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31: Velocity Hotels


  should we just stared at the corners we all know now where we're going now I [TS]

  feel like we've broken the ice I'm here and we're in San Francisco right here [TS]

  for the the Macworld / iWorld the ultimate I fan of that the ultimate I [TS]

  found event and I've got joined here on this episode by my friends Park crisis [TS]

  from Rogue Amoeba and and Scott Simpson from the internet that's a way better [TS]

  yeah my Andhra it so I feel like the elephant in the room at this thing is [TS]

  that at Macworld Expo I still call yet says macro but it's it's weird and it's [TS]

  getting weirder I feel like you need to get into macworld to get onto the show [TS]

  floor you need a really complicated iPad case or a limp like one of the two [TS]

  things you crack that Joe Gaza day unlike a text message and then I was [TS]

  upstairs I got a third floor and then I noticed it really are a lot of lamps [TS]

  there's a lot of people at the at this conference with with leg injuries of [TS]

  some sort it's another way of saying that might be that the it seems that the [TS]

  overall demographic they'll run average age appears to be a little higher than [TS]

  it's been the past I don't know maybe maybe I just always the had filter on [TS]

  because you know every other year worked for for Apple and have been up here for [TS]

  something or whatever but now as a person to give 0 scraps I am sorry in [TS]

  trouble so we can we switch to be not very good as a person who gives 0 scraps [TS]

  I think it skews older I don't know that I don't know that I think its older this [TS]

  year but macworld in general is always cued it's like it's like the mugs and [TS]

  you know if its older and older generation that comes to these things [TS]

  just in general I guess a mug's in something that rhymes them up like mugs [TS]

  and muggy knowledge Mac user group that Apple yeah but I don't know what that [TS]

  stuff yeah [TS]

  user group thing with that said that it's so old that saving myself here and [TS]

  I don't mean and I you know there's probably a lot of people listen to the [TS]

  show who still members active members of them but [TS]

  you know I think that it's just you know you have friends who just don't get [TS]

  together and drink or whatever I don't know but it used to be that you had to [TS]

  you had to join a Mac user group to find somebody else to talk about the stuff [TS]

  with because they're only like the ten of you in that whole town right who had [TS]

  a Macintosh computer because like in 1988 there was no reason for anybody to [TS]

  have a computer before the internet normal people had no reason to own a [TS]

  computer and so is that so a lot of the folks who come to like a macro they come [TS]

  probably from that culture are they meeting up with their pals from other [TS]

  mugs do you think or they just that's how they got into it and that's why [TS]

  they're still here and I think someone come every year and so they probably see [TS]

  some of the same people but I think it's something we're why would young people [TS]

  come to this that's I think that's really the question is what what is the [TS]

  draw for young people and and they're certainly trying to get you know they [TS]

  had Ashton Kutcher on their first Steve Jobs movie but you know they had him in [TS]

  and just had like one of the keynote speeches and they had well I am [TS]

  yesterday as well so it certainly they're trying to pull in a younger [TS]

  demographic but younger people you know you can get the stuff on the web you can [TS]

  find it funny places you don't necessarily have to come to macro the [TS]

  information that you used to do I did just to you know maybe it's the [TS]

  exception that proves the rule but I was on a panel this afternoon in the [TS]

  conference thing and then when it was over some some people who read the [TS]

  website and listen to the show came up in and introduce themselves including [TS]

  young man [TS]

  high school student in Matthew he was very effusive says he likes my website I [TS]

  was thrilled that somebody you know younger than me actually reads my site I [TS]

  don't worry to death that i've you know you as well yeah totally your Bieber [TS]

  news going up as an attempt to earn that I asked him but then I thought of all [TS]

  hell it's Friday how are you here and he was all my dad called me out sick and [TS]

  took me here nice now that it's a great dad [TS]

  but if it's open tomorrow he could have been here on IM if you want to be your [TS]

  panel I I don't know that that's why he came and I certainly wasn't gonna ask I [TS]

  don't know and I didn't but I don't know it's actually cooler though if your dad [TS]

  is willing to call you out of school sick and take you to Macworld and you [TS]

  know very enthusiastic about it really seemed excited about the show floor and [TS]

  some of the stuff he saw no I don't know I guess there's no there's one kid who's [TS]

  young and what seemed to really enjoy it [TS]

  yea well maybe some of them have enjoyed the the couple of shows that I've got to [TS]

  the podcast tapings and things like that have been nice and interesting and and [TS]

  that's that seems vital and interesting still it's like to do so there's two [TS]

  different things and every Euro is make this thing but it there's this [TS]

  conference where there's panels and presentations talks and stuff and then [TS]

  there's the trade show the expo whatever you wanna call it and I feel like now it [TS]

  is never more separate because now they used to have like the Macworld stage [TS]

  where macworld magazine and that's the whole confusion with those macworld [TS]

  magazine macworld the conference and there was a macro the lady the chocolate [TS]

  the bathtub there's so many macro so confusing and some of them capitalize [TS]

  the W and they all get very mad which however you screw it up i'm linda [TS]

  macworld International in New Hampshire [TS]

  the W is tiny but I did speak to somebody today I was so I was on a show [TS]

  for lebed I was talking to somebody in my case you but I knew them and just [TS]

  tell me honestly think it's how do you think it's doing so so but he thought [TS]

  that year over year that it really is made a difference that that macworld [TS]

  stages and there anymore because people would come through the alley going to [TS]

  get to the stage and I and this is the first year they move that stage outside [TS]

  of the expo hall right and so it actually makes the actual presentations [TS]

  on that stage way better because it used to be like this acoustic nightmare where [TS]

  nobody could hear anything and you get up there and you're doing a panel [TS]

  and your thirty seconds into it and three people are shouting I can't hear [TS]

  you and then they'd won half the audience was asleep because they were [TS]

  just there looking for a place to sit down there was also very true that's no [TS]

  exaggeration every time I've ever heard there are like older gentleman sleep [TS]

  shares get like maybe there's a nose pick going on right into your hair trim [TS]

  and it's you know it's never to me high-pressure public speaking [TS]

  panels are easier than doing toxin and you have to be clever for 30 seconds [TS]

  here and there but it is no matter how relaxed you are it is very unsettling to [TS]

  see somebody sleeping in your audience so this is better because it's gotta [TS]

  climb a set of stairs to get there in the first place [TS]

  yes but a judge did you guys knows you guess what deferred there is a lot of [TS]

  seating right seems like they'd maybe didn't sell out the entire show Florence [TS]

  so they've put in some time seating time couches and stuff I i feel like the [TS]

  floor was pretty full I think compared to last year the year before I feel it's [TS]

  it's pretty similar I mean I don't know what the numbers are but they're [TS]

  definitely did notice some benches in various areas which is probably a good [TS]

  thing it makes you know makes cruising the floor a little easier do you guys [TS]

  have a booth this year now we've we've always done the even-numbered years so [TS]

  the odd-numbered years 2013 [TS]

  I just got to come out here and screw around that's that's great I've always [TS]

  wondered how is there a way to measure like how do you measure the return on [TS]

  investment and you feel like you can effectively measure that given that so [TS]

  much of it presumably as kind of a branding thing right it seems like it'd [TS]

  probably difficult decision given some of the costs involved i mean the the [TS]

  simplest thing we do to try to measure a little bit of the return is just handed [TS]

  a coupon of some sort and we can track that coupon but in general nights it's [TS]

  not something where you gonna even if you're even if you're selling on the [TS]

  show floor that I guess I would be the easiest way if you're selling hardware [TS]

  product especially like the the cosmonaut geyser their own it and if [TS]

  there's a physical product and they sell you know thousand units and its 50 bucks [TS]

  each and it cost them forty grand to be there then they just need 10 grand and [TS]

  you can see we made money on this [TS]

  but yea certainly for us it's the branding is you're not wrong to use the [TS]

  word brain but it's not something we're we're like oh just trying to get our [TS]

  name out there it's you know somebody hears about us and six months later they [TS]

  realize they need it and they say oh right I heard about something like that [TS]

  right when I was a macro let me look it up and you know we have no way of [TS]

  tracking that sale right now going to come back through our coupons for any [TS]

  other system is just hopefully we'll get that sale eventually but I think there's [TS]

  a there's a lot of intangibles to exhibiting we're just having the [TS]

  face-to-face interaction with customers is super valuable and just things that [TS]

  you know it's not just related to sales of stuck to a I don't know if it's [TS]

  completely accurate but it every other year is that like your officials in 40 [TS]

  608 10 and 12 and that's always been your strategy to happen or just happen [TS]

  we we skipped 05 we did 06 and you know maybe we had maybe in a way we like I [TS]

  let's let's just maybe the even-numbered years as a cheaper and you know it's [TS]

  it's a whole lot of work and especially for 10% company it's it's not you know [TS]

  when I don't know HP is a huge boobs but they've got 10,000 employees around the [TS]

  world 20,000 employees they send twenty people here it's not a big deal to them [TS]

  for us it's pretty much almost the whole company is there and shut down for [TS]

  several days so it's a much bigger endeavor for us to undertake I saw the [TS]

  HP booth it seems like there you know most places they go t shirt you know [TS]

  everybody wears coming to HP went with a blue oxford shirt at so they all sort of [TS]

  look like they worked at Blockbuster wait a polo or button down Oxford like a [TS]

  light blue I'm actually not sure down actually have light blue oxford shirt [TS]

  he's wearing one right now I'm sure that's great but it it gave it like a [TS]

  blockbuster maybe I'm just dating myself yesterday what's the what's a [TS]

  blockbuster the the thing you know you guys have nice polos that are that that [TS]

  work well and you want to have some people will be dressed the same way you [TS]

  need a little bit of uniform so people know these are the people I should talk [TS]

  to rate right that the thing that I feel like is the there's certain cliches of [TS]

  the show floor the one that gets me the most that I that I dislike the most is [TS]

  the lab coat [TS]

  much like we're in we're in science right now and you should that's why you [TS]

  should buy our backup system or whatever it is you know what I think does Dr [TS]

  savers do that I think they have like clean rooms where they're actually [TS]

  probably using left the show floor is not a variant on the scientist is the [TS]

  the doctor the dog and maybe that's even what they do cause maybe drive safe ride [TS]

  for state sort of thing happen either way it's the same code it's right and [TS]

  rape you just you by a lab coat and that's your uniform whether your doctor [TS]

  if you have a doctor didn't wear a lab coat that you don't trust it they don't [TS]

  have the 40 bucks to buy a lab coat to create point you need their uniform is a [TS]

  big part of the authority that the scope it's making you wait and the lab coat it [TS]

  is the making awaits the doctor's office I wonder about this all the time and you [TS]

  guys are the perfect to people that is this question of when you go to a [TS]

  doctor's office obviously have to wait for 10 to 45 minutes how much rifling [TS]

  through the drawers due to the dam broke for me one day I was like well fuck this [TS]

  I got I got you know a few things that can happen right either I go to the [TS]

  jurors and the doctor catches me going to the jurors which means that come in [TS]

  early like this sort of murphy's law knock knock [TS]

  yeah they got enough they got an excellent that'll give me time and that [TS]

  will hopefully you know hasten their arrival but if not you know I got [TS]

  lifetime of tongue depressor out of there with a backup cotton swab swab the [TS]

  C you know where to go I rifle I'll admit I rightful I'm with you right now [TS]

  I would guess both you to be back and play you know that downward game yeah [TS]

  that's exactly how I just sit there on the phone [TS]

  although the last couple of doctors have had to go to get no reception I feel [TS]

  like they've got like to have that problem where the doctors have gone to [TS]

  have [TS]

  there in like Faraday cages I get that mysterious circle next means but it [TS]

  doesn't work if you're fucked it's a good idea to try the phone is given up [TS]

  trying to get an internet connection now but when I had the thing with the finger [TS]

  last year and had to go to a specialist have some surgery to repair a ligament [TS]

  that I severed but it with this doctor is great doctor and judges entered a [TS]

  force that confused state well I just thinking about it makes me that makes me [TS]

  very sad but the terrible but you're right now I'm alright then the guy was a [TS]

  great surgeon and you guys can bad that my finger we have a year ago could move [TS]

  in on now it's great whenever I met him though it was very nice waiting room for [TS]

  almost like like like old hotel I think the fact I think it may be used to be an [TS]

  old hood but then they would call me and I'd go into a little room and it was an [TS]

  actual . handed arms and shoulders and elbows veterans not a type of doctor [TS]

  head shoulders knees and toes Dr come on a very nice waiting room it was a very [TS]

  nice winning you know just like an old hotel lobby and then when they would [TS]

  call me I'd go into a very small room totally white very small and there'd be [TS]

  a table and I would come in there's a daughter two doors to get in a room one [TS]

  from this waiting room you just go right into snow hallway you go right from the [TS]

  waiting room into a room and they were all of these rooms roll around the [TS]

  perimeter so the waiting room is central and there's a gate doors and they would [TS]

  say you go to door sex go into door sex and there is nothing to rifle through it [TS]

  was just a right room with the table they lead you somewhere else after this [TS]

  so then the doctor would come in through the other door [TS]

  and like a central chamber that can get all of them like a hallway that went [TS]

  around and then so there I and I almost now I'm thinking maybe it's like a night [TS]

  anti rifling it's possible maybe that's a problem I always felt a real implicit [TS]

  social pressure obviously not to go through and I don't you give a little [TS]

  bit of time you know if they if they take more than about 30 45 seconds then [TS]

  you're allowed to do their fault and then out last weekend just last week [TS]

  when you bring up I was at the eye doctor and I like a family history of [TS]

  glaucoma real and they do like tests on the pressure in my balls and stuff so I [TS]

  don't get to just go in and read i chart and get a new prescription so but there [TS]

  are like three or four different tests ahead and in between aids tests they'd [TS]

  make me wait 15 minutes but every time they would take me back out to the [TS]

  waiting room they wouldn't let me sit in the room even though they were doing the [TS]

  tests in the same room and I'm now in hindsight am convinced its anti rifling [TS]

  interesting that makes sense something in your chart indicates you gotta read [TS]

  you've got a red star and now because the hand place everybody had to do it [TS]

  everybody went into the little these little like like like offices or [TS]

  something and it is the and interrogation room is what I is what I [TS]

  thought it seemed like something like the cops come in and talk to you across [TS]

  the table right to come in through a different door and was there a very [TS]

  large mirror along one wall now but it really it seemed like it would have been [TS]

  appropriate [TS]

  and that's where the chief the chief is in there tell me how guilty I eat a [TS]

  normal person like us who just walks in and sees what's new then we leave to go [TS]

  when you're examining you do get the food [TS]

  well there's there's like something in the back of the in the back of the expo [TS]

  hall that's precious and exuberantly expensive because you're trapped there [TS]

  so I'm sure I've eaten something there I don't remember that I public probably [TS]

  blacked out that I would recommended there's plenty good places right outside [TS]

  the expo hall if you can get there may I i'm not not not a political person and i [TS]

  dont have strong feelings about unions I feel like they're really good about [TS]

  certain things and not so great about others but as a person who's been [TS]

  involved with conferences more on the books I'd like in publishing [TS]

  boy just the the nonsense of conferences and how you know for the carpentry stuff [TS]

  you have to talk to bob your tap into Randy he doesn't talk to susan and the [TS]

  concessions are all a part of it and it's a nightmare too expensive [TS]

  yeah and I like you know and it's gotta talk to Joe the internet guy to have an [TS]

  internet connection but he doesn't do wifi and also you can bring your own [TS]

  trash can [TS]

  trash can you have to get the trashcan guy and then if you want a trash can [TS]

  liner yet I totally separate guy who's in Delaware right now all of that is a [TS]

  hassle though for the exhibit tours right where do you know you can have a [TS]

  trash can you can't set up your own internet you can get the cable [TS]

  underneath the carpet you've got to have the carpet guy coming to us to separate [TS]

  Isaiah the food thing though is where the unionized restrictions in this is [TS]

  all we can offer it really affects everybody because you're at the show any [TS]

  don't want to leave the show you right [TS]

  somehow like as the decades go on it spiraled out of control and now it's [TS]

  like prison food yeah I noticed today when I was going through I did notice [TS]

  and I was going through what I i believe would be prime lunch time you know like [TS]

  sometime around one and there was nobody getting food and there's a lot of people [TS]

  in this expo you know seem pretty busy I think that's the consensus and there was [TS]

  nobody back there is just like these lunch ladies you know ready to serve [TS]

  people and nobody in line and it really scared of smell bet nobody pays for [TS]

  prison food and here they're trying to get you to do just that [TS]

  yeah it's really i mean it's the truth its convention food is on the same [TS]

  trajectory as food that was available in the Soviet Union in the eighties like [TS]

  it's centrally planned they have no incentive to make good stuff its part [TS]

  newspaper its partners favor there are you know ladies with rugged waist lines [TS]

  and no you know no smiles you have a rugged waste life I think you're I think [TS]

  you're unfairly criticizing the lunch ladies I think there finally get some [TS]

  food right there is working [TS]

  yeah i think is really the food yeah alright and they don't have no incentive [TS]

  to make it any good and I feel like in in the hypothetical world were you you [TS]

  could do this and you could reset the food contracts at the Moscone back 20 [TS]

  years said like all of these rules whatever it is already got these [TS]

  concessions cover them we're going to start over from scratch [TS]

  it's probably not gonna be great food it'll be like a ballpark yeah probably [TS]

  like a ballpark like you'll get some garlic fries and some clam diggers dips [TS]

  but I think that's a good good analogy you know you're not you know the hot dog [TS]

  you get at the ballpark is not great but it's a hot dog and it's good and it's [TS]

  you know it's at least a lot of options [TS]

  guys I I think about this so much you know you you're too smart guys I would [TS]

  it would be so excited to go into business with you too [TS]

  you know just in like to build a restaurant with with both of you I think [TS]

  be delightful so if you're in the market to to do a food concession maybe a food [TS]

  truck truck when take too much time I have all the time in the world I have no [TS]

  job do you have the truck I have no truck route Yeah what about food truck [TS]

  minus the truck just the food food it's a food and indeed bring it places I [TS]

  guess so but bike food trucks it seems like that's a new hipster thing there's [TS]

  there is noticed that there is a food truck now in mint Plaza we're sure yet [TS]

  bottle is there's a there's a food truck there and it's gone like they've they've [TS]

  gone they used to be super low and it was you know it was like hardworking [TS]

  immigrants who and you know it's imagine I often think about the the people who [TS]

  work in like a trucker card even you know some of them don't have a truck in [TS]

  philadelphia just to cart you're standing in a little you've got maybe [TS]

  two square feet of space no seat you're standing all day cooking food green and [TS]

  red and often they have a remarkable variety of food available for something [TS]

  that they're making in a little card but now I feel like it's jumped and now it's [TS]

  gone to like it's her made early well I think they started out probably most [TS]

  popular food trucks were you know construction sites things like that [TS]

  where there is driving they're they're gonna grow up some burgers and that's it [TS]

  and at the first place I saw one that was using Twitter that was a big deal [TS]

  was there were some sort of little upscale burger thing but it was like [TS]

  we're going to be at Twitter made it easy right it was a way to follow to [TS]

  find where the truck was going to be right and then I don't know that really [TS]

  I don't know that helped exploded or what but that's that's where I first saw [TS]

  them was using Twitter using the internet to move around town [TS]

  yeah and not need to get a stand-alone restaurant in the permits that that [TS]

  requires I do is I can't remember the name of it now but there's a cluster of [TS]

  food trucks and San Francisco what are they called their their names [TS]

  think of it later but it's it's a it's a bunch and they all kind of roof to one [TS]

  place and then head up there [TS]

  and it's a great it's a delightful festival of fun and they've coming down [TS]

  into San Francisco and yet it's it's great for food options as long as long [TS]

  as you're bored with funny puns oh yeah one of the most popular food trucks I [TS]

  think still as chairman Bao [TS]

  you have to have a definitely some sort of some sort of surprising decision like [TS]

  fish meats and bread fish or in alb on me I creme brulee in a bun me when I was [TS]

  at Drexel University that I don't know if they still do they have the the [TS]

  Chinese food truck now they had dat we had a whole street right now Miller [TS]

  campus like a little side street where it was every day all day you know it was [TS]

  just from one end of the corner to the other all food cars or trucks trucks and [TS]

  carts and was almost like a food court you could go to you can get anything you [TS]

  know there was one you know like an Italian family and they made good [TS]

  meatball sandwiches was it near Penn though was it near like now it was [TS]

  wasn't I remember when I was at Penn for a summer and they had a Chinese Chinese [TS]

  food truck and it was why UK space ke pasa yes it was a Yankees Chinese food [TS]

  which was the worst possible name I could think of but so so you had you had [TS]

  complete variety though not sue Evans 81 meatball sandwich or do you want a [TS]

  cheesesteak everybody had some pretzels as they do not know the people there and [TS]

  that was part of the Santa as I wish I was always curious about such things but [TS]

  never denied I wouldn't ask whereas now I would ask and I i'm curious like they [TS]

  always had the exact same spot [TS]

  lined up there might have been it say there were eight or nine trucks and they [TS]

  were always in the same spots never never never ever change and I was you [TS]

  know there's no I don't surely there's no legal right to have that specific [TS]

  spot while now that the cities are licensing where they can park in boston [TS]

  has like the food truck parking and you know I think maybe they agree within [TS]

  each other [TS]

  amongst themselves your party Robert here also [TS]

  you know local chambers of commerce tend to be against them because they compete [TS]

  directly with existing businesses that pay things like rant and rave taxes to [TS]

  the neighborhood and I am sure that food trucks don't have to pay tax to the [TS]

  place in which the part that really bad at work permits or something though so [TS]

  that's where you get your money from but that's true but I don't i think thats [TS]

  chambers of commerce tend to dislike the existence of of those food trucks [TS]

  because there they'll be gone tomorrow and they'll just have stolen your you [TS]

  know I've lunches like jesse is part of it the fact that it's a business on [TS]

  wheels if you think about the night you get used to it but I remember when I [TS]

  first got to dress on first encounter them and I just thought well this is [TS]

  really weird having food that's made in a moving vehicle right that they had [TS]

  something goes bad if you know if they kill some people with some food [TS]

  poisoning or something they could just drive it out of his problem is then it [TS]

  becomes a thing that everybody gets super excited about like I can only down [TS]

  for truck but that's just what we do now where did you get the steak [TS]

  regular kitchen that's a terrible idea [TS]

  the place in San Francisco that I do recommend that it's on Facebook and [TS]

  Twitter it's called off the grid and it's it's just that that roving band of [TS]

  food trucks it's delicious and they're on Facebook and Twitter I think you tell [TS]

  me while now but called off the grid I mean I think it's called off the grid [TS]

  for something and I'm just like random reminisces but reminiscing but there is [TS]

  a genius guy in the when I was a Drexel is what we called him and it was the [TS]

  name of his truck taco lou and that he think he got the nickname before the [TS]

  truck [TS]

  well I don't know but it's just the trucks said taco lose and you know like [TS]

  all the other trucks he served lunch you know breakfast or lunch you know they [TS]

  did you know that daytime hours did it three or four an afternoon but they were [TS]

  like starting to put stuff away [TS]

  taco lose genius idea was he started parking his truck up by the fraternities [TS]

  on Friday and Saturday night [TS]

  and all of a sudden you know you like 2 a.m. yeah I like midnight leahy [TS]

  Diamondback up like you know and again hard working guy there's a guy who spent [TS]

  like all day Friday certain ppl lunch tacos and I guess you know maybe he went [TS]

  somewhere and took a nap in a drunk tacos then ended drunk taco line was [TS]

  just unbelievable because it was like you know nobody goes there too busy [TS]

  right it was great and we all thought might well talk of the genus because you [TS]

  know he did we all we thought that he should serve you should check the prices [TS]

  up at 2 a.m. like $20 target but he didn't have the same prices he had [TS]

  during the day is a good man taco live let's find them [TS]

  shirley is living in a palatial palatial mansion day today let's go find him and [TS]

  ask him maybe get an audience just pour myself some more bourbon you guys didn't [TS]

  comment on how I elegantly took my sweater off I don't know what to call in [TS]

  the Blowfish rhythm guitar player [TS]

  it looks like you could be at a ranch super gay Ranch area I like to roll my [TS]

  sleeves up do you like the button on the elbow where you can see question just [TS]

  great question I do like I like now but I often feel like that that mandates how [TS]

  forrest was taken up and you know what maybe want to show off the biceps yet [TS]

  the you know what that's true although to be fair I have two arms but just they [TS]

  share a bicep may want to show off the bicep there in east there's there's so [TS]

  there's there's three types of button-down shirts that you can roll up [TS]

  there is the one that doesn't have any sort of aid rain there's ones that have [TS]

  a button [TS]

  a little bit above the cuff and then there's the ones that have a strap [TS]

  give you sure yet I am in a couple of those i dont care for the ones with the [TS]

  strap you know honestly we should just switch just say that no conversation [TS]

  about close to take place in the presence of pocket fascist [TS]

  wow well I say this I say this with love you are the master of the functional [TS]

  thank you all right we've had conversations about those crazy toe [TS]

  shoes we've had I run in those I don't wear them let's be clear I saw some [TS]

  people at the show wearing those I love wearing those on a day-to-day basis the [TS]

  formal ones who is in the leather ones they make that's not a prob like to wear [TS]

  to dinner you know with year I don't know you don't have a life obviously if [TS]

  you're by yourself I don't know the date I don't know but yeah they have fancy [TS]

  leather ones we've had conversations about the zip off pants function [TS]

  functional so yeah I say you know I think button-down shirts iight I could [TS]

  rock about and I've seen you dress up and you're very handsome when you dress [TS]

  I just choose not to I feel that was the shoes with the toes it was a clever idea [TS]

  I they they must be very comfortable I guess for some people some people it's [TS]

  fine I'm very comfortable but it's one of those things that seemingly as a very [TS]

  quickly become a religion and I think that's why they might be mad I was not [TS]

  aware that they're making dresser leather ones but I believe that it's [TS]

  because the people who get into itself identify now as people as you got two [TS]

  things I would not identify as a social person right right I run in them they [TS]

  are to me that's it's ready equipment I great bowling shoes and I'm going [TS]

  bowling shoes right now I see you in a gym with the five fingers shoes or [TS]

  whatever they're called ok fine I'm not gonna you know I'm not gonna put you in [TS]

  the news but you know if we're out at The Steakhouse and not the other five [TS]

  finger shoes is is it just my experience are you guys find that the the toe shoe [TS]

  people want to tell you about their toe shoes lot of a lot of excitement in the [TS]

  TSC social community through the day whatever they want you to try them there [TS]

  and they're not gonna take no for an answer [TS]

  actually i i think about this a lot you know I have certain things in my life [TS]

  that I M [TS]

  really that I will proselytize rape lot of people feel this way about Apple of [TS]

  course I have I think certainly one thought one thing that I will talk up [TS]

  and down as the tempurpedic mattress I love a tempurpedic mattress the talk [TS]

  show this week is sponsored by type it but that's the thing that I get really [TS]

  excited that you know like I will I will tell you my story and help you find the [TS]

  websites that you can buy the mattress or I'll let you sleep in my bed for a [TS]

  night and yes I will have sex with you but that's that's basically tell us call [TS]

  that let's call it like a temp like I'm changing your life I have to admit [TS]

  you've got me here sky because I can you really are I that's a that's true and [TS]

  it's like we're idiots for not having having them know I wanted to me now we [TS]

  finally found with this episode is about tell me right now tell me about it or [TS]

  it's a brand and its I think it's also the story of the parent like the generic [TS]

  version is memory foam [TS]

  so it's instead of a spring you just said you're just sleep on a giant slab [TS]

  of of memory foam and I would never have switched over to this kind of mattress [TS]

  if I hadn't been my wife and our house sitting for four friends of ours and [TS]

  slept in their beds and we slept in their bed so like you do we slept over [TS]

  it up and down the bed that means we so you know you lay down and it is very [TS]

  strange sort of like like like single it'll sink a little you make sort of an [TS]

  impression it doesn't push back you push into it and I leaned back and I thought [TS]

  well this is a really strange [TS]

  10 hours later [TS]

  feeling wonderful and let me tell you another thing about it that's what [TS]

  that's amazing as a person who now my job involves you know going out at night [TS]

  and then robbing people of their money and then coming home late and so I will [TS]

  come home at 1 a.m. in my wife will be long asleep the beauty of the [TS]

  Tempurpedic seen that commercial the bowling ball [TS]

  you know how handy thing comes in comes in when your spouse is already asleep if [TS]

  you're just trying to pass out and yes yes you know you are you a tempurpedic [TS]

  specific cause I have a memory foam mattress but it's not I don't but not [TS]

  tempur-pedic I don't know I don't know I i think is it 100 percent or whole thing [TS]

  you know it's I don't know I don't know what the difference is or if there is [TS]

  you know I i've certainly become a brand ok you're a loyalist loyalist only [TS]

  because the weird thing about that is how often do you sleep in in other beds [TS]

  Sept in a hotel [TS]

  know what it is and it's a big investment yeah they yeah it's just one [TS]

  of those things where I you know i i do I love to sleep gotta love to sleep you [TS]

  gotta give it a shot I think they're even like I think there's even a way to [TS]

  Lake I think they've got ya which is weird I was drugs used one I didn't get [TS]

  or maybe like a thrice used to write like when your 30 day thing is over and [TS]

  you're like well it's great I'm in I'm gonna just buy them I'm sold nearly will [TS]

  will will send you a new one [TS]

  yeah you gotta send that one back yeah you're not the one you want to sleep in [TS]

  for more than 30 actually legally not allowed to eat more than we have to show [TS]

  up at a cost thing without being cheap it's just ringworm [TS]

  the problem I found with the matter is I lost some weight and the mattress you [TS]

  know shapes itself to your body [TS]

  ok if you if you if you lose you know a good amount of what your gonna sink into [TS]

  that bed interesting I haven't had the problem has been consistently gaining [TS]

  weight for fourteen years that's working for you then that's good so it doesn't [TS]

  see now now you see I assume that once i woke up but it's no its brings back its [TS]

  but it has some that may actually be the difference between the Tempurpedic and [TS]

  other versions I have a lesser I don't know if if if they last we flip cars [TS]

  every six months or something [TS]

  I really do like again evangelist excited about things I get excited about [TS]

  the Tempurpedic mattresses I wish I loved anything as much as you love the [TS]

  tempurpedic mattress I know if I knocking your door wearing a white [TS]

  button-down short-sleeve shirt and a tie with my name tag away and a lack of [TS]

  sleep scientists have a sleep scientists then let me in and let me show you the [TS]

  glory of a mattress you got da like sleeping in the guest bedroom at [TS]

  somebody's house i'd i'd rather pay for the hotel Hotel well why what's the [TS]

  what's the problem noises odors your noises your orders your owners are there [TS]

  everybody's I mean yeah I i think there's nothing nicer than coming to a [TS]

  friend's house for let's say dinner you know just for a few hours and have [TS]

  somebody opened her home to you it is a sign of friendship and generosity way to [TS]

  get to know people I think it's just great and the nicest thing you can do is [TS]

  to leave and to me sleeping in their house is just way too intimate there is [TS]

  nobody I'm lucky that I like to sleep in my own house will we make I think we [TS]

  make a mistake when we measure sort of age or or what's the right word phases [TS]

  of her life with our ages right as one of the big life changes is when you do [TS]

  have both the you know their financial means but also the impatience to switch [TS]

  over to not saying people's houses because what you know what people do [TS]

  when they're 24 in the traveling around as they sleep on a friends couch as they [TS]

  have two and a certain point like I will just pay or it's like this ain't the [TS]

  same thing happens when you switch your luggage from a backpack to a suitcase [TS]

  you like this is a life change and we should have better linguistic indicators [TS]

  of our of our ages that make use of those transitions rather than just a [TS]

  number because those that like that is a specific one that like if we if the [TS]

  three of us were like super into stand at friends houses it would be strange [TS]

  because we're out of that phase of life we're too old [TS]

  there's nothing wrong with being younger and and doing that of course cause thats [TS]

  that's how that's how you do stupid things when you're when you're younger [TS]

  you know I think about it but I wanted my own toilet that's really what it is [TS]

  it's a huge home toilet at your house that's your toilet yeah although I would [TS]

  love to show you my toilet [TS]

  you've got some evangelizing to do that's why it's actually just the bed [TS]

  it's that's how we met that's how you make a tempurpedic water bed now we are [TS]

  getting somewhere with the show in town you can do anything you can destroy the [TS]

  toilet I mean really really and and they are equipped to deal with it later to [TS]

  get to our shower no consequences and worst case scenario is is leave a little [TS]

  bit more of a tip right and you're out her guilty conscious free maybe maybe [TS]

  I'm sorry those are not shards of glass you should use gloves either I when I [TS]

  actually have in my bag that I travel with a pad a notepad and apology prereq [TS]

  holidays edit it starts with so sorry I don't have to write that it's just I [TS]

  just rip it off and I don't even have to begin it and then it's it's in sort of [TS]

  the Suns sixties cursive fun with the floor and the cases again but I think I [TS]

  should make them up with check bright get it printed up just check off and I [TS]

  love like you know the possibilities like you could you could put things on [TS]

  there that may never happen genocide I don't know so sorry about the genocide [TS]

  you never check it it has it's good to have you back pocket [TS]

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  your story [TS]

  yeah I was just a college icing two maids I believe I'll tell you I'll tell [TS]

  you it had its this happen when we were in we are in stay in a hotel in Seattle [TS]

  will couple more in my wife was just staring at me like what we gonna do that [TS]

  we talked about and she said you don't remember anything I was there a body [TS]

  well she said last night you got up out of bed and then about three minutes [TS]

  later I heard you knocking on the door and I open the door and I said what are [TS]

  you doing and you said to me she said what do you do [TS]

  will certainly yeah said evidently what happened was you got up presumably use [TS]

  the restroom and then he went out there on during your sleep [TS]

  peed everywhere in the hallway and then and then knocked on the door to to get [TS]

  back into the room and came back and went right back to sleep as she was [TS]

  telling that story he said the sounds like me I was I was you know [TS]

  sleepwalking is a thing but the thing that I just listen that story is like [TS]

  the character in that story is awesome and it's sad because I can't remember it [TS]

  and I'm bummed about that I don't know why I just pee pee pee pee jokes baby [TS]

  stories but ya know that that there was a thing it so that actually he was I [TS]

  went on maybe had done that before like like so how much should you [TS]

  tip for directing all over the whole and that is a little outside the normal [TS]

  bounds of hotel tipping where your tipping within your room if the person [TS]

  is going to come in cleaner and whereas if you've done you've done some pasta [TS]

  $100 bill mollen to stick a knife and do it in the hallway don't know what it's [TS]

  for [TS]

  yeah you definitely I guess the moral the story is in your notepad your be [TS]

  with the check marks [TS]

  according to the reasons you definitely want another couple I did you never [TS]

  would have predicted that either during your anecdote you pointed at me because [TS]

  you know that I i've had sub several similar circumstances yes and you know [TS]

  it turns out it's fairly common like it happens like people will sleep three [TS]

  people in this room decorated in a hotel room in a place that was not the toilet [TS]

  it they know that they know I'm three out of three and I just don't even know [TS]

  you never know you're at that independent verification yeah and I for [TS]

  me and and I guess I always had the wrong idea about what sleepwalking was [TS]

  you know it was my understanding of sleepwalking was informed by like Popeye [TS]

  cartoons right tries out [TS]

  into walls ya eyes closed eyes lol and it's really just sort of like I guess [TS]

  what it really is you just sort of semi waking up and and you know I think very [TS]

  probably commonly because you have to pee you have to urinate and your body as [TS]

  an adult once you reach that stage where you you know just go right like you [TS]

  actually can't like that's actually like the Jackass guys had that there was [TS]

  howard stern I don't know but one of those shows were people do some crazy [TS]

  stunts they they were trying to pee their pants altogether and none of them [TS]

  could like even consciously like yeah it was I'm sure readers or listeners of the [TS]

  talk-show pointed out because I get a foothold starter jackets whose Howard [TS]

  Stern was howard stern and they all put on depends and they were trying to pee [TS]

  their pants on air on purpose to as a guide which is kind of a funny guy and [TS]

  they couldn't do it like you actually like your body is hooked up not to do it [TS]

  so you you'd probably a good thing you have to pee your body wakes up you start [TS]

  walking but you're not really up and then next thing you know you're down [TS]

  there at the front desk of the hotel where in your underwear saying I need my [TS]

  room key I'm sure that you know at Cornell hotel management you know it's a [TS]

  three or 400 level class but its sleepwalkers dealing with you know [TS]

  confused men in their underwear now now let me let me get your opinion on this [TS]

  waiting a sleepwalker yessir now I think they instantly die that is what every [TS]

  Nancy Drew mystery ever made says they had sadly died I see now I think that [TS]

  that's one of those things where I have this misconception that you don't for [TS]

  god's sake just let them piss all over the whole [TS]

  whereas would i think is the times I've had these problems I think I could slap [TS]

  in my face is what I needed the toilet right so sorry right and I i I'm lucky [TS]

  to where I have always [TS]

  ima no matter what happens I can always get back to sleep so it wouldn't be like [TS]

  you want me up and now i cant get any way but I think like something to make [TS]

  me a little bit more conscious of that I know that yes this is the bathroom door [TS]

  not the door to hallway it would be good now somebody's gonna do it to you and [TS]

  your gonna keel over dead and the end of it [TS]

  john Dunn 227 the standard format for a hotel room where the bathroom is Ray is [TS]

  just to the right or left to the right or left of the entrance there are so [TS]

  many hotels octagon shaped and then it's a different angle have use alternate [TS]

  fighting in there for some reason have you heard the story I can remember this [TS]

  american life for like some sort of you know it was one of those white guy radio [TS]

  yes it was it was it was a WGR story where they it was about a guy who black [TS]

  guy very confident in his skills has great you know has been blind I think [TS]

  its whole life could not find the bathroom in his hotel room and it's [TS]

  because it was an unfamiliar configuration and there were some goofy [TS]

  thing or maybe it was the door but it was some good thing they just kept [TS]

  ringing his ability to walk around the room and feel what was happening around [TS]

  the room and he would just pass right by the actual circles going in circles for [TS]

  a long time it's a cool story and we have we should find me at that point you [TS]

  can just go wherever you want that's it seems like the doctor's waiting room if [TS]

  it's been that long just go yeah that's that's that's called black guy [TS]

  prerogative to you can just deal that's fine and everybody's on board with that [TS]

  that's that's Cornell hotel management [TS]

  so restaurants sometimes are in a truck we've talked about this is what I'm [TS]

  saying here with your story why truck hotel truck hotels no I don't trust what [TS]

  about hotel van just said just Queensland hotel windowless van hotel [TS]

  windowless van no I don't trust it caused the hotel could move well I'm [TS]

  asleep [TS]

  maybe you wanted because the hotel will move when you're asleep and waking up in [TS]

  Vegas maybe omaha nebraska to surprise much like Taco lose genius of go to [TS]

  where the people are deeply go to where the people are ya and and people don't [TS]

  need anything from you they can just go to sleep [TS]

  not necessarily have to get home for example or think about Las Vegas I think [TS]

  Las Vegas maybe that would be a place where the would be a good city for it [TS]

  because you you might wind up to 34 miles away from your hotel just called [TS]

  the cab though maybe you don't wanna ride that there's something here [TS]

  alright I'm sorry I you know maybe that's what normal people do as you say [TS]

  you do is get in a cab take you back to your hotel in your ad is false [TS]

  25 minutes away from going to sleep if it was right there you just check right [TS]

  and who also into the hotel millionaires because you know who sponsors this [TS]

  tempur-pedic they are not able to give people that nighttime sleep experience [TS]

  so we buried his we just buy an old school bus AV W van a gun like US size [TS]

  because school buses that's got a scale that throws the strip on the Tempurpedic [TS]

  sleepy school bus back to my favorite Nancy Drew mysteries the school courses [TS]

  but yet tempur-pedic sponsors it and I presume pays for everything I don't have [TS]

  sponsorship works but we're going to say one way or another tempur-pedic owes [TS]

  money to send an invoice right now the sponsors pay for everything Squarespace [TS]

  bought the pictures sour mash bourbon delicious which is actually really good [TS]

  we got a feel like I feel like you can hear in the show where you know we got a [TS]

  little looser [TS]

  WWDC so there's a big conference and then [TS]

  and hotels get tight now they fill up and then you start you know if you're [TS]

  you know you don't wanna spend too much and then all of a sudden you're looking [TS]

  at Motel six seven blocks out South by Southwest even better and even where [TS]

  they literally sell out of hotels in your book too late you you actually no [TS]

  exaggeration no hyperbole [TS]

  they recommend you hotels that are like and it's like and there will be a [TS]

  shuttle right you have to get up at 3 a.m. you'll miss the morning sessions [TS]

  but you'll get it get there by 1 p.m. and read it doesn't make sense for the [TS]

  City of Austin to build up tells how capacity for that one week [TS]

  school bus comes in just like a food truck well we have their cause [TS]

  please don't let me just forced the name upon us that's just my working [TS]

  tirelessly B school bus but you know we have exactly just an upscale I know what [TS]

  happens when people seized this lets ok let's think about the title once people [TS]

  see the sleepy sleepy valet valet rolling into town and they see you know [TS]

  bus after bus coming to get you get citizens and clapping let's do this [TS]

  party time again the name your day it said that's a that's a a working title [TS]

  code names and shooting for like 4 star 4 and as we're not gonna get a bit star [TS]

  tonight if you don't have a foundation know if it's available to write but I [TS]

  think we we we could shoot for four and a half stars and settle for fourth and [TS]

  will probably get so do we have one bus that's just the business center does but [TS]

  it's not exactly it's a hotel on wheels but it's like 37 so many wheels it's a [TS]

  half mile ever tell that's another let's check these off though what are the [TS]

  hallmarks of yours you know like a nice [TS]

  Sheraton level experience exactly four star so you've got to have a bar [TS]

  isn't the Sheraton the one that doesn't have a car so that's Marriott have bars [TS]

  but their run the Mormon close at 6 p.m. from 5:30 to 6:30 open when you don't [TS]

  want to drink [TS]

  5:36 a.m. you look thirsty slam so you need to have a hotel bar but GE need I [TS]

  think you need a workout room I love the elliptical never gonna get four stars [TS]

  without the health club you will need health club how we gonna do the pool [TS]

  that's really I don't think you need to get away without the pool I think you [TS]

  get away with that now is a great thing to have in a hotel but I think you get [TS]

  away with that we can't do like a rooftop pool on these buses to create a [TS]

  dieta great question you know when can we get somebody to look at this at least [TS]

  double decker bus yeah the double-decker bus you can get a bad and there's just [TS]

  nothing out there that's like the the Starlight yeah he who had that private [TS]

  bath tub on the roof it's just it just jumped out to me because we were in we [TS]

  were in New York last week for the day and saw a tour bus going through Times [TS]

  Square and in its January in New York and it was it's sort of like a cold snap [TS]

  so is colder than usual and there were people on the second deck in Dec and it [TS]

  was the second deck was half covered have uncovered and there were people in [TS]

  the under part and I thought I want to get those smells you want to get the [TS]

  smells of New York but I can't believe that people would volunteer to be driven [TS]

  in 20 degree weather [TS]

  open-air but by those buses but put that pool on the open part didn't even have [TS]

  to read this is this is previously built for success so maybe the elliptical [TS]

  elliptical trainers there there in the covered portion upstairs in our gym [TS]

  the patio got to the patio get some Sun and some sweat and then coming down now [TS]

  I do have a question [TS]

  not to be too practical about this horrible idea let's be frank how you [TS]

  know as we as we all have mentioned here at the Marriott privacy in the shower [TS]

  and and and and bathroom context I just sleeping I don't think you get a chance [TS]

  and maybe that's why we're losing our our half starved we're going from [TS]

  foreign have two for you if you need if you need a restaurant a shower [TS]

  yeah and and you know the ACE some of the Aces a lot of the rooms at the AC [TS]

  hotels [TS]

  shared bath so our shared bathroom is with the denny's is the the the health [TS]

  in their apartment [TS]

  yeah and steal their cable 22 aces the model for this because the AC I have an [TS]

  ace and they they do some incredibly aggressive designs on their bathroom [TS]

  austerity right it's it's it is very much an upscale hotel it's not cheap its [TS]

  upscale but they're doing some weird things I stayed in the race in Portland [TS]

  couple years ago and in my shower was just in the room like oh yeah and not [TS]

  frosted glass it was glass-enclosed but it was just perfectly clear glass right [TS]

  now I think that the sexy sweet actually I was gonna says that on on redtube well [TS]

  I'll tell you are you ready to take a shower is not sexy [TS]

  me take a shower is gross now I happened I was there by myself so it but in a [TS]

  sense it shouldn't have mattered but yet even still not violated I felt [TS]

  incredibly embarrassed at the standard in New York does the same thing where [TS]

  it's a it's a glass it's not even frosted it's just a plain glass barrier [TS]

  between the bed and it was just me but I felt like a dresser should not see you [TS]

  naked yet as little as possible what I thought was well what if I were here [TS]

  with Amy one of my wife were here [TS]

  out there like honor [TS]

  iPad sitting in bed reading or something and there's my gross Scrivener ass yeah [TS]

  where's happen if you're a business traveler and you sometimes have to [TS]

  double up for business travel [TS]

  oh yeah that's just horrible ya gonna work and you go into Lake the cleaning [TS]

  like you know how you shower or I imagine people to shower when they think [TS]

  other people are watching it's like a difficult showering like you don't you [TS]

  don't really get in there like you do when it's just you say hey it's just me [TS]

  here [TS]

  pollen John stepped out for a second so you know just take a second to mention [TS]

  that this episode is sponsored by ever been and mixers sour mash whiskey us1 my [TS]

  bad so we takin it to various its [TS]

  I i don't you know I think this might this might have let's just say it's not [TS]

  it's not watertight it's you know we like our buses will be you know it does [TS]

  occur to me that this is random it's out of the blue Scott you're not really a [TS]

  sports fan I really a sports guy Paul [TS]

  medium I'm not an anti sports he said throwing his right did you see the thing [TS]

  this week where there's a new performance enhancing drugs scandal with [TS]

  baseball and some some very high profile name it sounds like Chinese medicine [TS]

  right right this story is it's it's a clinic [TS]

  aging Clin anti anti aging is in quotes and and a lot of this was all new to me [TS]

  and and it's the the Miami New Times and it I guess that's a small newspaper and [TS]

  all hats off to them a huge scoop they've and the reporting it was just [TS]

  incredibly well-written and this is why America as newspapers really just a [TS]

  great job but I learned so much it's this yet anti-aging clinic and and the [TS]

  idea is and this is all news to me that if you classify aging as a disease that [TS]

  you are there for like and you're a medical doctor you've got the piece of [TS]

  paper you can write prescriptions [TS]

  you can just right people prescriptions for you all kinds of stuff all sorts of [TS]

  stunning growth homers what you're about to say growth hormone and it's tough [TS]

  because you're afflicted with this disease called aging which called [TS]

  cardiac going to die someday I got that right hand instead and and that this [TS]

  whole thing anti aging thing was really just a front and that what they really [TS]

  doing to make money it was selling the same substances to athletes you know it [TS]

  wasn't one of them like deer deer Antler Velvet like without it without joking [TS]

  like I think like something that that that is Chinese medicines like part of [TS]

  the story was that one of the sprays or something is made of deer Antler Velvet [TS]

  or something I don't know it's a weird thing and I understand I don't know is a [TS]

  guy you know we're sitting here drinking bourbon its poison technically poison [TS]

  pollyanna about putting substances in my body but how to feel that with these [TS]

  athletes that it's like i guess i understand the motivation that you want [TS]

  to stay on top of your game and if you can get an edge over your opponents it [TS]

  even helps you but if you had this phenomenal body that made let you be a [TS]

  professional athlete why in the world would you risk screwing it up with these [TS]

  weird crazy substances that you're getting from a guy who illegally who has [TS]

  the same lab coat as the drive I'm a doctor take this pill like there is no [TS]

  equivalent in our fields for a performance-enhancing drugs there's just [TS]

  performance enhancing drugs right like we all started 0 and it only you can [TS]

  only yeah yeah we voluntarily leave voluntarily did decide to go minus [TS]

  alright so checklist we're going to open up a sweet athlete that is the word of [TS]

  hotel buses hotel buses hotel bus fleet we don't have a name for you will find [TS]

  that out [TS]

  was on the top lip ellipticals [TS]

  bringing the invoice tempur-pedic and repeated the London now they're gonna [TS]

  funding that's a big selling point is you gonna sleep great we're going to [TS]

  investigate the science of sleep walking regard to whether or not to do we [TS]

  guarantee that when you wake up in the morning that the book that the hotel is [TS]

  still in the same spot no absolutely not that was given you to your real hotel [TS]

  that is so I don't even know that if you've been listening this whole time [TS]

  it's like my guess is that what I was doing when they sign up for against the [TS]

  school bus and it was a sign up receiving bus they're gonna they're [TS]

  they're rolling the dice like maybe they'll look out and wake up from their [TS]

  house maybe the wake up outside of a meth lab [TS]

  pretty much against them it sounds like we guarantee that you won't wake up in [TS]

  the same let's put it this way it's a real monkeys in typewriters situation [TS]

  it's just going to be random so it's possible that you wake up in front of [TS]

  your house is possible that you wake up from the white house who knows we don't [TS]

  know we're gonna need hotel restaurant yeah yeah I believe that just trucks [TS]

  driving along right so we just laying out the window and ideally the same [TS]

  speed but you know within that's very smart said this is how you for example [TS]

  check-in will just check in on the interstate you'll get on the bus and the [TS]

  bus will pull up at speed with the next to you which will be at times let out on [TS]

  the Run / move so you do get a phone you'll get a phone and it'll have those [TS]

  buttons like now you don't have to dial numbers you there's like a little late [TS]

  and concierge and so like you know it's gonna obviously space is at a premium [TS]

  you press the little luggage button to get the the valley desk valet boss [TS]

  pulled up next to you and what do you do the bag and you can get what you need [TS]

  out of it and hand it back to him [TS]

  yeah so you're gonna have to tip in change so that you throw it at him I [TS]

  think the bills and incredibly fun I think it's a money maker it's a genius [TS]

  idea I mean it really takes advantage of the superior highway infrastructure that [TS]

  we have in this country as well thank God for eisenhower he made this all [TS]

  possible I think we've got this thing covered from from the bill is probably [TS]

  the last episode because by next week we're gonna be just right so well we'll [TS]

  have the hotel will sponsor the show [TS]

  ok yeah just be a labor of love not not a it won't be commercial anyway anything [TS]

  else we want to thank Squarespace the actual sponsor the show go there square [TS] / the talk show and the code is the talk show two digit to me we [TS]

  covered pretty much everything that happened this week and technology so you [TS]

  know what the other great thing and you know this from from the you that you [TS]

  look nice today could have always been very generous on a podcast with your [TS]

  business ideas and and and that your audience has always respected you by not [TS]

  you you shared for you implement them and I think we can trust the talk show [TS]

  listeners they're they're they're not a rip up hotel buses they're all probably [TS]

  ready to book a couple nights stay but they're not going to rip us off and go [TS]

  and do it ahead of us are gonna wait wait for us to do and they can use [TS]

  coupon code the talk show to save at least 20% on the ice a further layer dip [TS]

  people who jump on early you get booked two nights get 1 night free [TS]

  alright that's cool that's fine with me I mean again three nights a driving can [TS]

  take you a bird's of eight states from where you got on the bus but if you're [TS]

  on board with that then you're on board with that that's our slogan if you're on [TS]

  you're on board when you check in part of the [TS]

  paperwork might be whether or not you have any legal problems with our in [TS]

  specific states avoid right wanted in you know what you know we could probably [TS]

  make some money with that two counties and whatnot if they tell us don't go to [TS]

  nebraska [TS]

  should probably gonna lie that's our actual business model and all these [TS]

  companies have no business model we've got to business model to take your money [TS]

  and they're going to sell you to the bounty hunters [TS]

  added you would have star hotel bus and the next thing you know you've got a lot [TS]

  of your child support for the last thirty years to you because I think we [TS]

  get a percentage on that that's how that works [TS]

  real money-maker my standard for the success of a podcast is when you can't [TS]

  tell if the thingy just talked about for 90 minutes was brilliant or really [TS]

  really stupid and we just we just exceeded that standards / went under [TS]

  that standard should we limit under that mindset [TS]

  the other thing I could totally see two is at a trade show I got my next year [TS]

  will have one of the hotels on the show floor just drive it in there will drive [TS]

  it in there it's there and then the people on the show floor can just come [TS]

  in you know and they can try their tempurpedic mattress absolutely right [TS]

  and they can they can sign some paperwork and maybe we drive up to 450 [TS]

  pages of paper I thank you guys this is great thank you thank you [TS]