3: A Bra Phase


  did you guys ever go through a bra phase [TS]

  know and I please don't tell me you did [TS]

  this is all I did I don't know when we [TS]

  start these are we are talking about [TS]

  cars yes the way anyways equally and [TS]

  better maybe the car one is worse i [TS]

  would agree with so an episode 1i I told [TS]

  you how when I i bought a $YEAR honda [TS]

  accord it was my first brand-new car [TS]

  that ever bought and the car is so [TS]

  before that I had spent some time with a [TS]

  maxima and and before that my sister's [TS]

  borrowed corolla and in both cases [TS]

  especially the corolla I did a lot of [TS]

  highway driving and the the hood we just [TS]

  get so chipped the paint on the hook [TS]

  just get so chipped on that front edge [TS]

  just from various like tiny rocks that i [TS]

  wouldn't even notice while driving but [TS]

  it was it was just spotted so I'm wear [TS]

  with your driving this car just on [TS]

  highways but you know in Pennsylvania [TS]

  where that you know where winter exists [TS]

  so it in you know that they were the [TS]

  maximum wasn't as about the corolla [TS]

  either it was a 98 corolla I don't know [TS]

  if it was something about the design of [TS]

  the aerodynamics or something or if it's [TS]

  just the paint was especially bad or or [TS]

  fragile i don't really know but just [TS]

  tons and tons of speckle marks on the [TS]

  hood [TS]

  remember the paint chipped away from [TS]

  from minor road debris and and so when I [TS]

  bought my my accord i thought you know i [TS]

  want i want this thing to be pristine [TS]

  and you know it everyone does is like [TS]

  buying the you know the undercoating [TS]

  protection or you know whatever scamming [TS]

  come up with you everywhere definitely [TS]

  do this but you can continue well you [TS]

  know people it's the it's the reason why [TS]

  extended warranties sell so well and why [TS]

  people occasionally are convinced retail [TS]

  buy gold plate you have an analogy that [TS]

  I think is applicable but you're [TS]

  finished okay well so here I i just [TS]

  bought this my first new car and I [TS]

  wanted to protect and I wanted to stay [TS]

  perfect as long as possible and i was so [TS]

  paranoid about speckling up the hood [TS]

  from from road debris that I i purchased [TS]

  a car bra and and not even just like [TS]

  just the part that goes on the hood [TS]

  little like [TS]

  little tiny rectangle know the whole [TS]

  front like you know hood and then all [TS]

  the way around the headlights and around [TS]

  the whole lower you know bumper thing [TS]

  and oh my god and I kept it is the [TS]

  problem with this I kept it on there and [TS]

  it was a black car with a black bra so [TS]

  it didn't look as bad as it could have [TS]

  but the main problem with with the car [TS]

  bra is that dirt and stuff can get under [TS]

  it and I knew this and fortunately that [TS]

  didn't end up being a problem but you [TS]

  know if if dirt gets under it then the [TS]

  bronze like scraping all that dirt [TS]

  around like holding it against your page [TS]

  and it actually makes way worse damage [TS]

  if you don't take care of it if you [TS]

  don't you take it off clean and [TS]

  everything but I was in an apartment [TS]

  building with street parking there was [TS]

  no garage me to take you know take all [TS]

  this car maintenance in like they're [TS]

  there was nowhere for me to easily take [TS]

  it off wash it let it dry and put it [TS]

  back on so i just never did so I left it [TS]

  on there for like six months [TS]

  eventually i get i got so paranoid about [TS]

  dirt being trapped under that I just [TS]

  took it off and it just never put it [TS]

  back on and i sold it dirty somebody [TS]

  else somebody anybody eight and that [TS]

  ended in my car brought face I know it's [TS]

  a boring story but it was just this this [TS]

  momentary lapse in judgment [TS]

  I mean the whole car was a lapse in [TS]

  judgment to some degree but so so you [TS]

  guys did not have it where you were [TS]

  never tempted to protect the front of [TS]

  your car with a bra well let me let me [TS]

  jump in real quick and answer this by [TS]

  asking John would you like to look for [TS]

  new co-host with me [TS]

  yeah he was a Windows user to do you [TS]

  know that at this address is on there [TS]

  are so many yeah well I don't know how I [TS]

  associate with both of them but this is [TS]

  both there's a dark past marcos dark [TS]

  past we're gonna we're gonna put this [TS]

  like windows was my number one but now [TS]

  the car bras like is a rising up the [TS]

  chart it was it was a little rough so [TS]

  here's my analogy for the car bra right [TS]

  i liken it to the screen protector [TS]

  things you can buy for iOS devices [TS]

  little clearer things that you put us [TS]

  back on the front really not just the [TS]

  screen but also the way ever see those [TS]

  clear things that stick onto the back or [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  yeah I briefly used one on the iphone 4i [TS]

  yeah it's all tense and it gets worse [TS]

  the way workers like the the motivation [TS]

  for these things like if you think about [TS]

  if you think it through [TS]

  you can usually talk about it before you [TS]

  do it so the motivation is I don't want [TS]

  my car to look ugly it's mostly an [TS]

  aesthetically you don't want the stone [TS]

  chips on your car whatever are on your [TS]

  iOS device you don't want scratches [TS]

  right to sell put this thing on and that [TS]

  will protect the the paint on my car the [TS]

  screen on my thing that the back on my [TS]

  iphone or ipad and that way it won't get [TS]

  damaged but all those things you put on [TS]

  your car make it ugly so to prevent your [TS]

  thing from your iPad or iPhone a car [TS]

  from being ugly you intentionally make [TS]

  it ugly you can kind of think okay I'm [TS]

  intentionally making ugly but underneath [TS]

  that ugliness I sleep better knowing [TS]

  that there's a clean pristine paint [TS]

  surface or whatever but that's not even [TS]

  true as Marco pointed out that's not [TS]

  even sure we do that anyway because it [TS]

  you get dirt under there and even if you [TS]

  clean it for carbon specifically even if [TS]

  you clean out the grit and actually you [TS]

  do preserve it actually is pristine [TS]

  anything UV will eventually change the [TS]

  color of the rank on the rest of the car [TS]

  but not that part of the course when you [TS]

  take it off you would literally have a [TS]

  bra [TS]

  tan line and then maybe that's not a bad [TS]

  these days they used to be so basically [TS]

  to try it in your your well-intentioned [TS]

  effort to make your car not be ugly you [TS]

  are intentionally doing yourself from [TS]

  day one having a hideously ugly and [TS]

  embarrassingly you know strange-looking [TS]

  car so just say no to car bras people [TS]

  well and ND it and the really sad part [TS]

  is that when that car was nine months [TS]

  old somebody back into the door and I [TS]

  it's outdoor bra you have wrecked your [TS]

  door from that yeah and for the iOS [TS]

  things you know those clear films they [TS]

  just they get much more scratched up and [TS]

  ugly and disgusting than the glass would [TS]

  so you're better off just you know what [TS]

  you know why immediately give yourself [TS]

  an ugly thing why not use it so look [TS]

  where it looks the best and if you [TS]

  happen to scratch so be at least you got [TS]

  to use it in this pristine beautiful [TS]

  save up until then instead of just [TS]

  immediately getting it and sticking [TS]

  something on making a gross [TS]

  well I do have a moment of fu and i'm [TS]

  very excited that I can be the one to [TS]

  say that and I'm opening up the [TS]

  floodgates by doing some fu because i [TS]

  know john is way did you know that [TS]

  you've gotten my agreement my license [TS]

  agreement for doing follow-up on a [TS]

  podcast no lawyers get in touch with you [TS]

  about that [TS]

  oh yeah yeah I'm sure we can work [TS]

  something out my term hungry equitable [TS]

  it's a very reasonable [TS]

  what is this strand yeah so I have some [TS]

  lag behind not follow up at lag behind [TS]

  the first thing is I'm gonna try to make [TS]

  this really quick [TS]

  peter van broke joven if i read that [TS]

  correctly was the first that i saw to [TS]

  point out to us that the ford probe is a [TS]

  monster MSC mx6 excuse me I think I was [TS]

  on the right track to 626 and i decided [TS]

  i was wrong but as it turns out it is [TS]

  the mx6 wastegate vs blow off at [TS]

  whatever you get past the toxics is [TS]

  mechanically identical to the amex is [TS]

  just as different skin on it so you're [TS]

  pretty much right to thank you [TS]

  alright i will allow that way state vs [TS]

  blow off valve we got a lot of [TS]

  complaining about how i didn't know what [TS]

  i was talking about which was justified [TS]

  a hell of a second look I saw the same [TS]

  feedback as you you think that's a lot [TS]

  of complaining haha [TS]

  welcome to the internet case yeah [TS]

  seriously i I'm new here be gentle but [TS]

  Sojo writer i believe [TS]

  re utr was the first person I see to let [TS]

  us know via tweet the difference and he [TS]

  said also blow off valve in wastegates a [TS]

  very different things blog about [TS]

  regulates pressure on the intake side [TS]

  wastegate does it on the exhaust and I [TS]

  could elaborate on that because i have [TS]

  since done research but I want and then [TS]

  why the super motor in the toyota biru a [TS]

  lot of people pointed out that boxer [TS]

  engines inherently our God configured in [TS]

  such a way that they can sit really low [TS]

  in the car which is part of the reason [TS]

  why the Toyota brew handles so well yeah [TS]

  we did we know that horizontal opposed [TS]

  to think we said that on the show I [TS]

  still the question remains in my mind [TS]

  anyway what my group superb i'll be at [TS]

  the whole point is I don't like [TS]

  horizontally-opposed engine i don't [TS]

  think that yes they have a lower center [TS]

  of gravity but they don't make nice [TS]

  noises and if they were such a great [TS]

  idea everyone would be doing them and [TS]

  not just subaru it's kinda like the [TS]

  Wankel you know exactly what they have [TS]

  many advantages the interesting [TS]

  of the interesting characteristics of [TS]

  the Wankel but I say my question still [TS]

  stands it's not i would prefer to have [TS]

  toyota's best high-revving small car [TS]

  engine in that car in that thing instead [TS]

  of a superpower . so i don't really care [TS]

  the center of gravity is lower [TS]

  yeah i agree with you but I mean it is [TS]

  what it is so that's all the lag behind [TS]

  not follow up that I had I don't know if [TS]

  you guys would like to contribute or if [TS]

  we could go ahead with marcos question I [TS]

  can't believe we're we've become [TS]

  follow-up show already i was trying too [TS]

  hard to avoid the case all I didn't want [TS]

  to do it either case against and only [TS]

  have one thing through twitter i'm [TS]

  talking about the four-door sports car [TS]

  nissan maxima and I and I was saying how [TS]

  like it how can i get away with saying [TS]

  oh it's the four-door sports cars if [TS]

  it's summer I cool new thing as if [TS]

  sports sedans never existed before and I [TS]

  mentioned the BMW 2002 someone Twitter [TS]

  pointed up 2002 was a coupe 2-door is [TS]

  not four doors so i will amend that to [TS]

  from instead of a 40 s CL amended to SS [TS]

  s SI sedan shape sports car haha because [TS]

  it was like she doesn't look like you [TS]

  know box in front box and back box the [TS]

  middle but it did have two door so there [TS]

  you go [TS]

  we could not then now that we've done [TS]

  that if you can call that stuff out [TS]

  later [TS]

  are you gonna censor yourself let me go [TS]

  ahead and bring that [TS]

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  personal website i assigned both of you [TS]

  homework and I saw myself homework as [TS]

  well and I never did homework in school [TS]

  but at least it for this I'm curious to [TS]

  know how did you guys first of all did [TS]

  you do your homework I did I did under [TS]

  protest [TS]

  ok that's good that there's no better [TS]

  way to do homework the assignment I gave [TS]

  us was for each of us to come up with [TS]

  our answer to what car available today [TS]

  and it could be new or used but just [TS]

  have to be generally available you know [TS]

  these days what car year model and [TS]

  configuration do you think is the best [TS]

  value for general-purpose long-term [TS]

  ownership and that the limit was let's [TS]

  let's try to keep it under 25,000 the [TS]

  lower the better and and or you know the [TS]

  lower without frequent maintenance or [TS]

  severe limitations so you know it like a [TS]

  smart car is really cheap but it has [TS]

  severe limitations and you know if you [TS]

  get you can get like a 1992 nissan [TS]

  maxima for for a pretty good price these [TS]

  days way under 25,000 but that's [TS]

  probably gonna require frequent [TS]

  maintenance so you know reasonably young [TS]

  you know not to ancient of a car so what [TS]

  do you what do you think [TS]

  who wants to go first Casey okay i guess [TS]

  i would like to go first please America [TS]

  so i have two answers and they both suck [TS]

  because you guys are going to just [TS]

  berate me for them but most let's now a [TS]

  trend that we've already started so hey [TS]

  why not continue if I had to pick just [TS]

  1i I landed on the 2013 impress a [TS]

  hatchback the subaru impreza hatchback [TS]

  portion of course I did rob firstly can [TS]

  get it why I mean it's under 25,000 in [TS]

  fact the 1i built was twenty 2523 [TS]

  dollars you can get it with the stick it [TS]

  is not very quick which is definitely a [TS]

  demerit but the reason i thought it was [TS]

  a good deal was it's a hatchback that's [TS]

  reasonably fun ish [TS]

  for under 25 grand that's brand-new now [TS]

  if i could quickly give my alternate [TS]

  answer and then you can bring me my [TS]

  alternate answer is basically my old [TS]

  Subaru but in wagon form so for a couple [TS]

  years when the 05 I think it's like a [TS]

  five through seven or maybe 06 you could [TS]

  get a subaru legacy gt as a wagon with a [TS]

  five-speed and so that would be my [TS]

  second choice and actually found one on [TS]

  autotrader for thirteen thousand nine [TS]

  hundred dollars for with 63,000 172 [TS]

  miles on it and that was not well it's a [TS]

  little bit rare but that is not white [TS]

  and it is a wagon and I don't think I [TS]

  would ever personally drive either of [TS]

  these cars because it is my light and [TS]

  well write exactly know I'd probably [TS]

  never drive them because i don't care [TS]

  for hatchbacks and if i was going to get [TS]

  a wagon i would get one that was [TS]

  probably a little bit more ridiculous [TS]

  obnoxious or quicker but either way that [TS]

  as an all-around her can do all things [TS]

  for all people that's what I would pick [TS]

  you recommend two cars that you wouldn't [TS]

  by correcting it maybe you do like [TS]

  horizontally-opposed engine we just get [TS]

  through this guy down the Honorable [TS]

  shifters and the supers and you're going [TS]

  to get a legacy with the sticks that you [TS]

  can actually that rubbery feeling every [TS]

  day but i believe i said mashed potatoes [TS]

  are excused you wouldn't through spoon [TS]

  through mashed potatoes but yes [TS]

  everything you just said is accurate [TS]

  yeah my mother complained about the the [TS]

  impreza is I mean maybe if you're [TS]

  getting like a fancy i know that the and [TS]

  maybe getting a fancy GTI so like 25 [TS]

  grand for a hatchback even when it's [TS]

  brand-new I can't [TS]

  it may be attached back bias in the [TS]

  European listeners are probably think [TS]

  we're all crazy because I know [TS]

  hatchbacks are what it's all about in [TS]

  Europe but that is something in our [TS]

  water here in America 25 grand for a [TS]

  hatchback makes me go [TS]

  yeah I don't know and I actually agree [TS]

  with you but like I said that theory was [TS]

  all things to all people so i could we [TS]

  get you know this hypothetical person [TS]

  could haul things but would still have [TS]

  fun when they're not hauling things so [TS]

  it fixing things that's American to you [TS]

  that is American actually you're very [TS]

  right hatchbacks really don't hold very [TS]

  much like you know they they have the [TS]

  shape of a vehicle that holds a lot and [TS]

  and their the hatchback itself does lend [TS]

  some versatility to to the you know the [TS]

  size of items you can fit into the car [TS]

  but the overall volume that you have to [TS]

  transport things in most of the compact [TS]

  hatchback is actually pretty small [TS]

  yeah i would say that's true yeah i like [TS]

  the old hatchbacks used to have more [TS]

  remember the old integra hatchback low [TS]

  yeah the hatchback was a different shape [TS]

  it was more like more horizontal so you [TS]

  could crack the hatch back open like a [TS]

  big open pacman mouth and you can fish [TS]

  huge stuff in there but now when the [TS]

  back for a little bit more vertical [TS]

  there's only so much extra room you can [TS]

  get by having that the you know the the [TS]

  hatch open a crack or you can spend like [TS]

  70 grand on an audi a7 which does have [TS]

  the old shape not that different class [TS]

  of car [TS]

  yes I suspect it's not attracting any of [TS]

  the same behind it snow [TS]

  so John what was what was your pic so my [TS]

  protest about this thing is that the [TS]

  question is like that's the value but it [TS]

  doesn't go it doesn't explain what that [TS]

  means about us i was part of the [TS]

  question you have to decide what value [TS]

  means for you but then you added a bunch [TS]

  of words after that was a general [TS]

  purpose and long-term ownership was kind [TS]

  of trying to define value for me but you [TS]

  still have the word value in there so I [TS]

  didn't like the selection criteria and [TS]

  in protest [TS]

  I've also selected two cars that's fine [TS]

  i think 30 so i have the actual correct [TS]

  answer to this question as phrase just [TS]

  to get it out of the way the actual best [TS]

  value for general-purpose long-term [TS]

  ownership for 25 grand is a 2013 honda [TS]

  accord sedan sport it is the best [TS]

  all-around car you can get having sizes [TS]

  have never driven one and have only [TS]

  briefly seen one but i am a very big [TS]

  record been having onto so far and the [TS]

  specs on this thing I just you know [TS]

  crazily better than that President it's [TS]

  got obviously got more room to carry [TS]

  people you're talking about [TS]

  general-purpose long-term ownership you [TS]

  know a lot of people reproduce in this [TS]

  country and that means you're gonna have [TS]

  to find someplace to put their little [TS]

  people and you don't want them in the [TS]

  back of a hatchback [TS]

  it's got all sorts of crazy amenities [TS]

  that like I didn't think would come with [TS]

  like that you know this is not the fancy [TS]

  accord this is the four-cylinder 1 290 [TS]

  horsepower which is fine but 6-speed [TS]

  manual of course an active noise [TS]

  cancellation and you know the the [TS]

  touchscreen thing is is a standard you [TS]

  know the picture for that thing a tire [TS]

  pressure monitoring system and all these [TS]

  things that used to be like things are [TS]

  not trickling down to the into like [TS]

  basically the basic chord [TS]

  and it looks nice and it's got 18 inch [TS]

  alloy wheels so it doesn't look like you [TS]

  know the cheap thing with the wheel [TS]

  covers on top of it this is it all [TS]

  around just a really great general [TS]

  purpose car and it comes with a [TS]

  five-speed that will not drive you crazy [TS]

  that these sisters these things are [TS]

  actually nice honda makes a nice stick [TS]

  have known as dual zone automatic [TS]

  climate control things that I didn't [TS]

  expect to be interesting rear-view [TS]

  camera standard Bluetooth all the the [TS]

  ipod connection like you're basically [TS]

  getting a very very very very poor man's [TS]

  BMW like it has all the amenities [TS]

  features that you want to just massively [TS]

  lower performance and not quite as nice [TS]

  but it's 25 grand and this thing is [TS]

  gonna run forever and it's you know the [TS]

  repair across your lower much lower than [TS]

  your BMW yes i know you get free [TS]

  maintenance of the first whatever years [TS]

  but so this that's the correct answer if [TS]

  you have 25 grand you want the best [TS]

  long-term car for value it's the current [TS]

  generation honda accord sport you can [TS]

  get the luxury ones this stuff too but [TS]

  you're not getting that much more for [TS]

  that money my second choice if you [TS]

  define value slightly differently and I [TS]

  think you probably should define value [TS]

  slightly differently if for a puzzle [TS]

  like this is find yourself a 1993 acura [TS]

  nsx and that while I found two of them [TS]

  for four under 25 grand just to prove [TS]

  that I'm not like making this up and [TS]

  saying what you can probably find 1i [TS]

  found two of them one of them is red and [TS]

  one of them is black [TS]

  this car has many advantages first of [TS]

  all since it's in a sex was probably [TS]

  owned by somebody who took care of it [TS]

  like it's not going to beat the hell [TS]

  like an Indian 93 core idea people who [TS]

  bought the sensex originally we're [TS]

  probably gonna be nice to the car is [TS]

  extremely reliable so it's not going to [TS]

  be like a temperamental exotic where you [TS]

  have to repair the thing constantly like [TS]

  it's hot underneath there it's it's a v6 [TS]

  engine not too powerful 270 horsepower [TS]

  but it does run to 60 in five seconds I [TS]

  didn't read the mileage on the court but [TS]

  the the NSX is 19 city 24 miles per [TS]

  gallon highway and the the cord is 2434 [TS]

  this is an incredible mileage and what [TS]

  are you getting for 25 grand you're [TS]

  getting to drive basically every day and [TS]

  you can't drive this every day and [TS]

  exotic car people are going to turn [TS]

  their head when you drive by and you [TS]

  only paid 25 grand what other but what [TS]

  other situation can you drive a [TS]

  head-turning car the ghost engine 16 [TS]

  five seconds for 25 grand Acura NSX is [TS]

  the more interesting answer [TS]

  I gotta say I was not expecting that [TS]

  that's that's really interesting I you [TS]

  know that I've I really don't know [TS]

  anything about the NSS can accept that [TS]

  everyone is obsessed with that but I [TS]

  really don't know anything about it [TS]

  sounds like a pretty good deal thanks [TS]

  it's a fast car it could get good [TS]

  mileage is reliable and it's mid-engined [TS]

  looks exotic right that is a very good [TS]

  pic yeah and i actually just saw one [TS]

  recently the other day and I parked next [TS]

  to it in the back corner of the whole [TS]

  foods parking lot and definitely took a [TS]

  picture of my car next to it because i [TS]

  couldn't resist but it is a very [TS]

  interesting pick it but it's also in [TS]

  some regard a little bit of a boring pic [TS]

  and hear me out for just one second i [TS]

  would all on as as those kinds of cars [TS]

  go the NSX is is from what I've [TS]

  understood a very livable everyday car [TS]

  died and i completely agree with you [TS]

  there John but it's also i don't know [TS]

  it's the it's a little bit boring isn't [TS]

  it in the sense that it's not if you're [TS]

  going to go for an exotic i went to [TS]

  great what the world is boring out these [TS]

  email case it yet don't email me holy [TS]

  crap know what i mean by that is it if [TS]

  if I was gonna go for a cheaper exotic i [TS]

  would probably go the route of like a [TS]

  lotus or something like that which is [TS]

  about the same speed but probably more [TS]

  possible in actually knew what those not [TS]

  gonna want any 25 grand Lotus you can [TS]

  find you're not gonna want to drive to [TS]

  work everyday you now wait hold on and [TS]

  the current generation you're not going [TS]

  to the suspension is just going to talk [TS]

  to you it's not it's you know it's a [TS]

  tiny heart racing cars is not going to [TS]

  be comfortable you're like this is why I [TS]

  think of it if you plan to have a family [TS]

  you get the cord if you are dedicated to [TS]

  being single and are only gonna have one [TS]

  of the person in the car you get the nsx [TS]

  you can drive that you know until the [TS]

  engine seizes up i do have to argue one [TS]

  thing with you John so you paste these [TS]

  links in and i'm looking at them and [TS]

  both of the NSX is that you found which [TS]

  both cost pretty much exactly $25,000 [TS]

  both have well over a hundred thousand [TS]

  miles on that's actually a good thing [TS]

  because if you has another article have [TS]

  a car driver article about how to find a [TS]

  good used nsx and they said there's a [TS]

  particular problem with the transmission [TS]

  and if it's gonna go bad it's gonna go [TS]

  bad sometime you know before 50,000 [TS]

  miles so you want to find [TS]

  once with high mileage because they're [TS]

  fine okay i'm getting an advantage i [TS]

  don't know if i could if i could spend [TS]

  25 grand on a car with a hundred and [TS]

  forty thousand miles on it it's a honda [TS]

  though it's not like you're getting a [TS]

  Ferrari with 100,000 miles and it's [TS]

  gonna be there gonna be gentle miles [TS]

  like it's the people who like that [TS]

  people buy these people by nsx to drive [TS]

  gently [TS]

  yeah well they take care of them and you [TS]

  know that it's I think you'll be [TS]

  surprised like if you look at the people [TS]

  who buy fancy Ferraris and everything [TS]

  like that they people who buy a corolla [TS]

  beat the hell out of that car way more [TS]

  than people buy a Ferrari know it's [TS]

  sitting here listening to your ear [TS]

  I'm coming around I think you make some [TS]

  pretty good . it is it is an interesting [TS]

  pic but I I would [TS]

  it's interesting pic 44 like the [TS]

  emotional value like the like the you [TS]

  like like when you when you choose cars [TS]

  with your crotch rather than your brain [TS]

  well no but i think this is what the [TS]

  brain too because it's not you're not [TS]

  buying like an old Ferrari that's gonna [TS]

  just fall apart on you or like it you [TS]

  know an old British car with the [TS]

  electrical systems in costly failed this [TS]

  is a comfortable reliable daily commuter [TS]

  type car and by the way this has a 18.5 [TS]

  gallon fuel tank that's pretty big for a [TS]

  car that size actually I'm saying [TS]

  mileage usual that you could cruise cost [TS]

  cross-country in this thing you would [TS]

  look cool the whole time you did it and [TS]

  you'd be comfortable [TS]

  it's got its got everything 25 grand all [TS]

  right now that's an interesting pic I [TS]

  can get behind this I think I spoke too [TS]

  soon [TS]

  this is a pretty good pick just one of [TS]

  our you get an impressive you know what [TS]

  one of these niggas nobody has those [TS]

  well so I I've got a totally different [TS]

  direction than the nsx with my pic and [TS]

  it's going to sound very familiar my pic [TS]

  by far you know for Best Value [TS]

  general-purpose long-term ownership i [TS]

  think john is $PERCENT right that you [TS]

  should probably be looking at a honda [TS]

  accord however honda accords because i'm [TS]

  not really sure what all the reasons are [TS]

  behind us but they have terrible [TS]

  residuals and and by that i mean they [TS]

  lose value very quickly for the first [TS]

  few years after they are new so I'm more [TS]

  quickly than you'd expect for carpets [TS]

  that says as good and reliable isn't as [TS]

  a Japanese sedan [TS]

  so my pic is actually a used 2010 honda [TS]

  accord EXL v6 with a six-speed [TS]

  at with navigation blue book retail on [TS]

  these is only 17,000 and because honda [TS]

  accord [TS]

  they're everywhere you'll be able to [TS]

  find it in exactly what the [TS]

  configuration you want exactly the color [TS]

  you want you can probably even choose [TS]

  the dealer you want to go to like that [TS]

  there that common and so you know for [TS]

  17,000 it's a v6 accord so it's faster [TS]

  than Syracuse's it's only a 2010 model [TS]

  it's probably you know it's figure it's [TS]

  about three years old is probably gonna [TS]

  have like thirty thousand you know the [TS]

  numbers i'm not sure it's faster v6 2010 [TS]

  versus the the current generation [TS]

  four-cylinder look up the speeds if it's [TS]

  faster i would be surprised if it's [TS]

  faster by much [TS]

  ok maybe I i didn't i didn't check that [TS]

  so so something like that is what what's [TS]

  different with the new four-cylinder is [TS]

  a turbocharger just bigger or what is [TS]

  more horsepower and I mean the thing is [TS]

  the v6 is more powerful but the car [TS]

  weighs more as well and like something [TS]

  right 46 in every night it's probably [TS]

  faster but it's it may be close [TS]

  well so what you get with this so for 48 [TS]

  thousand dollars less than than your [TS]

  pick of the new SE model you get all of [TS]

  the luxury options you get like you [TS]

  because the EXL with that so the elves [TS]

  leather so you get the leather seats [TS]

  both sides i believe are powered you get [TS]

  all sorts of like fancy cool stuff that [TS]

  you don't get on the lower trim levels [TS]

  and it's a v6 available with a six speed [TS]

  or automatic if you if you want to go [TS]

  that route but you know [TS]

  come on we're going with a six-speed and [TS]

  it has a navigation system and that's [TS]

  for seventeen thousand dollars for a car [TS]

  that is very reliable has you know and [TS]

  is likely to have well under 40,000 [TS]

  miles probably you know 25 to 45 that's [TS]

  that's going to be really hard to beat [TS]

  for general-purpose value 2013 has more [TS]

  luxury features except for leather seats [TS]

  and i would actually argue that I mean [TS]

  maybe it's because I'm used to poor [TS]

  man's cars but I like cloth seats better [TS]

  than leather seats unless the leather [TS]

  seats are heated because leather seats [TS]

  are cold in the wintertime and i also [TS]

  find them slippery so I like closets but [TS]

  I mean like does this thing as all it [TS]

  doesn't you know your things not going [TS]

  to have like pandora internet radio or [TS]

  Bluetooth stuff for your ipod connector [TS]

  or USB audio jack or anything like that [TS]

  it actually probably will have ipod and [TS]

  USB in 2010 and I think they did have [TS]

  that [TS]

  at rear view camera i mean i don't but [TS]

  they they're adding these fancy luxury [TS]

  features in in the sport model I at 18 [TS]

  inch alloy wheels maybe you have that I [TS]

  think that the v6 might have come with [TS]

  alloy wheels but i think it's like it's [TS]

  a good contest in terms of what is very [TS]

  luxury features but the one thing that [TS]

  you are as that that your car doesn't is [TS]

  the new car smell and its crew will [TS]

  somebody get it wasn't refreshers it is [TS]

  a big difference in price like if you if [TS]

  you gave me the money like it you [TS]

  probably go for the cheaper one and keep [TS]

  the extra grand but if they say you have [TS]

  25 grand to spend and whatever you don't [TS]

  spend you just lose it's probably better [TS]

  going up to 8,000 right get you the [TS]

  accord is an interesting car and you in [TS]

  general and I guess this is as good a [TS]

  time as any to bring this up in general [TS]

  when you when you deck out a car with [TS]

  options or with with higher trim levels [TS]

  you pay a lot for it upfront and then [TS]

  re-sell it's not worth that much so it [TS]

  generally speaking it's a really usually [TS]

  a really good deal to either get a new [TS]

  car with no extras on it or to get a few [TS]

  years old one with all the extras [TS]

  usually for less money because you know [TS]

  if it depends what you're going for like [TS]

  some people especially driving purists [TS]

  that they want to cart away as little as [TS]

  possible so they don't want a whole [TS]

  bunch of of heavy luxury features like [TS]

  like powered seats because that adds [TS]

  weight they wanted to be a stripped-down [TS]

  as possible and that's fine i'm not one [TS]

  of those people at all [TS]

  I I want every luxury feature that that [TS]

  the car supports and even i'll try to [TS]

  bolt on additional ones if i can [TS]

  actually added an aux inject my maxima [TS]

  that's another story [TS]

  so you know I i want i want all the [TS]

  luxury features and you cannot beat the [TS]

  value of getting those on like a [TS]

  three-year-old car instead of instead of [TS]

  brand-new that's actually exactly true [TS]

  and if you let me interject like that's [TS]

  exactly what I did with my BMW is you [TS]

  know like i said it's a 2011 and I got [TS]

  it in the fall of $YEAR of $MONTH 2012 [TS]

  and i believe was built in December 2010 [TS]

  and it is a pretty well loaded three [TS]

  series and it has almost all the bells [TS]

  and whistles accept an automatic because [TS]

  I like driving and I got it for [TS]

  something like 20 grand less than the [TS]

  sticker price just a couple years before [TS]

  i don't remember exactly what the Delta [TS]

  was but it was it was significant and [TS]

  and I because of that I was able to get [TS]

  into a much nicer car than i would have [TS]

  been that I would have chosen to buy you [TS]

  know if I tried if I spent the same [TS]

  money on a new car wouldn't have gotten [TS]

  something nearly as nice and actually I [TS]

  don't have it in front of me but a [TS]

  listener and written in asking hey if [TS]

  I'm about to get a new car or my first [TS]

  car what should i get and I apologize [TS]

  because I don't have your name handy but [TS]

  this is I think Marcus . is excellent [TS]

  that in my experience having bought new [TS]

  and bought lightly used i would go [TS]

  lightly used every time because it gets [TS]

  you into a whole new class of car that [TS]

  that's considerably nicer in most cases [TS]

  and because look at the pictures in this [TS]

  the 2010 accord is that was the bad one [TS]

  though I thought it was back in my [TS]

  generation but no that's the bad one [TS]

  what's better i know people said it was [TS]

  too big besides that what did people [TS]

  dislike about it I the one I drove was [TS]

  automatically automatically was terrible [TS]

  Thank You singer with a stick but like [TS]

  it was kind of ugly and kind of like [TS]

  they lost the accordionist they lost the [TS]

  tight snappy nimbleness and it actually [TS]

  felt more like big car that's you know I [TS]

  I felt the things that annoy me about is [TS]

  the ergonomics are often the automatic [TS]

  was terrible [TS]

  oh you know what a little bit bigger I [TS]

  know why I picked that year in [TS]

  particular because when the new [TS]

  generation you can't get a stick with a [TS]

  v6 anymore ride but the previous [TS]

  generation you couldn't even cheaper [TS]

  maybe go down like you know the bride [TS]

  before that redesign get the basically [TS]

  the same generation i have but get the [TS]

  v6 with a stick that would probably be a [TS]

  better choice yeah but you know but then [TS]

  it would be older and would be no [TS]

  possibly more maintenance than that a [TS]

  2010 model but still I mean it isn't [TS]

  that the point is I think having bought [TS]

  used cars having leased cars and having [TS]

  bought new cars and especially haven't [TS]

  bought a new record I think buying an [TS]

  accord new for the most part is not a [TS]

  great value because they lose so much [TS]

  value in their first year like when we [TS]

  had an accord was a two thousand four [TS]

  chord I think and it was totaled in an [TS]

  accident and like a like a year after we [TS]

  got or maybe a year and a half two years [TS]

  after we got it [TS]

  and with the insurance money that we got [TS]

  for the car being total plus 1,000 of [TS]

  our extra money we got a brand-new [TS]

  current generation Accord was like a [TS]

  year and a half two years later [TS]

  all we had to kick him with an extra [TS]

  thousand dollars to get a brand-new we [TS]

  got the same color to like that you know [TS]

  two model years up one or two model [TS]

  years up front we got this so that's [TS]

  pretty much the same options i was [TS]

  actually but it was actually better [TS]

  options because we got the special [TS]

  edition with like yeah this is the [TS]

  everyone's in admitting they're [TS]

  embarrassing things here so you know the [TS]

  car bra and he's got the white car is my [TS]

  first one so this I wouldn't have picked [TS]

  the special edition Accord which was [TS]

  like it was like the end of this [TS]

  generations model year range i think and [TS]

  they were just throwing it all those [TS]

  weird extras and stuff and this is a car [TS]

  that a buyer head you know optioned out [TS]

  for them like your bill gave me this car [TS]

  and give me all these things on it i [TS]

  want the specialization how much did you [TS]

  want that any bailed so they had this [TS]

  car sitting there with like the extra [TS]

  trunk liner thing and stupid mud.flap [TS]

  things also stuff and the special [TS]

  edition has pho carbon fiber on some [TS]

  parts of the day oh my god [TS]

  so my card is the special edition and it [TS]

  has full carbon fiber but it was it was [TS]

  a thousand dollars and especially I got [TS]

  a brand new car for a thousand dollars a [TS]

  couple years after another brand your [TS]

  car and it is actually better than the [TS]

  the one that got totaled so is there [TS]

  like a sticker or an extra pinstripe to [TS]

  indicate the special edition there is [TS]

  nothing to indicate except slightly [TS]

  different interior surface treatments as [TS]

  far as I can hold on marco was not one [TS]

  to be throwing stones on this year this [TS]

  issue doesn't one of your cars have like [TS]

  a plaque or something denoting what [TS]

  number it is the VIN plate [TS]

  oh no no I thought you know what I'm [TS]

  gonna do [TS]

  oh I thought the rocket had a special [TS]

  like this is number one of 1000 about to [TS]

  though how many of those are made like [TS]

  this legitimate does kind of give them [TS]

  if it has a plaque with the number i [TS]

  give it a total pass how many cars like [TS]

  that are there in the entire United [TS]

  States it actually is 704 right so [TS]

  that's legitimate that's not you know [TS]

  there's a couple more than that sir and [TS]

  I will say though back to the core value [TS]

  think they're there is one exception to [TS]

  to my advice is generally not a good [TS]

  deal to get new and that this applies to [TS]

  a lot of cars that is least specials [TS]

  because you know Lisa's are calculated [TS]

  by it interest and then what they think [TS]

  the value of the car will be at the end [TS]

  of the lease and you you basically pay [TS]

  you know you split that $OPERAND x 36 [TS]

  whatever number of months you haven't [TS]

  that's what you pay per month [TS]

  plus interest so if the if the [TS]

  manufacturer thinks the car you know [TS]

  they just they based on on past [TS]

  performance and stats and you know lots [TS]

  of analysis and math they think the cars [TS]

  gonna be worth X after three years and [TS]

  about this number of miles and that's [TS]

  what they price it with lease specials [TS]

  they will juice the numbers to generate [TS]

  more sales in the short term and then [TS]

  kind of pay for it later or just hope [TS]

  things don't turn out very poorly later [TS]

  and so these specials are often used in [TS]

  just clear out inventory or boost the [TS]

  sales numbers for a month you know [TS]

  juking the stats and wire terms and and [TS]

  so lease specials oftentimes can like i [TS]

  was looking there is there some Lise [TS]

  Lise aside I found when I was [TS]

  researching for this topic and they had [TS]

  one they have a cadillac ats which is [TS]

  Cadillacs new BMW 3-series competitor [TS]

  they had a cadillac ats for 360 a month [TS]

  for three years [TS]

  that's cheap that's really that's [TS]

  cheaper than most record Lisa's like [TS]

  that's really connected and then and you [TS]

  can occasionally get a record for like [TS]

  250 you know and and then you know you [TS]

  add a little more if you want more [TS]

  extras but lately specials are generally [TS]

  speaking they can be very very good [TS]

  deals and way better deals and you can [TS]

  never get with regularly for financing [TS]

  just because you're the manufacturer is [TS]

  just kind of the car more than the [TS]

  dealer's even can because they're [TS]

  they're betting against their own [TS]

  financial future one thing um so I I did [TS]

  pick two other cars for the best value [TS]

  thing one over very quickly if you have [TS]

  different priorities than us and somehow [TS]

  you're still listening to this podcast [TS]

  if he if you actually want to drive a [TS]

  very comfortable marshmallow i would say [TS]

  a 2008 era lexus ES is a really good bed [TS]

  just mom had one of these in its it's a [TS]

  fantastic car it the blue book retail [TS]

  that right now is about 20,000 for 2008 [TS]

  lexus es350 des is based on the camry [TS]

  and so it's basically what you'd expect [TS]

  from a a luxury fide camry so it's it's [TS]

  completely a marshmallow very very [TS]

  you know comfortable soft squishy you [TS]

  don't have any road feeling whatsoever [TS]

  if you want that and of course is no [TS]

  stick it's an extremely luxurious [TS]

  interior it's a very large car you can [TS]

  fit a ton in it and it has a 270 [TS]

  horsepower v6 so that's that's no pretty [TS]

  reasonable for 20 grand if you actually [TS]

  have those marshmallow like priorities [TS]

  also honorable mention for lexus the RX [TS]

  350 SUV that they sell so many of those [TS]

  things and you can get one for about the [TS]

  same price and my they're almost this is [TS]

  emerging in the minivan territory and so [TS]

  like right now only know this because [TS]

  his parents have had both of those cars [TS]

  that and they are they are you know [TS]

  they're not for me at all but they're [TS]

  very nice cars and lexus the reason why [TS]

  alexis is is so good you know it's based [TS]

  on trade it tends to have very very good [TS]

  resale value so you don't tend to lose a [TS]

  lot with it they're actually pretty good [TS]

  Lisa's like tip scar tissue has an is250 [TS]

  and i have three series and the lease on [TS]

  both of those like my lease is way [TS]

  higher than hers [TS]

  even though her car was about the same [TS]

  like MSRP price as mine [TS]

  I'm just because Alexis actually [TS]

  residuals but all that aside I think my [TS]

  third pic for the car thing is if you [TS]

  have priorities more like ours but not [TS]

  quite as ridiculous as cases [TS]

  what's that supposed to mean I would say [TS]

  you should get the car that is pretty [TS]

  much my 3 series but two years older get [TS]

  the 2009 BMW 328 x I and the reason why [TS]

  is because it's so blue book retail is [TS]

  about 20 15 on that it's it's the same [TS]

  same as mine couple years older it will [TS]

  you know 2009 BMW is going to have me [TS]

  maybe 50,000 miles on it 4,000 something [TS]

  like that but what I like about this [TS]

  pick is that it is a completely [TS]

  different it's a completely different [TS]

  level of of luxury and handling and [TS]

  performance even though it has what [TS]

  Casey thinks is a too slow engine it's a [TS]

  200-230 for horsepower inline-six and it [TS]

  also has all-wheel drive and I like all [TS]

  the drive a lot you know they're there [TS]

  are times when its overrated but overall [TS]

  I like [TS]

  a lot and for twenty-one thousand [TS]

  dollars you get a really really awesome [TS]

  car and because it's a few years old [TS]

  you can get one without all sorts of [TS]

  options for not much of a premium so i [TS]

  would say 2009 BMW 328 x I for people [TS]

  with our priorities is a really really [TS]

  good pic if you want if you want to save [TS]

  some money [TS]

  I like that a lot better than your older [TS]

  record pic i would much rather have that [TS]

  that I older BMW than that older accord [TS]

  with all the luxury stuff on it the only [TS]

  thing the court has going for it is that [TS]

  there is more room for a lot if you have [TS]

  like non toddler or tiny size kids if [TS]

  you have like teenagers it better or if [TS]

  you're you drive around adults [TS]

  frequently oh yeah even a little [TS]

  background about my dad's 328 purchase a [TS]

  similar vintage I want to sit in the [TS]

  backseat [TS]

  yes the the accord is a much bigger car [TS]

  I mean note that that's the thing with [TS]

  the BMW you're paying for that awesome [TS]

  engine you're paying for the luxury [TS]

  features are paying for the awesome [TS]

  handling and the four-wheel drive and [TS]

  the other dr yeah . up on so you know [TS]

  you're paying for all those things [TS]

  that's what you know the the accord you [TS]

  can get newer for a lot less money but [TS]

  it's just like with their new you can [TS]

  get a new record for a lot less than or [TS]

  new 328 but and for any record is better [TS]

  and if you respect like space and stuff [TS]

  like that but then the 328 is a car that [TS]

  you know you you feel something when you [TS]

  drive it and you know notnot you know [TS]

  literally like you feel excited you you [TS]

  enjoy the car and you know some people [TS]

  they don't care they rather have the [TS]

  better value where they need certain [TS]

  features that doesn't offer fine but for [TS]

  for people like us generally speaking 3 [TS]

  series is awesome i would agree with [TS]

  that now is it is this the juncture that [TS]

  the time at which I get to lecture you [TS]

  about all-wheel drive or do we want to [TS]

  go a different direction [TS]

  this is a good time alright well firstly [TS]

  I have to pull a John Syracuse and do a [TS]

  little real-time follow-up can't find a [TS]

  name i did find the name of the [TS]

  individual that emailed us asking for [TS]

  tips about a first car that was just in [TS]

  woodbridge so thank you justin for quasi [TS]

  inspiring that segment uh it's so mark [TS]

  and I have gone back and forth a lot [TS]

  about whether or not he needs all wheel [TS]

  drive and in the comedy of this is I [TS]

  spent my high school years in [TS]

  Connecticut like we've already [TS]

  established and i learned to drive on in [TS]

  snow and I've lived in virgin [TS]

  you in different parts of Virginia for [TS]

  the last are basically decade and I've [TS]

  been insisting to Marco that he really [TS]

  doesn't need all-wheel drive and in fact [TS]

  a very close friend of mine Brian the [TS]

  same guy who had the r32 which was all [TS]

  wheel drive now has a 2009 335 the rear [TS]

  wheel drive and he lives in Morgantown [TS]

  West Virginia where there's mountains [TS]

  and there's nothing but mountains and he [TS]

  gets by just fine of course he's also [TS]

  putting on hugely expensive finish snow [TS]

  tires if i'm not mistaken but we'll [TS]

  leave that out for this part of the [TS]

  conversation and then another friend of [TS]

  mine Sean who also lives in Connecticut [TS]

  he used to rock a 240sx way back in the [TS]

  day again with snow tires but rear-wheel [TS]

  drive in snow in mountainous areas of [TS]

  connecticut is the mountains but it's [TS]

  snowy area and it worked just fine and [TS]

  so Marco and I've been going back and [TS]

  forth about whether or not he really [TS]

  needs all-wheel drive and without [TS]

  totally ruining everything I will claim [TS]

  victory by saying i know for a fact that [TS]

  his next car is not all wheel drive end [TS]

  is indeed rear-wheel drive and they're [TS]

  really funny thing is that during all [TS]

  this time you were trying to convince me [TS]

  that I didn't need it [TS]

  you ended up buying an all-wheel drive [TS]

  car and now I've ordered one is [TS]

  rear-wheel drive it yes this is exactly [TS]

  true in in richmond virginia we get [TS]

  typically to snowstorms a year to [TS]

  blizzards a year of about three or four [TS]

  inches each and i know john is just [TS]

  dying know you know you know Marco you [TS]

  can you can think about Casey and he [TS]

  told you you don't need four-wheel drive [TS]

  when you're pushing your expensive new [TS]

  car or some other situation like I i [TS]

  don't know whether you need four-wheel [TS]

  drive but going with a rear-wheel-drive [TS]

  living where you live like global [TS]

  warming is your only help because I even [TS]

  if you get the family to finish snow [TS]

  tires and that thing you do not want to [TS]

  be going up and down any Hills in a [TS]

  winter storm in your giant expensive [TS]

  high-performance rear-wheel drive sedan [TS]

  because you will be embarrassed by honda [TS]

  civic front-wheel-drive passing you [TS]

  going uphill because it can claw its way [TS]

  up with the skinny little crappy tires [TS]

  and you with your high-performance large [TS]

  contact patch waterskis spinning in the [TS]

  back be going over so well there are a [TS]

  few reasons why i thought you know what [TS]

  actually in red medium [TS]

  overall evaluating my situation I think [TS]

  i can get away with a rear-wheel-drive [TS]

  car and and it's mainly because i live i [TS]

  live in westchester new york right about [TS]

  the city we do get snow here [TS]

  not as much as you get up state but we [TS]

  do get snow here and in a pretty [TS]

  regularly in in some winters but the [TS]

  last two winters we've had almost none [TS]

  granted it's only you know late January [TS]

  now you know it's but still we've had [TS]

  very little left to winters I have an [TS]

  all-wheel drive car and i love i love [TS]

  that i had that in the snow however it's [TS]

  not gonna drive car with all-season [TS]

  tires that are now is what is your wheel [TS]

  drive car 23 I think you're getting rid [TS]

  of that this was replacing it it at [TS]

  least runs out yeah yeah so right now I [TS]

  have this car right so that there are [TS]

  two things that made me decide i could [TS]

  do a rear-wheel-drive 1 i've been [TS]

  learning about snow tires and I've never [TS]

  had snow tires before and I've all the [TS]

  research I'm doing indicates that they [TS]

  really do help quite a bit and and a lot [TS]

  of countries are are requiring them now [TS]

  for winter driving and quite a lot of [TS]

  countries actually and so you know the [TS]

  evidence is pretty strong that i should [TS]

  have snow tires anyway even if I got an [TS]

  all-wheel-drive car so you know that's [TS]

  that that's what about the point i'm [TS]

  going to have no tires next winter but [TS]

  what has mostly change my mind is that [TS]

  we are now a two car family we my wife [TS]

  has a car and we both like the same kind [TS]

  of cars we both like mid-size sedans so [TS]

  we're both we both own mid-size sedans [TS]

  and that's going to continue it for the [TS]

  foreseeable future and then if we ever [TS]

  do need a minivan she has agreed that [TS]

  she will be the one who will have it [TS]

  because i have the best wife in the [TS]

  universe so we will always have a car [TS]

  that can work in snow if ifs no happens [TS]

  and it can be her car so her car can be [TS]

  all wheel drive with or without snows [TS]

  and my car can be a variable drive with [TS]

  snows in the winter and I think that'll [TS]

  be fine and they're there have been so [TS]

  few occasions during my 328 least where [TS]

  I've actually needed to drive in the [TS]

  snow and some of them don't have to kill [TS]

  you [TS]

  that's probably your saving grace right [TS]

  that's yeah that's true and [TS]

  and in some situations i felt the arbol [TS]

  drive actually gives and I'm sure [TS]

  everybody who's an herbal agree with [TS]

  this it gives a false sense of security [TS]

  in that it helps you go if you are going [TS]

  to be stuck it it helps you go but it [TS]

  doesn't really help you stop and it [TS]

  doesn't really help your grip it just [TS]

  helps you get out if you are stopped [TS]

  when you're trying to make your way up [TS]

  the hill believe me the ability to go [TS]

  something becomes very important [TS]

  yeah yeah totally so going up a snowy [TS]

  hill in a novel drive car is certainly [TS]

  you know I'd rather have all wheel drive [TS]

  at that moment then rear but I think [TS]

  rear with snows can probably at least do [TS]

  it and because i need to do that so [TS]

  incredibly infrequently so you know my [TS]

  next car [TS]

  it's also going to be on a three-year [TS]

  lease i don't think i think during the [TS]

  entirety of the time i have that car I [TS]

  might need to drive a snowy hill maybe [TS]

  once [TS]

  like that'sthat's how often i would need [TS]

  to do that given the last few in tourism [TS]

  just don't go for chicken salad it's not [TS]

  know of course i would make my left one [TS]

  so i did is a minivan gonna be four [TS]

  wheel drive because we had a minivan [TS]

  growing up was one of the cars that i [TS]

  drove one of the cars that i learned to [TS]

  drive on and it was a four-wheel drive [TS]

  minivan and they are i don't know if [TS]

  they're even exist anymore I have no [TS]

  idea [TS]

  4-wheel Drive minivans like this is we [TS]

  had trouble finding we got the mazda mpv [TS]

  which was four wheel drive and actually [TS]

  like jacked up a little bit compared to [TS]

  other minivans and it was great [TS]

  snot rags and if you're talking about [TS]

  real stone handling you make a good [TS]

  point that ground clearance is a pretty [TS]

  big issue and and that's why things like [TS]

  Jeeps and SUVs tend to be and trucks [TS]

  tend to be better in this no I don't [TS]

  know if grant because grandparents [TS]

  really help the levels of snow on a [TS]

  ploughed road because that's what kills [TS]

  you is like the plowed roads we had oh [TS]

  yeah we haven't it's now the past four [TS]

  years like many years ago we had some [TS]

  big snow winters here and I was [TS]

  commuting when you can't it's like you [TS]

  gotta go to work and you've got to come [TS]

  home sometimes you have to go to work [TS]

  and come home and pick up the kids so it [TS]

  is like mandatory trips built into your [TS]

  day and doesn't matter what the weather [TS]

  is like you have to go to daycare and [TS]

  get the kids you have to leave work you [TS]

  have to go home and is a certain number [TS]

  of pills there and some of the worst [TS]

  things that I've been through I've gone [TS]

  like on the you know the exit ramp to [TS]

  get off 95 where I get off to go home in [TS]

  the car with the kids [TS]

  cutting my way in my crappy front-wheel [TS]

  drive Honda Civic [TS]

  through like the twisted bodies of [TS]

  Mercedes BMW and lexus that are all the [TS]

  entrance ramp all twisted some strange [TS]

  angle all half off the road because they [TS]

  couldn't make it up the ramp and I'm [TS]

  just going to continue to returning you [TS]

  know front-wheel-drive all-season tires [TS]

  terrible performance no horsepower and [TS]

  they're all stuck and I'm not see but [TS]

  that car is built it to a degree and [TS]

  hear me out its kind of built for the [TS]

  snow in the sense of its not overpowered [TS]

  so taking off from a stop and W so since [TS]

  you have a stick you can you can feather [TS]

  that you can feather the application of [TS]

  the clutch didn't and the throttle and [TS]

  so you can take off very gently [TS]

  additionally and I think this is where [TS]

  the minivans come back in the tires are [TS]

  comparatively much thinner you don't you [TS]

  had talked about his water skis and [TS]

  you're absolutely right [TS]

  having dinner tires to cut through the [TS]

  snow helps a lot you it doesn't weigh a [TS]

  lot which is it which is a mark against [TS]

  it but you know all the wait is over the [TS]

  over the wheel over the front wheels in [TS]

  those are the drive wheels and so there [TS]

  yeah there are that is the only time in [TS]

  which front-wheel-drive is an absolute [TS]

  advantage in to build on what I believed [TS]

  was that usage on my parents had a GMC [TS]

  safari a four-wheel-drive GMC safari [TS]

  when I was in high school and I was [TS]

  growing up and I kid you not that thing [TS]

  was a tank in the snow I mean it would [TS]

  go anywhere [TS]

  it was ridiculous because we wait a [TS]

  million pounds and had relatively thin [TS]

  tires and it had all wheel drive and it [TS]

  would go anywhere you know the BMW for [TS]

  drive systems aren't like it's not you [TS]

  know that the most of the time it's a [TS]

  rear-wheel-drive car it's not as [TS]

  terrible as you know you've got one [TS]

  Casey like it if they'd that I believe [TS]

  they're think sounds like it's in all [TS]

  the power to the rear we know it's [TS]

  excitedly what 6040 by default i think [TS]

  that's right but to that some of them it [TS]

  maybe it maybe I'm thinking of the [TS]

  Ferrari for four wheel drive so I just [TS]

  get for every manufacturing systems [TS]

  different is that the at the FF is that [TS]

  the one thinking of I think you're right [TS]

  yes hundred percent of the power to the [TS]

  rear wheels until like they slip them in [TS]

  it starts redistributing them that I [TS]

  want to pick that is 125 thousand at a [TS]

  time machine go forward in time 15 years [TS]

  and when I don't have that car will ever [TS]

  be 25,000 know it's pretty ugly maybe [TS]

  we'll be yeah you never know I'd [TS]

  actually really quickly another story I [TS]

  wanted to tell was shortly after I got [TS]

  my 335 on a completely dry day on the [TS]

  biggest road [TS]

  that runs through the length of richmond [TS]

  and in a time and a place where I really [TS]

  shouldn't have done it i thought to [TS]

  myself you know what I want to see what [TS]

  this cars really made of and I was doing [TS]

  you turn on a multi multi lane road each [TS]

  direction and so I turned the the DSC [TS]

  fall off so the car was completely raw [TS]

  it's not like I believe Mercedes where [TS]

  it still has nannies there so you can't [TS]

  get too sideways while I was doing my [TS]

  u-turn and I was from from a dead stop [TS]

  so i get about halfway through the turn [TS]

  I'm in first dscs fall off remember that [TS]

  BMW non am BMWs do not have limited-slip [TS]

  rear and so I got halfway through the [TS]

  turn I stand on the gas and next thing i [TS]

  know i'm at a 45 degree angle with the [TS]

  way the road is supposed to go and [TS]

  realizing well this thing is a lot more [TS]

  rear bias the legacy was and also has a [TS]

  lot more power so I mean it's a it's [TS]

  exactly like you said John it's it's [TS]

  much more rear happy than a lot of other [TS]

  four wheel drive systems are oh yeah and [TS]

  but but at the same time it does it does [TS]

  feel extremely different from a [TS]

  rear-wheel-drive three ya like it like [TS]

  that it feels very driving feeling is [TS]

  completely different and you you can [TS]

  tell which one you're in instantly if [TS]

  you pay attention to like you can you [TS]

  can very very easily tell besides the [TS]

  tremendous ugly badge from the new ones [TS]

  that's not what they were thinking with [TS]

  that but yeah I wonder what they were [TS]

  thinking if that's if that's the actual [TS]

  split of its forty percent mandatory to [TS]

  the front and then you know very well [TS]

  that's a lot like a pirate too i don't [TS]

  know why they would split I believe it [TS]

  has the N I believe it has the ability [TS]

  to send a hundred percent 2ne1 wheel it [TS]

  in a slippage but what the research says [TS]

  I'm pretty sure it can send up two [TS]

  hundred percent 2ne1 wheel but by [TS]

  default 6040 now I couldn't that's cause [TS]

  usually default to like massively rear [TS]

  and then only start sending to the front [TS]

  of things slip so I'm wondering why they [TS]

  why they want to maybe they want that [TS]

  slippery like your binder by the [TS]

  four-wheel-drive you wanted you want [TS]

  that driving characteristic i don't know [TS]

  when we get BMW engineers and she'll ask [TS]

  them that we don't have to because [TS]

  wikipedia says that you guys are right [TS]

  while you were while you were talking I [TS]

  was able to get my own real-time follow [TS]

  up here again and it is a 60-40 split [TS]

  rear biased and then the extract can [TS]

  react within a tenth of a second to just [TS]

  redistribute up to one hundred percent [TS]

  of engine power to the front or rear [TS]

  axle and i will say generally you know [TS]

  as these systems go again [TS]

  manufacturers all the drive systems [TS]

  little bit different i would say lexus [TS]

  is ok I've seen it fail few times X [TS]

  drive is awesome [TS]

  I i really do think as as these systems [TS]

  go [TS]

  BMW xDrive is is very very good i don't [TS]

  have a lot of experience with Quattro [TS]

  and I know that adding people are [TS]

  fanatical about it so I can't really say [TS]

  whether it's better than quattro it from [TS]

  from the research i've done it seems [TS]

  like people tend to agree that there are [TS]

  at least equals and some people say [TS]

  extras better I'd I can't leave at that [TS]

  but it is really amazing and it's the [TS]

  only thing that it can't do is a diff [TS]

  lock but if it can send a hundred [TS]

  percent of the power to any of the four [TS]

  wheels i guess in theory [TS]

  you're very likely to get stuck right [TS]

  well it's not any of the four wheels [TS]

  which is where the trick like s4 [TS]

  differentials and whatnot get really [TS]

  interesting it'sit's any of the two [TS]

  axles oh so so then what happens if i'm [TS]

  not mistaken the last time i said that i [TS]

  was talking about wastegates and blow [TS]

  off valves but my understanding is it [TS]

  gets it gets all the power of the front [TS]

  rear axle and then by the DSC and dtc [TS]

  will do some crazy junk with breaking [TS]

  the wheel that's spinning in order to [TS]

  cake to to get the net effect of a [TS]

  limited-slip differential even though [TS]

  your systems are terrible ones that one [TS]

  that use wheel breaking instead of you [TS]

  not good especially when you try to get [TS]

  us know you're here let me take traction [TS]

  control is also your enemy [TS]

  most of the time trying to yes it will [TS]

  break the sleep of slipping wheel and [TS]

  you it's like no I want to go up the [TS]

  hill [TS]

  don't stop applying the brakes i was now [TS]

  slide down in turn sideways as the civic [TS]

  drives fast me on entrance ramp goodness [TS]

  i don't know i really i I really hope [TS]

  that snow tires are are good they re all [TS]

  see just all season tires are fine [TS]

  that's again the problem with the buying [TS]

  expensive cars as they come with high [TS]

  performance tires which are great in the [TS]

  summer and are not great and we like [TS]

  just plain old all-season tires that [TS]

  like the cheap cars come with even those [TS]

  are miles ahead of the slicks that [TS]

  you're gonna get with like an actual [TS]

  high-performance car [TS]

  well that's that's not entirely true so [TS]

  what we just that last week got a couple [TS]

  inches of snow which again for blood for [TS]

  richmond is a blizzard and i took the [TS]

  335 out just around the neighborhood and [TS]

  has the run flat stock summer tires on [TS]

  it and parcel seasons [TS]

  yeah they are they call them summer [TS]

  tires because usually this the stock [TS]

  ones don't have that like I'm thinking [TS]

  you know when you for example the 1m is [TS]

  going to have probably the crazy tire [TS]

  standard but the regular 3 series is [TS]

  going to have all season tires i have to [TS]

  a man out another summer i'm almost done [TS]

  i had mine came with all seasons my [TS]

  328is at the compound or the tread [TS]

  pattern of both i often my head I don't [TS]

  call i'm cheating and trying to look at [TS]

  Iraq while we're talking but I mean also [TS]

  consider it does have the m-sport [TS]

  package which again is almost entirely [TS]

  aesthetic junk but let's maybe that uses [TS]

  different wheels though and it might [TS]

  have come with summer tires [TS]

  yeah could be I mean red yeah this is a [TS]

  bridgestone potenza re050a run-flat max [TS]

  performance summer that's it [TS]

  so how did you know it actually did all [TS]

  right i mean it to be honest I found out [TS]

  was it in Virginia [TS]

  well like I said it was about two inches [TS]

  which for us is a legitimate blizzard [TS]

  and schools canceled the following day I [TS]

  kid you not [TS]

  wait wait wait a second how what is the [TS]

  justification for cancelling school when [TS]

  there is two inches of snow is it [TS]

  because the buses can't get through and [TS]

  no i don't think so i think part of the [TS]

  problem is we don't have the plowing the [TS]

  plows and all the other things you guys [TS]

  have it but I to inches you don't need [TS]

  to plan to it's hard to know your cars [TS]

  over a part of it is that we drive in [TS]

  the snow as well as Californians drive [TS]

  in the rain don't emailing and part of [TS]

  it is because there's been a couple [TS]

  times lately that the county in which we [TS]

  live has not cancel her have not [TS]

  cancelled school everything God and then [TS]

  everybody died . so now they're [TS]

  trigger-happy but now and also in their [TS]

  rural parts of the of the county where [TS]

  in the the buses do sometimes have [TS]

  troubles getting through these very [TS]

  random back roads and so that's a [TS]

  rear-wheel-drive yes but there's four [TS]

  wheels in most cases a gigantic and [TS]

  their gigantic and tall and skinny which [TS]

  is what we've already established is [TS]

  exactly what you want I don't know [TS]

  they're there and they're an interesting [TS]

  breed here there what there was a guy i [TS]

  decided to take the one out there [TS]

  bring that during our our halloween [TS]

  snowstorm this year just to see I was [TS]

  still in the process of figuring out [TS]

  whether I needed all-wheel drive her [TS]

  next car not so here I had a car with [TS]

  summer tires and way too much power [TS]

  going to the back where it's it's very [TS]

  very easy for the for you to spin the [TS]

  rear tires of the 1m just by trying to [TS]

  go normally it has way too much power [TS]

  for for its body and and so I ended up [TS]

  so as a result the rear tires I I hope [TS]

  mostly from the previous owner the rear [TS]

  tires are pretty worn down i would say [TS]

  they have gone through at least half of [TS]

  their tread of the usable tread so and [TS]

  and you can tell there's like if you [TS]

  look at the front versus the rears like [TS]

  the front fred is way deeper so here i [TS]

  have worn down summer tires on a very [TS]

  very powerful rear-wheel-drive [TS]

  lightweight car and I decided to take it [TS]

  out on the road in the snowstorm to see [TS]

  you know just quick trip to the grocery [TS]

  store us a short route I knew well I [TS]

  knew you know what would be the [TS]

  challenging parts of it and it turned [TS]

  out and my neighborhood is very very [TS]

  hilly so I'm going up and down lots of [TS]

  hills covered in snow nothing was plowed [TS]

  there was no salt it was too early in [TS]

  the season we weren't even prepared so [TS]

  no plowing no salting nothing and it was [TS]

  a little bit warm so the snow is all [TS]

  being packed down into it into a slush [TS]

  and like a pact / which is pretty much [TS]

  the worst case scenario for traction so [TS]

  I go start over the grocery store in the [TS]

  whole time I'm thinking you know what [TS]

  this is pretty good I'm feeling just [TS]

  fine with the car handled just fine the [TS]

  entire way there and then I pull into [TS]

  the grocery store parking lot and go [TS]

  sideways just trying to take a turn [TS]

  going like from one part of a lot to [TS]

  another going down an aisle trying to [TS]

  turn my car at five miles an hour [TS]

  totally sideways like and stuck how he [TS]

  covers rock solid I i had to have [TS]

  grocery store employees come out and [TS]

  help me they didn't sell shovels I [TS]

  couldn't just buy one shovel shovel out [TS]

  a few wheels they had to push me out of [TS]

  that lot Nazi Party out of greats [TS]

  pushing your wheel drive [TS]

  it was ridiculously embarrassing Wow [TS]

  and then the whole ride home perfect you [TS]

  find so it was it was a it went worse [TS]

  than I expected when I actually gotten [TS]

  that lot from what i understand that i [TS]

  was doing a few things wrong number one [TS]

  obviously i had the wrong kind of tires [TS]

  number to the tires are too worn down [TS]

  and number three as Casey pointed out I [TS]

  didn't know to turn traction control off [TS]

  when you're trying to get out of a stuck [TS]

  snowy position so i was doing and I [TS]

  tried it try trip starting 2nd or 3rd [TS]

  gear at first that didn't really seem to [TS]

  help the rear tire just had no grip on [TS]

  that surface but I did not try turning [TS]

  traction control off so maybe that would [TS]

  have helped I don't know probably not [TS]

  honestly because you know the tires [TS]

  because the wrong type of tire on a very [TS]

  light car and blah blah but it was [TS]

  sobering to say the least [TS]

  however now I decided instead to still [TS]

  get a rear-wheel drive car for the next [TS]

  car and but here again i mean the the 1m [TS]

  and and at least that 1i that has a [TS]

  proper limited-slip differential and so [TS]

  it didn't open on [TS]

  well no but with the traction control [TS]

  off it without the the computer trying [TS]

  to be smarter than it really is i think [TS]

  you would have been just fine but there [TS]

  was no tread on the tires and the smell [TS]

  okay why did just . just smoothly [TS]

  polished the snow energy haha finish [TS]

  yeah i mean they're very wide tires that [TS]

  is too well in the funny thing is having [TS]

  driven marcos 1m i can tell you that [TS]

  when I will never forget being in first [TS]

  puttering off the line standing on the [TS]

  gas with i believe we had the DSC on ya [TS]

  and i would let our exactly and the car [TS]

  started to jiggle in the back as the [TS]

  boost built and eventually started to [TS]

  lose traction and this was on a pretty [TS]

  cold day but this was a completely dry [TS]

  day and it was it was like everything [TS]

  reason we're going straight line on a [TS]

  drive exactly know that that's exactly [TS]

  my point i mean the thing is the thing [TS]

  is ridiculous [TS]

  yes i'm not the best example for a real [TS]

  drive car being good in the snow but i [TS]

  will say the entire rest of the drive it [TS]

  was great just that parking lot got [TS]

  stuck but I [TS]

  so stuck that I I know if there was ever [TS]

  a time for me to spontaneous really [TS]

  spontaneous 1 John siracusa in New York [TS]

  like I would have loved for John to pull [TS]

  up next to me as he's driving his his [TS]

  crappy beat-up civic or whatever it was [TS]

  an accord [TS]

  I don't according to set it to cars oh [TS]

  man alright so two cars both my wife [TS]

  works you know right okay so said you [TS]

  have to commute to work [TS]

  have to commute to work [TS]

  à la barre le déplacement même [TS]

  et alors ils se parlent [TS]

  ap ap ap ap ap ap [TS]

  nadal a déroulé ses parents les 30 derniers jours il atteint même [TS]

  à voir [TS]

  mais [TS]

  à lire l'article [TS]