The Incomparable

224: Canonical Space Goo


  the incomparable number 224 December [TS]

  welcome back everybody to be [TS]

  uncomfortable podcast I'm your host [TS]

  Jason now we're here today to talk about [TS]

  the classic film its it you could argue [TS]

  this is a an installment in my get more [TS]

  things about Star Trek on the [TS]

  incomparable series it's one of the [TS]

  finest Star Trek movies ever made [TS]

  it's a galaxy quest not a star trek [TS]

  movie and yet so much of star trek movie [TS]

  here to talk about this classic [TS]

  hilarious movie with me 1999 goodyear [TS]

  good year for movies are the following [TS]

  wonderful people [TS]

  scotland ltd I wouldn't talk about Star [TS]

  Trek without you it's good to have you [TS]

  here even though this isn't technically [TS]

  star trek i was about to say we aren't [TS]

  going to talk about probably will too i [TS]

  think i suspect we will it and I'm glad [TS]

  to be here chase [TS]

  good good good David lower also here as [TS]

  always [TS]

  well I'm very glad to be here Jason that [TS]

  didn't come out well at all [TS]

  we're not talking about the muppets [TS]

  today's street do i miss you fraud here [TS]

  Erica and sign you just heard her she's [TS]

  out there hello i am out here [TS]

  hello we have also Glenn fleischmann TVs [TS]

  Glenn Fleischman is joining us again [TS]

  hello Glenn welcome back [TS]

  thanks i grew a VanDyke beard just for [TS]

  this episode you know normally we have [TS]

  we have reintroduced people and they [TS]

  give us a clever lines from the thing [TS]

  that we watched or or read or whatever [TS]

  and I have like eight of them here and [TS]

  nobody did any so was i I hesitated to [TS]

  quick and you moved on to the next [TS]

  person i was going to claim that i was [TS]

  just simply going to be repeating the [TS]

  computer for the rest of this podcast I [TS]

  don't get it look I have one job on this [TS]

  lousy ship it's stupid but I'm going to [TS]

  do and Stewart and that is the introduce [TS]

  a very special guest a longtime listener [TS]

  first-time participant on this show it [TS]

  is Joseph rosenstiel you may know him as [TS]

  Joe steal Jojo I I'm just jazzed about [TS]

  being on the show man what you did there [TS]

  so that was i I was really hoping you'd [TS]

  say that so thank you [TS]

  you nailed in your 141 uncomfortable now [TS]

  you a perfect score don't blow it [TS]

  so legal steel [TS]

  perfect perfect you can be the security [TS]

  chief any day [TS]

  alright galaxy quest galaxy quest where [TS]

  where to begin this is a my sent some of [TS]

  you a link earlier to a story i remember [TS]

  reading when I was a kid and a Star Trek [TS]

  mythology which is called visit to a [TS]

  weird planet revisited which it turns [TS]

  out is like was like fan fiction but [TS]

  then it got picked up and run in a [TS]

  professional anthology and it was a [TS]

  funny little short story about how three [TS]

  of the original Star Trek actors are [TS]

  mistakenly beamed aboard the Enterprise [TS]

  through a transporter accident and have [TS]

  to bluff their way through an event on [TS]

  the ship and as I was watching galaxy [TS]

  quest i was like oh yeah I think I don't [TS]

  have seen this story before and that's [TS]

  actually a sequel to one where the real [TS]

  Star Trek characters windup in Hollywood [TS]

  so this is the same premise which is [TS]

  which is a it's totally it's totally [TS]

  real rather than it being like beam [TS]

  throughout to a parallel universe in [TS]

  this case there there are the the aliens [TS]

  the termites or is it Dalmatians [TS]

  whoo-hoo make the Thurman's whoo-hoo [TS]

  make a replica of the the star ship from [TS]

  a an eighties I guess TV show that is [TS]

  very much like Star Trek that stars Tim [TS]

  Allen and sigourney weaver not the [TS]

  actual actors they play less good actors [TS]

  i would say Alan Rickman Tony Shalhoub [TS]

  great cast in this and and that's the [TS]

  story so basically these actors are are [TS]

  forced to try and try and try to act [TS]

  like sci-fi movie heroes and then the [TS]

  fun begins [TS]

  I guess we should serve for a lot of [TS]

  these movies that have been around for a [TS]

  little while out i want to ask everybody [TS]

  if they have anything [TS]

  first off if anybody has an opening [TS]

  statement or some thoughts about galaxy [TS]

  question what it means to them now would [TS]

  be a time John syracuse was not on so [TS]

  that slots open somebody wants to step [TS]

  up have a brief statement [TS]

  ok Glen gives his brief statement i [TS]

  always think that tomorrow is a terrible [TS]

  actor and I never want to see me [TS]

  anything and then I see galaxy quest and [TS]

  there's a few other films that seemed [TS]

  really like things you would just it was [TS]

  at the santa claus i think that our he's [TS]

  so ridiculously charming in the right [TS]

  mode and i watch this again and think [TS]

  he i forget he can be good he carries [TS]

  off some really great scenes in it and [TS]

  that's almost like this movie is one of [TS]

  things that redeems Tim Allen for all [TS]

  the the terrible whole GC work is done [TS]

  because he can pull it off because he's [TS]

  sort of playing a version of himself in [TS]

  this sort of but there's a real [TS]

  emotional Center what answer and Buzz [TS]

  Lightyear and his love for you know I [TS]

  forget you ready soon forgotten that [TS]

  still not forget the amount i always [TS]

  think i'm a super cheesy and yet he has [TS]

  an emotional chord was acting [TS]

  yeah i think it's i think it's a really [TS]

  good performance I think it's a lot of [TS]

  fun i think he is he tries to find a [TS]

  place that is the full the full Shatner [TS]

  while remaining somebody that you want [TS]

  to root for like the right right that [TS]

  does shattered economy like oh well I [TS]

  hear William Shatner maybe was a little [TS]

  difficult to work with when they were [TS]

  doing the show and all that and yet the [TS]

  same time Captain Kirk you want to root [TS]

  for him because he's the hero and that [TS]

  that same dichotomy plays out with Tim [TS]

  Allen's character in this movie [TS]

  well I can't believe that this movie [TS]

  premiered in 1999 let's grab my gosh [TS]

  that is crazy [TS]

  yeah the 15-year old movie folks it's a [TS]

  christmas day of 1990 night [TS]

  no you're crazy so it is the movies [TS]

  begins and ends in a sci-fi convention [TS]

  and if you freeze frame you can see that [TS]

  there are in the first few rows there [TS]

  are people wearing various alien type [TS]

  costumes although I thought it was [TS]

  interesting that they're very much just [TS]

  Klingons in the bathroom [TS]

  they're always Klingons in the bathroom [TS]

  it's it's great because you just have [TS]

  that wall of identical people at the [TS]

  urinals but they're all Klingon yeah [TS]

  they mean think they could have made a [TS]

  galaxy quest alien or something but [TS]

  they're like now [TS]

  weekly we call some people are Klingons [TS]

  least they weren't stormtroopers so so [TS]

  the the cast of Galaxy Quest is waiting [TS]

  for Jason Nesmith Tim Allen to arrive [TS]

  he's late their attention builds all of [TS]

  their tensions from you get the sense [TS]

  that they if they were not just a big [TS]

  happy family as being there being [TS]

  described out in the convention hall and [TS]

  and they they all have something against [TS]

  Tim Allen he finally shows up and they [TS]

  go out onstage and of course Tim Allen [TS]

  drinks in all of the agitation of the [TS]

  crowd while they're all she [TS]

  King daggers at him also there's a very [TS]

  nice moment where they have to drag they [TS]

  have to drag is that Rickman is that [TS]

  here where Rickman yeah it's like he's [TS]

  had his panic attack you had me i'm [TS]

  usually takes off and they have to like [TS]

  put a coat over and dragged him back [TS]

  into the into the green room as he's as [TS]

  he's a being announced at the show must [TS]

  go on [TS]

  you have a shot that's ok couldn't call [TS]

  this home so good i mean if you would [TS]

  describe this movie to me as being well [TS]

  Alan Rickman plays a you know an English [TS]

  actor who is very serious actor and he [TS]

  thinks that this show is beneath him and [TS]

  he doesn't let anybody forget I think [TS]

  wow that's kind of a killjoy [TS]

  you know that's not a i i i don't know [TS]

  that doesn't sound that sounds really [TS]

  obvious and kind of like not not very [TS]

  funny and it is in reality quite funny [TS]

  and they don't they don't ever make it [TS]

  like you know I don't know didn't they [TS]

  for whatever reason I think this movie [TS]

  strikes up a pretty good balance between [TS]

  making fun of the source material and [TS]

  honoring the source material I never had [TS]

  any points felt like this movie made fun [TS]

  of me for liking star trek which is [TS]

  tough because you do laugh at all of the [TS]

  things that are silly about Star Trek [TS]

  when you when you watch this movie and [TS]

  yet i never felt bad about it or that it [TS]

  was it was talking down to me in some [TS]

  way and Alan Rickman's character would [TS]

  would be a place where that could happen [TS]

  and it doesn't happen i think right well [TS]

  because you empathize with them [TS]

  I mean you realize that he is a very [TS]

  good actor and and and he never becomes [TS]

  insufferable about it as asthma as hard [TS]

  as he plays it as as far as they go with [TS]

  it it never becomes too much to manage [TS]

  to pull him back and sort of give him a [TS]

  little humanity every every time it [TS]

  threatens to like what he's doing the [TS]

  the autograph signing and it's like yes [TS]

  I'm on his I'm improvising with him [TS]

  being bored out of his mind hearing the [TS]

  same thing over and over again instead [TS]

  of being the fan going oh let me do my [TS]

  thing for you [TS]

  I like the fact that I think this would [TS]

  be good junction much is that i really [TS]

  hate comedies that mug and in i think [TS]

  you know but Tim Sam Rockwell comes the [TS]

  closest to it is not monkeys [TS]

  sort of but it is character is it was [TS]

  over the top but this is played straight [TS]

  even the aliens are plates play it [TS]

  straight it's funny I mean this high-end [TS]

  for comic effect but everything is [TS]

  realistic within the structure of the [TS]

  film and everything is played completely [TS]

  straight which is amazing and that's why [TS]

  I think they later get into some really [TS]

  poignant and emotional moments because [TS]

  they haven't made it into a joke even [TS]

  though it's funny and even though some [TS]

  things are ridiculous but they're true [TS]

  and I think alan rickman is a great [TS]

  stabilizing part of that because this [TS]

  character is so earnest and then that [TS]

  earnestness becomes a true thing later [TS]

  when here is sort of ridiculous because [TS]

  he knows out-of-work actor or not for [TS]

  commercial actor areas i mean it's it's [TS]

  sort of a balance I think about what the [TS]

  radio script is being funny about it and [TS]

  having fun with these styles and troops [TS]

  and everything but also telling a [TS]

  satisfying story with relatively normal [TS]

  characters which is either it's a [TS]

  tightrope it's fun but it is a tightrope [TS]

  and as for you know not feeling like we [TS]

  are being made fun of as fans by the [TS]

  movie I don't think this movie would [TS]

  have succeeded if that was that was how [TS]

  it turned out because it's so clear that [TS]

  this film was made with love for the [TS]

  genre by people who you can't write a [TS]

  script that's going to know all of these [TS]

  little tiny ins and outs that well [TS]

  unless you're somebody who's experienced [TS]

  this and been watching these kinds of [TS]

  shows for a long time so I yeah I also [TS]

  never got the feeling that I was I was [TS]

  being you know looked down upon the [TS]

  filmmakers were not staring down their [TS]

  nose at me in any way and I think Alan [TS]

  Rickman's character also kind of fits [TS]

  into that because he just he is trying [TS]

  hard and there were a lot of people [TS]

  making those shows that did the best [TS]

  they could with what they had [TS]

  he just you know he's he's trying to be [TS]

  a good actor and he recognizes that that [TS]

  wasn't always a as possible is it [TS]

  sometimes is Scott the when you do [TS]

  Rentrak I you know a lot of times those [TS]

  episodes are detailing all the strange [TS]

  and improbable things that happen in the [TS]

  ridiculous things that happen [TS]

  and I know you've had a few people say [TS]

  you angry itunes reviewers like glad all [TS]

  they do is make fun of Star Trek was [TS]

  like it but it comes from a place of [TS]

  love write it like that's where it [TS]

  starts as I love this stuff and it's a [TS]

  lot of fun and then you take it apart [TS]

  but that's not you know you that you're [TS]

  not you're not trying to mock people for [TS]

  liking star trek because that's part of [TS]

  the premises that of course we like it [TS]

  but we commit we can laugh at some of [TS]

  its quibbles to it strange things right [TS]

  right why wouldn't i mean i wouldn't [TS]

  spend my time talking about a show I [TS]

  didn't like it so I mean that's the [TS]

  first thing some people do they make my [TS]

  monster would you be [TS]

  I know what's at and that's why I think [TS]

  that I mean it's not like we talked [TS]

  about Voyager anything [TS]

  well if it's you know even Voyager has [TS]

  appeals yes but i think that what what [TS]

  erica was saying I agree with completely [TS]

  and you can tell that the the makers of [TS]

  the movie like Star Trek and they are [TS]

  there and science fiction in general and [TS]

  fandom and they're celebrating it but [TS]

  pointing out that you know I think [TS]

  everyone who likes these kinds of shows [TS]

  realizes at a certain level that is [TS]

  ridiculous and that's part of its charm [TS]

  and there are several sequences in the [TS]

  movie that that bring that out you know [TS]

  particularly the the where they have to [TS]

  run through the the corridor with the [TS]

  clam jumper yes designer Cherie never [TS]

  wrote this episode should be dead but [TS]

  when you start looking at it was a [TS]

  little more critical of an eye you [TS]

  notice it's its faults but when you're [TS]

  just enjoying it [TS]

  it doesn't matter you let it sit and [TS]

  watch watch over you the one of the nice [TS]

  things about this is that the fit the [TS]

  the thing that makes the plot happen in [TS]

  galaxy quest is that there is an alien [TS]

  race that are fans of the show so the [TS]

  the Thurman's come from a position of [TS]

  fandom they appear at the at the [TS]

  convention as fans and in the historical [TS]

  document sure of the historical [TS]

  documents absolutely but their fans [TS]

  they're fans of the show [TS]

  yeah they come to the convention there [TS]

  dressed in the uniforms when they when [TS]

  they bring Jason Nesmith onboard the [TS]

  ship [TS]

  they he thinks it's a it's the group [TS]

  with justin long that's built their own [TS]

  little bridge in somebody's garage and [TS]

  he says wow that's pretty good better [TS]

  than the usual and so so fandom kind of [TS]

  drives the plot here in the sense that [TS]

  there that the alien race their fans to [TS]

  and they've they they they love it and [TS]

  and the actors are the ones who have to [TS]

  kind of understand the underlying [TS]

  fictional aspects of try to I guess it [TS]

  they don't break it to them gently in [TS]

  fact they eventually are forced to break [TS]

  it to them harshly that it's not a [TS]

  historical document but Phantom is at [TS]

  the heart of this movie because even [TS]

  Thurman's to make the plot happen or [TS]

  fans [TS]

  yeah and also not just any average fan [TS]

  these are sort of obsessive fans and the [TS]

  Thurman's and and Justin Long and [TS]

  friends and sort of their [TS]

  over-exuberance and attention to detail [TS]

  it is rewarded in a way which is kind of [TS]

  fun and satisfying other in real life a [TS]

  still still kind of probably don't need [TS]

  to know all that information about the [TS]

  utility players but you might get that [TS]

  call one day [TS]

  that's right where I where I say I said [TS]

  Joe it's all real no and they wait a [TS]

  second is going down what do i do I i [TS]

  really like that both justin long as [TS]

  group and I mean you can you can [TS]

  actually compare them just a long screw [TS]

  up with the Thurman's that that just as [TS]

  long as group two is a crew they'll have [TS]

  the uniforms they form you you get the [TS]

  sense that that group spends time in [TS]

  that garage that they've made the [TS]

  protector bridge in and you know it i [TS]

  like that it's not just like Justin [TS]

  longer for him and a couple other people [TS]

  it's like there's like five or six of [TS]

  them [TS]

  yeah at the at the convention and it's a [TS]

  lovely balance of you know here these [TS]

  two disparate groups who've come [TS]

  together to work as a team and that's [TS]

  what the main characters wind of [TS]

  learning is there not a team at the [TS]

  beginning they've only played it and [TS]

  they become that from the examples it's [TS]

  it's a lovely arc that was beautiful [TS]

  David thank you [TS]

  I don't think I realized until looking [TS]

  at the wikipedia page of [TS]

  comedians are from the clock too [TS]

  nebulous oh yeah me and I love the fact [TS]

  that their ship the prefix on the ship [TS]

  is nte which is supposedly stands for [TS]

  not the enterprise [TS]

  oh that's awesome yeah instead instead [TS]

  of ncc yeah uh-huh so it's not mine tres [TS]

  bien jokes anyway the fermions transport [TS]

  transport Jason Nesmith onto the [TS]

  protector he thinks that this is [TS]

  basically he's hungover he thinks that [TS]

  this is justin long skirt raj he [TS]

  basically says fire the red cannons fire [TS]

  the blue came inspire everything [TS]

  channeling a future eric bana in Star [TS]

  Trek basically fire everything and he's [TS]

  back home and i'll be and I'll just be [TS]

  on my way [TS]

  wasn't this but actually sort of [TS]

  shafting them because if this was really [TS]

  just as long as group he's given no [TS]

  effort he's drunk their soda and showed [TS]

  up at their bridge and barked a couple [TS]

  of things and then walks out wants to go [TS]

  home again but that goes badly 444 the [TS]

  thermals because he doesn't kill saris [TS]

  by just firing everything and and so [TS]

  they have to come back and get him [TS]

  shame i like the moment at the at the [TS]

  the desk by it's not a best buy but the [TS]

  the discount home electronics are we get [TS]

  we get the moment of their all reading [TS]

  their lines one by one leading up to [TS]

  that wonderful moment of by grabthar's [TS]

  hammer or the savings Gwen DeMarco cuts [TS]

  he has the giant oversized scissors to [TS]

  cut the ribbon and then they're doing [TS]

  the signing afterward and I really like [TS]

  that moment where where I Tim Allen runs [TS]

  up to them and says it's all real [TS]

  they were termites or Dalmatians and [TS]

  they are completely done with him [TS]

  they they are he didn't why do you even [TS]

  bother showing up do you know what time [TS]

  it is like there they are totally over [TS]

  him and he suddenly become one of those [TS]

  crazy fans who thinks that it's real [TS]

  yeah and i really like what Glenn says [TS]

  to him here where [TS]

  she says you know it's one thing to [TS]

  treat us this way to another to treat [TS]

  treat your fans like this because in the [TS]

  previous scene where they were signing [TS]

  stuff at the convention he was treating [TS]

  the fans very well up until that point [TS]

  where he overheard the Klingons and the [TS]

  guys who want to click on guys we [TS]

  hanging next to the Klingons the guys [TS]

  were too cool at the convention yeah and [TS]

  why are there i don't know i was one [TS]

  here to make fun of the nerds [TS]

  yeah i'm gonna make themselves feel [TS]

  better by putting down other people [TS]

  those are the saddest people at the [TS]

  conventions those are the bad people [TS]

  right and the movie knows that those [TS]

  those are the real Klingons a movie [TS]

  knows those people are bad people those [TS]

  are the true enemy in this movie there's [TS]

  saris but really have those two guys [TS]

  because those were the sea quest fan [TS]

  worse than Hitler yeah you're right [TS]

  you're right I she says you treat your [TS]

  fans this way and he's run into Justin [TS]

  Long and and there's that switch of the [TS]

  communicators which is important later [TS]

  and and then then Thurman's arrive again [TS]

  and and I I like that they're only way [TS]

  that Jason can get them to come back to [TS]

  the the clock to nebula is because they [TS]

  realize that although he's drunk and [TS]

  annoying there might be some money in it [TS]

  for that like many of the greatest [TS]

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  uncomfortable [TS]

  we you know we glossed over one thing [TS]

  though as want to point out is on this [TS]

  film has really uneven special effects [TS]

  the cgi is kind of all over the place [TS]

  and some of the costume and prosthetic [TS]

  work is weird at times although like [TS]

  with like saris will get two verses the [TS]

  Thurman's are some of the octopus [TS]

  reveals and so forth but the bit where [TS]

  he goes forgotten how like well the [TS]

  whole film Rican sieves the star trek [TS]

  universe and all the troops were used to [TS]

  and I think a really interesting and [TS]

  wonderful way like I thought they could [TS]

  have just recycled things but everything [TS]

  is kind of different the transit [TS]

  teleportation thing is different and the [TS]

  fact that somebody came up with this [TS]

  idea oh he's gonna stand in a pad and [TS]

  cover him with goo and he's gonna [TS]

  actually personally fly through open [TS]

  space was fantastic i like that I've [TS]

  never seen anything quite like that [TS]

  before and I like that throughout they [TS]

  were always acting in response to so [TS]

  nothing was exactly what we expected i [TS]

  mean the bridge arrangement was very [TS]

  similar of course but but the actual [TS]

  technology and effects they kind of they [TS]

  purposely put us off and came up with [TS]

  some wonderful Rican sexual relations we [TS]

  should talk about the special effects a [TS]

  little bit if only there was somebody [TS]

  here who perhaps professionally works on [TS]

  motion pictures potential effects so Joe [TS]

  how do you think he's a special fat guy [TS]

  how do you how do you rate the the [TS]

  effects in galaxy quest and at well I [TS]

  island did them and this is that period [TS]

  where LM had fallen out of favor with [TS]

  paramount for whatever reason and the [TS]

  the star trek movie before this was Star [TS]

  Trek insurrection and it was done by [TS]

  santa barbara studios [TS]

  so if you want to talk about even [TS]

  special effects maybe look at that movie [TS]

  and the local movie star trek movie [TS]

  after this is nemesis just by digital [TS]

  domain and i would say that of those [TS]

  three movies with galaxy quest in the [TS]

  middle i would I think that the galaxy [TS]

  quest effects probably hold up better [TS]

  than some of like the over bloomed over [TS]

  stylized stuff in a digital domains work [TS]

  and in nemesis and hold up better than [TS]

  sort of the soft plasticky weirdness in [TS]

  instructor construction in there are of [TS]

  course technical things where the this [TS]

  is you know 1999 they weren't really [TS]

  great at making little people so they [TS]

  don't really have like skin that feels [TS]

  or looks like skin they're not quite as [TS]

  articulate as you might expect [TS]

  that the GU as Glenn was pointing out [TS]

  has little air bubbles in it and it [TS]

  doesn't really like slosh around the [TS]

  right way and totally have that space [TS]

  goo sloshes though [TS]

  yeah alright i have a canonical space on [TS]

  a regular good its canonical spacesuit [TS]

  yeah you ordered on amazon by the tank [TS]

  the yeah so it's it it's it's really [TS]

  good for its time I think especially if [TS]

  you look at it through the lens of the [TS]

  other surrounding Star Trek movies that [TS]

  were that were out it it's not as good [TS]

  as it would be of course those done [TS]

  today but but i really like it yeah i [TS]

  love the I love the octopus thing I I [TS]

  think those are really weird neat [TS]

  those are all practical Stan Winston [TS]

  stuff along with saris and his henchmen [TS]

  and I kind of serious i love the fact [TS]

  that he's so articulated and he has a [TS]

  weird parts of his body moving at all [TS]

  even I thought you looked great and i [TS]

  almost never notice special effect [TS]

  well it would put it fits in it it fits [TS]

  into it like its bet we're inside the [TS]

  joke outside the joke at the same time [TS]

  so that were both looking at it as if [TS]

  it's fake and real we're watching a [TS]

  movie so we know it's fake but but it [TS]

  has to be convincing in the film and so [TS]

  it seems to cut her it crosses that gap [TS]

  to which is cool [TS]

  also I noticed this time again the [TS]

  everytime i watch this movie i think i [TS]

  noticed that Sarah's has an English [TS]

  accent in the grand tradition of English [TS]

  actors who are unrecognizable in a suit [TS]

  and i always think that I really enjoy [TS]

  saris and and it's only at the end when [TS]

  I look at the credits that I realized [TS]

  that it's robin sachs who has been in a [TS]

  million things including Buffy and [TS]

  Babylon 5 and and he's great he's a [TS]

  minbari and babble i think it was [TS]

  multiple he was also an art and Babylon [TS]

  5 Erica you nobody and I don't remember [TS]

  and he's and he's the he's a Charles's [TS]

  evil black magic friend in Buffy yes [TS]

  there and he's these saris in this but [TS]

  you know I think you can't even see him [TS]

  I don't think even the mouth is him [TS]

  moving his mouth I think that's all a [TS]

  prosthetic but it's great and he's named [TS]

  for film critic Anders serious [TS]

  so you gotta love [TS]

  a movie that names a villain for film [TS]

  critic boo [TS]

  uh-huh let's see what were where I so [TS]

  they when they when they when they beam [TS]

  back or groove travel whatever back to [TS]

  VA they left the channel open and all of [TS]

  that right they they end up marveling [TS]

  over where they are and it turns out not [TS]

  to be the ship it's the space station [TS]

  and that's important because one of the [TS]

  really funny jokes for me in this movie [TS]

  is they have the giant slowly loving [TS]

  starship reveal shot ii which is there [TS]

  are lots of movies to do this but Star [TS]

  Trek the motion picture is the most [TS]

  egregious at its loving pan over shot a [TS]

  starship and then the painfully slow [TS]

  scene where they take it out of [TS]

  Spacedock low-larious only because of [TS]

  this great being but as well yeah in the [TS]

  end that's the best in the end but that [TS]

  is the best joke about it but I'll i [TS]

  just love i laugh everytime i see those [TS]

  loving pans as them as the theme music [TS]

  comes up of the ship because come on [TS]

  oh yeah full chorus of voices going [TS]

  behind it it it since all their full [TS]

  blast we skip the one great scene where [TS]

  they land though with a GU takes from [TS]

  there and then the gibbering all of them [TS]

  jubrey airways and then and that the [TS]

  octopus creatures showing up and the [TS]

  whole thing it's his totally [TS]

  over-the-top and wonderful just shaking [TS]

  and then as Joey's putting guys scream [TS]

  at the screen and then Tony she was just [TS]

  really sweet moment yet oh my god I have [TS]

  so loud i was wearing headphones wife [TS]

  stopped me last night said what do you [TS]

  have not tried a reminder of that seems [TS]

  there's just always start laughing and [TS]

  laughing so perfect that was a hell of a [TS]

  thing what's wrong with them [TS]

  I love Tony Shalhoub industries I don't [TS]

  expect it I don't know who decided to [TS]

  say just play them really really stoned [TS]

  the whole way from and trying to keep [TS]

  eating it works [TS]

  yeah meeting oh my god that seems it's [TS]

  amazing it is amazing that was a hell of [TS]

  a thing [TS]

  yeah just amazing so I love that again [TS]

  to go to that [TS]

  that visit to a weird planet revisited [TS]

  kind of thing the idea that that this [TS]

  isn't a parallel universe is built on [TS]

  their TV show has that wonderful moment [TS]

  where Darrell chill Mitchell as Tommy is [TS]

  sitting in the in the Sulu chair [TS]

  basically and saying boy I'm glad I'm [TS]

  not the sucker who asked a sitting at [TS]

  command chair and Tim Allen turns to him [TS]

  and says take us out the radio and [TS]

  that's beautiful but it's also this idea [TS]

  of like a bit they based it on your hand [TS]

  movements and I've read interviews with [TS]

  like Star Trek people like especially on [TS]

  the next generation where they had a [TS]

  flat panels with the the cutout lights [TS]

  behind them so that literally there [TS]

  there was nothing that they would make [TS]

  up like what did what with their hand [TS]

  gestures just to be consistent like from [TS]

  not only from take to take and for [TS]

  continuity purposes but just I think for [TS]

  their own sanity like they would come up [TS]

  with a little game of like this is how i [TS]

  scanned for life-forms and so that made [TS]

  me laugh that they're like no no [TS]

  whatever you did that's what you need to [TS]

  do just do that that's that is a [TS]

  standard actor thing I mean active if [TS]

  especially if you're going to be doing a [TS]

  repetitive thing and end in a series but [TS]

  even even just in a play [TS]

  they they need the absolute consistency [TS]

  of what they're going to do so they know [TS]

  what they're doing you know maybe [TS]

  they're attaching it to the words [TS]

  they're saying or the actions that [TS]

  they're doing but especially when you've [TS]

  got something like this yes they they [TS]

  need to have that easy to remember [TS]

  repetitive thing and especially in like [TS]

  a science-fiction thing because people [TS]

  are gonna notice that but but that all [TS]

  that all goes into the the scenes in [TS]

  this movie we're at several points [TS]

  basically the actors are told [TS]

  just do what you did in the show because [TS]

  that's that's what we based it on so you [TS]

  just do that and and you know he doesn't [TS]

  laredo doesn't get it quite right and so [TS]

  we get that great after all of this [TS]

  Majesty he scrapes the side of the ship [TS]

  down the down the entire space and I'll [TS]

  i like how this the scraping of the ship [TS]

  is is every bit as long and extra [TS]

  uncomfortable as any of those loving [TS]

  pans were talking about your schooling [TS]

  and then [TS]

  go on and on it and the students are [TS]

  extruding 8i just cringe might like my [TS]

  head my ears just go closer and closer [TS]

  to my shoulders the longer the it's [TS]

  great in it there's also a a guy [TS]

  hovering over him like this sort of [TS]

  attempting to supervisors process [TS]

  yea it hit it like he has any real idea [TS]

  and it leaves a mark but you know he may [TS]

  actually have more ideas since he's been [TS]

  watching the show for me [TS]

  yeah i'm just-just about being on the [TS]

  show man happens around know they they [TS]

  go on their their tour donde of the the [TS]

  barracks and there's an infinite hallway [TS]

  that we never see again of all of the of [TS]

  the people by their saluting him very [TS]

  long very large ship lots of people on [TS]

  it want to let me go like throwing [TS]

  gasoline on a flame [TS]

  I like that they spent so much like I [TS]

  mean putting this whole trip together [TS]

  had to be in astronomical haha pun [TS]

  intended [TS]

  if astronomical cost but they also then [TS]

  shelled out for every single crewmember [TS]

  to have one of the little you know [TS]

  cloaking things so that they could look [TS]

  like a human and fit in on the shit even [TS]

  though they're all like octopi creatures [TS]

  well that's how they match the [TS]

  historical documents accuracy is [TS]

  important so there's another there's [TS]

  another confrontation with saris and [TS]

  this is as somebody who loves Star Trek [TS]

  to this is a star trek to moment gone [TS]

  horribly wrong [TS]

  where there's the the confrontation [TS]

  across the finish two ships across the [TS]

  View screens and Kim Alan gives the cut [TS]

  you know museum gesture and then said [TS]

  since you know he's super busy as ugly [TS]

  and all those things all the while a is [TS]

  going we were trying to get his [TS]

  attention to point out that he can still [TS]

  hear him thats that's a beautiful thing [TS]

  because you know you just assume when [TS]

  you do the thing like Captain Kirk does [TS]

  the thing and it's done right you you [TS]

  guys on mute now it was funny but it was [TS]

  a little bit annoying because she just [TS]

  kept saying his name instead of saying [TS]

  you know she could've just let your [TS]

  woman that [TS]

  yeah exactly well I mean it was one of [TS]

  those things were the first time she [TS]

  said they were just like I know exactly [TS]

  where this is going but I not to not to [TS]

  derail this moment but they're there is [TS]

  of course the important realization when [TS]

  they are eating and they see the tape of [TS]

  the previously here being tortured [TS]

  yes and they realize that this isn't the [TS]

  fun tour that they thought they were [TS]

  going on and they all freak out and want [TS]

  to leave at that point that this wasn't [TS]

  going to be what it was gonna crack up [TS]

  there they all want to leave but saris [TS]

  is already in range and they can't [TS]

  escape they would be destroyed by saris [TS]

  if they were in their little group odds [TS]

  mhm also that that's got a great moment [TS]

  where where Alan Rickman is told that [TS]

  they have synthesized his favorite meals [TS]

  from his home planet blood takes blood [TS]

  tix I want the ones that jumped out and [TS]

  pops back down in here I don't think he [TS]

  was that hungry because it and that [TS]

  that's actually that that scene set up [TS]

  really well where you think that what [TS]

  you're going to get is the Tim Allen's [TS]

  going to be grossed out by the fact that [TS]

  this steak that he's eating is not [TS]

  actually a stake by the synthetic steak [TS]

  but he's like nope it's great and it's [TS]

  NT pan down and it's alan rickman who's [TS]

  got alien bugs in a in a in a wine glass [TS]

  and worms sorry bugs and worms Scott [TS]

  this a star trek call out this reminds [TS]

  me of that conspiracy episode [TS]

  no yes where everyone's eating a world [TS]

  terms that's right of goblets and you [TS]

  get that moment like to i eat the bugs [TS]

  and the worms to prove that i'm who i'm [TS]

  not actually or do I just drop them and [TS]

  fire somebody with a phaser which is [TS]

  what Riker does cuz he's that was a man [TS]

  of action [TS]

  yes that's what two melons character [TS]

  would do let's see what else so so mine [TS]

  fields are we up to the mine field now i [TS]

  think is the turbo button a conflict [TS]

  first but but then minefield immediately [TS]

  following are the minefield i like [TS]

  because that's it that's actually a [TS]

  george lucas feel more than you know [TS]

  that star wars movies it's always like [TS]

  you know space is vast and there are not [TS]

  like feel asteroid fields don't have [TS]

  just like rocks everywhere that you have [TS]

  to dart around that's not how it works [TS]

  and the the minefield feels like that [TS]

  were now we've got our little millennium [TS]

  fawlcon kind of chase scene where we're [TS]

  saris ship is like Darth Vader in Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back saying no we don't have to [TS]

  go in there just yet and you know send [TS]

  somebody in to find them and they're [TS]

  dodging the mines and competently [TS]

  because they don't they're actors and [TS]

  don't have a stewardship and one of the [TS]

  other things I also liked about the my [TS]

  field is it's not really clear with this [TS]

  minefield is actually guarding but i [TS]

  don't think this is really spaced it go [TS]

  it's like a barrel it's a red it's a [TS]

  rectangle a three-dimensional rectangle [TS]

  a shape of months just like you know [TS]

  like it's like a cleanse me of an [TS]

  enterprise episode [TS]

  yeah Oh block and cheese that you would [TS]

  get at costco it's a block of cheese [TS]

  shaped minefield why maybe there's [TS]

  something really cool with the center of [TS]

  it like a block of cheese sniper could [TS]

  be could be some fine aged cheddar or [TS]

  some manchego sure there's a sheep [TS]

  there's a sheep giving milk and then the [TS]

  replicator turns it into I don't know [TS]

  the they have damaged by the minefield [TS]

  this beryllium sphere is his fractured [TS]

  this is their dilithium crystal [TS]

  equivalent the beryllium sphere another [TS]

  thing like I know it's not dilithium [TS]

  crystals but they they created a neat [TS]

  effect for it so it actually stands on [TS]

  its own it's completely inexplicable I'd [TS]

  i love that I mean this forgets that [TS]

  reverse engineering thing which is so [TS]

  geeky the reverse engineer everything [TS]

  about the show and they made things that [TS]

  were impossible real because they didn't [TS]

  know any better [TS]

  including this floating beryllium sphere [TS]

  that apparently lets them do this crazy [TS]

  space travel stuff [TS]

  berlian like lithium is a real element [TS]

  turned into something totally ridiculous [TS]

  and fictional so the beryllium sphere is [TS]

  fractured so now we get to have our away [TS]

  mission because the star trek episode [TS]

  would not be complete without a mission [TS]

  to a planet surface they have the scene [TS]

  in the computer room this is the one [TS]

  that i mentioned earlier where we're [TS]

  Sigourney Weaver repeats everything that [TS]

  is said by everybody to and from the [TS]

  computer and that goes on a long time to [TS]

  and yet it's very funny that it's just [TS]

  she [TS]

  look I have one job on this lousy ship [TS]

  it's stupid but I'm going to do it [TS]

  that's great that's a great line and [TS]

  this is also the moment where we [TS]

  discover that for the Thurman's there is [TS]

  no greater tragedy in all of the world [TS]

  than the story of Gilligan's Island he [TS]

  was poor people poor people i also liked [TS]

  the presentation of somebody any of the [TS]

  chatroom said that remember mentioned [TS]

  Enrico Colantoni cool that's cool into [TS]

  Colantoni during comic-con according to [TS]

  google and it hurts in four reboot glen [TS]

  and remodeling tony is in this as masses [TS]

  are and he's great and you may know him [TS]

  although he's hard to recognize as a [TS]

  Veronica Mars is dad that's how I have [TS]

  come to know where that guy from just [TS]

  shoot me Enrique and that's right yeah [TS]

  he's well-known TV at always gonna be [TS]

  Keith Mars to me but it's a purpose of [TS]

  the the interpretation comes up with a [TS]

  true or are only oh it's just that [TS]

  hollowness it's perfectly consistent and [TS]

  he's the one who has been talking like [TS]

  that for a week now [TS]

  thanks guys thanks for making me want to [TS]

  move to Canada you pay the price [TS]

  really for people whose poor people it's [TS]

  a but it's it's great it's a great stick [TS]

  because it doesn't it's not so annoying [TS]

  that wears thin and then he and the [TS]

  other actors bring out the pathos of [TS]

  them doing this you know shadow of a [TS]

  shadow thing that they're sincere about [TS]

  it funny how it's like this ridiculous [TS]

  thing and then it becomes sadder and [TS]

  sadder as the movie comes out goes on as [TS]

  they reveal more of the horrible truth [TS]

  in small parts a rain Wilson is one of [TS]

  the Thurman's from the office and and [TS]

  Patrick brain is quick who is a that's a [TS]

  very good character who's got a couple [TS]

  very good scenes I should know to the [TS]

  Spacedock seen it comes back I didn't [TS]

  realize this until watching the film the [TS]

  second time a long time ago is the [TS]

  destroyed planet is all around the [TS]

  Spacedock you don't realize until i talk [TS]

  about it later that the space doctors in [TS]

  the middle of nowhere and they sort of [TS]

  give you one shot where you see like [TS]

  bits of stuff floating around and that's [TS]

  where they're from that's their [TS]

  homeworld for me as but you have blown [TS]

  to bits [TS]

  I'm not sure how it exploded quite like [TS]

  that to have just a little mushroom [TS]

  shape left to the planet [TS]

  let's get this force field at yeah sure [TS]

  that's true [TS]

  like they click on energy moon praxis [TS]

  hmm that's very good i was gonna say [TS]

  Scott Scott emerges from the bushes [TS]

  drops car Star Trek reference [TS]

  thank you Kono's back into the bushes [TS]

  okay so so they go down to the planet [TS]

  shuttlecraft essentially and I and that [TS]

  leads to a bunch of great scenes [TS]

  including the demand that they test for [TS]

  oxygen and Tony Shalhoub just does some [TS]

  sniffing and determines seems fine to me [TS]

  because at this is sam rockwell that is [TS]

  most freaked out that he's gonna die and [TS]

  he's going to be a Richard because he [TS]

  died he was killed by lava monster [TS]

  episode 81 so you think that's gonna [TS]

  happen again [TS]

  yeah and I love a while well he's [TS]

  sniffing about Sam Rockwell is this [TS]

  holding its breath [TS]

  yeah look that's gonna do anything at [TS]

  all and they see they so they go again [TS]

  one to another wonderful Star Trek thing [TS]

  reminded me of actually i think where no [TS]

  man has gone before [TS]

  Scott but numerous Star Trek episodes [TS]

  where there's the big matte painting so [TS]

  they come over the the hill of this [TS]

  rocky area that looks like you know [TS]

  basically Vasquez rocks and you know [TS]

  across with Arizona and there's a [TS]

  wonderful like matte painting of a [TS]

  mining colony right out of Star Trek [TS]

  episode and and somebody actually says [TS]

  looks like some sort of mining colony [TS]

  which is just played perfectly straight [TS]

  and like come on you an expert in [TS]

  planetary mining colony [TS]

  that's right automated mining colony [TS]

  well is it it looks like a matte [TS]

  painting from their show but it does so [TS]

  they see little there there little um [TS]

  their little monsters their little [TS]

  aliens there i guess they're not [TS]

  monsters yet we don't know that they're [TS]

  monsters [TS]

  that's racist and this is this is a [TS]

  place where where the [TS]

  that guy's knowledge of the show comes [TS]

  in handy because he at one point [TS]

  declares exactly what's going to happen [TS]

  a couple of minutes before it does was [TS]

  like there's gonna be more of them [TS]

  returned mean this is another scene that [TS]

  really bothers me actually this is the [TS]

  one seen the movie i think that bothers [TS]

  me the most because you have Sigourney [TS]

  Weaver's character suddenly being [TS]

  completely stupid and wanting to like [TS]

  run out there just because they happen [TS]

  to be cute little not only here to like [TS]

  I have more to say about her park or [TS]

  lack thereof once we get to the end but [TS]

  this was this was the moment where I [TS]

  kind of turned on the movie for a moment [TS]

  and was like how dare you [TS]

  she's been acting really dumb here let [TS]

  me pause the discussion just remember to [TS]

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  ok back to galaxy quest so so they they [TS]

  the little blue alien guys eat their [TS]

  crippled friend the carom limb from limb [TS]

  as you do and there's a there's a panic [TS]

  and everybody wants to run but they got [TS]

  to get the brilliant spear so in the end [TS]

  they Jason Nesmith this is his moment to [TS]

  shine right he he he starts barking [TS]

  orders and it's very impressive until [TS]

  somebody points out that those are all [TS]

  the orders from that app [TS]

  so'd where sam rockwell got killed and [TS]

  there's a very nice moment where is it [TS]

  is it Lorraine know that the tries to [TS]

  lie and say it was a different episode [TS]

  her don't know [TS]

  61 o yea 61 right just to shut up since [TS]

  I this leads to rock monster rock [TS]

  lobster sandwiches and a big lizard and [TS]

  always an appetizer transporting it is [TS]

  so there's turns inside millions there's [TS]

  a Rock Monster in this pic lizard so [TS]

  that there's no changing rock rock will [TS]

  translate it rock rock rock rock no I [TS]

  like the translating is the last thing [TS]

  that they thought to do you have any [TS]

  other types i don't care about the the [TS]

  Rock Monster this is where the deleted [TS]

  scene is actually useful [TS]

  there's a call forward but you so you [TS]

  know Kim the two main characters getting [TS]

  adjacent getting a beating up there and [TS]

  he speak dragged around he loses the [TS]

  shirt of course and you know what's is [TS]

  what's his colleague back in the ship [TS]

  talking about it's like you don't [TS]

  respect the art you to get inside his [TS]

  head [TS]

  well the deleted scene is actually Alan [TS]

  Rickman going on i put a link in the [TS]

  chat room i found a russian version of [TS]

  it in tight subtitles where the [TS]

  subtitles translate back to english and [TS]

  it's hilarious but it's a extended scene [TS]

  where it goes on too long without and [TS]

  that's why they call it is alan rickman [TS]

  is trying to do the method acting like [TS]

  what is the Rock Monster want silence [TS]

  all this noise at once silence and [TS]

  there's a call is a payoff much later [TS]

  that doesn't make sense in the actual [TS]

  movie its kind of thrown away for that [TS]

  deleted scene I window when the rock [TS]

  monster gets ejected into space yeah and [TS]

  all of a sudden in the I think there's [TS]

  actually a slightly different version [TS]

  that's in the deleted scene as well [TS]

  the one the movie is abrupt the rock [TS]

  monster goes hey relax is when it's in [TS]

  the silence of space if it's a beautiful [TS]

  day off that you know doesn't matter [TS]

  there's a little bit of a scene in the [TS]

  original but it's actually worth seeing [TS]

  the deleted scene just for that little [TS]

  little payoff but I [TS]

  yeah but it's a wonderful amazing it's a [TS]

  beautiful thing that he winds up with [TS]

  his shirt off and with like nice bloody [TS]

  marks that of course don't seem to cause [TS]

  many problems at all aren't still [TS]

  bleeding but it's the very very captain [TS]

  cookie it's so Shatner shirts and then [TS]

  they say it when he gets beamed up later [TS]

  is you know of course just shoot lose [TS]

  your shirt there by like this is a [TS]

  reference to [TS]

  I think mostly to the enemy within where [TS]

  they the the transporter hasn't been [TS]

  tested and again it's based on context [TS]

  sergeant changs hand movement since this [TS]

  is a moment where Tony Shalhoub loses it [TS]

  is freaked out and doesn't want to do [TS]

  this because they try to beam up the [TS]

  lizard and it turns inside out and [TS]

  explodes as up one of those wasn't bad [TS]

  enough it does both [TS]

  I love the comic timing of it too and [TS]

  because it you get that nice shot of it [TS]

  inside out well I say nice quotes of it [TS]

  inside out and everybody reacts to that [TS]

  and then it explodes and you get all the [TS]

  bits like flying everywhere and it's [TS]

  sticking to some surfaces and sigourney [TS]

  weaver slowly gets up and she's like [TS]

  hold please and like that little blob of [TS]

  pink stuff falls out of the end of the [TS]

  communicator when she put it opened its [TS]

  it's quite nice but i also like in the [TS]

  later in the scene 1 thermi insist still [TS]

  covered with the everyone else sort of [TS]

  cleared off his face is discovered with [TS]

  with ha gu agadir yeah yeah well and [TS]

  when they do put beam up by Tim Allen [TS]

  you know he's he's into it being into [TS]

  that chamber and behind him is just like [TS]

  us [TS]

  it's just a splatter of horrible things [TS]

  abattoir yeah yeah so I like that [TS]

  because it is you know like that classic [TS]

  Star Trek episode the transporters are [TS]

  working right they're afraid to to be [TS]

  anybody up and and but they end up [TS]

  having to do it because he's the [TS]

  shirtless Tim Allen's going to get [TS]

  crushed by the Rock Monster little [TS]

  course this time it all works fine and [TS]

  he's saved you also get the arena [TS]

  reference to with the try to construct [TS]

  something to get yourself it's someone [TS]

  in the chat rooms put it it's can you [TS]

  try drugs [TS]

  look around you can view it is ready for [TS]

  some server mini lathe yeah that's it [TS]

  that's the most quantity [TS]

  mount kool i found the answer [TS]

  yeah so that means they're loving detail [TS]

  that won't you know stead that I think [TS]

  Scott mentioned that this is these are [TS]

  people who who know their star trek and [TS]

  know that it's funny but like I mean [TS]

  I'll defend that arena episode even [TS]

  though the Gorn is the slowest monster [TS]

  ever its menacing it's like it's [TS]

  relentless it's like magic it makes [TS]

  Godzilla look like a gymnast maybe but i [TS]

  love it so I they now they're back on [TS]

  the ship everything is great right now [TS]

  except that sarah has taken over the [TS]

  ship plot twists and and so this leads [TS]

  to the moment where they have to break [TS]

  the news to two masses are that the [TS]

  historical documents are not in fact [TS]

  historical documents and i really like [TS]

  the I like saris in the scene and i [TS]

  especially liked his line explained as [TS]

  you would a child you know he is he is [TS]

  so dripping with contempt for the [TS]

  Thurman's and he is really enjoying the [TS]

  fact that now that he's figured it out [TS]

  that these people are are just these [TS]

  actors and that the Thurman's you know [TS]

  any danger any damage that that Sarah's [TS]

  can inflict on them doesn't match up to [TS]

  the emotional damage that he can make [TS]

  the humans inflicted on them by [TS]

  revealing that they're not historical [TS]

  documents it's really nice scene and [TS]

  creepy and and in the middle of a wacky [TS]

  movie it's a it's a very tough and sad [TS]

  scene because you don't let these guys [TS]

  down there friendly octopus people but [TS]

  actually this is I think one of my [TS]

  favorite scenes in the movie for that [TS]

  reason because it's just it's so it [TS]

  works at this point masses are is I mean [TS]

  I ice have started to really feel for [TS]

  him in to see him as a child I think [TS]

  that line from serious you're right is [TS]

  perfect because I just you want to [TS]

  protect him he's so sweet and earnest [TS]

  and genuine about everything and the [TS]

  fact that Sarah's so cruel and making [TS]

  them actually explain it [TS]

  yeah there really isn't anything works [TS]

  that he could do at that point that is [TS]

  that is a real villain [TS]

  I really want to see the theater on [TS]

  services world because he was familiar [TS]

  with actors and I was really curious [TS]

  what performance would be like since I [TS]

  was a cut that's what if there's one of [TS]

  their television shows like it's mostly [TS]

  just sitcoms it comes and david mamet [TS]

  work workplace that slips most that's [TS]

  how he turns the wheel [TS]

  yeah blood tix are for closers you have [TS]

  an experienced Shakespeare until you've [TS]

  heard it in the original Syrian yeah I i [TS]

  want to bring up just gonna go back just [TS]

  a tiny bit which is this movie has a [TS]

  unique property i think it you know i [TS]

  like the film very much but it also has [TS]

  some interesting dramatic properties [TS]

  that you don't see everywhere which is [TS]

  they have different arc speak at [TS]

  different times in they've given a lot [TS]

  of time to the development of many [TS]

  different characters it's very hard to [TS]

  do in a movie you see it more another [TS]

  you know TV shows over time or something [TS]

  and Tony Shalhoub character gets his [TS]

  moment he gets his little paw theosis [TS]

  thing when he beams up he looks at missi [TS]

  pyle he falls in love they have their [TS]

  their moment and then they have the [TS]

  terrible that all thats just that right [TS]

  see you later but he gets his apotheosis [TS]

  before the film peaks so he's found his [TS]

  confidence in that sort of carries him [TS]

  along into scenes that are that are [TS]

  coming up even as other people are [TS]

  finding you know their particular life [TS]

  journey is hitting the pop art of the [TS]

  film where they need to achieve their [TS]

  confidence i think that's kind of a it's [TS]

  not unusual but it was certainly a nice [TS]

  element in it that you had all the [TS]

  strands coming together different points [TS]

  of everyone going well he's found his [TS]

  heart he's found his soul he sound is a [TS]

  you know missing wallet [TS]

  well this is the challenge with a movie [TS]

  like this is that you don't have a [TS]

  shorthand that Star Trek has where [TS]

  you've seen these characters a million [TS]

  times and so they have to use some Star [TS]

  Trek shorthand and then they did they do [TS]

  like a star trek movie they've also got [TS]

  to give them all a little moment to [TS]

  shine in a little and a little bit of an [TS]

  arc and and they do a good job in most [TS]

  cases [TS]

  okay yeah this is this track so i think [TS]

  that was so obvious that i don't even [TS]

  think about it but you know how in some [TS]

  of the Star Trek movies like wait what [TS]

  did what did Sulu do in this matter what [TS]

  did who are doing this movie and you [TS]

  think back in like nothing is real [TS]

  desert just started the band [TS]

  and yeah not for the fan not good not [TS]

  good [TS]

  so anyway there's an escape the saris [TS]

  doesn't put them to death although he [TS]

  wants to shut out into space [TS]

  there's an escape and justice Justin [TS]

  Long gets called into action he gets the [TS]

  call that every fan is always dreamed of [TS]

  the captain of the ship is in trouble [TS]

  and he needs your help and this is a [TS]

  that it's all real [TS]

  oh my god i do it this is every yes [TS]

  every fan that I'm not a complete [TS]

  braincase ok that was a nice line i like [TS]

  um yeah it's nice because he refutes [TS]

  initially gave every everything is like [TS]

  I everything you know I'm totally normal [TS]

  and then of course that's not true [TS]

  now let me get the boys on the line here [TS]

  we made a 3d model of this but you know [TS]

  I know I got an expert for every area of [TS]

  the questions that you're asking like [TS]

  that too that it's not he's not he again [TS]

  he's the captain of his crew so he's got [TS]

  his experts in various ways that you can [TS]

  deploy them the only expert he doesn't [TS]

  have somebody to take out the garbage [TS]

  I think maybe maybe my favorite line [TS]

  tied to his his storyline is is near the [TS]

  end where he's rushing out with all the [TS]

  fireworks and he explains why [TS]

  and finally goes out and and his parents [TS]

  look at each other well at least he's [TS]

  going outside [TS]

  yeah I also like this there's a scene [TS]

  right around here where Sigourney Weaver [TS]

  Earl Weaver had watch this twice i had a [TS]

  stopped because i'm watching her lips [TS]

  move and that is not what she says oh [TS]

  yeah I really loud and g let the f-bomb [TS]

  know this is going to be an r-rated [TS]

  movie and then they just decided it was [TS]

  going to be a PG movie instead she said [TS]

  they're going to be sex scenes which I [TS]

  don't know where those were going to [TS]

  wind up in there but she's being funny [TS]

  when she did that interview a few years [TS]

  ago but yes that was an f-bomb badly [TS]

  over didn't did not reach shoot that [TS]

  you're doing in America didn't have any [TS]

  coverage for it and it's the worst ATR [TS]

  yeah you never see no it'sit's a you [TS]

  became mr. Falcon kind of moment haha [TS]

  but yeah I mean they must have been that [TS]

  they must have realized that they that [TS]

  they could market it as a PG and they [TS]

  and just you know take out or loop [TS]

  the-the-the some of the dialogue and so [TS]

  they did and that one yeah suffers that [TS]

  say you can look at it as a no Maj to [TS]

  all of the times that you know classic [TS]

  pulpy sci-fi shows didn't have coverage [TS]

  and had to do the same thing Bennett [TS]

  that ad or sure I ok there's a nice [TS]

  scene where where they save the [TS]

  Thurman's who are being killed the there [TS]

  they're being deprived of oxygen and and [TS]

  they're going to they're going to die [TS]

  and there and they're saved and this is [TS]

  sort of a moment for Alexander deign to [TS]

  shine [TS]

  Alan Alan Rickman but but but sadly [TS]

  quick the Thurman dies killed by a shot [TS]

  in the back right by a by one of [TS]

  services guys [TS]

  yeah yeah yeahs comes from outside in [TS]

  the hallway and then that guy's that [TS]

  henchman is gonna immediately jams and [TS]

  just keeps hitting it for like five [TS]

  minutes our clinic is dying [TS]

  yeah well that's what henchmen he [TS]

  probably thrown through it Adam and then [TS]

  ran away because when Hegeman do it [TS]

  that's the that's I think the single [TS]

  sweetest moment in the movie and I i [TS]

  will digraphs as you know what I wanted [TS]

  when I was a kid highschool did a lot of [TS]

  acting and once we have this followed [TS]

  graduated high school show up and he's a [TS]

  lot of Shakespeare he wasn't like a [TS]

  professional did a lot of theater since [TS]

  he graduated he's talking about Hamlet [TS]

  he's talking talking and then he stops [TS]

  and he actually does a very small bit of [TS]

  it and the entire universe changed and [TS]

  that was the moment I understood what [TS]

  acting is different from what we were [TS]

  doing and in the movie i had that same [TS]

  reaction that alan rickman time stops [TS]

  and suddenly he is completely there that [TS]

  performer doing a performer's roll doing [TS]

  a performer's role and he sells it that [TS]

  my grandfather's hamon just like oh my [TS]

  god it's all its it is so real in the [TS]

  middle of this crazy sci-fi movie that [TS]

  he can pull it off it's incredible i [TS]

  think that's the emotional part of this [TS]

  movie is the scene and it's the fact [TS]

  that that Alexander Dane you know he [TS]

  accepts that what accept 40 he doesn't [TS]

  earlier in the movie which is that that [TS]

  this character is important to people [TS]

  and the doctor Lazarus matters and and [TS]

  this is like you know Leonard Nimoy [TS]

  accepting the fact [TS]

  that even though he could say I'm not [TS]

  Spock like he did in the seventies that [TS]

  spot was important and the Vulcan [TS]

  philosophy was important to people and I [TS]

  you know internet diversity in infinite [TS]

  combinations and all and all that live [TS]

  long and prosper all that mattered to [TS]

  people and whether it started as a show [TS]

  and it started as an acting job there [TS]

  there's some level of responsibility [TS]

  because the these people take it [TS]

  seriously whether or not you believe it [TS]

  they take it seriously and so for alan [TS]

  rickman in that moment to realize that [TS]

  the right thing to say to this true [TS]

  believer and a and the right thing he [TS]

  wanted to say that moment was this thing [TS]

  that he's hated all this time and [TS]

  suddenly it means something it's a [TS]

  really big it is a beautiful moment [TS]

  yeah yeah and it also means something [TS]

  especially with quick because the whole [TS]

  entire time we've had quick in this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  yeah has been with secret in seen [TS]

  specifically with Alexander Dane and [TS]

  it's always been about the deep respect [TS]

  that quick has for this thing that a [TS]

  alexandria has no respect at all for and [TS]

  it you know he from the moment he's [TS]

  introduced until his death even says [TS]

  that he feels like he is a father figure [TS]

  to him and it's it's really nice and it [TS]

  shows one way that I sort of a [TS]

  television performance can inspire [TS]

  someone even even though it you know [TS]

  it's not real but it hits its it's just [TS]

  very nice and very touching [TS]

  yeah it's a great moment I need of the [TS]

  whole thing is the full you know by [TS]

  grabthar's hammer by the sons of war van [TS]

  whatever you shall be avenged [TS]

  I'm gonna go grab some Kleenex watching [TS]

  and i watched it again and grab some [TS]

  more just you two lovely little bit yeah [TS]

  that's really great [TS]

  justin long as taking out the the trash [TS]

  and recycling I can i mention this in [TS]

  our war games episode this feels to me [TS]

  to be a direct reference to war games [TS]

  because the world almost ends because [TS]

  Matthew Broderick has to take out the [TS]

  trash like the same seen em the exact [TS]

  same scene but it's great [TS]

  the this is this is also in in this [TS]

  moment this is where we get [TS]

  to Milan Sigourney Weaver running [TS]

  through as we mentioned earlier the the [TS]

  the the bowels of the ship which are [TS]

  ridiculous just a series of ridiculous [TS]

  things one after another like this is [TS]

  you know but the including again sigh [TS]

  fine general star wars i think in [TS]

  particular but a lot of a lot of genre [TS]

  movies where there are places no [TS]

  handrails mysterious things that you [TS]

  know doctor who did this [TS]

  six years later they had that episode [TS]

  Erica the end the end of the world where [TS]

  there where there are chompers that the [TS]

  doctor has to walk through and I'm like [TS]

  really did they not see galaxy quest [TS]

  maybe they did see galaxy quest and he [TS]

  does like Time Lord trance to walk [TS]

  through the chompers but it's that you [TS]

  know so they got the choppers and the [TS]

  any Omega 13 which I I am amused that [TS]

  the unknowable thing that nobody knows [TS]

  about not even the writer and even the [TS]

  people who constructed this ship the [TS]

  fermions don't know what it is but they [TS]

  know enough to make it [TS]

  yeah wonderful can see if because you [TS]

  know what they don't do in this film is [TS]

  they don't come back and explain things [TS]

  at you they're like we built this thing [TS]

  we don't know it doesn't no one knows [TS]

  what it does and it does this wonderful [TS]

  perfect thing and they're like oh well [TS]

  the reason it did that like no it just [TS]

  did that [TS]

  that's what this yeah well there is a [TS]

  when he's talking to justin long about [TS]

  it and yeah just like oh I envy the [TS]

  video you have and stuff like that look [TS]

  up and he [TS]

  up and he [TS]

  to specifically that the fans have [TS]

  theories about this and one of them [TS]

  happens to be of course the theory that [TS]

  it resets everything for x 13 seconds [TS]

  II i don't know how they formulated that [TS]

  but that was the little bit of [TS]

  exposition that helps explain things [TS]

  much later on the actual design of the [TS]

  Omega 13 is a very interesting and weird [TS]

  looking and I I don't know how the [TS]

  fermions managed to produce that based [TS]

  on whatever the eighties version of that [TS]

  looks like it is it's really neat and at [TS]

  one of the things that a redhead I think [TS]

  it's think is kind of a little bit of a [TS]

  plot misstep here is that the whole [TS]

  thing with serious wanted to have the [TS]

  Omega 13 but he's just going to blow up [TS]

  the whole ship with you maybe 13 on it [TS]

  and he didn't get it out of the ship [TS]

  which is a little strange [TS]

  well he can't have it no one will have [TS]

  it yeah and all these guys look like on [TS]

  always cuz it's all guys are on it but [TS]

  he doesn't care he's going to fire all [TS]

  the things at them while they run with [TS]

  the self-destruct 2i the consistency [TS]

  though is that services found out [TS]

  they're actors and he's like all the [TS]

  omega-3 13 is garbage it's a fake know [TS]

  that maybe everything else the ship is [TS]

  ridiculous and so on one of the things [TS]

  that is less obvious i think but when [TS]

  you watch the movie a few times you know [TS]

  you they don't overstate this but [TS]

  clearly this is a show that ended on a [TS]

  cliffhanger that was never resolved the [TS]

  Omega 13 is the cliffhanger item that [TS]

  the MacGuffin or whatever they they [TS]

  Omega 13 being released as the last [TS]

  scene of the last episode and it's never [TS]

  resolved and you they show that clip of [TS]

  him releasing it and and guy says you're [TS]

  the last year the first people to see [TS]

  this since it aired in 1982 so [TS]

  presumably there's a story there about [TS]

  how they never put that episode in [TS]

  syndication because it ends on a [TS]

  cliffhanger that's never resolved and [TS]

  they just cycled back to the beginning [TS]

  and I thought I thought that was AI [TS]

  thought that was a doctor who just [TS]

  because he's talking about how he had [TS]

  been recovered I thought it was a [TS]

  missing episode like all of missing [TS]

  episodes [TS]

  no I think I think this is what it is [TS]

  though is is that it was supposed to be [TS]

  the season cliffhanger and they got [TS]

  canceled and so now they just don't show [TS]

  that episode because there's no [TS]

  resolution to it and that was the and [TS]

  that's why the fans have the theories of [TS]

  what the Omega 13 does because to be [TS]

  continued it was never continued it's [TS]

  just a nice i mean they could have gone [TS]

  over that with a you-know-what the [TS]

  highlighter and they don't it's just [TS]

  under the surface there that this is the [TS]

  this is so in some ways what this movie [TS]

  does is actually resolves the big [TS]

  cliffhanger at the end of the make TV [TS]

  stuff they do i think the river ice [TS]

  travel again it is so beautifully [TS]

  because you know in a syndication cycle [TS]

  you know what happens at the the last [TS]

  episode you go right back to the first [TS]

  episode so whatever that cliffhanger was [TS]

  to whoever was watching an outer space [TS]

  it just says everything backwards right [TS]

  to the beginning again [TS]

  Oh David you just blew my mind before [TS]

  before they trigger the Omega 13 this is [TS]

  the other deleted scene continuity [TS]

  issues so when when you see her in one [TS]

  scene and she's her costumes falling [TS]

  apart and then next senior senior bronze [TS]

  is all whatever there's a scene in which [TS]

  she goes and she seduces the guards if [TS]

  the services guards or attempts to in [TS]

  like terrorists or shirt open and it's [TS]

  ridiculous and that's they deleted it [TS]

  but it's the dinner fix the continuity [TS]

  because they have coverage and she [TS]

  didn't have coverage either but I'm club [TS]

  no no Erica just file that one away yeah [TS]

  i think that would make everything a [TS]

  little better make you angrier but I [TS]

  thought you should know [TS]

  yeah I I appreciate the business the [TS]

  reason for it I i guess but i think it's [TS]

  an then again the river it makes it even [TS]

  worse yeah because it's again it doesn't [TS]

  make me that I also in the it actually [TS]

  seems much more ridiculous over like the [TS]

  scene that was cut so it i think it is [TS]

  an homage to the terrible fan dance like [TS]

  Oh will do this ridiculous thing that [TS]

  doesn't make any sense [TS]

  and then we're just gonna go on from [TS]

  there and actually go back to the plot [TS]

  the we get the they just long saves the [TS]

  day they do stop the self-destruct but [TS]

  it keeps counting down to one because [TS]

  look beautiful always counting those [TS]

  kids unless the bond movie then it stops [TS]

  at seven and there's a really nice i [TS]

  like the little moment where they do out [TS]

  with sarah sand and they've got the [TS]

  mines the minefields pays off again the [TS]

  magnetic these mines look like they may [TS]

  be my magnetic they say early on em [TS]

  that might be important later and so [TS]

  they get a return to the earth and then [TS]

  we get our remote or maybe 13 moment [TS]

  where this this is a this is one of a [TS]

  couple places that this movie reminds me [TS]

  of wayne's world but it's like they have [TS]

  the super said anything looks terrible [TS]

  and they have that moment of like I like [TS]

  we were gonna do that ending and they go [TS]

  back in time and then everything's fine [TS]

  again and then they and then just as [TS]

  long as lighting the roman candles [TS]

  okay to get them back to the convention [TS]

  center and this is one of those things [TS]

  that again it's fun to end where we [TS]

  started although it's like how many [TS]

  people got killed when the side of the [TS]

  convention center imagine--open and how [TS]

  many cars were destroyed by the [TS]

  spaceship as it coasted to a landing and [TS]

  you know it's just like to copy what a [TS]

  way to go Gil Blas spaceship kill but [TS]

  she's standing by that wall anyway I'm [TS]

  sure they were there all true fans [TS]

  anyways just Klingons yeah that's true [TS]

  that's true [TS]

  they were ok yeah it was just it was [TS]

  just like a t-shirt place over there so [TS]

  probably only like the guy who is [TS]

  selling the teacher its current [TS]

  condition [TS]

  this should show those two kids who are [TS]

  making fun of everyone giving searched [TS]

  by the I think maybe I think it was I'm [TS]

  not shown but assumed that those two [TS]

  those two guys work were killed [TS]

  headcanon accepted yeah alright and the [TS]

  over the end credits we discovered that [TS]

  they bring the galaxy quest back know [TS]

  the end with the with the ship's [TS]

  security chief guy ingersoll the guy [TS]

  you're so yeah the last name and the [TS]

  last thing a rock guy acting awful anger [TS]

  soul [TS]

  yeah is it worth mentioning the three [TS]

  times that Sarah skies he does he does [TS]

  come back again and again on the stage [TS]

  on the stage of the convention center is [TS]

  he someone he's a villain in a few [TS]

  things like a horror movie monster at [TS]

  that point he just keeps coming back [TS]

  yeah they didn't really even give him [TS]

  dialogue for the last one he just [TS]

  Saunders out with the with a rifle and [TS]

  what they want that raiders of the lost [TS]

  ark moment almost where it's like oh no [TS]

  and they're like he's gone [TS]

  the end yeah everybody cheers okay [TS]

  should we talk about the Eric let's talk [TS]

  about Quinn [TS]

  yeah okay first of all I would like to [TS]

  point out that i do love this movie I [TS]

  think it's wonderful it is it's just [TS]

  beautiful and heartfelt and made by [TS]

  people who clearly love so many of the [TS]

  same things that I do it really echoes [TS]

  that world perfectly I just think maybe [TS]

  echoes that world a little too perfectly [TS]

  because like so many other properties it [TS]

  really just felt like it was not made [TS]

  for me [TS]

  the female character in this the show in [TS]

  galaxy quest is very you know just kind [TS]

  of silly and useless but she's not [TS]

  really that much better in quote-unquote [TS]

  real right yeah she just I mean you look [TS]

  at the other characters and they [TS]

  actually have some some decent arcs you [TS]

  get Jason discovering that you know he [TS]

  can actually be heroic and you get [TS]

  Alexander discovering that that it [TS]

  really doesn't matter you know what that [TS]

  what you do can touch people it doesn't [TS]

  necessarily matter how high brow or [TS]

  lowbrow it might be and some of that [TS]

  stuff is really beautiful but then when [TS]

  who kicked when her arc the take-home [TS]

  message i got from her is sometimes it's [TS]

  okay to just be really pretty and if you [TS]

  hang in there you don't try too hard to [TS]

  go above and beyond your station then [TS]

  you might we can't land a hunky man at [TS]

  the end of everything but that's just so [TS]

  depressing it makes music I have to [TS]

  agree with Aragon every time I I like [TS]

  her a much better at the beginning of [TS]

  the movie because she seems to have a [TS]

  lot more [TS]

  integrity ended as sense of self-worth [TS]

  in turning down Tim Allen's advances and [TS]

  and standing up for the crew that they [TS]

  work together or not at all and then she [TS]

  just kind of get sort of like silly [TS]

  indeed see on the planet and you know [TS]

  when they're running around in the [TS]

  corridors she got some good lines but [TS]

  they're not they don't change your [TS]

  character push forward like Erica [TS]

  mentioned I feel like they had such an [TS]

  opportunity to kind of turn things [TS]

  beside ways and really highlight how [TS]

  silly those things were the way that [TS]

  they chose to highlight the silliness of [TS]

  the female roles in so many of these [TS]

  shows is to just have this character do [TS]

  all of those things and put a spotlight [TS]

  on it so there wasn't there wasn't as [TS]

  much kind of like you know sigh dying [TS]

  and being like seriously it was like no [TS]

  this is my thing and I'm going to do it [TS]

  eat yeah I I think they wanted to the [TS]

  one to have it both ways right I I think [TS]

  they wanted to satirize the the [TS]

  character being useless and I get that [TS]

  and then they start off with with the [TS]

  actual actress being more interesting [TS]

  and then I at some point in the movie [TS]

  they decide they know they actually want [TS]

  to satirize the actress two men and it's [TS]

  problematic in and it feels to me like [TS]

  they could have done [TS]

  not a lot and made it a lot better just [TS]

  understanding something of their history [TS]

  so that their relationship because their [TS]

  their their their history Tim Allen's [TS]

  character and sigourney weaver's [TS]

  characters is is completely intangible [TS]

  right it's like well some you know no [TS]

  there was nothing between them and then [TS]

  he says well that's what some say right [TS]

  but there's no there's no actual actual [TS]

  anything there's nothing to it and so [TS]

  when they you know when the when the [TS]

  movie ends the way it does were like oh [TS]

  look it's a it's not nice it like it [TS]

  where did that come from [TS]

  it's not really it's not really paid off [TS]

  anyway and if we had a better sense of [TS]

  them being you know people who actually [TS]

  had a relationship and we're sparring [TS]

  with each other and that this was [TS]

  something that made them understand and [TS]

  grow like that they that they really [TS]

  you know that they made a mistake back [TS]

  down or that they were there not as bad [TS]

  as they thought or whatever but none of [TS]

  that is in this movie right the movies [TS]

  two minutes too busy like again [TS]

  successfully taking shots and making [TS]

  funny jokes about various things and I [TS]

  feel like in the end with when they [TS]

  decided that they just would rather tell [TS]

  the jokes and not have the character be [TS]

  a person which for 1999 is not a really [TS]

  surprising thing in a science fiction [TS]

  movie i'm sorry to say no but it's the [TS]

  potential that makes us unhappy is that [TS]

  you think these things going one [TS]

  direction they make I into a [TS]

  full-fledged character and they make her [TS]

  into a cartoon and that's what's [TS]

  disappointing I I have to think that on [TS]

  one level they assume that they that [TS]

  that the entire thing is being seen by [TS]

  people who understand the other [TS]

  characters that Sigourney Weaver is [TS]

  played and that the whole thing is just [TS]

  in contrast to the strong women that [TS]

  she's played in other movies right um [TS]

  that doesn't help you when you're [TS]

  reading this movie right this movie [TS]

  doesn't do it and yes that is effective [TS]

  I think that that's the most effective [TS]

  thing about it right is that this is the [TS]

  same woman who played Ripley yeah okay [TS]

  but in this you know when DeMarco is [TS]

  like a cipher that that's meta meta meta [TS]

  meta is eating its own tail [TS]

  yeah it's an alien tail well and it it [TS]

  is also disappointing to you because of [TS]

  LaLaurie the only other female in the [TS]

  movie and she also just has a [TS]

  relationship we have with Fred quan just [TS]

  kisses Fred quan that's the window job [TS]

  although i think was one of Justin long [TS]

  as crew is a girl yes my so you notice [TS]

  we have somebody who does something [TS]

  that's important and it happens to be [TS]

  that girl who has almost no lines I [TS]

  don't even remember how I think she just [TS]

  stood around when they were in the [TS]

  convention center and in the parking [TS]

  garage at the tech value superstore at [TS]

  peace I don't think she was one of the [TS]

  ones that they called even when they're [TS]

  great yeah we write no I think you're [TS]

  right [TS]

  oh good well just go along his mom is a [TS]

  proponent of recycling [TS]

  its mother thank you Scott [TS]

  you said you salvage this movie i doing [TS]

  again we can have Christmas now nice i [TS]

  sorry I had to type proponent of [TS]

  recycling it's a sec just the title is [TS]

  what makes this movie is it it's loving [TS]

  loving attention to detail that makes it [TS]

  so successful is this movie that makes [TS]

  sense if you don't know Star Trek or [TS]

  Star Wars or other sci-fi movies doesn't [TS]

  work right [TS]

  I don't know my wife is not a link is [TS]

  not a she has a name names like this [TS]

  topic a science-fiction fan at all [TS]

  cannot stand doctor who because of the [TS]

  music which makes her feel queasy [TS]

  she's like stress tension stuff like [TS]

  that and or the plots and so she has a [TS]

  very low tolerance for it she really [TS]

  liked this film we saw it when i first [TS]

  came out I think we watch it again at [TS]

  least once [TS]

  and so it does absolutely sell to people [TS]

  who don't have all the in references to [TS]

  it and i think i think it does work as a [TS]

  as a cultural critique even if you don't [TS]

  know the joke since it's better if you [TS]

  know the jokes but but it's still [TS]

  because it's got so much heart it tells [TS]

  a good story works my co-host on d [TS]

  focused and doesn't like science fiction [TS]

  stuff at all and he really loves galaxy [TS]

  quest and doesn't necessarily understand [TS]

  all of the star trek pop-culture stuff [TS]

  and joke since everything is layered in [TS]

  here but he can still appreciate it for [TS]

  its comedy and it's accessible to a [TS]

  wider audience than if it was just sort [TS]

  of a one of those fan videos that gets [TS]

  shown at fan conventions where they make [TS]

  their own parodies so we should also [TS]

  mention i would entire episode of red [TS]

  shirt to the past but I don't think [TS]

  we've mentioned one right this entire [TS]

  thing is is a you know I don't know [TS]

  where Scott john scalzi falls in terms [TS]

  of loving this movie or not but there [TS]

  are huge echoes and red shirts of that [TS]

  kind of meta meta meta narrative that [TS]

  predates galaxy quest of course it is a [TS]

  trope in sort of you know modern science [TS]

  fiction that's terrible like stainless [TS]

  steel and stainless steel rat [TS]

  what's there's a parody of Starship [TS]

  Troopers forgot what it's called it's [TS]

  harry harrison as a parody of that so [TS]

  there are there are there is a notion of [TS]

  parodying the space opera sonra already [TS]

  of course but redshirts is a great [TS]

  example of of like meta-analytic [TS]

  matamata never any red shirts is is sort [TS]

  of the flip side of this where it's the [TS]

  fictional the fictional people are real [TS]

  and frustrated by all of the fictional [TS]

  choices so it's just a little bit [TS]

  different but yes you have a complaint [TS]

  about the writers are terrible they play [TS]

  this is ridiculous why would you do this [TS]

  to get mad at the writers I i think i [TS]

  think it's a combination of the love for [TS]

  the genre but but it is fun too but it's [TS]

  not it's not mocking fun right it's it's [TS]

  a very it's it's an all-embracing kind [TS]

  of fun it's not it's not putting [TS]

  anything down and saying look this is [TS]

  this is a fun thing these people goofy [TS]

  these people who fee but they're all [TS]

  good people it's okay and and I mean [TS]

  it's it's so much fun watching it again [TS]

  tonight I was thinking about how you [TS]

  know I i have a very problematic [TS]

  relationship with buckaroo banzai [TS]

  because i love the book and I hate the [TS]

  movie and I think this is that kind of [TS]

  tone of light adventure and it with a [TS]

  little bit of pathos and it that [TS]

  buckaroo banzai really was aiming for or [TS]

  could have aimed for and I think it [TS]

  would have been much better if it had [TS]

  been if it if it hit the target and I [TS]

  think this hits that target so uh at a [TS]

  comic-con this year i believe or right [TS]

  around comic-con time there was a web [TS]

  mtv2 the story where they talked to a [TS]

  bunch of people in it and and there was [TS]

  the the writer and the stars all [TS]

  basically said we would love to do a [TS]

  sequel and apparently the writer said I [TS]

  oh sure I've got plenty of ideas but i'm [TS]

  not going to tell you anything on the [TS]

  record [TS]

  so who knows this may be one of those [TS]

  movies that get say that gets a sequel [TS]

  20 years afterward which would be [TS]

  fitting for Star Trek honestly right [TS]

  yeah i mean that's exactly what the [TS]

  start [TS]

  movies were i would be pretty funny [TS]

  they'll travel back in time and there [TS]

  will be a a younger cast the domain will [TS]

  be a next generation and then electric [TS]

  babies [TS]

  yeah you know it was fun this was a fun [TS]

  conversation it's also fun just to have [TS]

  an excuse to watch this movie it's very [TS]

  fun [TS]

  yeah good one I'm never gonna be able to [TS]

  your you know Erica you I was just [TS]

  thinking about how stupid Quinn is in [TS]

  that seat little alien babies which he [TS]

  wants to like run over and hug them or [TS]

  something you know when when Sam [TS]

  Rockwell is the voice of reason [TS]

  that's a bad sign right and I mean they [TS]

  could have chosen any of the characters [TS]

  besides sam rockwell to want to go and [TS]

  you know talk to him for me know what [TS]

  other reasons you know look they look [TS]

  harmless I'm sure they're fine whatever [TS]

  but they it's a very gendered thing that [TS]

  they did to her [TS]

  they're cute they're adorable they're [TS]

  like babies so I want to go and hug them [TS]

  if it wasn't that gender if it was just [TS]

  more neutral maybe I wouldn't have had [TS]

  its bigger problem with it i just [TS]

  realized we we realize that none of the [TS]

  characters in the show it is this is [TS]

  where it becomes is meta is like none of [TS]

  them have any family apparently at all [TS]

  because they're not worried they're not [TS]

  talking my children don't know where I [TS]

  am my husband my wife my partner my [TS]

  lover [TS]

  they're like we're often space and we're [TS]

  not thinking about anybody with the [TS]

  people in this room which is a little [TS]

  bit are actors [TS]

  yeah exactly Oh take a turn [TS]

  Erica its actors so not true that [TS]

  everything that they did was truthfully [TS]

  historical once and differently never [TS]

  never forgiven for that horrible i [TS]

  believed in Santa Claus [TS]

  well this is this is the time where we [TS]

  all have to say goodbye for now and i [TS]

  would like to thank my guests for [TS]

  talking about galaxy quest with me David [TS]

  lower thanks for being here as always a [TS]

  pleasure and Fleischmann thank you super [TS]

  neat Scott McNulty thank you very much [TS]

  for being here [TS]

  never give up never surrender area Erica [TS]

  and sign thanks for being here and thank [TS]

  you for having me it's been great [TS]

  and Joseph rosenstiel so it was great to [TS]

  have you on the incomparable and we [TS]

  should say that people should listen to [TS]

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