6: Alternate!


  oops excuse me I have a smorgasbord of [TS]

  brief topics to talk about that sounds [TS]

  delicious [TS]

  it does sound delicious and I have a [TS]

  piece of quasi follow-up if we care to [TS]

  address it and you can cut this but my [TS]

  father actually pointed out after [TS]

  listening to the last episode hey what [TS]

  about a voice recognition as a mean this [TS]

  is after episode for what about voice [TS]

  recognition as a means to control your [TS]

  car and I think he makes an excellent [TS]

  point but the sorry truth of it is in my [TS]

  experience all voice recognition socks [TS]

  and that's pretty much the end of it [TS]

  here's the thing with voice recognition [TS]

  that the theory behind it i think most [TS]

  people's minds is you don't have to use [TS]

  your hands sword and you don't have to [TS]

  use your eyes for it you can just use [TS]

  your voice and is if we assume like you [TS]

  know magical perfect artificial [TS]

  intelligence isn't that better but i [TS]

  find it in practically speaking [TS]

  currently at least in my nerd mind and i [TS]

  think most people's minds too i think [TS]

  trying to speak a command to your car is [TS]

  more distracting than trying to operate [TS]

  a physical control even if you have to [TS]

  look at it because like I feel like [TS]

  peoples visual centers of their brains [TS]

  like shut off because you're thinking [TS]

  about how do I say this in the way that [TS]

  the machine will understand me did you [TS]

  guys experienced that like you're trying [TS]

  to think about a command and speak it to [TS]

  the thing and you realize during the [TS]

  time you've been doing that speaking and [TS]

  thinking about what to say you have not [TS]

  been paying attention to the road [TS]

  absolutely I I probably shouldn't get [TS]

  that publicly but yes I completely great [TS]

  and that and that it's maybe just a [TS]

  transitional point like are so maybe a [TS]

  generation grows up with voice [TS]

  recognition just works that won't be a [TS]

  problem right but for us right now for [TS]

  people who are alive now and grew up [TS]

  when voice recognition didn't work or [TS]

  didn't exist but I find that I find that [TS]

  it is it distracts me more than almost [TS]

  any other alternative possibly could see [TS]

  for me i find that it's not it's not [TS]

  necessarily that I'm distracted by like [TS]

  figuring out the syntax of how to phrase [TS]

  everything although i do i do think [TS]

  about that but it's more that I don't [TS]

  trust what it's doing because usually [TS]

  you know voice recognition for me and [TS]

  actually John you the most experience [TS]

  with because you actually dictate [TS]

  articles and stuff but for me i found [TS]

  that voice recognition it is unreliable [TS]

  so often that i always have to like [TS]

  check its results and and so in a car i [TS]

  have to i would have to like check to [TS]

  see is it you know if I said call tiff [TS]

  is a calling tiff is calling somebody [TS]

  else is calling Jeff like it wasn't [TS]

  calling some other names that sound [TS]

  similar like you know it i always have [TS]

  to like double check its results anyway [TS]

  and so that is distracting that I have [TS]

  to not only see the command but then [TS]

  wait a few seconds for it to recognize [TS]

  it and then i have to like check up on [TS]

  it to see if it's doing the right thing [TS]

  or not for low priority things I think [TS]

  that's better because you can let go of [TS]

  that like if you're doing something like [TS]

  saying the name of a song you want to [TS]

  hear your first of all you're going to [TS]

  get feedback positive they're gonna [TS]

  start playing the song you want or it's [TS]

  not going to play the song you want you [TS]

  don't have to look anywhere explicitly [TS]

  for video record forever it's gonna [TS]

  happen it's and if it goes wrong it is [TS]

  much less of an issue then if you had [TS]

  said something like that turn on left [TS]

  blinker are you know fun making up [TS]

  something is essential to driving that [TS]

  kind of like has to happen has to happen [TS]

  now it has to happen correctly otherwise [TS]

  you know danger consumers energy because [TS]

  the wrong song or even if it calls the [TS]

  wrong person that's going to talk about [TS]

  with the mental thing where like you're [TS]

  anticipating like didn't get that [TS]

  did he get his it's calling the right [TS]

  part and while you're doing that you're [TS]

  not paying attention to driving and I I [TS]

  think like the sort of brainless like [TS]

  brainstem lizard brain kind of reach [TS]

  over and grow up for a dial and flick it [TS]

  or whatever that can happen without [TS]

  disengaging the parts of my psyche that [TS]

  are supposed to be looking for hazards [TS]

  on the road and monitoring my mirrors [TS]

  and doing all the stuff you're supposed [TS]

  to do when you're driving right one also [TS]

  like a lot of those a lot of those [TS]

  things that we do with physical controls [TS]

  now he turn signals like I don't have to [TS]

  think to use my turn signal it just [TS]

  happens it's yeah you know i i've used [TS]

  turn signals before i turn my entire [TS]

  driving life so it just happens [TS]

  automatically now I don't consciously [TS]

  think about it [TS]

  whereas I feel like if you were speaking [TS]

  commands you have to think about every [TS]

  single one [TS]

  you know this is something i'm surprised [TS]

  no one brought up and feedback but I [TS]

  wanted to bring up from the last show is [TS]

  that a lot of like all these like [TS]

  technology problems if you start [TS]

  thinking about it as a way to find the [TS]

  best possible way to do this you'll end [TS]

  up going down different paths and if you [TS]

  are open to the idea that doing this at [TS]

  all it's stupid one [TS]

  those that have surprised you didn't [TS]

  both you didn't bring up is like I can [TS]

  unconsciously adjust the temperature [TS]

  recirculation direction of airflow and [TS]

  fan speed in in my car without thinking [TS]

  about it but you know modern modern [TS]

  nicer cars don't have all those things [TS]

  independent role you just set the [TS]

  temperature you want and it does all the [TS]

  details for you so it's kind of like [TS]

  that what's the best way i can solve a [TS]

  temperature and air speed [TS]

  surely you need to it you know just [TS]

  those independently and the recirculated [TS]

  the defroster and everything like but [TS]

  but you know you don't have to do that [TS]

  if it the car can automatically do that [TS]

  changes to one control for temperature [TS]

  higher temperature lower and that's what [TS]

  I soon both your BMW is having it now [TS]

  this still you can say defroster on or [TS]

  off or whatever but like the number of [TS]

  things you have to worry about [TS]

  we're making adjustments can you know [TS]

  you don't have to find a way to make all [TS]

  the seven controls that are in my cord [TS]

  really easy-to-use you could say you [TS]

  know what six of those controls are [TS]

  stupid and we can just have a [TS]

  temperature Dolly was up-and-down will [TS]

  manage the rest of it for you so that's [TS]

  another way out of this dilemma and then [TS]

  you have the same problem of like like [TS]

  kids not learning how to use how to cut [TS]

  calculations on paper without [TS]

  calculators then it's like it here in [TS]

  your car in your fancy all automated [TS]

  climate control car and you're like [TS]

  alright the windows are all fogged up my [TS]

  feet are cold what do i do yeah you know [TS]

  and like and like how many people don't [TS]

  really know happen how to do that [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  yeah I mean maybe that was a bad example [TS]

  because I guess maybe like maybe you [TS]

  having independent control those things [TS]

  like i enjoy because I i I'm constantly [TS]

  you know the wrong temperature or [TS]

  humidity so I'm always tailoring the [TS]

  exact amount to $MONEY each but you know [TS]

  I'm micromanaging the climate in my car [TS]

  because i don't have automatic climate [TS]

  control so I'm doing it I'm doing [TS]

  micromanager like playing starcraft like [TS]

  with but the thing is I mean that this [TS]

  is silly but it gets back to another [TS]

  point that that happens unconsciously [TS]

  I'm not concentrating on doing it like [TS]

  the controls are gigantic they're always [TS]

  in the same place i do it constantly [TS]

  it's just it's just like fiddling with [TS]

  the pen cap with your fingers you know [TS]

  unconsciously just happens [TS]

  well it's interesting though is you say [TS]

  that you know if you have a temperature [TS]

  control then in theory all the other [TS]

  control should go away but it's not [TS]

  quite that simple and generally speaking [TS]

  you're right i set a temperature in my [TS]

  car [TS]

  and it's that temperature that's all I [TS]

  care about but there are times when I [TS]

  think to myself man i really could use a [TS]

  little more airflow in my face or man at [TS]

  my feet are freezing to death or [TS]

  whatever the case may be and it ends up [TS]

  that i use the controls to to direct the [TS]

  airflow yeah those controls that I [TS]

  theoretically shouldn't have to you but [TS]

  you can also adjust events to like man [TS]

  surest events to aim at different spots [TS]

  on it and what I'm thinking mostly it's [TS]

  like if you don't remember back in the [TS]

  back in the prehistoric times manual [TS]

  controls you will set things to what you [TS]

  think is a comfortable setting but then [TS]

  you'll turn and like you'll be you go [TS]

  off of shady road onto a sunny road and [TS]

  a car with manual controls doesn't [TS]

  change how much cool air is coming out [TS]

  of the vents because suddenly you're in [TS]

  the Sun whereas a car with automatic [TS]

  climate control is gonna realize wow now [TS]

  you're in the Blazing Sun and I noticed [TS]

  that the temperature inside the cabin is [TS]

  rising therefore i will make it cooler [TS]

  it's that type of India it's not it's [TS]

  not perfect but even just that you think [TS]

  it take for granted if you have [TS]

  automatic climate control versus me you [TS]

  know swinging my dolls two wildly [TS]

  different positions based on how much [TS]

  Sun is going to the cabin [TS]

  yeah i hear that i have a the show an [TS]

  overarching showtopic a occurred to me [TS]

  while you guys were talking but before I [TS]

  do that any other follow-up from YouTube [TS]

  no it's good good so I it when Marco you [TS]

  brought up using a signal it occurred to [TS]

  me I've wanted to talk to you guys about [TS]

  car and driving etiquette and that [TS]

  includes us a few different yeah and so [TS]

  we're really gonna lose all our [TS]

  listeners after this one because i have [TS]

  some extremely particular views on this [TS]

  but I have a few different items i'd [TS]

  like to hit in the first of which is [TS]

  turn signals and I'm of the opinion that [TS]

  if you have for functioning limbs and [TS]

  particularly to functioning arms and [TS]

  you're not using a turn signal then and [TS]

  I'm sorry going to believe this but [TS]

  you're so you know in theory only need [TS]

  the left arm and that's true actually so [TS]

  you can go ahead if you have that [TS]

  functional and I think you're covered [TS]

  I agree so are you guys developed in [TS]

  your usage of turn signals or not at all [TS]

  hundred percent always turn signals like [TS]

  burning putting on a seatbelt never [TS]

  don't do it [TS]

  I agree Marco I do it if I'm moving [TS]

  forward [TS]

  i I don't I don't signal when you're [TS]

  going reverse either [TS]

  no I don't know why not just tend to [TS]

  drive forward one of my friends in high [TS]

  school was with such a don't like a very [TS]

  deliberate driver like he could tell he [TS]

  was thinking about every step in his [TS]

  head as he did it and and he would [TS]

  signal it at all occasions including [TS]

  like backing up out of his driveway he [TS]

  would use a turn signal to indicate [TS]

  which direction the butt of the carbons [TS]

  about to go but its opposite from the [TS]

  direction of the front of the cars about [TS]

  to travel in you know generally speaking [TS]

  yes so it's it it's yeah it was that was [TS]

  a little extreme and I used to be one of [TS]

  those people who would like I would do [TS]

  it on the road but I wouldn't do it like [TS]

  in a parking lot and then I realized as [TS]

  I got older like well that's stupid that [TS]

  you actually kinda need it more of a lot [TS]

  of times in in in you know basically if [TS]

  there's somebody behind me in a parking [TS]

  lot i will signal every single move i'm [TS]

  a scene i agree with you in and the [TS]

  funny thing to me is those who do not [TS]

  use signals will often say oh well [TS]

  nobody's around nobody can see my signal [TS]

  wait a second wait a second head to have [TS]

  you met in real life people that don't [TS]

  just like forget to use a single [TS]

  occasion but like come it will come with [TS]

  you and say I know that signals exist [TS]

  but I choose not to use them I've never [TS]

  met such a person I haven't either but [TS]

  usually i will approach those people [TS]

  because i'm a jerk and ask them why they [TS]

  don't drive properly that must go really [TS]

  well it does not [TS]

  that's a good conversation starter hit [TS]

  isn't haha it does not at all but these [TS]

  are usually people who are like friends [TS]

  or whatever that I could that I can get [TS]

  away with these sorts of conversations [TS]

  but the head to me i don't understand [TS]

  why you couldn't use a signal in the [TS]

  excuse of all there's nobody around me [TS]

  anyway [TS]

  well that's kind of the whole point of [TS]

  signal isn't it is to show the person [TS]

  you can't see what you're about to do [TS]

  tonight I don't understand how like [TS]

  that's that's BS though because like I [TS]

  do when nobody's around it's like Marco [TS]

  set its it's one of those things that [TS]

  you just do it and it just happens [TS]

  automatically and it's not as if you are [TS]

  choosing to do it or choosing not to do [TS]

  any more than you're choosing to put one [TS]

  foot in front of the other when you walk [TS]

  just [TS]

  just walking like so when you make a [TS]

  ring when you're making a left like I [TS]

  mean it's like it would be difficult for [TS]

  its service becomes a habit and it's not [TS]

  like it's not like the habit part of [TS]

  your brain knows that you're not being [TS]

  followed or something you either always [TS]

  daughter always don't know i don't [TS]

  believe these people who said i want the [TS]

  only do when no one's around that's [TS]

  that's BS i completely agree we can only [TS]

  do it when no one's around while it's [TS]

  the only neglected her use turn signals [TS]

  when nobody's around because it's it's [TS]

  it's habit almost everything you do and [TS]

  drive right habit and it's just repeated [TS]

  so many times I don't see how you can [TS]

  have two modes like that have you ever [TS]

  met these people who they they won't use [TS]

  a seat belt when they first start [TS]

  driving and then the car will start [TS]

  chiming the seatbelt reminder and then [TS]

  like 10 seconds into the repeated [TS]

  chiming of the car then they'll like [TS]

  side with a seatbelt I have seen every [TS]

  single time I i have seen on seatbelt [TS]

  people not just the what you're [TS]

  describing the people who would need the [TS]

  little alarm to remind them but people [TS]

  who just hookah in in in a modern modern [TS]

  adults in the united states of america [TS]

  who choose not to wear seatbelts and I [TS]

  have witnessed such people in the wild [TS]

  and it's sad and fascinating and I'm not [TS]

  trying not going to draw any analogies [TS]

  about those people about what they [TS]

  remind me of their other things that [TS]

  just don't think it's mine even like [TS]

  smokers no I guess what makes more [TS]

  understand your email to Marco hard [TS]

  no I they know it's going to buzz and [TS]

  remind them and every time it buzzes and [TS]

  remind them they act surprised that this [TS]

  is happening and put out like oh god I [TS]

  have to deal with this now it's like my [TS]

  art of like how are going to PO like how [TS]

  long would it take before you would just [TS]

  adjust your habit to just put it on when [TS]

  you get in there was nothing I don't [TS]

  like that is their ritual like just the [TS]

  same way is like when you're about to [TS]

  make a left turn you you turn on the [TS]

  blinker right well wouldn't that that's [TS]

  just part of the ritual i mean that that [TS]

  doesn't bother me that much I mean [TS]

  they're going to eventually end up [TS]

  getting t-boned in the parking lot of [TS]

  dying because they receivable until the [TS]

  car was underway but you know at least [TS]

  they're they're liking it you know [TS]

  they're not doing intention i'm not [TS]

  saying i know the seatbelt exists but I [TS]

  refuse to put it on for insert crazy [TS]

  reason hair [TS]

  what about vehicles that that seatbelt [TS]

  thing is kind of socially optional like [TS]

  taxis or buses see that's it's not [TS]

  socially optional it's just this of this [TS]

  is weird experience like people get want [TS]

  to be expedient and if they feel that [TS]

  they are it impeding the progress of any [TS]

  other people even just a taxi driver [TS]

  that they they will forgo things that [TS]

  they would otherwise like to do is kind [TS]

  of like you know I'd like a form of [TS]

  mutant form of politeness where you are [TS]

  doing something that you would shoot you [TS]

  would not choose to do this if it [TS]

  weren't for observers or company or [TS]

  people behind you or whatever and that [TS]

  that is also a very very foolish life [TS]

  choice but at least there's some [TS]

  pressure to explain that but is that [TS]

  night I wonder if that's a northeastern [TS]

  thing because one of the things I've [TS]

  noticed after having lived in Virginia [TS]

  for many years is that when I go about [TS]

  my day as somebody who was born and bred [TS]

  in the Northeast my purpose in life [TS]

  figuratively speaking is to not screw up [TS]

  anyone else's world I don't want to make [TS]

  waves in anyone else's world when I'm at [TS]

  the grocery store i want to go i want to [TS]

  get my stuff and I want to get the crap [TS]

  out of there as quickly as possible and [TS]

  in the south [TS]

  it seems like that's a very awkward [TS]

  thing and it's not that people are [TS]

  necessarily intentionally infringing on [TS]

  what a northeastern what northeastern [TS]

  would say is there space but they don't [TS]

  have the same protective nature of being [TS]

  either own thing and not affecting [TS]

  anyone else's world and it doesn't make [TS]

  any sense it's very odd that way that [TS]

  everyone is in a mutual space in the [TS]

  south and everyone can talk to everyone [TS]

  and everyone can be friends with [TS]

  everyone and it's very odd even at ten [TS]

  years into living in virginia i still [TS]

  find it weird when I moved down to [TS]

  Atlanta I think we're the first time up [TS]

  to the grocery store and someone tried [TS]

  to talk to him like what are you doing [TS]

  to try to grocery store I don't know you [TS]

  I came back in the grocery store explain [TS]

  how i felt like i was getting groceries [TS]

  some person started talking to me they [TS]

  didn't that is like was a stranger they [TS]

  didn't you know and it wasn't even like [TS]

  the cashier just some other person [TS]

  getting groceries and like that if [TS]

  you're a new yorker that you know all [TS]

  you know shields up trying to somehow [TS]

  is that a crazy person my about to be [TS]

  mugged the pickpocket picked my pocket [TS]

  right now like a mine candid camera but [TS]

  not in the South people just talk to you [TS]

  and yeah if you're if you're a [TS]

  northeastern a misanthrope south is not [TS]

  for you it's just an odd experience and [TS]

  it's one that I'm still coming to terms [TS]

  with but i mean i-i it it's the only [TS]

  people that I know that don't use their [TS]

  seatbelts until the warning tend to be [TS]

  people of an older generation that that [TS]

  grew up next possibly before seatbelts [TS]

  were mandated and so it's like into one [TS]

  of you just said you know how do you not [TS]

  change your your habits and I don't [TS]

  understand even even older generations [TS]

  how they haven't changed their habits [TS]

  after like 20 years of having to wear [TS]

  seat belts but but maybe they work maybe [TS]

  there were 30 years of building that [TS]

  habit first and and that's a very very [TS]

  very valid all dogs new tricks I mean [TS]

  it's sad [TS]

  it can be overcome like I don't write [TS]

  those people off bike it you know the [TS]

  thing about people with different sort [TS]

  of different driving habits are [TS]

  different ideas about cars or anything [TS]

  like that being there all wrong whatever [TS]

  is it [TS]

  I in general I'd I don't feel like I [TS]

  don't obviously like respect for elders [TS]

  I don't feel like it's my place to try [TS]

  to correct older people because I [TS]

  understand why they're doing it with one [TS]

  exception that exception is my parents [TS]

  will harrangue endlessly about all their [TS]

  failings to comply with modern society [TS]

  so I feel like it's the duty of all [TS]

  children because like you know you can't [TS]

  just yell at random old people they will [TS]

  listen to you but your parents you [TS]

  should be able to bring into the modern [TS]

  world so if my parents said any of these [TS]

  failings and they have had various [TS]

  unrelated but similarly embarrassing [TS]

  failings [TS]

  it's my job is their child to bring them [TS]

  around but other people you guys just [TS]

  look at it as kind of it's like sad like [TS]

  don't feel like don't you have children [TS]

  or grandchildren who love you will [TS]

  convince you to wear seatbelt [TS]

  that's not a guilt tripping all I [TS]

  wouldn't say that but i think that case [TS]

  you would say it is a stranger in the [TS]

  parking lot we just pulled up next to [TS]

  you and only you have about the on [TS]

  stranger but the only thing this is [TS]

  speaking of driving etiquette this is [TS]

  the only thing that I will do to [TS]

  communicate [TS]

  it with other drivers on the road other [TS]

  than like well not the only thing the [TS]

  only thing like confrontational that I [TS]

  would do speaking of casey's trying to [TS]

  sculpt people is when someone doesn't [TS]

  understand the system of alternating [TS]

  when two lines of cars are merging [TS]

  together all Mike I look at them and I [TS]

  give them the universal double hand [TS]

  signal for alternate i'm doing it now [TS]

  but you do it one foot one hand in front [TS]

  of the other one hand in front of the [TS]

  other and i mouthed the words [TS]

  alternating one hand in front of the [TS]

  other doesn't think like maybe they [TS]

  understand the concept they think it's [TS]

  like every man for themselves like this [TS]

  is civilized society we ensure that is [TS]

  why they didn't hear one from one row [TS]

  one from the other roads not a [TS]

  complicated system of this five lines [TS]

  come together is just two streams of [TS]

  cars going into one alternator and you [TS]

  know it doesn't work but it makes you [TS]

  feel better i would love to see that [TS]

  happen sometime just you you all the [TS]

  time and that's fantastic [TS]

  eventually someone would take out a gun [TS]

  shoot me so I thought generally why [TS]

  don't do complicated haven't yet shot [TS]

  case you are insulting their driving [TS]

  skills very much so it actually to that [TS]

  end [TS]

  apparently this is the purpose of this [TS]

  episode is to get myself thrown out of [TS]

  the south one of the things that bring [TS]

  in Virginia really the south [TS]

  it's really yeah well okay now we're [TS]

  getting into a whole nother discussion i [TS]

  would say anything south of Richmond is [TS]

  the South even though and just like the [TS]

  other set of upstate New York anything [TS]

  south of Manhattan is the south [TS]

  what is the the funny thing is fine [TS]

  staten island [TS]

  Wow richmond actually was the capital of [TS]

  the Confederacy but it's interesting [TS]

  because you have you know you have all [TS]

  the Northeast proper that everyone [TS]

  agrees is the northeast and I'm counting [TS]

  pennsylvanian that you have maryland [TS]

  which is closer to the northeast and not [TS]

  then you have DC which is just a total [TS]

  cluster and that to me is pure northeast [TS]

  then after DC you kind of have this [TS]

  fading into this middle of the road [TS]

  which is central Virginia including [TS]

  richmond in Charlottesville and places [TS]

  like that but as soon as you get south [TS]

  of Richmond you are in the South for [TS]

  real there is no debate and and in an [TS]

  effort to get myself thrown out of the [TS]

  south to go back a step one of the [TS]

  things that Virginia really likes we've [TS]

  lanes so a entry an entrance to a [TS]

  different highway or perhaps and just a [TS]

  road off of a highway or interstate as [TS]

  they call them here [TS]

  an entrance into another interstate or [TS]

  another Road whatever the case my baby [TS]

  is in the same Lane as the exit off of [TS]

  from from there you do something about [TS]

  the tramps I believe also maybe whatever [TS]

  the places like the shape of its like a [TS]

  circle touching online-based sure yeah [TS]

  exactly and Virginia loves those and [TS]

  alternate feed does not exist here and [TS]

  it drives me bonkers and i agree with [TS]

  you John it's terrible and i just want [TS]

  to pull everyone over and lecture them [TS]

  on how they should appropriately drive [TS]

  me singing high speeds like you're gonna [TS]

  end up with a couple of punching in like [TS]

  I'm talking about mostly like low-speed [TS]

  where it's clear the only thing stopping [TS]

  you from alternating is your own [TS]

  stupidity like visit high speeds gonna [TS]

  pick on with two cars in one car [TS]

  whatever that comes down to like driving [TS]

  skill and we all know the people who [TS]

  come onto the entrance ramp for the [TS]

  highway and don't understand how to [TS]

  merge into a fast-moving trafficking and [TS]

  I'm coming into complete stop on the [TS]

  ramp and just chaos ensues and it's like [TS]

  you're doing it wrong I mean that that's [TS]

  you know that's always a problem [TS]

  actually had speaking speaking of that [TS]

  in the etiquette of like say a lane is [TS]

  closing [TS]

  I like this construction up ahead you [TS]

  see the big giant blinking arrow you [TS]

  know everybody using your current lanes [TS]

  gonna have to merge over to the left [TS]

  I recall seeing on the interweb [TS]

  somewhere that the optimal strategy for [TS]

  traffic flows actually to stay in your [TS]

  lane as long as possible which is the [TS]

  douche bag move in most people's book [TS]

  like that guy had all this time to merge [TS]

  and he didn't merge you wait until he [TS]

  got up to the cones and now we ask the [TS]

  merge and I'm not letting them in right [TS]

  now I don't have people maybe I'm [TS]

  misremembering especially if they were [TS]

  in my lane and then they got out of the [TS]

  lane to go ended up here on and try to [TS]

  get back and I will not have no matter [TS]

  what I will stay bumper-to-bumper the [TS]

  car in front of me are you and what do [TS]

  you remember that uh that article on the [TS]

  internet is remembering it now i read [TS]

  that actually from from a traffic flow [TS]

  perspective that the best move is to [TS]

  stay ever the people who are in that [TS]

  second lands being merge they should [TS]

  stay online for as long as possible and [TS]

  emerging at the very last second the [TS]

  people in the other Lane should let them [TS]

  in an alternating pattern brain if you [TS]

  think about it i guess it makes sense [TS]

  because then it that effectively reduces [TS]

  the amount of distance that is only one [TS]

  lane [TS]

  yeah I don't think that's the theory has [TS]

  more to do with floor something or we [TS]

  could all be completely honest [TS]

  remembering it so i guess maybe we'll do [TS]

  that do i do remember that was an [TS]

  explanation i think it was somebody in [TS]

  Pennsylvania who did it [TS]

  which exit having having lived in [TS]

  Pennsylvania for for a while I remember [TS]

  thinking well they don't know what [TS]

  you're talking about because I mean [TS]

  traffic is terrible [TS]

  obviously whoever's running that this . [TS]

  it was not great so just the simpler [TS]

  etiquette thing that I think everybody [TS]

  can agree on less controversial is when [TS]

  somebody lets you when you do that you [TS]

  show the palm of your hand [TS]

  absolutely right i mean it's so easy to [TS]

  do you don't even have to make eye [TS]

  contact with him but if someone does not [TS]

  show you the palm of their hand now [TS]

  they're just now they're dead to you now [TS]

  see that the problem well the palm of [TS]

  the hand has been ruined because people [TS]

  the people who cut you off but all of [TS]

  you who didn't you didn't let him in and [TS]

  they wave at you as like a oops excuse [TS]

  me I think I still think that lessens my [TS]

  anger towards them like even though they [TS]

  did a jerk move or whatever may be there [TS]

  in a hurry go get anything nice like at [TS]

  least they put up the hand gentlemen [TS]

  wave first as if to stop you and then [TS]

  turn into your land cut you off i know [TS]

  but that's better than the alternative [TS]

  is this little area here nobody did [TS]

  the alternative is they cut you off and [TS]

  while cutting you off the honk at you [TS]

  like you were doing something wrong then [TS]

  you just want to kill them right [TS]

  I much rather have someone stick their [TS]

  hand up and go like even as they're [TS]

  cutting me off I I it doesn't mean that [TS]

  I'd don't know that I appreciate them [TS]

  cutting me off but it's like all right [TS]

  they made they made that the smallest [TS]

  human effort possible to make up for [TS]

  what they would at least they they [TS]

  acknowledge that what they were doing [TS]

  was a jerk right right now there's an [TS]

  arrangement [TS]

  well there's a eight if you accidentally [TS]

  are a jerk to somebody then I think [TS]

  that's warranted if you but like so [TS]

  obviously like if somebody somebody cut [TS]

  you off and gives you like the sorry I [TS]

  don't know what I'm doing wave that to [TS]

  me is like using your blinkers to [TS]

  double-park when you don't really need [TS]

  to [TS]

  it's like like if you double park in [TS]

  front of somewhere and block a whole [TS]

  bunch of traffic just because you don't [TS]

  want to pull around back to the park not [TS]

  the same that because the person is [TS]

  slightly cut you off maybe they just [TS]

  didn't see you [TS]

  maybe you were in there blind spot no no [TS]

  they didn't want to wait [TS]

  well here's the other thing that you [TS]

  know you're you know this move but look [TS]

  at the hand here's the thing about the [TS]

  hand up the hand up going [TS]

  you know thanks for letting me in or [TS]

  sorry about that whatever [TS]

  here's where the hand up goes bad like I [TS]

  again if we should have a video podcast [TS]

  right putting the hand up we all know [TS]

  how to put the hand up and show the [TS]

  person the palm right as you extend your [TS]

  arm suddenly that changes into stopped [TS]

  because I am coming and that but nobody [TS]

  wants to see that palm you know the [TS]

  personal leave her out of their hands [TS]

  the amateurs there are about as if they [TS]

  are you as if they are telling you you [TS]

  must now stopped because i'm going to [TS]

  cut you off my Escalade and it's always [TS]

  a giant SUV or something or sand and [TS]

  that that is no good because now they [TS]

  are commanding you i am the police [TS]

  officer of the square foot of road here [TS]

  and I'm telling you to stop anything [TS]

  anyways it's just the arm know that it's [TS]

  like we're on a continuing here you know [TS]

  like theirs theirs Thank You way for [TS]

  four you know it truly you know you let [TS]

  me do that okay and then and then [TS]

  there's the people who I hate who are [TS]

  almost to what you're going to see what [TS]

  you're describing here it's like people [TS]

  who is kind of shove their way in and [TS]

  then give the Thank You way but you [TS]

  didn't let them in and that's that's [TS]

  that's a move and then there's a people [TS]

  who play traffic cop with their hand and [TS]

  just kind of demand their own way in and [TS]

  the house will give you the fact you get [TS]

  which courses I mean it seems like [TS]

  that's why it's infuriating to me like [TS]

  whether whether or not they did the the [TS]

  can move out the window if they take a [TS]

  spot that you didn't give them and then [TS]

  they give you thank you wave regardless [TS]

  with the use their hand to take the spot [TS]

  I think it's a move [TS]

  well say I think mark are you still have [TS]

  you you have the same problem as a wife [TS]

  is your vindictive driver because like [TS]

  that guy who went to the edge of the [TS]

  cones and now wants to be let in [TS]

  yeah well i will i will let him in my [TS]

  wife while you hold a grudge forever you [TS]

  know why I let him in for the good of [TS]

  all the other drivers because I'm maybe [TS]

  i'll give him like a scolding with my [TS]

  eyes as I let him in [TS]

  but you know I don't know why he was [TS]

  there maybe he wasn't paying attention [TS]

  maybe skip screaming in the back of the [TS]

  car [TS]

  maybe he was preoccupied because his [TS]

  mother just died i don't know i'm [TS]

  willing to believe you know in humanity [TS]

  and like the thing is leaving him [TS]

  stranded there is just going to result [TS]

  in him and lurching his car at the other [TS]

  people are honking and everyone being [TS]

  said i don't i'll let him in [TS]

  people have my behind you who cares i [TS]

  said my my wife yet see my wife doesn't [TS]

  like my wife wants to get revenge on a [TS]

  man i just want to like [TS]

  Live and Let 11 and like to do that and [TS]

  speaking of the car lurching I feel like [TS]

  cars have body language and the worst [TS]

  possible body language of cars the lurch [TS]

  and again i'm picturing a big SUV no no [TS]

  groom room in the car lurches forward [TS]

  and it's like it doesn't have you know [TS]

  everytime it lurches the front of the [TS]

  car lifts up and goes forward . you know [TS]

  it's like steering like a seesaw on [TS]

  their lurching that is the worst [TS]

  possible by language that's like hey man [TS]

  I'm a big jerk and you know I you can [TS]

  look at a car without seeing who's [TS]

  behind it driving just seeing how the [TS]

  car the body of the car is moving house [TS]

  accelerating accelerating and kind of [TS]

  peg what kind of driver that is whether [TS]

  you should stay far far away from that's [TS]

  very true [TS]

  so speaking of the wave and the [TS]

  stop-motion I have two questions related [TS]

  to to hand gestures 1ru to a fan of the [TS]

  of the middle finger or not so much i [TS]

  don't use that i will not have her by my [TS]

  value judge my goodness value just my [TS]

  risk-reward ratio calculation on that is [TS]

  exactly the reward is it makes me feel a [TS]

  little bit late a better and the risk as [TS]

  i get shot and killed and I grand if I [TS]

  at how would I explain you know it i I'm [TS]

  on my deathbed in the hospital after [TS]

  being shot in the head and I have to [TS]

  explain to my child well I could have [TS]

  not been shot but it but I really wanted [TS]

  to give this guy the finger like it's a [TS]

  plan [TS]

  lots of berries and lurching the car was [TS]

  lurching honey you don't understand yeah [TS]

  I had I had to give the finger where you [TS]

  could have just let them in and [TS]

  continued on with your day and gone home [TS]

  and been fine so terrible risk-reward [TS]

  trade and how much more passive [TS]

  aggressive like I to use that like I to [TS]

  me i will like i'll be a dick in the [TS]

  center like you know I'll not let [TS]

  somebody in who was trying to ride the [TS]

  easy lane but i won't look at them like [TS]

  i'll just keep forward as if I don't see [TS]

  them as if I just accidentally won't let [TS]

  them in their able to i will not make [TS]

  eye contact i will just keep looking [TS]

  forward because again like I you know [TS]

  you don't know people are crazy but I [TS]

  feel like they might plausibly deniable [TS]

  e not seeing them in their eyes if I [TS]

  don't look over i think you should be a [TS]

  nicer driver mark especially in driving [TS]

  a BMW is your you gotyou gotta you're [TS]

  coming in with like you know points [TS]

  against the people who are coming [TS]

  offering BMWs everyone's heart [TS]

  no you're violent because well there's [TS]

  that so the the additional question i [TS]

  have or maybe it's more of an [TS]

  observation of the question regarding [TS]

  gestures is my little brother so I'm the [TS]

  oldest of three and my youngest brother [TS]

  is eight years younger than me which [TS]

  makes him what I see now that 2040 yeah [TS]

  exactly so the my youngest brother said [TS]

  to me several years ago actually you [TS]

  know here's the thing Casey if you [TS]

  really want to piss somebody off on the [TS]

  road [TS]

  don't give them the middle finger [TS]

  because the middle finger is man you've [TS]

  made me angry and that's almost [TS]

  rewarding them what you need to do is [TS]

  tell them that you disapprove of the way [TS]

  they drive so here's what you do Casey [TS]

  says my little brother you give them a [TS]

  thumbs down and that that is even [TS]

  warriors it and I haven't yet [TS]

  successfully tried this because usually [TS]

  when I'm when I'm going to give a hand [TS]

  gesture I'm so fired up that it's gonna [TS]

  end up being the finger but I feel like [TS]

  in intellectually and conceptually he [TS]

  has a point that a thumbs-down is not [TS]

  screw you and I hate you it's your [TS]

  driving is subpar and maybe give it like [TS]

  a preschool teacher frowned to yeah [TS]

  exactly and a shake of the head em know [TS]

  the kind of the the the equivalent of [TS]

  that I come across as when i see you [TS]

  know we always Marco definitely you get [TS]

  like tweets are people that are that are [TS]

  just terrible like a man that area or if [TS]

  you like follow you know Mike FTW on [TS]

  twitter you see the people who are [TS]

  applying to him and he gets into all [TS]

  these fights and the crazy people come [TS]

  out right and they say crazy things to [TS]

  it to you and the thing i want to say [TS]

  back to them sort of like you know what [TS]

  you want to do with the drivers has [TS]

  shifted as I become an old man from [TS]

  wanting to give them the finger or the [TS]

  equivalent of the finger whatever to me [TS]

  wanting to just like it is a single [TS]

  phrase that comes to my mind it would be [TS]

  like this is what you would say to each [TS]

  one of these people when you're done [TS]

  with the conversation you would say [TS]

  you're a terrible person has been at the [TS]

  end of the conversation and it applies [TS]

  in so many like it's just II like [TS]

  they've said something like with you [TS]

  know racist sexist or just like being a [TS]

  jerk to a child or like I mean it [TS]

  doesn't come down to like that driving [TS]

  because so many reasons yeah I'm much [TS]

  going to put we're giving bedroom but [TS]

  it's like that that's it just the [TS]

  thumbs-down is like you know maybe maybe [TS]

  not [TS]

  you're a terrible person because you [TS]

  can't really look into the heart but you [TS]

  could say at what you just did is a [TS]

  terrible way to drive that don't do that [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  thumbs down I don't know the thumbs-down [TS]

  gives the same thing as you can tell you [TS]

  are a terrible driver because maybe [TS]

  they're excellent drivers having a bad [TS]

  day but what they just did was like [TS]

  unacceptable [TS]

  well the problem with that though and i [TS]

  guess and this one of the reasons why i [TS]

  don't really find the need to like get [TS]

  angry at people on the road very often [TS]

  is just that I think most of the bad [TS]

  driving IC appears to not be out of out [TS]

  of malice is just and competence [TS]

  yeah that's just that's the best part by [TS]

  far the most common and that's why I'm [TS]

  very willing to forgive on those things [TS]

  I mean I still feel like someone should [TS]

  teach the people who are doing that how [TS]

  to drive but everybody has like a moment [TS]

  of inattention our off day or something [TS]

  but the problem is they won't like if [TS]

  you if you show them your little [TS]

  alternating hand instructions they won't [TS]

  see it and if they do see it they won't [TS]

  know what you're talking about that's as [TS]

  close as I get to the finger I do that [TS]

  when I know someone is intentionally not [TS]

  letting us in a had to have to explain [TS]

  like you know i just--that's it that one [TS]

  word I hope they understand alternative [TS]

  see my hands going so I'm trying to [TS]

  express them how civilization works and [TS]

  what they're seeing is I'm a terrible [TS]

  person [TS]

  I don't know if they're seeing that I [TS]

  think I mean I hope they'll feel guilty [TS]

  i I don't know what I'm expecting like [TS]

  this as close as I get to I used to get [TS]

  so mad that I want to stop my car and [TS]

  get out and I realized this is how you [TS]

  get shot [TS]

  I get your baby out of life have so much [TS]

  in something crazy and I would be like I [TS]

  just want to go up to them you know [TS]

  stopped my car get out of the car not [TS]

  gonna go and say do you understand that [TS]

  uh when there's a stop sign the person [TS]

  is going straight has the right-of-way [TS]

  over the guy was turning left if they [TS]

  both arrived at the same time but that [TS]

  that I never do that because i will get [TS]

  shot or beat to death traps up I i want [TS]

  to resist that instinct that's probably [TS]

  wise that is back again you get out of [TS]

  your car no matter what the situation if [TS]

  you got your car you've lost the art [TS]

  yeah but like I mean I'm getting my car [TS]

  calmly I'm not here to fight you I'm [TS]

  just want to explain to you the error of [TS]

  your ways perhaps you don't know this [TS]

  but could you know pressure forming like [TS]

  you know throw a tantrum flashing red [TS]

  light is like a stop sign yet one of the [TS]

  get one of those little like neon light [TS]

  scrollers and like a dot-matrix us is I [TS]

  and mounted in your rear window [TS]

  I'm and program in some messages and put [TS]

  some buttons up on your dash and so you [TS]

  so you can explain to people who are [TS]

  behind you you know things like your [TS]

  turn signal has been on for an hour or [TS]

  so you started off [TS]

  yes I don't I don't think you're gonna [TS]

  merge left anymore i think you're at [TS]

  you're done Ella straight how much of a [TS]

  jerk I am i actually bought one of those [TS]

  from target years ago this is long [TS]

  before I had the BMW and was devastated [TS]

  to find out in that you could only [TS]

  program in like one or two messages and [TS]

  so you would have to like drive four [TS]

  hours on the prayer that somebody would [TS]

  tailgate you so then you could use the [TS]

  message you programmed in at home saying [TS]

  get off my butt oh that's just the one [TS]

  you just brought up tailgating that is a [TS]

  time I big my big current one when [TS]

  someone is tailgating you when you're a [TS]

  knot in the left lane and be in front of [TS]

  your 7 bunched up cars because city the [TS]

  guy way in the front is going 50 miles [TS]

  an hour and what I want to communicate [TS]

  to the person behind me is tailgating me [TS]

  won't change anything there's nothing I [TS]

  can do to help you except your crazed [TS]

  mind tailgate the person in front of me [TS]

  which is just creating more dangerous [TS]

  situation [TS]

  yeah I know you can see the guy up there [TS]

  for cars ahead he's the problem [TS]

  you tailgating me does not like [TS]

  transitively make them like that's what [TS]

  I want to communicate in an assignment [TS]

  and I've had that same exact fantasy [TS]

  Casey of having the big sign go up try [TS]

  to explain just I feel like if we had [TS]

  stopped at a stoplight I could explain [TS]

  the guy you don't realize that till [TS]

  tailgating me doesn't help you can't [TS]

  possibly help all i can do is make [TS]

  things more dangerous and worse and not [TS]

  thats I just get out of line [TS]

  I wonder money sometimes it does help [TS]

  maybe by tailgating the middle person [TS]

  often enough it will anger or or stress [TS]

  them out so much that they believed [TS]

  until get the person in front of them [TS]

  who will then realize people are too [TS]

  close behind them and move over like do [TS]

  you think that ever had it probably [TS]

  happens again UB that's the intention [TS]

  that they want to happen is the cars to [TS]

  peel off in front of them or to tailgate [TS]

  people in front of them but all those [TS]

  are dangerous things to be happening [TS]

  because i mean it from Toledo started [TS]

  making a dangerous situation you just [TS]

  multiply it like using those multi car [TS]

  wrecks 47 car and i'm sure that's how [TS]

  this happened you know a series of [TS]

  people who are like peer pressured into [TS]

  driving more dangerous and that's never [TS]

  going to happen but not gonna make me [TS]

  tell get the guy in front of me [TS]

  by tailgating me that will never happen [TS]

  but I like it's like email spam or [TS]

  telemarketing like I bet it works have [TS]

  another time [TS]

  ya like it you know if it'd probably [TS]

  people who tailgate most likely do it [TS]

  all the time like probably almost every [TS]

  time they drive anywhere that [TS]

  everything's gonna be alright so so I [TS]

  would imagine it probably works you know [TS]

  if it works once at once every two weeks [TS]

  where there tailgating results in the [TS]

  person i had moving over or if they can [TS]

  start tailgating and the person head [TS]

  moves over within 10 seconds anyway just [TS]

  because they were going to anyway and [TS]

  then they think that then in their head [TS]

  that affirms they think it worked [TS]

  because of what they did then you know [TS]

  if it works often enough then that will [TS]

  reinforce that behavior and I'll keep [TS]

  doing it [TS]

  that's probably true they don't know [TS]

  what I find tailgating acceptable is if [TS]

  you're on a single-lane Road that's not [TS]

  going to be multi-lane for many many [TS]

  miles and the person in front of you is [TS]

  just not getting it that they are [TS]

  driving like you know Winnebago it's [TS]

  good 20 miles an hour under the limit [TS]

  and you wouldn't want to live with you [TS]

  just really love to pass and I want [TS]

  maybe not a Winnebago but like and the [TS]

  final criteria that must be satisfied as [TS]

  you must have better brakes and the car [TS]

  in front of you promised my mom and I [TS]

  see people like right people like [TS]

  someone's tailgating a miata with like [TS]

  an SUV it's like you can't stop this and [TS]

  that miata if you guys both stand up [TS]

  slam on the brakes right now at exactly [TS]

  the same moment as hard as you can you [TS]

  will reread that car like this help you [TS]

  can't stop as fast that's never gonna [TS]

  happen [TS]

  well but again they're not really [TS]

  thinking you know somebody's tailgating [TS]

  is not thinking about like to also what [TS]

  they constantly be getting into [TS]

  accidents you know just like a squirrel [TS]

  is gonna run across the road like the [TS]

  reaction time alone like they won't even [TS]

  they won't even have put their foot to [TS]

  the brake pedal until it before the back [TS]

  of the car is embedded in the back of [TS]

  that you know 2300 pound me out or [TS]

  whatever it is I mean honestly it kind [TS]

  of branching off on that a little bit i [TS]

  think it is remarkable how few accidents [TS]

  happen given how many people are in cars [TS]

  every day I mean this is generally much [TS]

  thing from hypercritical Maria exactly [TS]

  and you know certainly car accidents are [TS]

  still major problem and will probably [TS]

  always be a major problem but relative [TS]

  to the number of cars on the road and [TS]

  and you know number of miles driven and [TS]

  how close everyone is all the time it [TS]

  really is remarkable how few accidents [TS]

  there are no that's particularly true in [TS]

  America which I think we touched on this [TS]

  previously [TS]

  in America driving is largely considered [TS]

  to be a right not a privilege as opposed [TS]

  to my understanding of say European [TS]

  countries where they go through a [TS]

  serious amount of driver training in [TS]

  order to make sure that they are capable [TS]

  of being a respectful and in legitimate [TS]

  driver in America if you're 16 to 17 [TS]

  years old and have I don't know two [TS]

  functioning limbs its kind of assume [TS]

  that you're going to be able to drive so [TS]

  I completely agree with you it's amazing [TS]

  that all of us idiots don't bump into [TS]

  each other on a regular basis mr. Europe [TS]

  example is undercut by all the people [TS]

  who sent me feedback when I talked about [TS]

  on my own podcast about you [TS]

  it's amazing the cards don't touch each [TS]

  other they said well in Europe cars to [TS]

  touch each other because parking and [TS]

  sometimes people are constantly bumping [TS]

  into each other and shoving playing [TS]

  bumper cars which just does not stand in [TS]

  the united states like that is not not a [TS]

  valid acceptable way to to park your [TS]

  cars to press push the other cars out of [TS]

  the way with your car [TS]

  that's not true in park slope well you [TS]

  know if no one's watching everything's [TS]

  fair game like if you're in the middle [TS]

  you know if you're if you're the middle [TS]

  of the city or something but the thing [TS]

  is like if the if the owner of the car [TS]

  you're pushing is there they're going to [TS]

  run already reality they're not going to [TS]

  say up that's just how you put my dad's [TS]

  true i mean like in Brooklyn know it's [TS]

  it isn't quite as bad as how it sounds [TS]

  like it might be as I believe you were [TS]

  describing in Paris they said it was [TS]

  really bad right now it isn't that bad [TS]

  in Brooklyn but it is routine in [TS]

  brooklyn for cars to be touching the [TS]

  ones in front of them and to bump him [TS]

  quite a lot of the way in and out and [TS]

  that's why everyone everybody drives [TS]

  around with those bumper bully things [TS]

  have you seen those oh yeah it looks [TS]

  like a floor mat sticking out of your [TS]

  trunk just like sitting there like [TS]

  dangling and with the rubber mat it [TS]

  looks so incredibly ugly but if you park [TS]

  your car in Brooklyn more than 0 times a [TS]

  year you probably have one of those you [TS]

  probably need one of those [TS]

  that's a car dingleberry yeah yeah it's [TS]

  like those truck nuts but functional [TS]

  haha that's true and actually 22 kind of [TS]

  Q off of what you guys are talking about [TS]

  earlier with tailgating one of and I [TS]

  think John you'd said this briefly [TS]

  earlier one of the things that drives me [TS]

  nuts about Virginians is that they [TS]

  believe that on a two-lane interstate or [TS]

  two lanes each direction interstate that [TS]

  either lane is perfectly acceptable for [TS]

  travel and they don't understand despite [TS]

  i should add the fact that there are [TS]

  signs on all [TS]

  most every interstate in this in the [TS]

  state of Virginia that's a slower [TS]

  vehicles keep right they don't [TS]

  understand that if you're in the left [TS]

  lane you better either be flying or [TS]

  moving to the right lane and it drives [TS]

  me is everywhere well the problem is [TS]

  that like it's we don't have the [TS]

  autobahn here where we're like we do [TS]

  have speed limits and so there's the [TS]

  problem of the left lane on American [TS]

  roads is there are people who are going [TS]

  75 80 when the limit is like 7065 and [TS]

  then there are the people doing a [TS]

  hundred twenty and the people doing a [TS]

  hundred twenty get bent out of shape [TS]

  when they almost rear-ended someone [TS]

  going 75 and as far as I'm concerned [TS]

  going 75 up a hill on the left lane of a [TS]

  two-lane road with all the trucks in the [TS]

  right lane is a perfectly valid way to [TS]

  drive but it's made incredibly dangerous [TS]

  by sports cars going 220 it's like look [TS]

  I'm you know I'm in the happens to me [TS]

  all the time because i don't have cars [TS]

  to go that fast like that [TS]

  75 going up this hill is an acceptable [TS]

  use of of the passing lane when the [TS]

  trucks are chugging away in 15 of the [TS]

  length i don't want to be almost killed [TS]

  by you and your 911 go on 120 miles an [TS]

  hour sorry 911 drivers but that's what [TS]

  it always seems to almost [TS]

  grammy-nominated like a valid the [TS]

  autobahn is different where it's like [TS]

  okay look this this road has no speed [TS]

  limit for certain sections people are [TS]

  going to be going a bazillion miles an [TS]

  hour you BTW i would not go in the left [TS]

  lane of the autobahn is 7500 just take [TS]

  my lumps and be behind the truck 50 or [TS]

  something until we get over the hill [TS]

  right let me know in the UN a pretty [TS]

  much anywhere you have a posted speed [TS]

  limit i would say that the that it is [TS]

  okay to use the left lane as long as you [TS]

  are going faster than the people in the [TS]

  right lane like 10 and if if you got a [TS]

  big pile up behind like you know let's [TS]

  say you want to cruise at 80 and and so [TS]

  you're gonna kind of hang out in the [TS]

  left lane as often as you can because if [TS]

  you want to cruise 80 in the US on [TS]

  Interstate you pretty much have to be in [TS]

  the left line but somebody's gonna come [TS]

  up behind you eventually want to cruise [TS]

  at 90 and so you know you want to come [TS]

  over tonight for a minute you let him by [TS]

  then you get back in the left lane i got [TS]

  i think that's fine but I think they're [TS]

  having to temporarily slow down for a [TS]

  second before you notice they want to go [TS]

  faster the new that's just well that's [TS]

  just the cost of them having to go eight [TS]

  having to go 90 the 90 people are fine [TS]

  it's the 120 that kill you the 120 is [TS]

  I'm winding road because they have an [TS]

  amazing sports car like they're almost [TS]

  killing you because they come around the [TS]

  bend and they're just like they have to [TS]

  slam on the brakes and their smoke and [TS]

  there's honking and it's like look I'm [TS]

  not the one who was driving dangerously [TS]

  are you [TS]

  your car can handle it but you have to [TS]

  realize that the rest of the cars don't [TS]

  go that fast and you you know you have [TS]

  to be willing to deal with the situation [TS]

  just occurred and by the way I would [TS]

  like it if you didn't not pay attention [TS]

  and killed my entire family with your [TS]

  car rear intermittent visit my god [TS]

  interest that you see them coming i get [TS]

  out of the way you know you see the [TS]

  little glint coming off whatever you [TS]

  know sports cars coming up behind you [TS]

  easy to get out of the way they fly by [TS]

  you go back in you know that's not a [TS]

  problem but in Virginia the problem is [TS]

  is that i agree with what you guys just [TS]

  said which is as long as you're going [TS]

  faster than the person to your right [TS]

  then you are permitted to be in the left [TS]

  lane [TS]

  additionally if you see somebody coming [TS]

  up behind you it is your responsibility [TS]

  as a good conscience driver to get right [TS]

  as quickly as you possibly can [TS]

  the problem with Virginia's is they'll [TS]

  just drive in the left lane and people [TS]

  will pile up behind them and they will [TS]

  have no clue as they're reading the sign [TS]

  saying sort of equals keep right they [TS]

  will have no clue that its proper [TS]

  etiquette to get right and that's what [TS]

  drives me all right because they're [TS]

  because they're not paying attention [TS]

  minutes that's the the root of most [TS]

  incompetent driving is just kind of like [TS]

  in just daydreaming just not not being [TS]

  attempted to it and that's a great again [TS]

  later they're they're not they're not [TS]

  trying to be malicious they're just [TS]

  they're just bad drivers because they [TS]

  don't pay attention to everything that a [TS]

  YouTube video of the people who did this [TS]

  i think it was on the road near Atlanta [TS]

  because it looks familiar to me and I [TS]

  had the right the roads around Atlanta [TS]

  have like 900 lanes in them in a single [TS]

  direction and so a guy and a bunch of [TS]

  his friends built like a little a wall [TS]

  by having all their their friends run [TS]

  their cars like-- way under the speed [TS]

  limit across the entire humongous [TS]

  multi-lane road and and do it like and [TS]

  then had their other friends on over [TS]

  fast filming it and like the amount of I [TS]

  mean that presumably incredibly angry [TS]

  cars stacked up behind the rolled down [TS]

  the road like and I think they were [TS]

  probably maybe even doing this field [TS]

  because people drive around those of [TS]

  those roads around Atlanta like 80 90 [TS]

  miles an hour and the roads like rate of [TS]

  55 so it's a little bit crazy but yeah [TS]

  if you the people who form a wall [TS]

  whether it's two lanes 3 lanes 4 lines [TS]

  five lanes like you you look at it and [TS]

  like you'll see you there will be a [TS]

  downhill and you'll get an overview of [TS]

  the road and you realize they have [TS]

  clogged this entire road with their with [TS]

  and it's like how can they not notice [TS]

  that they look in the rearview mirror to [TS]

  DC like in front of you [TS]

  wide-open asphalt behind you cars [TS]

  stacked up like a parking lot [TS]

  move out of the way make one whole night [TS]

  as soon as one guy will get a clue and [TS]

  then the rest of traffic will squirt [TS]

  through whatever lane open up like to me [TS]

  it's like if I'm if I'm in the left lane [TS]

  and somebody is immediately next to me [TS]

  the right lane and we're keeping pace [TS]

  that's like in my head that's like [TS]

  that's an unstable condition that i have [TS]

  to fix yes you know it looks like i feel [TS]

  that again it and it isn't even always [TS]

  conscious i just i feel that you know [TS]

  this is wrong and I and we have to we [TS]

  have to resolve this conflict either i [TS]

  have to pull ahead and go faster for a [TS]

  minute or two hang back and get behind [TS]

  this person and and and what I'm on the [TS]

  highway doing long drives i'm almost [TS]

  always using cruise control and so it [TS]

  annoys me greatly when the person who is [TS]

  like trying who's like kind of keeping [TS]

  pace with me on you know accidentally or [TS]

  not it's clearly not using cruise [TS]

  control and therefore they're speaking [TS]

  is fluctuating up and to happen like [TS]

  just pick pick a speed and i will get [TS]

  behind you or in front of you just pick [TS]

  something to avoid this this conflict [TS]

  that I have to resolve of you know we're [TS]

  blocking traffic or I can't get past you [TS]

  but I don't want to go too slow or too [TS]

  fast like some you know just pick a [TS]

  speed so i can do this i have a [TS]

  fascination with people who I see [TS]

  driving erratically [TS]

  I mean I make bets with myself what kind [TS]

  of person that's going to be when I get [TS]

  up there gonna be someone who's on a [TS]

  phone is it going to be someone eating [TS]

  in the car [TS]

  are they checking their map and I see if [TS]

  i can predict based on their driving [TS]

  over that guy that guy is trying to you [TS]

  know type something on his phone or that [TS]

  person is clearly looking at a map or [TS]

  gps that person is arguing with the [TS]

  spouse um I want to get up to the higher [TS]

  card peek in and see if I was right and [TS]

  the other one unfortunately not to be [TS]

  ages for the other 1i predicted that's [TS]

  an old person like you know I can't see [TS]

  them their way already have like ten to [TS]

  one that's got to be no person you come [TS]

  in and you see the little white hair [TS]

  poking up above the edge of the window [TS]

  and yep that's what i think when i see [TS]

  like legitimate situations where someone [TS]

  has formed a roadblock you know like [TS]

  three or four cars running right next to [TS]

  each other and everyone stacked up [TS]

  behind them like those three or four [TS]

  people have to be old people they just [TS]

  have to be because no no one else who is [TS]

  more attentive with better vision [TS]

  and better situational awareness and and [TS]

  you know like they would know like no [TS]

  one does that maliciously except those [TS]

  guys who did it with YouTube video [TS]

  no one intentionally blocked the entire [TS]

  Roman six of their friends just people [TS]

  doing it from an attention plus you can [TS]

  talk as they were all big square Buicks [TS]

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  acceptable [TS]

  exactly exactly moderately noteworthy [TS]

  maybe it so going back a second ad pet [TS]

  before Squarespace go back another [TS]

  second before that you know so Jonny [TS]

  mentioned her you always try to guess [TS]

  what the people in front of you were [TS]

  doing and our you know what's causing [TS]

  them to behave a certain way i think you [TS]

  know part of part of what is that part [TS]

  of the reason why there aren't more [TS]

  accidents you know because we do you [TS]

  think there'll be so many more from all [TS]

  the cars i think part of the reason [TS]

  they're that there are more is that for [TS]

  most accident most potential accidents [TS]

  you have to have liked more than one [TS]

  thing go wrong to cause accident because [TS]

  there's so many fail-safes like that you [TS]

  know if you look [TS]

  one of the things that a long time ago [TS]

  in a driving instructor to instructor [TS]

  pointed out to me when I was like 16 or [TS]

  whatever was you know if you look on the [TS]

  highway [TS]

  look at the car in front of you and the [TS]

  lanes are so much wider than you think [TS]

  they are like in your car you think the [TS]

  lanes are as wide as your car but if you [TS]

  look in front of you with those cars [TS]

  you'll see the lanes are almost wide [TS]

  enough for two cars and so if somebody's [TS]

  like swaying a little bit before they [TS]

  realize they have a jerk back another [TS]

  Lane they're probably not going to the [TS]

  person next to them because there's so [TS]

  much extra room it doesn't matter except [TS]

  from the Belt Parkway lanes are [TS]

  literally as long [TS]

  yes but and and so you know for most [TS]

  actions to happen like it takes it takes [TS]

  to bad or inattentive drivers to cause [TS]

  them usually not just one on and and [TS]

  that's one of the reasons why so if you [TS]

  happen to relative to the number of cars [TS]

  on the road so you know what John is [TS]

  what you're saying is like you know your [TS]

  pain and i think this is how this is how [TS]

  i've driven for as long as i can [TS]

  remember and I think I'm a pretty safe [TS]

  driver but I think everybody thinks that [TS]

  everyone thinks they're everyone thinks [TS]

  they're above average but i think what [TS]

  makes you a good driver is the ability [TS]

  to have a constant awareness of what [TS]

  everyone else around you could do or is [TS]

  about to do and so like for me if the [TS]

  person ahead of me doesn't signal it [TS]

  usually doesn't matter because i usually [TS]

  could tell they were about to turn [TS]

  emerged it almost always you can tell [TS]

  like like if you if you see somebody [TS]

  let's say you're in the left lane and [TS]

  ahead of you buy a couple of carlin's is [TS]

  somebody in the right lane who comes up [TS]

  right behind the car in front of them [TS]

  and slows down hits the brakes you know [TS]

  they're about to merge left to pass that [TS]

  person you can you can guess like that's [TS]

  that that's almost certain to happen so [TS]

  like i won't i won't pass that fact that [TS]

  Pastor person in the left links i know [TS]

  they're about to emerge left and they [TS]

  might hit me if I do that you know and [TS]

  so I'm always try or like if I'm merging [TS]

  onto onto a highway i will not merge if [TS]

  there's a car the lane to the left of [TS]

  that one [TS]

  like I it because you wanted a merging [TS]

  right and yeah like yeah like I will [TS]

  wait I wasn't going accidents is [TS]

  identifying the crazies and just giving [TS]

  them a wide berth like being know any of [TS]

  them you let them go ahead or you get in [TS]

  front of them like do not know that I do [TS]

  that all the time [TS]

  okay okay that guy i cannot be within 17 [TS]

  car lengths of that guy because he's [TS]

  dangerously they need to be in front of [TS]

  them already behind them big but I want [TS]

  to be nowhere near that that's how you [TS]

  avoid accidents because you're not like [TS]

  the guy who's not paying attention to [TS]

  the person who is eating their lunch [TS]

  hour or texting or whatever playing the [TS]

  flute I want to be nowhere near that [TS]

  like like not even close not like i'll [TS]

  keep my eye on that guy no get away from [TS]

  him get it you know good so you're not [TS]

  within chain reaction distance of that [TS]

  person you need to just now you know be [TS]

  far far away from them [TS]

  exactly and i really think like you know [TS]

  what if you start paying attention you [TS]

  know you can you can try if you don't [TS]

  already do this i bet you guys both do [TS]

  but if you don't already do this kind of [TS]

  like automatic prediction your head of [TS]

  of what everyone else is doing [TS]

  you could probably start training [TS]

  yourself to do it by just starting like [TS]

  a game in your head like just try to [TS]

  guess because when you're on a highway [TS]

  drive try to guess everyone's lane [TS]

  change before they do it and before the [TS]

  signal it now I could not possibly agree [TS]

  with you more Marco and one of the [TS]

  things that I think is a really good [TS]

  example is and you're alluding to one of [TS]

  the great example or you you said one of [TS]

  the great examples is when somebody's [TS]

  flying up to the person in front of them [TS]

  you know they're going to try to move [TS]

  another example is if you see ahead with [TS]

  over to check a blind spot you know then [TS]

  you know that they're about to make a [TS]

  move and and i could not possibly agree [TS]

  with you more that the to me the crux of [TS]

  being a good driver is being able to be [TS]

  predictive and being aware of those [TS]

  around you and not only those who are [TS]

  around you but what their next move is [TS]

  and I know I'm just repeating what you [TS]

  said but i could not possibly underscore [TS]

  that more I think you're absolutely on [TS]

  the mark and and that's why again like [TS]

  you had said everyone thinks a good [TS]

  driver but that's why I think I'm a good [TS]

  driver and I've noticed that Aaron my [TS]

  wife is also very very very very good at [TS]

  that and that's why I think she's a [TS]

  phenomenal drivers because she is [TS]

  predictive and is aware and that's [TS]

  something that I don't think every [TS]

  driver has so I completely agree with [TS]

  you and what John said which is trying [TS]

  two of you avoiding the crazies like it [TS]

  you should be able to tell before you [TS]

  get close to them whether somebody is a [TS]

  risky driver or not and like for me like [TS]

  I will either like i will either not [TS]

  pass them at all if they're like if one [TS]

  I was when I idea won't pass them or [TS]

  I'll pass them with an extra lane to [TS]

  spare or if I if they're going really [TS]

  slow and like I have to pass them with [TS]

  just the immediately adjacent lane [TS]

  i will pass them really fast like I [TS]

  don't forget about lane get so they can [TS]

  see me and then pretty much just floor [TS]

  it and and try to pass them as quickly [TS]

  as possible [TS]

  yes I'm i feel about big trucks i do not [TS]

  want to be behind them where their cargo [TS]

  can spill out on me I don't want to be [TS]

  to the left of them where they can [TS]

  swerve and crush me and I want you know [TS]

  you want to be that way behind them away [TS]

  in front of limits [TS]

  that's like what I think one of the [TS]

  drives i did for maybe Chicago to New [TS]

  York a couple times have done that is [TS]

  like you get on a certain section of [TS]

  Indiana and it's all these stupid trucks [TS]

  and it's like everytime i cleared one [TS]

  that would be another one so it's just [TS]

  trying to find a comfortable place [TS]

  between death-dealing trucks where I [TS]

  could safely survive right because you [TS]

  know it's all about to its it's about [TS]

  minimizing the risk of of even York [TS]

  chosen position in the lane like the [TS]

  same reason like I won't drive in [TS]

  somebody's blind spot that's that's [TS]

  another one of those situations where i [TS]

  will i will resolve a situation to pass [TS]

  the more alcoholic behind you know so [TS]

  many people aren't aware of that like [TS]

  people you know you're doing the game [TS]

  trying to protect other people do even [TS]

  if you get great at the game you have to [TS]

  be aware of what you're doing to and I [TS]

  think we've all been passengers in cars [TS]

  with people who forget about not driving [TS]

  someone's blind spot they can't even [TS]

  maintain the same following distance in [TS]

  the car in front of their their [TS]

  algorithm seems to be don't pay [TS]

  attention until I'm about to hit the car [TS]

  then hit the brakes never do not paying [TS]

  attention up i'm not the car in front of [TS]

  a hit the brakes ok now resume that pay [TS]

  attention looks like about the car from [TS]

  a hit the brakes like maintain the same [TS]

  following distance and the second part [TS]

  of that is being sane following distance [TS]

  that's the other part of like knowing [TS]

  how good your brakes are and stuff you [TS]

  have to adjust your following distance [TS]

  no matter how much of a hurry you're [TS]

  into something based on you know look if [TS]

  if the person in front of jammed on the [TS]

  brakes because it baby crawled out into [TS]

  the road could you avoid hitting them [TS]

  and if the answer is no your distance is [TS]

  too close and almost everybody drives [TS]

  too close to meet you don't you only [TS]

  find this out when you know a ladder [TS]

  falls off the truck in front of you [TS]

  the guy in front of jams in a break and [TS]

  you hit them in the rear and you know I [TS]

  assume everybody knows I'm assume every [TS]

  listener knows this but i always wonder [TS]

  if like you understand that if you hit [TS]

  if your ear and somebody it's your fault [TS]

  i don't know if people understand like i [TS]

  say was not my fault [TS]

  a truck fell off a ladder fell off a [TS]

  truck in front of the car in front of me [TS]

  and he get that likes of course I him [TS]

  know not of course you hit him [TS]

  that's the whole point of driving this [TS]

  must be driving so when that happens you [TS]

  don't hit him and let ya i mean you have [TS]

  to [TS]

  I guess people don't know the braking [TS]

  distances of everybody you can engage it [TS]

  like is it a semi is it a sports cars an [TS]

  SUV [TS]

  how good are the breaks in my car like [TS]

  this is part of driving that's [TS]

  absolutely true [TS]

  now to slow things down a little bit i [TS]

  I'd like to ask you guys about parking [TS]

  and a friend of mine Larry King not the [TS]

  one on CNN that used to be on CNN he [TS]

  he's beat me up for years and actually [TS]

  wrote in to ask our opinions about this [TS]

  he's beat me up for years because I [TS]

  pretty much always without fail back [TS]

  into parking spots and I do that because [TS]

  I feel like it's a little bit effort up [TS]

  front to make things a lot safer on the [TS]

  way out and plus when i'm leaving [TS]

  somewhere i just want to go I want to [TS]

  get on the road I want to do my thing [TS]

  get out of the way and I guess this [TS]

  comes back to being from the Northeast [TS]

  where I just want to get out of [TS]

  everyone's way and do my thing but I'm [TS]

  like the only person I know that [TS]

  consistently backs into parking spots [TS]

  and that also by the way includes my [TS]

  garage so are both actually Aaron and I [TS]

  always back into the garage although [TS]

  she's a normal human being and so she [TS]

  will pull frontwards into most parking [TS]

  spots and i was curious if a either of [TS]

  you guys believe in backing in and be if [TS]

  that makes me a complete weirdo and/or [TS]

  loser for backing in pretty much always [TS]

  I saw someone backing into a parking [TS]

  spot the white BMW i would not have good [TS]

  thoughts haha don't tell you I back into [TS]

  a parking spots no good [TS]

  all right here's the deal and you should [TS]

  know this is someone who's in a hurry [TS]

  right if you pull forward into a parking [TS]

  spot you get into the parking lot [TS]

  quicker right and then you when you pull [TS]

  out of the parking spot them that takes [TS]

  longer because you gotta back out it's [TS]

  hard to see anything like that right [TS]

  you want to make the time where you like [TS]

  where you have to spend lots of time [TS]

  possibly waiting for your chance to go [TS]

  and everything you want that to be the [TS]

  time when you're in the parking spot [TS]

  basically when you're looking for [TS]

  parking spot you want to get out of out [TS]

  of the flow of the cars look at the [TS]

  parks months there's a spot pull right [TS]

  in head in your out of Lovecraft you [TS]

  along no longer repeating everybody [TS]

  later when you're trying to get out you [TS]

  can sit there in the parking spot trying [TS]

  to find your opening to safely back out [TS]

  for as long as you want without impeding [TS]

  the other traffic flow in the parking [TS]

  lot so that's why you go ahead into a [TS]

  parking lot now when you're at home [TS]

  if not peeing and you drive by all means [TS]

  take your time and back into your [TS]

  driveway because if that's what you want [TS]

  to do but in a parking lot you've got to [TS]

  go ahead and because it gets you out of [TS]

  the way of the other people looking for [TS]

  parking spots faster [TS]

  yeah I mean I'm with John I i mean if [TS]

  you think about it this way everybody [TS]

  back into their parking spots think of [TS]

  how much worse traffic would be in [TS]

  parking lots on account of an encounter [TS]

  everybody had one trying to do that well [TS]

  here--here's the thing that you can make [TS]

  you feel better k see once you mend your [TS]

  ways and stop doing the same thing is it [TS]

  makes you appreciate the pull through [TS]

  all the more you know the pull through [TS]

  for you well yeah there's a few slides [TS]

  open you pull through that then you get [TS]

  the best of both worlds that's what you [TS]

  want to give you just go for the pull [TS]

  through and stop impeding traffic in the [TS]

  parking lot with your white BMW trying [TS]

  to back your way into it so here's the [TS]

  thing though i do choose a pole through [TS]

  if it all available and possible so that [TS]

  is absolutely unequivocally the best [TS]

  option but i have gotten not to toot my [TS]

  own horn here but I've gotten so good at [TS]

  backing the parking spots that yes I am [TS]

  slower than pulling in front words no [TS]

  doubt but I can do it pretty much in in [TS]

  marginally more time then if i were to [TS]

  pull in front words however in your [TS]

  defense to the defense of your point [TS]

  that i'm a nut job it is abnormal and so [TS]

  my favorite thing in the world which I [TS]

  don't say with any sarcasm whatsoever is [TS]

  when I . my car in such a way that it's [TS]

  clear to me anyway that i'm about to [TS]

  back into a parking spot because i'm [TS]

  pulling in some conference it for me [TS]

  well not know that they steal it but [TS]

  they go to like pass me as you have done [TS]

  was going to say what would help [TS]

  included is you're going to end up [TS]

  getting the driver side you're going to [TS]

  be hitting the driver side of your car [TS]

  because people aren't expecting it so [TS]

  when they see you pull pass the spot and [TS]

  then hit the brakes [TS]

  maybe that if you're lucky they don't [TS]

  hit you when you hit the brakes but then [TS]

  once you start backing out they are [TS]

  going to become extremely off guard and [TS]

  this is nothing but automatic [TS]

  transmission that always like I can [TS]

  flick into reverse really quickly but [TS]

  I've seen I've been to many cars with [TS]

  automatic transmissions where the people [TS]

  look down a little PR ndl thing you have [TS]

  to see the little lingo into our there's [TS]

  no way they're going to get into reverse [TS]

  fast and so you end up you know scraping [TS]

  them hitting member they're gonna hit [TS]

  you because they don't it's an [TS]

  unexpected thing to be happy that [TS]

  not your fault your fault is for [TS]

  impeding traffic with your stupid back [TS]

  and thing but I in addition you're also [TS]

  risking being hit by inattentive drivers [TS]

  surprised by what you're doing in a [TS]

  parking lot that's fair [TS]

  so the more of the story is on that's [TS]

  you should not do that and get you get [TS]

  your backing and kicks John your [TS]

  driveway you're not impeding anybody [TS]

  there you can you know back in all you [TS]

  want [TS]

  alright so i have another thing that's [TS]

  very quick that I'd like to talk about [TS]

  there any other etiquette related [TS]

  discussions we should have turning also [TS]

  oh my god people are so that a turning [TS]

  over the right term [TS]

  over the right term [TS]

  and this one this is my least favorite [TS]

  you're following someone they're going [TS]

  to make a right turn the signal like a [TS]

  sane person they make the right turn and [TS]

  it seems like time starts to go so slow [TS]

  it goes backwards like that goes a [TS]

  little slower and slower like they're [TS]

  going to turn into the gas station know [TS]

  they're getting cash and slower and [TS]

  slower then they're right wheel touches [TS]

  the little thing then they start turning [TS]

  and it's like you eventually up coming [TS]

  to a complete stop behind this person [TS]

  while you wait for them to make the [TS]

  right turns like you understand that you [TS]

  can carry forward momentum into a right [TS]

  turn without saying you know you don't [TS]

  like 15 miles an hour on a secondary [TS]

  road they're pulling into a gas station [TS]

  you have to come to a complete stop [TS]

  because of how incredibly slowly they [TS]

  make a right turn [TS]

  it's usually old people but like it just [TS]

  it you know the only time i will excuse [TS]

  that is if you have a Ferrari or [TS]

  Lamborghini some of the supercar and [TS]

  you're afraid of scraping it when you go [TS]

  into like that the gas station parking [TS]

  lot then ok you can create and i'll call [TS]

  you call you doing it but if you have a [TS]

  toyota camry and you basically come to a [TS]

  complete stop before getting out of [TS]

  blame that you're making a right turn [TS]

  from I get angry my big to pet peeves [TS]

  about turns our number one by far is [TS]

  people who sway the opposite direction a [TS]

  little bit before they make their turn [TS]

  in order to have a wider tournament that [TS]

  such a good signal you like you know [TS]

  what you know exactly what kind of [TS]

  person that is when i see this way out [TS]

  i'm like you may think that person is [TS]

  making a left but I can tell by their [TS]

  lack of signal and the fact that i can't [TS]

  see their head above the steering wheel [TS]

  they're making a right right the fact [TS]

  they just crossed over the line almost [TS]

  hit somebody coming the other way [TS]

  yeah and that they're making a right [TS]

  trust me out there they go [TS]

  and the other thing is people who you [TS]

  know it let's say you have intersection [TS]

  so suppose your it is almost this almost [TS]

  always it people who are turning left in [TS]

  a right-hand-drive country which of [TS]

  course is all the all the normal [TS]

  countries people who are turning left [TS]

  and there's nobody in the left-turn lane [TS]

  of the streets of turning onto so rather [TS]

  than making a turn [TS]

  that's closer to a 90 degree angle they [TS]

  make a turn that cuts a straight [TS]

  diagonal across the intersection of yeah [TS]

  they're gonna end up just you know how [TS]

  many being a head-on collision right [TS]

  because what because so often i will be [TS]

  like let's say if there's intersection [TS]

  on a hill or something where the [TS]

  visibility is poor where you [TS]

  kinda can't see what you're turning into [TS]

  until you get really close to it i'll be [TS]

  sitting in in that left turning heads of [TS]

  what the turning into and i will have [TS]

  the front left corner of my car be [TS]

  almost clipped off by almost everybody [TS]

  making that turn yeah don't forget about [TS]

  the corner sometimes I've always been [TS]

  hit head-on by people and they may not [TS]

  get the honk at you like you're looking [TS]

  away like you're sitting here sitting [TS]

  completely still and Elaine within the [TS]

  left-turn lane and they're almost hit [TS]

  you in a head-on collision they're [TS]

  shocked by your presence that right like [TS]

  like the proper way to turn when you're [TS]

  turning left intersects like that is to [TS]

  pull straight ahead into the [TS]

  intersection most of the distance before [TS]

  you actually turn left and make you know [TS]

  make almost a 90-degree turn but people [TS]

  don't think that way you nervous think [TS]

  that way but most people don't think [TS]

  that way they don't see if they don't [TS]

  see the invisible guidelines on the road [TS]

  that are actually that's why they [TS]

  started putting that you see the [TS]

  intersection of the dotted lines is to [TS]

  tell the idiots where you're supposed to [TS]

  talk after nobody follows them it [TS]

  doesn't matter at least a clue [TS]

  you're not actually like to double down [TS]

  with jon said a minute ago about turning [TS]

  at at one mile an hour [TS]

  my favorite is when you see a humongous [TS]

  SUV or like a jeep wrangler hopping over [TS]

  this like little divot in the road where [TS]

  water will run like a gutter if you will [TS]

  and they do that at one mile an hour [TS]

  when there was when the ground clearance [TS]

  on that car is easily two or three times [TS]

  the ground clearance on any car I've [TS]

  ever driven reminiscent of our coffee [TS]

  though [TS]

  yeah I don't know what it is but I'm [TS]

  like dude you will not even feel that [TS]

  bump you could run over my whole freakin [TS]

  car and you wouldn't feel it yet you're [TS]

  going to crawl over this little teeny [TS]

  divot in the road drives me bonkers any [TS]

  other etiquette related complaining i [TS]

  mean thoughts [TS]

  i I don't I feel like John you you have [TS]

  the king of this stuff right [TS]

  I i could probably think of more than [TS]

  I'm getting myself worked up just [TS]

  thinking about actually on the related [TS]

  topic of safety and everything how is [TS]

  everyone's driving record in terms of [TS]

  safety like how many accident maybe I [TS]

  could be a whole show we talked about [TS]

  accidents we've got into maybe maybe [TS]

  she'll that for later [TS]

  now let's do now I hope it's a short [TS]

  list but today [TS]

  Casey alright so i have been into [TS]

  accidents neither were my fault [TS]

  one was when I was 16 and nonno [TS]

  three-quarters house in the saturn that [TS]

  I believe I've spoken about a couple [TS]

  times i was going in the ring road if [TS]

  you will around the local mall it was [TS]

  raining it was december and i was [TS]

  probably going a little bit too quick so [TS]

  I was not free but a pickup truck [TS]

  decided that he couldn't really see [TS]

  around the park cars at the edge of the [TS]

  parking lot and just decided to stop in [TS]

  the middle of my lane and I definitely [TS]

  t-boned him and his pickup won by a long [TS]

  shot [TS]

  then two weeks after getting the saturn [TS]

  back from the repair shop i was at my [TS]

  then girlfriend's house taking her to a [TS]

  basketball game and it was snowing and [TS]

  again this is Connecticut and one of her [TS]

  either friends or acquaintances was [TS]

  turning into her house and decided to [TS]

  make that left immediately in front of [TS]

  me and so I t-boned her as well but [TS]

  those are the only two accidents have [TS]

  been in i have also gotten two speeding [TS]

  tickets in mileage is a to i want to say [TS]

  two speeding tickets in my life and that [TS]

  hasn't been knock on glass for quite a [TS]

  long time now but you got the radar [TS]

  detector now [TS]

  well I can't use in Virginia that when [TS]

  in fact one of the times i did get a [TS]

  speeding ticket was in north myrtle [TS]

  beach when the radar detector was in the [TS]

  trunk which was really knowing John [TS]

  alright so i have not had a car accident [TS]

  since I was 17 so that's like what about [TS]

  many years many many decades completely [TS]

  accident free but before that I i had [TS]

  many adventures [TS]

  my first was when i was learning to [TS]

  drive with my mom we were driving down [TS]

  the highway it wasn't the first time in [TS]

  the highway but it was one of the first [TS]

  few times and there was in getting back [TS]

  to the ladder falling truck there was a [TS]

  large metal ladder like one of those big [TS]

  extension ladders laying across the two [TS]

  lanes like it in you know that the two [TS]

  lines one direction and I saw the ladder [TS]

  and I stopped came to a stop in front of [TS]

  because there's no way we could have [TS]

  cleared that like it was you know the [TS]

  two extension ladder two ladders on top [TS]

  of each other it's like at least a foot [TS]

  high and it's metal so i stopped but the [TS]

  person behind me failed to stop and rear [TS]

  ended me so that was my first car [TS]

  accident actually damage the cargo Volvo [TS]

  and built like a tank and the bumpers [TS]

  are made of like gigantic phone [TS]

  rubber or whatever second was driving my [TS]

  parents minivans know this was entirely [TS]

  my fault because I was you know drifting [TS]

  than a minivan around the corners in the [TS]

  snow and ice [TS]

  this was like low speed like it was just [TS]

  coming home on secondary roads and just [TS]

  freshly snow and I was no sliding around [TS]

  and ice little bit too far in one and [TS]

  the and bang the side of the front tire [TS]

  into a curb at fairly low speed but [TS]

  enough to like you know been some [TS]

  suspension components i drove it home [TS]

  but that was bad and the final one in my [TS]

  last car accident my only actual serious [TS]

  car accident I was also my fault and [TS]

  this is the woman I was 17 I was coming [TS]

  home was coming home from church which [TS]

  is the by the way the best time to get [TS]

  into an accident in terms of insurance [TS]

  settlements and stuff like that rather [TS]

  than you know coming home from a party [TS]

  drunk something I was coming home from [TS]

  church at midnight and i must have been [TS]

  tired and I was making a left turn and [TS]

  roads that I've gone on a million times [TS]

  and made a left turn without adequately [TS]

  checking whether the oncoming it was any [TS]

  car coming me you know in the opposite [TS]

  direction and there was and it was [TS]

  basically a head-on collision [TS]

  yeah didn't total the car anything was [TS]

  all basically a low-speed like 25 30 [TS]

  miles an hour i was totally uninjured [TS]

  the car was repaired but I was my fault [TS]

  but since then 0 car accidents fender [TS]

  benders are of any kind [TS]

  what about speeding tickets once being [TS]

  taken also when I was 17 or 18 going at [TS]

  the maximum speed Michael always able to [TS]

  attain which was 85 miles an hour and [TS]

  overdrive downhill on the LA nice now [TS]

  the air conditioning was often soon [TS]

  yes air conditioning alternative I'm at [TS]

  and I was this is also very late at like [TS]

  2am coming home from one of my summer [TS]

  jobs and the yeah I like I have I have [TS]

  my grandfather was a New York City [TS]

  detective so I had that the pba card in [TS]

  my wallet but just this old graph white [TS]

  hair policeman comes up to the window my [TS]

  car rolled and rolled down the window [TS]

  with the Kranks because that's what we [TS]

  had just 25 didn't even bother i didn't [TS]

  even bother trying to talk my way out of [TS]

  it if you're a teenage boy alone in your [TS]

  car and it's 2 a.m. [TS]

  you're going as fast as I karke [TS]

  impossible to go you just take the [TS]

  ticket and I did you get a terrible [TS]

  drivers [TS]

  oh well we'll see alright mean I may [TS]

  have the longest unbroken streak of no [TS]

  accidents of any of the people here but [TS]

  you're selling your old because I'm old [TS]

  how many years has been since you were [TS]

  17 I can't do that ma'am i had 20 21 [TS]

  ok then you might alright so i have no [TS]

  accidents there was one time when it was [TS]

  like I was like 17 and I was driving [TS]

  down a residential street with cars [TS]

  parked on both sides and I clipped [TS]

  somebody's mirror on the right but I [TS]

  went back and looked and it was a mirror [TS]

  that was made to fold so it had attacked [TS]

  you just folded forward and so I guess [TS]

  that was alright that counts as an [TS]

  accident mr. I've never had any [TS]

  accidents but not supposed to touch [TS]

  remember [TS]

  ok touching so yeah I was like 16 or 17 [TS]

  videos like it was like a year into [TS]

  driving but yeah they're like no visible [TS]

  damage to either of us anyway so and [TS]

  then I've had my car hit while it was [TS]

  parked twice one time in college [TS]

  somebody clipped the mirror off my [TS]

  maxima kind of you know in payback [TS]

  I guess the karmic karmic retribution [TS]

  there and I i mentioned how my honda [TS]

  accord somebody back into its door what [TS]

  was parked and that was that was hold [TS]

  Ventura that I would rather not relive [TS]

  because we don't have time to explain [TS]

  the whole thing of Y and now these cars [TS]

  but going back to the maximum for a [TS]

  second [TS]

  I've gotten three tickets one was simple [TS]

  speeding going 86 on a highway in ohio [TS]

  forever ago [TS]

  another one was in college I went [TS]

  through i technically went through a [TS]

  stop sign because I didn't come to a [TS]

  complete stop i did one of those do she [TS]

  pauses good because you know it's one of [TS]

  those things like everybody in town did [TS]

  this douchey pause at this one stop sign [TS]

  a kind of shouldn't have been there and [TS]

  one time I got caught and that was it I [TS]

  stopped doing it and then the third one [TS]

  was [TS]

  bad five of six seven years ago now [TS]

  yeah actually it was eight years ago [TS]

  cheese something like that i still have [TS]

  the maximum after somebody clipped the [TS]

  mirror off i didn't get it fixed for [TS]

  like two months or more it maybe three [TS]

  four six months who knows it was awhile [TS]

  ago I was so angry it was it was right [TS]

  after I graduated from college so yes it [TS]

  was awhile ago so like I was just so [TS]

  angry at the world that somebody had [TS]

  stolen like a hundred and fifty bucks [TS]

  worth of value to me because it was it [TS]

  was below the insurance deductible so I [TS]

  couldn't really get reimbursed I was [TS]

  just screwing of that money because [TS]

  somebody hit my car and-and-and left in [TS]

  rent so I I was very upset about that so [TS]

  I didn't get it fixed for a while and [TS]

  also have no money at the times i was [TS]

  just finishing college and and just [TS]

  started my new job where i got not that [TS]

  much money so I was speeding on in New [TS]

  York highway going upstate and III got I [TS]

  got radar it likee 384 something like [TS]

  that somewhere in the eighties and and [TS]

  the cop kind of took pity on me i don't [TS]

  know why but maybe I was just nice maybe [TS]

  he just like me maybe like maximus I [TS]

  don't know but uh but he didn't notice [TS]

  the mirror was gone he he wrote me up [TS]

  for a like an equipment ticket instead [TS]

  he like lower it down to that [TS]

  wow he's like at the end and he said if [TS]

  you get this fixed within the next 72 [TS]

  hours or something then then you know [TS]

  just mail and proven and tickle be [TS]

  cancelled and i did and that's something [TS]

  i finally got that you might you must [TS]

  have looked very pathetic [TS]

  yes seriously because my the the most [TS]

  recent ticket of mine i was a Virginia [TS]

  resident and this was literally a week [TS]

  after buying the subaru and i was living [TS]

  in Charlottesville the time but i was [TS]

  visiting a friend in richmond and I was [TS]

  getting on the road getting on an [TS]

  interstate to go back to drop my friend [TS]

  off before i went back to [TS]

  Charlottesville and I don't remember how [TS]

  fast I was going but I was going roughly [TS]

  10 miles an hour over the speed limit i [TS]

  think and the cop pulls me over and he [TS]

  says hey do you know how fast you're [TS]

  going us that you want to be honest or [TS]

  no i don't i was just trying to get over [TS]

  to get onto the interstate blah blah [TS]

  well you know its speed limit as well [TS]

  sir to be honest no i don't i'm not from [TS]

  around here not sure what's with the [TS]

  speed limit is well son to speed limit [TS]

  signs look the same where you come from [TS]

  yeah sometimes there's nothing you can [TS]

  say the police officer like that they're [TS]

  just they want to yell at you and it's [TS]

  just you just have to like but it's kind [TS]

  of like a video game where I'm going [TS]

  through walking dead like do you think [TS]

  there's any series of responses that [TS]

  could have led you down a dialogue tree [TS]

  that would not have resulted in your [TS]

  being scolded no not at all [TS]

  I mean that something like I think one [TS]

  of the reasons why I well I got off [TS]

  oh yeah i forgot i was pulled over one [TS]

  more time more recently in like twenty [TS]

  ten when I was not at this crazy hiking [TS]

  trip to vermont i was trying to try to [TS]

  meet my friends by deadline up on top of [TS]

  the mountain long story but anyway so I [TS]

  was going down vermont state route [TS]

  probably going 70 and the speed limit [TS]

  was probably 50 or 55 was going like [TS]

  65-70 something like that like i was i [TS]

  was going what to me was a very [TS]

  reasonable speed but just this road [TS]

  wasn't and or rather you know this is it [TS]

  was above the posted limit and I got [TS]

  pulled over for that but the cop let me [TS]

  off you just you know is it because it i [TS]

  think i think the speed limit was 50 and [TS]

  I was going like sixty seven it was like [TS]

  I was going a speed that would have been [TS]

  reasonable for the most part but I [TS]

  plausibly might have missed the sign [TS]

  yeah you have to happen you have to tell [TS]

  whether i mean you can usually tell [TS]

  whether you have been pulled over by a [TS]

  cop who wants you to slow down our [TS]

  you've been pulled over by cop who is [TS]

  doing shift in which there are assigned [TS]

  to give out speeding tickets can you get [TS]

  pulled over by the cops on a shift [TS]

  giving out speeding tickets you're [TS]

  getting a ticket [TS]

  like that's all he's they're doing is [TS]

  giving up whereas if you just happen to [TS]

  drive by a cop anything so you're not [TS]

  driving well he's going to pull you over [TS]

  yell at you maybe give you a ticket [TS]

  maybe not [TS]

  and I mean I don't think it was i was a [TS]

  guy in rural Vermont driving a black BMW [TS]

  with New York plates [TS]

  yeah and so he probably expected me to [TS]

  be a real dick but then because I was [TS]

  nice to him maybe maybe that's why i got [TS]

  i don't know who's a jerk to police [TS]

  officers like your only chance now maybe [TS]

  not exactly that's all you've got left [TS]

  it all you've got going for you is to be [TS]

  nice and and to try to engender some [TS]

  kind of pity [TS]

  right because you and you gotta realize [TS]

  to like you know I mean sure there are [TS]

  some bad there are some bad cops out [TS]

  there but most of them I'm sure aren't [TS]

  bad and you gotta figure that job sucks [TS]

  you know that Robin really so that's [TS]

  what you guys doing they're giving out [TS]

  speeding tickets like [TS]

  getting a ticket like you have a quota [TS]

  like you know there's no matter how bad [TS]

  he feels about you he'll talk to you and [TS]

  be nice and friendly but you're still [TS]

  getting the ticket right and that's what [TS]

  i was doing there all day I feel like to [TS]

  like you know if you don't if you don't [TS]

  try to hide it like you know if you [TS]

  don't if you don't try to try to pull [TS]

  the case you like I don't know what the [TS]

  speed limit is officer like family [TS]

  dinner until they hear that every every [TS]

  time they pull somebody over here the [TS]

  same three scooter in certain laws not a [TS]

  defense right and so like most people [TS]

  know that I feel like if you show [TS]

  respect to the police officer and you [TS]

  know just be like yeah I'm sorry you [TS]

  know yet [TS]

  do you gotta do you know like I feel [TS]

  like your chances of getting off are a [TS]

  little bit better just because you're [TS]

  not making their day harder you're not [TS]

  you're not like trying the same stupid [TS]

  excuse like insulting their intelligence [TS]

  like everybody else does it you know i [TS]

  don't think so but Aaron actually just a [TS]

  little while ago got pulled over on her [TS]

  way home and it ended up that the the [TS]

  most reasonable place for her to get off [TS]

  the main road that our neighborhood was [TS]

  off of was on our street and still got a [TS]

  ticket so she was literally 80 yards [TS]

  from our house and still got a speeding [TS]

  ticket [TS]

  yeah I actually I shouldn't I I said you [TS]

  know all you can do is be nice but i'm [TS]

  probably not a good example this because [TS]

  I can't control myself sometimes like we [TS]

  have tons of construction in [TS]

  Massachusetts and investors it's they [TS]

  have what they call police details where [TS]

  each construction site hostile police [TS]

  officer at the construction site to help [TS]

  drive the tractor whenever they get paid [TS]

  for this and you can take it away [TS]

  because this huge amount of extra money [TS]

  and that's why all the police officers [TS]

  make more money than me and I'm sad but [TS]

  anyway this you know was construction [TS]

  police officers they're kind of [TS]

  directing traffic kind of not because [TS]

  there was a light right in front of it [TS]

  as well but occasionally he would direct [TS]

  people to disregard the light and come [TS]

  through it or whatever and traffic is [TS]

  crawling along like stop and go with the [TS]

  construction and I was creeping along [TS]

  with everybody else and the light turned [TS]

  yellow and I roll my way through the [TS]

  intersection while it was yellow and [TS]

  came to stop next police officer and he [TS]

  wanted me to roll down my window yelled [TS]

  to me says you just went through a red [TS]

  light and I and I should have just said [TS]

  I'm sorry officer but I like I didn't I [TS]

  I'd it was yellow I mean yes i did go [TS]

  through a yellow light but we're all [TS]

  going about a half mile an hour here I [TS]

  just rolled through the intersection not [TS]

  blocking is actually said it wasn't it [TS]

  was [TS]

  read it was yellow the only good thing [TS]

  about detail is he wouldn't want to go [TS]

  back to his car right now but it can be [TS]

  said yeah I think he liked argue with [TS]

  you about something and just wait for me [TS]

  on because he had to you know continue [TS]

  later the cars roll through but that was [TS]

  a stupid why would argue with him why [TS]

  are you with him because because the [TS]

  light wasn't let read it just literally [TS]

  wasn't you know and I feel like if you [TS]

  want to give me a ticket for going [TS]

  through on a late yellow then say you [TS]

  shouldn't have gone through that yellow [TS]

  I would have agreed with him but him [TS]

  telling me that light was totally read i [TS]

  said no it wasn't that was not the right [TS]

  answer probably know it was not but I [TS]

  didn't get a ticket because you know [TS]

  he's got other things to do in like [TS]

  seriously it was not a dangerous [TS]

  situation as we go too long and half [TS]

  mile an hour so what we've learned from [TS]

  this episode is the Marco is the [TS]

  prettiest of the three of us [TS]

  yes that's that's probably true I won't [TS]

  argue with that [TS]