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77: Stampy in the Hunger Games


  I missed it this year I was not at the Macworld are you weren't there [TS]

  did you see me know I do I know I'm trying to reach you were missed [TS]

  I'm trying to remember the last time I mister macrame it's been so many years [TS]

  in a row that I don't even remember the first night I got I got to love you too [TS]

  many beverages and it was because I wasn't there to watch you do you want [TS]

  their love for me to watch so that I saw that would that would know how much was [TS]

  too many so how was the show it was pretty good I mean it's I haven't seen [TS]

  numbers for the traffic but the traffic on the floor was decent and I can never [TS]

  tell cuz they was moving around so it's hard to do so this year was in Moscone [TS]

  North also writes we're in a weird but different right and I can you know so I [TS]

  can't judge how big the floor was compared to previous years [TS]

  alright because the last couple of years it was in moscow near West which is in [TS]

  my opinion a much nicer building because it's above ground in rape rates it's [TS]

  nicer flooded with sunlight and then moscow north and south are literally the [TS]

  subterranean training there did not you know like a euphemism for something [TS]

  lives you literally go down and it seemed that seemed like the the show was [TS]

  maybe a maybe just a little bit smaller than last year I don't know but at the [TS]

  same time it also just seemed like there was less just junk [TS]

  symbol for a long time particularly after the iPhone came out there was just [TS]

  got flooded with crappy cases and stuff like that and they're still in there [TS]

  still a little confused little sort of their their the the booze that are hired [TS]

  by remember [TS]

  hockey in Hocking the cheapest possible your phones and and stuff like that but [TS]

  for the most part I think it seemed seemed to me like what they shed or [TS]

  maybe a couple of the large like he wasn't there [TS]

  Romney has for years had a big booth and they didn't have didn't have a booth [TS]

  there this year but they also just seemed like there was a lot of the [TS]

  jungles cut out to which was nice yeah I remember specifically in 2011 because I [TS]

  had to be 2011 because it was the first year after the iPad was original iPad [TS]

  was announced and it really seemed like half the booths were for like either [TS]

  iPad cases or and it was such a huge thing and once you notice that you just [TS]

  couldn't help saying it like every other booths selling it like right attachable [TS]

  arms that you could attach an iPad 2 to make it like hang on a wall or you know [TS]

  any sort of just like they were throwing everything up against rain any snap onto [TS]

  an iPad and it was a robot arms and you know just ways that you would like hang [TS]

  it in a cubicle all these insights from our thinking I can see how late in a [TS]

  rare case somebody needs this thing but I can't imagine how have these booms [TS]

  could be selling these you know how many people actually need to hang in there I [TS]

  paddle yeah and they were booed their single pues the just head literally [TS]

  hundreds of different iPhone cases right back then and I did seems like that [TS]

  stuff is kinda dried up as its well yeah right I think it's not that they're [TS]

  selling that the that the industry as a whole is selling fewer iPad cases are [TS]

  probably something more than ever because more iPads than ever it's just [TS]

  that the the sort of gold rush mentality ok we're going to be a company that [TS]

  makes these we better get a booth you know all these trade shows yes is over [TS]

  right [TS]

  what about the conference had a pretty well I didn't go to a huge number of [TS]

  said I wasn't there was only there two days and I was on one panel and then I [TS]

  went to a couple others in the ones that are good that the one that I really [TS]

  liked was the target to get the name run it's led to the rapid fire I think when [TS]

  they get they got like eighteen people come up and talk about something for [TS]

  five minutes [TS]

  that's a great format I love them kisses or react and and they just they had a [TS]

  really good set of examples of like different technologies in also just like [TS]

  ways to do things that I went in there and then i feel myself taking notes so a [TS]

  lot of times I think that's a great format and it's it's like it's the way [TS]

  that Twitter can be a more efficient means of communication even if you're [TS]

  struggling at first to fit your ideas you know whatever it is you're trying to [TS]

  convey in 240 characters once you do it's the condensed nugget of the message [TS]

  are trying to get a part and that's the same thing with those three three-minute [TS]

  a five-minute yeah / sessions yeah i koe since [TS]

  inside a pretty funny is the iFixit guy yeah try some people crazy because you [TS]

  railed against Apple for making devices that are you know more or less and less [TS]

  fixable over the years but a trend right but he had a hit again we would just [TS]

  like to talk about it easy ways to fixture your devices and then and they [TS]

  threw in a bunch of them that he was obviously pretending worries me that [TS]

  we're really not easy [TS]

  yeah his stride trying to get a night trying to get an iPad Mini open I'm [TS]

  never going to try to get an iPad Mini oh yeah you know what I have to say I [TS]

  don't even know the lake is this thing they have to buy and you put it in the [TS]

  microwave heated up and then you have to apply it to the many [TS]

  Tulisa now like some of the gum underneath or something like that so you [TS]

  can pry no I don't even see I guess you had to have to somehow loosen the [TS]

  adhesive that attaches rights going right right and then you have to stick a [TS]

  bunch of different injuries were those things are those little plastic things [TS]

  that your pricing support with ya hear ya his his status has been the the thing [TS]

  that you're talking about that he enjoys people is that his stick is that every [TS]

  single design decision that Apple makes with any of its devices that ends up [TS]

  making it hard for them or other third-party fix-it shops to fix these [TS]

  things he attributes to solely to liking money despite a money-making grab on [TS]

  Apple's part and that it has nothing to do with the obvious which is making [TS]

  these devices is ridiculously thin and light as possible [TS]

  like that [TS]

  wings all this is good at 1 800 number one answered on their next month's [TS]

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  nice day [TS]

  well now clearly that's not AT&T you know what I've been seeing what is that [TS]

  so that is like come to our site and login with your AT&T credentials that we [TS]

  can still hear information I guess right here live on the talk show I was I was [TS]

  fishing attempted over the phone and i cant get this I'm having problems with [TS]

  my thanks working into things that my thanks to our first [TS]

  7:21 [TS]

  go there are seven other than $21 [TS]

  now your account probably is more than that right when I monthly bi-monthly [TS]

  Verizon but my monthly bill is not that much now my monthly bill is not that [TS]

  much either in my Verizon I've gotten a call right you don't even have an AT&T I [TS]

  honestly I don't know which bastard company I've given my phone number two [TS]

  has told me out but I hate it here because they do about it [TS]

  what i'll do is some of those two is just a waste their time I want that's [TS]

  hard because it then you don't want to talk to me they just want me to go to [TS]

  their fishing website which I haven't seen that before until late last week [TS]

  when I start getting these calls but if it's only usual one where they're like [TS]

  you know press one to speak to a representative I'll do it if if I'm not [TS]

  busy US press one and then I'll just try to waste their time in a jerk on the [TS]

  phone for a couple minutes I don't have the final I never hit me never answers I [TS]

  hate answering the phone which is my mother in scene right because she's a [TS]

  generational wealth on costs could be a real phone call right tackle social [TS]

  obligation to answer the phone what kind of a person makes a phone call hell yeah [TS]

  that's the only thing I also don't make phone calls you and I are good friends [TS]

  we've been friends for many years I think it's a very very high likelihood [TS]

  of you and I have never once made a phone call to each other I don't think I [TS]

  have your number I know I wouldn't give you mine [TS]

  yeah but I don't need your number 12 different ways and get a hold you and [TS]

  never them involved calling you on the phone [TS]

  although I do it does occur to me though that I think and so for example were [TS]

  talking about going to Macworld Expo so-called I know if I can to Macworld [TS]

  what they call it the official name at Macworld iWorld / well you spell it that [TS]

  way but you know / the silent but we've been going it's actually mackerel [TS]

  divided by world we've been going I don't even know when I first heard about [TS]

  it sometime in the 2001 and San Francisco and you know we are friends [TS]

  will will have adult beverages and happy hour and we have you know circle of [TS]

  other friends we often meet with I don't remember how the ever coordinated that [TS]

  before we had iPhones as I had a cell phone but you know it was just stupid [TS]

  little one with nine buttons I mean you could tax but it was like to get a C you [TS]

  had to hit the two button three times you know right [TS]

  certainly wasn't using that much I don't remember how we coordinated stuff I [TS]

  don't need any other e-mail I guess how did we check our email [TS]

  yeah I mean we do we take laptops everywhere and how we we could only use [TS]

  among we're on wifi and I don't remember there being WiFi Mac relax against [TS]

  recalled I mean I guess we and i know i guess i didnt i didnt i didnt go to me [TS]

  before I will I guess I actually my first one was the one with the iPhone [TS]

  was introduced so I only went to one without an iPhone I don't remember how [TS]

  we don't remember how adults coordinated things like hey let's all meet for [TS]

  drinks tomorrow we used to just where we used to meet at sessions which still has [TS]

  done a good responses during a session you hang out the session then you talk [TS]

  to them and yeah and somebody would make an initial decision and somehow [TS]

  communicate [TS]

  caveman style yeah I don't remember and I think I guess maybe we just stuck [TS]

  together basically a travel in packs to go take a leak because everybody would [TS]

  get up and go and get lost you have no idea whether are our good friend Paul [TS]

  capacity out in the street to catch a newborn to go someplace and [TS]

  and I got mixed up because he said he said mission I heard market so I was [TS]

  over it was over in March and he was he was trying to messaging center back for [TS]

  the new stratosphere where the heck I was one point you just gotta find my [TS]

  friends and I can see him . and then and then we didn't do it this time but [TS]

  setting up like a board what's the class bored Glassport yeah yeah but that's [TS]

  another one that requires an iPhone right task for a little ad hoc social [TS]

  temporary social group but I mean in fact it's almost like the ideal use case [TS]

  of class bored but again and requires an iPhone and I remember it yeah no doubt [TS]

  on the missed out on a lot back then what happened [TS]

  yeah I guess maybe you know called it a night early and went to bed really sad [TS]

  is that somehow though the fact that I don't remember makes me think that no [TS]

  that's not we'll see tonight so we're worried the conference sessions if that [TS]

  if the expo was in moscow North the conference sessions were like in that [TS]

  big long hallway right outside the entrance in the in the base yet in the [TS]

  basement which I didn't even realize they were there particularly so there [TS]

  are some in there and then you went through that tunnel to self and that big [TS]

  auditorium there which i think is where you give you give your talk that when [TS]

  your keynote that one year it was a single room I don't know if it was the [TS]

  the big room that it was a big room yeah it looked about the same size as that [TS]

  which was where they like them big presentations were yeah we're just [TS]

  taking in moscow myself but it's just connected to not like [TS]

  like a concourse between moscow [TS]

  yeah there's often vendors in there too and I've never understood never [TS]

  understood how that how that came to be [TS]

  yeah this year is just all in all of north is North the bigger one or the [TS]

  smaller one this morning it's the small one small one cause I remember when I am [TS]

  pleased to go through everything they used to have the big stuff and self [TS]

  right where as Apple's booth was and then like a little like the the [TS]

  Northwoods was more of the ghetto right like the little small companies one but [TS]

  it was always my head but then tighten tone was was still in itself I remember [TS]

  it just it seemed like I think the less expensive boots were in North background [TS]

  did you add to see marion was born there now I didn't see marlon this year I [TS]

  don't think he became came out for the show i believe was marlin who coined yes [TS]

  it is [TS]

  is always my favorite place to talk to people talk to the bill yeah yeah cuz [TS]

  it's that is the place where you see the people who either a have like a really [TS]

  clever new things you've never heard of before and you're actually genuinely [TS]

  like wow I just learned about a new thing this is why this is why this is a [TS]

  good legitimate business expenses I just learned something I wouldn't have [TS]

  learned otherwise or be this person is crazy this person has a crazy idea I [TS]

  cannot believe that they have a company set up to do this but they're you know [TS]

  they're fascinating talk to 45 minutes about that yeah yeah yeah yeah there was [TS]

  one I didn't see these guys but [TS]

  serenity Caldwell was telling me about it they had some home automation hub [TS]

  can't remember exactly what does bill is like everything that you use will [TS]

  connect into it and just how are you gonna do that I we we publish an API so [TS]

  they added they had a real build it if you build it they will come [TS]

  everyone was going to be looking into their system just because what do you [TS]

  mean know that everything would like your for your iPhone and you know any [TS]

  device that you wanted to control your home from a run into their system [TS]

  because everybody would build it would build into good luck with that [TS]

  what about smart watches and stuff like that and you can see I didn't see any [TS]

  any of that stuff really didn't see any of the names that we we know because now [TS]

  that's the stuff that really exists other than pebble which isn't really a [TS]

  trade shows at this point rate I don't know if they do question but I didn't [TS]

  see people there don't think they were there and then the other stuff is all [TS]

  Android tyson is its advertising stuff isn't even shipping though is it it's [TS]

  just like an ounce yeah I don't think so [TS]

  about Google glass everywhere in the class as someone purse I saw one person [TS]

  wearing Google glass and I think that's the whole even the whole time I saw one [TS]

  person in the shower with glass and I didn't see anybody else wearing it in [TS]

  San Francisco which was quite surprised that has even been allowed to San [TS]

  Francisco in a couple months but I know I remembered even back at WWDC which was [TS]

  what like nine months ago [TS]

  yeah yeah so about nine months ago [TS]

  see a couple times a day somebody either in WWDC either in the somebody was [TS]

  actually attending or just out and about in the streets of San Francisco you see [TS]

  somebody you know it obviously wasn't a huge thing but it was it sticks out [TS]

  enough that it you know you always notice it especially if you're from out [TS]

  of town but it seems to me like the we've already reached peak class yeah I [TS]

  mean and in their own there are enough San Francisco's having enough social [TS]

  problems with class right now that if you own glass you're probably thinking [TS]

  when you go out maybe I'll go out for a drink or whatever may be able to sleep [TS]

  the glass home and you know that could change in the future if if they come out [TS]

  with a new version that is less noticeable yeah I'm sure it'll be [TS]

  partners right you may not even be able to go out without it right it's because [TS]

  it's either going to fade away and they're going to just sort of brush it [TS]

  under the rug and you know say I forgot about that or it's going to get less [TS]

  noticeable so that could change but the glass as we know it [TS]

  these Explorer hits you know it's I think that the naysayers were exactly [TS]

  right that things are ridiculous [TS]

  expose where it was still taking off if people were still wearing them you would [TS]

  have seen more than one is just a break in a year ago you sought more frequently [TS]

  right yeah I guess I was surprised as I just a thought that everybody would I [TS]

  kinda get the feeling too with the whole Android where announcement that its I [TS]

  and I could be wrong [TS]

  you know I I have no inside knowledge of what the hell Google is up to so you [TS]

  know they could have an amazing new glass to point out ready to announce you [TS]

  know any week now but I kinda get the feeling that Android where is sort of ok [TS]

  forgot about class now we're going with it with the stuff with the watches and [TS]

  yeah amulets that's a good idea right and get away with dr. strange yeah yeah [TS]

  like doctor or whatever flavor Flav yeah sure and that's what it is that's where [TS]

  you that's where you know that something's really good as when they [TS]

  have a celebrity spokesperson I don't understand why anybody does that a [TS]

  celebrity spokesperson celebrity spokesperson just is it just reeks of [TS]

  desperation to me but somebody must be telling me nine maybe they have numbers [TS]

  that I don't never seem to like HDD dragging poor Robert Downey jr. to talk [TS]

  about how great HTC is using HTC phone I can see it for just for the commercial [TS]

  if you gonna you know like for example I don't think I never liked Apple's you [TS]

  know celebrity ads either right they have their heads so we shall [TS]

  Sam Sam Jackson yeah and [TS]

  was it martin scorsese deniro yeah I know is it says in the back seat of a [TS]

  cab talking to Serie A which was the one that I think was the most problematic [TS]

  because a he was in midtown Manhattan and you don't whatever you whatever your [TS]

  experience with serious like I mean it still depends on having a working [TS]

  international internet connection and B Martin Scorsese famously is you know one [TS]

  of the fastest speakers in the world and you know to have that Ratatat [TS]

  conversation with syria was really stretching the limits of belief for [TS]

  anybody who actually use Siri especially when he's tried to Syrian but again they [TS]

  do they weren't having those those celebrities as as they were just dating [TS]

  commercials they weren't the brand ambassador or you know like on stage at [TS]

  events I think that's slightly less less bad brand ambassador thing and then and [TS]

  then and then the even worse part is director of creative right like Alicia [TS]

  Keys right let's just like a few million dollars on fire [TS]

  it doesn't even make any sense that I mean that's the thing you know listen [TS]

  she one of the ones to where it was like she unannounced as their director of [TS]

  creativity as though she had like a serious like executive job like the [TS]

  title showing up every day and move moving up to it [TS]

  to Canada and then you know wasn't she one of the ones who somebody got caught [TS]

  I try not to link to these things because it's it's a little bit you know [TS]

  that she tweeted something in it and the metadata was like Twitter for high from [TS]

  it was yeah yeah [TS]

  who believes that like I just can't imagine the meeting where they're like [TS]

  let's have let's get somebody like Alicia Keys to be our creator of our [TS]

  director of creativity yeah like who is it that they think that actually makes a [TS]

  difference to like most people are never gonna hear about the news no you know [TS]

  even BlackBerry customers are never gonna see anything that says Alicia Keys [TS]

  is the name that director of creativity but even those who do hear it [TS]

  who actually would think that's a great idea somebody who's never designed a [TS]

  cell phone or any kind of understanding of software or consumer electronics is [TS]

  now the director of creativity for this brand that's great to see if there's a [TS]

  whole collection to be made of really stupid business ideas like bed and the [TS]

  other thing that always just baffles me is Wall Street analyst for forums and I [TS]

  know they do this deliberately to get headlines about their firm just like [TS]

  saying crazy stuff about Apple shipped Chaudhry is a pretty good example of [TS]

  that I mean the guy who actually has like an $800 target on Apple and yet he [TS]

  says the company is gonna go out of business if they don't ship and I [TS]

  watched two months I think we're down by fifty days now and if if nobody's made a [TS]

  trip Chowdhry cock then somebody should get on that immediately was about 10 [TS]

  days ago getting my website right now [TS]

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  with you think died I think I think it goes unremarked upon and know that [TS]

  there's san Francisco is almost like the epicenter of of a lot of controversies [TS]

  this year in terms of like this income inequality and the buses they're taking [TS]

  train people who you know to Google and Apple and stuff like that and I can [TS]

  totally see I i mean if anybody has ever been to like the actual valley where [TS]

  Apple's campuses I've never been to Mountain View so I know exactly what [TS]

  Google's campuses like but that whole area I can totally see especially if [TS]

  you're young you know before either but before you get why you'd want to live in [TS]

  San Francisco rather than live anywhere down there but san Francisco has a weird [TS]

  city I wouldn't want i i wouldn't want to live there [TS]

  yeah I wouldn't either I mean I like living in this city city personally we [TS]

  live close enough I can I could walk to downtown from here if I really wanted to [TS]

  kind of a long walk but [TS]

  so it's nice it's nice being close to something but yeah that's that's too [TS]

  much for me and they and they have a you know they have a lot of home once they [TS]

  have also both it so they have a lot of hummus and they have a lot of like [TS]

  managers yeah and I you know I like going there and for like two three days [TS]

  and then getting how it I've always loved the food is awesome it is a [TS]

  totally true so that's the great thing is like I always get some really good [TS]

  meals right and all different kinds of stuff to his great yeah we got Thai food [TS]

  they've got some people are on the rise of this but they've got some good pizza [TS]

  places to its new I think yeah like guys and they're mostly like people that have [TS]

  come from other places where did you go to that place with Paul the one yeah [TS]

  it's in the garage [TS]

  wouldn't go this time but yeah but we went to the name of that place I forget [TS]

  the name of the place but it's a guy who came from New York and he they make the [TS]

  deal in the morning and go to bed in the ICU they asked how many pizzas you're [TS]

  going right now but i wanna yeah we're not pizza Apple Apple Apple Etana it's [TS]

  amazing it's really cool he's in he's better in the attic they had a kid and [TS]

  so he's back there with his wife and the kid was honest was in a stroller and he [TS]

  just like he's making pizzas one is like pushing the stroller with the back and [TS]

  forth the other hand [TS]

  so I guess baby was back there I forget who went to the guy first I might have [TS]

  caused us to sort of pizza and adding an amateur you know what it was like in New [TS]

  York this guy and he had like he had like a very expensive brick oven and he [TS]

  hated it didn't wasn't making the pies rape and so he liked had like smash out [TS]

  the back of the building and take it out and he like went to Italy or Sicily [TS]

  unaware he went somewhere over there and and just kept looking and looking into [TS]

  he found it an oven anyone it and had it like shipped over to him in Brooklyn and [TS]

  had it like put in the back of the building and then sealed the building [TS]

  back up and then he decided to screw this I'm moving to San Francisco but he [TS]

  took his oven with them and yet I think you know I'm pretty sure taking a break [TS]

  of expensive and it's like like his you know a sort of like his TARDIS or [TS]

  something you know like he's got this amazing trick out with them right and [TS]

  then I think it was probably week Paul who like convinced me to go and we when [TS]

  they open at 5 there's like no reservations it's open at 5 they served [TS]

  to the two they run out of Dell and we got there are five and it was all it was [TS]

  was a closed garage there's no sign or anything like this cannot be the place [TS]

  and then like 501 the garage door goes up inside there's a there's a restaurant [TS]

  was also the place right hand in that kept or so we get there we get the cab [TS]

  and I just you know I'm not even like looking I just because he was in the [TS]

  back and I was in the front and I just go to the slammed the car door and he [TS]

  went into two he was paying the cab be back in a put his hand around the gym [TS]

  you are a dozen years you haven't responded by now I haven't noticed any [TS]

  adverse effects now audio hijacks to work so yeah anything else from [TS]

  migrating any little any other little [TS]

  was so good how's it busy Mac oh yeah they came out with a with a busy [TS]

  contacts right which is pretty cool you know that announcement and if you don't [TS]

  like Apple's context which was might be understandable [TS]

  busy Cal busy couches right good to ya so that was good there if you think a [TS]

  few things that I so that we can also trigger which is this it's like a handle [TS]

  of a gun that you put your iPhone on to take pictures with but they also a [TS]

  Bluetooth device that lets you connect so you can use the buttons on the handle [TS]

  to the iPhone sits on the top but they also have an epi like it directly [TS]

  somebody could make like a first-person shooter or something which would be kind [TS]

  of weird actually looks like a gun ok I mean I don't think anybody has yet and [TS]

  it's still a hundred still $100 so it's still faces the same problem at the [TS]

  controllers that people have made for iOS face that they're they're kinda too [TS]

  expensive and you know you just bought an iPhone you don't wanna run out and [TS]

  buy another $100 device and the prices have come down a little bit since since [TS]

  it first came out but they're not all out of box now but still they're still [TS]

  bucks for a 140 Xbox or Wii 24 bucks spend $80 that's pretty cool idea that [TS]

  show for it to to use it as a camera do you have to use like a third party app [TS]

  take the pictures or is there some way that is there like an API that you could [TS]

  you think it's I think it's their app [TS]

  yeah I think he used their yeah I didn't think that there is a way to get the [TS]

  bill tend to do it and I bought a couple little things that but just like a [TS]

  Bluetooth waterproof speaker for the shower in the shower and and then I got [TS]

  no I just know yet if you haven't yet I did shower I just didn't you forgot the [TS]

  speaker it's a whole gotta get into the groove change it's a process change ok [TS]

  process and there was this like off way up to the corner there was this booth [TS]

  with all these these [TS]

  Japan and they had and they had a bunch of different stuff and I finally figured [TS]

  I feel that after the fact I thought it was like one company but I guess this is [TS]

  like an import company that was sorting stuff from different vendors but they [TS]

  had these battery charges you like a portable battery thing they were better [TS]

  price than some of the other ones that had seen in other booze and and it was [TS]

  this it's the site for my son [TS]

  it's a Japanese manga character called Dan member but it's the company's name [TS]

  is cheer oh ok look it up and I i think they've just license this this damn [TS]

  bored and it looks like this card little cardboard guy and so it's the cardboard [TS]

  guys head and you play if it's a box and plug it in and it charges something that [TS]

  you can charge your iPad or your iPhone was it and when when it runs starts [TS]

  running down his eyes blink red like he's angry so it's got a call and it was [TS]

  it was better price than some of the other ones and at the same boosts which [TS]

  I at first thought was also chair of somebody else they had these aluminum is [TS]

  milled aluminum iPhone bumpers and an impressive guy and me hold it as they [TS]

  were also like a hundred and twenty bucks I had me hold it and it was really [TS]

  really good and it's all in one piece of one piece of aluminum like looking for a [TS]

  really fine bumper for your iPhone those will be in pretty good but i cant [TS]

  remember name of the company that actually makes I didn't get the name of [TS]

  the company it's an aluminum bumper for the iPhone its aluminum bumper yeah I [TS]

  don't know when that scratch it all up when you put it in or is it like rubber [TS]

  now it's gone now it's going to insights and and I texted the dam breaks from [TS]

  Macworld about it was like oh yeah i think is really nice because I think he [TS]

  got 14 as a as a freebie for review [TS]

  you never something like that so I have got the churro thing here in the shower [TS]

  get to share the same person on there so the company is that it was the same [TS]

  company now it's not it's it's lost all their Japanese raw Japanese rise was [TS]

  through that food was sold during import company gotcha and in the import company [TS]

  their their their receipt is just like america support [TS]

  their names their name is settling targeted towards the Japanese side of [TS]

  things rather than the people there something to this is super powerful [TS]

  charger its 10,000 [TS]

  games yeah I got the sixth I get the 6001 but yeah but there's another they [TS]

  had all different sizes yeah it's kind of funny like the one you had before was [TS]

  was much less powerful and also just look like a like a black tube yeah I [TS]

  like buying the just a little power brick type Chargers even heard of a pain [TS]

  in the ass you have to bring a cable and its extra pain in the ass you have to [TS]

  have a second cable to charge the charger because to me it but they all [TS]

  use the same and I gotta now I've got a bunch of devices that use the USB mini [TS]

  adapter anyway so I just take one right USB mini in your suitcase but then you [TS]

  can charge anything with it you can charge an iPad with it you can charge [TS]

  you know if you have like you know like somebody else in your family or kidder [TS]

  wife has an older iPhone [TS]

  you know when you have the case you've only got like two years of iPhones that [TS]

  fit and then it's no doubt you can use it for anything you can use forever [TS]

  early and then the other woman video so it seems like the the Thunder like last [TS]

  year Thunderbolt stuff was still kind of his father was a que te it seemed like a [TS]

  thunderbolt stuff this year was a little bit more mature a little bit more to see [TS]

  and they have ever raid Thunderbolt devices 256 gigabytes flash based [TS]

  tickets flash-based drive for like [TS]

  hundred bucks call ya so that seems like one of the things you notice this year [TS]

  though is that under boulders sort of yeah it seemed like there was a little [TS]

  bit more maturity in the Thunderbolt offerings there this year [TS]

  remember last year there was almost nothing yeah I called the drives for [TS]

  still USB Firewire rain right by wires going out right i mean it's like yeah [TS]

  there's nothing I mean I think I don't think you can buy a computer with [TS]

  Thunderbolt or Firewire anymore they still have the wrong man [TS]

  yeah i think im still have our one eight hundred the minis due to my sister in [TS]

  law just was shopping for a new MacBook and was shocked that that like the heirs [TS]

  and the new MacBook Pros don't come with a disk drive from movies which is funny [TS]

  because to me that such old news like I'm Way past it but you know I guess [TS]

  she's still expected like that you know she has DVDs at home the chicken watch [TS]

  DVDs was like wow that's put a flop Ian yeah I still really still do but now [TS]

  that's just not really something I mean that much anymore [TS]

  anything else was from the show car mount thing but it's just like when a [TS]

  magnetic things you put a thing on your dashboard need something else here [TS]

  iPhone case because another ticket from just slap it on there when you get in [TS]

  the car [TS]

  cloak was the other thing I thought was gonna call which is the PPN Nov yeah [TS]

  yeah so it's in its Fourier description of its like their it w yes so you can [TS]

  set up you can set up which networks you trust and then when you get into a [TS]

  network that you don't trust it'll create a VPN for you so that you can [TS]

  still connect to the internet without being without using their without using [TS]

  their sister wifi openly gotcha gotcha yeah it's pretty cool yeah you see their [TS]

  websites at WWW dot get cloak dot com closed bpm I'm also looking here at the [TS]

  the current iMac tech specs and the ports on the back are there is no [TS]

  firewire its own the sd-card slot for USB 3 ports to thunderbolts and 10 [TS]

  Gigabit Ethernet so now you can you buy like a new iMac today do not get fire so [TS]

  I will collect my being right point from you and I really should do more like [TS]

  Siracusa do some corrections up front cuz I like I've got a lot of compliments [TS]

  you know people are saying that the show's going well they're really [TS]

  enjoying it lately but anytime I have a terrible record last couple of months of [TS]

  any time that I i offer any fact without having any actual documentation wrong in [TS]

  some way there still is still a firewire 800 port in the mini [TS]

  that's because the mini hasn't been updated and yeah yeah probably gonna [TS]

  probably go with the next which will be where's the MacRumors buying they always [TS]

  MacRumors buying guide you know why I don't even see words listen there it is [TS]

  don't haha yeah they're sicker she held it is right now it's five hundred and [TS]

  twenty three days old crazy wow because you used any used to be the good rule of [TS]

  thumb was like wait six months don't mean if you're under six months you [TS]

  could probably go ahead and buy but it gets over six months and a week has six [TS]

  to nine months to get updated but that's clearly saw the last couple last couple [TS]

  of provisions of the Mac Mini the one before that was around 461 days and the [TS]

  one before that was four hundred days so they don't have dated that frequently [TS]

  yeah but now at 523 days seems like that's a long time every once in awhile [TS]

  people who I always just send them to the MacRumors buyers guide cuz I'm no [TS]

  expert but people you know they will you write down fireball you must know when I [TS]

  should buy a computer and I'm terrible at that I really AM I i'm i buy so yeah [TS]

  I was the worst by 12 weeks before the news came out right either if you need [TS]

  one right now just buy one and if you know if it gets [TS]

  obsoleted in the next couple of weeks well that's you know that's life if you [TS]

  can wait wait to a new one comes out and buy it as soon as it comes out is what I [TS]

  always say if you're the type of person is bothered by you know that every once [TS]

  in awhile it's like if they change the configuration of the form factor in a [TS]

  massive way I was thinking maybe it's not good to get the first version of [TS]

  that yeah that's it that's reasonable advice to especially with stuff there [TS]

  was a lot of issues with the first couple of months worth of the retina [TS]

  MacBook Pros where people were getting you know [TS]

  and you can you go to forget how you go but you could check your serial number [TS]

  and you know whether you had a screen from sharp from Samsung or something [TS]

  like that and it was like all the screens from sharper showing like had [TS]

  like image retention problems or something [TS]

  yeah and that's the sort of thing that if you if the Kings get worked out [TS]

  eventually but it may actually be worth it to buy like six months after comes [TS]

  out instead of immediately after comes out [TS]

  brain or by the second iteration yeah let me thank our second sponsor and it's [TS]

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  code Yankees and you get 10% off can't be that way for the next offer could [TS]

  well I wasn't gonna talk baseball season starts this week though [TS]

  yeah I was gonna talk baseball was there was a San Francisco Giants exposition [TS]

  game on home games Friday where there you go I did not read some of people [TS]

  talking about going but then we ended up deciding to just did Paul tell you the [TS]

  story about the yeah well I was there a time we with us we have with us yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  Paul hates that story I feel like he loves to tell if he does but I feel like [TS]

  he's the guy like for most of us it's like and mention the luck and with Paul [TS]

  it it's it's the white whale these chasing rest of his life long story [TS]

  short it was a date was WWDC I think it had to be two years ago and our friend [TS]

  Jason's now editorial director at at Macworld they had a little [TS]

  5 o'clock meet and greet like a friends of Macworld [TS]

  a party it was like a cocktail reception yeah [TS]

  reception it was very nice rooftop of Macworld building beautiful scenario [TS]

  but they had a lot of work to do I guess because of you know WBC week and there's [TS]

  all sorts of editorial content Snell had a couple of tickets to the Giants game [TS]

  he couldn't use him and he was trying to give them away [TS]

  Paul and I thought about taking them in fact Paul even had the minute hand and [TS]

  we're gonna go to the game and I decided not to go because my wife didn't want to [TS]

  go in my wife was there and I thought you know I don't want it you know I came [TS]

  out here with her to quit her asked if I don't go the ball game go wherever she's [TS]

  going and then I don't know Paul I don't he couldn't find anywhere else to go [TS]

  with them but we are like giving back to Jason we went to dinner at get the name [TS]

  of the place trips something to keep tape Mexican place and was good too and [TS]

  and the guys at the bar really really rather the game was on and they were [TS]

  really rowdy and it didn't make any sense because the Giants were up like 30 [TS]

  min and then I caught a fly ball and the bar went nuts and I just look deposit is [TS]

  no way that catching a flyball makes the bargain that unless we both look at each [TS]

  other so no hitter and then we immediately over and ends up it was a [TS]

  perfect game right it was a perfect well yeah we have been we went someplace else [TS]

  and we walked down the street with every bar that we were passing ducking into it [TS]

  because it was on TV screens are pretty much across town right Matt Cain pitched [TS]

  a perfect game we had tickets in hand right and then the next day pawn I went [TS]

  to do we had lunch with some of her friends who work on the MLB app MLB at [TS]

  bat up and we started we're like you know we were talking the perfect game [TS]

  when we had tickets in hand and Emma because I we were there [TS]

  course they were right they just get there they have a cool deal where they [TS]

  can pretty much just walk there is a good entrance you know like some kind of [TS]

  VIP entrance and they've got like a badge and they can just any time there [TS]

  town they can just walk into a building just kind of the same man that's the [TS]

  thing to do is to you know get into the thing that you like and I think about [TS]

  this and that's a perfect example another example for me is like the [TS]

  people who work on comiXology which is the Comics app you know it's like you [TS]

  you know how to code you know the design and make yourself a comic selling Apple [TS]

  it becomes a huge head that is actually the backend 44 both of marble in DC's [TS]

  own apps to save its just a rebranding of the comiXology app and then and I [TS]

  just wrote an article for the magazine about these guys are doing minecraft [TS]

  YouTube videos I saw that on your website was gonna talk about it [TS]

  yeah so there's all these my my son's been playing Minecraft for more than a [TS]

  little more than a year and a half away now and I think he's 10 alright same age [TS]

  as Jonas yeah and pretty soon they some benefits just if there's some sort of [TS]

  noise that goes out that adults can't hear how the kids find out about going [TS]

  to YouTube I guess they start searching google to Frank figure out different [TS]

  things to do in Minecraft and they come up and almost all the stuff is done is [TS]

  done in youtube videos which originally just drove me absolutely deserve because [TS]

  every time I was trying to help them with something I want something that was [TS]

  just texting you know page that would tell me what to do right but they're all [TS]

  YouTube videos so you have to watch a youtube video to figure out how to do [TS]

  this stuff but the people that make these because of the the incredible [TS]

  success of Minecraft people who have made you make these videos a lot of [TS]

  these people have done incredibly well as well and some of them are just like [TS]

  videos of these guys playing the game right and just having a good time and [TS]

  this one guy [TS]

  joseph garrett whose lives in the UK is has to be just past two million [TS]

  subscribers on YouTube and has over 800 million views of his videos isn't he the [TS]

  guy who goes by like a champion stand me right now I remember reading about him [TS]

  somewhere and I just said hey join us if you've heard of this guy stamping and [TS]

  any yeah you know stamp stamping he and as I said have you ever heard of this [TS]

  guy President Barack Obama campaign is pretty good and he so the Daily Mail [TS]

  trying to figure out how much the sky was making because Google pays you like [TS]

  you can make like something like seven dollars that's like an average for $7 [TS]

  per thousand views and you know 800 million views that starts adding up to [TS]

  the Daily Mail's try to figure out what was making they think he makes between [TS]

  something like eighty thousand eight hundred thousand dollars a month [TS]

  somewhere awesome grosses grosses that and then Google takes like half of it [TS]

  and then he works with a network that does promotion and stuff like that may [TS]

  take a cut too so he's not pollen that much but his channel could be grossing [TS]

  anywhere between 80,000 them and 800,000 month at the high end of that even if [TS]

  even if he's only to keep in a quarter of it I mean really really good money [TS]

  yeah yeah so and he's not the i mean there's there's a relatively small list [TS]

  of people who are at the top of that game but they're all they're all doing [TS]

  pretty well it is but it's and it's amazing phenomenon and it really is it's [TS]

  inevitable as we rocket towards old age that there's going to be something that [TS]

  the damn kids are into that right just don't get it right it's you know like [TS]

  Steve Allen [TS]

  on the Tonight Show of rock and roll lyrics right and it's like i don't want [TS]

  to be that guy don't want to be Steve Allen making fun of the rock and roll [TS]

  lyrics I wanna keep an open mind I don't think I'm ever gonna watch these videos [TS]

  myself but I do want to keep an open mind that thing that gets me with Jonas [TS]

  is two things that get me is one you'll watch the videos while he's playing [TS]

  right so he's got minecraft running on his MacBook and he's playing while he's [TS]

  watching videos on either an iPad or his iPhone yeah and he's doing exactly the [TS]

  same thing and he he [TS]

  a lot of times you just put one year but in and then sometimes he just breaks out [TS]

  in the most riotous laughter I mean just like nothing else ever makes him laugh [TS]

  like that however it is and it makes me jealous it's the type of laughter where [TS]

  it's like I need to know what's that funny and and I watched I so I said yes [TS]

  I never watch one of them through myself I just shoulder and I i watch when these [TS]

  ones were just like it was standing in a couple of his friends and they're [TS]

  playing this like hunger games online games version of Minecraft where you go [TS]

  around and eventually the goal is basically to kill everybody else and and [TS]

  its sensitivity of his friends and then all these other people that they don't [TS]

  know and you know and like The Hunger Games they worked together as a pack for [TS]

  a while and then it gets down to the end of their to kill [TS]

  it was just a minute and it was weirdly kind of infectious me just like because [TS]

  they're having such a good time just watching them by you know by the time I [TS]

  felt I thought maybe I like how alternative after a few minutes but it [TS]

  was like 20 minutes to happen or how much the whole thing I am gone back to [TS]

  watch any month since then but still it's like it's kind of it is kind of [TS]

  enjoyable just watching somebody have a good time and that's what I guess that's [TS]

  what it's about [TS]

  have you seen the guy forget his name but he's a guy who is every day he plays [TS]

  minecraft a record and he narrates he just talks into a microphone and he's [TS]

  trying to get to the end of the world [TS]

  oh yeah yeah I didn't mention I forgot I had forgot to mention him but yeah he's [TS]

  just so there's a upper limit to how big a world minecraft can make but it's huge [TS]

  right and he's been my first came out it was just like a square the world was [TS]

  just asked where he went to the edge against fall off the edge right and then [TS]

  they quickly increase that and now it's something like where he's going to have [TS]

  to do this for like twenty two years but there's also like a bug where it like [TS]

  increasingly like the further egos is going to be more yeah and his his his [TS]

  avatar in the game has like a wolf who follows him around he's like a pet dog [TS]

  and I don't know and it's just fascinating and so that's what he does [TS]

  is every day hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of him just heading [TS]

  yeah just going in the same direction and just talking you know about random [TS]

  stuff and you know it when the game gets interesting when he's like attacked or [TS]

  something like that you know it will narrate his his action and he's got tens [TS]

  and maybe even million followers he probably does it's probably gonna be in [TS]

  the millions by now cuz he's been he's been featured a few things [TS]

  yeah so it to me it speaks to two things it's it's this and you know the link to [TS]

  your attention mining article thing I think it's well worth reading but to me [TS]

  it's this intersection of a Minecraft which is genuine phenomenon and and I [TS]

  think I think it's unbelievable game I don't play it but I've I know enough [TS]

  from watching Jonas and I played a lot with Hank will will I got a server we [TS]

  run home and so on and so on the server and it's fun it's but it's more than you [TS]

  know because you actually do build things get really creative it really is [TS]

  it's not just you know like when we were kids and be like my mom buy me a [TS]

  computer all you know how useful learning you know yeah and the other day [TS]

  we learning learning how to memorize the maps and barged yeah she's him the other [TS]

  day he had in this was all these modifications that you can stall and he [TS]

  had read about this one probably have not read about it and she had seen the [TS]

  video so he got he got the modern install them on himself so that's the [TS]

  other thing is learning about like how to install all this stuff and learning [TS]

  about the back end and where it what goes where and so he knows how to do all [TS]

  the stuff in the Finder and Gina like I don't think he they've changed it since [TS]

  last year or so so that you still have to unpack jar files and then move files [TS]

  in and then read compress the jar file and black and I think it's much less [TS]

  difficult than that now cuz they changed the infrastructure a little bit yeah but [TS]

  it's a job which is ridiculous and have you told me that it be playing a java [TS]

  game never would have believed you but he got this one that he that allowed you [TS]

  to put a passcode on your door of your house and that's one of the things that [TS]

  you do is you build a house to protect yourself from like monsters and stuff [TS]

  and and and he wanted to put this thing where you put a passcode on the house [TS]

  and [TS]

  and I went to the way the website that had the instructions for the mod and I [TS]

  and it's like it's a little programs you get you build a computer in Minecraft [TS]

  using different parts and then you put the computer in the wall of your house [TS]

  and connected with this line to the door and then you had to type in a cozy at a [TS]

  table or program to basically tell the door open and close and what the [TS]

  password is and so i sat down with him and we worked together to type this [TS]

  little program in and and then he you know he quickly learned how to change [TS]

  the password the password was in the in the little quotes and then how to change [TS]

  the timer setting for how long the door was open so he's been shut down for a [TS]

  little while show them how to do that and then he spent like another hour so [TS]

  just like playing with the same with the different parameters and stuff but he's [TS]

  actually learning the basic ODI series in this game is actually writing a [TS]

  program and believable than any other aspect is the U-two bank which is the [TS]

  way that you too I mean we all watched YouTube videos but the way kids use it [TS]

  is so different and so much more pervasive like it it's effectively their [TS]

  TV and I you know I know that sounds trite but in a way that when I was 10 [TS]

  years old I watched as much TV as I can get away with it was just what we did [TS]

  right i mean just try to come home from school and if you could you do your [TS]

  parents that you turn on the TV and just watch whatever was just keep swimming [TS]

  swimming around the channels into you found the most interesting thing you [TS]

  could find which even if it wasn't interesting I'd watch sure you have [TS]

  something on my wall street I watched like I know through a guarantee I have [TS]

  seen every episode of The Brady Bunch at least three times because I have one [TS]

  piano on point it was like four o'clock the best thing that was on TV was brady [TS]

  bunch reruns [TS]

  it was a horrible show I knew it was a horrible show I don't think I ever once [TS]

  genuinely laughed at a single gang but I watched anyway because it was on and I [TS]

  feel like for kids today it's you know they didn't he would never waste time [TS]

  Johnson never waste time just watching some stupid because he could be watching [TS]

  a YouTube video on YouTube that he finds fascinating yeah but it's also been like [TS]

  a gateway to a whole bunch of other YouTube videos that are absolute crap [TS]

  that they find candidate by hysterical when some of it's kind of funny is that [TS]

  one guy who does the the drive-thru pranks like he's a magician he does some [TS]

  good she does some cool tricks or go up to like this [TS]

  almost always is just like pumping some fast food place and it goes up in any [TS]

  luck order something and then he'll have like 3 $1 bills for $53 here and they go [TS]

  hang on a second and it just like lifts up the $3 bills and likes Maxim back [TS]

  down on his hand later notified and the reactions the ads like the reactions [TS]

  from the clerks at the McDonalds or whatever his heroes the best part come [TS]

  over here watch this and that he does the thing with the drive to like you'll [TS]

  see covers himself up he built a fake car seat reclines carsey and lies down [TS]

  and puts the fake car seat there and drives the car you order something and [TS]

  then there's nobody in the car and the car pulls up some of their summer better [TS]

  than the other ones with some of them are pretty funny so and it it it's also [TS]

  a sign that youtube is and i cant I am i guess im late to the game on this but [TS]

  it's a real business for people clearly it is right but it's there's a lot of [TS]

  work he was a year ago and minimum wage and just and then and it didn't really [TS]

  take off immediately [TS]

  it took them [TS]

  a long time this other guy Daniel militant Middleton diamond mine cart of [TS]

  Minecraft he had another channel where he did Pokemon videos and he had that [TS]

  for like three years and you know ended up with like 10,000 followers or [TS]

  something like that I think I have the right guy right anyway one of the guys [TS]

  and then suddenly switch to switch to Minecraft and now he's up to a million [TS]

  and a half or more and wondering does Google when they announced their I don't [TS]

  think that they do but I wonder if when they announced their quarterly revenue [TS]

  for the day to day break YouTube apart yeah and if not it would be interesting [TS]

  to me to know like is it is obviously for a lot of these people who are making [TS]

  these videos it meaningful income that there is I guess not just a fluke it's [TS]

  for a lot of people taken it can be like there that's their job is making YouTube [TS]

  shows and that the ads pay you know a living wage or more but in the aggregate [TS]

  does Google's cutter that turn out to be significant to Google I think it [TS]

  probably does I think it you know you have to start thinking about you too as [TS]

  not just being successful in terms of aggregate eyeballs but that it's [TS]

  actually a successful acquisition financially [TS]

  did make a lot of sense to me at the time cuz I just thought what how can [TS]

  they make money you know the bandwidth costs but you know I think it's actually [TS]

  turned into a real thing it would be interesting it nobody its heart is so [TS]

  hard to track that you don't have a good sense of where all the money is going [TS]

  because it you know Mark arrived at peace now we could go about how he was [TS]

  just basically giving up on ads right it's as safe as it just wasn't worth the [TS]

  trouble for many morning wasn't getting up money but I mean wasn't getting that [TS]

  much money [TS]

  and it does seem like I've heard that I've heard that other places as well [TS]

  that website advertising is becoming is drying up a little bit but podcast [TS]

  advertising is like a boomtown there right now and then search seems YouTube [TS]

  seems to be the same way let me tell you about Warby Parker [TS]

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  everything they've sunglasses anything you anything you want classes do you do [TS]

  prescription glasses I do but I almost never wear them I wear contact lenses [TS]

  yeah that's what I i wear contact lenses and I gotta go [TS]

  practically blind without them but I bought five so the last hour glasses [TS]

  about was like fifteen years ago and they were like over $1000 they realize [TS]

  they were fashionable they're really nice the really good glasses but they [TS]

  were really expensive terrible I definitely the next time I'm gonna go [TS]

  absolutely yeah I know I forget how long how old my current glasses are but [TS]

  they're pretty old I don't think they're quite ten years old but it's probably [TS]

  close probably 8 years old and I know that I paid over $600 and and that's [TS]

  knowing I bought them knowing that I don't wear glasses usually it's you know [TS]

  from sick or something you know I'm flying sometimes I won't put my contacts [TS]

  in because it's a I prefer not to sleep in context of gonna try to sleep on the [TS]

  plane I just want my glasses stuff like that but I don't know and I wouldn't say [TS]

  I don't care what they look like but i dont wanna spend 60 bucks on you know [TS]

  but at least back then it was and I think that's one of things but they all [TS]

  come with the coding [TS]

  yeah now it's no upsell on any of that stuff get the anti reflective lenses [TS]

  when you go to a night when I went it was such a total of upsells scam it was [TS]

  like right here right it was like the the regular lenses are made out of the [TS]

  material they made that the first iPod Nano out of your finger now I get you [TS]

  don't want these lenses there they're made out of like a puppy and it's like [TS]

  no I guess I don't want those lenses and early you want these lenses there [TS]

  they've actually gotten it you know [TS]

  scratch proof in the clear proof and cost $300 years long long time ago I had [TS]

  found a pair in my grandfather's house I found a pair of my dads or glasses from [TS]

  when he was like in high school [TS]

  oh yeah yeah and I took the frames and had those for a while this was really [TS]

  cool but then eventually they brokers from the forties right [TS]

  used to be the you know the classes are actually of course glass and it was [TS]

  found like an old pair of glasses like that they were incredibly heavy yeah [TS]

  it's not just a you can get glasses sunglasses if you don't have [TS]

  prescription lenses and they're not they're they're heavier than plastic [TS]

  lenses but they're not super heavy because they're they're not prescription [TS]

  but the prescription make some thicker and yeah I can enter time I did they had [TS]

  had have glass put into those because they were too small for my prescription [TS]

  was so bad I guess they hadn't invented like the super thin i mean they hadn't [TS]

  the technology with the plastic wasn't good enough to actually make the Glens [TS]

  it's small enough to put in those old frame so that these class like and [TS]

  that's you know like a cliché that somebody has coke coke bottle but yeah I [TS]

  think my ambitions probably bad enough or if I'd been around forty years ago [TS]

  fifty years ago I would have liked [TS]

  terrible what else is going on we got to the Microsoft Office came out this week [TS]

  for the iPad yeah which is a pretty big news as it should have remembered but [TS]

  somebody said that they've traded they've decided to give up on world [TS]

  domination and settle for relevance which are a little little harsh but it's [TS]

  sort of true I think you know cause I think try and dominate in a different [TS]

  way really and you're not you're done you're trying to dominate with your with [TS]

  your apps rather than trying to dominate with your operating system cuz it's [TS]

  really the you know that's I guess the big question is why did it take so long [TS]

  and I think that the best explanation I think it's probably more complicated if [TS]

  you know I'm sure that instead internal to Microsoft it's a long long story but [TS]

  I think you know you could probably sums it up is Steve Ballmer didn't want to [TS]

  have office on the iPad because he didn't want to give the iPad anymore [TS]

  credence in the business world they had a mean he assumed it was him for the [TS]

  most part of that whole marketing scheme of making everything Windows is just [TS]

  dumb it was awful [TS]

  dot com waffled that would test out net send a link I actually do shoulders and [TS]

  then the other thing actually not sure if this actually happened but Mary Jo [TS]

  Foley was had heard that they're gonna change Windows Azure Microsoft Azure [TS]

  that make sense to me [TS]

  ya next batter sense that is going to if it's true it would be announced next [TS]

  week at my bill yeah you know it's actually funny about that I tell you [TS]

  what's funny so I miss macworld yeah I know it's funny I'm actually going to be [TS]

  it at bill next week I will visit San Francisco and there is a very good [TS]

  chance [TS]

  that I'm going to have a sort of the talk show that I'll be hosting live from [TS]

  built but I think it's only going to be for build attendees so those of you [TS]

  listening and we're going to build I don't know how it's going to turn out [TS]

  cause I don't do i do you know anybody who's going to attend build listen to [TS]

  the talk show I don't know I've been told that it should be well-attended I'm [TS]

  kind of fearful that it's gonna be like three people in the audience but anybody [TS]

  who's listening right now to these words before ordering build I think on [TS]

  Thursday the date can be on Thursday Thursday the 3rd of April I believe I'm [TS]

  gonna have a live episode of the talk show from built in moscow and this is [TS]

  not an April Fool's Day Jess's not only I don't do it so stay tuned and listen I [TS]

  guess I'll post an enduring fire-bombed when I get the final and his friend [TS]

  gonna be with you [TS]

  branch should be with me now yeah it's prolly get you branch but yeah that's [TS]

  what I i I saw Mary Jo Foley is reporting that make sense to me that [TS]

  it's gonna they're gonna stop using this to me [TS]

  couldn't be more clearly a sort of look this was sort of bombers things that [TS]

  everything gets called windows where there is a need to do with windows and I [TS]

  think with Azure it's actually maybe the worst case of that ever because and you [TS]

  know and her explanation for it and it makes total sense to me is it actually [TS]

  puts the wrong message in developers mines where you're thinking well Windows [TS]

  Azure must be something for your windows for you know whether you're writing PC [TS]

  Windows or Windows Phone its some kind of cloud thing for Windows developers [TS]

  where it's really not it is absolutely could not be more platform agnostic it [TS]

  is just a way to run code in the cloud and you can you know program in whatever [TS]

  you want your not programming you don't [TS]

  using Windows programming languages unless you want to you know and but you [TS]

  could just use know . Jas or anything so called Microsoft Azure i think is a [TS]

  smart move [TS]

  yeah and it just seems like you have an apple I feel like that right with the [TS]

  iPhone 4 as it's not you know could set the Mac phone is something completely [TS]

  different and you also bring in people who might have had a negative [TS]

  connotation was your previous products [TS]

  yeah that's a that's a whole new it's a fresh start [TS]

  yeah it's a perfect analogy really that calling it calling it the Mac phone [TS]

  whether you think it's a good name or not but even this say that Mac phone but [TS]

  suffice it to say that hypothetically we all agree that it's a cool name in [TS]

  theory it would still have been a terrible idea I think marketing lies [TS]

  like you said it would have made it might have made people who have always [TS]

  thought model Mac is this weird computer that's not like my computer and I don't [TS]

  get it and it's not I think it's like god-like compatibility problems with [TS]

  with myself given a new name and let it be its own thing and it starts it's [TS]

  funny it's funny that they did that with the iPod they i mean because of the [TS]

  beginning it was really only it wasn't until later and famously you know as we [TS]

  now know in hindsight that Steve Jobs wanted to keep it back home right it [TS]

  wasn't like they had the idea or at least jobs denied the idea right from [TS]

  the start that they would eventually expand to Windows compatibility with the [TS]

  iPod it was but they still gave it its own name I think was smart yeah so it [TS]

  seems like there was maybe it was just like a general mindset in the industry [TS]

  in the early two thousands that had to push their platforms at the same time [TS]

  and got out of their minds that Microsoft is only now getting out of it [TS]

  now [TS]

  I'm super you know the couple reasons I'm going to build but I really do I [TS]

  just have like this sort of Sixth Sense like spidey sense that it's going to get [TS]

  the CEO change of Microsoft is a really big deal and I it's you know that we [TS]

  really are going to see exciting new stuff from Microsoft and thats [TS]

  truthfully you know for the first time since I've been doing this stuff during [TS]

  fireball in the talk show you know this the last ten years or so I am so much [TS]

  more interested in what Microsoft is up to them at any point that holier right [TS]

  and I was I've had a very big change in my my outlook just within the past six [TS]

  months because six months ago I was you know Apple stock AAPL stock does and [TS]

  Microsoft Microsoft stock was still inching up even though they effectively [TS]

  had no CEO and to me it was just [TS]

  and and it seemed like the coverage was just sorta like well we'll have to see [TS]

  you soon and give it a bit Apple without a CEO you wouldn't be able to move [TS]

  without being under the avalanche of negative stories that would have been [TS]

  out there and yet somehow it seemed like nobody believed was that bothered by the [TS]

  fact that Microsoft didn't have a national CEO so I I thought the outlook [TS]

  for the company was possibly extremely negative and the fact that they've [TS]

  picked up a pic to think it was as turned out pretty well so far anyway [TS]

  yeah I agree and I think that I get the feeling that build is going to be so [TS]

  jealous coming-out party I mean I could be wrong and it could be like the most [TS]

  boring keynote everywhere they don't have much new to announcing [TS]

  whatever but I kinda get the feeling like no I kind of feel like no this is a [TS]

  big deal [TS]

  yeah I feel like maybe they'll be allowed to talk about next week that's [TS]

  stuff that we don't even know yet because it's they've they're keeping it [TS]

  under a sleeping in her room and I know it's exciting though to mean that [TS]

  there's that they're sort of like a slumbering giant that's why I'm waiting [TS]

  for the first person to write this the story about how it's a bad sign that you [TS]

  didn't go to Macworld you're going to build yeah I hope nobody makes a big [TS]

  deal [TS]

  ideally I would have gone to both its just I had like the new dates from [TS]

  Macworld just didn't work out with a previous commitment family thing but if [TS]

  the airlines are still writing about Apple that would have been regular any [TS]

  wonder I don't know I would if I could have I would have gone to both its just [TS]

  so unusual coincidence but I do feel like it's it is sort of an interesting [TS]

  sign of the times though I don't know I think it's kind of interesting that I [TS]

  miss macworld I'm going to be built well if it would be more comfortable thing [TS]

  would be to EDC right rather than macworld right have you looked at the [TS]

  office for iPad apps I looked at them briefly I haven't paid for 360 yet and I [TS]

  don't really plan to do I did download them just to see what they look like and [TS]

  they look a little similar to what they did for the surface which i think was [TS]

  pretty good I was surprised I was surprised when the service came out that [TS]

  it was actually that much different than the desktop versions of the regular old [TS]

  desktop versions of Office yeah and it looks like I mean they look like they're [TS]

  fine they look like if i dont have don't have any need for them anymore [TS]

  yeah that's the thing is I don't use the word processor anymore [TS]

  yeah and I don't mean other than using it for yapping about this for a while [TS]

  but other than using them for business like if you work in an office that uses [TS]

  office then sure it makes sense because you might want to do some editing do [TS]

  some work on an iPad but I don't know if I was just a consumer I don't know why I [TS]

  would pay that much money you know people don't make people pretty printing [TS]

  out those newsletters anymore I don't know it's interesting so that the basic [TS]

  idea is it's the for app stores for apps that comprise office for iPad it's Word [TS]

  Excel PowerPoint and OneNote there are free downloads but as free download all [TS]

  they can do is read only and you can see if you save your documents to your [TS]

  you're the one drive I think that's another thing that they changed the name [TS]

  of wasn't include like Windows drivers yeah yeah now they just call it one [TS]

  drives wondering which is sorta like their Dropbox / iCloud sort of like a [TS]

  middle ground between iCloud in Dropbox you can read only and but it's it's as [TS]

  far as I can tell and I haven't seen anybody disputed it's it's really good [TS]

  fidelity it's not you know you know and I guess you run into issues with fonts [TS]

  and stuff like that just like you do with the iWork apps we're on your Mac [TS]

  you can handle these rights are never fun she want but if you stick to you [TS]

  know the Microsoft funds and it's like the apps have those funds and that it to [TS]

  the I don't forget all the names of the standard Modern Times New Roman [TS]

  but they got the ones the ones that I'll start with al-qaida the letter C [TS]

  thing but which makes it confusing but anyway if you stick to those fonts you [TS]

  know they open up and they work and it's you know that's interesting model that [TS]

  it's read only is completely free and 200 bucks for a subscription and then [TS]

  you can unlock the you know false [TS]

  to the professional there's a 360 professional thing wishes 10 bucks a [TS]

  month but then there's like a household what's the concern where the consumer is [TS]

  which is gonna be a little bit less per month I think and I don't know it's easy [TS]

  it'd be interesting to see how that works out for them [TS]

  tenant $10 a month for 360 home premium $7 for personal one thing I did notice [TS]

  is that when you sign into one with like your Microsoft account as soon as you [TS]

  sign into one of those apps you're signed in in all of them which is [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  sandbox wise and it has something to do with I'm sure it has something to do [TS]

  with the remember the thing couple months ago where when text expander [TS]

  stopped working with Iowa 7 yeah because they were using like forget what they [TS]

  were using but it was like a shared folder we talked about on the show [TS]

  yeah they're using something that was not exactly what it was designed [TS]

  yeah they're using something that was not exactly what it was designed [TS]

  you're right it was like shared clipboards or something like that and [TS]

  you it was it was what text expander wasn't the reason it got shut down but [TS]

  other less scrupulous things like ad networks were using it to track stuff [TS]

  across apso Apple closed it but the one thing that they left open was that apps [TS]

  from the same developer can use a shared clipboard and it must be how Microsoft [TS]

  is doing that we're in once you sign into inward then when you open [TS]

  Excel you're already signed into the same account and you know I'm sure that [TS]

  there's other companies you know like I gyani group or something like that could [TS]

  probably maybe they do use it cuz they have a whole suite of applications but [TS]

  it's you know it it's just it's cool that it works but it just shows though [TS]

  that it's it's still kinda stinks that there's no way for apps from two [TS]

  different developers to to work together the way that Mac softwares ran always [TS]

  you know it's always been such a cool community where you know different [TS]

  developers can integrate with each other and you still can't do that on iOS but [TS]

  it's kind of quiet stuck out to me that the office apps have some kind of [TS]

  sharing functionality like that and you can you you can buy the subscription [TS]

  through the app yes that's interesting to me don't have to you know like all [TS]

  the enterprise licenses will not be bought through the app right they just [TS]

  put in one of the login and write so if you've already got a paid level of [TS]

  account when you sign into the app it's just the read for read-write [TS]

  functionality will be there for you but if you do buy it through the app it's in [TS]

  in this is apparently you know famously this leaked out in the press [TS]

  you know from year to year maybe even longer go that microsoft somehow didn't [TS]

  want to have to pay the 30 percent App Store revenue share but they're just you [TS]

  know they are now if you do the in-app purchase to sign up for it it's a [TS]

  regular in-app purchase just like any other developer Apple gets 30% of it [TS]

  which is why I wonder how much that's gonna come out to I don't know it looks [TS]

  like you know and it's hard to say that's right it looks that and it's you [TS]

  know because it one purchase your you don't have to buy word separately from [TS]

  Excel you buy a 365 subscription and if you have a active 365 subscription the [TS]

  apps are unlocked for readin writin all of them but they show up if you look at [TS]

  the best top grossing list for iPad they show up from which apt the purchase was [TS]

  made in so if you make the purchase [TS]

  inward it word gets the credit in the top and are all listed there all you [TS]

  know none of them are at the top of the top grossing but they're all you know [TS]

  last I checked I think word was like number four so it seems like in the [TS]

  aggregate it's not hasn't exactly set the App Store on fire but it seems you [TS]

  know seems pretty well received I think the true test will be though is it is it [TS]

  like a flash in the pan because there's so much pent-up demand from people [TS]

  who've been waiting for this or is it gonna stay in the top of the list for [TS]

  weeks and months to come [TS]

  how renewals work I guess who knows where the same way I think so you could [TS]

  renew on Microsoft's site and not pay the and map would not get that money or [TS]

  probably like a message pops up within the app that says you're running out of [TS]

  time you need to renew and if you do it through that they do [TS]

  yeah it's not even the prices in as far as office goes the price isn't too bad [TS]

  assuming the keep up with the updating of it because officer ridiculously [TS]

  expensive to begin with [TS]

  yeah i think is over there's a student license a hundred and ten bucks or [TS]

  something like that but other than that if we keep buying all those [TS]

  those absence still it's redic units several hundreds of dollars but you know [TS]

  again if you may be right if your school has wide license maybe there's some [TS]

  school you know some students who can just sign in and they've already gotten [TS]

  yeah it is it does seem it's a very different world than the old days when [TS]

  used to buy a box oh yeah right and it was crazy expensive but I guess I never [TS]

  bought word outside of a student license I don't think I did either you are or in [TS]

  then and then later I got it from where I worked so I'm interested I dunno and [TS]

  as a as a non-expert in any of those apps but just having download them and [TS]

  poked around they did they do feel like good iPad apps really good it doesn't [TS]

  feel like anything that startup screen was very messy yeah it didn't he didn't [TS]

  didn't start it up and say and this was you know for older users was a big deal [TS]

  back in the nineties when they went from word five towards six I think rate with [TS]

  a word was a originally Mac only you know couldn't specifically for the Mac [TS]

  and then they've tried to unify the code base with Mac with words six right and [TS]

  destroyed it was just like a memory hog it was slow trashy it was ugly was and [TS]

  people of State onward flight five 14 years until eventually they either want [TS]

  to something else or did ya hear some of the funds i'm looking at right now [TS]

  here's some of the Microsoft unskilled Colibri Cambria Pandora console us Const [TS]

  Tencha horrible I think that to me that this is nice I've used that I have that [TS]

  america's it's like they're monospace fine get it canceled US Consul [TS]

  but I think that they're naming scheme giving them all these these see names it [TS]

  confuses the hell out of me I can't immediately forget them all except [TS]

  consoles but anyway they're really seem like good apps I'm curious to see when [TS]

  the reviews [TS]

  you know from people who are a lot more serious about Office apps how they [TS]

  compare to obviously to Pages Numbers and Keynote in general a stripped-down [TS]

  versions of the regular office ABS they don't have everything that the regular [TS]

  office apps have but from what I've seen it seems like they're still more [TS]

  full-featured them Pages and Numbers I think cynics yeah I know I tell and [TS]

  pretty sure and I'm in Excel is just i don't i i really don't see any need for [TS]

  word at all but Excel is really like the defacto standard for spread shooting [TS]

  yeah but I also know I dunno and it's just you know I'm sure there's you know [TS]

  everybody out there listening to the show is gonna be like wow that's crazy [TS]

  or there's some of them who work in such companies in there like nodding her head [TS]

  where they're still like a culture and a lot of companies where when you email [TS]

  somebody it's like you don't put the message in the email you send word [TS]

  document CiteULike type thing you like a memo in a Word document and then you [TS]

  email the word document around I mean I know that that's you know like I said it [TS]

  ninety percent of the people listen into the shower like thats crazy and then [TS]

  there's a 10% like yeah that's my company i cant have it has to be better [TS]

  to do it you know that actually have word reading the document then pages [TS]

  even I think pages does a pretty good job with it but yeah and especially if [TS]

  you've got to do stuff you know and I looked and they have the stuff like [TS]

  change tracking and stuff like that [TS]

  actually the change tracking supposedly the change tracking and word is really [TS]

  like I could cut above other options [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  and it just seems like with these iPad apps like they haven't climbed on I [TS]

  gotta can't speak to how similar it is to the versions for the surface I've [TS]

  seen some people say it's pretty they're pretty similar but it really does seem [TS]

  it's you know they've not they haven't given like the the Mac and Windows out [TS]

  and just wrapped it in an iPad in here now use your fat finger seems like [TS]

  they've really taken an opportunity to rethink how these option work for for [TS]

  these two sort of devices and it seems like we clearly this there did they've [TS]

  been around for a while right [TS]

  sitting on a you know what rhymes well but it seems like it's been active yeah [TS]

  it's a mean there's been rumors that they've been ready to go are almost [TS]

  ready to go for a long time and that they were held up just by internal [TS]

  politics cough cough Steve Ballmer you know whatever negotiations they tried to [TS]

  do to get around 30 percent revenue share with them with Apple but I never [TS]

  even so you mean it seems like you can come to the conclusion that the idea was [TS]

  that he was just he was thinking that he would get them to to budge on the thirty [TS]

  percent of that was just say no [TS]

  get it right and my guess is that they probably tried to similar they know [TS]

  wanted to get an exception [TS]

  like the early days with the Kindle app where the Kenwood House like hey wanna [TS]

  go buy books hit this button takes you to Safari and then you're in Safari to [TS]

  buy your books at the Kindle Amazon's Kindle Store and you sign in with your [TS]

  account and then you go back to the Kindle app because you're signed into [TS]

  the account the new books show up and Apple is like no you can't put up button [TS]

  there which I still thinks it's sort of spite I feel like it would not I feel [TS]

  like it would not hurt outpolled to do that but you know it's easy to say when [TS]

  you're not the one who can close to 30 percent of them but I kinda get the [TS]

  feeling like long story short with Microsoft thought was well where [TS]

  Microsoft and why wouldn't they want office on the iPad just let us have a [TS]

  button that'll take them to you know where they'll give us a [TS]

  hundred percent of the money right and I think Apple is like no we really do [TS]

  we've got a rather have the 30% thanks yeah we would love to have office on the [TS]

  iPad but we will take the 30% chance funny it's funny how I mean they're [TS]

  basically the ones who pledged [TS]

  Microsoft gregg Keizer Computerworld [TS]

  della to cook on office revenue sharing drop dead which is exactly the opposite [TS]

  of what ended up happening is that have to do that and i know i think thats [TS]

  about it over the week right you anything else know how is your as your [TS]

  other podcast on ya turning this car and turning this car and i got I got it from [TS]

  behind a couple episodes I haven't been keeping up and I've been doing so do is [TS]

  really lousy parenting as always but I did loaded up just you know since you're [TS]

  gonna be on the show I loved it up you know your website see we did you know [TS]

  when writing and and they loaded up the the podcast show [TS]

  Kante wasn't ready to see Lex Friedman dressed up as nobody ever is really [TS]

  really disturbing and it's a knock-off well not even a real thats not branded [TS]

  I'm pretty sure that they you know much like the disney company the day they do [TS]

  not sell branded I I guess because it is leaving money on the table right there [TS]

  though no good can come of no you don't want a bunch of people running around [TS]

  and it's really are fine picture so if there's a place they take it up put the [TS]

  sign at the Instagram a long time gone sort of like a South Tacoma Way is as [TS]

  the neck ok so about Celtic come away but it's you know it's like car [TS]

  dealerships and dive bars and stuff like that but there's there's also like it [TS]

  like a dirty book store called elmo's puts not a sponsor no not really just a [TS]

  guy whose name is actually really wasn't ready for that saying turn it turn this [TS]

  car around and we now have the turning the scar on your else [TS]

  turning this car longer no longer just accidentally you can go to turning this [TS]

  car around a calm and go there that if you go there this week while the show [TS]

  right here this show is fresh and you'll see Lex Friedman dressed as Elmo and you [TS]

  probably need to talk to somebody or drink while john wants where are you [TS]

  guys got your very nice website is down as as well as up I just can't login so [TS]

  you can read with WordPress so we have a new web advertisement for Squarespace [TS]

  what did you say before we got there we were talking about you logged in just [TS]

  came up with a white blank page lets me log in but then to show that you know [TS]

  it's a lot funnier because it's your website sure its historical from where [TS]

  you're sitting is alright have a good time in San Francisco CA I'm so remember [TS]

  everybody listens well something else you're probably not kidding are you [TS]

  certain places you don't drink the other stuff to the Fernet that's another [TS]

  drives me nuts [TS]

  Cisco Merlin I know and I Maryland man is a genuine human being and he is truly [TS]

  everybody out there knows who he is so not for sure yet if he says he likes it [TS]

  I know that he actually likes it but I know there can't possibly be true that [TS]

  most of the people drinking all that fine it actually like it kid is not as [TS]

  yet so that's something that runs out frequently about all my god it's like [TS]

  what I how can that possibly be like in Philadelphia I would guess that most [TS]

  bars have liked [TS]

  a thirty year old bottle of Fernet and once in a while some jackass from San [TS]

  Francisco comes in an order some of it I never even heard of the stuff until I [TS]

  went out there and you've got to San Francisco and that's all they drink [TS]

  stuff as well I think it's gross [TS]