9: Everyone Loves A Spoiler


  alright I'm ready yeah I'm good I'm [TS]

  ready [TS]

  say something fine something funny now [TS]

  no takers there we go alright if I [TS]

  waited long enough that's enough of the [TS]

  start i had so brief some brief [TS]

  follow-up on octane ratings [TS]

  I i learned more than I thought I wanted [TS]

  to but octane ratings because I got [TS]

  stuck on Wikipedia but we mentioned John [TS]

  you had mentioned last episode of the [TS]

  one before i forget which about why you [TS]

  like condo so much and and one of the [TS]

  things that we talked about briefly was [TS]

  that that you know honda has kept to [TS]

  maintaining the requirement for minimum [TS]

  like 87 octane gas and where there's a [TS]

  lot of higher-end cars will require [TS]

  premium for the higher compression and [TS]

  we have a few notes on this one thing i [TS]

  found interesting was at first I started [TS]

  hearing about how how the octane ratings [TS]

  in Europe or way higher that like and in [TS]

  australia i think too that we heard that [TS]

  that that like regular there was like 91 [TS]

  octane and and you get like 95 and at [TS]

  first I assumed that this was just the [TS]

  u.s. having crappy your standards and [TS]

  everybody else which is a fairly common [TS]

  thing but but one thing that I later [TS]

  learned with Wikipedia research is that [TS]

  octane ratings are measured differently [TS]

  depending on where you are and the u.s. [TS]

  is method as the achy aki and then it [TS]

  some other people use like the M [TS]

  something and they are something Ron and [TS]

  mana think anyway if you look at the [TS]

  wikipedia page for octane and explains [TS]

  all of this and so you can't directly [TS]

  compared to random numbers you hear from [TS]

  different countries necessarily because [TS]

  they might be on different scales and IH [TS]

  it's worth pointing out in case anyone [TS]

  in our audience does not know this yet [TS]

  it is a very very common misconception [TS]

  that you should use higher octane rating [TS]

  fuel than what your car calls for [TS]

  because that will somehow lead to higher [TS]

  economy or [TS]

  better performance of your engine [TS]

  neither of those are true and you should [TS]

  definitely not waste your money getting [TS]

  higher octane than what your car calls [TS]

  for although the opposite is sometimes [TS]

  true there was a piece of follow-up that [TS]

  I don't have in front of me in which [TS]

  somebody had said something along the [TS]

  lines of hey you know I don't think you [TS]

  need to use 91-93 or whatever octane [TS]

  that I typically put in my car and so [TS]

  when digging through the owners manual [TS]

  because i'm a nerd like that in a and I [TS]

  don't have that in front of me either [TS]

  because we are the worst prepared host [TS]

  ever [TS]

  or I am anyway but take another one hint [TS]

  in the owners manual it said something [TS]

  to the effect of hey we really really [TS]

  really recommend premium which I believe [TS]

  they defined as 91 octane but if you so [TS]

  choose [TS]

  you can make it you can you can make it [TS]

  happen with mid-range and it's not [TS]

  advised but you can definitely do it and [TS]

  I I didn't even know that was an option [TS]

  and I'm probably never going to use it [TS]

  but it's good to know it's possible [TS]

  well part one thing I also write about [TS]

  apparently anyway so some some [TS]

  foundation first most modern cars i [TS]

  think maybe all modern cars have knock [TS]

  sensor so so the that the basics of this [TS]

  please email Casey with the details on [TS]

  what I'm getting wrong the basics of [TS]

  this is that you know the compression [TS]

  stroke of the piston Isaac as it [TS]

  compresses the fuel/air mixture upwards [TS]

  into a really small high-pressure blob [TS]

  so it can detonate it and and get like a [TS]

  nice big power stroke on the way down [TS]

  from the explosion if you use to love an [TS]

  octane then the fuel/air mixture might [TS]

  spontaneously combust just from the [TS]

  pressure earlier that when the piston is [TS]

  all the way up which pushes the piston [TS]

  it for it [TS]

  the explosion then forces at downwards [TS]

  when the Pistons trying to push upwards [TS]

  like right at the peak of its power so [TS]

  it's really a huge counterforce to what [TS]

  the engines trying to do and it makes a [TS]

  knocking sound which is why it's called [TS]

  a knock and so if this happens a lot [TS]

  it's putting a lot of forces and [TS]

  pressures on the engine in a way in in [TS]

  like the opposite ways it's meant to [TS]

  take them so it's really it can be very [TS]

  bad for the engine and can really wear [TS]

  down the engine very [TS]

  quickly and caused lots of severe [TS]

  expensive problems so to avoid this what [TS]

  a lot of modern engines do is they have [TS]

  a knock sensor which if one of those [TS]

  premature combustion happens from using [TS]

  too low octane fuel it adjusts the [TS]

  engine timing or whatever variables it [TS]

  adjusts so that it doesn't compress it [TS]

  as much so that kind of adapts to lower [TS]

  octane fuel to even within some rings of [TS]

  you know what it can you know how low it [TS]

  can compress the fuel then the problem [TS]

  there though is that you then then you [TS]

  do reduce your performance and your [TS]

  economy when that's happening so modern [TS]

  cars if you put too low octane fuel in [TS]

  them will usually be okay well usually [TS]

  avoid most knocking because they'll send [TS]

  the first few and then adjust themselves [TS]

  but you're not really doing yourself [TS]

  your car any favors by doing that on a [TS]

  regular basis now it's a take issue with [TS]

  something you said I think ninety-nine [TS]

  percent of that was completely accurate [TS]

  but and I don't know John if you know [TS]

  the answer one way or another but my [TS]

  understanding for the for many many [TS]

  years is that the powerstroke a [TS]

  four-stroke is indeed an explosion and I [TS]

  remember who was it that said it to me [TS]

  but if I right holding like exploding it [TS]

  and igniting it and write it is not in [TS]

  the ocean it's actually just ignition or [TS]

  eight it's in igniting that air fuel mix [TS]

  and the explosion thing is a misnomer [TS]

  that i believe for most of my life John [TS]

  you happen to know one with I was going [TS]

  to make a comment when the Marco said [TS]

  detonation I said but we're going to [TS]

  email about that but you beat you be at [TS]

  the Atlantic emailers to it right let's [TS]

  go find a real can follow we had a NOC [TS]

  is an explosion right like that with the [TS]

  premature detonate i believe i believe [TS]

  that went like the NOC happening i [TS]

  believe that is an explosion and then [TS]

  but normally when the fuel gets lit [TS]

  normally that's that's an ignition is [TS]

  that right i think so it's not how [TS]

  Dieselworks is just hyper compresses to [TS]

  the point is it eventually itself [TS]

  ignites the diesels don't have spark [TS]

  plugs they don't they don't like it they [TS]

  described as it which is really quite [TS]

  elegant it really makes a lot of sense [TS]

  why that would be a good idea to try [TS]

  that man where this this is exactly the [TS]

  kind of discussion that makes those like [TS]

  handful of angry people on Twitter [TS]

  saying like [TS]

  these guys don't know what they're [TS]

  talking about and they're right [TS]

  like most of our most of our fans well I [TS]

  guess by definition by being fans most [TS]

  of our fans seem fairly happy with us or [TS]

  at least in different but there's like a [TS]

  handful of people who are so angry that [TS]

  we don't know everything that we talked [TS]

  about and even even if we say you know [TS]

  i'm not sure if this is how it works [TS]

  when we kind of ruminate audibly during [TS]

  the podcast they will still get angry at [TS]

  that just because we we haven't prepared [TS]

  every single thing we're going to say in [TS]

  advance and then hell maybe John has I [TS]

  don't know the comedy that is right at [TS]

  the top of neutrals website and from the [TS]

  very beginning it's always been and i [TS]

  quote a casual carpod cast with the [TS]

  emphasis on casual and man do we get [TS]

  some worked up people emailing us it's [TS]

  funny [TS]

  oh yeah and and from the beginning like [TS]

  like when i wrote that little [TS]

  description of their I i put the word [TS]

  casual everywhere I put it there i put [TS]

  in the itunes description i even put it [TS]

  like when I link to the episodes from my [TS]

  sight i say this is the latest episode [TS]

  of our casual carpod cast look I say [TS]

  everywhere just to appropriately set [TS]

  expectations that like we are not [TS]

  researching everything we say before and [TS]

  we agree we research some of it but we [TS]

  don't know everything we're going to say [TS]

  beforehand so you know this is part of [TS]

  this is mostly off-the-cuff you know [TS]

  like I just have like an outline of what [TS]

  I'm going to say with a few . might have [TS]

  researched but not like you know every [TS]

  statement and I've I see you guys are [TS]

  similar except John but you know I even [TS]

  then they're like it no matter how you [TS]

  set the expectation there's going to be [TS]

  people who who just gets so comically [TS]

  angry i mean i think we make it fairly [TS]

  clear that we're not taking ourselves [TS]

  too incredibly seriously here and yet we [TS]

  still get people who who just assume it [TS]

  is and the funny thing is it isn't that [TS]

  many people if it was a whole ton of [TS]

  people who just be depressing [TS]

  it's like for people it's very true but [TS]

  man are they angry about it is picking [TS]

  so a little bit of real-time follow up [TS]

  while you were talking I was able to [TS]

  find the the section in the owners [TS]

  manual you are into know i was listening [TS]

  and you're absolutely right i was [TS]

  listening in to green and nodding [TS]

  because everyone can see me nodding [TS]

  super premium gasoline / aki [TS]

  91 this gasoline is highly recommended [TS]

  however you may use gasoline with less [TS]

  aki the middle making minimum aki rating [TS]

  is for the 323 2887 for the three 3589 [TS]

  if you use gasoline with this minimum [TS]

  aki rating the engine may produce [TS]

  knocking sounds when starting at a high [TS]

  outside temperatures but here's the [TS]

  interesting part and i quote this has no [TS]

  effect on the engine life [TS]

  presumably that's because the knock [TS]

  sensor takes over and write and write [TS]

  you know reduces everything so yeah I I [TS]

  don't know it is so like you know I i [TS]

  think what that's saying is you can get [TS]

  away with it but you know the the [TS]

  implication with the first part of it [TS]

  you know we strongly recommend that like [TS]

  yes you can get away with that however [TS]

  if you care at all about your car's [TS]

  economy or performance you can really [TS]

  give it the kind of gas that's tuned for [TS]

  right and in to make things worse the [TS]

  next section which i'm not going to read [TS]

  because it's relatively long is entitled [TS]

  use high quality brands [TS]

  ok I'm sorry he's high quality Bruins [TS]

  thank you there you go [TS]

  which apparently is a lecture about how [TS]

  you can't use kroger gasps and instead [TS]

  you have to use like shell and exxon and [TS]

  stuff like that but you know I i would [TS]

  actually that that's a topic we should [TS]

  research for a future episode because [TS]

  i've heard mixed things about that i've [TS]

  heard from effort sometimes that the [TS]

  quality of gas you get really matters I [TS]

  for other times that that most chaste [TS]

  that you've got is also pretty much the [TS]

  same or or you know they're all buying [TS]

  it from the same sections of the [TS]

  pipelines and everything like there's [TS]

  some there's probably some middle ground [TS]

  it's actually truth so we should [TS]

  research that so let's put on that magic [TS]

  list that we have to start keeping us at [TS]

  the grocery store haven't been to Ohio [TS]

  man I driving through it [TS]

  ok yeah side roads gas tanks in Ohio I [TS]

  mean you can get everywhere in Ojai make [TS]

  any sense of krogers the best and [TS]

  actually if I'm completely honest and [TS]

  this is so i'm gonna get so much email [TS]

  for this but so I by this a relatively [TS]

  expensive car if not absurdly expensive [TS]

  car and then I specifically choose shell [TS]

  to fuel it in and a specific shell at [TS]

  that because they honor my kroger plus [TS]

  points and [TS]

  after i spend like a hundred bucks at [TS]

  kroger i get 10 saw ten cents a gallon [TS]

  off on gas so it's it's completely [TS]

  ridiculous but that's where i go because [TS]

  shale gas is good and I get a discount [TS]

  I just go to get my town has has a two [TS]

  full-service gas stations that are just [TS]

  like like the small mom-and-pop you I [TS]

  work [TS]

  yeah full services is common in [TS]

  something like the smaller towns and [TS]

  suburbs here so it's it's like you know [TS]

  like to gas pumps and a garage but [TS]

  that's the kind of gas station and the [TS]

  dealer is a full-service you mean that [TS]

  they they have mechanics you mean they [TS]

  actually pump the fuel for you because [TS]

  you're in [TS]

  also it's like you're in jersey in your [TS]

  own apt will know it's like you don't [TS]

  want to get your hands not like gasps [TS]

  hand you don't have full service gas [TS]

  stations near you i don't know i don't i [TS]

  can't think of any except when I when we [TS]

  drive up to see mom and dad and we [TS]

  stopped the Jersey Turnpike in the snow [TS]

  crazy thing is ridiculous but you know [TS]

  it's something that they have in New [TS]

  York and they have them here and you [TS]

  know it's not like your jersey that [TS]

  there's mostly self but there's at least [TS]

  one side that's full and it's great to [TS]

  sit in my car listening hours during or [TS]

  one of you guys talking and formerly [TS]

  yelling at me usually about how much [TS]

  needs our podcast and and somebody else [TS]

  is out there getting their hands on like [TS]

  the gas pump [TS]

  I never go to full source willingly ever [TS]

  yeah I can't imagine why I would not try [TS]

  it out guys you'll see first I gotta [TS]

  find one man that don't even know to [TS]

  make it this you've turned my world [TS]

  upside down marker one thing i'm going [TS]

  back to octane for a second i was [TS]

  wondering and i'm curious to know if you [TS]

  guys have any examples this or if I look [TS]

  if our listeners do so you know as we [TS]

  were saying there is no reason to buy [TS]

  higher octane fuel than what your car [TS]

  recommends because it's not going to [TS]

  make any better use of it is not going [TS]

  to increase its compression and get more [TS]

  power and more fuel economy you know [TS]

  it's it is tuned for the first specific [TS]

  thing and it will only do that or lower [TS]

  generally but I've never seen a car that [TS]

  required 89 I've only ever seen cars [TS]

  require 91 or 87 in the US and i'm [TS]

  curious is there a purpose for 89 other [TS]

  than [TS]

  to just get more money out of people [TS]

  like people whose cars require 87 but [TS]

  using you know price anchoring and I'm [TS]

  like well you can get the crappy gasps a [TS]

  cheapo gas or you can get the plus or [TS]

  you can get the premium as well I don't [TS]

  need the premium it's too expensive i'll [TS]

  get the plus and feel a little bit [TS]

  better about myself like is there [TS]

  obviously that's the cynical view of 189 [TS]

  existing so widely available in the u.s. [TS]

  is there any other reason we do any cars [TS]

  say we need 89 or greater [TS]

  maybe there was once i mean i don't see [TS]

  any night around where i am i just have [TS]

  87 91-93 and I haven't seen 89 and [TS]

  forever so maybe at one point there were [TS]

  cars like that but not anymore [TS]

  what I feel like they're with their have [TS]

  been cars like that i can't figure out [TS]

  for top my head which they were but I [TS]

  mean I guess you could also use 89 like [TS]

  i was reading a moment ago if you're too [TS]

  cheap for 91 but you're too cheap to put [TS]

  91 your BMW so I guess there's that i [TS]

  don't know but i would imagine that at [TS]

  some point or another some car has [TS]

  required but darned if I know what and [TS]

  you can email Marco the life God we got [TS]

  a great question a few weeks ago that i [TS]

  wanna i want to discuss its from Paul [TS]

  Springer's and and he said what are to [TS]

  each of you personally the most [TS]

  important car equipment options and the [TS]

  least important or most ridiculous [TS]

  options that's really just think that [TS]

  was the number one thing on my while the [TS]

  number two thing on my list in the [TS]

  number one to follow that I also wanted [TS]

  to a feedback that i also want to cover [TS]

  that is a great question [TS]

  it is weird because there's especially [TS]

  now that there are so many options [TS]

  especially when she was like you know [TS]

  crazy German luxury cars but even even [TS]

  in like you know mainstream cars there [TS]

  are just so many add-ons and options [TS]

  that you can get now and so many of them [TS]

  are awesome and so many of them are [TS]

  total ripoff it should let me go first [TS]

  yeah Marco wants every option in the [TS]

  universal I'm gonna last because he's [TS]

  gonna say the one I don't get is the [TS]

  quadruple metallic paint but everything [TS]

  else is good that's actually pretty much [TS]

  yes oh go on [TS]

  oh yeah I thought maybe not the easy [TS]

  number one option that you should never [TS]

  ever get in a car if you could possibly [TS]

  help it is the stupid in-car navigation [TS]

  system because they're all super duper [TS]

  terror [TS]

  bolt and the one that's on your [TS]

  two-hundred-dollar phone with contract [TS]

  will be better even even a dedicated gps [TS]

  things that are being driven out of the [TS]

  market by smartphones even those are [TS]

  better the gps is in cars are just awful [TS]

  the only time they had a brief moment in [TS]

  the Sun when that was one of the few [TS]

  places you could get a GPS and [TS]

  standalone marketing head come up and [TS]

  source with no smartphones maybe then [TS]

  you and it's one hour days like they [TS]

  charge like $2,000 extra for you to get [TS]

  a terrible GPS in your car [TS]

  unfortunately you can't opt out of that [TS]

  on a lot of the higher-end models but it [TS]

  is one place that I would like to you [TS]

  know please give me that money back i [TS]

  would say do not spend two thousand [TS]

  dollars for in-car navigation because [TS]

  that is a ripoff and you will get a [TS]

  terrible product and all you end up [TS]

  doing is duct taping your iphone right [TS]

  on top of these the in-car navigation AI [TS]

  couldn't disagree more [TS]

  alright you'll have your turn your turn [TS]

  will do item by item or person by person [TS]

  i'm just gonna be good but obviously i [TS]

  don't have that many items always go [TS]

  through the people that you made [TS]

  everything right no option [TS]

  brakes are optional steering is optional [TS]

  yeah I don't need a right right here [TS]

  he'll get the app this isn't even an [TS]

  option anymore seat suit just in case it [TS]

  is like get the air-conditioning [TS]

  what is that optional on cars these days [TS]

  I suppose it might still be somewhere [TS]

  I'm sure there are cars somewhere that [TS]

  is optional but i think it's probably a [TS]

  pretty rare occurrence especially in [TS]

  anywhere that's going to listen to [TS]

  podcast yeah so get the air conditioning [TS]

  because he's never options and just [TS]

  makes heat like well . is this for free [TS]

  let's see and then if he was optional [TS]

  would you would you could you consider [TS]

  not getting it no I mean I you have to [TS]

  get other thing it's not it's not [TS]

  costing new habit you as you have you [TS]

  not optional anywhere [TS]

  I don't think of anything else that have [TS]

  really strong feelings that i would say [TS]

  don't get a satellite radio 2 for the [TS]

  SIP same reason that like you know my [TS]

  radio is no good don't like don't give [TS]

  the money for electronics because they [TS]

  charge way too much for it you can get [TS]

  better solutions either aftermarket or [TS]

  non-automotive you know so [TS]

  non-automotive is using your iphone for [TS]

  navigation and aftermarket is like [TS]

  buying aftermarket stereo instead of [TS]

  paying more for the the system that had [TS]

  built in [TS]

  everything else I say you could take or [TS]

  leave on maybe don't get the sunroof [TS]

  because of headroom like if you like [TS]

  leather seats get all the seats if you [TS]

  don't like leather seats don't get let's [TS]

  get that kind of noise when you can't [TS]

  avoid leather seats you know we all like [TS]

  options we don't want to be forced into [TS]

  anything but it's like cable television [TS]

  they patched things up so if you [TS]

  well you want leather seats then you [TS]

  have together thing with navigation and [TS]

  that's only available in the v6 and blah [TS]

  blah you know you know the whole deal [TS]

  but other than that I said there's no [TS]

  there's no options that i would say you [TS]

  must have even things like you know [TS]

  cruise control and stuff like that like [TS]

  I suppose if you do lots of long trips [TS]

  get it but if you never go on the [TS]

  highway crews controls meaningless for [TS]

  you you know so every single item I [TS]

  think you just take it on its merits [TS]

  inside what you want or not inevitably [TS]

  no matter what you what you pick you [TS]

  will be forced into a package that has [TS]

  more stuff than you want but navigation [TS]

  is by far my least favorite may I go [TS]

  absolutely no I feel like I'm gonna be [TS]

  the middle of the road here John is [TS]

  completely wrong about navigation and [TS]

  let me tell you why you're actually [TS]

  right all kidding aside about the [TS]

  navigation piece of navigation but [TS]

  you're wrong about what oftentimes comes [TS]

  with navigation when I got the BMW I was [TS]

  not seeking a car with navigation and it [TS]

  just so happened that the 1i found had [TS]

  navigation and as well as the other more [TS]

  important options that will talk about [TS]

  here in second [TS]

  that being said the thing that I really [TS]

  love about the navigation is the [TS]

  entertainment or infotainment crap that [TS]

  comes with it and by that i mean the car [TS]

  has like a 10 or 15 gig hard drive [TS]

  sitting I think in the passenger [TS]

  footwell that lets me load mp3's onto it [TS]

  and so now it rather than shuffling [TS]

  through a bunch of cds which by the way [TS]

  the car doesn't have a CD changer which [TS]

  would bother me if I didn't have the [TS]

  infotainment stuff but anyway we hang [TS]

  out again [TS]

  I know this is your turn but i have to [TS]

  enter as one that's what you still use [TS]

  cds in the car [TS]

  well I don't understand that their CD [TS]

  changer even I hope you're not using [TS]

  those as well and some pretty sure that [TS]

  my it might my 328 system i think has [TS]

  like one of those in-dash multi-disc [TS]

  things but I don't even know whether it [TS]

  does i just has a slot that I've never [TS]

  put a CD into so that's a very fair [TS]

  question the reason I use cds up until [TS]

  just a few months ago was because the [TS]

  subaru was just barely old enough not to [TS]

  have an auxiliary input of any kind [TS]

  FM transmitters sock sale would have a [TS]

  setback [TS]

  no no errands car has has cassette deck [TS]

  and the comedy that is when we got the [TS]

  car we like maybe he'll need a cassette [TS]

  deck then fast-forward two or three [TS]

  years whenever one really had ipods and [TS]

  iphones and things of that nature and [TS]

  suddenly the cassette deck is the best [TS]

  feature in the interview and cause if [TS]

  you're gonna try to get audio from an [TS]

  ipod or phone into a car that doesn't [TS]

  have an oxygen Jack the cassette deck is [TS]

  way better than a transmitter now it is [TS]

  by far the better option [TS]

  your father will be disappointed in you [TS]

  case it was like on my to Accords I got [TS]

  one 2004 I think you got totaled about [TS]

  2007 neither one of those hawks in [TS]

  because it was like it was like the [TS]

  generation before they all got oxygen [TS]

  but after they all have all the tape [TS]

  decks were gone [TS]

  I'm boring those cars I bought [TS]

  aftermarket kits to get an aux-in and [TS]

  disassemble the whole dashboard and pull [TS]

  out the radio and you know put in myself [TS]

  because there was no way I was going to [TS]

  use an FM transmitter and it has an [TS]

  in-dash CD changer but i'm gonna use [TS]

  that either so I I just probably a way [TS]

  for you to get an auction just going to [TS]

  go aftermarket I maximum is even do that [TS]

  myself and I i looked up online people [TS]

  have posted a picture of the bottom of [TS]

  its of the circuit board of this crazy [TS]

  stereo had and if you like soccer on a [TS]

  couple of terminals to this one spot [TS]

  then you could have an oxygen so I I [TS]

  literally took my dash apart and drilled [TS]

  two holes and put RCA jacks my tags left [TS]

  right and and had an oxygen from my from [TS]

  I'm crazy maxima I mean and it was [TS]

  totally worth it even had a cassette [TS]

  deck [TS]

  I just wanted that direct line yeah and [TS]

  and John actually looked into doing on [TS]

  the subaru and I to be fair I did not [TS]

  look into it deeply because the subaru [TS]

  was new enough that this was starting to [TS]

  be the time when hvac controls and radio [TS]

  were all one big gigantic unit rather [TS]

  than having like a dinner double din [TS]

  radio that rise rip hours know like [TS]

  dedicated radio they exactly exactly and [TS]

  i believe the way in which people got an [TS]

  aux-in into that radio was ridiculous [TS]

  and it was I think the road on the [TS]

  antenna line so it was it was kinda like [TS]

  em transmission accept that you are [TS]

  directly connected to the line the [TS]

  antenna ran off of or something like [TS]

  that it was and it was impossible to do [TS]

  and to rip out the entire dash diet [TS]

  wanted nothing to do with it so to come [TS]

  back to the to the options thing so I i [TS]

  agree that nav actually is kind of [TS]

  useless although it is nice to have it [TS]

  in the car [TS]

  it's certainly not as nice as having a [TS]

  phone that can do it or even a dedicated [TS]

  yell at me and go ahead finish but the [TS]

  infotainment stuff like being able to [TS]

  put music into the car bluetooth audio [TS]

  streaming is the coolest freakin thing [TS]

  in the world I adore it and and what's [TS]

  really nice about bluetooth is you don't [TS]

  have to take your phone out of your [TS]

  pocket and that's really really cool as [TS]

  well especially as combined with comfort [TS]

  access which is BMWs proximity key thing [TS]

  another thing that I didn't expect to [TS]

  get on the BMW but i did and i freaking [TS]

  love it and then it occurred to me [TS]

  recently in talking with a co-worker who [TS]

  ms lady that it's even cooler if you're [TS]

  if you're if you're a woman because [TS]

  presumably unlike men you don't have [TS]

  your keys in your pocket your they're [TS]

  buried somewhere in the bottom of your [TS]

  purse and so you never have to fiddle [TS]

  with your keys in order to get into her [TS]

  out of the car start the car or anything [TS]

  like that and so that that's something [TS]

  that now that I haven't been ruined for [TS]

  life wait why don't want to have kids in [TS]

  their pockets because they're in their [TS]

  purses why because that's where persons [TS]

  are for John you really am I had a [TS]

  person I could be in there no question I [TS]

  hate hotels in assets [TS]

  plus it's worth pointing out a lot of a [TS]

  lot of common with women's clothing [TS]

  types don't have pockets but man we [TS]

  should really stop talking about this [TS]

  before this is because we're going to [TS]

  our also entitled clothes don't have [TS]

  pockets i will dresses for one some a [TS]

  lot of pants like business pants [TS]

  sometimes like they won't have pockets [TS]

  I'm hands with no pockets a world gone [TS]

  mad or they're so tight fitting that you [TS]

  it would be in your pants would be [TS]

  boldness yeah we gotta stop that is so [TS]

  and i'm going to work so or I i happen [TS]

  to be i happen to be a leather person i [TS]

  understand that some are not happen to [TS]

  be a sunroof person I understand some or [TS]

  not I very much like being married and I [TS]

  very much be like being married to Aaron [TS]

  and we don't tend to have the same body [TS]

  temperatures so dual-zone climate [TS]

  control is the best thing ever [TS]

  heated seats even though I live in [TS]

  Virginia happen to be one of my favorite [TS]

  things in the world and so I happen to [TS]

  think that's a must have [TS]

  one thing i did miss on the subaru and i [TS]

  am very glad to have them BMWs fold down [TS]

  rear seats so the rare occasions that [TS]

  you know the answer port something [TS]

  that's bigger than 45 feet long [TS]

  then I spent that first option is like [TS]

  if you can't have it because it's like a [TS]

  hybrid that's where the batteries are [TS]

  like you can't get it as an option [TS]

  I've never seen a car where you can get [TS]

  it but it's an option actually like BMW [TS]

  usually especially i think that i think [TS]

  in the hole 3 series is an option [TS]

  yeah supposedly just to get a couple [TS]

  more you know a couple hundred why would [TS]

  they not give that it's just it doesn't [TS]

  make any sense that they would it's [TS]

  really would cost more to make two [TS]

  versions of the backseat [TS]

  I think of you when you go to a lot and [TS]

  look at what they have like I've never [TS]

  seen one in stock anywhere that didn't [TS]

  have it but it is technically an option [TS]

  that's the trick to pull toyota is is [TS]

  the master of ripping people off with [TS]

  that kind of trick we're like they'll [TS]

  advertise a minimum price for the car [TS]

  and then you go to the dealers and you [TS]

  can find you can't find any of them that [TS]

  have that price they all have all these [TS]

  option packages on them which they don't [TS]

  publish the prices for as far as i know [TS]

  and they didn't last time i looked at [TS]

  toyota's and so like all your research [TS]

  is ruined because you were researching [TS]

  the base price and nothing there has the [TS]

  base configuration it's like formats I [TS]

  mean that was used to be the old one on [TS]

  the cheap cars that like that nothing [TS]

  comes with formats like it anyways I got [TS]

  a gentleman's agreement amongst all you [TS]

  know a low price car vendors no no one's [TS]

  going to include the format's that floor [TS]

  mats are always extra and they're always [TS]

  like 200 don't get the most expensive [TS]

  squares of carpet you've ever seen in [TS]

  your entire life i had to buy formats [TS]

  from ebay for the 1m like when I got it [TS]

  and I just assume that like the guy who [TS]

  wanted before me was just you know he [TS]

  just lost them are or something you know [TS]

  before he gave the card of this dealer [TS]

  I've never seen like a car this decade [TS]

  or the last decade for that matter that [TS]

  didn't come formats and then everyone [TS]

  just buys them that's what like they [TS]

  don't know none of them came with them [TS]

  but you would buy them in i bought them [TS]

  and for my cars because what am I going [TS]

  to a carbonyl formats right able you [TS]

  know it looked at you know if it has [TS]

  like those big like velcro dismounts [TS]

  like it has all amounts of the formats [TS]

  to stick on so it looks terrible without [TS]

  them even if you could somehow justify [TS]

  the the dirt issues it's like it's just [TS]

  it seems so weird that you would sell a [TS]

  car without formats and that you would [TS]

  buy a car without formats so yeah I had [TS]

  to let go spend [TS]

  hundred bucks on ebay to get formats for [TS]

  this crazy sports car that somehow [TS]

  didn't come with them [TS]

  yeah that is pretty violently so I'm [TS]

  almost done with my list here so heated [TS]

  seats fold down rear seats at the there [TS]

  are two options that I well one of them [TS]

  is actually becoming required that's [TS]

  dynamic Stability control and everyone [TS]

  has a different name for it but that [TS]

  breaks the laws of physics it's insane [TS]

  actually I think the owners manual it [TS]

  literally says it can't break the laws [TS]

  of physics but it is far as I'm [TS]

  concerned it will make your car not do [TS]

  things that shouldn't do no matter how [TS]

  stupid and and ham fisted you are and so [TS]

  if it was an option I would definitely [TS]

  ticket and then John earlier I believe [TS]

  you met made mention of you know you [TS]

  would say don't don't do anything [TS]

  electronic but the Harman Kardon sound [TS]

  in my car is one of the best stories [TS]

  I've ever heard [TS]

  now maybe i'm just telling myself to [TS]

  believe that but it really is i'm sure [TS]

  it sounds better than the stock radio [TS]

  but the question is does it sound better [TS]

  than the equivalent radio you could've [TS]

  bought with that same money because they [TS]

  always over charge you for the fancy [TS]

  radio like goin for actually twelve [TS]

  hundred dollars you know what kind of [TS]

  aftermarket stereo you can get for [TS]

  twelve hundred dollars you get a pretty [TS]

  darn good one [TS]

  yeah but it would be would not look [TS]

  right as steeply only that's i getcha [TS]

  well exactly and also one thing i will [TS]

  say about the nav in in favor of having [TS]

  nav and I can't speak for other [TS]

  manufacturers but one of the very cool [TS]

  things about the BMW's nav is that when [TS]

  you have BMW Assist which is there [TS]

  onstar knockoff you can actually get on [TS]

  google maps find an address and have [TS]

  google maps send it to your car so that [TS]

  the moment you get in the car you you [TS]

  look at whatever messages have come in [TS]

  since the last time you got in your car [TS]

  and it's sitting right in the address is [TS]

  sitting right there ready to go ready to [TS]

  be enter ready already entered ready to [TS]

  be used in granted you know if you're [TS]

  doing this on your phone then you're not [TS]

  really gaining anything but i do think [TS]

  that is a pretty cool use making the [TS]

  Incarnate better than it otherwise could [TS]

  have been the test does that all inside [TS]

  the same car because you go to the giant [TS]

  touchpad [TS]

  google maps and you find your [TS]

  destination but the giant others and has [TS]

  no idea how did navigation so you press [TS]

  a button and it sends it from the google [TS]

  maps thing you to the in-car navigation [TS]

  which is a Garmin unit this was like a [TS]

  little miniature close-up heard there [TS]

  are three feet away from each other but [TS]

  it's too yeah that's like a version 1.1 [TS]

  thing [TS]

  yeah and actually that reminds me that [TS]

  my dad's jeep he got a Wrangler honor [TS]

  maybe six months or a year ago and it [TS]

  actually has if i'm not mistaken a [TS]

  garmin nav system its garmin software in [TS]

  the onboard jeep nav so that I actually [TS]

  really like a lot because it's the exact [TS]

  same software you find a standalone [TS]

  Garmin unit but it's part of the inn in [TS]

  car unit then finally the only other [TS]

  thing that I don't think I've mentioned [TS]

  that I that I would absolutely recommend [TS]

  is xenon headlamps if at all possible [TS]

  the difference between xenons and [TS]

  incandescent bulbs is stupid terrible [TS]

  pun but night and day I mean did [TS]

  especially in the bi-xenon the BMW when [TS]

  I have my brights on it could it might [TS]

  as well be freaking daytime it's [TS]

  absolutely ridiculous that leds now [TS]

  Casey you're so vexed or not it's true [TS]

  you're right well just some sort of high [TS]

  tide just wasn't our discharge wouldn't [TS]

  know i was just reading about [TS]

  high-intensity discharge HID yeah yeah [TS]

  yeah i was turning about the new [TS]

  Mercedes s-class upcoming s-class that [TS]

  has expunged incandescent bulbs and [TS]

  xenon bulbs and halogen everything from [TS]

  at the entire car interior exterior turn [TS]

  signals everything everything is led on [TS]

  the upcoming as class when didn't i see [TS]

  that the Volvo has come out with like [TS]

  all high beams that are always on and [TS]

  they'll automatically like to take away [TS]

  the high beam everything we might have [TS]

  been mistreating about the s-class [TS]

  that's the same thing you know is it [TS]

  basically it has this is a light shields [TS]

  that adjusted depending on this oncoming [TS]

  traffic and like right and everything is [TS]

  dynamic the tail lights behind you [TS]

  adjust the brightness based on the [TS]

  proximity of the car behind you so you [TS]

  don't blind person stuck behind you and [TS]

  traffic ahead along things going on and [TS]

  I think all the luxury brands for a few [TS]

  years now . like the automatic bright [TS]

  swear it like it'll it'll look ahead and [TS]

  and it'll keep your brights on most time [TS]

  then it will dim them or real this away [TS]

  from people as they come on this is [TS]

  different this is like a like a little [TS]

  actuator that shaping the light output [TS]

  so yes it would knocks out certain [TS]

  regions of the light [TS]

  because the light is made up of lots of [TS]

  tiny little LEDs maybe just turns off or [TS]

  whatever like it's it's it's making the [TS]

  output of the light silhouette that [TS]

  matches the area that you want to go on [TS]

  instead of instead of taking a light [TS]

  that just makes a bright light and [TS]

  aiming in different directions or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  ok but yeah that was my list [TS]

  I'm done man I don't know what options [TS]

  don't you like my they'll be easier as [TS]

  well are well first of all I i should [TS]

  say the point that I disagree with you [TS]

  guys on first I really like a sunroof I [TS]

  i know that you know Casey I think [TS]

  you're indifferent John you don't like [TS]

  for the 10 libraries and I agree I agree [TS]

  it does make sense [TS]

  like if you like John you usually have [TS]

  headroom issues because you're tall and [TS]

  you by short cars so so i guess it would [TS]

  make sense i'm all cars i guess it would [TS]

  make sense in that in that case but I [TS]

  think as long as that's not your issue i [TS]

  love us on earth because the air pattern [TS]

  that you get when you just open the [TS]

  sunroof and not any of the windows to me [TS]

  like i love doing that when it's cold [TS]

  outside like it you know it when it's [TS]

  like in the forties like it's not it's [TS]

  not warm enough to really have all the [TS]

  windows open but you still like some [TS]

  fresh air [TS]

  you can open the sunroof and like you [TS]

  know blast the heat on your feet and [TS]

  leave the sunroof open to me like i like [TS]

  that combination i also just really like [TS]

  the light that comes in like out i'll [TS]

  leave it i'll leave a little shade open [TS]

  all the time even when this one even [TS]

  when the glass is closed [TS]

  just because I like the openness that [TS]

  you get from the additional light so I i [TS]

  love a sunroof and I really i I've [TS]

  missed it when the rocket because the [TS]

  rocket doesn't have that I'm and in my [TS]

  328 it's always I always have it open [TS]

  I could not agree more i should have [TS]

  mentioned that in the be in the excuse [TS]

  me the super didn't have it because it [TS]

  was a package like both you guys are [TS]

  talking about and if memory serves a [TS]

  package was a sunroof and leather and [TS]

  something else which i can't remember [TS]

  off the top of my head but it was those [TS]

  are things power seats sunroof leather [TS]

  power seats was three thousand dollars [TS]

  and I just couldn't swing it just was [TS]

  stupid but I could not agree more i [TS]

  absolutely love you don't worry had [TS]

  leaks because is marcos changing up his [TS]

  cars every three years they never get [TS]

  but the one sunroof car [TS]

  we had my family the summer flaked [TS]

  really i mean we have a 94 camry that [TS]

  had a sunroof that my mom just got rid [TS]

  of like two years ago and it never [TS]

  leaked yes I'm here anyways I've never [TS]

  heard of somebody something sleek maybe [TS]

  it maybe it's your roof appellate issue [TS]

  that's true now this is not our car that [TS]

  we on this is my mother's a nissan 240z [TS]

  I mean there's an old car obviously but [TS]

  as I understand it was lucky [TS]

  anyway let's see i have going through [TS]

  your list i'm a big fan of the park [TS]

  distance beepers very everyone calls [TS]

  these things different things going to [TS]

  call that Park distance control PDC some [TS]

  people call it parkassist it's it's a [TS]

  little like I don't know if they're like [TS]

  short-range radar or infrared or what [TS]

  these little sensors and the bumpers [TS]

  that sense of distance the cars are for [TS]

  in front of behind you and beep as you [TS]

  get closer to them I parallel park all [TS]

  the time that should be the way the [TS]

  place i live at us to parallel park in [TS]

  various places and if you ever parallel [TS]

  park having those park distance beepers [TS]

  is awesome and and so with this car [TS]

  we couldn't get them there what we we [TS]

  were ordering tix car it's the lexus the [TS]

  is which doesn't have a fold-down rear [TS]

  seat which drives crazy and sucks and it [TS]

  wasn't even an option and there's no [TS]

  reason for that not to be an option on [TS]

  that car [TS]

  I don't know why they did that alexis is [TS]

  weird about their fold down rear seats [TS]

  they don't really I don't think any of [TS]

  their sedans have them i think it's only [TS]

  the SUV's because bizarre anyway uh so [TS]

  tips car has a backup camera [TS]

  we're just shows the imagine the [TS]

  navigation screen and and both of my [TS]

  stomach section section s both of my BMW [TS]

  if you are year duh but anyway [TS]

  hey they both have just the beepers and [TS]

  and not the camera and wait is that true [TS]

  is the rocket yet yet yet even has a [TS]

  camera and I find the beepers to be way [TS]

  more useful than the camera because II [TS]

  like you can be looking backwards as [TS]

  you're backing up you can be looking [TS]

  backwards and still get that feeling [TS]

  back from that system now ideally if you [TS]

  can have both shuriken both but if you [TS]

  have to pick one or the other like tips [TS]

  car has just the camera [TS]

  my car has just the beeper and we both [TS]

  agree that the beeper is the way better [TS]

  option [TS]

  I question would you if available and [TS]

  take the option box for automatic [TS]

  parallel parking mode where you just [TS]

  take your hands off the wheel foot off [TS]

  everything and it does it for you [TS]

  you know I've never I've never actually [TS]

  seen that in person or better car that [TS]

  has that if you're if it works [TS]

  especially well and if we could get into [TS]

  a really tight spot that I'm that might [TS]

  be challenging to do on my own then [TS]

  maybe but i'm pretty good at like [TS]

  generally if you have to parallel park [TS]

  on a regular basis you you get pretty [TS]

  good at it so I don't really need that [TS]

  and i'm not i'm not really it wouldn't [TS]

  provide that much value to me so like if [TS]

  i had to pay extra for just that feature [TS]

  i wouldn't get it but if it was part of [TS]

  some package i was getting maybe I get [TS]

  it then you know that's a part of the [TS]

  technology package right exactly but yet [TS]

  the park distance beepers i love those [TS]

  things i highly recommend if you ever [TS]

  parallel park and if you have a car [TS]

  without an option get it [TS]

  it is totally worth it and one small car [TS]

  get to that is that some cars only offer [TS]

  it on the rear or only on the front [TS]

  I don't know why maybe it's like a [TS]

  bumper design limitation [TS]

  yeah or something a lot of cars will [TS]

  offer only on one of those two and and [TS]

  including the 1m I don't have it on the [TS]

  rear my car [TS]

  really with the m sport bumper is that [TS]

  one that's why it's because the m sport [TS]

  bumper now to my I there's physically [TS]

  enough room for the sensors but on the m [TS]

  sport 33 35 time on the export 3-series [TS]

  is they do not have a front Park [TS]

  distance control although i believe the [TS]

  m3 did that's what mine certainly does [TS]

  not yet its very own anyway so it when [TS]

  you only have it on one it's nice a [TS]

  little bit but it really helps to have [TS]

  it on both because that was what you [TS]

  what you can do with this like for me I [TS]

  always think my car is way bigger than [TS]

  our day is like front and back so I like [TS]

  all back into a spot and think i have [TS]

  almost no space at all and then get out [TS]

  and look I have way more space and I [TS]

  thought it [TS]

  as a result i will pass up on spots that [TS]

  I could fit in but i don't think i could [TS]

  fit in with the park distance control [TS]

  you can get so close without knowing [TS]

  you're gonna hit your car [TS]

  I think you can get so close that you [TS]

  can get yourself into smaller spots [TS]

  without that paranoia of my god I'm [TS]

  gonna hit everything constantly yeah and [TS]

  what's interesting about the BMW's with [TS]

  navigation is that when the when the [TS]

  cars in Reverse I actually see the kind [TS]

  of overhead view of my car and then kind [TS]

  of like a graph it's very hard to [TS]

  describe but it's it's a visual [TS]

  representation of what it thinks is [TS]

  behind me based on i think it is [TS]

  short-range radar based on the radar [TS]

  coming off the rear bumper and so i can [TS]

  see that on the left side specifically [TS]

  you know a third of the way into the car [TS]

  there's some sort of obstruction that [TS]

  are really close to yeah it's really not [TS]

  as nice yeah it's not as nice as a [TS]

  camera for sure but but it's certainly [TS]

  as good as you get without having a [TS]

  camera was really like I the can i [TS]

  really don't get the camera thing [TS]

  because when i'm backing up and i'm [TS]

  turning my head behind me so I can't see [TS]

  the screen and so let's try keep looking [TS]

  back and forth if you want to actually [TS]

  make use of the camera to keep looking [TS]

  back and forth between the screen and [TS]

  the rear windshield or you can just look [TS]

  at the rear windshield which is what I [TS]

  think me and most people have just [TS]

  probably just end up doing in which case [TS]

  the camera's not really serving you know [TS]

  the camera so you can see kids you'll [TS]

  see when Adam starts talking behind your [TS]

  car you can't see him because he's below [TS]

  your deck lid so that's what the cameras [TS]

  right but then what do you like [TS]

  re supposed to just look at the screen [TS]

  the whole time you look at the camera to [TS]

  see that it's clear of kids and then you [TS]

  start backing up any crumbs and I mean [TS]

  like I mean well you're not going to get [TS]

  you back up all time just looking in the [TS]

  camera because it's fish I you can see [TS]

  everything from it I mean you can't [TS]

  write back and forth to but it's [TS]

  basically like it if you have to choose [TS]

  one thing to look at either just the [TS]

  camera or just out the back window [TS]

  the theory is that you should look at [TS]

  the camera because you will not see kids [TS]

  low-to-high exactly especially like a [TS]

  minivan with where the where the cutout [TS]

  for the rear window is so much higher [TS]

  that's gonna be hiding like you know [TS]

  full-size kids not just toddlers right [TS]

  yeah anything it makes more sense on [TS]

  cars where you have very limited rear [TS]

  visibility that you know that obviously [TS]

  makes more sense but even even on acid [TS]

  and I think just just to get the peace [TS]

  of mind that it's okay to start backing [TS]

  out [TS]

  you know I mean yeah that'd make what [TS]

  makes sense but anything you just look [TS]

  at once you turn your head [TS]

  well yeah I mean like you want for most [TS]

  of the time it's not going to actually [TS]

  be at all or most of the time it's going [TS]

  to be like you know kids at a bus stop [TS]

  or whatever and once you know it with [TS]

  the it's ok to start moving what's a [TS]

  moving car will you know be more [TS]

  noticeable two children than a kid who [TS]

  is standing right behind it does not [TS]

  notice the car started to move you don't [TS]

  notice until like you feel the lump of [TS]

  the tire going over you know what I mean [TS]

  like right once the things in motion [TS]

  they can catch people's eyes but if if [TS]

  it did you have to like when can I start [TS]

  to move right and then you get you can [TS]

  periodically lands back at it to make [TS]

  sure it's still clear [TS]

  you know i mean i'm also very literally [TS]

  once you start moving if you're looking [TS]

  at the back you'll be able to see the [TS]

  kid running from one side of the other [TS]

  hopefully having a variety of the side [TS]

  you doing the back alright fair enough i [TS]

  would also say one option i like a lot [TS]

  and we're going to have I think a bigger [TS]

  discussion about aftermarket vs stock [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  one thing i like a lot is a steering [TS]

  wheel audio controls at oh my god yes [TS]

  it's like I i had my first car with that [TS]

  was the was the forgettable accord and [TS]

  it's oh man it's even though even though [TS]

  the accord has that giant volume knob in [TS]

  the middle school did I'd probably still [TS]

  doesn't every part is that doesn't [TS]

  anymore but it's it's so nice because [TS]

  your hands are already on the wheel be [TS]

  able to make little volume adjustments [TS]

  from right there changes everything [TS]

  now John is your I know your current car [TS]

  probably doesn't have this would you get [TS]

  that on your new car if it was an option [TS]

  that's not even optional anymore like [TS]

  you know my current cars happened i have [TS]

  the same generation of course that you [TS]

  did and i don't think it's an option [TS]

  like maybe was an option on my old Civic [TS]

  but i think all the cords come with [TS]

  standard was your current one it was an [TS]

  exs right because he said it was like it [TS]

  was a high trim level that you got [TS]

  through the insurance thing it was the [TS]

  s.e special edition [TS]

  I don't know way but it wasn't it's not [TS]

  the v6 but it wasn't the bottom of the [TS]

  line once okay you know but yeah I don't [TS]

  think I don't think you can get into [TS]

  court without considering the bottle of [TS]

  wine one like power windows were [TS]

  optional [TS]

  I don't think they do that anymore yeah [TS]

  now like my heart my 92 $YEAR civic and [TS]

  roll up windows nice yeah i love [TS]

  steering wheel audio controls on 2x [TS]

  stand on the on the heated seats thing [TS]

  first of all heated seats are awesome [TS]

  I i don't think i ever had them with [TS]

  cloth I don't know anybody really offers [TS]

  that because there's not there's a lot [TS]

  less demand for with cloth seats super [TS]

  they do now that's mine has seats and [TS]

  heated seats [TS]

  well anyway with with leather at least i [TS]

  can tell you i heated seats are awesome [TS]

  even even when it's not like 20 degrees [TS]

  outside even when it's 40 degrees [TS]

  outside [TS]

  i still use my use heated seats whenever [TS]

  it's too cold roll the windows down so [TS]

  again with my son of thing [TS]

  sunroof open sea he did see hot feet [TS]

  awesome great combination all you need [TS]

  to do with leather because level you'll [TS]

  freeze your butt off literally if it [TS]

  literally it [TS]

  yes signore but will actually would be [TS]

  removed from your body because it's [TS]

  frozen because there they suck the heat [TS]

  right out of you you know like cloth [TS]

  seats don't do that as much so that's I [TS]

  think that's why the heated seats are [TS]

  rare and cloth seats because you know [TS]

  the closet to make kind of like an air [TS]

  cushion between your butt and the seat [TS]

  that it gives you time to heat up that [TS]

  air and doesn't feel cold wear leather [TS]

  just makes a big contact and yeah it [TS]

  sucks the heat right out of you so you [TS]

  need you definitely don't get leather [TS]

  seats without heat or basically it [TS]

  should be the rule right it's also [TS]

  really nice to to put your hands under [TS]

  your legs with onto a heated seat when [TS]

  you just like brushed all the snow off [TS]

  your car your hands are freezing [TS]

  that is why you have the heated steering [TS]

  wheel right yeah I'm gonna get to that [TS]

  and so is it definitely so I only one of [TS]

  our cars has a heated steering wheel and [TS]

  oh my god it's amazing and it's oh man [TS]

  not a lot of cars have it as an option [TS]

  but if you have that as an option if you [TS]

  live anywhere cold you'd be amazed how [TS]

  nice it is like it i and and it [TS]

  BMW's version of it is actually pretty [TS]

  terrible i mean at least the one of my [TS]

  three series i don't i haven't used any [TS]

  other ones yet but like the the button [TS]

  for it is positioned on the on the side [TS]

  of the wheel icon like the I don't know [TS]

  the shaft whatever it's called its [TS]

  position on the side of that but one of [TS]

  the spokes of the wheel visually blocks [TS]

  you from seeing it when you're driving [TS]

  if you unless you're turning and pretty [TS]

  sharply so if you're driving straight [TS]

  you can't see what [TS]

  the heated steering wheel on or off and [TS]

  so and and there's even like a couple [TS]

  like dead spots like around the [TS]

  perimeter of the wheel we're just not [TS]

  heated like where some of the joints are [TS]

  with the spokes so it doesn't even a [TS]

  very good imitation of this but it's [TS]

  just so nice to have that feature and [TS]

  it's it is incredible they really like [TS]

  when you when you're you know when it's [TS]

  cold and everything in the car is cold [TS]

  every surface you touches cold having [TS]

  the heated seat is a big step up having [TS]

  a heated will just completes its like [TS]

  then you can get in the car without [TS]

  gloves and without any without freezing [TS]

  your hands off and just wrap your hands [TS]

  around that we always just it just feels [TS]

  so nice [TS]

  even if one just like 40 you know it [TS]

  doesn't have your back hold this to be [TS]

  nice it is fantastic [TS]

  I definitely again i would strongly [TS]

  recommend heated wheel let's see a [TS]

  powered seats a lot of people are iffy [TS]

  on this sometimes they're very expensive [TS]

  add on base they do certainly add weight [TS]

  one major awesome feature powered seats [TS]

  if if you have two drivers of your car [TS]

  and you are not identically sized [TS]

  powered seats usually have memories and [TS]

  so you can usually program in like you [TS]

  and your spouse to have two different [TS]

  seat settings and then you can adjust [TS]

  with you know the push of a button you [TS]

  can adjust between the two of you [TS]

  it's also very useful even if you're the [TS]

  only person who drives your car it's [TS]

  nice like if you go if you get like a [TS]

  car wash or if you get car service and [TS]

  somebody else has to sit in your car for [TS]

  a minute and they adjust the seat then [TS]

  as soon as they hit the car back you can [TS]

  push the buttons back to your perfect [TS]

  settings so absolutely know what it is [TS]

  that the people who service and wash and [TS]

  detail your car like how is it that they [TS]

  come to choose the seating and mirror [TS]

  positions and hvac settings that are [TS]

  that exist in your cards when you get [TS]

  into your car like no human would have [TS]

  these combination of attributes they [TS]

  just randomly positioning the seats the [TS]

  mirrors and like the blower's on full [TS]

  and the heat is on minutes but the air [TS]

  conditioning is also on the radio is [TS]

  blaring on some weird station this is [TS]

  pushed all the way back but push forward [TS]

  and the mirrors can't be seen from that [TS]

  position is just as he strikes me is [TS]

  completely random [TS]

  you're absolutely right in the funny [TS]

  thing is you know as [TS]

  as the driver of a car with a clutch i [TS]

  know that i can't properly operate my [TS]

  car it except in a maybe two or three [TS]

  inch depth of mice of the seat so [TS]

  there's like a 23 inch window of good [TS]

  weather and I can operate the clutch [TS]

  properly and almost every time I get in [TS]

  my car and almost every time I get in my [TS]

  car [TS]

  well after it's been serviced the seat [TS]

  is back so John you wouldn't be able to [TS]

  operate the clutch properly so I'm some [TS]

  basically six foot tall and I get in the [TS]

  car and there must be like Shaquille [TS]

  O'Neal head in the service bay servicing [TS]

  this damn thing because it is so far [TS]

  back I don't know how anyone even got it [TS]

  to the parking spot it was in maybe they [TS]

  slapped it lack of memory seats which I [TS]

  wanted memory seats forever but of [TS]

  course i never get a car with power seat [TS]

  so it's not in the cards [TS]

  Amanda and you know because my wife is [TS]

  much shorter than I am and having that [TS]

  happen makes you become skilled in the [TS]

  art of driving stick shift car in [TS]

  awkward positions because frequently I'd [TS]

  like move your car off the driveway or [TS]

  move cars around and I'll go in there [TS]

  and i won't bother i'm not gonna spend [TS]

  the time to adjust the seats and other [TS]

  stuff right all sort of went to my she's [TS]

  got her seat not only way far forward [TS]

  but also cranked up because the universe [TS]

  has the lever to go up and down she [TS]

  short so she cranks you're not in my [TS]

  position [TS]

  yeah and I need to see it all the way [TS]

  down to give me head room but i can get [TS]

  in the car kind of sideways and kind of [TS]

  like like Peter my knees are up on my [TS]

  chin and my legs are sideways in the [TS]

  footwell and I can kind of operate the [TS]

  clutch with like the ball of my left [TS]

  foot while using the shift there with [TS]

  it's just that and knowing how to drive [TS]

  a stick shift car wearing ski boots are [TS]

  the two important skills that I've [TS]

  learned [TS]

  yeah i would recommend that was [TS]

  impressive yeah let me know when you [TS]

  conquer high heels because apparently [TS]

  that's all you have left John i think [TS]

  steve was probably more difficult [TS]

  because you really get no feel for [TS]

  what's going on or hate them right [TS]

  they're so big I mean it man [TS]

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  that who knows [TS]

  hey uh sorry were you doing with your [TS]

  options because i wanted to hear your [TS]

  clitoris apart about the navigation if [TS]

  you were yes [TS]

  so one more quick thing on syracuse [TS]

  mentioned satellite radio is terrible i [TS]

  do agree i'm a big fan of some satellite [TS]

  radio content however sirius XM is [TS]

  really a pretty rough company in a lot [TS]

  of ways they they're like the kind of [TS]

  company like once you get if you ever [TS]

  subscribe to siriusxm they will spam the [TS]

  crap out of you forever like input [TS]

  you'll get things in the mail every week [TS]

  saying hey we activated your radio for [TS]

  another two hours for free come back to [TS]

  us here's an offer [TS]

  you know one of those companies like [TS]

  where you can never really fully leave [TS]

  their they're just kind of a mess very [TS]

  badly managed company and the audio [TS]

  quality over the air is pretty terrible [TS]

  the internet streaming is ok but the [TS]

  audio the over the air quality sounds [TS]

  like a like an 80 kilobytes per second [TS]

  mp3 it really is is pretty rough [TS]

  that being said i did get the premium [TS]

  upgrade because I do like listening to a [TS]

  few things on satellite radio so I [TS]

  tolerate them and i will agree to harman [TS]

  kardon BMW upgrades is pretty good [TS]

  although the stock one is probably fine [TS]

  to honestly my my radio because i [TS]

  upgraded with the serious as part of [TS]

  package i got HD radio have either of [TS]

  you guys have your interview ever used [TS]

  HD radio hybrid digital not high [TS]

  definition really is that it's not [TS]

  another HD radio i believe does not [TS]

  stand for high-definition it was a [TS]

  trademark issue that they couldn't know [TS]

  i know i think i think it's probably [TS]

  like a truth in advertising because they [TS]

  not giving you you know like technically [TS]

  speaking I think good strong FM radio [TS]

  signal may be just as good as this [TS]

  well it does sound way better on am [TS]

  that's for sure but anyway it's a [TS]

  HD radio so I have it in my 328 it is [TS]

  just completely useless because and [TS]

  maybe a maybe other areas this will be [TS]

  different but where I am you know in the [TS]

  new york metro area the reception for [TS]

  the HD signal cuts out occasionally so [TS]

  the radio conveniently automatically [TS]

  switches back to the FM version or the [TS]

  am version of putting what you're [TS]

  listening to [TS]

  and so as you're driving around you [TS]

  you'll hear it cut back and forth [TS]

  between the two and you know the HD [TS]

  version sounds a little bit better [TS]

  usually but uh it's not worth hearing it [TS]

  cut back and forth it's annoying as hell [TS]

  so i don't i don't recommend HD radio [TS]

  also what you're hearing in better [TS]

  quality is still terrible radio stations [TS]

  you know you're still hearing a million [TS]

  commercials an hour you're still hearing [TS]

  you know that the same 40 songs and [TS]

  rotation with no human djs ever involved [TS]

  anymore or somebody pre-recorded from [TS]

  some other state you know it radios [TS]

  terrible like the whole like broadcast [TS]

  radio industry is just instruct shambles [TS]

  it's so terrible so you're getting a [TS]

  higher quality rendering of a terrible [TS]

  product [TS]

  sometimes it's really not i don't [TS]

  recommend HD radio at all so with the [TS]

  with the m5 they have a whole bunch of [TS]

  crazy technology options but there in [TS]

  like two packages so I got both packages [TS]

  so I'm getting most of the creative [TS]

  technology things one option i didn't [TS]

  get was the bank and all of sudden fancy [TS]

  radio it's 35 hundred dollars extra and [TS]

  it's just an upgraded stereo and they [TS]

  have like all these crazy like there's a [TS]

  center speaker on the dash that like [TS]

  lifts up out of its little hole that [TS]

  sits in when it's often like lift up [TS]

  when you turn the car on and beam sound [TS]

  directly into your ear something it [TS]

  sounds all crazy you know like most bang [TS]

  & olufsen marketing claims I i actually [TS]

  didn't hear excited I couldn't find one [TS]

  of these in a dealer because I I imagine [TS]

  they probably have a hard time selling [TS]

  anything configured with that option but [TS]

  I don't care how good it sounds it could [TS]

  sound amazing [TS]

  it wouldn't be worth 3,500 dollars for [TS]

  me because usually when i'm in the car [TS]

  listening to podcasts [TS]

  I very rarely listen to music in the car [TS]

  so or if I'm listen to music it's on [TS]

  such a short trip like just going into [TS]

  town for the post office and coming back [TS]

  like it's such a short trip that I'm not [TS]

  even really gonna notice the quality [TS]

  that much on long trips where I would [TS]

  notice the quality and pay attention and [TS]

  listen to podcasts which usually no [TS]

  matter how well they're recorded and [TS]

  processed they don't really sound any [TS]

  different on different quality car [TS]

  stereos and have to really matter so I I [TS]

  don't really think paying extra for [TS]

  high-end audiences to make sense for me [TS]

  other people obviously you know your [TS]

  needs will will vary in your priorities [TS]

  will vary but even even though I'm [TS]

  getting this ridiculous car with lots of [TS]

  ridiculous options including like the [TS]

  the trunk opens when you wave your foot [TS]

  under the car like crazy options like [TS]

  that just cuz their abundance the [TS]

  packages but i'm not getting the crazy [TS]

  stereo for thirty-four thirty-five [TS]

  hundred times that's insane i think [TS]

  about what you could do with that $300 [TS]

  it now that you've opted not to do it [TS]

  you can get yourself a really nice [TS]

  television that you would get much more [TS]

  enjoyment out of then i wouldn't even [TS]

  got a TV i mean it's a good TV is like a [TS]

  thousand bucks no good TV is least 2 [TS]

  grand [TS]

  really yeah i guess you actually no i [TS]

  mean like when i bought about my current [TS]

  TV it's like it's a panasonic 42 inch [TS]

  plasma I got in like two thousand six or [TS]

  so and it was like a thousand bucks back [TS]

  then and now they're even now you can [TS]

  get them pretty nice for even cheaper it [TS]

  better make 42 just anymore [TS]

  ok sorry my small TV know like that when [TS]

  they do they make small tvs but they're [TS]

  terrible like it when you bought the [TS]

  42-inch that was like the sweet spot of [TS]

  the size now I wish you get them smaller [TS]

  because you can get 50 inches anymore [TS]

  the top end models the smallest ones are [TS]

  55 really yeah my TV is 50 and I got the [TS]

  small one when i bought it but now my [TS]

  you know the successor to my product [TS]

  range yes smallest comes in is 5500 man [TS]

  anyway so so yet [TS]

  hi I'm Ryan radio stuff i don't really [TS]

  care about rear-seat entertainment [TS]

  I don't get that option either because I [TS]

  figure 4 and we not right now my kids [TS]

  too young to use it but once he's old [TS]

  enough to use it [TS]

  I figure giving him an ipad [TS]

  is not only cheaper especially since i [TS]

  since I'm accumulating iPads as time [TS]

  goes on as i get each new model for [TS]

  testing and then keep the keep all the [TS]

  old ones so i have a bunch of extra you [TS]

  know tablets and things like that that i [TS]

  can i can give them instead and they're [TS]

  probably better because they'll take [TS]

  naughty but without terribly like this [TS]

  this is even better than navigation [TS]

  because again they charge you so much [TS]

  money for the stupid screens and they [TS]

  are right terrible screens especially in [TS]

  minivans like oh yeah terrible viewing [TS]

  angles terrible contrast that you know [TS]

  really poor color saturation here [TS]

  playing screens they're worse they're [TS]

  worse than their plea [TS]

  I was shocked like my brother-in-law got [TS]

  a brand new chrysler minivan and this [TS]

  quality of the screens in the back at [TS]

  like it's not good you know you know the [TS]

  ipads are just so far they forget about [TS]

  ready to forget about anything just take [TS]

  the ipad one screen and it is bigger [TS]

  brighter and better than than these [TS]

  things and of course the ipad one was [TS]

  you know what five hundred dollars or [TS]

  whatever it cost you way more than that [TS]

  to get this package with the rear seat [TS]

  entertainment [TS]

  yeah yes I didn't get that either and [TS]

  it's all sorts of like little add-ons [TS]

  like the cargo net and stuff like that [TS]

  that you know the the roof racks various [TS]

  like any kind of truck accessory any [TS]

  kind of a bolt-on spoiler that doesn't [TS]

  come with every one of the models [TS]

  anything like that aye aye skip all that [TS]

  stuff I don't get any of that stuff tips [TS]

  car actually has the cargo net and I [TS]

  actually I find it quite annoying [TS]

  because it's really obnoxious if it's if [TS]

  you keep it up there all the time it's [TS]

  really obnoxious to get things into the [TS]

  trunk because it kind of like snags on [TS]

  everything but if you don't leave it up [TS]

  all the time then it's then you'll just [TS]

  never use it but it's kind of pointless [TS]

  so i don't recommend that either so but [TS]

  a kind of along those lines I think in [TS]

  this this is not a joke and I'm not [TS]

  being sarcastic my favorite feature of [TS]

  the subaru might have been the hooks [TS]

  that were in the trunk and there were [TS]

  two little hooks on either side of the [TS]

  trunk opening where you could hook like [TS]

  grocery bags and things like that just [TS]

  so they wouldn't fall down and spray [TS]

  their contents everywhere that is the [TS]

  best idea in the world and I don't [TS]

  understand why no other men while I'm [TS]

  sure there's some of the manufacturer [TS]

  that does it but I've never ever seen [TS]

  another car that has [TS]

  it and it is fantastic and it's it does [TS]

  everything the cargo net does with none [TS]

  of the penalties and I wish more more [TS]

  mates did that's a really good idea [TS]

  oh it's burning like their their hooks [TS]

  that are strong enough to hold a plastic [TS]

  grocery bag bites and allow you like oh [TS]

  come on Eve and stuff like that in there [TS]

  in the rear like the small rear area [TS]

  they have things like hooks and cubbies [TS]

  to be able to put things so they don't [TS]

  slosh around [TS]

  yeah it's absolutely fantastic if you [TS]

  want if you want to see like that the [TS]

  the height of packaging like that's we [TS]

  the height of packaging like that's we [TS]

  look into minivan market because they're [TS]

  always trying to outdo each other in [TS]

  terms in terms of this time to think [TS]

  practical packaging things cupholders [TS]

  copies for luggage places for kids to [TS]

  put things can you know all that stuff [TS]

  that's that's what they're competing on [TS]

  you know so it's very very interesting [TS]

  to watch that war of war of a creative [TS]

  use of space also wagons also a very [TS]

  good about like at least they're you [TS]

  know that a couple times before all the [TS]

  same but the the way that the trunk is [TS]

  laid out in a wagon where you have like [TS]

  the deck lid that can then be taken off [TS]

  for broken down or folded away and [TS]

  tucked away somewhere and then the floor [TS]

  can open up and like there's also a [TS]

  similar kind of innovation there where [TS]

  you see a lot of very creative use of [TS]

  space and and modularity and options so [TS]

  yeah what else do i drop for the rest of [TS]

  my options discussion I think that [TS]

  pretty much covered so i guess i get to [TS]

  the navigation thing generally speaking [TS]

  I don't like add-ons to my car like i [TS]

  don't i don't know i don't like any kind [TS]

  of aftermarket thing that I have to like [TS]

  suction cup of the windshield or stick [TS]

  in the cup holder or anything or like [TS]

  you know clip onto the event i really [TS]

  don't like any of those things so I i [TS]

  I'd for a while I would use this seems [TS]

  like when i first got satellite radio [TS]

  back with the maxima i would i would [TS]

  stick that on i mean even before then I [TS]

  was bringing around like a discman or an [TS]

  mp3 player tucked into like the that the [TS]

  empty bay below the radio where the [TS]

  optional CD player would have gone if it [TS]

  looking like my old Karolos and stuff [TS]

  like that my family had so I I'd like [TS]

  shove a CD player in there like rap felt [TS]

  around and try to cushion it so it [TS]

  wouldn't skip as much you know things [TS]

  calculation in the holding tank is at [TS]

  one time I even built the carputer which [TS]

  lasted until I went over a speed bump [TS]

  because i'm using desktop components and [TS]

  they don't really appreciate when the [TS]

  pentium to slot cpu falls out of its lot [TS]

  while its operating on that does not [TS]

  really go well so I've tried lots of [TS]

  different crazy aftermarket things i [TS]

  mentioned earlier how I have my maximas [TS]

  bose radio and drilled an oxygen jack [TS]

  into its console [TS]

  yes after that you know basic suction [TS]

  cups of satellite radios and stuff I I [TS]

  never did the gps unit thing I've never [TS]

  owned a standalone gps unit and some and [TS]

  ever since I've gotten smart phones that [TS]

  have GPS built and I've never had a [TS]

  phone clip or mount that will matter in [TS]

  the car in the 328 it actually sits very [TS]

  nicely in this little in a little like [TS]

  non cup holder like that kind of trade [TS]

  area between the stick shift and the [TS]

  armrest compartment that my phone is [TS]

  very nicely there and even plugs in by [TS]

  lightning which is nice so anyway for [TS]

  navigation the reason and am I 328 [TS]

  doesn't have it [TS]

  the 1m doesn't iscar does my next car [TS]

  will have it so I i I've not had it in [TS]

  my main car for four ever [TS]

  I've never I've never had my main car [TS]

  and I really do miss it and like when [TS]

  we've taken tips car and a few trips [TS]

  looks for most purposes i wouldn't [TS]

  recommend taking alexis is on track [TS]

  because it's just so damn small but it [TS]

  really is a having navigation built in [TS]

  is really nice for lots of reasons first [TS]

  of all user screens are significantly [TS]

  larger and and nicer and easier to see [TS]

  in the Sun there they're usually shaded [TS]

  better by the shape of the dash there [TS]

  had that they don't have you know they [TS]

  don't have to worry about battery life [TS]

  so they can they can afford to be really [TS]

  big and bright so that's all very nice [TS]

  I they also use external antenna by [TS]

  definition they know there's there's [TS]

  always a gps antenna you'd like on the [TS]

  roof of the car or something on so you [TS]

  get faster responses you get more [TS]

  accurate tracking then you then you can [TS]

  you do with many of the units and [TS]

  certainly most smartphones so it's it [TS]

  overall just works better in a lot of [TS]

  ways now certainly the interfaces can be [TS]

  pretty terrible on a lot of them I've [TS]

  certainly seen a lot of club tablets [TS]

  have complained about this before i do [TS]

  think that BMWs is nice that won't come [TS]

  as a surprise to anybody listen to this [TS]

  show that I think that [TS]

  and in case you know you actually use it [TS]

  more than I do and and you've spoken [TS]

  well about it so you know I think it can [TS]

  be done well it isn't always of course [TS]

  but it can be done well and it can [TS]

  certainly be done well enough [TS]

  to make it worth using because of all [TS]

  those other benefits like being [TS]

  integrated so all those things i really [TS]

  do like integrated nav systems and and [TS]

  I'm looking forward to this summer when [TS]

  I will then start always having one now [TS]

  because i haven't had one full time [TS]

  before in my 328 i've used the iphone [TS]

  with iOS 6 i've used to navigate a few [TS]

  times and it's nice but like one thing [TS]

  too is like if you don't mount the phone [TS]

  up on the dash somewhere you have to [TS]

  keep looking down at her picking it up [TS]

  to look at where you're going and and I [TS]

  assume this is better with androids [TS]

  they've been doing to turn turn by turn [TS]

  directions for longer but with ios6 the [TS]

  turn-by-turn directions really kind of [TS]

  assumed that you can see the screen and [TS]

  and they'll do things like if you have [TS]

  like a quick left her and followed by a [TS]

  quick right turn like as part of some [TS]

  weird intersection that they like won't [TS]

  tell you about one of those terms of [TS]

  like Oh turn left ahead and ethnic and [TS]

  the end okay you know fine I'm [TS]

  voluntarily left like they they assume [TS]

  that you can see on the map how their [TS]

  illustrating the path you should take [TS]

  but if you're just leaving the phone [TS]

  tucked away somewhere on the armrest on [TS]

  a couple or somewhere and you aren't [TS]

  looking at all the time on it does a [TS]

  pretty bad job of that and obviously [TS]

  they could fix that they could improve [TS]

  that I hope they do but you know i got [TS]

  like when its built-in usually i will [TS]

  not only is it better because they've [TS]

  been doing it for longer but uh you [TS]

  aren't you can see the path that's [TS]

  meeting for you to take without taking [TS]

  your eyes too far off the road and then [TS]

  like in the current BMWs and and I think [TS]

  out a Mercedes both do this now too [TS]

  they have the heads-up displays which [TS]

  are awesome and and they they project [TS]

  onto the windshield so that kind of [TS]

  appears as though it's like six feet in [TS]

  front of the car perspective wise they [TS]

  project your vital information your [TS]

  speed your gear and one of them cars and [TS]

  the next turn information for navigation [TS]

  screen so you can always see without [TS]

  even looking down because it's being [TS]

  projected you know to look like it's in [TS]

  front of you you can see like the little [TS]

  right turn arrow and the street name and [TS]

  how far away it is and that is so [TS]

  incredibly cool and so nice and that's [TS]

  something that after market system is [TS]

  probably never really going to be able [TS]

  to do [TS]

  so for you know it the the built-in [TS]

  system just have the capability to be so [TS]

  much better then anything you're gonna [TS]

  add on later and certainly they are [TS]

  often very expensive but what's [TS]

  happening now is they're becoming so [TS]

  much more common and they're moving down [TS]

  market so much that the price of them [TS]

  are going down in a lot of cars [TS]

  especially like something some cars [TS]

  where you said John sometimes you don't [TS]

  even have the option to not get it [TS]

  anymore like I think in i think in the [TS]

  hole 5 series i think now you you always [TS]

  get in the 3-series you always get the [TS]

  screen now but i think the navigation is [TS]

  still option on the lower end models but [TS]

  certainly the whole 50 i think they all [TS]

  come with navigation on and as it moves [TS]

  down market we're going to see more of [TS]

  that we're going to see navigation [TS]

  becoming more standard and less of a [TS]

  premium you know when navigating systems [TS]

  first came out they were like 4 grand [TS]

  and that you know them then they would [TS]

  have liked the two grand range you know [TS]

  we're seeing that price fall so it's [TS]

  only gonna fall further and all [TS]

  likelihood I you know as because like [TS]

  what one of the big things is like if [TS]

  your car doesn't have a a like media [TS]

  computer and a big-screen built-in [TS]

  already that it's a big cost to add [TS]

  those but the market is demanding those [TS]

  things so much for media and for other [TS]

  things now that like like the 3-series [TS]

  now the new 3-series a lot of cars are [TS]

  having so they all come with screens and [TS]

  once you put in that big nice LCD screen [TS]

  that can show anything and has some kind [TS]

  of embedded computer OS behind it [TS]

  once you put that in adding gps to that [TS]

  is is a lot less of a jump in cost and [TS]

  complexity than it was before when the [TS]

  whole screen was optional and the [TS]

  controller and everything so I do think [TS]

  that the price difference for it is is [TS]

  going to decrease down and in many ways [TS]

  already has to the point where it's not [TS]

  really that crazy an option to get [TS]

  price-wise anymore especially if you're [TS]

  if you're already buying a higher-end [TS]

  car to begin with and say overall I just [TS]

  I love having everything be integrated [TS]

  be built in b stock so that I don't have [TS]

  to like add crazy things on I don't know [TS]

  sense to me but I have a feeling that [TS]

  John you have some I mean everyone [TS]

  everyone wanted to be built in nobody [TS]

  likes having suction cups nobody likes [TS]

  hygienic up on things that's what makes [TS]

  the built-in one so infuriating this is [TS]

  mostly on the only that the average cars [TS]

  maybe the high-end cars it's better but [TS]

  like in so many cases where the [TS]

  navigation will come with a you know a [TS]

  regular car use the navigation option it [TS]

  is so awfully the framerate is so bad [TS]

  the directions i'm telling you to turn [TS]

  or so bad the maps are old and out of [TS]

  date and it's difficult or impossible to [TS]

  get updates for them or it's reading [TS]

  from like a hard drive or a bunch of [TS]

  dvds in the trunk like this is the state [TS]

  of . of the art of navigation in and [TS]

  regular cars at the time when you could [TS]

  buy you know independent gps units for a [TS]

  couple hundred bucks that just trounce [TS]

  them entirely and then even better now [TS]

  like it comes in everyone's phones you [TS]

  don't have to buy dedicated thing for it [TS]

  and the software will be updated and the [TS]

  maps will be updated and the the things [TS]

  about getting a signal and stuff I [TS]

  haven't had any issues with that doing [TS]

  like navigating from iphones and ipads a [TS]

  in cars and everything that but you know [TS]

  you're right that like the built-in one [TS]

  should be better because you can build [TS]

  into the car you can tuck it into a [TS]

  little thing so it's not in the Sun you [TS]

  know you can do a heads-up display but [TS]

  if they can't do the software right and [TS]

  they can't even outsources anyone's good [TS]

  what ends up happening is like okay Umi [TS]

  car has built-in GPS but i'm going to [TS]

  suction cup my iphone onto the the [TS]

  built-in GPS screen because it's so [TS]

  freaking useless and yeah the iphone [TS]

  screen is smaller and I'm trying to take [TS]

  advantage of the little hood by shoving [TS]

  the iphone where the navigation was you [TS]

  know it and I have to make sure the [TS]

  battery is charged and it's a pain and i [TS]

  got these wires hanging down but it's [TS]

  still better when i'm actually driving [TS]

  because it has you know a higher [TS]

  framerate updates my position better [TS]

  does better dead reckoning when it loses [TS]

  the signal all these things you know [TS]

  because basically the state of the art [TS]

  of navigation software both in the [TS]

  independent navigation units which are [TS]

  slowly dying and now and smartphones is [TS]

  just advancing by leaps and bounds and [TS]

  whatever navigation you got in your car [TS]

  is just stuck the way it was you know [TS]

  that's slightly true so i actually grew [TS]

  from pretty much everything you said but [TS]

  one thing that was interesting about [TS]

  bringing my car and recently was and I [TS]

  think I mentioned this offhandedly a [TS]

  couple shows ago I had the car in [TS]

  because the comfort access that I was [TS]

  just [TS]

  singing its praises the proximity key [TS]

  wasn't working for crap and so I had the [TS]

  car and they reflashed my computer and [TS]

  it didn't actually affect the navigation [TS]

  but one thing it did give me was the [TS]

  ability for the ADA added new bluetooth [TS]

  bluetooth profile a bluetooth profile so [TS]

  that the iphone will be in text messages [TS]

  to the eye dr and I bring that up only [TS]

  because i think it's cool and b2 there [TS]

  are ways in which you can improve the [TS]

  Carlile movie and I think we all spoke [TS]

  about this few episodes back but i agree [TS]

  with you that changing navigation maps [TS]

  and the likelihood likelihood of getting [TS]

  new navigation software is almost zero [TS]

  and every dealer ever spare anyone ever [TS]

  spoken to his but had similar cars say [TS]

  that the dealer's hate doing a reflash [TS]

  and I don't know if it's because it's [TS]

  expensive or what they hate doing it and [TS]

  that's really kind of unfortunate it's [TS]

  like buying like getting getting honda [TS]

  accord like i was looking at the options [TS]

  settings are camera something like that [TS]

  and getting the navigation option it's [TS]

  like buying android phone you basically [TS]

  know you might as well just assume [TS]

  you're never going to get a software [TS]

  upright you know that the navigation is [TS]

  never gonna get any better so whatever [TS]

  the navigator arrest them isn't in that [TS]

  card if it's already not as good as [TS]

  what's on your phone if it's already not [TS]

  as good as what's on your three-year-old [TS]

  standalone gps unit just think of how [TS]

  awful you feel about that [TS]

  five years later when like you know the [TS]

  iphone 17 or you know amazing new iPad [TS]

  or something or just even if you're just [TS]

  using an old I you take it all the iPad [TS]

  Mini or something and dedicated to your [TS]

  car once it cycles out of common use [TS]

  like isn't you never going to get any [TS]

  better and that they're so they're [TS]

  starting offices digital I think maybe [TS]

  up in the BMW Mercedes Range their [TS]

  navigation systems may be our starting [TS]

  off its not as much of a deficit but you [TS]

  should go to go to like a honda dealer [TS]

  marketing who tried to use the touch [TS]

  screens and navigation inside one of the [TS]

  cords and you will you know it's like [TS]

  going back to the seventies you're [TS]

  thinking like this thing running on [TS]

  vacuum tubes but i will say also like [TS]

  BMW they just made their system i think [TS]

  and i think one model year ago maybe [TS]

  even maybe even for this current model [TS]

  year they just made it now able to [TS]

  update over the air like you just to [TS]

  give you an idea of like where they are [TS]

  like they're still obviously as you said [TS]

  they're still very far behind like good [TS]

  standards for the computer industry of [TS]

  of software maintenance and updates and [TS]

  everything [TS]

  and I do think you're right that it is a [TS]

  lot like android phones really they just [TS]

  have no incentive really to keep people [TS]

  with older cars updated their software [TS]

  and so most of them just don't do it and [TS]

  and so you shouldn't expect any updates [TS]

  ever and it that that obviously I i [TS]

  agree with but i still like it's still [TS]

  so nice to have that I would I would I [TS]

  would rather like you know assuming i [TS]

  wasn't Lisa and I was keeping these cars [TS]

  for like eight years i would rather buy [TS]

  a car love the navigation system for the [TS]

  first three or four years and then [TS]

  switch to the iphone 17 after that and [TS]

  just ignore the building one forever [TS]

  after that like I would still I would [TS]

  still buy it just to have those first [TS]

  few years of it being good and [TS]

  up-to-date because that like that's how [TS]

  much i like the built-in navigation [TS]

  systems i'll see if i end up getting I [TS]

  don't have to look at what option [TS]

  package the navigation is tied to i [TS]

  could end up getting into my next car [TS]

  just because i want some other thing [TS]

  that's attached to but I'm you know you [TS]

  should do take all the squarespace money [TS]

  that we're getting from the show and by [TS]

  the highest-end trim level you can for [TS]

  your next car just to have father to [TS]

  talk about on the show because it comes [TS]

  with the v6 and I want that too [TS]

  Oh John come on the four-cylinder let's [TS]

  say my handle and the four cylinders [TS]

  like it's lighter weight it's Pepe it's [TS]

  not it's not a performance car anywhere [TS]

  they did it's you know variable valve [TS]

  timing but now the idea of getting the [TS]

  accord sport if i end up getting in a [TS]

  quarter and that sport the sport trim [TS]

  lovely doesn't come with a v6 plus i [TS]

  also think the basics doesn't come with [TS]

  a stick have to look at the trim options [TS]

  it doesn't you're right [TS]

  yeah so I mean since I'm not gonna [TS]

  happen yeah no I mean from what you said [TS]

  about the these the new sport it [TS]

  actually looks pretty good like you know [TS]

  for that kind of car looks like a really [TS]

  great deal and it comes with nice [TS]

  looking wheels you know if it wasn't a [TS]

  spoiler in the back everyone loves a [TS]

  spoiler [TS]

  that's awesome and everything if you [TS]

  want to do something brief we can I [TS]

  don't have anything particular that I've [TS]

  been meaning to ask you about although I [TS]

  am a little pissed off we didn't talk [TS]

  about the laferrari on neutral yeah [TS]

  forgot about that put that right down [TS]

  for next week that you know everyone [TS]

  asked about the neva Auto Show night you [TS]

  know I I probably want to talk about the [TS]

  supercars or whatever but this that's [TS]

  that's probably all the shores of topics [TS]

  follow up with the 3-series GT yeah I [TS]

  had some of you people come out of the [TS]

  woodwork saying they like it I don't [TS]

  know these people want the so is that [TS]

  about [TS]

  certainly I was concerned and oh yeah [TS]

  and actually but it's getting a lot of [TS]

  attention and people do seem to be [TS]

  liking it a lot of that especially [TS]

  people who see it in person seemed to be [TS]

  liking a lot i'm getting great [TS]

  compliments for its a four inch rear [TS]

  seat capacity especially but I I did [TS]

  suspect comparisons the other day [TS]

  because I you know I certainly i also [TS]

  have the fear that it might look to SUV [TS]

  like in person the same way that the [TS]

  giant honda crosstour thing looks ok and [TS]

  i really don't like that big honda [TS]

  crosstour and so i decide i looked up [TS]

  this respects to their now I'll [TS]

  published and the crosstour is like 10 [TS]

  inches longer so it's it's a [TS]

  significantly longer car it's also like [TS]

  seven inches taller and that's a big [TS]

  that's a major difference there so I I [TS]

  think so like the the regular 328 the [TS]

  the 3g t is like three inches taller [TS]

  than it and like eight inches long or [TS]

  something like that but it's ugly it's [TS]

  how you like it is pretty but it is [TS]

  pretty rough it's not as rough as like [TS]

  the crosstour but it's pretty rough now [TS]

  I only as far as like 444 any car that [TS]

  has more room more capacity than a sedan [TS]

  in that category i think it looks very [TS]

  good compared to most of the options i [TS]

  think that the old 3 series wagon looks [TS]

  so much better than that GT I'm just not [TS]

  a wagon person I i if you are a wagon [TS]

  person that I agree that these are that [TS]

  you know the other the old but I just [TS]

  think it's a more it's more honest in [TS]

  pure form of this this change is a man [TS]

  you know i mean like instead of like [TS]

  they were because it's the I look at the [TS]

  GTM like why are you even trying to say [TS]

  open the back down to try to fool me [TS]

  into thinking it's not a way all you're [TS]

  doing is making a really crappy wagon [TS]

  just make it an honest straight back [TS]

  roofline like the 3 series wagon like [TS]

  the million wagons before it because [TS]

  then you know like I that compromise and [TS]

  interior space is not worth the stylist [TS]

  to compromise and making a smell blood [TS]

  to sing well but it actually it's not i [TS]

  don't think it's actually overall less [TS]

  space because they it's it's actually [TS]

  longer than the wagon and and but [TS]

  eventually like a trunk platform like [TS]

  the trunk area itself is longer i'll [TS]

  just take that GT and a different rate [TS]

  roofline you know straighten the [TS]

  roofline that you'd like you can make a [TS]

  wagon longer to up just like it or not [TS]

  it's it's a compromise interior [TS]

  packaging for no gain and i think a loss [TS]

  in exterior appeal as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned but I'm i may be in the [TS]

  minority conceivable driving these [TS]

  hideous SUVs all the time and I don't [TS]

  know how they do it and I wanted that [TS]

  BMW think the XX yeah the axis and by [TS]

  that i don't know what so obviously [TS]

  myself not shared by most people if you [TS]

  like to do for crying out loud [TS]

  only God talk about haha yeah okay [TS]

  the fun on the forest there is but ugly [TS]

  like the Foresters it's so tall and [TS]

  started looking and oh not as using and [TS]

  it's not a wagon and it's this is [TS]

  terrible [TS]

  well it's somebody had tweeted at [TS]

  neutral show which I had seen and I'd [TS]

  ask this person he had said after [TS]

  listening to neutral show now where the [TS]

  existence of the BMW 323 Series GT it [TS]

  might be everything I ever dreamed of in [TS]

  a car and I asked him I said well honest [TS]

  question in what ways and I were you I'd [TS]

  pasted his reply in the chat but he said [TS]

  I really want a luxury hatch others are [TS]

  too compromised a 3-2 big high ugly a [TS]

  7x6 cetera the three GT looks like it [TS]

  hits the mark [TS]

  yeah and I and typically excited about [TS]

  it like she she's looking at the other [TS]

  pictures like shit and she actually [TS]

  really wants to go see one person [TS]

  somehow like you know whatever the [TS]

  whatever becoming a great a great [TS]

  example is the you know that Alexis is [TS]

  best-selling car for the past 10 years [TS]

  were just you know that car the tips [TS]

  parents and the rx-3 whatever and YY [TS]

  like that is that is so against [TS]

  everything that I feel that a car should [TS]

  be [TS]

  oh yeah well and it's hard for a [TS]

  spacious car right back until six [TS]

  its interior compromised exterior like [TS]

  it's just it's like looking to get a [TS]

  sedan or get like a big truck is like we [TS]

  can make something that looks truck like [TS]

  on the outside but has the interior [TS]

  space of a car and people buy it like [TS]

  crazy because it's like it's high up and [TS]

  you feel like you're in it and so [TS]

  obviously i'm not in line with with [TS]

  mainstream taste so could be the GT is a [TS]

  massive hit but i don't like it i think [TS]

  they're going to sell it to them [TS]

  I don't know what we'll see I mean BMW [TS]

  drivers i think are a different breed [TS]

  than the people who are buying that [TS]

  Lexus i don't i don't know be surprised [TS]

  when you go to a dealer you see a lot of [TS]

  those people that's not the same people [TS]

  wait so can we play this back we decided [TS]

  that we're gonna do an accidental tech [TS]

  podcast in celebrated that by doing an [TS]

  accident i think we should just want to [TS]

  make sure and rated this accidental [TS]

  neutral neutral party holy god this is [TS]

  not good [TS]

  man this is great now this is this hello [TS]

  this is all right like they actually [TS]

  you're right this is it [TS]