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62: Checkin` Out Butts with Siri


  about your crazy ass mayor mayor of this hearing that he is your man right that [TS]

  is he's our religious leader it's that whole prevents provincial things you're [TS]

  thinking of Saskatoon sarsaparilla I don't even know how to respond to that [TS]

  you're being so offensive I am I the seattle is definitely not Canada and I'm [TS]

  also not in Syria technically so that's even that's another layer of offensive [TS]

  that you don't even you're not even aware of your into coma [TS]

  you know beautiful to come but to comment is Seattle it's not where do you [TS]

  go when you have to fly when you go where the airport to go to we go to [TS]

  SeaTac that Seattle Seattle Tacoma what that means it's all one city it is not [TS]

  attack is in the middle [TS]

  who's your home who's your local baseball team the six-member Rainiers [TS]

  thank you very much [TS]

  then again there long time now to get back that's the that's a good experience [TS]

  minor league baseball yeah I really thought I was going to get to the show [TS]

  that mention baseball yeah where you think right we can stop we could just [TS]

  move on you know what there is some now just reading something that was [TS]

  interesting about minor league baseball and the fact that they don't really it's [TS]

  it's like such low stakes because they don't play to win [TS]

  per se i mean they you know all things considered they'd rather win than lose [TS]

  but at least if the teams are actually part of a major league baseball's system [TS]

  it's all about you know developing the players you know I can have a picture in [TS]

  a minor league game scoring a no hitter but he gets to his pitch count which [TS]

  might be like you know 75 or something like that he comes out yeah and you know [TS]

  it makes it a more relaxing you know it's it's like a setback talk with your [TS]

  friends and [TS]

  ya have a brewski great things about you can be so close to the players know [TS]

  exactly as you can get a do you mean you can get like front-row seats in a [TS]

  minor-league it depends on the team I guess but we had clearly we have here [TS]

  and now you get front-row seats preachy we have the the Camden Riversharks right [TS]

  across the river and beautiful Camden New Jersey and you can get you get [TS]

  front-row seats therefore under four bucks is that an Orioles you know what [TS]

  actually they are unaffiliated [TS]

  there in this room has interesting that's interesting this Ricky Henderson [TS]

  play for them now and they say they claim that there are roughly triple A [TS]

  equivalent but they're not they're like double a sort of but they do have some [TS]

  guys who were in the show [TS]

  floating around like some of the older guys are you know former major league [TS]

  baseball players guys who've been at that level [TS]

  fallen out of the off the radar system already did that perfect for a little [TS]

  while anyway he played I think he played the independent leagues for little one [TS]

  after he is finished he just loved baseball and that's after that right [TS]

  yeah it's kind of amazing old pictures 2 who forget some of their names but you [TS]

  know guys who are former major league pitchers will just you know bomb around [TS]

  the minor leagues Roger Clemens through a game like last year that seems hard it [TS]

  seems like your arm just fall off some of those guys those pictures you know [TS]

  some of those pictures just have a super human arm I mean roger clemens is one of [TS]

  those guys I know he took the peds and stuff but even without the guy but the [TS]

  guy has helped a little bit [TS]

  I think it helped with his longevity but I mean there's just no denying it like [TS]

  one week you know when he was a kid i mean it just you know all those guys [TS]

  though the ball hard but I mean Roger Clemens just threw it harder [TS]

  yeah I like a guy like Jamie Moyer mean he could forever [TS]

  he's older now streaming through never too hard yet the main number through [TS]

  hard the first place [TS]

  crafty that's what I looked under I'm gonna do something unusual gonna do a [TS]

  sponsor it already [TS]

  ok cos they got a bunch of sponsors this week I want an end its gonna tie into a [TS]

  topic I want to talk about that time I'll just get out the way I'm gonna do [TS]

  these guys first time on talk to you about a good transit smile great great [TS]

  software developers and then verbally people behind the app they want me to [TS]

  tell you about is PDF pan scan + now what is PDF pants can plus it one touch [TS]

  scanning directly from your iPhone or iPad camera right just use your iPhone [TS]

  or iPad and you can scan documents and pictures [TS]

  to treat the cameras scanner but they've got OCR it's not just taking pictures [TS]

  what's the difference when I just use your camera to take a picture [TS]

  the streets it more like a scan of OCR it'll turn them into searchable PDFs so [TS]

  you can actually you know that actually reads the tax and then you can search [TS]

  for the text the OCR is performed by the app itself it's not off-loaded to a [TS]

  cloud service so you can do it even if you're not connected to the network or [TS]

  if you have sensitive documents that you can't share to a cloud service you can [TS]

  export PDFs with the OCR text included they support 16 different languages for [TS]

  OCR I don't know what those languages are but about one of them is English [TS]

  perfect companion to PDF pen for iPad and iPhone and I'll just add this is [TS]

  what they said here in the talking points but I'll add PDF pen for the Mac [TS]

  is a fantastic application and I'm sure this works great with that PDF pen is a [TS]

  great app for it lets you open PDFs and modify them which is a huge huge [TS]

  lifesaver when you have like a PDF and you need to make like one small tweak to [TS]

  it you can't find the thing that you originally made it with her maybe you [TS]

  didn't even really originally make it great app PDF pants can plus for iPhone [TS]

  and iPad is great companion that how do you get it while it's an iOS app so you [TS]

  know get it on App Store it's available right now and an introductory price of [TS]

  $4.99 and they have a video demo by David sparks was great guy you can find [TS]

  that at smile software dot com slash talk show and that way down there you [TS]

  came from the show smile software dot com slash talk show and or just go to [TS]

  the AppStore and search for PDF pan scan + great great aplomb great company [TS]

  now the reason I wanted to do that first or you can say no I just need to get my [TS]

  wife into this because she she has a private investigator she has all these [TS]

  court documents that are all in PDF and she prints everything which drives me [TS]

  insane and she just just so she can I can attack them and like put notes in [TS]

  accordance course like I failed our as our internal I T support because [TS]

  household I T support because she's doing that and I need to get her need to [TS]

  get on on the smile bandwagon I'm looking for I think you guys should have [TS]

  a reality show and then you just pop in and make wisecracks about her yeah well [TS]

  it should be and then and then you and you know maybe hank can make her parents [TS]

  just make wisecracks we did we did we did get a houseboat yet so I'll [TS]

  obviously I'm not even sure honestly I don't know how she's insured bonded [TS]

  without a houseboat [TS]

  how can you be a private investigator without living in a house boat right [TS]

  this might be there is a lot of ways that I'm probably damaged from them [TS]

  grown up in the eighties and that's that is absolutely I would never if I needed [TS]

  a private investigator named you know I'm sure your wife is great [TS]

  does a great job but if I had to hire a private investigator and found out that [TS]

  he or she did not live on a on a boat houseboat I mean I would immediately [TS]

  start looking for another investigator was rockford lived in a trailer right [TS]

  just like part like part down the road side of the road someplace didn't even [TS]

  live in like a trailer park [TS]

  you know how you do that you know hook up to anything he just lived in a [TS]

  trailer that was a cool show the Rockford Files but I remember we [TS]

  desperately wanting to watch because I knew it was about a private investigator [TS]

  and he seemed to have a pretty cool car although it wasn't an awesome car was [TS]

  just like kinda sporty [TS]

  but it was cool enough and so I just assumed it was a rock and show with lots [TS]

  of violence and gun shots and stuff and then like I finally was allowed to stay [TS]

  up and watch it one night and it was it was incredibly dull there is no action [TS]

  there is no car chases no I don't even know i said im sure was a good show but [TS]

  it was clearly meant for adults and whatever drama there was had nothing to [TS]

  do with with what I am i imagine if you like to do to hazard and now we watched [TS]

  it every week I remember but I don't remember anything of it other than one [TS]

  time he was being tailed by somebody and he got fed up and he just like slammed [TS]

  the car in reverse and slammed into them and jumped out and punched the guy and [TS]

  it turned out it was a cop james garner [TS]

  there was a guy I think he still yeah I was a guy yeah yeah I was a man's man [TS]

  anyway the reason I wanted to do smile first as cos I also even if they weren't [TS]

  sponsor wanted to talk about something that they were in the news this week did [TS]

  you see the thing yesterday where one of their other products text expander which [TS]

  is like a little texas has been gotten like it's going to be pulled from the [TS]

  App Store and they have to read read it and I mean long story short I think this [TS]

  is the iOS version of text expander Texas panders utility that you it's on a [TS]

  Mac too but you you lets you set up a little short cut so you can type a [TS]

  little three-letter thing [TS]

  and it'll expand into it whatever you want a long snippet of text and you can [TS]

  call features in there you can put I use it you can put variables so I have a [TS]

  thing like just as an example if I hit semicolon today it put today's date in a [TS]

  certain format it just pops right into the crowd and it works in every app now [TS]

  the Mac I don't know what hocus-pocus [TS]

  hurry hurry they're using to make it work but that's sort of you know like a [TS]

  utility that runs inside other apps is way easier on a Mac OS as you know [TS]

  everything sandboxed it away used to work and it's always required on iOS [TS]

  four the apps that that it works within the opt-in and include a text expander [TS]

  STK so for example the system apps like mail and Safari don't support it because [TS]

  Apple doesn't opt into this to the tank but a lot of third time how Dropbox [TS]

  works right yeah exactly and that and how on you know Mac OS 10 you know [TS]

  dropbox is just there and it's a folder in it the system of on every you know [TS]

  absent absent have to opt-in but on iOS they do they have to include a Dropbox [TS]

  SDK but how did that the shared snippet dating get between let's say you have [TS]

  four different apps on your iPhone that support text expander how did they get [TS]

  the same snippet data they used to use something called che named clipboards [TS]

  passports I was get those two mixed up [TS]

  but it's sort of a long standing next step [TS]

  sort of thing where there is different paste boards and you could see this on [TS]

  the Mac lot of people don't know this but like when you copy and paste you [TS]

  think there's only one page report but like on Mac if you go to like text [TS]

  editor anything was styled text you can do things like copy the ruler if you set [TS]

  up a paragraph with a certain indentation copy the ruler go to another [TS]

  document selection text based ruler and it'll apply that those margins to that [TS]

  text you can do the same thing with styles you can copy a style which is a [TS]

  font and whether it's at Alex and a text size and then select some other text pay [TS]

  style and it applies that style so that's not the text to clipboard it's [TS]

  their style clipboard and then there's a ruler clipboard and then apps can make [TS]

  arbitrarily named baseboards or at least they used to be able to on iOS and that [TS]

  was how and I you know I think in a nutshell how to text expander share data [TS]

  between the apps adopted in there was named clipboard that the SDK would know [TS]

  to look for an ad for all this snippet it was and then when you created a new [TS]

  snippet you just do it in the text expander app and it would automatically [TS]

  be available to all the apps that are in the text expanders system with me so far [TS]

  I am Apple got rid of named clipboards in Iowa 7 as a security thing or a [TS]

  privacy thing I don't know which may be both a little bit of both but apps were [TS]

  abusing it now this text expander was not I think text expander maybe would [TS]

  qualify as an app that was doing what it what they were meant to be done for [TS]

  but a lot of third-party apps were using it for shady purposes [TS]

  you know like ad networks were using it to track stuff across apps so that the [TS]

  same ad network if couple of games were using the same ads they could somehow [TS]

  share that data which is a you know in other words they reuse it was an escape [TS]

  route for this data sandboxing us and so Apple governor them so text expander had [TS]

  to do something else and what they chose to do is use reminders which is a [TS]

  systemwide [TS]

  the reminders out but other app stores in API other apps can can access it and [TS]

  so they use the reminders apt to store this data and I think they were doing [TS]

  something so it so they wouldn't you know it when you open the reminders out [TS]

  you wouldn't just be faced with all the wind see all this year a minor I don't [TS]

  think it really matter I don't know if they were using dates on the stuff to [TS]

  make it like so they were all expired or something but you know you could find [TS]

  out I think in the reminder that but it was effectively but anyway Apple is [TS]

  notified then and that was approved it was in the App Store and you know absurd [TS]

  third party apps had to update to the latest version of the text expander SDK [TS]

  to support it but anyway yesterday they announced that Apple said look that's [TS]

  you can use or do you can use reminders like that anymore reminders are for [TS]

  reminders not for arbitrary data and now they don't know what to do because [TS]

  there's really nothing left and I saw a lot of criticism on Twitter like the [TS]

  most of the reaction to it seemed to be that Apple is screwing my lover which I [TS]

  don't really think I don't think that's quite right I love smile I mean I say [TS]

  this not just because their sponsor but I mean I know some of the people work [TS]

  there and a longtime fan of software this stinks for them but I i dont couple [TS]

  screwing yeah I wouldn't call that either and it's just it maybe it's maybe [TS]

  with the criticism should be as there should be some other service yeah there [TS]

  should be some way and this goes back to the origins [TS]

  of the App Store I mean this is all the way back to like 2008 when the apps [TS]

  first came out that there is no I mean sandboxing is all well and good but [TS]

  shouldn't there be somewhere where apps can tap a can put something and then at [TS]

  be can see it you know I think that the best argument for [TS]

  smile using the reminders this way is that reminders as one of those things [TS]

  like I think I'm like 99% sure I think I remember doing it are proving it it's [TS]

  like location or the camera the camera roll where you the system before it'll [TS]

  let the app right to it will prompt and saved you want to allow this app to [TS]

  access reminders you know that's an ad is part of the security in iOS is you [TS]

  know like a nap can't just turn on location without letting you know you [TS]

  know there's no way that the app it's not just like they're supposed to do it [TS]

  it's they actually happen we'll never get that location data until you the [TS]

  user to tap the button in the systems provided alert that says yes allow this [TS]

  to happen and then you can you can turn it off in the settings at any time and I [TS]

  think it's the same with reminders where that apps have to opt into it and so i [TS]

  think that the argument that they should be allowed to do it as well as the user [TS]

  says they're allowed to do it you know it to users saying let me use the [TS]

  reminders to store this you know non reminder data just so that it can be [TS]

  shared between UPS could see it that way but I can definitely Apple's perspective [TS]

  yeah it does suck though and it makes it such a useful feature that there should [TS]

  be some other way to do it but at the same time I the only things I can think [TS]

  of is what is the only thing that makes the most sense but they had before and [TS]

  obviously that wasn't working either [TS]

  well and and this comes out and we ran into this Q branch with Casper because [TS]

  we originally over the summer [TS]

  like a one point zero something update Vesper a minor update we added tax [TS]

  expanders support for iOS 6 and that was the old one with the named clip ports [TS]

  and then we knew about the iOS did that that it was changing with iOS 7 and for [TS]

  iOS 7 we decided not to include the text expander STK because even though we had [TS]

  it in an update we did over the summer for I was seven we took it out because [TS]

  we thought I I we all thought that even though this seems like it's been [TS]

  approved by Apple I don't we didn't I didn't think that they was gonna last [TS]

  it just seemed like they were started like smile had been reduced to playing [TS]

  whack-a-mole to find a way to do it I i you know and I don't blame them I'm not [TS]

  passing judgment but it just seemed to me that we you know I why almost [TS]

  regretted that we put it in the first place even though is a useful feature I [TS]

  regret it because I hate putting up a useful feature in and taking it out and [TS]

  we've got lots of emails from people rated 27 hey we're having to text [TS]

  expander you know and we you know we were just honest about where like well [TS]

  here's you know we explain the situation more or less a much shorter version of [TS]

  the description I gave before and said you know we gonna wait and see if Apple [TS]

  is going to support this and maybe in the long term we well but it just seemed [TS]

  like weird to me that have Vestberg asking for permission to write two [TS]

  reminders when that's prison doing anything with reminders you know and who [TS]

  knows if the user even knows you know that is for text expander you know they [TS]

  advanced users do but typical users might not and I think that's weird I [TS]

  think like when an app asks for location and I have no idea why it's asking for [TS]

  location I never allow it and I'm very often very tempted to delete the app [TS]

  it's like a new thing I'm trying out and so to me they would be weird if an app [TS]

  that I wasn't using attacks as reminders you know ask for reminders [TS]

  yeah there's a whole gray area to both the Mac and on iOS but absolute train do [TS]

  stuff that it probably varies by person but you I get out I get a little weird [TS]

  feeling for certain apps even though I know that and it's not that they're from [TS]

  people who are in there for people who I trust and their services that I often [TS]

  want but you just get that feeling like I don't know how long that's gonna be [TS]

  around right end so I don't want to get in to relying on that and have it [TS]

  someday go away another X Factor is that the system now has sort of shared text [TS]

  snippet thing but it's nowhere near as powerful as Texas defender [TS]

  variables and I think there's some people who are suspicious that that's [TS]

  why Apple is doing this that Apple is trying to force people to use the system [TS]

  one instead of text expander and I really i mean whether you agree or [TS]

  disagree that Apple should let them use the reminders think they're not doing it [TS]

  to screw text expander they really are not the tender not doing it to force [TS]

  people doesn't mean it doesn't benefit them at all right [TS]

  really i mean they're providing it as a basic features said but this isn't [TS]

  selling it [TS]

  you know my colleague my friend friend Brent Simmons you know in our internal [TS]

  discussions about what to do with it but Vesper I think his idea for how they [TS]

  should do it is right and it's the way of the future or at least the way of [TS]

  Iowa seven is that they should write their own like a web service and then [TS]

  the SDK you know you'd get like it you never text expander account and the SDK [TS]

  would mean that every app would then sync that text of your text expander [TS]

  data over the cloud right and that's a lot of work though that's that is you [TS]

  know that's that's one of those things were saying hey they should write their [TS]

  own web service for this is more or less you know it sounds nice in need and you [TS]

  can you can imagine how it would work and what you're really doing the same [TS]

  nation undertake a massive [TS]

  undertaking you know to implement this feature which is frustrating as a [TS]

  programmer because you know that if you could just write the data to a file on [TS]

  desk on the device you know it would be so easy just write to a file and then [TS]

  have the other app read from the file and now you're asking me to do this [TS]

  incredibly complicated web service where we've gotta have servers gotta keep them [TS]

  up and we have to have an account system and we have to make sure everything is [TS]

  secure so that nobody can access somebody and it's not it's not as [TS]

  instantaneous and it also relies on having a web connection right and so [TS]

  instead of having it requires a network but that's the way that the future [TS]

  that's really i mean that's how'd that data gets stored on a shared between [TS]

  apps really and it seems crazy that it's the only way that apps can talk to each [TS]

  other is by going to the network all the way to the cloud and in back but it's [TS]

  the truth I mean that's really how I that's why Dropbox works on Iowa 770 [TS]

  works very differently than it does on a Mac or Windows but it works because [TS]

  they're not there is no actual shared folder Dropbox on iOS it's everything is [TS]

  going back and forth to the cloud that would be another thing that they could [TS]

  do if they don't want to write their own account system they could use Dropbox [TS]

  but then it would require everybody would text expander to use Dropbox and [TS]

  you that's it's everybody out there is listening who uses text expander and [TS]

  Dropbox I know what you're thinking thinking yeah yeah do that to that [TS]

  because you want your tech suspended work but you really can't force you [TS]

  can't have Dropbox be the only way to do it because you know there's lots of [TS]

  people who don't use Dropbox and who don't want to ensure not saying I cloud [TS]

  you know what I don't think I cloud could solve it because I don't why could [TS]

  not solve the same way that [TS]

  boxwood because with iCloud you don't it doesn't get you out of the per app [TS]

  sandbox so [TS]

  of your text expander a parental discretion if its aided by the cloud and [TS]

  you open Vesper investor has the SDK it wouldn't Vesper even know you could be [TS]

  logged in to iCloud it with him outside of its own apartment right one of the [TS]

  not weird things but unique things about iCloud is that iCloud even though it's a [TS]

  cloud service it's still per application siloed in some ways I don't know [TS]

  finder obviously has a magic way around and I mention this on the show a few [TS]

  weeks ago but that's that's what that's that's what's so interesting about tags [TS]

  and Mavericks is that tags on the way that you can receive documents from [TS]

  different I cloud apps together you know if I haven't numbers document and I [TS]

  target bolts and I have a Pages document and tagged adults in the Finder I can go [TS]

  to my most stag and see both of them together even though they're not there [TS]

  there in totally different folders because of the way I classes but there's [TS]

  nothing there's no way to the tags are not visible on iOS yet so that would be [TS]

  something maybe in the future that they could use iCloud if they tagged it and [TS]

  then you had apps that support iCloud and then it would be tagged like I don't [TS]

  text expander something like that but that's not available yet it's [TS]

  interesting that nobody has my guess but now the Dropbox tried to do it back in [TS]

  service laid out for developers well as does yours [TS]

  something right yeah but it's there's no like turnkey just just hook it up and [TS]

  sing great you know when does where does a lot of the work for you [TS]

  compared to the old days where are you sure you'd be starting with just like a [TS]

  server with a fresh install of you know Linux or BSD and then you've got its [TS]

  start from there you really get a lot to start but it's it's not just you know [TS]

  it's not like writing to a file reading from a file you know I mean it's it's [TS]

  it's really frustrating if you have an idea for something that requires [TS]

  different apps to access the shared data is no easy way out of it I mean yeah [TS]

  that's sort of the unfortunate is there is no easy way they do have the smile [TS]

  guys have an idea for what they can do in the short term which is these [TS]

  callback URLs which is when you tap thing and it goes to another appt you [TS]

  know it's it would you like a specialty URL http URL and be like an ex text [TS]

  expander URL but then you'd you'd have to work is every time you want to update [TS]

  your text expander snippets in in say you know a in a page you'd have to say [TS]

  you know refresh my text expander snippets it would take you to text [TS]

  expander and then go from Texas banter back to the app in App be you have to do [TS]

  the same thing but it's the only way but it's really sounds like it's taken all [TS]

  the magic out of it so bad news for smile but it's a really ultimately what [TS]

  it is is that they've they have a product on iOS that iOS is not designed [TS]

  to support and they've gotten away with it because it used to have a feature [TS]

  that let it happen that's the named clipboards [TS]

  you know that was taken away not just bites my lip was taken away because a [TS]

  bunch of scammers were abusing it let me do another [TS]

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  got nothin on you want to talk about what does your does your kid have a bias [TS]

  and iOS device that has serious yes all this is this is the scandal this is why [TS]

  you're on the show this week swam on the show's right this this is a real scandal [TS]

  and there's a there's the scandal and then there's the cover-up because why is [TS]

  this not why is this not on the front page of CNN that's what I wanna know why [TS]

  is this not wise New York Times not on this tell me this is a big scoop this is [TS]

  your school I don't want to spoil its my kids really busy so he's got a an iPod [TS]

  Touch last year for Christmas and New anyway he's been using Siri more [TS]

  recently since the iOS 7 update may be better but he has started trying to say [TS]

  things to Siri and I tweeted this couple weeks ago or something we were driving [TS]

  the car and my wife i sat in the front talking and he's in the back playing [TS]

  with this as I bought it because we're great parents and he says hey Kiki [TS]

  guests can be quiet place from this is kind of important sure you do you [TS]

  activate Syrian and he says [TS]

  explosive diarrhea to do I didn't get back that one but she's been doing this [TS]

  he's been trying to say funny things Syrian see when he gets back and on [TS]

  Saturday he was a week ago almost he was just like run around the house of his [TS]

  iPod and any activated seriously and he said butts and comes back [TS]

  here's what I and the first thing the primary return for that at the time when [TS]

  you said but the series is the Wikipedia page for anal sex [TS]

  the one word query just just just just say but yeah [TS]

  and you get direct entry for the first like the first paragraph of the way keep [TS]

  up with the the picture associated with that which happened to be of some sort [TS]

  of Grecian urn plate or something like that [TS]

  depicted some anal sex going on so so I found my first bug report was my first [TS]

  radar now is in fourth grade is in fourth grade yeah so it's a yes he saw [TS]

  it didn't really know exactly what the title of the entry he just started [TS]

  laughing [TS]

  anals you thought that was pretty funny and I'm sure he probably went to school [TS]

  and told all of his friends about it that made my dad let me get anal sex on [TS]

  my iPhone Raymundo I mean there's always come out there [TS]

  joke but there are ways that that could become like a topic of of fourth-grade [TS]

  conversation that won't make you know they could prompt a phone call from the [TS]

  school I mean you know it's you know if that a visit from child protective [TS]

  services my dad and I had a good laugh about anal sex with Siri and I don't [TS]

  think it shouldn't necessarily be on the list because you see news scroll down [TS]

  there are other things the other weird entry was the past then there's that [TS]

  list of other things you might have been looking for it and one of the other [TS]

  entries as archery I don't think I think I'm not sure and I don't know what makes [TS]

  that connection what decides what process decides what to feature when you [TS]

  ask something weird like that now you wrote about this seem like it's a [TS]

  Wolfram Alpha thing cuz you don't get that I don't think you get that result [TS]

  of Use will know it's [TS]

  think its new in iOS 7 is the integration with Wikipedia where it [TS]

  doesn't it's not you know it you don't get it if you type in butts and [TS]

  Wikipedia either so it's not there right at their choice either write it somehow [TS]

  Siri is is deciding if it doesn't if you don't get it when you search Wikipedia [TS]

  but Wikipedia search is really weird in my opinion usually I i just one of those [TS]

  things where it's way easier to Google whatever you're looking for space [TS]

  Wikipedia and you will almost like you know like almost everything includes [TS]

  search you know if you write whatever topic you're looking for space Wikipedia [TS]

  Google's first hit will be that that topics Andrea Wikipedia whereas it [TS]

  Wikipedia it often doesn't work like that idea so they might have their own [TS]

  index to Wikipedia you know Apple but anyway you wrote about this and and then [TS]

  got taken care of right well come to find out that it may have gotten taken [TS]

  care of by somebody who we know named talking to a friend at Apple and saying [TS]

  hey we heard about this idiot john wants you might want to take a look at this [TS]

  and shortly thereafter like apparently couple hours after that it changed and [TS]

  so now the first return is beavis and butt-head which is outstanding in my [TS]

  which is i think thats I think that's a little more I mean I don't know you [TS]

  search Wikipedia and the winter brings back is a list of people who with the [TS]

  last name butts Bradley be better [TS]

  ur because but even in beavis and butt-head you know there's all sorts of [TS]

  surnames one could have that are unfortunate and but I guess would fall [TS]

  into that category but if you had to have an unfortunate surname but would be [TS]

  one of the better ones in my Seymore butts is also on the list of other [TS]

  things you might say that and that's a pretty good spots but I am i mean you [TS]

  know why I saw my my my bug report said something to the effect that you know [TS]

  but so are very versatile and are not solely used for anal sex and it seems [TS]

  that something more general should be returned instead of something so yeah I [TS]

  wondered if not then it should be on the list writes the same is there are [TS]

  probably a bad I i've never looked but in the parental controls you can [TS]

  probably turn off Siri completely but I don't think I'm almost certain there's [TS]

  no way to sort of tell iOS this device is owned by kid and you should give you [TS]

  know so you know their stuff for the store [TS]

  yeah you can set for apps and media and the interesting thing is that you can [TS]

  see you can put in a used one of those came from the name of the but it's it's [TS]

  where you put in the IP addresses and it uses that to filter the content for web [TS]

  searches and I think it goes through that now [TS]

  now there ought to be aware that wouldn't be a bad idea that I'm not [TS]

  quite sure how what the implications would be a it it's one of those another [TS]

  one where you too easy to toss it off as an idea and it would be amount of work [TS]

  to implement but [TS]

  it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a just like a toggle that just says this this [TS]

  you know like in the first run turned it down [TS]

  yeah I can tone it down this device is owned by a kid and then it could you [TS]

  know it might filter App Store stuff to ya just doing the whole thing that's a [TS]

  funny thing I wouldn't want to be like one of those jobs I would not want is [TS]

  would not want to be and all joking aside like on the Serie you know like [TS]

  the the Serie content team at Apple infield in you know I mean like to be [TS]

  useful in this same thing for Google to and you know that and I know that Google [TS]

  just had something this week some kind of announcement with related to child [TS]

  porn I mean it's serious stuff where it's like you know if you really do want [TS]

  some kind of human directed filtering you know to keep some of that stuff off [TS]

  a massive you really just don't want at all like there should be ideally there [TS]

  should be no way to actually search for child porn but how do you do that how [TS]

  can you possibly allow people adults consenting adults to search for good [TS]

  quality adult porno and you know there's no way for an algorithm to magically [TS]

  filter out the stuff that shouldn't be there they really wouldn't want in the [TS]

  index at all and so I would hate to be the person who posted work with that [TS]

  because it means you like looking at that you know me like you seem like the [TS]

  worst I don't know what I would just imagine that that's a sort of job that [TS]

  nobody could keep for a long like you've got a burnout quickly like being a CIA [TS]

  more [TS]

  been on the show too long to get out so yesterday I mean I tried to make a big [TS]

  deal this cause I'm a jerk and nobody seemed to wanna play along I mean you [TS]

  you like to add to it after you after you after it was resolved yeah you know [TS]

  what I thought of all the stupid things that get reported about Apple it seems [TS]

  like somebody would have would have tried to make a big deal out of this and [TS]

  yet I did nobody seemed to bite I didn't like it at first because it's it's one [TS]

  of those things where I didn't wanna I don't want to exacerbate the possibility [TS]

  that it would become one of these folks candles I figured wait and see [TS]

  let's see if it gets fix you know and then once it was fixed to me than it [TS]

  then it was just a joke let's have some fun but I feel let down now that I [TS]

  couldn't they couldn't stir the pot like that I still think it's funny that they [TS]

  just get this is terrible open Syrians lots and I was like what's that mean [TS]

  that when I try to my phone but get the same thing but not anymore sorry I [TS]

  ruined it for everybody to get time for everyone what i do to make sure but I [TS]

  was there was the other great things is that response check it out [TS]

  ok check it out checking out but [TS]

  the second the second did you mean is butt plug and now you know you know [TS]

  they've got questions answer he doesn't scroll down nobody does nobody's got [TS]

  them in trouble here let me do another sponsor read this is another great [TS]

  sponsor longtime sponsor the show now they're back haven't been here for a [TS]

  while as my friend at Global delight and they have new update version 3.0 of [TS]

  camera plus thats EAM er a space P lus don't be don't be fooled by similar [TS]

  sounding amps Camera Plus is an iPhone camera app and it is amazing you can use [TS]

  to take pictures you can use it to edit and filter pictures taken with the [TS]

  system camera you know photos on your camera you can brighten captures on the [TS]

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  assesses the ambien laying around you and provides for optimal exposure so [TS]

  that you don't have to it's a different way of controlling the exposure on the [TS]

  phone then just tapping your finger in the viewfinder and picking a point it's [TS]

  a slider a little bit more control and sort of it you know turns your iPhone [TS]

  camera into more of an advanced camera camera camera and that's really what a [TS]

  lot of the features are the camera you know not just the filtering features but [TS]

  the camera features it's for giving you more control as a photographer they have [TS]

  three different focus modes macro normal and far so again you can set it to macro [TS]

  and instead of just like system camera app where you have to compose the [TS]

  picture first and then [TS]

  pick a focal point with your finger in the framing you can set camera + to [TS]

  macro mode and then as you move it around it always trying to focus on a [TS]

  narrow focal depth and it's a great way to really cool way to bring out the [TS]

  depth and get that blurred background in your pictures they have over 9 million [TS]

  users and counting that's amazing to me this is one of the big story and it's [TS]

  you know it's better than ever so how do you find out more [TS]

  you can go to Camera Plus app CAAM yaar aap lus AP pede dot com Camera Plus app [TS]

  dot com find out more [TS]

  see some examples and get a link to the App Store there but it's a great app [TS]

  I've got it on my iPhone iPad 2.0 version through for a while 3.0 is a [TS]

  great update and it's really worth checking out if you like playing around [TS]

  with the camera apps on your iPhone you you're nuts if you don't try camera + [TS]

  great out also super crowded super crowded and it's a nice segue here super [TS]

  crowded segment of the App Store right you just go to the Apple you start [TS]

  looking for camera photo apps menu or do you know how we gonna find the good ones [TS]

  will camera + is one of the good ones and speaking of that of trying to find [TS]

  you know the good stuff [TS]

  crowded category there's a new version of I guess Sean Blanc is the editor but [TS]

  what's it called the sweet sweet setup sweet setup yeah and you you have a [TS]

  couple of contributions and do a couple of reviews of Twitter clients one for [TS]

  the Mac and one for iOS it's sort of a reimagining of the suite setup website [TS]

  and I think in a knot and I don't mean this to say its derivative [TS]

  I just think it's you know there's the it it's sort of like the wire cutter for [TS]

  Mac and iOS apps right now the wire cutters brian lamb site I mentioned it [TS]

  on the show before you can go [TS]

  and find like it said of reviewing every stereo system it's like here's the best [TS]

  areas system and here's the here's the best of the best I give you money is no [TS]

  limit and here's the best one if you live in a small apartment in only one [TS]

  spent 500 bucks and here's you know there's only two listed great great site [TS]

  for just finding their editors and researchers considered the best of [TS]

  something sweet and they have a sister site called the sweet home right which [TS]

  which my wife and I use of time it's great it's it's it's it's such a great [TS]

  idea for how to run a product review website where it's almost like like the [TS]

  way other sites have done it is just review everything and then you know and [TS]

  and then let you know almost turn your reader if you're looking for if you [TS]

  haven't been following along reading every single review they publish you [TS]

  know all along when you go to buy something you've gotta do the research [TS]

  and read all these reviews and figure out yourself what what the best probably [TS]

  as well as you know this new style is more like we're just gonna keep it [TS]

  updated index of the best friend cuts through the clutter gives you know [TS]

  somebody is educated researched opinion on the best of something so which ones [TS]

  did you write I wrote to reviews of iOS and Twitter iOS and Mac Twitter clients [TS]

  and what we recommend I have these opening a tab somewhere in Safari but I [TS]

  did not read them both both between close call with terrific but both [TS]

  between yeah I let it one of those things where I I love terrific but it's [TS]

  just like tweet body is like the one that fits the way my mind works though [TS]

  is the only problem the Old Republic mentioned this throughout treatment as [TS]

  there's no I was 7 version for the iPad and don't you think and I used we bought [TS]

  all the time [TS]

  I use it on iPad using them but once you got the iOS 7 update for the iPhone [TS]

  instantly the version for the iPad looked so stale and like it looks like [TS]

  1987 or something even though like the day before when you had the same thing [TS]

  on your iPhone to it just looked a little like but you know and again this [TS]

  is another one of those things were different it's a different era in that [TS]

  area is passed as by now right [TS]

  you we can say hey hey the Tapout guys should quick you know I'm right and what [TS]

  you know everybody would not their head and say yes they should and of course [TS]

  you know it's a mountain of work it is a huge huge amount or I'm sure it's in the [TS]

  works but you know I from first I agree with your recommendation what what what [TS]

  do you think of the deciding factors what is it did you think the ability to [TS]

  save drafts is a big deal to me because they back in the day used to use sandy's [TS]

  at her house was called yeah yeah but I haven't used that since then I mostly [TS]

  just because drafts working on something carefully wordsmith 140 character [TS]

  masterpiece yeah then i can state and store it right on the app so that's [TS]

  that's a big deal there's some other or some other stuff I don't get the whole [TS]

  thing away [TS]

  alright I'll put it in the show me what it is is that and and it's like great [TS]

  Mac software as always had this sort of quality to it to me where if it's a [TS]

  great Mac app and you [TS]

  occur soon you think oh man I've been using this you know once you real [TS]

  familiar with that doesn't matter what the apt us and then you think I wish [TS]

  that it did [TS]

  blank and then you think and if it could do blank the way you would do it is like [TS]

  you would hold down the option key and then you try it and it works it's [TS]

  actually in there like they've already thought of that like I don't know close [TS]

  all windows and then you think man should just be like you go to the close [TS]

  window command and if you hold down Option it would change in to close all [TS]

  windows well guess what that works and I love features like that are you think [TS]

  like option clicking this button should do blank and then it already does it and [TS]

  tweet but to me has a bunch of those features like so for example like with [TS]

  the drafts how do you get the dress well there's a shortcut if you just press and [TS]

  hold on the composer Tweet button it'll open your most recent draft you know [TS]

  that I think I did I think I can I think that was exactly one of those things [TS]

  where I thought I need to try that I it's like such a great little [TS]

  convenience feature opens the last draft or maybe I'm yeah it opens in a recent [TS]

  e-mail and one right and opens the most recent take you dear drafted just so [TS]

  that way you can do something like one way that I use drafts and and I know to [TS]

  somebody you know who the hell right to drive crash but even if you're not like [TS]

  carefully exquisitely composing a hundred and forty character masterpiece [TS]

  you can have something we're like your writing a tweet by in the midst of [TS]

  writing it you realize you want to get a link to another tweet and the best you [TS]

  want to use to do that you've got a close the tweet your writing but you [TS]

  don't want to throw it out you can use the draft you cancel save it as a draft [TS]

  go find the tweet you want to use copy link from or get a link to the tweet put [TS]

  that on the baseboard then long press on the composed button to go back to your [TS]

  most recent wheat paste there it is it's such a great little low that UN it's the [TS]

  sort of thing that like you know it just makes you feel you know term but it [TS]

  makes you feel like a power user [TS]

  you know a Twitter if it will hold the text of the last thing that you're [TS]

  composing [TS]

  but it won't hold a series of different drafts of you get more than one you get [TS]

  the last thing you were working on it for his life is responding to pendants [TS]

  because my my first response is usually something really sarcastic and so I save [TS]

  it and I think for a little while and then I changed it to make it possibly [TS]

  still funny but just parents you know how you get a response from someone like [TS]

  well yeah but not exactly because you forgot about like when Merlin Mann 28 [TS]

  2012 and your your you have a knee jerk reaction were you want to get snippy [TS]

  with them [TS]

  yeah and it and just those two good reasons not to do that [TS]

  mostly it's just you don't want to if you get snippy with them then you're [TS]

  going to get into a big thing yeah I guess it's just it's just really [TS]

  shouldn't it just gets you know I should be maybe I should be big enough to take [TS]

  to take a what is often incorrect shot I think I i dont know if its best friends [TS]

  is having a long fuse or thick skin but I i you know when I get a lot of that I [TS]

  get that in Twitter but I doesn't bother me I don't know I just somehow it like [TS]

  that I let it roll off my back [TS]

  yeah I usually just want to make sure that my response to them doesn't isn't [TS]

  isn't an obvious I roll so that a survey and spending the rest of the day talking [TS]

  to this person right to this is where we should you and I should probably stop [TS]

  writing and just use the emoji I'm sure I know that there's an eye roll right to [TS]

  be put that in there and then you're done [TS]

  universal response but anyway what's the website address for the sweet setup it's [TS]

  just sweet setup the suite setup so no dashes or anything I highly recommend it [TS]

  yeah I found a really good I found by words which I don't know how I missed by [TS]

  word which is a great text editor for iOS and Mac it's a sort of I think I'm [TS]

  not speaking it bills itself as a markdown editor yes it does no I did you [TS]

  use markdown and it also lets you publish to a number different platforms [TS]

  like Tumblr and WordPress etc [TS]

  well that sounds like yeah for an in-app purchase but still i mean all in all [TS]

  it's a good way [TS]

  yeah that's a good thing they call it a pro feature but that's kind of a [TS]

  procedure right exactly I i feel like in-app purchases of started getting a [TS]

  bad rap because of the way especially in all its racing games the way games are [TS]

  scamming people in making levels you gotta buy your way out of this stuff [TS]

  like that and some of them are making gobs of money and whenever anybody is [TS]

  making gobs of money with some sort of shady practice immediately there's you [TS]

  know people who begin copy but there's a good way to using that purchase and I [TS]

  feel like with this sort of overall race to the bottom pricing especially on the [TS]

  iPhone you know where we're 399 in 490 apps $4.99 absurd considered expensive [TS]

  that it's a way to to price your apt to appear more competitive but still make [TS]

  money by giving people features that they really want they want so bad that [TS]

  they're happy to pay for them [TS]

  and that sounds like a like a cool way to do it right yeah is it one purchase [TS]

  that unlocks all of them are you pay for each of them will you pay for the app to [TS]

  pay for the app to begin with and then there's one publishing purchase right [TS]

  after the fact and then that unlocks all the purchasing options but that makes [TS]

  sense to be sure that there's a lot of people who use the app just you know [TS]

  that they're not publishing they're just using it to store their right to know ya [TS]

  anyway good place and people should book market because everytime I mention the [TS]

  wire cutter then like three weeks later I get all these random emails and tweets [TS]

  and Early Show couple weeks ago when you mention this site that like we'll tell [TS]

  you what the best stereo is now looking for a story what's that website and logo [TS]

  book market but market then you won't have to ask go to the suite setup in its [TS]

  good look into he did a good job of this is a good it's not a new site it's like [TS]

  a relaunch of the site but it's it's a better idea yes this is the way it [TS]

  should be too much better idea we should simply should do a test [TS]

  passive-aggressive made by a massive software company I wonder who would win [TS]

  I'm not sure I'm not sure what you're referring to Microsoft's its crew gold [TS]

  store since they've they've taken the worst part about this is I who could be [TS]

  I am so sympathetic to their message is which is that Google is using and and [TS]

  maybe in many cases of using personal data in the aggregate to build up a [TS]

  profile of you to serve targeted at you know that people aren't aware of this [TS]

  order to the degrees just how much Google knows about you and your life and [TS]

  that they do questionable things with it and a lot of times they have a sort of [TS]

  habit of waiting you know they'll go over the line and then take a little rap [TS]

  on the knuckles and say sorry you know and then just go back and do it again [TS]

  and keep going over the line like so what was the thing they just cant find [TS]

  seventeen million dollars from this detail [TS]

  generals because so the example so Safari on iOS by default does not allow [TS]

  third-party cookies which means if you go to daring fireball dotnet and I i the [TS]

  web site tries to place a cookie by the fault yes I can place a cookie but I can [TS]

  add that I have fun race 8 which is coming from a different domain name [TS]

  doesn't get to rate it quickly and in desktop browsers by default all of them [TS]

  I think let you turn it off or toggle settings but it's one of those settings [TS]

  that night I'm sure 99% of people never look at because they don't understand it [TS]

  but the default is that third-party cookies are on the menu go to a website [TS]

  the website can load cookies on your machine from all sorts of websites in a [TS]

  way that advertising networks track you you know like famous when you go to [TS]

  Amazon and search for shoes and you look at a pair of shoes and think about it [TS]

  and you go to some other website and there's an ad for that pair of shoes [TS]

  everybody I mean this happens all the time thats cookies and it's like this [TS]

  third-party Safari on iOS by the fault has always turned those off that you [TS]

  only get the first party cookies in Google clever Google figure out some way [TS]

  around that and they took a massive fines from the FCC for it it's a perfect [TS]

  example of what Microsoft means by this group called it so I'm sympathetic to [TS]

  the argument but the scruples makes me really put I can not my stomach [TS]

  yeah they're selling t-shirts are giving them out or something Microsoft Store or [TS]

  selling people mugs that say chrome logo and say what they say they say keep calm [TS]

  and while we still your data that's the other thing using an overused internet [TS]

  meme yeah my idea is that those shirts that says keep calm and stop making keep [TS]

  calm and it's it's it's just it seems to end in Apple's done that kind of done [TS]

  this kind of thing before but not to this degree they've never it's just this [TS]

  is a whole campaign and actually selling these things which i think is just weird [TS]

  right like one example of this would be the when Apple was still using power PC [TS]

  chips in the g5 first came out and when did you first came out it actually had [TS]

  like a performance lead over like that then state of the art Intel chips and [TS]

  they had the toasted guy in a bunny suit that's right yeah that it was like an [TS]

  Intel guy in a bunny suit and he was like smoldering because he'd gotten [TS]

  smoked by g5 yeah you know so it's it's not a would never do anything like this [TS]

  you can sort of argue the whole I'm an Acura PC campaign was in this vein you [TS]

  know sort of marking a competitor but the difference is different than its so [TS]

  ham-fisted yeah yeah keep calm while we still your data [TS]

  you know it's like [TS]

  it's almost like a public because they're not really stealing your data [TS]

  like they've actually gone over the line and now it's not even really true yeah [TS]

  well I mean I've occasionally stolen wifi passwords with your wifi password [TS]

  but for the most part they're not really stealing data they are collecting it [TS]

  with it that's what's so insidious about it you know that they've somehow gotten [TS]

  everybody agreed to let you collect the data aggregated but it's been you know [TS]

  I've heard a couple people told me that and I rode on when I linked to it [TS]

  everyone who's who is buying the stuff and a couple people wrote to tell me [TS]

  that the coffee mug was already sold the house so somebody's buying and a couple [TS]

  people said that it's that the stuff has proven to be very popular with Google [TS]

  employees to Google employees because they think it's so funny [TS]

  there is an angle of their league where if you if it's done well it should [TS]

  bother the competitor right and so for example the iMac your PC thing it seemed [TS]

  to rule in particular seemed to rankle bill gates gates would be asked about [TS]

  that campaign and interviews it always seemed like under his skin because I [TS]

  think I sorta touched a nerve with that stuff right a lot of the gags you know [TS]

  they rang true to people I think that's why you know got two people whereas I [TS]

  think that this group called campaign if you work at Google I think it's almost [TS]

  like like it makes you feel good it's like wow we've really gotten under [TS]

  Microsoft's kin yeah right it just seems so self-evident from the existence of [TS]

  this crap that Microsoft is like obsessed with Google [TS]

  in the wrong way and a wrong like it's it's not the stuff isn't getting on [TS]

  Google skin [TS]

  evidence that Google is under Microsoft's kin you think Frank show [TS]

  runs this campaign as I doubt it I don't know I think he's he's certainly helped [TS]

  promoted the scruples stuff in general but I think PR is different than [TS]

  marketing but I don't know maybe this is maybe it is a function of Microsoft PR [TS]

  department not their marketing department cuz it's not you know [TS]

  marketing would be for Microsoft raised right where is this is really it's it's [TS]

  it's yeah you're right maybe it is Frank Shaw [TS]

  you know he's he's the kind of shoot from the hip Adam I do this and think [TS]

  about it twice [TS]

  yeah frank X shot John exam is that what is that really what is it is it is a [TS]

  well I'm somebody after I mentioned it on the show would be great somebody [TS]

  mentioned that their son has an ex middle initial and that it ever get the [TS]

  doesn't matter what his name is but you know you know that the reason they [TS]

  picked as they thought you know exactly what I said it's a cool initial and I [TS]

  wrote back to the house Xavier and we couldn't think of anything [TS]

  Xerxes gases don't know if there is another very good just i mean nothing [TS]

  could just be like like like Harry S Truman yeah right you know that the task [TS]

  doesn't stand for and I think I had heard that before [TS]

  generally retain his name was harry truman the animal name but he thought I [TS]

  guess I know maybe this is apocryphal I should probably do some research and [TS]

  look it up but this or I was her Mercedes is that it sounded cool so we [TS]

  just added an ass Harry S Truman John F Kennedy and he was right that's the [TS]

  thing Harry S Truman sounds cooler than Harry Truman Harry Harry Truman sounds [TS]

  like your pal like a guy you know maybe he's the town barber or [TS]

  you know like your mailman is Harry Truman Harry S Truman sounds like a [TS]

  badass president of the united states around here Harry Truman was the guy [TS]

  that stayed on mount saint helens buried under dash yeah he was like it was the [TS]

  sole guy delivered up on the side of Mount st. Helens back in 1980 and said [TS]

  it would not evacuate and then let him he's still there so it's like hey you've [TS]

  gotta go you're gonna get buried under a mountain ash he said ya got buried under [TS]

  a mountain of ash I didn't know it was an interesting was sort of a romantic [TS]

  notion heated up there with his wife for a number of years and she had passed [TS]

  away like a year or two for that or something like that I think he just [TS]

  decided it wasn't gonna go find it anywhere you want to stay in the [TS]

  mountain or if you often hear the EC those people is a lot of times with [TS]

  hurricanes and stuff too and it's like a little boy who cried wolf factor to it [TS]

  to where you see him and then the TV news people love to put them on you know [TS]

  the people who are going to evacuate and they always say the same thing it's like [TS]

  well a couple years ago they told me to evacuate and I did and it was a huge [TS]

  pain in the ass and then right and it's like i don't know there's just you know [TS]

  it's a lot of people have trouble with critical thinking you know that you know [TS]

  that if you only one people when there's a hundred percent certainty that their [TS]

  house is gonna be destroyed its too late right everybody knows that the way you [TS]

  know whether can change you know yeah you know you don't want you wouldn't [TS]

  want a warning system that we like you know five minutes heads up you know [TS]

  they've gotta take a guess because it does take it if everybody's going to [TS]

  evacuate it does take a day because all the roads are clogged you know they have [TS]

  to take a guess so it doesn't you know the logic there doesn't really make [TS]

  sense [TS]

  Gary Randall truman 1896 to 18 1980 he was pretty old 1884 yeah she's a way to [TS]

  go [TS]

  yeah let's do something wrong if there is something wrong with me but you know [TS]

  I might consider that but I was still I still have like couple of years really [TS]

  running a downer show about something we talked about insects for a while that [TS]

  was good and that was the show [TS]

  yeah let me do the last sponsor and this will put everybody in a good mood [TS]

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  appreciate too I do appreciate that the cards are very attractively designed as [TS]

  if it was if they weren't then I would be that would ruin it for me to believe [TS]

  our friend mister fleischman interview them on his podcast yeah he's big on the [TS]

  destructors Raptors I remember there was at the excess xoxo conference I think [TS]

  they were there the cards against humanity yeah the creators of fact I [TS]

  know they were there but there also were I saw a group playing the game and I [TS]

  will say that it was the most conspicuous almost of noxious how how [TS]

  much they were laughing when there's there's eighty people in the room it's [TS]

  like after the sessions were over and people were dispersing some people were [TS]

  going to dinner and the day was breaking up at the conference and then there's [TS]

  this group of like 12 people all laughing hysterically and nobody else [TS]

  knew what the joke was right but I will saved it did seem very popular kids no I [TS]

  don't think it is to make a wish that you know did you see that bad kid thing [TS]

  and I should add a little kitty so great that San Francisco at its best [TS]

  ya no that's you know I sometimes make fun of the [TS]

  street performance type stuff that's that's just terrific and even got a kid [TS]

  even got comments from Christian Bale and what is the name of the new guy the [TS]

  new Batman game Madden yeah Adam West fan out but now even though you know a [TS]

  five-year-old kid you love Batman how cool is it the Christian Bale is telling [TS]

  you that you're awesome oh yeah credible the things I saw is that the bill like [TS]

  the bill to the city of San Francisco for having done this recycle hundred [TS]

  grand the city spent like a hundred grand to clear the streets and rented [TS]

  Lamborghini or whatever it was that they've made up as a Batmobile and get [TS]

  the suits and blah blah blah I do think that to me is amazing and is so great [TS]

  about it is even if you're like the worst cynic in the world and like you [TS]

  know your Montgomery burns and you don't think that the city should splendid plum [TS]

  nickel you know sick kids or something that I think you could even make the [TS]

  argument that this was it was a bonanza for the city because if it only cost [TS]

  $100,000 they got millions of dollars GPR rates like here what what TV news [TS]

  broadcast did not put bad kid on right and all it is is look at the amazing [TS]

  heart heart rending like c'mon I dare you to keep your eyes dry watching this [TS]

  great story and all mentioning the city of san Francisco is like the greatest PR [TS]

  thing for San Francisco $4 I will guarantee you that that's a better [TS]

  investment than the Giants I can't imagine I don't remember the last time [TS]

  that any city has gotten that sort of you know PR from [TS]

  little thing like this little stage things so it's fantastic I think all [TS]

  cities should learn a lesson from this and to do amazing things for kids last [TS]

  thing I want to talk about is this juicy this story on CNN [TS]

  i've seen this before an area such as this one story it's sort of a mean which [TS]

  is that Apple spends far less on research and development than its [TS]

  competitors you talk and you've talked about their written about this before I [TS]

  because I think you had said that despite or maybe was on the talk show [TS]

  that you mentioned it but despite the fact that they their R&D budget is [TS]

  lowered they do are indeed different way than other companies and it's likely [TS]

  that there are more people working on new products that shows up in their R&D [TS]

  budget yeah I think I could be wrong this is sort of but I just remember that [TS]

  like famously into me is you know it all comes back to our jobs came back to [TS]

  Apple and he shut down Apple's what was then they had like a tard R&D division [TS]

  forget the name of it will remember the name now advanced technologies group I [TS]

  think yeah it was the apples 880 JEE advanced technologies and you know it [TS]

  was our Indian traditional sense of that they weren't you in that group wasn't [TS]

  necessarily working on on specific products they were working on [TS]

  technologies that future products might use so maybe I don't even know how I [TS]

  could be wrong but for example maybe they were working on handwriting [TS]

  recognition in the abstract and then when the people making the Newton one in [TS]

  handwriting recognition they did twenty you know can we use they need to use the [TS]

  handwriting [TS]

  and when jobs came back he said that bullshit you know this is just a way [TS]

  this is how companies just flush money down the toilet [TS]

  you know not that we're not gonna do R&D not going to invent new things and [TS]

  innovate but it's all gonna be in the name of actual products right and you [TS]

  know other things that came out of that were things like like the 20th [TS]

  anniversary mcintosh right where they made this Mac that cost a lot of money [TS]

  and had cool technology but it wasn't actually meant they didn't even said [TS]

  when announcing this wasn't meant to sell in big quantities you know sort of [TS]

  like a concept computer rightly the equivalent of a concept car and jobs [TS]

  idea and I think you know lo these sixteen years later it seems to work [TS]

  pretty well is this is bullshit we're gonna work on real products that we [TS]

  intend to ship the real people real prices and we'll do our research in the [TS]

  name of creating those products and so I know does that mean that they don't [TS]

  account for it as quote-unquote R&D I don't know maybe they really do wanna [TS]

  spend three point here's the numbers that number two is this from CNN that [TS]

  Samsung spends 11.2 billion annually on R&D Microsoft is right behind them [TS]

  10.6 billion Google is at 6.7 billion and Apple is only 3.5 billion maybe they [TS]

  really do need spent three point I don't know but maybe it's they spend so much [TS]

  less because they don't waste it on the things that aren't going to be real [TS]

  right I'm scribbled minds how much money went into how much joy and he went into [TS]

  these books I thought I know that's that's always been my take on it and and [TS]

  in the CNN article in Leeds says it all [TS]

  who's the lead critics who say Apple likes innovation have a new report to [TS]

  underscore their claims the I gizmo maker are [TS]

  thank you barely cracks the top 50 of corporate research and development [TS]

  spending and you know so now it's it's it's their time this is a long been a [TS]

  complaint that Apple doesn't spend on our Indian it's it's tossed about by the [TS]

  type of morons who like to think that toppled products as a whole [TS]

  you know just toys their garbage in it that they're bought by people who are [TS]

  fooled by the marketing or whatever and then nose-dived that's like when they [TS]

  were internal you're pressed for proof they're like look don't even spend money [TS]

  on aren t you know that the real innovation comes out of companies like [TS]

  Microsoft and Samsung cool I thought that Jonny Evans Computerworld I sent [TS]

  you this will take on it where his take wasn't really that sort of you know the [TS]

  the Apple account for their R&D differently or just doesn't waste so he [TS]

  just said what doesn't this show that there are other companies were wasting [TS]

  money than any just compared their R&D expenditures to their net income for the [TS]

  year and he acknowledges that what they're spending on R&D this year is not [TS]

  hearing it to their net income for the same year isn't exactly fair because [TS]

  their R&D for this year's should really come you know the profits for it will be [TS]

  in the future if its R&D but it's just a way of measuring it and it's not like [TS]

  he's the most important thing it's not like Apple has cut their R&D recently [TS]

  you know they've always been a relatively low spend on RD compared to [TS]

  their competitors but he considered like it's been like this for years and [TS]

  they've come up with products like the iPhone and the iPad and the iPod [TS]

  you know why I don't know what you can say to somebody you know there's I guess [TS]

  there's two groups there's a big group who are saying hey Apple hasn't [TS]

  innovated [TS]

  since Steve Jobs died because they haven't come out with a radical new [TS]

  product in the last 18 months or so if you wanna hook if you want to believe [TS]

  that you can believe it because there's no way to disprove it comes out with [TS]

  something now but if you want to argue that Apple has never come up with [TS]

  anything innovative I mean I don't even know where do you even start a rational [TS]

  argument with somebody like and it's always a double standard because the [TS]

  type of innovation that they talk about what they're talking about Apple is [TS]

  products that completely remake markets whereas with the day talk about Samsung [TS]

  is like bigger screens right they've got bigger things which is something but [TS]

  it's not it's not nearly at the level of coming up with the iPhone a lot of [TS]

  people seem like like to point out as sort of Apple wasn't the first to like [TS]

  you know the iPod wasn't the first P three players there were all sorts of [TS]

  other ones you know the iPhone wasn't the first smartphone there was a [TS]

  smartphone with the browser and apps from you know BlackBerry and Nokia [TS]

  before that and they're not and and you know like the Galaxy gear what Apple has [TS]

  never made a SmartWatch [TS]

  Samsung has shipped a SmartWatch before Apple you know the racism to make the [TS]

  first 10 the races to make the first good one which is where Apple tends to [TS]

  you know you know that's that's what Apple does you know so no the iPod [TS]

  wasn't the first mp3 player but it was the first really good one or even if you [TS]

  thought it was so good that it made what you thought was good before all of a [TS]

  sudden not Microsoft made tablets for years but well they did they ship to [TS]

  ship windows on and it pushed him to write that you know that they they were [TS]

  pushing tablet computing for over a decade before the iPad appeared so in a [TS]

  sense they were literally dozens of people were really into it [TS]

  innocence they were right you know that it was it was it is we now can tell it [TS]

  is a good form factor but you know you don't get points for being right but not [TS]

  making it for you whatever point you do get don't you know they don't they don't [TS]

  have any cash value yeah not redeemable in the hole and a whole year sales [TS]

  figures [TS]

  yeah well we can which could wrap up with that which were widely reported is [TS]

  what I think Samsung was saying 800,000 well it was first first there was a [TS]

  report in the business Korea Korea business arm some cream business website [TS]

  published without was an unnamed source but claimed to be informed that they've [TS]

  only sold fifty thousand of them so far to consumers which as you know is not a [TS]

  lot is actually very close to zero and then the next day [TS]

  Samsung executives put out a statement and gave it to Reuters and said that [TS]

  they had sold 800,000 of them which would be a pretty good number cuz you [TS]

  know they're getting close to a million and a million for like a new product is [TS]

  pretty good you know like I didn't the iPhone [TS]

  million in the first year was a ten million in the first I think they wanted [TS]

  ten million in the first year or ten million in the first eighteen months or [TS]

  so yeah yeah because it was through so they sold a million pretty but you know [TS]

  I million wouldn't be bad for Galaxy gear especially compared to how poorly [TS]

  it's been reviewed across the board but then it later in the day that got [TS]

  clarified as one of those shipped what do you mean by soulshifters sold to him [TS]

  yeah and they and they clarified that all they were shipped to resellers so [TS]

  it's possible that both are true that they have shipped 800,000 Galaxy girl [TS]

  watches to resellers but that only fifty thousand of them have been actually sold [TS]

  to customers and there was another report too few weeks ago [TS]

  go that I like it best buy or something like that [TS]

  30 percent of all the gears that were sold return turned because it's garbage [TS]

  have you seen one and I i take it I'm not a retail expert no not in person [TS]

  yeah I haven't either lay hands on things as Best Buy did I think there's a [TS]

  Best Buy going in those places [TS]

  yeah it's just it's a desperation when the worst part is the I guess I would [TS]

  have avoided because maybe you can't then maybe they won't even let you to [TS]

  walk out the door anymore the worst is when you when you check out if you see [TS]

  out the door to where you have to buy something they might make you walk [TS]

  through there's it's [TS]

  yeah I like like a gauntlet that it set up like a carnival you know when you go [TS]

  through the funhouse you can't just go to a register and check out you have to [TS]

  go through this gauntlet where they're bombarding you with candy candy and [TS]

  stuff and [TS]

  stuff and [TS]

  gift cards and just all of the worst crap in the universe and that I guess [TS]

  you know because of 5 percent of the people who walk through pick up one of [TS]

  them they make everybody do it but it makes you feel dirty yeah this is really [TS]

  gross retail experience their experience anyway I guess that's only place I can [TS]

  think of right [TS]

  ya see one which is probably at which is what exactly why I'm done it is opposed [TS]

  to psych I went up to when when Microsoft ship the surface I went up [TS]

  instant line and and that was that was a well other than the fact that they were [TS]

  holding people at the door once the doors actually opened and only living [TS]

  like a small handful in the time being in the Microsoft Store was a nice [TS]

  experience I had a good experience anyway and and like they were to me very [TS]

  good about just coming up in and see if you need help and if you didn't need any [TS]

  help just want to play with it or just ask question to answer the question but [TS]

  then they let alone so like that kind of tech industry experience is kind of like [TS]

  getting used to know don't want to what the other one there's rumors that Google [TS]

  is why I don't know about a full-time store but there were rumors that they [TS]

  were gonna have a store on a barge in a couple of cities like to take a [TS]

  mysterious Google red boat in San Francisco I can harbor and that they [TS]

  were at least a handful of cities around the world they're gonna have like [TS]

  temporary stores for I guess Chromebooks Android phones and stuff and i know i [TS]

  mean we can my easy to make fun of Microsoft copying the Apple Store but in [TS]

  a way you know it's like with any kind of innovation the first ones the [TS]

  original the second one is a copy and then with the third one it's always [TS]

  sunny [TS]

  and so it's hard to be the second one Because you gonna be accused of copying [TS]

  but it's actually not a it's it's it's such a great store and its so [TS]

  successfully it's you know it's obvious you know her [TS]

  retail square foot it's the most successful retail operation in the world [TS]

  Apple stores so it obviously works for Apple but as a customer it's it's nice [TS]

  it's like the nicest computer store I've ever been in only put the biggest [TS]

  problem with that is always only that it that there to crowd right and I don't [TS]

  know how well it wasn't certainly not working as well for Microsoft and and [TS]

  it's also kinda weird that they're selling the hardware that they sell [TS]

  released now is mostly other people's hardware so you go in and there's that [TS]

  row of ultrabooks that ultimately the MacBook Air and then there's some [TS]

  services and Xboxes yeah the problem isn't that their stores are good the [TS]

  problem is that their products don't attract people I think I really AM joke [TS]

  I really mean it that that it's really you know we could do a whole show on [TS]

  what's what's really what's happened to Microsoft but you know that they've [TS]

  somehow you know they took their eye off the ball and got behind where nobody's [TS]

  really excited by their stuff [TS]

  nobody's really excited by Windows Phone even though it's kind of interesting [TS]

  there's such a lack of clarity to the PC lineup you know where you said you go to [TS]

  this Ultrabook table and you know there's one from Dell and one from [TS]

  Lenovo and one from HP and all kind of equivalent and it makes you know it [TS]

  lacks clarity in all a part of what makes the Apple store and buying if your [TS]

  dad once you've committed I'm gonna be a Mac user it's so much easier to just [TS]

  decide what to buy you know you do have some decisions you know and you have to [TS]

  think do I want the MacBook Pro don't want the MacBook Air once you decide you [TS]

  know I just want something light I don't really care about right now you know I [TS]

  just want something lightweight when you know you want the air and then you're [TS]

  just down to 11 or 13 inch and then you know where it is [TS]

  going in and thinking even if you know I want like 13 inch hair type laptop but I [TS]

  wanted with Windows now you've got it you know somehow to somehow make the [TS]

  decision between Toshiba Lenovo and HP and you know how do you make that [TS]

  decision and I don't even know how I think it makes it harder on the sales [TS]

  people too because you know you go to the Apple store they'll give you honest [TS]

  advice because they're all Apple products like how does somebody in the [TS]

  Microsoft Store tell you to choose Lenovo over Toshiba I don't know I guess [TS]

  they can I read something a while ago [TS]

  couple weeks ago or something like that about how I think it strange that [TS]

  Microsoft's right now they don't really have it's like they don't have a CEO [TS]

  really bummer can make real decisions at least not without their boards very [TS]

  close approval and even the board is kind of influx and yet stocks still [TS]

  seems to to go up and maybe maybe that's just because people over still consensus [TS]

  was that Ballmer news ago and so you know he's going so that their future is [TS]

  better but still it's a very strange thing with the fact that they have [TS]

  nobody really leading the company as a strong leader right now is lame duck and [TS]

  everybody seems to be fine with the right and it's interesting to me that [TS]

  they're still making decisions and you know like so the note the Nokia [TS]

  acquisition that wasn't that after it was after it was announced the bomber [TS]

  was stepping down I think so right I think it was before there was a pretty [TS]

  sure that was before but they did the they did they got rid of stack ranking [TS]

  right and that is a big deal we could do all show on you know but it just seems [TS]

  to me like these are decisions that you know wouldn't you want the new CEO to be [TS]

  behind them I mean it seems everybody seems to agree that getting rid of stack [TS]

  ranking is a good idea [TS]

  but it's you know it's a big company change you know stake in and you know me [TS]

  think that maybe that was his that was bombers thing yeah and well let's get [TS]

  rid of this but it just seems weird to add another whole idea of a transition [TS]

  like this is just unusual you know usually guys get if its planned then [TS]

  there's a named successor you know and you know I got a perfect example of that [TS]

  we're obviously they were ready you know when when when steve Jobs was no longer [TS]

  able to know exactly what his letter said I always said if I was unable to do [TS]

  it I wouldn't and now I'm unable to do it and so I'm not gonna you know I'm no [TS]

  longer CEO have recommended to the board they hired him look like an hour later [TS]

  the board named Tim folksy you know ready to go and then there's other cases [TS]

  where you know something happens the board pacifier the CEO you know yahoo [TS]

  has gone through a couple of those remember they had the guy with the fake [TS]

  credentials you like made up all his stuff and I have never in my college and [TS]

  had a fire but then you know it did you know and it's not planned at all but [TS]

  then they quickly you know you know that's like when the board earns its [TS]

  money you know they they quickly you know put it together a list of [TS]

  successors and name one and then the new one can do CEO comes in and starts [TS]

  running the show like this sort of even if it's just a months-long you know it [TS]

  it's just a weird transition for a company to go through you know like when [TS]

  I don't feel like I see the the sort of Olympic level stupidity and suggestions [TS]

  that what Microsoft should do that Apple guy when Apple was down in the you know [TS]

  was having trouble or even now I mean they still get ridiculing me all these [TS]

  people write these some of the stupidest crap you can believe [TS]

  and nobody says you know nobody says it was just it was just back in 2006 the [TS]

  gardener was suggesting Apple get out of the hardware business and nobody says [TS]

  Microsoft should buy HP and by their hardware business and stop licensing [TS]

  windows which I don't even know they could do that but you just don't it's [TS]

  just sort of maddening as an apple for you to put up with all that crap for [TS]

  years and now they're everyone's just fine but it just does speak though to [TS]

  what a unique weird situation Microsoft because they're the thing is is there [TS]

  still very very profitable their revenues up i mean you know that you [TS]

  know this is if Ballmer defenders you know can rightly say that you know under [TS]

  his leadership revenue and profits both way up and because of that you can't you [TS]

  know he's not really fired you know and there is you know it's obviously based [TS]

  on his side of the story at least partially there is a story in the [TS]

  journal about how this came to be you know and I guess it seems to have been a [TS]

  sort of mutual decision the board was sort of pushing him but didn't fire you [TS]

  nobody kind of like I guess took the hand and has decided you know the time [TS]

  has come for somebody else to come in and I think maybe you know it was an [TS]

  actual realization that he can see that the company needs a new direction and it [TS]

  the direction they're going as his direction you know he he doesn't see [TS]

  what their new direction is so he sees that the company needs a new leader but [TS]

  it's just weird because they're so successful that they can't just yank him [TS]

  and put a new guy and I feel like maybe the board doesn't know what that new [TS]

  direction is you know it's a very unique I can't think of any similar leadership [TS]

  transition I don't know I just seems like there's so much room for for [TS]

  failure here [TS]

  yeah definitely and I think that it could I know oMG sealers said this [TS]

  before he was the first one to point out where they're at their seats CFO step [TS]

  town like six seven months ago and who better whose crews who is looking the [TS]

  most ahead to like the coming financial results [TS]

  you know not just in the next quarter but you know the year two years down the [TS]

  road then the CFO and you see it I could you know who knows maybe Windows PC [TS]

  sales compared to tablets and other mobile devices will keep suddenly moving [TS]

  downhill you know but just can't help but guess though that this sort of thing [TS]

  once that starts going down I mentioned this before it's like I think it's [TS]

  hemingway line about going bankrupt like how do you go bankrupt two ways first [TS]

  slowly then quickly something like that I did that but I remember but is it like [TS]

  that you know you you that's just how it happens it often happens is used you [TS]

  know started going downhill slowly and then all the sudden you're going [TS]

  downhill quickly and I don't know you know if that happens that could be real [TS]

  ugly you know where if the whatever new initiatives that the new CEO brings in [TS]

  the Microsoft having taken root yet but Windows and Office profits and revenues [TS]

  suddenly really go down it can get real ugly to me this is this is really the [TS]

  most I know to me is this one of the most fascinating subjects and technology [TS]

  right now Microsoft yeah yeah definitely says it's it's so who knows what they're [TS]

  going to do right i mean it's a you know Apple is almost it's predictable you [TS]

  know what is Apple going to do i mean we can be excited you know that they keep [TS]

  hinting at new product categories so we don't know what they are [TS]

  will be excited by you know to learn what the actual products are but you [TS]

  know you know what they're going to do the gonna make new iPhones new iPads [TS]

  MacBooks and [TS]

  and unveil some kind of new thing you know next year whereas Microsoft you [TS]

  really have no idea what they're gonna do you know they're going to try and [TS]

  re-invigorate the OEM model of windows are they going to go all in on like the [TS]

  forget about this OEM stuff we're gonna make our own hardware and some guy from [TS]

  for gonna be able to lead then I you know a couple people wrote to me and [TS]

  said that you know that he could be you know they used to be a Boeing he does [TS]

  have an engineering background you know somebody else's I've seen other [TS]

  speculation that if it's this Mulally who's now at Ford was a Boeing that it [TS]

  could be more of a day hehe 67 has been the CEO of boeing is now CEO of Ford is [TS]

  obviously he's 67 he's obviously not wouldn't be a long term candidate you [TS]

  know they're not hitting him to be there for the next twenty years that he would [TS]

  be there that they might maybe they have somebody in mind you know something they [TS]

  need a few years to get there right like you know and you know he'll be the the [TS]

  person who they really have in mind will be the number to Mulally while he shows [TS]

  how to be a CEO and you know teaches you know certain things like that [TS]

  Marcoola just waking go wrong what about what is the German guy at Apple spindler [TS]

  yeah spindler I don't know maybe Microsoft [TS]

  he said he's available [TS]

  all right let's call it a shot narrates thank you john thank you [TS]