2: Turbo Buttons


  BMW has major face problems has always [TS]

  had major fade problems that that's one [TS]

  of the things keeps me away from BMWs [TS]

  their face problems I that's the problem [TS]

  and and yet well that and the fact that [TS]

  again before but it's probably done [TS]

  defending out like basically if i had [TS]

  you know 40 grand burning a hole in my [TS]

  pocket would be like I got 40 grand [TS]

  I don't like that face and I spend 40 [TS]

  grand face I don't like why don't we try [TS]

  to make enough money with this podcast [TS]

  that you can afford a BMW lease [TS]

  well here's here's the here's the [TS]

  problem with the BMW you also have to [TS]

  buy me a new has to put it in because if [TS]

  I park that car in my driveway it will [TS]

  have dents all over the top of it i have [TS]

  a large I guess it's an oak tree with [TS]

  overhanging my driveway the drops a [TS]

  cornstarch tremendous height causing [TS]

  literally hundreds of tiny dimple dents [TS]

  in the sheet metal and roof of any car [TS]

  that's parked in my drop that that's a [TS]

  problem [TS]

  wow so so for the rest of your cars you [TS]

  can tolerate this before be another yeah [TS]

  i'll tell you what do you care if it's a [TS]

  honda accord you're driving your family [TS]

  around and don't care if it's got dents [TS]

  all over the roof of it i and you say i [TS]

  want you to put in your garage i do have [TS]

  a garage but a half-time just fill the [TS]

  junk and be the garage is that one of [TS]

  those garages made in the nineteen [TS]

  thirties for like carriages or something [TS]

  and it's so hard to squeeze the car in [TS]

  there and then you want to take this [TS]

  really expensive car and squeeze it into [TS]

  a garage with all your stuff hanging on [TS]

  the side and try to open the doors and [TS]

  you have to let the kids out before you [TS]

  get in or whatever so basically right [TS]

  because then i might get a few little [TS]

  dents in it [TS]

  yeah my entire lifestyle is not being [TS]

  has not BMW caliber so just merely [TS]

  plopping a BMW like the worst-case [TS]

  scenario plopping down like you know a [TS]

  supercar something like I would be like [TS]

  what am I gonna do with this I can't [TS]

  park it on the street I can't park in my [TS]

  driveway I need to buy second house with [TS]

  this card because it needs to live [TS]

  better than we do when I get your eyes [TS]

  you're very smart man but you haven't [TS]

  thought of just removing the tree it's [TS]

  not our tree [TS]

  well that was good like matter we could [TS]

  like clear cut into the sky [TS]

  no blood never been a little bit 32 [TS]

  makes bad neighbors and it's better to [TS]

  have good and anyway it's not it's not [TS]

  actually a problem because i don't care [TS]

  if my car's get dented but we actually [TS]

  have probably a we just in the last year [TS]

  we we moved our driveway [TS]

  if you can imagine what that takes two [TS]

  to what that does to a yard it was this [TS]

  tremendous s-shaped driveway which would [TS]

  you know that the garage like on the [TS]

  left side a lot and the curb cuts on the [TS]

  right side of the lot and it would it [TS]

  would it snaked across died when the [TS]

  whole front yard cut the whole front [TS]

  yard and a half and came out to the side [TS]

  and it was all gravel anyway so it a [TS]

  gravel driveway sucks for lots of [TS]

  reasons and it wasn't even a very good [TS]

  gravel and so we were you know we we [TS]

  decided to just make it a straight line [TS]

  so and and then put down you know brick [TS]

  pavers Susan you know you know gravel [TS]

  driveway is the rich person's driveway [TS]

  marker so you're going backwards here by [TS]

  paving it you know your neighbors are [TS]

  gonna turn knows you well he used to [TS]

  have a tasteful gravel driveway now he's [TS]

  got this pavement and shoveling that [TS]

  when it's no I know that's why is the [TS]

  rich person's driveway and only gonna [TS]

  bubble around right boys [TS]

  yeah not only can you not shovel or [TS]

  really snow blow on on gravel is you [TS]

  surely can't plow it you really can't [TS]

  move them off at all but this giant [TS]

  driver took up our entire front yard it [TS]

  was like shoveling the whole front yard [TS]

  so well the real rich person's p stone [TS]

  to Jeff p stone and what is that that's [TS]

  little little rocks that look like [TS]

  they've been smooth in a river like [TS]

  instead of being a jagged like grabbing [TS]

  a fish tank yet will not let their [TS]

  smooth cornered stones instead of being [TS]

  jagged gravel gravels jagged like [TS]

  they're sharp edges are actual piece of [TS]

  gravel p stone is small rocks it looks [TS]

  like they've been smooth in a river [TS]

  water water you know flowing over them i [TS]

  would I don't know why anybody would [TS]

  want any kind of ground because it's [TS]

  more expensive but the thing of it is [TS]

  you're both wrong because the rich [TS]

  person approaches to have heated a [TS]

  heated driveway and I have a story that [TS]

  i'll tell you what i actually happy [TS]

  about that when we get their tracks see [TS]

  but internality it's how you can have a [TS]

  heated driveway if you have a real rich [TS]

  person driving the real repression [TS]

  driveway is like a mile and a half long [TS]

  and not helping that that so there when [TS]

  I was very when I was 16 I drove a [TS]

  family friends [TS]

  ferrari and that family friend their [TS]

  driveway I'd say what it was an ass and [TS]

  this is in Connecticut where I went to [TS]

  high school my parents to live and so [TS]

  their driver was an ass i want to say it [TS]

  was maybe a hundred yards long and [TS]

  pretty much the whole thing was heated [TS]

  so they would never have to worry about [TS]

  plowing or snow blowing or anything like [TS]

  that I kid you not see it when I so when [TS]

  we gettin drive when i asked the guy [TS]

  like so I know he driveways exist like [TS]

  what can you tell me about that and he [TS]

  basically was like yeah it's like it eat [TS]

  you would spend way less money just [TS]

  hiring somebody to plow your driveway [TS]

  every winter for like the next 30 years [TS]

  then you picked by putting the hidden [TS]

  it's only guy i guess all you know I i [TS]

  can go without the house but anyway the [TS]

  reason for that is because there's a [TS]

  giant tree on my neighbor's property its [TS]

  it is like right across the property [TS]

  line is the trunk of this tree and it is [TS]

  it is such a big tree and it's in such [TS]

  terrible shape that every single time [TS]

  there's any kind of wind or rain it [TS]

  drops some kind of moderately sized [TS]

  branch onto my driveway so after [TS]

  building this whole new driveway which [TS]

  is really not cheaper fast to do we now [TS]

  effectively can't use a third of it [TS]

  because either our cars will get damaged [TS]

  which has happened when we before we [TS]

  learn this you know eat either our cars [TS]

  will have branches falling on them and [TS]

  even the most mild storms or we would [TS]

  have to go to our neighbors and have [TS]

  that talk with them and the idea of [TS]

  doing that is so scary to me and I I so [TS]

  don't want to confront them about this [TS]

  that I'm just tolerating not using half [TS]

  my driveway at and I don't do it because [TS]

  of like I'm afraid of confidential but [TS]

  it's not really fair to them even though [TS]

  I'd illegally own like up to the sky or [TS]

  whatever the heck the thing is I cut it [TS]

  like I would be annoyed if someone did [TS]

  to me this is a nice tree they have a [TS]

  nice tree on their property one of the [TS]

  branches happens to go over my driver [TS]

  but like I would be killing their their [TS]

  tree they have two trees on the front [TS]

  lawn this is one of them looks nice and [TS]

  then you know that's not a nice thing to [TS]

  do it like I could just get it always [TS]

  park but one car in the drive one car [TS]

  moved up enough so it didn't hit i could [TS]

  build myself a car park and do all these [TS]

  things I really cared about the cars or [TS]

  if I had enough money to afford a car [TS]

  that I cared if it got hundreds of [TS]

  double sized dent in it i just moved to [TS]

  a nicer house that a two-car garage and [TS]

  put the cars in but in the grand scheme [TS]

  of things nothing [TS]

  yeah i guess i have to wonder like you [TS]

  know when like of all the options you [TS]

  chose for you you've considered you just [TS]

  enumerated for us of all those options [TS]

  just leaving it getting dense is [TS]

  actually the one you chose that's that [TS]

  surprises me like knowing you this one [TS]

  of the first time I mean I didn't know [TS]

  it was gonna dance until the first car [TS]

  was like totally dentist as it happens [TS]

  basically like overnight you're like [TS]

  wait a second you look at you can't [TS]

  really see it unless you look at the [TS]

  right angle and like the Sun you know [TS]

  Glenn saw her dimples you're like oh my [TS]

  god what's going on here [TS]

  yeah that's what's happening I mean I [TS]

  even today if I really really cared [TS]

  enough I could always park one car [TS]

  inside the driveway make sure inside the [TS]

  garage make sure was cleared out and [TS]

  park the other car really close up to [TS]

  the driveway so clear like the but we're [TS]

  just lazy just parking where they are [TS]

  it's not a big deal and you know it's [TS]

  not it's probably not hurting our resale [TS]

  value because you have to be pretty anal [TS]

  retentive even notice it like the dents [TS]

  are like incidents there just barely [TS]

  dimples and we haven't had any problem [TS]

  selling our cars we want to trade up man [TS]

  that I just that is just paste in the [TS]

  link to some long driveways yeah thnkx [TS]

  cover cover cover with p stone that I [TS]

  mean that really is shocking to me I [TS]

  yeah I what you know those are all the [TS]

  reasons not to have the car you want [TS]

  well that's not something I have to say [TS]

  like it the main reason that I want to [TS]

  spend how much more out of the money [TS]

  that i have discretionary spending that [TS]

  i have i would much rather have a really [TS]

  nice TV in a really expensive Mac then a [TS]

  really nice cars that's where the months [TS]

  there and then like kids college funds [TS]

  and stuff oh yeah for all the [TS]

  responsible stuff right exactly so [TS]

  that's it you know it i think the thing [TS]

  about nice cars is that like it depends [TS]

  on how much you value that in terms of [TS]

  proportion to the rest of your money and [TS]

  even though i evaluate a lot like I [TS]

  realized that all the things that cut [TS]

  like I don't have that kind of lifestyle [TS]

  like when I've sold the big family house [TS]

  and I'm an empty-nester and my kids are [TS]

  gone and I you know I'm retired and [TS]

  living much more cheaply then i can [TS]

  afford to live in a tiny house in the [TS]

  middle of nowhere not near any jobs and [TS]

  spend my discretionary income on getting [TS]

  one nice two-door car they don't have to [TS]

  have kids you know I mean like what will [TS]

  you answer one that fits in [TS]

  I will probably I mean same thing with [TS]

  my dad he had like family cars whatever [TS]

  but as soon as all the kids left and [TS]

  everything he retired he started leasing [TS]

  you know nice cars that we now that we [TS]

  were gone and we're driving them and [TS]

  getting them into accidents [TS]

  yeah I feel like you've touched on [TS]

  something which I wanted to address some [TS]

  time during the show and I'm glad we're [TS]

  doing it kind of early i wanted to [TS]

  address a foreign cars because for for a [TS]

  lot like I I don't feel comfortable [TS]

  talking about cars [TS]

  most of the time on my blog or [TS]

  publicly most of the time because the [TS]

  car from talking about are expensive [TS]

  cars and I feel like that's like talking [TS]

  about my salary you know Gotye feels [TS]

  awkward to me like they're like back [TS]

  when i when i first ordered my 328i my [TS]

  blog readership was much smaller back [TS]

  then and I posted a picture of the [TS]

  interior from BMWs configurator thing [TS]

  online I was so proud like coming soon [TS]

  like I was I wanted to you know cuz [TS]

  blogs are about sharing this mine was [TS]

  back then about sharing your life and [TS]

  stuff like that [TS]

  I was proud as i wanted to share with [TS]

  people and like within an hour i got an [TS]

  email from somebody saying that that's [TS]

  really it you know that that's a dick [TS]

  move like oh you're rich asshole like [TS]

  something like it was it was such a [TS]

  downer to see the feedback from you know [TS]

  from this because cars are so expensive [TS]

  they are they are you know that the [TS]

  fancier cars are out of reach for so [TS]

  many people that it's socially awkward [TS]

  to talk to even talk about them a lot 17 [TS]

  is it depends on what your peer group is [TS]

  like your peer group are people who [TS]

  value a computer hardware enough that if [TS]

  you posted a picture of your Mac they [TS]

  became an cool that's a great new Mac [TS]

  because that's where they choose to put [TS]

  their income but I don't think it's [TS]

  enough people who put that same [TS]

  proportion come into their cars and your [TS]

  knee and your fans are all rich people [TS]

  to whom that car is like nothing special [TS]

  right and and I feel like to you know a [TS]

  lot of people think of a car at its full [TS]

  MSRP sticker price and you know and [TS]

  saying that is like saying oh my god you [TS]

  live in a hundred and fifty thousand [TS]

  dollar house hat [TS]

  where did you find a hundred and fifty [TS]

  thousand dollars cash he liked it like [TS]

  there are all these creative financing [TS]

  options that we have 240 people for [TS]

  things like expensive cars and houses [TS]

  that we otherwise wouldn't be able to [TS]

  just spend the cash for upfront and [TS]

  you're like a lot of people don't don't [TS]

  realize that or when when judging cars [TS]

  that are above what they can afford they [TS]

  only look at MSRP and and they ignore [TS]

  the financing options like when i bought [TS]

  my accord it was like twenty four [TS]

  thousand dollars or something like that [TS]

  and you know I didn't have twenty-four [TS]

  thousand dollars i had maybe five [TS]

  thousand dollars and I you know I put [TS]

  down a reasonable down payment and I [TS]

  started making monthly payments on it [TS]

  because it was way cheaper than [TS]

  maintaining my maxima but you know I [TS]

  wasn't thinking I'm spending twenty-four [TS]

  thousand dollars up front and and so I [TS]

  feel like you know with cars it and [TS]

  you're right it is it's a matter of how [TS]

  you allocate your income to some degree [TS]

  you know like it when i bought the [TS]

  accord [TS]

  I could almost have afforded the BMW but [TS]

  I didn't want to allocate my income that [TS]

  way i wanted to save more money and you [TS]

  know build up more savings and be more [TS]

  responsible because you because you can [TS]

  you can be so BMW 4 or something I mean [TS]

  you know if you're if you're reasonable [TS]

  with the options you can lease a $YEAR 3 [TS]

  series for probably a good 500 bucks a [TS]

  month and yet you least the wrong [TS]

  3-series and that's a whole nother [TS]

  discussion for me and that area but but [TS]

  but like you know you could you can get [TS]

  a BMW you could have a BMW with all the [TS]

  maintenance included everything a good [TS]

  one for about 500 bucks a month and I [TS]

  know it's a lot of money but like [TS]

  relative to the world of color paint and [TS]

  it's not about a forwarding though but [TS]

  here's what it comes down to four people [TS]

  for whom that money is real money like [TS]

  say you are the person starting out and [TS]

  you have a good job and you're single [TS]

  and you could afford $500 much what it [TS]

  comes down to is alright so that's five [TS]

  hundred dollars a month and a cord is [TS]

  like 250 with some creative financing or [TS]

  something is the BMW 250 dollars a month [TS]

  more better than the accord and [TS]

  especially if you're not a car person [TS]

  you're like there's no way like this car [TS]

  is nicer but it's there's no way it's [TS]

  worth double the amount per month but [TS]

  that's exactly not as it's not like you [TS]

  can't afford it like i could put that [TS]

  extra twenty four dollars and that but [TS]

  then you think well what else can I do [TS]

  with this 250 dollars a month and it [TS]

  took a lot of people the BMW is not [TS]

  twice as good as the accord is just not [TS]

  only because they did they're not car [TS]

  people and they just like how it just [TS]

  gets me around and that's what it comes [TS]

  down to I think for you know for people [TS]

  who like they start thinking in terms of [TS]

  ya a fancy car is nice but is it double [TS]

  is good to me as this other car they [TS]

  just end up saying no well but you know [TS]

  and but I think it's important you know [TS]

  what you just said I agree with every [TS]

  with all that you know what you just [TS]

  said is that it is about you know how [TS]

  much do you care about your car and how [TS]

  much is that worth to you like for me [TS]

  when those people when those people [TS]

  your BMW though they assume uh it's also [TS]

  not twice as good to him but he has so [TS]

  much money doesn't even matter [TS]

  right that's what the exactly where as [TS]

  well as you know in meanwhile when I had [TS]

  my accord I I i bought it i didn't i [TS]

  didn't least its financing is paying [TS]

  like 340 bucks a month or something like [TS]

  that and it was three 4382 yeah I i I've [TS]

  wrote that number on so many checks i [TS]

  have had memorized for a long time but [TS]

  but you know so going from that to the [TS]

  BMW was like a five or six dollar range [TS]

  depending on what you get like to me [TS]

  that Accord was so forgettable yet [TS]

  function perfectly fine it got me around [TS]

  it did really mess up my back but it got [TS]

  me around because it turns out a chord [TS]

  seats are terrible for back problems I i [TS]

  like the court see that's good for you [TS]

  i'll go for short people with that [TS]

  problem [TS]

  okay yeah but you know but I realized [TS]

  like I care so much about cars because [TS]

  i'm on that kind of person like I the [TS]

  idea of spending more than [TS]

  bargain-basement prices on like pants on [TS]

  clothing to me thinking about hundred [TS]

  dollar pair of jeans makes you go like [TS]

  you're crazy like you're dollars for a [TS]

  pair of jeans is it really you know [TS]

  fifty dollars better than these other [TS]

  gene writer you know like though I look [TS]

  at other people's decisions like that [TS]

  the way they probably look at me with my [TS]

  expensive BMW like I IC closes like I [TS]

  would not get that kind of value out of [TS]

  clothes but i would rather cut out this [TS]

  money from a budget somewhere else and [TS]

  assign it to a car because i actually [TS]

  will get that much more enjoyment out of [TS]

  the nicer car and I feel like failing to [TS]

  understand these different you know [TS]

  budget allocations and priorities is [TS]

  what builds this resentment in people [TS]

  who either wear expensive clothes or [TS]

  have an expensive car or something like [TS]

  some people just don't have that much [TS]

  money . like it's not even though yeah [TS]

  gimme for all of us were not even [TS]

  discussing well that the payments on [TS]

  Ferraris you are reasonable if you talk [TS]

  about the finest know like we understand [TS]

  like you know when the car payment is [TS]

  five thousand dollars a month like okay [TS]

  well maybe not everything is relative [TS]

  and there's a little bit some of that [TS]

  and you know Marky brands like Mercedes [TS]

  you even likes us to some degree and [TS]

  certainly Ferrari or whatever where as [TS]

  much of these we complained about Max [TS]

  being expensive like there really is no [TS]

  ferrari equivalent and computers there [TS]

  is no computer that actually is really [TS]

  really good [TS]

  that is like you know an order of [TS]

  magnitude more expensive as male [TS]

  computers regular people's I don't know [TS]

  that probably was some point but we know [TS]

  realistically speaking there is no [TS]

  equivalent like if you're willing to [TS]

  spend instead of you know instead of ten [TS]

  thousand dollars for a decked-out mac [TS]

  pro if i spend a hundred thousand [TS]

  dollars can i get a computer that is as [TS]

  much better than a mac pro as you know [TS]

  the Ferrari 458 is from like a honda [TS]

  accord no you can't like that jump [TS]

  thrown from the from the hundreds of the [TS]

  Ferrari is real and there's nothing i [TS]

  can't spend a hundred grand over a mac [TS]

  pro and get something that's a better [TS]

  man that much better of a mac pro you [TS]

  know so I you know it cars are [TS]

  interesting because they actually are [TS]

  big physical expensive things and that [TS]

  expense doesn't go away like you know in [TS]

  terms of materials and everything like [TS]

  you just can't get a car that's made [TS]

  mostly out of carbon fiber and passes us [TS]

  crash dies without spending a huge [TS]

  amount of money . and you know you can't [TS]

  get a v8 their ribs to like 10,000 RPM [TS]

  over the help you know this just [TS]

  mechanically there's no way to make that [TS]

  cheap it's not like microchips that they [TS]

  do a shrink in the next year the v12 [TS]

  Ferraris cheaper you know so there's [TS]

  such a range there and you know that [TS]

  that introduces this phenomenon where [TS]

  you know how much do I value cars which [TS]

  is how much money do i have is this you [TS]

  know instrumental barrier to people [TS]

  considering other people's car purchases [TS]

  well the funny thing about it is ever [TS]

  since getting my 335i in i bought it [TS]

  used and so I when I tell people oh you [TS]

  know I got a new car and then [TS]

  immediately it's not well it's new to me [TS]

  and i'm always hedging it [TS]

  oh you have BMW yeah well but I got a [TS]

  used because I I don't want to be not be [TS]

  able to think your full money right [TS]

  right [TS]

  and I and I don't know maybe that's my [TS]

  own hang up that I'm pushing it onto [TS]

  other people i mean obviously this isn't [TS]

  a psychologist show but but it just it's [TS]

  funny to me because I always catch [TS]

  myself saying that you know yeah I got a [TS]

  BMW buddy I gotta use you know top of [TS]

  years our status symbols you don't feel [TS]

  like you're bragging like Mercedes it [TS]

  works like cuz i'm i'm actually a big [TS]

  Mercedes fan but when you say Mercedes [TS]

  maybe it's just a generation have you [TS]

  I think like you no such thing rolls [TS]

  royce it's like well yeah we're [TS]

  mercedes-benz like not like I have a b.a [TS]

  a Mercedes you know CSeries it's like no [TS]

  it's not it's not that expensive it's [TS]

  not you know I i still like I i know a [TS]

  lot about adding because i like I've [TS]

  gone to their dealers have test driven [TS]

  their cars against BMWs I still don't [TS]

  know anything about mercedes because he [TS]

  is yeah [TS]

  mercedes people the idea of mercedes to [TS]

  me like I don't even consider it as an [TS]

  option because I think oh that's you're [TS]

  older two people you should you should [TS]

  consider it i met in many respects I [TS]

  like Mercedes better than BMW and in [TS]

  many many ways they're a they have their [TS]

  own foibles and idiosyncrasies but the [TS]

  Mercedes you're thinking up from the [TS]

  ABCs long dead and yeah I have a [TS]

  definitely have a definite soft spot for [TS]

  mercedes I i have a feeling that even [TS]

  though like when i read about cars i [TS]

  think for like BMWs probably more my [TS]

  Ally in terms of values and everything I [TS]

  think secretly and may actually be a [TS]

  Mercedes person [TS]

  well by the time you buy one you'll be [TS]

  old enough [TS]

  yeah I don't like it [TS]

  yeah I i have i have driven both briefly [TS]

  and not enough if the problem with [TS]

  Mercedes is an American none of them [TS]

  have a state I mean maybe not literally [TS]

  i'm sure you could find one with the [TS]

  stick but did all the altar of cities in [TS]

  America all automatics and one of the [TS]

  things that struck me as insane when I [TS]

  when I was overseas earlier this year [TS]

  was that we got a taxicab insurance that [TS]

  was a Mercedes today and i think i see [TS]

  class and it had a six-speed it not that [TS]

  blew my mind commerce it again in Europe [TS]

  you can buy Mercedes with stick shifts [TS]

  and cloth seats and used to be able to [TS]

  get them with roll-up windows that would [TS]

  go back for a second you know I think [TS]

  you know what you said casey about not [TS]

  wanting to to seem like the rich guy who [TS]

  bought this new fancy car like that i'm [TS]

  extremely self-conscious about that [TS]

  which given the Karzai by does not make [TS]

  it easy on me because I I like BMWs a [TS]

  lot but like like that's the i would [TS]

  never consider buying a Porsche is a [TS]

  Porsche I don't know please email you I [TS]

  I would never buy a Porsche i would like [TS]

  the idea Marcia you know a Porsche or [TS]

  Ferrari even like an Aston Martin like [TS]

  all those like really recognizable as [TS]

  sports car like in-your-face sports car [TS]

  and BMWs not will know because BMWs our [TS]

  sports sedans like that that differences [TS]

  such as just like you're just like the [TS]

  one has a sports today [TS]

  hi dragons it's a happy that you know [TS]

  that the name BMW does have that [TS]

  reputation but when you see them on the [TS]

  road they just look like square they [TS]

  don't yell out you I'm a sports car look [TS]

  at me like that's why like you know my [TS]

  dream cars the m5 which doesn't look [TS]

  like much of a sports car compared to [TS]

  you know what people usually think of a [TS]

  sports cars i see i don't know if that's [TS]

  really true because e39 m5 which was the [TS]

  early two thousands that to me was the [TS]

  pinnacle of the m5 because it really was [TS]

  a fairly understated car and i agree [TS]

  with you that I think the best kind of [TS]

  sports car or fast car is down that does [TS]

  not look fast asleep writers i guess [TS]

  they were called long ago and i agree [TS]

  with you the m5 and principles still [TS]

  probably a bit of a sleeper but the e39 [TS]

  m5 which was my ultimate car for the [TS]

  longest time that he was in early $MONTH [TS]

  2005 it was with the v8 with like the [TS]

  crazy van-gogh setup and all that and in [TS]

  that had a few badges on the outside but [TS]

  very little else and so that to me was [TS]

  the pinnacle and the modern m5's while [TS]

  still good in that regard are still a [TS]

  little bit look at me maybe but the [TS]

  hauntings the body cladding is what does [TS]

  it the modern high fives they always [TS]

  differentiate with the big aggressive [TS]

  looking body cladding you can tell [TS]

  that's not a regular 50 but it actually [TS]

  looks almost identical to the five with [TS]

  m sport it's the same the sheet metal's [TS]

  all the saying I believe it's just it's [TS]

  just the the body cladding and that's [TS]

  likely another the plastic wrap around [TS]

  the fog lights in the rear bumpers and [TS]

  the side thing it was like a few [TS]

  accidents here and there are different [TS]

  but most are little more than accents [TS]

  you know I I think they're ugly it's not [TS]

  another damn support i think the the [TS]

  regular BMW 5-series is the best car BMW [TS]

  best like carbon copies made in years [TS]

  and I think the m5 is worse looking than [TS]

  the than the regular 5-series I i do [TS]

  agree that the 5-series is one of the [TS]

  best cards they've made in a long time I [TS]

  i like it way better than than the new [TS]

  3-series like I i like that like that [TS]

  crinkled up hood that there has it and [TS]

  like my my 328 has that but the new one [TS]

  like and that the current $YEAR 5 series [TS]

  looks basically like [TS]

  big version of my you know that so [TS]

  basically BMW and I think this is true [TS]

  of many carbons especially the any of [TS]

  them that are bought by enthusiasts [TS]

  generally speaking [TS]

  everybody always thinks that the best [TS]

  kind of BMW was the first one they had [TS]

  and they've all gone downhill since then [TS]

  that's true of everything computers cars [TS]

  and so I did your everything several [TS]

  wives [TS]

  oh haha i gotta go and you know I feel [TS]

  like like my 328 this is like this is [TS]

  what got me hooked on BMW actually [TS]

  zipcars what kind of that that's when i [TS]

  was in Brooklyn during that hellish year [TS]

  of trying to drive in and out of [TS]

  Brooklyn to various things we didn't [TS]

  have a car after I sold the accord so [TS]

  we've got is a car membership and zip [TS]

  car is is a great service we enjoyed it [TS]

  a lot it is way way better than regular [TS]

  renters are the regular rentals for [TS]

  short trips for so many reasons but we [TS]

  would always plan trips last minute and [TS]

  so all the cheap cars would already [TS]

  booked and the only car we could get [TS]

  would be either the pickup truck the van [TS]

  or the BMW 328 so obviously i picked [TS]

  that because it was it was the most [TS]

  expensive sedan to rent and that would [TS]

  be the last one picked by zipcar renters [TS]

  so i ended up driving through 28 a lot [TS]

  because we kept taking these you know [TS]

  various out let's go for a quick weekend [TS]

  trip or a quick thing up here and I'll [TS]

  you know everything's already taken from [TS]

  of car except for this and that's how i [TS]

  got when i first got into it like that [TS]

  the first couple of rides we took I [TS]

  thought why this drives really well but [TS]

  the controls are completely asinine like [TS]

  and I think anybody who's ever been in a [TS]

  BMW briefly and not not like owned one [TS]

  but who's ever just like been one [TS]

  periodically probably thinks the same [TS]

  thing especially if ever had to drive it [TS]

  or fill it up with gas like where the [TS]

  hell is the button to do this why is [TS]

  this button backwards why is this [TS]

  weirdly modal for some reason like the [TS]

  buttons and controls make no sense i [TS]

  have knobs in my 328 a car phone for [TS]

  nearly three years I don't know what [TS]

  they do i select still [TS]

  and like BMWs controls make no sense to [TS]

  anybody for the first day month or year [TS]

  or decade that you have them but you [TS]

  just like when you get hooked on the way [TS]

  it drives it overcomes all and and you [TS]

  start actually it starts becoming like a [TS]

  like that symptom where you like your [TS]

  captors start from that yet access yet [TS]

  starts becoming like that like you [TS]

  started like you know what that's [TS]

  actually really clever design [TS]

  oh yeah i actually like how the [TS]

  windshield wipers have no true [TS]

  intermittent setting like there's like [TS]

  your pictures are hobbies like weird [TS]

  little things about BMW but but the [TS]

  insanity of what you're saying is you [TS]

  were rent your borrowing renting a what [TS]

  Annie 9328 which by all accounts when [TS]

  that's what you ended up buying and with [TS]

  all due respect by all accounts that is [TS]

  a rolling piece of trash and medals want [TS]

  it is woefully underpowered I'm talking [TS]

  from the perspective of somebody who [TS]

  cares about going quickly and so on but [TS]

  no that's not what the cars are [TS]

  necessarily are about yet didn't have it [TS]

  wasn't a the powder 8 weight ratio was [TS]

  not great in my car but it was you know [TS]

  it handled well it was the engine had [TS]

  made nice sounds and was smooth good [TS]

  power delivery like I've I it's not [TS]

  that's not a terrible and I really have [TS]

  to say one of the things I enjoyed most [TS]

  about it you know I've always been a big [TS]

  fan of driving stick and with renter [TS]

  it's it's almost impossible to rent a [TS]

  stick unless you know the sports car [TS]

  rentals sometimes we'll even then [TS]

  usually not and so it's a car i was kind [TS]

  of resigned to having to drive these [TS]

  terrible automatics [TS]

  well almost all of this almost automatic [TS]

  now have what used to be called [TS]

  steptronic modes because that's what [TS]

  Audi trip term theirs and they were the [TS]

  first ones to really do it in mass i [TS]

  think but i thought it was Porsha [TS]

  proportions to . well that's it for [TS]

  right okay so anyway now all the [TS]

  automatics have these what I call both [TS]

  the matter both manual modes you know [TS]

  it's like an automatic that you can you [TS]

  can pick what gear it's in sort of and [TS]

  these are all very different between the [TS]

  different manufacturers like lexus is a [TS]

  complete joke to it is a complete joke [TS]

  that there's a few addys is ok but it's [TS]

  backwards I it's I don't know they're [TS]

  weird [TS]

  very few of these will actually satisfy [TS]

  a driver complete [TS]

  want to be driving stick like if if you [TS]

  people in the public are in the market [TS]

  for a car and you like driving stick and [TS]

  you're considering getting automatic [TS]

  that has one of these manual gear [TS]

  selection modes I i urge you to [TS]

  reconsider that decision if it's not a [TS]

  dct which we'll get to those are [TS]

  terrible that they here's the problem [TS]

  with those they were just two problems [TS]

  one you never know what gear you're in [TS]

  some of them will have a display in the [TS]

  dash somewhere but it's usually really [TS]

  small and kinda hard to see and you just [TS]

  never know like when you're driving a [TS]

  real stick you always know what gear [TS]

  you're in you can tell even if you [TS]

  haven't been like subconsciously keeping [TS]

  track in your head you can at least tell [TS]

  by the position of the gear shift or by [TS]

  how fast your cars going and how it [TS]

  sounds that's be like there's all these [TS]

  different cues but why can't you use the [TS]

  same cues with the with the tiptronic [TS]

  type of thing because you're not you're [TS]

  not telling from the position of the [TS]

  year student time with well there's i'm [TS]

  here to be different with cars that have [TS]

  power sometimes used to find driving [TS]

  cars that have no power i can tell what [TS]

  gear I'm going on the right here the car [TS]

  don't go no right otherwise it's small [TS]

  now like if I'm in third gear and it's a [TS]

  little bit of a hill and I push the gas [TS]

  nothing happens like oh that's right [TS]

  sorry second we'll just two problems [TS]

  the first problem which exacerbates the [TS]

  second problem the first problem is that [TS]

  when you set a gear number in those [TS]

  books manual modes what you're actually [TS]

  setting is the maximum gear usually so [TS]

  if you say be in third gear the car will [TS]

  be in first second or third gear now [TS]

  some of the more modern ones have a mode [TS]

  where it like literally no listen to me [TS]

  when I say go up are you sure you [TS]

  weren't the worst case scenario they'll [TS]

  do the thing where where they will like [TS]

  you said they have the maximum and [TS]

  there's other ones different policies [TS]

  but usually they have like a knob or [TS]

  something you can adjust it says no [TS]

  actually the policy I want now is hold [TS]

  the gear that you ran until I say so [TS]

  even if you hit the rev limiter just cut [TS]

  off the gas like most most of those [TS]

  automated manual automatics have that [TS]

  moment is on the way that's true that [TS]

  the problem is let's say let's say [TS]

  you're cruising at speed and it's and [TS]

  it's an overdrive and you want to pass [TS]

  somebody so you you you know drop down [TS]

  to you know 54th whatever and you step [TS]

  on it if you step on it and a stick and [TS]

  you're in too high of gear [TS]

  nothing happens if you step on it and [TS]

  your to have a gear in both manual mode [TS]

  of an automatic it will step down for [TS]

  you and almost done that last thing some [TS]

  of them have a mode where they just [TS]

  literally okay you just tell me exactly [TS]

  what to do and I will obey your commands [TS]

  hundreds and I'll stay in the i would [TS]

  like to hear this is the one thing [TS]

  people can email me about i would like [TS]

  to hear what cars have that mode that [TS]

  aren't sports cars with DC's all that [TS]

  mean their sporty cars and not it [TS]

  doesn't have anything to do with that [TS]

  being a dual-clutch or anything like [TS]

  that like this even just with a big [TS]

  splash box of torque converter they like [TS]

  to put some sort of little thing where [TS]

  you can tell it ok stupid / box being [TS]

  second being there being forth and yes [TS]

  the default water is always like oh you [TS]

  know will mostly be the shifting for you [TS]

  and this is kind of a suggestion or [TS]

  maximum but even those i think they put [TS]

  in this is so easy going to do is just [TS]

  software it's like all right well like [TS]

  it's the motor like you want to go out [TS]

  and pass and you push the pedal down if [TS]

  you forgot to hit the little [TS]

  flappy-paddle thing to go down to girls [TS]

  not going to go anywhere and same thing [TS]

  with the upshifting we'll just we'll [TS]

  just go up to the rev limiter and we [TS]

  won't upshift for you will just cut off [TS]

  the gas [TS]

  sorry hit the paddle that mean the [TS]

  problem with those is that when it does [TS]

  second-guess you it it makes it more [TS]

  likely that you will mentally lose track [TS]

  of look you're in [TS]

  that's what i was getting at so I guess [TS]

  that's true especially if it's [TS]

  especially if it's a it's actual [TS]

  automatic with the torque converter like [TS]

  what it is you're isolated from like the [TS]

  engine revs and matching up to the the [TS]

  car it's not you know it's not fully [TS]

  engaged all the time something that's [TS]

  hard i would never buy one of these [TS]

  things and if i did buy that pretend it [TS]

  didn't exist because I don't know who [TS]

  would want to do that it doesn't seem [TS]

  like a good time to me what so when i [TS]

  was doing my year of zipcar the reason [TS]

  why it one of the reasons why i kept [TS]

  hitting 328 even though it was so [TS]

  expensive and i thought all the controls [TS]

  are confusing is because it had by far [TS]

  the best both manual mode i've ever used [TS]

  and now I find better ones but at the [TS]

  time i mean it was it was so good and so [TS]

  it was a way for me to simulate and and [TS]

  i would i would keep it in manual [TS]

  shifting mode all the time you know [TS]

  backing up parking all the time just to [TS]

  give me some taste of driving stick [TS]

  well the interesting thing about the [TS]

  BMW's is the automatics have and i [TS]

  forget what they call it like a step [TS]

  down mode or something like that and so [TS]

  whether or not you're in manual mode if [TS]

  i'm not mistaken if you floor it you [TS]

  actually push push past a stop and then [TS]

  there's like another centimeter of depth [TS]

  to the gas pedal and so in the theory [TS]

  being when you're in full on automatic [TS]

  mode and you really need to get up the [TS]

  road [TS]

  that's kind of like a holy go button [TS]

  that's just by pushing the gas all the [TS]

  way the floor and then you push it just [TS]

  a little bit more kind of the same way [TS]

  when you're trying to go into reverse [TS]

  and in a proper six-speed you push the [TS]

  stick to the wall in a BMW anyway you [TS]

  push the stick to the left and then you [TS]

  push it just a little bit further in [TS]

  forward and that's why getting reverse [TS]

  did you ever notice that when you're [TS]

  driving 328 i don't think so no I i [TS]

  think that i was always doing the you [TS]

  know that the manual shifting of the [TS]

  automatic and Andy for the most part you [TS]

  know because I spent so long either [TS]

  owning automatics because that the [TS]

  corporate automatic ahead so that's [TS]

  another story being spent so long on [TS]

  automatics or renting them i've tried [TS]

  out the bolt manual mode of a lot of [TS]

  automatics and by far the one I like the [TS]

  best with BMWs and and and now i know i [TS]

  did this might be a separate episode i [TS]

  did a a race day with BMW with an event [TS]

  we take a bunch of em cars on a track [TS]

  and so I got to drive the current m3 and [TS]

  m5 both of which had a dual-clutch [TS]

  transmissions with you know flappy [TS]

  paddles basically automated manuals and [TS]

  those are completely different you would [TS]

  think they're not but trust me they are [TS]

  like you would think that an automatic [TS]

  that has a manual shifting my wouldn't [TS]

  think that it's okay [TS]

  believe me they're different yeah I know [TS]

  you know I I was very skeptical of those [TS]

  you know before we started driving when [TS]

  i said when i got any of these cars were [TS]

  not configured to be sticks and I was [TS]

  very skeptical like okay so I'm at this [TS]

  racetrack driving these race cars and [TS]

  what why are you so you you must not [TS]

  know a lot about racing because writing [TS]

  is all all switch to that ages ago right [TS]

  well I didn't know much every second and [TS]

  it is the readers a reason although all [TS]

  the formula 1 cars have been like that [TS]

  for ages like because it's faster like [TS]

  is not doing it because they don't want [TS]

  that the they didn't want the poor [TS]

  racecar drivers that not have to shift [TS]

  so much too big because [TS]

  makes your cargo around the track faster [TS]

  well and it also in a dct is amazing for [TS]

  a number i I had never been one before [TS]

  this day and and it was shocking how [TS]

  good it was [TS]

  I mean one of the things that that that [TS]

  stick driver should be able to [TS]

  appreciate who are you know purists who [TS]

  the people who would order the new m5 [TS]

  with a stick you know purest would argue [TS]

  you know you don't have the field all [TS]

  this of believe me i know i am a stick . [TS]

  however the dct is better in so many [TS]

  ways that make like for instance when [TS]

  you shift the next year there is zero [TS]

  delay you you push the paddle and you're [TS]

  just in that gear like it's it's a very [TS]

  weird thing for a stick driver to [TS]

  experience the first time at a weird [TS]

  awesome thing you just hit the pedal [TS]

  you're just there is no delay and [TS]

  there's no loss of power you know like [TS]

  you don't have to temporarily release [TS]

  the gas to change gears and then go back [TS]

  on the gas [TS]

  there's just no loss of your sin the [TS]

  next year it's amazing the mechanics [TS]

  behind that or are just fascinating i [TS]

  mean insured it's basically two [TS]

  different gear boxes that are kind of [TS]

  stapled together around the same [TS]

  driveshaft if you will and i think i got [TS]

  that term wrong but didn't want a little [TS]

  eyeliner shows a good terms wrong [TS]

  yeah yeah definitely but i agree with [TS]

  you a friend of mine had a Volkswagen or [TS]

  32 which was one of the earlier [TS]

  dual-clutch transmissions and while for [TS]

  a litany of reasons that car was not [TS]

  really my cup of tea [TS]

  it was still one of the best . squirt [TS]

  cars I've ever driven in the sense that [TS]

  you . the wheel you mash the gas and it [TS]

  will go and it had you know a Haldex [TS]

  four-wheel-drive system that for the [TS]

  most part we'll just sort itself out and [TS]

  into your point it would shift [TS]

  blindingly fast and by modern standards [TS]

  because that car was I don't like a late [TS]

  to thousands and by modern standards [TS]

  that shifted heinous Lee slowly and so [TS]

  it it [TS]

  i I don't know I were actually pitched [TS]

  to the magazine and I wish I knew [TS]

  somebody that worked there an article [TS]

  about how the dct is is a very weird [TS]

  thing for purists like you were saying [TS]

  and I don't know what to make of it and [TS]

  I'm sad because I don't know if a proper [TS]

  human operated clutch as long for this [TS]

  world [TS]

  well you know before that before the [TS]

  DCPS became common and still in the race [TS]

  cars and also still and i believe the [TS]

  latest round of Ferraris they go with [TS]

  the single clock [TS]

  automated manual because ships faster [TS]

  because it only has one thing to engage [TS]

  and disengage and the reason you don't [TS]

  see that in like regular people cars [TS]

  it's because it's harsher like the [TS]

  dual-clutch lets you not feel like you [TS]

  know when you have 600 horsepower [TS]

  slamming the next year that he doesn't [TS]

  rattle your bones but in race cars they [TS]

  don't care about your bones and Ferraris [TS]

  they also you know I think it's a [TS]

  Ferrari Lamborghini one of the one of [TS]

  the two big brands still sticking with [TS]

  single clutch because Marcus sound like [TS]

  you're instantly netgear well these guys [TS]

  are measuring their shift times in [TS]

  milliseconds I like well that's 20 [TS]

  milliseconds and this is 15 so we're [TS]

  sticking with single clutch like that's [TS]

  the round that there n whereas how fast [TS]

  can you shift with the lever and a [TS]

  clutch and letting off the gas and doing [TS]

  all that stuff obviously the machine is [TS]

  gonna win and they've been holding this [TS]

  stuff and known formula one racing for [TS]

  years and years so those guys are like [TS]

  dual-clutch maybe a little bit soft for [TS]

  us we're gonna stick with single [TS]

  collection while but they had single [TS]

  electron donating manuals and like [TS]

  people cars and they were brutal like [TS]

  people didn't like them because it would [TS]

  hurt their body my next shift gears [TS]

  under heavy acceleration but that you [TS]

  know so that it it is kind of like a [TS]

  softening where I mean it's not it's not [TS]

  a slash box with something telling of [TS]

  the shift but the dual clutch is kind of [TS]

  an evolution of like like humans are [TS]

  going to have to drive this and we don't [TS]

  want them to hurt their delicate bodies [TS]

  so it's fast enough it's like it's 55 [TS]

  milliseconds instead of 12 like the [TS]

  Ferrari single culture whatever but [TS]

  fifty five milliseconds don't think it's [TS]

  instant and it's working I guess yeah [TS]

  because yeah because as you know it [TS]

  isn't it isn't actually incident but it [TS]

  feels you know especially when you come [TS]

  from a stick when you come from [TS]

  relatively slow gearshifts of trying to [TS]

  do it yourself manually even the best [TS]

  stick drivers can't do it in 55 [TS]

  milliseconds and did you see they also [TS]

  have now this is that the other trend i [TS]

  guess it's probably smart a gimmick to [TS]

  sell things but late for what they have [TS]

  now is they'll sell you a stick but it's [TS]

  a red matching stick nissan has not just [TS]

  someone you so when you do it down shift [TS]

  you don't have to heel toe and blip the [TS]

  throttle or whenever it will read match [TS]

  for you when you downshift so which is [TS]

  like okay guys I know you want to stick [TS]

  if you had a paddle we would do we would [TS]

  do this for you with with our engine [TS]

  computer if you did the panels but you [TS]

  want to move the stick so when you move [TS]

  the stick will do the engine rev [TS]

  matching for you and and I guess that [TS]

  could be kind of my friend has one of [TS]

  the new Nissans ease and he says it's he [TS]

  says it's fine i have to try and see [TS]

  what's that sounds terrible to me it [TS]

  seems like thats blending [TS]

  the worst of both it's like like you [TS]

  have you you're having this automation [TS]

  which ruins a lot of the purity and and [TS]

  well you can turn it off [TS]

  okay you can turn it off and I guess [TS]

  it's fun right they did same thing with [TS]

  stability control traction control like [TS]

  you know all these cars like a mandated [TS]

  i believe its ethics every single car [TS]

  sold in the US and 2012 model year later [TS]

  has become a stability control one of [TS]

  the u.s. standards is so yeah something [TS]

  like that [TS]

  come in yet so it's got to be in [TS]

  everything and then on most cars they [TS]

  give you mode turned off you know [TS]

  down down down down down and in one mode [TS]

  usually on all of them is completely off [TS]

  which is kind of hilarious video so you [TS]

  like he's a viper with 650 horsepower [TS]

  you can drive that thing with [TS]

  disabilities I could turn the stability [TS]

  control totally off like the best race [TS]

  car drivers in the world maybe maybe [TS]

  might be faster with everything off the [TS]

  normal person just going to spin and [TS]

  kill themselves like it's just too much [TS]

  for our so like you know ever even even [TS]

  the car magazines like we turned it down [TS]

  to all the way except the last setting [TS]

  like so now will interfere when it looks [TS]

  like we're gonna die [TS]

  it gives us enough rope to almost hang [TS]

  ourselves if we turn off with a spin our [TS]

  wheels the whole entire time so you know [TS]

  that the all these features of like red [TS]

  matching and stuff like that like they [TS]

  probably come with things like are you [TS]

  want to turn off like you don't have to [TS]

  pull fuses you don't have to upgrade [TS]

  your computer just a dial and you can [TS]

  turn it all the way to the I know what [TS]

  I'm doing more didn't see how well you [TS]

  don't maybe there was some warning [TS]

  messages and you know they'll make you [TS]

  agree or something and that's how the [TS]

  Red matching is just making it slower so [TS]

  that's fine too turned on right now I [TS]

  finally we want to match to whatever you [TS]

  know I feel like you know for a while [TS]

  you know from from when i was looking to [TS]

  buy my maxima and in 2002 from then [TS]

  until really probably the last few years [TS]

  it was looking pretty bleak to be a [TS]

  stick fan because it was looking like [TS]

  sticks for going extinct and it was they [TS]

  are well they are however you know now I [TS]

  feel like we're getting some of these [TS]

  like things like do clutches and and you [TS]

  know like a more advanced sticks like [TS]

  what you're describing the rev matching [TS]

  thing I feel like we're getting things [TS]

  that are gonna make transition a little [TS]

  easier like for me the dual-clutch was [TS]

  the very first time I had ever said i [TS]

  can give up my stick for this and be [TS]

  very happy with it and and be and [TS]

  actually be happier with it and i would [TS]

  rather have a dual-clutch then it just [TS]

  sticks aren't going away because no one [TS]

  cares about perform [TS]

  driving the sticks are going away [TS]

  because something different is better at [TS]

  performance driving that's what that's [TS]

  like that they're being replaced it's [TS]

  not as if like all of a sudden you know [TS]

  your your honda accord is going to come [TS]

  with an automated manual transmission [TS]

  know that you know the doomsday [TS]

  scenarios their your hundred come to the [TS]

  CVT which I hope never happens but but [TS]

  yeah it's just it's just that upper [TS]

  seven percent of the market that's all [TS]

  going to turn over the sticks are going [TS]

  to go away there are going to be [TS]

  replaced with automated manuals because [TS]

  automated manuals make you go faster and [TS]

  people are gonna complain right now my [TS]

  day I need the tiller to you know like [TS]

  it's full just died and then right i [TS]

  mean at some point complaining about you [TS]

  know having having to settle for a [TS]

  dual-clutch or something like that [TS]

  instead of a real stick is going to [TS]

  sound like people now who complained [TS]

  about anti-lock brakes and traction [TS]

  control you know you know you sound like [TS]

  that that battle is gone but I knew that [TS]

  I knew that the days of the days of the [TS]

  stick were over as soon as for I didn't [TS]

  ship one anymore because that unlike [TS]

  well that's it he soon as Ferraris no [TS]

  longer sticks shit as the ships with a [TS]

  stick available even as an option [TS]

  the days are over because like that's [TS]

  that's my you know dream car that I get [TS]

  when I become rich and famous and [TS]

  whatever and when my dream car not like [TS]

  I can't even get it but I just have to [TS]

  admit to myself the time of the stickers [TS]

  over and like if anything I'm getting a [TS]

  honeymoon period of like well Ferraris [TS]

  it's going to be gone that was like what [TS]

  five years ago four years ago four wins [TS]

  for our stops shipping with their sticks [TS]

  but yeah that like now that's just like [TS]

  a vintage thing the old Ferrari shifter [TS]

  with the with the steel gate in the ball [TS]

  and solvent and I'm enjoying a grace [TS]

  period now when regular cheap cars it's [TS]

  still an economical to put in those good [TS]

  automated manual transmission my cord [TS]

  will have stick for you know a couple [TS]

  more generations until I think I'm [TS]

  stupid enough so I feel like the the [TS]

  main VI know this is gonna sound biased [TS]

  of course but I feel like the main [TS]

  vehicle that would illustrate one sticks [TS]

  are totally dead is when the 3-series is [TS]

  no longer available with one that's [TS]

  gonna be like next generation I know [TS]

  that's the thing I I don't think it's [TS]

  that far off [TS]

  I think you're exactly right I i think i [TS]

  think everyone was kind of everyone's [TS]

  kind of on edge with the f30 is that the [TS]

  2012 and forward generation everyone was [TS]

  really on edge to see if they would even [TS]

  have the option there because we were [TS]

  kind [TS]

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  to create an exceptional website we have [TS]

  to consider also that that we are taking [TS]

  a very American perspective on this [TS]

  issue in a sense that that from from [TS]

  what I've seen from what I understood [TS]

  from from Britain and the rest of Europe [TS]

  is that it's very odd to see a car [TS]

  that's an automatic and it's very odd to [TS]

  see a rental car or hired car if you [TS]

  will that's an automatic and so I [TS]

  actually agree with everything you guys [TS]

  said but I wonder if perhaps we're we're [TS]

  being a little myopic about it in the [TS]

  sense that maybe you know you'll never [TS]

  see it in America anymore but the rest [TS]

  of the world who actually treats driving [TS]

  as a privilege not a right [TS]

  maybe they'll continue to hold onto the [TS]

  house but it'll just take them longer [TS]

  like the reason they stick with six is [TS]

  because first of all sticks are less [TS]

  expensive than automatics which I enjoy [TS]

  because I by 6i pay less money for my [TS]

  cars and so that of course they're gonna [TS]

  stick with less expensive things just [TS]

  have a culture of people knowing how to [TS]

  drive stick there but eventually all [TS]

  those stick like I mean I guess it [TS]

  depends on what the price thing is [TS]

  doesn't automated manual eventually [TS]

  dropped the price where it's actually [TS]

  even cheaper than putting an automatic [TS]

  it's like price i think prices the only [TS]

  price and and [TS]

  a culture of people knowing how to drive [TS]

  stick to what's keeping them sticks not [TS]

  because like Europe like they're all of [TS]

  drive and they all love sticks they [TS]

  don't it's just that you know well they [TS]

  they can get their cross with automatic [TS]

  for an extra 500 bucks but they you know [TS]

  they buy cheap cars they buy small small [TS]

  cheap cars in their tiny narrow streets [TS]

  and that they don't you know want to pay [TS]

  the extra money for an automatic what's [TS]

  interesting also is you to go back to [TS]

  the world I know I know most the the the [TS]

  new m5 is only available in stick in the [TS]

  US and and the the heads of a man stuff [TS]

  have given statements on this date they [TS]

  were going to make one with with just [TS]

  the dct option and the u.s. still [TS]

  demands sticks among high-end sports [TS]

  buyers but that it's like everywhere [TS]

  else in the world the high-end sports [TS]

  buyers don't want sticks they don't care [TS]

  and I wonder if it's because you're [TS]

  using seems like what everyday cars [TS]

  right normally the crappy cheap patch [TS]

  back cars will have steaks what I want [TS]

  the right lap and on the luxury fancy [TS]

  automatic you know types of things in [TS]

  your sports cars everywhere else and in [TS]

  the u.s. automatics are are much more [TS]

  common and sticks are the crazy exotic [TS]

  thing that sports car buyers want and i [TS]

  have to say this is not realize that you [TS]

  had your chord with an automatic I don't [TS]

  like the car with automatic either like [TS]

  and unlike any car with automatic but I [TS]

  was shocked like I i had an accord when [TS]

  I guess the rental they give you and [TS]

  your car is being repaired and had an [TS]

  automatic and I'm like this is [TS]

  disgusting i would never put this kind [TS]

  of hard you know is not yet think the [TS]

  thing about automatics is like that's [TS]

  why you like to BWW wants is a lot of it [TS]

  has to do with software and if you have [TS]

  you know the cameras have terrible [TS]

  automat you know their their software is [TS]

  the worst because it's just totally [TS]

  tuned for smoothness and just like it's [TS]

  just wondering from year-to-year like an [TS]

  old person lost in the hallways of the [TS]

  hospital you're like alright whatever [TS]

  but the accord and I could tell the gear [TS]

  was in but it was not making good [TS]

  choices and I was like it you know it's [TS]

  a thing where you push the pedal car [TS]

  doesn't go and when you have a stick [TS]

  shift that's your fault when you have an [TS]

  automatic like all right car get the [TS]

  hint [TS]

  come on don't have to floor it for you [TS]

  to do something wake up LOL yeah that's [TS]

  not a fun experience actually makes me [TS]

  motion sick to drive the kind of an [TS]

  automatic so the yeah the BMW z1 to be [TS]

  able to just came with like normal [TS]

  automatics just plain old / boxes at the [TS]

  very least their software tuning was [TS]

  like intelligent and [TS]

  figuring out like you know is the car on [TS]

  a hill what are the current g-forces [TS]

  what it looks like the drivers doing [TS]

  what angles the steering wheel all sorts [TS]

  of factors going to say i think i should [TS]

  up or down shift at this point and if it [TS]

  can guess relatively you know smartly [TS]

  like wow this automatic is great even if [TS]

  the shift quality or anything is not [TS]

  anything special just because it picks [TS]

  the same gear and doesn't make you want [TS]

  to tear your hair up onto that and [TS]

  that's when that step down or whatever [TS]

  it was that i was that i was describing [TS]

  earlier is really helpful because when [TS]

  you want that when you want the car to [TS]

  immediately understand i need to go fast [TS]

  right now you have a attacked on [TS]

  tangible way to do that i had that [TS]

  button on my my very first car that i [TS]

  drove which was over the 1981 Volvo [TS]

  station wagon and there was the air [TS]

  conditioning but when you really want to [TS]

  go faster how to turn off the AC news [TS]

  like whoa extra boost of power we are [TS]

  now he was almost 80 horsepower i kid [TS]

  you not the saturn what's the exact same [TS]

  yes the air conditioner is the turbo [TS]

  button of cars it's like you remember [TS]

  the tourney button you old the young [TS]

  enough old enough Raconteurs yeah there [TS]

  you go to another unit ECU megahertz [TS]

  well no I was thinking of the pc xt + 18 [TS]

  didn't go too fast but anyway yeah same [TS]

  thing that come with the turbo button [TS]

  and yeah my favorite was how the the pc [TS]

  cases would still come with the turbo [TS]

  button [TS]

  well into the penny ameri well past the [TS]

  time when any chips that were shipping [TS]

  and computers had turbo modes and like [TS]

  it but you know what we need when you go [TS]

  to the computer store you have like the [TS]

  the cheap like store built brand [TS]

  computers they would all have to use [TS]

  generic cases but they wouldn't have [TS]

  their own cases made and they would all [TS]

  have used and so there were so many [TS]

  computers sold to people that had turbo [TS]

  buttons that did nothing [TS]

  they lit up when you press them in [TS]

  sometimes sometimes nothing everything [TS]

  the light goes on like goes off it goes [TS]

  on like a picture like it and i'm sure [TS]

  people did this like you know when when [TS]

  they're like doing something really you [TS]

  know their computer sitting grinding [TS]

  away [TS]

  I wonder how many people push the turbo [TS]

  buttons and and actually thought you [TS]

  know we'll see why is it was good that's [TS]

  why that's why i'm thinking i got a [TS]

  google this after the show if this is [TS]

  the case he's describing as a real thing [TS]

  or if he's just crazy [TS]

  no it's a real thing is the last venture [TS]

  the BMW for trapping alignment when I [TS]

  drove my father's BMW has always been [TS]

  the [TS]

  r and I haven't Florida so I can't [TS]

  confirm or deny whether I felt some [TS]

  extra little thing at the bottom but [TS]

  yeah now i want to research as my dad [TS]

  about it if he's noticed that it's it's [TS]

  very onto because it feels like you [TS]

  cannot push the the pedal any purpose [TS]

  sounds like such a bad roll out trust me [TS]

  i just keep pressing I don't feel like a [TS]

  MongoDB positive you just press really [TS]

  hard that was to our room [TS]

  hey ya tellin you think I'm falling i [TS]

  kinda wish i was now because that would [TS]

  be a pretty pretty awesome [TS]

  yeah mymy horizontal had that too and it [TS]

  was called the rust eats away at the [TS]

  bottom of the you can press the PALS [TS]

  little bit farther than you should [TS]