The Incomparable

227: The Europeans Do It Better


  the Intolerable number 227 December 2014 [TS]

  welcome back to the incomparable podcast [TS]

  everybody i'm your host Jason's now [TS]

  we're here to convene another edition of [TS]

  the old movie club Movie Club stating [TS]

  that that that's our theme song [TS]

  I was thinking about it earlier today it [TS]

  is now the official theme song of the [TS]

  old movie club [TS]

  let me introduce my guests the singer of [TS]

  the theme song old man number one Steve [TS]

  let's hello good evening Jason it's good [TS]

  to be back in old movie land it is i [TS]

  think so [TS]

  Monty actually also joins us haimanti I [TS]

  jason i am also pleased to be here in [TS]

  the old movie clubhouse [TS]

  oh good i unfortunately the no girls [TS]

  allowed sign was put on the door tonight [TS]

  because their design was very tired and [TS]

  had to bow out that makes us sad and we [TS]

  blame canada because one of the movies [TS]

  were going to discuss tonight not [TS]

  available in canada i don't know why not [TS]

  available in canada indian taco is not [TS]

  in Canada and therefore is here [TS]

  hi Andy hey Jason that if we're gonna be [TS]

  recording this on nitrate film stock let [TS]

  me know cause I need to put out this [TS]

  pipe okay did not know let's just see [TS]

  what happens [TS]

  it'd be it'd be a shame if we got like [TS]

  90 minutes of beautiful stellar stuff [TS]

  and then poof just like related [TS]

  Magnificent Ambersons all over again [TS]

  oh I don't think there's much risk it [TS]

  now you might think that me and the [TS]

  three people have already introduced [TS]

  would be really enough people to fill [TS]

  this very small stateroom that were in [TS]

  and you'd be right so let's but but in [TS]

  fact bring it in bring it on in David [TS]

  Laura come on in with whatever you're [TS]

  bringing come on into the stateroom it's [TS]

  good to have on [TS]

  Oh huh make that five all days I yeah [TS]

  yep and Amanda she can do this the whole [TS]

  podcast broccoli and I and the [TS]

  impresario of the old movie club your [TS]

  your your master of ceremonies it is [TS]

  Philip Michaels hello hello how are you [TS]

  tonight I'm doing just fine how are you [TS]

  I'm okay I'm okay alright just okay yeah [TS]

  little bit sleepy little bit sleepy very [TS]

  sleepy trying to keep the any energy of [TS]

  energy and I and I hope our listeners in [TS]

  Canada have turned off the podcast [TS]

  because it's not for you appearance [TS]

  no no one must know about the Marx [TS]

  Brothers anyway are our topic tonight is [TS]

  the Marx Brothers and the reason i [TS]

  wanted to do this [TS]

  toward the end of the year is because of [TS]

  a tradition that that Philip Michaels [TS]

  that you you have and actually passed on [TS]

  to me and now and now this happens in [TS]

  our family to wear where there's a [TS]

  ritualistic playing of the Marx Brothers [TS]

  film duck soup around about New Year's [TS]

  Eve can you explain a little bit about [TS]

  how that came about because we're we're [TS]

  going to talk about duck soup and we're [TS]

  going to talk about a night at the opera [TS]

  and we're going to more generally talk [TS]

  about the Marx Brothers in this end of [TS]

  the year edition so on when I was a when [TS]

  I was elite well a wee lad growing up in [TS]

  Southern California channel 5 KTLA or [TS]

  killa as well call it from here on out [TS]

  its law so every New Year's Eve channel [TS]

  5 down in LA or at least for New Year's [TS]

  Eves when I was a lad they would show [TS]

  Marx Brothers movies and probably [TS]

  because they were very cheap to air it [TS]

  was a very cheap tvs it's a very cheap [TS]

  TV station and the one that I most ring [TS]

  true to me as a youngster probably [TS]

  because the air did have an hour in [TS]

  which I was actually awake on New Year's [TS]

  Eve was a duck soup and the movie itself [TS]

  has nothing to do whatsoever with new [TS]

  years even yet subsequently I just [TS]

  associated with that holiday and I am [TS]

  watch that and other movies on on New [TS]

  Year's Eve rather than go out and revel [TS]

  with other people because as the the man [TS]

  once said hell is other people yeah and [TS]

  i would rather just watch movies yeah [TS]

  yeah so so what do you think should we [TS]

  start with our super we started let's [TS]

  let's start with duck soup on the [TS]

  earlier the DSP relievers yes this is [TS]

  the their last movie that they did with [TS]

  paramount which will be important once [TS]

  we get to the the Night at the Opera [TS]

  portion of this conversation but duck [TS]

  soup [TS]

  is stars all four of the Marx Brothers [TS]

  including the the the little remembered [TS]

  Zeppo and it's a it's set in the [TS]

  mythical country of fredonia which is [TS]

  going through a tough time I'm [TS]

  recounting the plot like it actually [TS]

  matters you're about done yes wait [TS]

  there's a plot [TS]

  yeah no it'll take me about a minute if [TS]

  we without interruptions anyhow for [TS]

  doughnut locks for dad for johnny is on [TS]

  the rocks they apparently are entirely [TS]

  funded by wealthy patron efforts because [TS]

  I be the the great market to mod who is [TS]

  mrs. Teasdale and she demands that Rufus [TS]

  T Firefly be named the leader for donia [TS]

  Rufus T Firefly is of course Groucho now [TS]

  there's an rival country called sylvania [TS]

  that are very much like to take over her [TS]

  don't ya i love i look and i just [TS]

  mentioned that i love that [TS]

  sylvania is every time I laugh when they [TS]

  announced that because I imagined that [TS]

  their main exporter light bulbs yes in [TS]

  the original draft here is that here's a [TS]

  little fun fact it was apparently the [TS]

  country of amnesia and so that they are [TS]

  the the main sylvanian is ambassador [TS]

  ambassador Trentino trentino played by [TS]

  lee calhoun was actually a really [TS]

  accomplished actor he goes on to do a [TS]

  lot of things he plays julius caesar in [TS]

  the Marlon Brando julius caesar ii he's [TS]

  in asphalt jungle and blackboard jungle [TS]

  and other movies without jungle in the [TS]

  title [TS]

  easy easy he's quite a good dramatic and [TS]

  comedic actor and you you get to see the [TS]

  comedy on display here anyhow he's [TS]

  trying to subvert democracy such a [TS]

  person is no donors there's no democracy [TS]

  it it's basically from mrs. Teasdale say [TS]

  so and she's crazy [TS]

  so so was was mrs. Teasdale's husband [TS]

  sort of the rich benefactor of fredonia [TS]

  is that is one at one assumes hear that [TS]

  it back story James Franco will play him [TS]

  in a prequel with that the only [TS]

  backstory i care about is how the hell [TS]

  she decided that Rufus T Firefly would [TS]

  make a good eater for the country haha [TS]

  yeah there's no explanation of that one [TS]

  characteristic of Margaret Dumont is [TS]

  that she's always in love with Groucho [TS]

  no matter who he is or how horribly he [TS]

  treats her [TS]

  yeah actually sweet on him [TS]

  and so she wants to have him take this [TS]

  job because she's sweet on him and [TS]

  that's that's that's nice [TS]

  evolving terrible for the people of [TS]

  fredonia and so the ambassador of [TS]

  sylvania enlist the help of two spies [TS]

  chucklino and pinky are you go and [TS]

  purple marks and they change sides about [TS]

  20 times during the BS the girls so [TS]

  they're so chicolini is a because he's [TS]

  it's not chico it's chico apparently and [TS]

  so you know we all call him chico but [TS]

  he's chico and so then I was like oh [TS]

  chicolini that's perfect pinky I have no [TS]

  explanation for its because harpos hair [TS]

  is supposed to be red [TS]

  ok sorry I'm colorblind and also is in [TS]

  black and white [TS]

  yeah well you know what color Lucille [TS]

  Ball's hair was right [TS]

  yeah but I saw the ones that she was in [TS]

  that were in color so that was just [TS]

  explaining these all right Thank you [TS]

  Thank You Monty things that period [TS]

  between fredonia and sylvania one of the [TS]

  things I really like about this is how [TS]

  fast duck soup moves that it is [TS]

  yeah it it it doesn't care to make sense [TS]

  of things and I actually kind of love [TS]

  that at the beginning that first scene [TS]

  is like well if you want my money you've [TS]

  got to put Rufus T Firefly in charge and [TS]

  everybody's like but ok cut to this is a [TS]

  seasoned minute movie it is they do not [TS]

  waste any time they they get work they [TS]

  say that you're in but the entire first [TS]

  six minutes is almost wasted time you [TS]

  have internet i remembered radicals in [TS]

  drag down right away but Zeppo has a [TS]

  song before graph shows there's a [TS]

  there's a full six minutes with Neri [TS]

  laughs from the from the opening credits [TS]

  to when Groucho finally makes his [TS]

  entrance there's well you got it you got [TS]

  to have your setup you got it well that [TS]

  I mean come on six minutes set up for a [TS]

  60-minute movie [TS]

  check your said field i have and wow [TS]

  there but they're waiting for the clock [TS]

  to strike 10 because very exciting [TS]

  things are going to happen a clock [TS]

  strikes ten as the song says and and [TS]

  then they play the hill for DoDEA song [TS]

  like a given begin again hoping that [TS]

  something will happen i find this that [TS]

  we've gotta get simple something to do [TS]

  so he doesn't quit the act part that [TS]

  didn't work [TS]

  you know I never [TS]

  as a movie on those last-minute yeah in [TS]

  this movie he doesn't even have a [TS]

  romance which i find fascinating he [TS]

  plays out hehe as Groucho secretary yes [TS]

  if for those of you keeping score at [TS]

  home and his name is Bob said he sent a [TS]

  letter to my dentist [TS]

  there's a theory in the last episode was [TS]

  secretly a brilliant comedian and he's [TS]

  parodying straight men and always rolls [TS]

  if he is this is his best performance if [TS]

  you read the various Marx Brothers [TS]

  biographies apparently off-screen he was [TS]

  he was just the naturally funniest Tom [TS]

  but he never really developed a [TS]

  character because he was he replaced his [TS]

  brother gumbo in the act [TS]

  get it in the the vaudeville act got mo [TS]

  apparently wasn't too into it when he [TS]

  was apparent when he was drafted into [TS]

  world war one he said anything's better [TS]

  than being an actor and coffee when and [TS]

  Zeppo who was the youngest of the the [TS]

  brothers uh could sing a bit and and and [TS]

  apparently filled in a lot for the for [TS]

  the other brothers when they couldn't do [TS]

  parts but anyhow here he's he's ill use [TS]

  likes it or not really used at no but I [TS]

  as I was saying conditions devolved [TS]

  between fredonia and sylvania and war [TS]

  breaks out and really this is all just a [TS]

  thin excuse for the Marx Brothers to to [TS]

  do there there little bits whether it's [TS]

  a the physical comedy of Harpo or [TS]

  whether it's the the interplay between [TS]

  chico and and and Groucho and and [TS]

  Groucho pitching woo to market to mod [TS]

  while simultaneously insulting her and [TS]

  there's a there's a couple of really [TS]

  good I i enjoy the musical numbers some [TS]

  some people may disagree but I i said [TS]

  earlier today on twitter that duck soup [TS]

  i think is my favorite comedy and and I [TS]

  stand by that I think it holds up really [TS]

  well for a movie that's doing math in my [TS]

  head now 80 usual one now 81 years old [TS]

  yeah you know I was going to compare [TS]

  this when we get to night at the opera [TS]

  the the songs in this I like the songs [TS]

  in this too I like the clock strikes ten [TS]

  i like the repeated help Adonia i really [TS]

  love Groucho's [TS]

  song you know wait til I get through [TS]

  with it how he's going to destroy the [TS]

  design life one of my favorite [TS]

  graduation songs that and whatever it is [TS]

  I'm against it from horsefeathers I [TS]

  think those are those are grouches two [TS]

  greatest musical numbers [TS]

  yeah I'm waiting I'm pausing for someone [TS]

  to dispute that I'm sure money money and [TS]

  he will have local 121 good moment about [TS]

  the circus Lydia oh well that's true i [TS]

  feel obliged to put in for Captain [TS]

  Spaulding I think it's a really fun song [TS]

  know the goods not better than whatever [TS]

  it is I'm against it but it's a fun song [TS]

  and I i really i really love the musical [TS]

  number at the end the Fredonia is going [TS]

  to war song we got guns [TS]

  yeah I only have two let's go out it's [TS]

  uncomfortable but I i think that there's [TS]

  a clever bit of political commentary [TS]

  going on there about nationalism I think [TS]

  and I it's done in a really fun way and [TS]

  it's it's got them playing a drum solo [TS]

  on the helmet of soldiers and and it's [TS]

  it's fun yeah move it is not every movie [TS]

  it's it's nice to have a movie that's [TS]

  fun to watch and zips along and six [TS]

  minutes of us setup notwithstanding from [TS]

  there you go baby go [TS]

  that's where you're winding the little [TS]

  car up and then you let go and it is it [TS]

  hot rod taking off after you want it and [TS]

  I don't know [TS]

  again not knowing a lot about the [TS]

  history of this is obviously many of you [TS]

  do I can't decide whether how much of [TS]

  this is sort of skating and and and [TS]

  brutal criticism of the way that [TS]

  governments work and the way that [TS]

  they've read in a war and people died [TS]

  and how much of it is sort of well it's [TS]

  a it's a thing to hang our our silliness [TS]

  off of because from the perspective of [TS]

  80 years later I am surprised pleasantly [TS]

  at how kind of you know straightforward [TS]

  they are about about ripping into the [TS]

  way that governments treat their people [TS]

  I it baby it amazes me [TS]

  I mean I know this is a lot of times we [TS]

  get the perspective that that films are [TS]

  sort of whitewashed and and simplified [TS]

  and and I think that actually came later [TS]

  in the history [TS]

  30 film this but I just everytime [TS]

  everytime i see this movie I am I I [TS]

  think it's kind of breathtaking about [TS]

  how I how political it is and how [TS]

  anti-establishment it is it's it love it [TS]

  there's that famous Groucho quote where [TS]

  whenever someone would bring up the [TS]

  political savvy of the movie he would [TS]

  just sort of roll his eyes and say what [TS]

  we were just for just trying to get a [TS]

  laugh but right proud graduate said a [TS]

  lot of things that Groucho was a master [TS]

  of deflection I think I i think there [TS]

  was um I i think there was a bit of some [TS]

  subversiveness to this movie which is [TS]

  why it holds up really well for a for a [TS]

  movie that's eight decades old [TS]

  I think the political aspects were [TS]

  probably inevitable because they just [TS]

  made horsefeathers where the joke is [TS]

  what if they're in charge of a college [TS]

  and what well now we just turn it up now [TS]

  their charge of a country but that [TS]

  doesn't mean they have to go to war and [TS]

  deliberately wear different uniforms in [TS]

  every scene that's what that is a great [TS]

  visual children that should also points [TS]

  to like how different this is from all [TS]

  the later MGM movies because this is [TS]

  definitely this is definitely one in [TS]

  which you can have a gag in which [TS]

  Groucho is completely unaware that the [TS]

  mirror separating gantu runs and broken [TS]

  and that this three-dimensional image [TS]

  looking back is actually another person [TS]

  they could take that they can think what [TS]

  they could make an exchange they could [TS]

  walk break through the plane and it's [TS]

  it's just a game that we're playing that [TS]

  as soon as one of them fails to do the [TS]

  other thing you've got the other person [TS]

  then you can legally buy madonia rules [TS]

  now sees them as a spy [TS]

  yes there are other movies where you [TS]

  can't you can't do that there's [TS]

  somewhere [TS]

  yes you can its cartoon physics notes [TS]

  it's like I love it 630 that's there's [TS]

  so many like rules of comedy that way [TS]

  we're just like is it really is almost [TS]

  like that's part of the social contract [TS]

  in this movie like when like a like when [TS]

  Harper on Chico are having that fight [TS]

  with the lemonade vendor outside and [TS]

  it's such a plastic thing we're now we [TS]

  all understand what the rules are [TS]

  first I do something to you and then I [TS]

  wait patiently while you do something to [TS]

  me i'm not going to i'm not going to [TS]

  stop you from taking the hat off my head [TS]

  and sing something [TS]

  fire to it that would be wrong that [TS]

  would not be supported in the book [TS]

  Groucho Harpo chico and sometimes eppo [TS]

  by Joe adamson which is a great look at [TS]

  the market others whole career he makes [TS]

  the point that especially in duck soup [TS]

  the Marx Brothers deliberately make [TS]

  things harder for themselves [TS]

  just out of pure perversity like Groucho [TS]

  could just reach out and see if there's [TS]

  a mirror there but nope he's gonna dance [TS]

  around because that's more fun when [TS]

  Chico and her people have to break into [TS]

  a house they break in they break back [TS]

  out they break back in again just for [TS]

  the fun of that this whole seen the [TS]

  breaking into the house scene would take [TS]

  forever in a Laurel and Hardy movie [TS]

  because they be unable to get past the [TS]

  door but the Marx Brothers it makes no [TS]

  difference to them what the rules are [TS]

  that are just do whatever they want [TS]

  they'll get caught because it's more fun [TS]

  that way like a monkey business when [TS]

  they're trying to get past the customs [TS]

  people it's clearly possible for them to [TS]

  do it anytime they want [TS]

  yeah too much work yeah I i want to talk [TS]

  about the mirror scene because i don't [TS]

  know i haven't sat down and thought [TS]

  about my favorite scenes ever in [TS]

  comedies but boy that has been cracked [TS]

  the top five [TS]

  yeah because I I easy I i think i've [TS]

  watched duck soup [TS]

  well I but I'm 42 years old i'm going to [TS]

  say at least three dozen times in my [TS]

  life and there is not a time that I've [TS]

  watched it that i don't i don't crack up [TS]

  at the mirror scene I know what's coming [TS]

  and it's fantastic and I finally showed [TS]

  it to my daughter who's 4 years old [TS]

  just this week and and and she laughed [TS]

  hysterically and and talks about it [TS]

  because it's it's great and then let's [TS]

  ruin it for the people listening who who [TS]

  haven't seen it it's basically a spoiler [TS]

  spoiler for a two-year-old movie [TS]

  yeah that is the subject of the podcast [TS]

  you've chosen to listen to radio exactly [TS]

  everyone everyone is uh all of the Marx [TS]

  Brothers except for Zeppo are in mrs. [TS]

  Teasdale sounds [TS]

  and they've all disguised themselves as [TS]

  Groucho except for graduate who is [TS]

  currently Groucho and that trying to get [TS]

  the plans for war and there's a great [TS]

  bit with a UH Harpo confusing a radio [TS]

  with a safe and he turns on the radio [TS]

  and it can't turn it off even after he [TS]

  smacks into pieces and still making it [TS]

  so it's going on my god it's so many of [TS]

  these 0 that window these bits that came [TS]

  from the Marx Brothers I saw so many [TS]

  times over and over again in Bugs Bunny [TS]

  cartoon we have years without realizing [TS]

  that they had originated years ago in [TS]

  the Marx Brothers absolutely lifted [TS]

  explore stuff i think i've seen the [TS]

  mirror thing three or four times and [TS]

  Warner Brothers cartoon as well and so [TS]

  so Harpo panics and runs into a mirror [TS]

  and breaks the mirror and Groucho [TS]

  finally is is convinced to go look at [TS]

  all this commotion and its species [TS]

  basically Harpo dresses him and assume [TS]

  so it's my reflection and they do a [TS]

  whole series of actions and and that the [TS]

  the crowning moment is when Groucho [TS]

  doesn't elaborate dance maneuver and [TS]

  spins around hoping our can't even be [TS]

  bothered to spend just sticks his arms [TS]

  like he's really does the flourish at [TS]

  the end of that is are you kids graduate [TS]

  can't see because he's facing the wrong [TS]

  way why should I bother that single [TS]

  gesture that single gesture is my [TS]

  favorite single thing in any movie ever [TS]

  I quite liked the bit where Groucho [TS]

  tries to trip him up by picking up a hat [TS]

  ok and and and Harpo on the other side [TS]

  of the mirror doesn't have that same hat [TS]

  so he's got a different head and they [TS]

  they sort of walk around each other as [TS]

  Groucho is trying to get a look at the [TS]

  Hat yes walking through with the mirror [TS]

  with you what right do they make it walk [TS]

  through the plane of the mirror [TS]

  three-dimensional learned at the end the [TS]

  CUDA grass is is grouchy flips it up [TS]

  onto his head and the hat has somehow [TS]

  changed that Harpo had into the same hat [TS]

  graduate had somewhere in the process of [TS]

  that and it ends up being a perfect [TS]

  reflection you forgot you forgot one of [TS]

  the funniest parts of that we're Harper [TS]

  like drops had Groucho like picks up [TS]

  cancer 20 yeah yeah yeah thank you [TS]

  that's okay that part doesn't break it [TS]

  into account when he saw the Hat [TS]

  behind her post back it doesn't count [TS]

  that Harpo is dissolving into silent [TS]

  laughter right in front of him [TS]

  no wonder those count ok it's only when [TS]

  chica wanders into the shot that the [TS]

  same wait a minute jig is up [TS]

  that is yeah that is a spectacular thing [TS]

  and it's and silent completely and [TS]

  absolutely silent once you've accepted [TS]

  the fact that there is an identical room [TS]

  behind the mirror you can pretty much [TS]

  except anything [TS]

  yeah well see that visit this is why for [TS]

  donations in such financial straits they [TS]

  make certain concessions every room [TS]

  facing every other room is the mirror [TS]

  and bring it with style even kim jang [TS]

  hoon doesn't do that stuff and that's a [TS]

  pretty rare seen by the way because [TS]

  Groucho and Harpo don't pair off that [TS]

  often [TS]

  right now they do not yeah Chico is the [TS]

  link between them [TS]

  hmm yeah it's not enough is written [TS]

  about just how terrible country for Tony [TS]

  yes from we've already talked about the [TS]

  The Millionaire heiress like deciding [TS]

  who gets to be the ruler but you can [TS]

  pick cabinet ministers who are selling [TS]

  peanuts outside your window you can you [TS]

  can do all sorts of terrible things it's [TS]

  there's apparently some sort of lemonade [TS]

  shortage because there's like a [TS]

  20-person line at the guys lemonade card [TS]

  it's a very popular Lemonade Stand he's [TS]

  he really he has the artisanal uh [TS]

  address of the the native fredonia ins [TS]

  so it is it is apparently it's entirely [TS]

  possible that a financial bailout is not [TS]

  going to rescue this government that may [TS]

  or may be one of those moods where those [TS]

  too-big-to-fail sort of things it in the [TS]

  real world President Johnson would have [TS]

  sent in like an exploratory force and [TS]

  set up a puppet government and how that [TS]

  would enable fredonia declared a society [TS]

  and chaos and install the colonial [TS]

  government but you said the dude with [TS]

  the old british way that's actually one [TS]

  of the things that I appreciate about [TS]

  this movie is that it is populated by by [TS]

  American actors and other other people [TS]

  that we would see is our people in it as [TS]

  a member of the United States seeing [TS]

  these people in in these little [TS]

  country's going to war with each other i [TS]

  like that i like i like that thing that [TS]

  it's not like the US and canada or [TS]

  something like that it's putting it and [TS]

  it's very easy for you as a person in [TS]

  the united states especially to say well [TS]

  you know these little country [TS]

  that fight off the dividend to them [TS]

  that's not us and I always like that in [TS]

  this movie that it's us we're seeing but [TS]

  they're in these little countries having [TS]

  this crazy thing going on i love that [TS]

  combination that's all what do we want [TS]

  to talk about market demand now i love i [TS]

  love Margaret tomorrow I'll be I'll be [TS]

  happy to talk about market tomorrow [TS]

  yes I i lost count of how many Marx [TS]

  Brothers movie see appears and maybe [TS]

  Montier or and he can jump in with the [TS]

  the actual total but seven okay there [TS]

  you go to the one she's not in stock [TS]

  because I feel like they would be [TS]

  nothing without her she's so perfect [TS]

  they are the later ones and the very [TS]

  early winter so gather it beyond it [TS]

  isn't monkey business has somewhat odd [TS]

  is the yes yes yeah and that's ok that [TS]

  that's probably the best-known market [TS]

  demand movie but market tomorrow really [TS]

  shichi is the glue that holds things [TS]

  together because it's the old it's the [TS]

  old comedy adage it doesn't work if the [TS]

  SAP doesn't have dignity you don't feel [TS]

  like she's a victim you like for reasons [TS]

  that she doesn't wish to do wish to [TS]

  share he feels as though the price [TS]

  whatever it is that he delivers to her [TS]

  life is worth what she absolutely [TS]

  acknowledges i know i gotta put up with [TS]

  this but believe me there's upsides this [TS]

  relationship that you can't figure out [TS]

  she's not a victim she's a masochist [TS]

  constant abuse and insulting it she [TS]

  comes back from over all but I'm a [TS]

  multi-person teach me the reading of the [TS]

  word respect spalding Chico is the is [TS]

  the the character that that it sits [TS]

  between Groucho and Harpo I feel like [TS]

  Margaret Dumont is essentially the [TS]

  conduit between Groucho and like logical [TS]

  thought and reality [TS]

  yeah and it's amazing to watch it [TS]

  because he's telling jokes at her [TS]

  expense [TS]

  she everything he says is completely [TS]

  ridiculous on the face of it and she [TS]

  reacts to it and the way she's written [TS]

  to but the the actress bring such a [TS]

  great dignity to it she reacts to it all [TS]

  as if it's perfectly fine and logical [TS]

  and behaves as if what's happening [TS]

  around her is anchored somehow in the [TS]

  real world which of course it's not [TS]

  remotely and i think without that it [TS]

  isn't as effective I and [TS]

  love that I actually it's I think it's [TS]

  fundamentally hilarious that she behaves [TS]

  completely as if this is a logical when [TS]

  it's completely not that is so funny and [TS]

  so important I think in accepting what [TS]

  you're seeing it as a person who lives [TS]

  in a logical world to to look at this [TS]

  thing and be like this is ridiculous but [TS]

  she makes it funnier because she anchors [TS]

  into reality a little and her delivery [TS]

  is just so perfect sheet that it'sit's [TS]

  your your typical wealthy Gallinger of [TS]

  the the whole exchange between her and [TS]

  Groucho where he says you might think me [TS]

  a sentimental old fluff but can I have a [TS]

  lock of your hair and the way that she [TS]

  says loculi yeah you're getting off easy [TS]

  i was gonna ask for the whole wig [TS]

  maybe it's just it's just a great little [TS]

  bit but it's it's sold just by the way [TS]

  that she delivers that the setup line [TS]

  no yeah the complete list of firm Marx [TS]

  Brothers movies is starts all the way [TS]

  back at the coconuts then animal [TS]

  crackers duck soup night at the opera [TS]

  day at the races at the circus and the [TS]

  big store so she skipped monkey business [TS]

  and horsefeathers [TS]

  yeah she's not a horse feathers and I I [TS]

  like horsefeathers uh but it suffers for [TS]

  her lack of presence in the chat room we [TS]

  had several people praising as i was [TS]

  wanting to do a lemonade man yeah Edgar [TS]

  Kennedy yeah it who great slow burn [TS]

  yeah oh yeah as and then his hat which [TS]

  is a fast burn so you know you lose as [TS]

  many hats it said I actually feel fit [TS]

  he's the only character in this entire [TS]

  movie that I kind of feel bad for [TS]

  because he had had those nice hats [TS]

  he wasn't doing nothing those two just [TS]

  started picking on him for no reason it [TS]

  gets cold at the end yep [TS]

  yeah and it's bath is interrupted yeah [TS]

  isn't this better than interrupted the [TS]

  last insult there's clearly something in [TS]

  that in that weird fredonia in protocol [TS]

  that states that you can't just crush [TS]

  the hell out of people who are [TS]

  irritating you because it's he's a very [TS]

  large man and Chico and [TS]

  and Harpo are not nearly quite so large [TS]

  and it seems like any normal man who was [TS]

  not held back by some sort of societal [TS]

  mores would have it would have put them [TS]

  in the peanut machine itself and watch [TS]

  them burn to a crisp [TS]

  I like to think of some poor kid is a [TS]

  big big fan of these movies like in the [TS]

  thirties think oh I have very little [TS]

  experience with other people [TS]

  this is this is how conflicts are [TS]

  handled i could just take this person's [TS]

  account for half of their head try to [TS]

  set it on fire and he will just stay [TS]

  there do nothing and wait for [TS]

  retribution like new [TS]

  you know that's not how it works video [TS]

  we will be wearing that hat internally [TS]

  sir you ever tried to walk up somebody [TS]

  and just put your leg in their hand it [TS]

  doesn't go well no that is by far by the [TS]

  way my favorite thing I'm all the [TS]

  interactions with the lemonade man is [TS]

  that is the fact that somebody keeps [TS]

  ending up with somebody else's leg in [TS]

  there and just it's so bizarre [TS]

  see the reason it's so nice to each [TS]

  other is that previously were the hot [TS]

  dog vendor who was one of the other [TS]

  vendors murdered and so they're they're [TS]

  all kind of on edge because they don't [TS]

  they know yeah it's gonna go badly if [TS]

  there's any more violence in the fender [TS]

  adonian street vendor wars have 1925 [TS]

  reaction reaction that they're all [TS]

  wearing body cams now they all know [TS]

  they're being recorded [TS]

  it's a yeah they crack down on that in [TS]

  front of what's in front of the the the [TS]

  Capitol building to Harper doesn't have [TS]

  a cami as a live dog that lives inside [TS]

  his chest that keeps an eye out [TS]

  yeah something like that I do love that [TS]

  that is a that is a fun sequence of bits [TS]

  with the peanuts lemonade leg and [TS]

  somebody's arm and then and then to pay [TS]

  off at the end where the lemonade man [TS]

  after losing many hats that it has his [TS]

  bath interrupted [TS]

  it's like of all the houses in all of [TS]

  fredonia the poor eliminated man it's [TS]

  just yeah it's a few happen as a young [TS]

  impressionable kid might my favorite [TS]

  bits in the movie besides the mirror bit [TS]

  i love the the three times that graduate [TS]

  tries to get in the the sidecar and our [TS]

  post speeds awesome my son my son [TS]

  thought was so saw a little bit of this [TS]

  while we were watching it and he thought [TS]

  that was the funniest thing ever [TS]

  yeah now that's it when you're when when [TS]

  you're in that when you're in that eight [TS]

  to thirteen age range [TS]

  Harpo on the motorcycle is is the [TS]

  greatest thing ever and the other thing [TS]

  is when Harper was writing to to warn [TS]

  the Fredonia is that Slovenia is [TS]

  attacking and the young lady calls to [TS]

  him up to the room and he rushes up to [TS]

  the room and they cut to the shot of his [TS]

  boots on the floor and her boots on the [TS]

  floor and then the four horseshoes and [TS]

  has it as you got me and I began to [TS]

  think that there's something weird about [TS]

  that but because of the Hays Code she's [TS]

  in a separate bed [TS]

  exactly and horses between them yeah the [TS]

  horses in the bed when part but that's [TS]

  okay [TS]

  there is a crackpot theory that I kind [TS]

  of like which is that the harp oh that [TS]

  is gross driver is not the same [TS]

  character as the harp oh that is a spy i [TS]

  was going to say that a pinky and [TS]

  chicolini really terrible spies [TS]

  generally responsible every pad like I [TS]

  know I I'll acela peanuts [TS]

  ok unless one of them is also the driver [TS]

  for the President and onia like that's [TS]

  really good spying if he got that job [TS]

  now that's why I think that's a whole [TS]

  different character that's also played [TS]

  by her up although he never drives him [TS]

  know he's there for about 30 seconds in [TS]

  something takes off on his own [TS]

  yeah he's a double agent he's pretty [TS]

  he's saving him by back to crappy spy [TS]

  again yeah could be going for the double [TS]

  bluff where he's goin property he can't [TS]

  possibly be at that as super-state [TS]

  super-agent this [TS]

  meanwhile he made while he's there with [TS]

  a Minox camera his Excellency's car like [TS]

  things like Oh mm what if he's [TS]

  deliberately keeping his Excellency from [TS]

  his important meetings sabotage [TS]

  haha oh ya know there is good except so [TS]

  in the in advance my career that [TS]

  wednesday as a doubleheader nobody go we [TS]

  see him really hoping I think we have a [TS]

  great man [TS]

  no bulky think we follow the wrong man [TS]

  ok bad spies terrible bad Dino is [TS]

  another character who has to pretend [TS]

  that things that happen around ya sense [TS]

  yeah actually you know that my favourite [TS]

  bit in the whole what we we follow him [TS]

  we go to the game he doesn't go to the [TS]

  game [TS]

  my favourite bit is where he says what [TS]

  is it they the the kid there's no game [TS]

  everybody goes [TS]

  like what you see if it leads to [TS]

  complete the illogic it's wonderful [TS]

  that's no good that's no good no I think [TS]

  we follow the wrong way and i'm a big [TS]

  fan of shadow day because I feel like [TS]

  they deliberately only followed up on [TS]

  saturday so that they'd be able to stay [TS]

  this stupid stupid joke during their [TS]

  reports yeah like in thursday should we [TS]

  not [TS]

  I got a plan you know if you like plays [TS]

  on words a Chico is your man in this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  yeah you know yes he does dallas texas i [TS]

  got i got a job I got a job for you in [TS]

  the mint no no like a mint whatever [TS]

  flavors you got stupid that one that's [TS]

  the kind of joke where you laugh out [TS]

  loud man you say that stupid i sold a [TS]

  code into Parapan plans [TS]

  yeah their plans you [TS]

  shame on you Chico and but he's always [TS]

  looking around for approval for his [TS]

  horrible nice cold glass of lemonade [TS]

  jokes and he looks around haha that's a [TS]

  good one in it boss no it's not a good [TS]

  one chico quieter will have zero sing [TS]

  and the place was doing wordplay based [TS]

  on products that are no longer available [TS]

  like okay I know that calomel he's [TS]

  trying to do a wordplay and caramel I [TS]

  just don't know what I calomel is well [TS]

  there's calomel is also i walk a mile [TS]

  for a calomel which is a joke on the [TS]

  line I'd walk a mile for a camel camel [TS]

  there must be a citizen I got my second [TS]

  paper's like hey I will laugh at that is [TS]

  though it's a joke and over want to go [TS]

  to Wikipedia to find out what [TS]

  integration I was like 30 it so this is [TS]

  a reference that I always that there's a [TS]

  reference and I always win stat and it's [TS]

  not like a day at the races where [TS]

  there's the school seniors will see [TS]

  that's unfortunate but I'm just saying [TS]

  that goes on forever [TS]

  yeah it's also the time stops in that [TS]

  yeah but beautiful silico so in this [TS]

  Groucho says what is it [TS]

  my mother was a little Armstrong the [TS]

  head with little headstrong the [TS]

  headstones married the armstrongs and [TS]

  that's why darkies were born he says and [TS]

  I think oh ok there's some racism so [TS]

  went to the internet tried to get to the [TS]

  bottom of this and discovered that [TS]

  that's actually pair [TS]

  partying a song called that's why [TS]

  darkies were born which is a satire on [TS]

  racism [TS]

  yeah and so it turns out i don't have to [TS]

  win that anymore because they're in on [TS]

  that they're there they're making a [TS]

  double reference to something that's [TS]

  actually a satire against racism makes [TS]

  me feel a lot better [TS]

  well you say that and yet about and then [TS]

  maybe and they went made the day at the [TS]

  races so yeah yeah that that's seven [TS]

  years ago I want to go see a duck soup [TS]

  at on at the paramount theatre in [TS]

  oakland on the big screen and they bring [TS]

  out the Wurlitzer organ and showing [TS]

  newsreel beforehand that joke not go [TS]

  over well with the audience [TS]

  well yeah you would essentially you need [TS]

  to stop at me professor come up on [TS]

  stands one giving a lecture we have PT [TS]

  entry and that's what makes things funny [TS]

  yeah maybe the only thing that got a [TS]

  worse reaction was the newsreel [TS]

  beforehand which had a thing about the [TS]

  Shah of Iran and he didn't [TS]

  Oakland is not ready to forgive the Sean [TS]

  come anyway I at least at least i can [TS]

  not win that and just go back to wincing [TS]

  more at the the scene in India the races [TS]

  it's yes no sure so I at the end of this [TS]

  movie they do that we're going to war [TS]

  song and then also Groucho is literally [TS]

  in a different outfit in every single [TS]

  scene because that's just like at this [TS]

  point [TS]

  look we've been watching a movie for [TS]

  whatever 15 minutes and we already know [TS]

  that it they don't care it doesn't [TS]

  matter and that and if it's funny that [TS]

  whatever they do there's just no there [TS]

  are no rules here but and yet at this [TS]

  moment you're like okay this is even [TS]

  crazier than the previous 15 minutes of [TS]

  this movie has been in a funny way also [TS]

  if there's a boy scout costume yes right [TS]

  to ya it becomes completely chaotic at [TS]

  that point maybe using working with with [TS]

  war makes perfect sense [TS]

  I've seen this movie many times not as [TS]

  many as Phil I still don't know why [TS]

  Chico and her PO are on the Fredonia [TS]

  inside for the end of the movie [TS]

  well chicken comes in and says that he's [TS]

  changed sides yes this is the one time [TS]

  that he admits that he switch sides [TS]

  because the food's better over here and [TS]

  they actually have people encounter and [TS]

  talk about all your partner is deserted [TS]

  us [TS]

  so that's that explains more about [TS]

  oh I enjoy that are you know is always a [TS]

  giant shells flying through the windows [TS]

  but i'm sure i enjoy when they when they [TS]

  when they call out for help you know [TS]

  send help if you can't send help send [TS]

  two more women and then they didn't cut [TS]

  to the footage of first it's a fire [TS]

  engines than police then marathon [TS]

  runners and MPs are comin to get ya [TS]

  florist and that is that is just one of [TS]

  the greatest uses of stock footage ever [TS]

  like it's like not answered and that [TS]

  fundamentally that's one of the reasons [TS]

  i love this movie is that is it it's [TS]

  absurd but what it's talking about is [TS]

  the absurdity of war and and that's just [TS]

  it's so great it is so hilarious and [TS]

  absurd and yet has that has that point [TS]

  to it that this whole thing is [TS]

  ridiculous and these are you know that [TS]

  this is what 20 years after 15 years [TS]

  after the ones that woman is officially [TS]

  made its 360 no rotation [TS]

  yeah yeah so not too long after the [TS]

  horrors of World War one and with Europe [TS]

  not looking very good right in the [TS]

  mid-30s oh what a great time for a movie [TS]

  like this but there is very clear and [TS]

  and and it's apparently not everybody [TS]

  saw it [TS]

  yeah I guess then and of course as soon [TS]

  as war is declared in the next scene [TS]

  rubble everywhere [TS]

  yeah yeah so fun fact about this movie [TS]

  Mussolini banded in Italy busy if he [TS]

  founded insulting which delighted the [TS]

  Marx Brothers so I'm not saying if you [TS]

  liked this movie or the same as [TS]

  Mussolini practice but it is a little [TS]

  known fact that the only reason [TS]

  Mussolini got the job as there's a rich [TS]

  widow who insisted for you because [TS]

  people don't remember that but it's it's [TS]

  absolutely true unless you give the job [TS]

  to you [TS]

  that's what we'll do change means [TS]

  collection to chair the trains running [TS]

  the time its chemical that's in the [TS]

  ghoul it seems like chico isn't a better [TS]

  miscellany stand-in yeah that's a good [TS]

  right boss not is not good [TS]

  hey that terrible German accent means we [TS]

  should probably transition to Night at [TS]

  the Opera in sickroom what is in that [TS]

  one [TS]

  i'm going to say a few things about duck [TS]

  soup a cure and particular one thing [TS]

  which is that this is the film that that [TS]

  I guess made the Marx Brothers give me a [TS]

  second chance with the Marx Brothers i [TS]

  guess i should say because I had always [TS]

  always grown up and as I was growing up [TS]

  I would catch bits and pieces of Marx [TS]

  Brothers films or like you know on [TS]

  retrospectives on TV and catch like [TS]

  classic bits from the mark brother marx [TS]

  brothers and I was fun kind of [TS]

  irritating and obnoxious it's in [TS]

  particular Harpo with you know the [TS]

  silence and the horns and the capering [TS]

  and Harpo can be an acquired taste [TS]

  mm-hmm i had always only ever seen bits [TS]

  and pieces I've never seen a full film [TS]

  and and I'm going to throw some glaring [TS]

  in here and say that one day i was [TS]

  having a beer with mike nelson I and [TS]

  several the other rifftrax people Mike [TS]

  Nelson of mst3k faith that's right that [TS]

  Mike Nelson not actually his sister's [TS]

  barbers dentist and rifftrax somewhat [TS]

  lesser Fame the person or the character [TS]

  that or the guy from sea hunt different [TS]

  as I can tell there are virtually [TS]

  identical episode 223 of the [TS]

  uncomfortable for more about mystery [TS]

  science theater 3000 little footnote [TS]

  their side editor so Mike and several of [TS]

  the other people who work for rifftrax [TS]

  we're talking about how much they love [TS]

  the Marx Brothers now great Marx [TS]

  Brothers films were and i nearly open my [TS]

  mouth and said I find them rather stupid [TS]

  and irritating and then I realized you [TS]

  know I've never actually seen an entire [TS]

  Marx Brothers so I really need to go and [TS]

  do that so that then I can then rightly [TS]

  comment on them and at least bash them [TS]

  righteously so I went watch duck soup [TS]

  this is a couple years back and and i [TS]

  watched it and I didn't think it was [TS]

  hilarious but I it with the the bad [TS]

  attitude that I went into the fact that [TS]

  I came out of it saying actually yeah [TS]

  that's pretty funny is is kind of [TS]

  impressive and ironically it was Harpo i [TS]

  ended up being most amused by because [TS]

  that tapering is what he does but that [TS]

  is some damn good caper even the bits [TS]

  that that in in a lesser artist hands [TS]

  would be horrible and unwatchable but [TS]

  somehow the genius with which he [TS]

  approaches it and the way throws himself [TS]

  at it it makes it not just tolerable [TS]

  wonderful and so yeah duck soup turned [TS]

  me around made me if not a Marx Brothers [TS]

  fan then at least somebody that doesn't [TS]

  say obnoxious things when people are [TS]

  discussing them at beer gardens [TS]

  god bless you see plots yes Steve's [TS]

  heart grew three times that damn yes [TS]

  which would have been awkward in packets [TS]

  in large part that you should see a [TS]

  doctor [TS]

  two things I i don't think the mirror [TS]

  scene would be nearly as effective if it [TS]

  wasn't completely silent [TS]

  yeah fact that all the sound goes out [TS]

  during that is it is just a complete [TS]

  stroke of genius and secondly favorite [TS]

  line i can see you right now in the [TS]

  kitchen bending over a hot stove but I [TS]

  can't see the stove [TS]

  yeah i guess the best Marga Dumont burn [TS]

  i will leave you i will leave with one [TS]

  with one more left favorite line where [TS]

  they've locked Roger in the bathroom and [TS]

  his party on Thursday [TS]

  hey let me out of here at least 40 [TS]

  magazine yeah yeah I held him in my arms [TS]

  and kissed him out so is murder and [TS]

  that's one thing i really like about [TS]

  duck soup is that there isn't the [TS]

  standard piano solo and harp solo which [TS]

  yes in so many other movies i agree with [TS]

  Monty I think it's not about it [TS]

  there isn't one because the previous [TS]

  movie Groucho had insisted on playing [TS]

  the guitar just to show everybody what [TS]

  it was like to sit through his singing I [TS]

  have to sit there listen to this but you [TS]

  never asked you people from going out [TS]

  into the lobby the cliq blows over [TS]

  that's how I feel that it's my fault for [TS]

  watching all of their movies so often [TS]

  but you see because you I nearly [TS]

  accidentally heard gradual play guitar [TS]

  but I like chicos piano routine but it [TS]

  doesn't need to be in all the movies [TS]

  yeah right does he do the same routine [TS]

  and everything every film very nearly [TS]

  doesn't always do the orange rolling bit [TS]

  but the running his finger along [TS]

  shooting the keys [TS]

  that's his move and say there's only so [TS]

  much you can do with the piano as Victor [TS]

  borja taught us time [TS]

  there certainly is if you've got chicos [TS]

  piano skills and watching him play piano [TS]

  is like watching a drunk guy trying to [TS]

  trust god traffic Road it's like it's [TS]

  this is going to be ugly [TS]

  even if it's successful so my favorite [TS]

  line pop it possibly is since well we're [TS]

  doing that before we move on is possibly [TS]

  after Margaret Dumont says no your [TS]

  excellency I'm so glad you've come and [TS]

  chickas i'm glad i come to you got the [TS]

  plans because you know graduate with [TS]

  such a stylized figure anyway and so [TS]

  then having somebody else feel [TS]

  something's got Groucho I mean yeah okay [TS]

  sure that it's all the same right and [TS]

  then he talks that there's something [TS]

  wonderful about the fact that Groucho's [TS]

  got like these brilliant hilarious [TS]

  witticisms and Harpo has this utter [TS]

  genius at physical comedy and Chico has [TS]

  a really bad temper [TS]

  yup and a hat that's the biggest but [TS]

  they all have a had sort of scratches [TS]

  got horrible hair look like Groucho can [TS]

  get the better of anyone in the world [TS]

  unless it's chico in which case grotto [TS]

  is almost always going to lose the [TS]

  exchange not through any genius on [TS]

  chicos part which is through utter [TS]

  stupidity his own action which with an [TS]

  idiot [TS]

  yeah you're like fighting it isn't my [TS]

  thing doesn't work with this guy [TS]

  why a doc I don't know you got me yeah [TS]

  that's no good [TS]

  I i was my favorite line would be the [TS]

  will you marry me did he leave you any [TS]

  money [TS]

  answer the second question for ya I do i [TS]

  do that all the time but the answer the [TS]

  second question first I that is that [TS]

  it's there's not a week that goes but i [TS]

  like when he says can't you see what I'm [TS]

  trying to tell you i love you but that's [TS]

  me setting something up i'm going to say [TS]

  a similar thing later on at the end of [TS]

  the night at the opera discussion [TS]

  alright have it your money i do we say [TS]

  11 last thing yeah okay Steve miguel [TS]

  torres haba raba oh yes she wears a very [TS]

  tight metallic dress in lots of [TS]

  inappropriate the scenes I think she [TS]

  looks very uncomfortable throughout most [TS]

  the movie she looks like she eats [TS]

  something very dead that did not agree [TS]

  with her yeah she is clutching her [TS]

  midsection through my [TS]

  the movie I think she's yeah I think [TS]

  she's very uncomfortable in that but but [TS]

  she's I think she looks neat she does [TS]

  she [TS]

  she's lovely she does she's lovely and [TS]

  then she talks and it's unclear why [TS]

  she's there for others and that she [TS]

  looks nice but that's okay [TS]

  he's definitely not 20 knows Margaret [TS]

  Dumont i'll say that no no time for the [TS]

  last sponsor read of the year for the [TS]

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  alright let's move on to the Night at [TS]

  the Opera Night at the Opera was their [TS]

  first movie 4mg [TS]

  um after their after their five picture [TS]

  run with paramount ended and it was [TS]

  basically they were under the [TS]

  supervision of her Irving Thalberg who [TS]

  you may remember from the memorial award [TS]

  that bears his name and hit and and [TS]

  Thornburg's opinion was the problem with [TS]

  the Marx Brothers is they were just [TS]

  going around being agents of chaos and [TS]

  anyone who came within their path ended [TS]

  up on the wrong side of history and that [TS]

  there was no wonder root for in the the [TS]

  Marx Brothers were off-putting [TS]

  particularly to female audiences so he [TS]

  insisted that what they were going to do [TS]

  is more tightly plotted movies rather [TS]

  than just sort of these random bits of [TS]

  of whimsy and chaos and there would be a [TS]

  love interest that they would so the [TS]

  audience would have something root for [TS]

  and I depo not Zeppo because my was done [TS]

  at this point he went off to become an [TS]

  agent and I'm not of chaos know and not [TS]

  of chaos of actors who are like chaos [TS]

  but a better-paid haha education field [TS]

  yeah so so that's what every fall bird [TS]

  what you're saying is everything felt [TS]

  fallbrook said you know what these [TS]

  movies need is Roland subplots and Link [TS]

  the musical numbers the landing musical [TS]

  numbers and basically scenes that have a [TS]

  beginning middle and end is a very much [TS]

  what serving Thalberg introduced to the [TS]

  mix and pretty much all the MGM movies [TS]

  that they did from that point on [TS]

  followed that formula and not at the [TS]

  Opera really reflects that in this in [TS]

  this particular case Groucho is Otis be [TS]

  driftwood and he is helping Margaret [TS]

  Dumont join society now is he always [TS]

  first name initial item in every home so [TS]

  is almost always here and the in yeah [TS]

  pretty much longer to and this is all [TS]

  happening in which will answer me this [TS]

  where is this because then they take a [TS]

  ship so where where are they so there is [TS]

  a bit they're really think they're going [TS]

  somewhere they generally and accorded [TS]

  apparently where we are not watching the [TS]

  ridge [TS]

  animal print of Night at the Opera when [TS]

  we watch it because there used to be in [TS]

  if you if you love the setup for ducks [TS]

  if you love the original setup for Night [TS]

  at the Opera which featured a very [TS]

  lengthy musical number in it and there [TS]

  was actually a caption that said italy [TS]

  where they sing all day and watch [TS]

  operate night which seems vaguely [TS]

  stereotypical but no joda they put in [TS]

  silent movie title card [TS]

  exactly so there's is riveted infamously [TS]

  make any pasta all day [TS]

  yes and then go to the Opera tonight the [TS]

  best thing about this being initially [TS]

  said in Italy is for a change Chico is [TS]

  not the least Italian Italian in the [TS]

  room [TS]

  exactly so yes it's supposedly said in [TS]

  Italy and that the plot that a Groucho [TS]

  settles on to get the market amounted to [TS]

  society is that she is going to [TS]

  basically donate lots of money to the [TS]

  New York opera so that they can bring [TS]

  over a great Italian tenor to perform [TS]

  and there is a is that there's a [TS]

  basically the zippo role is this this a [TS]

  piece of war meet who he's not that warm [TS]

  know haha happy he loves a lady and he [TS]

  also sings and Chico is his good friend [TS]

  and harpos the dresser of the jerky [TS]

  famous Italian tenor that market de [TS]

  menthe is going to fund and they all go [TS]

  over on the cruise ship together 22 to [TS]

  New York and and then chaos ensues the [TS]

  Opera for a tightly plotted movie this [TS]

  has even less plot the duck soup and [TS]

  it's basically a Groucho and Chico and [TS]

  Harpo causing all sorts of chaos among [TS]

  society swells like Margaret Dumont like [TS]

  signalmen who is the head of the New [TS]

  York opera and the and I gotta read mr. [TS]

  Godley mr. haire Gottlieb oh yeah that [TS]

  way and i say this i am like legal label [TS]

  Dudley listeners may not know sick Roman [TS]

  from a hole in the ground but basically [TS]

  if you needed a pompous German between [TS]

  1930 and then [TS]

  eighteen sixty he is going to show up in [TS]

  your movie because yeah because this [TS]

  voice heard [TS]

  ah alright have mr. driftwood and he [TS]

  generally were a monocle he's under [TS]

  Schultz installing 17 [TS]

  yeah it's probably his biggest role but [TS]

  basically he plays the the the the [TS]

  Teutonic jerk in lots of movies and he [TS]

  and he's great hear any some the the guy [TS]

  who plays the pompous tenor is is less [TS]

  good now i think yeah I felt bad for [TS]

  that guy towards the end of the movie [TS]

  because people were really dumping on [TS]

  him for no reason right and he was [TS]

  historically a journey i guess like [TS]

  there's the scene where he comes in [TS]

  finds out that his woman is with some [TS]

  other guy says oh she she was never his [TS]

  woman remember he was trying to like [TS]

  sort of a workplace harass her [TS]

  ok I'm i'ma go the big i'm going to me [TS]

  and I won't be I'm being worried about [TS]

  your coupler company if you come with me [TS]

  that can find a place for you in the new [TS]

  yorker right by the woman he wishes to [TS]

  what he walks in says huh [TS]

  there's a guy already here well in the [TS]

  boudoir to his company and three's a [TS]

  crowd and that and rages them and they [TS]

  attack him they were hoping for a [TS]

  ménage I think he was very polite there [TS]

  this this is again part of irving [TS]

  thalberg theory is that now the Marx [TS]

  Brothers will just be chaotic and mean [TS]

  around people who themselves bring it to [TS]

  bring it on themselves like like sick [TS]

  Ruhlman and jerky Italian tenor and at [TS]

  the end of the Opera why is everybody [TS]

  booing jerky Italian tender I know the [TS]

  audience liked the other guy a little [TS]

  more but come on he didn't do anything [TS]

  to you for watching a movie that you [TS]

  wanted to get to see this famous guy now [TS]

  you're booing and therefore an apple at [TS]

  him because watermelons are had a season [TS]

  huh [TS]

  the i always am confused by this movie [TS]

  because I and I think that says [TS]

  something about what's memorable to me [TS]

  about it is I always want this movie to [TS]

  be called something like a trip on a [TS]

  boat got a night at the opera it's like [TS]

  oh it's the one with the Opera is that [TS]

  the one with the boat because the boat [TS]

  part is the part I like way around the [TS]

  boat and they have to get on the boat [TS]

  and then there are much longer than the [TS]

  part of the up [TS]

  yeah perfect sets and they already did a [TS]

  movie that's a movie out of boat now I [TS]

  guess so this is about the Opera but [TS]

  it's on a boat [TS]

  ok this is hell yeah you're hit you're [TS]

  hinting at the central problem of Night [TS]

  at the Opera which is actually a movie i [TS]

  enjoy though God not nearly as much as [TS]

  as duck soup but basically night at the [TS]

  opera has a couple of great scenes in it [TS]

  and in between those great scenes is a [TS]

  lot of filler and sometimes that fill [TS]

  her musical numbers that do not feature [TS]

  the Marx Brothers in any way shape or [TS]

  form and some of the time it's it's Marx [TS]

  Brothers bits that that didn't work out [TS]

  very well i also find the pacing of this [TS]

  movie problematic compared to two duck [TS]

  soup because they they worked in pause [TS]

  for laughs and that's a byproduct of as [TS]

  we mentioned they would put they took [TS]

  the show out on the road and timed it to [TS]

  see when people with laughs and you you [TS]

  can see them paws on screen so that they [TS]

  that they don't talk over the laugh [TS]

  lines of whereas in duck soup they're [TS]

  just doing laughing laughing laugh line [TS]

  and and if you if you're laughing and [TS]

  you miss it that's that's great because [TS]

  you're laughing but but I kind of love [TS]

  those moments because frequently what [TS]

  they'll fill that space with is a look [TS]

  at it like a zoom in on Groucho and his [TS]

  eyes are like pointing at the ceiling [TS]

  and sharing in opposite directions and [TS]

  somehow that makes the the whole bit [TS]

  funnier me i don't think i don't think [TS]

  this hold for Laughs either i die i [TS]

  think of it as part of the pacing the [TS]

  timing of the show em for me for me to [TS]

  talk the pacing doesn't work there's a [TS]

  feeling to me actually in in all the [TS]

  Marx Brothers movies where there are [TS]

  there are moments where you feel like [TS]

  these are two people standing at the [TS]

  front of the stage doing there it's like [TS]

  okay now we're now we're here at the [TS]

  front of the stage now we're going to do [TS]

  our lips and especially especially when [TS]

  he and Chico or negotiating the contract [TS]

  yeah oh yeah like Oh curtain comes down [TS]

  there doing something back there [TS]

  these two are just going to open up [TS]

  they're going to their with double-talk [TS]

  and it's funny it's funny it's not bad [TS]

  but you can suddenly any feel so much so [TS]

  stagey so yeah so much like this is the [TS]

  bit where they stand at the front of the [TS]

  stage and talk to the audience and are [TS]

  doing the pause and look and sometimes [TS]

  there's a cut to a closer shot where [TS]

  there's a reaction but it feels [TS]

  very much like you know like like [TS]

  something you'd see on stage and and [TS]

  timing works as a stage timing i suppose [TS]

  seems like that reminds me a lot of [TS]

  abbott and costello movies were they [TS]

  clearly like every 15 minutes just wrote [TS]

  down and then they do this well [TS]

  rehearsed routine [TS]

  mm then they do slowly a turn then they [TS]

  do who's on first they have to do the [TS]

  Susquehanna hat company Costello does [TS]

  math on chalkboard you can't fool me [TS]

  there's no such thing as Santa Claus [TS]

  yeah that's one of the great fits in [TS]

  there the sandy claws bit and the [TS]

  stateroom bit and surrounded stateroom [TS]

  the stateroom bit is is spectacular and [TS]

  after another thing that my [TS]

  four-year-old gloves as i alluded to the [TS]

  top I was the thing I love at the more [TS]

  times i watch the stateroom scene which [TS]

  I've been seeing since I was 18 years [TS]

  old or something like that that the the [TS]

  thing I like now that I think liam is as [TS]

  Groucho waving everybody into the room [TS]

  that at no point is it it's not because [TS]

  it in another comedy will be like oh [TS]

  geez what do I do [TS]

  there are more people coming in how do i [TS]

  get mo don't come in no no they came in [TS]

  we dress like on in at the best fish [TS]

  would you like a manicure [TS]

  no come on it i'm going to leave the [TS]

  room you're going to start better you [TS]

  have to start on the ceiling up come on [TS]

  the part I like is during the ordering [TS]

  food part now Groucho was in the role of [TS]

  the guy who has to just accept every [TS]

  pretend everything's normal [TS]

  right so he's like Oh work hard boiled [TS]

  eggs ok does not plan to hire players it [TS]

  I beg your pardon about this is my trunk [TS]

  this is your truck i don't remember [TS]

  packing your boys won one of the things [TS]

  that I offended a couple years ago about [TS]

  the stateroom seen at that point Buster [TS]

  Keaton was sort of you know there were [TS]

  no more silent movies he'd sort of [TS]

  washed out of making his own talking [TS]

  films and he was working as a gag man at [TS]

  MGM and he helped design the stateroom [TS]

  seen inspired by seen in one of his [TS]

  silent movies [TS]

  yeah yeah he did a lot he would he would [TS]

  sell a lot of the gags that were on his [TS]

  friends previous movies and basically [TS]

  someone to other other shows like the [TS]

  Red Skelton films later on we're [TS]

  essentially remakes of [TS]

  films we'd already made in a night at [TS]

  the opera a lot of stuff that the Harper [TS]

  was doing like with the rigging in the [TS]

  backstage that was also like busting [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  yeah I like I i gotta say that I this is [TS]

  not the most popular opinion I usually [TS]

  prefer like horse feathers and duck soup [TS]

  excuse me I'm sorry I might be really [TS]

  prefer a night at the opera to duck soup [TS]

  chiefly because like I feel as though [TS]

  they're both really really funny [TS]

  the problem is that like we never leave [TS]

  the Marx Brothers world in duck soup [TS]

  I think it's fine I i prefer this [TS]

  version of it in tonight the Opera [TS]

  because they are the only crazy people [TS]

  in the in the real world of of New York [TS]

  much maybe they got more straight-laced [TS]

  people to go up against then they have [TS]

  the previous one so i think that most of [TS]

  their energy lands a lot better in this [TS]

  movie that doesn't mean duck soup i'm [TS]

  actually gonna agree with Andy here this [TS]

  is actually only my second Marx Brothers [TS]

  movie and maybe that's part of it but [TS]

  I've seen duck soup and a senior night [TS]

  at the opera and this one for some [TS]

  reason I think duck soup is probably [TS]

  funnier but as a movie this is this is [TS]

  actually a movie where and said that [TS]

  soup was not now not ever [TS]

  that's a fair criticism yeah duck soup [TS]

  is a pile of sketches and then the [TS]

  second thing again kind of plumbing on [TS]

  what Angie and he said having actual [TS]

  characters that aren't the goofy Marx [TS]

  Brothers to kind of live on their own [TS]

  insane plane or characters that are just [TS]

  total rooms I think kind of anchors the [TS]

  outlandish sense of what they're doing [TS]

  and and their reference feels likes [TS]

  being aimed at realistic targets instead [TS]

  of just strawman and it's it's to me [TS]

  it's a lot funnier for it [TS]

  yeah it's also interesting that this is [TS]

  a movie which other people get the [TS]

  better road marks and start chico or [TS]

  Harpo where the head of the Opera [TS]

  Company once the once he's eat he's got [TS]

  he's got you figured out and he's just [TS]

  looking for an opportunity to get him [TS]

  turfed out and of course he gets the [TS]

  opportunity he gets thrown off the top [TS]

  of the stairs and now he's living in the [TS]

  park next to the other two like I'm [TS]

  something I'm sure sure I'm glad I met [TS]

  you two fellows also it's nice to have [TS]

  someone to kind of root [TS]

  we're here I mean you can't you can't [TS]

  really root for the Marx Brothers [TS]

  because you know nothing can possibly [TS]

  harm them you know that they live on [TS]

  this different plane of existence their [TS]

  cartoon characters they're like they're [TS]

  like a band of Jewish Ferris Bueller's [TS]

  their Jewish fairy godmothers to these [TS]

  this young couple fit anybody else [TS]

  booing them to get back together just [TS]

  because they're in a hope in a hotel [TS]

  room and there's a detective looking for [TS]

  them it's not really worried they're [TS]

  just going to rearrange furniture while [TS]

  running away [TS]

  yeah right so I mean if you if you if [TS]

  you care enough about alan jones and [TS]

  kitty Carlisle and i'm not saying [TS]

  everybody will but if you care enough [TS]

  about them to to to be too invested and [TS]

  how things turn out for them then [TS]

  how things turn out for them then [TS]

  and yeah i mean it's it's nice to see [TS]

  the Marx Brothers sort of training their [TS]

  chaos on on somebody that you want to [TS]

  see lose whereas everybody that they [TS]

  bang on in in duck soup is just there to [TS]

  be banged up so I agree with everything [TS]

  you said just there except for one thing [TS]

  which is I don't care about these other [TS]

  characters they're really boring the [TS]

  musical numbers that therein are very [TS]

  interesting and that's why although I [TS]

  mean this is what I'm saying [TS]

  duck soup is arguably if you had [TS]

  inserted those things you could get you [TS]

  could inflate it up to 90 minutes and it [TS]

  had to be the length of a night at the [TS]

  opera I I quite honestly would rather go [TS]

  the other way and deflate Night at the [TS]

  Opera to have to be less of a movie and [TS]

  more that was funny because that stuff [TS]

  doesn't it doesn't work for me I i do [TS]

  dream of the perfect Marx Brothers movie [TS]

  that has a really good interesting plot [TS]

  with interesting characters and maybe [TS]

  even songs that I care about but and [TS]

  perhaps it's just because i'm not you [TS]

  know perhaps Irving Thalberg knew very [TS]

  well what audiences in 1935 wanted to [TS]

  see but it now from this vantage point I [TS]

  look back and it's like I'm really only [TS]

  there for the jokes and yeah but not the [TS]

  rapids a day back in the day [TS]

  movies like this and Laurel and Hardy [TS]

  when they would be edited down for you [TS]

  know let's fit in as many commercials as [TS]

  we can [TS]

  they would focus on the plots because [TS]

  like oh well there's the plot we need to [TS]

  take this defect because it has nothing [TS]

  to do with anything and that was before [TS]

  TV stations figured out that await your [TS]

  watching it for Laurel and Hardy and the [TS]

  Marx Brothers which you know why watch [TS]

  Night at the Opera unless you're a kitty [TS]

  Carlisle Hart fan i tend to IA I'm gonna [TS]

  steal roger ebert's assessment of this [TS]

  movie and it's basically it's it's good [TS]

  but i finally ate you fast-forward [TS]

  through the parts that don't involve the [TS]

  Marx Brothers that the number that kitty [TS]

  Carlisle and alan jones singh is just oh [TS]

  my finger seems to have slipped to the [TS]

  fast-forward button and also alone [TS]

  no no yeah which was written by the guys [TS]

  who wrote duk-soo yeah we have only one [TS]

  song and it's not very good but we're [TS]

  just gonna keep on repeating it [TS]

  hopefully I when I think you're being [TS]

  very unfair co co saw pitches well that [TS]

  we're also insulting Trovatore yes but [TS]

  that was that was only to do some of [TS]

  those songs come from the world and then [TS]

  there's alone [TS]

  yeah it's been this movie look at that [TS]

  is what we talk we're talking about two [TS]

  different kinds of comedy [TS]

  yeah we're at what I I again I have no [TS]

  complaints about duck soup just an [TS]

  observation that if you come in at the [TS]

  halfway point duck soup doesn't matter [TS]

  if my greens in order doesn't matter [TS]

  there is a sort there's a certain payoff [TS]

  to watch to starting 90 operate the [TS]

  beginning and then sing it to the very [TS]

  very end there's a payoff there that is [TS]

  the duck soup at the end they win a war [TS]

  and save a nation and you really don't [TS]

  care what you know doesn't matter at all [TS]

  without the offers like okay great they [TS]

  got the the good guys won the bad guys [TS]

  lost and you really do care about that [TS]

  to an extent when they only won because [TS]

  of a strange technicality where if you [TS]

  capture the ambassador and wanders into [TS]

  your house everything with oranges the [TS]

  war is over [TS]

  that's what that is but that is the [TS]

  perfect statement of that kind of comedy [TS]

  we're at the there they're playing this [TS]

  with like live ammunition but basically [TS]

  there are two bunch of neighborhood kids [TS]

  in the backyard playing play capture the [TS]

  flag or burger or keep away and now it's [TS]

  over put up the card info i flipped over [TS]

  look at the general i win haha one [TS]

  pretty everything mrs. Trent inos pretty [TS]

  brave normally ambassador's aren't out [TS]

  on the front lines like that wander do [TS]

  not find dick cheney around anywhere [TS]

  near the middle east [TS]

  that's very true well grouches the [TS]

  president of the country and he's out [TS]

  there [TS]

  yeah that's drinking responsibility for [TS]

  his actions you see so I i think this is [TS]

  interesting this is really what's [TS]

  different about these about these two [TS]

  films that the the night at the opera [TS]

  has the trappings of actual like what we [TS]

  expect from a movie it's got these other [TS]

  characters got the subplots get the [TS]

  romance it's got the the musical [TS]

  interludes with including with the Marx [TS]

  Brothers and I got the sense from it [TS]

  like again like of like a variety [TS]

  there were submitted variety the people [TS]

  want variety will give them some music [TS]

  will give us some romance and we'll give [TS]

  him some laughs and well packaged it all [TS]

  together and that's a movie and that's [TS]

  fine except that like i said from my [TS]

  perspective in the 21st century i look [TS]

  at this and think I'm really i really [TS]

  only interested in the last give me more [TS]

  laughs and and that's just I mean and I [TS]

  agree that by having none of that in [TS]

  duck soup is kind of like not even a [TS]

  movie it is just a series of comedy [TS]

  routines it's totally true and that's I [TS]

  think that's sort of what's fascinating [TS]

  about how these how these things are [TS]

  different and I think you could argue i [TS]

  haven't seen have seen every Marx [TS]

  Brothers movie i don't think i have but [TS]

  so please tell me if I'm wrong but would [TS]

  you say that there is a perfect Marx [TS]

  Brothers movie because if these are [TS]

  generally thought to be the two best I [TS]

  mean it seems to me that all of them are [TS]

  kind of problematic because there are [TS]

  the funny bits and then there's kind of [TS]

  the loose stuff around the funny bits [TS]

  coconuts is more of an actual movie like [TS]

  it was originally a musical that had [TS]

  some funny people in it but the funny [TS]

  people kind of took over it so they're [TS]

  big stretch of that they don't have any [TS]

  mark Brothers movie Marx Brothers in it [TS]

  and it's pretty passable as an early [TS]

  screen musical is that does anything for [TS]

  you it doesn't for a lot of people i [TS]

  like monkey business a lot i think [TS]

  monkey business has basically a [TS]

  storyline and is very funny [TS]

  also it animal crackers let's not forget [TS]

  about that one [TS]

  yeah I I think I I great the adjacent oh [TS]

  I think that I think they're all good is [TS]

  good but before the agreed-upon decline [TS]

  i think they're all great i think [TS]

  they're just great for different reasons [TS]

  i don't think i don't think there's one [TS]

  that's like blazing saddles we can say [TS]

  here is a perfectly made by they nailed [TS]

  it but but you're but you're laughing so [TS]

  much of these movies that ok I'm not [TS]

  here to find out here with the scorecard [TS]

  to tell them about what where they [TS]

  missed opportunities but yeah you're [TS]

  right that up this isn't there's no [TS]

  blazing saddles in there yeah I what [TS]

  else do we want to say about a night at [TS]

  the opera I've got a couple things yeah [TS]

  right i love i love that Margaret Dumont [TS]

  gets a dig in this film crouches how's [TS]

  that for lovemaking and he says I think [TS]

  the Europeans do it better that [TS]

  one of the funniest movie and she's [TS]

  great she nails so good [TS]

  let's see the other the other things as [TS]

  much as I i like that what the work that [TS]

  Harpo does it is surprisingly satisfying [TS]

  to see him get vigorously cane in the [TS]

  open [TS]

  yeah are you saying you didn't have that [TS]

  coming [TS]

  I i enjoyed the seam where were they [TS]

  what is it a chick oh good the chicken [TS]

  throws the harmonic out the porthole [TS]

  that's next to me it's just like I'm [TS]

  tired of your music get out with you [TS]

  this is finger where everyone tires of [TS]

  harp osu looked like the audience i [TS]

  always enjoy how quickly the Marx [TS]

  Brothers lock into their characters with [TS]

  each other even like in this movie [TS]

  Groucho doesn't know either of the other [TS]

  two at all at the beginning and yet it [TS]

  takes about five seconds of him saying [TS]

  oh hello [TS]

  all right now we'd or stick there [TS]

  obviously kindred spirits yeah sense [TS]

  that in the opening moments [TS]

  well that's what I like about it like in [TS]

  some ways you can't even tell whether or [TS]

  not they know each other I think monkey [TS]

  business is the only one where they [TS]

  definitely do know each other and that's [TS]

  only because they're all in similar [TS]

  barrels [TS]

  no that's about that that's what we're [TS]

  talking about where the their first [TS]

  meeting is when it's is when the Rodolfo [TS]

  is a my percent Rodolfo is that is that [TS]

  the groucho soccer goal for ruffle gets [TS]

  knocked unconscious checkout counters [TS]

  like okay it wasn't going on they only [TS]

  pulling for me so I shot him [TS]

  yeah okay and our characters know each [TS]

  other [TS]

  there's a scene i really like in [TS]

  Gottlieb's box and that the action is [TS]

  focused on God leave in Claypool and [TS]

  they're talking and that's that's [TS]

  obviously the focus what's going on and [TS]

  in the background we see ground to turn [TS]

  around and he says something to some [TS]

  poor woman sitting in another box oh [TS]

  yeah and he clearly offends the hell out [TS]

  of her and we have no idea what it is he [TS]

  says but not a pretty good educated yes [TS]

  your present do it but yeah and that's [TS]

  almost funny than actually hearing what [TS]

  he says is out there goes that gradual [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah alright already pulls up in from [TS]

  the upper companies like hey I told you [TS]

  to go slowly [TS]

  how do i was caught the Opera [TS]

  you save a lot of time by always playing [TS]

  exactly the same character in your [TS]

  movies [TS]

  yeah it's also it's also good user [TS]

  interface for the audience to its like [TS]

  and at this it's not lazy at all just [TS]

  like we go to Marx Brothers movie to see [TS]

  the Marx Brothers that means that we [TS]

  don't have to explain what are pros deal [TS]

  is which goes dealing with rosemary is [TS]

  it there's a part of me that wishes that [TS]

  they still did things like the Marx [TS]

  Brothers where you have the actors [TS]

  playing the same characters are the road [TS]

  movies with hope and Crosby half where [TS]

  it's just done basically it's hoping [TS]

  Crosby and now they're now they're in [TS]

  Alaska now they're in valley and did it [TS]

  and should they have different names but [TS]

  it's help hoping Crosby yeah when it [TS]

  when I love what I miss the most about [TS]

  that is not just the there that [TS]

  repetitive like familiar formula but the [TS]

  idea that these are two really really [TS]

  rich and famous guys who got together [TS]

  and decided to bang out a movie they're [TS]

  not taking it too seriously they're not [TS]

  trying to reinvent the art form and they [TS]

  don't care if it makes up a billion [TS]

  dollars or just a good profit they just [TS]

  are there to have fun for a good month [TS]

  for good like 22 weeks of shooting and [TS]

  perhaps where we're beginning to see [TS]

  that with your Seth Rogen's and and [TS]

  James Franco's to end your oceans 11 [TS]

  TSA's and your ocean is a very Clooney [TS]

  yeah it's a good formula that there's [TS]

  this reason why of things for formulaic [TS]

  and that's because the formulas always [TS]

  work they've been FDA approved they [TS]

  don't kill children [TS]

  yeah this movie did feature the return [TS]

  of her playing the ps4 will help others [TS]

  play the piano but I meant to say chico [TS]

  playing the piano and harp playing the [TS]

  harp yeah but I feel like they weren't [TS]

  all that confident in it because of that [TS]

  home least surrounded them with a horde [TS]

  of children cheering and laughing every [TS]

  single yeah when we have you done with [TS]

  that now i gotta say as as I had not [TS]

  actually ever seen them do their harp [TS]

  and piano thing I was actually excited [TS]

  to get the opportunity to see what they [TS]

  had going from the harp and piano [TS]

  department but yet i was actually was a [TS]

  little disturbed by the fact that they [TS]

  throw through all this adoring fans in [TS]

  there to tell me how crazy it's [TS]

  entertaining CC well the nice thing [TS]

  about that to the extent that is nice it [TS]

  seems like the people watching Harpo [TS]

  are generally are genuine they're not [TS]

  acting they're there they're pleased by [TS]

  his capering in this case it's extremely [TS]

  convenient that cruise ships of the time [TS]

  always had a gypsy dance party and [TS]

  endless pasta bar access that's clearly [TS]

  you have never been on a cruise it was [TS]

  there was passion the SS olive garden [TS]

  separated fireman friend and it's more [TS]

  so when a man down that is a food [TS]

  category there is an endless black bar [TS]

  yeah there's a puppet show in the other [TS]

  boat movie they did and if we're going [TS]

  to do favorite lines yes [TS]

  for me it's it it's a tie between the [TS]

  groucho talking about the second party [TS]

  during the contrast are the contract [TS]

  scene and just throwing in as an aside i [TS]

  was blind for three days and the second [TS]

  party and party you know because I've [TS]

  been there Groucho uh-huh but i think i [TS]

  think the best one is probably when [TS]

  they're in the hotel room and grouchy [TS]

  looks over and says why don't you fellas [TS]

  be nice [TS]

  get out of here before I get arrested [TS]

  and chicken comes back with now I'd like [TS]

  to stay and see that just know just kind [TS]

  of casually yeah that's what I think I'd [TS]

  enjoy that last night it can attract [TS]

  thousands sheep in those three beds and [TS]

  have another bed to sleep in [TS]

  you wouldn't want me to sleep with the [TS]

  Sheep would you like Harpo and his horse [TS]

  exactly how i like that time grow told [TS]

  Margaret Dumont can't you see what I'm [TS]

  trying to tell you i love you [TS]

  haha power of call back every day go of [TS]

  that the whole restaurant scene at the [TS]

  beginning [TS]

  oh yeah is is nothing but puns and I [TS]

  mean and rapid fire just one joke after [TS]

  another and decides where you like to [TS]

  graduate and he's like looking at the [TS]

  camera saying oh and I've got this other [TS]

  joke here and then turns back to the [TS]

  original reality i mean it is it that's [TS]

  all it is [TS]

  and the and that would be my favorite [TS]

  line if you if you ever dine with me at [TS]

  any point in a restaurant i will pick up [TS]

  the bill and say that's outrageous if I [TS]

  were you I wouldn't say and that I do [TS]

  that all the time into not yet this time [TS]

  I am I was amused by what the outrageous [TS]

  prices its nine dollars and forty cents [TS]

  nine dollars 40 since this is an outrage [TS]

  if i were you i wouldn't pay it all [TS]

  those hotel bill is 540 dollars yes [TS]

  that's true but the dinner dinner was 94 [TS]

  40 that threat remember his spiel when [TS]

  he gets in the quote motor accident when [TS]

  he's writing his trunk lock on that on [TS]

  that card throughout the the cruise ship [TS]

  say hey look at my favorite opt out of [TS]

  shape i thought was you have insurance [TS]

  no well you just like I've got a policy [TS]

  that covers your excellency and if you [TS]

  lose a little help you look for it is [TS]

  only eighteen dollars if you lose a limb [TS]

  Bobby look for it yeah one more thing I [TS]

  wanted to throw in about a night at the [TS]

  opera which is that the whole sequence [TS]

  where harpos swing around on the stage [TS]

  ropes and the backdrops are bouncing up [TS]

  and down is so inspired in that the the [TS]

  scenes that get you know the name [TS]

  dropping on this or that crowded [TS]

  stateroom and and the contract seen some [TS]

  of the other bits but that's like a [TS]

  whole swashbuckling movie that gets [TS]

  thrown out at the end what and just just [TS]

  the up-and-down would be good but the [TS]

  fact that we keep coming coming back to [TS]

  the stage as the ridiculous output of [TS]

  what's happening on the ropes is [TS]

  happening where things are dropping down [TS]

  and coming back up and all that that [TS]

  adds that whole other layer to it [TS]

  yeah it is spectacularly good I'm also [TS]

  fascinated by the anvil chorus bit [TS]

  because he had the the special effect on [TS]

  stage appears to be two hammers that are [TS]

  connected to a huge source of voltage to [TS]

  current to throw off sparks ok [TS]

  every time that happens it's funny but I [TS]

  look I look at those huge huge cables [TS]

  that are part of the gags are just there [TS]

  to like make sure there's enough of it [TS]

  and there's enough was enough amps to [TS]

  make sure that it's throwing off sparks [TS]

  i'm wondering oh I wonder how many [TS]

  people were killed [TS]

  opera is no place for the weak I wonder [TS]

  how but I wonder how many Harper's they [TS]

  they went they burned through on that [TS]

  day's shooting 30 my favorite from that [TS]

  sequence is when he likes the match and [TS]

  the guys apps that just that just tears [TS]

  me up each time I see anything else [TS]

  yes the the Hat the graduates for his [TS]

  work with is what is wearing during the [TS]

  party scene on the cruise ship [TS]

  I don't understand that hat i love it [TS]

  it's the one with like a paper hat but [TS]

  his top is going like 40 to the left and [TS]

  i'm trying to figure out is that this is [TS]

  like buying a hat or they decide it's [TS]

  funny if we make this super long and [TS]

  every time he moves his head it just [TS]

  flips her [TS]

  and that there is no explanation of the [TS]

  accents for that I don't think they they [TS]

  said this is funny they moved on like I [TS]

  forgot to mention this during duck soup [TS]

  but I love during the Hat swapping scene [TS]

  after Harpo uses the hat like a yo-yo [TS]

  the string is clearly visible on the Hat [TS]

  for the whole rest of the scene this [TS]

  industry was actually visible on the hat [TS]

  while he was wearing it last time I i [TS]

  watch there's there's clearly a string [TS]

  that's draped down over this the back of [TS]

  the lemonade guy that I love that they [TS]

  didn't bother to swap out a different [TS]

  hat just fine [TS]

  mm well Phil I feel like we perhaps have [TS]

  come to the end of our little journey [TS]

  with the Marx Brothers how do you think [TS]

  it went [TS]

  I think it went surprisingly well I [TS]

  think we've pretty much decided that if [TS]

  you don't enjoy Marx Brothers movie you [TS]

  soulless monster yes that was my plan [TS]

  with this episode yeah so I'm pleased i [TS]

  and i hope i hope that if people listen [TS]

  to this have not seen a duck soup or a [TS]

  night at the opera that they would watch [TS]

  those monkey business is also good [TS]

  horsefeathers I i find enjoyable do not [TS]

  watch knighted a night in casablanca [TS]

  right I'll call you know for the love of [TS]

  god no it's not good you know I i really [TS]

  want to watch a bad Marx Brothers film [TS]

  now I didn't like the one that's the one [TS]

  watch love happy love happy is there [TS]

  left last one are good friends sick [TS]

  Roman is in that as the as the Nazi yeah [TS]

  Groucho is barely in it it does have a [TS]

  literal walk-on cameo by Marilyn Monroe [TS]

  in her first screen appearance a [TS]

  wonderful this movie produced by chicos [TS]

  gambling debts [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah yeah but the only one [TS]

  based on a story by Harpo for what [TS]

  that's worth yes it was just a series of [TS]

  hunks doubt you know if it would have [TS]

  been better number with the Algonquin [TS]

  Round time but seriously watch watch [TS]

  duck soup and 90 opera and and some of [TS]

  the other earlier ones those are those [TS]

  are quite enjoyable and even dancing [TS]

  races just get ready to fast-forward [TS]

  through the scene in the stable [TS]

  oh yeah but watch the codebook seen yes [TS]

  yeah they're good scenes in day at the [TS]

  races yeah just not the one know the one [TS]

  is not [TS]

  yeah okay and I'm gonna wrap it up now [TS]

  so here we're gonna get rid of sloppy [TS]

  ending is emblematic of the way Marx [TS]

  Brothers in getting her out at the end [TS]

  and then it wasn't within and that's I [TS]

  don't think they were never this sloppy [TS]

  ambassador Trentino let's get him with [TS]

  oranges [TS]

  i'm looking for a needle in a haystack [TS]

  Groucho says and then the movies over [TS]

  and then they and then they pelted the [TS]

  bad guy with fruit or found a guy and I [TS]

  and everybody boo'd and then that was at [TS]

  the end and so I would like to thank my [TS]

  guests because we've reached the end [TS]

  india echo thank you for being here it's [TS]

  been a slice Jason I really mean that [TS]

  David Laura thank you thank you hello i [TS]

  must be going very nice body Ashley [TS]

  thanks for being here [TS]

  talk talk very very well done [TS]

  Steve Lutz dodgy said I could go on this [TS]

  go on like this all night but it's tough [TS]

  on my suspenders all podcast a week or [TS]

  two podcast the whole night through [TS]

  but i am telling you we must be closing [TS]

  in Phil Michaels but they're a dancing [TS]

  in the streets drinking in the salons [TS]

  and necking in the parlor play dog that [TS]

  makes everybody out there for what I way [TS]

  I hope this episode is appreciated in 80 [TS]

  years as much as duck soup is [TS]

  appreciated 80 years later i'm sure it [TS]

  will be yeah and i am your host Jason [TS]

  still thank you for listening [TS]

  we will see you next time [TS]

  do it do you have a moment to top offer [TS]

  we're going to start your top off [TS]

  I can't wait a moment okay give me a [TS]

  second don't top off right before [TS]

  podcasting save it all right i'm good [TS]

  i'm recording recording all right it [TS]

  looks like everyone is finally here [TS]

  what's that that line save for the [TS]

  podcast you know all this time I thought [TS]

  you were kidding about the Zeppelin when [TS]

  it comes to airships Jason never kids so [TS]

  we did have to get special permits to [TS]

  zip into Canadian airspace sorry [TS]

  so David you want to kick this off at [TS]

  that [TS]

  oh no he's gone he's gone harpal again [TS]

  hang on i know how to fix this thanks I [TS]

  needed that brought to you by skin [TS]

  bracer hold on everyone block apiece [TS]

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  peace [TS]

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  funky you have to look alright alright [TS]

  alright let's keep his radio show [TS]

  started already [TS]

  Tesla meets the galaxy Scouts seen for [TS]

  what up my youngs hey that's my line cut [TS]

  that's my line [TS]

  okay from the top scene 4 and go watch [TS]

  Scoutmaster green whatever is that on [TS]

  the monitor [TS]

  it looks like some kind of spa hurtling [TS]

  towards the Copernicus yeah and she [TS]

  opened here [TS]

  what is that cut [TS]

  let's try that again blend what that yes [TS]

  that what the line [TS]

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  minute [TS]

  no Glenn which had a belt like a good [TS]

  thing I was headed for yourself it [TS]

  doesn't better eh where's Phil anyway I [TS]

  thought he was on this one is topping [TS]

  off i'll say listen everyone we don't [TS]

  have a lot of time to record this is [TS]

  scott doesn't want to be here so [TS]

  and what let's stop the music Stephanie [TS]

  what's going on [TS]

  ok where were we [TS]

  what's that that's my cue that's your [TS]

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  wait what's that don't tell me fully and [TS]

  go what's that I seem to transmogrify [TS]

  the beryllium oscillators on the reentry [TS]

  from in space and yet I find myself fun [TS]

  what appears to be a scout ship of in [TS]

  i'm sorry there's this buzzing in my [TS]

  headphones [TS]

  I'm hearing it too that's not going to [TS]

  affect the recording you know well I [TS]

  don't hear it so maybe not [TS]

  no I hear something it's like this low [TS]

  humming thing back [TS]

  hang on i think I can fix that he never [TS]

  seriously [TS]

  product placement by method really sleep [TS]

  or so [TS]

  slap him again [TS]

  man that is cathartic three you made for [TS]

  all of us guys look what I found in the [TS]

  cockpit because i was flying the [TS]

  Zeppelin hey the humming is gone [TS]

  if I ever been in his cabin before nice [TS]

  decor but hardly practical honest I want [TS]

  the size all right let's go [TS]

  scene 3 what the Scoutmaster green [TS]

  whatever is that the monitor it looks [TS]

  like wait a second [TS]

  John if you're in here who's flying the [TS]

  airship what's that that that isn't in [TS]

  the script [TS]

  relax and put on the auto pilot Steve's [TS]

  no autopilot [TS]

  that's what I tried gallon Jason but no [TS]

  Jason Jason come in Jason not what is it [TS]

  I wasn't gonna say anything but he's [TS]

  turned off the engines are completely [TS]

  cold it'll take 30 minutes to regenerate [TS]

  them [TS]

  trying to make sure we sounded like a [TS]

  professional podcast [TS]

  oh I'm men nice callback and I guess [TS]

  we're never gonna do that interstellar [TS]

  episode [TS]

  oh hey no idea those three hours long [TS]

  mention how long our episode would be [TS]

  about it still really eight hours [TS]

  Jason what color is your parachute color [TS]

  it's six colors they practice don't even [TS]

  need the drum kit on his f1 literally we [TS]

  do and that's what Christmas is all [TS]

  about Charlie Brown is this the end of [TS]

  the incomparable as we know it [TS]

  what will become of the radio theatre [TS]

  tune in again next time when we here at [TS]

  Glendon say that like you [TS]

  oh alright everybody holiday boxing log [TS]

  Willy sabe done [TS]

  police are dictating to release now be [TS]

  the heart grows there on your only real [TS]

  easy to detect you two hours your hair i [TS]

  wanna wish she would never wish you a [TS]

  Merry Christmas lot of haha [TS]

  for you Erica oh just shoot me or [TS]

  failing that just shoots team please [TS]

  it's very comfortable radio theater [TS]

  coming soon to a falling airship mere [TS]

  you men and that was great everyone [TS]

  let's do one more for safety though [TS]