The Incomparable

321: Purgatoy Box


  the incomparable no 321 October 2060 [TS]

  what about everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable on your host Jason snow [TS]

  we're here to take another tour through [TS]

  a Pixar movie we're finishing up until [TS]

  they release another one next year the [TS]

  Toy Story series with 2010 toy story 3 [TS]

  it came 11 years after the previous toy [TS]

  story movie [TS]

  sometimes you might call this like a [TS]

  late sequel like you're Indiana Jones [TS]

  and the whatever that was the skull [TS]

  that's got aliens in it [TS]

  I don't know what it's called anyway [TS]

  it's it but it's not bad like that one [TS]

  anyway to talk about this [TS]

  Pixar sequel three cool if you will I [TS]

  haven't joined by the following [TS]

  wonderful people David floor [TS]

  hello hello there there's a picture of a [TS]

  monkey on my screen who could that be [TS]

  oh it's Merlin Mann hi Merlin name right [TS]

  woodlot so does Tiffany are mint is here [TS]

  hello hi get the tortilla and Steve [TS]

  what's uh have a good evening Jason no [TS]

  owners means no heartbreaking and John [TS]

  siracusa I can't wait to discover my [TS]

  spanish mode during this body is no no [TS]

  mm let's say anything there's gonna be [TS]

  another toy story movie there cannot [TS]

  possibly be more stories to be told in [TS]

  the toy story universe is something i [TS]

  said in 2008 yeah uh-huh just keep [TS]

  making new kids the toy stay the same [TS]

  age right all right all right now you go [TS]

  tomorrow on here to get my references [TS]

  alright so toy story 3 they got the band [TS]

  back together to make a to make another [TS]

  movie and I'm wondering before i get [TS]

  into just sort of walking us through the [TS]

  plot so we can talk about what happens [TS]

  in this movie anybody have any initial [TS]

  thoughts opening statements or the like [TS]

  that they'd like to share with us now [TS]

  can we just start crying [TS]

  yes we can just start crying now that's [TS]

  gonna get you cry all the way through if [TS]

  you want you can get a woman trying [TS]

  that's what crying right it's tough i [TS]

  actually I bought this on blu-ray and [TS]

  then didn't watch it for a long long [TS]

  time because I just I didn't have the [TS]

  emotional fortitude I felt to go put [TS]

  myself through that again because I [TS]

  remember so very clearly some of the [TS]

  stuff that happens at the end of the [TS]

  movie and so I forgotten some of the [TS]

  delightful stuff that happens at the [TS]

  beginning of the movie [TS]

  yeah I only watched it once in the [TS]

  theater and then [TS]

  and watched it a couple of times for [TS]

  this podcast and was surprised that i [TS]

  didn't find it quite so heart-rending [TS]

  this time I guess to being unprepared [TS]

  for it is kind of what killed me that [TS]

  the end in the original viewing we have [TS]

  a four-year-old at home so he likes to [TS]

  watch things over and over and over and [TS]

  over so i probably have seen this movie [TS]

  I don't know 70 80 times now and it [TS]

  definitely gets easier dealing with it [TS]

  but what I had to sit down by myself and [TS]

  watch it for the podcast and actually [TS]

  pay attention and write some notes down [TS]

  yeah I cried like a baby so it doesn't [TS]

  get any better [TS]

  it's like the on opening weekend my [TS]

  youngest was was five and the older one [TS]

  was like I don't need to go see it [TS]

  ok so i take i take the youngest one and [TS]

  we go see the matinee and of course I'm [TS]

  not prepared for it i don't know what's [TS]

  gonna happen and and each level of the [TS]

  story you know just kept hitting me like [TS]

  a ton of bricks so by the end of the [TS]

  movie i mean you know i will get into [TS]

  all that later but i am just a Miss and [TS]

  and through the credits the credits are [TS]

  fun to sort of let you calm down and [TS]

  stop the ugly crying because i don't i [TS]

  don't cry at movies and i'm ugly crying [TS]

  through this and and we get home and the [TS]

  older one says how was it so i was [TS]

  really good and it made me cry goes can [TS]

  I go see it now and so am i literally no [TS]

  you cannot I I got back in the car and [TS]

  took him to see the next show that was [TS]

  available and of course it was even [TS]

  worse because now I know what's gonna [TS]

  was coming and and i had i still have [TS]

  not had you know days and weeks to [TS]

  process all this and so now i'm just a [TS]

  complete wreck by the end of the movie [TS]

  and I look over and I didn't realize [TS]

  this my partner in theater was across [TS]

  the theater from us and I look over at [TS]

  the end of movie and he looks over and [TS]

  sees me really hey you're a mess too [TS]

  awesome and our kids are just like hey [TS]

  that was great [TS]

  sad high five yeah the I actually that [TS]

  there's one big crying moment that's the [TS]

  reason that I didn't want to go back and [TS]

  revisit this for a while that at [TS]

  i I'm actually with Steve I didn't find [TS]

  as quite as a tier inducing but then you [TS]

  know after that there's more and that [TS]

  got me so you know it's pics are they [TS]

  talk they told us with that Jesse song [TS]

  that you're going to crime pixar movies [TS]

  and and it just is gonna happen because [TS]

  it's there's a different character to [TS]

  the the crying stuff in this movie in [TS]

  that is kind of like a happy thing as [TS]

  opposed to a heartbreaking thing started [TS]

  to the jesse seen toy story 2 still just [TS]

  kills me i could watch that over and [TS]

  over again every time I ball and this [TS]

  I've kind of made my peace with it i [TS]

  think at this point yeah I had two funny [TS]

  reactions on this is this along with day [TS]

  of the doctor are my two guaranteed [TS]

  ugly-cry watchings two things were like [TS]

  it's amazing to me how many times I can [TS]

  watch the doctor and they're still like [TS]

  three times I ball during that and to [TS]

  didn't hear this is and this time the [TS]

  only time I really the end a well you [TS]

  know my cowboy that's that to me that [TS]

  dad was gonna get me every single time [TS]

  what surprised me this time I can't [TS]

  decide how much of a bad person this [TS]

  makes me i am reminded how much i love i [TS]

  guess the second act of this the [TS]

  set-piece so you have in the middle of [TS]

  this and I know I know what I'm sure [TS]

  we'll talk about it but up a tooth I [TS]

  mean did this time I really I really [TS]

  because I felt a little more I had lots [TS]

  of other things I was crying about in [TS]

  America today so this wasn't so bad but [TS]

  the but the set-pieces involving [TS]

  especially getting briefed by the [TS]

  telephone was so so great but the other [TS]

  one that one that was unexpectedly funny [TS]

  triangle go back and watch it without [TS]

  the sound go watch the the sequence [TS]

  where they're talking about Daisy [TS]

  leaving them behind and it's it's very [TS]

  very funny [TS]

  I mean it's sad that it's very there's [TS]

  something extremely funny about it to [TS]

  them sitting on the fender constructing [TS]

  away and I don't know I I maybe I'm just [TS]

  having a weird week but that was [TS]

  unexpectedly funny to me that if you go [TS]

  back and watch it with the sound it's [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  so let's uh let's get started with our [TS]

  initial sequence just as we had a sort [TS]

  of a sci-fi battle at the beginning of [TS]

  toy story 2 that was like whoa what [TS]

  going on and it was inside a video game [TS]

  here what we get is something that's a [TS]

  little bit different it is basically [TS]

  Andy's imagination of him using all of [TS]

  his characters to have this this train [TS]

  heist to give woody his own genre for [TS]

  once but what we're really seeing is not [TS]

  a video game or a movie or something but [TS]

  we're seeing Andy's imagination and it's [TS]

  a fun little Western scene that happens [TS]

  which integrates increasingly weird [TS]

  things until it does get sci-fi because [TS]

  you've got aliens and Buzz and so you [TS]

  have to have it eventually and this is [TS]

  our last moment with the old toy story [TS]

  with young Andy and as soon as it's over [TS]

  we are we are in grown-up Andy and [TS]

  that's when the movie begins and he's [TS]

  going off to college but we got that we [TS]

  get that fuckin that last little moment [TS]

  of of inspiration from from what we [TS]

  expect from sort of the original to [TS]

  stream movies starting again we bear [TS]

  witness to the horrible destructive [TS]

  power of barrel monkeys we saw them tear [TS]

  somebody live from in the previous [TS]

  previous episode I I wonder what [TS]

  happened in in his early years to Andy [TS]

  with a monkey that caused him to [TS]

  consider monkeys these terrible lesson [TS]

  so many Marcus's for John Lasseter that [TS]

  could be i might be reading too much [TS]

  into this but wasn't it [TS]

  student track somewhat closely to the [TS]

  play that Andy is doing at the beginning [TS]

  of choice the first toy story is [TS]

  negative this salary [TS]

  yes i want to point that out totally [TS]

  does yep even workshop money money money [TS]

  money yeah LOL doctor porn shop right [TS]

  but this is the production values are [TS]

  much much greater now because we've got [TS]

  the the bridge blowing up and you know [TS]

  that there's a lot of lots of action [TS]

  movie stuff that gets that we get to see [TS]

  right because we're seeing through his [TS]

  imagination is just mirrors ham wearing [TS]

  the odd-job hat now it's totally yeah [TS]

  he's wearing a porkpie hat you know [TS]

  dad this movie uh it's not a dad jokes [TS]

  on me I don't make the movie way to kill [TS]

  the episode yeah good yeah yeah you did [TS]

  it [TS]

  it's the life away 22 um I think it's [TS]

  into it and remembering what we know [TS]

  about these toy story movies before we [TS]

  get that moment where suddenly and he is [TS]

  getting ready to go to college and he's [TS]

  cleaning up his room we get the whole [TS]

  there's a that they make the transition [TS]

  they play you got a friend in me and [TS]

  then we'll get to the line and as the [TS]

  years go by [TS]

  that's when the transition happens our [TS]

  friendship will never die is the last [TS]

  thing we hear and the song cuts off and [TS]

  that line echoes on the screen goes [TS]

  black and that's what you're in for [TS]

  folks and we have like a big there's a [TS]

  big montage of him growing up that Lone [TS]

  Ranger Andy through the years montage [TS]

  yeah it which is pretty great i mean i [TS]

  love that he's first of all the nicest [TS]

  kid ever because he left his sister come [TS]

  in and he's like oh don't worry she just [TS]

  totally destroyed all my stumble [TS]

  integrate her into the story like one [TS]

  kid does that it was amazing because [TS]

  Andy's the best kid ever and i thought [TS]

  it was super cute he's measuring all his [TS]

  toys on the door and actually my brother [TS]

  did that so that's not too far-fetched [TS]

  you totally measured his toys and yeah [TS]

  they show like all these little cute [TS]

  sequences they're eating popcorn [TS]

  together you know all the love is there [TS]

  I love that popcorn bit where the piece [TS]

  of popcorn gets put in Rex's mouth while [TS]

  they're watching what is presumably a [TS]

  monster movie [TS]

  oh yeah describe the scary part the [TS]

  popcorn falls out right and of course [TS]

  that's just physics to people who don't [TS]

  understand that the toys are alive but [TS]

  we understand that Rex just coughed up a [TS]

  chunk of popcorn i also like that in the [TS]

  years as the years go by andys Andy's [TS]

  model has finally become less terrifying [TS]

  and off-putting anymore just looks like [TS]

  an apple kid [TS]

  yeah the show all the humans not from [TS]

  like a muppet babies angle anymore [TS]

  because I like you know what we can do [TS]

  faces and they won't scare you hear that [TS]

  we couldn't do that much for the mom [TS]

  more than you couldn't do much for the [TS]

  mom because the mom is is the embodiment [TS]

  of evil and so he has to look that as we [TS]

  discussed you I think I think she's [TS]

  definitely a monster and in this one I [TS]

  think she gets kind of past I think that [TS]

  the you know shame shame shame on pixar [TS]

  shame only uncle [TS]

  she actually the modest repast she [TS]

  creates the the terrible she takes the [TS]

  bag of toys that's destined for the [TS]

  attic and a lot of guys a lot of garbage [TS]

  have been playing and she is a throw [TS]

  them in the garbage if you need to get [TS]

  rid of a body you would want some [TS]

  garbage bags i'm just saying let's talk [TS]

  about that whole premise for a serious [TS]

  dad where's dad Steve to have a sense of [TS]

  where data is andy's I I know where dad [TS]

  is he's under the old house [TS]

  oh yeah in the crawlspace dunno he's [TS]

  going to John Wayne Gacy seller and he's [TS]

  on his way to college right he's getting [TS]

  ready to go to college [TS]

  his mom is making him put his whole room [TS]

  on mothballs right here either gotta [TS]

  throw everything in his room out or he's [TS]

  gotta stick it in the Attic she cannot [TS]

  wait to get rid of that kid just like [TS]

  she got rid of dad doesn't matter her if [TS]

  he needs to come back into his laundry [TS]

  or college doesn't go so good or he has [TS]

  nowhere to stay on his break see I just [TS]

  thought she wanted a crafting room man [TS]

  what're your God is getting the room [TS]

  right as his sister's getting the room [TS]

  because she wants on his still got a [TS]

  room but then then mom will have the [TS]

  sisters room as a crafting right but you [TS]

  like the crafting room like as soon as [TS]

  the kid moves out you wait until he's [TS]

  gone through college and got himself [TS]

  settled maybe that's what your parents [TS]

  that she's pushing what did anybody here [TS]

  have an evil mannequin mom like that [TS]

  like Andy's mom that forced that just [TS]

  decimated their room a taurus under as [TS]

  you were leaving to go to go to college [TS]

  which was already a touchy time know in [TS]

  my experience it it's a few years later [TS]

  when your parents call you and say you [TS]

  know that a lot of boxes here and we [TS]

  don't want them here anymore [TS]

  what are you gonna do about it but it [TS]

  takes awhile they don't do it right when [TS]

  you're leaving for school because they [TS]

  want to induce you to come back and [TS]

  visit at that point they can't get over [TS]

  there not ready to let you go [TS]

  oh god you're right Steve she is a [TS]

  monster no I don't want to be on her [TS]

  side [TS]

  so she's terrible i and yeah and and and [TS]

  then there's the scene a little bit [TS]

  later where she comes upon the toys [TS]

  waiting right at the base of the attic [TS]

  stairs [TS]

  naturally you you've given the kid the [TS]

  option between the stairs and the trash [TS]

  the bag is at the bottom of the trapdoor [TS]

  leading up to the stairs and resumption [TS]

  is right to the trash [TS]

  yeah well that's the weakness of this [TS]

  spot [TS]

  the setup of this movie and I was [TS]

  watching i was like huh [TS]

  you know I realize this entire movie is [TS]

  one of those misunderstanding base plots [TS]

  and misunderstanding based pots are not [TS]

  the greatest thing where like to kick [TS]

  things off you need a simple [TS]

  misunderstanding that would be cleared [TS]

  up luckily that's not really the heart [TS]

  of the movie and you don't spend the [TS]

  whole time going why are all these [TS]

  people just talking the results [TS]

  misunderstanding but it is kind of it's [TS]

  a big no-no they spend so much time on [TS]

  story and figure out how they have so [TS]

  such strong bones here in terms of the [TS]

  kids older one of the beginning about [TS]

  the toys like its natural progression [TS]

  from the first two movies and it still [TS]

  has to be a misunderstanding based thing [TS]

  where once again people think you know [TS]

  already doesn't love it anymore but [TS]

  actually he does always sending us away [TS]

  but no you're on the attic oh we don't [TS]

  believe what he but what he's telling [TS]

  the truth but we've seen all those [TS]

  things in the movies before [TS]

  luckily it moves on from that pretty [TS]

  quickly and gets into the whole prison [TS]

  escape thing and then the end of the [TS]

  movie but it's a small thing in the [TS]

  grand scheme of things but yeah you like [TS]

  as strong as their story team as they [TS]

  could have come up with something a [TS]

  little better right you just needed [TS]

  something anything to get things going [TS]

  but like I'm but at this point I'm kind [TS]

  of I don't like seeing people not [TS]

  believe would be anymore because every [TS]

  movie has everything himself like listen [TS]

  to woody my kind of right now baby was [TS]

  gonna put you in the Attic don't believe [TS]

  what he never tells the truth now when [TS]

  the very first thing he does say we're [TS]

  nobody's getting thrown away and they [TS]

  you know i'm not sure he really should [TS]

  be that confident about it and I think [TS]

  he even sort of says really what am I [TS]

  supposed to say about it like he's [TS]

  trying to give him a pep talk [TS]

  so you know i'm not sure you can a [TS]

  hundred percent trustworthy but he's got [TS]

  their best interests at heart [TS]

  yeah but bus knows the score I mean he [TS]

  told he tells buzz he doesn't nourish [TS]

  right there co-parenting I mean they've [TS]

  all been there he knows there's no [TS]

  guarantee and yet buzz right along with [TS]

  the rest of them decides now let's hop [TS]

  in the Box on the way to the daycare we [TS]

  don't we don't buy this whole thing is [TS]

  going to put in the Attic that was the [TS]

  first move in the movie that sort of hit [TS]

  one of those little tumblers and in the [TS]

  safe in my head because when i was [TS]

  little i did have a small bag of toys [TS]

  that my grandfather accidentally thrown [TS]

  out with the trash because he thought it [TS]

  was trash so it's sort of like this ring [TS]

  is completely true to me [TS]

  yeah I like awesome toys that my parents [TS]

  tossed that that you know I don't know [TS]

  why it happened but they were not nice [TS]

  to be Austin they just were cleaning [TS]

  up something and I was messianic Lee and [TS]

  they got I i would say i think the story [TS]

  team made a decision which is they [TS]

  didn't want to paint & E as a kid [TS]

  because we know these toys and we love [TS]

  them they can't have Andy do what he [TS]

  probably would have done which is say [TS]

  maybe not throw them out but say let's [TS]

  just give these away send these to the [TS]

  sentence to the preschool or wherever [TS]

  because i don't want these i'm only [TS]

  going to keep my tues toys that I that I [TS]

  love buzz and woody and they didn't want [TS]

  him to do that they didn't want him to [TS]

  to be the the kid who would who would [TS]

  get rid of those toys so they had to [TS]

  make this misunderstanding [TS]

  instead I'm oh I was I was gonna say [TS]

  when they're talking about getting [TS]

  thrown away I like that there's a moment [TS]

  in there that is a nod to the [TS]

  sensitivity about what happened to Jesse [TS]

  that i read in there which like we all [TS]

  know that Jesse's already gone through [TS]

  this and had like a little moment of [TS]

  like we know [TS]

  yes it well and they did they like [TS]

  checked in with her do you like you okay [TS]

  you okay the Attic it'll be okay little [TS]

  sensitivity for Jesse that choice that [TS]

  Andy make something he does eventually [TS]

  make it but he has to get to it and if [TS]

  he if that were the trace at the [TS]

  beginning of the movie where is the [TS]

  ending where's that right shift for him [TS]

  so I i get it i have to think that this [TS]

  that this story is in part a product of [TS]

  the people who made toy story talking [TS]

  about the ramifications of the world [TS]

  they built over a decade because write a [TS]

  lot of this really is like okay we said [TS]

  that the point of being a toy is to be [TS]

  played with like what happens when he [TS]

  grows up to those toys are they do they [TS]

  just go to the incinerator happy in the [TS]

  knowledge that they lived a good life [TS]

  playing with a kid and now they're done [TS]

  do they get handed off to another kid [TS]

  and what happens if they could put in [TS]

  the Attic because we already explained [TS]

  with the old prospector that not being [TS]

  played with is this terrible thing and [TS]

  so you know trying to work through all [TS]

  of that and when they discuss the Attic [TS]

  they sort of say well it'll be warm up [TS]

  there and there's Christmas ornaments up [TS]

  if you can hear me great right when it's [TS]

  alive by the way but they're gonna watch [TS]

  from the reason is box i think that's [TS]

  the implication is that they are and [TS]

  they're not particularly liked by the [TS]

  toys there darling another place from [TS]

  there tree there troglodytes up in the [TS]

  attic [TS]

  yeah there's that old TV up there so [TS]

  they can watch some TV and I think [TS]

  that's really interesting because [TS]

  they're trying to say like well it's not [TS]

  like they're going to be sentenced to do [TS]

  me they're gonna just be waiting and [TS]

  they say like but and [TS]

  maybe Andy will keep us and then he will [TS]

  come back home and play with us or maybe [TS]

  his kids will play with us and that's [TS]

  their kind of like long-term hope I'm [TS]

  not sure that's realistic but I didn't [TS]

  really get the sense like this seems to [TS]

  be a story written by people who really [TS]

  had time to kind of throw around ideas [TS]

  about what it means that they wrote [TS]

  those other movies and where does the [TS]

  story lead from there and I in this [TS]

  whole part III was I was thinking about [TS]

  that [TS]

  let me take a break to tell you about [TS]

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  thing I want to ask all of you is what [TS]

  do you think Andy's rooms toys [TS]

  relationship with the toys in the [TS]

  sisters room are because presumably the [TS]

  sister toys are alive and Barbie crosses [TS]

  over right but presumably there's a [TS]

  whole other toy story world happening [TS]

  over there and are they like the US and [TS]

  canada or something where they have some [TS]

  limited interaction or what is because [TS]

  there's a war we played all together [TS]

  because when they had that staff meeting [TS]

  it was it was pretty like you know like [TS]

  that many people left for the staff [TS]

  meeting [TS]

  yeah so have we just numbers don't have [TS]

  much problem going from room to room as [TS]

  long as the price is empty so I suspect [TS]

  when things are empty they just cruise [TS]

  over and mingle [TS]

  I was a little surprised that we didn't [TS]

  get a moment where like the sisters toys [TS]

  were there and I i guess because it's [TS]

  you have to build all the models it [TS]

  would be kind of unrealistic to put that [TS]

  investment and have them just sort of [TS]

  like wave and say okay we gotta go back [TS]

  over to our side but I did feel Bridal [TS]

  team across the lake [TS]

  yeah because i kind of want i kinda [TS]

  wanted some of that [TS]

  and and I think barbie is what we got [TS]

  which is fine i'm usually the guy that [TS]

  likes to pick apart whether the cat [TS]

  stalking or not but I I given given up [TS]

  the casts in this one because i think [TS]

  the I mean I we have to get to this [TS]

  later but let's just say we talked about [TS]

  in toy story 2 you know the thing with [TS]

  jesse is I think hmm it's probably [TS]

  happened earlier but I feel like the [TS]

  flashback with Jesse in toy story 2 [TS]

  feels like one of the first really overt [TS]

  assertions that these toys are proxies [TS]

  for the parents and I think that really [TS]

  I'm haha this is the really obviously [TS]

  really stupid but they clearly that's [TS]

  what we're looking at in this so I gave [TS]

  him a pass on all the how did the [TS]

  fantasy world work more in the sense of [TS]

  like well what do we do now that we've [TS]

  fulfilled our whatever our prime [TS]

  directive as being Andy's toys [TS]

  well what happens now and so you're [TS]

  seeing those last scraps this is our [TS]

  last-ditch effort to make this happen [TS]

  we're gonna try this stuff with with the [TS]

  phone and you know is played out [TS]

  especially well i think by somebody like [TS]

  racks is like you know works we're just [TS]

  not getting we haven't played with in [TS]

  years and it really looks like we're [TS]

  just not gonna get played with again and [TS]

  that's not such a far leap to how you [TS]

  feel when you're your kids are [TS]

  increasingly growing up and you're [TS]

  saying well we're going off to college [TS]

  like in your having all these scraps [TS]

  Michael maybe they'll come home every [TS]

  Thanksgiving so that I I feel like [TS]

  that's that still is very affecting to [TS]

  me to touch on on the point of this [TS]

  being a kind of a kind arising from [TS]

  discussions among the story team about [TS]

  how things you know might continue on [TS]

  with the logical conclusion of the toys [TS]

  is a lot of trepidation I had when I [TS]

  heard they were making a toy story three [TS]

  was I felt like toy story 2 kind of left [TS]

  off in a good place like a buzz and [TS]

  woody were resigned to the fact that it [TS]

  wouldn't last forever but it was going [TS]

  to be cool while it lasted [TS]

  we didn't necessarily need to know you [TS]

  know that the sad truth of how they were [TS]

  going to end up which is probably in a [TS]

  dumpster somewhere unloved and meshing [TS]

  with rotten banana peels [TS]

  so my concern was you know i kinda like [TS]

  where that is and it worries me that [TS]

  there they feel like they have to [TS]

  continue with that and and I can't [TS]

  couldn't imagine a way that they could [TS]

  come up with a story that [TS]

  that would be satisfying in that respect [TS]

  and much to my surprise they did I mean [TS]

  this is a very well done way to sort of [TS]

  finish off the saga and I think that's [TS]

  probably one of the four me one of the [TS]

  biggest strength of this movie is that [TS]

  they managed to pull it off at all [TS]

  it's kind of an adventure sandwich [TS]

  because the first and third acts are are [TS]

  very emotional and have a lot of you [TS]

  know emotional story stuff but it's it's [TS]

  it's the great escape or what you know [TS]

  it's any of several classic movies in [TS]

  the middle and right and more and more [TS]

  appreciate how good in the same way that [TS]

  I think the incredibles is unimpeachable [TS]

  one of the great action movies i think [TS]

  this was I think this has some pretty [TS]

  terrific action great pacing throughout [TS]

  the Middle where you almost forget about [TS]

  the whole not forget about but now we're [TS]

  worried about the plight of these toys [TS]

  with the with the kids who you know [TS]

  stick stick potato parts in their nose [TS]

  and stuff like that it's almost like a [TS]

  great heights movie they just they only [TS]

  have synchronize watches and that's what [TS]

  makes it awesome [TS]

  now they do a little heist with the you [TS]

  know why the frog and all that but here [TS]

  you get into a half highest half prison [TS]

  for prison escape movie but that's you [TS]

  know that's what it is it's pretty great [TS]

  i almost feel like as as well done of a [TS]

  no Mirage to prison break movies is that [TS]

  is that almost for me is like the [TS]

  weakest part of the movie because it's [TS]

  so much fun oh Maj and I've seen these [TS]

  same story people come up with so many [TS]

  original ideas that to see them [TS]

  basically just take the familiar [TS]

  characters and drop them into somebody [TS]

  else's scenario is a little [TS]

  disappointing but it's so well done i [TS]

  mean i can't complain too much about it [TS]

  like Shawshank with toys right like I [TS]

  think it because it is such a [TS]

  transformation because it's not just [TS]

  like hey I'm going to make a heist movie [TS]

  and it's gonna be a mosh all my favorite [TS]

  heist movies like that but it's still [TS]

  gonna you know be realistic human world [TS]

  type thing this is so far off so [TS]

  transformative you know in the sort of [TS]

  like fair use sense or whatever that at [TS]

  it adds this level of absurdity that I [TS]

  give them a pass for every single much [TS]

  every single shot every single you know [TS]

  Fellini thing that they throw in there [TS]

  and top of all the heist movie stuff [TS]

  like because it is just it's just so [TS]

  absurd because it's a bunch of toys and [TS]

  they're in a daycare and it's not a [TS]

  prison and it's like you know I'm with [TS]

  marijuana setting that middle section it [TS]

  would read as kind of like yeah we get [TS]

  it you've seen a lot of it [TS]

  oh hi standard prison escape movies [TS]

  alright that's fine but having toys act [TS]

  all out and having just everything about [TS]

  it be twisted around like you know 720 [TS]

  degrees and it totally works for me that [TS]

  you know I just like every every single [TS]

  scene that you're not just appreciate [TS]

  what a clever all modules you're also [TS]

  appreciating how ridiculous it is that [TS]

  you know it's it's there in a daycare [TS]

  and they're all toys and the kids are [TS]

  monsters and by like it since i'm gonna [TS]

  see this movie not as many times and [TS]

  stuff but a lot now I just spend time [TS]

  looking at the background in the daycare [TS]

  and like having had two kids go through [TS]

  daycare you look at it you're like wow [TS]

  like they spent some time in daycare sex [TS]

  is a research trip for this instead of [TS]

  you know going into the ocean or [TS]

  shooting bows and arrows they just spent [TS]

  a lot of time in daycares it it's [TS]

  amazing and to have that be the backdrop [TS]

  for this middle section i agree that it [TS]

  kind of feels like three pieces like the [TS]

  beginning and then this prison break in [TS]

  the middle but just all I love all three [TS]

  pieces so i can I can't get mad at this [TS]

  movie ever like it just amazes me how [TS]

  well constructed is the moruach it the [TS]

  more I'm like god damn be made made [TS]

  three good movies [TS]

  I mean I i was sitting there the first [TS]

  time the the day I saw the twice and and [TS]

  thinking okay why is this in three [TS]

  pieces and and there i mean there is a [TS]

  very clear break between the sections [TS]

  they're very 33 very clear act and then [TS]

  the second time that night it hit me and [TS]

  and I've watched it I don't know dozens [TS]

  of times since then and it still works [TS]

  for me it's also it's not just a heist [TS]

  movie it's the divine comedy [TS]

  oh yeah right i've heard the Aerie yeah [TS]

  forget library and there's a certain [TS]

  purgatory and you know limbo they're not [TS]

  being played with purgatory box [TS]

  purgatory box below and that early early [TS]

  part in the the daycare center is you [TS]

  know it's a little bit since the [TS]

  beginnings of the rings of hell and then [TS]

  of course we have a literal inferno and [TS]

  eventually they wind up in Paradise [TS]

  which is a new a new place to play a new [TS]

  place [TS]

  I mean I want to get ahead and well and [TS]

  we'll get there momentarily the talk [TS]

  about the absurdity of it I what I would [TS]

  just say is the the brutal king of the [TS]

  prison yard is a strawberry scented [TS]

  teddy bear [TS]

  and the person that you have to get past [TS]

  in order to do your plan is a monkey [TS]

  with the little symbols that's those are [TS]

  the magnetic in virgil that's the [TS]

  absurdity of yeah it is beautiful yeah [TS]

  exactly so before we get there I wanted [TS]

  to mention the garbage truck there is a [TS]

  guy with the with the likes its shirt [TS]

  loading the truck is said the driver of [TS]

  the truck that's totally said alright [TS]

  that's it really [TS]

  and he's not the driver he's collecting [TS]

  use without in the back I guess it's [TS]

  like a Punisher shirt on [TS]

  no it's totally said he's the exact [TS]

  right age he's the same age as andy and [TS]

  he's like that he's like the intern you [TS]

  know it but they moved a long ways away [TS]

  from wheres it was that said follow Andy [TS]

  for some reason it's hard to find good [TS]

  work in the tri-county area he just [TS]

  happens to be the garden there just in [TS]

  the same town should have new versions [TS]

  of his old shirt that he had 11 years [TS]

  ago [TS]

  well yeah did Danny just move across [TS]

  town that's no happy child because that [TS]

  kind of ruins the whole idea that the [TS]

  toys would never be able to find Andy [TS]

  again after they moved well they were [TS]

  panicking so given that it's one line of [TS]

  dialogue you'll be fine at the very [TS]

  least it's certainly an odd to sit that [TS]

  he's wearing since shirt and it would be [TS]

  a job thats it could do being the [TS]

  garbage man it could be said they could [TS]

  totally see better things for Sid [TS]

  frankly but not that there's anything [TS]

  wrong with the garbage he's happy he's [TS]

  driving on sometime like it if its most [TS]

  to be said that the decency to make him [TS]

  how you know yesterday happy in his work [TS]

  is not just like miserable like oh I was [TS]

  mean and now my life is terribly seems [TS]

  to be having a good time i'm sure the [TS]

  people and found it he found a good spot [TS]

  for himself you know what I mean he [TS]

  found his knee [TS]

  well he's crushing thing i'm sure the [TS]

  Pizza Planet delivery truck driver is [TS]

  the garbage-truck driver to they're just [TS]

  working together now they're there [TS]

  they're the best garbage repeat the [TS]

  planet truck that they're riding on the [TS]

  writing on the yeah they are flashback [TS]

  yeah okay we just talked about how Andy [TS]

  knows Jesse and bull's-eyes name [TS]

  no it's the with the administrator he [TS]

  looked him up on ebay like whoa wait a [TS]

  minute these guys are really part of the [TS]

  whole woody gang I'm sure looked up at [TS]

  some point figured that yeah yeah one [TS]

  line and I'll see Steve what see the [TS]

  what it is is among the dead father's [TS]

  personal effects since we have already [TS]

  is a whole [TS]

  look about the history of Woody's [TS]

  roundup and so so he knows it from now [TS]

  his hat is totally Jesse's hat not what [TS]

  his hat and his hat [TS]

  I'm talking about right yeah huh Andy is [TS]

  the cowboy hat is jesse's hat not [TS]

  Woody's hat that's true [TS]

  yep yeah it's all the things the plastic [TS]

  what's going on [TS]

  following this house udo's to moms are [TS]

  not put it throwing gender conventions [TS]

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  let's go to the daycare [TS]

  we made a very nice bear voice by Ned [TS]

  baby names Lotso Lotso hugging bear he's [TS]

  p smells like strawberries and he's very [TS]

  nice with some southern charm the door [TS]

  has a rainbow on she just threw me away [TS]

  you got to be wary of Ned Beatty yeah [TS]

  just I'm just saying I note that i wrote [TS]

  down about this scene where we meet all [TS]

  the different toys is when Ken meets [TS]

  Barbie so we see there's a can play by [TS]

  Michael Keaton he meets Barbie and we [TS]

  get dreamweaver which i'm not sure but [TS]

  may actually just be of wings world [TS]

  reference not even going all the way [TS]

  back and it ends with a record scratch [TS]

  sound that no one watching the movie [TS]

  even in 2010 who is under the age of 30 [TS]

  would have ever heard me use a different [TS]

  song in a trailer didn't say I was [TS]

  trying to remember what it was but I [TS]

  remember I like the song and a trailer [TS]

  better than the one they used in the [TS]

  movie and I wondered why they change it [TS]

  does anyone remember what's only use the [TS]

  trailer for that for that shot like when [TS]

  Ken and Barbie spots can and they look [TS]

  into each others eyes that is a [TS]

  different song in the commercial for and [TS]

  I thought that was way better than [TS]

  dreamweaver we'll find out when someone [TS]

  the emails us and tells us [TS]

  the problem is that every time I use a [TS]

  song they scratch that record and they [TS]

  can't use it again [TS]

  that's what I had to have been watching [TS]

  VHS tapes and like I remember when he [TS]

  was little it's like why is the aspect [TS]

  ratio change where all those lines on [TS]

  the video [TS]

  yeah the kids won't know what they'll [TS]

  figure it out yes I like how they call [TS]

  it Ken's dream house specifically yeah [TS]

  we can stream house that's right so we [TS]

  meet we meet these of a toys and this [TS]

  like hey this is a great retirement for [TS]

  these for these toys that we're gonna [TS]

  get thrown out they think they were [TS]

  gonna get thrown out is they get they [TS]

  get to be played without a preschool [TS]

  that we know that playing is the thing [TS]

  that they're made to do and it struck me [TS]

  at this point because wood is like no no [TS]

  we've got to get back to Andy and they [TS]

  again poopoo him and how much [TS]

  credibility dude is what you need to [TS]

  have with these people all this time the [TS]

  thing that got me about it that struck [TS]

  me watching it is it's about duty to [TS]

  woody woody is about doing his duty and [TS]

  and what would he considers the duty of [TS]

  all of these toys is to be in the Attic [TS]

  if that's where and he wants them to be [TS]

  doesn't matter that they'd rather be [TS]

  played with then be put in the Attic [TS]

  it's like we're his toys [TS]

  it's our job to go where he wants us to [TS]

  go including in the Attic it just it [TS]

  just struck me that like that's in what [TS]

  his mind he's about self-sacrifice [TS]

  basically and saying this is what we [TS]

  need to do because he's our kid where [TS]

  they're like we're out of there where we [TS]

  you know we got a lifeline here to do [TS]

  something different we're gonna we're [TS]

  gonna dump him since we thought he was [TS]

  gonna dump us and and and they don't [TS]

  want anyone used to be a little bit [TS]

  selfish that because remember what he [TS]

  was going to college what he's not going [TS]

  to me don't know you guys character [TS]

  moment where we really were you you know [TS]

  you you makes you like a candy bar [TS]

  because you realize he's still going to [TS]

  bring the one toy that he really loves [TS]

  don't forget to college and I know a lot [TS]

  of people who did that who brought like [TS]

  they're one special stuff down whatever [TS]

  just something from childhood that you [TS]

  still bring with you to college and that [TS]

  was going to be woody and that's kind of [TS]

  a thread running through his entire [TS]

  personality that he's always all about [TS]

  the greater good and what the group [TS]

  should do but also with the assumption [TS]

  that he of course is the top of the [TS]

  pyramid and makeup get special treatment [TS]

  so he was going to college it's much [TS]

  easier for him to explain every you guys [TS]

  just hang on the Attic [TS]

  I'll go to college that's totally built [TS]

  into his personality despite the first [TS]

  two movies it's still in there like it's [TS]

  not like and now he's cured and will be [TS]

  a better person like like real people [TS]

  this is just part of his personality and [TS]

  he has to struggle to manage it and in [TS]

  this movie is the same so I feel like [TS]

  when he's talking to them about you know [TS]

  his sense of duty whatever sense of duty [TS]

  is a lot for them less than for himself [TS]

  because he was going to be separate but [TS]

  he's willing to go along with them as [TS]

  well that's in managing its saying okay [TS]

  well i'm gonna make the speech to them i [TS]

  have to be willing to do this as well [TS]

  and not go with andy which eventually he [TS]

  you know resigns himself now begin with [TS]

  them but when he says that I think if I [TS]

  was one of the toys again as you get so [TS]

  twisted around this world because you [TS]

  have to really accept the premise but I [TS]

  thinking like is that really the best [TS]

  thing woody is it the best-known [TS]

  traumatic because you mentally it's just [TS]

  a lunatic frankly especially considering [TS]

  that Andy already believes they didn't [TS]

  know that and he believes that they were [TS]

  thrown out and at this point they think [TS]

  that they reach paradise they're about [TS]

  to find out that it's actually been put [TS]

  in the most horrible place that they [TS]

  could possibly be but they don't know [TS]

  that for now yeah and it could end it [TS]

  could be made better like it you know it [TS]

  doesn't have to be bad but like some [TS]

  what a jesse is the perfect example [TS]

  because we keep forgetting Jesse had an [TS]

  owner and the owner grew up and now [TS]

  she's having a second life with a new [TS]

  owner so it's not as if these toys don't [TS]

  think you okay you hang out with your [TS]

  kid you let him play with you and then [TS]

  you just go into the attic and just wait [TS]

  it out or whatever like that's possible [TS]

  to have a second-round they mentioned [TS]

  that was like oh maybe he'll give us to [TS]

  his games like I don't understand why [TS]

  the toy premises and ok your kid grows [TS]

  up and then your next job is to find [TS]

  another kid because it happened with [TS]

  Jesse and you know what happened with [TS]

  them as well I should be common [TS]

  knowledge among the toys like when your [TS]

  kid goes up grows up it's time for you [TS]

  to try to find another kid [TS]

  well the army men have it figured out [TS]

  that who knows how long getting army men [TS]

  have been around ya paratroopers only [TS]

  one bucket of our winter and between [TS]

  everybody as soon as the garbage bag [TS]

  comes out where the first to go is also [TS]

  like to be i mean the the maybe someone [TS]

  admittedly corny theme of friendship [TS]

  teamwork togetherness which become sort [TS]

  of the overriding theme by the end [TS]

  certainly by the closing credits i mean [TS]

  in this case they're sort of rewarded [TS]

  for how much they ended up working [TS]

  together like they would not have been [TS]

  able to achieve that break if they had [TS]

  been exactly 13 and I i don't think that [TS]

  they lean on that too hard i don't think [TS]

  it's there's not like a song about [TS]

  friendship or something until the end [TS]

  but I like [TS]

  about that and that there is like [TS]

  they're you know this is not gonna be [TS]

  it's on another level now it's about [TS]

  aging which is that there's more to this [TS]

  didn't like the easy relationships that [TS]

  we get that we just take for granted for [TS]

  the first 20 usually you know 10 15 20 [TS]

  years of our life is also the kind of [TS]

  relationships that you work on that [TS]

  those the this can be very enduring [TS]

  satisfying to and I had the work and [TS]

  make the smart choice not to dwell on [TS]

  all the things that you mentioned the [TS]

  misunderstanding they're not believing [TS]

  woody like they get past them in short [TS]

  order because like so many movies just [TS]

  getting some of the earlier tour [TS]

  services such a major point it's like we [TS]

  don't we don't want to see that going on [TS]

  and on [TS]

  if you display would be for a little bit [TS]

  like will get past it quickly we have to [TS]

  get on with the rest of the movie [TS]

  because there are so many so many moving [TS]

  parts here and so many themes so many [TS]

  things that happen that they wisely [TS]

  don't spend a lot of time like arguing [TS]

  about whether it's better to go with the [TS]

  enemy to college or in the attic or if [TS]

  they should find another owner for you [TS]

  believe what he liked everything gets [TS]

  like two or three lines and the action [TS]

  continues like the movie just moves so [TS]

  the kids are let in to this preschool [TS]

  classroom and it is revealed that these [TS]

  kids are rambunctious and treat the tour [TS]

  toys terribly in a montage that is like [TS]

  I think I'm not sure this one's got the [TS]

  horror movie music in it later there's [TS]

  another montage of the kids playing that [TS]

  is just it is literally scored like a [TS]

  horror movie and this is more just like [TS]

  frenzy [TS]

  yeah exactly it's amazing now that the [TS]

  toddlers are so wonderfully grotesque I [TS]

  mean the yeah that the the shot [TS]

  particularly of from inside of buzzes [TS]

  space helmet as the mouth and the tongue [TS]

  kind of press against it and you see [TS]

  like the air before the tongue even hit [TS]

  you kind of see it start to plug up with [TS]

  the breathing it's great and all the [TS]

  toys hide when the kids come in like all [TS]

  the other toys that no other ones that [TS]

  are wise is the only one that catches it [TS]

  yeah he causes helmet i also get full [TS]

  points to the lighting in that one for [TS]

  some reason there's this one shot of [TS]

  where the little kid grabs Jesse tips on [TS]

  the green pain starts rubbing on the [TS]

  canvas the lighting in that is exquisite [TS]

  it really looks like that room one of [TS]

  the downsides to really downsides one of [TS]

  the weird things about a very well [TS]

  animated very well rendered films you [TS]

  kind of stopped noticing how good it is [TS]

  you start noticing a little Nick's on [TS]

  the toybox you stop noticing that the [TS]

  including tiny little wrinkles and Andy [TS]

  shirt this heat the seatbelt seatbelt in [TS]

  the world is not noticing all these [TS]

  things because the story is good and you [TS]

  just enjoying the visuals but just go [TS]

  watch any one minute of any of those [TS]

  scenes at the daycare center and like [TS]

  just like circuses said the the amount [TS]

  of extraordinary unnecessary like [TS]

  perfect detail and then just rendered [TS]

  you don't mean about the lighting though [TS]

  the way it looks in that scene it this [TS]

  movie looks amazing it looks so much [TS]

  better than even toy story 2 I mean I [TS]

  got a grant is a long gap but like it [TS]

  having three shots and essentially the [TS]

  same characters that were already [TS]

  basically the easiest characters they [TS]

  could do because it's like hard plastic [TS]

  and I mean they do them so well liked in [TS]

  this movie I was struck by it as well I [TS]

  feel like a toy story 3 you know that [TS]

  looks about the same story to know now [TS]

  doesn't like it just it is leaps and [TS]

  bounds again above it makes me wonder is [TS]

  there anywhere left to go for toy story [TS]

  well maybe they can finally fix Buster [TS]

  the dog is he still doesn't look all [TS]

  that great yeah well things are tough [TS]

  did you guys notice how in the escape [TS]

  when Woody is leaving the before you [TS]

  know before all the kids come in and we [TS]

  see what he kind of making his little [TS]

  escape route that he kinda moves [TS]

  differently then he used to in the other [TS]

  movies he's just seems a little bit more [TS]

  flexible little bit more animated do to [TS]

  anybody else because we can see jumpy [TS]

  yeah we're going to the toilet paper he [TS]

  like grabs it kind of like wild e coyote [TS]

  ask about more Buster kidney [TS]

  I got a big bold note on on the antics [TS]

  of Woody's movement in this except that [TS]

  they were extraordinary all the things [TS]

  of him [TS]

  I mean if there's the funny stuff in the [TS]

  second one [TS]

  like where he has to do a similar thing [TS]

  of sliding down and go go effect the [TS]

  rescue for weezy that his name but but [TS]

  in this one I just thought i was so [TS]

  delightful to totally like you say the [TS]

  totally Bugs Bunny like running on the [TS]

  toilet paper roll and the way he gets [TS]

  all skinny behind something skinny i [TS]

  thought that was just pure joy and and [TS]

  so well-executed I mean if i'm not [TS]

  mistaken they had to render everything [TS]

  from scratch because they were using new [TS]

  software and knew every thoroughly and [TS]

  and that's part of why it's so much [TS]

  improved it's not it's not working off [TS]

  the original models and programming but [TS]

  the animations there's are getting like [TS]

  I've been noticing that but i canna [TS]

  Woody's animated with more flair [TS]

  let's put it that way like they that you [TS]

  know that they learn they learned by [TS]

  animating the characters for two movies [TS]

  it's kind of like how what if you see [TS]

  someone drugged newspaper comic strip [TS]

  for people to remember those in the [TS]

  newspaper you know and if you look at a [TS]

  strip from the very first trip into like [TS]

  that you know many many years later you [TS]

  see how in the original strip the [TS]

  characters have attributes and almost [TS]

  inevitably several years and when the [TS]

  strip becomes big whatever [TS]

  characteristics like they pick something [TS]

  like this characters nose is gonna be [TS]

  big and yeah it's big in the first trip [TS]

  by the end the characters basically and [TS]

  nose with two eyeballs attached to write [TS]

  that features become exaggerated look at [TS]

  Garfield and Odie how they change over [TS]

  their life and so just obviously we [TS]

  can't change the models because the toys [TS]

  are with the toys are but by the third [TS]

  movie woody movie you know the first [TS]

  movie he's kind of gangly and spastic [TS]

  and a third movie it's like you know [TS]

  Buster Keaton or whatever like it's [TS]

  incredibly exaggerated that they that [TS]

  it's almost like you need to get the [TS]

  same high you need to get a bigger hit [TS]

  or whatever they're just really homing [TS]

  in on what is it that makes woody woody [TS]

  and exaggerating it to good effect i [TS]

  think because I i noticed that as well [TS]

  and when I notice that it didn't think [TS]

  like that doesn't look like what he is [TS]

  thought that's the wittiest woody just [TS]

  like that's a seatbelt the seatbelt [TS]

  yeah i disagree i thought he was a [TS]

  little bit too cartoony he didn't feel [TS]

  more like a physical object that's [TS]

  moving around like he did before I don't [TS]

  know I thought some of the movements [TS]

  were it went too far it was too much [TS]

  yeah they come dangerously close in a [TS]

  couple of places to actually almost [TS]

  entering into Looney Tunes territory [TS]

  like exactly yeah I didn't lie saying [TS]

  where the kite like lifts them up off [TS]

  the ground [TS]

  you know several hundred feet in the air [TS]

  in milliseconds and I think there's [TS]

  actually almost some nearly loony-tune s [TS]

  music that plays along with that [TS]

  yeah the kind on the toilet paper but [TS]

  that's what he liked his joints don't [TS]

  have anything in he is a rag doll that [TS]

  with pinch fabric joins you don't see [TS]

  buzz acting spastic like that because [TS]

  he's a stiff plastic space ranger right [TS]

  i think it's in character it's not as if [TS]

  they just took every character and that [TS]

  is not generally though it's the physics [TS]

  of the situation that are a little [TS]

  screwy yeah well you know if you're [TS]

  gonna you're gonna look at that I mean [TS]

  since rocket in the first movie is [TS]

  already off so well i'm not saying we [TS]

  need to we need to adhere to you know [TS]

  exactly the physical realm that [TS]

  live in but ya didn't like the arched [TS]

  back or like the really exaggerated face [TS]

  that he do sometimes I don't know it's [TS]

  just too much [TS]

  the series has always had a certain [TS]

  amount of grounding in reality and I [TS]

  think they kind of push against the [TS]

  boundaries of that and this once or [TS]

  twice I don't know that they talked [TS]

  about this is one of the few get the [TS]

  itunes one it's got some you know extras [TS]

  on there and there's one they talked [TS]

  about exactly what David mentioned which [TS]

  is that I guess I don't know maybe they [TS]

  changed the file to Pixar X and you [TS]

  couldn't open them in the app anymore [TS]

  but thats a computer job was it was a [TS]

  whole new hardware system to well yeah [TS]

  they had to totally totally redo them [TS]

  but also just for doing stuff like lots [TS]

  of they brought in a person who [TS]

  basically designed stuffed animals and [TS]

  said like how would you cut up the [TS]

  pattern for this they draw it on a piece [TS]

  on like a clay rendering but also a lot [TS]

  so they talked about how we know a lot [TS]

  so as a bear would like way this much [TS]

  but when he's walking around in the [TS]

  story he needs to look big like he's got [TS]

  this cut the cane and easy big fella and [TS]

  you have some gravitas and these kinds [TS]

  of wrinkles so I cannot pass on that I [TS]

  can you see what you mean what he's a [TS]

  little bit and techno know how do you [TS]

  guys feel about the elbows dancing [TS]

  because i loved it loved the dancing [TS]

  loved the dancing I'm it's a sucker for [TS]

  dancing and I think dancing is also [TS]

  constrained by how the woody power the [TS]

  buzz toy could move like it moves very [TS]

  quickly between the different frames but [TS]

  there's no pose that he's put in that [TS]

  like it but he doesn't get all like [TS]

  rubbery and bendy or anything he stay [TS]

  stiff plastic the whole time he just [TS]

  knows very quickly and you hear the [TS]

  chabad joints like clicky click click [TS]

  click with this little matador great [TS]

  it's ok I think we're the movement of [TS]

  the the realistic toy movement is [TS]

  realistic is that can be live toys [TS]

  moving around i think my favorite part [TS]

  of that is probably the can fashion show [TS]

  that comes a little bit later because [TS]

  it's already hysterical with his coming [TS]

  is coming out of modeling sailor suits [TS]

  to whatever it doesn't matter whatever [TS]

  it is but when he can't win you can't [TS]

  really strike the pose because his [TS]

  joints don't work that way and he [TS]

  doesn't have you will need twice as [TS]

  funny as it all the time when barbi what [TS]

  barbi jumps into his lap it'sit's he has [TS]

  never let her sniff little legs for [TS]

  flavor yeah it's dissenters yeah exactly [TS]

  so that stuff is great that stuff is [TS]

  great and that all right here's to sort [TS]

  of physics model that I expect to see in [TS]

  one of these movies that was like that [TS]

  the choice they had no [TS]

  no movies like to like in the leg movies [TS]

  that the choice was do we make the legos [TS]

  only move like Legos or do we make the [TS]

  legs bendy and I the paper like the [TS]

  lively debate about what is the right [TS]

  choice there with many test renders and [TS]

  everything that uh that is this is the [TS]

  arguments on both sides [TS]

  ok so then we end up in Bonnie's room [TS]

  and I loved what about Bonnie's room [TS]

  because after we see the toys getting [TS]

  all ravaged right all in the in the [TS]

  playroom and everything and then buzz [TS]

  gets tossed up on the windowsill and he [TS]

  sees the butterfly room and all the kids [TS]

  likes cuddling all the toys and being [TS]

  nice and playing and he's in hell over [TS]

  there with all the little toddlers [TS]

  anyways then it's like juxtaposed with [TS]

  that you go to Bonnie's room where the [TS]

  boys are again like having this kind of [TS]

  great playdate because she just found [TS]

  buzz sorry she just found woody hanging [TS]

  from the tree and so she takes him home [TS]

  and he's their kind of role playing now [TS]

  with all of bodies toys and Bonnie's [TS]

  room and what I like the best where I [TS]

  noticed the first thing in Bonnie's room [TS]

  is that not all of her toys were like [TS]

  girl pink princess sparkles like cake [TS]

  plate it wasn't all so overly you know a [TS]

  glorified I guess the best way to put it [TS]

  but it wasn't so like the regular like a [TS]

  girl's toy aisle [TS]

  it didn't look anything like that Ken's [TS]

  the one that uses a glitter marker not [TS]

  nonetheless exactly since i get from [TS]

  body as she gets whatever toys don't get [TS]

  sent to the daycare center so she's [TS]

  probably got kind of a mishmash of [TS]

  things that were deemed inappropriate [TS]

  for them it's a nice balance you know [TS]

  what I mean she has like the box of you [TS]

  know the spaceship box or the airplane [TS]

  box that she made and she has like the [TS]

  kitchen and coaches or dinosaurs it's [TS]

  just a very well-balanced normal kid [TS]

  room a lot like Andy great and that's [TS]

  really nice i like that i like that [TS]

  scene with the when she goes she goes to [TS]

  the bathroom and and buddy's like where [TS]

  are we and their answers well we're at a [TS]

  cafe perhaps us perhaps a new jersey [TS]

  recently very theories are better than [TS]

  you [TS]

  I had two notes in bodies room [TS]

  I had oh hey Kristen Schaal I had no [TS]

  idea who she was when this came out yeah [TS]

  yep always excited to hear your voice [TS]

  and my other note is oh hey totoro I had [TS]

  no idea who he was when this camera haha [TS]

  oh that's exciting to get to appreciate [TS]

  that seeing a whole new light we have [TS]

  helped you so my body's toys are so [TS]

  welcoming and loving it so nice i factor [TS]

  out like so [TS]

  Miyazaki's a big influence on many of [TS]

  the big principles that Pixar and we [TS]

  thank you in the credits all right um I [TS]

  kind of felt like the first time I saw [TS]

  this putting actual totoro in the movie [TS]

  it's like all right now we get it can [TS]

  you feel like I've got everything I get [TS]

  it [TS]

  the eclectic collection of toys [TS]

  abilities kids have that they would all [TS]

  actually have this kind of variety the [TS]

  only way kid that age is going to have [TS]

  Toros that they're like parents showed [TS]

  them totoro like because they love it [TS]

  right because it's not a contemporary [TS]

  movie for them the same way with the [TS]

  wooden way you have what he is it was [TS]

  like your parents or whatever but [TS]

  because this is a movie made by old [TS]

  people and they love miyazaki defined [TS]

  said what we just put it in the movie [TS]

  can we get the clarity that just put it [TS]

  in and he doesn't really have any lines [TS]

  are doing anything remotely totoro like [TS]

  which is for sure does he gets a big [TS]

  wide grin at the end okay but here's the [TS]

  thing he doesn't how old terrifyingly to [TS]

  this big part of Tyros very well we see [TS]

  we do see a man in the yard at the end I [TS]

  don't want to push this too far Steve [TS]

  get my back on this [TS]

  okay baby Bonnie's quote-unquote dad is [TS]

  from Japan we see a man [TS]

  well there's a dude in the yard at one [TS]

  point but i don't see clearly identified [TS]

  dad I'm just thinking that Sandy's dad [TS]

  oh my god you have to be very funny i'm [TS]

  with ya go to John you have to be from [TS]

  Japan it's me as i get himself he's [TS]

  there does miyazaki is on his bare it [TS]

  means Aggies a miserable man which we [TS]

  like from the kingdom of dreams and [TS]

  magical I hope he's always at work with [TS]

  his apron on reason bodies adorable [TS]

  house with her adorable toys including [TS]

  uh including the dinosaur and the kind [TS]

  of smushed doll which is great but he [TS]

  gets a chance to get played with again [TS]

  and he likes it [TS]

  that's an important part yes right he's [TS]

  overjoyed and he's a little conflicted [TS]

  because [TS]

  he has been to play with in a long time [TS]

  and he's about to go off to college we [TS]

  probably will never be played with again [TS]

  and he was kind of a hero again Bonnie [TS]

  kinda like put him in that hero role [TS]

  like since you saved us right that's [TS]

  like pretty significant for Wendy [TS]

  there's also a really good bit of sort [TS]

  of storytelling here where we get the [TS]

  address for a Bonnie's house on the [TS]

  post-it note which comes into play later [TS]

  presumably that's what he writes on the [TS]

  post-it note that he puts on the box at [TS]

  the end but it doesn't need to be there [TS]

  I mean he could have said anything on [TS]

  that no turbo or you know maybe we could [TS]

  have just assumed that you know his my [TS]

  and his mom told more bodies wasn't sent [TS]

  him there but you've got those nice [TS]

  little sort of those those early [TS]

  foreshadowing that expects sort of [TS]

  explain how things went [TS]

  just a little extra detail it was not [TS]

  not really necessary but it's a nice [TS]

  touch i think you get the clown at their [TS]

  word the windows and Bonnie's house too [TS]

  that's around with that the at Slater's [TS]

  a little bit later that's coming up [TS]

  yeah okay Jason lead us into sunnyside [TS]

  after-hours yes [TS]

  sunnyside after dark where the where [TS]

  there's the sea and say gambling buzzes [TS]

  found out and put in lots of was [TS]

  gradually revealed to not be a friendly [TS]

  bear after all but the the boss of this [TS]

  area and but and Buzz put in the chair [TS]

  we get the site of ham squirting a bunch [TS]

  of blocks and a weeble king out of his [TS]

  belly button which I find fairly [TS]

  disturbing right when they're all [TS]

  ravaged after my time [TS]

  yeah this is so we find out that they've [TS]

  been the new toys get stuck with the [TS]

  most dangerous of the rooms because the [TS]

  other toys don't want to be torn limb [TS]

  from limb by the by the youngest kids [TS]

  and that that's the way it's gonna be [TS]

  but either one thing before you get out [TS]

  of the the snack machine is the next [TS]

  this is a new extension of the toy store [TS]

  universities toys here at the daycare [TS]

  have got have sort of like figured out [TS]

  their toys to the point where they [TS]

  realize it's important to save manuals [TS]

  for all the toys you got a little [TS]

  librarian to ice that has the manuals [TS]

  because the manuals tell you how to [TS]

  reset things and stuff like that into [TS]

  this information isn't just for like for [TS]

  the purposes of repairing but also it [TS]

  gives you power [TS]

  r2 you know it's it's it's like [TS]

  discovering how the human body works in [TS]

  the building weapons to you know and [TS]

  flicked the most damage to them right so [TS]

  they hit they have they have the manuals [TS]

  they can disable buzz because they have [TS]

  the thing that tells you how to switch [TS]

  them how to be in our races memory or [TS]

  whatever in switching back into other [TS]

  mode which is farther than any other [TS]

  movies have gone with the toys really [TS]

  recognizing their toys kind of like the [TS]

  Enlightenment where you realize that [TS]

  humans animals too and we can study them [TS]

  by taking them apart and you know stuff [TS]

  like that on don't go too far but you [TS]

  can keep like and they can keep [TS]

  stretching this like a toy story 4 how [TS]

  far they want to go with toys realized [TS]

  like realizing they're manufactured like [TS]

  there's a factory where but stamping out [TS]

  a bunch of toys at what point do they [TS]

  come to life like oh no the factory [TS]

  settings and again and again that plays [TS]

  into the whole divine comedy thing it it [TS]

  does feel like the prettiest the prison [TS]

  library to write this is the you know [TS]

  they've controlled the information [TS]

  they've got all of it they can use it as [TS]

  power you know they know their toys but [TS]

  this is this you write this is going a [TS]

  little bit further where they're there [TS]

  now able to shut down or reboot their [TS]

  enemies to make them compliant which is [TS]

  what they are gonna look out a break [TS]

  them apart like I know if they know how [TS]

  to go together [TS]

  there's a fairly fairly lengthy seen [TS]

  here before we get back to Bonnie's [TS]

  where the toys basically realize that [TS]

  they're in prison first of all they [TS]

  realized that and he was in fact going [TS]

  to put them in the Attic because mrs. [TS]

  Potato Head [TS]

  I is variety and I wonder whether all [TS]

  the metaphysics and that you're [TS]

  complaining that kite went up a little [TS]

  too fast and now she's looking to her [TS]

  eyeball it's another world building [TS]

  thing where they decided to any [TS]

  instruments TI instantaneous Potato Head [TS]

  I there's no range for that she just has [TS]

  her ability to see and that's good [TS]

  that's an important plot point because [TS]

  that allows them to get information [TS]

  about Andy's presence and if he's left [TS]

  for college yet that they otherwise [TS]

  wouldn't know it's pretty obvious what [TS]

  it is but that's why right what that's [TS]

  why she doesn't have that I but later we [TS]

  learned that all of mr. potato heads [TS]

  pieces apparently have an independent [TS]

  life of their own which opens all sorts [TS]

  of disturbing avenues of the gathered [TS]

  they they spend some time sort of [TS]

  realizing their situation and we get the [TS]

  first scene when [TS]

  when buzz is in the vending machine [TS]

  where we see big baby as the enforcer [TS]

  and i just want to give props for [TS]

  whoever came up with big baby as a horse [TS]

  or because the baby is brilliant such an [TS]

  ironic thing to have a baby doll that [TS]

  lady I yeah that lazy eyes so creepy no [TS]

  good and we see how he got it and end in [TS]

  the end big baby ends up being kind of a [TS]

  sympathetic character who has been sort [TS]

  of a sort of duped into becoming the you [TS]

  know going over to the dark side but [TS]

  many throws temper down the rocky yeah [TS]

  yes he does a food there's definitely a [TS]

  lot of all modules in this moment but [TS]

  boy was he creepy man he is a he strikes [TS]

  a figure and big baby sound is just the [TS]

  baby sound so it's not exactly he's not [TS]

  with your mind all over its body to [TS]

  that's totally what we do to all the [TS]

  baby dolls that I think those are tagged [TS]

  recent studies show the best big baby [TS]

  scene is when he's sitting on the swing [TS]

  looking up like maybe even got my heads [TS]

  are watching it again as a family and my [TS]

  daughter said why is he looking at the [TS]

  moon [TS]

  like that's just what he does and David [TS]

  out there every night all by himself on [TS]

  the swingset looking at the moon [TS]

  well if you buy its head will rotate 180 [TS]

  degrees and you do writing you do it [TS]

  into your soul [TS]

  how is this rated G Money god especially [TS]

  when you get to what has got to be the [TS]

  filthiest line in any Pixar movie which [TS]

  is hey no one takes my wife's mouth [TS]

  except me with the second filthy is [TS]

  probably being I told you kids stay out [TS]

  of my butt both for mr. Potato yeah I [TS]

  feel like maybe they gave Don Rickles a [TS]

  little more leeway in this movie and ran [TS]

  with it [TS]

  can we talk about lots of origin yes now [TS]

  we're back in Daisy's room and we hear [TS]

  that we hear the tragic backstory yes we [TS]

  get the get the wonderful bud luckey [TS]

  doing another fantastic voice understand [TS]

  this as a clown [TS]

  yeah so you all seem bounden I'm sure he [TS]

  did the music and singing and bound and [TS]

  I think he's a an animator it's just [TS]

  because the price was a corporal but he [TS]

  has such a wonderful voice and he's so [TS]

  perfect for the clone the so we learned [TS]

  that lots of was left behind lots of the [TS]

  clown [TS]

  big baby were left behind at a rest stop [TS]

  by their person and then they walk and [TS]

  it's very sad they walk all of the all [TS]

  of the way back from who knows how far [TS]

  away and finally months later reach [TS]

  their their their person and lots of [TS]

  climbs up to her window to discover that [TS]

  she's playing with a replacement lot so [TS]

  that her parents bought that about her [TS]

  huh [TS]

  you might not even know is different we [TS]

  did the same thing for my son's favorite [TS]

  stuffed animal we bought two of them had [TS]

  a backup like come on what what is wrong [TS]

  with daisies parents that they were out [TS]

  and they didn't realize that her kid [TS]

  like their kids I know her favorite toys [TS]

  like in the park i would have driven [TS]

  back to that park and gotten them you [TS]

  know any interesting because he's [TS]

  probably related to andy and some way [TS]

  maybe maybe they had backup system [TS]

  described back just took it home and I [TS]

  am so protective of atoms like special [TS]

  toys [TS]

  even though they change every single day [TS]

  I make sure that he has them because i [TS]

  don't want to hear it you know even if [TS]

  you let them take all those toys out of [TS]

  the car which first off that's a lot of [TS]

  stuff to be bringing out of a car door [TS]

  rest stop and then not check to bring [TS]

  them back in i get there distracted she [TS]

  fell asleep whatever but that's a lot of [TS]

  stuff I know [TS]

  yeah there's a lot of stuff yeah it [TS]

  happens people leave things behind their [TS]

  litter bug that's what they are just [TS]

  this and about his transformer Tory we [TS]

  left a baby doll behind when we were in [TS]

  Hawaii with jamie and we we almost [TS]

  missed our flight back because we drove [TS]

  like an extra 40 minutes to go get the [TS]

  doll because that's your your good [TS]

  parents that's why it's the AG's parents [TS]

  their crap yeah somebody on the story [TS]

  team had a rough experience I think know [TS]

  that informs all of these stories [TS]

  well you know actual toys aren't alive [TS]

  so in real life [TS]

  what he's in jax I another one to [TS]

  consider trying to tell a kid that you [TS]

  know you just give them a try we found a [TS]

  mirror does assuming you've got one to [TS]

  replace it with yeah yeah well think i [TS]

  had two is one one is none think ahead [TS]

  by like when you pick up your shipping [TS]

  kid off of the pile of toys you also [TS]

  scooped up yeah sometimes herein are you [TS]

  know the worst part of our backup our [TS]

  backup thing for my son is that at one [TS]

  point he had school pictures and my wife [TS]

  wanted him to take it with a little [TS]

  stuffed animal and she made him take it [TS]

  with the replacement because it was a [TS]

  nice [TS]

  condition doesn't know we have this [TS]

  picture of him with his toy that's not [TS]

  really his tour we look at it like [TS]

  that's the imposter [TS]

  I mean he took a picture with in shiny [TS]

  new one then came home with switch [TS]

  immediately back to the one who never [TS]

  know [TS]

  ok holiday curmudgeon when did you win [TS]

  don't tell your child that you had lied [TS]

  to him much much much later so you don't [TS]

  care anymore he knows your monster [TS]

  why would you tell it because it's a [TS]

  funny story like this picture is John's [TS]

  all about the truth [TS]

  how about the truth is I a bad i can't [TS]

  believe this [TS]

  tell the truth so we get into the escape [TS]

  plan now yeah alright so the phone the [TS]

  phone with the the voice same guy who [TS]

  narrates the newsreel in the incredibles [TS]

  actually is the is the voice of the [TS]

  tough guy on the phone with Newton i [TS]

  love when the phone just bumps what his [TS]

  leg our dog do that when he wants [TS]

  something from the refrigerator [TS]

  it's so cute you're not sure of the [TS]

  phone can even talk with you just kinda [TS]

  has that like you know that smile on [TS]

  that face and this is really this is [TS]

  really pushing far as far as far back as [TS]

  I think they've ever pushed with a with [TS]

  a toy that didn't continue like a slinky [TS]

  may be really old but that phone like I [TS]

  remember that phone but it didn't live [TS]

  on like unlike the slinky and the other [TS]

  things like it didnt the phone state [TS]

  like they made that phone and we all had [TS]

  it when we were kids if you're old [TS]

  enough but it never continued into this [TS]

  day unlike all the other thing what are [TS]

  you talking about that phone still [TS]

  exists [TS]

  really they keep making still nobody [TS]

  that phone i have pictures of my kid [TS]

  pulling that phone around but it's a [TS]

  great degree dock thing it's a throwback [TS]

  the parents you know [TS]

  also it makes no sense to children [TS]

  anymore because it doesn't cry what is [TS]

  it really that is it's not the fuck I I [TS]

  never had one but it was in every [TS]

  kindergarten and fortune favored visited [TS]

  and even even when my kids went into to [TS]

  pre-kindergarten everything they had [TS]

  them so you know in there it's just not [TS]

  necessarily in your house [TS]

  yeah Adam totally knows what a regular [TS]

  phone is I don't know I know why you [TS]

  know be reincarnated and weird or [TS]

  something that he knows because you have [TS]

  one sitting there hogging the place [TS]

  underneath to television where AV [TS]

  equipment [TS]

  well yeah but I mean the first time we [TS]

  showed him that he knew what to do [TS]

  that's weird right yeah so the phone guy [TS]

  good details what all the issues are the [TS]

  escape to help them get out and then we [TS]

  we leave [TS]

  we leave [TS]

  we have this whole whole escape plan [TS]

  the tortilla is gotten in order to get [TS]

  into mr. potato head out of his [TS]

  out-of-the-box spend the night in the [TS]

  box just just me and sand and Lincoln [TS]

  Logs I don't long for me to torture some [TS]

  information out of Ken get to get the [TS]

  information from ken so gracefully he [TS]

  was magnificent not the narrow not [TS]

  destroying all that is vintage until we [TS]

  finally breaks we already talked to ken [TS]

  fashion show which is very quiet musical [TS]

  hog [TS]

  yes quiet music along its they have a [TS]

  lot of good visual human here obviously [TS]

  the tortilla is all visual humor like [TS]

  that the you know it's just funny to put [TS]

  the watching doing that but one of my [TS]

  favorite bits is so it's amazing they [TS]

  can you know drawback from the well of [TS]

  the previous movies gags know just [TS]

  enough like just you know not putting on [TS]

  too much so here we've got we got buzz [TS]

  back to like the Space Ranger there [TS]

  doesn't know he's a toy right which have [TS]

  gone back to that well many many times [TS]

  they'd only not here but there's enough [TS]

  time for maybe two or three little gags [TS]

  with it and some of them are exquisitely [TS]

  done my favorite is they put the plastic [TS]

  you know tub over him as a prison and [TS]

  sit on top of it and he whips out his [TS]

  laser draws a circle on the plastic runs [TS]

  into it bounces off of it and then from [TS]

  the foreground two people come together [TS]

  in front of him bouncing off of [TS]

  continued the scene like they don't even [TS]

  do well on it is just the gag is just [TS]

  like a transition from cine because we [TS]

  know he's going to bounce off we don't [TS]

  need to see that gay again we've seen [TS]

  that same joke again but they do the [TS]

  visual gag as a background two [TS]

  characters talking about the continuing [TS]

  escape and I was just like perfect that [TS]

  was just the perfect amount of stuff it [TS]

  was a good gag and they were moving on [TS]

  before the gag even went off i also like [TS]

  the the lighting in this like Marlon [TS]

  you're bringing up lighting earlier i [TS]

  think all these night scenes just would [TS]

  not have been as possible in the other [TS]

  movies they were the just so dynamic and [TS]

  exquisite and I that look the look at [TS]

  the linoleum at night when they're all [TS]

  in their little cages and the way that's [TS]

  the light shining in from the window [TS]

  above them it's it's just really dynamic [TS]

  and fantastic [TS]

  they do they do so much i mean the one [TS]

  who's flying on the kite off the roof [TS]

  and you know he's kind of colored green [TS]

  because of the light being filtered [TS]

  through the green [TS]

  so much stuff like that the lighting [TS]

  stone and the nice thing is i mean like [TS]

  you notice if you're looking at the kind [TS]

  of looking at the kind of nerd out but i [TS]

  don't think they're over the top with it [TS]

  i don't think there they are showing off [TS]

  but they're doing a very solid away and [TS]

  I think it really helps the story that's [TS]

  that's what makes the middle so fun for [TS]

  me is how moody it is but how how silly [TS]

  it is too it's a great combination and [TS]

  there's so many good lines to in the [TS]

  whole Middle escape seen it's just it's [TS]

  just great [TS]

  yes sir well-groomed man the pigeon the [TS]

  pigeon love the picture pigeon shows up [TS]

  and like it just sits there yeah don't [TS]

  need to do anything you just see a [TS]

  pigeon you just see a picture and [TS]

  tortilla you know what's going down but [TS]

  he's been acting like a pigeon most [TS]

  pigeon pigeon yeah i'd pay you know [TS]

  there are other there are other objects [TS]

  that mr. Potato Head can stick his [TS]

  things into radiology guys ready gene [TS]

  needs now mr. cucumber head and this [TS]

  isn't a towhead seems awfully pleased [TS]

  she like that jackal so tall and skinny [TS]

  was the line you will not believe what [TS]

  I've been ripped up and we should [TS]

  totally talk about elbows oh yeah so [TS]

  buzzes buzzes accidentally rebooted into [TS]

  spanish language mode and he he begins [TS]

  to speak spanish and his a section 444 [TS]

  jesse is also revealed in greater detail [TS]

  here with his with his dancing and stuff [TS]

  yeah he doesn't quite a great pasa Doble [TS]

  there i love Italy is voiced by somebody [TS]

  different because that's yeah look how [TS]

  it would be to it would not be placed by [TS]

  the home-improvement guy i love that [TS]

  now I like that this is a this is just [TS]

  one of those things it's just totally [TS]

  wacky like it is i remember seeing this [TS]

  in the theater and be like okay that's [TS]

  not what I expected at all like I don't [TS]

  know how that works in the world i don't [TS]

  know i don't care it's very funny that [TS]

  he's a you know he's paid to be really [TS]

  you know sold in a few different regions [TS]

  and so he needs to speak Spanish as well [TS]

  as englischen and he still buzzed he's [TS]

  still super helpful you know like he's [TS]

  all he's already opened up the doors [TS]

  hero B&O makes sense that there be some [TS]

  weird esoteric means to switch in [TS]

  between mode reduces the recess real [TS]

  finger than five seconds we have a [TS]

  little play kitchen that goes in the [TS]

  mouth [TS]

  languages and the kids love nothing more [TS]

  now than ever that is to change the [TS]

  language in here and say all these [TS]

  different things you know it's it's like [TS]

  they had a big brainstorming thing of [TS]

  like things about toys things about toys [TS]

  that we have not covered before i'm one [TS]

  of the things about toys is a lot of [TS]

  them come with different language modes [TS]

  and so they decided to work that was one [TS]

  of the ones that but you know bubble to [TS]

  the top and work down at the movies not [TS]

  going to be major plot point we're not [TS]

  going to be a buzz stuck that way we [TS]

  have to kill him it's just gonna be yet [TS]

  another funny gag like i was amazed [TS]

  watching this movie I'd forgotten that [TS]

  how solid all of the writing is every [TS]

  scene every line nothing wasted very [TS]

  clever in a way that has unfortunately [TS]

  not been true of some of the more recent [TS]

  pixar movies where there are some things [TS]

  that are just sort of you know conveying [TS]

  story moving the plot along [TS]

  whereas this this feels like is the 18 [TS]

  back again really nailing and so that [TS]

  the funny spanish buzz thing does not [TS]

  derail the a story it just adds flavor [TS]

  and they they picked the five best lines [TS]

  of the five best gags and it just makes [TS]

  the whole movie better [TS]

  well and you always have something [TS]

  something goes wrong like you see the [TS]

  perfect heist they plan the perfect guys [TS]

  something's really have to improvise and [TS]

  this is a delightful thing to go wrong [TS]

  and it's ridiculous [TS]

  that's that's why i love it i have a [TS]

  note here my next note in in in the [TS]

  notes is is just a big baby is super [TS]

  creepy because we've gotten to the point [TS]

  also a big baby is out on the swing [TS]

  looking up at the moon staring and I [TS]

  think they play the CID music to when [TS]

  big babies like walking towards them [TS]

  while they didn't when the big baby just [TS]

  sitting out there sort of looking at the [TS]

  moon you feel sympathy for even though [TS]

  it's wish tell ya as long as we know the [TS]

  back North easily like a dating but then [TS]

  as soon as soon as they make the noise [TS]

  and that head flips around currently [TS]

  with that I that creepy I oh man [TS]

  such a great creepy moment creepy doll [TS]

  that always follows you [TS]

  yeah nice a good good Barbie line here [TS]

  authority should derive from the consent [TS]

  of the governed not from the threat of [TS]

  force [TS]

  yeah Thank You Barbie I wonder how many [TS]

  kids are going to see toy story when [TS]

  their kids right and then learn about [TS]

  that and school later and be like at [TS]

  some toys story right [TS]

  yeah okay so much extra mattel paid to [TS]

  have them say that line [TS]

  did you guys make her say something [TS]

  smart man isn't was hard i doubt mattel [TS]

  ask them to do that ya know they do [TS]

  pretty good down when I was the pits are [TS]

  ya [TS]

  they understand that barbie is barbie [TS]

  and like they have to embrace that but [TS]

  they constantly are working to subvert [TS]

  as well given the first movie when she [TS]

  appears like in the credits into gets [TS]

  tired of smiling and her cheeks are [TS]

  killing her whatever like just there's [TS]

  always an acknowledgement that despite [TS]

  Barbie being at her heart a barbie girl [TS]

  right [TS]

  it's she still like the demands of [TS]

  filling that role like its work and she [TS]

  isn't just that we're you know beaten up [TS]

  Kendall she stuck up for all her friends [TS]

  she like you know went into jail because [TS]

  you of what you believed in and then she [TS]

  you know she tried to switch sides [TS]

  didn't say always my dream house no [TS]

  description manipulated can like pretty [TS]

  expertly and yes great she got the [TS]

  manual she put on the suit she forgot to [TS]

  take off her heels but you know it's [TS]

  okay this is what we leave we get here [TS]

  our conference it's a confrontation at [TS]

  the dumpster they broke me and the [TS]

  sodium lights of the dumpster speaking [TS]

  of lighting everything is yellow in the [TS]

  CM this is a there at the dumpster and [TS]

  they have slid down there and they're [TS]

  they're making their escape but Lotso [TS]

  was there and big baby and the telephone [TS]

  to get tortured and broken broken broken [TS]

  ? little again G rating [TS]

  yeah they were all just trash waiting to [TS]

  be thrown away [TS]

  that's the that's the message here just [TS]

  waiting to be better than he yells that [TS]

  like I'm like okay this is the darkest [TS]

  never been [TS]

  we're entering the dark the dark stuff [TS]

  now this this is hell yea Somali winds [TS]

  up in the dumpster and Ken saves the day [TS]

  as I recall the first of all you he he [TS]

  turns on him and then lots of throws him [TS]

  over to the the other group sunnyside [TS]

  could be cool and groovy they turn big [TS]

  baby by revealing that data revealing [TS]

  the David had not raised a big baby but [TS]

  I replaced lotsa right yet and there's [TS]

  that heartbreaking scene where they [TS]

  throw down the Daisy pendant and big [TS]

  baby looks down and says mom had a [TS]

  dependent so perfect such a cheap [TS]

  plastic little thing that always comes [TS]

  with the toys with like the handwriting [TS]

  scrawled on like not and then lots of [TS]

  just brutally smashes it with his stick [TS]

  yeah I wouldn't work those things are [TS]

  tough yeah yeah and then of course when [TS]

  one slot so goes into the dumpster and [TS]

  then everyone is starting to make their [TS]

  escape of course the peace [TS]

  the planet guy gets stuck and even even [TS]

  what he's like a really crying out loud [TS]

  so that they may end up in the garbage [TS]

  stream there in the trash truck they [TS]

  have to there's an adventure an action [TS]

  when they're trying to get things out of [TS]

  the people who are trapped in the trash [TS]

  truck and all of that buzz glows ya glow [TS]

  in the dark he used to just glow in [TS]

  fluorescent lighting I think that may [TS]

  actually be a bit of a continuity how [TS]

  like they're charged up you put them in [TS]

  light that charges them and then in [TS]

  total darkness they will emit light yeah [TS]

  but where is he recharging he wasn't [TS]

  reach up during the day during the day [TS]

  it doesn't last that long [TS]

  now it's okay one line of dialogue also [TS]

  I i love the garbage Wally but I think [TS]

  they're even better in this one that the [TS]

  the the detail on the garbage stuff is [TS]

  amazing [TS]

  throughout all of this once they get to [TS]

  the dump I have to say I'm really sorry [TS]

  but I totally laughed when the Pizza [TS]

  Planet aliens got plowed by the oh yeah [TS]

  I physically located lovely fashion it [TS]

  was just that everyone know we're just [TS]

  it was a good it was a good way to get [TS]

  people to stop thinking about what is [TS]

  the obvious sort of deus ex machina for [TS]

  the end of the movie because you do stop [TS]

  thinking about them because they plowed [TS]

  away and you're not really attached to [TS]

  them and there's so many of them and [TS]

  they're kind of interchangeable in their [TS]

  plastic and it's done for gagging you [TS]

  and like if if you weren't so caught up [TS]

  with out with the plot of our heroes [TS]

  going down the convertible you may think [TS]

  like I bet you know that you would [TS]

  predict the ending [TS]

  it's gonna be big clods going to be [TS]

  those guys like it's so obvious in [TS]

  hindsight but because they dispose of [TS]

  them and get them off the scene and a [TS]

  comic gag and then immediately bring you [TS]

  into this this peril for our heroes it [TS]

  we you know for the first time watching [TS]

  movie [TS]

  it worked like up you know that clock [TS]

  comes down as soon as they did you [TS]

  realize what's gonna happen but not [TS]

  before I don't know if anyone else [TS]

  yeah predicted but I didn't and I [TS]

  thought that was an amazing bit of movie [TS]

  yes yes simply add a sex club and dude [TS]

  there's so much momentum and long Merlin [TS]

  you're totally right the detail when you [TS]

  think that they had to build every [TS]

  little bit of the garbage yeah i mean [TS]

  that we think about yes exactly like all [TS]

  the stuff it just it synthesis better [TS]

  this is nerd stuff but I mean you know [TS]

  we talked about this back and up the [TS]

  episode about toy story one about even [TS]

  back then 1995 the baseboards in the [TS]

  house were kind of scuffed and this one [TS]

  I don't know maybe I'll sit closer and i [TS]

  have my glasses on but man I was just [TS]

  noticing all of the just extraordinary [TS]

  Mary unnecessary amount of ridiculous [TS]

  detail and then you get think about what [TS]

  it would be to render that scene after [TS]

  they've gone through the shredder to [TS]

  render all of those pieces can you just [TS]

  yeah Kevin it's just it's mine it is it [TS]

  is mind-boggling [TS]

  so there's a there's an exciting uh [TS]

  adventure that happens on the little [TS]

  conveyor and they save lots o showing [TS]

  that they're good people and lots of [TS]

  immediately throws them to the Wolves [TS]

  because he has not had a very bad toy [TS]

  and that leads to your favorite thing [TS]

  which is a the slide into death in the [TS]

  video incinerator a light at the end of [TS]

  the tunnel is not an oncoming train yep [TS]

  i was already crying through the whole [TS]

  inferno sequence [TS]

  oh god you've got them running on the [TS]

  conveyor that's moving and they're just [TS]

  running stay in place yeah humanity [TS]

  horse my right and and the whole thing [TS]

  seems impossible [TS]

  yeah totally and it just takes the [TS]

  expressions I mean it's I think mostly [TS]

  wordless and just the expressions and [TS]

  physical movements they're grabbing [TS]

  hands I think there's some kind of like [TS]

  some kind of heat waves like oh you know [TS]

  is this is really happening this is yet [TS]

  and the dawning realization and little [TS]

  pairings off of the relationship you [TS]

  holding hands so what so what pixar had [TS]

  done with with all the movies before [TS]

  this is it had it had built up enough [TS]

  experience with how they tell stories [TS]

  that I that the only way you could get [TS]

  an audience to believe that they really [TS]

  were gonna kill the noise is to have [TS]

  pixar beware Pixar is and say you know [TS]

  what [TS]

  Pixar would kill them pits are would [TS]

  have it end this way because like it if [TS]

  this was the very first movie pics are [TS]

  made like all the toys aren't gonna die [TS]

  of course but given two pictures body it [TS]

  were cleaning up this business I think [TS]

  they have a was up before after this I [TS]

  forget it's kind of a kind of blends [TS]

  together things after just one more [TS]

  night when i watch this for the very [TS]

  first time I you know it wasn't like I [TS]

  was like again it was all of course [TS]

  they're gonna be saved like it is [TS]

  conceivable that those toys are going to [TS]

  go into that Center entirely conceivable [TS]

  I as they're holding hands and then the [TS]

  heat waves started coming and and that's [TS]

  why i was just bawling my eyes out [TS]

  because it was so impossible how are [TS]

  they gonna get out of and that shot that [TS]

  shot of Andy the word Andy on his boot [TS]

  that yeah [TS]

  that is telling bullseye to stop [TS]

  struggling stop struggling bullseye [TS]

  but although it's just seeing Andy [TS]

  written as boudoir like and he's never [TS]

  gonna see you again I like God and and [TS]

  again the thing that wasn't hitting me [TS]

  and you know it's like we said at the [TS]

  beginning it a lot of the the tears in [TS]

  this are tears of joy for me in that in [TS]

  that first moment the first time I saw [TS]

  it wasn't that they were gonna die [TS]

  it was that they were together it was [TS]

  that acceptance in that that connection [TS]

  they all had and that's why you can buy [TS]

  it is like well they all went out but [TS]

  they went out together and the lesson is [TS]

  like together together till the end [TS]

  right you like he's not as if you're [TS]

  like this can't be happening like know [TS]

  this could be happening is because the [TS]

  toys except that's what the thing is it [TS]

  twice its struggle right for the [TS]

  answer's no joy in that it is crushing [TS]

  its heart crushing oh it's the same [TS]

  never bothered me that much i don't [TS]

  think i ever thought there was any [TS]

  chance they would possibly meltdown all [TS]

  those toys i think i think that a big [TS]

  part of its the music i think i believe [TS]

  it's rainy Newman wrote the score i [TS]

  think but that you know it's funny that [TS]

  was that was it everything were [TS]

  reforming painting but there's a bit [TS]

  about you can't you can't sing songs [TS]

  from nobody remembers songs from Marvel [TS]

  movies but I can hear that song that [TS]

  bomb bomb i can see here that in my head [TS]

  right now and its its its ponderous and [TS]

  it's you know and the thing is my kid [TS]

  has seen this movie a million times I've [TS]

  seen it a million times and should be [TS]

  named for this phenomenon where you know [TS]

  it's all going to turn out fine but [TS]

  you're still you're still kind of [TS]

  bristling your seat a little bit it's [TS]

  very it's very very uncomfortable there [TS]

  is that someone made a youtube video of [TS]

  cutting the movie where they stopped it [TS]

  and it just faded to black right before [TS]

  the clocking down haha and they showed [TS]

  it to their mother and they just stopped [TS]

  the movie right there and let it hang [TS]

  and they let her think for like a day [TS]

  that that's how it ended and she was [TS]

  devastated and they filmed the whole [TS]

  thing is pretty great but wait mom we're [TS]

  going to show you the real end which is [TS]

  actually worse [TS]

  yeah and the clock comes down and saves [TS]

  tony soprano and it's great nights [TS]

  people [TS]

  this was a little intense as i recall [TS]

  for my son in the theater he was very [TS]

  concerned [TS]

  here's my question for you guys because [TS]

  I find missing very affecting the fact [TS]

  that they join hands it it destroyed me [TS]

  in the movie theater it made [TS]

  reluctant to watch it again but but let [TS]

  me ask this question is this scene [TS]

  necessary did it is this is this scene [TS]

  where they all are [TS]

  uh giving in to the fact that they're [TS]

  going to be incinerated until they're [TS]

  saved at the last moment and it is the [TS]

  we're all going to die we've accepted [TS]

  our deaths [TS]

  we've accepted our mortality now let's [TS]

  now let's go into oblivion together it's [TS]

  an interesting choice for Pixar to put [TS]

  this in the movie i would say this is by [TS]

  far the single darkest thing in any [TS]

  Pixar movie and I did find myself [TS]

  wondering did they need to go this far [TS]

  or not what do you think I think they [TS]

  did if they were intending to put in the [TS]

  whole divine comedy analogy which is why [TS]

  I think that's there because you have to [TS]

  have you have to have an inferno there [TS]

  and you have to have the possibility of [TS]

  death and something beyond and you have [TS]

  to have that that salvation that they [TS]

  could have they could have had a wacky [TS]

  of trying to save people and pulling [TS]

  people out and saving them by the seat [TS]

  of their pants from the fireball seen [TS]

  and that's not what they have fun day [TS]

  give out have been funny they give up [TS]

  and accept death [TS]

  yes in this yes they have they have to [TS]

  accept the consequences of them being [TS]

  good because they save face a lot so [TS]

  that's why they don't get out because [TS]

  they you know they go back for lots of a [TS]

  save them and like it's it's kind of [TS]

  thing like being good sometimes has [TS]

  consequences and you have to decide [TS]

  you're going to be the kind of presently [TS]

  lots or die you're gonna be the kind of [TS]

  person to save them out and just even [TS]

  more broadly just the basic outline of [TS]

  the story where you have to go all the [TS]

  way down to the pit before you have the [TS]

  khazar catharsis of being saved and sort [TS]

  of the Dumont where you you know get [TS]

  giving away the body the casual like [TS]

  lead out of the movie but you have to [TS]

  bring them down to the lowest level to [TS]

  have the highest high and like i said i [TS]

  think the claw saving you know like it [TS]

  is kind of a little bit of a cheat but i [TS]

  think i think they pull it off like they [TS]

  pull it off they bring them down to the [TS]

  lowest possible low so low that they're [TS]

  not struggling anymore and then they [TS]

  pull pull them out of that it is relief [TS]

  and I think it allows the end of the [TS]

  movie on the lawn just sort of relax [TS]

  right smooth out it's a clock come and [TS]

  pick them out let's see change that up a [TS]

  little bit you decided instead that the [TS]

  shredder is going to be the the thing [TS]

  we need to avoid so they never got the [TS]

  magnet stuff if you pull them out with [TS]

  the the club before they went into the [TS]

  shredder that would have felt like a [TS]

  thrill ride but it wouldn't have had the [TS]

  same kind of Spielberg in thrust that we [TS]

  have with something where you this is it [TS]

  it's all over it's done it's done like [TS]

  you know [TS]

  christoph waltz has found you under the [TS]

  board's game over like that and then I'd [TS]

  like that i agree with John I think then [TS]

  that sets up the what phone should [TS]

  probably be the last twist or a movie [TS]

  but it sets out in that ability of just [TS]

  hit his head is between the eyes with [TS]

  with with the touching and then and then [TS]

  finish it off with a nice little dessert [TS]

  meant of the funny credits but i-i-i [TS]

  don't know they needed to go there but i [TS]

  think i'm glad they did [TS]

  it's a it's like a savior moment you [TS]

  know they didn't save themselves they [TS]

  they didn't escape themselves over there [TS]

  you know with their ingenuity that [TS]

  they've been showing throughout the [TS]

  movie where they can work together and [TS]

  do stuff we've seen that over and over [TS]

  again if they just did that again it [TS]

  wouldn't have felt as as you guys were [TS]

  saying as cathartic is like you know [TS]

  uplifting and and and kind of a yeah [TS]

  just save your esque where you know your [TS]

  lifted up into the light [TS]

  you know that bright light of the crane [TS]

  turns onto them and it's lifted up and [TS]

  then they poured out you realize also as [TS]

  a consequence of them saving those [TS]

  aliens like that you know their wacky [TS]

  and their weird but they brought they [TS]

  brought them into their family and they [TS]

  said we accept you as your weird little [TS]

  alien things and you can be part of our [TS]

  toy group and that you know several [TS]

  movies later turned out to be really [TS]

  important thing that they did and it [TS]

  turns out to be morning when they're [TS]

  dropped and you know it's just you saved [TS]

  our lives we are eternally grateful you [TS]

  know that that moment that that great is [TS]

  needed to be the payoff for the whole [TS]

  thing you know they couldn't they could [TS]

  have been grateful to something else [TS]

  they had they had to they could have [TS]

  just done it themselves they had to have [TS]

  someone else kind of save them also the [TS]

  whole the whole hand holding the circle [TS]

  uh I think just solidifies how important [TS]

  it is that all the toys stay together [TS]

  and you've got the scene coming up where [TS]

  it's possible once again that what he [TS]

  might be separated from the rest of them [TS]

  and I think that just sets that up i [TS]

  mean that none that adds to your concern [TS]

  that maybe he's going to college and [TS]

  it's a little okay when you're shaking [TS]

  just as this is not goodbye but then [TS]

  that just makes it all the more poignant [TS]

  when they end up together in the end and [TS]

  and the movie is shot through with the [TS]

  stages of grief to I mean you've got the [TS]

  denial at the beginning of them saying [TS]

  well we're still we're still in these [TS]

  toys right and an anger because he was [TS]

  gonna throw them out they're convinced [TS]

  he's gonna throw them out and then the [TS]

  bargaining to try and get to a better [TS]

  part of the day care and depression [TS]

  because they realize where they are and [TS]

  and even you finally have the acceptance [TS]

  at the end and then they're saved our [TS]

  david has a lot of theories about this [TS]

  movie I've thought a lot about this [TS]

  movie I'm not sure necessarily this has [TS]

  to be there i will say well I enjoyed it [TS]

  personally I you know I could I could [TS]

  see a movie without this scene i did [TS]

  want to point out that i think this is [TS]

  possibly the only scene I've ever [TS]

  watched with one of my kids in the [TS]

  theater where the kid was suffering [TS]

  clear discomfort at what was happening [TS]

  and you know we've watched and women [TS]

  gone and seen any horror movies or [TS]

  anything in the theater but we have [TS]

  watched a lot of movies with intense [TS]

  action and this is the only one where [TS]

  I've ever actually had to kind of calm [TS]

  down the child sitting next to me [TS]

  because he was very concerned for what [TS]

  was about to happen so the cloth saves [TS]

  them and then once we get the last [TS]

  little chunk of the movie which is the [TS]

  they they go back to andy's I think this [TS]

  is the single most important part of the [TS]

  whole movie and and masterfully handle [TS]

  which is that what he now has it good [TS]

  you know what on top of it all [TS]

  woody and the friends they've all made [TS]

  their peace there happy for woody was [TS]

  glad they're going to be together when [TS]

  he gets in the Box what he looks through [TS]

  those through the little Jessie hole and [TS]

  sees the mom come in and she's losing it [TS]

  because she wants to always be with him [TS]

  and that's what makes him change his [TS]

  mind [TS]

  what does he write on that note we don't [TS]

  know I thought I think that whole [TS]

  sequence is just masterful yeah it's a [TS]

  huge it so he makes a huge sacrifice [TS]

  matter what could have been the life [TS]

  that he always wanted to keep the gang [TS]

  together but they do a very good job of [TS]

  keeping the fact that he's making that [TS]

  sacrifice a secret until the end because [TS]

  holy later we see the shot of the [TS]

  college box my car and we see the little [TS]

  or alot he's been looking through [TS]

  previously we don't see his eyes but we [TS]

  kind of assume maybe he's in there [TS]

  watching [TS]

  Linda he takes it all the time he takes [TS]

  all the toys out of the box to give the [TS]

  Bonnie but does not take would be out so [TS]

  we don't know that what he's still in [TS]

  the box till she's playing with all the [TS]

  toys then they have the little camera [TS]

  moves over you see woody at the bottom [TS]

  of the box and he's got a little bit of [TS]

  trouble giving them away so that's the I [TS]

  i love that he does he does he wants to [TS]

  take him to college he is the we [TS]

  mentioned this earlier he's the totem of [TS]

  childhood right that that fingers from [TS]

  Andy's perspective right he doesn't [TS]

  really play with toys anymore he's going [TS]

  to college but there still are things [TS]

  that he's got that are the totems that [TS]

  are the the the things that remind him [TS]

  of his childhood that he's got an [TS]

  emotional attachment to and he's not you [TS]

  know the bottom line is he's not taking [TS]

  what you to play with him he's taking [TS]

  him just to sort of be present and if we [TS]

  believe fundamentally the toys are meant [TS]

  to be played with that's what makes them [TS]

  happy then it you know but would he is [TS]

  doing the right thing in fulfilling his [TS]

  what he what he should be which is some [TS]

  but some kids toy not in and he's [TS]

  outgrown him and he doesn't play with [TS]

  him anymore and take being a being on [TS]

  your your dorm room shelf gathering dust [TS]

  is not a future that that he should have [TS]

  he did it by doing something I think [TS]

  he's mostly never never done before [TS]

  which is something he's defying the will [TS]

  of and even as we said in that in the [TS]

  first third of this he's all about being [TS]

  the person to make sure everybody's in [TS]

  line with doing whatever it is that [TS]

  handy once but he makes this is this is [TS]

  to change is the turn and the story at [TS]

  this this character is that he decides [TS]

  you know kind of by Fiat no i'm gonna [TS]

  tell me to do this differently and and [TS]

  that makes all the difference we do see [TS]

  what he writes on the post-it note it is [TS]

  thanks to reform the chatroom it's a [TS]

  bonny so street address [TS]

  that's what you can see it really well [TS]

  26-second more which is exactly what was [TS]

  on the earlier post it note that we saw [TS]

  in her room and they got her address [TS]

  meanwhile we see Andy to having a moment [TS]

  of being a child again a little bit too [TS]

  because as he's taking each of the toys [TS]

  out of the box and he's handing them [TS]

  over to Bonnie he's like happily kind of [TS]

  pushing them her way and explaining [TS]

  their little lives and how we used to [TS]

  play with them and giving them to her [TS]

  and then when he gets to woody and [TS]

  Bonnie reaches for woody with like the [TS]

  microbial oils he does he like pulls [TS]

  back like it's mine [TS]

  like as if he were a child reacting to [TS]

  another child trying to grab his toy and [TS]

  he has that like immediate really [TS]

  emotional visceral reaction to her and [TS]

  that is everything like it shows so like [TS]

  the deep relationship that he had with [TS]

  woody as his toy but then he takes that [TS]

  moment and he's like you know what it is [TS]

  like everyone it is is it is time that [TS]

  he's weighing about that same thing [TS]

  which is I'm not going to play with them [TS]

  and she she's gonna give she's gonna [TS]

  play with him the the scene where he [TS]

  introduces every toy and explains how [TS]

  they fit into the world is the scene [TS]

  that destroys me utterly destroys me yet [TS]

  because it's your goodbye to each of the [TS]

  characters on this are crying now stop [TS]

  that's the one that still gets me so the [TS]

  thing about it and and the other the [TS]

  other movies are like this too but but [TS]

  this one dr dre mentioned this i think [TS]

  when we talk about toy story 2 this is [TS]

  that moment I I already see it in my [TS]

  daughter you know who is 15 almost that [TS]

  sometimes she is a kid and sometimes [TS]

  she's an adult and she just kind of goes [TS]

  back and forth a young adult they go [TS]

  back and forth like it's all it's not [TS]

  like one day they wake up and they're [TS]

  not the other one and this is that [TS]

  moment of like this is though this is [TS]

  the the child who we knew as andy and [TS]

  it's like it's not like and he doesn't [TS]

  know and have affection for all these [TS]

  toys he's just kind of moved on but but [TS]

  and you see in a moment like he's about [TS]

  to go off and go to college and be an [TS]

  adult but it's not like he doesn't have [TS]

  all of all that knowledge and all those [TS]

  feelings inside and so he's passing it [TS]

  on to her and uh yeah that gets me then [TS]

  they play till I know right they all [TS]

  play together on the lawn people on [TS]

  playing with her but it is also [TS]

  important that like we learned to love [TS]

  these characters [TS]

  I mean it becomes a funny joke when you [TS]

  see buzz when he's not with what's the [TS]

  word like we need me know when he's in [TS]

  it being around a child Modi's get that [TS]

  silly that ridiculous look on his face [TS]

  and that becomes kind of funny because [TS]

  you've seen so much of all these [TS]

  characters personality like a vast [TS]

  majority of what happens with these [TS]

  characters in the movie is when they're [TS]

  in that other world where they're being [TS]

  the the animated characters who run [TS]

  around and have a life but again another [TS]

  important turn they are inanimate they [TS]

  are just toys in his hand [TS]

  he loves and he's narrating why he loves [TS]

  them [TS]

  I think that that's a huge part of it is [TS]

  that he's telling he's telling their [TS]

  story and and thats just crushes you and [TS]

  the toys are aware it in that moment [TS]

  that this is it this is the last time [TS]

  and he's playing with me [TS]

  yeah nice and goodbye and this is why he [TS]

  loves me and you could [TS]

  oh you love me huh yeah there it is [TS]

  I feel like sometimes the the only way I [TS]

  can get through this is thinking about [TS]

  the short the party source rx1 where it [TS]

  actually shows the toys kind of living [TS]

  in Bonnie's house have you guys you know [TS]

  and yeah yeah so that's the further [TS]

  adventures it's like now great now now [TS]

  we're in a new world where we're at [TS]

  Bonnie's house with those characters [TS]

  yeah I have to keep that in my mind like [TS]

  they're happy they really like Bonnie [TS]

  and body super nineties i have to keep [TS]

  reminding myself that she's a good kid [TS]

  she's gonna take really good care of [TS]

  them it's such a good back bookend that [TS]

  earlier scene where he just offhand [TS]

  calls them junk but he doesn't really [TS]

  mean it he's just being a moody teenager [TS]

  no question I'm here we see what he [TS]

  really thinks when he returns to the [TS]

  child that still lives on inside him [TS]

  even though he's growing up even when he [TS]

  was calling them junk you could tell the [TS]

  way he looked at them you know of course [TS]

  but anyway yeah the kids are trying to [TS]

  put that behind and even though and [TS]

  these stories kind of its in its in the [TS]

  background for a lot of the movie but [TS]

  again you've got the stages of grief [TS]

  there too and this is the acceptance and [TS]

  this is why he couldn't make that [TS]

  decision at the beginning of the movie [TS]

  you had to get through all of those [TS]

  levels to get to it [TS]

  David will be using all flashes her on [TS]

  those subject I love this Davis wrote my [TS]

  thesis it's great excellent so after the [TS]

  after he drives off down that perfect [TS]

  street and the toys look up on the [TS]

  camera pans up and it pans up to ask I [TS]

  with you know the sky above the house [TS]

  with clouds that are the exact shape of [TS]

  the clouds and his bedroom I you know [TS]

  exactly the so I like that I like that [TS]

  they've got we know that they're in a [TS]

  good place with Bonnie we like the [TS]

  characters we already met our friends [TS]

  have gotten there that's all great [TS]

  there's a there's a final montage we we [TS]

  see what's happening at the preschool [TS]

  since since the cruel reign of lots o [TS]

  has ended and everything seems seems [TS]

  good i did have a thought that they must [TS]

  have had some sort of Truth and [TS]

  Reconciliation program at [TS]

  school is it seems like there are a lot [TS]

  of lots of collaborators who have been [TS]

  welcomed back into society so they must [TS]

  be very forgiving at the preschool is [TS]

  one sometimes went argentina ya can give [TS]

  that great speech over the dumpster [TS]

  about how the the daycare could be cool [TS]

  and groovy if it was running properly [TS]

  and we see realization in the in the [TS]

  enforcers eyes each of them and Barbie [TS]

  to shave Barbies right there too with [TS]

  her you know that was commissioned [TS]

  message ready to to run this place when [TS]

  they tagged out like the one-to-one toys [TS]

  getting beat up by going together the [TS]

  cheerleaders cheering him on a [TS]

  caterpillar room you can do it [TS]

  yeah that's good but again some of those [TS]

  they're awfully forgiving about people [TS]

  who committed crimes during the lot so [TS]

  era his arms as well you know it's cool [TS]

  and groovy man it's all cool and groovy [TS]

  now you will include weekend right so [TS]

  yea Ken came over to the other side so i [TS]

  guess he's got you we got to forgive all [TS]

  of them [TS]

  it's a communist now and Barbie so does [TS]

  glitter talks back together so it's okay [TS]

  i'm really glad we get that scene [TS]

  because I i always i thought it was one [TS]

  little weird in the first place that [TS]

  that Andy donates all of his toys to [TS]

  Bonnie because it's not like he really [TS]

  knows her and it's she's not [TS]

  particularly in need she has plenty of [TS]

  toys and it seems kind of inevitable [TS]

  that at some point mom's gonna snag at [TS]

  least half of these and take them right [TS]

  back to the daycare so you know it's [TS]

  probably a good thing that that that [TS]

  little bit is at the end of the ones we [TS]

  know ken and barbie is still there but [TS]

  right even if some of our friends get [TS]

  get shunted off to the the preschool [TS]

  it's not it's not bad anymore it's not [TS]

  it's not a prison anymore and they all [TS]

  eventually end up there for right we [TS]

  know right they might even a monkey's [TS]

  cooler now he's not all high-strung [TS]

  looking with his wife is rocking out man [TS]

  is going to classes on the circle [TS]

  clapping cymbals together just inches [TS]

  away and lots o was just no good man [TS]

  lots of ruined everything that bear that [TS]

  strawberry-scented bear stinking bare [TS]

  and now he's strapped to the front of a [TS]

  trash truck i love that he takes his [TS]

  final ride on the front of the the [TS]

  garbage truck yes said or whoever I [TS]

  don't know garbage man arbys not said [TS]

  now that's a garbage man well fines [TS]

  fines a says I had a diet doll like this [TS]

  when I was a kid and they nailed him to [TS]

  the front all berries he smells it [TS]

  yeah yeah sure you're gonna be kind of [TS]

  perfect if it was the sid garbage man [TS]

  though because it's just the kind of [TS]

  thing you used to do so what do you all [TS]

  think about toy story 3 and how it fits [TS]

  with it with the first two because I i [TS]

  think what when I was introducing this [TS]

  episode I mean this is really the thing [TS]

  is late sequels are very hard to pull [TS]

  off and it's easier in animation because [TS]

  you don't have aging actors that you [TS]

  have to explain away and all that but [TS]

  they do take a time jump and they do get [TS]

  back into it i remember as steve has set [TS]

  a couple of times when they announce [TS]

  this movie everybody was like really [TS]

  really you're going back to the toy [TS]

  story well again after after a decade [TS]

  and you know I it turned out that [TS]

  generally the consensus is it's great [TS]

  like they didn't they did it well who [TS]

  who would have thought that they would [TS]

  have done another great toy story movie [TS]

  after all that time but they they had it [TS]

  in them and they did it so everybody [TS]

  else you know do you where do you where [TS]

  you slot this one [TS]

  like I said I think this is it is [TS]

  impressive as hell that they managed to [TS]

  make not only another great toy story [TS]

  movie but they also managed to pull off [TS]

  the kind of point thing that makes your [TS]

  ball again in the same universe to an [TS]

  even greater extent I think to me i [TS]

  don't think this quite reaches the level [TS]

  of toy story 2 i'm not sure how it's [TS]

  just with Toy Story one and the reason [TS]

  for that is I think this maybe just [TS]

  maybe a little bit too heavy you know [TS]

  you got toys story one which is mostly a [TS]

  lot of gags an adventure story with a [TS]

  little bit of heart [TS]

  toy story 2 I think just about perfectly [TS]

  balances the sort of point heart bits [TS]

  and also the sort of fun wacky nature of [TS]

  the toy store universe and this the tone [TS]

  is just a little too dark and the [TS]

  there's a little bit too much of the [TS]

  sadness i think and in i guess you know [TS]

  it makes a reasonable kind of continuing [TS]

  with the other films but for me I just I [TS]

  don't enjoy it quite to the same level [TS]

  and I don't think it reaches the kind of [TS]

  balance that toy story 2 does for me [TS]

  obviously you know the animations much [TS]

  much better in this than either of the [TS]

  other two so that's a big step forward [TS]

  but I think as a film as a whole I think [TS]

  to gets the nod for me and maybe it [TS]

  maybe a tie between three and one [TS]

  I think this is the first of all I like [TS]

  the fact that all three toy story films [TS]

  are different like they're not all the [TS]

  same tone that all the same structure [TS]

  that they did they did three different [TS]

  movies I think toy story 3 is by far the [TS]

  most sophisticated of them in all [TS]

  aspects investigated moviemaking writing [TS]

  plotting animation everything about it [TS]

  shows you know they've you know use all [TS]

  their skills and all their powers to to [TS]

  make this amazing movie showing that the [TS]

  these you know that they're better now [TS]

  than they were they made two and one at [TS]

  making movies in all aspects right [TS]

  all that said I think to not distract [TS]

  that the best balance for me between [TS]

  like the heavy stuff forever was just [TS]

  like the three starts to get into the [TS]

  realm of pics are making everything [TS]

  making it sounds bad like making [TS]

  everything really good like don't you [TS]

  want everything to be really good but [TS]

  somehow we kind of like love the movies [TS]

  that uh that despite their flaws and toy [TS]

  story 3 doesn't really have that many [TS]

  flaws and I feel like it does have a lot [TS]

  packed into it like once you have all [TS]

  those skills and powers and you can make [TS]

  a much more sophisticated movie it's [TS]

  almost unfair so we're going to punish [TS]

  you for being so much better than your [TS]

  before and making this amazing movie and [TS]

  a degree of difficulty is higher as you [TS]

  pointed out for a third sequel or [TS]

  whatever so I you know I think probably [TS]

  three is a better movie than one and two [TS]

  but to still kind of holds the the place [TS]

  of honor for me personally and I can see [TS]

  totally see that varying or whatever its [TS]

  again you know that favorite verses best [TS]

  like toy story 3 is an amazing [TS]

  achievement in so many ways but 22 just [TS]

  feels like i don't have to do too is [TS]

  elevated in my mind and one definitely [TS]

  has the look this is the first time [TS]

  we're doing this is an amazing that [TS]

  we're doing it all one is not as good a [TS]

  movie has two or three but again that's [TS]

  best vs. favor don't know it's very very [TS]

  difficult to rank them because they are [TS]

  so different so mostly when I think of [TS]

  these movies I just appreciate like i [TS]

  said before they made three good movies [TS]

  they made three great movies right and [TS]

  so everything else aside in this [TS]

  particular series since we haven't seen [TS]

  four yet every one of the movies is a [TS]

  great movie which is an amazing [TS]

  achievement and like if if you were [TS]

  involved in any way with Toy Story [TS]

  franchise [TS]

  you know you can retire happy and so I [TS]

  guess what we made three great movies [TS]

  and that is really hard to do it almost [TS]

  never been done before I i mean i love [TS]

  them in order at I mean the first one is [TS]

  delightful [TS]

  you know it's just it's a fun story the [TS]

  second one [TS]

  yeah it's it's it's a little bit more it [TS]

  has more depth as you know we we get to [TS]

  grow with the characters i love the [TS]

  third one most of all because it's it's [TS]

  kinda like if the first one is the [TS]

  theory of gravity and go okay that's [TS]

  kind of cool and the second one now [TS]

  you've got quantum physics and the third [TS]

  one is like superstring Theory where you [TS]

  have like you know 37 dimensions for you [TS]

  once you just thought we had four right [TS]

  i love that that it had all that [TS]

  ambition and all the silliness and all [TS]

  the plotting and they nailed it right [TS]

  they didn't it wasn't like all they [TS]

  tried to do so much more and and you [TS]

  know good for them for trying [TS]

  they did it they achieved it and and so [TS]

  it's it's a film that you know i watched [TS]

  i watch the five-year-old who and and I [TS]

  realize it's his first time in the [TS]

  theater was seeing that and he loved the [TS]

  first to you know we had them on DVD and [TS]

  and he was just entranced for the whole [TS]

  thing and yet there it was never and [TS]

  it's not like Pixar does this right [TS]

  others have you know a hair jokes for [TS]

  adults and here's stuff for the kids and [TS]

  you know pixar does a good job of [TS]

  balancing all that anyway but this was a [TS]

  film I could enjoy without having a [TS]

  child in the room right this is a movie [TS]

  i would choose to watch I don't always [TS]

  watch the other two and so the it [TS]

  disengages me on on so many levels I [TS]

  just I love it [TS]

  way beyond the other two and i love the [TS]

  other two don't get me wrong so [TS]

  superstring theory stages of grief and [TS]

  the divine comedy again I think you've [TS]

  gotta there's a just read the mount [TS]

  monograph by tale or about toys story [TS]

  three as as much as I love all the other [TS]

  picture films and even later picture [TS]

  films this one I think might be the best [TS]

  thing that ever done stuff where you [TS]

  where you put this one [TS]

  well how's this is it [TS]

  kind of a close second favorite too for [TS]

  me I was gonna say to is my favorite but [TS]

  if it could this would be my favorite [TS]

  414 all the crying I it does make me [TS]

  very upset especially looking at my [TS]

  little boy and I can't help but you know [TS]

  just did the anticipation of a fearing [TS]

  that loss of him growing up you know [TS]

  like that really gets me but I'm gonna [TS]

  cry now [TS]

  um but I don't know it is just so much [TS]

  better the jokes are better that I just [TS]

  like the characters a lot better i love [TS]

  Barbie in this i love that she's not [TS]

  like a super made up you know like [TS]

  glamour Barbie and so I I think that's [TS]

  great yeah it's just it's so close and [TS]

  my son loves this one I think this was [TS]

  his favorite he sits the longest through [TS]

  this one of his little friend always [TS]

  request this 12 when she's over so it i [TS]

  guess that that kind of pulls my [TS]

  heartstrings a little bit there too and [TS]

  that he really likes it so man is just [TS]

  waffling back and forth between two and [TS]

  this one for me so it's it's right up [TS]

  there it's great very difficult because [TS]

  i think it was John over said that you [TS]

  know enjoying that they're very [TS]

  different films they really are and I I [TS]

  like that a lot [TS]

  i I'm just sitting here trying to come [TS]

  up with something intelligent to support [TS]

  my incredibly just emotional gut [TS]

  reaction where I feel like this one was [TS]

  an epic right and yeah I i think was a [TS]

  very successful epic i think i'm [TS]

  thinking like toy story 2 more and the [TS]

  guy do I can really really lame the [TS]

  closest i can think of is like Toy Story [TS]

  one is beatles for sale [TS]

  toy story 2 is rubber sole and this is [TS]

  revolver and I know revolver is the best [TS]

  beatles album forget all sergeant pepper [TS]

  with either that's not the best it feels [TS]

  up revolvers the best time but there's [TS]

  something special about rubber soul [TS]

  because you you back into the beater [TS]

  feels for sale and they are they put up [TS]

  three albums in a year they are totally [TS]

  beat up and but that was still a [TS]

  transformative album where you first [TS]

  really feel them becoming songwriters [TS]

  but rubber soul is where they turn a [TS]

  corner and did something that seemed [TS]

  possible and then you know I think [TS]

  revolver is the is a combination of that [TS]

  in a lot of ways and that probably the [TS]

  beatles best album this is probably the [TS]

  best toy story movie but there's still a [TS]

  part of me that likes the scale the [TS]

  scope and the execution of toy story 2 a [TS]

  little better i don't know it's [TS]

  difficult I guess if I had to put on [TS]

  some kind of a chart like toy story 3 [TS]

  and 2 would be up here and like the 90th [TS]

  percentile and I story one you know [TS]

  technical stuff notwithstanding would be [TS]

  in the 70's to 80's this whole parts of [TS]

  that movie I just think aren't in [TS]

  retrospect not nearly as good as they [TS]

  were at the time but like for what if [TS]

  you grade them you know the way they do [TS]

  I like box office mojo will be based on [TS]

  like an inflation-adjusted if you do [TS]

  technically inflation-adjusted numbers i [TS]

  still think toy story 2 is arguably the [TS]

  most transcendent but i love this movie [TS]

  and I loved it [TS]

  yeah I i can't i can't choose i think [TS]

  that everybody said exactly they all [TS]

  have things going for them toys route [TS]

  one was first and they were really [TS]

  trying to figure out how to do this [TS]

  thing and toy story 2 was them having [TS]

  being triumphant and being at the top of [TS]

  their game and confident what they're [TS]

  doing and toy story 3 you know you're [TS]

  talking about more than a decade later [TS]

  where things have advanced so much that [TS]

  they have way more paints on you know in [TS]

  their palate then they had for toy story [TS]

  2 and they want to show them off and so [TS]

  they're very food i think very different [TS]

  movies from different stages in the life [TS]

  of Pixar and all good all very good so [TS]

  what's your pic tho you gotta pick one [TS]

  pick one think it forget about [TS]

  inflation-adjusted adjusted technology [TS]

  inflation-adjusted numbers if I had to [TS]

  pick with just one it would probably be [TS]

  toy story 2 but I don't want to pick so [TS]

  I'm there that i picked without picking [TS]

  you know i think i am going to be swayed [TS]

  toy story three is better [TS]

  alright I like about like you like a [TS]

  good night's movie that's creating [TS]

  watching and I gotta go for it yeah it's [TS]

  not a heist but it's like an escape you [TS]

  know they synchronize they work together [TS]

  i like the montages i love it yeah its [TS]

  mission impossible i want to put a [TS]

  recommendation for something of [TS]

  everybody here almost really knows about [TS]

  we've talked about it before I try to [TS]

  mention it again just a source of pure [TS]

  delight there are and think at this [TS]

  point to collections of pixar shorts you [TS]

  can get on itunes and they are just [TS]

  wonderful going back all you know pretty [TS]

  much all the way back to like shorts [TS]

  that are [TS]

  very very technically ambitious for the [TS]

  nineteen eighties all the way up to [TS]

  fairly recent ones those two volumes of [TS]

  pixar shorts are a lot of fun and [TS]

  there's two least two really delightful [TS]

  Toy Story shorts on there's one called [TS]

  Hawaiian vacation that's adorable but i [TS]

  love the small fry and small fries [TS]

  basically buzz gets lost at a at a [TS]

  chicken fast-food restaurant and gets [TS]

  replaced by a toy like a toy of a toy [TS]

  from the restaurant is amazing that a [TS]

  fright [TS]

  mhm it's in total delight now seek out [TS]

  the toys for shorts and seek out the one [TS]

  that comes after toy story 3 where you [TS]

  get to feel like happy that your friends [TS]

  are doing fine and bodies room and [TS]

  they're having little wacky hijinks in [TS]

  Bonnie's room which are great it's a [TS]

  great short but also it just is a nice [TS]

  emotional continuation of toy story 3 [TS]

  where it's good to see them having a one [TS]

  good they've done 30 minute specials for [TS]

  ABC yeah actually that that's that's [TS]

  also why was i I was mean to say is that [TS]

  they did they do to half hour specials [TS]

  yeah they did the halloween one and the [TS]

  toy story that time forgot yes which is [TS]

  a great one [TS]

  I love that one lots and lots of good [TS]

  stuff so so there's there's room they're [TS]

  all right I'm gonna wrap it up i want to [TS]

  thank my guests for being here talking [TS]

  about toy story 3 what Pixar movie will [TS]

  we cover next I don't honestly know [TS]

  we'll deal with that in 2017 i think but [TS]

  i want to thank my guests for for [TS]

  wrapping up the Toy Story franchise or [TS]

  wait until toy story 4 comes out but [TS]

  probably not Marlon man thank you so [TS]

  much for being on thank you Jason thank [TS]

  you for your patience with us tonight [TS]

  satellite to be here David lower thank [TS]

  you for being here in let's say heaven [TS]

  how about that heaven as well it's not a [TS]

  doll museum and for that I'm grateful [TS]

  news steve lots [TS]

  thank you so long partner [TS]

  Tiffany are meant thanks for being here [TS]

  thanks we have a play date with destiny [TS]

  and Johnson's thank you [TS]

  you know looking forward to a toy story [TS]

  4 I think we should all take the heart [TS]

  the important thing that we learned [TS]

  about the toys in this movie which is [TS]

  they live they die they live again [TS]

  witness me so until until next time I [TS]

  been your host Jason still quiet musical [TS]

  hog we'll see you next week [TS]

  [Music] [TS]