The Incomparable

320: The Power! The Power! The Power!


  it's not brain science its rocket [TS]

  surgery this is Frankenstein islands [TS]

  have to be confused with doctor Frank [TS]

  it's done Frankenstein's monster it's [TS]

  not a Frankenstein's monsters island its [TS]

  Frankenstein's island the incomparable [TS]

  number 320 October 2016 the power the [TS]

  power the power you see Frankenstein was [TS]

  on a three-hour to my god no no it's [TS]

  it's not even Frankenstein's island it's [TS]

  just Frankenstein Frankenstein island it [TS]

  is your island died at some point which [TS]

  brought back to life [TS]

  hmm i was actually called Frankenstein [TS]

  island before but what's her name ever [TS]

  actually moved there it's just a really [TS]

  weird noises it's it's nominative [TS]

  determinism welcome back to the [TS]

  uncomfortable we're doing our thing [TS]

  where we watched a terrible movie and [TS]

  this time we're watching a terrible [TS]

  movie that i selected because this is a [TS]

  movie that I've seen many many times it [TS]

  is one of my favorite if not my favorite [TS]

  bad movie it's 1981 Frankenstein island [TS]

  directed by Jerry Warren screenplay by [TS]

  the greatest shakalaka tour I think that [TS]

  might be Jerry Warren 2i and starring [TS]

  nobody except john carradine cameron [TS]

  mitchell and it is amazing so joining me [TS]

  to talk about one of my very favorite [TS]

  terrible movies are these fine people [TS]

  all of whom I have committed a crime [TS]

  against now because I had them watch [TS]

  Frankenstein island Monty Ashley hello [TS]

  Jason nice movie you picked Steve what's [TS]

  thanks for joining us bill sorry Jason I [TS]

  thought my microphone was on but i [TS]

  forgot to turn on the power the power [TS]

  the power power don't know [TS]

  here's somebody who's a power who hasn't [TS]

  been programmed we didn't know any [TS]

  single wire it's a it's tony similar van [TS]

  Helsing but I don't like my married name [TS]

  or something nonsensical about that [TS]

  don't worry about it [TS]

  brian hamilton also apparently watch [TS]

  this movie I'm so sorry Brian I must [TS]

  nice piece updated from time to time now [TS]

  thanks Jason you're welcome haha Oh [TS]

  David Laura I can't believe you used [TS]

  animal blood [TS]

  yeah he is [TS]

  no I think you got the wrong movie i got [TS]

  the organic and glen III apologize for [TS]

  nothing [TS]

  Michael and Fleischmann you know i like [TS]

  to call this movie fan tas the island [TS]

  but a lot of parts of it there there's a [TS]

  moment uh somewhere in the in the middle [TS]

  of Frankenstein island where it's not [TS]

  even early on where it's just all ladies [TS]

  in a leopard-skin bikinis that my wife [TS]

  who watch this with me said because [TS]

  because I we've been married more than [TS]

  20 years and I've never subjected her to [TS]

  Frankenstein island until now how about [TS]

  that i mean that it's over it's all over [TS]

  now I'm she says this is so terrible and [TS]

  i said i gotta-i gotta admit I think [TS]

  this is the best part I think it gets [TS]

  much worse and weirder from here and [TS]

  then we we kept watching she's like oh [TS]

  you're right that was actually the [TS]

  golden days because of how many days it [TS]

  makes sense of people in leopard skin [TS]

  print bikinis dancing and shaking their [TS]

  butts but the rest of it not so my lord [TS]

  not so much for that part and it was the [TS]

  most erotic thing as in many bad movies [TS]

  the use of erotic imagery is so lacking [TS]

  that your kind of disappointed w like at [TS]

  least it's got the girls in bikinis and [TS]

  then nothing [TS]

  I had a lot of questions but where did [TS]

  they get the bikinis are there leopards [TS]

  on this island there's a separate cell [TS]

  my notes there's a lot of questions [TS]

  about the ecology of frankincense island [TS]

  because apparently there is leopards a [TS]

  lot of leopards well apparently only [TS]

  leopards because everything anymore they [TS]

  were hunted to extinction by lady who's [TS]

  also naked ladies [TS]

  they've got coconuts to serve drinks [TS]

  they've got drinking coconut selectors [TS]

  were all in the alien planet the aliens [TS]

  had leopards they killed them all but [TS]

  they left the fabric and I wish there [TS]

  were more shots of a meeting that was [TS]

  the best part of the coconuts come from [TS]

  the story of the naked ladies hunting [TS]

  the Leopards to extinction is a far more [TS]

  interesting movie baby-making half-alien [TS]

  ladies on underwear efforts [TS]

  yeah okay so uh I I'm gonna let me let [TS]

  me summarize the plot as we go i got [TS]

  healthy got me when we do i I've seen [TS]

  I've seen this movie so many times I [TS]

  could tell you by heart probably you [TS]

  have it backwards and forwards bad but [TS]

  it makes more sense backwards maybe [TS]

  somebody else should summarize the block [TS]

  test you might be in 2d Jason Jason [TS]

  Jason [TS]

  you helped tag look it wasn't like this [TS]

  when I was in Philadelphia all my arm my [TS]

  arm hurts station try to work the hand [TS]

  Jason working we're gonna figure can get [TS]

  a better back another doctor [TS]

  that's the power that paralyzes the r-mo [TS]

  know a psychic and inspires every man [TS]

  around to reach for your arm and hold it [TS]

  while women leopard skin bikini just [TS]

  walk away not carrying on all about your [TS]

  agony not a little girls they weren't in [TS]

  this scene they just realized so Frank's [TS]

  island starts with uh no i want lengthy [TS]

  crab egomaniac credit sequence all [TS]

  featuring hot air balloons so it starts [TS]

  with hickson balloons theater [TS]

  yeah i'm skipping the balloon hot air [TS]

  balloons we spent a long time with hot [TS]

  air balloons they are there RCB truckers [TS]

  in balloons apparently having a [TS]

  conversation explaining the plot of the [TS]

  movie which is that there was a bad [TS]

  storm and those with that those guys got [TS]

  caught up in it and they're either on it [TS]

  over it or under it [TS]

  now I got twisted 100 degrees Jason I [TS]

  got it down and let the ocean the most [TS]

  effective rescue vehicle is definitely a [TS]

  hot air balloon yeah no I understand why [TS]

  these guys are there during the hot [TS]

  balloon hot air balloon talking to other [TS]

  hot air balloon segment that I wasn't [TS]

  fully following their conversation [TS]

  bought ramifications yeah either and I [TS]

  thought about going back and watching [TS]

  that again [TS]

  no and I didn't know maybe that maybe [TS]

  the rest of the movie is my fault [TS]

  because this way before you get the plot [TS]

  i want to point one thing out though [TS]

  yes important was this movie actually [TS]

  made an ICD 10 or 12 made long before [TS]

  and then he released it later because [TS]

  this is the best yeah rendition of a [TS]

  movie from like 20 years before oh I [TS]

  don't the fact that it's sean color film [TS]

  alone i think it's very definitely a [TS]

  movie that was made in the seventies or [TS]

  I essentially the early eighties are [TS]

  felt like the seventies too so I i think [TS]

  it's probably was shot in 79 80 [TS]

  something like that it's not a bottle an [TS]

  artist suggest a late seventies yeah [TS]

  yeah that's pretty well as by 1981 case [TS]

  I didn't think you could make movies [TS]

  like this in 1981 [TS]

  amazing i love the balloons because we [TS]

  never got any close-ups of anyone who [TS]

  might be talking it was just [TS]

  nope started children lunes absolutely [TS]

  there's a great shot where they where [TS]

  they start with the ocean and pan up to [TS]

  a balloon you like are we done with the [TS]

  balloons now know there's more balloons [TS]

  you look at me sad the balloons one way [TS]

  but then there was one paper bag but I [TS]

  waited the whole movie to find out where [TS]

  did they shoot this was it New Mexico or [TS]

  Arizona and maja and southern california [TS]

  and some caves come back here and the [TS]

  cave was in Arizona that he was in [TS]

  tucson arizona apparently right but it's [TS]

  it's definitely for an island [TS]

  it has a very suspiciously Southern [TS]

  California climate and you know what [TS]

  you're in for when they didn't even [TS]

  bother with a single insert shot to show [TS]

  somebody looking at standing and some [TS]

  sort of a basket to indicate that there [TS]

  were no balloon it's just stock footage [TS]

  yeah we couldn't be bothered I don't [TS]

  even think its stock footage I think [TS]

  it's just the director happened to go to [TS]

  the hot air festival a couple years [TS]

  earlier was like where this gets my guys [TS]

  on a beach [TS]

  yeah you go yeah yeah I got some stock [TS]

  footage i can use all right so here's a [TS]

  shot of the ocean now I've set the place [TS]

  so the video we learned that these guys [TS]

  have had a balloon crash and that the [TS]

  end there are all the credits and then [TS]

  we finally get to begin our movie where [TS]

  our foreign for heroes / main characters [TS]

  are washed ashore on their inflatable [TS]

  raft they the raft is already fairly [TS]

  high up on the beach and yet they seem [TS]

  to just be getting out of it i don't [TS]

  know how it got there should also be [TS]

  noted that there 100-percent drivers [TS]

  quite falling into the oj and I'll [TS]

  sailing in on around having a having a [TS]

  balloon accident yes it is important to [TS]

  note that the raft that they've got [TS]

  that's a pretty great looking it is [TS]

  incredibly substantial solid draft that [TS]

  they throw away immediately and then [TS]

  spend the rest of the movie station we [TS]

  should really want it [TS]

  while they're holding the rafters yeah [TS]

  some logs and trying to find some dry [TS]

  wood maybe we could build maybe we can [TS]

  go to rally leaving on a perfectly [TS]

  functional right yeah it's clearly still [TS]

  inflated that he throws down disgustedly [TS]

  as it is stupid rapid saved my life [TS]

  it sickened me it's a single-use raft [TS]

  they never explain the fact that maybe [TS]

  the raft is damaged somehow but even if [TS]

  it was you know it's easier to get the [TS]

  dry wood tape get some freakin tape and [TS]

  fix it I'll never even say that nope no [TS]

  and now that raft is perfectly good it's [TS]

  completely inflated guys I think you're [TS]

  overlooking the amount of wilderness [TS]

  survival skills that this movie teaches [TS]

  you you can only use a raft once ya [TS]

  itself every single use rest it's [TS]

  totally serious rap [TS]

  yep i didn't even bother to modestly [TS]

  deflate the raft just been a hair to [TS]

  make it look like something was wrong [TS]

  with the radio seamless wilderness [TS]

  survival tip number two don't overexert [TS]

  yourself trying to deeply a raft that's [TS]

  garbage [TS]

  why did they inflate it they were didn't [TS]

  use it in the movie [TS]

  somebody had to blow that thing up just [TS]

  for that you're gonna see where they [TS]

  stand on me on high up on the sand as if [TS]

  they've just gotten out of it yeah [TS]

  wilderness survival tip 3 you're allowed [TS]

  to burn my raft but you can't get it wet [TS]

  yeah that's that maybe that maybe they [TS]

  had to return it to the store so they [TS]

  didn't want to get it didn't want to get [TS]

  too wet [TS]

  Steve you overlooked a very important [TS]

  for part of the storyline I did which is [TS]

  the dog [TS]

  Melvin the dog pees on the seaweed at [TS]

  one point does to see that isn't waiting [TS]

  for let's be significant I was where you [TS]

  know anyway it's it's chickens p [TS]

  yeah it's indicated a significant by the [TS]

  soundtrack which goes where my work well [TS]

  when he gets on the senior always [TS]

  encouraged here [TS]

  yeah I love them all yyyy you know for [TS]

  dorks in a dog wash away wash up outta [TS]

  me [TS]

  I'm not a dog person but Melvin delivers [TS]

  one of the best performances [TS]

  it's gonna open is the best of the best [TS]

  actual job in the Soviet far [TS]

  Elvis one of the three characters i can [TS]

  named Melvin is committed these other [TS]

  people just sleepwalking Melvin studied [TS]

  with Lee Strasberg so you know second [TS]

  only to the Iguana we see later just [TS]

  like a komodo dragon that is that is cut [TS]

  we cut away to up like a giant iguana or [TS]

  a komodo dragon or something that is [TS]

  also stock footage and it's like hello [TS]

  everybody i'm also in this movie but I'm [TS]

  not you'll never see me again but he's [TS]

  there to lend a little air of excitement [TS]

  we meet our character so so our [TS]

  characters are Dino who has a stylish [TS]

  kerchief tied around his neck for the [TS]

  entire movie night him the most [TS]

  really oh yeah there's Paul Hadley but [TS]

  we call him doc doc Adly who is dr. he [TS]

  and he's a doctor and has a mustache no [TS]

  discernible medical skills [TS]

  no well he's not that kind of thing on [TS]

  medical doctor I think I think you [TS]

  always have to look at a hand and say [TS]

  you'll be okay it's a page an honorary [TS]

  degree [TS]

  uh there's mark although I never [TS]

  remember his name and I just can i [TS]

  just--can beauty [TS]

  yeah he will do pretty exactly good [TS]

  you're with me don't its B's yeah i know [TS]

  my friend said island do you even [TS]

  Frankenstein island and there's Curt or [TS]

  Curtis whoo-hoo we all I know is the [TS]

  curly-haired guy who pretends to be a [TS]

  preacher on the beach because it's wacky [TS]

  hijinks time and says you are center you [TS]

  are a sinner and then we wonder if he's [TS]

  the worst enemy and hurts the word [TS]

  yesterday because literally they just [TS]

  washed up on the beach after surviving a [TS]

  balloon rack and he's like this is time [TS]

  for my comedy routine and to introduce [TS]

  myself to the viewers of the movie [TS]

  because you have a necro chief if he [TS]

  doesn't he's not the worst [TS]

  no Marty Barrett is the worst [TS]

  interesting ok for another story these [TS]

  four characters Fred Velma Daphne and [TS]

  Shaggy because this is more or less what [TS]

  that means but military Melvin [TS]

  scooby-doo [TS]

  that's great heart you broke the code [TS]

  oh man big well done Steve well done you [TS]

  can work out for yourself which witch is [TS]

  which but my thinking is a doc is [TS]

  definitely Freddie's the threat of the [TS]

  group [TS]

  yeah Velma is Mark he's got a lot on the [TS]

  ball you know it's tough because the [TS]

  Ascot might indicate Daphne but i don't [TS]

  think so i think he's more of the shaggy [TS]

  because he spent [TS]

  more time with Melvin yeah but but the [TS]

  comedy guy the hijinks guy that's very [TS]

  shank ya don't know I think he's more of [TS]

  a Daphne for me [TS]

  so as bull where to point out in the [TS]

  chat room that makes you scrappy Steve [TS]

  well I like to think so are you young [TS]

  and hungry as well i was thinking that I [TS]

  don't think you can call it in an ascot [TS]

  because it really is more like a [TS]

  handkerchief thats been tied around his [TS]

  neck [TS]

  now it's almost like it's pasted there [TS]

  it doesn't move neckerchief it is a [TS]

  neckerchief that's it was red hold of [TS]

  its twists just a little i know bmd know [TS]

  but alas so they go up they leave the [TS]

  beach because they weren't on the beach [TS]

  very long time they only got a couple [TS]

  scenes down on the beach and they throw [TS]

  relay that has an hour they throw the [TS]

  raft away because they're hoping they [TS]

  can build around infuriating it doesn't [TS]

  fit in the cave they can bring with them [TS]

  and they enter a cave and they begin [TS]

  their there they're an important track [TS]

  in land into Frankenstein island while [TS]

  in the cave there's a cutaway of a snake [TS]

  again we won't see that snake again but [TS]

  it's nice that there's a snake mytouch [TS]

  eight years you might it's possible [TS]

  there are snakes in this movie it's like [TS]

  watching survivor where there will be an [TS]

  insurer shot of an animal that you're [TS]

  meant to believe could be on the same [TS]

  continent as are here [TS]

  no you merry gentlemen you have our [TS]

  first tyler durden style john carradine [TS]

  yes there's a blinking appearance of [TS]

  john carradine who is who is his head [TS]

  appears kind of floating in the cave [TS]

  momentarily and also a cutaway to a [TS]

  mysterious blinkin box that is it is [TS]

  probably totally important for later [TS]

  I thought that was the pain box wasn't [TS]

  the pain broadcasting box at its honour [TS]

  which ad kit we see that box again later [TS]

  but this so you get the sense that ever [TS]

  happening here yes in a different place [TS]

  just turn up later in a different place [TS]

  yet polished by a creepy-looking man and [TS]

  yes exactly get there later [TS]

  so they leave a cave and now they are in [TS]

  the deep inland in California basically [TS]

  the cave the cave was beautifully let's [TS]

  just remember as other pitch-black this [TS]

  dark flashlight there no torches they [TS]

  don't matches and it was beautifully lit [TS]

  as they walk through this cave sounds [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  yeah no one gave any thought about the [TS]

  lighting in this movie [TS]

  exactly yes there's a scene where [TS]

  they're just standing underneath the [TS]

  tree there's bright light near them [TS]

  everyone's kind of half and shadow yeah [TS]

  now it's actually made uh ok so now that [TS]

  now they're out in in the inland of the [TS]

  island which definitely is a dry inland [TS]

  California sort of location there's [TS]

  plenty of wood for a raft here they did [TS]

  they exclaim thank goodness that trees [TS]

  are brilliant at this point has never [TS]

  said the word aloud buoyant Bowie and [TS]

  brilliant really I really pronounce the [TS]

  hell out of that one reminds one of them [TS]

  of Philadelphia and as he says [TS]

  Philadelphia because his our clutches [TS]

  his right forearm as a video game sound [TS]

  effect appears in the background be we [TS]

  so I'm going to say this was the moment [TS]

  when I would I was locked in [TS]

  I was like you know a lot yeah that was [TS]

  it a lot of bad movies waste waste your [TS]

  time there's there's a lot of filler but [TS]

  this is like no we have a crazy [TS]

  telepathic pain ray now there's going to [TS]

  be amazon's like we're not wasting time [TS]

  we don't have time for this now this is [TS]

  Frankenstein's island i think i use [TS]

  either a secret robot or he was being [TS]

  converted into being a robot interesting [TS]

  some beam i did also suspect secret but [TS]

  it turns out what he likes just a doctor [TS]

  was just a telepathic thing that if you [TS]

  say out loud the name of a location on [TS]

  the outside world is your arm is [TS]

  paralyzed apathy like telepathy [TS]

  telepathy would affect your head [TS]

  this is like telepathy yeah it's out [TS]

  loud it's only to speak it aloud Giorgio [TS]

  tulip yeah there's many there's [TS]

  microphones and then the pain raise [TS]

  happened the power paralyzes the arm how [TS]

  we got to the woman tied between up [TS]

  format and discover a girl shape and its [TS]

  strong between two trees indeed their [TS]

  entire down the road concerned about her [TS]

  there's other disturbed by it but they [TS]

  make no effort to help her [TS]

  I think they're more disturbed by the [TS]

  skeletons hanging out around her there [TS]

  are was called away to a skull delhi and [TS]

  is unclear if it's anywhere near them or [TS]

  not but there is one in a series of [TS]

  cutaways Monty said kinda like survivor [TS]

  where it's completely unconnected to [TS]

  anything but there's apparently a skull [TS]

  uh somewhere that's not even a good fake [TS]

  skull its a rubber mask that you would [TS]

  wear to look like a skeleton Monty what [TS]

  this movie lacks in quality of skulls it [TS]

  makes up for [TS]

  in quantity of school before the same [TS]

  skull place and over and over this and [TS]

  13 skulls but they're in every every [TS]

  shot time to move the camera somebody [TS]

  had to move the skulls over there what [TS]

  you really want one of those fancy for [TS]

  school movies go somewhere else is [TS]

  reconciling that does not stop Dino like [TS]

  an hour later from noticing one of the [TS]

  skulls and jumping slightly less room to [TS]

  the first time he's noticed a fright you [TS]

  okay but this is where we meet uh there [TS]

  are a lot of white as i wrote down white [TS]

  girls and leopard skin bikinis appear [TS]

  they are the natives of Frankenstein is [TS]

  now we get to the real point is milk [TS]

  we're very uninterested they they seem [TS]

  so lackadaisical you wonder if they're [TS]

  drugged or mute and then they speak [TS]

  English perfectly [TS]

  yes you are pretty asian seem unclear as [TS]

  though they are drugged or mute [TS]

  yeah but also like they were extremely [TS]

  fair skinned and have relatively well [TS]

  fashion hair for people who seem to live [TS]

  in huts it's true i'm not going to point [TS]

  out all the logical inconsistencies [TS]

  principal well i'm going to adjust their [TS]

  base once this next scene bother me [TS]

  deeply because they're preparing meat we [TS]

  don't know where they got the beat me [TS]

  from the Leopards then Melvin writing [TS]

  when you sell the meat do you mean the [TS]

  heavy top half only sponge bath they [TS]

  give to africa haha that yes they do rub [TS]

  down two guys two of the guys i have [TS]

  taken shirts off it's still in there [TS]

  khakis and they're being rubbed down by [TS]

  the girls after after being told you're [TS]

  pretty you're pretty come with us which [TS]

  is not wish fulfillment at all [TS]

  Monty did you have some very specific [TS]

  reality checks that you wanted to [TS]

  perform right now [TS]

  yes the girls that decide how terrified [TS]

  they are of stuff [TS]

  yes half the time they're completely [TS]

  casual what happened over there [TS]

  yeah they capture us sometimes for [TS]

  scientific experiments yeah it's fine or [TS]

  and that guy screaming in pain in his [TS]

  arm whatever let's go over here [TS]

  sometimes they're completely terrified [TS]

  from everything that happens in there [TS]

  screaming in terror but these are girls [TS]

  that somehow skin leopard with their [TS]

  bare hands yep [TS]

  and where did all these girls come from [TS]

  Monte what you don't see is that there's [TS]

  joann's fabric about my dog ? come back [TS]

  to the dog they got a pot full of meat [TS]

  they got a pot for me and there's no [TS]

  Melvin in mind [TS]

  it's a oh my god are they cooking the [TS]

  dog might actually be a horror film I [TS]

  thought easy it's not a horror film [TS]

  really but it's not isn't it isn't it [TS]

  isn't it but I do strip I'm like oh [TS]

  thank i would note that says oh thank [TS]

  god there's the dog because i was like [TS]

  out came back and he has been actually [TS]

  an animal roasting on a spit and then [TS]

  immediately Dino is searching for Melvin [TS]

  and that yeah it's like I think Dina was [TS]

  worried that it might be Melvin to but [TS]

  it's fine Melvin is fine [TS]

  this is the first time television is a [TS]

  real scandal the second sign because [TS]

  he'd pee on that seaweed early on when [TS]

  he gets into all sorts of trouble and [TS]

  you have always disappearing and Dino [TS]

  spends half the movie just looking for [TS]

  melting from holland for it's true [TS]

  in addition to run the the scene where [TS]

  they rub down the shirtless guys in but [TS]

  they're still in there khakis and almost [TS]

  rather they roasted the dogs also [TS]

  apparent apparently unconnected seen [TS]

  that they shot somewhere else where [TS]

  there's a one of the girls is doing a [TS]

  dance with a snake to which the guys say [TS]

  that's the weirdest thing I've ever seen [TS]

  dance is a strong word yes you [TS]

  undulation like a snake dance like a [TS]

  little buddies and I want to do a quick [TS]

  poll of uncomfortable people [TS]

  ok weirdest thing you've ever seen lady [TS]

  dancing kind of weirdly with snake or [TS]

  hammock made of woman [TS]

  ya gotta admit its way to its not order [TS]

  soon before your garter snake yeah yeah [TS]

  all right just checking it really [TS]

  restores fantastic dance of some sort [TS]

  while the menfolk feast and drink from [TS]

  coconuts and ogle disconcertingly and [TS]

  this goes on for like logs hours okay [TS]

  very more question is what what is it [TS]

  about the presence of Frankenstein that [TS]

  inspires but parties to break out [TS]

  because we had a long is a concern is it [TS]

  that is that the presence of Frank [TS]

  centers at the presence of the nineteen [TS]

  sixties and seventies i think i think [TS]

  it's a little yeah he's coming from [TS]

  column a little from column B I think [TS]

  the first one was in the fifties one of [TS]

  the nicest uh one of the nicest things [TS]

  wanna be the artful choices the jury [TS]

  warn the director makes in Frankenstein [TS]

  island is extremely long sections where [TS]

  nobody says anything or does anything [TS]

  yes that's as close as we can get to the [TS]

  movie not being on there's a lot of [TS]

  walking around [TS]

  there's a lot of silent interlocking [TS]

  dialogue is use parsley and for specific [TS]

  effect I i know it's it's sort of like a [TS]

  little it's a little bit of the the [TS]

  french new wave and a little bit of [TS]

  roger corman mm I appreciate that and a [TS]

  little bit high school science project [TS]

  there's a moment later in the movie [TS]

  where they say oh where are you located [TS]

  oh and not far from here and then they [TS]

  continue to walk for about five minutes [TS]

  i thought okay i thought not long from [TS]

  here was just a device but no they're [TS]

  warming up for showing us the entire [TS]

  walk to that place and it was [TS]

  infuriating to actually have that [TS]

  written in the script when they could've [TS]

  just shown it to us because they did [TS]

  show don't tell [TS]

  that's how films were not that that's [TS]

  not how this works and there's an awful [TS]

  lot of people just tiptoeing around in [TS]

  fields in this movie which which is I [TS]

  think that really reinforces the [TS]

  scooby-doo field for me it did not [TS]

  reinforce the island feel for me because [TS]

  we see an awful lot of landscape in the [TS]

  background that we do yes yeah it's a [TS]

  very I don't really like a vineyard on [TS]

  the hills in the background Derek [TS]

  savages house somewhere back there [TS]

  yeah yeah they drink out of coconut cups [TS]

  which again makes us ask the question [TS]

  where the coconut trees for that it's a [TS]

  very Gilligan's Island kind of thing [TS]

  that killed all the the jaguars leopards [TS]

  and I did not speak out because I was [TS]

  not a leper yeah and then all i could [TS]

  only get the coconut and then they had [TS]

  to use coconuts they killed all the [TS]

  coconut trees and you didn't have to be [TS]

  yeah I said nothing because i'm doing [TS]

  coconut water is a-coming anyone is [TS]

  going ahead and gave me amnesia is [TS]

  actually a prop store around the hill [TS]

  its they're working on the snakes and [TS]

  tarantulas and i bet you guys are still [TS]

  not gonna say anything [TS]

  I mean I know this movie is cheaply made [TS]

  but the plastic bottle pouring that did [TS]

  get to me that in the middle of all the [TS]

  other stuff that isn't just openly on a [TS]

  plastic bottle they're filling the [TS]

  coconuts from ya know i watched your may [TS]

  have something here because we are [TS]

  treated to several scenes of them sort [TS]

  of waving their hands and making the [TS]

  snakes and spiders crawl around towards [TS]

  that actually writers injectors you a [TS]

  similar fashion [TS]

  I think he means spider stock footage [TS]

  there's at least one realized fighter in [TS]

  removing yeah [TS]

  yes ladies holding a snake personally I [TS]

  don't like spiders Orson and we are [TS]

  treated here 21 that a close-up on the [TS]

  one of the dancers but interspersed with [TS]

  shots of a coiled snake gradually [TS]

  stretching out default length which I [TS]

  find surprising in this little got to be [TS]

  Fellini and then the snakes links up and [TS]

  dance stops so dr. Smith [TS]

  xin and demands at the dance stop so I [TS]

  don't know what I power he has over the [TS]

  women but later on the movie there's a [TS]

  woman who is like practicing her DJ [TS]

  skills over to tarantulas and they're [TS]

  dancing around with her so I don't know [TS]

  what power they have over the animals or [TS]

  what power the animals have over them [TS]

  it's very confusing it doesn't make much [TS]

  sense the bongo drum dance complete uh [TS]

  we we hear a reference to somebody else [TS]

  mentions Kansas City all my arm the [TS]

  power the Carolinas my arm we start to [TS]

  learn that must be the mentioning of [TS]

  American cities because the arm thing [TS]

  that happened I so what happens next day [TS]

  walk a lot there are a lot more there's [TS]

  much more walking we see some shots we [TS]

  get some interspersed shots of skulls or [TS]

  I or or candles in the shape of a skull [TS]

  I thought that some of them were looking [TS]

  more like school candles and we gotta [TS]

  kind of a shot of a spider again stock [TS]

  footage of spiders just to make it a [TS]

  little uh a little uh more threatening [TS]

  but now we get to the real heart of the [TS]

  the drama Frankenstein island the real [TS]

  mystery meat if you will [TS]

  one of the girls is uh is there is a [TS]

  kidnap attempt on one of the girls by a [TS]

  guy a guy down worker talking burglar [TS]

  it's a guy with blue jeans you can see [TS]

  his underpants and he's wearing a [TS]

  longshoreman tag and he tries to take [TS]

  her but he's run off its Tony Clifton [TS]

  it's andy kaufman you know alter egos [TS]

  when clifton trying to get this we went [TS]

  to his old man Jenkins and he would have [TS]

  gotten away with the new haven for those [TS]

  meddling kids just not very intimidating [TS]

  missing the best part that seen as well [TS]

  when they come by he's hiding behind the [TS]

  tree the same direction they're coming [TS]

  in they would have seen with him [TS]

  yeah and then after he runs off she's [TS]

  like no don't chase him chase him he's [TS]

  10 feet away and crawling and curl yeah [TS]

  still in the shot i love you can see his [TS]

  tighty-whities riding up on his on his [TS]

  blue jeans [TS]

  doesn't that held up surprisingly well [TS]

  for 17 year old underwear and uh I'm [TS]

  impressed by the by the the line of [TS]

  dialogue here one of the girl says oh [TS]

  that's i read he's always attempting to [TS]

  take one of us he tries this often but [TS]

  he's programmed to weaken ok these [TS]

  programs wheel of course [TS]

  yes of course he's programmed weekend [TS]

  why wouldn't you programmed him to [TS]

  weekend when he kidnaps people can't [TS]

  they were reason this is very confused [TS]

  so casual about being regularly rated [TS]

  for scientific certainty is this is [TS]

  where the movie gets extremely confusing [TS]

  and have you like only there were say [TS]

  too crusty pirates to show up and really [TS]

  shining light on things [TS]

  just remember you're getting close to my [TS]

  favorite character yes so okay so with [TS]

  their part of a ship's crew normal until [TS]

  being experimented on and this is the [TS]

  point where we meet the greatest [TS]

  character in Frankenstein and his name [TS]

  is Jack oh I was so where you going to [TS]

  say the other hand is no no no there's [TS]

  also mr. beauty but he's name is Jack oh [TS]

  he he drinks a lot of romney is always [TS]

  drunk and all he does is laugh love this [TS]

  guy [TS]

  haha ah you so happy [TS]

  oh man I can't be mad at him he's [TS]

  breaking the room every time I know he [TS]

  is trapped in Frankenstein's island and [TS]

  he has found a way yes I'd like a lot of [TS]

  model [TS]

  yeah I think there's a lot we can learn [TS]

  from him this was the moment when I got [TS]

  the mannose hands of fate five going on [TS]

  to where I was like this is a guy's the [TS]

  closest the Manus character we have the [TS]

  old guy seems like a like an aged Torgo [TS]

  because he's got the stick [TS]

  yeah he walks like he's got a load in [TS]

  his pants just like torgo's now this guy [TS]

  has more energy than all of mannose put [TS]

  together does this was through it so my [TS]

  um I have to admit my one of my text [TS]

  message tones on my phone for the last [TS]

  10 years has been Jocko laughing because [TS]

  it's just the best [TS]

  it's the best you mocked me for jumping [TS]

  g9o it's so aggressive to how this is [TS]

  also a sweet we their 50 sir what would [TS]

  somebody say there's a couple of aged [TS]

  pirates think I can't crusty yes rusty [TS]

  pliers accurate this is also where we [TS]

  see the we we learned that the girls are [TS]

  really deep into witchcraft and also [TS]

  smoking out of sculpt a skull bong which [TS]

  we says clearly a skull ball [TS]

  yeah they're not only just brought yeah [TS]

  I enjoy all of the scenes with the [TS]

  Amazons in their camp [TS]

  are always said that night uh-huh which [TS]

  allows us to show the passage of time [TS]

  but also is clearly like the campsite is [TS]

  really crappy and we can only show that [TS]

  night haha securing most of it and we [TS]

  only had all the girls for the one night [TS]

  so yeah we had to shoot at all that [TS]

  night sight with the fronds stapled on [TS]

  loosely on the outside of the wood [TS]

  street we also learned at this point [TS]

  that there are many more of the [TS]

  longshoremen guys with the black beanies [TS]

  and the and the jeans around and they [TS]

  all look like somebody I think I spot [TS]

  tom petty Stanley turns up at one huh [TS]

  father Guido Sarducci is there like [TS]

  three times tables are swifty Lazar is [TS]

  the one that I like four or if you like [TS]

  a kind of misshapen Larry but bud melman [TS]

  but he looks more like swifty Lazar if [TS]

  you class [TS]

  yeah the glad that big giant glasses and [TS]

  the bigs cheeks and he's bald but yeah [TS]

  these are all the mushy face the [TS]

  preferred yes the threats to the [TS]

  preferred terminology for these guys [TS]

  these are the lackeys of Frankenstein [TS]

  island the the long term and lackeys of [TS]

  Frankenstein island that goon is but [TS]

  they have no blood you see they have no [TS]

  blood yet because you can just cut them [TS]

  in half with machine-gun that's in [TS]

  strangely specifically way if this were [TS]

  a Gilbert and Sullivan musical would end [TS]

  with all the long term and marry all of [TS]

  the girls because I know [TS]

  wouldn't that be great no it would not [TS]

  be terrible oh I want to see the GoPro [TS]

  in Sullivan version now they're deep [TS]

  into witchcraft so because they're [TS]

  smoking from the skull bong their deep [TS]

  into which clap craft at one of them [TS]

  comments that really throws your travel [TS]

  plans in Reverse [TS]

  I don't know what that means and they [TS]

  and they realize and now why the power [TS]

  hits them when you say someplace that's [TS]

  not here and to do 22 demonstrated they [TS]

  they trick is it Kurt into saying you [TS]

  know it's tina tina you know into saying [TS]

  about that football game he played me so [TS]

  yeah against miami on the arm goes again [TS]

  the cheapest special effect in the whole [TS]

  movie because all you have to do is one [TS]

  of your actors has to go all be armed [TS]

  and that's it that's the whole thing [TS]

  aww sound effect but now they've worked [TS]

  it out they don't have to gather around [TS]

  and hold his arm while he screwed so [TS]

  there's a little path gotten over that [TS]

  now also they're just laughing at you [TS]

  know because they made him say Miami and [TS]

  nobody like to do you know [TS]

  no not really it's nicely scarf it's [TS]

  off-putting very off-putting it is [TS]

  so I'm so the beardy guy [TS]

  it talks to them and and says we have no [TS]

  secrets in fact it's quite the opposite [TS]

  whatever that means what's the opposite [TS]

  of that I don't know jack Oh laughs a [TS]

  lot [TS]

  we see another longshoremen Lackey [TS]

  there's a cutaway again to that box with [TS]

  the blinking light for no apparent [TS]

  reason they're told they can't they're [TS]

  not allowed to go into the main house on [TS]

  the island yet so they're very very very [TS]

  slowly walk through the night across the [TS]

  island to a place where we're Jocko and [TS]

  the beardy guy apparently live there's a [TS]

  jail cell there they brought food that [TS]

  they don't believe is edible [TS]

  even though they ate the meat the [TS]

  Amazons gave them Rattlers line with the [TS]

  guys were at the doc says oh it's [TS]

  probably fine [TS]

  it's a problem it's probably fine [TS]

  whatever and then they leave her this [TS]

  dot insulted they walk away [TS]

  he's already given up wearing now year [TS]

  three of lost where we know there are [TS]

  scientific experiments on the island and [TS]

  we've been told somebody over here can [TS]

  explain it but you can't talk to you can [TS]

  talk to them yet [TS]

  that's right that's right whatever that [TS]

  komodo dragon and season one minute [TS]

  about that thing in awhile how was weird [TS]

  that was weird but hey there's a new [TS]

  character now it's a a an old sailor who [TS]

  is now laying in a cell and it's played [TS]

  by cameron mitchell one of the Allied [TS]

  airmen well-known actors who is in this [TS]

  film and he is he's playing clay Jason [TS]

  who is a he was a captain of a schooner [TS]

  shipwrecked on the island long ago and [TS]

  he's completely batty he's convinced [TS]

  that Edgar Allan Poe wrote his poems [TS]

  about himself and his dear wife Lenore [TS]

  who was lost in the in the ocean waves [TS]

  while also what we meet him there is a [TS]

  cut-away to a skeleton with a with a [TS]

  knife in its I that it's unclear where [TS]

  that is or if it's in the same movie [TS]

  that shot is yes just like the TV and it [TS]

  because that's disturbing [TS]

  did they did they bring one on the ship [TS]

  with them then you just keep like a [TS]

  prisoner around just need one for some [TS]

  reason i think was on the island they [TS]

  found it on you know all of the sea the [TS]

  Leopards wore it I don't know I just I [TS]

  appreciate the design of [TS]

  shed that's like it's built like a zoo [TS]

  cage where instead of just having said [TS]

  that we lock him in its a shed that you [TS]

  can go in that has like a full like you [TS]

  know wall of bars ya know the rest of [TS]

  the shed is made of wood that perfectly [TS]

  would be a lot easier for American [TS]

  out-of-the-box seems like a fairly [TS]

  simple to overcome the crusty old pirate [TS]

  that comes in and sticks and well she is [TS]

  I mean he is being drained of blood so [TS]

  survival tip number three hold on to all [TS]

  your blood don't give to any pirates he [TS]

  must be very old if he thinks the pole [TS]

  basis stories on him while he said [TS]

  something about how it's like I think he [TS]

  knew somehow it's it's phrased in a kind [TS]

  of insane way like like Poe was [TS]

  prefiguring the life of clay Jason [TS]

  although you do wonder if perhaps he's [TS]

  been there for hundreds of years and [TS]

  it's this magical mystical time portal [TS]

  island again the lost parallels very [TS]

  strong but I think he's just a nut job [TS]

  at this point this jason reminds me of [TS]

  our Jason and I imagine that's how he [TS]

  edits are episodes i like that camera [TS]

  Mitchell chose to tell us so much about [TS]

  his about his character just by spitting [TS]

  throughout the entire seat we learn more [TS]

  about Jason then we learn about any of [TS]

  our protagonist it's true jason has a [TS]

  back story the other part of the other [TS]

  guys just showed off its true well being [TS]

  of a dino has that cool neckerchief so [TS]

  what do you want a backstory that is an [TS]

  average of all the way back stories that [TS]

  he had to choose to be a guy with a [TS]

  neckerchief created by an exigency had [TS]

  to choose the right one here to put it [TS]

  on here to choose to go it and have fun [TS]

  ballooning and he had to survive balloon [TS]

  Christ that's actually donating a [TS]

  fashion story with a backstory [TS]

  I I respect your reading of frankincense [TS]

  island but that's not what what I what I [TS]

  have in my headcanon is what is the [TS]

  neckerchief hiding ah it's is his head [TS]

  is actually stitched onto his neck or by [TS]

  dr. giant vampire wounds it is now all [TS]

  right think about it think about bolts [TS]

  he made it I think we can assume based [TS]

  on camera Mitchell's backstory that the [TS]

  island goons also came about ashore with [TS]

  him in the ship that could be that could [TS]

  be they are all dressed as longshoremen [TS]

  so I sort of figured there the crew [TS]

  they're all from from the frigate he [TS]

  seems slightly more modern dress than [TS]

  him he seemed a longshoreman on the [TS]

  shore [TS]

  it's just me and he says are under sure [TS]

  you don't miss your crew identically all [TS]

  the way down the glasses that is just [TS]

  confused and confusing there they're [TS]

  sensitive to light money that's why they [TS]

  were the sunglasses also because we [TS]

  could only afford one pair of terrible [TS]

  contact lenses for their weird eyes so [TS]

  that they have to wear the sunglasses [TS]

  the rest of the time to cover that [TS]

  anyway we're giving away from the [TS]

  important parts of the plot clays play [TS]

  jason says they can't take it [TS]

  they keep taking my blood I give them [TS]

  corpuscles enough to fill a frigate i [TS]

  believe the line is mr. beard he comes [TS]

  in 22 with a big hypodermic needle that [TS]

  will see repeatedly because they only [TS]

  have the one to take more to give him [TS]

  give him drugs or to take more blood who [TS]

  knows he claims that it's to sedate him [TS]

  that it appears that the crusty old [TS]

  pirate sticks the needle directly into [TS]

  the top of camera Mitchell's head yes [TS]

  and powerful way to city is where all [TS]

  the blood is Steve that's where the [TS]

  blood that resides there heads [TS]

  yeah he spends most of his time had [TS]

  blood on screen doing a handstand just [TS]

  me you lose many percent of your blood [TS]

  through your head with your entire staff [TS]

  data is accurate but it doesn't matter [TS]

  because the good news everyone [TS]

  your request has been granted you get to [TS]

  go up to the big house and meet the [TS]

  proprietor Frankenstein island smash cut [TS]

  to proprietor Frankenstein islands it is [TS]

  one of the most amazing characters in [TS]

  this film [TS]

  Sheila Frankenstein yes that's right [TS]

  Sheila Frankenstein [TS]

  great-great-granddaughter of dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein she is a lady we're dressed [TS]

  all in black wearing a bright white wig [TS]

  it's a wave of use it some ways it is [TS]

  Aegon her neck [TS]

  it's a Jason is it one week later we [TS]

  it's two weeks it may be multiple wendys [TS]

  way to me on the back of her neck is a [TS]

  regular wake me in the top of the 242 [TS]

  things that have nothing in common [TS]

  it's a Frankenstein mullet business in [TS]

  the front party in the back and I ask a [TS]

  question the actress in this role she's [TS]

  spoken to other human beings before [TS]

  right [TS]

  she's no evidence of that in the text i [TS]

  would tell you I don't chance hammer and [TS]

  I i was confused about that [TS]

  yeah I i prefer a literal reading of [TS]

  frankincense island she has a hard time [TS]

  with dialogue [TS]

  well that's because you're dialing stuff [TS]

  like [TS]

  I'm Sheila Frankenstein but actually [TS]

  it's van Helsing I don't like my married [TS]

  name and your left to guess which is [TS]

  which I just prefer my married name yeah [TS]

  what are you talking which married name [TS]

  I van helsings her married name because [TS]

  she is the descendant of Frankenstein [TS]

  what she goes my pregnant cousin [TS]

  business going on we don't know why [TS]

  bring up the van Helsing part that just [TS]

  tell me what made you want me to call [TS]

  you [TS]

  why do you point out that we're making [TS]

  another reference to a classic monster [TS]

  yeah they're vampires later not really [TS]

  but there's meat van Helsing later [TS]

  so this actress by the way it and I use [TS]

  the term loosely because she is really [TS]

  not very good at any dialogue at all is [TS]

  actually had a career as a continuity [TS]

  coordinator for animated TV series and [TS]

  seems to have worked in animation for 10 [TS]

  or 15 years but this was one of her rare [TS]

  acting roles she also appeared by the [TS]

  way in bikini summer and the wild world [TS]

  of that woman also directly Jerry Warren [TS]

  ah and that's that's an mst3k number is [TS]

  but it also seemed director Jerry worn [TS]

  so she'll Frankenstein she is something [TS]

  she her dialogue is mysterious she [TS]

  explains a little bit about her [TS]

  backstory she married van Helsing [TS]

  apparently her great-grandfather's dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein he invented the power that [TS]

  paralyzes the arm [TS]

  ah now we know that's John Carradine [TS]

  that's who we've got a glimpse of we see [TS]

  a picture of him [TS]

  it's john carradine is dr. Frankenstein [TS]

  she says my husband channels him and so [TS]

  from from beyond the grave dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein still controls this island [TS]

  and in fact beauty says at this point [TS]

  being dead is no problem in fact it's [TS]

  just the opposite [TS]

  he's really in opposites really officer [TS]

  stopped and I also i just i I you know [TS]

  it did I found this little confusing [TS]

  because it seemed like if anybody sees [TS]

  your channel dr. Frankenstein wouldn't [TS]

  be his descendant and not the husband of [TS]

  his descendants well dr. van Helsing was [TS]

  the assistant to Frankenstein is 200 [TS]

  years old [TS]

  ok so the assistant has magic powers but [TS]

  that has nothing to do have a tight bond [TS]

  that connects them across the across the [TS]

  mad scientist [TS]

  it's like having Igor help you yeah okay [TS]

  it's great that we know who came up with [TS]

  the arm paralyzing thing it but [TS]

  everybody is why you would want to do [TS]

  that that's left is it exercise for the [TS]

  viewer [TS]

  well it's obviously let me tell you [TS]

  they're on an island full of scantily [TS]

  clad amazon's would you not want them to [TS]

  have full use of their right arm I [TS]

  didn't think so i don't know what that [TS]

  means it just reminds me of that time [TS]

  back in back in Seattle nah they just [TS]

  don't want you do the thinking of cities [TS]

  in the United States while you're using [TS]

  your right arm for some real people kept [TS]

  talking about cities while they're [TS]

  trying to do science is like that does [TS]

  it I'm shutting this down that's it and [TS]

  stop saying Miami or going to be a bit [TS]

  of a detour from my important research [TS]

  but it's I have to so she wants me to [TS]

  the break is impressed by r4 belounis I [TS]

  don't know why and says you could even [TS]

  not you you seem to have good genes you [TS]

  can impregnate the girls interesting [TS]

  offer [TS]

  what but the lackeys but who get in the [TS]

  way at one point she's gotta get out of [TS]

  my way to move aside you that she says [TS]

  they're programmed to be perfect guards [TS]

  we've made elaborate changes to them [TS]

  they have no bloodstream they have to be [TS]

  cut in half with a machine gun but they [TS]

  also their eyes are sensitive to light [TS]

  and then she takes the moniteur of their [TS]

  lab so its own except exposition islands [TS]

  so are they are the guards the worst [TS]

  zombies you guys have ever seen in a [TS]

  movie [TS]

  yes yes yeah it's just checking if there [TS]

  was a war zombie because that would be [TS]

  that would be impressive [TS]

  well compare their barely zombies but [TS]

  they are theirs on the ass they're [TS]

  clearly like they're clearly we know [TS]

  these would be zombies if we have the [TS]

  budget for them instead there guys it [TS]

  has yes I was kind of this point that [TS]

  the front sharma cabinet blue jean [TS]

  factory and less fabric because i was [TS]

  actually the the goal of all this [TS]

  because they have so many no blue jeans [TS]

  and leopard print fabrics available the [TS]

  longshoremen sweater is the blue jeans [TS]

  and a little cat stocking practice like [TS]

  a clothing manufacturer island yeah [TS]

  that's a switch hitter glasses [TS]

  yeah I also turn out the video you [TS]

  really do they do right because they're [TS]

  sensitive delight if come on larger so [TS]

  she could take them on a tour of the lab [TS]

  dots very impressed he says I it is the [TS]

  it is like a stereotypical bad movie [TS]

  science fiction lab [TS]

  it's got its got those uh it's got those [TS]

  uh those Jacobs ladders [TS]

  it's got like four Jacobs ladders [TS]

  everywhere you look there's a it's got [TS]

  its got beakers with colored water in [TS]

  them like on a start helping styling [TS]

  through tubes that it's got Spencer's [TS]

  gifts lightning machines it it yeah it's [TS]

  gotten under this mannequin leaning [TS]

  against the wall which you have Ryan it [TS]

  has a brain where your answer gets them [TS]

  from he goes to Frankenstein let him who [TS]

  make it back [TS]

  it's got a meaningless chart on the wall [TS]

  our best researchers haven't even [TS]

  dreamed of this it's a land it's been [TS]

  like turns out a landing site for an [TS]

  advanced civilization so I guess aliens [TS]

  were involved somehow [TS]

  it's crazy that it took aliens to come [TS]

  up with the idea of painting a metal [TS]

  lunchbox pink and mailing into a table [TS]

  where it could spin freely it's more of [TS]

  an ammo box than a lunch box but yes it [TS]

  is it is that's one of the machines it [TS]

  meant to be levitating because it is [TS]

  clearly not [TS]

  no i don't think so i think it's just [TS]

  spinning as mins diagonally in an [TS]

  interesting way the spinning ammo box [TS]

  it's a it's just a feature of [TS]

  Frankenstein island we meet [TS]

  oh and the brain I again I brain in a [TS]

  Tupperware or on a lunch tray depending [TS]

  on how you want to describe it but [TS]

  there's AP these or at least the top [TS]

  half of a brain is there because you [TS]

  know you just not trying something [TS]

  looking pretty much looks more like a [TS]

  pro has sort of a jello brain [TS]

  yeah it looks like somebody made a a [TS]

  jello mold brain and only fill that [TS]

  halfway up and it's ready milk and a [TS]

  little before they got it out under the [TS]

  glass if it was fake you look more like [TS]

  a brain i think what they do is get an [TS]

  actual sheep's brain and the thing to [TS]

  maintain it so just kind of flopped down [TS]

  like oh my god maybe it's Melvin's brain [TS]

  oh no the smartest character in the [TS]

  movie is dead he's okay [TS]

  Melvin's okay i think um so we finally [TS]

  meet dr. van Helsing he's very old is [TS]

  200 years old can be only one and then [TS]

  some extremely strange things happen [TS]

  like icing the actor decided to he said [TS]

  I will only do this role if I computer [TS]

  in bed the whole time right [TS]

  there's a great gun time here also i [TS]

  demand a still picture of john carradine [TS]

  on the bedside table John Carradine just [TS]

  wanted to be an entirely different sets [TS]

  the same actually it's the same to me [TS]

  and john kennedy made in the ice pirates [TS]

  where he's in bed the entire movie in [TS]

  this also yes there's a picture of dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein john carradine on here on a [TS]

  table on in his hospital bed [TS]

  facing out toward the camera so nobody [TS]

  else in the scene can see it but the [TS]

  camera can see it so we can see it isn't [TS]

  that thoughtful of them to face it out [TS]

  we have to know what dr. Frankenstein [TS]

  looks like so you'll have some clue [TS]

  what's going on when he appears yeah [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  this is visual next position now it all [TS]

  makes sense to me i look forward to [TS]

  having a clue what something means so [TS]

  here we go there we see that we see the [TS]

  Jacobs ladders then suddenly there are [TS]

  weird video game sounds and I'm not [TS]

  kidding they're totally video game sound [TS]

  lab assistant Brian Eno comes in john [TS]

  carradine appears and we get the first [TS]

  of our wonderful dialogue which is OD [TS]

  disciples of the golden thread i have [TS]

  the 12 lines for the 12 lines in the [TS]

  golden thread i have the power the power [TS]

  the power power power power power power [TS]

  power the power shall be yours [TS]

  oh you you shall have the power the Pope [TS]

  Jason if I wasn't paying super close [TS]

  attention during that scene would it be [TS]

  possible for John Kerry to his lines [TS]

  again later [TS]

  yeah that I can catch up yes he will he [TS]

  will be back [TS]

  it's on them slightly and changes them a [TS]

  little bit the next time Kyle see john [TS]

  carradine being given direction and [TS]

  looking at a director as part of the [TS]

  returned to see that we can we can do it [TS]

  may it may be the girls are dancing [TS]

  around we see the girls outside the [TS]

  dancing with the flames carrying appears [TS]

  he shall have the power again the power [TS]

  the power the power and then one of the [TS]

  two most fascinating and bizarre things [TS]

  in this in this movie that we see the [TS]

  lackeys they had they mix some potions [TS]

  the long-term lackeys they mix emotions [TS]

  of colored colored water so far speakers [TS]

  they take our land a secret cause of [TS]

  light a plastic halloween pitchfork [TS]

  trident [TS]

  yes from the drugstore from the Great [TS]

  God must be the tag video game sounds [TS]

  are playing during all of this we see a [TS]

  pit that picture of dr. Frankenstein a [TS]

  skull is superimposed on john carradine [TS]

  space flames appear in a ring around it [TS]

  and all all again all the while doobies [TS]

  yogi listeners I'm gonna tell you this [TS]

  scene is not in the TV at it if this [TS]

  point in Frankenstein's island and you [TS]

  do not have this scene stopped because [TS]

  if you're doing Frankenstein's island [TS]

  the wrong way that was why why you even [TS]

  yeah you know turn off your toes and [TS]

  that sounds really strange but would [TS]

  really be strange as if that that [TS]

  picture of john carradine was taped to [TS]

  the back of a Buddha statue for some [TS]

  writers you're really crazy it is to it [TS]

  is taped to the back of a Buddhist and [TS]

  we see the back of Buddhas head [TS]

  oh my god that are crazy and the flame [TS]

  this is where are you came up with a new [TS]

  name for the film which was plan 9 from [TS]

  outer Frankenstein work kind of [TS]

  encapsulate the key the carradine you [TS]

  know not being actually in the movie the [TS]

  whole bit to sort of hit that gel to [TS]

  that point is this where one of the [TS]

  bikini girls turns out to be able to [TS]

  breathe fire [TS]

  yes the firedance he has yeah somebody [TS]

  had a scale music and I hesitate to call [TS]

  it that over this scene and a few of the [TS]

  other scenes is so videogame asked that [TS]

  i spent like 20 minutes just trying to [TS]

  figure out if it was from a game that i [TS]

  recall because it literally sounds like [TS]

  something straight out of pac-man which [TS]

  was nineteen eighty-one but it's not but [TS]

  I feel like somewhere they believe that [TS]

  some public domain video que somebody [TS]

  had a kid's synthesizer and actually [TS]

  it's amazing [TS]

  or a computer i had actually had a [TS]

  computer at that period of time that [TS]

  could produce tones like that so [TS]

  something about a cheap computer and [TS]

  programmed it to make weird tones this [TS]

  is the sound of somebody trying to make [TS]

  three collect call [TS]

  maybe it's because it feels like this is [TS]

  like the there are these two 10-second [TS]

  moments because there's one later where [TS]

  I feel like there's another movie [TS]

  another deeply weird movie trying to get [TS]

  out of Frankenstein island and just not [TS]

  being able to it's like it tries it's [TS]

  like a forget it i give you some just [TS]

  like just like our protagonist the movie [TS]

  is stuck in Frankenstein i see i say it [TS]

  is kind of a hallmark of Jerry wardens [TS]

  career [TS]

  mm okay I've been mesmerised by this [TS]

  gift for the past two minutes straight [TS]

  I can't look away did we skip over the [TS]

  sports have no doubt and we're gonna [TS]

  take a tour and of the gardens it's [TS]

  daytime again now for some reason a [TS]

  passage of time and and it says all you [TS]

  like sports you what you want some [TS]

  sports [TS]

  we go to sports that right over that all [TS]

  over there haha ah and what is going to [TS]

  leave everybody what what sports do we [TS]

  find Tommy acid with each other walking [TS]

  the GI circling each other many for I [TS]

  appreciate several things at ma it's [TS]

  early ma it's not really you know it's [TS]

  like the ultimate ultimate not fighting [TS]

  League there's a naked dude marinating [TS]

  in a bathtub [TS]

  well yeah that's always going to keep [TS]

  him in bham yeah is that some sort of [TS]

  weird like side bet thing that's going [TS]

  on the naked dude in the tub or is that [TS]

  completely unrelated to the goon rather [TS]

  than anything it's not really a [TS]

  reoccurring part of the story that is [TS]

  never results MMA means mixed martial [TS]

  arts that means all martial arts at once [TS]

  this has no martial arts MMA so okay na [TS]

  the longshoremen RR brawling by not [TS]

  fighting just circling each other and [TS]

  that is sports on Frankenstein island [TS]

  folks I like in this scene that set [TS]

  during the day how cheap everything [TS]

  really looks really sells it like like [TS]

  the sheds that have the leaves like [TS]

  staple to them to make them more like [TS]

  huts and it's like that's just a shed [TS]

  like that really I appreciate that i [TS]

  also appreciate that Curtis who is my [TS]

  least favorite chooses the moment when [TS]

  he is surrounded by zombies and is [TS]

  literally watching zombies fight to ask [TS]

  Jacko like let's deal with the loss but [TS]

  all this is the best line in the entire [TS]

  movie so yes there they're fighting it's [TS]

  a spectacle and this is when the dude [TS]

  says hey Jacko how'd you lose the eye [TS]

  and Jaco who's who's facing away from us [TS]

  so we can't see what's under his eye [TS]

  patch lift his eye patch for the guy for [TS]

  Curt and says how do i lose me I this is [TS]

  all they left of it neighbor which does [TS]

  not answer the question [TS]

  it is not though is actually actually [TS]

  opened quite a few new because it was an [TS]

  effective technique I was like that is [TS]

  actually film technique in which we're [TS]

  imagine we have to imagine what's worse [TS]

  they're so what a pro dude check out on [TS]

  the nose with Jocko is yeah and and [TS]

  again now we have more depth on Jacko to [TS]

  go with our depth on clay Jason as [TS]

  backstory of like somebody took most of [TS]

  his eye and that was all they left of it [TS]

  and apparently he's a neighbor or [TS]

  neighborly in some way I don't really [TS]

  know how that [TS]

  works but yeah there's a bit of I left [TS]

  in their supper or something yeah season [TS]

  when you did the jungle a few minutes [TS]

  ago I got to wondering it's jacko's last [TS]

  name the bully [TS]

  Oh possibly it could be juggling his [TS]

  yeah yeah his grandson which is back in [TS]

  Southern California and unified theory [TS]

  that's good that's good [TS]

  yeah you will see where they had the [TS]

  butt party federal figures into how that [TS]

  connects somebody out there I'm sure [TS]

  somebody out there in comfortable [TS]

  listing land will make a chart like a [TS]

  skeletal related shirt that charts how [TS]

  all the movies conecto kind of dances [TS]

  like he's in a block party [TS]

  Melvin we see Melvin here Melvin dog [TS]

  he's still alive elephant's alive [TS]

  this is the part where our protagonist [TS]

  split up for nonsensical reasons and [TS]

  with no clear plan right right right so [TS]

  dogs gonna it's very Scooby dogs Doc's [TS]

  gonna hang out with Sheila Frankenstein [TS]

  Dino is talking to his girlfriend [TS]

  they're like they're like bonding he's [TS]

  got this kind of girl that he's sweet on [TS]

  from the from the bikini leopard tribe [TS]

  so they're they're kind of bonding but [TS]

  the doc is intrigued by this amazing [TS]

  totally advanced science lab that he [TS]

  wants to know more about and so he's [TS]

  he's he's getting information from from [TS]

  Sheila Frankenstein about about dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein and the the longshoremen [TS]

  are bringing in boxes we get a great cut [TS]

  away here where there is a shirtless [TS]

  asian man whose injecting a mannequin in [TS]

  its I yeah that was great [TS]

  may not also be in Tony's version i [TS]

  don't know that was in there okay with [TS]

  me I can't unsee how was your day [TS]

  volition yes you don't agree that was [TS]

  yellow minute things with like this is [TS]

  gonna build towards something and it's [TS]

  like no that is well into doing is [TS]

  actually disturbing actually maybe cool [TS]

  we do see him later that something bad [TS]

  happens to that man later [TS]

  he's the final its next Kurt during the [TS]

  flight right here with me is a yeah he [TS]

  Steve's Steve's favorite zombie we get [TS]

  it we gotta cut away to the spinning [TS]

  ammo box again so that's happening it's [TS]

  spinning yes [TS]

  it still not impressive i think this [TS]

  time you can see the guy crouch down [TS]

  underneath the to counter reading that [TS]

  yeah a dowel yeah the Dalits really [TS]

  diminishes it had drank was bad come on [TS]

  man [TS]

  he's down there Dowling now we never did [TS]

  we get a lot of information about all [TS]

  about what's happening with dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein he's sending power from the [TS]

  other realm it isn't just the power he's [TS]

  sending power from the other side back [TS]

  here that's what that's where the power [TS]

  is coming from not not just any power [TS]

  the power the power so the power here [TS]

  the power the power she'll explain you [TS]

  may have you may have heard of the [TS]

  famous Frankenstein's monster well [TS]

  unfortunately the monster my never [TS]

  developed although its strength never [TS]

  ceased so we had to chain him to the [TS]

  reef down in the grotto and and we know [TS]

  that they've seen saw something down in [TS]

  the pool form down in the cave where the [TS]

  other guys are seeing that and and john [TS]

  carradine appears again know the policy [TS]

  shall be given i should bring you the [TS]

  power the power shall be given to you he [TS]

  says john carradine says like eight [TS]

  different eight different words but uh [TS]

  he says I'm over and over again and then [TS]

  something else strange happens he [TS]

  appears and then some of the [TS]

  longshoremen electrocute they have a [TS]

  trident and they'll like electrocute one [TS]

  of the other longshoremen and he gets [TS]

  like Fang teach it's in fact yes these [TS]

  are the plastic Dracula teeth you get at [TS]

  the drugstore right next to the pitch [TS]

  for you you can directly see they're [TS]

  still connected in the back [TS]

  yeah there they have the same like that [TS]

  one trip to the 99 cent store if those [TS]

  were thing back then yeah that scene is [TS]

  not in the TV edit because it was [TS]

  disturbing smash cut to 15 seconds of a [TS]

  hypno disk [TS]

  yeah maybe that part was cut out of the [TS]

  movie and millions people actually got [TS]

  it would be hypnotized yappy just a [TS]

  safety precaution [TS]

  strangely enough that's the last thing I [TS]

  remember the movie i just woke up a few [TS]

  hours later we get for my favorite lines [TS]

  which is when the protagonist all [TS]

  deciding what to do the bossy one I [TS]

  can't remember any of their names says [TS]

  we've [TS]

  kind of rope that supports the roof of [TS]

  that Hut yes because they're going to [TS]

  build with gonna show me your moves now [TS]

  it doesn't that's not how roadworks they [TS]

  are going to build the thing they [TS]

  delegate you're going to make the alien [TS]

  bikini babes build their raft for them [TS]

  and they just loaf around the hole that [TS]

  i really want to see that hot and see [TS]

  how rope is supporting its roof [TS]

  I mean whoa whoa Monty we're gonna show [TS]

  you how its next you want to see a raft [TS]

  that we built like where does this [TS]

  entire tip number five [TS]

  yeah he's always never played Dungeons [TS]

  and Dragons Monta you know what rope is [TS]

  good for next I want a good shot of that [TS]

  building they keep going to instead of [TS]

  the dead tree in the foreground yeah [TS]

  just what I kept thinking they were [TS]

  looking at every time they were there [TS]

  yeah money if playing dnd has taught me [TS]

  anything it's that rope is a magical [TS]

  snake that is your friend does whatever [TS]

  you want and I hate you [TS]

  yeah noted they go back and visit camera [TS]

  initially the movie here this is I know [TS]

  it really hasn't been that together [TS]

  until now but this is where the movie [TS]

  really starts to just break apart into a [TS]

  series of disconnected and they revisit [TS]

  Cameron Mitchell they're walking around [TS]

  the beardy guy check catches them and [TS]

  says follow me [TS]

  Sheila Frankenstein runs into Dino and [TS]

  chastises him they confront the doc who [TS]

  says I'm talking about life you hear me [TS]

  life they get these they kidnap a girl [TS]

  to use as a test subject the order of [TS]

  these scenes is just kind of meaningless [TS]

  did I miss when van Helsing is ranting [TS]

  and he sounds like Jewish grandpa he [TS]

  morphed into a billy crystal therefore [TS]

  hot guys I the hole 0 and the thing is [TS]

  although yeah yeah I made a note that I [TS]

  rarely say this but instead of john [TS]

  kerry and they should have gotten [TS]

  criswell haha very good the future [TS]

  you're totally the future and great if [TS]

  no future [TS]

  oh this is an important scene for later [TS]

  Melvin gets the Dino's girlfriends [TS]

  pendant Dino's girlfriend is very sad [TS]

  that her friend was kidnapped by the [TS]

  lackeys this would be a great time to [TS]

  make a try to advance your relationship [TS]

  with her that that's that's that's how [TS]

  amazon's like it I like it when they're [TS]

  doing their friend has been abducted and [TS]

  probably murdered that is when they like [TS]

  being hit on is what i understand [TS]

  there's no time for that Tony because we [TS]

  gotta cut to a scene where beardy Jocko [TS]

  and a goat or talking i like that scene [TS]

  because it hasn't [TS]

  it is a goat there two drunks and a goat [TS]

  and yet this is a very moral or later [TS]

  the drunks one go-to don't dress one [TS]

  goat movie was slightly different when I [TS]

  saw the box goat [TS]

  well they then Jacko has a has a big [TS]

  laughs and says you know you've got to [TS]

  take that to the or no its beauty says [TS]

  you you you I have to take this to the [TS]

  the the house instead of and it's like [TS]

  instead of having it for dinner haha oh [TS]

  yes Jack oh it's funny but again twice [TS]

  an hour until the autopsy they've got to [TS]

  put the involving powder on the guy who [TS]

  is in the aluminum tub the body it's in [TS]

  the water and the aluminum tub which are [TS]

  reinforcing what a big plot point that [TS]

  will be [TS]

  oh yeah it's gonna be major sometimes we [TS]

  every time he reaches into that can i'm [TS]

  expecting cocaine but it's just throws [TS]

  into the thing okay that's my baby with [TS]

  whatever i'm bob is however had so much [TS]

  cocaine on the say that this is just [TS]

  like this they can throw it in the [TS]

  little tube with the the bathtub with [TS]

  the guys that have been here this is the [TS]

  extras so of things are moving fast now [TS]

  back in the lab that girl who was [TS]

  kidnapped she's dead she's uh she died [TS]

  oh and they wish we could have saved her [TS]

  yeah he's one of them a time convincing [TS]

  yeah I'm convincing yeah it's a shame we [TS]

  know there's one way you could have [TS]

  saved her and maybe just not draining [TS]

  all of her blood yeah what is an option [TS]

  that you have a think these purple [TS]

  bikini girls do you think they did that [TS]

  hammock girl just by actually tying her [TS]

  wrists and ankles to the trees let your [TS]

  dangle therefore the shot don't think [TS]

  though because that'll be really painful [TS]

  it did that there was any support they [TS]

  cut her down look it's everything Monty [TS]

  Monty that was part of the initiation [TS]

  which was an important key point that [TS]

  was totally revisited later season I had [TS]

  initiation once in toledo really part of [TS]

  an initiation that's how you got onto [TS]

  this film there were no equity your [TS]

  representatives on this test so there's [TS]

  more nonsense in with within Helsing [TS]

  though there's a lackey 1 german guy the [TS]

  guy who looks like you later bud melman [TS]

  swifty Lazar polishing some boxes [TS]

  including one of those blinking blinking [TS]

  box we saw earlier is in a stack of box [TS]

  blinking boxes that he's polishing very [TS]

  carefully which is weird he's wearing [TS]

  half sunglasses from forever 21 we get [TS]

  like [TS]

  seven minutes of scenes of him with his [TS]

  mouth open just staring gansta clatters [TS]

  on for so long I he sells me on what a [TS]

  zombie would look like when he seeing [TS]

  someone reanimated that I thought that [TS]

  was that was a solid zombie performance [TS]

  Sheila instructs them to turn on the [TS]

  secondary coil and then we see the [TS]

  spinning ammo box again this is like a [TS]

  bad extra coil and an extra Jacob's [TS]

  Ladder that's basically being turned on [TS]

  to increase the voltage or something but [TS]

  this is the point where one else gets [TS]

  very angry because I they have think [TS]

  that they don't need that Gotye they [TS]

  send Jocko and beardy away with the [TS]

  goats like we don't need any more goats [TS]

  but dr. going more adventure dr. Sheila [TS]

  Frankenstein are very proud that van [TS]

  Helsing is feeling better because of his [TS]

  blood transfusion and they gave him some [TS]

  animal blood and he gets very angry sick [TS]

  animal blood and you gave me animal [TS]

  blood and she said but I thought and he [TS]

  says you thought you're a woman you [TS]

  can't if they had read my journals you [TS]

  would know we tried this years before we [TS]

  were born and it almost killed me [TS]

  he's got 200 years of journals he's mad [TS]

  they haven't memorized that well [TS]

  survival tip don't use and good blood [TS]

  it's a replacement for your own blood he [TS]

  should have said like don't whatever you [TS]

  do know and I'm blood but instead he's [TS]

  just you totally read all my journals [TS]

  right right Sheila right to a pill that [TS]

  baby go [TS]

  no they didn't need that kills no no [TS]

  they killed other goods know there's [TS]

  other goods that deco they sent back [TS]

  there is no we don't need that go we got [TS]

  all the goat blood we need you can send [TS]

  out a way to go back to the chef yeah [TS]

  actually looking Jacqueline drunkenly [TS]

  wrangle a goat are actually was beardy [TS]

  that had to wrangle to go was just to [TS]

  keep him occupied there really is no [TS]

  reason to make him go out and get it now [TS]

  now they want to send a message to that [TS]

  go they looked they brought into the lab [TS]

  and said look at them this is what you [TS]

  did to them [TS]

  yeah we're encouraging lasota the goats [TS]

  are going to [TS]

  are going to [TS]

  I'm be extinct soon on this island yeah [TS]

  that go ahead kids it's boo boo but I [TS]

  was not a goat so I didn't have to be [TS]

  cows so John Carradine appears and this [TS]

  is one of his better uh appearances he [TS]

  uh he declares many things here [TS]

  what sort of think Jason he says Oh [TS]

  disciples in between the lines oh ye of [TS]

  the golden thread he shall have its [TS]

  power its power its paw our rocket power [TS]

  yeah it's the golden thread the 12 lines [TS]

  how the strength to lower the strength [TS]

  of the power and the strength of our the [TS]

  power know the power of what seemed like [TS]

  a laundry detergent commercial you have [TS]

  the power the power to remove stains [TS]

  from loading oh the golden thread is [TS]

  stained but the power may remove the [TS]

  stain from the golden thread sweetie the [TS]

  watch as I must get out of lines of tied [TS]

  on this the power competition [TS]

  this may be a bad time to ask this [TS]

  question but what is what is the intent [TS]

  of Frankenstein and van Helsing is there [TS]

  actually something I missed or did the [TS]

  director and writer simply miss [TS]

  expressing there's nothing actually you [TS]

  mean like what motives but what [TS]

  motivates the characters well they're [TS]

  they're continuing what's the outcome i [TS]

  think they're continuing their their [TS]

  experiments i think that's the idea is [TS]

  that the scientific experiments on the [TS]

  island are continuing and they're trying [TS]

  to I forget whether they're trying to [TS]

  bridge the gap to the afterlife or [TS]

  whether they're just creating new life [TS]

  or something like that it's science it's [TS]

  science stuff just increasing human [TS]

  achievement is there's also a hatch and [TS]

  they have to like change in numbers and [TS]

  yeah something like that and now a movie [TS]

  a little bear you see Glenn nearly all [TS]

  men can stand adversity but if you want [TS]

  to test a man's character give him power [TS]

  from the power of the power I was a [TS]

  little of frightened by the signs but [TS]

  then i remembered sciences never [TS]

  frightened sciences we are writing we [TS]

  learned a lot from these films I jaco is [TS]

  singing drunkenly I enjoyed that seen a [TS]

  lot choco just does things for a little [TS]

  while for no reason [TS]

  jaco what other reason do you need I was [TS]

  jogging [TS]

  yeah that's exactly right John Kerry [TS]

  reappears I give the power of this [TS]

  thread you shall have what we wish show [TS]

  the power [TS]

  they'll cameron mitchell is no longer in [TS]

  his cell because they're taking his [TS]

  blood 24 bond Helsing the body that [TS]

  we've been putting in body in bombing [TS]

  powered powder on every couple of hours [TS]

  sits up he's done and what I'm in the [TS]

  oven one of the girls screams he's a [TS]

  he's got a moustache and a ponytail [TS]

  which would make me scream if I if that [TS]

  guy set up this is an important point it [TS]

  establishes that one amazon is jittery [TS]

  and screams she doesn't mind being [TS]

  kidnapped for scientific experiments but [TS]

  oh my god dude taking about if we will [TS]

  never see that guy again that is the end [TS]

  of that story arc right there so i hope [TS]

  you enjoy this jet embalming powder guy [TS]

  in an aluminum tub number three that's a [TS]

  rabbit its wrapper tub guy [TS]

  good job guy I just can't go over there [TS]

  to pick up your check [TS]

  I'm kidding there's no chance haha get [TS]

  the back of the pickup truck to be going [TS]

  back to civilization [TS]

  my buddies are on a quest to get machine [TS]

  guns they know there must be machine [TS]

  guns out there because Sheila [TS]

  Frankenstein was strangely specific in [TS]

  saying that the only way to handle the [TS]

  zombie lackeys is to cut them in half [TS]

  with machine guns right down the middle [TS]

  which seems like a real logical leap to [TS]

  me but they have decided they are [TS]

  totally gonna look for machine guns and [TS]

  then they try to explain to the girls in [TS]

  the leopard skin bikinis what a machine [TS]

  gun is by saying it's about this long [TS]

  shoot bullets in my baby has not heard [TS]

  of a machine gun [TS]

  Curtis is just completely flabbergasted [TS]

  by that I think that there's a lot you [TS]

  can say about this part of the movie i [TS]

  mean i feel like i'm nothing that would [TS]

  be less daring would insist that there [TS]

  be some kind of discussion of a plan or [TS]

  what the current motivation of the [TS]

  protagonist is but like know these guys [TS]

  are just they're you know they're not [TS]

  going to have a conversation this is [TS]

  gonna wander into danger with from [TS]

  unclear what they're trying to do or [TS]

  accomplish their plan was to get a [TS]

  machine gun man and cut across and cut [TS]

  uh zombie lackeys in half that's their [TS]

  plan a real go-getters you know what [TS]

  they wanted to tell starters [TS]

  yeah and obviously then perhaps they'll [TS]

  make a will take those half of zombies [TS]

  and left them together and make a raft [TS]

  who's that they might I thought this [TS]

  point wasn't the raft finished that we [TS]

  know that they finished the raft and [TS]

  then they go down to say hey let's go on [TS]

  the raft [TS]

  and beauty dude says not now come back [TS]

  tomorrow and then all this other crap [TS]

  together they get mad and they get mad [TS]

  doc because he's basically in any way in [TS]

  with with Sheila Frankenstein at this [TS]

  point mhm and there and there about to [TS]

  there about to confront him once they [TS]

  get the machine gun and then they they [TS]

  begin their assault on the and stuff [TS]

  happens off-screen here that we never [TS]

  get to see but they begin the assault on [TS]

  the house that I and well I don't know I [TS]

  kind of would like to see means amies [TS]

  get cut in half with the a Gatling gun [TS]

  from the Civil War but it doesn't happen [TS]

  yeah that's called the economics of [TS]

  storytelling you probably also would [TS]

  want to see people actually break down a [TS]

  door [TS]

  I mean what do you want to see that [TS]

  where do you want to see Frank inside [TS]

  because you don't have a choice you're [TS]

  gonna see Frankie Stein we can't afford [TS]

  to fire this thing [TS]

  yeah yeah so I so they do the girl the [TS]

  girlfriend of of Dino finds the dead [TS]

  girl who was kidnapped and drained her [TS]

  blood drained and she screams screams [TS]

  alert beardy who catches her [TS]

  oh man that's my favorite bit to what do [TS]

  you like that because beardy hugs her [TS]

  and then he turns to the camera and [TS]

  gives this unbelievable cheesy great [TS]

  yeah like I'm so not seen and i just i [TS]

  laughed a little bit that's pretty [TS]

  that's very also that's great that's not [TS]

  a good way to running itself integrity a [TS]

  stealth attack on on Frankenstein manner [TS]

  is to just scream when you see a dead [TS]

  body but that's what she does matter is [TS]

  again period he brings her in she could [TS]

  be the second transfusion because I of [TS]

  course uh Cameron Mitchell is already [TS]

  there giving his blood drained [TS]

  it's perfect because they built two [TS]

  different transfusion ramps in that set [TS]

  and so it's perfect that they could have [TS]

  a second character lay down on one [TS]

  it's as if that was all meant to be [TS]

  Cameron Mitchell recognizes her as his [TS]

  daughter plot twist don't need a plot [TS]

  before you can have it with a trip [TS]

  sometime you just can you say twist and [TS]

  then we'll edit that back area so it's [TS]

  just sit in it in a shocking twist how [TS]

  about that I allow it allows yes so [TS]

  she's his daughter turns out he hasn't [TS]

  been on the island for hundreds of years [TS]

  in fact it's probably more like 15 or 20 [TS]

  because he recognizes his daughter who [TS]

  apparently he came ashore with and she [TS]

  was then raised by the [TS]

  tribe of the of the bikini ladies [TS]

  apparently she's the only non alien of [TS]

  them i guess or something [TS]

  yes so which means her blood is going to [TS]

  be ineffective in the in the transfusion [TS]

  i would think but it doesn't really [TS]

  matter he reveals that he says father [TS]

  he's her father who told you the story [TS]

  of the sea think child they slowed the [TS]

  heavy at this point very exciting moment [TS]

  the assault on the lab takes place where [TS]

  the door opens and very slowly [TS]

  our heroes lug in a giant machine gun [TS]

  and walk right in the room and set it [TS]

  down in the corner and and not say [TS]

  anything and i think that may be the [TS]

  worst shot in the entire movie because [TS]

  it's entirely unclear why they did that [TS]

  what their motivation is if the other [TS]

  characters don't know how to react and [TS]

  everything after that is especially [TS]

  convoluted because you don't know what's [TS]

  going on [TS]

  it's almost like if there had been one [TS]

  or two lines of dialogue we might have [TS]

  understood what was going to happen here [TS]

  they're hoping some zombies walking from [TS]

  the machine gun and then they will cut [TS]

  them down [TS]

  yeah i think that the EU gotta live in [TS]

  hope right you gotta live in hope and so [TS]

  here that's the plan but yeah it isn't [TS]

  completely shot it's a wide shot they [TS]

  come in [TS]

  nobody tries to stop them they've got [TS]

  this huge machine gun problem that they [TS]

  carry across the room and set it down [TS]

  I and nothing and again no dialogue no [TS]

  you know we're here to save you or [TS]

  anything and then make sure get up [TS]

  against the wall because you know we [TS]

  will try to in half with this machine [TS]

  gun that we've got I have a proposal to [TS]

  make this seem more exciting [TS]

  I don't think that's a prop I think [TS]

  that's an actual machine gun and I [TS]

  choose to believe it was loaded the [TS]

  whole time that works for me doesn't add [TS]

  to the drama of the scene but in the [TS]

  reality of the actors the only reason i [TS]

  disagree with You Monty is because [TS]

  there's obviously no emotion in the [TS]

  actors whatsoever so can agree with you [TS]

  there [TS]

  well they've been shooting this movie [TS]

  for like 12 hours at this point so [TS]

  drained of all energy and blood just [TS]

  like the zombies that are very meekly [TS]

  trying to break down the door which it [TS]

  really just helps keep the kind of [TS]

  knocking loudly but this is the only [TS]

  time they actually felt like zombies to [TS]

  me this is this [TS]

  meet at the beginning of a zombie movie [TS]

  where they can't break through anything [TS]

  right yeah he's level ones all these [TS]

  Raymond alright what else happens here [TS]

  let's see the Gatling gun is brought in [TS]

  we there's a really prominent thing on [TS]

  the side of the wall that's a chart for [TS]

  the brainwave sink that I want to [TS]

  mention because that's just a great [TS]

  chart the brainwaves think it's going up [TS]

  bring week's ink really just get better [TS]

  and better man yeah our technology just [TS]

  improved by leaps and bounds the meter [TS]

  was just so hot you couldn't believe it [TS]

  there weren't able to get readings like [TS]

  that on their meter somewhere around [TS]

  here someone says please if he doesn't [TS]

  have blood [TS]

  he'll die which does not actually [TS]

  uniquely described anybody like I'm not [TS]

  a two-hundred-year-old scientists [TS]

  assistant but I also i think need blood [TS]

  uh I mean if I medical establishment can [TS]

  be trusted [TS]

  yeah i mean i haven't met you Monty but [TS]

  you seem like you've got at least a [TS]

  little bit of blood you that you're [TS]

  relying heavily on that is to say okay [TS]

  what was like this all day today they [TS]

  tell us Rob signs monster off-screen [TS]

  they they say that they cut five of the [TS]

  long term and zombies 2 into 2 pieces [TS]

  with the machine gun but we don't see [TS]

  that part or hear it at least [TS]

  well no because the machine gun is [TS]

  jammed and they cut to a close up of the [TS]

  woman holding up the bullets to go into [TS]

  the machine gun and no wonder it's [TS]

  jammed the hand is in the way move your [TS]

  freedom and Zoning woman she didn't even [TS]

  know what its machine gun looked like [TS]

  until a few minutes but ever since like [TS]

  this long and shoots bullets were you [TS]

  talking about Sheila freaking slips out [TS]

  the back door she turns on all of the [TS]

  electrical things put in your contacts a [TS]

  really weird like grin on her face and [TS]

  put in the weird eye contacts and dr. [TS]

  Frankenstein appears and then he says [TS]

  like an incantation this is like Oh [TS]

  grant that he be freed free do you can [TS]

  be freed strength upon the name of the [TS]

  golden thread ye shall have strength and [TS]

  has written down jason i really hope you [TS]

  took some notes yeah although i could [TS]

  probably get out i was concerned that [TS]

  was a memory I could probably do it from [TS]

  memory to honestly I didn't write it [TS]

  down to it challenged right now in fact [TS]

  at one point in in a cave he has a [TS]

  moment where you can see that he sort of [TS]

  like mhm uh he like lyricist [TS]

  wrote a little bit span and they use [TS]

  that is fine why not [TS]

  and Frankenstein's monster appears yeah [TS]

  and we are treated to a montage of him [TS]

  trying to get the hell out of the case [TS]

  so it's in for a long time he he like is [TS]

  in the cave he's got to get out john [TS]

  carradine talk to him [TS]

  there's ok the second weird scene [TS]

  happens we're in this one second [TS]

  john carradine a it like looks around a [TS]

  sort of happy with himself that he's [TS]

  woken up some frankincense monster and [TS]

  then we see like a an image of Jupiter [TS]

  and some other planets and these hands [TS]

  are like making a little hand gesture [TS]

  like jazz hands and they're red and then [TS]

  your green and then there's a picture of [TS]

  an eye and a ring of flames around it [TS]

  all again with the video game sounds and [TS]

  Frankenstein appears and and wanders [TS]

  away [TS]

  that's pretty standard stuff when you're [TS]

  releasing the monster from the pool in [TS]

  the cave I mean I've always happens now [TS]

  that that Lagoon is a long way away but [TS]

  it wouldn't mean Frankenstein thankfully [TS]

  will be able to get across the island [TS]

  pretty quickly even though whenever we [TS]

  see Frankenstein he's really having [TS]

  trouble getting across was just waving [TS]

  his hands and very slowly moving but [TS]

  there's other things happening while we [TS]

  while we're watching his progress we're [TS]

  also we see they try to they try to do [TS]

  some tough love with doc who's been [TS]

  doped up by sheila Frankenstein they say [TS]

  you gotta you gotta snap out of it [TS]

  she'll Frankenstein offers to release [TS]

  their friends but then she just leaves [TS]

  the room at that point and turns on a [TS]

  bunch of things that make doc kind of [TS]

  crazy a little bit [TS]

  Jocko appears at this point and he waits [TS]

  a silent it's a fairly silence he wakes [TS]

  up he's kind of getting his life [TS]

  together [TS]

  he cackles one last time and then goes [TS]

  to put the embalming powder on the guy [TS]

  who sat up earlier and is immediately [TS]

  strangled to death by Frankenstein he [TS]

  was passing by very quickly [TS]

  yeah Jason he died doing what he loved [TS]

  laughing and click the guy playing [TS]

  Frankenstein's monster is Frankenstein [TS]

  it up so hard in this movement yeah his [TS]

  elbows never bend his knees never been [TS]

  it's lurchers a lot of you know [TS]

  wow there's a lot of dropped plot [TS]

  threads in frankincense island but i [TS]

  think the biggest failure of delivery is [TS]

  that Frankenstein this establishes this [TS]

  unstoppable force of nature and he is [TS]

  not as threatening when you put him in a [TS]

  seat with other people and I thought [TS]

  that was that yeah once he's in the lab [TS]

  there's a huge fight going on and he [TS]

  just stayed in the middle of it waving [TS]

  his hands back and forth never touching [TS]

  anybody until the guy like runs into his [TS]

  arms and yes he's the one guy the show [TS]

  trying to open up a mosh pit and it's [TS]

  embarrassing [TS]

  oh it's basically GOG in this movement [TS]

  waves his arms around you actually have [TS]

  to put you on your back with your right [TS]

  arm in order to get yourself killed save [TS]

  that is unfair but accurate so we've [TS]

  reached the big the big fight scene [TS]

  there's a the the Frankenstein barges in [TS]

  on the on the lab the Gatling gun is [TS]

  jammed so Frankenstein begins to attack [TS]

  he knocked over some stuff flips over a [TS]

  table real good there would be a [TS]

  fantastic gift of it and flipping a tail [TS]

  interested in an image object must die [TS]

  here is a fight with lackeys where for a [TS]

  very long time all we really see is like [TS]

  the feet of our heroes and the lackeys [TS]

  and they're like legs as they do a [TS]

  little dance as if they're fighting but [TS]

  we don't see a lot of it there is a wide [TS]

  shot there's a there's some there's some [TS]

  punches Kurt gets in some some cool like [TS]

  jiu-jitsu kicks that he learned down at [TS]

  the mall think there's a cave girl who [TS]

  watch it on Amazon who watches curtain [TS]

  to his karate kicks and then learns from [TS]

  which this has to be the worst way to [TS]

  learn how to do a karate campus and [TS]

  watching Kurt do it but she learns to do [TS]

  a critique it and like and mirrors it [TS]

  and then his karate kicking people yeah [TS]

  kind of [TS]

  half-heartedly there's a deleted scene [TS]

  in the movie black dynamite my favorite [TS]

  comedies dynamite in which all of the [TS]

  former prostitute sex i think their [TS]

  current prostitutes start karate [TS]

  fighting in a banquet and they're just [TS]

  kind of moving their hands back and [TS]

  forth in purposely cheesy chopping [TS]

  motions and this somehow looks worse [TS]

  than that deliberately terrible fight [TS]

  now it's too it's terrible either the [TS]

  things I like in this but are the the [TS]

  shots of the legs going back and forth [TS]

  are [TS]

  are hilarious because it's just like [TS]

  suffice it to say that they're [TS]

  struggling and we're not going to show [TS]

  any of it but my birthing it is what [TS]

  Frankenstein does because he's wandering [TS]

  around waving his arms he does [TS]

  beardy runs into him and he kills beardy [TS]

  that that is a thing that happens and [TS]

  then any truest measure of a low-budget [TS]

  film he picks up a glass and hurls it [TS]

  against a wall smashing it very [TS]

  dramatically and then he knocks over the [TS]

  entire table that the class was on now [TS]

  what's on that table plastic stuff [TS]

  because they could really only afford to [TS]

  break one item the rest of the stuff [TS]

  they need to need to return to the [TS]

  owners so he flips over that table and [TS]

  nothing breaks because it's all just [TS]

  like plastic jugs and cups now my [TS]

  favorite part of the fight scene is that [TS]

  Melvin wanders he does wags his tail and [TS]

  then leighannsays what are you guys [TS]

  doing okay cool i'll be out here [TS]

  just water's out over and asked for a [TS]

  new generation that was great that is [TS]

  legitimately great that Melvin comes in [TS]

  and we follow him around a little bit [TS]

  and then he goes back away best actor in [TS]

  the movie they say pin-to-pin [TS]

  longshoremen guy down on the on the [TS]

  blood board and there's something really [TS]

  weird happened to a low Lackey has the [TS]

  the plastic halloween Trident pitchfork [TS]

  and and waves it over one of the Amazons [TS]

  turning her into having those halloween [TS]

  fangs but that's okay because then they [TS]

  shoot her with a like disintegration gun [TS]

  and she glows and vanishes and then they [TS]

  shoot another any more of a [TS]

  disintegration cardboard do it is a to [TS]

  it is a tube and pop a little puff of a [TS]

  powder comes out of it and she [TS]

  disappears in the holster arrived in a [TS]

  couple of days before shootings and then [TS]

  another one they shoot they should [TS]

  another girl with that which is [TS]

  interesting because we've seen nothing [TS]

  of this disintegration weapon before but [TS]

  they've they've got out now [TS]

  now the asian man we saw earlier with a [TS]

  hypodermic needle in the mannequins I [TS]

  he's going to use Hyper needle to kill [TS]

  one of the one of the girls but he [TS]

  stopped by the girl who's the snake [TS]

  dancer [TS]

  this appears to be shot in an entirely [TS]

  different location at a completely [TS]

  different time you make a mistake and a [TS]

  spider because that's what happens is [TS]

  she shows him her it her garter snake [TS]

  he's terrified he slowly lowers himself [TS]

  to the floor and she very clumsily puts [TS]

  a tarantula on here [TS]

  his chest and then lowers the snake down [TS]

  toward the tarantula [TS]

  suffice it to say we never see him again [TS]

  so that must have been fatal somehow [TS]

  that's how you kill someone yeah that's [TS]

  how it works snake and it's taking [TS]

  spider together a deadly combination [TS]

  I don't have any problem with that yeah [TS]

  Frankenstein knocks over a shelf and now [TS]

  Sheila Frankenstein is worried because [TS]

  the brain the brain in the tupperware is [TS]

  going to be destroyed but dr. van [TS]

  Helsing says it don't worry about it [TS]

  honey if the brain is damaged another [TS]

  one will activate in seconds of the [TS]

  bracket the backup brain was here and [TS]

  bring years ago just in case of this [TS]

  very eventualities at which point the [TS]

  brain kind of explodes in a puff of [TS]

  small hole before that when when he's [TS]

  explaining that in this is my second [TS]

  favorite were shot of the movie after [TS]

  the reading it running into the lab with [TS]

  machine-gun clumsily is he explains that [TS]

  expositional e2 Sheila Frankenstein and [TS]

  then we slowly pan over to show one [TS]

  amazon who overhears that was just [TS]

  ending is fixing it so that it can be [TS]

  repeated least explain it later that's [TS]

  right so she's overheard it it's true [TS]

  the brain explodes podcast is brought to [TS]

  you by back brain on fast unwanted on [TS]

  throttled bring backup you have a backup [TS]

  brain Frankenstein and the lackeys all [TS]

  collapse when the brain explodes and the [TS]

  girl who just overheard that statement [TS]

  says oh there's a backup brain it'll [TS]

  activate in minutes you must go now take [TS]

  the raft and go and bring back help [TS]

  was it clear again I saw the TV and it [TS]

  maybe it was hazy not because nobody was [TS]

  there any explanation for why the brain [TS]

  explodes they bumped it i think that was [TS]

  that there's fighting around it and it [TS]

  can fit and it exploded ok it's an [TS]

  expression room with like six Jacob's [TS]

  Ladder is going at all times okay things [TS]

  are going to explore yeah they should [TS]

  have put that brain like in a sturdy r [TS]

  pedestal high green that the just [TS]

  putting it under under glass is not [TS]

  probably was not probably the way to go [TS]

  so so they have to leave and so the girl [TS]

  explains this and then kisses Kurt which [TS]

  is not a relationship that they had [TS]

  built up throughout the movie at all so [TS]

  I guess ok ok here in a moment even even [TS]

  you know in the middle of a giant zombie [TS]

  prank inside fight even current looks [TS]

  like an attractive person how can you [TS]

  not [TS]

  this corrects my question is not [TS]

  infringe easily send Jason that is [TS]

  that's the definition of fog before [TS]

  right there ok thanks crazy happen all [TS]

  right [TS]

  mistakes were made you know wants to [TS]

  take his girlfriend with him but she [TS]

  can't leave because her she's learned [TS]

  that does jason jason has her own father [TS]

  so she has to stay and deals like okay [TS]

  and then they leave [TS]

  see babe smash cut city thanks for being [TS]

  my Island squeeze i'm out here chasing [TS]

  are you sure that smash but there might [TS]

  be like a really long extended scenes [TS]

  showing them getting on a raft perhaps [TS]

  to see the RAF know I've agency managers [TS]

  got to do something that might be san [TS]

  diego or something similar a port city [TS]

  it is a room and then my mother so [TS]

  there's an establishing shot of a port [TS]

  city and then we cut to is there [TS]

  yeah yeah there's a there's a step and [TS]

  sharper that and then we're in military [TS]

  office where a military man in khakis [TS]

  will call him the colonel is sitting [TS]

  he's been site he signed up to be into [TS]

  scenes this is a another character actor [TS]

  who was a bunch of TV and he said [TS]

  alright I'll Jerry war and i'll be in [TS]

  your movie i if I'm only into sickness [TS]

  and one of them is outside get off my [TS]

  lawn and then we'll burn the pictures [TS]

  right [TS]

  sure this is the scene is great it's got [TS]

  a great typewriter sound effect going on [TS]

  through the entire scene which I thought [TS]

  I just really appreciated clackety clack [TS]

  clack clack the whole time and they try [TS]

  to prove to the to the colonel that it's [TS]

  real and he doesn't really believe [TS]

  they're ridiculous story but this is [TS]

  this is my favorite part he can't brush [TS]

  off the reality of that raft those long [TS]

  is long interval they're rooted in the [TS]

  ground [TS]

  oh wow and and there was a book in there [TS]

  were your door handle the rest [TS]

  it's so good it's see comfortable circle [TS]

  graphs graphs explain everything the [TS]

  craftsmanship of this raft is only [TS]

  explainable by Amazonian aliens I must [TS]

  see these Amazonian alien now had you [TS]

  for yahoo has arrived on my Shore into [TS]

  my base with some sort of inflatable [TS]

  raft I wouldn't have bought over a [TS]

  second but since it's made of logs and [TS]

  then introduction looks up because it's [TS]

  a lovely raft but what happened to the [TS]

  inflatable when I gave you [TS]

  mm it's a good question they have no [TS]

  answer that but but [TS]

  you know there's a reason as one of our [TS]

  hero says so much has happened to that [TS]

  the mind can't catalog it I i had that [TS]

  problem too [TS]

  I know what they nobody rejects a pose [TS]

  missing [TS]

  can you imagine the colonel they're big [TS]

  they're literally having to explain the [TS]

  plot of Frankenstein I went to this man [TS]

  in order to get him to send a ship back [TS]

  to the island and they can't do it's a [TS]

  good thing they've got some logs to make [TS]

  up the story i'd seriously is naturally [TS]

  skeptical and then they poked this guy [TS]

  in a sweater and a beanie and fangs grew [TS]

  out of his face it was really weird the [TS]

  first time you went to the cave you saw [TS]

  this guy's face [TS]

  what was it subliminal or no no no it [TS]

  was just long enough we could see it [TS]

  so why did that happen I will find out [TS]

  but you could just see the log do we [TS]

  tell you about the power of the [TS]

  paralyzes the army yeah yeah I don't [TS]

  believe how much this Miami 00 it [TS]

  doesn't work here you know this guy in [TS]

  the bathtub that popped up that just [TS]

  sounds crazy but these logs are tangible [TS]

  so cut smash cut again to back to the [TS]

  island are four guys and the colonel and [TS]

  a bunch of guys who are also parts of [TS]

  the military and i say that because [TS]

  they're wearing all of jackets and [TS]

  pajamas and pajamas and de facto [TS]

  military guys ever also point out that [TS]

  this the the road the the metal robot [TS]

  that they're getting out of is alway up [TS]

  on the beach and I don't believe they [TS]

  would all have fit in it but whatever [TS]

  its military training I i said on one on [TS]

  this lab I'm sure uh they they go into [TS]

  the island to go through the caves [TS]

  there's a very long amount of time where [TS]

  they want walking back along the beach [TS]

  and through the caves again it was a [TS]

  nice callback to the very beginning of [TS]

  the movie remember these memorable [TS]

  location yeah oh yeah they go back out [TS]

  there the girls hearts were gone are [TS]

  gone they were right there and now we [TS]

  see the reason that dead tree was in the [TS]

  shot in front of the house every time [TS]

  was so they could have a shot of it now [TS]

  where it's in the in the shot and [TS]

  there's no house behind Monty every [TS]

  single time I think the shot is of the [TS]

  triumph I know nothing its compact I'm [TS]

  saying that they did that was what he [TS]

  was trying to set up there but now [TS]

  there's no house there and and the and [TS]

  the colonel at this point is I can you [TS]

  guys all hallucinate this in spite of [TS]

  the fact that they're all looking at a [TS]

  very casual dead tree and there's and [TS]

  there's logs but with the logs and see [TS]

  you can't just walk away and the colonel [TS]

  says just walk away and he walks away [TS]

  no no that's that's actually that's a [TS]

  stage direction sir [TS]

  nevermind and they're very upset how [TS]

  could we have elucidated this meanwhile [TS]

  the the so-called soldiers and the [TS]

  colonel are leaving like are they [TS]

  leaving their own the island are they [TS]

  gonna go back with them it's unclear but [TS]

  they they're a very concerned how could [TS]

  we have gone through all this for grown [TS]

  men and hey Melvin and Melvin the dog [TS]

  appears to prove it was not all just a [TS]

  hallucination and he brings back with [TS]

  you and the medallion of Dino's [TS]

  girlfriend so it's not everyone sort of [TS]

  high-fives because this proves nothing [TS]

  no but they may have just imagined it [TS]

  imagined it all except for the medallion [TS]

  that they found when they were it's you [TS]

  know it's a little better still a better [TS]

  in England lost so oh well hot take this [TS]

  exam i just watched Frankenstein island [TS]

  I'm i may not be upright mind so but [TS]

  they're like oh well it turns out we [TS]

  didn't imagine it because this medallion [TS]

  totally proves everything really [TS]

  happened let's very slowly walk away and [TS]

  occasionally stop so that we can be in a [TS]

  wide shot of the whole valley where this [TS]

  movie was shot and that's the end of [TS]

  Frankenstein island folks what happened [TS]

  to Frankenstein tho have been Helsing [TS]

  what happened to Sheila Frankenstein [TS]

  where they going next [TS]

  you know who my Frankenstein will be [TS]

  back [TS]

  no the director dies well but I mean the [TS]

  character will be back they couldn't [TS]

  quite kill the intellectual property [TS]

  m250 and they tried yeah thanks i will [TS]

  be back in any good friends so it's [TS]

  gonna be Frankenstein island to backup [TS]

  brain is water will be called and and [TS]

  Frankenstein's monster will be out and [TS]

  about and Shiites peninsula she can [TS]

  steal a Frankenstein will have get out [TS]

  her second best bottle of brandy do [TS]

  seems less than sad that his alien baby [TS]

  girl [TS]

  and has disappeared well so I felt bad [TS]

  for Dino because he's he's I mean I [TS]

  think they're all wearing the same [TS]

  wardrobe because they only have one [TS]

  change of clothes out the entire movie [TS]

  but his is the most conspicuously he's [TS]

  still wearing his Christian yea even [TS]

  after he's been rescued and then [TS]

  returned to the island yeah that's right [TS]

  he chooses to wear that haha i think [TS]

  it's like Linus and his security blanket [TS]

  that's his blankie from when he was [TS]

  living at me again [TS]

  ok so so this is Frankenstein island [TS]

  what did you all think I've been [TS]

  watching this movie every now and then [TS]

  since I was in high school [TS]

  tell me how you tell me how you feel now [TS]

  that you've seen Frankenstein island [TS]

  where does it hurt [TS]

  show me on the show me on the movie [TS]

  where you at where where to start this [TS]

  had worse drum circles than burning man [TS]

  you know what I there's so many little [TS]

  bits and pieces of this movie that [TS]

  filled me with delight and yet they were [TS]

  strung together by these interminable [TS]

  scenes of these for dorks tiptoeing [TS]

  through the shrub yeah through the brush [TS]

  walking very slowly through a dark cave [TS]

  I feel like this could have been an [TS]

  almost perfect [TS]

  I don't want to use good bad but it you [TS]

  know just kind of a cheeseball fun movie [TS]

  to watch head they may be cut it down by [TS]

  like 20 minutes and remove some of the [TS]

  interminable loping around the island [TS]

  kind of stuff so perhaps you would you [TS]

  prefer that they follow this up with a [TS]

  prequel movie that's more just Jacko [TS]

  focused [TS]

  yeah I'm up for that choco choco tacos [TS]

  origin yeah how he lost the I there's no [TS]

  reason to believe that choco couldn't be [TS]

  back in a sequel [TS]

  oh yeah no he died one well-read recent [TS]

  realization [TS]

  it's no use character she was gently [TS]

  manhandled by Frank has done has not [TS]

  have very good control of his arms [TS]

  morally certain that choco is he's doing [TS]

  fine i think this movie was about [TS]

  bringing people back from the dead that [TS]

  somebody said something about that at [TS]

  some yeah that's true about Frankenstein [TS]

  and Jocko go up it's all your buddy [TS]

  comedy [TS]

  yeah that they go to White Castle [TS]

  Frankenstein says rare and Jocko goes [TS]

  haha these two moves into the macarena [TS]

  and doesn't know what to do next [TS]

  yeah I you know I I wanted to [TS]

  to love the movie and I can understand [TS]

  why you do having seen it earlier in [TS]

  life but just there's so much tedium and [TS]

  I know but this is this is the thing [TS]

  Steve is is I I'm not I i absolutely i'm [TS]

  not making the case that this is the [TS]

  most fun bad movie to watch [TS]

  I think this is the worst badly i think [TS]

  there are things in it like you I think [TS]

  you you nailed it [TS]

  there are things in it that are [TS]

  amazingly terrible and funny and it is [TS]

  also so incompetently done that there [TS]

  are long stretches where you just wish [TS]

  for death and for me that is what a [TS]

  perfect bad movie should be your death [TS]

  and then reanimation i have we just have [TS]

  slightly different definitions of what [TS]

  makes something bad movie but I I [TS]

  understand where you're coming from [TS]

  again I don't think this is a good bad [TS]

  movie this is a this is this is a bad [TS]

  bad movie with good about [TS]

  mind-bogglingly good things in it [TS]

  occasionally and that's because they [TS]

  sprinkle on the imploding powder every [TS]

  couple of hours i think i think maybe I [TS]

  just need to watch it five or six more [TS]

  times for it to get its hooks into maybe [TS]

  really maybe the last third was worth [TS]

  the first no hour or so of bullcrap [TS]

  oh I don't know yeah that's probably [TS]

  have sprinkled pretty liberally [TS]

  throughout the entire run time I like a [TS]

  good lab with wood paneling [TS]

  oh yeah the lab and the neck wig I think [TS]

  probably eliminate this group [TS]

  yeah i mean any scene with the plastic [TS]

  pitchfork is okay in my book [TS]

  if the video game music is playing I'm [TS]

  fully on well yeah and and i'm a fan of [TS]

  random carradine his dialogue is [TS]

  fascinating he has he has one scene [TS]

  where he's just all its it's so it's so [TS]

  bizarre it's like Oh disciples of the [TS]

  twelve lines and children [TS]

  you shall be burnished and and your [TS]

  children shall be excoriated envy and he [TS]

  just goes on and on and it doesn't make [TS]

  any sense [TS]

  I think he's ad-libbing yeah i think so [TS]

  I don't think that's very much his yes [TS]

  kind of [TS]

  yeah i would give good odds that that [TS]

  was actually recorded for a completely [TS]

  different movie that actually had [TS]

  something to do with the power that's [TS]

  awesome would not be surprised it's [TS]

  possible that's not a he-man movie now [TS]

  that's never a favorite of the jury [TS]

  Warren's style is coming up [TS]

  things and mixing and matching and using [TS]

  footage from other things so that is [TS]

  totally possible so yeah any other [TS]

  thoughts about Frankenstein island it is [TS]

  a bet is a it as all great bad movies [TS]

  are I would say it is a it is [TS]

  incompetently made it's not like [TS]

  something like kool Kat save the kids [TS]

  were you have to ask if the person has [TS]

  ever actually seen a film Jerry [TS]

  warranted clearly seen films but still [TS]

  it is spectacular and competence and [TS]

  especially i would say its disregard for [TS]

  any internal logic like the script does [TS]

  not seem to care about anything they [TS]

  just throw everything in and add [TS]

  dialogue and they just it doesn't care [TS]

  it doesn't care if it makes sense i [TS]

  think i enjoyed it more more than Steve [TS]

  uh and i think this is a pretty good [TS]

  horrible movie it's uh it's not too long [TS]

  it moves pretty briskly just when i felt [TS]

  like i was maybe getting a little bored [TS]

  something entirely nonsensical happened [TS]

  i was back in and it turns out like [TS]

  that's what i'm looking for is insanity [TS]

  well its got that I'd like to give a [TS]

  shout-out to my favorite moment in [TS]

  Frank's island i think sums up [TS]

  everything there's a woman strapped down [TS]

  to the blood board at one point which is [TS]

  you know the thing that happened ok they [TS]

  strapped a woman down and her hands are [TS]

  so obviously not [TS]

  not even a little slider hands out of [TS]

  that strap at any point and she doesn't [TS]

  until one of the other guys comes over [TS]

  and freeze her at which point she just [TS]

  moved your hands out and it's your line [TS]

  and I guess they just do things because [TS]

  the script says so and no one questioned [TS]

  it and nobody knows how acting works he [TS]

  loses anything i loosen the straps [TS]

  slightly and then she goes oh now i can [TS]

  get my arms out and yeah you could [TS]

  before it's no she was just intimidated [TS]

  by sheila Frankenstein petrified when I [TS]

  don't know who that is that two weeks to [TS]

  really is that you don't even know [TS]

  no no initial name what's her married [TS]

  name is Frankenstein married games on [TS]

  housing that I don't really know i'm so [TS]

  confused by shields frankerz you and [TS]

  what's with the coupon za what did you [TS]

  get them why did she have it its she's [TS]

  classy that way it was it was on the [TS]

  schooner ah clay Jason Turner is a [TS]

  shifty left Frankenstein sounds like it [TS]

  should have been [TS]

  yahoo sirius's follow-up [TS]

  yeah it's a little like buffy the [TS]

  vampire slayer like Willie I know it's [TS]

  Frankenstein but this is Sheila [TS]

  Frankenstein so it's going to be fine [TS]

  it's not fine it's not nothing will ever [TS]

  be fun [TS]

  all i have to say is a jaco is just [TS]

  remember Jocko keep in mind keep Jacko [TS]

  near your heart at all times because I'd [TS]

  like to believe there's always there's a [TS]

  cackling drunken eyepatch pirate guy [TS]

  inside all of us somewhere [TS]

  the joy find the joy in life find the [TS]

  joy like Jack oh here's what you do you [TS]

  take a clip of big bang theory or two [TS]

  and a half men and you replace all of [TS]

  the left track with choco still works [TS]

  Brian I think you mean haha what happens [TS]

  to me I you say this is all the left of [TS]

  his commitments in the first instance of [TS]

  pirate legal and last that will you do [TS]

  this film is neighbor pirate lingo what [TS]

  happened to me [TS]

  hey is now Jacko you lose the I so for [TS]

  people out there [TS]

  there it is available Frank stone island [TS]

  on DVD i would highly recommend you [TS]

  instead get the video on demand so you [TS]

  get the video and the rifftrax together [TS]

  from rifftrax it's good rifftrax it will [TS]

  help you through those moments when [TS]

  they're just walking without dialogue [TS]

  for very long stretches of time the [TS]

  jokes are pretty good as somebody who [TS]

  loved this terrible movie for 20 years [TS]

  and and actually when i interviewed joel [TS]

  hodgson tres blue about mst3k for my [TS]

  college newspaper I I i told them at the [TS]

  end of the interview you've got to do [TS]

  Frankenstein 14 mst3k and then whatever [TS]

  two decades pass and look what happened [TS]

  to rifftrax did it they did a really [TS]

  good job i was very happy with it so [TS]

  that would be a way to watch it or you [TS]

  could just go to the home depot by [TS]

  yourself a nice ball peen hammer and hit [TS]

  yourself right in the center of your [TS]

  forehead for about an hour and 35 [TS]

  minutes back you'll see many of the same [TS]

  thing and you'll have a ball team and [TS]

  we're at the end and if you [TS]

  when you come to you or coherent while [TS]

  at a while at the home depot be sure to [TS]

  pick up these items involving powder a [TS]

  plastic trident [TS]

  uh-huh hypno disc statue of Buddha and [TS]

  some tangible logs and some lungs that's [TS]

  a rope that holds that over there [TS]

  handsome bro let's go downfall of this [TS]

  film it was that at the end of it I [TS]

  looked down and I didn't have a [TS]

  ball-peen hammer so yeah I think that's [TS]

  a solid move ok i'm here to help so bad [TS]

  is what you're saying Steve mm the AIDS [TS]

  border who can we bring like I think [TS]

  maybe after i like it if I had watched [TS]

  it with with pal [TS]

  ha been far more entertaining because we [TS]

  could have filled in the interminable [TS]

  gaps with some wacky witnesses and I'll [TS]

  bring my DVD down when i visit you next [TS]

  and we'll just sit down likely thailand [TS]

  I feel like after watching the rifftrax [TS]

  which I did not do deliberately but i [TS]

  did not want to soil this podcast with [TS]

  me either reuse jokes i will probably [TS]

  feel much differently about the film so [TS]

  yes perhaps we should have it we should [TS]

  get back together [TS]

  yeah let's get back together and five no [TS]

  i'm talking about Frankenstein I was [TS]

  again how are you Lena I can I would [TS]

  have changed [TS]

  ok I would like to thank my guests for [TS]

  discussing Frankenstein island with me i [TS]

  discovered the movie in the eighties [TS]

  it's true and it still holds up in the [TS]

  nineteen eighties hasn't lost a step [TS]

  thanks to my guest for for joining me on [TS]

  this journey to Frankenstein island [TS]

  Steve let's thank you very much [TS]

  oh no Jason i'll be thankful and you be [TS]

  careful [TS]

  very nice very nice Tony single I thank [TS]

  you very much [TS]

  it was it was something yep it was [TS]

  indeed was praying Hamilton thank you i [TS]

  am ours the Great and the power the haha [TS]

  don't know how well Apollo [TS]

  the power the power power the power the [TS]

  power Glenn fleischmann thank you [TS]

  thanks friend goodnight everybody I [TS]

  David J Loren thank you i have only one [TS]

  thing to say to this film haha and Monty [TS]

  Ashley thank you very much in the [TS]

  framework of time how can that possibly [TS]

  be and I have been your host Jason Snell [TS]

  i was born in Oakland all work at Jason [TS]

  market that worked as the arm thank you [TS]

  for listening to write about pregnancy [TS]

  and we'll see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]