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73: Do Not Retweet the Band-Aid


  yaa and que es part of their campaign to to give each podcast a sponsor a sort of [TS]

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  month [TS]

  Yankees I presume a pic that caused the baseball baseball's in spring training I [TS]

  was watching a preseason game earlier today before 4 according to my thanks to [TS]

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  great great friends of the show so the last thing I want to talk about is [TS]

  wearables and it seems like I think back to 2010 when the iPad came out and in [TS]

  the run-up it was the basic run-up was that Steve Jobs in 2009 was on a medical [TS]

  leave and that's when he had the the liver transplant and he came back to [TS]

  work in like the June July timeframe and and everything I heard from inside [TS]

  friends inside the company is that he was he was working on one thing and it [TS]

  was you know a lot of people said it was they just called it the tablet and that [TS]

  you know end up that was right that you know that that that when Apple went head [TS]

  down and went from let maybe do a tablet to let's do this let's make this happen [TS]

  and there are a lot of rumors in the run-up you know there was you know [TS]

  wasn't a shock when Apple unveiled the iPad nobody knew exactly what it looked [TS]

  like but it the idea that Apple was working on a quote unquote tablet was [TS]

  there is a lot of smoke for that fire and I remember at CES like a month or [TS]

  two beforehand that was the one word Steve Ballmer came out and had all these [TS]

  heaves column slates HP Slate right never shipping right now wow it did ship [TS]

  and i actually I don't have mine anymore but it only ship to business users but [TS]

  remember they completely scrapped it when they bought HP which seems like a [TS]

  defensive move to then the iPad after that and that you know some Microsoft [TS]

  seemed to come out with a sort of pre-emptive strike [TS]

  alright you wanna do tablets tablets we show a tablet and it was only after the [TS]

  iPad when the modern tablet market took form which was you know largely in the [TS]

  form of the iPad is obviously differences in you know but that's the [TS]

  basic gist of what a modern tablet is was defined by the iPad now where we've [TS]

  got rumors widespread four months going back to last year that Apple's working [TS]

  on one or more wearables including like a watch type thing and it seems like [TS]

  again maybe it's not me I you know maybe I'm to Apple centric and I attributed to [TS]

  this but it just seems to me like an awful lot of companies are trying to get [TS]

  out in front of it by putting out something yet I'm a hundred percent with [TS]

  you and I'm not all that out with senator Eric and I well I just can't [TS]

  help but think though that if it's true that Apple's coming out with some [TS]

  wearables this year that it's going to be just as much a what they come out [TS]

  with doesn't look like any of the stuff that we've seen so far and after Apple [TS]

  comes out with it all those things that we've seen they all just go away and [TS]

  everybody comes out with something that looks a lot like the thing Apple's going [TS]

  to show because I don't see anything that is compelling so far at all you [TS]

  know a lot of hype this week with the galaxy fit or fit you know but again [TS]

  it's it's so Samsung like my videos like that you know Samsung didn't only have [TS]

  one where they've now got [TS]

  three and that's in addition to the one that they had last year which was a [TS]

  total flow right so anyway there's this year fit which has the curved OLED [TS]

  screen touchscreen it makes you wonder why they even were bothering with the [TS]

  other one and it looks nice it definitely looks nice we'll see if it's [TS]

  any I really get to play with it long enough to see if it has any significant [TS]

  improvement over the years [TS]

  software situation okay but you've seen the gear fit Yeah Yeah Yeahs like a long [TS]

  strip curved I'll put a link in the show nuts but it's it's very different screen [TS]

  size then there is no gear which is like a square screen that's it's sort of I [TS]

  mean you can think of it as if people are familiar with the Nike FuelBand that [TS]

  just sort of a curb screen going along what am i nuts it's oriented the wrong [TS]

  way [TS]

  yeah it doesn't seem to change the orientation based on either when you [TS]

  turn it or why is it not vertical vertical yeah there's a reason why I [TS]

  like a traditional risk watch where yeah I agree what stopped you know the 12 is [TS]

  you know you're looking at your wrist with your thumb down and your pinky on [TS]

  top right it should be [TS]

  icon stacked likely right top to bottom vertically I had going horizontally it [TS]

  just looks to me like you would need to really be like a contortionist to get [TS]

  your fit screen oriented in the way that it wants to be your friend I don't know [TS]

  if there's a setting that lets you do that it would all I did was put it on I [TS]

  played with the pedometer for a little bit so you know you can tap on the [TS]

  notifications that no notifications with it was impaired with the right phone [TS]

  that they say then there's some other stuff in there but they're really again [TS]

  saying that this doesn't have the app platform quote-unquote as the year does [TS]

  which again i think is kind of where everything seems to be missing the boat [TS]

  as I don't necessarily want to run a nap on my wrist [TS]

  there's really some significance gonna add so you know this is the word fit in [TS]

  its mostly supposed to be a souped-up fitness band right now I think it does [TS]

  it does because it has the LCD it does support the more advanced applications [TS]

  notifications looks cool yeah definitely looks cooler than than the original here [TS]

  I just just seems to me though like it just doesn't solve any actual real [TS]

  problems that people know and I I've said this a number of kinds of this [TS]

  round CES [TS]

  gonna put on the general there is not one of these that I would wear and I [TS]

  mean on a full-time basis I'm not counting fit bits and I'm not counting [TS]

  the jaw bone up I do sometimes put on the job on up and and wear it for a [TS]

  couple of days and then forget about it someplace but in terms of the smart [TS]

  watches pebble to me is still an eyesore for someone like me [TS]

  woman who cares what I look like I just can't I do see some there's women in [TS]

  this office as the gold Nike FuelBand I think that looks really nice that's a [TS]

  nice looking it's a nice looking as I yeah yeah but it's it does a lot less [TS]

  right it's not a band is the right word it's you know it's not a full computer [TS]

  display right i mean that's sort of the problem that these ones like the pebble [TS]

  and everything else have is that they're trying to put a you know a lot of [TS]

  computer display on your wrist and nobody's figured out a way to do it with [TS]

  the balance between look it's gotta be big enough to be [TS]

  you know put so many useful information on it but then if it's that big how does [TS]

  it get power that lasts long enough that it's not super annoying and you know [TS]

  there's just so many problems that to meet all these problems and nobody [TS]

  nobody's really solve them right and yeah and the notification thing that is [TS]

  appealing to someone like me because you know i watch myself on the subway and I [TS]

  think to myself as I think I'm insane because I don't keep my phone out the [TS]

  whole time but I put it on and off of my jacket pocket [TS]

  counting this morning maybe ten times my commute to work and I i am looking [TS]

  forward to having you email do I have any new Twitter notifications and text [TS]

  so I'm really looking for those three things and looking at the iPhone so [TS]

  something like that that gets the notifications are right for me would [TS]

  make a lot of sense but the pebble has so many know like so many limits in [TS]

  terms of what you can get in notifications there's just no way to [TS]

  narrow it down because it relies on the island and so basically only pulling the [TS]

  notifications from the banners so when you go and set your notifications you [TS]

  kind of like a hack around it and you know it just wasn't meant I mean they're [TS]

  getting around it a decent way it's not good enough [TS]

  exactly it's like i don't like they're not designing for normal people i think [TS]

  thats yeah I really do agree with that and i feel like im whenever i speak up [TS]

  about it it's like I got a lot of flak for it and and I understand why and it's [TS]

  because they are a true upstart you know there are small team they're truly [TS]

  independent [TS]

  you know it's it's you know it's not criticizing Samsung who is literally one [TS]

  of the biggest companies in the world and jerky company you know that I can [TS]

  see why people take it personally because they're rooting for possible or [TS]

  they like what people does that you know that I call them out on some of these [TS]

  things but I i my bottom line though and it gets back to like the whole personal [TS]

  technology angle and I know the readers a daring fireball are not mass market [TS]

  but I still try to have that humanistic view and to me it comes down to just $1 [TS]

  $1 and if you're gonna charge somebody $150 for your powerful or two hundred [TS]

  and fifty for the double steal that's a lot you know that's real money and to me [TS]

  a $250 device from pebble needs to be judged on the same curve as a $250 iPod [TS]

  from Apple even though Apple is a billion dollar company and its not [TS]

  exactly fair and it's hard to be the upstart but still a $250 gadget is it [TS]

  $250 gadget I agree with you there and I think you know if you read most of the [TS]

  reviews of the steel its best SmartWatch yet I mean there was a as we started [TS]

  this conversation how many tablets yet till the iPad [TS]

  mounting Apple will be the one to crack it there alive there are other [TS]

  interesting people throwing around names in this week you know lots of rumors of [TS]

  Android Google working on the platform and it sounds like they might go the [TS]

  same route as letting their hardware makers take care of the hardware design [TS]

  and they'll make some sort of interesting platform though from some of [TS]

  the leaked stuff doesn't look all that appealing but I'm sure there are they [TS]

  HTC and LG they make they can they can pull together some nice designs [TS]

  you know and to me it's like I almost get I'm SOL lacking in imagination as to [TS]

  how anybody could solve this red apple or [TS]

  how to make one of these things it truly compelling and feels like oh yeah that's [TS]

  something I go get in line to buy because I just for example like I i'm [TS]

  i'm a wristwatch where I like to wear a watch I like to know what time it is but [TS]

  i i i just glance it takes you know like like a quarter of a second I just [TS]

  glanced at my wrists and I see the time so if it's a color display LCD can't [TS]

  stay on all the time because the battery would wear right out so you know like [TS]

  when people like that tick tock band that you could put the old square you [TS]

  had to hit a button on it to get the time so that just ruled it out for me so [TS]

  I'll style everything else aside I mean to me as useless as a watch and I know [TS]

  that there's some now you can shake them or something like that and it uses a [TS]

  motion detector in comes on but that's still too much it plans and actually [TS]

  it's interesting again like I'm still sad that Google's Motorola because I [TS]

  think what they were doing with Motorola when you get this act this I forget what [TS]

  they call it now where it's it flashes the time and how many notifications you [TS]

  have turned it turned off right now but it pops that up every couple of seconds [TS]

  at the backlight off all rights this low power mode I think there's interesting [TS]

  things that can be done there but yeah that's that's one of the main criticism [TS]

  I had a year without like it was not a good watch wright also because like it [TS]

  took I was spent at the point of these watches are to be able to easily clams [TS]

  that stuff I don't want to be tapping in and out of menus and grabbed my phone if [TS]

  I wanna do that so it's that there has to be some sort of intelligence in these [TS]

  watches and some customization options on our end to say these are the things I [TS]

  do you want to see in a more consistent manner of obviously the time being one [TS]

  of them what I see with the pebble is that they you know and it's a reasonable [TS]

  thing but that they they started with the idea that look we want to have [TS]

  much better battery life as I think you need to write and sad but then [TS]

  everything they did after that you know is based on that starting point and so [TS]

  they have eeee eeee at least it's on all the time and you can glance at it but it [TS]

  looks like Palm Pilot screen from 1997 rate at a mean like of Apple came out [TS]

  with a device with a screen like that everybody would would go ballistic and [TS]

  you know start selling their Apple stock and calling for Tim Cook's head so what [TS]

  I don't see why you know people can get a pass for that when Apple and it does [TS]

  solve the problem of battery life I realize that but boy it's really a sort [TS]

  of an outdoor readability yeah because the gear is also hard to see in the Sun [TS]

  well and it kind of is too even though the Eagles on all the time you have to [TS]

  give it a shake to get the backlight on to see it for me to see it a lot of [TS]

  lighting context like it's there but it's not glance Apple ya know I think [TS]

  it's it's that is the questions like we can't even really imagine what's gonna [TS]

  be the perfect wearable for us yeah I really can I don't know how to manage [TS]

  that where it seems to me like to have a display that feels modern which to me [TS]

  almost certainly implies color and it definitely implies you know some sort of [TS]

  retina ask resolution and is visible at all times I don't see how that's [TS]

  possible to keep it powered I don't know I really I i its low power mode but just [TS]

  shows you certain things at certain times I really have no idea don't [TS]

  actually sitting in a conference room in the guy right outside here's is wearing [TS]

  a purple got so many guys but by pebbles is it the old plastic one or the like it [TS]

  look I'm sure many women do not mind wearing it but it is primarily a device [TS]

  I have seen a lot of men on the subway wearing it well I think that the steel [TS]

  got [TS]

  more masculine it did design and I actually have a big chunky Michael Kors [TS]

  watch that I like to wear but it's also so well it's absolutely true that you [TS]

  know I mean I say this as an expert in fashion and style but I don't think [TS]

  there's any doubt that women's wristwatches currently are big they are [TS]

  they're like I mean I when I want to buy this Michael Kors watch him a spot a man [TS]

  mens watch but even then they're not as you know and in some sense bigger is in [TS]

  in watches bigger tend to be you know more masculine and smaller certainly as [TS]

  more feminine you know when you get to you know the really small ladies size [TS]

  wristwatches but when I see women wearing you know forty millimeter with [TS]

  you know or even bigger wristwatches they're not masc masc you know they mean [TS]

  there there you know I don't not like the bubble steel there's something about [TS]

  the pedal steel that to me is part of that is like the rectangular screen yeah [TS]

  I don't know I think that's part of it i mean i I only did play with it too yes [TS]

  but I also sent that it just felt like a cheap watch it just now and that's one [TS]

  of the things that I just can't imagine what Apple's doing this regard because I [TS]

  can't imagine certainly can't imagine coming up with something that seems [TS]

  suitable or geared only toward men but on the other hand I don't know how you [TS]

  make something designed for the wrist that is equally appealing to men and [TS]

  women that's what I'm saying and I've been thinking about this a lot too and I [TS]

  am looking at a lot of what women wear on their wrists I see a lot of women [TS]

  wearing fit bets I see a lot of women wearing job on ups and it definitely see [TS]

  them wearing the Nike FuelBand yeah so you know something in between that that [TS]

  doesn't necessarily look so sporty and does bring some sort of real value to [TS]

  wear every day [TS]

  day or maybe maybe we take some sacrifice we've been some rules there I [TS]

  mean like I said I think that Nike FuelBand that gold version looks really [TS]

  nice like a rose gold clip [TS]

  class but mean I've seen it but it looks like jewelry now right I mean I also [TS]

  rose gold engagement ring like I think it just like my style have you have you [TS]

  seen the the gold Galaxy S five in person I have happened I sort of sort of [TS]

  blew up the internet with that I've had a viral sweet I completely went viral [TS]

  apparently in Korea I like a real yeah I woke up and I went to bed like that day [TS]

  and had like three thousand 2023 tweets and I woke up and it had five thousand [TS]

  and I was like my Twitter feed was like you know times are different languages [TS]

  and Mike I was getting I got some tweets back from people saying you gone viral [TS]

  in Korea [TS]

  like I open my Instagram and Mike random people have been posting it on Instagram [TS]

  hasn't seen it Joanna it was it was it [TS]

  image he puts it the two other the day the s5 announcement comparing the gold [TS]

  as five dead but like it and so on so we got it under embargo we had the news and [TS]

  I opened up the press release and I was on the phone with yeltsin whose Wilson [TS]

  Rothman whose editor and just all around great guy and I go Wilson it looks like [TS]

  a band-aid like you've got to see the gold verge of the Kyoto cities like it [TS]

  looks like a question it's funny too because it's like you think gold will [TS]

  how can you buy at Goldman there's a lot of ways and you'd think it would be more [TS]

  in the bling direction and that's what everybody and everybody kinda did like [TS]

  that tooth sock when rumors were that Apple was going to a gold iPhone it was [TS]

  like will really and I think everybody was thinking like you know like when [TS]

  somebody replaces the crime under car with gold chrome you know door handles [TS]

  and stuff its godliness and that that's what I think made the tweets so good is [TS]

  that the problem with the gold s5 isn't that and again I haven't seen one in [TS]

  person but this is their own promotional photo that you like a doctored photo [TS]

  it's you tape it and just random places have just posted it everywhere I mean if [TS]

  you just Google Galaxy S five band ADBA [TS]

  you do get a lot of nice photos and images also made another one close [TS]

  enough actually see drove like a meme style close enough what it has to do [TS]

  with the dimples on the back rate these days I mean it's actually brought [TS]

  mandates the event hoping that they would have that version and I'd be able [TS]

  to do something fun in the video but they didn't have it I mean to me it does [TS]

  look funny I mean it looks it's cheap version that you know and then you the [TS]

  other ones don't look like that now it's clearly the worst of them [TS]

  i mean you know obviously they're they're super big selling phones and [TS]

  lots of people either don't mind them are actually like them but it's almost [TS]

  like the the the example of design not being everything in the industry is that [TS]

  I think most people obviously it you know which phone much better is super [TS]

  super subjective but I think most people would agree that HTC's phones in general [TS]

  are better designed hardware they just look better than Samsung's and race and [TS]

  Samsung's out sell them by like 50 to 100 you know there's just so much more [TS]

  to it but I I almost feel like the people who took this the worst I've [TS]

  gotta be like the industrial designers and HTC because it's got a look at this [TS]

  and they just have to be like banging their heads against the wall like what [TS]

  we have to do where we're going to get out sold by this thing and Samsung has [TS]

  done things like on the notes were there they're fake leather back actually has [TS]

  fake stitching which is much better than the slick glossy plastic [TS]

  really like it says much better at it and that's the thing I got you know and [TS]

  and maybe I do and some of us do we give Samsung a path sometimes because the [TS]

  other things have been so bad and that's where I look at this design and I was [TS]

  like ok to change the plastic its water proof that that's good for me it's still [TS]

  the black version of the waivers and don't don't look bad but they're [TS]

  certainly not anything close to an iPhone or HTC or even a Nokia phone [TS]

  Nokia is another perfect example I think that their design and again the Moto X I [TS]

  mean I can't say enough about the form factor of the Moto X looks pretty cool [TS]

  to know I got you know when I made fun of the Galaxy S five during fireball [TS]

  when it was announced I said something to the effect of its the perfect phone [TS]

  for people with no taste and i got you know I do have I love them I do if any [TS]

  of you listen to the show too I really do love you guys [TS]

  is the people who sort of hate read during fireball and advanced but they [TS]

  read it anyway and I i do I am glad that you know that there are some of you who [TS]

  disagree with most of what I write and read it but I got an email from a bunch [TS]

  of them and they're like this is everything that's wrong with everything [TS]

  with Apple people anything anybody make something that doesn't look like an [TS]

  Apple Design you say it's for people with pace and I wrote back to a couple [TS]

  of you know I said no cause I'll just tell you I think HTC makes really [TS]

  cool-looking france does great industrial I think Nokia is probably my [TS]

  second favorite industrial design right now today [TS]

  next Apple and you know i i think maybe even you know side-by-side compared to [TS]

  the five see maybe is doing a better job with the textured plastic instead of the [TS]

  shiny I think it goes toe-to-toe with Apple in terms of industrial design even [TS]

  though it's different and doesn't you know that Lumia stuff doesn't look like [TS]

  you know nobody's gonna look at it and say that looks so it's not just a knee [TS]

  jerk if it doesn't look like Apple it scrapped its know this is actual crap [TS]

  yeah I mean to me though and I've said this for a number of Samsung reviews [TS]

  you know to me the real pain of Samsung design comes in the software design yeah [TS]

  and I can almost look I can look inside for the hardware but like I can't for [TS]

  some of this software and you know here here at least like I I wrote my first [TS]

  impressions is that it feels different they're not just cramming tons of [TS]

  features and they've actually tied up the settings menu there seem to be [TS]

  listening to criticism in that regard [TS]

  still need to clean things up and just [TS]

  regular Android I don't understand why this definite but shortly [TS]

  given the talks maybe maybe we'll talk some sense into that last last thing [TS]

  briefly and we'll wrap it up but the last thing is you seen this thing about [TS]

  the woman who was assaulted in class so I i you know long story short ones in a [TS]

  bar wearing Google glass and [TS]

  and she was accosted by people who assumed presumed that she was [TS]

  videotaping them and she said she wasn't and she got assaulted and here it [TS]

  clearly over the line you can nobody should ever be assaulted and I guess [TS]

  somebody ripped the glasses off her face and somebody might have taken her purse [TS]

  ugly fast and police are involved but this woman is really she's a lot of [TS]

  stories about it but one thing that's a little weird is that the basic time as I [TS]

  understand it she's in the bar patrons accuser of videotaping them she says [TS]

  she's not she's just wearing glass she gets assaulted again no excuse over the [TS]

  line and now the police have the footage of the incident from her which she said [TS]

  she wasn't using the videotape them I did not follow the story that closely [TS]

  right but she's got video so she was video it she was but they could have [TS]

  been post I guess I don't know the argument that she was videotaping post [TS]

  don't know I don't know but I here's the thought that occurred to me and it has [TS]

  not occurred to me before this incident and I don't know why even though I've [TS]

  been sort of a skeptic / critic of class all I think Google made a huge mistake [TS]

  putting a camera in the first version of Google because to me the core point in [TS]

  the thing that most people want to do with it is have this heads up display [TS]

  where you can see your notifications and stuff and that the heads up display in [TS]

  your field of vision of the time is the main now it's not if you did not put the [TS]

  camera in the first version of the glass doors would be just an ugly piece of [TS]

  head decoration I mean there is ZERO other there is nothing else you can read [TS]

  these when I first tested and I just got the next version and I i sended you know [TS]

  my old one back and that the new one but it pretty much the most handy thing you [TS]

  could do was not pick up your phone and take a photo it was like also one of the [TS]

  first things that just actually worked really well they did issue a lot of [TS]

  software updates but taking a photo instantly updated [TS]

  Google+ account or whatever your photo account was like the thing to demo and [TS]

  it still been like and it just doesn't it didn't do much more than we did get [TS]

  some other notification stuff but again like there's some of that notification [TS]

  issues where you don't necessarily want to see all those notifications in front [TS]

  of your face [TS]

  here's my thinking so I i see we're going up you know clearly a camera is [TS]

  inevitable for it but maybe just for the Explorer edition as the you know just [TS]

  the introduction to the world if they didn't have the camera then anybody's [TS]

  objections to it would be only based on what it looks like on your face and [TS]

  whether it's you know the social implications of having a screen and [TS]

  you're not knowing whether they're looking at you are looking at the screen [TS]

  all the time its [TS]

  it would just take out because to me there's three objections that people [TS]

  have the glass as it stands the three are how it looks [TS]

  the you know are they looking at the screen all the time and then third are [TS]

  they serve dishes Lee taking pictures or video right and if they had shipped just [TS]

  the Explorer version right even with the plan all along that when the first truly [TS]

  attempt to attempt at a mass market version of it would come out that it [TS]

  would have the camera it might have framed the initial reaction to it [TS]

  differently than they would have 20 story if you think about the examples of [TS]

  people wearing Google glass rate the merged in a number of them right they [TS]

  did it with that NBA star did it with it was all around these people being able [TS]

  to do a first-person documented look at XY and Z playing with their child going [TS]

  to the NBA Draft hiking up a mountain what it's like to be a paraplegic tons [TS]

  of different things which were just really centered around the fact that you [TS]

  had a camera and you're able to document your life and video and photos so you're [TS]

  saying it's two central to central to the whole point of it [TS]

  and that's like Google's at least right now to me they're only marketing message [TS]

  on this thing you want to play with your kids look at what you look at this look [TS]

  at this experience of playing with your kids it takes this out of you take the [TS]

  phone out of the equation you can easily take these photos are you went hiking [TS]

  you don't want to continue to pull out your phone this is the solution all of [TS]

  that type of stuff is their number one marketing message right now yes there's [TS]

  some of the notifications there's interesting apps that you know maybe a [TS]

  look at things and things will get better in that sense but to me [TS]

  number one thing is a camera on your bicycles he can't yeah I mean I don't [TS]

  know it's it's been interesting to watch how do I had glad I have class III IV [TS]

  had class for most what will be the last March April almost a year and I paid my [TS]

  own money for it and every once in awhile take it out [TS]

  tried on but right now it goes right back on my desk and I think to myself I [TS]

  paid $1,500 for those and I mean and I'm and i genuinely I'm interested to see [TS]

  what they do with the next version i mean one of the main reasons is that is [TS]

  constantly charging it like the battery life is horrendous and I was like I like [TS]

  where these for three hours and then put them back on [TS]

  attached to the wall and it's exactly you know with the risk as a target for a [TS]

  wearable device that this combination of display being on and the battery and you [TS]

  just you don't have room on your risk for a big battery you don't have room in [TS]

  your eyeglasses for a big battery and I think that that's one of the biggest [TS]

  drawbacks of glass as it stands [TS]

  you know I think the biggest is that it still to me looks terrible right I just [TS]

  makes your face of terror not you in particular Joanna but everybody but that [TS]

  thing behind your right ear is horrendous [TS]

  its you look like low but from the Empire Strikes Back it's just like [TS]

  you've got a big battery pack binder [TS]

  yeah I mean even then the battery life is poor battery life was just i mean and [TS]

  it could have been you know that when I wear them I want to use them more and [TS]

  I'm doing things but yeah maybe feel bad for a while that may be my life is an [TS]

  interesting enough for these like maybe it's me and the most interesting stories [TS]

  really are coming from people who have interesting lives or or different lives [TS]

  and how it's being useful to them become more useful to them about a quadriplegic [TS]

  who had who had been using glass it was really really helpful so I think there's [TS]

  it is it's a niche product and we'll see we'll see what they come out within the [TS]

  next couple of days it's a huge accessibility went to have truly [TS]

  voice-activated device although I'm not quite sure how would I was a paraplegic [TS]

  a quadriplegic wow how did they do the tap it did she didn't so it's just the [TS]

  fact that it's always listening glass and she also had some head movements she [TS]

  was able to tell the little bit with the head and I think she shared some other [TS]

  ways of being able to access the side a little bit by her mostly it was being [TS]

  able to take photos with the boys being able to see some notifications was a man [TS]

  is really really interesting story right and then to me that the accessibility [TS]

  and easily the most compelling side of glass because it's this combination of [TS]

  it it you know for obvious reasons you know for a quadriplegic it's a it's a [TS]

  tremendous advantage advantageous form factor but it really helps everybody [TS]

  helps the the people who need it if it's also appealing to you know everybody [TS]

  because then it becomes more of a mass-market item can be sold at a lower [TS]

  price because there's more of them made certainly what they're going to be doing [TS]

  but yeah it's that Google a couple weeks ago that many people walking around with [TS]

  him was just an observation would be in there I've heard that too [TS]

  yeah but again like how much how useful is it for people that are sitting at [TS]

  their desk sorry for me I guess my boring life [TS]

  well one thing I've sought to you know I see them when I am in San Francisco [TS]

  ground zero forcing them to me and not knowing the people who I see wearing [TS]

  them just sort of judging judging them you know the quick you know make a snap [TS]

  judgment it's seems to very much appeal to extra efforts and people who are [TS]

  looking forward to strangers coming up and saying hey is that Google glass and [TS]

  I would say that that was the most exciting thing about wearing them a [TS]

  couple of months ago it was like just everyone talking to on the subway and [TS]

  actually to the point of this girl getting assaulted I did worry a lot of [TS]

  times that someone would just come and grab them off my face because they knew [TS]

  that they were and $1,500 you know like this is a recipe for disaster and paying [TS]

  $1,500 on my face on the new york subway [TS]

  hey that's a pretty headband on and just putting $1,500 tucked underneath it [TS]

  yeah I mean I guess I'm quite brave little scary to carry a brief alright [TS]

  well that seems like a good way to wrap it up I've taken up enough of your time [TS]

  everybody can find out more of your work [TS]

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  the beeper for the day [TS]