  they're all just awful so I this is what I use instead [TS]

  and you're not worried about what happens if you drop it cuz no additional [TS]

  protection is added to the phone by just sticking some groupie plastic on the [TS]

  back [TS]

  yeah I mean if I drop it I drop it this is what Apple Care protection is for you [TS]

  have them so I'm not I'm not very worried about dropping it and really the [TS]

  chance of dropping it is greatly decreased with the additional creepiness [TS]

  of it because I mean I've complained about before I'm not a huge fan of the [TS]

  iPhone 6 design generation and one of the things is making all the corners [TS]

  rounded and the back just perfectly smooth has seemed to have made it just [TS]

  way more likely that I was going to drop the phone and so this this little this [TS]

  little case has decreased that a great deal so I I don't really worry about [TS]

  dropping the phone [TS]

  Chris was interested in a nice I dunno I didn't consider this but considering you [TS]

  have a fleet of iPads which we have established from previous episode is a [TS]

  provocative word there how many iPads you have current use gray I don't have [TS]

  time to count them right now I mean like we know at least there is one in each [TS]

  bag and one in the office said they are used because you know you mentioned you [TS]

  have the iPad for the white noise machine and i cant we don't need to do [TS]

  this again mike Mullen I really want to I like to just remind people how many [TS]

  iPads you have that are in use so let's say that there are three are used [TS]

  frequently yet it is fair to say that there are three infrequent use that's [TS]

  that's fair how do you keep them in sync because obviously a change in a [TS]

  placement drive you crazy if something was different [TS]

  moved the data that is in the devices you need to be everywhere so you can [TS]

  just put down one iPad Apple to the next room pick up next [TS]

  that fact that works hehe you have enough maybe like the bathroom iPad the [TS]

  one behind the jewel [TS]

  thing they just like hanging around you trip over one sometimes how do you make [TS]

  sure that all of those devices dancing like if you if you download once you [TS]

  have to get them all out and download it to the other like a little apples and [TS]

  how does that work for you [TS]

  well what one of the ways it works is that it frequently doesn't that the [TS]

  deficit is not synchronized and things that drive me crazy our apt that feel [TS]

  like they should synchronize but don't call out call out to that particular [TS]

  drive me crazy with this I'm looking at you [TS]

  Launch Center pro and I'm looking at you [TS]

  workflows while closes 2010 they are building a sync process was launched a [TS]

  probe into the ocean [TS]

  many people lost about thats well they have a system of like taking the current [TS]

  thing uploading it to Dropbox as a backup and then you can download it [TS]

  somewhere else it doesn't happen automatically be you can do it currently [TS]

  works for has no system of sinking wear clothes they have just they have just [TS]

  left you in the woods without any tools to fend for yourself good luck good luck [TS]

  with all your action and if they can turn off making me go through that [TS]

  tutorial when I put it on a new device that would be really great guys a skip [TS]

  button the skip button would go a long way to be using your Apple I did that [TS]

  like yesterday as I really do have to make the skiff action against have you [TS]

  done that a lot of blood done a lot of times thanks workflow guys who make an [TS]

  amazing app that I still can't believe Apple allows in the store but boy does [TS]

  that hurt for people for the listeners who are unaware workflows is very [TS]

  impressive but it is basically a iOS automation it allows you to like [TS]

  Automator on the Mac build little little workflows oh when i press this button I [TS]

  want these six actions [TS]

  is very very handy but I can honestly say that I use it much less than they [TS]

  otherwise would because of the pain in the butt of trying to to keep things [TS]

  synchronized at least with at least with Launch Center pro there's a there's a [TS]

  way to kind of manually synchronize every time you make a change but I don't [TS]

  build in synchronization are are they have to be really good for me to want to [TS]

  stick with them because synchronization is is very important to me [TS]

  pain in the butt anus is my new favorite phrase I love that I heard that before [TS]

  I'm glad you like that but there are other apps where I just can't believe it [TS]

  even works I must be the eg east edge cases of anybody who usess OmniFocus the [TS]

  number of places and devices that I have OmniFocus installed on various computer [TS]

  it amazes me that I haven't had some kind of catastrophic synchronization [TS]

  disaster yet with only focus because the system installed everywhere it's on the [TS]

  computers of them I found it on the iPad's [TS]

  their their system is very good I'm always impressed that only focus is able [TS]

  to to keep everything together because I certainly run into enough apps that [TS]

  without that really fall down with synchronization problems like oh my [TS]

  synchronized you mean we went to triplicate everything that you have in [TS]

  this system sure we're going to go right ahead and make sure there's never any [TS]

  data losses like a great great thanks a lot guys the short answer is oftentimes [TS]

  it doesn't work there's nothing I can do about it [TS]

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  talking about only focus they were a sponsor of last week's episode and you [TS]

  know we know that use them and I love them and may be sure to seize the series [TS]

  continues we will continue to talk about me focus in different ways but something [TS]

  incredible happened I don't know if you seen this so on the reddit barely [TS]

  anonymous found and also with a whole yes the help of giggling pancreas are [TS]

  great read it names by the way [TS]

  amazing [TS]

  found a post in the only group forum from CGP grey saying I'm considering [TS]

  switching to only focus but there is one question I have difficulty finding us [TS]

  into how to make repeating checklists my situation is that I make videos to [TS]

  YouTube currently have a checklist of about 50 actions nears each one and I'm [TS]

  usually working on 35 videos a time is there anyway when I decide to make a new [TS]

  video that I can create a new product project and only focus of all 50 actions [TS]

  already in the list this was in 2012 grasses question and then there is a [TS]

  there is a big threat here which will be in the show this week we've you going [TS]

  through and talking to people about this now we know is he now know that you have [TS]

  the ability to do this and we're going to talk about that next week but this [TS]

  was so magical to me to find this of of CGP grey finding his way in the [TS]

  productivity I was so happy so so happy I remember what I remember when I was [TS]

  considering switching time to focus is a big deal I was using Remember The Milk [TS]

  before only focus for a lot of things and i really like that program but it [TS]

  did not I ran into the issue in this is this is the thing I have discussed [TS]

  before but I ran into this problem of you know what does it say what month [TS]

  that was published this was published on I assume this is the 5th of April ok [TS]

  interesting that that would that would have been right around the time that I [TS]

  was moving to YouTube full time then if I have my if I have my mental timeline [TS]

  correct and that was when I was becoming aware of I need to use a system that has [TS]

  a much better notion of projects as an object and I don't know remember [TS]

  remember the milk is like now because I haven't used it in years but at the time [TS]

  Remember The Milk didn't have a like a inbuilt notion of a project it just had [TS]

  actions it was just a list of things and i was aware that this was starting to [TS]

  fall down for me now that I [TS]

  had these YouTube videos which I needed projects as a thing and so that's one of [TS]

  the reasons I was originally looking good on me focus and then yes trying to [TS]

  figure out oh how can I do [TS]

  repeated lists because they were very easy ways and Remember The Milk to do [TS]

  that and I couldn't figure out how to do it on the focus yes it's a big big deal [TS]

  when you decide to I'm really going to switch applications and remember [TS]

  remember doing that big moment it's a piece of history it is it really is [TS]

  Patrick asked now you have retired the Fitbit no I'm assuming that he's make an [TS]

  assumption because you use the app what she'd used anymore you've switched [TS]

  he's probably saying that because I mentioned on hello internet that I did [TS]

  think that I wasn't using anywhere so now that you've gotten rid of that what [TS]

  is your waking up routine [TS]

  the Fitbit was a way that could keep you awake is beautiful little way so how do [TS]

  you deal with that now this is this is a problem that I have not adequately [TS]

  solved at the moment I'm gonna go on a side engine here I'm going to hope for a [TS]

  moment that someone who's very high up in the design of the Apple watch [TS]

  listening to this podcast right now which will be tu que ya johnnie I want [TS]

  to make sure that you hear me because I have a very particular thought about the [TS]

  iWatch of the senate longer a guy would stand in my highlights running OSX is [TS]

  this is this is going to be our little apple diversion for a moment but Apple [TS]

  is always obsessed with making things dinner keeping the battery life the same [TS]

  in keeping things dinner this is apples apples amo look at the Apple watch I [TS]

  feel like we're at a real real crossroads here and I want to see what [TS]

  happens with the next version because more than any other device I think if [TS]

  they go forth dinner without improving the battery life I don't think that's a [TS]

  good sign because if I was in charge of the Apple watch hardware design this [TS]

  would be Michael to the team I would say here's what we want we want the watch to [TS]

  be able to 100% of the time guaranteed last a full 24 hours so that a person [TS]

  can wear it while they are sleeping and that it should be able to charge in 30 [TS]

  minutes or less in the morning while the person is getting ready to the goal is [TS]

  to change the user behavior with charging the watch that instead you wake [TS]

  up you put the watch on the charger you do your morning routine and then you [TS]

  grab it when you're on your way to work that that's when it should charge charge [TS]

  quickly in that window because I think this sleep tracking is a huge huge [TS]

  health feature for the watch but it's something that that will know they're [TS]

  not even thinking about and they're not even trying to approach if they just [TS]

  constantly push for the watch to be thinner and lighter and not improved [TS]

  battery life so what I want is I want my Apple watch to be able to track my sleep [TS]

  and be able to do the thing that I used to have Fitbit do which is to silently [TS]

  wake me but not disturb my wife in the morning that that's what I want out of [TS]

  Apple watch i dont wanna thinner Apple watch I don't want to later a porch when [TS]

  Apple watch that I can wear overnight and they can charge quickly in the [TS]

  morning this is what I want so right now what's waking you up at you have an [TS]

  alarm which is waking up everybody I am using an app called sleep cycle and [TS]

  sleep cycle is its purpose is to be a sleep tracking app for your iPhone and [TS]

  so I have a long lightning cable that I can plug my phone into and some supposed [TS]

  to put the iPhone underneath the top seed of the bed and let it run sleep [TS]

  cycle all night and it tries to track how a week it thinks I am by motion [TS]

  and by the microphone I think and so it's trying to gauge how weak I am and I [TS]

  give it a window in which it can try to wake me in the morning and it doesn't [TS]

  it's not an alarm for 6:30 in the morning it's an it's an alarm range [TS]

  which says oh between 6:30 and seven the phone is going to vibrate to try to pick [TS]

  the time when it's it's best to wake me up [TS]

  that's what I'm currently using but it is suboptimal for a variety of reasons [TS]

  one is which even though it does sort of fine I don't think it's great if you [TS]

  have two people in the bed because it can't be as accurate as watch could be [TS]

  for tracking sleep and secondly the iPhone six-plus motor is loud it is not [TS]

  a secret when your iPhone 6 plusses vibrating and so it can definitely [TS]

  disturb my wife in the morning even though it's not making any noise the [TS]

  motor itself is just loud enough and the vibration is strong enough that I can [TS]

  wake up with advice instead of just me so the current charge time which is one [TS]

  and a half hours to 80% two and a half hours to 100% so I guess really what you [TS]

  would love to see is 30 minutes 28 percent for example yeah this is the [TS]

  physics thing with batteries that people are not often aware of his is the fact [TS]

  that it charges faster when it's empty here and so that's why I can I can see [TS]

  this can be achievable if they can increase very slightly though the rate [TS]

  of charge and they can also increase the battery capacity by simply by simply not [TS]

  making the smaller and instead taking advantage of the much slower but still [TS]

  increase in battery technology over time you can increase battery capacity and if [TS]

  you can increase the charge rate I can imagine that they could get a watch that [TS]

  would have enough battery capacity and could charged 80 percent in 30 minutes [TS]

  because then you can work overnight track asleep [TS]

  you could take a shower and charging right that that that is that is what I [TS]

  would want out of the Apple watch and I think the sleep tracking feature his is [TS]

  a big enough health thing that it's important for Apple to to go for because [TS]

  once they start tracking a whole bunch of data you can then start making [TS]

  comparisons on the iPhone about what affects your sleep how does your [TS]

  activity during the day affect your sleep and I think sleep is enough of an [TS]

  issue for enough people that it could be a really great selling feature out we're [TS]

  going to try to have the Apple watch help you with your sleep I think that [TS]

  that could be a really big deal let's talk about launched into pro this was [TS]

  something I didn't expect the amount of people to question is as they did but [TS]

  many many people want to know about why use it what it is what's in there you [TS]

  know how I would describe it it's a button that you can press that brings up [TS]

  basically aids second home screen that you can fill with customizable buttons [TS]

  to do things people wanted to know basically if I was cheating by having my [TS]

  iPhone looks so clean because there's actually a huge mess that hidden under [TS]

  Launch Center pro of a second screen of of applications that launched and I do [TS]

  have a few applications that are launched from one from lunch InterPro I [TS]

  have jury rigged Launch Center pro to be a custom time tracking app for myself so [TS]

  when I open up Launch Center pro I have a bunch of icons that represent the [TS]

  various kinds of work that I do can you show me this can I say this I will show [TS]

  this to you but don't actually wanted to go in the regular show so you don't want [TS]

  this image it to go into the show runs I don't for a variety of reasons right now [TS]

  but you can see it even though I know that it's not like I'm a crazy person [TS]

  because I don't want this image to go in there there's a way in which this is [TS]

  sort of a trade secret but ok to take my word on that have 20 no user level of [TS]

  discussion in the show if you want don't want the the actual image of the icons [TS]

  for its means nothing to almost anybody to get into the show but anyway when I [TS]

  open up lunch and your bro I have a basically about six icons that represent [TS]

  different kinds of work that I do and when i press those buttons I have set up [TS]

  to that Launch Center pro through Dropbox automatically adds our road to a [TS]

  spreadsheet that's on my computer that basically logs the time that I have [TS]

  spent on these various activities so this is this is 99.9% of my Launch [TS]

  Center pro use I use it for a couple of other things but the reason that it is [TS]

  on my dog is because it is a customized to me [TS]

  Time Tracker that's what I use Launch Center pro for Saudi you trigger at the [TS]

  beginning to end [TS]

  no ok so this is will this is a little bit of my my my workflow I mentioned on [TS]

  the early represented I use do when the timers all day long and so what is [TS]

  happening with me is that I work in blocks of 40 minutes and I think that is [TS]

  a unit of time in my head so I set on do a timer for 40 minutes and I'm working [TS]

  on a particular area of work I don't like to mix different areas if I'm [TS]

  working on YouTube stuff I'm just going to work on YouTube stuff for 40 minutes [TS]

  when the timer goes off I do two things I got I will reset the timer if I want [TS]

  to do another units and I also then quickly just open Launch Center pro and [TS]

  Mark that yes I have completed one unit of times worth of work [TS]

  on this on this activity so you log this once it's completed its beginning that's [TS]

  exactly right now I understand [TS]

  ok because of course what can happen is occasionally something comes up in it [TS]

  and it doesn't actually get completed and I'm really really strict about this [TS]

  that if I I don't feel like oh I actually did a full units worth of work [TS]

  I do not log that time so my under my assumption that this is those [TS]

  spreadsheets become chance that allow you to see how your time is spent so [TS]

  you're able to work out if you spent your time correctly [TS]

  basically this feeds into a spreadsheet that allows me to see one how much time [TS]

  I'm working on various projects of mine and and secondly this is a thing that i [TS]

  think is really really important for people who are self-employed this [TS]

  spreadsheet also then calculates my hourly rate overall and my hourly rate [TS]

  for particular kinds of work basically how much do I earn per hour on different [TS]

  tasks [TS]

  this is something that I want to come back to that ok [TS]

  simply because unlike I should probably has something like this [TS]

  well I there are many many people who are self-employed that I tried to [TS]

  convince to do a system like this because it is really useful to have a [TS]

  bigger conversation about this later I think that is that is a long [TS]

  conversation but that is that is the purpose that Launch Center pro service [TS]

  for me it tracks my time and then that time gets fed into another system that [TS]

  is part of my overall decision-making algorithms system so this is not [TS]

  expected to peruse yeah what did you think I did I assumed you probably used [TS]

  it like many people do to launch an absent to have a custom things that fire [TS]

  off work clothes and stuff like that there's nothing else on here that's [TS]

  really of note and I hardly ever use the other things that are on there anyway so [TS]

  yeah this this is basically all I use it for what do you use Launch Center pro [TS]

  for I have a similar kind of idea to you [TS]

  you in that I have a bunch of actions in here get used like 0.01% time 99% of my [TS]

  usage of launched into Pro is a launcher for different Google Docs so what I have [TS]

  in here as I have a button i press Google Drive which then opens another [TS]

  view which has a bunch of icons I have all of the icons for a show so it can [TS]

  take me into the document I keep for each of our shows like to do our outline [TS]

  and I'll run down so I can go into those quickly I have a button that takes me to [TS]

  our calendar sponsorship scandal that we hold in our tracking spreadsheet relay [TS]

  so I know where the money is that kind of stuff and then I can also open and [TS]

  that's because the Google Maps on iOS are a nightmare there are 22 have to [TS]

  look at Dr document like it just like a docs thing like a word document they are [TS]

  basically you have to have two apps installed you have to have the Google [TS]

  Drive app and then the Google Docs so you can have one but then it won't get [TS]

  your file structure you have to have the drive that it's so you have to have the [TS]

  drive up to get the file structure and then adopts a taxi open the file you are [TS]

  but I mean I hate the Google Drive apt as well which is why I basically don't [TS]

  use them and why didn't even want to use them for the show but you are using [TS]

  Launch Center pro as a way to make Google Docs more quickly accessible to [TS]

  you because you can link to the exact [TS]

  have it open up so what happens is I use LauncherPro open the door click on the [TS]

  icon for the document then to act open it goes that far exceed over to Google [TS]

  Docs so it's you know it's an annoying way but it helps me used as applications [TS]

  because I used much stuff trying to use their apps is a nightmare and looked [TS]

  into Pro enables me to get to those documents ready quickly that's what I [TS]

  use it for [TS]

  it's interesting that we both don't use it for its like core thing but we have [TS]

  something that we do with that makes it super useful to us once InterPro [TS]

  ostensibly is just to have a place to quickly launch apps but I think if [TS]

  you're nerdy enough to know that Launch Center pro is a thing that you want to [TS]

  use you probably are also the same kind of person who's going to figure out some [TS]

  way to customize it to you I would bet that not very many people actually just [TS]

  use it as an additional a plunger I bet most people who end up sticking with it [TS]

  do so because they have found a thing that's like oh yes this allows me to do [TS]

  acts because it's because it's nerds using this is not normal people using [TS]

  this redmond 86 on reddit [TS]

  would like to know why we use of a cost we both use overclass listen to podcasts [TS]

  he said she said that they've heard us they've heard you talked about a bunch [TS]

  of times it's on my home screens while what do you find the appeal of a cost to [TS]

  be over [TS]

  of applications the killer feature for me and overcast is the smart speed where [TS]

  when you're listening to a podcast overcast will automatically cut out a [TS]

  bunch of the gaps when nobody is speaking it's not making the podcast [TS]

  faster is not playing it back 50% faster it's just cutting out the places where [TS]

  no one was talking and you it's very good because it doesn't change the pitch [TS]

  of the speakers and it just makes the podcast go along a little bit faster so [TS]

  I can see in the stats that basically I get through podcasts 10 to 20% faster [TS]

  with smart speed on without having any of the the negative side effects that [TS]

  you would in different apps for just simply cranking up the speed by 10 or 20 [TS]

  percent that's the primary reason why use it [TS]

  the main disadvantage of the forecast is that help when I listen to audio books [TS]

  on audible the pauses in the audiobooks feel like they take a thousand years I [TS]

  want to be able to shove all of my audio books into overcast because [TS]

  I I now have a very low tolerance for pauses in spoken material for some [TS]

  reason audio book narrators have-we longer pauses than any normal person [TS]

  would with a reading something out loud that that's why I use overcast primarily [TS]

  there is a hundred percent my reason as well I love small speed I think it's [TS]

  fantastic I like the way to the outlooks and works and stuff like that but smart [TS]

  speed is my jam that's what I love for cause I don't like listening two shows [TS]

  at faster speeds because it sounds weird and smarts we can sometimes make some [TS]

  things sound weird like music is music and shows sometimes it speeds up the [TS]

  music a little bit but the Isle of smart speed for the fact that helps me get [TS]

  through my podcast faster without distorting them that's what I love it [TS]

  for and that's why I users while this episode of context is also brought to [TS]

  you by field notes field notes are fantastic notebooks the Isle of news [TS]

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  field notes I'm not writing it down to remember it later and running it down to [TS]

  remember it now so one of a question that I had a bunch of people are asked [TS]

  and I think I'm struggling to understand the reason why so over 1997 and asked [TS]

  who edit this podcast many people were like very confused about one that this [TS]

  show even exist in the first place because they're interested about you [TS]

  know the fact that you found the time for it which I really appreciate that [TS]

  many people were asking if you who gets the final edit it now this feels like [TS]

  something in the cannon I am missing I think people are are mostly just asking [TS]

  because they often is very well known that I am the person who does the final [TS]

  edits and and really all of the editing on on hello internet and hello Internet [TS]

  editing takes up a lot of time I I spent a lot of time editing that show so I [TS]

  think that people are aware that I think that's why they're asking but our [TS]

  current arrangement is one of the only reasons that I could even agreed to do [TS]

  this podcast with you was that you are taking on the vast vast majority of the [TS]

  work of this agreement was that I can show up [TS]

  and I can talk but you are handling all of the add stuff you're handling all of [TS]

  all of the infrastructure requirements are handling the uploading your handling [TS]

  essentially all of the editing and I am NOT taking that on because if I had to [TS]

  do that half of it I simply couldn't agree to to do another podcast there's [TS]

  no way there's no way it would it would work but we do have right now is the [TS]

  comment that I I will get to listen to it before it goes live and on the last [TS]

  two shows I have made some minor edits but I really don't want to edit it very [TS]

  much at all [TS]

  ideally I i shouldn't be adding it all but I do want to listen to it before it [TS]

  goes goes live so I guess I have in theory like final editorial say that if [TS]

  I want to cut something you'll cut it but you are doing ninety-five percent of [TS]

  the work I am just showing up and talking to you for a little while the [TS]

  afternoons I went to round out today's show we have a little discussion about [TS]

  current events things this is maybe something that I'll bring in every now [TS]

  and then I wanted to talk about some stuff that happening right now in [TS]

  technology that I think will impact the way do you work and I'm interested to [TS]

  see today how you feel about it so we are recording this episode on the 17th [TS]

  of June 2015 and last week Apple which has to come get you any products foreign [TS]

  12 in their ecosystem as we had discussed the upset of many they had [TS]

  their 11 developers conference where they unveiled I S nine said [TS]

  updates to the iOS operating system one of those came many advancements for the [TS]

  iPad like multitasking where you'll be able to have split screen applications [TS]

  and they've added new effects and keyboard in a you can move the cursor [TS]

  around and stuff like that have you taken a look at this [TS]

  have you had the India have you had the inclination to want to play a round of [TS]

  yourself and do you think that this kind of setup is going to affect your work in [TS]

  a positive way [TS]

  well whether anyone who follows me on Twitter had to suffer through my life [TS]

  treating the WWC [TS]

  15 so I have definitely have a keen interest in in watching those because [TS]

  again that the iPad is my primary computer in many ways and so yes I I [TS]

  want to very much see any changes that they are they're going to make and this [TS]

  this one I was particularly pleased to see the way that they are improving iOS [TS]

  and the main one that will affect me is that multitasking to be able to have two [TS]

  apps on the screen [TS]

  side by side that I am extremely interested in trying out and seeing how [TS]

  that works because right now I'm I tended to a kind of funny thing with my [TS]

  scripts where the scripts are are a single text document but I'm very often [TS]

  mixing research that i've done with the script [TS]

  mainly because I'm always working on the iPad I want to be able to see it all in [TS]

  one place and so I will I will paste pieces of research into my script and [TS]

  kind of bracketed off so I know like you didn't write this this is from somewhere [TS]

  else and keep rearranging those and put pieces of the script below it and then [TS]

  as time goes on and deleting the research out because I don't need it [TS]

  anymore because it's not relevant or whatever and that has partly developed [TS]

  because on iOS there is a limitation of I can only see one screen and I want to [TS]

  be able to see their research and the script at the same time the idea of [TS]

  being able to have my notes on one side of the screen and the script on the [TS]

  other is mind-blowingly wow this is going to radically change the way that I [TS]

  work so I am I am extremely interested in trying this out I've signed up to be [TS]

  part of the public beta program so hopefully that will come out pretty soon [TS]

  and as soon as it does I will I will put on my iPad air and give it a try because [TS]

  there is gonna be a public major in July do you think you don't you drive in [TS]

  yeah yeah out the first public beta I'm not crazy enough to put it on [TS]

  on my iPad right now when it's the developer beta that's a little too [TS]

  little too soon and if there's some kind of problem where crash the losses data [TS]

  it's costly enough for me that I don't want to have a problem on my main [TS]

  working machine but I will I will be willing to try out and see what the [TS]

  state of the public beta is when it comes out in July so I am I am [TS]

  anticipating that I'm very much looking forward to that I bought this iPad here [TS]

  to do that with it I have insult you have I was not installed right now is it [TS]

  stable yes I have run into no problems but do not take my word for this so [TS]

  you're saying that I can trust you can trust your advice that I I was nine is [TS]

  perfectly stable and it will cause no problems that's what I'm hearing what I [TS]

  install iOS 9 onto a completely fresh I pat and I am using apps like only focus [TS]

  and I'm using apps like fantastical and workflow and none of them are having any [TS]

  problems right now but I cannot guarantee that that would be the case [TS]

  for everybody you are guaranteeing that it's perfectly fine you don't let yes ok [TS]

  with this guarantee and you can decide what that means to you [TS]

  the rumors right now is gonna be a larger iPad iPad maybe like a 12 inch [TS]

  iPad [TS]

  meeting you want oh yeah yeah of course [TS]

  actually when I saw the rumors are saying something like it's estimated by [TS]

  screen size twelve point nine inch iPad screen and immediately took out a ruler [TS]

  and measured it on my actual iPad how big is 12.9 inches likely yes I would [TS]

  very much like this [TS]

  iPad the iPad perot as it were to have something that's much bigger because [TS]

  again for my for when I'm working with my iPad I'm using it very often [TS]

  differently like I'm not sitting on the couch we're having a big thing might be [TS]

  a little bit awkward to hold very often it's it's on a table on a stand and so a [TS]

  bigger screen is yes hugely appreciated in that scenario and so yes I I would be [TS]

  one of the first people to sign up for the big iPad I really really hope that [TS]

  is the case [TS]

  I'm also I'm also holding out for the rumor that there may be an official [TS]

  Apple stylist that would go along with his iPad I would be very interested in [TS]

  that if it was case because I have tried for years to find an acceptable iPad [TS]

  stylus and at least the current state of things is that they are all degrees of [TS]

  tolerable but there are no iPad stylus is on the market now that I could say [TS]

  are good at all about what what what terrible flaws can you tolerate and what [TS]

  tradeoffs are you willing to make that's why I've used an iPad stylus for years [TS]

  but in the white when it was maybe it was when I did my my back pocket [TS]

  reshuffle but at some point I thought you know what I'm just giving up on [TS]

  these on these iPad stylus is for the moment so I don't currently use one and [TS]

  I i would be very hopeful if if Apple can make one that really acts much more [TS]

  like a pen I could see a lot of uses for that I'm going to add fuel to that fire [TS]

  for you so there is advancements to the notes that make you very happy because [TS]

  you used in ads up about that some of the advancements are drawing tools now [TS]

  drawing tools suggest a drawing implement [TS]

  like for example one of the tools there is in here is a ruler which you can use [TS]

  with one hand and draw with the other to make lines and I have heard from a [TS]

  verifiable source the Apple have gone to great lengths in the Notes app to [TS]

  increase the precision and reduce the latency as a latency is the real killer [TS]

  again for the listeners latency basically means that on on your iPad if [TS]

  you're if you open up any drawing up on your iPad now you put your finger on the [TS]

  screen you can move your finger fast enough the drawing app can't keep up and [TS]

  and that is the real killer problem for lots of iPad styluses and for doing any [TS]

  kind of precision work if you want to try to write [TS]

  right like you would write cursive on a piece of paper on an iPad you lose your [TS]

  mind because of the latency [TS]

  I mean it's only a very slight but it's enough that it's a real problem so it's [TS]

  really a latency issue with trying to get iPad stylus that works like a plan [TS]

  so the new notes that it does feel better and my understanding is there a [TS]

  lot of work going on in that department [TS]

  so maybe you will get what you want gray I think that all the stars are aligning [TS]

  for a bigger iPad about 12 inches which apparently will be able to have two full [TS]

  size at side-by-side on it which is why they're going for that length and it [TS]

  also seems like that there will be a stylist so I think that you know the [TS]

  great pat is is being developed to somebody is listening to you agree [TS]

  Apple themselves very much to making what I want overnight Apple watches iPad [TS]

  prose style I would be this would be great [TS]

  the last thing I asked about the iPod today do you ever envision a world in [TS]

  the future where you could make your videos on an iPad she think that that [TS]

  could ever happen like this could be like in 10 years time for example but do [TS]

  you think that this device could one day become the device where you could do [TS]

  your editing and stuff on it what do you think the keyboard and mouse and the [TS]

  welcome that you use will always be the preferred input method for this kind of [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  to answer your question if someone took away my Mac and the only to like it used [TS]

  was an iPad I could make videos [TS]

  exclusively on the iPad today the cost would be i mean probably quadrupling the [TS]

  amount of time in the animation these at least quadrupling probably because it's [TS]

  the touch screen is just a slow where interface with that so when I am [TS]

  animated when I'm doing the drawings I'm using a program called Inkscape for the [TS]

  moment to do all those drawings and I'm like I know all the keyboard shortcuts [TS]

  in Inkscape am very fast about it and so I have one hand on the keyboard and I'm [TS]

  using my Wacom tablet with the other hand and so I can very very quickly do [TS]

  everything that I want to do is almost as fast as I can think about it like ok [TS]

  I want to change this color to be 50% opacity or any to make this struggling a [TS]

  little bit thicker I can do that [TS]

  super fast and it's almost impossible to imagine a touch interface that can [TS]

  replicate that speed I don't imagine that that that that will ever be the [TS]

  case but one of the reasons why I am interested in the stylus is there are [TS]

  many there are many situations where I don't have my Mac with me but I do want [TS]

  to either sketch out some animations or sometimes I'm just in the mood to do [TS]

  animations and so I'm constantly thinking about is there a way that I can [TS]

  do more of this work on the iPad and that's partly why and I Pad Pro [TS]

  interests me and especially in iPad pro with a stylus without a stylist and a [TS]

  meeting on the iPad is just never going to be practical it just doesn't work [TS]

  with the position of your hands and and the tools are available but if we can [TS]

  have an actual pen input I can imagine offloading some of the animation works [TS]

  some of the very early enemy should work to the iPad which is something I would [TS]

  like to do but even if we're thinking about an iPad 10 years in the future if [TS]

  that iPad is [TS]

  anything like an iPad today a rectangular touch interface surface it's [TS]

  it's hard to imagine it being faster than the keyboard unless they are doing [TS]

  a full haptic simulation of a clicky keyboard you know if if that's the state [TS]

  of the technology will then yes maybe I could but now we're talking about [TS]

  something which is unrecognizable as an iPad you never know let's see what [TS]

  happens in October then we can move forward from there I don't think they'll [TS]

  be replicating with haptic technology keyboards just yet but someday someday [TS]

  they'll do that for such stuff I mean I don't do I think that this is very early [TS]

  people saying the agency that kind of thing I think that's years away but the [TS]

  stuff that happens during a force targeting is the beginning of that oh oh [TS]

  yes the haptic such as very impressive I've seen a few demos with a few other [TS]

  pieces of technology of of haptics being able to simulate something like the feel [TS]

  of a button and it's it's very impressive currently we're at the stage [TS]

  of concerns about energy consumption in space in the device but if you are [TS]

  unconstrained by those you can do some pretty impressive stuff with with [TS]

  haptics and yes I do think that the watches the very very beginning of that [TS]

  stuff and it will it will progress to further places but for the foreseeable [TS]

  future it's still pretty hard to imagine something that can beat a Mac and a [TS]

  keyboard in terms of just speed and efficiency it's the same thing with the [TS]

  podcast in the yeare I could edit the podcast and do everything they need to [TS]

  do on the iPad but it's just going to take way longer a meeting with hello [TS]

  Internet it takes so long to edit that and if I was doing it on the iPad it [TS]

  would take so much longer but it's possible now it possible to do but [TS]

  they're just not optimal so people will have heard in this episode [TS]

  lots and lots of feedback I hope that spurs on people to planting more because [TS]

  I think what is shown as part of the show I think a lot of the show into the [TS]

  future will be built around people asking questions and it's really [TS]

  interests [TS]

  so next week and as I said we're going to talk about what it looks like from [TS]

  the moment great decides he's going to put a video up and how those like 24 to [TS]

  48 hours look like by will also want to do a bit more ask ray this you know [TS]

  people I think the best way for me to see this stuff is the people to tweet [TS]

  with their questions and their thoughts because if they used a hashtag ask ray [TS]

  it will get clicked into a document for me is very easy but I do look in the red [TS]

  and a lot of the stuff you've heard from Redick questions and things like that so [TS]

  you can ask your questions and give your feedback in the reddit go into the post [TS]

  of still trying to get the vernacular correct rate hike into the post that you [TS]

  make on reddit which will be for this episode has done the right thing to say [TS]

  they can leave a comment on thread one day I'll get it I promise I will get it [TS]

  one day so they can do that and then people say that I've been there I've [TS]

  been trying to understand what to do one day we will talk about read more in [TS]

  depth on the show once I actually can navigate the website and all the apps [TS]

  the associated with the website but you can also find us on Twitter craze at CDP [TS]

  grain to time I like I'm wakey funny shirts for this week's episode [TS]

  relayed on FM / cortex / three thanks to our sponsors for helping us out this [TS]

  week and will be back next time by by Mike [TS]