10: Driving To Ohio


  all kidding aside we should probably get [TS]

  all that crap where do we want to start [TS]

  that was the star [TS]

  damn it i was hoping not alright so [TS]

  let's go with oldest first let's talk [TS]

  about the laferrari John sure [TS]

  cod that's what do we think about that [TS]

  name [TS]

  it's terrible so there are we supposed [TS]

  to call it the ferrari laferrari no I [TS]

  think it's just lost ferrari now why is [TS]

  it bad why do we not like that name [TS]

  it's redundant yes it's not really [TS]

  redundant [TS]

  i mean i-i think the reason the reason I [TS]

  don't like it is because I guess we're [TS]

  kind of used two cars having either [TS]

  names like after cities in italy or at [TS]

  least Italian words to sound exotic no i [TS]

  mean like maranello or whatever [TS]

  testarossa yeah right yeah or having [TS]

  kind of a computer nerd e tekky macho [TS]

  designations like f40 you know and the [TS]

  rumor was this is going to be f70 where [TS]

  they have 15 everything was good it was [TS]

  the end zone which fine whatever you [TS]

  know that founder of the company name [TS]

  car after that's fine [TS]

  this is going to be f70 but no not the [TS]

  f70 we get lost ferrari which there's [TS]

  something about it like maybe an Italian [TS]

  that sounds so weird you're saying it's [TS]

  this is the Ferrari or whatever because [TS]

  it is the Ferrari at this point I'm [TS]

  anyway LOL eventually it won't be but uh [TS]

  I don't know I it's not like a wee level [TS]

  naming disaster but I'm [TS]

  middle-of-the-road on it I kind of see [TS]

  that having like it a name for like like [TS]

  one name like Madonna kinda it has a [TS]

  little bit as a little bit of cash eh [TS]

  alright well anyone has due to their [TS]

  other models like you have you have left [TS]

  Ferrari and you have all the other [TS]

  Ferraris yeah yeah whatever he may [TS]

  already named literary California so [TS]

  there-there gaming has been yeah yeah [TS]

  it's just it's and like I i just looked [TS]

  at a handful of news articles about to [TS]

  see and and almost all of them are [TS]

  saying the ferrari laferrari which is [TS]

  just ridiculous but that's going to [TS]

  happen all the time [TS]

  like you know you have to admit when [TS]

  you're when you're picking like a cool [TS]

  new name for something you have to [TS]

  imagine how it's going to be used and [TS]

  when you're doing something a little bit [TS]

  unconventional like calling the new [TS]

  model of ferrari laferrari you have to [TS]

  expect that a whole lot of the press and [TS]

  a whole lot of people are going to call [TS]

  it the ferrari laferrari did not not use [TS]

  it the way you probably intended the [TS]

  name to be used and just based on that [TS]

  alone I think that should probably tell [TS]

  you maybe we shouldn't use this name [TS]

  well they don't say the Ferrari let the [TS]

  first of all offer our is one word so [TS]

  that's good if it's a space / Morrison [TS]

  second like it in Ferraris own you know [TS]

  English copy it says that the laferrari [TS]

  blah blah so it's got a double on it i'm [TS]

  assuming the time they don't double it i [TS]

  don't know but the car itself is what [TS]

  everybody expected i mean it's been the [TS]

  story itself is posting youtube videos [TS]

  of like a disguised you know testing [TS]

  mule type of thing where they got the [TS]

  black paint over it and the fake body [TS]

  panels and stuff it's kind of weird to [TS]

  for the carmaker to be posting its own [TS]

  disguised car running around cuz i don't [TS]

  think that shows the car in the best [TS]

  light I mean even in their official [TS]

  website they have something showing [TS]

  listen to the engine sound and i have a [TS]

  video of the disguised car running [TS]

  around the track don't want to see this [TS]

  guy's car because it's like [TS]

  intentionally made to look ugly and has [TS]

  weird things sticking out of it and [TS]

  that's not a good idea but anyway it's [TS]

  you know mid-engine carbon fiber [TS]

  supercar thing with a hybrid powertrain [TS]

  which is the supercar fat of the this [TS]

  generation [TS]

  I don't mean a lot of people angry about [TS]

  it thinking that it was some sort of [TS]

  ploy [TS]

  I guess these are people who don't [TS]

  follow the car industry think it was [TS]

  some sort of ploy for like to get the [TS]

  ego people for like you know you want to [TS]

  think that your green and eco-friendly [TS]

  and an environmentally-friendly now [TS]

  because you put this hybrid thing you're [TS]

  super car [TS]

  I can't imagine anybody who knows [TS]

  anything about Ferrari or the supercar [TS]

  market or anything thinking that because [TS]

  since it's so clearly not the reason [TS]

  like no one is going to be fooled into [TS]

  thinking what how big is this engine [TS]

  I'm looking for the displacement [TS]

  well whatever it is it 800 horsepower [TS]

  v12 it's like all but its fuel efficient [TS]

  because it has a hot it's a hybrid gonna [TS]

  not something i've been at least one [TS]

  person will think the head it's 66 . 3 [TS]

  liters [TS]

  yeah so this is the second last and all [TS]

  the engine you could fit maybe a few [TS]

  ground up my engine you could fit inside [TS]

  the displacement of the dungeon problem [TS]

  you know the reason like Porsches doing [TS]

  with their 919 spider and everything [TS]

  like everyone's anything because it [TS]

  makes the car go faster and the [TS]

  interesting thing about hypercars i [TS]

  think is a lot of people asking us to [TS]

  talk about f1 which i personally know [TS]

  nothing about but I do know that in for [TS]

  various reasons f1 has a whole bunch of [TS]

  rules and restrictions on what you can [TS]

  put in the cars there is no such [TS]

  restriction on a car that you just sell [TS]

  to billionaires so they can do things in [TS]

  their top-of-the-line supercar that they [TS]

  can't do in their f1 car because of [TS]

  various protection and vice versa [TS]

  obviously the safety things that you [TS]

  have to do for real cars that you don't [TS]

  do with f1 cars but as far as I'm aware [TS]

  i don't know i shouldn't even venture a [TS]

  guess but I would imagine that hybrid [TS]

  powertrains are not illegal in f1 anyone [TS]

  know anyone to google that and give me [TS]

  something on follow-up i actually did a [TS]

  little bit of looking around right [TS]

  before the show a lot of people like he [TS]

  said have been asking us to talk about [TS]

  f1 because on paper f1 is the perfect [TS]

  meld of engineering and cars yet i've [TS]

  tried a couple of times not very [TS]

  seriously to get into it and i could not [TS]

  grasp it at all in the sense that i [TS]

  found it willfully boring and it's [TS]

  always on if you're American in the [TS]

  middle of the night and it's just not [TS]

  approachable [TS]

  I don't like Nascar I think as far as [TS]

  ridiculous I don't follow any kind of [TS]

  motor racing and I know that probably [TS]

  disappoint anyone who wasn't born and [TS]

  bred in america that being said the [TS]

  curse system ke RS which is kinetic [TS]

  energy recovery system which is the kind [TS]

  of hybrid this is some teams in f1 [TS]

  either did or do you use it as far as i [TS]

  understand and in fact i was looking [TS]

  earlier and apparently they're [TS]

  increasing the possible output of the [TS]

  current system for next season two like [TS]

  220 horsepower something that I have to [TS]

  find that again see [TS]

  are allowed to use batteries in your f1 [TS]

  car well it's not batteries it's [TS]

  actually a flywheel that's the [TS]

  interesting bit but this one has [TS]

  batteries [TS]

  I think you're right yeah i'm looking at [TS]

  the page like this that you know that [TS]

  the laferrari has a battery pack not a [TS]

  big battery pack but a battery pack and [TS]

  it does use you know the kinetic energy [TS]

  recovery like when you're turning and [TS]

  stuff like that to take access to work [TS]

  for the wheels and of course [TS]

  regenerative braking the whole nine [TS]

  yards but there's also a battery pack [TS]

  right so as per wikipedia as of 2014 [TS]

  power capacity of the curves units will [TS]

  increase from 60 kilowatts or 80 [TS]

  horsepower 220 kilowatts does anyone [TS]

  really use kilowatts 260 horsepower [TS]

  there will be no this will be to balance [TS]

  the sports move from a two and a half [TS]

  liter v8 21 and a half liter v6 got [TS]

  that's time [TS]

  yeah well I mean those cars weigh like [TS]

  you know 20 pounds i don't know they [TS]

  have it there under 2,000 pounds right [TS]

  that I don't know but I would assume so [TS]

  yeah I mean so this district that's the [TS]

  thing about the laferrari is there their [TS]

  design Golden State design goal with a [TS]

  people talking about what they didn't [TS]

  they don't say as much but basically [TS]

  when you add you know this hybrid [TS]

  powertrain especially when you add those [TS]

  battery packs that adds weight to a car [TS]

  and you want the way to be down so their [TS]

  goal was to you know can we add these [TS]

  the these this hybrid powertrain which [TS]

  gives us you know great low end torque [TS]

  and lots of other positive [TS]

  characteristics without making the car [TS]

  porker because you know that the Tesla [TS]

  Model S is a tremendously happy car [TS]

  probably twice as much as this laferrari [TS]

  right now so you can't just stop with [TS]

  batteries will destroy performance [TS]

  they're basically trying to balance how [TS]

  big can we make the battery pack until [TS]

  the point where the extra torque we get [TS]

  from the battery extra power away from [TS]

  that battery pack is not overcome by the [TS]

  way to of the pack itself so they kept [TS]

  trying to balance it if we do you know [TS]

  if you make it too big just you're [TS]

  making your hard works if you make it [TS]

  too small you're not doing enough to [TS]

  make it better is there trying to sort [TS]

  of balance that equation there and the [TS]

  first thing I did when I pulled up this [TS]

  car on mine it was announced that the [TS]

  auto show and I went to the laferrari [TS]

  com was I went to the technical specs [TS]

  thing I wanted to see what is the weight [TS]

  how much does this car way and I don't [TS]

  think that you listed the weight at all [TS]

  i'm looking at the site now I think it's [TS]

  still not listed [TS]

  let's see tech specs I anyway I know I [TS]

  know on the very first day there was no [TS]

  wait listed for the thing and that is [TS]

  not reassuring to me they talked a lot [TS]

  about how they saved a lot of weight and [TS]

  other aspects of the carbon i'm assuming [TS]

  it's all making up for the for the [TS]

  battery pack and they didn't of course [TS]

  talk about how it lapse their test track [TS]

  five seconds faster than their previous [TS]

  car and all the other good things about [TS]

  it but wait i think still is a concern [TS]

  so this is kind of like a supercar [TS]

  transitional phase i don't know if [TS]

  they're transitioning entire to electric [TS]

  or whatever but like this this system [TS]

  where you have to power trains where [TS]

  you've got your big gigantic good [TS]

  old-fashioned engine incredibly high [TS]

  revving very powerful [TS]

  all good things right and also a little [TS]

  bit of an electric motor attached in [TS]

  there you don't want to have to [TS]

  powertrains like that the model s the [TS]

  design of big battery pack 1 engine for [TS]

  each wheel no gear is no nothing that is [TS]

  very simple and direct it's just obvious [TS]

  that that design is never gonna work for [TS]

  supercar because you're super kinds of [TS]

  being 5,000 pounds that's that's a [TS]

  non-starter unless you're the bugatti [TS]

  veyron over the hell that thing weighs [TS]

  because I knew you know I have what is [TS]

  that 16-cylinder engine in there [TS]

  yeah that's yeah that's a whole other [TS]

  issue and it's a lot turbo and it's 1100 [TS]

  power I mean at some point we can [TS]

  overcome wait this is good business [TS]

  getting up to it so you've got this is [TS]

  what is it to 700 ish think 750 ish so [TS]

  963 horsepower is there they're claiming [TS]

  it was looking at torque then that's [TS]

  that that's their claim that total [TS]

  horsepower with the you know with [TS]

  everything combined and made under [TS]

  horsepower engine + 250 260 34 you know [TS]

  I in a car that presumably does not [TS]

  weigh a tremendous amount more than the [TS]

  last car and you know that the purpose [TS]

  in their numbers they say the five [TS]

  seconds faster on the track is that I [TS]

  don't know how long the track is but you [TS]

  know it it's faster as they say hundred [TS]

  6263 horsepower from this hybrid for the [TS]

  hybrid system that is hi yes I'm trying [TS]

  to parallel park it with that big [TS]

  he knows what you can get it over first [TS]

  you can't get over the the you know the [TS]

  skirt things yeah so the rest of the car [TS]

  like the aerodynamic aids all the active [TS]

  aerodynamics stuff i obviously if I [TS]

  could be wrong about f1 again and say [TS]

  that I think that's another area that f1 [TS]

  has more restrictions and streetcars 10 [TS]

  people can write and tell me what I'm [TS]

  about that like basically an f1 the [TS]

  inheritance [TS]

  their goal is to make a competitive [TS]

  sport their goal is not to see how fast [TS]

  we can go i mean just talking about how [TS]

  the engines like v8 or v6 is I whatever [TS]

  restrictions they have on the racing [TS]

  there's two isn't trying to be in the [TS]

  name of fairness but there's no such [TS]

  thing as Paris when you're making a [TS]

  hypercar you just make it as fast as [TS]

  your hand [TS]

  I guess you have legal restrictions you [TS]

  know for various countries is going to [TS]

  be sold in but the a these active Aero [TS]

  aids basically flaps on the bottom and [TS]

  top of the car fall within the legal [TS]

  range of things that you can drive on [TS]

  the road in most civilized country so [TS]

  hey no problem so that we can get this [TS]

  one more thing that can break on your [TS]

  car [TS]

  that's what you don't care you're a [TS]

  millionaire exactly yeah that I think is [TS]

  another interesting innovation here [TS]

  whereas i don't think the Enzo had any [TS]

  sort of actor or at least not the degree [TS]

  of active aerodynamics interesting is [TS]

  active aerodynamics are not in service [TS]

  of going after the Veyrons top speed [TS]

  like no one is as want to touch that for [TS]

  so many years now it's alright well they [TS]

  made this crazy car that was ridiculous [TS]

  amount of power and its sole job is to [TS]

  be SuperDuper fast and you know it was [TS]

  faster on tracks just a tremendous [TS]

  amount of power even McLaren's not going [TS]

  after mclaren f1 was the big in a top [TS]

  speaking for a long time and their new [TS]

  p1 also has declined to participate in [TS]

  the go after the Veyron top speed [TS]

  it's probably because to beat the Veyron [TS]

  top speed you have to compromise in so [TS]

  many other areas and all these people [TS]

  would rather have a car that is more of [TS]

  an all-round supercar that it does more [TS]

  than just hit the top speed just for the [TS]

  hell of it [TS]

  so all these arrowheads and laferrari [TS]

  are apparently not to help it you know [TS]

  go 260 miles an hour top speed is all [TS]

  about producing downforce and getting [TS]

  around the track faster which i think is [TS]

  the appropriate philosophy in mindset [TS]

  and stance for ferrari to take rather [TS]

  than [TS]

  blindly chasing after the top speed [TS]

  crown which is mostly meaningless [TS]

  because that the number of roads in the [TS]

  world where you can get over 260 miles [TS]

  an hour are probably very small what [TS]

  else we got in this thing [TS]

  good got an LCD instrument cluster [TS]

  surprise great i mean there are 17 [TS]

  inches [TS]

  there's no stopping and not know not [TS]

  that priming the the thing and in front [TS]

  of you know I know just hanging out with [TS]

  me if you like a long time ago John you [TS]

  went backward back in the early days of [TS]

  your hypercritical podcast which episode [TS]

  was the TV episode it was lost it was [TS]

  really early right before the very first [TS]

  episode of TV and I never visited many [TS]

  times okay well you know it at the time [TS]

  you were discussing like you know your [TS]

  process of buying a new TV and and [TS]

  trying to evaluate the different types [TS]

  of tvs that that were that had come out [TS]

  this is about what two years ago and and [TS]

  just looking at you know the plasma LCD [TS]

  and all the little tricks that they did [TS]

  with technology to try to make it better [TS]

  because we had passed the point where [TS]

  the simple thing worked for at least a [TS]

  simpler thing worked and we had reached [TS]

  the point TV technology where we are [TS]

  still today we're in order to get more [TS]

  contrast more brightness faster refresh [TS]

  whatever the case in order to improve [TS]

  the spectrum to compete the [TS]

  manufacturers had to start doing all [TS]

  these like weird little tricks and hacks [TS]

  to to pass these limits that they had [TS]

  found with the simpler options and I [TS]

  feel like when that happens to an [TS]

  industry that tends to make products [TS]

  that are better in some ways worse and [TS]

  others way more complex and often [TS]

  there's weird side effects to the [TS]

  decisions that they've made and it's [TS]

  often kind of questionable at the end [TS]

  whether overall we're better off or not [TS]

  and and I feel like that's where cars [TS]

  are especially at the very high end like [TS]

  this [TS]

  that's where cars are today where we've [TS]

  we've already exhausted the value I [TS]

  think of a naturally aspirated engine i [TS]

  think we're going to see very very few [TS]

  of those in new car models going forward [TS]

  except for the very low-end even I mean [TS]

  even like the honda accord and toyota [TS]

  camry i would bet are going to be [TS]

  turbocharged fairly soon do you think [TS]

  that's probably that's probably a safe [TS]

  assumption right for eventually I said [TS]

  that's a industry-wide trend is lowest [TS]

  placement with turbos right well but [TS]

  little I think you're right the only the [TS]

  only complaint I would lodge with with [TS]

  regard to that assertion is that if you [TS]

  are used to driving a naturally [TS]

  aspirated car and you drive nearly any [TS]

  turbocharged car no matter how good of a [TS]

  turbocharged motor it is you still feel [TS]

  that lag it's the same kind of leg that [TS]

  I would feel into naturally aspirated [TS]

  cars one of which is a stick and one is [TS]

  not where you get that kind of lag from [TS]

  the torque converter in that [TS]

  disconnection between the motor in the [TS]

  in the drivetrain and you get that as [TS]

  well and a turbocharged car and so while [TS]

  i completely agree with you guys that on [TS]

  the street in most normal applications [TS]

  that's the where everything is going to [TS]

  be a turbocharged but the having driven [TS]

  some reasonably quick naturally [TS]

  aspirated cars like my friend brian's 96 [TS]

  m three the throttle response from those [TS]

  colors is just unbelievable and you'll [TS]

  never get that with the turbocharger [TS]

  even in the 335 and with the n54 than 55 [TS]

  which are universally praised as having [TS]

  almost no lag it's there's still enough [TS]

  flag that way it would bother you and so [TS]

  I I don't know when specifically this [TS]

  would be used except maybe track queens [TS]

  but i just don't see turbochargers going [TS]

  I don't see natural aspiration going [TS]

  completely out the window and not to say [TS]

  that that's what I think it always ever [TS]

  go away entirely well now you know it [TS]

  would work to the point now where other [TS]

  factors that people want or that it that [TS]

  factors are better demanded by [TS]

  regulations like environmental [TS]

  regulations things that people want are [TS]

  becoming more important orders being [TS]

  more demand for them then the benefits [TS]

  of a simpler design to and people aren't [TS]

  going people aren't going low [TS]

  displacement turbo because they think [TS]

  it's better [TS]

  they're going there because they're [TS]

  forced to write because it's really [TS]

  efficient and and it's a way to get more [TS]

  power about adding more animated way to [TS]

  get to put smaller engines and smaller [TS]

  engines way less smaller engines with [TS]

  lower displacement to use use less gas [TS]

  but people still want to have adequate [TS]

  power alright so we'll give you a [TS]

  smaller engine that weighs less that has [TS]

  lower displacement but will try to [TS]

  release match the previous power with [TS]

  audiences are both right but see but now [TS]

  like it [TS]

  it's if we're going to start having all [TS]

  these asterisks on everything like you [TS]

  know that the laferrari it has these two [TS]

  different powertrains one of which [TS]

  produces the whatever 800-horsepower one [TS]

  of experience 163 horsepower but 263 [TS]

  horsepower is like a maximum and I guess [TS]

  I'm sure it's possible that if you're [TS]

  driving it pretty hard that you're [TS]

  probably not gonna have full battery [TS]

  charge after a while and you know you're [TS]

  gonna like there's gonna be times where [TS]

  the battery will run out and he and then [TS]

  the performance will suffer until you [TS]

  get enough battery power back and you'll [TS]

  be down to only 800 horsepower well but [TS]

  still what the one about the total [TS]

  living along practically but still like [TS]

  there's going to be things like these [TS]

  little exceptions to feel like as cars [TS]

  move into these complicated technologies [TS]

  there's always little exception so like [TS]

  what turbos at first and until they got [TS]

  very good at least the big the big [TS]

  asterisk was lag and I think we've we've [TS]

  minimize lag so far and I'm sure there's [TS]

  still a way to go and and and you're [TS]

  right that it's not eliminated but we [TS]

  certainly gotten very good at it but [TS]

  like as things get more complicated it [TS]

  becomes harder to say oh well it's it [TS]

  has X horsepower and even like like we [TS]

  discussed dct is a while back and people [TS]

  wrote in and informed us that you know [TS]

  with the dct it pre-selects the next get [TS]

  you're likely to pick but if you pick [TS]

  the other one the other direction that [TS]

  it didn't pre-select your shift times [TS]

  take longer [TS]

  so your shift times taking take an [TS]

  unknown amount of time depending on what [TS]

  you're doing so it's inconsistent that's [TS]

  one of those things really we apply [TS]

  technology to make it better most of the [TS]

  time but then there's a little asterisk [TS]

  that oh well it's going to take longer [TS]

  if you do this one condition or you know [TS]

  like there's always that there's all [TS]

  these little exceptions as we make [TS]

  things more complex that overall we are [TS]

  getting better off but everything just [TS]

  getting more complicated and there and [TS]

  we just keep seeing like little tiny [TS]

  downsides to that and it's going that's [TS]

  going to expand as his technology mature [TS]

  now get going back a second about the [TS]

  turbo lag thing i found out now that [TS]

  I've regularly driven a turbo car and on [TS]

  turbo car i have found [TS]

  and that it's all about what you're used [TS]

  to like yes when I when I got the 1m I'd [TS]

  never had a turbo car before so i got [TS]

  the 1am and I mean talk about turbo [TS]

  boost I mean that thing is insanely over [TS]

  boosted like when when you step on it it [TS]

  just kicks you in the butt forward I [TS]

  mean it is really really strong boost so [TS]

  I had it for a few months and then I [TS]

  went to that racing day where i got to [TS]

  drive the current m3 and m5 and the m3 [TS]

  is a naturally aspirated v8 as you said [TS]

  what I found with the m3 was that [TS]

  because I was accustomed to that strong [TS]

  turbo engine in the one app the m3 felt [TS]

  like it was lacking high-end perfect I [TS]

  and performance in the RPM range even [TS]

  though that's what everyone's been [TS]

  expecting out of cars forever but I [TS]

  didn't have that I had the turbo so when [TS]

  I went to that it was like you know up [TS]

  from the beginning from of the of the [TS]

  power range of the RPM range i was like [TS]

  okay this is really fast and as I got [TS]

  towards the top I was like wait where's [TS]

  my boost you know what I expect this to [TS]

  be kicking me in the butt right now it's [TS]

  not you know so I i think it's it's just [TS]

  about whatever you used to and that [TS]

  feels normal to you and then when you [TS]

  get into the other thing it feels [TS]

  underpowered either in the early part of [TS]

  the Ranger on the left and later part of [TS]

  the range finding what you're used to [TS]

  I would agree with that i think that's [TS]

  that's a very fair way of looking at it [TS]

  and i don't know i mean i don't mind [TS]

  turbocharged cars and everything you do [TS]

  you guys just said is right now that the [TS]

  subaru had a single turbo that I don't [TS]

  know a measurement on top my head but it [TS]

  did very qualitatively it felt lag year [TS]

  than 335 does I those the only [TS]

  turbocharged cars driven irregularity [TS]

  and 335 doesn't feel much like a [TS]

  turbocharged card feels much more like a [TS]

  very small v8 which is exactly what BMW [TS]

  is aiming for and to that end I I really [TS]

  enjoy it now you put me in in John's [TS]

  accord with a proper transmission and no [TS]

  turbochargers and I'll probably say well [TS]

  it isn't as quick as a 335 that man is [TS]

  that throttle response good so I don't [TS]

  John have you driven many church party [TS]

  said your your appearance vulva was is [TS]

  that right yeah i mean and that was it [TS]

  was an old-style turbo where there's no [TS]

  engine and then all of a sudden as an [TS]

  engine like that you know there was it [TS]

  like that was like a group just [TS]

  continuous power [TS]

  banned entirely that's that's that's the [TS]

  exciting part about turbos is that it's [TS]

  not so much if you had smoothly gone up [TS]

  to the level of power wouldn't be as [TS]

  dramatic as you going and before like it [TS]

  that there was tremendous turbo lag but [TS]

  when it kicked in yet i don't think it [TS]

  was a very strong turbo but like that [TS]

  the engine wasn't that powerful but the [TS]

  turbo really you know you noticed it and [TS]

  that was exciting you know I mean keep [TS]

  going from cars that had no power at all [TS]

  to one that you know had this big jump [TS]

  to power was good at the the same token [TS]

  I've always this is the kind of a [TS]

  engineering nerd type thing I've always [TS]

  respected car companies that produce [TS]

  naturally aspirated engines and then [TS]

  brag about the horsepower per liter [TS]

  right like that was the whole point that [TS]

  race like acura had the crown with the [TS]

  integra for a while I think and I think [TS]

  Ferrari had it with the 355 at one point [TS]

  had the highest you know output per for [TS]

  leader and that is kind of like a [TS]

  gentleman's like a gentleman's race for [TS]

  you know we're not going to use [TS]

  turbocharger yes we could we could just [TS]

  pump air into the engine and get more [TS]

  power that's unseemly we're going to see [TS]

  how much again you know and that thing [TS]

  about Marcos analogy with like lcds and [TS]

  how their pack to death try to make them [TS]

  be decent [TS]

  I think the appropriate analog for lcds [TS]

  and how you know we've changed them a [TS]

  lot and and in the car world is the [TS]

  internal combustion engine because [TS]

  internal combustion engines like look [TS]

  you could squirt flammable stuff in here [TS]

  and light it and it pushes these things [TS]

  up [TS]

  that's great and then immediately [TS]

  everyone sees okay well that's good and [TS]

  all but there are some problems with his [TS]

  engine for one thing when you run too [TS]

  fast it explodes [TS]

  that's bad time to get hot and melt [TS]

  together we gotta think of something to [TS]

  do about that too and you know it we [TS]

  have all these belts and pulleys know [TS]

  that they are in great and they kind of [TS]

  wear out and when they break bad things [TS]

  happen so if we could maybe get some of [TS]

  you know it's like we've been hacking [TS]

  the internal and just an engine for all [TS]

  of its terrible flaws though you know it [TS]

  shakes the whole car apart well maybe [TS]

  but a different amount of cylinders in [TS]

  it that will be better balance but if we [TS]

  have the lower number we could bounce [TS]

  shafts in and like you know timing [TS]

  chains and overhead cams and direct [TS]

  injection you know where instead of [TS]

  spraying the gas to a tube into this [TS]

  thing maybe just squirt right into the [TS]

  engine you know all we've just been [TS]

  hacking this friggin thing to death [TS]

  forever it is that the internal [TS]

  combustion engine is the lcds of today [TS]

  where they have all this time tables on [TS]

  had a transition of pixel from one color [TS]

  to another color by passing through [TS]

  solid color because that's actually the [TS]

  fastest path is pre-programmed in all [TS]

  those things all that crazy stuff and [TS]

  dynamic back lights on TVs and [TS]

  everything that's what we're doing the [TS]

  internal combustion engine [TS]

  contrast this with the new technology [TS]

  which is you know like in the Tesla [TS]

  which is still in the stage were like [TS]

  hey we can hook up batteries to an [TS]

  electric motor and it goes and we [TS]

  haven't yet begun to really hack that [TS]

  maybe we won't maybe just inherently [TS]

  simple technology but for one thing [TS]

  transmission goes out the window we just [TS]

  hook up the freakin engine to the wheel [TS]

  you know we're good to go there all [TS]

  these things about torque you know not [TS]

  having a low-end torque or anything [TS]

  hundred percent of your target that [TS]

  available in electric languages [TS]

  available with 0 RPM which is very [TS]

  different from the other things we have [TS]

  to do with with regular you know [TS]

  internal combustion engines so just come [TS]

  but this combination seems like the [TS]

  hacker but I think internal combustion [TS]

  engines are really the ultimate hack job [TS]

  and we continue to push them and push [TS]

  them that's what the load displacement [TS]

  herbal about it's like if you would if [TS]

  you took one of these load displacement [TS]

  turbos from some crappy economy car and [TS]

  brought it back in time to like the [TS]

  fifties and said we have an engine for [TS]

  you and it's ways you know 200 pants and [TS]

  it displaces this much and this and this [TS]

  is the mileage and is the power they'd [TS]

  be like this from a supercar like no to [TS]

  toyota echo you know like it's [TS]

  unbelievable we managed to ring out of [TS]

  the internal combustion engine which is [TS]

  why it's got such legs battery density [TS]

  like power density of batteries like how [TS]

  much energy can you put in how much mass [TS]

  but we are much lower in advancing and [TS]

  that's why all the hydrogen cars and all [TS]

  that other stuff in our weekend which [TS]

  all your cars and on we can run our cars [TS]

  on tiny little off mr. fusion type [TS]

  things or maybe use depleted uranium or [TS]

  not completing the case may be you know [TS]

  like other things have better energy [TS]

  mass than gasoline but currently battery [TS]

  technology is not one of them when [TS]

  gasoline also has a heck of a lot of [TS]

  advantages in just practicality like for [TS]

  instance if you if you crash into a car [TS]

  so hard that the gas tank ruptures it [TS]

  won't explode immediately [TS]

  you can't quite guarantee that for [TS]

  hydrogen [TS]

  and and and there's there's like all [TS]

  sorts of other like transporting that I [TS]

  truck transport on hydrogen is kind of [TS]

  dangerous compared to gasoline smell [TS]

  like there's a debatable whether the [TS]

  hydrogen is more dangerous think more [TS]

  the only thing is really really you [TS]

  could say hydrogen has disadvantages vs [TS]

  guess is that it has to be under [TS]

  pressure right and that adds a [TS]

  tremendous implications [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah I don't know about the [TS]

  explosiveness or any of those other [TS]

  factors if that's if that's just because [TS]

  of the pressures involved or not but [TS]

  like have you guys heard of the Fisker [TS]

  Karma [TS]

  yes in fact mr. just quit didn't he mr. [TS]

  fisker I think just left the company [TS]

  left the board or something there that [TS]

  mean that company was probably never [TS]

  going anywhere but the design is like [TS]

  the Chevy Volt where it's got a gasoline [TS]

  engine but the end is not connected to [TS]

  the wheels it's just there as a [TS]

  generator to charge the batteries and [TS]

  the batteries drive electric motors to [TS]

  make the car go right and i think that's [TS]

  a pretty elegant solution to the hybrid [TS]

  range problem [TS]

  I mean to the electric car range problem [TS]

  and we obviously that's a transitional [TS]

  technology until we can really you know [TS]

  gets the point where battery density is [TS]

  awesome and we can start doing you no [TS]

  longer range cars and maybe faster [TS]

  recharges on the highway but until we [TS]

  get there which is probably at least a [TS]

  decade off i think these uh I think [TS]

  things like the volt and the fisker are [TS]

  really a very smart compromise [TS]

  oh yeah I'd like to see it we should [TS]

  have done that before the show if we [TS]

  actually prepared but like a graph of [TS]

  energy density and batteries because i [TS]

  think it is not improving all that fast [TS]

  like you said 10 years but they always [TS]

  just say ten years like it's right up [TS]

  wearing like show me the graph right [TS]

  what is how how are our wii advantage is [TS]

  obviously this to lots of effort put on [TS]

  crew increasing energy density batteries [TS]

  because it helps laptops cell phones [TS]

  tablets like this many applications of [TS]

  this car is just one of the many [TS]

  applications so it seems it's not for [TS]

  lack of trying like if someone could do [TS]

  a tenfold increase in energy density and [TS]

  batteries and you know and maintain like [TS]

  a reasonable recharge time like fuel [TS]

  cells for the other thing is going to [TS]

  save us but still not here right [TS]

  I think progress is slow on those fronts [TS]

  whereas I i bet i would like to see that [TS]

  graft against like mileage and power [TS]

  output for cars because during all this [TS]

  time we've been complaining about all [TS]

  these fuel efficiency stuff [TS]

  the average power available in any car [TS]

  pick any car range you know consumer [TS]

  sports or whatever just going up up [TS]

  because that's what we like we like more [TS]

  power right so we've been making really [TS]

  good progress hacking the internal [TS]

  combustion engine to not just like [TS]

  maintain the status quo with better [TS]

  mileage but give us better mileage and [TS]

  more power and more torque and better [TS]

  torque curves and less noise and [TS]

  vibration and harshness and you know [TS]

  just improving on all fronts probably [TS]

  faster than $PERCENT battery [TS]

  technologies have been proving so I'm [TS]

  unless there's going to be some sort of [TS]

  breakthrough in battery technology in my [TS]

  lifetime I'm having a hard time seeing [TS]

  the internal combustion engine ever get [TS]

  complete dethrone the balance of power [TS]

  and underneath the cars may change in [TS]

  terms of how much battery how much [TS]

  electric how much gas but any technology [TS]

  is going to be the internal combustion [TS]

  has a tough road ahead of it because [TS]

  internal brush and keeps getting better [TS]

  and we worked on it for a long time and [TS]

  battery technology and you know carbon [TS]

  and fuel cells have not been getting [TS]

  better fast enough to like quickly swamp [TS]

  and overtake like when the priest came [TS]

  out of our people like Oh in five years [TS]

  all these internal combustion engine [TS]

  will be gone [TS]

  well no not you mean not less battery [TS]

  technology gets much better faster and [TS]

  if it does you'll notice because [TS]

  suddenly you're your cell phone will [TS]

  last all week without charging when that [TS]

  happens watch out internal combustion [TS]

  engine but you know right now on the [TS]

  other limiting factors that may be [TS]

  yourself what does go a week without [TS]

  charging but it's only because the [TS]

  internal components now sip juice like [TS]

  crazy but at your car has to carry [TS]

  around you at the very least and you're [TS]

  not getting any center especially for [TS]

  American yeah and also known as we were [TS]

  saying the minute ago like really [TS]

  gasoline is extremely convenient for so [TS]

  many reasons like it especially you know [TS]

  you look at what test was doing with the [TS]

  supercharged and everything and that's [TS]

  that's a big step but it being it like [TS]

  having to stop for 45 minutes or a half [TS]

  hour whatever it is I don't want I don't [TS]

  want Tesla Sumerian and threatened to [TS]

  lose a hundred million dollars of value [TS]

  but you know whatever it is half hour 45 [TS]

  minutes for a full charge [TS]

  that's very very different to stop on a [TS]

  road trip every 200 miles for that then [TS]

  to stop every 500 miles 45 minutes [TS]

  anywhere but no matter where you are you [TS]

  can find a gas station within a few [TS]

  miles of where you are in all likelihood [TS]

  be able to stop their refill your car [TS]

  and have another 500 miles arranged i [TS]

  mean that's that's awesome and only [TS]

  gasoline today can do that and you're [TS]

  right it doesn't seem like the [TS]

  alternatives are advancing quickly [TS]

  enough to be able to replace that [TS]

  anytime soon [TS]

  I would agree with that it there's an [TS]

  argument that several people been making [TS]

  my father said this to me on numerous [TS]

  occasions that we're never going to [TS]

  really be able to break off the the oil [TS]

  teat if you will until either we really [TS]

  do run out of oil or it just gets taxed [TS]

  well candidly to you know European [TS]

  levels in America and then suddenly will [TS]

  say oh we must find a way and then [TS]

  suddenly someone will have an epiphany [TS]

  and decide oh we can do this other thing [TS]

  much cheaper better we want dinosaurs [TS]

  because we'll just do what you have to [TS]

  like every every time the gas prices are [TS]

  getting near another dollar interval [TS]

  everyone predict o-once it crosses X [TS]

  dollars a gallon and then world never [TS]

  gonna c major you know major shifts and [TS]

  demand and electric things taking over [TS]

  and practice that crosses that level [TS]

  everyone freaks out for a week and then [TS]

  that's just the normal level of casque [TS]

  costs and and so it doesn't and yeah you [TS]

  know food prices rise trucker prices are [TS]

  you know like all this stuff happened to [TS]

  the economy but in people's minds [TS]

  gasps crossing a certain level doesn't [TS]

  really change anything now [TS]

  certainly you know to go to European [TS]

  type pricing for gas it would I think it [TS]

  was mostly double our prices that [TS]

  roughly $PERCENT accurate be paying more [TS]

  than eight dollars gown and and that's [TS]

  with the convert two leaders some [TS]

  habitat that's a you know that would [TS]

  certainly like a doubling is obviously a [TS]

  a bigger change than just going to five [TS]

  dollars or something and and that might [TS]

  change people's minds a little bit more [TS]

  severely but I think we can see that [TS]

  already we can look at Europe we can see [TS]

  places that do have way more expensive [TS]

  gas than we do and they have an off [TS]

  switch to electric they just buy [TS]

  smaller displacement engines they they [TS]

  care more about efficiency they buy [TS]

  smaller cars you know like that's that's [TS]

  what we're going to see and we do see [TS]

  that now already you know when as gas [TS]

  pricing goes up we are seeing that [TS]

  demand shift just very very slowly but [TS]

  there's never some big trigger event [TS]

  that certainly makes everyone willing to [TS]

  tolerate such at things like the [TS]

  downsides of electric cars [TS]

  oh there's two things work is energy [TS]

  density which you just mentioned and I [TS]

  finally did look up a graphing and [TS]

  according to this graph we have doubled [TS]

  energy density and 10 years from [TS]

  basically from the introduction of the [TS]

  ev1 to the Tesla so there's progress but [TS]

  it's something every year it's doubling [TS]

  every 10 years so that's 10 times slower [TS]

  than we would expect from you know [TS]

  transistor density or whatever and the [TS]

  other factors cost [TS]

  alright so fine say we could double [TS]

  energy density in one year instead of 10 [TS]

  it still costs 50 grand for you like [TS]

  real cost without government you know [TS]

  subsidies and rebates and other stuff to [TS]

  get you just any car with it with a [TS]

  reasonable range with a battery in it [TS]

  it's not so good I mean I that you know [TS]

  we have all these government subsidies [TS]

  that make the model s as cheap as it is [TS]

  a hundred grand like the Chevy Volt is [TS]

  like 40 grand which is still expensive [TS]

  but the Sheffield is not really 40 grand [TS]

  it's way more expensive than that now if [TS]

  you just if you're paying the full cost [TS]

  and so these increases energy and you [TS]

  have to come along with an economical [TS]

  increases energy density because the [TS]

  batteries are so big and you know that [TS]

  the the things physics are so movable [TS]

  you have to move the people over the [TS]

  roads through the air you can't like [TS]

  that energy barrier is not going to get [TS]

  any lower and yet I mean it was more [TS]

  thinking that I mean here's a question [TS]

  you know right now like you know as you [TS]

  can probably tell by my ranting about [TS]

  range and and refill times I wouldn't [TS]

  buy something like the Tesla today [TS]

  because I frequently take long road [TS]

  trips that are you know like 200 miles [TS]

  long or 250 miles long [TS]

  where it sounds like I would probably [TS]

  not make it on a full charge of a Tesla [TS]

  or it would be it would be uncomfortably [TS]

  close so i probably should probably [TS]

  wouldn't want to attempt that anyway so [TS]

  like a at the addition question first [TS]

  answer how much range do you think [TS]

  electric car would need for you to make [TS]

  it your only car [TS]

  like I think for me that number is [TS]

  probably 500 miles and i'm basing that [TS]

  on like I would want to be if I was [TS]

  taking a multi-day road trip which [TS]

  granted i don't really do the most of [TS]

  the time but it but if I was taking a [TS]

  multi-day road trip i would want to be [TS]

  roughly the number of miles i would want [TS]

  to drive per day before just gettin [TS]

  tired and wanted to save the rest of the [TS]

  next day so I think 500 is a decent [TS]

  number for that but actually that's my [TS]

  real world miles though not 500 like if [TS]

  you absolutely stretch everything to the [TS]

  max and drive perfectly on a perfectly [TS]

  flat road with no wind [TS]

  I'm talking real usage mileage so it [TS]

  would probably need an advertised [TS]

  capacity of more like 700 miles but [TS]

  you're basing that on on the idea that [TS]

  it takes you a long time to refuel and [TS]

  that you can't refuel anywhere that was [TS]

  true that those are two things because [TS]

  you're not insisting a 500 mile range [TS]

  and gas garbage like I just stopped at a [TS]

  gas station big deal no big deal right [TS]

  a lot of cars over 500 my friendships I [TS]

  tell ya something very few very very [TS]

  view but yea BMWs are among those cars [TS]

  that ridiculous ranges another not [TS]

  becoming Muslim yeah I fill my car [TS]

  constantly well some of them do I just [TS]

  thought was just reading about it was [TS]

  just reading about some car with BMW [TS]

  with a 500 mile range was a DVD m550d [TS]

  which is ridiculously awesome we'll [TS]

  never get in the US [TS]

  yeah my abilities but anyway like so if [TS]

  you have one of these cars like the [TS]

  vaults of the Karma we're all right so [TS]

  the range is 200 miles or 250 miles even [TS]

  or something that reason one else but [TS]

  you just felt the gas tank when it runs [TS]

  out right in the gas station it's still [TS]

  electric are you still get you know 50 [TS]

  miles per gallon or whatever 60 then [TS]

  suddenly you don't your criteria 500 my [TS]

  range is not a big deal you're just [TS]

  talking about pure-play entirely [TS]

  electric cars because you know that [TS]

  given current technology it takes [TS]

  forever to charge them you can't just [TS]

  stop for 10 minutes and you know fill [TS]

  the tank again you're going to be there [TS]

  for an hour two hours something really [TS]

  good like that it's really extending [TS]

  your trip and I'm frequently like I'm [TS]

  frequently in rural areas where you know [TS]

  there you might have to drive five miles [TS]

  before you see the first gas station i [TS]

  think it's going to be fairly long [TS]

  before those places have [TS]

  high speed electric charge stations and [TS]

  high-speed it's like a half an hour in [TS]

  our writings have more it still sucks if [TS]

  you do if you weren't planning like you [TS]

  know Tesla's Tesla's PR kind of says [TS]

  well you know if you if you're stopping [TS]

  for a meal i must recharge your car [TS]

  rental it'll just take longer to go in [TS]

  and have a meal well i don't know about [TS]

  you but when I stopped for a road trip [TS]

  first of all I like not having to stop [TS]

  for a half-hour like if I don't really [TS]

  want to me i don't really need a meal [TS]

  thank you i just like to fill up please [TS]

  with gas that takes five minutes and but [TS]

  even even from stopping for a meal [TS]

  what they're really what they're really [TS]

  telling us to get a full charge need to [TS]

  stop for like 45 minutes or you know [TS]

  that's that's a bit long for a road trip [TS]

  meal for me like when we stopped you [TS]

  know even a rest stop and maybe if we go [TS]

  to the bathroom and get gas and get food [TS]

  maybe it might be 25-30 minutes [TS]

  you know like it here and and we're not [TS]

  likely to do that do in the middle of [TS]

  most road trips you know like most road [TS]

  trips are going to be like for us it's [TS]

  gonna be like that 200 to 300 mile range [TS]

  where we can make it the whole way [TS]

  without gas or food probably you know so [TS]

  and if we do stop for either we're gonna [TS]

  make it quick [TS]

  similarly like I mean obviously I'm new [TS]

  to this whole having a kid thing but for [TS]

  us you know I I assume this is similar [TS]

  with other parents you know the baby has [TS]

  his own schedule and if we stop for a [TS]

  half hour at an unplanned time that's [TS]

  going to really backfire in a bad way in [TS]

  all likelihood and whereas like you know [TS]

  if I'm just stopping for five minutes [TS]

  and the baby is trying to sleep and he [TS]

  only wants to sleep on the cars going [TS]

  fast okay i can stop 45 minutes he might [TS]

  sleep through it if he wakes up he'll [TS]

  scream 43 minutes and then we go [TS]

  you know that's that's very different [TS]

  from ok here's an unplanned [TS]

  half-hour-long stop and and some of this [TS]

  is you could argue some of this would [TS]

  just be changing your habits and and [TS]

  planning for these things and [TS]

  accommodating for these things but [TS]

  that's not a very strong selling point [TS]

  in a market that's already established [TS]

  like gas is really convenient we have [TS]

  gas everywhere available to us for [TS]

  reasonable prices for the most part with [TS]

  very fast Philip times and so gas is [TS]

  very convenient and and two for somebody [TS]

  to spend more temporarily spend more on [TS]

  electric car and to have all these [TS]

  downsides that go with it [TS]

  I think it's a pretty weak proposition [TS]

  but i think they were the range thing is [TS]

  mostly not it i mean not that it's not [TS]

  important because it is for this for all [TS]

  the reasons you listed but it's it's [TS]

  mostly it's not what's preventing [TS]

  electric cars from up being more popular [TS]

  it cost us the problem because so many [TS]

  people do not take long trips or have [TS]

  two cars and you can have one for the [TS]

  long trip someone not for the long trip [TS]

  you just need to make the cars and much [TS]

  less expensive because then people will [TS]

  consider them those hey i'm saving all [TS]

  this money on gas [TS]

  why wouldn't advise got what you [TS]

  wouldn't buy this is 30 grand that's why [TS]

  you wouldn't buy you have fifteen [TS]

  thousand dollars you can get a honda fit [TS]

  that has almost as good mileage not [TS]

  quite you know me but if you if if they [TS]

  become price-competitive then you know [TS]

  people by a little cars to just commute [TS]

  back and forth to work my work is like [TS]

  five miles away from my house and I you [TS]

  know I drive 10 miles a day and you know [TS]

  i'm back home i would buy a pure [TS]

  electric car to commute to and from work [TS]

  in a second if it didn't cost so much [TS]

  money you know what I mean oh I mean [TS]

  you're right that cost is definitely [TS]

  number one factor but you gotta figure [TS]

  also a lot of people that you know you [TS]

  see this with a lot with people who buy [TS]

  SUVs or pickup trucks a lot of people [TS]

  will buy a car thinking that they will [TS]

  use it in some fashion that requires a [TS]

  certain type of car whether it's a truck [TS]

  or a big SUV or something like that [TS]

  they'll say oh well I'll occasionally go [TS]

  up in the mountains or I'll occasionally [TS]

  to haul something and it might they [TS]

  might only need to do that once a year [TS]

  or like twice during the entire time [TS]

  they have the car but they still buy the [TS]

  car you know kind of aspirationally [TS]

  thinking oh I I'm gonna need it for [TS]

  those times you and they will consider [TS]

  things like oh I'll just rent a truck [TS]

  for a day when I need one something [TS]

  value those options usually aren't [TS]

  considered just like a lot of people [TS]

  will will buy a car that is way more [TS]

  than their quote needs because of some [TS]

  something they have in their head that [TS]

  they think they'll do or they want to do [TS]

  even though they might never get around [TS]

  to it that's going to be the big bro [TS]

  album after cost becomes less of an [TS]

  issue with electric cars that have [TS]

  limited ranges are range issues that [TS]

  people like well what if i want to drive [TS]

  to ohio you know if that's that then [TS]

  it's not gonna I'm gonna have to stop [TS]

  for hours in the middle like that even [TS]

  even if you only drive to ohio once a [TS]

  year or even if you haven't ever done [TS]

  and you might want to someday do it but [TS]

  I wouldn't recommend them to ohio just [TS]

  as an example but if you do you might as [TS]

  well we stopped at stake and shake their [TS]

  pretty good but yet through it all it's [TS]

  a boring state to drive through that's [TS]

  mr. communities room at the very least [TS]

  if they can get the cost down you can [TS]

  immediately you then you have a real [TS]

  market because you can immediately sell [TS]

  to all the people who already buy cars [TS]

  that they just know we're gonna be a [TS]

  little dinky commuters are you know [TS]

  Europe where like you know you go too [TS]

  far in your country so it's not like you [TS]

  know haha how long a trip can you really [TS]

  taking that they have the Eurorail to go [TS]

  on the long trip stuff like that there [TS]

  is a market for small commuter cars it [TS]

  really never do on your own people will [TS]

  buy them at especially if they're cheap [TS]

  and not just keep it cheap reliable like [TS]

  all there are many advantages to [TS]

  electric cars just as fewer fewer things [TS]

  that can go wrong in it you know so [TS]

  presumably by that point you know no [TS]

  more transmission or muffler like you [TS]

  could seal the freaking thing up and try [TS]

  to make it more weatherproof because [TS]

  everything can be you know all sealed up [TS]

  and the technology is nailed down to it [TS]

  it really will be a much more reliable [TS]

  much more pleasant thing to use in this [TS]

  hypothetical future where it doesn't [TS]

  cost 30 grand take to get yourself one [TS]

  that that's any good then you've got you [TS]

  are immediately got less a quarter maybe [TS]

  even half of the market you still don't [TS]

  have those people think they're going a [TS]

  long trip and stuff like that but that's [TS]

  where hybrids can come in we like all [TS]

  right fine [TS]

  you've got a gasoline engine charges the [TS]

  batteries if if you run a juice just [TS]

  filled with gas station you're good to [TS]

  go then that works out but I mean I [TS]

  think this is all gets back to those [TS]

  those stupid batteries like all these [TS]

  things are just all hypothetical because [TS]

  right now it's just it's just a [TS]

  non-starter and I think there's no [TS]

  amount of like a wolf [TS]

  government-subsidized these cars it [TS]

  would just you know all they would have [TS]

  to subsidize them in perpetuity until we [TS]

  can get another another 20 years we get [TS]

  two more doubling of energy density [TS]

  assuming current trends continue because [TS]

  this graph looks like a line it is not [TS]

  like a curve so it's not like this is [TS]

  accelerating or decelerating is just [TS]

  slow steady progress [TS]

  sorry and internal combustion engines [TS]

  keep getting better as well so here's a [TS]

  question I mean think about it think [TS]

  about this first of all I to question is [TS]

  do you do you foresee a future and no [TS]

  and i'm sure this is probably a ways out [TS]

  but do you foresee a future where [TS]

  electric cars are cheaper than gas cars [TS]

  because they are inherently simpler you [TS]

  know like how long do you think it'll be [TS]

  before that happens they're cheaper now [TS]

  if you don't get any batteries in them [TS]

  there [TS]

  that's because that's you know that's [TS]

  that's what goes on the like those two [TS]

  electric motors that drive the wheels [TS]

  compared to the number of parts in the [TS]

  precision and write for for an internal [TS]

  combustion engine [TS]

  yeah i mean electric car should be [TS]

  cheaper as assuming they can figure out [TS]

  the battery thing is everything else [TS]

  about them [TS]

  there's so much stuff you don't need [TS]

  this also many parts go away so many [TS]

  things don't need to be manufactured [TS]

  just so much stuff just disappears and [TS]

  it it really like looking at Tesla and [TS]

  tests are just shows you like wow [TS]

  regular cars filled with a lot of crap [TS]

  that you know that you don't strictly [TS]

  need all the government looks at you [TS]

  wouldn't you do add a lot i mean i i'm [TS]

  sure it doesn't come close to closing [TS]

  the gap but you do add a lot of weird [TS]

  complex parts for for energy saving [TS]

  purposes like regenerative breaking [TS]

  things and like various tricks for all [TS]

  the electrical components in the car to [TS]

  save power like you lost like something [TS]

  because like solid state state stuff is [TS]

  the type of thing that gets you know [TS]

  it's cheap it's not like it's not like a [TS]

  traditional seen pieces of metal flying [TS]

  past each other a little while it with [TS]

  get out with exhaust gases and heat and [TS]

  noise and yeah it's it's way less it [TS]

  like no I don't know though because I [TS]

  think you're over simple you're [TS]

  oversimplifying a bit in the sense that [TS]

  yes the engine unequivocally gets a lot [TS]

  simpler but you still have a drivetrain [TS]

  you still have suspension you still have [TS]

  wheel bearings instead of steering but [TS]

  you don't have a drivetrain to speak up [TS]

  when the electric motors are hooked up [TS]

  to the wheels i guess i can even have a [TS]

  license [TS]

  alright you mean you still have [TS]

  suspension components and stuff like [TS]

  that thing where but like and you also [TS]

  still have the other thing you know you [TS]

  might not think about when you look at [TS]

  the tassels they still also have to have [TS]

  like on the test blood they have a you [TS]

  know that the pump further for the power [TS]

  steering [TS]

  I think it's not electrical power [TS]

  steering which is strange i think it's [TS]

  actually a hydraulic pump that the pump [TS]

  the gas you know that hydraulic brakes [TS]

  they have the the little things going to [TS]

  run the compressor for the air [TS]

  conditioner right all these are [TS]

  electric-powered things right but that [TS]

  it's not just the things that drive the [TS]

  wheels you need something for like [TS]

  doesn't translate in the accessories [TS]

  it's all ends up being electric but the [TS]

  sheer amount of stuff that isn't there [TS]

  is just so tremendous that these other [TS]

  things it's kind of weird that they look [TS]

  at this little you know they would like [TS]

  the size of softballs like those you [TS]

  know there's a little air-conditioning [TS]

  compressor and there's a little pomp and [TS]

  there's a little thing for the fan that [TS]

  stuff will continue to coalesce into [TS]

  like I presume some little single blob [TS]

  in this future where all cars are [TS]

  electric or on most cars or electric [TS]

  where the really have it nailed down is [TS]

  like it's like you know the LCD is the [TS]

  internal combustion engine we have it [TS]

  said so many years to hack on the [TS]

  internal combustion engine this electric [TS]

  motor is like the simple version before [TS]

  we start the hack on it to death before [TS]

  we've even electric motor sit around and [TS]

  talk about electric car drive trains [TS]

  will figure out all the tricks that you [TS]

  have to do to make an electric cars [TS]

  drivetrain plus human creature comforts [TS]

  being an efficient package and will [TS]

  iterate on that and I think that [TS]

  iteration will look a little more like [TS]

  iteration the technology industry then [TS]

  sort of the mechanical reciprocating [TS]

  metal lubricated parts iteration which [TS]

  looks more like mechanical iteration [TS]

  like it either [TS]

  this certain barriers to materials and [TS]

  cost of manufacturing and physical [TS]

  tolerances that are pretty movable and [TS]

  its really tough to make good progress [TS]

  and those whereas if once we can make [TS]

  something electric we can just keep [TS]

  drinking that introducing the power and [TS]

  you know doing a lot of stuff that's [TS]

  very interesting . and if you think [TS]

  about it i'll probably beat up for this [TS]

  but to some degree the automobiles it [TS]

  stands today is an extension of the [TS]

  Industrial Revolution and that it's just [TS]

  a very very revel it's a machine that's [TS]

  been refined like you've been saying for [TS]

  over and over and over again 400 years [TS]

  but again to your point it i'm curious [TS]

  to see what the future brings in terms [TS]

  of electric cars because now we're [TS]

  moving just like you said more towards [TS]

  the information age towards transistors [TS]

  towards solid-state and and I I feel [TS]

  like it's time but just like you guys [TS]

  have said either we need much better [TS]

  batteries or we need much quicker [TS]

  charging which [TS]

  you could argue is saying the same thing [TS]

  twice and I just I don't see how we're [TS]

  gonna get there anytime soon but you [TS]

  know i didn't think i'd be holding a [TS]

  computer in my pocket 24 hours or more [TS]

  than 24 hours a day but 10 hours a day [TS]

  but you don't want it there on time [TS]

  what no not when I'm sleeping more [TS]

  careful you don't sleep in jeans on a [TS]

  pocket with a song now [TS]

  no sorry nor do I have a mock turtleneck [TS]

  or anything like that [TS]

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  thanks guys thanks [TS]

  alright so time for automatic yes but [TS]

  are we done with a Ferrari anyone like [TS]

  you talking about you're still talking [TS]

  laferrari yeah along the engine the only [TS]

  thing i think i'd like to add is that it [TS]

  its it's one of those things where in [TS]

  retrospect it seems inevitable but it's [TS]

  surprising to me that we're just now [TS]

  looking at the the drivetrains that we [TS]

  have available to us in saying who you [TS]

  know most internal combustion engines [TS]

  they don't really come into their own [TS]

  until really late in the RPM range [TS]

  generally speaking and you know it's [TS]

  interesting these electric engines we [TS]

  have have a million torque for torques [TS]

  if you're Jeremy Clarkson from 0 RPM and [TS]

  just like you said earlier John you know [TS]

  why don't we put these together and in [TS]

  am surprised that the Ferrari is the law [TS]

  of the ferrari laferrari cr0 to protect [TS]

  me exactly is the first thing that there [TS]

  is the first real supercar application [TS]

  that I'm aware of that really puts the [TS]

  two together for nothing but performance [TS]

  and it seems in retrospect so obvious [TS]

  you have the electric motor when you're [TS]

  making no torque and you have the [TS]

  internal combustion motor when you're [TS]

  making a ton of torque while the [TS]

  batteries are always the problem like we [TS]

  do that if we could just have the [TS]

  battery's not be inside the car maybe we [TS]

  could being the the electricity to the [TS]

  car through a high-power laser of some [TS]

  kind maybe because that's you know [TS]

  that's the problem is don't want the [TS]

  microwave and simcity yeah so now I like [TS]

  this what this doubling of energy [TS]

  density of batteries in the past decade [TS]

  is now got to the point where now also i [TS]

  think that is me a sex doing this as [TS]

  well having a some sort of hybrid thing [TS]

  I don't know operated by the the portion [TS]

  that BMW i8 is also doing it but we are [TS]

  not talking about being with you anymore [TS]

  because the shows too much about BMW [TS]

  yeah it's not like I mean if this cars [TS]

  is basically you know it's me it's an [TS]

  804 horsepower v12 that revs to 9,000 [TS]

  250 rpm which is insane and then just a [TS]

  little bit of electricity that just a [TS]

  little bit extra of like made the [TS]

  batteries as small as we possibly can [TS]

  not a big deal little bit of [TS]

  regenerative thing here you go like and [TS]

  they show the little big show the graph [TS]

  of the tour curves like will overlap [TS]

  these curves here's the engine here's [TS]

  the electric motor and we add the two [TS]

  curves together first day the electric [TS]

  motor torque curve eventually starts the [TS]

  tail off it very high rpm barely but it [TS]

  does tail off a little bit whereas the [TS]

  gas engine has a peak later on and then [TS]

  slowly starts to an output right just uh [TS]

  . also where you know going back to what [TS]

  we were saying earlier about you know my [TS]

  theory about whatever you're used to is [TS]

  what you think is normal between turbo [TS]

  and naturally aspirated engines imagine [TS]

  once people get used to electric cars [TS]

  all-electric car [TS]

  I to go from that to a gas engine car [TS]

  the gas engine car must just feel [TS]

  incredibly clumsy and ancient by [TS]

  comparison and I'm not feeling all that [TS]

  torque that you have available with [TS]

  electric you know by having this weird [TS]

  complicated engine that's a no vibrating [TS]

  and loud relatively speaking and you [TS]

  know that it's got to just feel like I [TS]

  don't like it'd be like riding this bike [TS]

  riding like a rail cart that's stuck [TS]

  behind a steam engine for that today [TS]

  like it would be like using a CRT [TS]

  monitor i think that's the closest one [TS]

  because like once we cross that divide [TS]

  no one wants to go back to CRT is a good [TS]

  that curves thing with the staticky [TS]

  stuff and the big giant wait that's not [TS]

  so much space remember divergence for [TS]

  convergence whatever it was that would [TS]

  make the pixels misalign there three [TS]

  colors of sweet pc monitors go here we [TS]

  go here we go down that don't go down [TS]

  that rabbit hole [TS]

  are we done with the ferrari laferrari [TS]

  well I don't really think there's one on [TS]

  douchey way to say that you can either [TS]

  just if you see dollar laferrari well [TS]

  that's just come on that sounds terrible [TS]

  you can't I couldn't say that in a [TS]

  conversation i could say i got you [TS]

  saying we start with that ugly is it [TS]

  uglier than the ends are not uglier than [TS]

  the ends up not absolutely this is just [TS]

  not the kind of car I would ever buy so [TS]

  I i really can't judge it I mean it [TS]

  looks it almost looks to me like a like [TS]

  a cartoon car like I just this is this [TS]

  has never entered my world of things I [TS]

  would ever consider driving around it [TS]

  I don't think it looks like a cartoon [TS]

  because if you look at that was that the [TS]

  Lamborghini something with a V video or [TS]

  something like that's terrible that [TS]

  looks like a cartoon car ferrari I I [TS]

  feel like has been has the best styling [TS]

  among the top tier supercars because [TS]

  they make their cars interesting and not [TS]

  but they don't like lozenges they don't [TS]

  look like a smooth stone polished in a [TS]

  river like they have personality but [TS]

  they don't look like something that is [TS]

  six-year-old withdraw without fins and [TS]

  wings and how much of the stuff sticking [TS]

  out of it so well I barely remember [TS]

  something an eight-year-old right LOL no [TS]

  i think i think this there is a [TS]

  sophistication to this i think this [TS]

  particular one is much much more [TS]

  successful incarnation of this sort of [TS]

  style of car than the Enzo was the Enzo [TS]

  had some awkward bits on it [TS]

  all these cars are basically like a [TS]

  carbon fibre tub bolted to an engine [TS]

  with suspension on it and then you have [TS]

  to figure it out put a car body over it [TS]

  so kind of like an f1 car like styling [TS]

  is not they have limited freedom and [TS]

  styling with this car because his car is [TS]

  not about just looking beautiful as [TS]

  their top and performance car and if you [TS]

  have to compromise between styling [TS]

  performance and this this is the car [TS]

  ferrari says actually no we got a whole [TS]

  blind performances the whole . this car [TS]

  exist and across the bazillion dollars [TS]

  so it better be fast but i think they do [TS]

  a much better job with the styling than [TS]

  their competitors including the McLaren [TS]

  p1 which I think was like a a giant fish [TS]

  or snail or some other kind of ugly [TS]

  thing I still think the other Ferraris [TS]

  are better looking than this but there [TS]

  they can be because they can afford to [TS]

  be because they don't have to be so [TS]

  uncompromising about performance but I i [TS]

  give this following a pretty big thumbs [TS]

  up especially after the dark times of [TS]

  the endzone the f50 which were not [TS]

  attractive cars [TS]

  i mean i-i think it looks good but yeah [TS]

  I just it i can't really judge was not [TS]

  for me i got nothing for me lately like [TS]

  like learning a car like i can look at a [TS]

  really nice-looking car but if I if I [TS]

  later learn that that like the inside is [TS]

  kind of like the interior is kind of [TS]

  crappy or it doesn't ride very well or [TS]

  it's just like really impractical that [TS]

  it's kinda like like finding out that [TS]

  are really attractive person is like [TS]

  really crazy or stupid or mean it's like [TS]

  you just like like I can't I can't enjoy [TS]

  looking at cars like this or looking at [TS]

  cars that I that I learn our are bad and [TS]

  some other way even if they look good [TS]

  I lose the ability to enjoy that once [TS]

  once I start thinking about like [TS]

  aspirationally what I want to own this [TS]

  and I think [TS]

  you know for all these different reasons [TS]

  so I i kinda can enjoy it [TS]

  so if you were to in the comedy of what [TS]

  I'm about to say is i'm asking the [TS]

  future / owner of an m5 but Marco money [TS]

  no object [TS]

  uh-huh what supercar do you think you [TS]

  would have the m5 it could be for [TS]

  exactly the reason i got an--oh okay [TS]

  seriously car i thought so he said let's [TS]

  assume you have infinite money which [TS]

  means you already have like a car for [TS]

  the family car and you have the car for [TS]

  every day trips and now you have this [TS]

  infinity pool of money like what about a [TS]

  car for the days when I just want to go [TS]

  to the track or just go out on the road [TS]

  and just fool around no one else is [TS]

  gonna drive this car could have one seat [TS]

  for all you know this is the sole [TS]

  purpose card its own separate house that [TS]

  lives in with a staff that takes care of [TS]

  right next to your house . here intact [TS]

  your eyes that doesn't anyway and when [TS]

  you want you just walk up and show for [TS]

  brings it out for you and you're getting [TS]

  what car is that car [TS]

  honestly I don't know I've never thought [TS]

  about that because well first of all in [TS]

  many cases I think the m5 would still be [TS]

  that car [TS]

  uh I would but but I just I just think I [TS]

  i don't know like I i don't i don't [TS]

  fantasize about getting into some other [TS]

  kind of like super high-end cars why [TS]

  I've never even considered my options [TS]

  even our yeah i think it like i can [TS]

  imagine you being that person who would [TS]

  like to figure out what it is like now [TS]

  you've got this infinite money and you [TS]

  got nothing to do with your time except [TS]

  for you know figure out your stable cars [TS]

  here like I want the car that I'm just [TS]

  going to go and blaster and roads and [TS]

  have fun with you might end up with [TS]

  something like an Ariel Atom because you [TS]

  may drive that and say whoo-whoo that's [TS]

  the biggest blast gets insanely fast and [TS]

  he opens a new sensation you don't get [TS]

  for something else that is super car [TS]

  like performance is also ugly as sin you [TS]

  know maybe that's not a factor for you [TS]

  in when purchasing this type of car [TS]

  yeah I don't know I I just like I think [TS]

  one of the reasons why i like the m5 so [TS]

  much is because it is all those things [TS]

  to me like I can I can have my key to me [TS]

  i can have all of those like for me it [TS]

  does although supercar roles that I want [TS]

  you know in my fantasy world but it's [TS]

  also a practical everyday car and it's [TS]

  comfortable and has air conditioning and [TS]

  a good radio like it has hot those [TS]

  things like it it that's why I like it [TS]

  so much and i know what I've always [TS]

  liked to store thousands of things it [TS]

  is much more than some you sure yet [TS]

  already car it's much slower than all [TS]

  these other supercars were talking about [TS]

  in ways that you would actually notice [TS]

  not like it's a tenth of a second slower [TS]

  things are under two seconds to 60 you [TS]

  would notice that difference it's like [TS]

  twice as fast practically but we're not [TS]

  be going that I could even I mean I I [TS]

  don't even I can't even use the m5 [TS]

  capacity where where I live and where I [TS]

  Drive even if i was going to a track i [TS]

  would like the m5 is so good on the [TS]

  track it's so far beyond my abilities as [TS]

  a driver to even take advantage of that [TS]

  power that I feel like if I had [TS]

  something even more powerful the only [TS]

  reason the only way I would be able to [TS]

  really take advantage of it is if I [TS]

  became a full-time track driver and got [TS]

  really good head and down 0-2 [TS]

  what about it obviously on a track i [TS]

  think you would prefer something not [TS]

  like a miata maybe like that the-the-the [TS]

  like a miata maybe like that the-the-the [TS]

  rsr no subaru brz not because it would [TS]

  be faster on the track but because like [TS]

  if we gave you a choice like you had to [TS]

  laugh this track in your iphone 5 and [TS]

  then they gave you a much lighter weight [TS]

  car that is just you know better suited [TS]

  to the track even if you went around the [TS]

  track slower because they don't have as [TS]

  much power i think you would have more [TS]

  fun because it's like better suited to [TS]

  the track is definitely that's what this [TS]

  section of your your stable cars is for [TS]

  is not necessarily to make a mean and [TS]

  that's why i said Ariel Atom you know it [TS]

  is really fast it could be something [TS]

  that is slower than your other car but [TS]

  it's just more fun because it's like an [TS]

  amusement-park ride and it feels [TS]

  different when you're not swinging 4,000 [TS]

  pounds around corners when you're [TS]

  swinging half of that around corners [TS]

  it just feels different and you don't [TS]

  even feel faster while not being faster [TS]

  honestly i think i think a something [TS]

  like the Tesla Roadster might even be [TS]

  the better choice for something like [TS]

  that [TS]

  like they make that anymore but yeah I [TS]

  can if they didn't like I think you [TS]

  would like the model s you should [TS]

  probably actually take a test drive that [TS]

  because the quality wanted to find out [TS]

  how much for a test drive oh that's what [TS]

  i said no thanks [TS]

  the experience of being in that car like [TS]

  i don't think it'll convince you to buy [TS]

  one but it is a different enough [TS]

  experience from being a regular gas car [TS]

  and it is pretty high-end be feeling shy [TS]

  in that car be with the low-end torque [TS]

  and the silence and the just the novelty [TS]

  of it is a different experience that you [TS]

  give you a preview of what what cars [TS]

  maybe like sometimes it isn't yet i [TS]

  would love to ride in a Model S I just [TS]

  haven't had the chance yet but uh me and [TS]

  grant i haven't tried that hard like I [TS]

  was that the one store in the mall by me [TS]

  and they want 25 grand so I said no [TS]

  thanks but you know I'm sure I could I [TS]

  could email them and say hey I'm a car [TS]

  podcaster hey maybe you can give me a [TS]

  free press ride or a loner for a weekend [TS]

  and drove behind me on my way home today [TS]

  is that there are three miles [TS]

  yeah i know i do still along behind me i [TS]

  was getting nervous because like he was [TS]

  coming up on me pretty fast like maybe [TS]

  he doesn't know how to drive this thing [TS]

  epic it doesn't look like i said once i [TS]

  will let you drive it you can drive it [TS]

  almost entirely with the right foot [TS]

  where instead of hitting the brake you [TS]

  just let off the gas and it's very well [TS]

  enough Breaking so you can get into a [TS]

  mode where you're just driving like a [TS]

  golf cart but no breaks you know just [TS]

  letting up do you think we're gonna have [TS]

  a lot of rear-ending well I he was [TS]

  coming up on me really fast like now you [TS]

  I have to use the breaker use the brake [TS]

  like I get paranoid about people coming [TS]

  up on me too fast and it was an older [TS]

  guy too and I'm you know they just [TS]

  slamming imagine stop in time and he [TS]

  pulled into I believe you pulled into [TS]

  whole foods so there you go that is not [TS]

  a surprise at all . and i say that as a [TS]

  fan of high-end cars and a whole foods [TS]

  customer but that is not a surprising [TS]

  yeah so you're not going to nail down [TS]

  what kind of car you would have to say [TS]

  m5 what about you Casey absolutely [TS]

  unequivocally without a shadow of a [TS]

  doubt I would choose the wrong car which [TS]

  is an Aston Martin not really any flavor [TS]

  probably dds that's that's so wrong but [TS]

  i can see the the the value system using [TS]

  the pic that is is at the other extreme [TS]

  from Marco but I'm i think I'm kind of [TS]

  in the middle where you you are you want [TS]

  to own something beautiful yes and that [TS]

  it weighs heavily in your choice of what [TS]

  car you're getting because it's not all [TS]

  if it will help out how the car [TS]

  performed you were not going to consider [TS]

  Mars right right now yeah you get [TS]

  something on a hammond likes i would [TS]

  like the Pagani yeah he always liked the [TS]

  ugly weirdo performance Scott yeah it [TS]

  yeah everybody acting as Martin he wants [TS]

  it's like it's like a piece of art or [TS]

  sculpture it's like it because you want [TS]

  to own a beautiful thing [TS]

  yeah i definitely will say that like the [TS]

  Aston Martin that's one of the only like [TS]

  super high-end cars looked at and and [TS]

  just like wanted just from a like I've [TS]

  wanted in a physical way it's not like i [TS]

  like i wanted to do bad things to the [TS]

  muffler but like you know like you you [TS]

  can look at that you can say that is a [TS]

  beautiful obviously I I totally get that [TS]

  although when I went to go pick up the [TS]

  1am it at that [TS]

  specialty dealer they had an estimate on [TS]

  the show floor it was like an exotic car [TS]

  dealer and I got to sit in it and it was [TS]

  the first never been in one and I and I [TS]

  was kind of disappointed I was like you [TS]

  know this is nice and everything but [TS]

  first of all you SAT really low to the [TS]

  ground which I discussed last episode I [TS]

  don't really like and it was just it [TS]

  just sitting in it wasn't that thrilling [TS]

  it wasn't really a car / forward Carl so [TS]

  it has to two strikes against it but [TS]

  yeah it i mean like i said in every way [TS]

  it is completely wrong except that in my [TS]

  personal opinion it is the most [TS]

  beautiful car I've ever seen in my life [TS]

  I mean it's just was stunningly pretty [TS]

  and I although I would you could [TS]

  very legitimately argue that the subaru [TS]

  was not terribly pretty you could argue [TS]

  that the three that the 335i actually [TS]

  think it's pretty but you could argue it [TS]

  isn't i think my 300zx still looks semi [TS]

  modern and nobody will agree with me but [TS]

  i think that that's true collaboration [TS]

  that the big but I is the one that has [TS]

  the big everything because I think [TS]

  everybody's very survival is very [TS]

  encouraging one [TS]

  yeah very curvy I still find it to be [TS]

  beautiful and it had to be honest as a [TS]

  very similar lines to an Aston Martin [TS]

  not what that's a terrible comparison [TS]

  but to my weird I it has some more lines [TS]

  to an Aston Martin and so I think the [TS]

  acid is just an unbelievably just [TS]

  painfully beautiful car in and even [TS]

  though it's not as fast as it probably [TS]

  should or could be it probably will [TS]

  never work properly and I won't say [TS]

  that's because it's British but it [TS]

  nonetheless it's just it i think it [TS]

  would be unbelievably fun I'd love one [TS]

  that's the kind of car like we were [TS]

  before we had the baby we were [TS]

  discussing possibly taking like a [TS]

  driving vacation after California too [TS]

  and we we would rent a a supercar of [TS]

  some kind and and drive along the [TS]

  California coastline on whatever road [TS]

  that is pacific coast highway that [TS]

  yeah and we listen to this and and [TS]

  there's a company after that will rent [TS]

  you asked Martin but only automatic and [TS]

  and that's why end and we eventually we [TS]

  cancel the whole trip because I just [TS]

  wish we could schedule it goes with [TS]

  practicalities in life but that's like I [TS]

  would gladly if I was like going on a [TS]

  trip and going to rent something exotic [TS]

  I i think i would still pick an ass and [TS]

  I would hope if I could get a stick but [TS]

  i would at least probably still pick it [TS]

  anyway or i would get a Ferrari honestly [TS]

  on especially cuz a lot of them you can [TS]

  get a lot of the Old Forest sticks but [TS]

  when you looked into Gotham did we got [TS]

  ya and i was one of the companies and [TS]

  they also got things automatically think [TS]

  right yeah I was unfortunately nobody [TS]

  can drive stick right and he would [TS]

  destroy the clutch of this Ferrari [TS]

  everytime directed it exactly right so [TS]

  John what would you pick i know the [TS]

  answer some sort of the pony but horsey [TS]

  if you will but would it be the ferrari [TS]

  laferrari for specific [TS]

  now some my car my like my fantasy car [TS]

  that I'd I i own it through by proxy [TS]

  through a through force of will is [TS]

  always the and now it has been the [TS]

  middle-of-the-road mid-engine ferrari so [TS]

  it was 348 then it was 355 then it was [TS]

  360 that was the 430 now it's the 458 [TS]

  that's my car at as ferrari keeps [TS]

  upgrading at each time they produce a [TS]

  new version i have to decide am I going [TS]

  to continue saying this is my car this [TS]

  line of cars or have they made it too [TS]

  ugly for me or bad in some way so right [TS]

  now would be it would be the 458 that [TS]

  said if I had to choose between the 415 [TS]

  laferrari it might be a difficult choice [TS]

  because you just said the laferrari yeah [TS]

  i know that they simply say it because [TS]

  the the like the f50 and the Enzo were [TS]

  just so and even have 40 for that matter [TS]

  were just so objectionable to be [TS]

  smelling whys and the reason i picked [TS]

  for our instead of Lamborghini or any [TS]

  other supercars that may be faster is [TS]

  because i really like Ferrari styling I [TS]

  think that they have they've struck the [TS]

  right balance between something that [TS]

  looks beautiful in something looks [TS]

  functional and something that's a little [TS]

  bit cool looking and I and they're [TS]

  they're starting has been evolving like [TS]

  from that you know from the Testarossa [TS]

  348 with the big you know stripes on the [TS]

  side you know that their evolution they [TS]

  have lost me yet they haven't gone into [TS]

  a bangle phase you know they haven't [TS]

  they haven't really just gone off the [TS]

  rails with the styling and that's really [TS]

  a big part of why I want to listen not [TS]

  just because it's fast and mechanical [TS]

  Marvel but because it's fast and [TS]

  mechanical Marvel and beautiful kind of [TS]

  like that we you know like Apple [TS]

  hardware you again and talk about the [TS]

  mac pro briefly you know i like the idea [TS]

  that something is incredibly powerful [TS]

  and sophisticated and also beautiful [TS]

  inside and out [TS]

  right like the dual g5 is a good example [TS]

  that we're stuck at 500 megahertz [TS]

  forever with incredibly slow front side [TS]

  bus and finally make a machine that's [TS]

  going to break out of it and it was [TS]

  beautiful inside and out that was like [TS]

  the Ferrari of max for a brief moment in [TS]

  time right up so that's why would [TS]

  definitely be 4i probably 458 it [TS]

  realistically speaking of money was an [TS]

  infinite someone gave me laferrari i [TS]

  would sell it get a 458 and like [TS]

  no some sort of sedan and the 458 I mean [TS]

  it is very pretty without without [TS]

  question it is a very very pretty car so [TS]

  i can . to be honest your answer is the [TS]

  right answer but when you have this kind [TS]

  of question and you answer from the [TS]

  harder the gutter the groin or whatever [TS]

  I would still stick in my Aston and i [TS]

  would probably also entirely as not as [TS]

  hard as I said that a some reason like [TS]

  listings for high-end apartments in like [TS]

  a note i want or whatever some some [TS]

  agency where you were there lots of new [TS]

  rich people or maybe with Russia even [TS]

  and they will sell you high-rise [TS]

  apartments where you drive your car and [TS]

  your car goes open an elevator and it [TS]

  comes up to your apartment with you and [TS]

  it's it as a glass wall between the rest [TS]

  of your apartment and the place where [TS]

  your car is so you can look at all the [TS]

  crap that's that is a feature something [TS]

  because what you know half of the reason [TS]

  i will be buying any of these cars is [TS]

  because they're beautiful to look at and [TS]

  I would like literally want to have it [TS]

  not in my house but basically so when I [TS]

  wake up in the morning I could eat [TS]

  breakfast maybe a big glass wall on my [TS]

  to ferrari sitting there that that is a [TS]

  lifestyle improvement as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned every night with although [TS]

  hopefully would come with detailing [TS]

  service also i mean i think it was [TS]

  something right people keep it clean the [TS]

  whole look like that seems that seems [TS]

  silly but that is half the reason I [TS]

  think a lot of people buy these cars [TS]

  because they are because the reason you [TS]

  know Casey's getting the ask them which [TS]

  isn't is not a great car you know [TS]

  because it's beautiful to look at him [TS]

  looking at beautiful things makes you [TS]

  happy [TS]

  yeah although and that's my problem is [TS]

  usually you don't spend a whole lot of [TS]

  time looking at the outside of your own [TS]

  car right and now you have occasion to [TS]

  now truly in my perfect world I wake up [TS]

  one morning I stretch and I look over at [TS]

  aaron i'm extremely excited to wake up [TS]

  next to hers I am every day and then I [TS]

  look past Aaron and there's my Aston [TS]

  just sitting there waiting both ladies [TS]

  and the same bed [TS]

  it's crowded it's crowded but we make it [TS]

  work [TS]

  give me a second i'm going to go get [TS]

  something I'm gonna refill my drink here [TS]

  and then we can do ATP you guys good [TS]

  that's good i'm so what does Marco [TS]

  drinking place your bets [TS]

  haha he's got fizzy water don't kid [TS]

  yourself [TS]

  fizzy water I think so guess what i'm [TS]

  drinking i don't know i don't even know [TS]

  what you prefer are you a coffee person [TS]

  usually so i'm drinking you're supposed [TS]

  to guess I you seem like the type that [TS]

  would enjoy tea but i'm gonna guess i'm [TS]

  gonna guess you're having no with me [TS]

  coffee [TS]

  I'm gonna get some sort of bubbly [TS]

  beverage some sort of soda remarkable [TS]

  know when he comes back [TS]

  yeah yeah I was trying to quit case you [TS]

  know what I was drinking using what do [TS]

  you think marcos drinking so you went [TS]

  off to refill your drink [TS]

  what do you think I said fizzy water he [TS]

  has a beer at night but he's not gonna [TS]

  refill that so I thought it was coffee [TS]

  I got nothing that's that's my guess was [TS]

  here yeah good for you [TS]

  he does his beer tonight just just be [TS]

  one you usually it is just one but i [TS]

  decided to try to tonight one free [TS]

  suncast alright well now I gotta go get [TS]

  some more maker go forward to killing me [TS]

  that and I i asked Casey what do you [TS]

  think i'm drinking yeah I gotta hear [TS]

  their health without a faith that Marcos [TS]

  gonna know what your every answer this [TS]

  run downstairs man i would guess just [TS]

  just knowing you i would guess you're [TS]

  drinking water correct you should not [TS]

  even think about how do not fully [TS]

  regulated touring tap water not bottled [TS]

  water [TS]

  honda civic of drinks haha i drink water [TS]

  all day long that's what I drink I don't [TS]

  have I don't have coffee [TS]

  I don't drink alcohol not for any [TS]

  particular reason I just don't like it [TS]

  at water all day right speaking of let's [TS]

  go get some makers of here enjoy like my [TS]

  exciting thing that I have when I go out [TS]

  to eat as i have soda 1 you know so once [TS]

  every month and a half i have a1 [TS]

  extremely watered-down sprite from a [TS]

  restaurant that's really terrible now [TS]

  it's not water is great i recently [TS]

  discovered that you can you can flavor [TS]

  soda stream water using cocktail bitters [TS]

  so you can so now I got nothing you got [TS]

  your infinite supply of those from your [TS]

  experimentation [TS]

  yes so now i have i can make myself lime [TS]

  orange or even grapefruits elser it's [TS]

  quite good [TS]

  ok i just got back murder board a lime [TS]

  is especially the best [TS]