The Incomparable

220: Authentic Cop Mustache


  the incomparable number 220 November [TS]

  welcome back to the incomparable i'm [TS]

  your host Jason snow we are here in this [TS]

  very special episode to talk about [TS]

  webcomics that's right [TS]

  comics found in Webb's put there by [TS]

  spiders joining me to talk about [TS]

  webcomics tonight are the following find [TS]

  people [TS]

  Glenn fleischmann hello hello pleasure [TS]

  to be here mr. Snell welcome to the web [TS]

  thank you hurt my way out of it i'm [TS]

  still dubious about it's about I think [TS]

  you're right [TS]

  Erica and sign also here hello hello [TS]

  welcome to the web of comic you and I'm [TS]

  happy to be caught in the web [TS]

  alright Tony Tony sindelar we'll see [TS]

  what happens later you may regret this [TS]

  choice [TS]

  Tony simple are also here hi Tony hello [TS]

  nerds the classic Tony you can that's [TS]

  gonna be your thing now you're gonna be [TS]

  mr. hello nerds that is it's my thing in [TS]

  real life I'm just kind of my thing on [TS]

  the internet okay good [TS]

  and John siracusa hello no more [TS]

  catchphrases [TS]

  yeah I think that's probably also also a [TS]

  webcomic is one word yes web comic [TS]

  webcomic wow no no webcomic is a [TS]

  comedian least note who is stuck in a [TS]

  web and that is totally different [TS]

  it's like a comedian spider-man doesn't [TS]

  like is a webcomic so webcomics these [TS]

  are like I said comics that you find on [TS]

  the web and we had a conversation on a [TS]

  little mailing list of behind-the-scenes [TS]

  about web comics and I was really [TS]

  excited by by the conclusion of Mona by [TS]

  Noelle Stevenson and that would and I [TS]

  have ever had like three webcomics ever [TS]

  but everybody on the panel was like oooo [TS]

  let's talk about what Kyle of webcomics [TS]

  I thought okay well I consider a nod and [TS]

  say I read pneumonia and I really liked [TS]

  it and XKCD is a thing right and then [TS]

  everybody else can talk about actual web [TS]

  comics that people that they like and [TS]

  the people should look at because these [TS]

  are comics that you can find on the [TS]

  internet did you know k people out there [TS]

  did you know that you can read comics on [TS]

  the internet it's true [TS]

  Kevin webcomic something internet now [TS]

  that you there are there one word the [TS]

  webcomics so this is not a draft because [TS]

  quite frankly after three rounds i would [TS]

  be out of I [TS]

  yes and that's only if nobody took any [TS]

  of the three things that i've read so [TS]

  instead i thought this would be more of [TS]

  the e easygoing meandering let's talk [TS]

  about some web comics that we like and [TS]

  and and command them to the folks out [TS]

  there John siracusa do you have either [TS]

  an opening statement or something you [TS]

  would like to discuss about promise I [TS]

  don't know what the format of the show [TS]

  is going well muted I so welcome i I [TS]

  didn't remember if i had rsvp'd hurt [TS]

  either [TS]

  I don't have an opening statement but [TS]

  what I was thinking about the topic i [TS]

  realize i read a lot of webcomics [TS]

  surprising amount and so yeah I have I [TS]

  have selections I have things I like but [TS]

  i do not have an opening statement [TS]

  alright i actually have like I don't [TS]

  think it counts as an opening statement [TS]

  is now go for it ok here I go [TS]

  you know last time we talked about [TS]

  reading i had crammed a bunch of novels [TS]

  before we recorded right and this time I [TS]

  have been cramming webcomics because i [TS]

  tend to go through webcomic cycles where [TS]

  I will read a few for a couple years and [TS]

  then something happens it was job or [TS]

  something and I was track for a year or [TS]

  two or three or more and then eventually [TS]

  I remember and then I catch up on what [TS]

  I've missed and stay current for like a [TS]

  year too and you know leather rinse [TS]

  repeat [TS]

  so the last time I was having webcomics [TS]

  like five years ago I figured it out and [TS]

  that was that's probably the longest gap [TS]

  I've gone and i was reading at that time [TS]

  I think six of them pretty regularly and [TS]

  for something that was every single day [TS]

  and then I got a new job so the losing [TS]

  track of them face started up again and [TS]

  so now i guess i have to say thank you [TS]

  Jason for being the catalyst of me [TS]

  entering the reading webcomics phase [TS]

  again because I've spent the last two [TS]

  weeks reading about five years worth of [TS]

  a couple of my favorite comics which has [TS]

  actually been really fun of course now [TS]

  I'm had so much material to binge on at [TS]

  the time and now I've got like [TS]

  withdrawal shakes try to go back to this [TS]

  one a day it's a little sad things we do [TS]

  for podcasting yep [TS]

  yeah like read our paper comics yeah i [TS]

  know in novels and that store it's what [TS]

  you gotta do it anybody want to talk a [TS]

  little bit on the road glen I sense you [TS]

  might want to say something i have an [TS]

  opening statements [TS]

  yeah first of all you will so I've [TS]

  always been a comics fan [TS]

  dumb i'm going to office cleaning or not [TS]

  but back in the late nineteen nineties i [TS]

  want of writing quite as where it is [TS]

  cme New York Times about comics on the [TS]

  web sort of the nascent days of [TS]

  webcomics and when people were taking [TS]

  like scott adams was was early on to [TS]

  even people like I know this will sound [TS]

  ridiculous but Frank in earnest which is [TS]

  still running the Creator is a super [TS]

  nice guy passed away a few years ago his [TS]

  kids still running it's one of these [TS]

  sort of pun strips so you know I have to [TS]

  like it [TS]

  it'sit's dad humor and it's been dating [TS]

  forever very clever guy PhD in [TS]

  psychology and anyway so he he had gone [TS]

  on they put an email address and his [TS]

  strip it somewhere in the late nineties [TS]

  and they were getting like thousands of [TS]

  inhale speak here which stunned them [TS]

  about a pun strip basically and and i [TS]

  remember seeing like these little [TS]

  glimpses there's a strip called Alex's [TS]

  restaurant and like a few like early [TS]

  things that were people who had been [TS]

  conventional cartoons or maybe not [TS]

  broken into the syndicate market and it [TS]

  started to post things sometimes every [TS]

  day and we're just playing with the idea [TS]

  of being not comics that were somewhere [TS]

  else put on the web because that's the [TS]

  only way you could have made a living to [TS]

  do it but like I say like that putting [TS]

  you know making him [TS]

  webcomics and mikael jansson who is [TS]

  still very active and does animation [TS]

  studio that animates other people's [TS]

  webcomics his own he was very very early [TS]

  and you can still find him active and he [TS]

  may be one of the few people who has a [TS]

  scope that spans sort of the entire you [TS]

  know early period to now of of being a [TS]

  web cartoonist and that is all i have to [TS]

  say it's a great field tony do you have [TS]

  any any statements you would like to [TS]

  make her or would you like to cry [TS]

  previous statements yes i'll just say [TS]

  I've been reading webcomics for a long [TS]

  time now since around 1998 and it's like [TS]

  it's like the first thing i do every [TS]

  morning [TS]

  Wow some people some people like [TS]

  newspapers for me it's like I read [TS]

  webcomics and then I start working [TS]

  through my email and then you know then [TS]

  I do real work so I do my my day [TS]

  wow I don't know what year is it now i [TS]

  don't know i lost track but like 90 [TS]

  years a while it might write 1999 yeah I [TS]

  was like my ways of reading them has [TS]

  changed a little bit over the years of [TS]

  but yeah you're reading on your computer [TS]

  on an ipad on iphone you know I mainly [TS]

  mainly alta on a computer [TS]

  I want the internet rely on bookmarks [TS]

  and I would have bookmarked folders for [TS]

  like comics that were only once a week I [TS]

  would have liked the Monday folder and [TS]

  click on that and it would open all the [TS]

  you know all the Monday comics and you [TS]

  read those words now we have things like [TS]

  RSS or other things where it gets pushed [TS]

  to us see my method of reading the few [TS]

  web comics I've read is erica's method [TS]

  which is you forget and then you for [TS]

  remembering you're like oh I've been [TS]

  there in a little while and you go and [TS]

  you find that there are like eight pages [TS]

  that you haven't read and you read them [TS]

  and you're like oh man and then you [TS]

  forget for another occasionally that [TS]

  happens with like like when it was in a [TS]

  fetal break and I realize I haven't read [TS]

  that long time to the it's hard because [TS]

  some comics like kind of trickle and [TS]

  fade in and out and sometimes it's like [TS]

  no they broke their feet and I have to [TS]

  go find their new feed and look I got to [TS]

  read got to read for the first time six [TS]

  months of their crack all at once but [TS]

  you know and then the number has been [TS]

  floated their I think there's a [TS]

  one-point probably in the early 2000s [TS]

  where I probably reading about 20 or 30 [TS]

  and i have paired that down to maybe [TS]

  like a dozen now and you know i did that [TS]

  like I'm not gonna start reading new [TS]

  comics and thankfully these people are [TS]

  like they can't keep making the same [TS]

  comic forever so they'll die off and to [TS]

  imagine the comics not that people [TS]

  either way [TS]

  oh I mean yeah comics yeah well it's [TS]

  kind of a shame the webcomics like it [TS]

  has all one word [TS]

  it's so all-encompassing because i think [TS]

  for other comics like when we say comic [TS]

  books [TS]

  everyone knows kind of what we're [TS]

  talking about it right and then we say [TS]

  comics without the books it's like three [TS]

  panel gag strips in the newspaper don't [TS]

  know I i would say i was a comic strips [TS]

  comic reading that's what I'm looking [TS]

  for comic strips comic book right but [TS]

  when you say webcomics encompasses [TS]

  basically any thing that has pictures [TS]

  with words that's on the web because the [TS]

  web part was deemed to be the most [TS]

  important part and so it covers [TS]

  everything like it does and you know not [TS]

  all comics are the same to right i mean [TS]

  not all comics are 32 pages you know [TS]

  staple I know but like a very [TS]

  experienced be there is no comic book [TS]

  that is a one panel one based get you [TS]

  don't mean that you wouldn't go to a [TS]

  comic book store find a comic book open [TS]

  up only to find a gigantic far side on [TS]

  the single-page they're like that's not [TS]

  a thing that you bought [TS]

  I have a collection that is that just [TS]

  one page comic books [TS]

  it's one page comics in the assembled in [TS]

  a book so I mean it's like the far side [TS]

  tear off calendars but if you know [TS]

  depends how it was originally pretty [TS]

  wouldn't think of it as a comic book [TS]

  whatever the web eNOS just seem to win [TS]

  out so now everything that's on the web [TS]

  is a webcomic which makes it difficult [TS]

  to like when you guys are all talking [TS]

  about things that you read i could have [TS]

  to like kind of sniff out is he talking [TS]

  about like a serialize thing with like a [TS]

  narrative that goes over a series of [TS]

  things is he talking about a gag strip [TS]

  is he talking about you know like you [TS]

  can't really tell up just based on web [TS]

  comics that the great thing too is that [TS]

  a any given thing you read could [TS]

  actually more from one thing together so [TS]

  there's stuff that stick strictly to a [TS]

  form but they're certainly sites [TS]

  everywhere sometimes it's one panel [TS]

  sometimes it's like 40 feet sometimes [TS]

  there's like animation and I other stuff [TS]

  built into it i'm usually animation is a [TS]

  bigger thing but even like Jeff [TS]

  animation and the fact that some people [TS]

  stick to a format that's not necessary [TS]

  because they're on the web and others [TS]

  you know push in all different [TS]

  directions with it as well the infinite [TS]

  canvas [TS]

  yeah yeah well yeah well XKCD is time [TS]

  won the hugo award my and it is I I [TS]

  forget exactly how I it's essentially an [TS]

  animation or you could you I it's hard [TS]

  to describe what it is [TS]

  yeah it is it is a story / 3099 unique [TS]

  images and at one but what you didn't [TS]

  win the dramatic presentation Hugo it [TS]

  it won the graphic story you go which is [TS]

  interesting because it's kind of [TS]

  animation but it's kind of a series of [TS]

  stills and that's just one example of [TS]

  meanwhile be not only is it a webcomic [TS]

  not only do you have webcomics that [TS]

  could be comic strips are comic books in [TS]

  serial form but you've also got the fact [TS]

  that it's this dynamic medium and a [TS]

  webcomic can be all sorts of things in [TS]

  the middle that are not something we [TS]

  could define i was in college in the [TS]

  early 2000 you a bunch of people who are [TS]

  involved in making comics for like the [TS]

  college newspaper right and that was [TS]

  kind of a weird time because there would [TS]

  be things that would start as a webcomic [TS]

  that would then become a print comic and [TS]

  there would be things that we started [TS]

  print comics that would then become a [TS]

  webcomic and you know some people like [TS]

  different things about the different for [TS]

  matter who they would reach [TS]

  but to a certain extent was like why [TS]

  make a comic that would only be printed [TS]

  in your college newspaper when you could [TS]

  put it on the web and much larger honey [TS]

  that's right you know and some people [TS]

  jump back and forth and would you know [TS]

  have a set of characters and produce [TS]

  separate separate comics for each but [TS]

  yeah well there's the commercial aspect [TS]

  to which is that webcomics have been a [TS]

  spectacularly successful forum for [TS]

  people in a profession that has very few [TS]

  people who actually make a living at it [TS]

  in the in the olden days like there's [TS]

  some professions where like editorial [TS]

  cartoonists a great example is there [TS]

  used to be not that long ago thousands [TS]

  of people in America who is full-time [TS]

  job was drawing a few editorial cartoons [TS]

  we can occasionally writing and now [TS]

  there are like a hundred and twelve or [TS]

  something right and there's some all the [TS]

  cartoonist many of whom I i know because [TS]

  they're small circle on Twitter and it [TS]

  but like you look at cartoon comic [TS]

  strips there's always a finite hole in [TS]

  the paper that they could fill and the [TS]

  it was a power locker of distribution so [TS]

  peanuts was in every paper and calvin [TS]

  hobbes when it ran and so forth so there [TS]

  weren't that many slots that can be [TS]

  filled in the web gave infinite [TS]

  opportunity but that doesn't always mean [TS]

  it can be exploited but web cartoonists [TS]

  I think our web comics managed to [TS]

  somehow do this great thing which is not [TS]

  only give people a place that they don't [TS]

  have to you know there's no limit to [TS]

  what they could do and they can control [TS]

  it but to find an audience that's [TS]

  willing in many cases to pay enough in [TS]

  some manner by page views or books or [TS]

  Kickstarter's or whatever that that [TS]

  there are a lot of people who they make [TS]

  some of their living and a reasonable [TS]

  number to make a full time living from [TS]

  it and that's actually kind of [TS]

  extraordinary there's I think there's at [TS]

  least hundreds if not in the thousand or [TS]

  more who derive a real a substitute part [TS]

  of a living if not better from it and [TS]

  the way that has kind of emerged as [TS]

  someone interesting i remember i did in [TS]

  college I looked it up around 2001 a [TS]

  presentation for a class on the future [TS]

  of micro payments and how that was going [TS]

  to change everything [TS]

  you'll remember that that then never [TS]

  happen everyone's going to pay a penny [TS]

  to read their cum yeah everyone's going [TS]

  to have plenty to read webcomics told [TS]

  remember when that happened and then [TS]

  didn't work out nope [TS]

  yeah any day now like the answer was [TS]

  actually t-shirts so close yeah the [TS]

  answer the answer with teeth like this [TS]

  macro payment is actually pretty cool [TS]

  too yeah you know actually in going back [TS]

  and reading and catching up on some of [TS]

  these things uh one of them i noticed [TS]

  that the Creator had a patreon page so I [TS]

  went and I pledged it which is a good [TS]

  way to do it i went at a comic con a few [TS]

  years ago in San Diego I i went to a [TS]

  digital comics panel and heard the guide [TS]

  now I'm not gonna remember his name and [TS]

  I really it's a guy who does love and [TS]

  capes whose name escapes me which is a [TS]

  fun webcomic Tom Sawyer is his name and [TS]

  it's a webcomic about a superhero and [TS]

  his dating life and it's actually pretty [TS]

  fun but the point of the panel was that [TS]

  a lot of webcomics people including the [TS]

  lemon cake sky Tom there they actually [TS]

  started structuring their comics at [TS]

  roughly the orientation or end aspect [TS]

  ratio of half of a printed comic book [TS]

  page so that they could stack them and [TS]

  do a print edition every so often of [TS]

  what they did which I thought was an [TS]

  interesting way of going backward into a [TS]

  print medium in order to sell books by [TS]

  coming up with a way to structure your [TS]

  web comic in a way that you know [TS]

  eventually it assembles itself and this [TS]

  is one kind of webcomic right is the the [TS]

  thing that's that's actually like a [TS]

  comic book or a graphic novel but it's [TS]

  being assembled in in in pieces right in [TS]

  front of you which is was my experience [TS]

  with pneumonia as well which starts out [TS]

  much more punch line e at you know every [TS]

  page is a punt has a punch line at the [TS]

  end and over the course of of time it [TS]

  becomes something that's much more about [TS]

  the continuing story and that there [TS]

  doesn't have to be a punch line but [TS]

  that's the one of the great things about [TS]

  this format is that it can be plotted to [TS]

  go into other formats later and be as he [TS]

  realises you wanted to be as well as [TS]

  completely not if you don't want to be I [TS]

  i had two comics that I wanted to talk [TS]

  about one obscure one well-known but [TS]

  speaking of like how comics can morph [TS]

  and be different things on the web one [TS]

  aspect of webcomics that I've that [TS]

  really drew me into it is the idea that [TS]

  you can participate in the you can be [TS]

  there for the birth of something so that [TS]

  the just this one compliment [TS]

  comic that out well maybe maybe Tony [TS]

  sort of it up it's called alpha shade i [TS]

  was kind of a failed comic experiment [TS]

  and i don't know how i came to start [TS]

  following it but they did a podcast that [TS]

  was associated with it and it's two [TS]

  brothers working on this sort of in [TS]

  their spare time one of them is a [TS]

  graphic artist by trade and he was [TS]

  drawing it in the other one drives [TS]

  trains for a living and he wrote it and [TS]

  they would podcast about their [TS]

  experience of trying to do the comic and [TS]

  fit into their lives and how they how [TS]

  they wanted to be successful but didn't [TS]

  know how they're ever going to do it [TS]

  with their other responsibilities and I [TS]

  how they wanted to make print books out [TS]

  of it to make money and they would go to [TS]

  comic conventions and say how successful [TS]

  it was or wasn't and talk about the time [TS]

  and effort required to put in the pages [TS]

  and then and the difficulty keeping to a [TS]

  schedule and that's not really part of [TS]

  the comic but webcomics like so many [TS]

  other things on the web lets you sort of [TS]

  feel like you are participating in the [TS]

  whole thing you never got to see like [TS]

  the creative process behind like peanuts [TS]

  or whatever maybe you like a new story [TS]

  whatsoever but in the webcomics you got [TS]

  to see everything the entire struggle [TS]

  and alpha shade in particular is [TS]

  interesting because it was essentially a [TS]

  webcomic that didn't didn't fulfill the [TS]

  dreams of its creator didn't make them [TS]

  financially independent they didn't all [TS]

  get the quick that quit their jobs and [TS]

  just do the count full time and in fact [TS]

  the comic is not done and they probably [TS]

  bit off way more than they can chew but [TS]

  it is a fascinating experimental [TS]

  fascinating artifact of the creative [TS]

  process and its alpha dash a comp you [TS]

  want to pop some pages that have never [TS]

  seen before [TS]

  the artwork is absolutely amazing [TS]

  especially compared to sort of the [TS]

  average webcomics not that I'm slamming [TS]

  web comic artist but artistic ability is [TS]

  not the most important thing especially [TS]

  if you're writing a gag strip but the [TS]

  artwork is incredible and it does get [TS]

  much better from the beginning towards [TS]

  the end the writing not so incredible [TS]

  the world much bigger than they could [TS]

  think of but then they could possibly [TS]

  pull off but it is a fascinating not [TS]

  gonna say failure but it's a fascinating [TS]

  sample of something that can only happen [TS]

  on the web because you would never I [TS]

  would never have heard of these people [TS]

  they would never get a book deal they [TS]

  would never you know have a [TS]

  half-finished story on shelves somewhere [TS]

  like they would have had to go through [TS]

  an editorial process if I would not have [TS]

  been able to see this thing at all [TS]

  probably let alone see the entire sort [TS]

  of creative process of it and that is an [TS]

  aspect of webcam [TS]

  accident kind of I guess it's kind of [TS]

  like a reality-tv aspect where you feel [TS]

  like you're a connection with the [TS]

  creator's more much more so that you [TS]

  would anything you would buy in a store [TS]

  in decades past i completely agree one [TS]

  of the ones that i caught up on was that [TS]

  questionable content and one of the [TS]

  reasons that i like that comics so much [TS]

  is that after the end of every comic the [TS]

  co-author puts in but you know sometimes [TS]

  it's just that you know hey come and see [TS]

  me at such-and-such a convention but [TS]

  quite often it's like a little comment [TS]

  on the story or the the strip that you [TS]

  saw that day and quite often it seems [TS]

  like he is as surprised at what happened [TS]

  in the strip as I am or that you know [TS]

  the characters did something he didn't [TS]

  expect and I just always find that kind [TS]

  of hilarious and I don't know if it's [TS]

  still going but for a while the many of [TS]

  the characters in the comic actually [TS]

  have their own Twitter accounts and he [TS]

  had been playing back and forth and you [TS]

  could follow all of them and it was just [TS]

  it was it was kind of it was just great [TS]

  because I really from reading so many [TS]

  years of this comic I felt like all [TS]

  these characters were my friends and [TS]

  then going back and catching up on the [TS]

  last five years was really cool just [TS]

  like my life had been changing and and I [TS]

  was growing and and they were to a their [TS]

  lives had moved on and and and it was [TS]

  cool catching up and I should look and [TS]

  see if they still have Twitter accounts [TS]

  because that would be cool i like that [TS]

  comic a lot too [TS]

  it's like the ancillary materials like [TS]

  like the blog posts that associate that [TS]

  are associated with a lot of comics or [TS]

  podcasts or things like other like sort [TS]

  of extra material surrounding the [TS]

  comment that the comic is the thing but [TS]

  there's like this expanded universe of [TS]

  content from the author that is just [TS]

  always surrounded as the communities the [TS]

  forms that you're on there's the [TS]

  blogpost the news post the you know the [TS]

  even the merchandise that they sell [TS]

  forms this world around this work and [TS]

  it's all like one thing there's this [TS]

  comment like this pretty popular cat and [TS]

  girl and the artist and writer solicits [TS]

  donations for maintaining the comic and [TS]

  she then draws a comic about spending [TS]

  the money that she gets on donations [TS]

  here's the groceries hype ah here's the [TS]

  community was repaying my cable bill you [TS]

  know here's here's buying one take a [TS]

  guess so i can do to some important [TS]

  thing right [TS]

  well it's interesting to think about it [TS]

  to that a lot of these comics in the if [TS]

  you draw that line [TS]

  back to the content newspaper comic [TS]

  strips especially that was something [TS]

  that it didn't it didn't have a world [TS]

  around it like like what you guys are [TS]

  describing it wasn't a website and [TS]

  ancillary material and expanded universe [TS]

  it was literally like a comic strip in a [TS]

  row you know in a column with a lot of [TS]

  different comic strips and it would [TS]

  change day by day and it certainly had [TS]

  its fans right but it was in no context [TS]

  other than the comics page inside the [TS]

  newspaper and you you know peanuts by [TS]

  Schultz ok and then that's all you [TS]

  really knew and and the most you might [TS]

  get is like my brother when I was little [TS]

  I remember he had some peanuts books and [TS]

  then when I was like 9 or whatever I got [TS]

  some Garfield books and was like oh my [TS]

  god the whole book of just got your [TS]

  field comics it was really nothing more [TS]

  than the comics but yet it it was like [TS]

  this is just about peanuts or Garfield [TS]

  or whatever and that's a great thing [TS]

  about webcomics is that they can be [TS]

  their own thing they have their own [TS]

  product their own world they've got [TS]

  everything around them if you really [TS]

  love them you can know all these things [TS]

  about them that when they were just a [TS]

  thing stuck in the corner of the [TS]

  newspaper that mean you literally [TS]

  couldn't glean anything more beyond what [TS]

  was in the newspaper [TS]

  that's why you'd buy those books from [TS]

  the comics from you know you by the [TS]

  collections of like bloom county or [TS]

  calvin hobbes and we have notes from the [TS]

  author about the strips and I know [TS]

  that's like oh they're gonna talk about [TS]

  this trip that I read you know six [TS]

  months ago or they're gonna have an [TS]

  introductory paragraph or something you [TS]

  just wanted anything from the creator of [TS]

  this thing you love like these are the [TS]

  color versions that papers that printed [TS]

  in color used but my paper didn't and so [TS]

  I never saw them in color even though [TS]

  they made them in color stuff like that [TS]

  too i mean it's yeah so and that that's [TS]

  the thing about a webcomic is that it it [TS]

  doesn't just change the form of the of [TS]

  the comic that they can have it be [TS]

  infinitely long and have it be an [TS]

  animated gif or whatever that you know [TS]

  all these different things that you can [TS]

  do with the format but it's also that [TS]

  it's surrounded by all this stuff so [TS]

  that you can really connect to the [TS]

  creator and other fans in a way that you [TS]

  just can't if it's laying there flat on [TS]

  the page and that's an upgrade over the [TS]

  speaking of content like a comic was in [TS]

  black and white [TS]

  I think it's not great even over the [TS]

  best quality color printed like x-men [TS]

  comics not that [TS]

  high-quality me but like for example [TS]

  alpha shade is done in 32-bit color and [TS]

  flash so it's a resolution independence [TS]

  and has the full color palette available [TS]

  nothing on the printed page can compare [TS]

  with that and you know especially in the [TS]

  pre sort of dark horse you know graphic [TS]

  novel type of days when it was just you [TS]

  know how many colors were comics when [TS]

  you were a kid Jason 6 8 16 [TS]

  well I mean it was a four color process [TS]

  so they could be lots of colors but it [TS]

  would be half tethering yeah yeah yeahs [TS]

  dithering half-tones we call that [TS]

  halftone to be the right time for our [TS]

  first sponsor break it's a new sponsor [TS]

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  thank you so much to Casper for giving [TS]

  me a good night's sleep and supporting [TS]

  being comfortable the I was gonna point [TS]

  out a kind of extreme example of that [TS]

  like the autobiographical elements like [TS]

  knowing more about the artist is [TS]

  hyperbole and a half by ali bouche which [TS]

  is one of the it's almost you know it's [TS]

  john redefining inside as onra insiders [TS]

  genre which is if you don't overwork as [TS]

  other people read her stuff i don't know [TS]

  yeah I haven't I haven't gone back in [TS]

  you know devoured it all but I've right [TS]

  enough to know that that's something [TS]

  that's on my to do this [TS]

  oh my god it's just it's it's [TS]

  mind-blowing because it's very personal [TS]

  and it's very funny and it's very dark [TS]

  all at once and it's you know [TS]

  she's got severe depression and she had [TS]

  she's kind of you know it's really weird [TS]

  kid and she writes these amazing things [TS]

  and she gets inside the head of what it [TS]

  was like at the time she's going through [TS]

  these things there's one of the more [TS]

  recent thing it hurts go on and on and [TS]

  on and they're like book-length accounts [TS]

  almost there just one bit where she's so [TS]

  their parents give her a dinosaur [TS]

  costume and she's a little kid and she [TS]

  conveys the power she fell and the [TS]

  unlock of control she suddenly exercise [TS]

  whenever she was wearing and how long it [TS]

  took her parents to realize that her [TS]

  terrible behavior was whenever she was [TS]

  wearing the dinosaur costume but she [TS]

  tells you the story from inside that and [TS]

  her drawing a sort of purposely it's not [TS]

  a lot of you like fake naive kind of [TS]

  style but its its course in a really [TS]

  specific way and when she wants to its [TS]

  it's better but I think that's part of [TS]

  the way that she's representing these [TS]

  really jagged experiences but it's oh my [TS]

  god is it funny and then she released a [TS]

  book that has some stuff from that's [TS]

  online there's a lot more words in the [TS]

  book let's say and in some that were new [TS]

  and the book is powerful and amazing and [TS]

  whatever in and like other times you [TS]

  know laughing so hard I can't breathe [TS]

  sort of stuff and then others feel like [TS]

  oh my god this woman is talking about [TS]

  the deepest darkest point at which she [TS]

  just is telling people no it's okay i [TS]

  just want to die [TS]

  it's alright though it's fine it's just [TS]

  I don't have any feelings and I'd like [TS]

  to die and then realizing what that [TS]

  sounds like to other people and it's but [TS]

  i don't know if i can underestimate how [TS]

  hilarious is because it's so raw but [TS]

  also relatable and she pushed the medium [TS]

  and she nurses webpages she's one of [TS]

  these people this is something I point [TS]

  out to is so many people who are on the [TS]

  top of their profession I don't want to [TS]

  say nobody you know people like which [TS]

  Stevens his friend friend of the show [TS]

  which yeah [TS]

  diesel sweeties I mean he's been he's [TS]

  been cranking it out for over a decade [TS]

  and working his ass off for that time [TS]

  but they're also the people like kate [TS]

  beaton Oh [TS]

  for uh you know is actually number of [TS]

  people we talked about the tally bhushan [TS]

  other folks who they just posted some [TS]

  sometimes modest stuff for one thing and [TS]

  people went berserk on tumblr or [TS]

  facebook and then encourage them to do [TS]

  more and suddenly know kate beaton went [TS]

  from I think posting some sketches on [TS]

  tumblr to a new york times bestseller in [TS]

  under three years two and a half years [TS]

  and her stuff is still out other people [TS]

  talk about her too i'm sure but like [TS]

  that's the phenomenon to is that it's [TS]

  it's like music for artists like a this [TS]

  person got discovered and then there are [TS]

  top of the you know effective charts in [TS]

  New York Times bestseller list that's [TS]

  impressive [TS]

  it's like music for artists she just [TS]

  blew my mind well it's like chocolate [TS]

  for wine so I'm we should take some time [TS]

  and let people extol the virtues one of [TS]

  the things I like to do on the show I [TS]

  really love doing is having people talk [TS]

  about things they like and that way [TS]

  other people get to hear about those [TS]

  things and then they could try them out [TS]

  and I think that's really exciting so I [TS]

  thought we would go around in a non [TS]

  draft like fashion and let people share [TS]

  some of the things that they like John's [TS]

  you want to start sure i will pick the [TS]

  easy for me it's not a pit or speak not [TS]

  of their not first graph on pic [TS]

  yes i will pick something the easy one [TS]

  that everybody knows that may be [TS]

  somewhat controversial but i'm here to [TS]

  defend oh no that and that is the [TS]

  quintessential webcomic penny arcade [TS]

  this is this is not the episode where we [TS]

  talk about difficulties with the [TS]

  creators that was no more talking about [TS]

  Colorado river's a penny arcade is a [TS]

  fantastic webcomic I think it's probably [TS]

  the first 1i i started to read regularly [TS]

  it's a gag strip it's about video games [TS]

  it does the webcomic thing and that [TS]

  sometimes three panel sometimes it's six [TS]

  sometimes it's it's laid out like a [TS]

  graphic novel and goes on with [TS]

  continuity and there's no gag like it [TS]

  does whatever the hell it wants to do I [TS]

  and in going through back through the [TS]

  catalog trying to find some links there [TS]

  is a fantastic amount of content first [TS]

  love it its it's can do it a webcomic [TS]

  can do in this comic for people who are [TS]

  into video games which that would never [TS]

  that doesn't work in a newspaper you [TS]

  know it should have during the NES era [TS]

  that shouldn't you should have been able [TS]

  have a comment about video games but you [TS]

  could write on the web you can because [TS]

  you can connect traitor and their [TS]

  audience right and in this comic yet [TS]

  started off as a gag comic the artist [TS]

  Mike could not draw very well in the [TS]

  beginning that's that's a common thing I [TS]

  think in a lot of webcomics you look at [TS]

  the first year and you like it it's it's [TS]

  in all comics because if you look at the [TS]

  first year peanuts or or dare I say it [TS]

  from my Garfield book reading years i [TS]

  was actually the first Garfield look I [TS]

  was like what the hell happened to [TS]

  garfield the answers they had heard that [TS]

  he hadn't figured out how to draw you [TS]

  something sometimes when i was going to [TS]

  say he didn't figure out how to get [TS]

  ghost artist for a while there now see [TS]

  it's not but sometimes it's like you're [TS]

  just learning how to make your [TS]

  characters in sort of a generic way but [TS]

  other times you're actually expanding [TS]

  the your artistry and i think that's [TS]

  that's the case we can see Mike [TS]

  developers an artist but some of the [TS]

  things I picked out from from their run [TS]

  as a couple of good gag strips that I [TS]

  like that again the gag trips only work [TS]

  if you have this deep deep knowledge of [TS]

  video game culture that was happening at [TS]

  the time this trip was made and so that [TS]

  connects with an audience because you're [TS]

  like i know this is you know this but [TS]

  very few other people do but we find it [TS]

  hilarious only do things like the paint [TS]

  the line series which was a sort of [TS]

  eighties movie send up involving [TS]

  ping-pong they do things like automaton [TS]

  which is a a gritty new are sort of [TS]

  black-and-white comic about our robot [TS]

  detective and his partner cardboard [TS]

  tubes tubes samurai which is like a [TS]

  send-up of the samurai movies but with [TS]

  obviously with a cardboard tube which is [TS]

  all born out of things that happen in [TS]

  their lives and more recently that [TS]

  lookouts thorn watch and daughters of [TS]

  the our wood which is like here's the [TS]

  thing about the penny arcade these guys [TS]

  wanted to make a serious comic like when [TS]

  they were in their kids they wanted to [TS]

  make like the comics that they were [TS]

  reading like you know the dark knight [TS]

  and stuff like super serious like [TS]

  everyone you know this is real art and [TS]

  everything and yet what they found [TS]

  themselves making was a comedy strip and [TS]

  so everything they do with the comedy [TS]

  strip you can see the thing they wanted [TS]

  it's like it's like a sideways backwards [TS]

  way to be able to do things they want to [TS]

  do so cardboard samurais a joke pieces [TS]

  his sword is a cardboard tube but it's [TS]

  not a joke it's also us memorize strip [TS]

  the same thing with automaton which [TS]

  that's more straight up i think our [TS]

  paint the line like it's again with [TS]

  being being with these people on their [TS]

  journey [TS]

  of how are we going to make money should [TS]

  we accept donations they didn't think [TS]

  they have microtransactions but that you [TS]

  know should we should we put out a print [TS]

  book that them selling the rights to [TS]

  their to their entire strip several [TS]

  times to unscrupulous business people [TS]

  and getting out of it then creating this [TS]

  entire business for themselves and the [TS]

  penny arcade expo and other things it is [TS]

  a fascinating story outside the strip [TS]

  which you know goes off and other [TS]

  interesting directions but the strip [TS]

  itself [TS]

  this is a solid webcomic this is an [TS]

  amazingly good webcomic it's just I have [TS]

  literally pages of what i think are [TS]

  fantastic examples of the form and so [TS]

  despite all the other things that penny [TS]

  arcade being the 800-pound gorilla and [TS]

  all sorts of other non-comic related [TS]

  things that are involved with them i [TS]

  think it's important not to lose sight [TS]

  of the fact that you know like ender's [TS]

  game may have been a really good novel [TS]

  and this is a really really good comic [TS]

  strip [TS]

  yeah i'll agree with you completely is [TS]

  that I I stopped reading it but i think [TS]

  what they do what they have done and [TS]

  what they do is actually really [TS]

  remarkable and even there it's a [TS]

  fascinating to go back and look at the [TS]

  early strips and watch the drawing style [TS]

  improve fairly rapidly into something [TS]

  that's incredibly slick and professional [TS]

  and the overall billion forgot which is [TS]

  a jury or is it gay produce the drive [TS]

  member which to get Gabriel mike is gay [TS]

  painters the drugs can he's using he's [TS]

  he's got and he's got a tremendously [TS]

  better as an artist and also he's still [TS]

  not like awesome i think that's [TS]

  endearing quality like this is somebody [TS]

  who if they were just working as like a [TS]

  traditional artist like not doing their [TS]

  own thing would probably not be hired to [TS]

  you know doing like animation hand like [TS]

  his his skills are never going to be [TS]

  sort of top-tier top-shelf kind of like [TS]

  whatever is the most recent age like [TS]

  what [TS]

  silver age and Jason can tell me [TS]

  whatever whenever there was a recent Age [TS]

  of comics he would not be in that in [TS]

  that camp but because he is his own [TS]

  person that his own thing and because he [TS]

  has come so far he's like he's good [TS]

  enough and he and he pushes himself as [TS]

  interesting things he's achieved the [TS]

  apotheosis in his own milieu right is [TS]

  that he's he he's kind of reached a [TS]

  point in the kind of thing he does i [TS]

  mean the art is very good but it's also [TS]

  for what he does he's the best added in [TS]

  that space because it's the thing they [TS]

  defined and he changes that all the time [TS]

  like gold back like out with these links [TS]

  he changes our style whenever the hell [TS]

  he feels like it wiping is going to stop [TS]

  him [TS]

  yeah i agree i mean-- and socially have [TS]

  there's there's cannon there's sandal [TS]

  and strips and I I'm not you know gamer [TS]

  myself I barely know anything about [TS]

  video games stuff but I read I don't [TS]

  play that many and I found this trip [TS]

  very enjoyable at times because they [TS]

  provide just enough context so I could [TS]

  read through the background to to find [TS]

  it and enjoy it as well so yeah i'm i'm [TS]

  a i'm a big fan of what they did [TS]

  separate from being able to read it [TS]

  anymore right [TS]

  yeah that was actually one of the one of [TS]

  the comics that was on my list you know [TS]

  five or six years ago and I felt like I [TS]

  one of the reasons i didn't even bother [TS]

  to go back to it is that I have kind of [TS]

  dropped off in gaming since then but [TS]

  even at the time I wasn't gaming as much [TS]

  as I had been in previous years but I [TS]

  felt like that comic kept me connected [TS]

  to the gaming world in a way that I [TS]

  would have completely missed out on had [TS]

  I not been reading it so I kind of knew [TS]

  enough stuff peripheral to be able to [TS]

  get most of the jokes and then anything [TS]

  that didn't immediately twig to me I [TS]

  could kind of figure out or go off on a [TS]

  forum somewhere where everybody's going [TS]

  on [TS]

  sometimes you just resign your post [TS]

  instead of actually living at the comedy [TS]

  forget as a comic care to have family in [TS]

  America do you have something you would [TS]

  like to recommend well I i mentioned [TS]

  briefly questionable content so i guess [TS]

  maybe I will talk about that i think [TS]

  it's probably at this point my favorite [TS]

  webcomic just after doing my her quick [TS]

  catch-up this is the 1i think I was most [TS]

  excited about and I think it's because [TS]

  of the characters it's the comic of all [TS]

  the ones that i read that has the most [TS]

  realistic characters because they [TS]

  sometimes act in ways that are [TS]

  unexpected but they're not unrealistic [TS]

  and I think that's an important [TS]

  distinction [TS]

  there's no big gimmick to this comic [TS]

  it's it's it's definitely more a [TS]

  serialize kind of a thing it's not a gag [TS]

  strip although there are a lot of goofy [TS]

  gags in it it's just sort of a simple [TS]

  story of a few people that live in [TS]

  northampton massachusetts you gotta [TS]

  Martin who's an indie-rock aficionado [TS]

  who doesn't really know what he wants to [TS]

  do with his life [TS]

  I can relate his friends he has a friend [TS]

  roommate named feijoo she's kinda just [TS]

  like what's Martin with a quick tongue [TS]

  to match she usually keeps abuse on the [TS]

  customers at the coffee shop where she [TS]

  works and then that shop is run by Dora [TS]

  who is a bisexual x gospel with an [TS]

  amazing talent for coffee roasting and [TS]

  then you've got handle or who is just [TS]

  the super sweet character she's a little [TS]

  shy and a lot OCD because she grew up on [TS]

  a space station and the world is also [TS]

  populated by robots with artificial [TS]

  intelligence they are like pint-sized [TS]

  who is Martin's and throw pc he's mostly [TS]

  there for comic relief and really really [TS]

  dirty jokes about cake batter and it's [TS]

  just an interesting world is written by [TS]

  I think it's pronounced Jeff jock jock [TS]

  think that it didn't jph is a how Jeff [TS]

  spelled by which i think is kind of cool [TS]

  it started in august of 2003 and eyes i [TS]

  think pretty consistently improved over [TS]

  the years both in terms of the art like [TS]

  we talked about and also the [TS]

  complexities of like the storylines and [TS]

  the character arcs there are a couple [TS]

  things that I really love about the [TS]

  comic um I love that the AI thing is not [TS]

  a big deal it's just sort of a part of [TS]

  the fabric of the the world that this is [TS]

  told from and it's a world is very close [TS]

  to ours there just happened to be well I [TS]

  guess people i mean there are [TS]

  campaigning for civil rights at some [TS]

  points kind of just in the background of [TS]

  this comic but it's not a really big [TS]

  deal it's also super geeky there are [TS]

  tons of references to indie rock bands [TS]

  i've never heard of but there are just [TS]

  as many references to star wars or XKCD [TS]

  or mst3k in in one stay in one frame [TS]

  they're kicking somebody out the coffee [TS]

  shop and saying all right Tom servo it's [TS]

  movie sign get the hell out [TS]

  so you know that's that's my kind of [TS]

  joke and though it's written by a guy i [TS]

  think this comic has pretty much the [TS]

  best treatment of female characters of [TS]

  any kind of anything that i have read [TS]

  lately they are real people with real [TS]

  personalities real flaws they make [TS]

  realistic decisions that don't always [TS]

  revolve around the guys in the strip [TS]

  which is sometimes a nice change and [TS]

  among the main characters i think the [TS]

  women actually outnumber the men by [TS]

  quite a bit which is super rare and it [TS]

  from an artwork perspective they are not [TS]

  all super skinny or like super busty [TS]

  some of them are just super skinny some [TS]

  sort of real nice career [TS]

  the ladies and the guys are really like [TS]

  that to you get some chunky fellows and [TS]

  some some really cut dudes there's a [TS]

  little bit of everything and it's rare [TS]

  that it's even mentioned it's just that [TS]

  people are people and they look [TS]

  different [TS]

  actually come to think of it there's [TS]

  kind of a nice diversity of races and [TS]

  skin color as well they don't really [TS]

  dwell upon it so I never never really [TS]

  paid attention to that until I was [TS]

  rereading it and now thinking and [TS]

  talking about it and he also doesn't shy [TS]

  away from discussions of sexuality there [TS]

  are people all over the spectrum and [TS]

  it's just sort of an accepted thing [TS]

  which i think is really great it's kind [TS]

  of refreshing to have it not be a really [TS]

  big deal and in addition he's also [TS]

  started taking on gender identity issues [TS]

  recently he introduced a trans character [TS]

  named Claire and I'm really really [TS]

  loving this storyline and the character [TS]

  because she's just super sweet and [TS]

  lovable and adorable and he apparently [TS]

  has worked really hard at doing the [TS]

  research and talking to people to try to [TS]

  make sure that he gets the storyline [TS]

  right because he recognizes what a big [TS]

  deal it is and doesn't want to screw it [TS]

  up as much as possible and apparently so [TS]

  far the feedback has been really [TS]

  positive so I just I'm completely [TS]

  enjoying it and in addition to all the [TS]

  other sort of connection to the author [TS]

  things that we had talked about he is [TS]

  also very open about his own mental [TS]

  health issues which occasionally get in [TS]

  the way of putting out comics [TS]

  consistently and I think that that [TS]

  openness is really great i wish more [TS]

  people would talk about that sort of [TS]

  stuff to help distinc- ties it so that's [TS]

  that's the kind of thing that really [TS]

  makes me feel close to the author in in [TS]

  a way that I don't necessarily get from [TS]

  from the little goofy jokes on some of [TS]

  the other web comics that i read and [TS]

  enjoy its great highly recommend i will [TS]

  second Erica's of recommendation of [TS]

  questionable content that was on my list [TS]

  is pretty high up [TS]

  if we were drafting and I could only [TS]

  talk about it but it is delightful i [TS]

  used to live for many years in the city [TS]

  where it set and so it's any he does [TS]

  lovely stuff of dropping stuff in the [TS]

  background of actual places around there [TS]

  so when I lived there it was play like [TS]

  oh yeah that place and now it's like now [TS]

  I can just logically be like yeah that [TS]

  place so that's cool [TS]

  nice tony do you have something you'd [TS]

  like to recommend since you don't have [TS]

  to recommend that one because it was [TS]

  recommended [TS]

  it's been recommended um I've got a [TS]

  bunch on here i'm gonna pick one that I [TS]

  guess we'll be slightly uh obscured by [TS]

  the metric that it does not have a [TS]

  Wikipedia page about that so i will [TS]

  recommend the webcomic metroid any dro I [TS] which actually has a website now i [TS]

  think when i was first reading it was [TS]

  actually just images posted on like live [TS]

  journal pages I don't that tells you a [TS]

  little bit about it its pedigree and the [TS]

  the the artist who creates metroid i [TS]

  think actually does a like the coloring [TS]

  or other production stuff for other [TS]

  perhaps better known comics but metroid [TS]

  is a comic that just makes me always [TS]

  feel much happier and better about life [TS]

  i guess it is kind of one of those like [TS]

  you know one gag comic occasionally [TS]

  their their ongoing story lines but a [TS]

  lot of it is just jokes and it's about [TS]

  these two characters are potato or perto [TS]

  depending on how you pronounce that [TS]

  who is a bear shape potato-shaped [TS]

  character and uh Reginald who is a [TS]

  bird-shaped character who is kind of his [TS]

  friend but it's kind of an awful selfish [TS]

  jerk and they go on adventures and [TS]

  things happen [TS]

  I i would say that metroid is a is up [TS]

  there in terms of being perhaps one of [TS]

  the finest quality comics in terms of [TS]

  the quality of the punchline delivered [TS]

  in the alt tag for images which is you [TS]

  know a format 22 which to my knowledge [TS]

  is unique to webcomics obviously XKCD is [TS]

  pretty well known for that too but [TS]

  metroid is a delightful comic that i've [TS]

  been reading for many years I have some [TS]

  metroid shirts which lets you know that [TS]

  I like Metroid I guess yeah and it's [TS]

  great it's part of I think it's part of [TS]

  the same kind of there's a bunch of [TS]

  webcomics who live in east hampton and [TS]

  western Massachusetts or who are [TS]

  associated with that collective which I [TS]

  think just socks is part of and I don't [TS]

  know if if this guy actually lives there [TS]

  or if you just gets his stuff published [TS]

  to the same group and I know our Stevens [TS]

  is affiliated with them too [TS]

  ok 22 pitch it to particle to pay the [TS]

  court to pappadeaux I think it's [TS]

  something I don't know Ren Ren Caldwell [TS]

  used to work for yes I was actually just [TS]

  make browsing the two-particle [TS]

  merch site before we came here making my [TS]

  Christmas list gotta go is for all of [TS]

  your Christmas needs unless you know [TS]

  people that are great so I don't know [TS]

  yeah that's right said and basically is [TS]

  what you're saying [TS]

  Tony I didn't say that ok I'm saying [TS]

  that that this the network is great [TS]

  alright an alternate universe tony is [TS]

  part of the comments collective any east [TS]

  hampton massachusetts instead of having [TS]

  a game full employment but you know [TS]

  probably I have to like ride motorcycles [TS]

  in that alternate future too [TS]

  yeah that's great alright metroid good [TS]

  job Tony it's really late here you [TS]

  forgive you yet turned into the spin [TS]

  there and you got it all straightened [TS]

  out [TS]

  Glenn do you have something to recommend [TS]

  i have so many things i'm going to pick [TS]

  one that I think is most amusing and [TS]

  since i already mentioned le bouche just [TS]

  not abusing in the same way [TS]

  axe cop axe costly greatest thing ever [TS]

  story of an ex-cop no good ever created [TS]

  in any medium ever forever ex-cop is a [TS]

  cop and one day at the fire scene the [TS]

  fire he finds it acts and on that day he [TS]

  becomes axe cop and it's a great concede [TS]

  it was this guy who's a comic book [TS]

  artist he has kind of a blended family [TS]

  and he was spending time with his one of [TS]

  his brothers whose five and he wasn't 26 [TS]

  at the time and they start you know [TS]

  written on Stephanie's drawing things [TS]

  like the little brother comes up with [TS]

  this axe cop idea so he starts drawing [TS]

  comics and building plots and so forth [TS]

  and they post some of the facebook and [TS]

  people go nuts and then they your cleans [TS]

  it up and he produces website and its it [TS]

  was a huge phenomenon few years ago when [TS]

  there was little less going on in both [TS]

  their lives lives for the cartoonist had [TS]

  more going on and it's just a it's crazy [TS]

  because it's what a five-year-old is [TS]

  told ok tell me the next part of story [TS]

  now the next part of the story shaped by [TS]

  someone with a really great comic book [TS]

  sensibility so you know there's flute [TS]

  cop who when he's touched by dragon [TS]

  blood because dinosaur blood becomes [TS]

  dinosaur book cop and the names are all [TS]

  ridiculous there's a super heroes who [TS]

  are named beautiful girly Bob they're [TS]

  all identical women and wrists [TS]

  you know there's bad guys next cop just [TS]

  goes out and chop their heads off the [TS]

  bad guys and well why'd you kill all [TS]

  those people they were all bad guys and [TS]

  and they turned it into [TS]

  a webcomic web by animated series to [TS]

  that I just watched a few weeks ago that [TS]

  is crazy it's like the craziest thing [TS]

  I've ever seen created in that way [TS]

  because it has that five-year-old logic [TS]

  presented in a super professional comic [TS]

  way so it has none of the you know [TS]

  script hallmarks like a five-year-old [TS]

  wrong it for animating it would be very [TS]

  different and they got patton oswalt and [TS]

  some good names on it so i highly [TS]

  recommend it because it's just it's so [TS]

  weird and strange and funny and you can [TS]

  see all the all the kids influences but [TS]

  it's shaped into into stories that that [TS]

  I think are really really entertaining [TS]

  axe cop i was at penny arcade expo was [TS]

  playing dungeons dragons as you do and i [TS]

  was in a room and in a table and a [TS]

  another one of these stories Tony we're [TS]

  playing D&D at penny arcade expo jaan [TS]

  okay go ahead a man who appeared to be a [TS]

  police officer poked his head into the [TS]

  room looked at us and said kids are [TS]

  doing any drugs are you and we nervously [TS]

  said no and he said ok then and he left [TS]

  and as far as I could tell that guy was [TS]

  a police officer until one of my friends [TS]

  that did that police officer have an axe [TS]

  it was an act top cosplayer I was not [TS]

  familiar with that I saw a lot of axe [TS]

  cop costumes including my friend in [TS]

  Putney dressed up his axe cop i would [TS]

  say that is his costume was dangerously [TS]

  on the level of importance of a guitar [TS]

  lesson 14 yeah it was pretty good and he [TS]

  had an authentic cop mustache that you [TS]

  know was not prosthetic so Dean party [TS]

  here in this show episode below on the [TS]

  futurama yeah Barbra Jean per episode [TS]

  prefer yep that's my axe cop sorry [TS]

  hopefully short good start good story [TS]

  Tony 23 time for one more sponsor break [TS]

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  supporting the incomparable I've [TS]

  mentioned before and so I'm just gonna [TS]

  put out there since this this is my [TS]

  impetus to to organize episode which is [TS]

  no Mona which is coming out by Noelle [TS]

  Stevenson you can get it in [TS]

  you can read it at ginger hazing calm / [TS]

  Damona and it's a really enjoyable story [TS]

  that is now complete so you can read the [TS]

  whole thing [TS]

  it starts out as there's a villain his [TS]

  name is balusters Blackheart the it is a [TS]

  hilarious weird combination of a fantasy [TS]

  and technology like if there's a castle [TS]

  and stuff but there's also like a TV [TS]

  station and scientists and balanced a [TS]

  black heart is the villain but and you [TS]

  get the sense very early that he had a [TS]

  horrible falling-out with golden loin [TS]

  who is the hero of the kingdom and uh [TS]

  Ramona appears to balance your black [TS]

  heart and basically says I want to be [TS]

  the villain sidekick I i can change [TS]

  shape and and I've got some big plans [TS]

  and you know basically she tries to egg [TS]

  them on to you you haven't been enough [TS]

  of the supervillain let me help you out [TS]

  boss and she know she appears as this as [TS]

  this young girl but she's got these [TS]

  powers and then the story over time as [TS]

  the the art gets richer and the story [TS]

  gets Richard because the artist is [TS]

  really learning her craft that she goes [TS]

  and you can see it the story the [TS]

  relationship between Ramona and and and [TS]

  balusters the relationship between [TS]

  balusters & golden loin the secrets of [TS]

  what's going on in this kingdom and how [TS]

  it's being operated by some sinister [TS]

  forces at work is uh it's a lot of fun i [TS]

  really love the mixing up of the of the [TS]

  genres and and the blackhearts golden [TS]

  lion relationship is actually sort of [TS]

  super adorable and and heavily heavily [TS]

  ships [TS]

  yes oh yes absolutely and intentionally [TS]

  so but it's actually it's a it's a huge [TS]

  amount of fun [TS]

  the fact that you've got black heart and [TS]

  golden loin as your blonde superhero and [TS]

  your black-hearted villain who's [TS]

  actually your main character and Jason [TS]

  is isn't it true that you're you're the [TS]

  golden line is the inspiration for your [TS]

  D&D character on my imagination Peter [TS]

  Peter dragon 4g is golden join said I [TS]

  only I want to establish for the record [TS]

  your level of murder [TS]

  yes you have a dungeons and dragons [TS]

  dragons character inspired by a webcomic [TS]

  care i do in the 1i called Peter golden [TS]

  loin [TS]

  because that would be too much you just [TS]

  changed everything in my my head but now [TS]

  I'm never gonna forget the words I was [TS]

  like uh huh well I wanted to be a big [TS]

  you know like I its captain handsome [TS]

  he's blonde and handsome and fancy these [TS]

  offensive man and golden line is that [TS]

  anyway it is it's great it's coming out [TS]

  of it as a book i'm kind of fascinated [TS]

  to see with it whether she's going to do [TS]

  like real entering or actually even [TS]

  redrawing some of the pages because the [TS]

  art style change so drastically between [TS]

  the first like 20 installments and the [TS]

  rest of the the other hundred and forty [TS]

  pages or whatever but uh it's huge huge [TS]

  fun to the point that you know I've read [TS]

  it multiple times now since it has come [TS]

  to an end and it's got a nice story and [TS]

  so I haven't had a chance to read it yet [TS]

  but she has a print comic called longer [TS]

  James yeah which I have not read but all [TS]

  my friends who have better taste in [TS]

  comics than i do say is excellent so [TS]

  I've heard excellent things about that [TS]

  as well [TS]

  ya know is tricky because right i think [TS]

  Jason's you're saying is like it it [TS]

  didn't start this ambitious i don't [TS]

  think i'll share the whole plot worked [TS]

  out in like a burden i tell you better [TS]

  you tell me about you told me about it I [TS]

  think so yeah and I was like oh I'll [TS]

  check into this and then like an hour [TS]

  and 45 minutes later I'd read the whole [TS]

  thing or three hours it was like I was [TS]

  probably the middle of a workday and I [TS]

  just I didn't actually realize what I [TS]

  was doing and you and I are probably [TS]

  doing that at the same time it was and [TS]

  then oh and then i posted a link I'm [TS]

  like oh my god Jason talked about this [TS]

  amazing thing and then other people like [TS]

  god damn you i just spent an hour north [TS]

  platte river is this it was a virus but [TS]

  uh it's incredible narrative scope [TS]

  there's world building and then there's [TS]

  stuff that's developing and I think like [TS]

  this is a danger of working without a [TS]

  net you know in in real time and I mean [TS]

  obviously daily cartoonist have dealt [TS]

  with this for you know a hundred years [TS]

  we're doing stuff and it's the stuff [TS]

  that has a narrative flow to it and you [TS]

  know that the the oldest joke is that [TS]

  the spiderman cartoon it's been around [TS]

  forever is like the slowest moving [TS]

  cartoon ever a comic strip ever [TS]

  developed where monday someone sneezes [TS]

  and on Friday someone says cousin I am [TS]

  and and then it's monday they start with [TS]

  a recap [TS]

  yeah lesson [TS]

  repeater was sneezing and then Mary Jane [TS]

  so but but most strips you know there [TS]

  they work some stuff out they have to [TS]

  plan and she was kinda I don't know how [TS]

  much from whole cloth she went so now [TS]

  that she's completed this really [TS]

  remarkable ambitious are you know if [TS]

  she's clearly I mean will she go back [TS]

  and redraw the early stuff i SPECT so [TS]

  because going to a book so maybe she'll [TS]

  preserve some of the field but but [TS]

  recreate it so it's more consistent and [TS]

  will she work out any of the narrative [TS]

  stuff i mean Jason I know that you [TS]

  weren't delighted with the way it ended [TS]

  i guess no no I I like we have no I was [TS]

  looking I have no comments about how it [TS]

  ended I i think it's a I think it's [TS]

  kinda nice I I i don't know it's like [TS]

  you said it's working without a net I [TS]

  think she also decided she wanted to end [TS]

  the story and literally the way the [TS]

  story is told she could have kept going [TS]

  but she says note that that's enough [TS]

  especially now that she's got the comics [TS]

  he's working on the book deal and what [TS]

  has some other projects I think she [TS]

  thought that was a fitting kind of and [TS]

  although my understanding is that she [TS]

  also one of the part of the book deal is [TS]

  that there's a an apple log that's only [TS]

  going to be in the boat yeah [TS]

  yes with a little more closure there too [TS]

  I I felt it could have been a little [TS]

  stronger at the end I felt that she had [TS]

  set a target to finish it and rushed a [TS]

  bit headlong other some magnificence [TS]

  that the end not to not to you know [TS]

  denigrating that but I felt like she was [TS]

  rushing headlong towards add a new model [TS]

  that wasn't totally didn't all meshed [TS]

  together as neatly as possible so maybe [TS]

  the Apple well but but very so I mean [TS]

  remarkably satisfying it's like watching [TS]

  someone right there first sci-fi or [TS]

  fantasy novel and have this incredibly [TS]

  rich intricate thing that's different [TS]

  than anything you quite seen before [TS]

  their aspects of of different fantasy [TS]

  sci fi hybrids in it but it was her own [TS]

  thing in the sense of humor is quirky [TS]

  and the drawing is quirky and just works [TS]

  it's it's an amazing thing for someone [TS]

  to come out of the gate and build and [TS]

  gain you know she posts a comic and [TS]

  there be four hundred and sixty comments [TS]

  on it within hours from people following [TS]

  it by the end it's incredible thing she [TS]

  did both in terms of scope and [TS]

  community-building you know it's a fan [TS]

  art and stuff too [TS]

  I so knew Mona you read it it's free or [TS]

  you can wait and get the book we are [TS]

  probably only have time to go around one [TS]

  more time so I feel like perhaps this is [TS]

  this can serve as the bring out your [TS]

  dead round that where I'm just going to [TS]

  give each of you the floor to talk about [TS]

  other comics you want to talk about and [TS]

  then that will be the end of the episode [TS]

  let's start with jon is going to pull [TS]

  out a plan is not to obscure Perry bible [TS]

  fellowship [TS]

  hello the list and that list yeah I [TS]

  don't understand I don't understand that [TS]

  comic and I occasionally forget it [TS]

  exists and I don't even know if it's [TS]

  still running and not a percentage of [TS]

  the ones that I find funny is low and [TS]

  yet the ones i find funny and hilarious [TS]

  so I keep returning to it [TS]

  I've correspond with the guy and I said [TS]

  like look I could I help you improve [TS]

  your website is really i spend my next [TS]

  and previous buttons sons looks like [TS]

  technology is later when i was here in [TS]

  Lake County understand it I can't search [TS]

  on his like wait come again there's [TS]

  pages like well if i want to find the [TS]

  type and I he just couldn't you know [TS]

  he's a really interesting creative i [TS]

  think very introverted introverted guide [TS]

  i think he appreciates the attention of [TS]

  book but yeah the site is unnavigable [TS]

  but it's me and very similar is space [TS]

  avalanche space avalanche com is very [TS]

  similar to that I don't even know the [TS]

  same guy I can't even tell [TS]

  I also forget the space avalanche exists [TS]

  until it comes up again I go yet that [TS]

  exists and take a look at it [TS]

  couples in my feeds those the tools i [TS]

  wanted to throw out there if you've [TS]

  never heard of one of those there you [TS]

  can just grind through the entire series [TS]

  in less than three hours so it's not [TS]

  like Mona period bible fellowship there [TS]

  are new episodes being pretty [TS]

  installments but I think he's working [TS]

  with a bunch of other stuff in this is [TS]

  not the same fervor but everyone's well [TS]

  there'll be a new one that comes out [TS]

  like the beach ball the hanging rotating [TS]

  beach fault but not just erasing all [TS]

  right uh Erica do you have more that you [TS]

  would like to talk about do i do i'll [TS]

  try to keep it short but the one that I [TS]

  was just thinking of when we were [TS]

  talking about dnd is called order of the [TS]

  stick which is a webcomic that very [TS]

  lovingly satirizes tabletop RPGs [TS]

  specifically dungeons and dragons and [TS]

  the characters are all stick figures as [TS]

  you might have guessed from the title [TS]

  but they have surprisingly effective in [TS]

  emotive faces when there [TS]

  no an adventuring crew made up of the [TS]

  usual suspects you get a fighter rogue [TS]

  barred paladin Ranger wizard all those [TS]

  kind of things and it's just it's super [TS]

  mega they're constantly referring to in [TS]

  world events and items using DD terms so [TS]

  like you know thank God just what i need [TS]

  another random encounter on the way to [TS]

  blah blah or ok so this belt you gave me [TS]

  it gives you the strength of a giant are [TS]

  we talking a plus for type giant or plus [TS]

  6 and a giant like that kind of stuff [TS]

  which is just hilarious or their content [TS]

  commenting on the content of the strip [TS]

  itself like referring back to pass [TS]

  storylines as past story behind and [TS]

  there's no shortage of puns [TS]

  I know if you're a fan of the [TS]

  incomparable you're probably kind of [TS]

  okay with funds from good yeah the bard [TS]

  uses puns when he attacks in episode an [TS]

  issue 684 [TS]

  issue 684 [TS]

  specifically there are six panels of [TS]

  beatles song related puns during a fight [TS]

  scene with some beetle people some bug [TS]

  guys so it's kind of glorious it's just [TS]

  incredibly fun the characters are well [TS]

  developed and hilarious and the [TS]

  storylines are like a really good RPG [TS]

  adventure so what's not to like and then [TS]

  i'll just use a couple of honorable [TS]

  mentions buggy freelance was my very [TS]

  first web comic I've read most of it [TS]

  twice and some of it more than that and [TS]

  it is pretty much daily comic started in [TS]

  august of 1997 so that's a lot and it's [TS]

  it follows the adventures of some-some [TS]

  you know crazy people and their crazy [TS]

  not quite pets and it's hard to describe [TS]

  a comic that's been going on since [TS]

  probably some of the listeners were in [TS]

  diapers but i can safely say that it's [TS]

  fun [TS]

  most of the time and when it's not [TS]

  exactly fun it's usually because there's [TS]

  a pretty heavy arc based storyline going [TS]

  on that general genuinely pulls on my [TS]

  heartstrings kind of goes back and forth [TS]

  between light and silly stories and [TS]

  truly epic plots that the silly ones are [TS]

  usually the things that I care about the [TS]

  least like parodies like toward potter [TS]

  and the sorcerer's nuts or muffin the [TS]

  vampire Baker that kind of silly thing [TS]

  but the epic posit plots are truly truly [TS]

  epic and there's so much continuity he [TS]

  does a great job of keeping track of [TS]

  things he even includes references [TS]

  reference links after the comics so he's [TS]

  referring to something that happened 12 [TS]

  years ago [TS]

  you can just click the link and go back [TS]

  and see the you know where it's all [TS]

  coming from because you know maybe [TS]

  you're not gonna remember what was [TS]

  happening when bill clinton was [TS]

  president I certainly don't um so anyway [TS]

  I quite enjoy that it there that i have [TS]

  a few minor issues with it but i'm not [TS]

  going to get into those because i'm [TS]

  going to just stay happy here and then [TS]

  the the other couple I just wanted to [TS]

  quickly mention one is is a one that's [TS]

  actually finished its run and finished [TS]

  it quite a while ago it's called [TS]

  user-friendly which is a Canadian comic [TS]

  strip which was set in canada in [TS]

  internet service provider fictional one [TS]

  and it's just it's very much and attack [TS]

  audiences lots of IT and programming and [TS]

  gaming based jokes just about the humor [TS]

  of the stuff that happens working at [TS]

  based world but there's a decent amount [TS]

  of character development and in [TS]

  storyline and there's a little little [TS]

  romance and it's just sweet and then [TS]

  I've also been trying to catch up on [TS]

  dinosaur comics which another Canadian [TS]

  one actually [TS]

  and that's not why i like the comic [TS]

  though Oh incidentally but i like it [TS]

  because it's funny and inventive every [TS]

  single strip almost every single strip [TS]

  use exactly the same artwork in the six [TS]

  panels and you might not think that's [TS]

  exactly a haven for creativity but when [TS]

  you're constrained that much by the art [TS]

  or lack of art it really makes you [TS]

  stretch to find other ways to make [TS]

  things interesting so I I just enjoy [TS]

  watching the the dialogue play out in [TS]

  the interesting ways of sort of using [TS]

  the characters without actually changing [TS]

  anything on the screen at all [TS]

  every time and then that's one that has [TS]

  we talked about like the alt-text the [TS]

  titles there are few easter eggs with [TS]

  each strip of this one actually only [TS]

  found out about one of them today when i [TS]

  was looking at it on Wikipedia you so [TS]

  you can mouse-over and you can read the [TS]

  title tag but also in the subject line [TS]

  of the contact email address every day [TS]

  it has something different which I'm [TS]

  excited to to check out now and also if [TS]

  you read through the archives when you [TS]

  link into the archives the archives [TS]

  actually has a line or two of texts from [TS]

  the author about the comic or his [TS]

  process of creating it or or whatever so [TS]

  a lot of layers to dinosaur comics there [TS]

  that are really fun i know the Canadian [TS]

  content laws i'm not sure if you're [TS]

  allowed to talk about them but I realize [TS]

  you do have to report you recommend 75 [TS]

  versus the third were speculating strips [TS]

  but I I know you can't [TS]

  yeah well to to finish that off and make [TS]

  sure I hit my thirty thirty percent or [TS]

  whatever it is a quick shout out to a [TS]

  certain new-ish comic book shelf doctors [TS]

  which is actually done by my friend [TS]

  Warren from the radio freescale podcast [TS]

  he takes what he refers to it so good [TS]

  doctor who is Doctor Who action dollies [TS]

  for his action figures and set them up [TS]

  on his bookshelf and and has them you [TS]

  know face each other puts him in amusing [TS]

  little scenarios and then adds little [TS]

  talky bubbles and has them talk to each [TS]

  other and usually there's just three or [TS]

  four panels and they're they're totally [TS]

  gags and there [TS]

  very much the kind of inside gags you're [TS]

  probably only going to get if you're [TS]

  pretty hardcore doctor who fan but that [TS]

  is me I am the target on you know and I [TS]

  like it but I think that those are very [TS]

  funny [TS]

  the so just photographs of little of [TS]

  doctor who figures with funny dialogue [TS]

  it's great [TS]

  Tony what do you have high so we [TS]

  mentioned diesel sweeties we mentioned [TS]

  XKCD so we make sure those were those [TS]

  are mentioned other ones I've got on my [TS]

  list here are piled higher and deeper is [TS]

  a very long running webcomic which is [TS]

  basically to graduate students what I [TS]

  guess Gilbert is to office workers so [TS]

  it's very amusing if you have ever spent [TS]

  a extended period of time in academia [TS]

  but also therefore somewhat depressing [TS]

  but that's how it goes [TS]

  American elf is a an example of a format [TS]

  that I is you know not unique to web [TS]

  comics but i think is really interested [TS]

  in which is a diary comics so American [TS]

  elf is a by James kaka who is a [TS]

  published comics artist but he [TS]

  maintained for many years it's no longer [TS]

  running a daily comic diary that he [TS]

  would maintain that was pretty neat and [TS]

  interesting i like that format and then [TS]

  the other one I mentioned it because it [TS]

  used to be in my college newspaper now [TS]

  it only exists as a webcomic buttercup [TS]

  festival which is a very strange very [TS]

  kind of surreal comic that you I cannot [TS]

  explain it you need to see it and read [TS]

  ten strips of it and hopefully find it [TS]

  funny or we're not friends anymore sorry [TS]

  that's it for me was that one another [TS]

  cup what buttercup festival festival or [TS]

  I feel like I've heard of that one but [TS]

  I'm really a Tony you know how old I am [TS]

  our college newspapers comic strip was [TS]

  calvin hobbes oh yeah talenthouse [TS]

  reprints that's what your Cinco where's [TS]

  Calvin and Hobbes it both of them [TS]

  yeah I haven't you know I've read the [TS]

  the college newspaper strips that the [TS]

  watterson made of before he did Calvin [TS]

  homes which are weird but yeah okay [TS]

  Glenn what do you have left [TS]

  I got a I got a bunch but i will keep it [TS]

  small because I'm small dilemma conus is [TS]

  a disclosure friend of mine she is [TS]

  a really talented artists to sort of [TS]

  took to the web in this remarkable way [TS]

  and she's just very productive and is [TS]

  really interesting stuff and she's got [TS]

  this long series going on called family [TS]

  man that's a very detailed I think she's [TS]

  in the second volume is almost done with [TS]

  that and she produced she's printed the [TS]

  first but so she's doing it you know [TS]

  sort of live online and drawing kind of [TS]

  in real time and she has plotted out [TS]

  it's much more like you know work of [TS]

  fiction that she has a i think a more [TS]

  exact idea but she also did a series [TS]

  called bite me about vampires and unlike [TS]

  revolutionary france i think and one of [TS]

  her first outings without Fox which is [TS]

  really lovely beautifully drawn drawn on [TS]

  short account is almost a parable love [TS]

  her work and she's also involved we did [TS]

  mention pvp which is less p the guy who [TS]

  behind it works with penny arcade on [TS]

  stuff it's part of a decade sort of like [TS]

  more and less problematic so we'll look [TS]

  into the people side but PvP is a game [TS]

  development company you know that's [TS]

  where the plot happens and there's like [TS]

  some kind of giant creature knows what [TS]

  is the sort of well-meaning a talking [TS]

  cat and so forth but it's it's actually [TS]

  quite funny it's got apply and dylan now [TS]

  recall right she is scripting and he's [TS]

  drawing or vice versa because he's got [TS]

  other projects he's working on as well [TS]

  the fellow behind got hurts yes that's [TS]

  right because they've also got to stop [TS]

  calling in the trenches which is a [TS]

  co-venture with penny arcade that I'm [TS]

  not as excited about it a little more [TS]

  and more walkie the PDP is as can be fun [TS]

  i was gonna mention wonder mark which is [TS]

  a long-running strip by David Mulkey [TS]

  super nice guy super funny and he [TS]

  started out by using almost like what [TS]

  Tom tomorrow did with this modern world [TS]

  decades ago which evolved into a drawn [TS]

  strip David Mulkey found old are you [TS]

  know public domain artwork is actually [TS]

  filmmakers not cartoons by trade and [TS]

  hold public domain artwork and started [TS]

  combining it and putting captions on it [TS]

  and you know making essentially strips [TS]

  out of pieces and he's kind of becoming [TS]

  kind of an expert on engraving and early [TS]

  periods of cartooning because 10 so much [TS]

  research and if you watch the movie [TS]

  stripped he comes up with some really [TS]

  great historical observations because [TS]

  he's looked at decade's worth of stuff [TS]

  during the trends [TS]

  action from angry engraving to [TS]

  photography when cartooning is invented [TS]

  because you have all these engravers you [TS]

  suddenly have no jobs it [TS]

  he's under mark is it's a lot of [TS]

  hilarious standalone things the [TS]

  juxtaposition of absurdity of having an [TS]

  old-fashioned people say things but it's [TS]

  very cleverly scripted and he had the [TS]

  strip recently went viral about [TS]

  gamergate about with a sea lion which [TS]

  has now become pretty much instantly [TS]

  became a meme and never talks about some [TS]

  see lining into your comments [TS]

  it's because he developed a strip like [TS]

  three weeks ago it was so perfect that [TS]

  the tournament literally the term became [TS]

  a meme like within a enough hours and we [TS]

  have been used and also mention modest [TS]

  produces interesting long-running strip [TS]

  that's got a strong narrative to it's [TS]

  very sweet about a sort of like baby [TS]

  Medusa she can't turn to stone yet but [TS]

  it's a lot more clever than that a lot [TS]

  of interesting world stuff and some [TS]

  creature of casual characterization and [TS]

  also chainsaw suit i'm a late comer to [TS]

  that strip and it's just funny as hell [TS]

  it's just a very funny it's almost like [TS]

  it's a little guide comma key but it's [TS]

  like more like if Steve Martin did a [TS]

  comic strip [TS]

  it's more like what he would do then say [TS]

  daily comic strip and it's very tied [TS]

  into both like video games in the online [TS]

  vibe and there's also a podcast that he [TS]

  that he too [TS]

  that's associated change the podcast [TS]

  which is also quite strange at times [TS]

  sometimes just very straightforward it [TS]

  was very odd but but interesting as well [TS]

  alright I will also mention some some [TS]

  mailed in choices from people who could [TS]

  make this india naka wanted to mention [TS]

  girls with slingshots the abominable [TS]

  charles Christopher and Connie to the [TS]

  huanni okay and he's not here to explain [TS]

  himself and David lower wanted to [TS]

  mention pipcorn which is by brooke milk [TS]

  mikkel mceldowney I think who does nine [TS]

  chickweed lane in the newspapers but [TS]

  this is the webcomic again so it's [TS]

  weirder and more fantastical and he [TS]

  likes that [TS]

  so those are out there pigborn pipcorn I [TS]

  don't know if that score oh well I'd [TS]

  forgotten about you know you read that [TS]

  years ago and I actually completely [TS]

  forgot existed [TS]

  this is the problem with having so much [TS]

  plenty as i was doing some research to [TS]

  remind myself of ones that i read [TS]

  and I actually literally maybe I should [TS]

  tailor I've found a tons of ones i was [TS]

  reading years ago and forgotten and if [TS]

  you look at if you try to find list of [TS]

  webcomics most decisive list are [TS]

  unmanageably large they're like yahoo [TS]

  was you know a year after yahoo started [TS]

  in the nineties you're like well there's [TS]

  a few website well here's a bunch [TS]

  let's put into categories ok we just [TS]

  give up there is just like it's just [TS]

  there's that like about three different [TS]

  sites that each had I think thousands of [TS]

  listings and none of them were complete [TS]

  obviously yeah lots of comics out there [TS]

  anything else we should mention before [TS]

  we go [TS]

  yeah i'm gonna throw in camp we don't [TS]

  want you which i think is but the one of [TS]

  the best titles of a comic strip ever [TS]

  this this is came out of the penny [TS]

  arcade strip-searched reality show where [TS]

  they had people auditioning to be a [TS]

  comic artist and then penny arcade put [TS]

  them up for a year and their facilities [TS]

  and promoted their comic but the winner [TS]

  of the contest was then Katie rice and [TS]

  her comic strip is about a camp where [TS]

  you drop off your kids and then you'd [TS]

  never come back so it's can watch huh [TS]

  and so it's just a bunch of these young [TS]

  kids drawn in a very interesting sort of [TS]

  big bobblehead art-style stuck at this [TS]

  camp and the adventures they get up to [TS]

  now they have a deal in a world without [TS]

  adults and again I'm the attachment i [TS]

  feel to it is driven and large part by [TS]

  watching the reality show and knowing [TS]

  how like she you know she was an artist [TS]

  she was a professional artist working on [TS]

  live television shows and Nickelodeon [TS]

  whatever but always wanted to do her own [TS]

  thing and when this weird reality show [TS]

  thing and won the contest and that was [TS]

  is you know has to draw or strip and you [TS]

  know is trying to make a go of it by [TS]

  herself and that aspect of it draws [TS]

  being just as much as the strip itself [TS]

  but the script is adorable too [TS]

  alright well this has been a lot of fun [TS]

  i feel like now we can all do what we [TS]

  described earlier which is just [TS]

  descended to browser tax and never ever [TS]

  come back to the surface but in a good [TS]

  way so we would like to thank everybody [TS]

  out there because we've we're with your [TS]

  lives and you will never do anything [TS]

  productive ever again [TS]

  so thanks for that at you no no don't [TS]

  thank us thank you and i would like to [TS]

  thank my guests for making this possible [TS]

  John siracusa thank you very much for [TS]

  being here I stuff it like i have our [TS]

  way [TS]

  comics I guess we're done huh yeah I I [TS]

  said bring out your dead you got more [TS]

  dead said you do it now [TS]

  it wasn't a draft i would have a longer [TS]

  list now it's fine somewhere over that's [TS]

  all right [TS]

  yeah find more webcomics i bet if you [TS]

  start from the webcomics we be provided [TS]

  to you could my lord i bet i bet you're [TS]

  right Eric and sign thank you for all of [TS]

  the great webcomics you talked about [TS]

  today thank you yeah actually most of [TS]

  the ones that i found were just through [TS]

  the other web comics I was yeah and to [TS]

  hit the slippery slope guide yeah it's [TS]

  like Wikipedia with comics you just keep [TS]

  clicking and you like it well i gotta [TS]

  click on that link to when fleischmann [TS]

  thank you for being here [TS]

  a pleasure thank you for doing this [TS]

  episode yes yes of course of course and [TS]

  Tony sindelar thank you for being here [TS]

  always fun to talk to you every night no [TS]

  Jason by nerds good binders affects [TS]

  everybody out there i hope you enjoy [TS]

  spending the rest of your life reading [TS]

  webcomics that we recommended to you we [TS]

  will see you next time [TS]

  we're getting toward the end of the year [TS]

  and you know what that means very soon [TS]

  we're gonna be recording our best 2014 [TS]

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